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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 1-10) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 1

"The patient's family members, you already owe one hundred thousand medical expenses. If you don't make up and prepay the two hundred thousand yuan within today, the hospital will stop the

  medicine for the patient." A nurse walked in and watched sitting in a general ward of a city hospital. Lu Chen beside the hospital bed had a trace of contempt in his eyes.

  Lu Chen looked away from his daughter's face on the hospital bed, looked up at the nurse, nodded and said, "The money will be paid within today."

  "You should call your wife soon . There will be no before 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The delivery is about to stop." The nurse sneered.

  This is a trash man who even looks down on his own wife. She doesn't believe that he has collected hundreds of thousands of medical expenses.

  The medical expenses for more than half a year have basically been shared by his wife. This kind of waste man, who marries him is destined to be unlucky for a lifetime.

  This is a typical trash man.

  Seeing the nurse going out, Lu Chen's eyes fell on his daughter Qiqi's face again, and he subconsciously reached out and rubbed his temples.

  Three hundred thousand, where to borrow?

  In the past six months or so, my daughter has been hospitalized, and she has already used up all the livestock he and Lin Yijun have.

  And everyone who can borrow money has also borrowed it.

  He squatted down and touched his daughter Qiqi's pale cheeks. Apart from distress, he felt even more uncomfortable.

  The daughter is only three years old. She was originally lively and lovely. She has been devastated by illness for the past six months, and she has become extremely thin.

  If possible, he really hopes that it is him who is sick, not his lovely daughter.

  "Did the hospital come to urge the medical expenses?"

  Just then, Lu Chen's wife Lin Yijun walked in.

  Lin Yijun is twenty-five years old, with exquisite features, and very beautiful. She is one meter tall and looks very tall.

  She looked at Lu Chen with a little coldness in her eyes.

  "Well, I'll go out and find a friend to borrow something." Lu Chen nodded, but his eyes were on the man behind Lin Yijun.

  This man is called Fan Ming, in his thirties, and he looks like a successful man.

  Lu Chen knows him and is the director of Dongjia Group's sales department.

  Lin Yijun is the sales supervisor under Fan Ming, and Lu Chen is a small security guard of the same company.

  Seeing Lin Yijun brought Fan Ming to the hospital, Lu Chen couldn't help frowning.

  Fan Ming knew that Lin Yijun was his wife, and he had other thoughts about Lin Yijun. If Fan Ming didn't do too much, he would have beaten someone in the company before.

  "Three hundred thousand, who are you looking for?" Lin Yijun glanced at her sleeping daughter, sat down by the hospital bed, and said mockingly.

  Before her daughter fell ill, Lin Yijun always believed that the power of love is great.

  But in the past six months or so, in order to heal her daughter, after she and Lu Chen were in debt, her attitude towards Lu Chen has changed dramatically.

  Every time she thought of the huge medical expenses, she became more and more unhappy with Lu Chen.

  In the face of reality, no matter how strong love is, it is also vulnerable.

  Lu Chen was silent. He didn't have a few friends in this city, and they were all messed up. It was true that they couldn't find anyone else to borrow.

  "Yijun, let me lend you first, 300,000 yuan is a trivial matter for me." Fan Ming said to Lin Yijun.

  He looked at Lu Chen, who also looked at him, and raised his eyebrows, creating a delicate charm.

  "How can this be done?" Lin Yijun shook her head. Although she was a little moved, she knew that Fan Ming must have other thoughts.

  "I am also Qiqi's uncle, and I don't want to see her stop the drug." Fan Ming smiled slightly.

  "You don't need to worry about my daughter's medical expenses, and you won't have to come to the hospital again in the future." Lu Chen looked at Fan Ming indifferently, a flash of anger flashed in his eyes.

  He knew exactly what Fan Ming had made.

  "Don't bother me, can you get three hundred thousand?" Fan Ming looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  In his eyes, Lu Chen is nothing more than a small security guard at the company. What qualifications does Lu Chen have to steal a woman from him?

  Lin Yijun is one of the most beautiful women in the company. He has long thought of Lin Yijun.

  Although Lin Yijun and Lu Chen have a daughter, what does that matter? Just let them divorce.

  Moreover, he is also in a divorced family, and he himself has a daughter, so he has long wanted to start a new family with Lin Yijun.

  It's just that Lin Yijun has never caught a cold with him.

  But now that Lin Yijun had a chance to leave Lu Chen completely, he certainly wouldn't let it go.

  "That's my business, and you can leave." Lu Chen clenched his fists, feeling a little aggrieved .


  He needs a lot of money, not only to cure his daughter's illness, but also to make Fan Ming shut up and leave.

  But at this time, let alone 300,000, he couldn't get it out.

  A sense of powerlessness came to his mind, and Lu Chen felt that his life was really sad.

  Fan Ming laughed abusively, then turned to look at Lin Yijun: "Yijun, it seems that you really don't need my help, so I will

  leave first." He expected that Lu Chen and Lin Yijun would not be able to come up with 300,000 yuan. Therefore, he was full of confidence, as if he was sure of Lu Chen.

  Lin Yijun opened her mouth, quite conflicted in her heart.

  Don't ask Fan Ming to borrow money. I don't know where to get the 300,000 medical expenses.

  Ask Fan Ming to borrow money, it will definitely hurt Lu Chen's humble self-esteem.

  Seeing Lin Yijun biting his lip and not speaking, Fan Ming narrowed his eyes and made a plan, so he walked out.

  Fan Ming found the nurse who was in charge of Qiqi's daily inspection of the water supply, and quietly stuffed her a thousand dollars, and said: "Lu Qiqi's parents can no longer borrow money, you can urge them to go through the discharge procedures."

  See the nurse . There was a thousand tips for the patient's family members, and he nodded with a smile, ready to rush Lu Chen again.

  "Lu Chen, Lu Chen, you are just a little security guard, how can you possess a woman like Lin Yijun?" Looking at the nurse's back, Fan Ming had a sneer in his eyes.


  "Is your self-esteem more important than Qiqi's life? Wouldn't you die if you didn't bow to my parents and Director Fan?" Lin Yijun finally broke out as Fan Ming left.

  She can not borrow money from Fan Ming, but Lu Chen can. Although dignity is important, what is dignity compared to her daughter's life?

  "Lu Chen, I warn you, if Qiqi has something wrong, I won't let you go!"

  Lin Yijun stared at Lu Chen angrily, with an expression of indisputability. At this moment, she felt very concerned about Lu Chen. It was disappointing.

  "I'm going to borrow money now." Lu Chen said.

  "Where are you going to borrow money? Now, apart from my parents, who can still get 300,000 yuan to help us, can't you go and beg them?" Lin Yijun said with an aversion to iron.

  "I have my own way of borrowing money." Lu Chen shook his head. Since he failed to start his own business, Lin Yijun's parents have not seen him as a person, so he will never see them again, let alone beg them. .

  "You stop me... Lu Chen, if you don't ask my parents to pay Qiqi's medical expenses today, I will divorce you!" Seeing Lu Chen leave directly, Lin Yijun felt desperate.

  This man, for the sake of his poor self-esteem, even ignored his daughter's life.

  She really regrets now, regretting her original impulse, and regretting that she finally married him.

  Walking out of the hospital, Lu Chen lit a low-quality cigarette and took a deep breath. The anger in his heart could not be calmed for a long time.

  money! money! money!

  All this is because of money!

  Although money is not everything, but without money, sometimes it is really hard to move an inch.

  He took out the phone and turned out a number, remarking Du Fei, he hesitated in his heart whether to dial out.

  Du Fei is one of his few friends, but Du Fei's situation is not good, and he has already borrowed 50,000 from him.

  The most important thing is that Du Fei couldn't use 300,000 to borrow him.

  Three hundred thousand is not a small amount. Even if all his friends lent him all the net worth, it is estimated that he would not make up three hundred thousand.

  Lu Chen leaned on the roadside railing, smoking a cigarette, and looking at the sky in the distance. Finally, he sighed, took out the phone and dialed an unfamiliar number.

  "Uncle Zhong, are you still in Yuzhou?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Oh, it's the young master. If you don't go back with me, how dare I go back alone. By the way, the young master, have you figured it out clearly?" an old man on the opposite side asked a little excitedly.

  "Hehe, that, Uncle Zhong, can you lend me 300,000 yuan first, I'll use it urgently." Lu Chen said.

  "Three hundred thousand, no problem, but you have to sign the inheritance contract first. After signing, the entire Lu family's assets are yours." The other side also laughed.

  "We'll talk about the signing later. I really need 300,000 yuan now, or you can transfer it to me first." Lu Chen said.

  "No, or you can call the master, if the master agrees, let alone 300,000, even if it is 3 billion, I can transfer it to you." The opposite said firmly.

  "Okay, I promised to sign, where are you?" Lu Chen groaned, with a wry smile on his face, and finally decided to compromise.

  "I'm in Junyue Building, where are you? Or I will send someone to pick you up." The opposite said.

  "No, I'm going to look for you right away." Lu Chen said, hanging up the phone, feeling mixed.

  I thought that because of the death of his mother, I broke with Lu Tianxing and left the family resolutely.

  He didn't intend to forgive him, but the reality is so cruel.

  Now the daughter has no money to treat the illness, but she is powerless and has to bow her head to Lu Tianxing.

  What a fucking irony in this life!

  "Well, Lin Yijun, I have kept you from you for so many years, and let you spend a few years with me. Today I am preparing for a showdown. In fact, I am a top rich second generation. From now on, I will make you rich. Wife’s life.”

  Lu Chen spit out his cigarette butt on the ground with a mouthful, and after a touch of firmness flashed in his eyes, he turned and stopped a taxi to go directly to the Grand Hyatt Building.

  When he arrived at the Junyue Building, Lu Chen just got out of the car and saw his mother-in-law Wang Xue coming out of the building.

  He subconsciously did not want to run into Wang Xue, but found that Wang Xue had already approached him.

  "You don't take care of Qiqi in the hospital, why did you come here?" Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen with disgust. If her daughter had already had a child, she would have wanted her to divorce this trash.

Chapter: 2

Seeing that he couldn't avoid Wang Xue, Lu Chen had to say, "I have something to do."

  "You have something? What is more important than Qiqi?" Wang Xue snorted coldly.

  She had just eaten closed doors at the Junyue Building, and she was in a bad mood, and she just took Lu Chen out of her anger.

  "Brother-in-law, my sister has to go to work and take care of Qiqi, but you come here to play, are you still a man?" Sister-in-law Lin Yijia looked at Lu Chen with disgust.

  Lu Chen discovered Lin Yijia at this time, and there was a young man beside Lin Yijia.

  This young man is called Hu Hong, Lin Yijia's college classmate.

  "Yi Jia, is this your trash brother-in-law? Your sister's eyesight is not good, this guy looks no different from a migrant worker." Hu Hong looked at Lu Chen, with a joking in his eyes.

  Wang Xue is the deputy sales director of Xia Kang Pharmaceutical. She talked about a big business with the Grand Hyatt Group, but there was no progress.

  Hu Hong said that he knew the general manager of the Grand Hyatt Group, so he brought Wang Xue to visit the general manager here, hoping to help Wang Xue win this business.

  It's just that the general manager doesn't give him face at all, which makes him very shameless.

  At this moment, seeing Lin Yijia and her mother scolding Lu Chen, he was also ready to step on both feet.

  "No, I don't know what is wrong with my sister. She is willing to marry such a waste. The most important thing is that this waste is not responsible at all." Lin Yijia sarcastically said.

  "Men can have no money temporarily, but they must be responsible." Hu Hong smiled.

  Lu Chen glanced at the three of them, didn't say anything, turned around and walked towards the Junyue Building.

  "What are you going to do? Why don't you go back and take care of Qiqi?" Seeing Lu Chen walking inside, Wang Xue frowned and scolded.

  "I'm going to find Lu Zhong a little troublesome." Lu Chen said back.

  "What? Are you looking for the richest man in Lu? Are you going to be kicked out like a dog?" Wang Xue was furious when she heard it, and she reached out and grabbed Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen was no more than a little security guard. He was bombed out by others, but she lost the face of her mother-in-law.

  "Mom, let go, I really have something to do with Lu Zhong." Lu Chen frowned and said when Wang Xue held him back.

  "Are you going to laugh to death? Lu Zhong is the richest man in Yuzhou. What qualifications do you have as a security guard to see others?" Lin Yijia sneered.

  "You can't say that. Maybe your brother-in-law thinks that they are all surnamed Lu, maybe they were a family five hundred years ago." Hu Hong laughed.

  Lu Chen was a little angry, and said to his heart, did you eat gunpowder today, or are you all menopause?

  But he didn't want to get angry with Wang Xue, so he had to take out his mobile phone and prepare to call Lu Zhong and let him come down to see him.

  At this moment, a sexy woman with a graceful figure in uniform came over.

  Seeing the beauty coming, Wang Xueyan let go of Lu Chen, with a trace of doubt on her face.

  "It's Mr. Lu's full-time secretary." Lin Yijia said.

  "Maybe they changed their attitude, and they came to tell us to go back to talk again, Aunt Xue, congratulations on taking this big deal soon." Hu Hong's eyes lit up and complimented.

  "Is it really coming to talk to us?" Wang Xue couldn't believe it, but there was a look of excitement on her face.

  "It must be. There are only a few of us here, and we have just talked to them. It must have come to us." Hu Hong nodded affirmatively.

  "We didn't reach a conclusion with Manager Wang before, but Mr. Lu's full-time secretary came to find us back. Mr. Lu must have personally instructed him. Mom, it seems that your big cause is really going to be done." Lin Yijia also has some Excited, if this business is negotiated, her mother will divide more than 200,000 yuan.

  Wang Xue is right to think about it, President Lu's secretary must have come to them, it is impossible to come to Lu Chen, this trash.

  Thinking of this, Wang Xue greeted him with a smile.

  "Hello, you are here..."

  Before Wang Xue finished speaking, her smile froze on her face.

  I saw that the beautiful secretary ignored her, just walked past her and walked to Lu Chen.


  saluted Lu Chen slightly and said sweetly: "Shao Lu, please come with me." Lu Chen nodded, his eyes swept across the faces of Lin Yijia and Hu Hong, and followed the beautiful secretary into the building. .

  The three of Wang Xue stayed on the spot, with surprise and confusion.


  Lu Chen and Lu Zhong talked for a while. He still didn't want to inherit the family property. Ten years ago, because of his father Lu Tianxing's negligence, he indirectly killed his mother. It is still hard for him to let go, and he still cannot forgive him. His father.

  But if he didn't sign the contract, Lu Zhong would not lend him money or let Lu Chen call Lu Tianxing.

  Lu Chen sighed helplessly, had to sign, and then asked Lu Zhong to help him find the bone marrow that matched Qiqi, and asked Lu Zhong to give him 300,000 first, and then left the Junyue Building with the 300,000.

  As for how Lu Zhong told his father about it after he left, he no longer wanted to know.

  Anyway, as long as he does not take the initiative to call his dad, he knows that his dad will not take the initiative to call him.

  Even if he agreed to go back and inherit the family property, he didn't plan to forgive Lu Tianxing so soon.

  When he returned to the hospital, Lu Chen saw that Fan Ming had returned. Not only that, he and Lin Yijun sat on the bedside to chat with his daughter who woke up.

  Fan Ming was very close to Lin Yijun, and the two of them said something from time to time.

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly and strode into the ward.

  He just wanted to say that he had already got the money, and that he would not let Lin Yijun have a hard time in the future, when he saw Lin Yijun look at him with a cold look.

  "Lu Chen, where did you go? Just now, the hospital came to urge the cost of the medicine again. If Director Fan hadn't paid it first, Qiqi would have been kicked out!" Seeing Lu Chen came back, Lin Yijun would not fight.

  She looked at Lu Chen with disappointment in her eyes.

  At this time, Lu Chen ran out for the poor self-esteem and angered her. He ignored his daughter. He fell in love with such a man at the beginning, and he was really blind.

  "Mom, don't talk about Dad, Dad is also very hard." Seeing her parents are about to quarrel again, Xiao Qiqi said in a grunt.

  Lu Chen was a little angry at first, but when he heard his daughter's words, the anger in his eyes disappeared instantly. He squatted down and touched Qiqi's head fondly, and said with a slight smile: "Qiqi, good dad, dad won't work hard. You will find the bone marrow that matches you, and then our cute little Qiqi will be able to recover and be discharged from the hospital."

  "Dad, is what you said is true?" Qiqi asked happily.

  "Well, Dad never lied to you." Lu Chen nodded firmly.

  "Great, Qiqi can finally be discharged from the hospital, mom, look, I said that Dad is a capable person, I didn't lie to you." Qiqi smiled happily and looked at Lin Yiyun.

  Lin Yijun also smiled. Although she knew that Lu Chen was coaxing her daughter to be happy, she wouldn't let her down.

  Just looking at Lu Chen's peripheral vision was very unkind.

  Qiqi is very smart. After waiting for a few days, Lu Chen will not be able to fulfill his promise. Qiqi must be very disappointed. That's something Lin Yijun doesn't want to see.

  "Yijun, don't worry about it, it may be that Lu Chen went out to borrow money and didn't borrow, and didn't want to disappoint Qiqi." Fan Ming said deliberately.

  Lu Chen stood up slowly after hearing the words, a cold light flashed in his eyes looking at Fan Ming.

  "Don't worry, although you didn't borrow the money, I have already paid Qiqi's medical expenses for you. After all, Qiqi also called my uncle just now." Fan Ming looked at Lu Chen with a sneer and made no secret of his eyes. disdain.

  "Lu Chen, what are you doing? If it weren't for Director Fan to hand over the 300,000 yuan for us, Qiqi and I would be kicked out of the hospital. Don't hurry up and apologize to Director Fan!" Seeing Lu Chen stared coldly. Looking at Fan Ming, Lin Yijun frowned and scolded.

  "Why should I apologize to him? Isn't it 300,000? I have." Lu Chen snorted coldly.

  "Do you have three hundred thousand?" Fan Ming laughed, his eyes becoming more ridiculous.

  Lu Chen is just a small security guard at the company.

  Lin Yijun's face was frosty, and the gaze staring at Lu Chen became increasingly disgusted.

Chapter: 3

Facing Fan Ming's sarcasm, Lu Chen sneered, and without a word, opened the black suitcase in his hand and stepped on the red sun and immediately appeared in front of Fan Ming.

  "Here is just 300,000 yuan, take the money and get it out of me." Lu Chen said coldly.

  Fan Ming was stunned, his expression on his face solidified when he saw the suitcase full of money.

  He never expected that Lu Chen, a small security guard, would borrow 300,000 yuan after going out for a while. Who is so generous and willing to borrow a few thousand yuan for a month’s security 300,000?

  Lin Yijun was also a little surprised. Since Lu Chen borrowed 50,000 yuan last month, she has no longer been able to borrow money. She can hardly imagine where Lu Chen borrowed the 300,000 yuan.

  Lu Chen is not a native of the city, and he only has one friend in the city. His friend is not much better than him. He only has a few thousand yuan a month's salary. The last time he was able to borrow 50,000 yuan was already the limit. Up.

  "Where did you borrow this money? Did you borrow usury?" After Lin Yijun was surprised, she stared at Lu Chen angrily.

  The situation now is very difficult. If Lu Chen borrows usury again, then their family will really be destroyed in Lu Chen's hands.

  "Hold the money and get out of here!" Lu Chen ignored Lin Yiyun, but looked at Fan Ming indifferently.

  Fan Ming did not leave immediately. He looked at Lu Chen with a sneer on his face. To be honest, 300,000 was nothing to him. The reason why he had to wait for Lu Chen to return was to let Lin Yijun see clearly how her man was a trash. , I'm so mocking Lu Chen.

  Unexpectedly, Lu Chen actually borrowed 300,000 yuan, which made him a little surprised and unwilling.

  This was his best chance to encourage Lin Yijun and Lu Chen to divorce.

  "Lu Chen, you go to borrow usury, how will you pay it back in the future? Don't you know that this will ruin your family and Yijun?" Fan Ming looked at Lu Chen with a smirk.

  "That's a lot of nonsense." Lu Chen snorted coldly, and fistfully closed Fan Ming's collar and dragged him outside.

  "You... let go!" Fan Ming was startled. He didn't expect that Lu Chen's strength would be so strong, and he immediately shouted.

  Lin Yijun was also taken aback by Lu Chen's actions, but when she reacted, Lu Chen had dragged Fan Ming out of the ward.

  "When you come to the hospital in the future, I will let you stay and be hospitalized." Lu Chen hummed coldly, pushing Fan Ming to the ground, and at the same time threw the suitcase on him.

  "Lu Chen, you are crazy, don't hurry up and apologize to Director Fan!" Lin Yijun chased out, staring at Lu Chen with a frosty expression.

  Fan Ming got up from the ground, looked at Lu Chen coldly, and said with a sneer: "Lu Chen, you are good, see you in our company tomorrow!"

  He said that the suitcase turned around and left. Lu Chen was just a small security guard. , Back to the company, he has a hundred ways to play Lu Chen.

  "Director Fan..." Lin Yijun wanted to catch up and apologize for Lu Chen, but after thinking about it, she stayed.

  She turned to look at Lu Chen with a cold expression: "Lu Chen, how can you be so rude? Director Fan helped us. You don't want to thank others for not telling me, and you are treated so rudely. Do you still have a sense of humanity?"

  Lu Chen Chen also turned to look at Lin Yiyun, with a hint of anger in his eyes: "I said I won't let him help, because you have to borrow money from him. What does he think of you do not have points in your heart?"

  Lin Yiyun stunned, and then angered. "Lu Chen, what do you mean? Do you think I'm willing to give him a chance? If I didn't pay the medical bills before, the hospital will let Qiqi be discharged. If you can borrow the money earlier, will I borrow it from him? Don't you know, I'm very tired like this!"

  Lin Yijun was very angry. If it weren't for her daughter, or if Lu Chen was such a waste, she would borrow money from a man she already hated? Will she talk and laugh with him?

  Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijun, and then said, "You accompany Qiqi first. I'll go out a bit beforehand. I'll figure out how to deal with money."

  During this time, the two often quarreled, and he was a little annoyed.

  He wanted to be alone.

  Originally, he wanted to tell Lin Yijun the truth, but looking at Lin Yijun's attitude today, he suddenly became disappointed and didn't want to tell her.

  "What are you going to do? And is your money borrowed from usury?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "No, I borrowed it from a friend." Lu Chen said, turning around, not wanting to say more.

  Lin Yijun was angry and wanted to curse.


  next day, Lu Chen planned to go to the company to resign as a security guard, and then take care of his daughter in the hospital with peace of mind. He believed that if Lu Zhong took the initiative, he would definitely find the bone marrow that matched Qiqi soon.

  Dongjia Electronics is the largest electronics company in the city, which mainly produces and sells electronic visual peepholes on anti-theft doors.

  After Lu Chen failed to start his own business, he originally came here with Lin Yijun to apply for a salesman, but Fan Ming said that he was not good at eloquence, so he was recommended by Fan Ming to be a security guard.

  Later, he realized that Fan Ming was interested in Lin Yijun, so he didn't want him to be in the sales department.

  Dongjia Building has ten floors and is equipped with a total of 20 security guards. The work scope mainly includes floor patrol, gate setting, command vehicle parking, and some chores.

  "Brother Chen, how is your daughter?" As soon as Lu Chen arrived at the company, the security guard at the gate greeted him.

  The security guard was called Xu Jing. He only returned from the army last year and did not find a suitable job, so he came to work as a security guard.

  Xu Jing was originally a very crazy young man, especially when he returned from the army, his temperament was a bit irritable. When Lu Chen first came to work, he had an argument with him, and he started to beat Lu Chen.

  In the end, it was turned over by Lu Chen in two or two.

  From then on, he couldn't admire Lu Chen, and the meeting was all for Brother Chen.

  Although Lu Chen has never been a soldier, he has practiced Sanda since he was a child. When it comes to fighting, there is really no one in the security department who is his opponent.

  "Just wait for the matching bone marrow to undergo surgery." Lu Chen said.

  Xu Jing hummed, hesitated and said in a low voice, "Brother Chen, I saw Fan Ming approaching the supervisor today, as if I wanted to fire you."

  Fan Ming?

  Lu Chen thought of the threats made by Fan Ming in the hospital yesterday, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

  However, he came to resign, whether he can be fired or not is the same.

  Lu Chen came to Yu Hai’s office. Before he resigned, he heard Yu Hai first say: "Lu Chen, your three-day leave of absence has seriously disrupted the work plan of our security department. I asked Mr. Xia for instructions. , Mr. Xia meant to fire you."

  "Oh, then just settle the salary for me." Lu Chen said calmly.

  "You were fired, how could you still have wages? You can't even refund the deposit." Yu Hai smiled faintly. He thought that Lu Chen would make a big fuss. He didn't expect it to be so awkward, and his eyes showed even more. disdain.

  Boy, who is not good for you to offend? You have to offend Director Fan. Director Fan is the real power figure of the company. You don't need to go through any procedures if you want to fire a small security guard.

  Lu Chen looked at Yu Hai with a faint smile, "Okay, then I'll go to Mr. Xia and ask."

  He sneered and left the security room.

  Although he inherited the family's property, he despised the money, but no one would dare to give him the money that belonged to Lu Chen.

  Seeing Lu Chen's confident look, Yu Hai frowned, then picked up the phone and called Fan Ming.

  "Director Fan, that kid Lu Chen went to see Mr. Xia, we didn't even return the deposit to him, it's a bit bad," Yu Hai said with some worry.

  "Don't worry, I've already told him about Mr. Xia, it's just a little security guard, why would Mr. Xia take him to heart?"

  Fan Ming hung up the phone as he said, he put away the phone, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

  Lu Chen, Lu Chen, you are a trash, what do you use to snatch a woman from me?

  The expulsion of you is just the beginning. When I find out where you borrowed the loan shark, you will die even worse.

Chapter: 4

"Who are you? What do you do?" Xia Jun raised his head and looked at Lu Chen who suddenly broke into his office, frowned.

  "Mr. Xia, he is Lu Chen, the security guard. He has to see you, I can't stop him." The secretary hurriedly chased Lu Chen in and explained.

  She looked at Lu Chen angrily. She hadn't seen such a lackluster man before, and she pushed her away without letting him in.

  "Lu Chen from the Security Department..." Xia Jun nodded, remembering that Fan Ming seemed to have told him that Lu Chen would be fired in the morning.

  "Yes, it's me." Lu Chen sat down on the chair opposite Xia Jun's desk and looked at him calmly.

  "You can fire me, but why don't you pay me the salary? You don't even refund the deposit? President Xia, please give me an explanation." Lu Chen said calmly.

  Xia Jun frowned and said:. "I heard it fire you up, you often absenteeism, I certainly can not afford you, do not give you what I mean wage settlement, but also the rules of the company"

  since Fan Ming told him about this, he still wanted to show Fan Ming some face.

  After all, Fan Ming is the company's business director, and his personal strength is also very strong. He brings a lot of business orders to the company every year.

  And Lu Chen is nothing more than a little security guard, and of course he doesn't take Lu Chen seriously.

  "Company regulations? Then why have I never heard of them? Isn't the company regulations used to regulate employees?" Lu Chen became a little angry. He has inherited the family property now, so he doesn't care about this salary, but it is a matter of principle.

  The company clearly does not have this requirement, and he is not absent from work for no reason, and every time he asks for leave is approved.

  Xia Jun is going to help Fan Ming bully him, is he really just a little security guard?

  "I am the boss of the company. I said that there is this rule. If you have the ability to be a boss, you can also make rules at will." Xia Jun looked at Lu Chen jokingly. Since he decided to help Fan Ming, he would not care about Lu. Dust is a small role.

  Such a small role, let him collapse, and he can't make any fart.

  "Are you sure you want to eat my money?" Lu Chen said with a grin.

  Before today, if he was bullied like this, he really couldn't help it.

  But now it is different.

  "You have to think so. If you don't agree, you can call the police and let them deal with it. Okay, you are no longer an employee of our company, and you can go now." Xia Jun shrugged and ate Lu. Dusty appearance.

  "President Xia is President Xia, arrogant enough." Lu Chen smiled, and he gave Xia Jun a thumbs up. To be honest, he has never been insulted like this when he grows up so big.

  Yes, in his opinion, Xia Jun is insulting him.

  The mud bodhisattva also has a three-point anger, and Lu Chen certainly wouldn't just let it go after receiving such insults. Not everyone can insult him and dare to eat his money.

  He looked at Xia Jun, then took out the phone and called Lu Zhong.

  "Uncle Zhong, how long will it take for Dongjia Electronics to go bankrupt?" Lu Chen asked.

  "That depends on the market value. If the market value is large, it may take longer. Of course, we will suffer a lot from bankruptcy of a normal company, but if the young master is sure to do it, there will be no problem." Lu Zhong replied.

  "The market value of Dongjia Electronics is only one or two billion. How long will it take you personally?" Lu Chen didn't bother to explain, isn't Xia Jun very good, just change the rules of the game at will, then he will help him to change it.

  "It's only one or two billion. I thought it had a market value of tens of billions. Such a small company can bankrupt them in half a day." Lu Zhong smiled.

  "Okay, then I will see them go bankrupt within today." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

  He looked at Xia Jun and smiled faintly: "No one in this world dares to eat my money for no reason. If I am unwilling, even if I only eat a penny from me, I will make him vomit out his stomach."

  He said Then he got up and walked outside.

  Xia Jun sneered, he would not care about Lu Chen's boring threat.

  If Lu Chen had the strength to make his company go bankrupt, how could he come to his company as a security guard?

  If Lu Chen knew what Xia Jun was thinking, he would definitely sneer.

  The reason why I came to work in your company was because I didn't want to go back and inherit the family property.

  Now I have a showdown, let alone the city of Yuzhou, even in the entire China, few people dare to have more money than Laozi.

  Lu Chen left Xia Jun's office and was about to go back to the hospital to accompany her daughter. Lin Yijun just clamored for him to accompany her daughter today. She wanted to talk about business and make money, so let her talk about it.

  As soon as Lu Chen walked to the front desk on the first floor of the company, he saw Fan Ming and others at the front desk, seemingly waiting for him on purpose.

  Yes, Fan Ming did deliberately wait here to humiliate Lu Chen.

  Yesterday, Lu Chen didn't say anything to him, and even slapped him in the face. He is a must-see, so of course he will not miss this opportunity.

  "Isn't this Lu Chen? I heard that you have asked Mr. Xia for an explanation. Mr. Xia should have satisfied your request." Fan Ming looked at Lu Chen sarcastically.

  Yu Hai and several security guards also smiled jokingly.

  They were all veterans, dignified veterans, and they couldn't fight a soldier who had never been a soldier, which made them feel a little unhappy with Lu Chen.

  Hearing that not only was Lu Chen fired, but he also couldn't even get the salary deposit, these security guards felt a little gloating in their hearts.

  Lu Chen calmly looked at Fan Ming with a sarcasm, then took out a cigarette, took a breath and smiled faintly: "Please continue your performance."

  Let him dance now, he did. Yue Huan, when Dongjia Electronics went bankrupt in the afternoon, Lu Chen really wanted to come and see if Fan Ming could not jump.

  Hearing Lu Chen's sarcasm, Fan Ming's expression suddenly changed. What annoyed him most was that Lu Chen was clearly desperate and had to pretend to be dead in front of him.

  "Lu Chen, you are just a trash, what are you pretending to be in front of me?" Fan Ming said in a deep voice.

  "That's right, Lu Chen, you are just a little security guard. Director Fan wants money and money, power and rights. What qualifications do you have to offend Director Fan. Lu Chen, listen to my persuasion, and apologize to Director Fan. Otherwise, you might not find a job in Yuzhou.” Although Yu Hai was trying to persuade Lu Chen, the truth was full of threats.

  Lu Chen grinned and said, "A small sales director can also block me? Yu Hai, are you making me laugh?"

  Yu Hai's expression changed slightly. Unexpectedly, Lu Chen was so unsure of what was good or bad, he snorted coldly, then Not saying anything.

  "Huh, although I am just a small sales director, I fired you from the company in one sentence, and also made you unable to receive your salary and the deposit. Lu Chen, tell you the truth, fire you This is exactly what I meant. I really don’t understand. What are you fighting with me? You are so awesome. Then you can get the salary deposit before you leave, or let President Xia take back and expel you." Fan Ming arrogantly smiled.

  "Fan Ming, your tone is really big."

  At this moment , a majestic voice sounded, and everyone looked back and saw Mr. Xia walking violently from the elevator entrance.

  Seeing that President Xia's face was quite ugly, Fan Ming and the others suddenly had a bad feeling in their hearts.

  "Mr. Xia, are you going out?" Fan Ming said with a shy smile.

  "Huh!" Xia Jun looked at Fan Ming with an angry expression, and said in a deep voice, "I ask you, Lu Chen has always performed well in the company, why did you fire him? And you are in the sales department, what's the matter? Qualified to fire people from the Security Department? Who gives you the right?"

  "The bad use of authority fired good employees of the company for no reason, Fan Ming, unless you apologize to Lu Chen now and get Lu Chen's forgiveness, I will fire you immediately!" Xia Jun shouted in a deep voice.

  "Huh?" Fan Ming trembled, not knowing what was going on.

  Seeing Mr. Xia, who was so angry, his feet trembled slightly.

  Yu Hai and other security guards also looked dumbfounded. Didn't you say that Hao Xia would always fire Lu Chen?

  What does this mean?

  Lu Chen looked at Xia Jun, who was tantrum at Fan Ming, and a sneer was drawn from the corner of his eyes.

Chapter: 5

The reversal was too fast, and Fan Ming and others couldn't recover at once.

  "Ah what? Don't apologize to Lu Chen quickly!" Xia Jun was anxious.

  He never expected that the man behind Lu Chen turned out to be Lu Zhong, the richest man in Yuzhou.

  As soon as Lu Chen left his office, he received a call from Secretary Lu Zhong.

  Tell him directly that because he has offended their young master, in order to calm their young master's anger, he will bankrupt their company before 5 o'clock this afternoon, call him this call, but don't want to bully him secretly, and prepare him to deal with it.

  This sounded too arrogant.

  But the richest man in Lu has this arrogant capital.

  The richest man Lu took the shot himself, and he still had to deal with it.

  In front of the richest man Lu, he was just a small shrimp, and he could go bankrupt in minutes.

  So he had to chase it out in a hurry.

  No way, no one can save him except Lu Chen now.

  Fan Ming trembled, looking at President Xia's majestic gaze, he still persuaded him.

  "Lu, Lu Chen, I'm sorry, I was blind, and please forgive my ignorance!" Fan Ming gritted his teeth and finally bowed his head to Lu Chen to admit his mistake.

  Seeing what Mr. Xia meant, if he didn't apologize today, he might really be fired.

  Basically, his customers buy visual electronic peepholes, and Yuzhou Dongjia Electronics is an electronic peephole. After being expelled, unless he leaves Yuzhou, he will start all over again.

  Besides, he is here for hundreds of thousands of commissions every month, and he is reluctant to leave.

  Yu Hai and other security guards also lowered their heads and dared not look at Mr. Xia's eyes, fearing that Mr. Xia would force them to apologize to Lu Chen.

  "Lu Chen, look..." Xia Jun turned to look at Lu Chen, and immediately put on a smiling face.

  Fan Ming and others also looked at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen squinted his eyes and thought for a while, "Let's do this for now."

  He knew that Fan Ming must be dissatisfied in his heart because of this, and he apologized without any sincerity.

  That being the case, let's play with him slowly.

  "Hurry up and get off to work?" Xia Jun breathed a sigh of relief. Lu Chen was willing to let go, then there is still a scene.

  "Yes, yes, I'm going to work now!" Fan Ming was also relieved, as if a mouse saw a cat, he hurriedly flashed people.

  Yu Hai also hurriedly left the front hall with a few security guards.

  "Lu Shao, I'm really sorry. I heard Fan Ming's slander before and misunderstood your request for leave. Please give me another chance." After Fan Ming and others left, Xia Jun turned to Lu with a bitter face. Chen pleaded.

  His attitude is quite sincere, which is nothing to do.

  The life and death of his company is entirely a matter of Lu Chen's word, let alone pleading, even if Lu Chen asks him to kneel down and apologize, he will do it without hesitation.

  Lu Chen squinted at Xia Jun for a long time, until Xia Jun was very nervous, he smiled and said: "Okay, then go to your office and talk about it." www.Xia

  Jun finally heaved a sigh of relief. Hastily brought Lu Chen back to the office.


  "Director Fan, what do you mean by Mr. Xia? He obviously agreed to expel Lu Chen, so why did you help Lu Chen in a blink of an eye?" Yu Hai asked suspiciously in Fan Ming's office.

  Fan Ming frowned and did not speak.

  He didn't know what was going on.

  Today, I was forced to apologize to Lu Chen. Although few people saw it, it made him quite aggrieved.

  He also wanted to know what kind of ecstasy soup Lu Chen had poured into President Xia, so that President Xia could defend him in an instant.

  "You said, could it be that Mr. Xia had something to do with Lu Chen's wife before he defended him? You know, Lin Yijun is the number one beauty in the company, and there are many people who are greedy for her." Yu Hai's eyes lit up.

  Fan Ming's mind was shocked, yes, why didn't I think about it?

  He who was only in his early thirties was so obsessed with Lin Yijun, President Xia would definitely be fascinated by Lin Yijun.

  Thinking about this, Fan Ming felt a little bit in his heart. He actually robbed Mr. Xia of women. Isn't this looking for death?

  "It should be, but rest assured, since they are in this relationship, when President Xia is tired of Lin Yijun, Lu Chen will be at the end of his company, and then we will slowly accommodate him." Fan Ming said in a deep voice. .

  "That kid is ruthless enough, he didn't hesitate to send his wife out in order to climb the big tree of President Xia, it's so fucking cruel." Yu Hai laughed.

  Fan Ming sneered, he turned around and looked out the window, and finally knew why Lin Yijun had never lied to him.

  "Lin Yijun, Lin Yijun, I thought you were really a good woman, but I didn't expect you to be just a fucking bitch!"

  Fan Ming was very angry. He was only upset with Lu Chen before, but now he is even more upset with Lin Yijun.

  "Even if you are Mr. Xia’s woman, as long as you don’t leave the sales department, I still have ways to make things difficult for you!" A

  smirk flashed in Fan Ming’s eyes, since Xia Jun didn't transfer Lin Yijun to another department, which meant that Xia Jun didn't want this matter to be known to outsiders. Then even if Xia Jun knew about Lin Yijun's affairs, Xia Jun had nothing to say.


  Lu Chen finally changed his mind about making Dongjia Electronics bankrupt.

  After He Xia Jun returned to the office, he directly proposed the plan to acquire Dongjia Electronics.

  In the end, under Xia Jun's plea, he did not directly kill Xia Jun, but only acquired 70% of Dongjia Group's shares and became the real boss of Dongjia Electronics.

  After everything was settled, Lu Chen returned to the hospital.

  "It takes so long to resign?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen with a bad face.

  Although they all need money now, they must have one to take care of their daughter.

  If both of them take time off often, it will only delay work even more.

  So after Lu Chen said he resigned today, Lin Yijun didn't say anything.

  After all, Lu Chen's fixed salary was useless.

  But Lu Chen went there for the whole morning, and that was what made her angry.

  "Something else was delayed." Lu Chen explained.

  "What is more important than coming back to take care of Qiqi?" Lin Yijun snorted coldly.

  Lu Chen wanted to say that he had acquired Dongjia Electronics.

  But seeing Lin Yijun's disgusted expression, he smiled, too lazy to explain.

  A look of expectation suddenly rose in his heart. After Lin Yijun knew that he was now the real boss of Dongjia Electronics, how would he react?

  "Take good care of Qiqi. If Qiqi has something wrong, I will never forgive you." Lin Yijun snorted at last, picked up her handbag and went to work.

  Lu Chen ignored Lin Yijun, squatted down and looked at her daughter's thin face. The sleeping daughter didn't know if she was having a nightmare or was suffering from an illness, and her expression was a bit painful.

  Lu Chen kissed her daughter's forehead distressedly, but finally did not wake her up.

  Seeing his daughter's expression slowly calmed down, Lu Chen called Lu Zhong, urging him to search for bone marrow, and then changed his daughter's ward to the ViP VIP room.

  Lu Chen asked the professional nurse he had just hired to look after Qiqi, and he was about to go out to eat something. It was already one o'clock in the afternoon, and he hadn't eaten anything.

  As soon as he walked out of the hospital, he saw his mother-in-law and sister-in-law walking towards him.

Chapter: 6

Seeing the two walking towards him, Lu Chen smiled bitterly, and pretended not to see them.

  He was about to say hello, sister heard Linyi Jia questioned: "? Lu dust, confessed that you know are not high-level Grand Hyatt Group's" & Jue

  yesterday thought back For a long time, Lin Yijia and her daughter still doubted that Lu Chen, who had been despised by them, might really know the seniors of the Junyue Group, or Secretary Lu could not be so polite to Lu Chen.

  If Lu Chen really knows the senior management of the Grand Hyatt Group, then let Lu Chen come forward and say something nice, maybe Wang Xue's business will really have a chance to be negotiated.

  "Yes." Lu Chen nodded.

  When Wang Xue and Lin Yijia heard that, their eyes lit up, and they put on a pair of smiling faces.

  "Oh, I didn't expect my son-in-law to be so prosperous. Tell mom, which senior do you know?" Wang Xue stared at Lu Chen with excitement.

  This moment was the most pleasing to her eyes for Lu Chen in recent years.

  Sister-in-law Lin Yijia also looked at Lu Chen with excitement. In her eyes, for the first time in these few years, Lu Chen was her true brother-in-law.

  "I only know Lu Zhong." Lu Chen said truthfully.

  In the entire Grand Hyatt Group, he really only knew Lu Zhong, as for all the executives in the Grand Hyatt Group, he did not know any of them.

  "You boy, how do you say it, you want to be called the richest man in Lu." Although Wang Xue had an educated Lu Chen tone, there was a smile on her face.

  My son-in-law actually knows the richest man Lu, so his chances of success in his big business are even greater.

  Lu Chen shrugged, a little speechless.

  "By the way, brother-in-law, what is the relationship between you and the richest man Lu?" Lin Yijun asked curiously.

  "Lu Zhong is my housekeeper. By the way, mom, did you go to the Grand Hyatt Group yesterday to discuss business? Did you talk smoothly? Would you like me to help?" Lu Chen was also very happy to see his mother-in-law changing her attitude. . www.

  Even if they used to have a lot of criticisms about themselves, they were their mother-in-law after all, and he didn't want to care about them.

  But when the two of Wang Xue heard him, their entire faces went black in an instant.

  The richest man in Yuzhou is your butler, why don't you go to heaven?

  The mother and daughter agreed that Lu Chen made them happy.

  "The richest man in Lu is your butler? Then I am still the world's richest man in Forbes!" Lin Yijia sneered, sarcastically.

  "Okay, you Lu Chen, give you the courage, don't you? Even I dared to do it?" Wang Xue was also angry. It may be that the hope that came when she came was shattered, making her hate Lu Chen like never before.

  Lu Chen couldn't laugh or cry, why didn't anyone believe the truth?

  "If you don't take good care of Qiqi, where are you going to fool around?" Wang Xue asked sharply.

  "Qiqi is asleep, I will come out to eat." Lu Chen said truthfully.

  "Eat, eat, you know to eat, sooner or later, you will die to death!" Wang Xue snorted coldly, and led Lin Yijia into the hospital.

  She came over today, besides questioning Lu Chen, she also took a look at her granddaughter.

  Looking at the backs of Wang Xue and Lin Yijia, Lu Chen spread his hands, but still took out the phone and called Lu Zhong.

  "Uncle Zhong, is Xia Kang Pharmaceutical recently talking to you about a business? The person in charge is Wang Xue, their deputy sales director?" Lu Chen asked.

  "The temperature is a bit high recently. The company is planning to buy a batch of anti-heatstroke drugs and distribute two bottles to each employee. As for which pharmaceutical company to buy from, I don't know." Lu Zhong said.

  "Well, if it is Wang Xue from Xia Kang Pharmaceutical, buy hers." Lu Chen said.

  "Okay. By the way, Master, Master wants to see you. If you have time, Master can fly over on the same day." Lu Zhong said.

  Ji Chen was taken aback, and silently said, "I don't want to see him yet."

  Lu Zhong sighed and said: "The things that happened back then were not entirely to blame for the master, and the master was very guilty all these years. Do you know why the master has not remarried for ten years? Because the master feels sorry for you and his wife. And knows you are here. After Yuzhou, the master sent me to Yuzhou to establish the Grand Hyatt Group. The reason why I have not been looking for you is because the master knows your temper and said that unless you are in desperation, let me not disturb your life."

  Lu Chen's heart trembled. Since ran away from home ten years ago, he has not asked about his father again, nor has he received a call from his father.

  Of course, even if he receives it, he will hang up.

  The only thing that made his heart tremble was that when his mother died ten years ago, his father was only 36, and he has not remarried even now.

  In the past ten years, has he really lived in guilt?

  After being silent for a while, Lu Chen slowly said, "I'll talk about it when my daughter is cured."

  After all, it is his father, and he wants to drive over the years. Mother's death is more accidental, father. It was just careless for a while.

  "Okay, okay, I will tell the master right away, the master must be very happy after hearing it." Lu Zhong said excitedly.

  He came to Yuzhou for ten years and became the richest man in Yuzhou. In addition to helping his young master at the critical moment, he mainly waited for today's young master to change his mind.

  After Lu Chen hung up the phone, he went to the small noodle shop outside the hospital and ordered a bowl of small noodles. As soon as he was about to eat, he saw his sister-in-law Lin Yijia calling.

  "Lu Chen, Qiqi is gone, come back soon!" Lin Yijia said anxiously.

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "Qiqi has moved to the ViP VIP area on the 19th floor, in room 2."

  "What? You transferred Qiqi to the VIP area? Where did you get the money?" Lin Yi Jia asked.

  "Borrowed." Lu Chen said lightly.

  Anyway, he didn't believe what he said, so there was no need to explain too much.

  "Then what do you do when you find a bone marrow that matches Qiqi?" Lin Yijia asked.

  "Don't worry, I won't borrow from you, I have my own way." Thinking of the scene where he failed to borrow money from Wang Xue a year ago and was directly bombarded by Wang Xue, Lu Chen vowed that he would never do it again in his life. He spoke to the old man's family.

  "Hmph, like you, a prodigal son, my old lady will not lend you." Wang Xue's cold snort rang on the phone, and Lu Chen hung up.

  "This rubbish, dare to hang up on my phone, it's really going against the sky!" Wang Xue was very upset and returned the phone to her daughter, and took her to the 19th floor.

  After finding the VIP area, seeing that Lu Chen had even hired a professional nurse to take care of Qiqi, Wang Xue scolded a few prodigal words in her heart.

  After the two sat for a while, Qiqi woke up. Although Wang Xue and Lin Yijia didn't wait to see Lu Chen, they felt sorry for Qiqi from the bottom of their hearts.

  Nothing happened in the afternoon. The two were planning to accompany Qiqi more, but before long, Wang Xue's phone rang.

  After she answered the phone, she kissed Kiki a few times with excitement.

  "Mom, who did it?" Lin Yijia asked curiously.

  "The manager of the Grand Hyatt Group said that we should talk about cooperation in the afternoon." Wang Xue said excitedly.

  "Ah, that's great, congratulations mom, I finally won the big deal of Grand Hyatt Group!" Lin Yijia also said excitedly.

  "Manager Wang said that he didn't want our medicines originally, but there was a noble person who helped us talk. The richest man Lu directly decided, but I don't know who helped us with this so much. I have to thank the people." Wang Xue said.

  "Could it be..." A figure appeared in Lin Yijia's mind, a little confused.

Chapter: 7

"You mean Hu Hong?" Wang Xue asked.

  Lin Yijia nodded, not quite sure.

  "It should not be him. After all, Manager Wang didn't have much enthusiasm for Hu Hong yesterday." Wang Xue shook his head.

  "Who would it be? The one who can speak for us in front of the richest man in Lu shows that his status is not low, and there is no such noble person in my impression." Lin Yijia was also puzzled.

  The mother and daughter fell into conjecture for a while, but they didn't even think that they were Lu Chen's help.

  In their hearts, Lu Chen is a useless waste, of course it is impossible to have anything to do with Lu Shou's wealth.

  If there is something to be involved, then both of them are surnamed Lu.

  "Well, no matter what, let's sign the contract first, and then ask Manager Wang about the identity of the other party." Wang Xue said.

  At this time, Lu Chen had a good meal. Seeing Wang Xue and the two smiling faces, he knew that Jun Yue should have called them.

  "Take good care of Qiqi, we went to the Junyuedan contract." Wang Xue was in a good mood, and her tone of voice was much better than before.

  Lu Chen nodded. Just as Wang Xue and the two were about to leave, Lin Yijia's phone rang. After she answered, she said, "Mom, wait a minute, Hu Hong came to see Qiqi. He has already arrived at the hospital."

  Soon Hu Hong He came in with a small basket of fruit. It was imported dragon fruit, and children liked it too.

  Hu Hong's gaze towards Lu Chen also changed a little today, instead of looking down on people like yesterday.

  It’s no wonder, why did they slumped in Junyue yesterday, but the secretary of the richest man, Lu, respected Lu Chen so much. Like Wang Xue, he thought that Lu Chen’s identity might be unusual yesterday.

  But Hu Hong didn't say anything, and Lu Chen didn't say anything.

  He knew that Hu Hong didn't come to see his daughter specially, and there was no need to thank him.

  "By the way, Hu Hong, did you ask your dad to come forward? Manager Wang of the Grand Hyatt Group just called my mother and said that we should go over the contract and buy my mother's medicines." Lin Yijia suddenly Asked, she still felt that only Hu Hong could help her mother.

  "Huh?" Hu Hong was slightly startled, and said to his heart that my dad didn't have such a big face, and even if he personally invited my dad to come forward, he would not fuck me.

  "I said yesterday that Manager Wang didn't give Xiao Hu face, it should be someone else who helped us." Seeing Hu Hong's reaction, Wang Xue said.

  Lin Yijia also nodded, looking at Hu Hong with a little disappointment.

  "Aunt Xue, has Manager Wang called you? It seems that my dad's actions are still quite fast. I just told him this morning and asked him to do this for me. He said he would find a time today. When I went to see Manager Wang, I thought he was sending me.” Hu Hong just entangled in his heart and admitted frankly.

  Anyway, he was not afraid of being exposed in the end, even if he would be exposed in the future, he had already taken Lin Yijia at that time and didn't care anymore.

  The most important thing is that he suspects that the Grand Hyatt Group should be optimistic about the cooperation with Wang Xue, so he called her today. In this way, it will basically not be exposed.

  It just so happened that Lin Yijia suspected that it was him, and by the way gave this merit to greed, one step closer to taking Lin Yijia.

  "Oh, you really asked your dad to intercede, thank you so much!" Lin Yijia looked at Hu Hong with a little excitement, and she said that apart from Hu Hong, no one could help her mother.

  "Xiao Hu, thank you so much." Wang Xue was also a little excited, but it was really Hu Hong.

  Lu Chen looked at Hu Hong in surprise. He didn't expect this kid to be shameless to this point.

  "Are you sure that your father really helped my mother?" Lu Chen looked at Hu Hong with a smile.

  Hu Hong was shocked, and his eyes were a little flustered.

  "It's not Hu Hong's help, is it you? Do you have this ability?" Lin Yijia stared at Lu Chen with an unhappy expression, her eyes full of contempt.

  "Don't pay attention to him, let's sign the contract first." Wang Xue also gave Lu Chen a contemptuous look, and then took Lin Yijia and Hu Hong out.

  Lu Chen sneered in his heart, shook his head, too lazy to worry about whether Hu Hong's character is good or not, and he has nothing to do with him.

  "Dad, why are both my aunt and grandmother so fierce to you?" Xiao Qiqi looked at Lu Chen suspiciously.

  Lu Chen smiled, not knowing how to answer for a while.

  Of course he can't say that it is because they feel that they are very useless. In front of their daughters, they still have to pass positive energy.

  The next day, Lu Zhong finally found the bone marrow that matched Qiqi, and the hospital immediately performed an operation on Qiqi.

  The operation was very successful, and Qiqi was recovering well, so that Lin Yijun was so happy that he forgot to ask the follow-up operation fee and Lu Chen's cost of changing Qiqi to the VIP area.

  In the past two days after Qiqi recovered and was discharged from the hospital, Lin Yijun specially asked for two days off to accompany her daughter.

  "Qiqi is now over three years old, and she can be sent to kindergarten. Also, what are your plans?" Lin Yijun asked Lu Chen before turning off the lights.

  "What's your plan?" Lu Chen was thinking about other questions, but didn't pay attention to Lin Yijun's words.

  "If you owe so much money, don't you think of ways to make money and pay it back?" Lin Yijun frowned.

  "I owe Du Fei fifty thousand, and I will pay him back in two days." Lu Chen said.

  "Okay, Lu Chen, do you mean that you have to pay for all the hundreds of thousands of expenses behind Kiki?" Lin Yijun turned and looked at Lu Chen who was smoking on the pillow, with a cold face.

  She didn't expect Lu Chen to be so unfulfilled. Is this still her man?

  "What are you excited about? When did I say I want you to pay it back? All the expenses behind are my money. I only owe Du Fei the fifty thousand." Lu Chen cried and laughed.

  "Your money? The following expenses are at least more than 500,000 yuan, right? Do you treat me as a fool?" Lin Yijun said angrily.

  "My wife, let me tell you the truth. Actually, I'm the rich second generation..."

  Lu Chen put out the cigarette butt, turned around and put his arms around Lin Yijun's shoulder, ready to tell her his identity, and wanted to make up for the hardship Lin Yijun had suffered for him over the past few years.

  "Go away, don't touch me!" Lin Yijun furiously pushed Lu Chen away, angrily said.

  "Lu Chen, you really disappointed me. In order not to go to work to make money, you came up with such a ridiculous excuse. Are you still a man? I'll leave it here tonight. You are not going to work. I don't care about you. Anyway, as long as someone comes to

  collect debts , I will divorce you immediately." Lin Yijun opened the quilt and got out of bed. She was really angry. When she married Love, even Lu Chen started a business. Failure, even though her daughter experienced a lot of despair during the hospitalization period, she just complained to Lu Chen.

  But now, in order not to go to work to make money, Lu Chen even found out such a ridiculous excuse, which made her extremely disappointed.

  "What are you doing?" Lu Chen asked silently.

  "Sleep in separate rooms!" Lin Yijun snorted and opened the door and went out.

  Seeing Lin Yijun closing the door with a bang, Lu Chen really couldn't laugh or cry.

  Why does no one believe it every time I tell the truth?

Chapter: 8

Lin Yijun went to work normally the next day, maybe she was still angry with Lu Chen, she went out without even cooking breakfast.

  Lu Chen got up to make breakfast, and after eating with Qiqi, he took Qiqi to the kindergarten.

  The principal wanted to make things difficult when he switched in halfway.

  But Lu Chen directly stuffed him with a bank card, saying that there were one hundred thousand in it. The director of the park didn't check it, so he readily agreed.

  "Qiqi, Dad will take you to buy two new clothes first, and then I will come here to study tomorrow." Lu Chen walked towards the mall holding Qiqi's hand.

  "Okay, I want to buy the most beautiful one. The set that grandma bought me last time is not good at all." Qiqi said happily.

  "Well, today Dad will buy you the most beautiful one." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  "Dad, I have to pick it myself." Qiqi said.

  "Well, which one our little princess likes, dad will buy you which one." Lu Chen said and picked up Qiqi. Qiqi had only been discharged from the hospital for a few days, and Lu Chen couldn't bear to let her walk too much.

  Soon after arriving at Xintianze Commercial Building, Lu Chen took Qiqi directly to the children's clothing store.

  Xintianze Commercial Building has three floors selling clothing, all imported goods such as luxury goods, as well as food, cinema and entertainment centers, which are very lively.

  "Dad, auntie." Qiqi suddenly pointed to a women's clothing store nearby.

  Lu Chen turned his head and looked around and saw Lin Yijia and her classmates coming out of the women's clothing store.

  "Auntie, auntie." Qiqi shouted to Lin Yijia.

  Lin Yijia heard Qiqi's voice and walked over with a smile.

  "Qiqi, come and hug Auntie." Lin Yijia held Qiqi in her arms.

  "Auntie, are you here to buy new clothes? Dad also brought me to buy new clothes." Qiqi said.

  "Yes, my aunt will also buy you a new dress." Lin Yijia said.

  "Wow, Yi Jia, is this your sister's child? So pretty."

  A few of Lin Yijia's classmates gathered around, and a girl smiled and touched Qiqi's face. Qiqi gave in with a disgusting expression, making the girls laugh.

  "Auntie, I want my father to hug." Qiqi watched as some strangers were making fun of her, and suddenly she didn't want to be in Lin Yijia's arms.

  "Qiqi, my aunt will take you to buy new clothes and ignore your dad." Lin Yijia coaxed.

  "No, I want Dad." Qiqi twisted her body, wanting Lin Yijia to let her down.

  Lin Yijia had no choice but to pass Qiqi to Lu Chen, and when her gaze swept across Lu Chen's face, a flash of contempt flashed.

  Lu Chen didn't want to talk to Lin Yijia, so he hugged Qiqi and walked to the children's clothing store.

  "Lu Chen, the children's clothes in this store are all brand-name clothes imported from Italy. The cheapest ones cost several thousand yuan. Can you afford it?" Lin Yijia frowned and shouted from behind.

  She knew that Lu Chen hadn't gone to work anymore, and all the money she used was from her.

  The most important thing was that Lu Chen had already borrowed hundreds of thousands to treat Qiqi's illness. It was a little annoyed to see that Lu Chen was so wasteful of buying children's clothing.

  "I can afford it." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "You can afford it?" Lin Yijia chased after Lu Chen and said sarcastically, "You bought such expensive clothes for Qiqi, have you told my

  sister ?" Lu Chen didn't bother to care about her and walked directly into the children's clothing. shop.

  "Yijia, your brother-in-law is very rich. I heard that the minimum number of children's clothes in this children's clothing store is several thousand pieces." A girl said.

  "He has a ghost's money." Hu Hong sneered and said sarcastically, "I heard that he now owes hundreds of thousands of debts, and he didn't go to work. All he eats is Sister Yi Jia's salary."

  "Ah. Men don’t go to work and let women earn money to support him?” The girl who just reached out to touch Qiqi’s face was surprised.

  "There is such a man, it's really useless." The others also contemptuously, watching Lu Chen's back secretly shook their heads.

  Especially those two girls thought in their hearts: If my future husband was so useless, he would have kicked him away.

  Lu Chen was a little annoyed when he heard that, turning around to look at Lin Yijia's face was quite bad.

  Lin Yijia usually satirizes a few words when there is no one. As a brother-in-law, Lu Chen usually doesn't bother to care about her, but in public, it is a matter of character to slander him like this.

  "Dad, I want that dress." Just as Lu Chen was about to say something to Lin Yijia, Qiqi suddenly pointed to a set of snow-white children's clothing.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, turned and walked towards the children's clothing Qiqi pointed to.

  "Sir, this is the Xiamen clothing imported from Italy. It arrived the day before yesterday. Do you want to try it for your daughter first." The shopping guide beauty smiled and introduced it.

  Lu Chen nodded. When the shopping guide took off the children's clothes and was about to take Qiqi to try them on, he saw a couple walking over with a three or four-year-old girl.

  "Mom, I want this dress too." The little girl pointed to the white children's clothes in the hands of the guide and said.

  "Waiter, wrap me up this dress." The rich woman said directly to the shopping guide.

  guide looked at Lu Chen, a little embarrassed.

  After all, Lu Chen saw this dress first, and he was ready to try it on.

  "Dad, I want this one too." Seeing someone rob her, Qiqi immediately pulled Lu Chen's hand and shook it.

  "Sorry, my daughter has chosen this dress, and she is about to try it on. You can choose another one." Lu Chen said to the woman.

  "Try it on? It's you poor people who can't afford it. You often come to try on. Many of the clothes are dirty." The woman snorted and looked at Lu Chen contemptuously.

  Lu Chen dressed ordinary, and the woman felt that people like Lu Chen couldn't afford thousands of children's clothes.

  "How can I know if it fits if I don't try it on?" Lin Yijia who followed up said uncomfortably.

  Although she doesn't like Lu Chen, she can't just watch Qiqi being bullied.

  "Throw it out if it doesn't fit. What's the big deal. You have to put up a correct view of money for your children since you were young. I'm sorry, you shouldn't understand the life of the rich either." The woman looked at Lin Yijia with contempt. people.

  This is called cultivating children's correct outlook on money?

  Everyone's eyes widened, this woman's concept is really unique.

  I'm afraid that you have to cultivate a prodigal son from an early age.

  "You take my daughter to try it on." Lu Chen didn't bother to talk with women, like this kind of unreasonable woman, you can't tell her at all.

  "Do you ask if she wants to sell it to you or to me?" The woman sneered and looked at Lu Chen contemptuously.

  Then he turned to the guide and said: "Just now we have wrapped up five sets of clothes, which add up to nearly 40,000 yuan. If you dare to sell this clothes to him, we won't want the five sets."

  "Also, we will return it. I have to complain to your manager to see if your manager wants to protect you or to flatter me." The woman said arrogantly and turned to Lu Chen, her eyes full of provocation.

  Lu Chen's expression was calm, but Lin Yijia and the others were looking at the guide to buy, to see what she said.

Chapter: 9

Shopping guide start was a bit hesitant, but when you see his face rich woman, she eventually turned to dust Lu pointed against one rich woman's daughter, said:. "The little sister is on the look, you choose one or another of it,"

  "obviously It was our Qiqi who saw it first. How could you open your eyes and talk nonsense? Don't you think that if they have more money, they are the guests, so we are not?" Lin Yijia was impatient and stopped doing it.

  The corner of the shopping guide’s mouth rose, and he sneered: “Customers also have to be divided into different levels. People buy six sets in one go. If you can buy six sets in one go, of course I will be on your side.”

  Anyway, it’s already against my intentions. Let go.

  At first glance, Lin Yijia has no purchasing power. How can he compare with a rich woman?

  On the rich woman's side, she can get a lot of commissions.

  The rich woman smiled triumphantly and said sarcastically: "I heard that, I can buy six sets at once, can you? Don't make so many demands if you don't have money. If you want more services, please check your wallet first. "With

  a group of dicks, I just couldn't afford it, so I came to try it on purposely." The middle-aged man who had not spoken at this time looked at Lu Chen and the others disdainfully.

  "Waiter, if you hear it, they simply can't afford it. Like this kind of deliberately trying on designer clothes to satisfy vanity dick, you shouldn't let them in to affect the emotions of real consumers." The rich woman sneered again.


  Lin Yijia vomited blood.

  Although her family is not rich, it is not so poor that you can't afford a piece of clothing for thousands of dollars.

  How could she bear this rich woman so badly looking at people.

  But thinking of trying to overwhelm the other party's limelight, she has to buy at least six sets of clothes for Qiqi, one or two sets are no problem.

  More than six sets?

  She really can't afford it.

  Hu Hong could afford it, but he wanted to see Lu Chen jokes, so he stood silently on the side and didn't speak.

  As for the other girls, they are almost the same as Lin Yijia, one or two sets are no problem.

  The most important thing is that they are mainly aimed at Lu Chen and have nothing to do with them.

  "I don't have the ability, so I have to bring Qiqi to this place. It's okay now, shame on it." Seeing the shopping guide preparing to pack the clothes that Qiqi liked, Lin Yi sent his anger directly to Lu. Dust body.

  In her impression, her brother-in-law was completely useless, just to vent her anger.

  "Did I ask you to pack it? My daughter hasn't tried it on yet, what are you packing?" Lu Chen ignored Lin Yijia and said instead looking at the guide.

  Regardless of the rich woman's behavior, but the attitude of the shopping guide made him feel sick.

  Besides, Qiqi liked this dress at first glance. As a father, and there is a father who can meet his daughter's requirements, he can't disappoint his daughter.

  "Try it on? You won't really be able to afford it like this elder sister said. In order to satisfy your vanity, did you come to try it on purposely? Handsome guy, I didn't mean you. You are not afraid of causing bad children. Does it affect?" The shopping guide looked back at Lu Chen with a look of contempt.

  "Which one of your eyes sees that I can't afford it? Isn't it just that they bought six sets at once? You are so powerful?" Lu Chen was a little angry, fearing that it would have a bad influence on the child? The young master still doesn't know how to teach children, so I want you to educate them?

  "Why, young man, do you want to play with me?" The middle-aged looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  Seeing Lu Chen's angry look there, he had a sense of accomplishment of being superior.

  Lu Chen looked back at the middle-aged, his eyes narrowed slightly: "Oh, how do you want to play?"

  Lin Yijia took Qiqi's hand and said: "Kiki, go, my aunt will take you to other places to buy , Let’s buy two sets.”

  Lu Chen wants to stay and get slapped, so let him get slapped.

  Don't you have any abilities in mind?

  This couple looks like a rich man. Do you still want to play with others?

  What do you use to play with others?

  Isn't this showy.

  "Auntie, really?" Qiqi looked at Lin Yijia happily.

  Lin Yijia nodded, and Qiqi took Lu Chen's hand again and said, "Dad, let's go and buy it with my aunt."

  Although she could not understand the conversation between adults, she could still feel it. The other party was arguing with Dad.

  "Brother-in-law, do you want Qiqi to see that you were slapped in the face? You can be shameless, but you don't want Qiqi to see these shameful things, okay?" Lin Yijia saw that Lu Chen didn't give up. Suddenly, anger came again.

  "Qiqi just likes this dress. If I can't even satisfy her, how can I be a father?" Lu Chen took Qiqi's hand and looked at Lin Yijia and said.

  "Then you also want to learn from others to buy five or six sets? The meaning of their shopping guide is so obvious, don't you understand?" Lin Yijia looked like she hated iron and steel.

  If Lu Chen was not her brother-in-law, she wouldn't care about it.

  She had always looked down on her own brother-in-law and felt that Lu Chen had no ambition, but anyway, her sister liked him, and Qiqi was three years old, so of course she would not watch him get beaten in the face by outsiders.

  "Boy, you still listen to your sister-in-law. I feel a little compelling. If I take a slap, there will be no place for your face." Looking at Lin Yijia's scared look, the middle-aged man was very proud .

  "Yes, if you don't have any points in your heart, don't come out and pretend to be compelling. If there is a saying, if you have the ability to pretend to be compelling, then you will be awesome, if you don't have the strength to pretend to be compelling, then you'll be stupid." The rich woman also laughed jokingly. .

  She turned to the guide to buy again: “For people like this kind of people who don’t have a lot of information in their hearts, it’s better to go out so as not to affect the buying mood of other customers.” The

  shopping guide nodded and said to Lu Chen, “You still Let's go quickly, don't affect our guests."

  "Qiqi, do you like the clothes here?" Lu Chen asked her daughter without reason to guide her shopping.

  Qiqi nodded, and Lu Chen smiled slightly and said, "Then father will buy it all for you, and you will get a new one one day later."

  "Good, good," Qiqi said excitedly.

  Lin Yijia's mind was shocked. Is this trash brother-in-law crazy?

  Buy it all?

  Do you think you are getting rich?

  "Brother-in-law, if you don't listen to advice, I'll call my sister right away!" Lin Yi was so angry that she had to take out her mobile phone and call her sister.

  "Okay, young man, I will give you full marks for this pretense. By the way, if you can really buy all the clothes in the shop here, I will kneel down and apologize to you." The middle-aged man laughed.

  "My old lady kneels down to lick your shoes." The rich woman also said jokingly.

  Lu Chen's outfit was just a set of hundreds or thousands. He was just an ordinary salaryman. How could their husband and wife look at it.

  "I'm afraid your husband and wife will cry next time." Lu Chen sneered, then turned to another shopping guide who had not spoken.

  "Let me do the math. I bought all the children's clothing in your store," Lu Chen said.

  "Ah? Really, really buy it all?" The shopping guide looked at Lu Chen in surprise, and couldn't believe it.

  "I've done it a long time ago, plus the several sets selected by this elder sister, totaling 520,000. Do you pay in cash or swipe your card?" The previous shopping guide looked at Lu Chen with a joking expression.

  Lu Chen looked at the other shopping guide: "520,000?" The

  shopping guide nodded.

  "Okay, swipe your card, it's all on your head." Lu Chen said as he walked to the revenue desk.

  The shopping guide had come back, and followed in shock.

  "I'll go, he won't really be able to afford it, right?" The middle-aged couple was a little dazed, and this kid didn't look like someone who could buy clothes with hundreds of thousands.

  Lin Yijia and others also widened their eyes, and Lu Chen's firm expression made them not calm down. www.

  "Sir, if you buy so much at once, I can give you a discount. You can pay 500,000 yuan." The shopping guide said, suppressing his excitement.

  Lu Chen nodded, but when he took out his wallet, he suddenly found that his master card had been left at home and had forgotten to bring it with him.

  Oh my day, won't be so unlucky.

Chapter: 10

"Why, pretending to be too much, are you swiping your card?" Seeing Lu Chen staring at his wallet, another shopping guide sarcastically asked.

  She didn't believe that Lu Chen could really afford 500,000. Seeing that there was no bank card in Lu Chen's wallet, she immediately laughed.

  The rich woman and husband finally breathed a sigh of relief.

  To be honest, Lu Chen's confident eyes just now really shocked them.

  They let out a word, as long as Lu Chen can buy all the clothes here, one knelt down to apologize, the other knelt down to lick his shoes.

  Although they could not fulfill their promises in the end, they were also very embarrassed.

  "Oh, the cowhide is getting bigger. You wouldn't use your ID card as a bank card. That would be really shameful." The middle-aged man said in a humiliating voice.

  "I just reminded you that if you have the ability to pretend to be a force, it's a idiot now." The rich woman also sarcastically said with gloat.

  "Qiqi, let's go first." Lin Yijia was already unable to complain. She didn't want to see such a brother-in-law again, it was too embarrassing.

  "I want to be with Dad." Qiqi shook her head, pulling Lu Chen's clothes corner and refused to leave.

  Lin Yijia really felt sorry for Qiqi, so she glared at Lu Chen: "Brother-in-law, how ashamed do you want to take Qiqi away?"

  "Oh, maybe your brother-in-law is a masochist who likes to be slapped in the face. Well." Hu Hong, who had not spoken, also laughed.

  He has been proud of the past two days.

  The last time he pretended to be that he helped Wang Xue win the big business, Lin Yijia's attitude towards him has changed a lot in recent days.

  Although Lin Yijia has not formally agreed to be his girlfriend, she no longer refuses to date him.

  It is no longer difficult for him to win Lin Yijia, at most it is just waiting for a short period of time.

  "Yi Jia, let's go, your brother-in-law is really hopeless, but don't let more people think that we came in with him." A girl shook her head and said with contempt.

  Lin Yijia's face was hot, she didn't care about Lu Chen being slapped in the face by others, but she cared about Qiqi.

  Although Lu Chen was a waste, their family liked Qiqi very much. If Qiqi didn't leave, she couldn't take Qiqi away directly.

  "Sir, did you forget to bring your card?" the shopping guide asked suspiciously.

  "Yeah. Wait a while, I'll have someone send it to me." Lu Chen nodded, and took out the phone to let Lu Zhong send someone to send him half a million.

  If the daughter likes that suit, he is going to buy it. This is no longer a matter of slapped face.

  "Chang Yan, are you stupid? Believe him at this time?" The first shopping guide laughed.

  called Chang Yan's shopping guide wry smile. To be honest, she doesn't believe Lu Chen anymore.

  But adhering to the spirit of professional ethics, even if Lu Chen didn't buy a single piece of clothing in the end, she wouldn't say anything.

  "Sir, if you don't swipe your card yet, please leave immediately and don't affect our business." The first shopping guide said coldly.

  "If you have no money to pretend to be struck by lightning, get out now, maybe you can save some face, don't wait a while to attract more people to watch, then you will have no place to show yourself." The rich woman shook her head contemptuously and saw Lu Chen showed her'true face', and she also lost the interest in continuing to beat Lu Chen in the face.

  Lu Chen looked at the rich woman, and when he found out Lu Zhong's phone number about to dial out, he saw a bald middle-aged man approaching him.

  "Chief Xing, it's you." Seeing the bald head, the middle-aged immediately greeted him with a smile.

  Bald took a look at the middle-aged, without saying anything, and walked straight to Lu Chen.

  The middle-aged man looked embarrassed, and he didn't know what to say.

  "Husband, who is he?" The rich woman frowned and asked in a low voice. Her husband is also a well-connected person. She didn't expect that the bald head would not give her husband any face, which made her a little angry.

  "Xing Bing, the general manager of this commercial building, behind the consortium is Junyue Group." The middle-aged said in a low voice.

  The rich woman nodded. It turned out that she was such a big person. No wonder she didn't give her husband face.

  Let alone the Grand Hyatt Group, it was just in this commercial building. Back then, the couple had no way to rent a storefront.

  "Does he also come to buy clothes for his children?" The rich woman saw Xingbing walking towards the cashier, wondering.

  "It should be." The middle-aged nodded, and Xing Bing finally walked in front of Lu Chen.

  "Shao Lu, it's really you. I thought I was wrong." The bald head looked at Lu Chen respectfully.

  "You are..." Lu Chen looked at Xing Bing with some confusion on his face.

  "My name is Xing Bing, the person in charge of Xintianze Commercial Building." Xing Bing replied respectfully.

  A few days ago, Lu Zhong convened all the senior executives of the Grand Hyatt Group in Yuzhou for a high-level meeting. The main content of the meeting was to announce that Lu Chen had inherited the Lu family’s fortune and showed various photos of Lu Chen. Let all high-level officials show respect when they encounter Lu Chen, and don't flood the Dragon King Temple at that time.

  As the person in charge of Xintianze Commercial Building, of course Xing Zhong also attended that meeting.

  So seeing Lu Chen coming to his commercial building to shop, he couldn't wait to come over and say hello first.

  Lin Yijia and others didn't know Xingbing, so there was no response.

  But when the middle-aged people saw that the boss of the dignified commercial building was even more respectful to the youth they had been laughing at, his face instantly turned pale.

  Even the criminal soldiers have to bow and respect, what kind of status is that? Is it a big figure in the Junyue Group?

  "Oh, I see." Lu Chen nodded. After inheriting the family property, of course he knew what properties the Junyue Group had, and it was not surprising that Xingbing knew him.

  "Shao Lu, this is the only Supreme VIP card in the commercial building. You can use this card for shopping in the future. With this card, you can choose any item at will. The commercial building will settle the settlement with the owner of each merchant at the end of the month." Xing Bing took out a card made of pure purple gold. Pass it to Lu Chendao.

  Lu Chen took the card and looked at it and asked, "Can I buy all the children's clothing in this store with this card?"

  "Yes, as long as you show this card, you can take everything away." Xing Bing nodded hurriedly. This supreme card is a symbol of status. It was originally designed to be used today.

  "Well, then pack all the girls' clothes for me here, and donate the boys' clothes to the orphanage." Lu Chen said.

  The two shopping guides were completely shocked, and they didn't come back for a long time.

  Lu Chen didn’t bring a bank card, but his supreme card was recognized by all the staff in the entire commercial building. The video of this card was often played on the walls of the commercial building. The bosses of all shops also emphasized it. , As long as someone is holding this card to buy things, no matter what, they can’t collect money.

  "What are you still doing? Packing!" Xing Bing quietly rebuked when seeing the two shopping guides still there.

  The two of them reacted and hurried to select the women's clothing to pack. Even the cashier, after taking down the bill, also joined the packaging work.

  Xing Bing took out the phone to call someone to donate the men's clothing to the orphanage.

  Lu Chen looked at the middle-aged couple slowly at this time.


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