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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 41-50) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 41

Lu Chen knew that his family's status in the capital was not one or two, but it was among the top five. He couldn't believe that his father would do this, and even declared that the Lu family in the capital would no longer exist.

  What kind of super upheaval is needed for Dad to make this decision?

  "The master said before that he had important things to leave the capital, and he told you not to return to the capital in the future, but to live in Yuzhou." Lu Zhong said.

  "Even if he wants to leave the capital for a while, he doesn't need this, right?" Lu Chen stared at Lu Zhong firmly, a faint anxiety arose in his heart.

  "I don't know what the master thinks. By the way, the master also said that you should be as low-key as possible in Yuzhou in the future, and it is best not to let people know that you are from the Lu family in the capital." Lu Zhong shook his head.

  "Uncle Zhong, can't you tell me the truth about what happened?" Lu Chen asked in a louder voice.

  "Master, I really don't know. Master also let me go bankrupt and the Grand Hyatt Group disappeared." Lu Zhong smiled bitterly.

  "When did this happen?" Lu Chen asked in a deep voice.

  "Last night." Lu Zhong said.

  Lu Chen frowned, hurriedly took out the phone and found out the number of his father Lu Tianxing.

  But he dialed several times in a row, and it was prompted that the dialed number did not exist.

  Lu Chen's heart sank, and his heart was vaguely disturbed.

  "I see, just do what my dad said." Lu Chen took the diamond card and left the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

  Back in the car, he took out his mobile phone and booked a ticket to Beijing, but he could only book it until tomorrow morning.

  In any case, he must go back and see.

  In the afternoon, I received a call from Lin Yijun, saying that she was going to invite people from the department to dinner and let Lu Chen pick up Qiqi.

  Lu Chen picked up Qiqi, did not go back to cook and eat, but took Qiqi to a restaurant.

  Lin Yijun came back after 11 o'clock in the evening.

  Lu Chen was already asleep, but Lin Yijun still woke him up when he went to bed.

  Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijun, even after taking a bath, he could smell a scent of alcohol.

  They have been sleeping in separate rooms these days, and Lu Chen didn't know why Lin Yijun wanted to sleep with him today.

  As if seeing the teasing in Lu Chen's eyes, Lin Yijun said, "Qiqi is already asleep. I didn't want to wake her up until she fell asleep. Don't think too much."

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, did not speak, and turned over. continue to sleep.

  "Tell you good news, today I was promoted to sales director." Lin Yijun leaned sideways next to Lu Chen, with her right hand on his shoulder and said.

  "Oh, congratulations." Lu Chen said without emotion.

  "Hey, did you congratulate people like this?" Lin Yijun became unhappy, what kind of attitude is Lu Chen.

  "Then congratulations, how can you congratulate?" Lu Chen lay down and looked at Lin Yijun, with a faint smile on his face.

  "Huh, the director is in a good mood today. I don't care about you, but I want to reward you." Lin Yijun blinked and rolled over and pressed Lu Chen under her.

  The two kissed for a while, and Lu Chen pushed Lin Yijun off his body and said, "Okay, go to sleep, I'm a little sleepy today."

  "What do you mean?" I haven't made love to Lu Chen for ten days. In addition, I drank a lot of wine today. It was when Lin Yijun's lust was high, but Lu Chen quit, she immediately became angry.

  "Oh, I'm really sleepy." Lu Chen explained.

  "You're very sleepy, don't you care about my feelings?" Lin Yijun said angrily.

  Lu Chen wrinkled and said, "I am in a bad mood today, and I don't want to do that."

  Lin Yijun stared at Lu Chen, and then sneered: "Lu Chen, honestly, do you think my director is here? Right, are you suspicious of me?"

  Lu Chen couldn't laugh or cry. He said that you, the director, were all raised by me. I doubt what you are doing and why are you suspicious?

  "If you didn't speak, did you just acquiesce?" Lin Yijun said angrily.

  "You think too much." Lu Chen said silently.

  "Okay, I think too much, then you give me a reason why I don't want too much?" Lin Yijun said unreasonably.

  "Didn't you say that, I'm in a bad mood today. By the way, I'm going back to Beijing tomorrow. Remember to pick up Qiqi on time." Lu Chen said.

  "What are you doing in Beijing?" Lin Yiyun asked, startled.

  "My home is in the capital city. I haven't been back in years. Go back and have a look." Lu Chen said.

  Lin Yijun was stunned, only to remember that Lu Chen really seemed to belong to the capital city, but in the past few years he hadn't said that he wanted to go back, and she had ignored it.

  "Did something happen to your house?" Lin Yijun calmed down and asked softly.

  "No, it's been a long time since I saw my dad. I want to go back and see him." Lu Chen said calmly.

  Lu Chen thought of what Lu Zhong said in the day. He had to stop Lin Yijun's plan to gradually adapt to him as a super rich second generation. At least he didn't plan to let anyone else until he understood why his father wanted to do this. Know his true identity.

  "Let's go with Qiqi. You have not taken me to meet your family after being married for a few years," Lin Yijun said.

  Lu Chen was taken aback, and shook his head and said, "The tickets are booked,

  let's next time." His father had already arranged this way, and he definitely couldn't take Lin Yijun with him.

  A few days ago, he really thought about taking Lin Yijun and Qiqi back to show his dad.

  But now, even he doesn't know if he can see his father.

  "Lu Chen, do you think Qiqi and I are not qualified to see your family?" Lin Yijun thought that Lu Chen was deliberately making excuses, feeling a little unhappy.

  "What do you think? Don't worry, I will tell you my identity one day." Lu Chen said speechlessly.

  "Your identity? What kind of identity do you have against the sky?" Lin Yiyun was shocked, staring at Lu Chen firmly.

  "Forget it, you don't want to make so many excuses. You don't want Qiqi to recognize that the ancestors return to the ancestors. That is your problem, and it has nothing to do with me." Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen for a while, turned and leaned to the other side and ignored it. Lu Chen.

  But she was very unhappy in her heart.

  She felt that Lu Chen had a lot of things hidden from her.

  Lu Chen smiled helplessly and reached out to turn off the light to sleep.

  At ten o'clock the next morning, Lu Chen arrived in the capital.

  He hasn't come back for many years, and he feels strange when looking at the bustling capital.

  I took a taxi and came to Lu's villa, the villa looked a little depressed and deserted.

  No one can see it.

  The anxiety in Lu Chen's heart grew stronger and stronger, he opened the door of the villa and walked in.

  When he walked past a rockery, his eyes suddenly lit up and he stopped.

  After the rockery, a white-haired old man walked out slowly.

  "Old Yun." Seeing the white-haired old man, Lu Chen was overjoyed and greeted him.

Chapter: 42

Yun's old name is Yun Zhongqi, and he has been in the Lu family for more than 20 years. Since he can remember, Lu Chen has followed him to cultivate his body, learn chess, learn tea ceremony, and learn the techniques of health preservation.

  Lu Chen had called him master, but he refused.

  The two are also teachers and friends.

  Suddenly seeing Lao Yun, the anxiety in Lu Chen's heart disappeared.

  "I knew you would be back in the next few days." Old Yun smiled faintly.

  "Old Yun, what is going on, where did my dad go, why did he make this choice?" Lu Chen asked directly.

  "It's not the time to tell you where he went. As for why he made this choice, it's also to protect you." Old Yun said.

  "Protect me?" Lu Chen puzzled.

  "Do you know why your father came to the capital alone and established such a large family business in the capital?" Old Yun asked.

  Lu Chen shook his head. When he was young, he didn't feel much. After running away from home, he thought of his family background and he admired his father from the bottom of his heart.

  As far as he knows, 30 years ago, his father came to the capital alone. In less than 20 years, he built the Lu Shi family, which is now ranked in the top five in Beijing.

  It's just that the Lu family is a direct line of him, and he doesn't have any brothers, sisters, uncles, and uncles. As a result, the Lu family is a bit single in the five major families.

  It can be said that in the eyes of other big families, the Lu family is not a real family.

  "Because he is the eldest son of the Lu family, he was originally the strongest heir to the head of the Lu family, but for some reason, he gave up and left the Lu family. For someone like your father, don’t say he is in charge. There is still a lot of money in it. Even if he is penniless, he can start from scratch with his talents," said Mr. Yun.

  "The Lu family? Haven't heard of a strong Lu family? Is it a family created by my grandfather?" Lu Chen asked in confusion.

  "The real Lu family is a mysterious family, not created by your grandfather, but by your grandfather's grandfather." Old Yun shook his head.

  "This..." Lu Chen was shocked to the extreme. He always thought that his grandfather was dead, and he and his father were left in their line. Unexpectedly, his father was also from the Lu family.

  "So, where is the Lu family?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "Don't worry about those, you'd better not inquire now, you just need to know that even if the Rothschilds are obediently evasive in front of the Lu family." Old Yun shook his head.

  The Rothschild family, the world's largest wealth control family, has to shun the Lu family?

  Lu Chen opened his mouth. How awesome is the Lu Family?

  " dad is back to Lu's house, right." Lu Chen recovered for a long time.

  "Maybe, maybe not, I don't know where he is going, but it must have something to do with your aunt." Old Yun still shook his head.

  "My aunt?" Lu Chen was surprised again.

  "Your dad was married before he ran away from home. He ran away because of your aunt's persecution. I will tell you the truth. Your mother was in a car accident that year. It was your aunt who asked her to do it. She wanted to Even you were killed together, but your mother was quick to respond and saved you," said Mr. Yun.

  Lu Chen trembled, his fists slowly clenched, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

  "This should be the reason why your dad disbanded the Lu family industry and told you not to return to the capital. And few people know the news about you in Yuzhou. As long as you stay low-key in Yuzhou, no one will find you. Right, In fact, after you ran away from home, your father created an illusion in the capital that you are dead, so if you don't show up, no one should know your existence," said Mr. Yun.

  Lu Chen gritted his teeth, and asked for a while, "Old Yun, if I want to avenge my mother now, what chance do I have?"

  "There is no chance at all. Your aunt's family is also a very powerful old family. Show up, you are already dead before you find them." Old Yun shook his head and said affirmatively.

  "But, I'm not reconciled!" Thinking of the horror of his mother being crushed into flesh by a truck in order to save himself, the flame of hatred in Lu Chen's heart was burning.

  Back then, he blamed his father Lu Tianxing for this responsibility. It was his father's failure to pick him up that caused his mother's sacrifice.

  It now appears that even if there was no car accident that day, his mother would still be killed.

  "You can only rely on yourself if you want revenge, and for the Lu family, you won't be recognized by them, and whether you can return to the Lu family to recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestry is still a question." Old Yun said.

  Lu Chen clenched his fists tightly, feeling a little unwilling.

  He doesn't care much about whether he recognizes his ancestors and returns to the ancestors. Anyway, in his consciousness for more than 20 years, there is no Lu Family.

  He just wanted to avenge his mother.

  "So, you'd better go back to Yuzhou, don't come to the capital anymore, let alone take revenge. Unless..." Mr. Yun shook his head and said nothing.

  "Unless what?" Lu Chen asked, staring at Mr. Yun.

  "Unless one day you can become the head of the Lu family, at least you have to become the strongest heir to the next head of the Lu family, but this is simply impossible. The Lu family probably won't recognize you now, even if they let you Recognizing your ancestors, you still have dozens of cousins, all of them are dragons and phoenixes, you don't have any chance at all," said Yun Lao.

  "Go back, don't come to the capital anymore, because you are already a dead person in the capital. If you are allowed to be recognized by the big families in the capital, the news that you are still alive will soon reach your aunt." Old Yun Say again.

  Lu Chen felt very aggrieved in his heart, as he had never been aggrieved.

  "Okay, I see." Lu Chen took a deep breath and bid farewell to Mr. Yun.

  After leaving the Lu family villa, Lu Chen bought another bunch of flowers and some fruits, and took a taxi to the cemetery.

  Kneeling in front of his mother's tomb, touching his mother's name on the tombstone, Lu Chen's eyes became wet.

  "Mom, I'm sorry, I've been angry with my dad in the past few years. I haven't come to see you

  . My child is not filial..." "Mom, I'm married and have a lovely daughter. Next time I will bring my wife and daughter. Visit you, if you are still there, you will definitely like them."

  "Mom, I already know that the murderer who killed you back then was my dad's ex-wife. I think you should know her too. Old Yun said she is very strong. Her family is also very strong, and even my dad disbanded the family this time and left because of her.

  But no matter how strong she is, even if she takes my life, in my lifetime, I will avenge this for you!

  Boy will not let you have swallowed their anger nether world! " "

  mom, I'm going, I'm dangerous cloud-old said in the capital, I am also very weak, so after I was strong, certainly the first time you come to take revenge. "

  Lu Chen said, knocked three heads, got up to observe the tears, and turned to leave.

  I saw a young woman in her twenties standing behind him looking at him.

Chapter: 43


  Lu Chen spoke subconsciously when he saw the woman.

  This woman is his cousin Mo Yuhan.

  "Are you Brother Chen?" Mo Yuhan looked at Lu Chen blankly, a little unbelievable.

  "Yeah, it's me, I've come to Beijing." Lu Chen nodded.

  "Didn't the uncle say you are dead?" Mo Yuhan asked in confusion.

  "In the capital, I am indeed dead." Lu Chen didn't explain the reason in detail. He believed that with Mo Yuhan's mind, she would definitely be able to guess the reason.

  Sure enough, Mo Yuhan nodded. Although she didn't know it, she thought that there must be some special reason for Lu Chen to die in the capital.

  "Today is my aunt's memorial day. If the family don't have time, I will come here to pay homage to my aunt." Mo Yuhan took flowers and fruits and placed them in front of Lu Chen's mother's tombstone.

  After Mo Yuhan finished the memorial service, Lu Chen asked, "Are grandpa and grandma and their health okay?"

  "Well, grandpa and grandma are in good health. By the way, Brother Chen, you and I will go back and see them. They must be very happy until you are still alive. A few days ago, they learned that the uncle had disbanded the Lu family and left. They also mentioned you and aunt. Grandma has been sad for a long time." Mo Yuhan said.

  "Next time, it's not convenient for me to see them now." Thinking of what Yun Lao had said before, Lu Chen still planned not to meet with his grandfather's family first, or he would inevitably leak out the news of his coming to the capital.

  "Oh, all right." Mo Yuhan nodded.

  The cousin left the capital in feign death, and the uncle disbanded the Lu family and left the capital, indicating that something important must have happened to the cousin's family, so Mo Yuhan understood Lu Chen.

  "By the way, don't tell anyone about what happened to me today." Lu Chen warned. If his aunt knew the news, she would definitely come to Mo Yuhan to ask him whereabouts as soon as possible, which would only hurt him. Mo Yuhan.

  "Well, I know." Mo Yuhan nodded.

  As soon as the two walked out of the cemetery, they saw an A8 parked next to Mo Yuhan's car, and then two young men, a man and a woman, came out of the A8.

  The men are handsome, and the women are pretty.

  "Mo Yuhan, is this your boyfriend? You can also admire this kind of dirt, what do you think." The young man looked at Lu Chen and laughed playfully.

  "He is me..." Mo Yuhan thought of Lu Chen's words, and stopped in the middle of speaking.

  "Humph, better than some hypocritical people." Mo Yuhan hummed coldly.

  The man's face was very ugly, and he laughed: "Yes, after a few days when your Mo family goes bankrupt, you will change from a princess to a Cinderella. Indeed, you can only find this kind of turtle." The

  man said and took it with him. The woman walked into the cemetery.

  "Mo family went bankrupt? What's the matter?" Lu Chen remembered that Grandpa's business was still going well.

  Mo Yuhan hesitated and said, "Two months ago, our company won a 1.5 billion project in Xicheng District and borrowed 1 billion from the bank. I don’t know why, the bank suddenly changed its mind in the past two days. I want our family to pay back the money immediately."

  Lu Chen understood immediately.

  His grandfather’s business was completely dependent on his father. Now his father has disbanded the Lu family and left the capital, which means that the biggest backer of Mo's enterprise is gone.

  Once the patron is not there, it will definitely be suppressed by other forces.

  In the current situation of the Mo family, I am afraid that not only the banks are collecting debts, but those who are at odds with the Mo family may also take the opportunity to stumble.

  "One billion, right? Tell grandpa, I can help you." Lu Chen said.

  "Really?" Mo Yuhan felt happy and looked at Lu Chen with expectation.

  "Well, but you can't tell them who I am. Let's do that, I will buy shares in the form of investment, and the whole process will only meet with you." Lu Chen nodded.

  "Well, I will go back and tell grandma." Mo Yuhan nodded.

  "Isn't my eldest uncle in charge of Mohs Enterprise now?" Lu Chen was a little surprised. His grandpa and grandmother are both over 60 years old, and if he doesn't let go, the two elders' desire for control is too strong.

  "No, grandpa hasn't taken care of it until now, but grandma still refuses to let go. Grandma said that my dad and second uncle and third uncle are unbearable and plan to train cousin to take her class." Mo Yuhan shook his head.

  "Mo Xiaoshan? That guy has been modified now?" Mo Xiaoshan is the son of Lu Chen's second uncle's family, two years older than him. He is a typical daddy prodigal, so Lu Chen is a little puzzled. What does grandma think, Mo Xiaoshan There is no ability at all.

  "Change to a ghost, still the same, but he is very good at acting in front of grandma." Mo Yuhan said.

  Lu Chen smiled, and said to his heart that a shrewd person like Grandma couldn't see Mo Shanshan's true ability?

  I am afraid that the patriarchal thought is at work.

  "Then what's the situation in Mohs Enterprise now, does grandma speak up?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "Almost, the main big things have to go through my grandmother, and other small things are taken care of by the cousin, and the rest of us will take care of the cousin. In fact, this family crisis is also because the cousin was too high-profile before, relying on the support of the uncle , I offended many people in the capital. After my uncle left, he was retaliated against." Mo Yuhan said.

  Lu Chen fell silent, and suddenly asked, "Do you want to be the chairman of Mohs Enterprise?"

  "Huh?" Mo Yuhan shook his head, "I don't have that talent."

  Although Mo Yuhan said so, but Lu Chen still saw a look of expectation in her eyes, and couldn't help but smile: "You don't have that talent, you are afraid that grandma would disagree."

  Seeing Mo Yuhan not speaking, Lu Chen said again: "Let's do this, this one. It's my responsibility, but I have invested so much money, and I don’t want to lose everything I have lost."

  "Brother Chen , don’t worry, I will definitely make Mo's enterprise better and better." Mo Yuhan had some Said excitedly.

  "Okay, let me go to the hotel first. I will stay in Beijing for a few days." Lu Chen nodded and got into Mo Yuhan's car.

  The reason why he wanted Mo Yuhan to control the Mo Group is because he knew that Mo Xiaoshan was a waste, and Mo Yuhan was smart and smart since he was a child, and showed his talent in business in junior high school.

  Although it was his grandfather's house, he didn't want the one or two billion he invested in it to be lost.

  Mo Yuhan took Lu Chen to find a hotel to stay, and couldn't wait to return to Mo's house.

  At this moment, there was a shadow over the Mo family.

  All the money from the bank loan was invested in the project, and nearly half of it had already been spent, and there was no money to repay the bank.

  "I blame my uncle, what did he do to dissolve the Lu Family? If he didn't do such a stupid thing, would the bank dare to collect debts in advance?" Mo Xiaoshan said very upset.

  "That is, I don't know what my uncle thinks. Even if he has no successor, but our family treats him so well, he doesn't know how to use his property to divide our Mo family." Mo Xiaoyun was also a little unhappy. Tao.

  "He didn't take out so much property, he was afraid that he was going to take it into the coffin after death." Mo Xiaoshan's father Mo Qingsong snorted coldly.

  Most of the Mo family members are very honest about Lu Tianxing's actions.

  "Okay, okay, I am not here to listen to your grievances. The most important thing now is how to solve the current crisis." The old lady interrupted everyone. Although she had some criticisms about her son-in-law's actions, she knew that at this stage. Not the time to complain.

  When the old lady spoke, everyone was silent.

  If they had a way, they wouldn't be able to complain about Lu Tianxing at this time.

  "Grandma, I have a way to solve the family crisis."

  At this moment , Mo Yuhan finally stood up and said.

  Hearing Mo Yuhan's words, everyone's eyes turned to her in a rush.

Chapter: 44

"Can you solve the family crisis?" Mo Xiaoshan snorted, joking about such a big problem, isn't this making everyone happy.

  Not only Mo Shanshan didn't believe it, even Mo Yuhan's father didn't believe it.

  That is one billion, not one hundred thousand.

  "So, can you borrow one billion or can you persuade the bank to repay normally according to the contract?" Mo Xiaoyun laughed.

  "Yuhan, don't mess around." Mo Yuhan's father Mo Zhijun shouted. Although his daughter is a bit smart, he still knows some of her connections.

  "Dad, I didn't mess around." Mo Yuhan said and turned to the old lady.

  "Grandma, I can really solve this crisis. Someone is willing to take a stake in our company and help our family solve the difficulties." The

  old lady meditated. Now there are three solutions to the family crisis.

  One is to persuade the bank to repay the loan normally according to the contract period. The second is to borrow another billion to repay the bank. The third option is to sell shares to raise funds.

  Of course, the best solution is the first one, but all the relationships that the family can use are used, and it is still useless.

  Usually the Mo family has offended many people. Mo said that they borrowed a billion, even if they borrowed 100 million, they couldn't borrow.

  So, selling stock financing is the only solution.

  "Which company is it?" The old lady looked at Mo Yuhan. If she doesn’t want to raise money if she doesn’t usually have a bad relationship. If they are too big, they can eat them away step by step.

  "Yes, it's a foreign company." Mo Yuhan said.

  "Are you a business in another place? Then talk to him." The old lady nodded, thinking that she might want to use their Mo family channel to enter the Beijing business district.

  "Okay, then I'll make an appointment with him now." Mo Yuhan was overjoyed, so he took out the phone and called Lu Chen.

  "Lu, Mr. Lu, you said before that you want to invest in our Mo family enterprise. When do you have time, let's talk about it." Mo Yuhan said without asking questions.

  "There is time, but to complete the final financing, I have to wait for my negotiation team to arrive." Lu Chen said.

  "Then how about we see below today?" Mo Yuhan tentatively asked.

  "At night, my negotiating team will not arrive in the capital until the afternoon. By the way, you tell me the approximate valuation of your Mohs enterprise first?"

  "Tell him at least 2.5 billion." The old lady reminded that in fact, Mo's family The company's total assets of up to 2 billion yuan, and their ability to receive large projects of more than one billion yuan, are entirely the relationship of Lu Chen's father, Lu Tianxing.

  "My grandma said 2.5 billion." Because he was driving the speakerphone, Mo Yuhan knew that Lu Chen on the other side must have heard it too.

  "Well, then you tell the old lady, I will pay 2 billion and buy 40% of the shares of Mohs Enterprise."


  Two billion as long as 40% of the shares?

  The Mo family was shocked, and the first reaction was that Lu Chen was a liar.

  Two billion can completely acquire them from Mohs Enterprise.

  Mo Yuhan was also in a daze.

  She believed that Lu Chen would definitely help the Mo family, but she didn't expect him to have only 40% of the 2 billion shares.

  "Grandma, this guy must be a big liar." Mo Xiaoshan said to the old lady.

  "Yes, yes, I told him that the market value of our Mohs enterprise is 2.5 billion, but he paid 2 billion to buy 40% of the shares. If he were not a liar, he would be flooded."

  "Yuhan, hang up. Don't listen to him fooling around, thinking that our Mo family is in a moment of crisis, so we are deceived?"

  Looking at the expressions of the juniors, the old lady didn't express her attitude, but she thought the same as the juniors.

  "Lu...Mr. Lu, are you serious? My Mohs enterprise is only worth 2.5 billion." Mo Yuhan reminded.

  "Of course it's serious, but there is a prerequisite..."

  Hearing that Lu Chen was about to make a request, everyone listened attentively.

  "What, what conditions?" Mo Yuhan asked, suppressing his excitement. She knew that Lu Chen's condition was that she should become the chairman of the board.

  "You tell the old lady, if you become the chairman of the board, we can discuss the details in the evening, and the 2 billion funds will also be transferred to your account in full when the contract is signed. Please consider it first. "Lu Chen hung up as he said.

  Hearing Lu Chen's words, Mo Xiaoshan stared at Mo Yuhan, his eyes narrowed.

  "Sister Yuhan, you have a big heart." Mo Xiaoshan said strangely.

  The other juniors looked at Mo Yuhan one by one, their faces full of playfulness.

  Only Mo Yuhan's father, Mo Zhijun, was happy, with a touch of excitement on his face.

  "Yuhan, you know this person, and the relationship is not shallow." The old lady tried to think in a good direction. To be honest, she really doubted that her granddaughter had come to pit Mo's house with outsiders.

  If that were the case, it would disappoint her too much.

  Mo Yuhan felt anxious when she heard it. Of course she could hear that grandma was suspicious of her.

  "Grandma, you also know this person, but he can't see you for some special reasons. If you don't believe me, you can ask him." Mo Yuhan knew that grandma was suspicious and would not reveal any news about Lu Chen. Grandma must be I won't believe it.

  "I also know?" The old lady was startled and frowned.

  "Yes, and he invested in our family, mainly to help our family tide over the difficulties, and never thought of occupying our family's assets." Mo Yuhan said affirmatively.

  "The surname is Lu, from your uncle's family?" the old lady asked.

  Others stared at Mo Yuhan. If it was really arranged by Lu Tianxing, then all this would make sense.

  "Grandma, go to the negotiation at night and ask him personally. Anyway, he won't let me speak." Mo Yuhan shook his head.

  "Well, then you can make an appointment with him and talk at night." Although the old lady was puzzled, she was relieved a lot.

  Mo Yuhan nodded, then took out his phone and called Lu Chen.

  "Mr. Lu, my grandma said to talk to you in the evening, so please make an appointment." Mo Yuhan said.

  "I'll stay in the hotel."

  "By the way, my grandma said she was going to see you and talk to you in person." Mo Yuhan reminded.

  Lu Chen was silent, and everyone was listening attentively to see what he said.

  "Okay, see you at seven o'clock in the evening." Finally, Lu Chen agreed.

  Mo Yuhan put away the phone and listened to the old lady saying, "Well, that's the end of today's meeting, Yuhan, Xiaoshan, you two will accompany me to meet this mysterious person tonight."

  "Good grandma. The two nodded, and when the old lady left the meeting room, Mo Xiaoshan found Mo Yuhan.

  Mo Xiaoshan looked at Mo Yuhan indifferently: "I didn't expect you to have such big ambitions, huh, let's just go and see, even if there are outsiders to help you, grandma can't pass you the position of chairman. Because of you It's a woman, and it's impossible for a woman to take charge of the Mo family's property."

  Mo Yuhan glanced at Mo Xiaoshan, didn't say anything, turned around and walked out.

  Looking at Mo Yuhan's back, Mo Xiaoshan's face became quite gloomy.

  "Brother Xiaoshan, who do you think that person would be? Isn't that the person sent by my uncle to help our family?" Mo Xiaoyun asked curiously.

  "How do I know? Wouldn't you ask yourself?" Mo Xiaoshan said impatiently and left.

  "Don't say Xiaoyun, if grandma agrees to that person's terms, she will pass the chairmanship to Mo Yuhan, your brother is getting angry." Others said.

  "Well, I know, but with grandma's temper, she will definitely not pass the position of chairman to a woman." Mo Xiaoyun nodded.

  Although the family needs help now, they believe that grandma will definitely not pass on the chairmanship to Mo Yuhan.

Chapter: 45

At 6:40 in the evening, Lu Chen saw his grandmother bring Mo Yuhan and Mo Xiaoshan to his hotel in person.

  Seeing them arrived early, Lu Chen started negotiations in advance.

  However, he was reminded by Mo Yuhan before that Lu Chen dressed himself up, unless he took off his glasses and mask, or no one would recognize him.

  Seeing his grandmother's weathered face and wrinkled face, Lu Chen's grandmother's spoiling of him when he was a child appeared in his mind, and he almost called out without restraining it.

  The negotiation process was not very smooth, because his grandmother had always doubted his motives and did not want to pass on the position of chairman to Mo Yuhan, because she felt that the girl was going to marry and the Mo family enterprise could not fall into the hands of outsiders.

  In the end, Mo Yuhan said that she would find a son-in-law in the future to marry, and the old lady only let go.

  Seeing Mo Yuhan made such a choice, Lu Chen couldn't laugh or cry.

  My cousin, in order to get the chairmanship, she also tried her best. This is to give up her life's happiness.

  This is definitely a potential stock for a strong woman.

  Mo Shanshan kept a gloomy face during the whole process, and what made him even more angry was that Lu Chen directly and openly said that he was a trash, and the Mo family was in his hands, and he was going to finish it sooner or later.

  What made him even more chilling was that his grandma didn't even help him to say a few words about this.

  Especially seeing that Mo Yuhan was in order to be in high position, he even proposed to recruit his son-in-law, making him almost vomit blood on the spot.

  "Your surname is Lu, and you know my son-in-law Lu Tianxing?" Finally the old lady stared at Lu Chen and asked.

  "Yes, I am the Lu family, let's put it this way, I came to help your family under his instructions, and when the time comes, I will let you know who I am." Lu Chen nodded.

  "What kind of timing?" the old lady asked again.

  "Why the Lu family disbanded, you should have guessed it, because the Lu family has encountered an unprecedented crisis, and now many people are staring at the Lu family, and knowing my identity is not a good thing for you, and it may even bring Disaster." Lu Chen said solemnly.

  The old lady trembled, and her son-in-law suddenly disbanded the Lu family. Of course she could guess that the son-in-law must be in great trouble. After Lu Chen said this, she no longer doubted in her heart.

  "Well, I agree to let Yuhan be the chairman, but I also have a condition. If her ability is not enough, I will let her down." The old lady said.

  "Well, although I am helping your family, two billion is not a small sum. I don't want to see the money I invested in it has been lost." Lu Chen laughed.

  "Grandma, Lu, Mr. Lu, I will definitely not let you down." Mo Yuhan said firmly.

  The words of the old lady rekindled hope to Mo Shanshan.

  "Well, then draw up a contract." The old lady said.

  Lu Chen gestured to the lawyer next to him, and the lawyer handed the drawn contract to the old lady.

  The old lady looked at it seriously, and the whole contract was simple and clear, there were no traps, and nothing disadvantaged them.

  Except for the condition of letting Mo Yuhan be the chairman of the board, they did not participate in the operation, but asked about the development direction and plan of the Mo family, and unless necessary, they did not use equity, only looked at the financial report, and paid dividends.

  The old lady no longer doubted, she simply signed, and finally at Lu Chen's request, Mo Yuhan also signed.

  Lu Chen promised to transfer 2 billion funds to the Mo family account tonight. The old lady was in a good mood, and she wanted to invite Lu Chen to dinner together.

  But Lu Chen refused.

  Because Lu Chen was afraid of being recognized when he took off his mask.

  On the way back, the old lady asked Mo Xiaoshan to drive while she sat in the back row with Mo Yuhan.

  "Yuhan, you and grandma have a bottom line, do you know him, right?" the old lady asked softly.

  "Yeah, but he didn't let me say his identity. I think what he said before was correct. He might let others know that he helped our family and it would really bring disaster to our family." Mo Yuhan nodded.

  "Well, how old is he? Although he covered his face, he should be in his twenties." The old lady asked again, if the other party is really from the Lu family, then the other party said. It's not unreasonable.

  "Yeah." Mo Yuhan nodded.

  "Lu Tu, it seems that his name should be a pseudonym." The old lady thought of the name Lu Chen signed before, thoughtfully.

  Mo Yuhan was amused, saying that it was Brother Chen who had taken his name apart.

  "Yuhan, I think this Lu Tu is not only to help the Mo family, but he is also a bit interesting to you, or it is impossible to help you so much." The old lady said again.

  "Grandma, where did you think of it?" Mo Yuhan's face was reddened, and he said in his heart that he is my cousin, how could he think of me.

  "Anyway, I think this land is good, and it's your uncle's person. Your uncle has no children. Let him come to help our house. This shows that your uncle trusts him. Maybe it's possible for your uncle to accept the son." Said the old lady.

  Mo Yuhan understood what the old lady meant.

  The assets of her uncle's name are not exaggerated, saying that it has already passed hundreds of billions, and her grandmother wants to be able to touch the Mo family in the future.

  Lu Chen transferred the money to the Mojia Company account that night, and early the next morning, he left the capital with someone.

  After returning to Yuzhou, Lu Chen didn't feel any ease. On the contrary, he felt that a sword was hanging on his head at all times.

  Lu Chen did not go home, but went directly to Lu Zhong.

  "Uncle Zhong, where are you going after you disband the Junyue Group?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Go abroad and come back when the master needs it." Lu Zhong said, he actually wanted to stay to help Lu Chen, but he ran away from home from the Lu family and Lu Tianxing, and he stayed In Yuzhou, Lu Chen's identity will be exposed sooner or later.

  "Well, you have been working with my dad for so many years, so it's time to rest. By the way, if I develop a chip, do you want to make a head?" Lu Chen asked. Lu Zhong is also a real business genius, and Lu Chen prepares Established his own power in Yuzhou, but the most profitable industries at the moment seemed to be saturated, and then he thought of chips.

  Chips are a domestic weakness. The mobile phone chips of the largest domestic mobile phone manufacturers are imported from European, American, TSMC or Dongying chip companies. It is easy to get stuck in the neck. He wants to try this.

  "At present, it is definitely an advantage to engage in chip development, but the key is that there is no scientific research talent." Lu Zhong said with bright eyes.

  "Yes, this is the problem. Because there is no core technology in China, it is difficult for domestic scientific research personnel to develop in a short time. This is why there are no domestic companies engaged in chip research and development. Also, due to the restrictions of the European Union and the M empire, foreign companies' chips The core technology will not be sold in the country.

  However, TSMC's performance industry has not been good in recent years. I heard that it has been losing money in recent years. I can go and buy them." Lu Zhong said. www.

  "It would be very difficult to acquire TSMC without using the power of the Lu family." Lu Chen said.

  "Well, I can use a little bit of family power, and the family won't notice. But it should be easier to acquire their core technology." Lu Zhong nodded.

  The family they are talking about refers to the Lu family, the real secret family.

  "Okay, then acquire their core chip technology. I plan to start the layout in the next few days. You will stay in Yuzhou in the next few days. I will use many of your previous relationships." Lu Chen nodded. Don't want to wait for a moment.

  He wants to get stronger as soon as possible, to avenge his mother, and then go to the Lu family to find his father.

  He felt that his father was probably back to Lu's house.

Chapter: 46

The news of the dissolution of the Grand Hyatt Group immediately caused a shocking sensation in the peaceful Yuzhou business district.

  In recent years, the Grand Hyatt Group has been the only one in Yuzhou, and it has even overwhelmed several big families in Yuzhou.

  Even the city was alarmed. The boss who just took office immediately called Lu Zhong to ask about the situation.

  We must know that the annual tax paid by the Grand Hyatt Group is as high as 40 billion, accounting for as much as 50% of the entire Yuzhou business tax and accounting for one third of the total fiscal revenue.

  Once the Junyue Group was disbanded, the total financial revenue dropped by one-third, so why not worry about the city leaders.

  It's all political achievements.

  Moreover, the Grand Hyatt Group has a total of more than 3,000 employees, and the employment of these employees is also a problem.

  However, the people who come out of the Grand Hyatt Group basically have their own skills, so they don’t have to worry about finding a job, but they may not be treated as good as the Grand Hyatt Group in the future.

  At the request of the city boss, Lu Zhong had to take Lu Chen to explain to the boss, or he felt that the city boss might be crazy.

  During the dinner, Lu Chen briefly talked about his plan to create a technology company, which can provide about 5,000 positions, of which 3,000 positions are open to the people of Yuzhou, and the other 2,000 positions are reserved for scientific researchers.

  Lu Chen also promised to build a super-large group with an initial investment of 30 billion yuan and 20 billion yuan in the middle and later stages.

  The eyes of the city bosses are shining brightly, this is a science and technology park that completely exceeds the scale of the Grand Hyatt Group.

  If Lu Chen's Science and Technology Park is successfully completed and profitable, then this political achievement would be too great.

  Therefore, the city boss reached a verbal agreement with Lu Chen on the spot, let Lu Chen do it, and all major departments will give him the green light on all procedures.

  This also let Lu Chen breathe a sigh of relief.

  In the past few years, he also started his own business. He knows that the relationship between a company and the city in the early stage of development is too important. Otherwise, a small formality may take you several months.

  With the dissolution of the Grand Hyatt Group, the four old-fashioned families in Yuzhou were all overjoyed. Although they did not gloat in front of the media, the younger generations of the Chen and Liu families bought a lot of firecrackers and celebrated outside their villas.

  Hu Hong's family also celebrated.

  These days, they could not get the forgiveness of Lin Yijun and Wang Xue. They were always worried that the Grand Hyatt Group would start their supermarket. As soon as the Grand Hyatt Group announced its dissolution, Hu Hong immediately bought countless firecrackers and set them at the supermarket entrance. Countless crowds watched.

  "The capitalist who eats people and doesn't spit out bones should have been disbanded long ago."

  "And Lu Chen's dick, don't let Lao Tzu meet you next time, or you want you to look good."

  Hearing the crackling of firecrackers, Hu Hong eyes A touch of cruelty flashed.

  He was humiliated by Lu Chen in public at the 4S store that day, and he lost his face. He must find this face from Lu Chen.

  When Xia Jun heard the news, his heart trembled.

  He knew that Lu Chen was the master of the Grand Hyatt Group, and that the Grand Hyatt Group was suddenly dissolved. He didn't know whether Lu Chen would sell Dongjia Electronics.

  Because without the support of Junyue Group, he didn't know whether Dongjia Electronics would develop.

  However, after winning the project in the Jinglong Lake Villa District, the reputation of Dongjia Electronics' products is also the same in Yuzhou. In recent days, many people have ordered Dongjia Electronics' anti-theft products.

  If Lu Chen really wants to sell Dongjia Electronics' 70% of the shares, he is ready to borrow some more money and buy it back from Lu Chen.

  But at this time Lu Chen didn't look for him, and it was hard for him to look for Lu Chen.

  So even though he was anxious, he could only wait.

  Fan Ming, Yu Hai, and Xu Jing also knew that Lu Chen was in control of the Junyue Group.

  At this time, Yu Hai has been relegated from the head of the Security Department to Security, but it does not hinder his friendship with Fan Ming.

  Although Yu Hai shamelessly betrayed Fan Ming in front of Lu Chen that day, he also maintained a certain relationship with Fan Ming these days.

  It could also be because of the same disease. Fan Ming didn't tell the story of Yu Hai betraying him that day. He also kept in touch with Yu Hai.

  "Ge Fan, the Junyue Group is disbanded, have you heard?" Yu Hai was on duty, so he called Fan Ming directly.

  "Yeah." Fan Ming responded.

  "Then you said Lu Chen is going to throw money from the company?" Yu Hai asked curiously.

  "This is not a question you are thinking about. Why do you care about it?" Fan Ming said indifferently.

  He said he didn't care, and he was really looking forward to it. www.

  land owned sprinkle dust, that Lin Yijun certainly go, but at that time he would turn over when the director.

  Before being threatened by Lu Chen, even if he is now a deputy director, even if he loses his face in the company, Fan Ming can bear it down.

  Although he hadn't thought of revenge or anything, he also looked forward to one day he could get back up again.

  Fan Ming looked at Lin Yijun, who was immersed in work in his previous position, and felt a little confused.

  At this time, he no longer hates Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, but sometimes he feels a little afraid to think that he would even provoke a big man like Lu Chen.

  Even if he learned that the Grand Hyatt Group was disbanded at this time, he didn't dare to have any ideas before Lu Chen had invested in the company.

  how to say.

  After the last incident, Fan Ming was really convinced.

  Although very busy these days, Lu Chen picks up Qiqi on time every day.

  There was no more food at home. After Lu Chen picked up Qiqi, he took her to the supermarket to buy some food.

  Unexpectedly, as soon as he came out selling good vegetables, he met several young people who were smashing his car.

  "Dad, they hit my car." Qiqi pulled Lu Chen a little scared.

  Lu Chen's face changed, and a touch of anger rose in his heart.

  "Is it enough?" Lu Chen walked over and asked with a gloomy expression when several people stopped.

  "Damn, I will not only smash the car, but also smash you!" Seeing Lu Chen coming, several people walked towards Lu Chen with steel pipes.

  "Qiqi, close your eyes, dad tells you to open and then you open." Lu Chen lowered his head and said to Qiqi, and he didn't want Qiqi to see the next scene.

  "Yeah." Qiqi answered and closed her eyes.

  Lu Chen took a step forward, and just as the steel pipe in one of the big men's hands slammed down on his head.

  Lu Chen staggered slightly, grabbing the big man's wrist, breaking it hard, and snatching the steel pipe in his hand.

  Then the steel pipes in the hands of several other people also smashed over, and Lu Chen violently pulled the big man in front of him, and all the steel pipes of the other people hit the big man.

  The man fell down with a painful grunt.

  Lu Chen stepped forward, dancing with a steel pipe in his hand, and saw several other people lying on the ground with their foreheads clutching their foreheads.

  Seeing this, the onlookers took a breath.

  Lu Chen hit five, not only was not injured, but also easily beat the opponent down, which was too cruel.

  Just when Lu Chen took out his cell phone to call Sanjie of the Water Margin, he saw Hu Hong approaching.

Chapter: 47

"Lu Chen, you dare to hurt them, you are dead." Hu Hong came to Lu Chen, looked at the young people on the ground, and sneered.

  "Huh? You told them to smash my car." Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at Hu Hong coldly.

  "Yes, I let them smash it. You shamed me at the 4S shop that day, and I will retaliate against you." Hu Hong sneered. Even if Lu Chen could fight again, he would be nothing more than a security guard. He didn't pay attention to Lu Chen's threat from Yue Group.

  "Do you know who they are? You dare to hurt them. I can guarantee that you will die miserably." Hu Hong pointed to the humming people on the ground with a sneer.

  "Oh, whose person?" Lu Chen asked, suppressing the anger in his heart.

  "The Three Heroes of the Water Margin know? In order to avenge you, I spent 500,000 yuan, and they sent these five people to help me. Now that you have injured them, it is strange that the Three Heroes of the Water Margin will not strip you. "Hu Hong smiled triumphantly.

  Three Heroes of the Water Margin?

  Lu Chen was really angry.

  With these three wastes, they interrupted Zhang Sanyuan's hand last time. They couldn't even handle this matter. Today, they sent someone to smash his car, so why didn't Lu Chen get angry.

  "Young man, hurry up, I advise you to leave your car alone for the time being. The Three Heroes of the Margin are the famous killers of the underground forces."

  "Yes, I would rather offend the Hades than the three killers, otherwise They will retaliate endlessly against you."

  "Seeing that you are also a family member, you will eat this bit of a loss. You will endure the calm for a while and take a step back." When the

  audience heard the name of the three great masters of the Water Margin, their expressions changed greatly. , They all persuaded Lu Chen.

  Seeing that everyone was afraid of the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, but I was able to pay for them to do things, the smug look on Hu Hong's face became even stronger.

  "Want to go? Where is it so easy? I have already notified them. They will arrive in ten minutes at most, and then see if you can be arrogant." Hu Hong said proudly.

  "Oh, then I'll wait for them to come." If they don't come, Lu Chen will also call them to come over. It just so happens that there is no need to make calls.

  Seeing Lu Chen's calm look, the onlookers all shook their heads. This young man is too iron.

  "Young man, no

  matter how you can hit, you are only alone, and you are still taking your child." "Yeah, it doesn't matter if you are injured. What about hurting the child later? So leave as soon as they have not arrived. , Or you will have no chance to leave after a while."

  Several well-meaning people persuaded again.

  "It's okay, I'm looking for them too." Lu Chen smiled faintly at several kind people, as if nothing had happened.

  Seeing that they couldn't persuade Lu Chen, everyone shook their heads and said nothing, but didn't go far, they all stayed to watch the good show.

  Although they were afraid of the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, they did not offend the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, nor were they afraid of harming the fish pond. www.

  "You have something to look for them? What qualifications do you have as a security guard to look for the Three Heroes of the Water Margin? You are not here to be funny." Hu Hong said jokingly.

  "It's not funny, you'll know later." Lu Chen hugged Qiqi in his arms, but Qiqi hadn't even opened her eyes yet.

  "Baby, you can open your eyes." Lu Chen said distressedly.

  "Okay, Dad." Qiqi answered, opened her eyes, and suddenly saw a group of people surrounding her and Lu Chen, she suddenly became a little scared.

  "Don't be afraid, Dad is here." Lu Chen comforted.

  "Yeah." Qiqi nodded obediently.

  Seeing Qiqi so cute and cute, some aunts sighed in their hearts.

  What a smart little girl, it's a pity that I met a willful dad who doesn't care about the consequences.

  "Lu Chen, give you a chance. Now you kneel down and apologize to me. The Three Heroes of the Water Margin will come, and I can plead for you. Of course, whether they will let you off in the end is beyond my control. Now." Hu Hong said with an arrogant expression.

  "Kneel down and apologize to you?" Lu Chen sneered. "Do you know the consequences of smashing my car?"

  "Oh, what is the consequence? Even if you call the police, what's the use? I didn't smash it, you There is no evidence." Hu Hong said with a joking smile.

  "I don't need any evidence. I remember, this supermarket belongs to your house, right?" Lu Chen looked back at the supermarket door and said lightly, "Your supermarket should go bankrupt too."

  "What? You want to let it go." My supermarket went bankrupt?" Hu Hong said jokingly as if he heard the funniest joke, "Junyue Group is awesome, Lu Zhong threatened to bankrupt my supermarket a few days ago. Guess what happened. "

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and sneered.

  "As a result, the Junyue Group was disbanded, and my supermarket is still operating well." Hu Hong said gleefully.

  His words were too ambiguous. Some people who didn't know it thought it was the Hu family who disbanded the Junyue Group, and they all looked at Hu Hong with surprise.

  This is fierce material.

  If this is true, what level of relationship did Hu Jiade use to disband the Grand Hyatt Group, the richest man in Lu.

  "Wow, Shao Hu, the Junyue Group was forced to disband by your family, right? Your Hu family is too awesome."

  "I'm going, Shao Hu, this is too awkward. May I ask if you still lack dog legs? , From now on I will be your dog-legs."

  Several ignorant people suddenly heated up.

  Of course Hu Hong didn't dare to admit it, but he didn't deny that he happened to take advantage of the situation to create pressure on Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen sneered. Before, the Junyue Group didn't have time to accommodate your Hu family father and son, and he was very busy these days, and he almost forgot about it.

  But today Hu Hong actually smashed his car, and he will not give the Hu family any chance.

  "Come on, I'm going to see how you made our supermarket go bankrupt, don't say I didn't give you a chance then." Seeing Lu Chen's silence, Hu Hong said sarcastically.

  Lu Chen didn't bother to pay attention to him. A small shrimp like Hu Hong would not take him seriously unless he smashed his car today.

  "Come here, here come, Three Jies of the Water Margin is here."

  Suddenly someone said with a trembling voice.

  Everyone turned around and looked around, and saw a big Ben and a van stopped outside the crowd, and then saw Shuihu Sanjie approaching with a dozen tough men.

  "Disperse, who the hell hurt Lao Tzu's brother, get out of Lao Tzu." Lao San Lin Tong pushed everyone away and shouted.

  Seeing the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, Hu Hong's eyes lit up and hurriedly greeted him.

  "Brother Lin, this kid was the one who beat him, and he injured several brothers." Hu Hong pointed at Lu Chen with a gloating expression on his face.

  "Boy, I just asked you to kneel down and apologize for not kneeling. Now let's see who can save you." Hu Hong said jokingly.

  Three Jies of the Water Margin followed Hu Hong's direction, and immediately spotted Lu Chen.

  Seeing Lu Chen, the hearts of the three of them jumped fiercely.

  "Lu, Shao Lu!" The

  three of them pushed Hu Hong away, and came to Lu Chen in a few steps, with a respectful expression.


  Lu Chen said nothing, raising his hand to give each of the three a loud slap.


  This scene instantly let everyone fry the pot.

Chapter: 48

Everyone was dumbfounded. Lu Chen even dared to fight the Three Heroes of the Water Margin. I'm afraid he didn't think he had lived too long.

  Hu Hong also opened his eyes wide, and couldn't believe what he saw.

  Lu Chen dared to do it. How arrogant and reckless?

  "Lu Chen, Lu Chen, you're looking for death by yourself. Originally, you admitted your mistakes obediently. At most, you were beaten by the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, which hurt your muscles and bones. But you dare to slap them, I'm afraid you will keep your hands. I'm going to break my foot." Hu Hong said with a joking expression.

  "Fuck it, dare to do it and kill him!"

  Seeing that the boss was slapped, the seven or eight big men behind Shuihu Sanjie rushed forward.

  When the onlookers saw this, their expressions changed drastically, and they hurriedly backed away, fearing that they would be hit by the fish pond.

  Lu Chen remained unmoved, but looked at the Three Heroes of the Water Margin coldly.

  "Fuck me back!" Boss Song Hai shouted angrily.

  Although they were slapped by Lu Chen, there was only fear in their hearts.

  Everyone was puzzled, but the boss was angry, and they didn't dare to make a mistake. They just stared at Lu Chen fiercely when they retreated.

  "Do you know why I slapped you?" Lu Chen looked at the three people indifferently, they disappointed him too much.

  "Please also Lu Shao for advice." The three of them trembled, and Da Xi had already guessed the reason.

  Hu Hong used 500,000 to ask for a few people from them, saying it was to deal with a security guard, but he didn't expect that the person Hu Hong was going to deal with was actually Lu Chen.

  This is not a master that the ordinary rich second generation can afford, and the power behind it is not just the richest man in Lu.

  At this time, the three of them had basically sentenced Hu Hong to death.

  "Because you guys are too unstyled and disappointed me too much. If you want to make money, you can find me. Although I am a little disappointed with you, you are cultivated by your loyal uncles. I will take into account some old feelings. But You guys are slapped like fucking jerk, who do I not slap you?" Lu Chen said disappointedly.

  The three of them trembled, as if a child who had made a mistake was in front of their parents, they did not dare to lift their heads.

  When everyone saw this scene, their eyes widened in disbelief.

  Hu Hong almost fell off his jaw in shock.

  This is really scary.

  Lu Chen, a dick, dared to teach the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, and the Three Heroes of the Water Margin were still very obedient.

  Who the hell is out here?

  Hu Hong felt that the world was crazy.

  "I am very upset with Hu's Supermarket today. I don't care what methods you use, you must make it impossible for me to run Hu's Supermarket within a week. If you let me down again this time, you don't have to mix in Yuzhou. "Lu Chen said coldly.

  He turned around and walked a few steps, then took out the car key and threw it to Song Hai, adding: "Take my car to the 4S shop to fix it." As he

  said, he hugged Qiqi and left.

  It wasn't until Lu Chen's back figure disappeared that Shuihu Sanjie let out a long sigh of relief.

  Lu Chen's aura was so strong that they dare not come out of the atmosphere.

  The three of them looked at Hu Hong next to him. Hu Hong was completely dumbfounded.

  He originally thought that Lu Chen was just a security guard, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so powerful that even the famous Water Margin Sanjie looked like a grandson in front of him.

  But he kept provoking such a big man again and again...

  Hu Hong didn't dare to think about it anymore.

  Seeing Shuihu Sanjie looking at him murderously, Hu Hong's feet softened and he almost knelt down.

  "Boy, you dare to provoke even Young Master Lu, who gives you the courage?" Song Haihai kicked Hu Hong to the ground.

  Shi Jin and Lin Tong also rushed up to punch and kick Hu Hong, Hu Hong curled his head on the ground, resisting the pain and dared not hum.

  The onlookers who wanted to hold Hu Hong's thighs before were dumbfounded again.

  Isn’t it said that the Hu family is very powerful? Even the Junyue Group can be forced to dissolve, and they are still afraid of the Three Heroes of the Water Margin?

  "Boy, your broken supermarket is just waiting to close." The three finally vented their depression, and Song Hai snorted coldly at Hu Hong, who was like a dead dog. www.Hu

  Hong trembled, resisting the pain on his body and asked: "Three big brothers, what is the status of Lu Chen, why are you so afraid of him?"

  "Shao Lu's identity is something you can know about Xiao Xiami. "Lin Tong coldly snorted.

  "Don't be a bird, you go back first, I'll fix the car for Lu Shao." Song Hai said and drove the smashed a6 to the 4S shop.

  "Second brother, third brother, who on earth is Shao Lu?" After Song Hai left, the other brothers asked Shi Jin and Lin Tong one after another.

  "You only need to know that he is a big man, don't ask more about other things that shouldn't be asked." Lin Tong said and went on a big run with Shi Jin.

  A group of younger brothers couldn't ask the result, so they got into the van while remembering what Lu Chen looked like.

  But Hu Hong was lying on the ground at this time, his heart was already scared to the extreme.

  After Lu Chen got home, he started cooking.

  As for Hu Hong, he had already left him alone.

  If a small character like Hu Hong hadn't angered him, he wouldn't bother to pay attention to him.

  "The Junyue Group is disbanded, do you know?" Lin Yijun suddenly asked Lu Chen while eating.

  "Well, but don't worry, I heard that although the Grand Hyatt Group Corporation has been dissolved, the companies they invested in are still there, and all the shares controlled by the Grand Hyatt Group have also been transferred to the name of a mysterious person, which will not affect the scenery. The construction of Longhu villa area." Lu Chen nodded, knowing what Lin Yijun was worried about.

  She just won the project in the Jinglong Lake Villa District, and it was because that project was directly promoted to the sales director, and the Junyue Group was suddenly dissolved. It is normal for her to have this worry.

  "How did you know?" Lin Yijun asked curiously.

  Lu Chen smiled, and Lin Yijun reacted in an instant, "Manger Wang Wei must have told you."

  She was able to win the project in the Jinglong Lake villa area because Lu Chen knew Wang Wei and Wang Wei was the king. The project manager of Yue Group Corporation must know a lot of inside stories.

  "I'm just afraid that someone else will be responsible later, and it will deliberately make things difficult for us." Lin Yijun was still a little worried.

  "No, Wang Wei will be in charge for the time being, and it will not affect your project." Lu Chen said.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the words, as long as she didn't change people, it would be fine.

  "By the way, today I went to the Jinglong Lake villa area. Although it is still being renovated, the villas there are really beautiful. That is, the area that our company has won is more than 50 million sets. I heard that the best ones Dong is ridiculously worth more than 100 million." Lin Yijun said suddenly.

  "Normally, the villa area that Grand Hyatt Group originally developed was aimed at the top wealthy people in Yuzhou. In recent years, the western development has made Yuzhou a central city. Many businessmen in Yuzhou have caught up with the good time and made a lot of money. Yeah." Lu Chen said.

  "Yes, it's a pity that we had bad luck in the past two years. We failed to start our business. Or our company should be small now. Maybe we are lucky enough to buy the worst villas in Jinglong Lake." Lin Yijun regrets Said.

  "Do you like the villas there?" Lu Chen looked up at Lin Yijun.

  "Who doesn't like it? Being able to live in is a status symbol. But even if we work hard for decades, we can't afford the lowest price." Lin Yijun said with envy on her face.

  But she can only envy her in her heart. She knows that it is impossible for her to live in the Jinglong Lake villa area in her life.

Chapter: 49

Hearing Lin Yijun's wish, Lu Chen didn't speak. If he didn't go to the capital, he would definitely say that I can keep the best set for our own lives.

  But now he doesn't want Lin Yijun to know his identity, at least until he is strong enough, he doesn't want his family to know that he is from the Lu family in Beijing.

  He didn't have the strength to fight his aunt now, so he could only endure it with aggrievedness.

  After Lu Chen sent Qiqi to work the next day, he went out with Wang Wei and Xu Shuting.

  Xu Shuting is Lu Zhong’s assistant. She just got her Ph.D. degree from the Cambridge University School of Economics the year before, and she was hired by Lu Zhong to join the Grand Hyatt Group with a high salary.

  Xu Shuting's height of 1.7 meters and wearing high heels would almost catch up with Lu Chen.

  Beautiful woman with big wavy curly hair and long legs.

  Now that the Grand Hyatt Group is disbanded, Lu Zhong helps him acquire the core technology of TSMC, and half of the senior management of the Grand Hyatt Group stays to assist Lu Chen.

  Others who did not want to stay were also given certain subsidies and dissolved.

  Today Xu Shuting and Wang Wei accompanied Lu Chen to see the land.

  If he wants to create the Yuzhou First Science and Technology Park, he must first choose the address.

  According to the proposal of the city boss, they came to Maanshan to check.

  Ma'anshan is just a place name in Dadu District, far away in the outskirts of the city. The place they checked today is about 15 kilometers away from the Jinglong Lake Villa District.

  Under the measurement of a group of staff, Lu Chen finally saw a mountain range with a good view of mountains and water.

  These are just a few small hills, very well developed and endless.

  The staff surveyed roughly, including the entire uninhabited area outside Ma'anshan, which is about 30 square kilometers across the three major urban areas of Yuzhou.

  "Just buy all this mountain range, Shu Ting, you take someone to the city to ask them in the afternoon." Lu Chen said to Xu Shuting who was next to him after checking the results of the staff's measurement.

  "Well, if there are no competitors, more than 10 million can be won, but if there are competitors, it is hard to say." Xu Shuting nodded and said.

  As soon as Xu Shuting's words fell, a group of motorcades were also driving over, and then a group of people got out of the car, seeming to be surveying the mountains.

  "It's the Zuo family, are they going to buy this mountain area too?" Wang Wei looked at the person who came over and whispered in Lu Chen's ear.

  The Zuo family is one of the four old-fashioned families in Yuzhou. It is very powerful. If it had not been overwhelmed by the Junyue Group before, the Zuo family would rank third in Yuzhou.

  "Hello, my name is Zuo Qingcheng, are you interested in this piece of land too?" A young man in his thirties saw Lu Chen as the leader at a glance, and went straight to Lu Chen and stretched out hand.

  "Lu Chen." Lu Chen shook hands with Zuo Qingcheng, smiling.

  "Ah, isn't this Manager Wang and Assistant Xu, the two major assistants of the Grand Hyatt Group? Haven't your Grand Hyatt Group disbanded?" Zuo Qingcheng looked at Xu Shuting and Wang Wei, his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

  "Zuo Shaohao, we no longer have any relationship with Grand Hyatt Group. We are now employees of Yiqi Technology." Xu Shuting said neither humble nor arrogant.

  Yiqi Technology is exactly the company name named by Lu Chen after Lin Yijun and Qiqi. It has been registered and temporarily uses Junyue Building as its office location. After the technology park is built, it will be moved to the technology park.

  "Yiqi Technology?" Zuo Qingcheng looked back at his assistant. He had never heard of this company.

  However, the companies that can buy this land are not small companies, and they have recruited talents like Xu Shuting and Wang Wei.

  The assistant shook his head, saying that he had never heard of it either.

  They must have never heard of it. They only registered yesterday.

  "We are just a newly registered company, and it is normal for Zuo Shao not to know." Lu Chen explained.

  "So, you are going to buy a piece of land here, but I am afraid I can't buy it, because I am going to buy the entire mountain range." When Zuo Qingcheng heard that he was a newly registered company, he didn't care much. Up.

  In his view, the newly registered company is not a challenge at all.

  How can I put it, after the dissolution of the Junyue Group, in Yuzhou, the only opponents who can become his opponents are Liu Huoshan from the Liu family, Zhang Daoren from the Zhang family and Su Zhilong from the Su family.

  Seeing that Zuo Qingcheng was about to dominate himself with momentum, Lu Chen smiled and said, "Then Young Master Zuo is about to meet a competitor."

  "Oh yeah? I hope you can become my opponent." Zuo Qingcheng spoke proudly, and left with someone, even looking at Lu Chen unwillingly.

  Seeing Zuo Qingcheng's expression of contempt for Lu Chen, both Wang Wei and Xu Shuting were a little upset.

  I think that when the Junyue Group did not disband, even if Zuo Qingcheng was the heir of the Zuo family, Zuo Qingcheng had to keep a low profile in front of them when the Zuo family cooperated with the Junyue Group.

  Because they can often represent the will of the Grand Hyatt Group.

  "There is the Zuo family here to disrupt the situation. We are going to take this land, I am afraid it will take some weeks." Wang Wei said.

  "It doesn't matter what money can handle. At most, the city will ask a few companies to bid, and I suspect that the news that we want to buy this piece of land is also revealed by the city." Lu Chen said.

  "I understand. Although they say that every department will give the green light, if there is no one to compete with us, the land will not sell much. If someone competes with us, they can make a fortune from it." Wang Wei said .

  "They are all old foxes. The city boss is obviously deceiving Lu Shao young and getting more money. Isn't he afraid of Lu Shao going to other provinces and cities to develop?" Xu Shuting said.

  "It's okay, don't let them take advantage of it. It is estimated that it will not go too smoothly in the future." Lu Chen smiled. Of course he understood the meaning of the city. Maybe the four major families of Yuzhou would participate in it.

  However, he doesn't care about this little thought in the city, as long as they like money, they can do things.

  If the four big families want to compete with him, they will fight bayonet with them, just to let them know that Yiqi Technology is not a soft persimmon.

  "If Mr. Lu doesn't leave, this matter will be easy to handle. At that time, Grand Hyatt Group raised tens of billions of taxes every year. As long as Grand Hyatt Group wanted to develop new projects, they would take the initiative to help. In many cases, they would work for free. Do your best." Wang Wei said uncomfortably.

  "However, after the establishment of Yiqi Technology, it will completely surpass the existence of the Grand Hyatt Group, and they will also come to embrace our cash cow." Xu Shuting said.

  "Let's go, let's go back first, you go and check their mouth in the afternoon." Lu Chen smiled, and walked to his car.

  Sure enough, Xu Shuting called Lu Chen at four o'clock in the afternoon. The city said that the four big families also wanted to buy the land. Now there are five of them competing, and the city is going to hold an auction tomorrow afternoon.

Chapter: 50

The next afternoon, as Lu Chen and Xu Shuting were about to participate in the auction in the city, his phone rang.

  "Brother Chen, I met Brother Fei today. He went to the Sakura Nightclub with a few people. I saw that his face was quite ugly, and he didn't return me to say hello to him." Xu Jing made the call.

  "Who did he go with?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Gu Chen's people, I have met those few people." Xu Jing said.

  "Gu Chen?" Lu Chen frowned.

  The Blue Dragon Society of Gu Chen is now the strongest underground force in Yuzhou.

  Of course, what made Lu Chen frown was that Gu Chen was the most capable person under Du Fei before.

  He knew that the biggest reason Du Fei retreated from the arena was his wife, and Gu Chen's betrayal also made him a little frustrated.

  Now that Gu Chen has approached Du Fei, there must be nothing good.

  "I see, wait for me at the gate of Sakura later, I'll go take a look." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

  Du Fei is one of his few trusted friends in Yuzhou, Du Fei has something to do, he will certainly not stand by.

  "It's okay for you two to bid, right?" Lu Chen looked at Xu Shuting and Wang Wei.

  "The problem is definitely okay, but if the four big families maliciously raise the price, shall we take the order?" Wang Wei said.

  "They raise the price, we just let them directly, anyway, I don't think it will be worth more than 20 million." Xu Shuting shook her head.

  "Yes, that piece of land is normally bought for more than 10 million. I feel that even if the four big families dare not raise the price easily, because if it exceeds 20 million, they will lose money when they buy it." Wang Wei nodded.

  "Well, no more than 30 million. If they want to increase to 30 million, just let them go." Thirty million is an acceptable amount, mainly because Lu Chen doesn't want to delay anymore, or even if he has more money. , And don't want to be taken advantage of.

  He can also choose to be stronger, but he wants more cooperation from the city in the early stage, so he is willing to give the city a little more benefit.

  There is a sword hanging above his head at any time, he just wants to get stronger as soon as possible.

  The two nodded, then got in the car and went straight to the city auction hall.

  After the two left, Lu Chen also got into his car.

  He didn't rush to leave, but first called the Water Margin Sanjie.

  "Bring all the brothers you can bring with you. After half an hour, I want you to surround me with the entire Sakura Club." Lu Chen said directly.

  "Ah, Shao Lu, the Sakura Club is the site of the Blue Dragon Club. We are not in the same area with them, and we usually do not offend the river. Are you planning to fight with them?" Song Hai was startled and asked in confusion.

  The forces of the Azure Dragon Society are much stronger than them, and they can't do the Azure Dragon Society. If that is the case, Song Hai feels a little confused.

  "The encirclement I'm talking about refers to being in the dark. Of course, if your people are discovered by them, then prepare for a big fight." Lu Chen snorted and hung up the phone with a snap.

  He is now increasingly dissatisfied with the Three Heroes of the Water Margin.

  Twenty minutes later, Lu Chen arrived at the Cherry Blossom Club, where Xu Jing was already waiting for him.

  "Brother Chen." Xu Jing walked towards Lu Chen.

  "Go, go to the second floor." Lu Chen nodded and walked into the Cherry Blossom Club first.

  The first, second, and third floors of the Sakura Club are nightclubs, which will only open after 7pm. The first floor is the parking lot and grocery room, and the second floor is the real casino.

  The negative second floor is open all day long, and it is also the place where the Blue Dragon Club can make money. The profit of the negative second floor alone will exceed more than two million yuan per month. In addition to the nightclub income, the monthly profit of the entire Sakura Club is basically 400 About ten thousand.

  This is also the biggest support of the Qinglong Association in Yuzhou's underground power.

  When they came to the second floor, they saw a group of gamblers immersed in it and couldn't help themselves.

  Some people's faces are haggard, and some are red.

  But as long as it is a gambling, it is basically ten bets and nine loses. Especially in casinos, it is more difficult to win than buying lottery tickets.

  "Brother, what do you want to play?" a big guy asked Lu Chen with a smile.

  "Call Gu Chen to see me." Lu Chen said calmly.

  The big man's face changed, and he said solemnly: "Brother, it's fun if you want to bet, please go out if you don't want to bet. We don't have any Guchen Gulong here."

  "Oh, right? That's fine, then I'll bet a few. "Lu Chen smiled faintly. This is the wealth tree of the Azure Dragon Club. He doesn't believe that after he has won the money here, Gu Chen will not appear.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was about to gamble, the big man's expression instantly changed with enthusiasm.

  "Brother, what are you going to play?" the big man asked with a smile.

  "Dice, I only know this." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Okay, please come with me." The big man said and took Lu Chen to the other dice field.

  In the dice field, a middle-aged man with savvy eyes was leaning on a chair and drinking tea, looking relaxed.

  There are not many people who come to bet on dice during the day, so the gamblers who sit in the dice field are quite leisurely.

  "Master Zhao, this brother wants to bet on dice." The big man said to the gambler.

  The gambler looked up at Lu Chen and Xu Jing and found that they were dressed in ordinary clothes, not like rich people, and immediately lost interest.

  You must know that he is here to sit and bet for the Qinglong Club. The more he wins, the higher his success. If the bet is too small, he is not interested.

  "Every time the bet must not be less than five thousand, don't bet if you miss five thousand." Master Zhao said lightly.

  "Okay." Lu Chen sat down at the gambling table and took out a card to Xu Jing.


  , let's swipe one million chips, the code is 6 9." Xu Jing nodded, and took the bank card and asked the big man to take him to change the chips.

  Dahan and Master Zhao were both startled when they heard that, this is a big customer.

  Although there are usually many wealthy people who come to play, there are still very few people who have to change one million chips at a time like Lu Chen, and they haven't even encountered it in the past six months.

  "This table is the best Maojian." Without a word, the big man ordered the waiter, and then took Xu Jing to change the bargaining chip.

  Master Zhao stared at Lu Chen for a few seconds before sitting opposite Lu Chen.

  This kid is so fucking hard to tell, he is still a rich master.

  But it's good to have money. As long as you sit on Lao Tzu's table, how much money Lao Tzu has today, you will have to stay all behind before you can leave.

  "Sir, please have tea." Soon, a fairly beautiful girl put a cup of hot tea in front of Lu Chen.

  Generally, the people who can entertain tea in the casino are really big people, so when the gamblers next to it saw this, they all gathered around and prepared for a good show.

  "What to bet on? Big or small pays two, and points pays ten." Master Zhao asked after Xu Jing exchanged his chips.

  "Points, stimulate a little." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Good." Master Zhao shook the dice when his eyes lit up.

  Lu Chen closed his eyes slightly and listened attentively.

  As the dice rang in the shaker, his left ear vibrated slightly.


  Master Zhao hit the shaker on the table.

  "What time and how much is it?" Master Zhao asked.

  "Seven o'clock, one million." Lu Chen groaned for a second.

  Press one million, guess the number?

  The audience was all surprised, this is a real gamble.

  Master Zhao was also taken aback, but he immediately smiled and said, "I'm optimistic, I'll open it." As

  he said, he gently lifted the shaker.