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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 11-20) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 11

Seeing Lu Chen's gaze, the middle-aged couple's expressions suddenly changed.

  It wasn't the problem that Lu Chen couldn't fight his face.

  What they are worried about now is what exactly Lu Chen is and how he will retaliate against them.

  If Lu Chen is really a big figure in the Grand Hyatt Group, it would be too simple to target them.

  Even as long as he showed this idea a little bit, countless people who wanted to curry to Lu Chen immediately left them with nothing.

  "I seem to remember that you two just said that if I can buy all the clothes here, one of you kneel down to apologize, the other to kneel down and lick your shoes." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  The husband and wife trembled, and they would do whatever they were afraid of.

  "Mr. Lu, yes, I'm sorry. We just had no eyes. Please let us go." The middle-aged man hurriedly apologized to Lu Chen and knelt down to apologize. It was really shameful.

  "Mr. Lu, we know that we were wrong. We shouldn't grab clothes from your daughter. Please forgive us this time because of the bad influence on the child." The rich woman said with a pale face.

  If she really knelt down and licked Lu Chen's shoes today, she wouldn't know how much it would affect her daughter's outlook on life.

  Of course, if Lu Chen only had the money to buy the clothes in the entire store, the couple would certainly not be able to cash the bet. At most, they would be satirized by Lu Chen, and then go to another store to buy new clothes for their daughter.

  Knowing that Lu Chen is likely to be a big figure in the Grand Hyatt Group, they certainly did not dare to renege on it.

  The Grand Hyatt Group is the largest consortium in Yuzhou. The CEO of the Grand Hyatt Group, Lu Zhong, is highly valued on the Forbes Rich List.

  Of course they dare not provoke such a big man.

  Lin Yijia and others felt a little contemptuous when they saw that the middle-aged couple were so afraid of being like this.

  Even if Lu Chen knew the boss of the commercial building, wouldn't it be possible that Lu Chen was so afraid of it?

  But Lin Yijia was very curious when he arrived at this time. How could Lu Chen know a rich man like Xing Bing?

  "You dare to grab something with our little princess? Who gave you the courage?" Xing Bing probably understood, and suddenly looked at them with an angry expression. www.Little


  Is this humble youth the prince of the Grand Hyatt Group?

  The two of them thought so, their faces changed again.

  "President Xing, I'm sorry, we are all blamed for being blind, we don't know Mr. Lu's identity, we deserve to die!" The middle-aged man was crying with a face of fear.

  He also started a small company with a small amount of money, but in front of a wealthy man like Xing Bing, he was nothing but a small shrimp.

  And behind the criminal soldiers stood the Junyue Group.

  "Go ahead, I hope I can teach you a lesson this time, don't look down on people with dog eyes next time." Lu Chen looked at the other's daughter, who was about the same size as his own. At this time, he was looking at his parents with ignorance.

  Her mother's words touched Lu Chen a little. For such a cute little girl, Lu Chen really didn't want to slap her parents in the face and leave any bad influence on her young mind.

  "Thank you Mr. Lu, thank you Mr. Xing!" Seeing that Lu Chen no longer cares, the two of them breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly left with their daughter.

  Seeing the couple leave, Lin Yijia's eyes towards Lu Chen suddenly changed.

  She could feel that the couple was obviously afraid of Lu Chen.

  She really couldn't understand how her trash brother-in-law could make the two become rich in fear.

  Is it because he knows the boss of this commercial building?

  He was only a small security guard before, so how could he know the boss of this commercial building?

  Soon, the girls' outfits were packed, 20 sets of them.

  The shopping guide who had offended Lu Chen hurriedly stepped forward to apologize to Lu Chen: "Sir, I'm sorry, I apologize to you for my bad attitude just now, I, I look down on people."

  Lu Chen snorted coldly, looked at the shopping guide named Chang Yan, and said, "It's all on your head. Let me take it to my place in the afternoon."

  "Thank you, Mr. Lu. Please leave the address. We will I'll arrange it for you as soon as possible." Chang Yan said excitedly.

  With this single performance, she can also earn tens of thousands of commissions, of course she is excited.

  After Lu Chen left the address, he took Qiqi to the children's casino on the first floor to play.

  Lin Yijia was full of doubts, and after bidding farewell to Hu Hong and others, she caught up with Lu Chen and Qiqi.

  "Brother-in-law, how do you know Mr. Xing?" Lin Yijia's attitude changed a lot, and for the first time she smiled at Lu Chen.

  "I don't know him, but he knows me." Lu Chen looked back at his sister-in-law and said calmly.

  Lin Yijia rolled her eyes frantically when she heard that, and said to her heart that you wanted to tell me that the Xing always chased after you to flatter you?

  Although she was a little bit self-righteous in her heart that despised Lu Chen, she would not say it at this time because she had other purposes.

  "By the way, brother-in-law, I want to buy a piece of clothing, but it costs more than 20,000 yuan, which is too expensive. Can you borrow your supreme card for me to use it?" Lin Yijia just heard clearly, Xing Bing The Supreme Card given to Lu Chen can be used to buy anything in this mall for free.

  "Take it." Lu Chen took out the Supreme Card to Lin Yijia. The shopping mall will check out everything with the Supreme Card at the end of the month, let alone 20,000, even Lin Yi Jia took it for 200,000 yuan and he didn't care. Who made the other party his sister-in-law.

  "Thank you brother-in-law." Lin Yijia hurriedly took the Supreme Card, and then kissed Qiqi on the cheek excitedly.

  "Little Qiqi, my aunt has also bought new clothes."

  Seeing Lin Yijia's excitement, Lu Chen shook his head and left with Qiqi.

  After Lin Yijia bought the French imported brand clothing that she had fancy but couldn't afford before, she did not return the Supreme Card to Lu Chen, but took the card to her mother's company to find her mother.

  "Mom, do you think my dress is pretty?" When Wang Xue came out, Lin Yijia showed off her new dress with pride.

  Wang Xue looked up and down Lin Yijia's clothes, and asked in surprise: "This is Chanel imported from France. There are tens of thousands of pieces. Where did you get so much money?"

  "It's free." Facing her mother Lin Yi said.

  "It's free? Do you tease my old lady?" Wang Xue was speechless.

  "Because I have this." Lin Yijia magically took out the Supreme Card.

  "What is this?" Wang Xue looked at Supreme Card and asked curiously.

  "The Supreme Card of Xintianze Commercial Building, with this card, you can buy anything for free throughout Xintianze." Lin Yijia explained.

  Wang Xue frowned, not believing her daughter's words.

  Xintianze is one of the largest commercial buildings in Yuzhou. Although her daughter is already a senior, she is still only a student. Why does she have such a card?

  "Actually, this is Lu Chen's. I don't know what kind of shit luck he had. I even knew President Xing of Xintianze Commercial Building. President Xing gave him this card today, and I took it for him." Lin Yijia explained again.

  "Hmph, since that's the case, then you don't need to return this card to him. He is a waste, how can he be worthy of possessing such a supreme card?" Wang Xue nodded, and immediately wanted to take this supreme card as his own.

  "I think so too. Mom, let's go and do some more things." Lin Yijia said excitedly.

  Wang Xue nodded, and walked to the Xintianze Commercial Building with his daughter.

Chapter: 12

"It's dinner."

  Lu Chen said to Lin Yijun with the food.

  He took Qiqi out to play for a day today and ate outside with Qiqi, but he came back in time to make dinner for Lin Yijun.

  "If I don't eat, I'm full when I see you." Lin Yijun said very upset.

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows. During this period, he often quarreled with Lin Yijun, and now he doesn't bother to quarrel with her anymore.

  "Do you want me to feed you?" Lu Chen joked to ease Lin Yijun's emotions.

  "You should be able to feed women, Lu Chen, can you be like a man and be more productive?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen contemptuously.

  "What's the matter?" Lu Chen frowned, feeling that Lin Yijun should have encountered something unhappy, or she would generally not get angry for no reason.

  "It's not because you offended Fan Ming. He asked me to talk to a client these days. If I can't get the order, he will deduct my monthly bonus." Lin Yijun said angrily.

  "Then the customer made things difficult for you?" Lu Chen asked.

  "It's more than making things difficult. He also wants me to go to the hotel to open a room with him. He doesn't take a piss and takes pictures of himself. It looks like a pig. Do you think you can do whatever you want with a few money?" Thinking of the disgusting client, Lin Yijun felt a chill.

  "Who is he? I can help solve this business." Lu Chen said.

  "You help me solve it?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen coldly, and said contemptuously, "You don't see what you can do, you think it's ok to beat him? Lu Chen, just go find a job by yourself It's the best help for me, and you'd better dispel your thoughts. If you let me lose this customer because of you, I can't spare you."

  "Do you want to open a room with him?" Lu Chen sneered Tao.

  "You!" Lin Yijun pointed to Lu Chen

  angrily, and said coldly, "Lu Chen, if you all doubt me, we can get a divorce!" Lin Yijun waved his hand angrily and went back to Qiqi's room angrily .

  Lu Chen shrugged, took the food away, and sat in the lobby watching TV.

  The next day, after Lu Chen sent Qiqi to kindergarten, he went to Dongjia Electronics.

  Since the acquisition of Dongjia Electronics, he has not been to the company to take care of his daughter. He happened to have a look today and at the same time check who Lin Yijun’s customers are.

  As soon as he entered the company's door, Lu Chen found several security guards pointing at him. Hearing what the security guards said, an anger sprang up in his heart.

  "Didn't you hear that he has been fired? Why did you come again?"

  "Expelled? You think too much."

  "Ah, I remember Captain Yu said before that not only should he be fired, but he must even be paid. I can’t get it.”

  “Yes, it was originally the authority granted by Director Fan. At the time, I thought this guy’s life in the company was over, but who knew that at a critical time, Mr. Xia saved him and asked Director Fan to tell him I apologize, do you know why?"


  "I heard that his wife Lin Yijun and Xia always have a leg."

  Lu Chen glanced at several security guards coldly, and the few whispering security guards shrugged and all left. opened.

  It's just that when he left, the eyes that looked at Lu Chen were full of joking.

  Lu Chen came to Xia Jun's office with a bit of anger, and Xia Jun hurriedly got up to greet him.

  But seeing Lu Chen's unkind look on his face made his smile a bit stiff.

  "Shao Lu, you are here." Xia Jun said slyly.

  Lu Chen walked to Xia Jun's position and sat down on the chair. He took out a cigarette and asked in a mild manner, "Do you know that Lin Yijun in the sales department is my wife?"

  Xia Jun ordered Nodded and said, "I only found out these days. Lu Shao, do you mean to promote your wife's position?"

  Lu Chen leaned on the backrest and said lightly: "You can handle the promotion of her position, but don't make it too obvious. I am going to talk about another thing today."

  Xia Jun nodded, knowing After Lin Yijun was Lu Chen's wife, he was thinking about this question, and he was also planning to find an opportunity to ask Lu Chen's meaning.

  "Now the company is rumoring that you have an affair with my wife, do you know?" Lu Chen stared at Xia Jun.

  "Ah? Lu Shao, I only recently learned about Madam Young. I have never contacted Madam Young at all. I didn't even say a word to her. Shao Lu, please check it out!" Trembling, this is nothing but Ziwu Xu.

  Over the years, he has raised a junior, but they are all women outside the company. He feels that someone wants to fuck him. www.

  "I know this matter has nothing to do with you, but if you don't handle this matter to me, just get out of it." Lu Chen said in a deep voice.

  "Don't worry, Shao Lu, I'll check it out. As long as I hear anyone talking, I will expel him." Xia Jun sighed in relief and hurriedly promised.

  "It's a fart to expel, and expelling can resolve the matter? Use your brain and think about how to return you innocence." Lu Chen pointed his head and said.

  Xia Jun was taken aback, and immediately understood that if the rumors were expelled, the incident could be suppressed within the company, but who can guarantee that the expelled employees will not spread it outside?

  He already had a general idea in his mind, and even used legal means when necessary.

  "Go down and slowly figure out how to solve this matter. Now show me the information of the customer Lin Yijun is talking to." Lu Chen said after putting out the cigarette.

  Xia Jun nodded, and then notified the secretary to go to the sales manager.

  Soon the secretary walked in with the customer information.

  "Shao Lu, this is the information you want." The secretary respectfully placed a piece of information in front of Lu Chen, looking at Lu Chen's eyes faintly.

  Who would have thought that it was originally just a small security guard of the company, but after a change, he became the company's largest shareholder.

  Especially seeing the original boss Xia Jun standing respectfully next to Lu Chen, the secretary felt an inexplicable awe of Lu Chen in his heart.

  After Lu Chen checked the other party's information, he took out the phone and called Lu Zhong.

  For the idea of ​​daring to beat his wife, Lu Zhong had to give him a serious warning.

  "Also, let the notification go on. This Friday, there will be a management meeting, and I will be there at that time." Lu Chen said after hanging up the phone.

  "Okay, I'm going to inform now." Xia Jun's secretary nodded, and went out to inform the managers.

  After Lu Chen and Xia Jun discussed the company's development direction with each other, they were about to leave.

  When he passed Fan Ming's office, he saw Lin Yijun and Fan Ming come out of the office together.

  "What are you doing here? Follow me?" Suddenly seeing Lu Chen, Lin Yijun couldn't help frowning, and a touch of anger suddenly rose in her heart, especially when she thought of Lu Chen suspecting her last night, she suddenly felt that Lu Chen was following her. .

Chapter: 13

When Fan Ming saw Lu Chen, a haze flashed in his eyes. The last time Xia Jun forced him to apologize to Lu Chen, he has not forgotten.

  "Of course I'm here to work. As for following you, you think too much about it." Lu Chen completely ignored Fan Ming's hazy eyes, and looked at Lin Yijun speechlessly.

  "Didn't you have resigned?" Lin Yijun didn't believe Lu Chen at all, and had already determined that Lu Chen didn't believe her and followed her.

  "Last time I only asked for leave." Lu Chen said lightly, too lazy to explain, because he knew that no matter how much he explained, Lin Yijun would not believe him.

  Just as Lin Yijun was about to say something, the phone rang. The customer urged her to meet and talk. After she answered the phone, she hummed and said, "You'd better not follow me!"

  She said and left first.

  Lu Chen shrugged, he didn't have the leisure to follow Lin Yijun.

  "Boy, now that the company has been acquired, Mr. Xia is no longer the largest shareholder. After I gain the trust of the new shareholders, let's see how I clean up you." Seeing Lu Chen leaving, Fan Ming said strangely.

  He already knew the news that the company was acquired by a mysterious person a few days ago. With his work ability, he believes that the new shareholders will be optimistic about him and even trust him.

  As long as he becomes part of the new shareholder's side, he will no longer be afraid of Xia Jun. At that time, he has to accept Lu Chen. Isn't it a matter of grasping?

  Lu Chen looked back at Fan Ming when he heard the words, with a strange smile on his face.

  "What are you laughing at?" Fan Ming said solemnly, what he couldn't understand the most was Lu Chen's pretentious look.

  "I laugh at you as stupid." Lu Chen raised his eyebrows.

  He is the new shareholder in Fan Ming's mouth. Fan Ming actually wants to flatter him to deal with him. This is not stupid.

  "Huh, boy, don't be too premature. New shareholders will appear at the management meeting on Friday. Your good days will not be over for a few days. Also, do you know what the client your wife is going to meet now is? People? Tell you the truth. The client is a famous pervert in Yuzhou. If your wife doesn't open a house with him, he will never give this project to your wife. Just wait to be capped." Fan Ming teased Said.

  "Then you are going to be disappointed. Let me tell you the truth. Not only did he dare not beat my wife, he had to ask my wife to sign the contract. If you don't believe me, just wait and see." Lu Chen smiled lightly, and then Just left the company.

  Lu Zhong came forward and couldn't manage a real estate company's manager, so he didn't need to be in Lujia.

  Lin Yijun, Lin Yijun, don't you always believe that I am a rich second generation?

  Now I will tell you with practical actions that I am not only the real rich second generation, but also the rich second generation that the entire Yuzhou business district must look up to.

  Help you, but a phone call.

  If one day you finally knew that I was behind helping you, what expression would you have?

  Lu Chen thought it was a bit funny. Isn't he a bit perverted? That's his wife. Although she has been scorned by her recently, is it okay to hit his wife in the face like this?

  He shook his head, stopped thinking, and left the company.

  "I ask Lin Yijun to sign the contract? Are you daydreaming?" Fan Ming sneered at Lu Chen's back. He knew how difficult the client was. He asked the other party to go to the major health care a few times, but he still hadn't won it. If you don’t get some benefit from Lin Yijun, how can you sign a contract with Lin Yijun?

  Fan Ming sneered and went to see the client.

  At the Hilton High-end Western Restaurant, Liu Haishan has already drunk a lot of wine at this time, and his hands and feet have begun to be a little dishonest.

  "Miss Lin, you just eat food and don't drink, do you look down on me?" Liu Haishan stretched out his hand to put his hand on Lin Yijun's thigh. After being cleverly avoided by Lin Yijun, his face suddenly became straightened.

  "Manager Liu has misunderstood. I'm not feeling well these days and can't drink." Lin Yijun hurriedly laughed, but she was contemptuous in her heart.

  Although she had only met Liu Haishan for the second time, she had already figured out what kind of virtue Liu Haishan was. She wanted to do something with her, but there was no way.

  And she dared to meet Liu Haishan today, and she also prepared a killer trick. She could delay the payment of one day or one day and still have half a month to pay the salary. If it is delayed until the pay, she is not afraid that Fan Ming will deduct her bonus.

  "Miss Lin, in that case, then I think we have nothing to talk about."

  Liu Haishan threatened: "You have to know that although Yuzhou only produces electronic cat eyes from Dongjia Electronics, the quality is not comparable to other provinces. Yes, to tell you, Chuandu Dali Electronics is also discussing this business with us. The prices of both of you are similar, and the products of other Dali Electronics are better than yours. There is no benefit. Why should I buy you? The product?"

  He said this is Chiguoguo's purpose.

  Although he has read countless women, when did he see Lin Yijun, who are all first-class beauties, from the first sight of Lin Yijun, he has been itchy and unbearable, and today he insists on getting Lin Yijun. .

  Lin Yijun frowned and hesitated looking at the wine glass on the wine table.

  She didn't expect Liu Haishan to be so difficult.

  Seeing Lin Yijun's hesitation, Liu Haishan narrowed his eyes slightly, and glanced at Lin Yijun. Everywhere was full of the charm of a mature woman, like a ripe peach, fresh and tender.


  "Ms. Lin, I know this business is very important to you. You can sign the contract if you want me. You just have to go to the upper room and have a good chat with me today, and I will sign afterwards." Liu Haishan said while the iron was hot.

  As he said, he stretched out his hand to Lin Yijun's white and elastic thighs again.

  In his opinion, the time is almost ripe, and he believes that Lin Yijun will definitely not refuse this time.


  Lin Yijun reacted and slapped Liu Haishan's face with a slap.

  "You're a damn girl who hasn't seen a woman. Who are you as an old lady? Give this business to whoever you like, and I don't want it!"

  Although Lin Yijun needs this business very much, she is also a principled woman.

  Especially now that my daughter has fully recovered from her illness, she will not sell her soul for money.

  If she were such a woman, she would not marry the pauper Lu Chen despite the opposition of her family.

  "Smelly bitch, do you dare to hit me?" Liu Haishan slapped him and stood up to fight back.

  But at this moment, the phone he placed on the desk suddenly rang. Seeing that it was the call from the company boss, he immediately suppressed his anger and answered the sound.

  "President Wang." Liu Haishan calmed down and spoke first.

  "Are you talking to a woman named Lin Yijun about the electronic peephole project in Sanmu Community?" Mr. Wang's unhappy voice came over the phone.

  "Yes." Liu Haishan nodded, with some doubts in his heart. The boss personally asked about this matter, and he felt that the matter seemed a bit difficult.

  "Are you deliberately making things difficult for others?" Wang Zong asked again.

  "Huh?" Liu Haishan's heart jumped. Does that stinky bitch still know Mr. Wang?

  "Do you fucking know who is behind the other party? Just now, Lu Zhong, the chairman of the Grand Hyatt Group, called me personally and asked me to give him an explanation. Liu Haishan, I warn you, if you don't give me this matter right away Take care of it, you don't have to fuck in Yuzhou!" Mr. Wang roared furiously, and hung up the phone with a snap.

  Liu Haishan's heart trembled, and when he recovered, Lin Yijun had already opened the private room door and went out.

  "Miss Lin, please stay!"

  Without saying a word, Liu Haishan hurriedly chased it out.

Chapter: 14

Liu Haishan is really anxious.

  He could hear that Wang was always really angry. If this matter doesn't work out, he completely believes in Mr. Wang's words, and he can't get along in Yuzhou.

  With President Wang's power, dealing with a small role like him is really only a matter of minutes.

  It’s just that he didn’t think about it clearly. Why did Lin Yijun have a relationship like Lu Zhong’s, go to a small company to be a volunteer?

  But although he was full of doubts, he did not dare to doubt Mr. Wang's words.

  "Miss Lin, please wait!" Liu Haishan quickly chased out of the private room and caught up with Lin Yijun.

  "What do you want to do?" Lin Yijun looked at Liu Haishan defensively. When she left the private room, she was not afraid that Liu Haishan would dare to treat her. It's time to move.

  "Miss Lin, I'm really sorry. I just made a mess. I don't know your identity. Please forgive me once. I will sign a contract with you immediately." Liu Haishan nodded and smiled bitterly. A grandson makes no difference.

  "Huh?" Lin Yijun didn't react at all, wondering what trick Liu Haishan wanted to play.

  "Well, the price is based on the original price you quoted. If you don't believe it, we will find a deck in the lobby and sign the contract first." Seeing Lin Yijun didn't believe him, Liu Haishan was anxious, but Mr. Wang dropped Death order, immediately deal with this matter, he dare not delay.

  "Mr. Liu, are you serious?" Lin Yijun was a little stunned, looking at Liu Haishan in confusion, wouldn't the slap just slap him stupid.

  "Miss Lin, do you think I'm joking? To tell you the truth, the call just now was made by our manager Wang and said that we must give you this business. Miss Lin, why didn't you say that you know a big man? If you said it earlier, these things would be fine." Liu Haishan smiled bitterly.

  "I know a big man? You President Wang? I don't know him." Lin Yijun was also confused. If she really knew a big man, she wouldn't be so bad.

  "It's not Mr. Wang, even Mr. Wang must be a big man who must give others face." Liu Haishan said, pointing his thumb to the ceiling, meaning that the other party was the richest man in Yuzhou, but it was a pity that Lin Yijun didn't understand what he meant.

  But it doesn't matter if Lin Yijun doesn't understand, the key is that Lin Yijun finally nodded and was willing to sign a contract with him.

  After signing the contract, Lin Yijun hasn't recovered yet.

  This is a big business, which Fan Ming has not won after more than a month.

  After signing this business, not only did Fan Ming have no reason to deduct her more than 10,000 bonus, she could also get a commission of 60,000 to 70,000.

  It's just that she really can't figure out who helped her behind.

  It must be impossible for Fan Ming. How can he help himself if he can't handle the business himself? If he had this ability, he would have eaten up the business himself.

  Who can it be?

  Lin Yijun thought hard for a long time, but she couldn't think of who was helping herself behind her back. From the beginning to the end, she never thought that Lu Chen helped her.

  "Forget it, when you have a chance to know who the other party is, let's thank them again."

  Lin Yijun couldn't guess who it was, and returned to the company excitedly.

  After Lin Yijun signed the contract and left, Liu Haishan finally let out a long sigh of relief. Can't wait to call Mr. Wang to report the situation.

  After being taught another lesson by Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang hung up.

  Liu Haishan thought for a while, then dialed Fan Ming's number.

  "Fan Ming, did you fucking deliberately calculate me?" Thinking of what happened before, Liu Haishan's anger fell on Fan Ming.

  Before, Fan Ming had an anger with him and said that he would let a salesman he was satisfied with to talk to him. The beauty is here, and she is still a stunning woman he rarely sees.

  But it was a woman who didn't even dare to mess with their boss. This is not to calculate what he is.

  "Ah? Why did Manager Liu say this?" Fan Ming was a little confused and didn't know what Liu Haishan was talking about.

  "Fan Ming, we know people who don't talk secretly, what is the origin of Lin Yijun? Why does the richest man Lu want to speak for her?" Liu Haishan asked in a deep voice.

  "No background, just an ordinary salesperson. As for the richest man Lu, she probably hasn't even seen the richest man Lu." Fan Ming said puzzledly.

  "Fan Ming, I'm fucking fucking with you. At this time, you are still pretending to be a fool. If she has nothing to do with the richest man Lu, the richest man Lu will personally call us President Wang? Fan Ming, I warn you, you As a result, I was almost fired by Mr. Wang. Don't even think about getting the business from our company in the future!" Liu Haishan said angrily and hung up the phone. www.

  Fan Ming on the other side is still confused.

  Lin Yijun and the richest man Lu know each other?

  The richest man Lu called Mr. Wang in person to say this?

  He couldn't believe it was true.

  No matter what he thought, he couldn't think of a reasonable explanation.

  Because he felt that he knew Lin Yijun too much.

  Suddenly thinking of what Lu Chen said before, Fan Ming's face became a little embarrassed.

  Could it be that Lu Chen used some means to help?

  What a shit, Lu Chen's richest man must have been posing as Lu Chen.

  Liu Haishan, Liu Haishan, you're such a fucking idiot. You don't know if you were tricked by others. I really doubt how you got into the position of Greentown Real Estate Project Manager.

  Fan Ming shook his head, a touch of contempt in his eyes.


  The news that Lin Yijun took over the business of Greentown Real Estate spread in the company.

  Especially the sales department, many people can't believe it.

  That's a big business that sales director Fan Ming hasn't won after more than a month.

  The achievement of this business alone is 60,000 to 70,000, no matter who wins, it will be enough for a few months.

  "Yijun, you are really amazing. Director Fan has not won the business for nearly two months, but you won it in two days. It seems that being beautiful is an advantage." If a male salesperson has something to do with it. Refers to the boast.

  "Yes, so beautiful women in this industry are inherently stronger than men." Another male salesperson also said strangely.

  "What do you mean? I signed this business according to my own ability. If you have the ability, you should sign it too?" Of course, Lin Yijun could hear the meaning of the two people's words, and immediately became angry.

  "That's right, as long as we can sign the contract, even if we accompany others to bed, it is our woman's ability. If you want business, you can also accompany you to sleep." Another female salesperson also sneered.

  Although she said this to two male salesmen, everyone could hear that she was mocking Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijun vomited blood out of anger, and became angry on the spot.

  At this moment, General Secretary Xia came to the sales department with a stack of documents, and gave one copy to Fan Ming and another copy to Lin Yijun.

  "Ms. Lin, congratulations. After the company's research and decision, your business ability is far superior to others. Now you are appointed as the head of the sales department. By the way, President Xia also said that he hopes you will continue to work hard to bring more business orders to the company "The secretary said with a smile.

  "Huh?" Lin Yijun was shocked, and hurriedly looked at the appointment book in her hand, and then she was completely stunned.

  The others were also stunned.

Chapter: 15

When Lin Yijun was appointed as the head of the sales department, Fan Ming was the first person to feel incredible.

  Although he once suspected that Lin Yijun and Xia Jun had an affair, he never thought that Xia Jun would dare to promote Lin Yijun's position so blatantly.

  Because Lin Yijun in the sales department is far from enough to promote the supervisor, whether it is business ability or seniority,

  even if she is lucky and signed the big deal of Greentown Real Estate, it will not meet the requirements for promotion.

  "Xia Jun has already suspected that I will betray him. Do you want to arrange a cron to guard me before the new shareholder takes office?" Fan Ming looked at Lin Yijun, who was still confused, his eyes narrowed slightly.

  "No, I can't let Lin Yijun, a bitch, stand up prestige. I have to create some trouble for her so that the salesmen below can see the truth about her lack of business ability." Fan Ming narrowed his eyes and already figured out how to deal with it. Lin Yijun is now. www.

  "Everyone, meeting in the meeting room." Fan Ming raised his voice and said, before walking to the meeting room.

  Obviously everyone hadn't recovered yet, and few people understood Fan Ming's words, and they all looked at Fan Ming blankly.

  Especially the two men and one woman Lin Yijun just said satirically. They are much stronger than Lin Yijun in terms of business ability and company qualifications. However, Lin Yijun's sudden promotion to the position of supervisor made them very unwilling and looked at Lin Yijun's eyes. All with a trace of resentment.

  "I said everyone was in the meeting, didn't you hear it?" Fan Ming was a little annoyed when no one was moving, and said with a louder voice.

  Now everyone understood, and they followed to the meeting room.

  Lin Yijun was still a little caught off guard.

  She never thought about promoting her position.

  Since she came to the company, she just wants to hold the guarantee, and at the same time, she can talk about the amount of business orders every month and improve her achievements.

  But she was suddenly promoted as the supervisor. She knew it was mainly because she had won the Greentown real estate project that even Fan Ming hadn't won.

  Seeing Fan Ming was about to hold a meeting, she forcibly suppressed the excitement in her heart and followed to the meeting room.

  I was still thinking about who helped her behind and let her win the Greentown real estate project.

  "Congratulations to Lin Yijun for being promoted to supervisor. No one in the sales department has been promoted to the position of supervisor for more than a year. Yijun's ability to get out of many salesmen shows that her strength is still very strong. Congratulations to Lin Yijun." , Fan Ming looked at Lin Yijun with a smile and applauded.

  Everyone was applauding, but their faces were unconvinced.

  Especially the three old salesmen Wang Wu, Cui Hao and Liu Yanqi. When Lin Yijun took down the business of Greentown Real Estate before, they satirized Lin Yijun in the first place. At this time, their eyes flashed with extremely jealous cold light.

  "Thank you, I'm just lucky, and I hope you can help me in the future." Lin Yijun stood up flattered and replied to everyone.

  It's just that her politeness is low-key, which is even more pretentious in the eyes of some people.

  "Now that we are talking about business, the Maanshan Mountain View Longhu Villa District project has come out. This is a large project of tens of millions. As long as we talk about it, the company's reputation can be raised to a higher level. The person in charge of this project is definitely the company's greatest contributor. Fan Ming looked at the salesmen below the stage and said calmly.

  Jinglong Lake Villa Project?

  Everyone was a little surprised.

  This project has actually been out for a few days, and as salesmen, they certainly have understood it.

  Jinglong Lake Villa Area is a high-end villa area developed by Junyue Group. The minimum price of a villa is more than 50 million yuan, and the top area is more than 100 million yuan. All anti-theft equipment is said to be imported.

  Although their Dongjia electronic products are leading the way in Yuzhou, they can't enter the eyes of the Grand Hyatt Group at all. This is impossible to talk about.

  Of course, even if domestic products are used in those areas where the price is relatively low, Grand Hyatt Group certainly believes more in electronic equipment from other provinces.

  So as soon as Fan Ming spoke, everyone remained silent.

  Because everyone knows that there is no possibility of getting this project, and they can only waste their own time.

  "Director Lin, would you like to follow this project?" Seeing that everyone remained silent, Fan Ming showed a smile at the corner of his mouth and looked at Lin Yijun.

  "Director, I..." Of course, Lin Yijun also knows that the possibility of this project's success is very, very small, almost impossible.

  She has just been promoted to a supervisor, and of course she does not want to waste a lot of time on a project that has no chance at all.

  "The so-called capable people work harder. Besides, you have just been promoted to supervisor, so you can set an example for everyone, right?" Fan Mingwei smiled.

  "Yes, Director Lin, didn't everyone think that the Greentown project was impossible before, but you won it as soon as you start. As long as you start this project, you will definitely succeed."

  "That is, Director Lin, the company believes you To promote you to a supervisor, you have to believe in yourself.”

  Seeing everyone persuading Lin Yijun, Fan Ming’s eyes showed a triumphant smile, which was exactly what he wanted to see.

  He coughed and said with a serious face: "Yijun, although you have been promoted to supervisor, there are not many people who convince you. This is an opportunity for you to perform and also an opportunity for more people to trust you. I want to make others doubt your ability as a supervisor, right."

  Fan Ming's face was serious, but he was sneer in his heart:

  Little bitch, you and your husband are the same waste, what do you fight with me?

  This project is just to start a flavour, so I will pit you first, and wait for Lao Tzu to climb the tree of the new shareholder, and even your husband will take care of it.

  "Okay, I'll write a project plan first." Lin Yijun sighed in her heart. She knew that she was promoted to supervisor. This was Fan Ming deliberately gave her off the horse, so that while she was spending energy on this project, she also became The joke of the entire sales department.

  She knew that once the project ended, she would definitely be ridiculed and questioned by everyone.

  Because this is simply not a project that Dongjia Electronics can eat.

  Seeing Lin Yijun taking over this impossible project, everyone had a playful smile in their eyes, and they were all waiting to see Lin Yijun's joke.

  Suddenly being promoted to supervisor, Lin Yijun should have been a happy day, but she was not happy at all.

  Throughout the afternoon, she seemed to be carefully planning the project plan, but in fact she had a lot of things in her mind.

  She felt that Fan Ming had targeted her so much because Lu Chen had offended Fan Ming last time, and that Fan Ming was still worried.

  Thinking about this, she was inexplicably angry at Lu Chen.

  "Director Lin, you are now a member of the company's management, and you are already eligible to participate in the first management meeting held by new shareholders. Don't be late." Fan Ming kindly reminded Lin Yijun before get off work.

  "Well, it's ten o'clock tomorrow morning, right." Lin Yijun suppressed the excitement and nodded.

  Although Fan Ming used the project of Jinglong Lake Villa District to cheat her, she also looked forward to who the new shareholder would be.

  "Yes." Fan Ming nodded, before turning to leave the office, a sneer appeared in his eyes.

  Little bitch, let you see my abilities tomorrow. When I climb the thigh of the new shareholder, Xia Jun dare not despise me.

  Fan Ming has absolute confidence in this.

  Because a large part of the company's customers are in his hands, unless new shareholders do not want to make money, they will reuse him.

Chapter: 16

The Friday that Dongjia Electronics owners are looking forward to finally arrives. The new shareholders who acquired the company today will meet with all the company’s managers and hold meetings for everyone, which makes all employees a little excited and curious.

  In these days of waiting, the employees of Dongjia Electronics have already called the spirit of the new shareholders.

  Some say that the new shareholder is a big local tyrant.

  Some say that they are the top merchants in Yuzhou.

  What's more, it is said that the new shareholder is the rich second generation of the capital of the capital, in order to train themselves, specially came to Yuzhou to buy their company.

  Of course, female employees are most likely to say this, especially female employees who are prone to idiots.

  What kind of person is the new shareholder?

  In the entire company, apart from Xia Jun and his secretary, nobody really knew about it.

  With one hour left before the start of the management meeting, Fan Ming had already dressed himself up, and his whole person looked very energetic, just like a twenty-seven-year-old young man.

  In order to prevent Lin Yijun from having a chance to replace herself.

  In order to be able to comfort Lu Chen in front of Xia Jun.

  He must give the new shareholders a good impression today.

  He wants to get the approval of the new shareholders as soon as possible, and firmly cling to the thigh of the new shareholders.

  "Director Lin, the time is almost up, the new shareholders should be here too, let's go." Fan Ming glanced at Lin Yijun who was not far away, with a touch of joke in his eyes.

  "Okay." Lin Yijun nodded, put away the project plan for the Jinglong Lake villa area just finished, and walked to the company meeting room with Fan Ming.

  For the new shareholder, she was also full of curiosity. She also hoped to get in touch with the new shareholder and proposed to him this meaningless project task given to her by Fan Ming.

  As soon as they walked out of the office, they saw Lu Chen lazily coming out of the elevator.

  Lin Yijun saw Lu Chen appear again at the company, and already believed that he was still working as a security guard for the company.

  But now she has been promoted to the supervisor, and the management meeting is about to be held again, and she doesn't bother to take care of Lu Chen, glanced at Lu Chen lightly, and walked past him.

  Fan Ming stayed on purpose.

  He can still remember the last time he was knocked to the ground by Lu Chen in the hospital. The last time he was forced to apologize to Lu Chen by Xia Jun in public is still fresh in his memory. After today, he has a great opportunity. Revenge for this shame.

  "Something?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and asked when he saw Fan Ming stand in front of him.

  "Boy, what garlic do you put in front of me?" Fan Ming said gloomily.

  Lu Chen shrugged. He knew what Fan Ming wanted to do to block him, but he hadn't used a small character like Fan Ming as an opponent, and of course he was not interested in taking care of him.

  "Do you know what day it is today?" Fan Ming looked at Lu Chen with a sneer.

  "What day?" Lu Chen asked curiously.

  "The day when the new shareholder took office, the new shareholder took office means that Xia Jun is no longer the executor of the company. Without Xia Jun's protection, I really want to know who will be your umbrella in the future." Fan Mingdao.

  "Oh, what then?" Lu Chen looked at Fan Ming jokingly, but he didn't expect his brain to be so novel.

  "Then of course it's time for Lao Tzu to retaliate against you. Do you think that any rubbish thing can make Lao Tzu apologize in public? Especially for rubbish things like you, who accepted my apology in the first place, will bear my next revenge." Fan Ming said gloomyly.

  Lu Chen glanced at Fan Ming like an idiot, then stretched out his hand to push Fan Ming away, and walked past him lazily.

  "Boy, even if Xia Jun can protect you, as long as I climb the new shareholder tree, I can easily play you to death!" Fan Ming really couldn't stand Lu Chen's defiant appearance, and said angrily.

  Lu Chen was startled when he heard Fan Ming's words, then turned to look at Fan Ming.

  Then he smiled.

  He felt that this should be the funniest joke he had ever heard.

  Fan Ming actually wants to climb up his new shareholder to deal with him, this, let him say something.

  "Oh, then I wish you can hug the thighs of the new shareholders." Lu Chen smiled and could only say so.

  "Lu Chen, since you have come to the company, why don't you report to the Security Department?" At this moment, the head of the Security Department Yu Haihai came for a meeting and suddenly saw Lu Chen, he started to drink in a deep voice.

  Lu Chen's position is still a security guard. Although he acquired 70% of the company's shares, he did not transfer his position. His name is still in the security department.

  The main reason is that he has never taken care of it at all.

  "Why, want to fire me again?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows.

  "Boy, don't be mad. At the management meeting, I must raise this matter in front of the new shareholders." Yu Hai snorted and threatened.

  "Okay, I'll give you a chance." Lu Chen said in a serious manner.

  "Huh, let's wait and see." Yu Hai's face was gloomy, obviously not understanding the meaning of Lu Chen's words, and then walked to the conference room with Fan Ming angrily.

  "Director Fan, you said for a while that Lu Chen ignored the company's rules before the new shareholders. Will Xia always ask us to settle accounts after the fall? It's a bit like putting him in front of the new shareholders." Yu Hai was a little worried. Said.

  Even if Xia Jun retreated to the second line, he was also one of the company's shareholders. It was too easy to get him.

  "No, and in order to distinguish between him and Lu Chen, he will firmly support you." Fan Ming said, shaking his head.

  Fan Ming's words made Yu Hai relieved. He suddenly thought of something and said: "By the way, President Xia seemed to be investigating who was telling him about Lin Yiyun yesterday. In case he finds out that the news is sent from us. Yes, he will definitely fire us."

  Fan Ming frowned when he heard this. They were just guessing before, and there was no evidence. If Xia Jun accused them of spreading rumors and slander, they would really have no move.

  "This matter is a bit tricky, so let's try to collect evidence that the two of them have one leg. I will try my best to climb into the new shareholders. At that time, even if Xia Jun finds out on us, it will be based on the number of my clients in the company. , The new shareholders will certainly not give up on me, as long as I remain in this position, I can keep you." Fan Ming said confidently.

  Yu Hai nodded, but he was also a little confused. Who knew that his joke at the beginning turned into this situation.

  The two walked into the conference room, and the managers of all departments were almost there.

  There are still more than 20 minutes to leave the meeting. While everyone is waiting for the new shareholders to appear, they are also wondering who the new shareholders are.

  Fan Ming and Yu Hai sat down in their respective positions, faintly looking forward to them.

  "Director Fan, do you know who the new shareholder is?" asked a female administrator next to Fan Ming.

  "The new shareholder must be someone from a certain big company, or the son of a big consortium." Fan Ming rushed to say before he answered.

  "I didn't ask you, you are not qualified to know more inside information." The female manager said mercilessly.

  The male manager smiled and didn't care, looking at Fan Ming expectantly.

  Although Fan Ming's position in the company is equivalent to a department manager, he has a lot of customer resources. Xia Jun has always valued him, and he and Xia Jun are also close.

  So these managers think he might know the inside story.

  "New shareholders, you will know in a while." Fan Mingmo said profoundly.

  The female manager rolled her eyes, but the male manager felt disdainful.

  He felt that Fan Ming definitely didn't know the situation.

  Or the new shareholders are coming in ten minutes or so, there is nothing to hide.

  "I heard that the new shareholders accounted for 70% of the shares. It seems that Xia always has to give up the chairmanship today." The female manager said.

  "Aren't you nonsense? How can he hold a management meeting if he doesn't want to be chairman." The male manager smiled.

  "Chen Jun, you are going to have trouble with me, right?" The female manager stared at the male manager, very upset.

  "Oh, your own words are full of loopholes, how can you blame me for running into you." The male manager named Chen Jun laughed.

  "You should be quiet. When the new shareholder comes to see what it looks like? When the new shareholder takes office on the first day, let him see how loose our management team looks. What will he think?" Fan Ming wrinkled Said.

  He also has to do a good job in front of the new shareholders, seeing his colleagues playing so much, even he can't stand it anymore.

  Neither of them had the position of Fan Minggao. Fan Ming spoke. Although they felt a little unhappy, they still calmed down.

  Then everyone quietly waited for the arrival of new shareholders.

  "Here, here comes." Suddenly a manager sitting by the door said.

  After hearing this, everyone looked at the door of the conference room.

  I saw Xia Jun walking in with a young man.

Chapter: 17

Seeing Xia Jun walking into the meeting room with the new shareholders, all managers held their breath.

  There was a wry smile in his heart.

  This new shareholder is too good at playing.

  Black hat, wide-brimmed sunglasses, and a black mask.

  Isn't this a celebrity meeting?

  However, although this new shareholder is a little bit fancy, everyone can see that this is a very young new shareholder.

  Many people have basically determined that the new shareholder is definitely the son of a big consortium.

  Otherwise, it is impossible to acquire the strength of their company so young.

  In fact, Lu Chen's dressing up was decided temporarily after hearing Fan Ming's words before.

  Although he didn't regard Fan Ming as his opponent, Fan Ming actually wanted to climb his tree to deal with him, so he gave Fan Ming this opportunity.

  He wanted to see what Fan Ming would look like when he knew the truth.

  That must be wonderful.

  Lu Chen glanced over the management, and when he passed Lin Yijun, he quickly skipped it.

  Although he was wearing sunglasses, he didn't know why, but he faintly felt that Lin Yijun looked at him with some doubts.

  Can Lin Yijun not be confused?

  She has been in love with Lu Chen for three years and married for four years. What has been familiar to her can no longer be familiar.

  Although he couldn't see Lu Chen's face clearly, his body shape was exactly the same.

  Will it be him?

  This thought suddenly popped up in his mind, and Lin Yijun was shocked.

  How could it be Lu Chen.

  She shook her head and quickly suppressed the absurd and funny thoughts in her heart.

  "Do you know why I want this outfit?" Lu Chen and Xia Jun spoke first after sitting down.

  Of course, he deliberately suppressed his voice, so his voice sounded a little hoarse, even Lin Yijun couldn't hear it.

  Everyone shook their heads curiously.

  Lu Chen smiled slightly and continued: "Because my name is Lu Tu, and I am a bit dirty."

  Everyone laughed kindly, saying that the new shareholders are quite humorous.

  "The reason why I am holding this meeting for everyone today is because the company's business doesn't seem to be very good during this period. I specially came to cheer everyone up.

  I didn't know how Xia always planned before, but now I am a major shareholder of the company. Of course, I have my own plan.

  I will not disclose the specifics, but I can let everyone know that my short-term goal is to make Dongjia Electronics break out of Yuzhou and become one of the best-known electronics companies in the country.

  Long-term goals . , Of course, we have to go abroad.

  So in the future, our company will have great changes, and we will open a number of branches one after another, which means that more managers have opportunities for promotion. I will To give each of you a platform to show your talents, the premise is that you have the confidence to return me a future." After

  Lu Chen finished speaking, everyone applauded excitedly.

  Lu Chen said that he would give them a platform to give Lu Chen a future, so why not take this opportunity to give him a future.

  The new shareholders are really bold. I don't know where he is sacred.

  Even Xia Jun was a little excited.

  Although Lu Chen had told him about these things, he was still a little excited when he fantasized about this blueprint for the future again.

  If the blueprint planned by Lu Chen is truly realized, then his earnings can be countless times more than the earnings he earned by running the company himself.

  Of course, as the scale of the corresponding company becomes larger, his status will also increase.

  "I have said so much, maybe everyone thinks it is empty talk, so now I will give you some practical things. From next month, the basic salary of each administrator will be increased by one thousand, and ordinary employees will be increased by five hundred. , The year-end bonus has increased by 30% compared to the past.

  For the sales department, the commission for salespersons increased by 1%, the supervisor increased by 2%, and the director increased by 3%. Of course, to get this commission, every salesperson and even your business department Each month’s business volume of the two administrators must reach a base, which will be sorted out by Mr. Xia in the next few days.

  In short, your business volume is also a performance appraisal. If you have an excellent performance appraisal, score points. When the company has a chance to be reused, I hope that Director Fan and Director Lin will not let me and Mr. Xia down.”

  Lu Chen said and looked at Lin Yijun and Fan Ming. Both of them nodded excitedly. There was a firm belief in both faces.

  Other managers were also excited about it.

  Lu Chen was right. He said so much before. It sounds very exciting, but it feels like drawing a big pie. What employees call most is the current salary.

  As a result, many managers sent out the news in their department groups.

  As soon as I saw that the new shareholders would process capital as soon as they took office, the employees in various departments were also excited.

  There were cheers and applause everywhere. After all, raising wages would be something that everyone likes.

  Although the increase is not very high, the average employee is only 500.

  But their monthly salary is relatively low. For many people, 500 yuan is a month's rent.

  This is equivalent to the company paying them rent.

  Coupled with the year-end bonus, it is actually equivalent to a salary increase of 700 per month.

  And regardless of whether the new shareholders drew a big pie for everyone, they let everyone see the prospects for development in the company.

  An employee who doesn't want to be a manager is not a good employee. Who doesn't want to be a manager in a company with a bright future and get a higher salary?

  "Well, I'll just say this, then you can ask what you want to ask." Lu Chen said and looked at everyone.

  Seeing that no one else had spoken, Lin Yijun stood up and said: “Mr. Lu, I have no doubts about the future prospects of our company, but at this stage, I don’t think our company has the strength to win the Jinglong Lake Villa District.

  Regarding the project, Director Fan must ask me to follow the project. I have doubts in my heart, so I want to ask Mr. Lu what he means." Seeing Lin Yijun actually sue himself in front of the new shareholders, Fan Ming’s face suddenly became quite ugly. They Everyone knows that this is an impossible task. Would the new shareholders not know?

  Bitch, wait and see for me!

  Fan Ming let out a cold snort and was about to get up to explain.

  At this moment, Lu Chen smiled and said, "Jinglong Lake Villa District, um, it is indeed difficult to win that project with our company's reputation. Whether it is difficult does not mean that there is no chance, does it? Director Lin, it doesn’t matter whether some things are successful or not. What’s important is whether you’re willing to try.

  Grand Hyatt Group did not directly name our company’s products. Maybe they found that our company’s price is higher than other companies. It’s much more affordable,

  so I signed a contract with our company? So, my suggestion is not to let go of any business that has not been finalized. Even if this order fails, at least it’s a familiar face. Maybe the next The chance of success alone is even greater."

  Hearing Lu Chen's words, Fan Ming smiled at Lin Yijun.

  The new shareholder affirmed him directly.

  With this in mind, Fan Ming is more confident in climbing the tree of new shareholders. www.

  "Thank you, Mr. Lu, for your advice. I will seriously talk about this project." The new shareholders have said so, what else can Lin Yijun say.

  But she also thinks what the new shareholder said is reasonable. What if the mysterious person who helped her before comes forward to help her again?

  Of course, this is just Lin Yijun's self-comfort.

  She still doesn't believe that this business has any hope of success.

  After get off work in the afternoon, Lin Yijun called Lu Chen.

  "What time do you get off work?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "I came back long ago, what's the matter?" Lu Chen asked.

  "It's my dad's birthday tonight, go buy some presents," Lin Yijun said.

  "Well, I just received Qiqi, and I will buy it later." Lu Chen said.

  "Forget it, you don't know what my dad likes, wait for me to go with you." Lin Yijun said and hung up the phone, she settled down from her desk, and left the company.

Chapter: 18

Lin Yijun was angry at the company, and she was in a bad mood, but when she saw Lu Chen appear in front of her with her daughter talking and laughing, the weakest part of her heart was still touched.

  There is a touch of warmth in my heart.

  Of course, what touched her was the innocence of her daughter, and the depression that she wanted to explode disappeared.

  "Mom, these are the clothes my father bought for me yesterday. Are they pretty?" Qiqi stood in front of Lin Yijun, looking like a child.

  Yesterday Lu Chen took her to play for a day, and she was very tired from playing, so he went to bed after returning.

  "Pretty, our little princess wears everything beautifully." Lin Yijun held her daughter in her arms and smiled softly.

  "Dad bought a lot of pieces for me. Dad said I will change a suit every day from now on." Qiqi said.

  Lin Yijun nodded, suddenly seeing the brand of her daughter's clothes, she couldn't help looking at Lu Chen.

  "I will buy clothes for Qiqi in the future and stop buying these imitations. The famous brand looks very high-end, but the discerning person knows that it is fake at first glance. This will make people laugh at Qiqi for admiring vanity." Lin Yijun also knows her daughter. The brand of suits, French children's clothing brand, is very famous in the mainland.

  But she knew that Lu Chen could not afford the genuine product, so she thought it was a fake imitation.

  "Imitation?" Lu Chen smiled, not wanting to explain too much, because he knew that no matter how she explained, Lin Yijun would not believe it.

  "Okay, I see." Lu Chen raised his eyebrows.

  "What do you want to buy for my dad?" Lin Yijun asked again.

  "Didn't he like to drink wine? Give him a pair of luminous glasses. I didn't give him a gift last year." Lu Chen said.

  "Luminous cup? You are also enough." Lin Yiyun wanted to get angry on the spot.

  Not to mention that Lu Chen had no money to buy it, even if he had money, he might not be able to buy it.

  She was angry that Lu Chen had changed this time.

  Not being pragmatic at all, and always telling lies.

  "What I said is true. I also know that there is a place in Yuzhou where there is a pair of real luminous cups for sale." Lu Chen said.

  "Stop it, I know you have a wide network of contacts, so you can know everything." His daughter was there, and Lin Yijun didn't want to argue with Lu Chen, so I didn't want to say anything ironic.

  "My dad likes antiques. Just go to the antique shop and buy some antiques to send him." Lin Yijun said, holding Qiqi to the roadside to stop the car.

  Although antiques are generally not cheap, she has just been promoted today and talked about the big business of Greentown Real Estate. She is still willing to spend one or two thousand yuan in gifts.

  Lu Chen smiled, and he knew that Lin Yijun still didn't believe in the fact that he was rich.

  No matter if you don't believe it, just tell her last time that she is the second generation of the rich, she was furious, and now she still sleeps in separate rooms.

  If you mention this to her again today, Lu Chen suspects that Lin Yijun might be annoyed to divorce.

  "I won the Greentown project yesterday, and the commission is more than 60,000." In the car, in order to ease the atmosphere, Lin Yijun took the initiative to share her joy with Lu Chen.

  "Congratulations." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  "Yes? Why didn't I feel that you congratulated me from the bottom of my heart? Lu Chen, honestly, do you doubt that I agreed to Liu Haishan's terms?" Lin Yijun squinted at Lu Chen, it doesn't matter what others think. , If her husband doubts herself in this way, it is unacceptable to her.

  "How could it be that you are my wife? Of course I would not doubt you. I was guessing that if you won a project that Fan Ming didn't win, Xia should have promoted you." Lu Chen explained with a smile. , He helped Lin Yijun handle this matter. He knew the result a long time ago, so he was not as excited as Lin Yijun thought.

  "How did you know? Just after the news that I won the Greentown project was passed back to the company, President Xia really promoted me to the head of the sales department." Lu Chen's words immediately diverted Lin Yijun's attention and talked about promotion. For one thing, she seemed quite excited.

  "That's really to congratulate you, let me know, you will continue to be promoted in the future." Lu Chen learned to be smart this time, behaving very happy.

  In fact, Lin Yijun’s promotion was mentioned by Xia Jun yesterday, and he knew that Xia Jun would definitely take this opportunity to promote Lin Yijun.

  "Do you think you started the company? If you want to give me any promotion, please feel free to promote it?" Lin Yijun gave Lu Chen a roll of eyes. Although Fan Ming had been pitted by Fan Ming, she was still in a good mood. .

  Lu Chen almost blurted out: Dongjia Electronics is now my own.

  But after thinking about it, I held back, just smiled.

  "I don't even dare to think about another promotion, and it's impossible to have this kind of opportunity again." Thinking of being suppressed by Fan Ming when he was promoted yesterday, Lin Yijun suddenly showed some serious thoughts.

  "What's wrong?" Lu Chen asked when he noticed something.

  "It's not because of you." Lin Yijun said depressed.

  "Because of me?" Lu Chen was puzzled.

  "If you didn't offend Fan Ming, would he target me? Yesterday I was just promoted, and he was publicly suppressed." Thinking of this, I would spend a lot of time following up on the Jinglong Lake Villa Project, Lin Yijun More depressed.

  "How did he suppress you?" Lu Chen asked pretending not to understand. He knew that Lin Yijun's suppression was because Fan Ming asked her to talk to the project in Jinglonghu Community.

  At the management meeting in the morning, the reason why he wanted to encourage Lin Yijun to follow up the project, of course, was to take this opportunity to let Lin Yijun get everyone's recognition in the company.

  "Do you know that the Jinglong Lake Villa area is being renovated?" Lin Yijun asked. www.Lu

  Chen nodded. It was a high-end villa area developed by Junyue Group. Of course he knew it.

  "Fan Ming asked me to follow up on this project yesterday, and even the new shareholders encouraged me to follow up. This is simply an impossible business. Fan Ming wants to take this opportunity to get me into this pit with no time to follow up. Other items also made me ashamed in front of the salesperson." Lin Yijun said angrily.

  "This is a good thing, I can do it for you." Lu Chen said without holding back.

  Jinglong Lake Villa is divided into several grades. Lu Chen learned from Lu Zhong that they plan to use domestic products for the lowest grade of decoration materials. He also planned to use Dongjia electronic products before, so he just gave this project to Lin Yijun is ready.

  After Lin Yijun won this project, whether it is the company's reputation or business ability, she will be recognized by everyone, and she is immediately promoted to sales director to replace Fan Ming.

  "You help me fix it?"

  Lin Yijun sneered and shook her head. If she hadn't had her daughter by her side and asked her to restrain her emotions, she would definitely laugh at Lu Chen mercilessly.

  However, although she didn't say the ridicule, her gaze at Lu Chen was full of deep disappointment.

  Seeing that Lin Yijun still didn't believe in herself as always, Lu Chen said that she was also helpless.

  He shrugged, not talking about this topic.

  There was nothing to say all the way, and soon arrived at the antique shop.

Chapter: 19

After walking around in the antique shop, Lin Yijun was shocked by the high price.

  Lu Chen followed Lin Yijun without speaking. Although most of the antiques here cost more than 100,000 yuan, he could buy them, but Lin Yijun didn't believe him, and he didn't bother to buy expensive ones.

  But just when Lin Yijun was about to go out, Lu Chen was attracted by a dusty wine glass.

  He picked up the cup curiously. First of all, the earthy gray appearance was very inconspicuous, and secondly, the price of two thousand could not attract the attention of people who knew antiques.

  "Little brother is really good-looking. This cup is a cultural relic of the Song Dynasty. It is said to be a wine cup from the Southern Song Dynasty Prime Minister Jingzeng. Don't look at it as it is a little old on the outside, but this is where its true collection value lies." The cup that I didn't buy, immediately went forward and flickered.

  When he went to buy goods three years ago, he was also fooled by the other party. At that time, the purchase price was still ten thousand. He took it back and marked the sky-high price of fifty thousand, but no one has paid attention to it.

  Since then, the price has been lowered until the current level of two thousand, no one has paid attention to it.

  Now that Lu Chen seemed to be interested in this cup, he immediately became energetic.

  It is also good to recover the cost of two thousand.

  "Oh, is it?" Lu Chen smiled faintly, holding the cup and flicking in his ear, listening to the ethereal slight echo, a surprise flashed in his eyes quickly, but he did not show it.

  "You don't want to buy this earthen cup for my dad?" Looking back, when Lu Chen was holding a earthy mug and talking to the boss, Lin Yijun was speechless.

  "I have this idea, mainly because the price is cheap." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  Lin Yijun is even more speechless. A cheaper gift is okay, but you should at least look good.

  this kind of diarrhea thing, you can get it, my dad is not kind enough to accept it.

  "Boss, can the price be lower?" Lu Chen asked, looking at the boss.

  The boss shook his head and smiled and said, "Little brother, this is already the lowest price. My import price was 1800 at the beginning, and I would earn you two hundred, not including the freight. Business is not easy these years." The

  boss is bleeding. , He bought it for ten thousand yuan, but he dare not tell the truth.

  Because of that, wouldn't you tell Lu Chen that the cup was fake?

  "Yes, you really can't make a lot of money for this kind of diarrhea, then two thousand, help me pack it." Lu Chen nodded, as if he understood the boss.

  "Are you crazy? Two thousand dollars to buy this kind of diarrhea, do you have a lot of money? And my dad won't want it at all." Lin Yijun said with a stare.

  "Don't worry, your dad will definitely like it." Lu Chen smiled confidently and paid the money directly, angrily Lin Yijun wanted to vomit blood.

  After receiving the money, the boss was going to pack it for Lu Chen. This thing was finally sold. Although it lost 8,000, it was better than not being able to collect a penny in his own shop.

  "Little brother, can you show me the cup in your hand?"

  At this moment , a very energetic middle-aged walked in and saw the earth cup in Lu Chen's hand at a glance.

  "Professor Yu is here." Seeing the middle-aged man, the boss immediately put aside the idea of ​​packing Lu Chen and stepped forward to say hello.

  "Professor Yu."

  "Professor Yu."

  The guests who were watching the antiques in the store also came to greet them. A group of people immediately surrounded Lu Chen and the middle-aged man.

  But everyone saw only middle-aged people, and no one looked at Lu Chen at all.

  This middle-aged man is called Yu Zhengtao, a well-known figure in the Yuzhou antique industry. His job is a professor in the Department of Archaeology of Yuzhou University. He usually collects a lot of valuable antiques. Yuzhou TV Station has invited him as a guest of appreciation for many times. He is also a professional appraiser at Yuzhou Auction.

  No one in the antique industry does not know him, and everyone respects him very much.

  Yu Zhengtao nodded to everyone, then looked at the cup in Lu Chen's hand again.

  "Little brother, can you show me this cup?" Yu Zhengtao asked again.

  Lu Chen nodded and handed the cup to Yu Zhengtao.

  Although he doesn't mix with the antiques world, he also heard that Zhengtao is too, and wants to see if this big man in the antiques world really has some vision.

  "Little brother, how much did you buy for this cup?" Yu Zhengtao looked at the cup for a while, and a touch of excitement flashed in his eyes, but he was hiding well, and few people noticed that his expression changed.

  "Two thousand." Lu Chen said.

  "This cup looks like an ancient cultural relic, but the exterior color is more like modern craftsmanship. The chance of being an ancient cultural relic is almost less than 10%. But I always like to take a gamble, maybe it just happened today. It's the real one." Yu Zhengtao looked at the cup and commented.

  "I had the same psychology as Professor Yu at the beginning. I bought it back for 10,000 yuan, but unfortunately I made a wrong bet." The boss interrupted with some regret.

  Anyway, Lu Chen had already paid the money, and he was not afraid that Lu Chen would doubt if it was a fake. Even if the mud cup was really a pile of shit, Lu Chen did not dare to ask him to refund the money.

  "Gambling is definitely risky, especially gambling on antiques." Yu Zhengtao smiled and looked at Lu Chen, "Little brother, I will give you twenty thousand, how about selling it to me? I want to try my luck today. Will it give me a surprise." If you

  buy two thousand things for 20,000, is this clay cup really an ancient cultural relic?

  Everyone was immediately interested by Yu Zhengtao's words, and they all looked at the cups in Yu Zhengtao's hands.

  But after they watched for a long time, they didn't see the strangeness of this cup, and they couldn't help but become a little confused.

  As for the gambling luck that Professor Yu said, they didn't believe it at all.

  Yu Zhengtao was originally Yuzhou Jianbao's first person, and anyone who knew him would not believe his words.

  If he hadn't really seen the way, he would definitely not spend 20,000 to buy a clay cup with a true value of less than a few dozen to bet whether it is an ancient cultural relic.

  "Twenty thousand yuan?" The shop owner was startled, and suddenly felt a little painful. He was directly losing ten thousand yuan.

  "Sorry, this cup is a birthday present for my dad, I don't want to sell it." Lu Chen raised his eyes and shook his head.

  Although Yu Zhengtao was hiding well, Lu Chen still noticed the light flashing quickly in his eyes.

  He knew that Yu Zhengtao had also seen the true value of this earthen cup.

  "One hundred thousand." Seeing Lu Chen about to leave, Yu Zhengtao said hurriedly.

  One hundred thousand?

  Everyone was shocked again, and they basically affirmed their thoughts in their hearts.

  This diarrhea cup is genuine.

  The boss almost vomited blood.

  He also understood that this earthen cup is really an ancient cultural relic.

  Lin Yijun opened her mouth wide and couldn't believe it. Lu Chen could make 90,000 yuan for a clay cup that Lu Chen bought for two thousand yuan. He couldn't imagine the madness of the antique world.

  But just when she was about to persuade Lu Chen to sell the cup to Yu Zhengtao, the shop owner grabbed her to speak.

  "Little brother, I'm sorry, I can't sell you this cup." As

  he said , he was about to reach out to grab the dirt cup in Lu Chen's hand.

Chapter: 20

"I have paid all the money, you said you can't sell it to me? Play with me?" Lu Chen's face sank, and his hand slightly gave way, avoiding the store owner's scramble.

  Everyone also looked at the shop owner and felt that the shop owner’s approach was a bit excessive. If you find that the things you sell are cheaper, they will not sell them. This is not reasonable.

  However, they also understand the shop owner's approach. After all, after selling something worth 2,000 yuan, Professor Yu directly set the price to 100,000. If they were the shop owner, they would definitely feel extremely unbalanced.

  "You haven't left our store yet, I have the final say when you pay." The store owner's expression also sank, and he was about to threaten Lu Chen.

  "We paid all the money, and you said you wouldn't sell it? Are you still unreasonable?" Lin Yijun said unconvinced.

  If it opened, of course she hoped that the store owner would not sell it to Lu Chen, but it was different now.

  Professor Yu, a tycoon in the antiques industry, has to sell this earthen cup for 100,000 yuan. This earthen cup is an ancient cultural relic at first glance, and of course it cannot be returned to the shop owner.

  "Okay, then I will come to reason with you now. You have stolen my ancient cultural relics, can I still let you take them out?" The shop owner looked at Lin Yijun with a joking expression.

  Lu Chen took a look at the situation in the store and found that there was no camera installed. He immediately understood that the store owner was going to take them.

  "Lu Chen, let's go, I don't believe he can still rob in broad daylight." Lin Yijun snorted coldly, pulling Lu Chen and leaving.

  "Go? Do you think I can leave without returning my cup?" The shop owner sneered and slapped his chin.

  At the same time, several big guys in the corner walked around slowly.

  These big guys are all five big and three rough, and they are not good at first sight.

  They didn't speak, they just surrounded the three of Lu Chen.

  Lin Yijun was immediately frightened by the aura of several big men, and she hugged Qiqi close to Lu Chen.

  "Little brother, if you sell me the cup now, I can still speak for you." Yu Zhengtao obviously didn't look at the big guys in his eyes, and smiled at Lu Chen.

  The shop owner's face changed slightly. He dared to deal with Lu Chen in this way, because he was just an ordinary person.

  But Yu Zhengtao is different.

  This is a big man in the antiques world, with a huge network of people behind him. Although he has some influence, he does not dare to provoke Zhengtao.

  "Little brother, a professor at all to help you speak, you'd better sell the cup to the professor now."

  "Yes ah, or else you steal something ancient relics of a people is to sit real, but to be sued."

  Others He also began to persuade Lu Chen to come, as if he was thinking of Lu Chen.

  "It was obviously bought by us with money. Which of your eyes saw us stealing it, we paid him all the money!" Lin Yijun said with an angry look.

  What kind of people are these? Everyone is a consumer. The store deliberately reversed black and white. Why did you follow along to make peace?

  If this happens to you, don't you mind?

  "Young people, the so-called treasures are home to those with virtue. Even if you bought this cup, you still have to have that strength. Without that strength, you can only cause trouble for yourself." An old man shook his head and said.

  "What do you mean, even if we bought it? This is clearly what we bought, and it's not ours after all the money is paid? Now it is a legal society, I really don't believe that the police will follow you to reverse things!" Lin Yijun said, getting angry. Rushing out the phone and preparing to call the police.

  "You want to call the police, right? Then, let's see if the police come to believe you or believe me." Seeing Lin Yijun's behavior, the shop owner suddenly sneered.

  He really hoped that Lin Yijun would call the police. In that case, at least Yu Zhengtao would not put pressure on Lu Chen and let Lu Chen sell him the cup.

  Lin Yijun was stunned for a moment, she was not stupid, the attitude of the shop owner, it was obvious that he had someone in the game, and he was sure that he was married.

  "Little brother, I can give you another 50,000, you might as well consider it." Yu Zhengtao said again.

  When Lin Yijun heard that Yu Zhengtao added another 50,000 yuan, she was even more sure that the cup in Lu Chen's hand was a treasure.

  But she also saw the current situation clearly and pulled Lu Chen's sleeves and said, "Or sell it to Professor Yu."

  Lu Chen smiled lightly and said, "This is a gift for our dad. I won’t sell it for money.”

  Lin Yijun sighed, not knowing what to say.

  The shop owner was relieved, if Lu Chen really sold it to Yu Zhengtao, he really couldn't help it.

  Now that Lu Chen doesn't sell it, then he can snatch it from Lu Chen first.

  "Hand over the cup, otherwise I will send you to the police station. Then it will not be as simple as stealing." The shop owner said in time.

  As soon as he spoke, several big Hans immediately started to grab it.

  Lu Chen took a step forward and protected Lin Yijun and Qiqi behind him. He hadn't paid attention to these big guys.

  When everyone saw that the shop owner wanted to grab it, they just shook their heads and watched the show. They never thought about the situation in which no one would help them speak if this happened to them.

  "Boy, I'll give you one last chance, can you hand in the cup?" the shop owner asked in a deep voice.

  Lu Chen's eyes flashed and suddenly said, "It's okay to hand over the cup, but you have to let my wife leave first."

  He was not afraid of these big guys, but he didn't want to do anything with others in front of his daughter.

  "Okay, I'll let them leave now." The shop owner sneered and waved his hands to several people. He was not afraid of Lu Chen following along.

  "You sell the wine glass to Professor Yu, can't you just walk together?" Lin Yijun said in a puzzled way, she felt that Lu Chen might go to extremes.

  "Let you go, you just leave, why so much nonsense? You go to Grandpa Qiqi's house and wait for me first." Lu Chen said without question.

  Lin Yijun was a little worried, she was basically sure that Lu Chen was going to do something with the other party.

  But she knew that Lu Chen was very strong in fighting, and she was not afraid of Lu Chen being injured or anything. After thinking about it, she knew that Lu Chen had separated herself from her daughter because she didn't want to fight with others in front of her daughter for fear of affecting her daughter. .

  And in her heart, she also hoped that Lu Chen would teach this upside-down shop owner a good lesson, so she said, "Then you be careful." As

  she said that, she hugged Qiqi and left first.

  "Boy, you can hand over the cup now." After Lin Yijun took Qiqi out, the shop owner couldn't wait to say.

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and said, "What if I don't pay?"

  "No?" The shop owner laughed, "You don't want to find out who Zhang Sanyuan is, tell you the truth, you hand over the cup obediently. I will refund you two thousand dollars, otherwise I will not only interrupt your hand, but also let you eat prison."

  "Interrupt my hand? Well, since you want to die, then I will fulfill you. "Lu Chen jokingly smiled, then took out the phone and made a call. "

  Seeing Lu Chen called for someone, the shop owner Zhang Sanyuan smiled.

  Yu Zhengtao and others also shook their heads.

  Although Zhang Sanyuan's influence is not very big, he takes everything black and white. Except for big men like Yu Zhengtao, let alone ordinary people, even the average small and rich dare not easily offend him.

  Lu Chen is so unsure of what is good or bad, he must be finished by himself today.