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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 51-60) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 51

As the lid was lifted, everyone stared, one, two, four.

  It really was seven o'clock!

  Lu Chen wins!

  "I'll go, guess the points and win, don't be better luck!"

  "This first one won nine million, and the shit luck is too good!"

  "Yes, this guy is a hundred Ten million, this time became ten million, my day!"

  Although they did not win the money on their own, the gamblers on the crowd looked extremely excited.

  The big man and Master Zhao's face changed slightly, nine million, my day, what kind of shit luck is this kid?

  Of course, because the dice belonged to them and they shook them themselves, they didn't even suspect that Lu Chen had come out.

  Xu Jing didn't expect that Lu Chen would have guessed it, and he was also a little surprised. When Lu Chen said that he guessed the points before, he still felt that Lu Chen was about to lose. He didn't expect to guess the first one.

  "Brother Chen, it's a good time to open the door."

  Xu Jing was a little excited and pushed the 10 million chips in front of Lu Chen.

  Seeing Xu Jing's proud look, the big man in the casino sneered:

  Winning the first hand is the beginning of the tragedy of the gambler's life.

  I will let you cry for a while and there is nowhere to cry.

  The second move continues, still guessing the points.

  Master Zhao began to shake the dice, his face was already very solemn, and he shook it for more than a minute before slamming it on the table.

  Of course, this is also a kind of mental warfare, increasing the sense of ritual, but it can double the pressure in the hearts of gamblers.

  However, for Lu Chen, he has been following Yun for more than ten years to distinguish his position by listening to the wind. At this time, his ears are better than his eyes.

  He closed his eyes slightly, and when the dice sounded, he had already fully grasped the trajectory of the three dice with more than ten years of hard-working hearing.

  "What time? How much?" Master Zhao stared at Lu Chen's eyes unblinkingly.

  "Five o'clock, ten million." Lu Chen didn't even think about it, and pushed all the chips up.

  Damn it, ten million!

  The other gamblers all came around when they saw it, and they stopped betting. It’s like this kind of gameplay, which is just over ten million or guessing points. They gambled that they hadn’t seen it in a lifetime. How could they miss this? Good show.

  Even if it's just a look, it's so exciting and enjoyable.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was so calm, Master Zhao was a little unsure.

  If this Nima was guessed again, it would be a hundred million.

  One hundred million is already a casino...

  No, it is already the limit of the Blue Dragon Club, and they will have to go bankrupt to compensate for more.

  "Open, open, open..." The onlookers gamblers shouted one after another, which put a lot of pressure on Master Zhao.

  He could not lose in this round, nor could he afford to lose.

  "Buy it!" Master Zhao suddenly yelled, and his hand holding the lid shook intentionally, trying to mess up the dice.

  Although he didn't believe that Lu Chen would really guess it, what if Lu Chen was lucky.

  "Speaking of buying away from the hand, what do you mean by not revealing it? Out of the old thousand?" Lu Chen got up and grabbed Master Zhao's hand across the table.

  Master Zhao's face changed drastically. He only felt that his right hand was like being clamped by pliers, and he could not move at all.

  "What the hell are you kid, come up with the old man?" The big man bit Lu Chen back when he saw this, and reached out and grabbed Lu Chen.

  But as soon as he reached out his hand, Xu Jing clasped his wrist.

  "Let go to Laozi!" The big man shouted angrily, and slammed Xu Jing's face with his left hand.

  Xu Jing didn't move, and the hand clasping his wrist gave a fierce force.

  "Ah! Let go, let go, it's going to be broken!" The big man bent his body and knelt to the floor with a thumping knee.

  "Grass, there is someone who hit the scene, brothers, kill him!" Seeing the scene, a dozen gangsters rushed over, and at the same time drew daggers and sticks from their waists.

  "I will break his arm when I come here again." Xu Jing shouted in a deep voice. At the same time, the man's arm was screwed to the limit.

  "I'm grass, don't come, don't come..." The pained face of the big man was distorted, and he felt that his arm was about to break in the next moment.

  The few people who were about to rush up had to stop when they saw this, but they all stared at Xu Jing and Lu Chen fiercely.

  Obviously, other gamblers saw a lot on this occasion, and they didn't care much, they were just a little farther away from Xu Jing and Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen just stared at Master Zhao and sneered, "Do you drive it yourself, or do I drive it for you?"

  Seeing that the big man was also restrained, Master Zhao knew that he had a hard time today.

  However, people who dare to come to the casino to bet such a big deal are generally afraid to come.

  "I'm going." Master Zhao nodded and said.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly and let go of Master Zhao's hand.

  Master Zhao took a deep breath and slowly opened the lid.

  Two two one.

  Five o'clock!

  Lu Chen got it right again!

  Damn it, what kind of luck is this, do you want to be so awesome!

  While the gamblers were extremely excited, Master Zhao's expression was already ugly.

  One billion!

  Master Zhao's breathing is a little uncomfortable.

  He has some tricks, but he can only control the size.

  He has no such ability to control the number of dice.

  If he could control the number of dice, he wouldn't be sitting in such a small place, he would have gone to Las Vegas to mix.

  "You fucking pay a thousand!" A hundred million is the limit of the Azure Dragon Association. Even if Lu Chen doesn't give a thousand, he can't admit it, or it's over.

  "Take his hand off for me." Lu Chen sat back when he heard the words and took a sip from his teacup slowly.

  Xu Jing nodded, let go of the big man, and rushed to Master Zhao in one step.

  "What do you want to do?" Master Zhao was anxious and had to withdraw.

  Xu Jing clasped his arm and twisted it fiercely.


  The clear and crisp sound of the staggered bones made the entire casino instantly quiet.

  At this time, the gamblers realized that these two people are probably not simply gambling.

  This is here to hit the place!

  Master Zhao fainted in pain.

  "I'm stubborn, kill them!" The man who had regained his freedom shouted angrily, and the other seven or eight scoundrels rushed towards Lu Chen and Xu Jing.

  Lu Chen drank tea calmly and leaned back on the chair.

  He believed Xu Jing could easily handle these few gangsters.

  Xu Jing also lifted a stool calmly and jumped to Lu Chen in one step.

  As soon as a few people rushed closer, he directly greeted them.


  The bastard in front was hit by a stool by Xu Jing, the stool fell apart with a chuckle, and the bastard fell silently.

  Upon seeing this, the gamblers retreated to the side.

  I saw that Xu Jing was like a wandering dragon. A dozen big men couldn't surround him, and he was quickly beaten down by him.

  "Friend, do you know whose site this is?" The previous big stream stared at Lu Chen fiercely.

  "Whose site?" Lu Chen asked lightly.

  "This is the site of the Azure Dragon Club. If you dare to make trouble here, you are not afraid that Brother Chen will let you die?" the big man threatened.

  "Gu Chen? I said let Gu Chen come to see me. If you called him out earlier, wouldn't these things happen?" Lu Chen laughed playfully.

  "Very well, you have kind." The big man snorted coldly, and took out his cell phone to call their boss Gu Chen.

Chapter: 52

At this time, in a secret room on the second floor of the Cherry Blossom Club, Gu Chen was smoking a cigar, and on the floor in front of him was kneeling a big man covered in blood.

  The big man couldn't see his face clearly, but he saw his burly figure, his T-shirt almost covered in blood.

  "I think we followed you desperately back then, but you ignored the future of your brothers because of a woman, Brother Fei, you disappointed the brothers too much, really." Gu Chen took a sip of his cigar and looked sinister. Blood man kneeling on the ground.

  "If it hadn't been to save the yellow-faced woman, Gu Feng would not have died. I wanted her to bury her." The insidious meaning in Gu Chen's eyes turned into a thick hatred.

  Gu Feng is his brother, and the two of them came out of the gangsters together and followed Du Fei all the way to the frightening number two of Yuzhou underground forces. Ten years ago, they were beaten by others for saving Du Fei’s wife. died.

  He has always blamed his brother's death on his wife Du Fei. If it were not for her, his brother would not have died.

  This is also one of the biggest reasons why he later betrayed Du Fei.

  In the past ten years, he has reorganized the group of unwilling brothers that year. He hopes to be better than Du Fei back then, and is also looking for the whereabouts of Du Fei and his wife.

  He wants to avenge his brother Gu Feng.

  Du Fei's death must be used to establish his absolute prestige.

  "Let her go, if you have anything to do with me, I can give your brother Gu Feng a taste of his life." Du Fei raised his head and said in a deep voice.

  "Okay, if you want me to let your wife go, come and lick me clean first." Gu Chen cocked Erlang's legs and looked at Du Fei playfully.

  "Forget it, you used to be my elder brother after all. I humiliated you and myself. I will give you a pleasure, but I will not let her go." Gu Chen got up and kicked Du Fei down, and smoothly kicked the table. The last dagger was thrown in front of Du Fei.

  "Gu Chen, if something happens to her, I will let you be buried!" Du Fei said solemnly.

  "Just relying on you as a trash?" Gu Chen stepped on Du Fei's face and sneered.

  Du Fei did not speak, only a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

  "I will tell you the truth. I have already sacrificed her to the heavens before my brother's spiritual position. Do you think I really just want her life? I also want your life." Gu Chen squatted down. Pat Du Fei's cheek.

  "Gu Chen, your fucking better not to give me a chance, otherwise you will regret it!" Du Fei roared with murderous intent in his eyes.

  "Just you rubbish, on Lao Tzu's site, given you a chance, you just barely struggled." Gu Chen sneered.

  At this moment, his phone rang, and he took it out and connected.

  "Brother Chen, some people have gone out of the way and hurt our people."

  "How much did he win? Let him get away if there is not much. There is no time to settle him today." Gu Chen frowned and asked, he Today I finally found Du Fei. It was when he was taking revenge, he didn't want to be upset by some trivial things.

  "One hundred million!"

  "What? I'll take him to the private room, and I will meet him." Gu Chen was taken aback. One hundred million is already the limit he can get, which has nothing to do with killing him. the difference.

  "Show me this trash, I will ask him to apologize in front of my brother's spiritual position in a while." Gu Chen said to his opponent before leaving.

  After the big guy made the call, he said coldly to Lu Chen: "Boy, our brother Chen wants you to go to the ViP private room."

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, and saw Shuihu Sanjie walking in.

  "Young Master Lu." The three hurried forward, but they were still a little dazed.

  After all, this is Gu Chen's territory, and they are better off to say something, if something happens to Lu Chen, they believe that Lu Zhong will definitely not let them go.

  After all, the Blue Dragon Society of Gu Chen is the strongest underground power in Yuzhou.

  They are not rivals either.

  "No one is allowed to enter or leave." Lu Chen said.

  "Well, it's already arranged." Song Hai nodded.

  The big man was startled when he saw the Three Heroes of the Water Margin.

  "Big Brother Song, what do you mean, don't you three brothers put us Qinglong in his eyes?" The big man looked at the Water Margin with a gloomy expression.

  "We're just doing something, we don't mean to not take Qinglonghui in our eyes." Song Hai explained, cringing a little in his heart.

  Lu Chen shook his head secretly, Sanjie of the Water Margin was too courageous, it was not for big business at all.

  "Let's go, take me to see Gu Chen." Lu Chen turned to the big man and said indifferently.

  The man looked at Lu Chen with gloomy eyes, and then led them to a ViP private room.

  Soon Gu Chen came to the private room.

  Gu Chen was also a fierce man, he was smoking a cigar while looking at Lu Chen.

  When his eyes fell on Shuihu Sanjie, he couldn't help but startled slightly.

  "It turns out it's the three of you. I thought someone would dare to come to my place to come out of my place." Gu Chen frowned slightly when he saw that it was the Three Heroes of the Water Margin.

  Although he did not put the Three Heroes of the Margin in his eyes, there was a mysterious force behind the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, and he did not dare to offend the Three Heroes of the Water Margin too much.

  The Three Heroes of the Water Margin did not dare to speak, because they were here to smash the scene today, and they were still a little worried on the site of Gu Chen. www.If

  Gu Chen is offended to death, I am afraid that none of them can get out of this private room.

  Seeing that the three heroes of the Water Margin stood respectfully behind Lu Chen, Gu Chen stared at Lu Chen, frowning and asked: "Who are you?"

  "Brother Chen, this is the kid who came out." said the big man.

  Gu Chen narrowed his eyes.

  "It doesn't matter who I am, and it doesn't matter if I can't get a laoqian. Even I can give you 100 million, as long as Du Fei is innocent, but only if you have that appetite." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Huh?" Gu Chen's expression changed, only to realize that Lu Chen and others were coming at Du Fei.

  He must take Du Fei's memorial to his younger brother today, and the Three Outstanding Aspects of the Water Margin are not good, and he still doesn't take the Three Heroes of the Water Margin in his eyes.

  It's just that Lu Chen's status is higher than that of the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, which makes him a little puzzled.

  "Then what if you saw a corpse?" Gu Chen smiled lightly.

  "Then you will become a corpse." Lu Chen also smiled faintly.

  "Huh?" Gu Chen's expression changed, and he drew his pistol in a snap.

  This was brought back from Vietnam through special channels, and no one has ever forced him to use it.

  But today's Lu Chen gave him an extremely powerful aura pressure.

  Seeing the gun in Gu Chen's hand, Sanjie's expression changed drastically. Although they were good at mixing, they weren't mixed enough to play with guns, especially this kind of regular black box.

  Even Xu Jing's face changed slightly.

  As a veteran special soldier, he is of course a master at playing guns, but at such a close distance, it is impossible for him to avoid bullets.

  "How the hell did you make me a corpse? With your mouth?"

  Gu Chen pointed at Lu Chen, somewhat jokingly, and slightly grinning.

Chapter: 53

"Let them all come in, search me room by room, and find Du Fei for me whether it's alive or dead." Lu Chen was pointed at by Gu Chen's gun without blinking his eyes.

  Song Hai hesitated, this was about to completely tear his face with Gu Chen.

  And Gu Chen still had life-killing things in his hands.

  But he hesitated and sent a message.

  At this time, Lu Chen turned to look at Gu Chen, and said faintly: "How many bullets are in your gun? Do you know how many people I have brought?"

  "In my territory, you have more people than me. ?" Gu Chen sneered.

  "I can guarantee that as long as you shoot, you will definitely become a corpse before your people arrive." Lu Chen said calmly.

  Of course he couldn't avoid the bullet at such a close distance, but he believed that Gu Chen would not dare to shoot.

  Because Lu Chen has not driven him to a dead end.

  And he still didn't understand Lu Chen's details.

  The existence of the unknown is the most feared.

  "Oh, do you want to try?" Gu Chen looked at Lu Chen jokingly. He didn't believe that Lu Chen was not afraid that he would shoot.

  Just when Gu Chen was about to teach Lu Chen a lesson, only a little brother rushed in.

  "Brother Chen, it's not OK. Our entire clubhouse is surrounded by the Three Outstanding People of the Water Margin, at least more than a hundred people!" The young man said to Gu Chen, with a little anger and fear in his eyes.

  "What?" Gu Chen's face changed drastically. Although this is his base camp, there are only 20 or 30 people who stay here. The other party unexpectedly came over a hundred people. When he called everyone here , It is estimated that they are all stepped on the ground.

  However, just as he lost his mind, Lu Chen finally moved.

  Seeing him raise his hand and throw it, a dice flew out of his finger.

  With a huff, it directly penetrated the wrist of Gu Chen holding the gun.

  Gu Chen snorted and dropped the pistol.

  Lu Chen's figure flashed and picked up his pistol.

  boom! boom!

  Two consecutive gunshots sounded, and the whole room was silent for an instant.

  Everyone stared at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen blew the muzzle and said faintly, "The bullet marks are quite stable."

  After hearing this , everyone discovered that the two bullets had just hit Gu Chen's feet.

  At this time, Gu Chen was sitting on the floor with horror and pain.

  The Three Heroes of the Water Margin trembled. They didn't know until now that the original master from the family stretched out his hand so awesomely.

  Grab the gun, fire the gun, and breathe out, the speed is fast to the extreme.

  Is this what ordinary people can do?

  "Who are you?" Gu Chen looked at Lu Chen in horror. He rarely saw someone as ruthless as Lu Chen.

  Even if it was him, when he had a gun in his hand, he didn't dare to shoot at will. On the contrary, after giving Lu Chen a chance, Lu Chen dismissed him in a more ruthless manner.

  Yes, he is now shot in both legs, his right hand is injured, and the whole clubhouse is surrounded again. He has no chance to escape.

  Lu Chen did not speak, but signaled to Xu Jing. The young man who had just opened the door to report the letter was forcibly dragged into the private room by Xu Jing.

  Before finding Du Fei, Lu Chen couldn't let Gu Chen send out any news.

  He was just in case, if Gu Chen threatened him with Du Fei in the end, he would be a little restrained.

  Soon, the two men of the Water Margin Sanjie brought Du Fei to the private room.

  Du Fei was startled when he saw Lu Chen suddenly, and then nodded to Lu Chen, without saying thank you, nor hypocritical.

  "They took my wife and used her to threaten me." Du Fei simply told Lu Chen what happened.

  "Where is my sister-in-law?" Lu Chen asked.

  "I don't know yet, I hope she doesn't have anything to do, otherwise today is his death date!" Du Fei said, looking at Gu Chen on the ground with a cold expression.

  When Gu Chen heard Du Fei's words, there was a flash of fear in his eyes, but he quickly covered up the past.

  After a few more minutes, the men of Water Margin Sanjie came in again, but this time they carried the body of a woman.

  The woman's chest was completely bloody, and her chest was clearly torn apart by a weapon.

  "Xiaohe!" Du Fei's face changed wildly, and he rushed over to hold the female body in his arms.

  "Xiaohe!" Du Fei let out a tearing call, two lines of clear tears streaming down his cheeks.

  Lu Chen sighed inwardly and put the pistol in Du Fei's hand: "Sorry."

  He said that he led everyone out of the private room, and in the entire private room was only the sad Du Fei holding his wife's body, and Gu Chen slumped on the floor and trembled. www.

  "Smoking a cigarette?" Walking outside the private room, Lu Chen took out a cigarette to Xu Jing.

  The three heroes behind the Water Margin were shocked, and Lu Chen gave Xu Jingyan but not them. This was the surface of disappointment for them.

  They also knew that the three of them were a little timid in front of Gu Chen today, and they really disappointed Lu Shao.

  It's just that their hearts trembled Lu Chen's skill even more.

  They had always thought that Lu Chen was just a super boy brother, but they did not expect that Lu Chen taught them a great lesson today.

  "Brother Fei should kill him." Xu Jing said with a cigarette.

  Lu Chen didn't speak, that's for sure, or he wouldn't be Du Fei.

  This is also what he meant by giving the gun to Du Fei.

  As soon as Xu Jing's voice fell, he heard six consecutive gunshots banging banging in the private room.

  Needless to say, Lu Chen also guessed that Du Fei was extremely angry, and vented the last eight bullets to Gu Chen's body.

  He can abandon his hard work and retreat for his wife. Now for his wife, it is of course impossible to let Gu Chen live.

  Ten minutes later, Du Fei walked out with a whole body of blood.

  He knew that Lu Chen would definitely wait for him outside, and went straight to Lu Chen.

  Seeing Du Fei's blood and murderous face, Shuihu Sanjie felt a little dazed.

  They also guessed that Gu Chen must have died in Du Fei's hands just now.

  "You said you gave me a card last time, do you give it back now?" Du Fei took the cigarette in Lu Chen's hand and smoked it fiercely.

  "Yes, but I took one million today. If it is not enough, you will find me again." Lu Chen nodded and motioned to Xu Jing. Xu Jing gave him the card that Lu Chen had given him to change his chips. Passed it to Du Fei.

  "Brother Fei, by the way." Xu Jing said.

  "I'm fine." Du Fei patted Xu Jing on the shoulder.

  "Sorrow, then I'll go first." Lu Chen said, turning to the Three Jie of the Water Margin.

  "The three of you stay here to help Du Fei deal with the funeral." As

  he said, he took Xu Jing and left the Sakura Club.

  Du Fei looked at the back of Lu Chen and the two of them leaving, and looked at the situation of the entire negative second floor. He took the last puff of smoke and muttered:

  "Yuzhou, I Du Fei is back!" At

  this moment, he was tall and straight. , Wei An, no longer the lazy appearance when Lu Chen invited him to dinner the other day.

  Du Fei at this moment seems to have returned to ten years ago.

  That incredible hero!

Chapter: 54

The news that Yiqi Technology won the mountain range south of Maanshan for 25 million yuan shocked the entire Yuzhou.

  The shock to everyone is that according to official news, Yiqi Technology has to build a science and technology park second only to Beijing Dongguancun.

  For this reason, everyone is asking what is the origin of Yiqi Technology.

  Why after the inexplicable dissolution of the Grand Hyatt Group, Yiqi Technology stepped up to make a big move.

  Is this related to the dissolution of Qunyue Group?

  On the second day after the land was photographed, all major family business circles in the media were inquiring about the news of Yiqi Technology.

  But at this time, Lu Chen drove his Audi and the ashes of Du Fei and his wife back to Guobie Village in Qijiang County.

  "She is an orphan. After finishing high school, she went to work in Yuzhou. At that time, she was working as a waiter in Sakura." Du Fei said, touching the tombstone just erected.

  Lu Chen lit a cigarette for him, then lit one himself, and sat on the rock beside him, listening to Du Fei's broken thoughts.

  "I remember that that day, Zhou Li fell in love with her and wanted her to accompany her, but she refused. Then she was forcibly taken into the private room where I was sheltered by Zhou Li's men. Later I rescued her and she Became my wife."

  "On the day of my wedding, I said that I was a bad person and might not be able to give her happiness. She said that being by my side is the greatest happiness."

  "Later she said she was afraid, so I took her out of the rivers and lakes. . " "

  but she was because I was a quack who died. "

  Duffy said a bomb cigarette butts, cigarette butts with a graceful arc and made a track fell into the ground.

  "Because you are not strong enough, she died." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Yes, if I don't retreat from the arena, but become stronger, I can better protect her." Du Fei nodded, convinced.

  He clearly understood.

  But some things are late.

  "The road of life, it is inevitable ups and downs ups and downs, is still very long back, but unfortunately, just come to the front end of a landscape, we have to do, is to always believe that tomorrow the sun will move forward not back down." Www.

  Lu also dust He flicked the cigarette butt out, clapped his hands and walked to the car on the roadside.

  "The Three Jies of the Water Margin called you Lu Shao, are you not going to keep a low profile?" Du Fei chased Lu Chen. He had discovered that Lu Chen was not in the pool before, but he did not expect that it was really a golden scale.

  "I have never been low-key, but I didn't have high-key capital before." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  He was talking about before he inherited the family property.

  At that time, he was indeed very poor. In order to treat his daughter, he borrowed 50,000 yuan from Du Fei.

  Du Fei raised his eyebrows and said nothing more.

  After returning to Yuzhou, Du Fei began to rectify the Blue Dragon Association strongly.

  Lu Chen also urged the people below to start the construction of the science and technology park.

  Of course, during this time, he mainly invited the big guys in the city to eat.

  Although the city boss had already verbally given his Yiqi Technology the green light at the time, the bosses of various departments, Lu Chen, also invited them to have a meal. Wang Wei and Xu Shuting will maintain the rest.

  While Lu Chen was inviting city bosses to eat, Hu Hong came to Dongjia Electronics every day to wait for Lu Chen.

  Because Water Margin Sanjie sent people to use his supermarket every day, all kinds of fakes, bad products, all kinds of unreasonable troubles, fights in all kinds of supermarkets, all kinds of negative news that slandered the reputation of the supermarket.

  Even in just a few days, his supermarket was on the hot search, not popular, but notorious.

  Various online forums, Weibo headlines, etc., all report various negative news about Hujia Supermarket.

  Some people even smashed the supermarket, and Hu's supermarket did not dare to open for business these days.

  At this point, Hu Hong understood that Lu Chen's saying that he would close his supermarket was not bragging, but he really did what he said.

  He wanted to beg Lu Chen to be magnanimous and lift his hands to let his Hu family go.

  But he had been waiting at the door of Dongjia Electronics for three days, and still did not see Lu Chen appear.

  Suddenly seeing an Audi A6, Hu Hong's eyes lit up. He remembered that Lu Chen bought this model last time and hurriedly greeted him.

  Lin Yijun was about to go home from get off work when she suddenly frowned when she saw that Hu Hong was in her car.

  She rolled down the car window and asked, "What are you doing?" After

  experiencing the last incident, Lin Yijun now has no good feelings for Hu Hong.

  "Hello, Sister Yijun, do you know where Brother Lu is?" Hu Hong asked urgently.

  "Brother Lu? Lu Chen?" Lin Yijun raised her eyebrows. She knew that Hu Hong had always looked down on Lu Chen, and she felt that Hu Hong today is a little weird.

  "Yes, it's Lu Chen, is he still in the company now?" Hu Hong nodded.

  "I don't know, you call him yourself." Lin Yijun said with a funny heart, started the car and left the company.

  Hu Hong's urgent look must be an urgent matter to ask Lu Chen.

  However, what is Lu Chen's ability to ask him?

  Is it Wang Wei again?

  Thinking about this, Lin Yijun suddenly realized that Lu Chen is also very capable.

  At least Lu Chen made friends with capable people. If Lu Chen started a business again, she believed that Lu Chen would succeed.

  At least it won't be as miserable as last time.

  "By the way, Lu Chen seems to have the smell of alcohol on his body these days. What is he doing when he hasn't gone to work? He doesn't have a little money on his body, so he just thinks about spending money every day, right?" Lin Yijun suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but wrinkle. Show eyebrows.

  "I must have a good chat with him at night. I have not paid attention to him these days, and I don't know if he is looking for a job or planning to start a business." Lin Yijun thought, unknowingly she came to Qiqi's kindergarten.

  "Yijun, what are you doing?"

  Lin Yijun just got out of the car when she saw a twenty-four-year-old woman approaching her.

  The woman is very beautiful. Although she is not as charming as Lin Yijun, she is also one of the rare beauties.

  "Yu Li? Are you picking up the kids?" Lin Yijun looked at the beauty and wondered.

  "Well, pick up my niece, by the way, where do you go to work?" Yu Li shook her head and asked.

  "Dongjia Electronics." Lin Yijun said.

  "Is it okay? What about your guy? I heard that he had failed to start a business before I went to Europe. Have you come back now?" Yu Li smiled.

  She also liked Lu Chen when she was in college. Lu Chen didn't have any interest in her at all, which made her feel a little bit about Lu Chen.

  When Lu Chen failed to start a business, she even made a special call to ridicule.

  "It's okay, Lu Chen has made some big shots, and it's okay to fuck." Of course, Lin Yijun wouldn't belittle Lu Chen in front of others, even if she didn't know if Lu Chen was really fucking.

  "That's okay. By the way, my boyfriend invites Li Wenguang to dinner at night and asks Lu Chen to join him. I haven't seen him in a few years." Yu Li said.

  "Will Li Wenguang go too?" Lin Yijun's eyes lit up. Li Wenguang was the best among their college classmates. I heard that he was promoted to section chief and his uncle was still the deputy director.

  And Lu Chen had a little holiday with Li Wenguang. If Lu Chen wants to start a business this time, he must deal with Li Wenguang.

  I can take this opportunity to see if I can let the two of them resolve their unhappiness.

Chapter: 55

Lin Yijun, who was a little innocent, didn't respond right away. Yu Li invited her to join Lu Chen. In fact, she wanted to show off her boyfriend in front of Lu Chen and called Lu Chen on the spot.

  What she thought was that Li Wenguang was there, hoping to let them resolve their grievances.

  Doesn't Lu Chen have some money now? She hopes that Lu Chen will start a business again. Only by taking the road of entrepreneurship is the way to get ahead.

  And Li Wenguang is the section chief of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and if you have a good relationship with him, the beginning of the business will be much smoother.

  After all, I have started a business with Lu Chen once, and the relevant procedures are still clear.

  Lu Chen would not generally refuse Lin Yijun, because Lin Yijun usually doesn't ask for anything.

  So after receiving Lin Yijun's call, he agreed.

  When Lin Yijun and Yu Li dated, they took Qiqi to Grandpa Qiqi's house.

  Both of them were going out to eat, so they had to send Qiqi to her grandfather's house.

  "Li Wenguang will go too soon. You try to resolve the unhappy grievances with him." Lin Yijun told the car who went to the appointment.

  "Li Wenguang is with you?" Lu Chen was a little surprised and a little funny.

  In college, Yu Li madly pursued him, he pursued Lin Yijun, and Li Wenguang also pursued Lin Yijun.

  The most chasing him and Lin Yijun came together, and naturally it made Yu Li and Li Wenguang upset.

  The last time he failed to start a business, although it has nothing to do with Li Wenguang, at the beginning Li Wenguang did not give him less trouble.

  But Yu Li is even more amazing, even calling him to taunt him.

  But today Yu Li and her boyfriend invited Li Wenguang to dinner, but they also invited him and Lin Yijun. This shows that they are going to do something.

  Lin Yijun couldn't even tell, and Lu Chen was also a little speechless.

  But whether it was Li Wenguang or Yu Li's boyfriend, Lu Chen didn't take them seriously, so he didn't care much.

  "I try my best, but you have to know that some grievances can't be resolved by resolving them," Lu Chen said.

  "Well, it's better not to do it than to do nothing." Lin Yijun nodded.

  "By the way, why do you want me to have a good relationship with Li Wenguang? Is he targeting you?" Lu Chen asked suddenly.

  If Li Wenguang dared to target Lin Yijun, how dare he prove that Li Wenguang could not even keep his current position.

  Although he is only a businessman, he still has this ability with his current strength.

  "I don't have any intersection with him. What does he have to target me, and to target the company. I do it for your own good." Lin Yijun said.

  "Good for me?" Lu Chen was speechless, he didn't think he had any place to use Li Wenguang.

  "Don't you have some money now? Do you still want to go back to work?" Lin Yijun asked back.

  "Oh." Lu Chen understood when he heard that, Lin Yijun was encouraging him to start a business again. Should you tell her the truth?

  Lu Chen shook his head. He felt that it was not time to tell Lin Yijun the truth, at least until he was able to deal with his aunt, it would be better not to let Lin Yijun know his identity.

  Then we can only do something else.

  "I don't know what to do now." Lu Chen shook his head. He really couldn't think of a small business for a while.

  "Don't worry about this, and you can also ask Manager Wang Weiwang, your relationship is not very good, let him give you some suggestions." Lin Yijun said.

  Wang Wei is an executive of the Grand Hyatt Group, and Lin Yijun thinks that he must be more experienced than Lu Chen in this regard.

  "Okay, I will ask him another day." Lu Chen smiled.

  "By the way, I saw Hu Hong looking for you at the door of the company today, as if he was very anxious, what happened?" Lin Yijun said, thinking about what happened after get off work.

  "Hu Hong?" Lu Chen said with bright eyes, "Oh, he asked me to buy his supermarket."

  He just didn't know what small business to do to deal with Lin Yijun, don't make her suspicious, Lin Yijun's words just reminded him.

  These days, Hu Hong's supermarket dare not open the door to operate, and it happens to be able to buy it back at a low price.

  "Acquisition of Hu's Supermarket? Hu's Supermarket doesn't have 50 or 60 million, I'm afraid it can't be acquired." Lin Yijun glanced at Lu Chen suspiciously. The implication is that you have so much money? www.

  "Their supermarket is about to close, don't you know? I bet they will sell it to me for ten million." Lu Chen confidently said.

  If you dare not sell it, just keep their house unable to open the door.

  This was originally Lu Chen's punishment to the Hu family.

  Lin Yijun was still a little unbelievable, and asked casually: "Lu Chen, tell me the truth, did you really win the jackpot last time? How many? I don't have any in my heart."

  If you have not been to Beijing, Lu Chen is sure Lin Yijun told Lin Yijun the truth for the first time, but now he can only smile wryly.

  "You really won the jackpot. Haven't you heard that someone in the Yuzhou Welfare Lottery won 100 million yuan some time ago." Lu Chen also accidentally saw this news a few days ago, just before Lin Yijun suspected that he was the winner. After winning the grand prize, he pretended to be, and few people knew who won the grand prize anyway.


  Gah !" Lin Yijun trembled and stopped the car suddenly, looking at Lu Chen in surprise.

  "Are you really the one who won the 100 million prize a few days ago?" For the

  first time in Yuzhou, a lottery player won such a big prize. At that time, the entire Yuzhou lottery player was boiling, and Lin Yijun would also buy one or two in each issue. Note, of course I also know this.

  At that time, she was still envious, but she didn't expect her husband to win the jackpot.

  What a surprise, what a surprise.

  "There are ten million in this card. The password is your birthday. You'll know it later." Lu Chen took out the bank card he had prepared before and gave it to Lin Yijun.

  "I didn't give it to you before, because I was afraid you wouldn't believe me."

  Lu Chen added a supplementary explanation.

  "Why don't I believe you, but my husband, I, I still want to check it out now." Lin Yijun took the bank card. She believed that Lu Chen would not lie to her, but she still wanted to check it out at the bank now. I feel more at ease.

  "There is an ICBC at the gate of Jade 36, so let's watch it again." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  Lin Yijun nodded, they went to Emerald 36 for dinner, and they could wait.

  And she parked the car on the road illegally.

  Seeing a traffic police coming over there, Lin Yijun hurriedly started the car and left.

  Soon after arriving at Emerald 36, Lin Yijun told Lu Chen to stop, and couldn't wait to get off the car to check the bank card.

  Looking at Lin Yijun's excitement, Lu Chen felt that he had never told Lin Yijun the truth could not be more correct.

  This is only 100 million, if she told her the wealth she has now, it would be strange that she went crazy without being excited.

  Lu Chen parked the car and walked to Lin Yijun. At this time, Lin Yijun checked the account, and saw Lu Chen coming back, and stepped forward to hug Lu Chen.

  The hug was tight and hard.

Chapter: 56

"Husband, do you use this million for me?" Lin Yijun hugged Lu Chen tightly and said excitedly.

  "You can give you all one hundred million." Lu Chen smiled, thinking that it happened to be all for you, so you don't have to think about letting me start a business or something.

  "Where is there one hundred million? I have deducted so much tax, and I will not use it indiscriminately. Entrepreneurship is risky. If it fails again, this million is the capital for our re-emergence. "Lin Yijun shook her head, and the implication was that not only would he not spend money indiscriminately, he also wanted Lu Chen to start his own business with confidence."

  Lu Chen smiled bitterly, it was hard to be lazy.

  The two entered Jade 36 and soon found the card seat reserved by Yu Li and her boyfriend.

  Although Yu Li's boyfriend is not very handsome, he can be seen to be a shrewd man.

  "Xu Zhiheng, my boyfriend, Zhiheng, the two of them are my university classmates, Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, and they are now husband and wife." Seeing Lu Chen and Lin Yijun's arrival, Yu Li introduced.

  "Hello." Xu Zhiheng stretched out his hand and shook Lu Chen. Seeing that Lu Chen was wearing ordinary clothes, he didn't have much interest in talking.

  "Hello." Seeing that the other party was not interested in talking, Lu Chen smiled slightly, and then withdrew his hand.

  When Xu Zhiheng shook hands with Lin Yijun, his eyes suddenly lit up, and it was obvious that a woman like Lin Yijun looked a little amazing wherever he went.

  "Where is Beauty Lin?" Xu Zhiheng asked when shaking hands.

  "Dongjia Electronics." Lin Yijun withdrew her hand and sat down beside Lu Chen.

  "Ah, what a coincidence." Xu Zhiheng said in surprise.

  "Are you also an employee of Dongjia Electronics? Which department?" Lin Yijun looked at Xu Zhiheng with a little surprise. People like Xu Zhiheng don't look like ordinary employees.

  "No, Zhiheng is a PhD student in the Management Department of Oxford University. How could he find a job in a small company like Dongjia Electronics." Yu Li said proudly.

  The implication is that her boyfriend is a real talent, and she doesn't look down on a small company like Dongjia Electronics at all, and at the same time despise Lin Yijun.

  You see, ordinary college students like you can only work in small companies like Dongjia Electronics.

  Of course Lin Yijun can listen to Li's words, but her personality is somewhat similar to Lu Chen in some respects. Under normal circumstances, she doesn't bother to care about small things.

  "That's the case. I applied for the post of Deputy Manager of the Personnel Department of Yiqi Technology, and only went through the entry procedures yesterday. At that time, I heard Mr. Wang and Mr. Xu talk about Dongjia Electronics, and I was curious to ask, they said Dongjia Electronics is also Yiqi Technology’s behind-the-scenes boss acquired the company before, so I said that.” Xu Zhiheng explained.

  Mr. Wang and Mr. Xu whom he referred to were Wang Wei and Xu Shuting. Lu Chen temporarily appointed them as executive vice presidents of the science and technology park. No accident, the first phase of the project was completed and the company officially entered the science and technology park. One person should be promoted to boss, and one will continue to be deputy.

  Just now, Xu Zhiheng meant that Yiqi Technology and Dongjia Electronics are both the same boss, and they are almost colleagues. It is just a simple set.

  It was just that Yu Li would misinterpret his meaning.

  "Ah, it turns out that Yiqi Technology, which was in a mess in Yuzhou these days, belongs to our boss!" Lin Yijun was taken aback. She finally remembered that when the management meeting was held at that time, the new shareholder Lu always emphasized that he would To make Dongjia Electronics a well-known electronics company in the country, although Mr. Lu was right at the time, few people believed in the company.

  But now it seems that as long as Yiqi Technology's science and technology park is completed, Dongjia Electronics will not rise.

  "However, depending on what the boss of Yiqi Technology said, this is to give up Dongjia Electronics to build the country's best fantasy technology kingdom." Yu Li hit Lin Yijun's enthusiasm just right.

  "Our boss of Yiqi Technology is really rich. It is said that he has to invest at least 50 billion to build this technology park. This will be a super giant surpassing the Grand Hyatt Group. Yu Li, you go for an interview tomorrow. Okay, I hope I can pass the interview." Xu Zhiheng sighed and turned off the topic.

  "Why, underestimate my ability, believe it or not, if I apply for the secretary of the chairman, I will definitely pass it." Yu Li raised her eyebrows proudly.

  Lu Chen was a little funny, saying that if you were to apply for the chairman's secretary, I would not dare to ask for it.

  He silently leaned on the deck sofa while drinking tea, listening to Lin Yijun, Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng talking about him and his company, an inexplicable feeling arose in his heart.

  Xu Zhiheng smiled and did not answer the conversation. Yu Li was a little boring. She wanted Xu Zhiheng to flirt with her in front of Lu Chen. How could she bear Xu Zhiheng's incomprehension at all.

  "Lu Chen, where are you taller now?" The somewhat boring Yu Li finally asked the somewhat boring Lu Chen.

  "Vagrant people." Lu Chen shrugged.

  "Oh, it seems that the last time you failed to start a business was a blow to you, and I haven't recovered yet." Yu Li laughed playfully.

  At the beginning, she put down the girl's self-esteem and confessed to Lu Chen in public, but was directly rejected by Lu Chen, turning her fantasy romance into a school joke.

  This holiday has been four or five years, and she still remembers it in her heart.

  "Well, it's okay, if you fail a few times, maybe you will succeed next time." Lu Chen said nonchalantly.

  "Do you think entrepreneurship is an experiment that can make you fail again and again? Then why haven't you started it again now?" Yu Li contemptuously said.

  "Yes, I'm starting a business now." Lu Chen said, spreading his hands.

  "Cut." Yu Li sneered, not convinced at all.

  Lu Chen shrugged his shoulders, too lazy to explain.

  "Looking at the classmates, let Zhiheng help you find a position in Yiqi Technology." Yu Li said with a look of despise Lu Chen.

  "..." Lu Chen smiled in his heart, he knew that Yu Li's arrangement today was deliberately making things.

  Lin Yijun also hesitated when she heard Yu Li's words.

  Although she wanted to let Lu Chen start a business again, Lu Chen failed last time. This time she didn't know if she could get up again. If she failed, they would only have ten million.

  She suddenly felt that if Lu Chen could really work in Yiqi Technology, if he could mix in management, at least one year's annual salary would be millions of dollars, which would be much more stable than starting his own business.

  "Yu Li, can you really help Lu Chen find a job at Yiqi Technology?" Lin Yijun looked at Yu Li with some expectation in her eyes. www.

  "Yijun, you don't really want Lu Chen to go to work at Yiqi Technology, right? He doesn't have a skill and only has a diploma from an ordinary university. I am afraid that you will start from a temporary job as a general worker." Yu Li smiled.

  "Actually based on Lu Chen's physical condition, even if I don't have a discharge certificate, I can arrange a security post for you after I officially go to work."

  Xu Zhiheng saw that Yu Li seemed to be unfriendly to Lu Chen, so he wanted to mock Lu Chen.

Chapter: 57

"Yes, Lu Chen's figure is indeed suitable for security, Zhiheng, after you go to work, arrange for Lu Chen a security position." Yu Li smiled.

  Hearing Xu Zhiheng and Yu Li's words, Lin Yijun was obviously a little unhappy. Is it necessary to ask for your help when looking for a security job?

  Besides, although my family Lu Chen worked as a security guard some time ago, he is also a billionaire now. If it is not for stability, I don't want him to go to work.

  "Okay, I also worked as a security guard for Dongjia Electronics before, so I will trouble Deputy Manager Xu." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "You, don't you really want to go to Yiqi Technology as a security guard?" Lin Yiyun asked, startled.

  "What's so bad about being a security guard? Isn't it true that there is no good or bad profession?" Lu Chen smiled.

  Lin Yijun rolled her eyes, ready to go back and talk to Lu Chen.

  She is already a sales director. Of course, Lu Chen can't be a security guard anymore. Even if she is not in the same company, she is still the same boss's company.

  The most important thing is that Lu Chen is now a billionaire, no matter how low-key he is, he cannot be a security guard.

  "Okay, then you invite this meal, and my family Zhiheng will take care of it for you." Yu Li looked at Lu Chen jokingly. Although she didn't care about the thousands of dollars, she was inexplicable if she could kill Lu Chen. Somewhat refreshing.

  "No problem, haven't you ordered?" Lu Chen nodded and asked.

  "No, today's protagonist is Li Wenguang, wait until he arrives." Yu Li said.

  At this moment, Yu Li's phone rang, and after she was connected, she walked out and soon brought in a young man.

  The young man was 1.75 meters tall and dressed in formal clothes. At first glance, he looked much more formal than Lu Chen's casual casual clothes.

  This young man is Li Wenguang, a section chief of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

  Li Wenguang frowned when he saw Lin Yijun and Lu Chen were there.

  "You are here too." Li Wenguang looked at Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, and said with no expression.

  "Yes, we are too." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "Chief Li, I heard that Yu Li said that they invited you to dinner today, so let's join in the fun too. I hope that Chief Li will not mind." Lin Yijun smiled slightly.

  "Beauty Lin, what are you talking about? Li Wenguang said with a smile. He didn't expect Lu Chen and Lin Yijun to be there.

  When he was pursuing Lin Yijun, he lost to Lu Chen and didn't have any good feelings for Lu Chen.

  However, as a person within the system, Li Wenguang has now learned to hide his power and bide his time, even if he hates someone, he will not show it.

  "Waiter, come and order." Lu Chen stopped waiting as soon as Li Wenguang arrived. This meal was destined to be very boring.

  Li Wenguang looked at Lu Chen, and his eyes flashed with contempt. He really couldn't figure out how Lin Yijun liked him at the beginning.

  "By the way, no one has notified you of the classmate gathering tomorrow." Li Wenguang looked at Lu Chen and asked.

  This class reunion was actually proposed by him and hosted by another classmate. He had no intention to inform Lu Chen and Lin Yijun.

  But now he has changed his mind. He wants Lin Yijun to regret choosing Lu Chen as a dick.

  So he planned to let Lu Chen and Lin Yijun go together.

  Lu Chen saw Li Wenguang's plan and smiled and said, "Is it free? Let's go if it is free."

  Li Wenguang, Yu Li, and Xu Zhiheng all sneered. They didn't think it just now, but now they find that Lu Chen is coming more and more. The more dicks.

  Lu Chen closed the eyes of the three of them and smiled faintly.

  Lin Yijun frowned slightly, not knowing which play Lu Chen played.

  "Don't worry, you don't need to pay a penny for this class reunion." Li Wenguang smiled slightly, but he was contemptuous in his heart.

  This is Lu Chen who surpassed himself in the past?

  This is the man Lin Yijun looks after?

  Li Wenguang sneered in his heart. Tomorrow he will let Lin Yijun see how incompetent Lu Chen is and make her regret marrying such a trash!

  "Forget Lu Chen, I just said that I would let you come in for a treat. Now it seems that even if you let you make a treat, you can't pay for it. I'll come." Yu Li shook her head, thanking Lu Chen for his refusal. Up her.

  If she didn't marry such a dick, she couldn't bear it.

  I guess Lin Yijun regrets it now.

  Yu Li looked at Lin Yijun, feeling a little gloating in her heart.

  "How embarrassing is this? Okay, Deputy Manager Xu will help me find a job. I will treat you to dinner." Lu Chen said in embarrassment.

  "Oh? Zhiheng still helps Lu Chen find a job. Does Lu Chen still have a job?" Li Wenguang smiled.

  "Yes, how about Chief Li introduce one for me?" Lu Chen looked at Li Wenguang.

  "Our bureau still recruits people, but the exams are quite strict, and you may not pass the exams. By the way, there is still a cleaner, no exams. If you are interested, I can help you. Love." Li Wenguang smiled.

  What he meant was that you, Lu Chen, didn't even have the qualifications to be a civil servant, and he needed his help even when you went to their bureau to clean up.

  This is extremely demeaning Lu Chen and raising himself.

  Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng couldn't help laughing when they heard the words, their eyes were full of jokes.

  Lin Yijun's face is very ugly. She didn't expect Yu Li and Li Wenguang to have such a big prejudice against Lu Chen.

  When she was about to say that Lu Chen is also rich now, she was interrupted by Lu Chen.

  "Regardless of job type, does Chief Li find the cleaning job funny?" Lu Chen looked at Li Wenguang with a smile.

  Li Wenguang was taken aback, seeing Lu Chen's gaze turned a little hazy, he didn't expect to be enlisted by Lu Chen.

  This feeling is like swallowing a fly suddenly.

  As a member of the system, if the conversation between him and Lu Chen spreads out today, it must be a stain that will be difficult to erase in his life. . www

  Xu Zhiheng seems to have found this point, quickly change the subject: "The land of dust, today's meal would not have invited you, you go to the Grand Hyatt acquired the building personnel department to find me, I'll give you job security arrangements."

  "Okay, then thank you, Deputy Manager Xu." Lu Chen smiled.

  "You're welcome, let's eat."

  Xu Zhiheng glanced at Lu Chen contemptuously, but raised his glass to toast Li Wenguang.


  Chief Li , I respect you with this cup, and I wish you a good promotion." Li Wenguang raised a toast to Xu Zhiheng: "I also wish you success in your career." After the

  two clinked the glasses, they chatted and went straight. Lu Chen and Lin Yijun moved aside.

  Even Yu Li only serves Li Wenguang's wine.

  Lin Yijun felt quite embarrassed, she did not expect things to turn out to be like this.

  She just wanted Lu Chen and Li Wenguang to resolve the contradiction, but she did not expect that it seemed to aggravate the contradiction between the two.

  When the three of Yu Li didn't greet, Lin Yijun just sat still without moving his chopsticks. On the contrary, Lu Chen was eating with gusto and was not affected at all.

  "You haven't registered for membership here yet." Li Wenguang asked Yu Li.

  "Yes, you need to pay 500,000 in advance for membership here. It's not a small amount." Yu Li shook her head. Jade 36 can only book a private room only after the membership has been processed. Therefore, although it is necessary to deposit 500,000 in advance, many guests still do it. Up.

  "I have a little friendship with Qiu Jian, the manager here, and I will send him a message, and he will come over and I will talk about it, and try to make you save a little less." Li Wenguang said proudly.

  "Okay, let me thank Lao Li first." Yu Li's eyes lit up. They don't often come here to eat, but now Xu Zhiheng is an executive of Yiqi Technology, and she is also in charge of the job. Indispensable, it is necessary to obtain a Jade 36 membership card.

  Just like today, if they had a membership card, they would not ask Li Wenguang to sit outside and eat.

  If you treat guests, the private room must be a bit more stylish than the deck.

Chapter: 58

After receiving the news from Li Wenguang, Qiu Jian, the manager of Jade 36, walked over soon, and Li Wenguang was also the section chief. He should have a drink in his own restaurant.

  "Mr. Qiu, come, come, here." Li Wenguang saw Qiu Jian and stretched out his hand to say hello.

  His voice was a bit loud, and it immediately attracted the attention of many people around him.

  Qiu Jian walked to the deck. Li Wenguang, Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng all stood up to greet each other. Lin Yijun didn't know Qiu Jian, so he glanced at him and didn't care.

  Lu Chen didn't look up from start to finish, eating vegetables silently.

  "Mr. Qiu, these two friends of mine, Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng." Li Wenguang introduced the two, and took the initiative to ignore Lu Chen and Lin Yijun.

  Qiu Jian and Yu Li shook hands and looked at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen was also looking up at him at this time.

  "Mr. Qiu, I toast you a glass." Yu Li poured a glass of wine and brought it to Qiu Jian.

  Qiu Jian just saw Lu Chen, without taking the wine glass, went straight to Lu Chen's side.

  "Lu, Shao Lu, you are here too." Qiu Jian said respectfully.

  Yu Li froze when she picked up the wine glass, watching the scene in surprise.

  Shao Lu?

  Did Manager Yau admit the wrong person?

  Is this guy lacking in that door?

  Li Wenguang and Xu Zhiheng frowned, with some doubts in their hearts.

  Lin Yijun opened her mouth and looked at Qiu Jian with a respectful look in surprise.

  The manager here is not comparable to ordinary people. Even if Li Wenguang should show some face, he did not expect him to show respect to Lu Chen. This...

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded.

  "Shao Lu, should I move you to the emperor package now?" Qiu Jian asked.

  "No, go ahead, I have a drink with some of my classmates." Lu Chen waved his hand.

  Lu Chen's words made Li Wenguang a little embarrassed, and they didn't greet Lu Chen after drinking.

  "Okay, okay." Qiu Jian nodded, turned to the three of Li Wenguang, and left apologetically.

  Seeing Qiu Jian listening to Lu Chen's words like this, the three of Li Wenguang were really shocked.

  You know, Qiu Jian was invited by him, Li Wenguang, and he shook hands with them enthusiastically just now, almost drinking.

  The next moment he saw Lu Chen, Qiu Jian became like a grandson. As soon as Lu Chen waved his hand to let him leave, he left obediently, and even his old friend did not say hello.

  This is not just obedient, it is fear of Lu Chen.

  Li Wenguang stared at Lu Chen, eyes full of haze.

  Today's scene completely exceeded his imagination.

  "Lu Chen, I can't tell. You hid so deeply. I just said that I asked Zhiheng to find you a job. You are too bad. You have to punish yourself." Yu Li looked at Lu Chen a little bit. I couldn't tell the cynicism of Lu Chen before.

  "Don't think too much, I just know his boss. He just looks at his boss's face and gives me a face." Lu Chen smiled.

  That's it.

  All three were relieved.

  A hint of contempt flashed in the eyes of Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng.

  But Li Wenguang thought about it carefully, but felt something was wrong.

  Qiu Jian is also considered to be a person with a face, how could he behave like a grandson in front of Lu Chen?

  Even if Lu Chen knew their boss, this shouldn't be the case.

  No, tomorrow's classmates' meeting must let Lu Chen go, and he must explore his bottom.

  "Lu Chen, the classmate meeting tomorrow will start at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. It will be on the 15th floor of the Penglai Hotel. Remember to arrive on time." Li Wenguang smiled.

  "It must be free. Of course I can't miss it." Lu Chen also smiled.

  Li Wenguang's idea was clear to him, so he played with him.

  Just when he started his business last time, this kid Li Wenguang also stumbled him.

  Li Wenguang smiled, and no longer took Lu Chen's free food and drink seriously.

  Seeing that Lu Chen only knew the boss of Jade 36, the enthusiasm of Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng dropped, obviously not as enthusiastic as before.

  But then they took the initiative to invite Lu Chen and Lin Yijun to clink glasses.

  The rest of the meal was a bit dull and tasteless, and it quickly came to an end.

  Before leaving, Li Wenguang reminded Lu Chen and Lin Yijun again that they must remember to attend the classmates reunion tomorrow night.

  After getting in the car, Lin Yijun didn't start the car and leave immediately, but watched Lu Chen.

  "What's the relationship between you and the boss of Jade 36? Don't tell me that you helped others again?" That's how Lu Chen explained his relationship with Wang Wei last time.

  "Wife, you are really a god, do you remember the robbery of the bank three years ago?" Lu Chen laughed.

  Lin Yijun nodded and said in surprise: "Have you really helped the boss of Jade 36?"

  "Yes, I was also withdrawing money at the time. The boss of Jade 36 happened to be there to take money, and he was also kidnapped by the bandits. At a critical moment, the gangster wanted to kill someone to gain power. The person who happened to be the boss of Jade 36 was the boss of Jade 36. At the time of Qian Jun’s attack, I saved him from the gangster." Lu Chen said seriously.

  Of course, the bank robbery is true, and he also told Lin Yijun.

  But he was saving someone else, not the boss of Jade 36.

  In order to prevent Lin Yijun from thinking too much, Lu Chen had to make up.

  Facts have once again proved that when you tell a lie, you have to make up countless more lies to justify the truth.

  Lin Yijun nodded. After the incident three years ago, she still felt terrified for Lu Chen. When Lu Chen said this, she no longer doubted it.

  "It seems that being able to fight is not useless." Lin Yijun sighed.

  "Yeah, when my dad said that when I was young, it's not enough for a man to have money, and he has to have a tough body. That's why martial arts training is so hard, but I persisted for more than ten years." Lu Chen attached to the road.

  Lin Yijun nodded, and didn't say anything.

  Soon I came to her parents' house, and just after parking the car, I saw Wang Xue coming back from get off work.

  Seeing Lu Chen and Lin Yijun coming down from A6, Wang Xue was surprised and said: "Yijun, you

  bought a car." Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen, and when he said that Lu Chen bought her for her, he saw Lu Chen. Hehe smiled and said: "Yeah, Yijun has just been promoted to sales director. There is a little car to match her identity."

  "Yes, my daughter is now a director and bought a car. When will you be promoted to director? Buy a car." Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen strangely.

  "It's coming soon." Lu Chen slapped haha. On the old husband's birthday, he said he would not come here again, but now he has changed his mind.

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijia couldn't stop talking and couldn't let them discover his identity.

  "By the way, why did Manager Qiu of Jade 36 take care of you last time, and even left you the emperor bag?" Wang Xue asked about the meal at Jade 36 last time.

  Since that time, she has some doubts that Lu Chen has any secrets to hide her family. Today, in front of her daughter, she directly asked Lu Chen whether she also deceived her daughter.

Chapter: 59

Seeing my mother asked about this, before Lu Chen could answer, Lin Yijun said first: "Mom, Lu Chen knows the boss of Renjia Jade 36. We were eating there today, and Manager Qiu came over to say hello."

  Wang Xue eyes Yiliang said, "Do you know the boss of Jade 36? How did you meet?"

  Lu Chen was amused. He said that the boss of Jade 36 was himself.

  "Mom, do you remember the bank robbery three years ago? Lu Chen rescued the boss of Jade 36 from the bandits at that time, so the talents of Jade 36 respect Lu Chen so much." Lin Yijun made up with Lu Chen. Explained that.

  Although Lu Chen was funny in his heart, he was also a little worried. If one day Lin Yijun knew the truth, he wouldn't know if he would be angry and said he was a big liar.

  But now he has no choice, a big sword hangs above his head at any time, and his strength has not yet become strong, so he has to keep a low profile.

  "That's a life-saving kindness. No wonder I have to leave him the Emperor's Bag." Wang Xue nodded, her eyes lit up again, and said, "Since you saved his life, why don't you let him give you at Jade 36? Arrange a position, management is fine."

  "Mom, what are you talking about, some relationships can't be used indiscriminately, and they will be gone after one use." Lin Yijun said.

  "Isn’t it just a matter of letting him arrange a position for Lu Chen? You don’t need to have such a relationship. Are you stupid? If you are a manager over there, you can help me arrange a job if I invite customers to dinner. It's a private room, so much decent." Wang Xue said solemnly.

  Both Lu Chen and Lin Yijun were speechless.

  Do you want to be so realistic.

  You asked me to arrange a management position for me to make it easier for you to treat guests with face. www.

  "Mom, don't mention this. Lu Chen has his own job." Lin Yijun knows Lu Chen's character. If he wants to find a job by relationship, he would have gone to Wang Wei a long time ago. That's why he appreciates Lu. In a dusty place, you will not easily let others help.

  "Lu Chen's security work is well managed at Jade 36? They are really two elm brains." Wang Xue said with a bit of hatred for iron and steel.

  But despite this, her attitude towards Lu Chen has improved a bit, and she is no longer as mean as before.

  "By the way, didn't you ask me the person who helped us secretly last time?" Lin Yijun turned the subject away.

  "Who is it? People helped our mother and daughter twice in a row. I have to find an opportunity to thank them." Wang Xue asked. Although she was a bit mean to Lu Chen, she was still grateful to the people who helped her.

  "It's Lu Chen." Lin Yijun smiled. She always wanted to change Lu Chen's image in the eyes of her mother. This is the best opportunity.

  "Lu Chen, he has such a great ability to be a security guard?" Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen suspiciously.

  Lu Chen said nothing, Lin Yijun explained: "Do you remember the previous manager Wang Wei and Wang Wei of the Grand Hyatt Group? Lu Chen also rescued Wang Wei before, and then it was he and Wang Wei who talked to you. It's a cooperative one."

  "My God, with such a relationship, why do you still want to be a security guard? If you don't make good use of it, if you let Wang Wei get a job for you, at least it will be a hundred times stronger than your security guard!" Wang Xue index finger Refer to Lu Chen, really don't know what to say.

  Why is my son-in-law so stupid?

  "I'm a martial artist, what else can I do besides being a security guard, isn't this embarrassing Manager Wang." Lu Chen explained to himself with a smile.

  "You, alas, forget it, my old lady doesn't want to talk about you." Wang Xue shook her head hating the iron and steel, and put on such a son-in-law, what else could she say except sulking.

  "Even if you want to be a security guard, go to Yiqi Technology. The security income protection there is much better than that of Dongjia Electronics." Wang Xue said again.

  "Okay, I'll ask Wang Wei to see if he can help." Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

  This mother-in-law is also gone.

  "By the way, Yijun, have you noticed, why does this Yiqi Technology feel weird?" Wang Xue thought of something and suddenly looked at Lin Yijun.

  "What's weird?" Lin Yijun was puzzled.

  "Your name and Qiqi's name, think about it." Wang Xue looked like a big brain.

  Lin Yijun was also startled when she heard this. Isn't this the combination of her and her daughter's names?

  What a coincidence?

  Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen, Lu Chen's heart was shocked, and he hurriedly smiled: "What's so strange about this, it's just a coincidence, do you think Yiqi Technology belongs to me?"

  "Cut, if you were Yiqi The boss of science and technology

  , my old lady has to wake up in dreams." Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen contemptuously. What she actually thought in her heart was whether the boss of Yiqi Technology was also a suitor of her daughter.

  She didn't blow her own daughter. Even if she got married and gave birth to a child, she would still be one of the best beauty in Yuzhou. Marrying Lu Chen, a poor dick, was just a flower stuck in the cow dung.

  After entering the room, Qiqi was playing with her grandfather Lin Dahai, but Wang Xue couldn't wait to drag Lin Yijun into the room.

  "Yijun, tell mom honestly, is the boss of Yiqi Technology pursuing you?" Wang Xue asked in a low voice.

  Lin Yijun was speechless, "Mom, what are you talking about, I don't even know anyone."

  "Think about it for yourself, maybe you don't know that his identity is Yi How about Qi Technology’s boss, how about using your name and Qi Qi’s name to get the company’s name? People tell you that he doesn’t care if you have a daughter, and he will treat your daughter well." Wang Xue is self-righteous. Said.

  Lin Yijun rolled her eyes, and there was no such a mother.

  But she also had some doubts in her heart. This is indeed a coincidence. Is it really like what my mother said?

  "Mom, let me tell you, don't talk about it in front of Lu Chen in the future." Lin Yijun knew Lu Chen's character, and if this made Lu Chen suspicious, she would definitely fight with her.

  Although she didn't call other people's opinions, she cared about Lu Chen's opinions.

  Alas, if only the boss of Yiqi Technology was Lu Chen.

  Lin Yijun sighed slightly in her heart.

  "Tell him what he is afraid of. He doesn't have the ability to blame anyone. Think about it for yourself. If the boss of Yiqi Technology is really interesting to you, you can consider it. Yiqi Technology is said to be Chaojun The Chaoda Group of the Yue Group, if you really remarry to such a rich man, our Lin family will also stand up." Wang Xue said seriously.

  Wang Xue has always been such a realistic person. She gave birth to two beautiful and beautiful daughters. She always hoped that they could marry a wealthy family. So after Lin Yijun went directly to get the certificate with Lu Chen, she almost died of anger. If there is a chance to let her daughter marry into a wealthy family again, she still cares about Lu Chen's ideas.

  "Mom, if you talk nonsense, I won't come here again." Lin Yijun was a little angry, opened the door and walked out directly.

  She was really a little broken in her heart with such a mother.

Chapter: 60

In the hall, Qiqi ran into Lu Chen's arms, and Lin Dahai chatted with Lu Chen.

  He didn't like Lu Chen a bit before, but after having Qiqi, his attitude improved.

  Especially after Lu Chen sent a Song Dynasty luminous cup on his birthday last time, his view of Lu Chen has been greatly changed.

  I even sighed on the spot: This is my good son-in-law.

  "How much do you know about antiques?" Lin Dahai asked Lu Chen. The last time Lu Chen could find the Song Dynasty luminous cup at a glance at the antique shop, he felt that Lu Chen should know a lot about this.

  "I have learned this knowledge before, and I probably know some." Lu Chen said modestly. Yun Lao is also a real antique master. Lu Chen has followed him to learn this and that since he was a child, and he also has a lot of research on antiques.

  To be honest, if he is interested, based on his research on antiques, it is not difficult to find a job with a monthly salary of 70,000 or 80 thousand in the antique industry.

  "Well, there will be an antiques event at Shangri-La Hotel at seven o'clock the next night. Then you will accompany me to see if you can find one or two treasures." Lin Dahai nodded, as long as Lu Chen has this aspect. Knowledge will do.

  He also felt that Lu Chen was a bit awkward as a security guard, and he was going to lead Lu Chen into their antique business.

  There shouldn't be any problem in introducing Lu Chen to the job with a monthly income of tens of thousands.

  Lu Chen understood what Lin Dahai meant, and was moved.

  Lin Dahai and Wang Xue had different attitudes towards him.

  Wang Xue only thought about the son-in-law taking off, and she followed with the light.

  But Lin Dahai was thinking about how to help his son-in-law find a better job.

  "Okay Dad, I will be there by then." Lu Chen nodded.

  Just then, Lin Yijia opened the door and came in. There was a young man with her.

  Lu Chen glanced at the young man and recognized that it was the young man he saw with Wang Xue and Lin Yijia when he invited Du Fei and Xu Jing to eat at Jade 36 last time.

  This young man is Zhai Fu, the deputy sales director of Yunfei Group.

  Yunfei Group is the No. 1 Jewelry Group in Yuzhou, which is one of the industries under the four major families, Zuojia.

  Zhai Fu glanced at Lu Chen, a little uncomfortable, he was beaten severely in the face by Lu Chen last time at Jade 36.

  The last time Wang Xue took Lin Yijia to talk to them about cooperation, he was fascinated by Lin Yijia. These days, he is crazy to pursue Lin Yijia.

  Wang Xue wants to marry her daughter into a wealthy family, and always likes to bring Lin Yijia when she talks about cooperation.

  "Hello, Uncle Lin." Zhai Fu looked away from Lu Chen and greeted Lin Dahai.

  "Well, Xiao Zhai is here, sit down." Lin Dahai nodded and greeted Zhai Fu to sit down.

  After Lin Yijia poured the tea, she teased Qiqi on the side.

  "Lu Chen, his name is Zhai Fu, and he is the sales director of Yunfei Group. This antiques event was hosted by Yunfei Group. Xiao Zhai, he is Yijia's brother-in-law, Lu Chen, who has a lot of research on antiques. , The day after tomorrow, I will go to the antique event with me." Lin Dahai introduced the two.

  "Brother Lu, hello." Zhai Fu hurriedly smiled and shook hands with Lu Chen. Lu Chen could even warmly entertain Manager Qiu from Jade 36, so he didn't dare to slow down.

  "Hello." Lu Chen and Zhai Fu shook hands, their expressions flat.

  "Xiao Zhai, your company still recruits jewelry appraisers, right?" Lin Dahai asked.

  "Yes, we, Young Master Zuo, want to use this event to find a real master of antique tasting." Zhai Fu replied.

  "Well, at that time, can you help introduce Lu Chen? He is also quite accomplished in antiques. Last time on my birthday, he bought me a Song Dynasty luminous cup for 1,000 yuan." Lin Dahai said. .

  The luminous cup of the Song Dynasty?

  Zhai Fu was slightly surprised. That was worth millions. This guy is a little too lucky.

  "Okay, okay, I will help introduce Brother Lu to Zuo Shao the next night." Zhai Fu nodded in surprise.

  But the slightest awe of Lu Chen in his heart vanished in an instant.

  Before seeing Manager Qiu of Jade 36, he was so passionate about Lu Chen, he thought Lu Chen was a big man.

  Unexpectedly, I asked him to help find a job.

  It turned out to be just a waste.

  Although I felt a little contempt for Lu Chen, Zhai Fu still didn't show it in front of the Lin family.

  "Well, I will trouble you." Lin Dahai nodded, feeling that Zhai Fu is a pretty young man.

  "You Zuo Shao is Zuo Qingcheng." Lu Chen suddenly looked at Zhai Fu.

  "Yes, Zuo Shao is now the first heir to the Zuo family. He personally takes the helm for almost half of the Zuo family's property. Does Lu Ge know Zuo Shao?" Zhai Fu saw Lu Chen, a joke flashed in his eyes. color.

  He even asked him for help at work, how could he know Zuo Shao.

  "Well, I've seen one." Lu Chen felt a little funny when he thought of the scene where Zuo Qingcheng pretended to be in front of him when inspecting the company address the other day.

  Of course, the four major families in Yuzhou are also powerful factions, and Lu Chen did not despise them at all.

  At least before he has a firm foothold, he will not despise the four big families.

  Despite the fact that the city boss now maintains a good relationship with him, the city boss does not dare to despise the four big families.

  The four major families have been operating in Yuzhou for decades, and they have a network of relationships in all major departments. The network can be said to be deeply ingrained. Even if the previous Grand Hyatt Group once overwhelmed the four major families, it still maintains with them. Good partnership.

  In fact, if possible, Lu Chen is willing to cooperate with them.

  "Oh, Zuo Shao is a bit high-profile sometimes, and there are quite a few people who know him." Hearing Lu Chen's words, Zhai Fu said ironically.

  Lin Dahai didn't hear what Zhai Fu said, but how could Lu Chen not understand?

  He just smiled when he heard the words.

  When Lin Yijun came out, Lu Chen's family left.

  Early the next morning, after Lu Chen sent Qiqi to kindergarten, he called Sanjie of the Water Margin.

  Ask them to tell Hu Hong to go to Dongjia Electronics to find him.

  Yesterday, Lin Yijun wanted him to start a business again, and he planned to buy Hujia Supermarket to deal with Lin Yijun. After www.

  finished the call, Lu Chen went directly to Dongjia Electronics.

  At this time, from executives to employees in Dongjia Electronics, there was a cloud of cloud in their hearts.

  The dissolution of the Grand Hyatt Group made them somewhat uncertain about the company's future.

  I don’t know who leaked the news, saying that the major shareholder of the company is the son of the Grand Hyatt Group, and even the Grand Hyatt Group has been dissolved. Then, can their small company, Dongjia Electronics, survive?

  Even Xia Jun was a little restless, Lu Chen didn't look for him these days, nor did he look for Lu Chen.

  He is also quite contradictory.

  If Lu Chen does not give up his capital, he believes that the company will definitely develop better and better.

  If Lu Chen spends his capital, he will either pay to buy back Lu Chen's shares, or he will also spend his capital with him, or even let Dongjia Electronics be dissolved.

  But the latter two situations are not what he wants to see most in his heart.

  "Mr. Xia, Mr. Lu is here, and I just saw the security guard parking for him." Just when Xia Jun was a little uneasy, the secretary came in and said.

  "Is it finally here?" Xia Jun hurriedly stood up when he heard the words, ready to give up the position to Lu Chen.