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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 21-30) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 21

Lu Chen could actually settle this matter easily, but when he heard Zhang Sanyuan was about to interrupt his hand, he changed his mind and let someone else handle it.

  Because there are some things to deal with some people, the best way is to let others of their kind come forward to have a better effect.

  Lu Chen didn't call Lu Zhong, but called the flat-headed brother of the underground forces in the sand area.

  The flat-headed brother is called Song Hai, and there are two brothers under him, one is Shi Jin, the other is Lin Tong, and the three are known as the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, and they are the masters of the underground forces in the sand area.

  Of course, they are just one of the gray forces that Lu Zhong has cultivated secretly in Yuzhou over the years.

  Lu Chen felt that it would be best for them to deal with people like Zhang Sanyuan.

  "Very well, since you called someone, then Zhang will have fun with you." Seeing Lu Chen calling someone, Zhang Sanyuan didn't rush.

  It just so happens that today there are many people in the store who are not under him, so they can know that Zhang Sanyuan is still a bit powerful in the sand area of ​​Yuzhou.

  As for the person Lu Chen called, he didn't even bother to think about it, because he believed that no matter who Lu Chen called, he had to give his elder brother some face.

  Even if it doesn't, they still follow the big brother behind him.

  Lu Chen smiled, without saying more, just walked to a chair and sat down.

  Song Hai said he could arrive in ten minutes at most, but it won't take long.

  "Young man, it’s easy to break. If you sold me the cup before, it would be over, but now even if you want to sell it to me, I don’t want it anymore, because you are too ignorant to exaggerate. I will buy it from you again. Don't give face to Boss Zhang." Yu Zhengtao shook his head and walked aside and sat down. He was about to see how Lu Chen would end up in a while.

  The most important thing is that he promises to get this cup, and at the most, if you spend more money, he believes that Zhang Sanyuan will definitely sell it to him.

  The others shook their heads and joked, but no one said much.

  Ten minutes passed quickly, two cars arrived on time outside the antique shop, and seven or eight men got out of the car quickly.

  The first one was a young man in his thirties. The young man had a short, flat head and a scar on his face, which looked a bit hideous.

  On the left and right sides of him are two big men with fierce faces, not much different in age from him.

  "Big Brother Song, Brother Shi, Brother Lin, why are you here?" Seeing the first three, Zhang Sanyuan trembled and greeted him immediately.

  He didn't even think that the person Lu Chen called was actually the third leader of the Water Margin, the leader of the underground forces in the sand area.

  The three of them ignored him, but looked at Lu Chen who said he was sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette in the store, and strode in.

  The other people didn't realize that the person Lu Chen called would be the Water Margin Sanjie, and they all thought that the Water Margin Sanjie was Zhang Sanyuan invited to help the town.

  But seeing the three of them walking towards Lu Chen without throwing Zhang Sanyuan away, they all began to wonder.

  "Lu Shao."

  "Lu Shao."

  "Lu Shao."

  Shuihu Sanjie quickly walked to Lu Chen, and in the eyes of everyone's surprise, they all saluted Lu Chen respectfully.

  Lu, Shao Lu?

  When did Yuzhou have this number?

  Lu Zhong is the richest man named Lu. Haven't heard of him having a son?

  Everyone looked at the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, and then at Lu Chen, a little confused for a while.

  And Zhang Sanyuan was a roar of his brain.

  The backer behind him is the Three Heroes of the Water Margin. Unexpectedly, the backer behind him looks like a grandson in front of this young man. He even dared to provoke such an existence, it was just looking for death.

  Lu Chen nodded, then looked at Zhang Sanyuan with a pale face, and said faintly: "He said he would interrupt my hand and send me to jail. This makes me very upset. What should I do? You should know in your heart."

  Lu Chen said and took the cup out of the antique shop.

  He didn't want to stay to waste time. He believed that if the Water Margins were not stupid, he would know what to do.

  Seeing Lu Chen left straight away, the expressions of the Three Jies of the Water Margin changed. Lu Chen did not get angry, but they could feel the anger in Lu Chen's heart.

  This is the real young master. Lu Zhong, the backer behind them, is just the housekeeper. The young master has anger in his heart. Of course, they have to find a place for the young master.

  "You actually want to interrupt Lu Shao's hand?" After Lu Chen left, Song Hai immediately looked at Zhang Sanyuan with a gloomy expression.

  "Song, Brother Song, who is he?" Although Zhang Sanyuan was a little flustered, he didn't seem to realize the seriousness of the matter.

  "How can you inquire about Shao Lu's identity? As long as you know that in Yuzhou, few people can provoke him." The old third Lin Tong snorted coldly.

  "Third brother, don't talk nonsense with him, Shao Lu is already angry, don't let Shao Lu know that this bastard is following us, otherwise we will not have a good life." The second child Shijin said.

  "Second brother is reasonable. By the way, big brother, do you know what Shao Lu means?" The old third Lintong nodded and looked at the boss Song Hai.

  "It's really a pig head, this bastard wants to interrupt Lu Shao's hand. Lu Shao has brought it up. We must interrupt his hand too." Song Hai said in a deep voice.

  "Haha, the eldest brother is the eldest brother, and his mind is flexible." Lin Tong smiled and turned to look at the gangster behind him.

  "Break off one of the bastard's arms for me." The bastard replied and

  walked towards Zhang Sanyuan with the steel pipe.

  "Three big brothers..." Zhang Sanyuan's face was pale, and he regretted it to the extreme.

  But before he finished speaking, he let out a dull, painful grunt, and the steel pipe in the bastard's hand had already smashed heavily on his arm.

  "I didn't cut off your arm directly, I'm already quite interesting." Song Hai said coldly when he looked at Zhang Sanyuan, whose muscles on his aching face were pumping.

  "Thanks to the three elder brothers for being merciful, and also ask the three elder brothers to tell me who Shao Lu is for the loyalty of the younger brother over the years." Zhang Sanyuan was obviously still a little dissatisfied. When the other party said a word, Water Margin Sanjie interrupted directly. He felt unwilling to lose his arm.

  And the ancient cultural relic cup was also taken by Lu Chen, and he was even more depressed.

  "The more you know, it won't do you any good at all, so do it yourself." Song Hai shook his head and led the crowd to leave the antique shop.

  This made Zhang Sanyuan even more resentful.

  "Professor Yu, now that kid has taken the cup away. It is unlikely that you and I want to take the cup back from him. Can you tell me what cultural relic the cup is?" Zhang Sanyuan endured Looking at Yu Zhengtao painfully, it was because of the cup that he suffered this catastrophe today. If he didn't know what the cup was, he would not be reconciled.

  Yu Zhengtao looked at Zhang Sanyuan’s weakly lowered left arm and sighed: “It was a real luminous cup in the Song Dynasty, worth at least five million yuan. It only needs to be soaked in red wine for a few minutes to show its true appearance. Come. "A

  real luminous cup!

  Everyone took a breath in their hearts.

  Two thousand yuan sold a real luminous cup from the Song Dynasty. While everyone was sighing, they also sighed that Zhang Sanyuan was really bad luck.

  Zhang Sanyuan spewed out a depressed mouthful of old blood.

  "I don't care who you are, if you dare to eat my luminous cup, I will let you spit out even your bones!"

  Zhang Sanyuan vomited blood at the same time, a touch of fierceness flashed in his eyes.

  At this time, at Wang Xue's house, Lin Yijia looked at Lin Yijun and asked, "Sister, brother-in-law won't be here to celebrate Dad's birthday this year?"

  Lin Yijun was a little worried about Lu Chen. Before he could respond, she listened to her mother Wang Xuelian. Said: "It's just right that the trash doesn't come, so that I don't get upset when I see him."

  "Mom, Lu Chen, he wants to come, just to buy gifts." Lin Yijun smiled bitterly.

  After Lu Chen failed to start his own business two years ago, his mother had a big prejudice against Lu Chen, and Lin Yijun has become accustomed to this.

  "He is a poor ghost raised by a woman, so he can afford any gift, don't show it ashamed." Wang Xue said with some disdain. www.

  "That is, the gift that my brother-in-law can afford is only a few hundred yuan at most. How can it be like our Hu Hong, to give my father an antique from the Tang Dynasty directly." Lin Yijia is proud. Said, because last time Hu Hong helped her mother win the business of the Grand Hyatt Group, she has formally associated with Hu Hong.

  "Actually, my antique is only more than 300,000 yuan, which is not worth mentioning." Hu Hong next to him said with a big smile.

  Lin Yijun originally wanted to say that Lu Chen gave an antique worth 150,000 yuan, but after hearing what Hu Hong said, she was embarrassed to say it.

  At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside, and Lin Yijia got up to open the door. It was Lu Chen.

Chapter: 22

"Brother-in-law, I thought you weren't coming." Maybe it was because I was greedy for Lu Chen's Supreme Card last time, and I was a little guilty. On the surface, Lin Yijia was quite friendly to Lu Chen.

  Not to mention, that supreme card is really cool. In the past few days, she and her mother bought a lot of women's luxury goods in Xintianze Building. Now she really doesn't want to return Lu Chen.

  "How come?" Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  Lin Yijun was relieved when she saw that Lu Chen was okay, but she didn't know what to say because of her mother's unwillingness to see Lu Chen.

  Although she also complained about Lu Chen, but she still didn't want Lu Chen to be looked down upon by her family.

  "Dad, come and sit with me." Qiqi shouted at Lu Chen.

  "Okay." Lu Chen smiled slightly and walked over to Qiqi and sat down.

  "This is the birthday gift you bought for your dad?" Wang Xue asked, looking at the small blue bag in Lu Chen's hand.

  "Well, with a little heart, Dad hasn't got off work yet." Lu Chen nodded and put the bag on the coffee table.

  Because the bag is blue, everyone can't see what's inside, but when they see the small bag commonly used in boutiques, Wang Xue and the others are no longer interested in opening it.

  Lin Yijun saw the contempt that flashed in her mother's eyes, and she didn't want her to say anything nasty, so she took the initiative to switch the subject away: "Mom, I was promoted to the head of the sales department yesterday."

  "Really, the salary must have changed a lot. That's it. Your company almost monopolizes Yuzhou's anti-theft system equipment, and the future is boundless." Wang Xue said happily after hearing this, her daughter is successful, even if she is married, as a mother, she will of course be sincerely happy for her.

  "The basic salary has risen to 6,000, and the commission is 20% higher than that of ordinary salespersons. Moreover, for the salespersons they bring, they can get 0.5% of their performance." Lin Yijun nodded.

  "Ah, elder sister, you are really good. You have been promoted as a supervisor after only one year in that company. It seems that your bosses are really smart eyes and talents." Lin Yijia also boasted.

  "Don't you know what elder sister has, it's just luck." Lin Yijun smiled. She was telling the truth. If a mysterious person secretly helped her win the Greentown real estate project, she would not be eligible for promotion. For the supervisor.

  "Yijun, don't be presumptuous. By the way, you are now promoted to a supervisor, and your financial income is much higher. In the future, you have to manage your bank card and don't just spend your money on some waste." Wang Xueruo Lu Chen said with a pointed glance.

  "Mom, Lu Chen has his own job." Lin Yijun was a little embarrassed. Of course she could hear what her mother meant, that she disliked Lu Chen and didn't go to work, and used hers.

  "By the way, sister, I heard that your company was acquired. It was the new shareholder who promoted you to the position of supervisor." Lin Yijia said suddenly.

  "Who is the new shareholder? Except for Mr. Xia, no one in the company seems to know. Even if he held a management meeting today, he still wears sunglasses and a hat. He doesn't even know who he is." Lin Yijun shook his head and thought of the new shareholder. The mysterious appearance made me a little funny.

  But she was also a little curious in her heart. Are the new shareholders really as long as he said?

  "Since I have been promoted to the supervisor, I will work hard in the future, leave the family affairs to Lu Chen, take advantage of the new shares to take office, and show myself well." Wang Xue exhorted.

  "Well, I know. By the way, I can be promoted to the supervisor this time mainly because I won the Greentown Real Estate project that none of our directors won. In fact, I was also made things difficult for by the Greentown Real Estate project manager for two days. , When I was about to give up, I don’t know who called them Mr. Wang, and then they appointed Mr. Wang to give me this business. I don’t know any big people or who helped me behind "Lin Yijun nodded and said the doubts in her heart. www.

  In fact, she is still a little worried. The other party helps her for no reason. She doesn't know how to respond if the other party finds something unreasonable to her in the future.

  "Sister, it's not a rich man who fell in love with you, right? Although you are already married, after all, it was the first school of Yu University." Lin Yijia joked.

  "What nonsense are you talking about?" Lin Yijun glared at Lin Yijia. Although she also had concerns in this regard, how could such remarks be said in Lu Chen's face.

  And Lu Chen still had the kind of careful eyes that couldn't get the sand in his eyes.

  Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen subconsciously and saw Lu Chen peeling melon seeds to feed Qiqi casually. She didn't know if Lu Chen really didn't take it seriously.

  Seeing Lin Yijun looking over, Lu Chen raised his head and smiled at her. He was the one who helped Lin Yijun behind his back. Of course he didn't take Lin Yijia's words seriously.

  When Wang Xue heard the words of her little daughter, she subconsciously glanced at Lu Chen, and a light flashed in her eyes.

  When the eldest daughter insisted on marrying Lu Chen, she tried her best to stop it. Now if there are really rich people who love the eldest daughter, she doesn't mind persuading them to divorce.

  On the one hand, it is for the good of her daughter, on the other hand, her daughter can marry into a wealthy family, and their family will have a bright face.

  "I'm just kidding, don't take it seriously, sister." Lin Yijia laughed.

  "By the way, Hu Hong, I mentioned this to you two days ago. Did you help my sister secretly?" Lin Yijia suddenly turned to Hu Hong next to him and asked.

  "Ah? I, I just mentioned it to my dad casually, and I don't know if he personally asked Mr. Greentown to help Sister Yijun, I will go back to ask him at night." Hu Hong was taken aback first, and then said.

  "No need to ask. Last time it was your dad who came forward to beg for mercy. Grand Hyatt Group gave the business to my mom. This time it must be Mr. Wang that your dad is looking for. I didn't expect that your dad's contacts are really good. "Lin Yijia said vowedly.

  "This is really not what I said. Although my company is not large in scale, there are really few people my dad has made. The richest man in Lu and my dad have invited him to dinner." Hu Hong bluntly boasted. .

  In fact, the scale of his company is less than 100 million, and his father is not even qualified to see Lu Zhong alone.

  "Our family will rely on you in the future, and you must learn more from your dad." Although Wang Xue looked like an elder, she was excited for her little daughter to find a man like Hu Hong.

  "Aunt Wang said that I will study hard and strive to develop my company into a first-class company when I take over my dad in the future." Hu Hong said modestly.

  "Is it really your dad who helped me?" Lin Yijun looked at Hu Hong excitedly. If Hu Hong's dad really helped, then she would be relieved.

  "Yijun, don't ask you any more. Apart from Hu Hong's father, who else will help you? His father helped me with the business of the Junyue Group last time, so please thank Hu Hong." Wang Xue Xue looked at Lu Chen again.

  "Also, Lu Chen, Hu Hong helped Yi Jun so much, so hurry up and thank Hu Hong." Wang Xue said again.

  Lu Chen put down the melon seeds in his hand, and finally raised his head to look at Wang Xue: "He is not qualified to let me thank you."

  Lu Chen was a little unhappy when Hu Hongying was greedy for the work of the Junyue Group with his conscience.

  Now this kid dared to greet his wife with credit, which is beyond his tolerance.

Chapter: 23

"What are you talking about? Hu Hong first helped me, and now he helped Yijun again. You said he was not qualified to let you thank you?" Wang Xue didn't expect that Lu Chen would dare to talk back to her, and suddenly became angry.

  Lu Chen looked indifferently, turned to Hu Hong, and asked in a deep voice, "Do you dare to call your dad. It was after he pleaded with Lu Zhong that my mother took the Grand Hyatt Group's business? It was he who gave Greentown's manager Wang Called him to give the Greentown business to my wife?"

  "I..." Faced with Lu Chen's doubts, Hu Hong suddenly panicked. How could his father have such great abilities.

  Not to mention the richest man Lu Zhong, even Mr. Wang from Greentown is not accessible to people of his dad's level at all. These two things have nothing to do with his dad.

  "Brother-in-law, what do you mean? You are a waste of yourself, so don't you allow others to have the ability? It's not Hu Hong's help, is it you?" Seeing Lu Chen questioning her boyfriend, Lin Yijia stopped doing it. .

  "It doesn’t matter if I’m helping. The key is whether this kid dares to talk to his dad in person. Or you can call Lu Zhong and Wang Kui. I have both of them. Should I give you? ?" Lu Chen sneered.

  "Just hit it, and get slapped in the face then, don't blame my sister-in-law for not giving you face." Lin Yijia also sneered.

  Lu Chen jokingly smiled, saying that you are welcome to slap me in the face at any time.

  "Ahong, call your dad now to let some people know how good your family is." Lin Yijia urged.

  Lin Yijun and Wang Xue also looked at Hu Hong.

  Hu Hong hesitated a little, feeling very guilty.

  But thinking about the tacit understanding between himself and his father, he decided to take a risk, or if this matter was revealed, he would not only lose face, but also basically impossible with Lin Yijia.

  Thinking about this, Hu Hong resolutely took out the phone and called his father.

  "Dad, last time I asked you to intercede with the richest man in Lu to help Aunt Xue, and to ask Mr. Wang to tell him to give Greentown's business to Yi Jia's sister Yi Jun. Yi Jia's brother-in-law didn't believe it. If you want me to call and ask if you are true, then you can help me and tell him the truth." Hu Hong's mind turned quickly, thinking of speaking out.

  He is quite smart. With his understanding of his dad, he is talking about it. He believes that his dad will definitely understand what is going on.

  "Son, how many times has my dad told you that you should be a low-key person, and don't show up when you do good deeds. You are still too young. What does it matter if others believe it or not? You love Lin Yijia and just do things for her silently. Say it and let people laugh at you, right? Okay, don’t care too much about others’ opinions. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. Just be yourself. I won’t tell you for now, in order to help you sister Yijun, I will pay I'm going to invite Mr. Greentown King to dinner. I'm hanging up." Hu Hong's father hung up as he said.

  Hu Hong was driving the speakerphone, and everyone in the room heard what his father said clearly.

  Now, except for Lu Chen, everyone no longer doubted, and secretly admired that Dad Hu Hong would really do things, he deserves to be the boss of a big company.

  "Brother-in-law, what else do you have to say?" Lin Yijia asked with a proud look at Lu Chen.

  "Brother-in-law, I hope you are satisfied with this answer." Hu Hong also looked at Lu Chen jokingly, with a face of provocation.

  Lu Chen ignored Lin Yijia. He looked at Hu Hong, and the shamelessness of Hu Hong and his son refreshed his three views.

  "Your father and son are very good, very good!" Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Your home is a supermarket, I hope you father and son don't regret today's shamelessness."

  "Brother-in-law, my house is a supermarket. Fake, you wouldn't have to go to my supermarket to swindle because my dad helped Sister Yi Jun?" Hu Hong deliberately widened his eyes and looked at Lu Chen in surprise.


  Lu Chen sneered inwardly and said nothing more.

  "It's really mud can't support the wall." Wang Xue shook his head contemptuously and said.

  Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen, she was also quite annoyed, but she didn’t want to say anything about Lu Chen at her family’s house. She just sighed and said to Hu Hong, "Hu Hong, I’m sorry, I apologize for Lu Chen’s recklessness, and Thank you dad for helping me before."

  "Sister Yijun, what you said is a bit serious. Actually, I didn't intend to tell this matter. It's just that my brother-in-law is a bit too embarrassing. I have to call my dad to repay me." Hu Hong said. Said as if he could not bear it.

  Lin Yijun did not see Hu Hong's hypocrisy at all. On the contrary, she felt that the gap between her husband and the prospective brother-in-law was suddenly revealed.

  It's really incomparable.

  "Lu Chen, do you still think Hu Hong is not qualified to make you apologize?" Wang Xue asked again.

  Lu Chen was a little angry, but after thinking about it, he endured it.

  He originally had many ways to prove the shamelessness of Hu Hong and his son, but seeing Wang Xue and Lin Yijia's attitude towards him, he changed his mind.

  Since they enjoy the feeling of being deceived, let them suffer.

  After today, he doesn't plan to come to Lin's house again and suffer a blind eye.

  As for his wife, he will find an opportunity to tell her the truth, as for whether she believes it, it depends on her.

  At six o'clock in the evening, when Lin Dahai finally came back from get off work, sisters Lin Yijun brought out the fried dishes and prepared them for dinner.

  "Uncle, happy birthday, this is the vase from the Tang Dynasty that I found in the antique market." Before the dinner, Hu Hong couldn't wait to give him a gift.

  Lin Dahai took the vase and looked at it. Whether it was the pattern or the work, it was quite delicate, but he knew at a glance that it was not a vase from the Tang Dynasty at all, but a modern industrial imitation.

  But even imitation, he knew that this vase estimated to have Yiershiwan only buy, not help nodded and said:. "Xiao-hu you are determined, and Yi Jia, first won the vase go, Dad liked"

  to get Lin Lin Yijia and Hu Hong were a little excited by the appreciation of the sea.

  "Brother-in-law, didn't you say that you also bought a gift for your uncle, and show it to everyone." Hu Hong looked at Lu Chen and laughed provocatively.

  Lin Yijia, who was just about to place the vase, also stopped, preparing to see what gifts Lu Chen would give.

  Lu Chen took out the cup from the bag, got up and handed it to Lin Dahai, "Dad, happy birthday. This is a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty. It is most suitable for drinking wine. I hope you like it."

  "Oh my God, your broken cup is Yeguang Cup? Brother-in-law, are you a three-year-old kid?" Lin Yijia couldn't help laughing when Lu Chen took out an unremarkable earthen cup.

  Hu Hong was also joking, especially when he heard Lu Chen say that this was a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty, he almost didn't hold back a laugh.

  Lin Yijun is a bit embarrassed, and wants to explain that even if this cup is not a luminous cup, Professor Yu Zhengtao will buy it for 150,000.

  And unlike the ridicule of several people, Lin Dahai stared at the cup in front of him, but a flash of excitement suddenly flashed in his eyes.

  This excitement made him not reach out to take the cup in Lu Chen's hand for the first time.

  But when he recovered and was about to take the cup, Wang Xue did it before him.

  "Lu Chen, you are really enough. I didn't say that I was wronged by Hu Hong before, and now I am taking out a groundbreaking cup to pretend to be a luminous cup. You really disappoint me.

  are poor, I can bear it, as long as Yijun likes it. You, I'm too lazy to talk, but your character is so bad that my old lady can't stand it anymore. Take your shit and roll away, and don't come to my old lady's house to be embarrassed from now on!"

  Wang Xuenu slapped a slap in the face. I slapped it on the cup in Lu Chen's hand. The cup fell to the ground and broke with a bang.

Chapter: 24

Lu Chen was angry.

  This is a real luminous cup, and it is also a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty.

  Wang Xue actually broke him all at once, and said that his character was bad and he was shoddy.

  Looking at the broken luminous cup on the floor, he took a deep breath and tried to suppress the anger in his heart.

  Lin Dahai was also angry.

  He is an archaeologist, although he is not as famous as Yu Zhengtao, he still has the ability to distinguish between authentic and fake antiques.

  When Lu Chen first took out the luminous cup, Yu Zhengtao called him and told him that today a young man bought a Southern Song luminous cup worth at least 5 million yuan in an antique shop. He knew that the youth was. Lu Chen is gone, and this inconspicuous earth cup is also the luminous cup.

  he just hesitated for a few seconds, but he was broken by his wife.

  He wanted to vomit blood angrily.

  "Dad, you are an archaeologist. It should be very simple to prove whether this cup is a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty. Have I lied to you? You can verify it. As for my mother, I will never come to your house again. , Regarding this, I also have the intention to say goodbye." Lu Chen said calmly, picked up Qiqi with an innocent look, and turned around and left.

  The Lin family did not welcome him, and he also meant that he would not come again.

  "It's really shameless. This is obviously a broken cup. A blind man can see it. It still needs proof? It's just a waste. Don't you have any points in your mind? The luminous cup in the Southern Song Dynasty had to be bought for at least several million. Yes, he himself owes a big ass debt, and he also bought a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty. Are we really fools?" Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen's back and sarcastically, until Lu Chen went out, he turned to look embarrassed. Lin Yijun.

  "Yijun, I didn’t know that other people’s character was so bad before. Mom didn’t say anything, but now you see it. If you still follow him, you will not only harm you, but also harm Qiqi and divorce him. Well, on your terms, even with a second marriage, you can find a man a hundred times stronger than him." Wang Xue said angrily.

  Lin Yijun felt quite uncomfortable, and Lu Chen really disappointed her more and more.

  Although Professor Yu Zhengtao is willing to pay 150,000 for this cup, it is not a luminous cup by any means.

  Even if you want to compare with Hu Hong, you must find a reasonable excuse.

  A hundred thousand things, you have to say that they are millions of treasures. Isn't this slap your own face?

  "Enough! You prodigal mother-in-law, do you know how stupid you were just now?" Lin Dahai couldn't stand it anymore, and slammed the table angrily.

  The cup that Lu Chen gave was sold for auction, and he could easily buy more than five million yuan. It was smashed by the slap of his wife.

  Why not make him angry.

  "You, what did you say?" Wang Xue was shocked, and suddenly turned to stare at Lin Dahai, her face covered with frost.

  She didn't expect her husband, who had never been angry with herself, to be angry with her for the first time because of a bad son-in-law.

  This made her unresponsive for a while.

  "I said you are a prodigal mother-in-law, idiot! What Lu Chen said just now is true. This cup is a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty. Now I will show you this idiot!"

  Lin Dahai snorted and opened the red wine bottle. Pour all the bottles of red wine into a large bowl, and then pick up the glass fragments on the ground and put them in the red wine to soak.

  Seeing that Lin Dahai was serious, Wang Xue snorted, first suppressed the anger in his heart, and watched Lin Dahai wait for an explanation.

  Lin Yijun and others also stared curiously at the cup fragments soaked in the bowl.

  Two minutes later, the fragments of the cup that seemed inconspicuous began to change magically...

  This scene made everyone breathe.

  Four minutes later, the glass fragments in the red wine had completely changed from the original earthy gray to emerald green, and under the weight of the red wine, the green was slightly reddish, which was even more conspicuous.

  "This is a real luminous cup made of the best jadeite!" Lin Yijia couldn't help but exclaimed in surprise.

  The others also took a deep breath.

  Regardless of whether this is a luminous cup from the Southern Song Dynasty, it is no longer false that the material for the cup is the best jade.

  Even if it wasn't from the Southern Song Dynasty, a single top-quality jadeite would sell for hundreds of thousands.

  Now everyone no longer doubted Lu Chen.

  "Fool, do you know how much money you lost with that slap just now?" Lin Dahai looked at Wang Xue with an unhappy expression.

  Wang Xue was speechless. She really regretted it now, but it was a luminous cup worth more than five million, and she was knocked out by herself in an instant. She was bleeding.

  "Sister, where can my brother-in-law have the money to buy a luminous cup? This is a treasure worth five million!" Lin Yijia looked at Lin Yijun, very curious.

  Even if she knew that Lu Chen knew the boss of Xintianze Commercial Building, she couldn't have so much money.

  "This Yeguang Cup was actually bought for two thousand yuan. At the time, I said he wasted money. I didn’t expect Professor Yu Zhengtao to sell him 150,000 yuan, but Lu Chen refused. Lu Chen said it was I don’t sell the birthday gifts for my dad for any amount of money.” Lin Yijun said.

  Two thousand dollars?

  Lin Yijia and Hu Hong both widened their eyes, sighing that Lu Chen's dog feces were overwhelming, and at the same time they secretly relieved.

  As long as Lu Chen didn't really spend five million to buy it, Lu Chen would still be a waste in their eyes.

  "This is my good son-in-law!" Lin Dahai couldn't help sighing. Now, he can only sigh.

  Lin Yijun felt better when she heard her father's sigh.

  Lin Yijia and Hu Hong were a little embarrassed, and they were even more upset with Lu Chen.

  It's really outrageous to say that you are fucking out and you want to steal our limelight.

  ... After

  Lu Chen left the Lin family, he called Lu Zhong.

  "Uncle Zhong, help me find Hu Juncheng, who runs the supermarket. Yes, their father and son pretended to know you, so as to deceive my wife and give me a good warning." Lu Chen hung up after speaking.

  He didn't expose Hu Hong on the spot, it doesn't mean that he will forget this incident.

  If you deceive Lin Yijia and Wang Xue, he can leave it alone, but if he deceives his wife, he has to take care of it.

  Not long after Lu Chen hung up here, Hu Hong, who was eating and drinking at Lin's house, rang.

  When Hu Hong saw that his father was calling, he took it in public.

  And also opened hands-free.

  With the previous foreshadowing, Hu Hong felt that answering his dad's call in public was a kind of show off.

  "Dad, what's the matter?" Hu Hong asked, chewing on the food.

  "Asshole thing, do you know that you hurt Lao Tzu?" Hu Juncheng shouted angrily.

  Hu Hong was immediately stunned by his father's scolding, and he didn't recover for a long time.

  "Just now, Mr. Lu’s secretary called me and said that you deceived Wang Xue and Lin Yijun in the name of Mr. Lu. If you don’t immediately apologize to the parties and obtain their forgiveness, Grand Hyatt will not only bankrupt our supermarket, We have to sue us for bluffing, so no matter what method you use, now, immediately, apologize to Lao Tzu to Wang Xue and Lin Yijun and obtain their forgiveness!" Hu Juncheng continued to shout angrily.

  The Lin family also heard Hu Juncheng's angry voice, and the family's complexion changed instantly, one after another looking at Hu Hong, all of them were angry.

Chapter: 25

Especially Wang Xue and Lin Yijia were extremely angry in their hearts.

  No one likes to be deceived, especially those who care about.

  "Please give me an explanation!" Lin Yijia stared at Hu Hong fiercely. Among the few people, she was the most angry.

  "I...Yijia, listen to me, I really love you..." Hu Hong looked at Lin Yijia nonchalantly, regret and fear in his heart.

  "Go away, I can't bear your love as a liar, and I can't like a liar!" Lin Yijia angrily pointed to her house door and shouted.

  "Yijia, I'm sorry..." Hu Hong's face turned into pig liver color, and his face was ashamed.

  "Get out!" Lin Yijia showed no mercy.

  Seeing that Hu Hong was still standing still, Wang Xue got up and pushed Hu Hong out.

  Then the family was silent.

  "Mom, it's not Hu Hong's help, who is helping us secretly?" Lin Yijun finally broke the silence for a long while.

  Wang Xue shook her head, she couldn't figure it out either.

  They didn't know any big people, and couldn't think of who helped their mother and daughter secretly.

  "Could it be that some big person came to you and helped us secretly?" Wang Xue thought of Lin Yijia's joke before, and said suddenly.

  "How is it possible? Lu Chen and I are fine, and I don't know any big people." Lin Yijun shook her head hurriedly, but she was also a little skeptical.

  "Someone must know it." Lin Yijia said suddenly.

  "Who?" Everyone else looked at Lin Yijia.

  "Brother-in-law, I remember that in the hospital that day, he also hinted that it was not Hu Hong who helped Ma to take down the business of the Grand Hyatt Group, but we didn't believe him at all at the time. And just now, he didn't vowed to say that it was not Hu Hong's help. What, and also asked Hu Hong to call his father to confront him, but he didn't expect that their father and son were such hypocritical and shameless people." Lin Yijia explained.

  Lin Dahai didn't know what happened before, so he kept silent.

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijun nodded their heads. Judging from Lu Chen's previous behavior, Lu Chen must have known who was secretly helping them.

  "Yijun, after you go back, ask Lu Chen to see who is behind us helping our mother and daughter. We have to thank them." Wang Xue looked at Lin Yijun and said.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded, without Wang Xue, she naturally asked Lu Chen when she returned.

  After dinner, Lin Yijun left. As soon as Lin Yijun left, Lin Yijia suddenly said in front of her mother: "Mom, do you think that the person who helped you is Lu Chen?"

  "What are you thinking? He is the only one to be a security guard. If he has this capability, should he still be a security guard?" Wang Xue said with disdain.

  "No, I mean he asked Xintianze’s boss for help. Think about it. He and Xintianze are always friends. They also gave him a supreme card. He asked them to do a little favor, Xintian Ze always won't shirk his punishment." Lin Yijia analyzed.

  "What you said also makes sense, but you will wait for your sister to ask him about everything. If he really asked General Xing for help, I will take back what I said before." Wang Xue hesitated and said.

  If Lu Chen really had this relationship, she would certainly not make things difficult for Lu Chen like before. www.

  On the other side, after Hu Hong returned home, Hu Juncheng asked urgently: "How is it, did they forgive you?"

  Hu Hong shook his head, his expression depressed.

  "They didn't forgive you, why would you dare to come back? You trash, do you want to make our supermarket go bankrupt and go to jail?" Hu Juncheng was furious. No one dared to question what the richest man Lu said. If they are not forgiven by Wang Xue's mother and daughter, they will be dealt with, and they will definitely be done.

  Hu Hong was shocked, and suddenly he became a little scared.

  "Dad, but they didn't accept my apology, they just kicked me out." Hu Hong said weakly.

  "It's such a bastard. People were suspicious of you at that time. Why are you still supporting? If it weren't for you to call me, there would still be room for change. Now we must be forgiven by Wang Xue's mother and daughter in order to keep us. It's a supermarket!" Hu Juncheng couldn't help but slapped Hu Hong's face. He was really angry.

  If he knew that the matter was so serious, how could he play that role with his son?

  He can't wait to interrupt Hu Hong's legs now.

  Hu Hong staggered, and half of his cheeks suddenly became red and swollen. It seemed that Hu Juncheng's slap just came out very hard.

  "Dad, why don't you ask Lu Chen first, he suspected me at the time." Hu Hong said suddenly, touching his cheek.

  "Who is Lu Chen?" Hu Juncheng asked in a deep voice.

  "Lin Yijun’s husband, I heard that we are working as a security guard at Dongjia Electronics Company. We will give him some benefits and let him persuade his wife. As long as his wife forgive us, we will ask her to come forward to Wang Xue to intercede and say It's uncertain," Hu Hong said.

  Hu Juncheng was silent and nodded: "Wang Xue, if she doesn't forgive you all the time, I will vacate a shelf for her in the supermarket to sell their company's medicines."

  Hu Hong was relieved when he heard it.

  Through the contact during this period, he understood Wang Xue's personality, for profit, and saw the money open. As long as his supermarket gave her a column shelf, he believed Wang Xue would definitely agree.

  "Then I will find Lu Chen tomorrow." Hu Hong said.

  "Well, if you can't handle this matter for Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will break your legs." Wang Chengjun snorted.


  Lin Yijun returned home, seeing Lu Chen was having dinner with Qiqi, feeling a little sad.

  He walked over to Lu Chen and sat down, and whispered, "I apologized to my mother for what happened today. As you know, she has such a temper, and I can't persuade her."

  Lin Yijun said that, there was something in her heart. Speechless, if it weren't for Lu Chen doing nothing right now, it wouldn't have caused her mother to have such a big prejudice against Lu Chen.

  However, Lu Chen was kicked out by her mother directly today, and she felt it necessary to apologize to Lu Chen.

  "It's nothing, I just don't want to go to her house." Lu Chen smiled and said indifferently.

  Lin Yijun sighed. She understood Lu Chen's temper. After today's incident, she believed that Lu Chen would never go to her natal house again.

  "By the way, I want to ask you something. How did you know that Hu Hong was not the one who helped us secretly?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "Want to hear the truth or lies." Lu Chen raised his head and looked at Lin Yijun with a smile.

  "Nonsense, of course I have to listen to the truth." Lin Yijun rolled her eyes.

  "The truth is..." Lu Chen hesitated. Seeing Lin Yijun looking at himself expectantly, he finally said,

  "I am the one who helps you behind."

Chapter: 26

Lin Yijun rolled her eyes wildly when she heard Lu Chen's words.

  "Forget it if you don't want to tell, you can go to sleep alone tonight." Lin Yijun felt that Lu Chen was still angry, so she didn't want to tell the truth.

  She said that she went back to the other bedroom, and she still had a plan for the Jinglong Lake villa area to do.

  Seeing Lin Yijun's reaction, Lu Chen shrugged, only a wry smile in his heart.

  Why does my wife just refuse to believe in herself?

  Lin Yijun returned to the bedroom and just opened her brain to prepare a plan, she received a call from her sister.

  "Sister, have you asked your brother-in-law?" Lin Yijia asked.

  "I asked, he refused to say, maybe he is still angry, I will ask him another day." Lin Yijun said.

  "Oh, okay, then tell me when you ask." Lin Yijia said.

  "Well, is there anything else? If it's okay, I will be busy." Lin Yijun nodded.

  "No, you are busy first." Lin Yijia called over just for this matter, and hung up after saying that.

  Lin Yijun put down the phone and leaned on the chair, lost in thought.

  Is it really Lu Chen?

  Can I believe him?

  But if it wasn't him, who would it be?

  ... The

  next day, Lu Chen came to the company, and suddenly saw a black leather bag beside Huapu, so he picked it up and walked to the security guard patrolling not far away.

  "Zhu Shuai, I picked it up over there, put it in the security room, see who lost it, and then let him go to the security room to pick it up." Lu Chen handed the black leather bag to Zhu Shuai.

  "Didn't you see me patrolling? You wouldn't let it go to the security room yourself?" Zhu Shuai said impatiently.

  "Well, then you are busy." Lu Chen nodded. He hadn't been in the security department for a few days, and he had forgotten the whole security department's prejudice against him.

  "What kind of stuff? I thought I would treat myself as a character after climbing up to President Xia?" Zhu Shuai coldly snorted, seeing Lu Chen walking towards the security room from the back.

  "If you, like him, send your wife to President Xia's bed, you can do whatever you want." Another security guard said with a smile.

  When Lu Chen heard the words, he turned around and stared at Zhu Shuai and Zhu Shuai with indifference.

  "Who originated this rumor? Yu Hai? Fan Ming?" A cold light flashed in Lu Chen's eyes.

  He doesn't care about many things, but it's about his wife's clear overflow, so he can't take it as ignorance.

  Two days ago, he asked Xia Jun to investigate this matter. He didn't expect to hear this kind of rumor today, and he was a little disappointed in Xia Jun.

  He decided to investigate this matter himself today.

  "How do we know who told it? Anyway, it's what others said. Besides, this is a fact. You dare to send your wife off, don't you dare to let others say it?" Another security guard named Yu Zheng sneered.

  Lu Chen looked at the two with a gloomy expression, and said coldly: "You two were fired. Either tell me who the rumors are now, or go back and wait for the police to investigate you."

  He decided to go through the legal process. No, the police took action. He didn't believe it and couldn't find out who was behind the rumors.

  "Oh, do you think you can really do whatever you want? You can turn the sky up with a wife?" Zhu Shuai didn't believe that Lu Chen was capable of expelling them.

  If this is the case, the company will not mess around.

  In terms of righteousness, they still believe in President Xia.

  Besides, President Xia is just the second in command in the company.

  Lu Chen didn't bother to talk to the two small shrimps, turned and walked straight to the security department.

  The expulsion of the two security guards is just a matter of one sentence, and it is useless to say more.

  "Lu Chen, why is Sister Wang's wallet with you?" Lu Chen asked, staring at the black leather bag in Lu Chen's hand just before Lu Chen arrived at the security department.

  "I just picked it up outside. If it belongs to Financial Sister Wang, you can give it to her." Lu Chen handed the purse to Yu Hai.

  Yu Hai took the purse and looked at it, frowning and said, "Where is the money?"

  "What's the money?" Lu Chen frowned. The purse was empty when he picked it up, and there was nothing in it.

  "I went to take one hundred thousand dollars before and put them all in this purse. I don't know how to do it. I accidentally dropped them when I came back. Lu Chen, if you take the hundred thousand dollars, please pay you back. It must be returned to Sister Wang. Sister Wang has some difficulties at home, and she really can't afford the 100,000 yuan."

  At this moment , a middle-aged woman walked out of the security room. It was Wang Yan, the company's financial officer.

  Wang Yan's face was very anxious. One hundred thousand yuan is indeed not a small amount to her. She is also asking the security department to help her find it.

  "Sister Wang, he must have taken the money, or how could the leather bag be in his hands." Yu Hai said affirmatively. www.

  "Sister Wang, I didn't take the money. When I picked up the purse, it was empty." Although Lu Chen didn't care about 100,000 yuan, he didn't take the money. Of course he would not admit it.

  "Lu Chen, are you trying to laugh at me? Sister Wang's bag is in your hands. You said you didn't take the money in it. Do you think we are all fools?" Yu Hai laughed.

  "Do you think I'm one hundred thousand yuan?" Lu Chen narrowed his eyes, he could see that Yu Hai deliberately brought the rhythm.

  "What are you pretending? Some time ago, your daughter was sick and stayed in the hospital for half a year. Now you still have hundreds of thousands of different medical expenses. You still said that you are not short of 100,000 yuan?" Yu Hai smiled even more proudly.

  "Yes, Sister Wang, we can testify that Lu Chen often takes time off because his daughter is sick, and in order to treat his daughter, he did borrow hundreds of thousands, so your 100,000 yuan must be his Take it away."

  Zhu Shuai and Yu Zheng sneered at Lu Chen. Lu Chen had just threatened to expel them. Although they were not afraid, they would certainly not let this disgusting Lu Chen opportunity.

  In fact, they didn't know the ins and outs of the whole thing, they just followed it.

  "Lu Chen, Sister Wang kneeled for you, please return the money to me, I really can't afford it!" Said by Yu Hai and others, Wang Yan also believed that the one hundred thousand yuan must be caused by Lu Chen. He took it away, and he really wanted to kneel down.

  Lu Chen frowned, but Yu Hai held onto Wang Yan and said solemnly: "Sister Wang, what are you doing? He owes so much money, even if you kneel down for him, he can't give it away. Give it back to you. So, the best way is to call the police and let the police handle it."

  Yu Hai said that he would call the police on behalf of Wang Yan.

  Zhu Shuai and Yu Zheng both looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  Lu Chen just said that the police came to threaten them, but he didn't expect to be taken away by the police in an instant.

  "Report to the police? Wang Yan and Lu Chen will come to my office."

  At this moment , Xia Jun, who had been standing behind everyone, said suddenly.

  He was just about to go out to do something. He didn't expect that when he passed the security department, he found that Lu Chen was there, so he came over and took a look curiously. After listening for a while, he understood.

  Seeing that Mr. Xia was also here, Wang Yan had to follow Xia Jun to his office.

  Lu Chen glanced at Yu Hai lightly, and followed to Xia Jun's office.

  Seeing the three people leaving behind, Yu Hai frowned and returned to the security lounge.

  In the lounge, Fan Ming is leaning on a chair and smoking.

  "Director Fan, Mr. Xia called Lu Chen and Wang Yan to his office. I was about to call the police and was stopped by him." Yu Hai looked at Fan Ming and said.

Chapter: 27

"I didn't expect this to be so lucky. If Xia Jun came forward, he would definitely have to adjust the surveillance to watch. You first delete the surveillance video, and then find someone to return the money. Be careful, don't show any footwork. Now." Fan Ming said in silence.

  This was originally they deliberately engaged in Lu Chen, but now Xia Jun intervened, Fan Ming had to give up.

  The most important thing is that he has not yet become a new shareholder, and of course he dare not confront Xia Jun. Xia Jun wants to protect Lu Chen, and he has nothing to do.

  "What the hell is a bit unwilling, such a great opportunity, maybe you can get Lu Chen in the game for a few days." Yu Hai said unwillingly.

  "Well, when you see new shareholders come to the company, let me know as soon as possible." Fan Ming nodded. In order to climb the tree of new shareholders, he has worked a lot in the past two days. He believes in the new Shareholders will definitely reuse him.

  Yu Hai hummed, and went down to make arrangements.

  When the three of Lu Chen came to Xia Jun's office, Wang Yan told the story again.

  But in front of Xia Jun, she did not insist that Lu Chen took her money.

  "You said that your wallet was dropped outside, but Lu Chen found your wallet in the company. Obviously, Lu Chen didn't take the money." Xia Jun said.

  Lu Chen was the company's largest shareholder, and he didn't believe that Lu Chen would be greedy for that 100,000 yuan.

  "The company has all-round monitoring, and you will know who brought the wallet into the company by adjusting the monitoring." Lu Chen said.

  He had worked in the security department before, and he was still very clear about the company's monitoring coverage, and everything was clear when he adjusted the monitoring.

  "Well, let's go to the Security Department to monitor and monitor." Xia Jun nodded.

  At this moment, someone knocked on the door, Xia Jun said, and he saw a security guard coming in with a paper bag.

  "President Xia, when I was patrolling, I found this bag in the parking lot. There was exactly one hundred thousand yuan in it. I don't know if it was the one hundred thousand lost by Sister Wang." The security guard put the paper bag on Xia Jun's desk and said.

  "Yes, yes, this is my money. The bank wrapped me in this paper bag at the time." Wang Yan opened the paper bag and said excitedly.

  "Sister Wang's money is fine." The security nodded and then withdrew.

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes as he looked at the security guard.

  "Be careful next time, you go and work on you first." Seeing that Lu Chen's face looked very ugly, Xia Jun sent out the finances first.

  "Okay President Xia, and Lu Chen, I'm sorry, I almost wronged the good guy just now." Wang Yan apologized to Lu Chen and went out.

  "Shao Lu, have you offended someone from the Security Department?" Xia Jun asked. It was obvious that someone was going to blame Lu Chen, and then seeing that it was too much, he took the initiative to return the money.

  "It seems that if the tiger doesn't show off his power, he treats me as a sick cat." Lu Chen sneered.

  He is basically sure that this matter is related to Yu Hai, but it is not clear whether it has anything to do with Fan Ming.

  He didn't treat Fan Mingyu Hai's generation as opponents at all. He didn't expect them to be so reluctant to live or die. If so, then he must teach them a lesson.

  "Lu Shao, what do you plan to do, do you want to hand them over to the police?" Xia Jun guessed that Lu Chen should already know who was setting him up.

  "Should we go to the surveillance system first, and then give the surveillance video to the police?" Xia Jun asked again.

  "The surveillance video must not be able to be adjusted. Since they did it, it must have been deleted. Even today, they deliberately turned off some key surveillance.

  This is slow in advance. You can give me Zhu Shuai now. The two security guards and Yuzheng were fired on the grounds that they spread rumors and slandered my wife, and then asked the police to investigate them to see who spread the rumors."

  Lu Chen is going to find out who is behind the rumors and slander his wife. In the face of things, things that defile him are nothing.

  Xia Jun was shocked. He was also investigating this matter. Lu Chen was dissatisfied with his efficiency.

  "Shao Lu, I think it is more convincing to let the police come to investigate them first, and then expel them when the truth becomes clear." Xia Jun said hurriedly.

  "Yes, you can take care of it now. If it doesn't matter if you are in the bureau, I will let someone come forward." Lu Chen said.

  "Okay, I'll inform the police now that I have a relationship with the chief. He should help me to supervise and investigate this matter first." Xia Jun said and called his relationship.

  He originally wanted to deal with this matter low-key, but now it seems that he wants to be low-key and can't get up.


  "Fuck, Lu Chen is still in the office of President Xia. If President Xia blatantly makes this kind of PY transaction with him, is he not afraid of causing a greater negative impact?" Yu Zheng and Zhu Shuai patrol the office building , Seeing Lu Chen and Xia Jun still discussing things in the office from a distance, Yu Zheng muttered.

  "Huh, it will be fun when it reaches the new shareholders. I heard that the new shareholders will reorganize the company's ethos. They don't put the new shareholders in their eyes." Zhu Shuai sneered. .

  "But having said that, Lu Chen's mother is ruthless enough. In order to climb up to Mr. Xia, he didn't hesitate to send his wives out. For such a person, it is best not to annoy him in the future. Make him anxious. He is so real. Everything can be done." Yu Zheng said.

  "Well, I don't know where I practiced, and even the captain dare not offend him to death." Zhu Shuai nodded, thinking that Lu Chen would easily let Xu Jing who fights more powerful than them were released. They were still a little afraid of Lu Chen about the translation.

  "Let's go, they seem to be coming out." At this moment, the door of Xia Jun's office opened, and the two police officers walked out with them.

  "You two will be called Zhu Shuai and Yu Zheng." Before the two of you left, two police officers came to them.

  The two nodded, and when they saw Lu Chen, they couldn't help but feel shocked. They didn't expect Lu Chen to actually call the police to investigate them.

  "You are suspected of spreading rumors and slander, please cooperate with us to go back and investigate." The two police officers said they signaled Yu Zheng to go downstairs.

  "Lu Chen, you have a fucking seed!" The two gave Lu Chen a cold look, and followed the police officer downstairs.

  A sneer was drawn from the corner of Lu Chen's eyes, and after talking to Xia Jun, he also went downstairs.

  "Brother Chen, do you have time?" Lu Chen was about to leave the company when he saw Xu Jing walking towards him.

  "Yes." Lu Chen nodded. He and Xu Jing didn't know each other. At first, Xu Jing couldn't understand him, so he had to teach him. He didn't expect Xu Jing to be subdued by two or three.

  From then on, Xu Jing respected him from the bottom of his heart. In detail, Xu Jing and him can be regarded as friends in the entire company. www.

  "Then I will invite you to dinner, I want to ask you something." Xu Jing said.

  "Okay, let's go." Lu Chen nodded, and walked out of the company with Xu Jing.

  When the two of them just walked out of the company and came to an alley, they saw that the road ahead was blocked by seven or eight big men.

  And it was acquaintances who blocked the road.

Chapter: 28

It is not someone else blocking the road, it is Zhang Sanyuan, the owner of the antique shop.

  Seeing Zhang Sanyuan well leading people in front of him, Lu Chen didn't panic, but was a little disappointed with the Water Margin Sanjie.

  The Water Margin Sanjie was a person trained by Lu Zhong. At that time, Lu Chen had already said so obviously that Zhang Sanyuan wanted to interrupt his hand. What he meant was to let the Water Margin Sanjie also interrupt Zhang Sanyuan's hand.

  But now it seems that Zhang Sanyuan's hands cannot be better.

  "It seems that you have to train yourself to be easy to use." Lu Chen said with emotion.

  "Boy, I won't talk nonsense with you, and hand over the luminous cup. From now on, the well water will not be the river water, otherwise, don't blame Laozi for being cruel!" Zhang Sanyuan stared at Lu Chen, his eyes flashing fiercely.

  That was at least five million luminous cups of the Song Dynasty. Compared with five million, everything is ridiculous.

  The seven or eight big men behind him waved the machete in his hands, in a menacing posture.

  "Brother Chen, who are these people, how could you offend such a cruel character?" Xu Jing asked in a low voice.

  "I have offended many ruthless characters. These are just small shrimps. If you are afraid, just step aside." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "I'm just a bit dead-headed. Calling your brother one day, you will be my brother for the rest of my life." Xu Jing said solemnly.

  He has just returned from the army for a year, and he is not very old, but as long as he recognizes someone, he will be regarded as a brother to death.

  "Okay, don't ask so much, let's fight side by side first." Lu Chen nodded.

  Xu Jing nodded, clenched his fists, and opened the fighting position first.

  Don't look at the seven or eight people on the opposite side holding machetes, but he is not worried at all.

  One, he himself came back from a special troop retired, and he has seen all kinds of swordsmanship, and he doesn't care about the opponent's position.

  Second, when it comes to fighting, Lu Chen is better than him, let alone worry.

  "Paralysis, it seems that you won't shed tears if you don't see the coffin. Give it to me!" Zhang Sanyuan saw Lu Chen and Xu Jing's frame and knew that there was no bleeding today. Lu Chen would definitely not hand over the luminous cup obediently. .

  Seven or eight big guys rushed up with angrily when they heard the words.

  Under the shining of the sun, the light of the knife is even more frightening.

  Fortunately, no one passes by this alley at this time, or it looks really scary.

  Lu Chen and Xu Jing also moved.

  In the fight, both of them were ruthless characters, and the other had a knife in their hands.

  So I didn't keep my hands...


  In less than a minute, Zhang Sanyuan was surprised to see that all the seven or eight big men he had called were humming on the ground.

  But Lu Chen and Xu Jing had already passed seven or eight people and stood in front of Zhang Sanyuan.

  "You, you, are you humans or ghosts!" Zhang Sanyuan's body was a little trembling.

  After spending so many years in the underground forces, he has also hacked and killed people, but he has never seen a monster-like powerhouse like Lu Chen.

  "Brother, he said a few days ago that he would interrupt my hand, and then someone was willing to interrupt his hand for me, but it looks like I was caught in water. Can you interrupt his hand for me?" Lu Chen He ignored Zhang Sanyuan, but looked at Xu Jing.

  "Since you spoke up, Brother Chen, I will definitely not shirk it." Xu Jing just looked at Lu Chen and understood something.

  It was too easy for Lu Chen to interrupt the opponent's hand, but Lu Chen asked him to help. He understood what Lu Chen meant.

  It's just a little surprise in my heart, it's a little bit unlike Brother Chen that he knows.

  "Are you going to interrupt my Brother Chen's hand?" Xu Jing stepped forward and looked at Zhang Sanyuan.

  "No, no, brother, I never thought about it, and I don't want that luminous cup either." Zhang Sanyuan looked at Lu Chen, and his words were a little uncomfortable.

  "My Brother Chen said that if there is one, then there is." Xu Jing said, clasping Zhang Sanyuan's wrist, and then unscrewed it.


  The sound of broken hand bones sounded crisply, followed by the screams of Zhang Sanyuan killing a pig.

  "Brother Chen, I believe that his arm is basically useless after healed." Xu Jing turned around and said to Lu Chen.

  He believes in his methods.

  "Well, let's go, I'll treat you to dinner today." Lu Chen nodded, then took out his cell phone and called Du Fei.

  Xu Jing didn't say anything, the two didn't look at Zhang Sanyuan who was holding his broken arm and screaming.

  "A Fei, come to Emerald 36 for dinner, and I will send you the name of the private room later. Don't ask anything, let's talk about it first." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

  Du Fei is one of Lu Chen's few friends in Yuzhou in recent years, and he also knows the details of Du Fei.

  If it hadn't been for the sudden disappointment with the Water Margin Sanjie, he would not have planned to ask Du Fei out to eat today.

  "Brother Chen, eating here seems to be expensive. I haven't paid my salary yet. Brother, I really can't afford you today." When he came to the gate of Jade 36, Xu Jing just glanced at it and said.

  Although he has not come to Jade 36 for dinner, he still knows that Jade 36 is a high-end restaurant in Yuzhou. The lowest seems to be more than 1,000 per capita, and the most expensive private room, I heard that a meal can eat hundreds of thousands. .

  "I invite you today." Lu Chen said.

  "Brother Chen, if you invite me with illegitimate money, I won't eat this meal." Xu Jing hesitated and said.

  Lu Chen stopped, looked at Xu Jing curiously, and then smiled: "What is impropriety and what is legitimacy?"

  Xu Jing's eyes flickered and hesitated: "Brother Chen, I always treat you as the eldest brother. , Although I shouldn't doubt you, I don't feel comfortable with something hidden in my heart."

  Lu Chen looked at Xu Jing, took out a cigarette and handed it to Xu Jing, and then took out another one by himself.

  Xu Jing did not light the cigarette, but looked directly at Lu Chen and said: "I have been hearing a lot of rumors about you and your sister-in-law these days... I don't believe you are that kind of person, but you arrive every day these days. The company is basically in Mr. Xia's office, and I feel very uncomfortable in my eyes."

  That's why he invited Lu Chen to dinner today.

  Everyone said that Lu Chen sent his wife to Xia Jun's bed in exchange for his position in the company today. Although everyone said it was pretty, he still didn't believe it.

  But he also wanted to ask Lu Chen to understand.

  Lu Chen took a mouthful of cigarettes and then put out the cigarette butts before smiling slightly: "If you believe me, go in for dinner with me, and then I will tell you the truth tomorrow."

  He said that he stepped into the door of Jade 36. Xu Jing regarded him as a big brother, but whether he can trust him like Du Fei depends on his choice today.

  Xu Jing sighed, and walked into Jade with Lu Chen. 36.

  "Brother-in-law, what are you doing here?"

  Just as Lu Chen passed a deck, a woman suddenly asked him.

  Lu Chen looked back, and saw Lin Yijia, Wang Xue and a young man in a suit and leather collar looking at him on the deck.
Chapter: 29

"Eating, can I do other things here?" Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijia amusedly.

  Others are also a bit funny, what can Jade 36 do without eating.

  When Xu Jing saw Lin Yijia, his eyes lit up, and he said that sister Chen is really beautiful.

  "Do you know what this place is? Have you paid off the hundreds of thousands you owed?" Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen questioningly, especially thinking that Lu Chen still owed a big ass debt, but came to eat at this high-end restaurant , She felt a little unhappy.

  The most important thing is that he came to eat alone without Lin Yijun, which made her even more angry.

  "It's my brother-in-law. The minimum cost to eat here is a few thousand yuan. My sister finally got promoted to the supervisor. Is that how you manage the family?" Lin Yijia also blamed.

  "I have money myself." Lu Chen was a little speechless, saying that your mother and daughter are really lenient. Don't say I'm just the son-in-law of your Lin family. Even if it's your son, you don't need to take care of everything.

  "If you have money, why don't you pay back other people's money? If you have money, why don't you buy a big house for Yijun to live in? If you have money, why don't you buy a car for Yijun? Yijun Marrying you, I have never had a good day, marrying a man like you, my daughter is really blind." Wang Xue said fiercely.

  Lu Chen did not speak, but Wang Xue's words touched him a little.

  Yes, he has inherited the family property and is already rich. Indeed, he shouldn't let his wife have a hard time.

  Lu Chen felt it in his heart and walked to a waiter.

  "Open a private room for me." Lu Chen said to the attendant.

  Before the waiter spoke, he heard Wang Xue say coldly behind him: "Don't pay attention to him. He can't even eat in the lobby. What kind of private room does he open?"

  "Ah?" The waiter looked at Lu Chen and Wang Xue suspiciously. , I don't know what the relationship between the two is, and I feel a little at a loss.

  "He is my son-in-law, just a security guard, and he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to others. If you are not afraid that he can't pay for it, you can drive him." Wang Xue said to the waiter.

  "This... Sir, do you have a membership card? If you don't have one, you can only eat in the lobby. Only members can open private rooms here." The waiter believed Wang Xue when he heard it.

  "I don't have a membership card." Lu Chen said, shaking his head.

  "Your brother-in-law is a bit dirty, and you don't even understand the rules here, so you dare to come here for dinner." The young man in a suit and leather collar beside Lin Yijia laughed.

  "No, but he is a security guard. It is normal not to understand the rules here." Lin Yijia said.

  "It's no wonder that security guards have a few salaries, and their monthly salary is not enough to come here for a meal. It should be the first time to come here." The young man said with a superior appearance.

  This young man is called Zhai Fu, but he is not the second-generation rich, but an executive of a large company.

  However, the income of executives of large companies is not comparable to that of ordinary people. In front of ordinary people, he does have arrogant capital.

  "If you don't have a membership card, you can only eat in the lobby." The waiter said.

  "Your manager knows me, let him come, and he will open a private room for me." Lu Chen said.

  This restaurant is also invested by the Grand Hyatt Group. Although it is not the largest shareholder, it also accounts for 40% of the shares. When the Grand Hyatt Group held a senior management meeting, the owner and manager of Jade 36 also attended, so they must know Lu dust.

  "Sorry, our manager has no time to see you." The waiter said unceremoniously.

  She didn't think there was anything before, but now Lu Chen still wants to see their manager, it's a bit unreasonable. If she really called the manager, it would be strange not to be scolded by the manager.

  "Don't leave? You want to stay ashamed?" Wang Xue couldn't wait to throw Lu Chen out. If Lin Yijia hadn't called her identity first, she wouldn't say that Lu Chen was her son-in-law, it would be too embarrassing. .

  "Brother, you still have to do some things according to your ability. The manager of Renjia Jade 36 is also a person with a good face. Not everyone can talk and see." Zhai Fu said against Wang Xue.

  "Oh, right? I only know that if Qiu Jian knew that I was here, he would definitely come to see me as soon as possible." Lu Chen looked back at Zhai Fu and said.

  "What? Did you come to be funny? Who are you? What is Manager Qiu? You don't take a pissing photo?" Zhai Fu was amused by Lu Chen's words, his expression sarcastically.

  "Brother-in-law, I am not afraid of such a big talk. I will convince you too." Lin Yijia said silently.

  "Forget Yi Jia, I think your brother-in-law is not mentally problematic. It is better for this kind of person to stay away from him so as not to be laughed at." Zhai Fu shook his head sarcastically.

  "Director Wang, let's continue to talk about the contract." Zhai Fu gave Lu Chen a contemptuous look before turning to the deck.

  "It's really shameful." Wang Xue snorted coldly, and didn't want to worry about Lu Chen.

  Seeing the three of them return to their deck, Lu Chen finally felt that the whole world was quiet.

  "Brother Chen, or let's eat somewhere else." Xu Jing whispered, and he was not sure whether Lu Chen really had money.

  "If I say that I am still one of the shareholders here, would you believe it?" Lu Chen smiled.

  Xu Jing was stunned, and said silently: "Brother Chen, your joke is really not funny."

  "If you are one of the shareholders of our restaurant, I would still be the richest man in Yuzhou." The waiter couldn't help but complain and felt right. Lu Chen looked down even more.

  Lu Chen stalled his hands. Just as he was about to say something, he heard the waiter say again: "Sir, if you want to eat, you can go to the lobby to order food. If you don't want to eat, please leave immediately and don't affect our work."

  Xu Jing was even more embarrassed when the waiter directly issued the order to evict the customers.

  Especially the strange gazes from the guests on the surrounding decks made him not want to stay here for a moment.

  "I have seen a shameless person, I have never seen such a shameless person. I can't afford to eat here, but I still want to stay and eat and drink. How hypocritical is this." Seeing the waiter order Lu Chen Before leaving, some guests shook their heads and sarcastically.

  "Eldest sister, this guy is really your son-in-law? You dare to marry your daughter to him like this?" A man in the stall next to Wang Xue looked at Wang Xue and laughed.

  When Wang Xue heard it, he was furious, her eyes staring at Lu Chen were rather unkind.

  It's too shameful.

  Lu Chen didn't bother to talk to everyone, took out his mobile phone and prepared to call the boss here.

  At this moment, a middle-

  aged man came over and asked, "What's the situation?" The middle-aged man didn't see Lu Chen's face, so he looked at Xu Jing and asked the waiter.

  "Manager Qiu, this guy doesn't have money to eat, and he still doesn't leave." The waiter pointed to Lu Chen who was checking the phone and said.

  "Call the security guard out." The middle-aged man frowned.

  "Didn't you just want to see Renjia Manager Qiu, why did you stop talking?" The guest who had something good laughed at Lu Chen.

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijia lowered their heads in shame, fearing that others would look at them.

  At this moment, both of them regretted a little. Why did they call Po Lu Chen's relationship with them just now?

  What a shame!

  Just when the waiter was about to go out to call the security guard, Lu Chen finally raised his head, looked at the middle-aged, and said faintly, "Qiu Jian, you want the security to blast me out?"

Chapter: 30

"This kid is really very sick. I still have to pretend at this time." When everyone heard Lu Chen's words, they all shook their heads. They had never seen such a dead person.

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijia wanted to find a place to sew and drill down. It was really shameful.

  Wang Xue stood up in a rush, ready to blast Lu Chen out personally, so as not to be embarrassing to her and her daughter for a while.

  Lin Yijia followed Wang Xue and walked towards Lu Chen quickly, hoping to pull Lu Chen out before Qiu Jian became angry.

  "Huh?" Qiu Jian looked at Lu Chen again when he heard the words. Just when he was about to get angry, he finally saw Lu Chen's face clearly.

  "Lu, Shao Lu!" Seeing Lu Chen's face clearly, Qiu Jian shuddered in shock.

  This is the real helm of the Grand Hyatt Group and one of their major shareholders of Jade 36. Even their boss’s largest shareholder must respectfully scream Lu Shao when they see Lu Chen. He is just a manager here. If you want the security guard to blast such a big man out, isn't it looking for death?

  "Lu Shao, I'm really sorry, I didn't really see that it was you just now." Qiu Jian hurriedly said with a wry smile.

  Shao Lu?

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijia, who had just walked to Lu Chen to do something, were stunned, looking at Qiu Jian with shock.

  They saw fear and fear in Qiu Jian's eyes.

  What's the situation?

  When will this waste become less? And also makes the managers of Jade 36 fear him so much?

  The other guests were also dumbfounded.

  Isn't this guy poor, how could he become Lu Shao all at once?

  "Qiu, Manager Qiu, he is just a security guard, how could it be Shao Lu, have you admitted the wrong person?" Wang Xue asked in shock.

  "Yes, Manager Qiu, we know him, he is really just a security guard." Zhai Fu also stepped forward and said.

  "Are you?" When Qiu Jian heard Zhai Fu say that he knew Lu Chen, he kept an eye on him and turned to Zhai Fu.

  "My name is Zhai Fu and I am the deputy director of the sales department of Yunfei Group." Zhai Fu said triumphantly, and looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, and said to Qiu Jian: "I don't know him, open a private room for me." When

  Qiu Jian heard Lu Chen's words, he immediately stopped being a bird Zhai Fu, not just a management of Yunfei Group, even if it was. The CEO of Yunfei Group had to be a low-key person in front of Shao Lu, and a manager was a shit.

  "Lu Shao, I will take you to the Emperor Bag. The Emperor Bag is reserved for you by Mr. Zhao. When you didn't come, you only served the big man in the city once." Qiu Jian said respectfully and moved forward. lead the way.

  He said that Mr. Zhao is the first shareholder, Zhao Chuanbing. Since the last time the Junyue Group held a management meeting to announce the identity of Lu Chen, Zhao Chuanbing has vacated one of the three private rooms, except for occasionally entertaining big figures in the city. At that time, the emperor package was not open to the outside world.

  Xu Jing followed Lu Chen, calm on the surface, but actually a little excited inside.

  He knew that Lu Chen was not the kind of person that the company employees were rumored to have.

  Even if Mr. Xia is here, he believes that the manager here will definitely not treat him with such respect.

  But, what is the identity of Brother Chen?

  Xu Jing was a little confused again.

  Seeing Lu Chen and the three people entering the elevator, Wang Xue and others recovered, but the shock in their eyes had not completely disappeared.

  Is this really your own trash son-in-law?

  Wang Xue became more and more confused.

  "Brother-in-law, who are you?" Lin Yijia murmured in her heart.

  Xintianze’s Xing always gives you the Supreme Card.

  Mr. Zhao of Jade 36 has left an unused emperor bag alone for you.

  Are you really just a security guard?

  Zhai Fu's face was very ugly.

  He originally wanted to pretend to be forceful in front of Lu Chen, but he didn't expect that a loud slap in the backhand drew him up.

  The key is that he can only suffer this slap in the face.

  Qiu Jian treated him respectfully.

  Mr. Zhao of Jade 36 left an emperor bag for him.

  What kind of awesome characters do you have to meet?

  He was just a company management, he was beaten in the face, and he was really only aggrieved.

  As for the waiter, it was the three of Lu Chen who got into the elevator before regaining his senses.

  When she recovered, she chased after her with a pale face.

  She knew that she had offended a big man and had to apologize.

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijia went to the bathroom with excuses, but they called Lin Yijun the first time.

  "Yijun, mom asks you something, is there something strange about Lu Chen recently?" Wang Xue asked as soon as the phone was connected.

  "It's normal, what's the matter?" Lin Yijun asked curiously.

  "Mom means, has my brother-in-law met some big people recently?" Lin Yijia grabbed Wang Xue's phone and said.

  "No, he seems to be in the company lately." Lin Yijun said.

  "Fart, he is now eating at Jade 36, and the manager here looks like a grandson in front of him, and respectfully calls him Lu Shao." Lin Yijia said.

  "Ah? No." Lin Yijun smiled after being surprised.

  "Why not? He was just taken to the private room by the manager here. If you don't believe me, please call him." Lin Yijia said.

  "Oh, okay, then I'll call and ask." Lin Yijun said and hung up.

  She turned out Lu Chen's number, hesitated for a while, but finally did not dial it.

  At this moment, her phone rang again, and Lin Yijun answered it as soon as she saw the remarks.

  "Director Lin, I'm really sorry, there was a car accident just halfway, and the car was blocked for more than ten minutes. I may be late for a while." The other party said apologetically.

  "Manager Wang, it's okay, I have just arrived, so be careful when you drive on the road." Lin Yijun said somewhat surprised by Pang Ruo.

  It was Wang Wei, project manager of Grand Hyatt Group who called her.

  Today, she was only trying to call Wang Wei to check the other party’s tone, to see if they had a chance to talk about the project in Jinglong Lake Villa District. Unexpectedly, after she just reported her name and position, Wang Wei directly asked She made an appointment to come out and talk. www. I

  didn't expect that Wang Wei was only late for a while, so he called her to apologize, why not surprised her.

  Moreover, Wang Wei's attitude made her a little more excited, which indirectly told her that Dongjia Electronics had a great chance to win the Jinglong Lake deal.

  After waiting for more than ten minutes, Wang Wei finally arrived.

  The entire negotiation process went so smoothly that Lin Yijun couldn't believe it.

  Wang Wei didn't even bother about the price and directly signed a contract with her.

  With a big order of 27 million yuan, Lin Yijun took the signed contract until she walked out of the hotel, she still felt a little untrue.

  But this contract was initially drawn up by her, and Wang Wei just signed the contract with the Grand Hyatt Group on it. This is simply not a fake.

  Moreover, Wang Wei also promised that if he would pay the deposit of 5 million yuan to Dongjia Electronics' account before leaving get off work today.

  "Go back and tell Mr. Xia. If they do transfer the deposit today, it must be true." Lin Yijun still couldn't believe that she had signed the project of Jinglong Lake Villa District.

  Wang Wei watched Lin Yijun leave with suspicion, only a wry smile in his heart.

  "Master Lu, Master Lu, what kind of drama are you playing again? You obviously love your wife, why don't you tell her who you are?"

  Wang Wei smiled and shook his head. Said that he couldn't understand his master's routine.