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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 31-40) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 31

The emperor package is on the third floor. It is one of the three most luxurious private rooms in Jade 36. There are only three private rooms on the third floor.

  It is a private room rather than a small hall.

  Needless to say, the decoration, brilliant lights, luxurious fabrics, unrestrained layout, tableware and facilities, are all dense and lively colors, similar to natural lines.

  The long dining table is placed by the window and you can see the swimming pool downstairs.

  Opposite the dining table is a one-meter-high performance platform, which is more gorgeous than ordinary stages.

  The entire private room is luxurious and comfortable, giving people a supreme and noble feeling.

  "Lu Shao, this private room is still satisfied, there is a top band, do you want them to perform now?" Qiu Jian said cautiously.

  "The band won't need it, just prepare food for me in about half an hour." Lu Chen shook his head and sat down on the chair that Qiu Jian had pulled.

  "Okay, then I'll let the kitchen prepare now." Qiu Jian said respectfully and stepped out, beside Lu Chen, he was under a lot of pressure.

  As soon as Qiu Jian left, the waiter knocked on the door and walked in.

  "Lu, Shao Lu, I'm sorry..." The waiter remembered what Manager Qiu called before.

  "Okay, you go and do your job." Lu Chen waved his hand before the other party was finished.

  He didn't bother to be honest with a waiter.

  "Thank you, Shao Lu." Seeing that Lu Chen was not angry and didn't embarrass her, the service heaved a sigh of relief and didn't dare to stay longer.

  Lu Chen ignored the waiter, but took out his mobile phone and sent Du Fei a message, telling Du Fei that they were in the Emperor's Bag.

  "Brother Chen..." Xu Jing had a lot of doubts in his mind, hesitating to ask Lu Chen if he wanted to.

  "You will know many things tomorrow, as long as you know that I am not an ordinary person. Of course, if you call me Brother Chen, I will not treat you badly. As for how far you can go in the future, it is your own business." Lu Chen knew what Xu Jing wanted to ask, and said with a smile.

  Xu Jing shrugged and stopped asking more questions. Soon several waiters brought tea and fruit plates.

  The two chatted while eating tea, and Du Fei walked in after a while.

  Du Fei was 1.8 meters tall, about the same as Lu Chen, but much stronger than Lu Chen.

  The most striking thing is that a knife scar runs through his entire left cheek, which looks very eye-catching and a bit scary.

  The waitresses in the private room were a little afraid.

  "Good guy, I got rich, and I came to eat in this kind of place." Du Fei walked over to Lu Chen and smiled.

  "Forget it, so I came to pay you back today." Lu Chen smiled.

  "Congratulations, I know that your kid is not in the pool, and sooner or later he will fly into the sky." Du Fei also smiled.

  Lu Chen smiled without saying a word, and changed the subject: "This is my colleague Xu Jing. He called me Brother Chen, so let you two get to know you today."

  "Xu Jing, his name is Du Fei, which is rare for me. One of my friends." Lu Chen introduced Du Fei to Xu Jing.

  "The person Lu Chen approved is also a friend of my Du Fei. If the little brother doesn't mind, you can call me Brother Fei." Du Fei reached out in front of Xu Jing.

  "Phoenix Yufei's Du Fei?" Xu Jing didn't shake hands with Du Fei, but looked at Du Fei's eyes in surprise.

  Du Fei was startled, and then smiled: "Ten years, I didn't expect that there are young people who know me. Is this my honor?"

  Xu Jing said, "Of course I know you. The people under his staff injured me. I sweared at the time that one day, I will seek revenge on their boss.”

  Seeing Xu Jing’s serious expression, Du Fei smiled: “Good job , I Also see if the person Lu Chen recognizes has a false name."

  "Okay." Xu Jing said, reaching out and holding Du Fei's hand, and then the two of them held together tightly.

  At the beginning, the expressions of the two of them did not change, even in the eyes of the waiters, they were no different from a normal handshake.

  But soon everyone saw that the palms held together by the two began to turn from white to red.

  After dozens of seconds, Du Fei's expression remained as usual, but Xu Jing's forehead had already begun to sweat.

  "Not bad, with great potential. It is estimated that in ten years or so, I will not be your opponent." Du Fei said, letting go of his hand, and nodded appreciatively.

  "Thank you Fei brother for being merciful, it seems that I can't avenge this grudge, at least there will be no chance in the past ten years." Xu Jing rubbed his hand and said.

  "Young people, don't be presumptuous. Ten years ago, I was about the same as yours now." Du Fei smiled.

  Xu Jing smiled and said nothing. He and Du Fei didn't have any holidays at all. The reason for saying this is just to try whether Du Fei, the leader of the underground forces that smashed Yuzhou ten years ago, is still as strong as before.

  Of course, he was even more curious about why Lu Chen introduced him to Du Fei.

  He remembered Du Fei ten years ago as if he was betrayed and killed by his most trusted person.

  However, Du Fei is not dead. His reappearance indicates that he will be out of the world again?

  Lu Chen took out a bank card and placed it in front of Du Fei. He looked at Du Fei's eyes and said, "A Fei, there is exactly 50,000 in it. Pay back your money, and the code is 6 9."

  "Okay, since you are rich, then I You are welcome." Du Fei nodded and put the bank card away.

  "How is the business recently?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "My small shop, the location is just like that. It is impossible to make a lot of money. There is definitely no problem supporting the family." Du Fei smiled.

  "Brother Fei opened a shop?" Xu Jing looked at Du Fei in amazement. This is a big man who used to be in Yuzhou, but he did not expect that he is now guarding a small shop to live his life. I am afraid not to let the underground forces. Those people laugh out loud.

  "Yes, Brother Fei, I have never had any ambitions. There is no risk in doing a small business." Du Fei smiled.

  "Okay." Xu Jing said nothing.

  Lu Chen took out another bank card and placed it in front of Du Fei: "Here is 10 million. The password is the same as the previous one. It is enough for you to expand your store."

  Du Fei looked at the bank card and then again. landward dust, smiled and said:. "it seems that you made this fiscal is not generally a big ah"

  Lu dust smiles:. "okay, ten million pairs of me, are not really drop in the bucket"

  drop in the bucket are Not counted?

  Both Du Fei and Xu Jing opened their mouths in surprise, and the jaws of the waiters were even more shocked.

  This guy seems to be in his twenties, does he really have that much money?

  This is the inner doubt of several waiters.

  But think about anyone who can take 10 million to give away, at least it is not the level they can imagine.

  "I think my current scale is very good, and the scale is bigger, and the risk is also great." Du Fei did not hesitate, so he pushed the bank card directly in front of Lu Chen.

  He knew what Lu Chen meant, and let him expand the scale, didn't he want him to come back out of the arena.

  "Don't think about it anymore? You have to believe that since I found you, I have absolute certainty that you will exceed the height of ten years ago." Lu Chen said.

  "You know the person in my family. She likes a peaceful life. Ten years ago, I made her suffer countless frights. I can only use the rest of my life to supplement her." Du Fei shook his head.

  "Well, that's what I said." Lu Chen nodded. Although he was a little disappointed, he still respected Du Fei's choice.

  Du Fei loves his wife very much and does not want to bring her wife into the world again. Is

  he not?

  He had told Lin Yijun his identity. After Lin Yijun didn't believe it, he didn't want to say more.

  Because he was afraid that this sudden huge surprise would bring a mental shock to Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijun liked the sense of accomplishment gained through his own efforts, and he just helped her secretly.

Chapter: 32

"Brother Chen, are you going to make Brother Fei come out again?" Xu Jing asked Lu Chen after the meal, and he didn't quite understand what the two said before.

  "It was before, but now I have changed my mind." Lu Chen smiled.

  Du Fei made this choice for his own woman, and he supported Du Fei from the heart.

  Because they are similar in many places.

  It can also be said to be the same kind of people.

  "Do you have anything else this afternoon? If it's okay, accompany me to buy a car. It is convenient to have a car to pick up my daughter every day." Lu Chen asked.

  Before Wang Xue's words also touched him a little, he planned to let Lin Yijun understand his identity bit by bit.

  Then buy a car, buy a house, and gradually lead a high-quality life. When Lin Yijun gets used to it, he should be able to accept the fact that he is a super rich second generation.

  "Okay, I will rest today." Xu Jing said.

  Lu Chen nodded, and started blocking the car on the side of the road.

  When Lin Yijun returned to the company and told Fan Ming what she was talking about the project in the Jinglong Lake Villa District, Fan Ming’s first reaction was not to believe it.

  "Director Lin, I know this business is quite difficult, but didn't Mr. Lu talk about it yesterday? How can you know the result if you don't try it yourself? So, you should try it first and then come to me. Lying directly can only make everyone distrust your supervisor."

  Fan Ming's voice was deliberately increased a few points so that the salesmen who were still in the business department could hear it.

  Sure enough, upon hearing Fan Ming's words, a salesperson immediately said: "Director Lin, we are still waiting for your good news. Take you as an example, don't let us down."

  "Yes, yeah, you can win The one in Greentown Real Estate shows that your business ability is unmatched, and there is still a chance for this one."

  Fan Ming smiled and said, "Look, everyone has a great deal of love for you." I hope that, as a supervisor, you are still a newly promoted supervisor, and you must not let everyone down."

  Lin Yijun was quite speechless, and handed the contract in her hand to Fan Ming, and said, "I really signed the Jinglonghu order, and the manager Wang Wei signed the contract. You can see for yourself."

  "Really signed? "Fan Ming was shocked. He took Lin Yijun's contract and looked at it. When he saw the official seal of the Grand Hyatt Group's contract behind him, Fan Ming was shocked and his hands trembled a little while holding the contract.

  He couldn't believe that Lin Yijun had actually completed this impossible task, and it went so smoothly.

  "Director Fan, Director Lin really won the Jinglong Lake villa area project?" The salesman next to him asked curiously.

  Fan Ming's face was a little gloomy, but he quickly smiled and said, "Let me just say, Director Lin is very capable and will definitely be able to take this order. Director Lin, you are tired. Take a break first. I will take this for you. Tell Mr. Xia the good news.”

  He said, before Lin Yijun could respond, he took the contract and went directly out of the office.

  Lin Yijun was very upset after reacting, and Fan Ming clearly wanted to take her credit.

  But she was upset and unhappy. Fan Ming was her immediate boss. As long as Fan Ming didn't understand her commission, she had nothing to say.

  "Ah, Director Lin, you really won the project in the Jinglong Lake Villa District. That is an impossible task." www.

  "Yes, Director Lin is really amazing. The project should be around 20 million yuan. Director Lin is really going to make a fortune now."

  "Director Lin, I hope you will help you more in the future."

  Seeing Fan Ming took the contract to claim credit, everyone immediately understood that Lin Yijun really won the Jinglong Lake. Single business.

  Lin Yijun completed this kind of impossible task in such a short period of time, which shows how outstanding her ability is.

  So at this moment, most salesmen admire Lin Yijun from their hearts.

  If people have this ability, they should be promoted to supervisors and make a lot of money.

  But there are also a few people who are quite unconvinced, and even very jealous.

  "I'm afraid it wasn't because of the betrayal of the body again, the contract signed in exchange for it." Old salesman Liu Yanqi said strangely.

  When she said this, everyone else closed their mouths.

  Regardless of whether or not Lin Yijun sold the body to sign the contract, Lin Yijun is their immediate boss, and of course they dare not say this in front of Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijun's face changed, she turned to stare at Liu Yanqi, and said angrily: "Liu Yanqi, what do you mean, I didn't offend you?"

  Liu Yanqi spread her hands and said, "I didn't say you offended me, I'm just stating It's just one fact."

  She is an older salesperson, and has a lot of business orders every month. Even President Xia personally praised her in the company, so even if Lin Yijun is the supervisor, she is not afraid of Lin Yijun.

  And in her opinion, she should be the person who should be promoted to the supervisor, but President Xia promoted Lin Yijun, who was worse than her in every aspect, to supervisor. Of course she felt that Lin Yijun was very upset.

  Lin Yijun wanted to vomit blood angrily, and said angrily: "Liu Yanqi, if you talk nonsense, believe it or not, I will sue you for slander?"

  Liu Yanqi said indifferently: "If you want to sue, go and sue. Now who in the company doesn't know that your man is in the upper position," It’s about sending you to Xia’s bed. Since you can do this kind of thing, isn’t it normal to accompany the client to bed?"

  " are stubborn!" Lin Yijun shivered and threw the information bag on. On his desk, angrily left the company.

  "Huh, you really have to be a bitch and you have to stand up, a complete bitch!"

  Liu Yanqi sneered looking at Lin Yijun's back.

  Seeing that Lin Yijun was directly lost by Liu Yanqi, other people started talking in low voices.


  On the other hand, Fan Ming came to Xia Jun’s office with the contract and said excitedly: “Mr. Xia, we have taken down the project in the Jinglong Lake Villa District, and the contract has been signed.”

  He said and handed the contract to Xia Jun.

  "Yeah, I really won it." Xia Jun took a look at the contract, and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

  Twenty-seven million, for Dongjia Electronics, this is the largest single business in history.

  And he looked at the price, and it turned out to be the initial quotation, indicating that the Grand Hyatt Group did not suppress their price, which would make them earn more than one million yuan.

  But thinking of Lu Chen's identity, he felt nothing to be excited about.

  "Yes, yes, your business department is doing very well. This month, you and Director Lin will have extra rewards, and all employees in your business department will be given a 1,000 bonus." Xia Jun said.

  "Thank you Mr. Xia. By the way, although Director Lin talked about this business, she has no experience after all. I am afraid that she will mess up the follow-up, so I want to personally take charge of the follow-up of this business." Fan Ming said.

  "Are you sure you want to follow up yourself?" Xia Jun narrowed his eyes and looked at Fan Mingdao.

  Fan Ming thought that if he was responsible for the follow-up, there would be another super customer of Grand Hyatt Group, and then new shareholders would reuse him more, so he was not afraid to offend Xia Jun at this time.

  "Yes, this is our company's largest single business, and Grand Hyatt Group will also be our company's largest customer. There can be no mistakes, so I'd better do it myself." Fan Ming said daintily.

  "Well, now that you have decided, just do it." Xia Jun said with a smile.

  Fan Ming breathed a sigh of relief and went out.

  Xia Jun looked at Fan Ming's back and shook his head.

  This is what Lu Shao deliberately helped his wife to show off. You don't know if you want to take away the credit of his wife. Aren't you looking for death by yourself?

Chapter: 33

Lu Chen and Xu Jing were blocking the car on the side of the road when suddenly a Passat stopped in front of them.

  Then Hu Hong got out of the car and looked at Lu Chen with scorching eyes.

  Had it not been for Lu Chen forcing him to call his dad to confirm that, he wouldn't be able to expose it. Now Lin Yijia has directly blackened him, and even embarrassed him, completely hating him. Lu Chen.

  "Lu Chen, let's make a deal." Hu Hong said high up.

  Lu Chenrao looked at Hu Hong with interest, and Hu Hong came to him today, which was completely unexpected.

  "Not interested." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "I know you are very poor, and you still owe others hundreds of thousands. As long as you ask your wife to forgive me, I will give you 200,000. If you can persuade your wife to persuade Yi Jia to forgive me, I will then How about giving you two hundred thousand?" Hu Hong heard that Lu Chen owed someone four or five hundred thousand, and he gave Lu Chen four hundred thousand. Lu Chen would definitely not refuse.

  "Do you think I'm a few hundred thousand people short of it?" Lu Chen jokingly smiled. A taxi just came over and directly bypassed Hu Hong to stop the taxi.

  "I will give you a total of 500,000." Hu Hong said hurriedly.

  Lu Chen didn't bother to care about him, and got into a taxi directly with Xu Jing.

  "Paralysis, 500,000 is no longer a small amount. Can you eat more if you give you?" Hu Hong clenched his fists angrily, but when he saw that the taxi had started, he had to get in the car to follow up.

  Today, he looked for Lu Chen for a long time before finding Lu Chen, and he would definitely not let Lu Chen leave like this.

  No one would doubt the richest man Lu, if he does not obtain the forgiveness of Lin Yijun and others as soon as possible, they will definitely bankrupt their supermarket.

  This is not the most serious. When the time comes, their father and son may have to eat prison food. This is what Hu Hong fears most.

  The supermarket went bankrupt, and it was possible to make a comeback, but after eating prison food, their father and son had almost finished their lives.

  Hu Hong followed the taxi and saw that the taxi stopped at the Audi 4S store, which made him a little confused.

  Is this poor to buy a car? Where did he get the money?

  Although Hu Hong was puzzled, he got out of the car and followed the two into the 4S shop.

  "It should be the one next to him who wants to buy a car, but the kid next to him is wearing a security suit. Is he capable of buying a car? And it's an Audi?"

  Hu Hong became more confused.

  "The two of them don’t look like owners who can afford a car. Whoever is interested will come and receive it."

  "The two of them are security guards at first sight . They bought a fart car, probably by looking at the car. I took a photo with a luxury car and sent it to the circle of friends. "

  Yeah, there are too many people with strong vanity now. I met two women last month. They look like people who wear them. A few photos were posted to Moments. I said a lot at the time. It was really disgusting."

  "If you are a handsome guy, you don't feel disgusting."

  "Don't tell me, although these two people look a little bit distressed, But he looks pretty handsome, Zi Ran, or you can come and receive it."

  "Cut, handsome, he can't be used as a meal. Hey, the one behind is the real brother, don't you and me Rob." The sales beauty named Ziran suddenly saw Hu Hong who was not far behind Lu Chen, and greeted them excitedly.

  As soon as Lu Chen and the two entered the 4S shop, they heard a few sales beauties talking.

  Seeing no one came to receive him, he didn't care, and went straight to see the car.

  He is going to buy an A6, hundreds of thousands, not high-profile, not too bad.

  After having a car, it is convenient to pick up and drop off her daughter every day. Lin Yijun can also drive to work at ordinary times. She often goes out to talk about business and is now promoted to a supervisor. With a car, the identity of the supervisor can be considered a style.

  Lu Chen stopped in front of a new A6, and soon a salesperson came over. This salesperson looked a little bit young, he should have just come for an internship.

  "We also have an entry-level A3 here. If you are interested, I can take you to see it." Although the salesperson looked a bit like interns, he also saw that Lu Chen couldn't afford an A6.

  "That's it. When can I pick up the car if I pay the money today?" Lu Chen asked directly.

  "Huh?" The salesperson was a little dazed. After all, the experienced old salespersons said that these two people were here for a look and couldn't afford it. She said that A3 was already mentioned casually.

  "A problem?" Lu Chen looked at the sales beauty in confusion.

  "Ah? No, no, just... Brother, have you seen the price? This is A6." The sales beauty stammered.

  "470,000, isn't this written?" Lu Chen pointed to the price tag and smiled.

  It's a bit embarrassing to sell beautiful women. She thought that Lu Chen was just talking casually, but she hadn't seen such a simple customer, and she was a little surprised.

  "Are there any discounts?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "Well, brother, our car is a new, top-matched hybrid version. Since it has just been launched, there is no preferential policy for the time being." The sales beauty shook her head, feeling that Lu Chen asked if there were any preferential treatments. It might be an excuse. Buy it.

  Thinking of this, she didn't have much interest anymore.

  After all, Lu Chen didn't look like someone who could afford an A6.

  "That's fine, but I'm going to drive away today, is there any problem?" Lu Chen nodded.

  "Big brother, are you really buying?" The sales beauty was a little confused again.

  "Why do I come to the 4S store if I don't buy it? Does it hurt? Let's go, now go and sign the contract with the card." Lu Chen smiled.

  The sales beauty turned red. Although she still couldn't believe it, she hurriedly took Lu Chen to pay the money and go through the formalities.

  Lu Chen smiled, and she could see that this sales beauty was not only young in sales experience, but also young.

  "Well, those two guys will look at the new A6 as soon as they come. They won't be scared by the price." When the sales beauty went to get the contract, other salespeople asked curiously.

  "Where, they said they wanted to buy an A6. I didn't need to say anything. They just let me swipe the card to go through the formalities, and I drove away today." The sales beauty raised the bank card in her hand, feeling happy.

  This was the first order she came to work, and she completed the first order alone, without any commission from the salesperson who brought her.

  Her face changed, and she felt a little regretful.

  Why did they look down on others just now.

  This is a lot of commission.

  Several old salespersons looked at the intern beauty with a hint of jealousy in their eyes. Especially the old salesperson who took her was even more depressed.

  "Don't worry, he is just a security guard, he can't afford a car at all, let alone an A6, he can't afford an entry-level A3."

  At this moment, Hu Hong and another sales beauty came over and said.

  Lu Chen still owes hundreds of thousands to others. He thinks that Lu Chen deliberately pretended to be in front of him today.

  "Hu Shao, are you true?" the beauty who received Hu Hong asked curiously.

  "It must be true. If you don't believe me, look at it. Even if he really wants to buy it for a while, he will definitely ask me to pay for him." Hu Hong said confidently.

  He had given Lu Chen 500,000 yuan before, and he felt that when Lu Chen couldn't get off the stage in the end, he should agree to his terms.

  Thinking of this, my heart became even more contemptuous.

  "Shao Hu is the grandeur." The beauty named Zi Ran complimented.

  "What's this? I'll pick up an A8 in a few days. If you don't believe me, just wait. He won't ask me to pay for him for a while. I bought all the cars in your store." Hu Hong said proudly.

  Hearing Hu Hong's words, the other sales staff suddenly became active.

  Hu Hong said that it was a joke to buy them all in their store, but he said that he wanted to mention A8, which was a huge commission. Several beautiful women were thinking about how to bring such a young man over.

Chapter: 34

Lu Chen swiped the card directly, and the procedures were handled quickly. The sales beauties felt like they were still dreaming during the whole process.

  When the formalities were completed and the test drive came out, the old salespersons were still a little unsure. They pulled the intern salesperson and asked:

  "How about it, he can't afford it?"

  "Who said that? People Lu directly brushed it. If you get stuck, I'm going to take Lu brother to test the car." The sales beauty smiled.

  Watching the sales beauty take Lu Chen to the test drive, several old salespersons regretted that they had missed 100 million.

  When such a relaxed order was delivered to them, they didn't even go to the reception because they looked down on people's clothes. This is especially because the legendary dog ​​looks down on people.

  "Impossible. He obviously has no money. He still owes hundreds of thousands of people. I don't believe it." Hu Hong's expression was quite ugly, and he immediately caught up.

  Several old salesmen were speechless when they saw Hu Hong's appearance.

  They didn't doubt Hu Hong's strength, they just didn't like Hu Hong who bragged and didn't draft.

  "Lu Chen, where did you get the money to buy A6?" Hu Hong walked to Lu Chen and asked.

  Lu Chen turned to look at Hu Hong with a weird look in his eyes. You the fuck are not my son, do you care where I got the money to buy a car?

  "Who are you, are we familiar?" Lu Chen asked jokingly.

  After Lu Chen's weird look, Hu Hong also reacted, and his face suddenly became quite ugly.

  "Lu Chen, I'll give you 600,000 yuan, how about that deal?" Hu Hong took a deep breath and said.

  There was a sneer at the corner of Lu Chen's mouth, and he pulled the door and sat in the cab.

  "Seven hundred thousand!" Hu Hong gritted his teeth and said.

  "800,000, our supermarket will open a special counter for your mother-in-law alone!" Seeing Lu Chen started the car, Hu Hong was a little anxious.

  "Get me out of this fly, it's too noisy." Lu Chen said to Xu Jing who was about to get in the car.

  "Good Brother Chen." Xu Jing said and turned to Hu Hong.

  "Are you going to roll yourself or do you want me to do it?" Xu Jing looked at Hu Hong coldly.

  "Lu Chen, 800,000 is a lot, no matter how much I give, can you eat it?" Hu Hong patted Lu Chen's car window and shouted.

  Without a word, Xu Jing lifted Hu Hong up by closing Hu Hong's collar.

  "You fucking let me go, believe it or not, I will kill you!" Hu Hong shouted angrily.

  Xu Jing didn't kill him at all, so he lifted him up and threw him out with a whirr.

  Seeing that Hu Hong was thrown out by Xu Jing more than two meters away, the eyes of several sales beauties were widened, their eyes straightened when they looked at Xu Jing.

  Xu Jingchang is not bad at all, and with his hand, he looks handsome in the eyes of these beauties.

  Especially the intern, his heart was beating even more.

  After Xu Jing got in the car, Lu Chen directly started the car and drove out of the 4S shop.

  "Lu Chen, you fucking regret it!" Hu Hong cursed, watching Lu Chen and the two walk away.

  "Hu Shao, are you okay?" The beauty named Zi Ran was about to come up to help Hu Hong.

  "Get out!" Hu Hong snorted coldly, got up and walked outside.

  "What's the dick? Why was it just thrown on the ground like a dead dog? If you have the ability to avenge this revenge!" Zi Ran looked at Hu Hong's back and mocked.

  Other salespeople shook their heads, but they became more curious about Lu Chen.

  No need for 800,000, who is this?


  Lin Yijun was very upset when she returned home. It can be said that she heard the company staff slander her again, so why not make her angry.

  She still had a face tied up until Lu Chen drove back to pick up Qiqi.

  "What's wrong?" Lu Chen asked.

  "You need to take care of it." Lin Yijun said grimly, especially when she thought of others saying that Lu Chen sent her to Xia Jun's bed in order to make way for her, she felt inexplicably upset with Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen spread his hands and prepared to cook.

  "Mom, Dad bought a new car, and the classmates were very envious of seeing Dad driving the new car to pick me up." Qiqi ran to Lin Yijun and said.

  "Huh?" Lin Yijun looked up at Lu Chen.

  "Did you win the lottery ticket? You still have money to buy a car, what kind of car did you buy?" Lin Yijun frowned and asked.

  Won the lottery ticket?

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "Forget it, I bought a new A6."

  "The new A6 costs about 500,000 yuan, right? How much have you gotten?" Lin Yijun asked with a beating.

  "Anyway, it's a lot." Lu Chen said pointedly.

  Lin Yijun stared at Lu Chen's eyes for ten seconds before saying, "Take me down to see the car you bought."

  "Okay." Lu Chen nodded, bending over to hug Qiqi and Lin Yijun and went out. .

  When they arrived at the parking lot of the community, there were not many wealthy people in their community, just over a dozen cars worth 200,000 yuan. Lin Yijun saw Lu Chen’s new a6 from a long distance.

  "Let me drive this car first . , I’m paid next month, and I’ll buy you another one.” Lin Yijun came to the A6 and looked at the newly cut body.

  This month, she won two big orders in a row, and the total amount was more than 500,000 yuan. She was going to buy Lu Chen a domestically produced car worth 200,000 yuan.

  "Okay." Lu Chen smiled and gave Lin Yijun the car key.

  He bought this car, thinking that Lin Yijun would use it when he went out to discuss business.

  Lin Yijun took the key, her heart was warm, and her previous boredom was also less.

  "I'm going up to cook, why don't you take Qiqi out for a stroll?" Lu Chen said when he saw Lin Yijun.

  "Okay, then I'll take Qiqi out for a walk." Lin Yijun nodded, she really wanted to drive a new car now.

  Two years ago, when Lu Chen hadn't failed to start his own business, they also bought a domestic car worth 150,000 yuan, and they had not driven an A6 yet.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen said and turned upstairs.

  After more than an hour, Lin Yijun brought Qiqi back, and Lu Chen brought out the dishes to prepare for dinner.

  At this moment, Lin Yijun's phone rang. After answering the call, Lin Yijun angrily smashed the phone on the sofa.

  "Who did it, what's the matter?" Lu Chen frowned and asked.

  "Fan Ming, that shameless villain. Didn't I take the business from Jinglong Lake Villa District today? I didn't expect that he just called to follow up the project and he came in person for fear that I would mess things up. , He obviously took my credit on purpose!" Lin Yijun said angrily.

  "Fan Ming? Don't worry, no one except you can cooperate with Grand Hyatt Group on this project. You don't want to go to work tomorrow. Fan Ming will definitely come and beg you to follow up on this project." Lu Chenyang said. Raised his eyebrows and said.

  Lin Yijun stared directly at Lu Chen, and asked for a long time: "Why are you so sure?"

  Lu Chen spread his hands and said, "Because I know Wang Wei, I used to help him, as long as I give him Calling this phone, he will definitely only work with you."

  Lin Yijun asked with a smile when he heard the words: "So, the last Greentown real estate order, and the business between my mother and Grand Hyatt Group, are also you. Did you ask Manager Wang Wei for help?"

Chapter: 35

"Forget it, you don't have to answer, and with my order today, Manager Wang must have been with me because of your face." Lin Yijun said before Lu Chen could answer.

  Lu Chen shrugged and admitted.

  "I just don't understand. You have such a wide network of contacts. Why are you still willing to be a security guard at Dongjia Electronics? You are not a person with no skills. Even if you are a salesman, you will definitely do better than me. Don't you worry about me?" Lin Yijun said, but became a little angry.

  "Why don't I believe you? Besides, who said I'm just a guard..." Before Lu Chen finished speaking, Lin Yijun interrupted him directly.

  "Okay, you don't need to say. If you really believe me, you can quit your job as a security guard and find another class. Also, didn't you win the prize? You can use the money to do more business. If the money is not enough, I will give you another 300,000 yuan after the salary next month." Lin Yijun really doesn't want to hear others talk about her.

  "Okay, I'll quit my job tomorrow." Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

  The next day, after Lin Yijun sent Qiqi to kindergarten, she called Fan Ming and said that she was unwell today and asked for a day off.

  Fan Ming simply agreed.

  Although a little unwilling in her heart, Lin Yijun chose to believe in Lu Chen and that Wang Wei would not cooperate with Fan Ming.

  "Lu Chen, Lu Chen, how many things are you hiding from me?" Lin Yijun leaned back on the back seat of the car and muttered.

  Since Qiqi was discharged from the hospital, she found that Lu Chen was a little different from before.

  She felt that Lu Chen must have a lot of things to hide from her, but she would not chase Lu Chen to ask.

  On the other side, Fan Ming hung up Lin Yijun's phone, a smug smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

  Although the commission for this order belongs to Lin Yijun, his super client, the Grand Hyatt Group, belongs to him.

  As long as this follow-up service keeps up and the Grand Hyatt Group is satisfied, he believes that there will be more big orders in the future.

  "Xiao Liu, accompany me to see Manager Wang of the Junyue Group Project Department." Fan Ming picked up the materials and said to Liu Yanqi on the side.

  Although Liu Yanqi is not as glamorous as Lin Yijun, she is also one of the few beauties in the business department. Moreover, Liu Yanqi is more relaxed. Fan Ming thinks it would be better to bring her.

  "Good Director Fan." Liu Yanqi readily agreed.

  Lin Yijun was suddenly promoted to the supervisor, and she was still not convinced, so she just took this opportunity to curry favor with Fan Ming, and then see if she can be promoted to supervisor.

  Seeing Fan Ming take Liu Yanqi to see Manager Wang of the Grand Hyatt Group, the other salesmen were a little jealous.

  "Director Lin suffered a big loss. With such a big contribution, Director Fan directly picked the peaches."

  "Yes, I don't know where Director Lin offended Director Fan. He picked Director Lin's peaches, but he didn't. I took Director Lin to follow up with him. Instead, I brought Liu Yanqi, who is not compatible with Director Lin. Director Lin will definitely vomit blood when he knows it."

  "It's not a good thing. Why do you bother with rats? There is this. It's better to go for a run, if you get a big deal, you can make a profit." An old salesman hummed and took out the information.

  The others spread their hands and stopped discussing the matter.

  Fan Ming drove his Volkswagen to the agreed hotel, and before getting out of the car, he arranged his clothes specially.

  Although the contract has been signed, and yesterday afternoon, Grand Hyatt Group also paid a deposit of 5 million yuan to the company's account, but today's meeting is the most important.

  The most important thing is that he wants Wang Wei to accept the change of the person in charge.

  He is confident to replace Lin Yijun as a partner with Junyue Group, because he is the director himself, Lin Yijun's direct supervisor, and he has the right to speak for many things. When the

  two arrived at the private room of the hotel, Wang Wei had not arrived yet.

  "Director Fan, you said that we suddenly changed the person in charge. Will Manager Wang have an idea and not even cooperate with us?" Liu Yanqi said suddenly.

  As a veteran salesperson, Liu Yanqi knows that many customers are willing to sign contracts with salespersons, mainly because they have some ideas about the salespersons. Although Fan Ming has brought her here, she knows that at least she is still far from Lin Yijun in appearance. of.

  For this, she also had to be convinced.

  Lin Yijun is really beautiful.

  Even if she got married and had children, few beautiful women could match her face and figure.

  "Probably not. The contract is signed and the deposit is also paid. If Wang Wei breaks the contract, then they will lose five million in vain." Fan Ming said confidently.

  "The most important thing is, if the Grand Hyatt Group really breaks the contract, will the five million deposit company dare to eat it?" Liu Yanqi said worriedly.

  Although she is not a manager, she knows the existence of horrors like the Grand Hyatt Group. Few companies dare to eat their money, even if they break the contract first.

  Fan Ming frowned. Liu Yanqi hadn't thought about what Liu Yanqi said, but he just thought that Junyue Group would not be like this.

  "If Manager Wang really wants Lin Yijun to come, it depends on your performance. If this matter is done, I will directly propose to Mr. Xia to be promoted to supervisor." Fan Ming looked straight at Liu Yanqi, and said that this was it. The reason why I brought you here.

  "Okay, I won't let Director Fan down." Liu Yanqi nodded, a touch of pride rose in her heart.

  She just waited for Fan Ming's words.

  When Fan Ming asked her to come with her, she knew that Fan Ming was going to let her use her beauty tricks.

  Of course, there is a reward for what you pay.

  This is her character.

  If Fan Ming doesn't give her any benefit, of course she will not try her best to help Fan Ming.

  "Well, work hard, as long as I'm still in this position, I won't treat you badly." Fan Ming patted Liu Yanqi on the shoulder and said.

  "I didn't treat me badly. I have been following you for more than four years. I have always worked hard and no complaints. I am still looking forward to being promoted to the supervisor last time. Unexpectedly, Lin Yijun suddenly came out. She wants to have no qualifications and ability. I'm not capable, I'm not a supervisor yet." Liu Yanqi said bitterly.

  "What happened last time was indeed an accident. Who knows that Lin Yijun got lucky and actually took down the Greentown real estate list. It was President Xia who promoted her personally, and I can't help it. But as long as we take Jinglong Lake The villa project is completed perfectly, and I will promote you to the new shareholders." Fan Ming comforted.

  Liu Yanqi was overjoyed, just about to give Fan Ming some real benefits.

  At this moment, the private room door opened, and the two saw Wang Wei walking in.

  Fan Ming greeted him without saying a word.

  "Hello, Brother Wang, my name is Fan Ming. I am the business director of Dongjia Electronics and the person in charge of the cooperation between Dongjia Electronics and you this time." Fan Ming smiled and stretched out his hand and introduced himself.

  "Hello." Wang Wei nodded and stretched out his hand.

  Fan Ming was overjoyed. It seems that Wang Wei has accepted the change of the person in charge. Lin Yijun really signed the order after being lucky. It doesn't matter whether she has her or not.

  Thinking about this, Fan Ming was a little excited.

Chapter: 36

Just when Fan Ming was full of excitement, Wang Wei asked suddenly, "Where is Director Lin?"

  Fan Ming was startled, but he thought Wang Wei was just mentioning it casually, and hurriedly smiled: "Lin Yiyun is taking sick leave today. Now our company I am solely responsible for the cooperation with your company."

  "Sick? Oh, let's talk about it when she gets better." Wang Wei said, turned and left.

  Fan Ming and Liu Yanqi were both in a daze, and hurried to catch up and said, "Brother Wang, this is the same with Lin Yijun or not, and I am her director, and my ability is definitely better than her. My assistant, Xiao Liu, is also outstanding. , Don’t worry, with your company’s cooperation, we will definitely be able to satisfy your company..."

  "Hello, Manager Wang." Before Fan Ming’s gesture, Liu Yanqi shouted weakly at Wang Wei.

  Liu Yanqi's voice was glutinous, and Wang Wei's gaze was even more flattering, as if she wanted to refuse.

  Wang Wei looked at Liu Yanqi, looked at Liu Yanqi's appearance, sneered in his heart, and nodded lightly.

  "There are at least ten electronics companies competing with your company for this project, all of which are among the top 20 electronics companies in the country. I also cooperated with your company for the sake of supporting local companies. Since your company does not have this Sincerity, then forget it, I will reconsider cooperation with other companies." Wang Wei opened the private room door and left without giving Fan Ming any chance to speak.

  Watching Wang Wei decisively leave, Fan Ming was stunned on the spot.

  He originally thought that Wang Wei would not care about changing the person in charge, but he didn't expect Wang Wei to be so determined.

  Reconsider company cooperation?

  This is just about breaking the contract.

  If this breaks the agreement, let alone Xia Jun will not let him go, and the new shareholders will definitely not let him go.

  Fan Ming's face was as sinking as water, and he was very unwilling.

  "Director Fan, it seems that Manager Wang doesn't like me at all. Now he meant to terminate the contract with our company. What should I do?" Liu Yanqi said unwillingly.

  Fan Ming didn't speak, it would be nice if he knew what to do.

  "Director Fan, if they really want to break the contract, the company will definitely not dare to eat their deposit. I think whether it is President Xia or the new shareholder, it will definitely be angry and thunderous..." Liu Yanqi said.

  "Then what do you think should be remedied?" Fan Ming was also panicked. If this matter is not good, it will ruin his future.

  "Director Fan, Lin Yijun must have paid for this business. Otherwise, Manager Wang would not have to ask Lin Yijun to be in charge. So now only let Lin Yijun come forward to talk to Manager Wang to have a chance to save it." Liu Yanqi was a little unwilling to save it. Said.

  Fan Ming is not so much.

  He just thought of letting Lin Yijun continue to follow up, but he was not reconciled.

  For such a large customer of the Grand Hyatt Group, there must be a lot of business behind, so let go, he is reluctant, even less reconciled. ,

  but this seems to be the only thing at this stage.

  "Well, I'll call Lin Yijun now and let him take care of this." Fan Ming gritted his teeth, and finally compromised.

  He took out the phone and hesitated for a while before calling Lin Yijun.

  "Director Lin, are you feeling better?" Fan Ming took a deep breath and asked.

  "What's the matter?" Lin Yijun's voice sounded calm.

  "It's like this. Manager Wang said that he wants you to be the person in charge. I just want to ask you if your health is better. You can call Manager Wang and have an appointment again." Fan Ming said through gritted teeth.

  Lin Yijun, who was idle at home watching TV, heard what Fan Ming said and no longer doubted what Lu Chen said last night.

  She was just about to say something, when she suddenly thought of what Lu Chen said to her before leaving the house today, she changed her mind again.

  "Ah? This, I just took the medicine just now and I am resting at home. It will take only two days to talk about it." Lin Yijun pretended to be surprised.

  "Where do you live? How about I go to your house and see you." Fan Ming said, but he cursed the slut for hypocritical.

  "No, I'll just take a two-day rest. Besides, you know, my husband doesn't like you. I'm afraid he can't help throwing you out. That would be embarrassing." Lin Yijun refused.

  Fan Ming wanted to say something, but found that Lin Yijun had hung up the phone.

  "Mom bitch, she must have done it deliberately. Waiting two days, how could the Junyue Group still cooperate with our company?" Fan Ming said angrily.

  "She must have pretended to be ill on purpose, and she was fine yesterday. How could she suddenly become ill today? Obviously you have robbed her of the credit. At this time, you have to retaliate against you. But if this single business If she is yellow, she will also lose hundreds of thousands of commissions, so you call her again and have a harder attitude. She must be more anxious than you." Liu Yanqi sneered.

  "Well, it makes sense." Fan Ming nodded, and then hit Lin Yijun again.

  "Director Lin, let me tell you this. Manager Wang just said that he is not ready to cooperate with our company. If you don’t find a way to remedy it quickly, your hundreds of thousands of commissions will definitely be gone. Do it." Fan Ming said solemnly after the call was connected.

  Lin Yijun frowned. After this incident, she believed that Lu Chen said this morning that it would be okay to drag it for a few days, but what if Manager Wang really regretted it?

  Then, don’t you want to lose hundreds of thousands?

  After thinking about it, Lin Yijun finally made a decision.

  Obviously, the relationship between Lu Chen and Wang Wei is compared with her hundreds of thousands of commissions. Obviously, it is better to get commissions first.

  "I see, I'll call Manager Wang to communicate." Lin Yijun snorted.

  After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone directly. Although she was still a little unhappy with Fan Ming, at least the project was returned to her, which was better than anything else.

  Seeing Lin Yijun hung up the phone again, Fan Ming snorted directly to the phone: "Bitch, don't be proud, one day, I will let you and your wife get out of the company like dead dogs!"


  Lu Chen didn't go to the company the first time. The car he bought yesterday was asked by Lin Yijun to go. He plans to buy another one today.

  With a car, it's much more convenient to travel, at least you don't have to wait for a taxi often.

  He took a taxi to the Audi 4S store, and suddenly five or six sales beauties surrounded him.

  "Brother Lu, you came to see the car again today. Do you want to buy a car for your friends?"

  "Successful people like Lu, it is not normal to buy a car for friends."

  "Brother Lu, where are you going to buy today? One?"

  Several beauties chatted around Lu Chen, all of them fascinated, as if they were familiar with Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen looked at a few beauties, then pushed them away and walked over to the intern salesman who wanted to come up and strike up a conversation with him.

Chapter: 37

Seeing Lu Chen walking straight to the intern salesman yesterday, the beauties behind were a little unwilling, and their eyes were full of jealousy when they looked at the intern salesman.

  "Brother Lu..." Han Yun was a little excited, she didn't know what to say later.

  "Is there still an existing car for A6? I will take it away today." Lu Chen nodded and asked.

  "Yes, there are others, do you still want to buy one?" Han Yun nodded hurriedly.

  "Well, just go through the formalities, and the car will not be seen." Lu Chen said.

  "Okay." Han Yun said excitedly, and took Lu Chen to go through the formalities.

  Seeing the backs of the two leaving, the few salesmen behind all thumped their chests and their intestines were all regretful.

  Yesterday, if they didn't wear tinted glasses to see people and took the initiative to receive them, they wouldn't lose such big customers.

  "Zi Ran, I can't tell. The apprentice you brought is very lucky."

  "Now the jealousy is useless. I only blame ourselves for not having eyes."

  "Yes, this time is really a big lesson. The guests are here, but you must not look down on them casually. Brother Lu looks very ordinary, and there is nothing surprising about him except being handsome, but people are really low-key."

  "Yes, maybe the real rich are all. Like to be low-key."

  Swipe the card, sign the contract, and pick up the car.

  The same person picked up two new A6s two days before and after, even the manager was a little surprised.

  "Xiao Han, with these two orders, you can already get a regular correction in advance, and this is an opportunity, such a big customer must be seized." The manager said if he looked at Han Yun who was still excited.

  Han Yun understood what the manager meant, and her pretty face blushed, but she just hesitated for two seconds before chasing it out.

  "Brother Lu, my name is Han Yun, thank you for your care for these two days." Lu Chen just got into the cab when Han Yun came to the car window.

  Seeing the shame on Han Yun's face, Lu Chen smiled and said, "You were willing to come to receive us yesterday. It is normal to take care of your business today."

  Han Yun only felt that she was extremely lucky, biting her lip and said : "Brother Lu, can I leave your number? Wechat is also okay."

  "Isn't there my number on the contract? You can find out if you go and see." Lu Chen knew what Han Yun was thinking, and said with a smile .

  Seeing that Lu Chen didn't want to give it, Han Yun felt disappointed, so she had to take out a normal business card and hand it to Lu Chen. www.

  "Brother Lu, this is my business card. If you want to buy an Audi next time, call me and I will go out to meet you."

  Lu Chen took the business card and glanced at it, nodded and started the car and left.

  Han Yun didn't get Lu Chen's number and went back to the manager's office.

  "Manager, I asked Brother Lu for the number, and Brother Lu said let me see the contract, can you give me his number?" Han Yun asked weakly.

  "The contract just hasn't been put in the cabinet, you can see for yourself." The manager smiled, and said that he didn't give you the number because he didn't have any interest in you. Even if you get the number, it is probably useless.

  However, as long as Han Yun is willing to follow up, he is also very happy, after all, there are not many big customers as simple and direct as Lu Chen.

  "Thank you, manager." Han Yun was overjoyed, and picked up the contract on the table to turn over Lu Chen's number.

  After Lu Chen left the 4S shop, he went directly to the company.

  Seeing the new A6, Xu Jing on duty recognized Lu Chen's car at first sight.

  "Brother Chen, let me stop." Xu Jing walked over and said.

  Lu Chen nodded, opened the door and walked down.

  "By the way, I'll go to the head office of Xia in a while." Lu Chen walked into the company's door as he said.

  The other security guards were a little surprised to see Lu Chen driving a new A6 to work. One of the security guards notified Yu Hai on the walkie-talkie the first time.

  When Yu Hai heard it, he was very unpleasant. He was the head of the security department. He used to ride a small electric donkey when he came to work. He didn't expect that one of the security guards below him would drive A6. This is really more maddening than others.

  He ran out to see Xu Jinggang just parked the car and helped land the dust down, and angrily shouted: "Xu was, do not you post a good value, but running to help stop land dust, you do not want to go to work yet?"

  "Help stop Isn't it also one of our security tasks?" Xu Jing asked Yu Hai calmly.

  "That is for company managers or visitors to stop. Lu Chen, a security guard, can enjoy this treatment?" Yu Hai scolded.

  Xu Jing glanced at Yu Hai contemptuously, then turned and walked towards the company building.

  "Where are you not worthy of your post?" Yu Haiqi's body trembled, and Lu Chen could not bear it. Who put Lu Chen on the list of President Xia.

  But if you Xu Jing, a little security guard, don't look at my supervisor, you are afraid that you will turn against the sky.

  "Go to the General Office of Xia." Xu Jing said nonchalantly.

  "You turned against you, very good, I will also propose to Mr. Xia to fire you!" Yu Hai said angrily, and then walked towards the building.

  At this moment, his phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was Secretary Xia's call.

  "Director Yu, Mr. Xia wants you to come to his office." The secretary said and hung up the phone.

  Yu Hai frowned slightly, Xu Jing was going to General Xia's office, and General Xia asked himself to go, what's the matter?

  Is it because President Xia also feels that Xu Jing is not doing his job properly and wants to expel him?

  Thinking wildly in his heart, Yu Hai went up to the second floor and saw Fan Mingzheng coming out of his office.

  "Director Fan, you are going out." Yu Hai asked.

  "No, Mr. Xia asked me to go to his office." Fan Ming shook his head.

  "Ah? Did his secretary call you just now?" Yu Hai asked in surprise.

  "Ms. Xia also asked you to go to his office?" Fan Ming was startled and asked.

  "Yeah, I don't know what President Xia told us to do. By the way, there is a security guard who just went up to the office of President Xia." Yu Hai nodded.

  Fan Ming narrowed his eyes and asked, "What happened to your security department?"

  "No." Yu Hai shook his head, suddenly thought of something, his face changed, and said, "Yes, there were two yesterday. The security was taken away by the police, and I still don’t know what they did.”

  Fan Ming thoughtfully, Yu Hai said again: “Director Fan, could it be that they lost one hundred thousand yuan yesterday? "Have

  they checked the surveillance?" Fan Ming asked with a frown. They had deliberately framed Lu Chen for that matter yesterday. If they were found out, he would not be able to escape.

  "No, and I deleted the surveillance video the first time yesterday." Yu Hai shook his head.

  "Well, let's go check it out first." Fan Ming nodded.

  "By the way, Director Fan, Lu Chen actually drove an Audi A6 to work today. It was still a new one. It should have just been bought." Yu Hai said suddenly.

  "Huh, Audi A6, four to five million cars, it seems that the kid has reached a deal with Xia Jun." Fan Ming sneered.

  "That kid is so high-profile with the money he bought from his wife, he's really a scumbag." Yu Hai sarcastically.

  "Let him be rampant for a while, and it won't be long before I climb into the new shareholders, and I will let them get out of the company like dead dogs."

  Fan Ming sneered and strode towards Xia Jun's office.

Chapter: 38

When he came to Xia Jun's office, Yu Haishun closed the door, and saw Xia Jun standing aside talking to Xu Jing.

  "Manager Xia."

  "Manager Xia."

  Fan Ming and Yu Hai greeted Xia Jun one after another.

  Xia Jun looked up at the two, and then fell silent.

  "I wonder what Mr. Xia asked us to do?" Fan Ming asked.

  "It's not that I'm looking for you, it's Mr. Lu looking for you." Xia Jun said lightly.

  "Mr. Lu? New shareholder?" Fan Ming asked in surprise. He has been trying to get close to the new shareholder, Mr. Lu, but Mr. Lu has not reappeared since the management meeting that day. This made Fan Ming a little too late to wait. Up.

  Unexpectedly, Mr. Lu, the new shareholder, will finally meet him today, so why not excite him.

  Yu Hai was also overjoyed. He didn't expect the new shareholders to see him too, and his mind immediately became active.

  Is the new shareholder trying to promote my position?

  Yu Hai thinks it is very possible that all departments have managers or directors, but the security department is the only one in charge, which seems to be very difficult to get on the stage.

  It seems that the new shareholders really want to make the company bigger. If that happens, the security will have to expand the recruitment. It really requires a manager and a supervisor to be more formal.

  Seeing Xia Jun nodded, Fan Ming and Yu Hai looked at each other, and they could see the excitement in each other's heart.

  After a few people waited long, the door of Xia Jun's office opened.

  Both Yu Hai and Fan Ming greeted them immediately.

  But after seeing Lu Chen coming in, both of them frowned deeply.

  "Lu Chen, why don't you go to General Xia's office if you don't go off duty?" Yu Hai scolded with a calm face.

  Fan Ming glanced at Lu Chen contemptuously, then turned to Xia Jun and said, "Mr. Xia, I think an employee like Lu Chen who doesn't pay attention to company discipline at all, it's better to get rid of him. It’s also good to show the company’s discipline in front of other employees."

  A sneer appeared at the corner of Xia Jun's mouth. Today, Fan Ming and Yu Hai were called to come because the police had investigated clearly. The people who slandered Lin Yijun were Fan Ming and Yu Hai.

  After Lu Chen heard that the two of them were maliciously slandering his wife, he was furious on the spot, and asked Xia Jun to call them up.

  Xia Jun is just a little brother in front of Lu Chen, but Fan Ming wants him to expel Lu Chen. Isn't that funny?

  Whether he can stay in the company and keep 30% of Dongjia Electronics' shares depends entirely on Lu Chen's expression, and what Fan Ming is.

  "Yes, President Xia, I also suggest that Lu Chen be expelled. The new shareholder, President Lu, is coming. If he ignores the company's discipline in this way, it will definitely cause Lu President's dissatisfaction." Yu Hai also agreed.

  "Are you finished? Shut up when you are finished." Lu Chen looked at the two faintly, then turned and walked towards Xia Jun's position.

  Yu Hai and Fan Ming were ignored by Lu Chen again, and their angry faces were a little distorted, but Xia Jun was unmoved, and they couldn't go on.

  "Brother Chen." Xu Jing greeted Lu Chen.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, and Da Ma Jindao sat down in Xia Jun's usual position.

  Seeing this scene, Fan Ming instantly became angry: "Lu Chen, what kind of thing do you dare to sit in the position of President Xia, are you going against the sky?"

  Lu Chen grabbed the ashtray on the table. He smashed at Fan Ming and said angrily: "What the hell are you?"

  Lu Chen Ren Fan Ming has been for a long time, he openly snatched Lin Yijun's credit, Lu Chen endured, the design was framed, and Lu Chen endured too.

  But Fan Ming maliciously slandered his wife behind his back, which was beyond his tolerance.

  "You, you dare to be presumptuous in front of President Xia!" Fan Ming was smashed into his chest by the ashtray, and his tears almost flowed out of pain.

  Yu Hai shouted angrily and slammed Lu Chen forward with a punch.

  New shareholders are coming. Fan Ming will definitely be reused by the new shareholders. He will also rely on Fan Ming to help him. This is of course the best time to make a move.

  Seeing Yu Hai's move, Lu Chen was even more furious. He stood up instantly, hitting Hai's face after an uppercut.

  Yu Hai shook his body. Before he recovered, he saw Lu Chen jump onto the desk and kicked him directly with a kick.

  During this time, Lu Chen had endured enough.

  This stupid dog thing has repeatedly provoked him, and it was designed to defile him yesterday.

  He originally wanted to play with Fan Ming slowly, but he didn't expect them to maliciously slander Lin Yijun behind his back.

  I don't have to bear this tone anymore, I must finish it today.

  Fan Ming was dumbfounded when he saw Lu Chen beating so fiercely on Qi Jihai.

  "Mr. Xia, Mr. Lu is coming, do you just let him behave in your office like this?" Fan Ming said calmly. www.Xia

  Jun didn't speak, but just smiled faintly, because there was no place for him to speak.

  "Mr. Xia, I didn't expect that the second largest shareholder of your company would be manipulated by a security guard. You really disappointed me!" Seeing Xia Jun unmoved, Fan Ming said sadly.

  Xia Jun raised his eyebrows, and heard Fan Ming say: "Mr. Xia, you were bribed by a security guard and you were controlled by him. You must give me an explanation for today's affairs, otherwise Soon after Mr. Lu comes, I will resign in person!"

  Xia Jun sneered in his heart, but he didn't expect Fan Ming to be such an idiot.

  Does he think the company can't run without him?

  Besides, your only advantage is that you have customer information of many companies in your hand, but you don’t know that your customer information companies also have records?

  Lu Chen finally vented enough, got up, clapped his hands, and returned to the position of chairman.

  Fan Ming will be supported by the sea. At this time, Yu Hai's face is full of fist marks, and it is even more swollen. It can be seen how much Lu Chen started.

  "Lu Chen, you will regret it!" Yu Hai wiped the bloodshot from the corner of his mouth, staring at Lu Chen firmly.

  Being so humiliated by Lu Chen today, the hatred would be great, and if he didn't avenge him, he would never be able to lift his head in the company.

  "Really, I look forward to you making me regret it." Lu Chen said with a playful smile.

  "Lu Chen, you deliberately hurt people, so you are not afraid that I will sue you and make you walk around after eating?" Fan Ming said angrily.

  "Please, I am waiting for your court summons at the company." Lu Chen spread his hands and laughed.

  "You... Lu Chen, you are fine. When the new shareholders are coming, I see if you can be so rampant!" Fan Ming wanted to vomit blood and said angrily.

  "Yes, yes, you have the ability to stay in this position while you fucking wait, let the new shareholders stand by and watch you perform." Yu Hai sarcastically said.

  Lu Chen couldn't help smiling when he heard the words of the two.

  He leaned on the chair, put his feet on the desk, and said jokingly: "It is the biggest mistake of my life to use you two dogs as opponents. I knew you two were such idiots. You are abandoned."

  He said and looked at Fan Ming: "You just wanted Mr. Xia to give you an explanation, right? Then listen up, I will give you an explanation now."

  "My fucking is what you say. New shareholder, Mr. Lu!"

Chapter: 39

"What? You said you are a new shareholder? Lu Chen, do you want to laugh at it?"

  Fan Ming couldn't help laughing when he heard Lu Chen's words, as if he heard the biggest joke in the world.

  In the company, Lu Chen knew better than anyone else.

  At the beginning, people who asked grandpa to tell grandma to borrow money for 300,000 medical expenses, and later sent his wife to Xia Jun's bed, in exchange for his rights in the company, and Lin Yijun's position.

  He actually said arrogantly that he is a new shareholder, which is not an idiot.

  "Lu Chen, you are going to be shameless. If you are the fucking new shareholder, I will be the richest man in Lu." Yu Hai also sarcastically said.

  "He is indeed our company's new shareholder. Lu Shao bought 70% of our company's shares by paying 100 million. The reason why Lu Shao didn't take the position of chairman is because he didn't want to sit." Xia Jun said timely.

  This sentence caused Fan Ming and Yu Hairu to be shocked by the electric shock.

  "Mr. Xia, what are you kidding about, this poor man, he still owes hundreds of thousands of medical expenses to others to treat his daughter's illness. How could he be a new shareholder of the company." Fan Ming didn't want to believe this fact at all. .

  He couldn't accept it at all, the little dick he had been aiming at, changed and became the thigh he wanted to hold for a long time.

  If that's the case, it will drive him crazy.

  "Lu Shao is not only our company’s new shareholder, but also the true controller of the Grand Hyatt Group. The richest man in Lu is just Lu Shao’s butler. Or do you think that Director Lin will win the Jinglong Lake villa project? You are shameless After taking the credit of Director Lin, do you know why Manager Wang Wei would not kill you?

  Because Director Lin is the youngest grandmother of Manager Wang.

  You are a fart."

  Xia Jun said jokingly.


  There was thunder in Fan Ming and Yu Hai's mind, and they looked at Lu Chen with his legs on the desk in disbelief.

  He, he turned out to be the controller of the Junyue Group, the richest man in Lu is just his steward!

  Oh my god, how could this be?

  How could there be such a bizarre thing in the world!

  Xu Jing also opened his mouth in surprise.

  He knew that Lu Chen's identity was not simple yesterday.

  But never expected.

  Lu Chen is so big, he is still the controller of the Grand Hyatt Group.

  This is a man who is even more powerful than Lu's richest man!

  "Okay, now it's time for me to find you two dogs to force things to settle the bill."

  Lu Chen took out a cigarette and said slowly: "You two provoke me repeatedly before, and I treat you as weak chickens. , I don’t want to pay attention to you, and yesterday you even designed to frame me. I can bear this first. Even Fan Ming, you openly snatched the credit of my wife yesterday, I don’t have to care about you. www.but

  you he Mom even maliciously slandered my wife behind her back, I can't bear this!"

  Lu Chen couldn't help but smashed the cigarette butt at Fan Ming again.

  Fan Ming trembled and didn't dare to avoid him, letting his cigarette butt hit his face.

  "Lu, President Lu, I'm sorry. These things are not my business. Fan Ming asked me to do it behind his back. It was he who asked me to design and frame you. He also asked me to spread the slander of Director Lin. , Blame him if you want to blame, I am innocent too!" Yu Hai trembled his feet and hurriedly defended himself.

  Even the richest man in Lu is just Lu Chen's housekeeper. How dare he offend Lu Chen. Lu Chen's such a strong identity offends him. Not only will he have no way to survive in the company, but even in Yuzhou as a whole, there is no way for him to survive.

  So he had to shamelessly betray Fan Ming.

  It's just a director, not even a fart in front of Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen is the real king.

  "Huh, what if you are a new shareholder? What if your status is so powerful that you can kill me?" Fan Ming snorted coldly.

  Anyway, things are like this, everyone is considered torn, there is no possibility of reconciliation, Fan Ming also let go.

  The big deal is to resign and leave today.

  "I'm not so good, but you must pay the price for your malicious slander on my wife. And I have two ways to make you better than dead.

  One is to let you sit in prison.

  Second, I just brought it up. A few people, I will let them take action. The

  Three Heroes of the Marsh have heard of it, the boss of the underground forces in the sand area, they have several murders in their hands." Lu Chen said jokingly.

  Three Heroes of the Water Margin!

  These words directly made Yu Haixue's legs soft, and he almost knelt down.

  That's a big man who can really kill people!

  These three people control the underground forces in the sand area, and they can be described as ruthless characters who are not afraid of the sky. If they fall into their hands, even if they can survive, they will at least become useless.

  "Lu Chen, Brother Lu, President Lu, I'm sorry, I was wrong! Fan Ming really ordered me to do everything, it really has nothing to do with me, please let me go!" Yu Hai trembled and begged for mercy. Even if he was a security guard, he is now a supervisor, but in front of a ruthless character like Water Margin, he can only kneel down and beg for mercy.

  He is really scared now.

  Annoyed such a powerful character as Lu Chen, even if he didn't leave his salary deposit, he couldn't be safe.

  Fan Ming's face turned pale, and the two methods Lu Chen said, no matter which one they were, they could kill him.

  With an identity like Lu Chen, he fully believes that Lu Chen can do the two methods he said.

  He still has a son and a daughter in his family, both of whom are only in elementary school. If something happens to him, his son and daughter may be over.


  Fan Ming's legs softened and he knelt down.

  "Lu... President, I was wrong. I shouldn't have provoke you all the time, and even maliciously slandered Director Lin. Please give me another chance."

  Fan Ming lowered his head, until this moment, he didn't understand.

  From beginning to end, Lu Chen never regarded him as an opponent.

  Even if he hadn't been close enough to provoke Lu Chen, and even maliciously slander Lin Yijun, Lu Chen would not put him in his eyes.

  It will not be irritated by him.

  Seeing Fan Ming knelt down, Yu Hai also knelt down with a bang: "Brother Lu, I was really wrong. Please give me another chance!"

  Lu Chen looked at Fan Ming and Yu Hai coldly, just about to speak, call It rang.

  Seeing that it was Lu Zhong, Lu Chen took it first.

  "Uncle Zhong, what's the matter?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Master, come to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I have something important to tell you." Lu Zhong said.

  "Okay, I'll go there later." Lu Chen nodded, but he was a little confused.

  From Lu Zhong's tone, he felt that something was about to happen.

  Lu Chen put away his mobile phone, looked at Fan Ming and the two again, and said coldly: "If you want me to spare your life, you can hang a dog tag and kneel at the company gate for two days. The content on the dog tag is yours. Think about it. If you can do it, this thing will be revealed.”

  He said and looked at Xia Jun: “From today onwards, the security department will have a new manager position, Xu Jing will be the manager, and the sales department will be promoted to Lin Yijun. Sales Director. As for Fan Ming and Yu Hai, if their performance in these two days is okay, Yu Hai will start as a security guard again and Fan Ming will be reduced to deputy director. Of course, if they don’t want to, let them go.”

  Lu Chen said. He left Xia Jun's office directly.

  There was a hint of helpless anxiety in Lu Zhong's tone, and he had to go there and see what was going on.

Chapter: 40

Xu Jing was a little surprised and moved.

  He didn't expect Brother Chen to set him up as a manager alone.

  This made him have the urge to die for the confidant.

  Lin Yijun, who had just returned from talking with Wang Wei, saw Fan Ming and Yu Hai kneeling at the gate of the company, and there was a dog tag hanging on their necks. She was surprised and hurriedly reached out and realized her mouth. The car almost hit a security guard without knowing it.

  "Why are you in a daze? Why don't you help Director Lin park the car?" Xu Jing said to the security guard who was almost hit by Lin Yijun. The

  security reacted and hurried to Lin Yijun’s car window and said respectfully: "Director Lin, let me stop for you."

  "Ah? What do you call me "Lin Yiyun was a little confused, she was just a small supervisor, when did she become a director?

  "Director Lin." The security guard said affirmatively.

  Lin Yijun was even more puzzled.

  "Director Lin, you don't know yet, just half an hour ago, the new shareholder Mr. Lu promoted you to the director of the sales department." Xu Jing walked over and laughed.

  Xia Jun said before that he should not tell Lin Yijun that Lu Chen is a new shareholder. Although Xu Jing was a little puzzled, after Xia Jun said that this was what Lu Chen meant, he didn't dare to say Lu Chen's identity casually. In front of Lin Yijun, he did not dare to talk nonsense.

  "This... why don't I know?" Lin Yijun got out of the car and looked at Xu Jing suspiciously.

  "Director Lin, it's true. Manager Xu has also been promoted to the manager of the security department by the new shareholder. If you don't believe me, ask them both." The security guard pointed to Fan Ming and Yu Hai who were kneeling next to him, and then sat on Lin Yiyun's. In the car. www.

  Lin Yijun walked to Fan Ming suspiciously, and saw that the sign hanging on their necks also read a line:

  I am a beast, I am not a human, I should not maliciously slander Director Lin Yiyun, and ask Director Lin for forgiveness .

  Lin Yijun saw the content on the sign and immediately became angry: "Director Fan, are you really maliciously slandering me behind your back?"

  Fan Ming knelt on the ground and trembled. He was quite unwilling, but he still begged and said, "Director Lin, I'm sorry, I was overwhelmed by the lard at the time. Please also look at our colleagues for the sake of this. Forgive me. One time."

  Lin Yijun took a deep breath and turned to Yu Hai: "Director Yu, what about you? I don't remember what I have offended you, why did you slander me so viciously?"

  Yu Hai trembled: "Lin Director, I... I'm sorry, I was wrong. We kneel here today to confess to you. Please forgive us this time, please!"

  Thinking of Lu Chen's terrifying identity, thinking of not getting After forgiving, the empress Yu Hai almost cried.

  "Who made you do this?" Lin Yijun took a breath again, suppressing the anger in her heart and asked.

  "It's Lu... President Lu, the new shareholder." Thinking of what Xia Jun had said before, Yu Hai hurriedly changed Lu Chen to President Lu.

  "Hmph, just kneel down first." Lin Yijun gave a cold snort, turned and walked towards the company building.

  She has been slandered by rumors these days, and her anger has not been so well calmed down.

  After Lin Yijun left, Fan Ming and Yu Hai breathed a sigh of relief.

  Anyway, Lu Chen just let them kneel for two days, and Lin Yijun's anger almost disappeared after these two days.

  Lin Yijun returned to the business department and saw General Secretary Xia waiting for her next to his desk.

  "Director Lin, you're back, how is the Jinglong Lake project." The secretary greeted with a slight smile.

  "Very smoothly, the delivery will begin next month, and the delivery will be completed in two installments," Lin Yijun said.

  "Director Lin is really outstanding. By the way, President Lu, that is, when the new shares heard that you won the Jinglong Lake villa area project, you will directly promote you to the director of the business department. This is the appointment letter." The secretary said from the folder. Take out the appointment letter and hand it to Lin Yijun.

  "Thank you Mr. Lu for your appreciation." Lin Yijun said with excitement in her heart.

  The secretary smiled and said to his heart that Mr. Lu is your husband, and he doesn't know what Mr. Lu thinks. He bought the company without telling his wife.

  Liu Yanqi and others looked at Lin Yijun. Although they were very jealous and unwilling, they were all behaved.

  Even Fan Ming and Yu Hai went directly to the company gate and knelt down to apologize. Who would dare to chew their tongues in front of Lin Yijun?

  Isn't that looking for death?

  And they can see it.

  The so-called Lin Yijun has a leg with Xia Jun is really a matter of Ziwuxu.

  Now that Lin Yijun has a leg with the new shareholders, no one will doubt it. ,

  Or why would the new shareholders be furious? Not only did Fan Ming and Yu Hai kneel at the door to confess, they also directly promoted Lin Yijun to director?

  "Congratulations Director Lin, Director He Xilin."

  The salesmen who did not go out all stepped forward to congratulate them.

  "Thank you. In the future, everyone will work together to do more business and make more money." Lin Yijun nodded and said.

  Although Liu Yanqi was very unwilling in her heart, she still stepped forward and said, "Director Lin, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said to you that way yesterday."

  Lin Yijun looked at Liu Yanqi, and although she was still resentful towards her, she shook her head after thinking about it: "Forget it, don't talk about the past, and work hard in the future."

  Anyway, Fan Ming and Yu Hai knelt and confessed, and the anger in her heart almost disappeared, so she wouldn't be staring at Liu Yanqi.

  "Thank you Director Lin. By the way, Director Lin, in order to celebrate your promotion to the position of Director today, how about I invite you and everyone in our department to go to the Royal KTV to sing after get off work." Liu Yanqi suggested.

  Now Fan Ming is unreliable. I heard that even if he stays, he can only be a deputy director.

  Although Liu Yanqi was still a little unwilling to let Lin Yijun climb onto her head, in order to be promoted to a supervisor, her mentality also changed a little.

  She wanted to take this opportunity to resolve the knot in her heart with Lin Yijun, and even to befriend her sincerely.

  She can see the reality clearly, and if she wants to improve in the company, she still has to favor Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijun was promoted to two levels in just a few days, and directly squeezed Fan Ming down and took the position of director.

  It can be seen how strong Lin Yijun's backstage is.

  "It's a good idea, but I'll treat you. Let's go to dinner first, and then sing." Lin Yijun nodded. When she was promoted to the supervisor, she wanted to invite everyone to dinner, but Fan Ming asked her to follow up on the Jinglong Lake project. No time.

  Today is a good opportunity.

  Hearing Lin Yijun's treat, everyone cheered.

  At this time, Lu Chen came to the Grand Hyatt Hotel and sat opposite Lu Zhong.

  "Master, the master sold all the capital in Beijing, and all the money is stored in this international bank card. From now on, the Lu family in Beijing will no longer exist." Lu Zhong said as he took out a diamond card and handed it to Lu Chen.

  "What are you talking about?"

  Lu Chen was shocked, staring at Lu Zhong firmly.