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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 61-70) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 61

"Shao Lu." Xia Jun greeted him warmly as soon as Lu Chen came in.

  Seeing Xia Jun looking expectant, Lu Chen smiled knowingly.

  The reason why he had not contacted Xia Jun before was because he wanted to take this opportunity to see if Xia Jun was uncomfortable.

  Lu Chen walked to Xia Jun's seat and asked, "How is the company recently?"

  "It's okay, everything is working normally." Xia Jun nodded.

  "Well, that's good." Lu Chen said with a hmm.

  "Lu Shao, what's the situation of the Grand Hyatt Group? Why do you want to ask for it to be dissolved?" Xia Jun couldn't help asking the question that puzzled him for days.

  "Don't worry, it's just a strategic shift. I am going to build a science and technology park, which requires a lot of talents. You can find time to hold a meeting with the managers and tell them that I will select a group of outstanding people from them to transfer to Yi Qi Technology goes." Lu Chen laughed.

  "Ah? You said that Yiqi Technology is the new company you created?" Xia Jun was surprised. Yiqi Technology is the biggest and hottest topic in Yuzhou recently. With a total investment of 50 billion yuan, it will build the top three fantasy science parks in the country. Not only Yuzhou is a sensation, but even neighboring provinces have caused a lot of enthusiasm. I heard that many entrepreneurs from neighboring provinces have come to Yuzhou one after another, hoping to get some cooperation with Yiqi Technology.

  The secretary also opened his mouth in surprise, watching Lu Chen's eyes full of awe.

  Lu Shao usually looks like an ordinary person, but he wears and acts so low-key. Who can imagine that these hot topics in Yuzhou are created by him.

  When Lu Chen said that he was planning to recruit a group of outstanding talents in Dongjia Electronics, the secretary's eyes also flickered with expectation.

  Being able to work at Yiqi Technology is definitely better than Dongjia Electronics.

  Although they are all owned by the same boss, the level of the company is different, and the treatment in all aspects is definitely different.

  "Well, let me give you some chicken soup. For me, Yiqi Technology is just the beginning." Lu Chen smiled slightly. Although he has only officially started his business now, his goal is not just to dominate Yuzhou.

  In the past, lack of funds, coupled with other reasons, he failed to start his own business. Now that he has talents and sufficient funds, he has the confidence to continue to grow his own strength.

  Yiqi Technology is just the beginning?

  Oh my god, how big is Lu Shao's ambition?

  The excitement in Xia Jun and the secretary couldn't be concealed, and it was directly on their faces.

  They didn't doubt what Lu Chen said.

  After all, Big Macs like the Grand Hyatt Group always disband when they disband, so whoever has this courage?

  After Xia Jun calmed down, he asked the secretary to notify all managers to hold a temporary management meeting.

  Lu Chen waited for Hu Hong to come to him in the office.

  When the secretary informed everyone of the management meeting, almost all the managers had the same idea.

  This may be the last management meeting to determine the fate of the company.

  These days, because of the dissolution of the Grand Hyatt Group, everyone is concerned about whether the largest shareholder will also let Dongjia Electronics be dissolved. After all, this is related to their future.

  Although Dongjia Electronics is not a big company in Yuzhou, it is also a leading old man in electronic products.

  Especially after the company was acquired by Mr. Lu, everyone's wages have been greatly improved, and they are almost the same as those of ordinary medium and large enterprises.

  If they really want to disband, it will be difficult for them to accept.

  The most important thing is that you may not be able to find such a well-paid job in the future.

  Although Fan Ming was relegated to deputy director, he also felt that it was better to go out at Dongjia Electronics. Seeing Xia Jun came over, he went up and asked, "Mr. Xia, do you have any news, what did Mr. Lu say?

  " Well, don't worry, Mr. Lu is bringing good news." Xia Jun patted Fan Ming on the shoulder and smiled.

  "Really? Didn't it all say that the Junyue Group was disbanded, and Mr. Lu might also have to disburse funds from Dongjia Electronics." Fan Ming was a little disagreed.

  "How can you understand Mr. Lu's strategic vision? Just like me, I have been sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai." Xia Jun said proudly and walked into the meeting room first.

  Fan Ming is a bit contemptuous, saying that you are sitting still on the Diaoyutai. Others don't know, I don't know you have been suffering from a face these days?

  If you sit firmly on the Diaoyutai, you will be smiling soon.

  Contemptuous of Xia Jun, Fan Ming also hurriedly followed into the conference room.

  Entering the conference room, the management all looked at Xia Jun eagerly. Whether the company is alive or dead depends on what Xia Jun said.

  "Today, I am summoning you to hold this meeting temporarily. There is good news to tell everyone." Xia Jun cleared his throat and said.

  Hearing the good news, everyone was relieved, as long as the company was not dissolved.

  "You should have heard of Yiqi Technology." Xia Jun looked at everyone.

  "I know, Yuzhou has been the hottest topic recently."

  "People have just started construction, and the amount of funds they plan to invest is already in the forefront of the world's top 500."

  "Yes, Mr. Xia, you Don't you want to tell us that the company is going to cooperate with Yickicott?"

  Everyone looked at Xia Jun curiously.

  Lin Yijun's eyes brightened. Yesterday, she knew that Yiqi Technology’s boss is their largest shareholder of Dongjia Electronics, and it is really possible that Yiqi Technology will cooperate with Yiqi Technology.

  As the company's sales director, if she really cooperates with Yiqi Technology, then she can get another share of the pie.

  "The cooperation with Qiyi Technology is definitely there. What I want to say today is another thing." Xia Jun smiled and asked, "Guess who the boss of Yiqi Technology is?"

  He was in the mood today. Well, it's not as serious as usual.

  "Mr. Xia, you don't want to tell us that the boss of Yiqi Technology is our company's largest shareholder, Mr. Lu?"

  Someone asked in surprise.

  Others were shocked after hearing this.

  It's really possible.

  Lu is always the man behind the scenes of the Junyue Group. As soon as the Junyue Group is dissolved, Yiqi Technology will come out. If Yiqi Technology’s boss is not Mr. Lu, it would be a coincidence.

  "Yes, at the last management conference, Mr. Lu said that there was a big move, and Yiqi Technology is exactly the big move of Mr. Lu." Xia Jun said triumphantly, as if he had made this big move.

  Xia Jun did have a reason for excitement. Even if Lu Chen didn't support him behind, he would only hold 30% of Dongjia Electronics' shares, which would be enough for him to float later.

  He believes that the construction of Yiqi Technology will definitely drive Dongjia Electronics forward at least two major steps.

  "Ah, President Lu is too good, but Yiqi Technology is planning to invest 50 billion super giants!"

  Everyone's hands were a little trembling when they heard the words. Following such a big boss, they are afraid that there will be no future. The future?

  Fan Ming opened his mouth in surprise, and when he looked at Lin Yijun, there was an inexplicable emotion in his heart.

  Lin Yijun is Lu Chen's wife, and he wanted to hit Lin Yijun's idea before. At this moment, a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

  Had it not been for the mercy of Lu Chen's men, he believed that he was really likely to be dead now.

  "Also, Mr. Lu said that Yiqi Technology is currently in short supply of management personnel. He is going to promote a group of outstanding talents from us. So during this period I hope everyone will perform well and let Mr. Lu see us Dongjia Electronic managers are all elites.” Xia Jun finally released a big move, and everyone's emotions were brought to a climax.

Chapter: 62

Xia Jun's words immediately aroused the emotions of the management, and now they feel very good. If they are transferred to Yiqi Technology by Lu Chen, for them, it is tantamount to reaching the peak of their lives.

  After the news reached all the employees, although they did not directly say that they would also have the opportunity to go to Yiqi Technology, but Yiqi Technology transferred a large number of Dongjia Electronics’ management personnel, which will cause a large number of vacancies here, and that will be the case. Their chance.

  This news directly made the entire Dongjia Electronics boil. From the boss to the grass-roots employees below, everyone seemed to be beaten and full of passion.

  "Director Lin, you must go to Yiqi Technology." After the meeting, Fan Ming came out with Lin Yijun.

  Since the day when he knew Lu Chen's identity, Fan Mingdu would get close to Lin Yijun from time to time.

  "I haven't written the eight characters yet. In the end, you have to be favored by Mr. Lu before you have a chance. I think your chances will be even greater." Lin Yijun is telling the truth, speaking of the truth in sales. She still has self-knowledge, and compared with Fan Ming, she is indeed a lot worse.

  She could sit in this position and attack Fan Ming. Lu Chen was secretly helping her. If it weren't for Lu Chen's relationship, let alone the sales director, the sales director didn't know when he would have this opportunity.

  "Director Lin joked. You have won two big orders for the company in a row, and the company has confirmed that these two big orders are impossible to win. It can be seen that Director Lin is superb. He was transferred to Director Lin at a time." Fan Ming smiled, and said that although he was a little dissatisfied, he did not dare to despise him. Who made his husband so awesome.

  "I was lucky. Really, it was someone else who helped me to win the two orders." Lin Yijun smiled. She is not afraid of what Fan Ming said. Someone's help is also a manifestation of strength.

  "Director Lin is humble. Seriously, in our sales business, relationship is also one of the manifestations of strength." Fan Ming said seriously.

  Lin Yijun nodded, noncommittal.

  "Director Lin, I heard people from other departments say that Yiqi Technology belongs to our company's major shareholder Lu, is it true?"

  As soon as Lin Yijun and Fan Ming entered the sales department, Liu Yanqi and other salespeople gathered around.

  During the previous meeting, the managers of other departments had all sent news to the group. Although Lin Yijun also established a WeChat group, he rarely sent messages in it.

  "Well, it's true, and President Lu intends to transfer a group of outstanding talents from Dongjia Electronics. As long as everyone works harder, even if it is not management, there will be a chance." Lin Yijun nodded.

  "Moreover, even if you are not selected by Mr. Lu and the company will leave a lot of vacancies, I will fight for you to manage positions in other departments, provided that your performance can satisfy the company." Lin Yijun added.

  Everyone was excited when they heard it. They didn't even think that they would be selected by President Lu. What they were after was the vacant management positions left by the company.

  "Director Lin, although a customer is not a big customer, he always makes things difficult for me. If you have time, I would like to ask you to help me talk." As soon as Lin Yijun returned to her position, Liu Yanqi took one. This information is here.

  In fact, she has basically settled that customer, and she is already a very good big customer.

  But in order to curry favor with Lin Yijun, she wanted to change that customer to Lin Yijun, although she would lose more than 20,000 commissions, but if Lin Yijun helped her get a management position, everything would be earned.

  "Oh ok, then you make an appointment and I will accompany you to have a look." Lin Yijun nodded, she didn't think much, just thinking that she was just promoted Soon, the director will help his employees as much as he can.

  "How about tomorrow afternoon?" Liu Yanqi asked happily. As long as Lin Yijun is willing to come forward, it means there is a show.

  "Yes, tell me after you make an appointment." Lin Yijun nodded.

  "Okay, I would like to thank Director Lin." Liu Yanqi achieved the goal and returned to her position with the information.

  Others don't doubt that they have it, but Fan Ming, who knows Liu Yanqi, smiled. He immediately saw Liu Yanqi's purpose. www.

  But he didn't feel bitter because Liu Yanqi went to court Lin Yijun.

  To be honest, he also wants to coax Lin Yijun, hoping that Lu Chen can give him a chance to go to Yiqi Technology.

  "It seems that I have to find a moderate project to send her off." Liu Yanqi's approach inspired him, and Fan Ming suddenly thought of a way to court Lin Yijun.


  Lu Chen didn't wait long before Xu Jing took Hu Hong to Xia Jun's office.

  Seeing Lu Chen actually sitting in the chairman's seat, Hu Hong's expression was shocked. Didn't he say that he was just a security guard for Dongjia Electronics?

  This is the boss of Dongjia Electronics. This is!

  However, although shocked in his heart, thinking of the devastating disaster Lu Chen brought to his supermarket with a word, he felt that everything was normal.

  If Lu Chen was really the security guard here, then he would be puzzled instead.

  "Brother Chen, he said you called him over, so I brought him up." Xu Jing said.

  "Well, I asked him to come, you can go down first." Lu Chen nodded and looked at Hu Hong.

  "Lu, Shao Lu..." Hu Hong faced Lu Chen alone, with a frightened expression.

  Even Shuihu Sanjie was just a grandson in front of Lu Chen, and he even spoke a little unnaturally in front of Lu Chen.

  "How is your supermarket recently?" Lu Chen looked at Hu Hong with a smile.

  Hu Hong trembled, but he did not dare to get angry.

  "Shao Lu, please raise your hands high and let me go, please!" Hu Hong said in a low voice.

  "To be honest, for a small character like you, Lu Chen has never been an opponent. If you didn't smash my car, I would have forgotten you." Lu Chen looked at Hu Hong sarcastically.

  "Lu Shao, I'm really sorry, I had no eyes before, and please don't be familiar with me like rubbish." Hu Hong said with a bitter face.

  These days, he also regretted it in his heart. Knowing that Lu Chen has such awesome strength, he wouldn't dare to offend Lu Chen even if he gave him three guts.

  Regrettably, it is useless. Now he just wants to ask Lu Chen to raise his hand and stop targeting their supermarket. If this continues, their Hujia brand will really be over.

  "It is impossible for me to raise my hands high, but I can give you a way out, and that is to transfer your supermarket to me, otherwise your Hu family will no longer be in Yuzhou, and there will be no chance to make a comeback in the three southwestern provinces. "Lu Chen said coldly.

  Hu Hong was shocked and transferred the supermarket to Lu Chen. It would be strange that he didn't take the opportunity to blackmail a sum.

  "Lu Shao, my supermarket has a market value of more than 50 million, but my Hu's brand is worth at least 100 million, but if you buy it, the price can be low." Hu Hong said tentatively. Lu Chen opened his mouth and he knew They had no choice but to transfer the supermarket to Lu Chen.

  "Your Hu's brand is not a shit in my eyes. I will pay 10 million and tell your dad that if he wants, I will ask you to talk to you. If he doesn't want to, you don't need to come to me again. "Lu Chen sneered.

  "Ten million?"

  Hu Hong's mind trembled, his face instantly turned bloodless.

Chapter: 63

Lu Chen's price changed Hu Hong's face drastically.

  He knew that Lu Chen would definitely blackmail a sum, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so darkhearted.

  No matter who wants to buy his supermarket, it is impossible to transfer wholly without one hundred and fifty million.

  Lu Chen was only willing to pay 10 million.

  This is so much robbery, it's really deceiving.

  But if they don't transfer it to Lu Chen, their Hu's supermarket will not be able to make a comeback in Yuzhou. www.

  And he doesn't doubt Lu Chen's words. Lu Chen said that he would block their brands in the three southwestern provinces, and that would definitely be possible.

  Especially in the era of the Internet explosion, even as long as he knows where their home runs a supermarket, Lu Chen has a way to discredit their home.

  This disaster is the best proof.

  If Lu Chen keeps doing it, their family will not be able to suppress public opinion on the Internet.

  Even in a few days, even if they want to save, there is nothing they can do.

  The biggest value of Hujia Supermarket is his brand. If the brand stinks, it's over.

  This is like the'Carrefour' incident that year. There was originally a chance to catch up with Wal-Mart's foreign supermarket brands. However, after breaking the rules, the incident was quickly expanded on the Internet, which caused an investigation in Beijing, which was soon over.

  If the Hu's brand is also to that point, even if it is finally clarified that their supermarket has no violations, the brand effect will basically not exist.

  "Lu, Shao Lu, I can't be the master at your price, I have to go back and discuss with my dad." Hu Hong took a deep breath and said.

  "Go, wait for your good news." Lu Chen waved his hand and signaled Hu Hong to leave.

  Anyway, he is not in a hurry, the Hu family father and son are anxious.

  If it is transferred one day later, their brand will become even more worthless. I am afraid that he will not want it at that time, and the Hu family and his sons will ask him to buy it.

  The brand is smelly, and naturally no one will buy it.

  Lu Chen is different. He doesn't want the Hujia brand at all. He just wants to use the excellent location of the Hujia supermarket as a starting point to create a super supermarket chain brand.


  At 5:30 in the afternoon, the 15th floor of Penglai Hotel became lively.

  Today, Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu booked a large private room here to organize a classmate gathering, and everyone who received the invitation arrived one after another.

  As everyone continued to chat, the atmosphere gradually became warmer.

  And until Lu Chen and Lin Yijun arrived, the atmosphere in the private room reached a climax.

  Of course, although Lu Chen is handsome and long, the focus of attention is still Lin Yijun.

  Because Lin Yijun is not only their class flower, but also the first school flower recognized by Yu University.

  "Wow, our college Lin is here!"

  "I haven't seen you in four years, the beauty of Lin is still as beautiful as before!"

  "Beauty Lin, you are really getting more and more beautiful. Come and sit here.

  Right ." Seeing Lu Chen coming in with Lin Yijun, everyone's eyes were focused on Lin Yijun, and the few who had a good relationship with each other directly stepped forward to say hello.

  In fact, Lin Yijun just simply dressed up today, and didn't deliberately dress up herself.

  A pink long skirt, an exquisite figure that can't hide the bumps, and the white and tender skin is so tender under the light, it adds a bit of fatal temptation to mature women.

  Lin Yijun This is natural beauty.

  On the other hand, Lu Chen was really a little casual.

  Ordinary T-shirts, jeans, and a pair of blue casual shoes, looks really different from Lin Yijun.

  This is also one of the biggest reasons everyone almost ignores him.

  "Brother Chen, here." Although everyone ignored Lu Chen, Wu Lei discovered Lu Chen in the crowd the first time.

  Lu Chen smiled when he saw Wu Lei, leaving Lin Yijun and everyone Han Xuan to walk over.

  Wu Lei was at the same table when Lu Chen was in university, nicknamed Xiaopang. At that time, their tables were not as single as they are now.

  The relationship between the two has always been very good, often playing together, go to the Internet cafes together.

  After leaving school, people rarely contacted each other.

  Had it not been for this time Li Wenguang initiated and organized this classmate gathering, he would not know when he would get together again.

  "Brother Chen, how have you been in the past few years." Wu Lei asked.

  "It's okay." Lu Chen said and sat down beside Wu Lei.

  What makes him a little strange is that Wu Lei used to have good connections in the class. Why hasn't seen him in a few years, and other students are so strange to him?

  "What about you, I heard that your dad opened a mine. Business has been good in the past few years." Lu Chen asked after sitting down.

  Wu Lei's face darkened, but he quickly smiled and said, "It's okay. The aluminum ore market has been in a downturn in recent years. It's not as profitable as in previous years."

  "Come on, Fatty Wu, isn't Lu Chen your good brother? It’s really hypocritical to slap a swollen face in front of my brother to fill a fat man.” A slightly charming woman sneered.

  Lu Chen was startled. He didn't notice the change in Wu Lei's expression just now, so he didn't have much doubt.

  He turned and looked at the woman, who was named Bao Rongrong, and he remembered that Bao Rongrong chased Wu Lei back then.

  "Lu Chen, don't listen to his nonsense. In the year of graduation, Wu Lei offended the really rich second-generation, and was interrupted by others without saying it. He also caused his company to be directly forced into bankruptcy. His father was even killed by others for him, and then his mother took his sister to marry other provinces." Bao Rongrong said.

  Wu Lei's face changed, his eyes gleaming with hatred.

  Bao Rongrong is right.

  Back then, he liked a girl, but he didn't expect that when that girl became his girlfriend, she was cut into the corner by Wang Xing, who had better family conditions.

  He was not angry, so he went to find the woman's theory, but Wang Xing directly broke his leg.

  When his father saw Wu Lei whose leg was broken, he was angrily reported to the police on the spot, and even asked Wang Xing to apologize, but he did not expect to anger the Wang family.

  It didn't take long for his company to be directly bankrupted by the Wang family using all parties' relationships.

  But what made Wu Lei even more desperate was that his father was directly assassinated by a killer from the Wang family because he wanted to make things worse.

  "Bao Rongrong, shut up!"

  Wu Lei stared at Bao Rongrong angrily. It doesn't matter how Bao Rongrong ridiculed him. What made him angry was that Bao Rongrong poked him in front of his buddies. Shortcomings.

  Seeing that there was an uproar here, everyone else turned their heads and looked over, and Wu Lei became even more angry.

  "Cut, I'm telling the truth. If you have the ability, go to Wang Xing for revenge." Bao Rongrong sneered.

  When she saw that Wu Lei was a rich second generation, although she was a little fat, she also took the initiative to pursue her.

  But Wu Lei bluntly said that she was too ugly, not the type he liked, so angry that she did not go to school for a week.

  Now that she learned of what happened to Wu Lei, it was time for her to retaliate.

  "People, Wu Lei, haven't recovered from the big hit from the rich second generation to the poor, Bao Rongrong, it's a bit unnatural for you to poke the sore place of Fatty Wu like this." A man joked. Said.

  He seemed to be talking about Bao Rongrong, but he actually mocked Wu Lei.

  Wu Lei looked at the man and clenched his fists tightly.

Chapter: 64

Lu Chen looked at the mocking man. This man was called Gao Hu. He used to have good family conditions, but he and Wu Lei were enemies, and no one could tolerate others.

  Wu Lei stared at Gao Hu fiercely, his face flushed because of excessive anger, and his body was shaking.

  "Everyone is a classmate who hasn't seen him for several years, why be so mean?" Lu Chen couldn't stand it anymore, and said lightly.

  "Oh, you're really a hard man, are you eager to jump out and help?" Gao Hu looked at Lu Chen sarcastically.

  "I mean, if you two have a grudge, you can resolve it in private. Today is a class gathering, not when you vent your emotions. Of course, I am really helping Wu Lei. If you are not convinced, you can also find me in private. "Lu Chen jokingly smiled, he didn't have a good impression of Gao Hu either.

  Everyone nodded, thinking that Lu Chen's words made sense.

  Everyone has a classmate. I haven't seen it for several years. I have the opportunity to get together today. Although they all have the intention to show off their achievements in the past few years, it seems meaningless if they are dead.

  They are all grown-ups, so they don’t even have this emotional intelligence.

  "Lu Chen, are you provoking me? Dare to ask where you are? What level are you at?" Gao Hu asked Lu Chen in his ordinary costume, jokingly.

  "If the provocation is so nonexistent, Gao can't talk about it, but if you want to have a little time with me, you can draw it down. You can use civil, martial, or civil and martial arts. You can decide the time, place, and method." Lu Chen still smiled faintly.

  His voice was peaceful, but his words revealed a domineering look.

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen in surprise, wondering why he dared to provoke Gao Hu so much.

  Gao Hu's expression was gloomy, Lu Chen didn't take him seriously.

  Just when Gao Hu was about to have an attack, Zhao Tianyu walked in and looked at the weird atmosphere in the private room, and he immediately understood something.

  "Today is a classmate gathering organized by Section Chief Li. Everyone is a comrade-in-arms classmate for four years. I hope that those who have grievances will put aside grievances first. Today is not to resolve grievances. Today, let us review those years that have passed away. Youth." Zhao Tianyu looked at the crowd and said.

  "Yes, yes, so many years have passed. What kind of grievances can't let go."

  "That's right, it's not the hatred of killing the father or the hatred of taking the wife. Why should it be so serious?"

  Zhao Tianyu's words are still very important, everyone They all agreed.

  It's no wonder that Zhao Tianyu is the real rich second generation, not the half bottle of water that Gao Hu can't squeeze in even the third-rate rich second generation.

  And everyone knows that Zhao Tianyu was Li Wenguang's best friend when he was in school. Today Li Wenguang is the protagonist, and everyone must give Zhao Tianyu a bit of face.

  "Huh, two poor dicks, let's walk and see." Gao Hu snorted coldly, gave Lu Chen and Wu Lei a fierce look, turned and walked away.

  After Gao Hu walked aside, the others followed away from Lu Chen and Wu Lei.

  Although they agreed with Zhao Tianyu's words, it did not mean that they recognized Lu Chen and Wu Lei from the bottom of their hearts.

  Today, I was here to compare and show off. In their eyes, Lu Chen and Wu Lei were just the worst kind of mess, and of course they didn't want to be with them.

  "Remember the last football game of the senior year? In 89 minutes, our class was still one goal behind. Everyone thought we were going to lose. Who would know that there was a wonderful pass from Zhang Zhang in stoppage time and Zhao Tianyu made a jump. Rushing to the top, the tie was equalized at once, and finally the game was dragged into overtime. In the end, we defeated the civil engineering gangs with a penalty kick."

  "Yeah, yeah, Zhao Tianyu's header is really beautiful. , It marked a successful end to our college time. It was really enjoyable at the time, hahaha."

  "There was also a party after the game, everyone was so drunk, and finally Wu Yan was sent to the boys' dormitory, and then The next day, Wu Yan screamed and frightened everyone. I remember that kid Xu Bing was scared and ran into the bathroom wearing shorts. He really laughed at me."

  "Also, it's all your beasts. Fortunately, my old lady was not...or my old lady had to find you desperately!" a pretty gorgeous woman said with a smile.

  "Don't tell me, I really regretted it afterwards. I didn't even dare to start at the time. Or Wu Yan might be my wife now." Another boy laughed.

  "Go to hell you, my old lady won't like you such a big five and three rough stuff." Wu Yan punched the boy with a smile and cursed.


  After leaving Lu Chen and Wu Lei, everyone chatted happily about the rough things in college, with emotion and roars of laughter.

  Even Lu Chen on one side has the illusion of going back in time, in a trance, as if everyone was back in college.

  This was a bit like a classmate gathering. If it were still like before, Lu Chen felt that his trip was really white.

  Perhaps most people came for Li Wenguang, but the biggest reason why Lu Chen came was to take this opportunity to reminisce about his youth wantonly.

  At the same time, I also met faces that were once familiar but haven't seen again for many years.

  "Where are you working now?" Lu Chen looked at Wu Lei with emotion in his heart.

  "I don't have a great skill, but I type faster, and work as an entry clerk in a small company." Wu Lei said, he was still in a dull mood at this time, and he has completely lost the passion for attending class reunions.

  "Well, give me your number. I called you. You have changed your number." Lu Chen nodded.

  After the two of them saved their numbers, Wu Lei asked, "What about you, what are you doing now?"

  "Preparing to open a supermarket, come and help me at that time." Lu Chen believes that Hu's father and son will definitely transfer the supermarket to him. Anyway, he didn't have time to manage the supermarket, so let Wu Lei help him watch it, just to help an old friend.

  "Yes, I just want to change jobs." Wu Lei's eyes lit up. He works as a typing clerk and earns 3,000 dead wages a month. He does not include board and board. He lives only a few hundred a month. Of private houses.

  If he works with Lu Chen, he believes that Lu Chen will definitely not treat him badly.

  Of course Lu Chen would not treat him badly. Don't say that the two of them were iron buddies when they were in college. Even if they were just ordinary friends, Lu Chen was a man of love.

  It was getting late, and most of the students were almost there. After a while, the private room door opened again.

  I saw Li Wenguang and Yu Li walk in one after another, and everyone's eyes were focused on Li Wenguang.

  Even if Yu Li is also in the class, everyone's eyes are on Li Wenguang's body for the first time.

  Because today's Li Wenguang is the protagonist.

Chapter: 65

Li Wenguang’s family background is good. Now he is a section chief at a young age, and he is also the section chief of the industrial and commercial bureau of an important department. Together with his uncle who has a deputy bureau, he is proud of his career and his career is bright.

  "Hello   , Chief   Li !" " Chief Li

  , this is my business card!"

"Oh, Chief

Li , it's been a long time, we have to be drunk today!" The arrival of Li Wenguang can be said to make this party reach After reaching another peak, almost ninety-nine percent of his classmates stepped forward to greet him, and their words were even more humble.

  Yu Li next to her seemed a little embarrassed. For such a big beauty, almost no one greeted her for the first time.

  This also made her feel the importance of rights again.

  In China, this kind of thinking is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. No matter what you do, working within the system is the first choice.

  And even if there is no way to enter the system, you have to find ways to establish a relationship with the power in the system.

  Even if there is nothing to use the relationship, it will be very face to speak out.

  "Everyone sits down, they are all old classmates, there is no need for this, no need for this." Li Wenguang, surrounded by the crowd, responded calmly.

  "Walk around, go to the private room next door, I have already arranged food." At this moment, Zhao Tianyu suddenly walked in and said loudly.

  "Go, go to the private room over there first." Li Wenguang also said, and everyone followed Zhao Tianyu out.

  Li Wenguang looked at Lu Chen, who was sitting still next to him, and left without saying anything.

  The other private room is relatively large. There are five tables in it. Eight cold dishes are already on the table, and the main course will be served as soon as everyone is gathered.

  After everyone pushed each other for a while, they all took their seats.

  Although there was no deliberate arrangement, after the previous small talk, they almost knew which level the other party was at, and they all consciously found their place.

  If you mix well, you must sit at the same table, if you don't mix well, just sit at the same table.

  Like the main table, good mix, Li Wenguang, in power, Zhao Tianyu, not only the rich second generation, but also opened his own company.

  The worst mixed ones are all returnees who have unlimited potential and are already considered quasi-successful people.

  Lin Yijun is very low-key. When chatting before, she only said that she was doing sales work. Everyone thought she was just a salesman.

  Even if she used to be a school girl, she is already married, so at this moment, even Li Wenguang did not deliberately invite her to sit at the main table.

  After four years of leaving school, the students who once had dreams, after several years of social washing.

  After all, it changed.

  "Huh, no place?" Lu Chen and Wu Lei went to the bathroom and found that they were almost full except the main table.

  "Let's go, go to the main table." Lu Chen said lightly.

  Wu Lei hesitated, but he hesitated, and walked over to the table with Lu Chen towards Li Wenguang and others.

  There is no room for other tables. They can't eat standing up.

  Seeing that the two of Lu Chen were poor and dared to sit at the main table, the others suddenly became a little upset.

  There were mocking eyes.

  Li Wenguang and others still had four seats at the table. Lu Chen took Wu Lei and took two empty seats and sat down.

  The four people at this table looked at them weirdly.

  Although there is no clear distinction between primary and secondary, nor is it clear who should sit where.

  But everyone is an adult. As long as you have some social experience or self-knowledge, you know where you should sit in this situation.

  If you want to sit at the main table, you must have the qualifications, otherwise you won't understand the rules in the eyes of others.

  Seeing Lu Chen's calm expression, Li Wenguang couldn't help frowning. Yesterday he was a little suspicious of Lu Chen's identity. Today, he dared to sit at a table with himself openly. Is he really a good mess?

  However, Yu Li is contrary to Li Wenguang's thinking. She thinks that Lu Chen is just shit and lucky enough to know the boss of Jade 36, so she will be respected by the staff of Jade 36. In fact, Lu Chen is just a vagrant. www.

  She even suspected that Lu Chen had to rely on his wife Lin Yijun to support him now.

  "Lu Chen, didn't you say yesterday that you would ask our Jia Zhiheng to help you find a security job? Remember to go to Junyue Building early tomorrow." Yu Li said with a smile.

  "I'll go, no, Lu Chen, are you so bad now? You have to ask someone to help you even find a security job?"

  "Our company also lacks a security guard, or you come to me and I Go back to intercede for you, and go to our company as a security guard." When

  Yu Li's words were heard, many people immediately laughed.

  Although everyone has good qualities and shouldn't be so explicit, but who is Lu Chen, they really don't know themselves.

  "Yijun, ask your husband to sit here. We can add two more seats to our table." Lin Yijun's friend Hu Min took the hand of Lin Yijun and whispered.

  Lin Yijun was a little embarrassed, but shook her head after thinking about it.

  If one month ago, she would definitely go up and pull Lu Chen down.

  But watching Lu Chen's various changes during this period of time, she once again met the other side of Lu Chen. Lu Chen's confidence also gave her more confidence in Lu Chen.

  Besides, Lu Chen is now a billionaire. To put it ugly, she feels that all the people sitting together don't necessarily have Lu Chen rich.

  "Forget it, don't worry about him, he must have his reasons for doing this." Lin Yijun shook his head and said.

  "Yijun, it’s not that I said you. Really, you chose Lu Chen and gave up Li Wenguang. Everyone said you had no vision. After graduation, you married Lu Chen. Everyone who heard the news felt that You are crazy. It’s not good to choose someone. Choose a guy with no potential to push yourself into the fire pit.” Hu Min sighed,

  “I think it’s okay, and Lu Chen has always been nice to me.” Lin Yijun smiled. She laughed, except that when her daughter was sick and hospitalized some time ago, she always used Lu Chen to vent her anger, sometimes annoyed Lu Chen, and quarreled with her. In the past few years of marriage, she has dealt with Lu Chen. There is really nothing to provoke.

  Although she also hopes that Lu Chen can make money and be a successful person, she cares more about the relationship between the two.

  Seeing that Lin Yijun was like this, Hu Min had nothing to say.

  Hearing the cynicism and sarcasm of everyone, although it was Lu Chen, Wu Lei lowered his head with a self-remark at this time, feeling like sitting on pins and needles, very uncomfortable.

  Lu Chen didn't pay attention to everyone, but turned to look at Yu Li next to him, and smiled slightly, "Okay, then I will thank my classmate first."

  Yu Li's eyes showed contempt, but Li Wenguang was a little confused.

  Could it be that I have been thinking too much, Lu Chen really just knew the boss of Jade 36?

  Zhao Tianyu shook his head. He felt that, in his identity, he was disguised as a cock like Lu Chen.

  He got up and looked at the crowd, and said loudly, "Dear students, before drinking, I think we need to ask our Section Chief Li to give us a toast."

Chapter: 66

Everyone applauded, and they all enthusiastically asked Li Wenguang to say something.

  "Okay, then, let me just say a few words." Li Wenguang was not polite, picked up his wine glass and stood up, looking at Lu Chen intently or unconsciously, with a hint of arrogance in his eyes.

  Yesterday, there was some doubt about Lu Chen's identity, but now he felt that Lu Chen was nothing more than that. He felt a little annoyed when he thought of losing to such a poor hand in love.

  "Dear classmates, eight years ago, we were able to gather in the same class. We have been classmates for four years. That is the fate given to us by God. Back then, we were gathered at the warm table together, no matter how strong the wind or rain was. How fierce and difficult the road is, we will always be the strongest backing for each other. Come, dear classmates, to our precious friendship, toast!"


  Almost everyone stood up with their wine glasses and stood up with Li Wenguang away Empty collision.

  Wu Lei also thought of getting up, but seeing Lu Chen sitting still, he hesitated and sat still.

  Li Wenguang put down the cup and saw that both of Lu Chen hadn't gotten up, a hint of irony and contempt flashed in his eyes, as well as a hint of displeasure.

  Next, each table is toasting each other.

  "Section Chief Li is Chief Li. This toast speaks of a level of competence. I have seen many leaders say toasts, but none of them is as exciting as Chief Li said." Yu Li smiled. .

  "I'm just talking nonsense, don't praise me." Li Wenguang said modestly.

  "It's so good to say casually, this is the level." Zhao Tianyu laughed.

  "That's right, come, let's offer Chief Li a glass together." Another returnee man agreed.

  Yu Li, Zhao Tianyu and the returnees held up a glass of wine to respect Li Wenguang.

  After the three of them toasted Li Wenguang's drink together, they frowned when they saw that Lu Chen and Wu Lei were drinking their own.

  "Lu Chen, Wu Lei, you didn't want to get up to drink together before. Now you don't respect Section Chief Li for a drink. Don't you think you are really mad?" Returned student Zhou Zunhua frowned.

  "Toast this thing, whoever is good at it must toast?" Lu Chen looked up and smiled faintly. www.

  "You mean Chief Li is not qualified to let the two of you make a toast?" Yu Li sarcastically.

  "Everyone is qualified to let me toast, and no one is qualified to let me toast. The key is in a mood. Of course, if you really think that I think Li Wenguang is not qualified to let me toast, then he is not qualified. ." Lu Chen shrugged and smiled lightly.

  Today, Li Wenguang invited their husband and wife to the party, but he didn't have any good intentions, so why did Lu Chen give Li Wenguang face.

  Mo said that Li Wenguang was just a section chief. Even if his uncle from the deputy bureau came, Lu Chen would not cheat him.

  "Oh, you guys, hurry up, there is such a shameless person. At a party organized by Section Chief Li, he bluntly said that Section Chief Li is not qualified to let him toast a glass of wine." Yu Li pointed to Lu Chen and said loudly, afraid No one else can hear the same.

  "Oh, Boss Lu, when did it become so awkward? A monthly income of hundreds of thousands or a few million? Why don't you give me some advice on my brothers."

  "Yeah, they are all old classmates, let everyone follow Why don't you have a cup of soup?" When

  everyone heard this, some people immediately sarcastically.

  "I'm jealous of the achievements of Section Chief Li, who is jealous. What are you pretending to be? Don't we know what you two are capable of?" Gao Hu sneered.

  He was very upset with Lu Chen when he was in that private room before, so of course he had to be ironic at this time.

  "That's right, there are all kinds of people these days, and some people are too jealous to see that others are good." Yu Li looked at Lu Chen coldly and saw that everyone was mocking Lu Chen, she felt a sense of pleasure.

  "Wu Lei, I won't talk about Lu Chen. Everyone knows the situation in your family. You are no longer the rich second generation. To put it bluntly, you are now a real poor dick. You sit at the main table and didn't save your face. You didn't even respect Chief Li's wine. You really don't know what is good or bad." Bao Rongrong looked at Wu Lei and shook her head.

  "I..." Wu Lei was stabbed in the pain again, and his face suddenly changed.

  It's not that he doesn't want to respect Li Wenguangjiu, it's just that when everyone ridiculed over there before, only Lu Chen was willing to stand up for him, he had already looked down on these classmates.

  In addition, Lu Chen didn't offer Li Wenguang's wine, so he didn't bother to offer it.

  Li Wenguang also looked at Wu Lei coldly. Lu Chen didn't give him face, he could understand, because he had grudges with Lu Chen and was once a rival in love.

  But you, Wu Lei, are a dick. I was thinking about classmates before I let you know. How the hell did you dare to save my face at Lao Tzu’s home court?

  Wu Lei wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Lu Chen.

  "Li Wenguang may be a big man in your eyes, but in my Lu Chen's eyes, that's it. It's your business if you want to cheat him, but please don't get involved with us. Of course, if you insist on being with me, Lu If Chen can't make it through, then I'll just continue." Lu Chen could be considered to have seen through these old classmates.

  Each reality is like a dog, in order to curry favor with Li Wenguang, as long as there is a chance, they will bite.

  Some people don't even want principles.

  Such an old classmate, such a class reunion, made Lu Chen feel a little disappointed.

  "Cut, let you make a toast to Chief Li is worthy of you. People must be self-aware. Do you think that Chief Li can drink any wine toasts?" Yu Li said disdainfully when he looked at Lu Fa.

  "Lu Chen, when you were in college, you and Section Chief Li had a little holiday, but at this time there are a lot of people, Section Chief Li, and they don’t care about you. What else do you want? Don’t you be grateful to Section Chief Li and to Li Ke Being so disrespectful, do you know what a wolf-hearted dog is?" Zhou Zunhua, a returnee student, also said sarcastically.

  "Lu Chen, and Wu Lei, you are really too much. If Chief Li doesn't care about you, you should know how to be grateful. If I were you, you should first serve three cups and ask Chief Li for his Forgive me, it's better to be flexible. Sometimes it's too rigid, but it's hard to move." Bao Rongrong also persuaded.

  Lu Chen shook his head and finally stood up. He glanced over everyone who was sitting and said lightly: "That is to say, for the sake of our classmates for four years, I'm still sitting here, and you guys are sitting safely. There is cynicism here, otherwise..."

  Lu Chen shook his head and said no more, a little sad, and sighed silently.

  "Let's go, this class reunion has no meaning." He said and walked outside first.

  Wu Lei also followed out.

  Lin Yijun also sighed in her heart. For such a classmate, she really had nothing to say, and she got up and went out silently.

  As soon as the three of Lu Chen walked out of the hotel, they saw a middle-aged man getting out of the car.

  When the man saw Lu Chen, he quickly greeted him.

Chapter: 67

This man is no one else, but Li Wenguang's boss Zuo Sichen left the game.

  "Mr. Lu, you come here to eat too." Zuo Sichen greeted enthusiastically.

  Although Lu Chen had only invited him to dinner two days ago, he didn't dare to say anything.

  This young man looks ordinary on the surface, but he is the big boss behind Yiqi Technology. Even the boss of his boss has to give the right side. It is even more important to explain that all departments must cooperate with Yiqi Technology. Such high standards Taking care is the first time he has seen it in the game.

  Of course, everyone understands this.

  After all, from the perspective of investment alone, Yiqi Technology's future prospects have surpassed the previous Grand Hyatt Group.

  The previous Grand Hyatt Group's tax revenue of more than 40 billion yuan a year has already dominated Yuzhou. After Yiqi Technology officially operates, everyone can imagine how Yiqi Technology will be at that time.

  "Yes, the left game is now here for dinner." Lu Chen nodded and smiled.

  "Something was delayed temporarily, and I was late." Zuo Sichen smiled.

  "Understand, when everyone is in a hurry, I think your friends will definitely understand it too." Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijun and Wu Lei as he said, motioning for them to leave first.

  Lin Yijun and Wu Lei opened their mouths in surprise when they saw that Lu Chen met the head of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

  Wu Lei is a little better. He knew before that Lu Chen was going to open a supermarket, and it was normal to know the Left Bureau.

  But Lin Yijun's heartbeat speeded up a bit.

  Yesterday, she tried every means to resolve the grievances between Lu Chen and Li Wenguang. She hoped that when Lu Chen started his business again, she could get Li Wenguang's help. Even if she didn't get help, she wouldn't cause trouble.

  Unexpectedly, Lu Chen had become so familiar with Li Wenguang's immediate boss.

  At this moment, she finally understood why Lu Chen didn't give Li Wenguang face yesterday and today.

  It's just that Lu Chen met a big man like Zuo Ju again, which made her even more puzzled.

  This is already the third big person who is untouchable in her eyes. www.Lu

  Chen Ah Lu Chen, my good husband, how many things are you hiding from me?

  "You go to the car first, I have a few words to talk to the left bureau alone." Seeing that there was no response from the two, Lu Chen had to speak.

  "Oh, good." Wu Lei reacted and walked away automatically.

  Lin Yijun suppressed the surprise in her heart, turned and walked towards her car.

  After the two left, Lu Chen said to Zuo Sichen: "Left Bureau, Yiqi Technology, I don’t want Li Wenguang to come in."

  Zuo Sichen was startled, because Li Wenguang was the nephew of Deputy Bureau Li Jian’an, Yi Qi Technology is another project that has soared political achievements, and everyone wants to participate.

  Li Jianan also strongly recommended his nephew Li Wenguang.

  It can be said that as long as Li Wenguang participates in the construction of Yiqi Technology, two or three years later, he will definitely go further.

  "Okay, I will definitely consider Mr. Lu's suggestion." Zuo Sichen nodded. Even though he said that, he wouldn't really consider it. He directly took Li Wenguang's name from it. It was crossed out on that list.

  "Well, then Lu will not take up the meal time of the left game." Lu Chen nodded and walked to his car.

  And because of the scandal of Lu Chen and Wu Lei, Li Wenguang was not in the mood to continue, apologized to everyone, and left.

  When the other people saw this, where there was any thought to stay to eat and drink, they cursed Lu Chen and Wu Lei in their hearts, and they also left the scene.

  The whole process of Lu Chen's conversation with Zuo Sichen was also seen by the people who just came out of the hotel.

  Seeing that the left game and Lu Chen talked more happily than old friends, everyone almost dropped their jaws in shock.

  This is the dick they just laughed at?

  Is this really a worthless dick?

  Everyone feels like a dog.

  They had just ridiculed Datong in the face of Lu Chen, saying that he was not a good person and was useless. In a blink of an eye, they had a very happy conversation with the boss of Li Wenguang's immediate superior.

  At this moment, Li Wenguang was shocked to the extreme.

  He knows Zuo Sichen better than anyone in this event.

  Zuo Sichen's gaze towards Lu Chen was obviously a little bit flattering.

  It was really hard for him to imagine that Zuo Sichen would actually go to court Lu Chen.

  What kind of background does Lu Chen have that makes Zuo Sichen jealous or in awe?

  "Let me go, did you see that, Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, their husband and wife each has a new A6, which is a new Audi car worth half a million."

  "Yes, two cars are nearly one million. How many people are sitting there who can buy a car with one million, and it is still a car?"

  "Who said that Lin Yijun was just a salesman? Who said that he wanted to find a security job for Lu Chen? Yes? Stand up and see if I won't kill him? Did you see a salesman and a security guard driving a 500,000 A6?"

  Lin Yijun's friend Hu Min saw Lu Chen and his wife leave one by one in one car, only a wry smile in his heart.

  Before, she kept talking to Lin Yijun about how bad Lu Chen was, and she suddenly felt like a villain.

  Yu Li stared at the two A6s that drove away from them one after another, her expression gloomy to the extreme.

  She used to laugh at Lu Chen about finding a job as a security guard. She really thought that Lu Chen was looking for her boyfriend to find a job, but she didn't expect that Lu Chen was just playing with her.

  People who can afford an Audi A6, do they need a security job?

  The security manager can't even drive A6.

  At this moment, Yu Li suddenly found herself somewhat ridiculous.

  But she resented Lu Chen even more.

  "Lu Chen, let's wait and see. When Zhiheng and I have a firm foothold in Yiqi Technology, I will ask you to settle this account!" Yu Li gritted her teeth and thought indignantly.

  Although Zhao Tianyu drove a better car than Lu Chen's, he also found that he was completely looking away.

  To be honest, he had thought that Lu Chen was nothing but a dick, and didn't want to pay attention to Lu Chen. Who knew that Lu Chen turned out to be one of the better people in their class.

  And no one was more surprised and unwilling than Gao Hu.

  Before, Lu Chen gave Wu Lei his head, and even refused to lift him up face to face. He also thought about how to humiliate Lu Chen in terms of identity and money.


  after coming down, he discovered that Lu Chen had completely overshadowed him, whether it was his identity or money, and crushed him to death.

  "Left game." Seeing Zuo Tatsuji approaching, Li Wenguang hurriedly put away his mood and greeted him.

  Seeing that it was Li Wenguang, Zuo Sichen looked at Lu Chen who had just left, and he immediately understood why Lu Chen had made that request of him.

  "Well, I just have something to inform you. You don't need to participate in all the work of Yiqi Technology." Zuo Sichen said.

  "Why... why?" Li Wenguang was shocked, participating in the construction of Yiqi Technology, but it was a great opportunity to gain political achievements, and it was also an excellent opportunity for him to rise again in the past few years. It took him a lot of effort to get it. Zuo Sichen's words made him unable to accept this opportunity.

  "Because you have offended someone who shouldn't offend." Zuo Sichen glanced sympathetically at Li Wenguang, and then strode into the hotel.

Chapter: 68

"I offend someone who shouldn't be offended?"

  Li Wenguang's figure was shocked, I didn't offend anyone from Yiqi Technology?

  "Wen Guang, could it be Lu Chen? Just now what he and the left bureau were talking about." Zhao Tianyu whispered.

  "Impossible, absolutely impossible, even if he knows the left game, he can't be from Yiqi Technology." Li Wenguang shook his head and didn't believe that this matter would have anything to do with Lu Chen.

  But Lu Chen even knew them in the left game, and it seemed that they were not bad at all. This was completely beyond Li Wenguang's expectations.

  "Tianyu, you find a way to help me investigate Lu Chen, I feel that kid is a bit difficult." Li Wenguang said.

  "This matter is covered by me, but what to do with Yiqi Technology? It is a chance to increase political performance." Zhao Tianyu is still waiting for Li Wenguang to open up Yiqi Technology's channel to see if he can drink some soup, but Li Wenguang was disqualified from participating in the construction of Yiqi Technology, which was also a blow to him.

  "Don't worry about it, I will find a way." Li Wenguang shook his head.

  He is going to ask his uncle to find the left bureau tomorrow to find out who he has offended. Even if he goes to pay the other party and apologize, he will have to win over the qualifications to participate in the construction of Yiqi Technology.


  "Brother Chen, did you see their shocked eyes just now? It's really cool." In the car, Wu Lei thought about the expressions when everyone saw Lu Chen talking with Zuo Ju, and today suddenly became depressed. All right.

  "It's just a group of small characters, I don't want to take care of them." Lu Chen shook his head, but he felt a little refreshed to see the surprise of everyone's jaws falling off.

  Is this just a feeling of pretense?

  "Well, too, if a few years ago, I wouldn't pay them attention at all." Wu Lei nodded. www.

  Wu Lei's family still had hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, and Wu Lei was considered a rich second-generation generation. At that time, he did have the capital to not put everyone in the eyes.

  "Unfortunately, I was so stupid, for a bitch woman... If it weren't for me, my dad would not die, and our Wu family would not be forced to ruin and die." Wu Lei said sadly.

  "Let him pass the past. As we grow up, we will always make mistakes and make detours. This is inevitable. As long as the dreams in our hearts persist, there will be hope tomorrow." Lu Chen thoughtfully. Said.

  "Well, I have figured it out over the past two years. No matter how big a mistake I have made before, I have to live and talk." Wu Lei nodded.

  "Go and resign tomorrow. Wait for my call these two days." Lu Chen said when Wu Lei returned to his place.

  "Okay, then I won't keep you, and our brother will have a few more drinks next day." Wu Lei nodded, he was too embarrassed to take Lu Chen to his private house.

  Lu Chen nodded, and after Wu Lei's figure was submerged in the night, he took out the phone and called.

  "A Fei, do you know the Wang Family?" Lu Chen asked directly after Du Fei connected.

  As a good brother, although he did not speak to Wu Lei, it does not mean that he will not stand up for Wu Lei.

  "Yubei Wang Family? The strength is quite strong, with assets of more than one billion yuan, which is considered to be the awesome kind under the four major families." Du Fei replied.

  "Well, how is your situation there?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "It's stabilized, you ask what the Wang family is doing, you don't want to get the Wang family. My eldest brother, I advise you to dispel this idea. With our strength, we can't cross the Wang family at all, unless it's a dead fish." Du Fei said .

  "Yes, I just want to uproot the Wang Family. You can do it. I won't fight insecure battles." Lu Chen said firmly.

  "Who has offended you?" Du Fei asked.

  "No one offends me, but they ruined my brother's house, and I just avenged my brother." Lu Chen said.

  "Well, since it's your brother and my Du Fei's brother, then fucking hard, let the whole Yuzhou know that Du Fei is back!" Du Fei said smugly.

  After hanging up Du Fei's call, Lu Chen called Sanjie Shuihu again.

  "Shao Lu." Song Hai said with a trembling voice. What he feared most was receiving Lu Chen's call.

  "During this period of time, you should listen to Du Fei first. No matter what he tells you to do, give me your full cooperation." Lu Chen warned.

  "Okay Shao Lu." Song Hai heaved a sigh of relief. As long as it wasn't for someone who didn't open his eyes and offended Shao Lu, he would feel relieved.

  As soon as Lu Chen got home, he received a call from Lin Yijun. Lin Yijun said that Qiqi had fallen asleep in her public house and that she would not be back. She would send Qiqi to kindergarten tomorrow.

  Lu Chen didn't have to send Qiqi the next day, and he fell asleep, and didn't get up until he received a call from Hu Hong.

  In order to make a comeback in Yuzhou Dongshan, Hu Juncheng had to smash his teeth and swallow it in his belly.

  Decided to talk to Lu Chen.

  The content of the negotiation is very simple, the purchase price of 10 million yuan remains unchanged, but Lu Chen wants to stop attacking the Hujia brand, and allow the Hu family to invite the Shuijun and other methods to wash the Baihujia brand.

  The last one is that if the Hu family didn't take the initiative to provoke Lu Chen, Lu Chen could no longer suppress them.

  Lu Chen understands that the Hu family still wants to continue to use their brand to operate in Yuzhou, if he is more ruthless, he can completely make the Hu family brand worthless.

  However, the Hu family and him are not deeply hated, and they are not so cruel.

  Lu Chen personally signed the transfer contract with the Hu family, and he will also act as the supermarket owner to deal with some people who need to deal with it.

  After signing the contract, it is the handover of the supermarket.

  This transfer includes floors, all daily necessities, etc.

  The main value is this building, with a total of five floors, which the Hu family bought at the beginning for more than 50 million.

  Now that the 10 million yuan is completely transferred to Lu Chen, it can be said that there is no more bones left by Lu Chen.

  However, in order to preserve the brand, Hu Juncheng had to swallow it in his belly.

  What can he do if he has given birth to such a son who is going to come and caused such a big disaster.

  Before half of the supermarket employees stayed, Lu Chen promised to increase their salary by 30%.

  Standing at the door of the supermarket, seeing that his own supermarket was transferred to Lu Chen with only 10 million yuan, Hu Hong's desire to die was gone.

  "Let's go, let me grow eyes later, don't provoke anyone blindly, especially Lu Chen, a devil who eats people and doesn't spit out bones." Hu Juncheng said with a hatred of iron and steel.

  If his son hadn't provoke Lu Chen, how could such a situation be caused?

  "Dad, I'm sorry." Hu Hong didn't know how much to say these three words. Although he had regretted it, everything was a foregone conclusion.

  Hu Juncheng sighed, turned around and walked away.

Chapter: 69

"Director Lin, I have made an appointment with Manager Yun, and he wants us to go there now." At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Liu Yanqi came to Lin Yijun's desk and said.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded, collected the documents and got up and went out with Liu Yanqi.

  "Director Lin, your car is very beautiful." Liu Yanqi boasted when she came to Lin Yijun's car.

  Lin Yijun smiled. That's it for the A6. It's definitely not comparable to a luxury car, and it's more than enough to compare with a domestic car.

  "Where to meet?" Lin Yijun asked after getting in the car.

  "New Century Hotel." Liu Yanqi said.

  Lin Yijun nodded, and drove to the New Century Hotel.

  The New Century Hotel is located in Yubei District. If there is no traffic jam, it will take about 40 minutes.

  At four o'clock in the afternoon, the two finally came downstairs of the New Century Hotel, parked the car under the command of the security, and the two entered the wine shop.

  Liu Yanqi called the other party, and the other party asked them to go up directly.

  When he arrived at the designated private room, Liu Yanqi found that there was another man in the private room. He thought it was Yun Danwu's assistant, so he didn't care.

  "Manager Cloud, this is our Director Lin, Director Lin, this is the Cloud Manager I told you." Liu Yanqi introduced.

  "Director Lin, hello, come and sit down." Yun Danwu greeted Lin Yijun enthusiastically.

  "Hello." Lin Yijun nodded, pulled the chair away and sat down.

  "This is President Wang of our company. President Wang heard that Director Lin came to talk in person and took it very seriously, so he came in person." Yun Danwu introduced with a smile.

  "Hello." Mr. Wang smiled slightly at Lin Yijun, a glint flashed in his eyes, and politely extended his hand.

  "Hello, Mr. Wang." Lin Yijun reached out and shook his hand with Mr. Wang.

  "Manager Yun, let the waiter serve." Mr. Wang said.

  Seeing Mr. Wang's eyes looking at Lin Yijun a bit fierce, Liu Yanqi had a bad premonition in his heart.

  After running the business for so many years and dealing with all kinds of men, Liu Yanqi has become very keen and has a very unique vision of seeing people.

  At first she thought that the other party was just an assistant to Yundanwu, so she didn't care much.

  Unexpectedly, this person turned out to be Yun Danwu's boss, this was deliberately aimed at the two of them.

  She suddenly felt regretful in her heart. If Lin Yijun was calculated by the other party, then she would be finished in the company.

  Not to mention getting promoted, it's good not to be expelled.

  Soon the wine and food came up, and Mr. Wang continued to persuade the wine.

  "President Wang, I'm sorry, I feel a little sick today, I can't drink anymore, I'm really sorry." After a drink, Lin Yijun refused to drink.

  "Director Lin, you have no sincerity. You see, in order to reach an agreement with your company, our President Wang has personally come forward. It stands to reason that you also want your President Xia to come forward, but our Wang always pays attention to it. People, don't care about so many people, you don't give us President Wang too much face." Yun Danwu said a little displeased.

  Lin Yijun frowned. She was not stupid. Wang always saw that her eyes clearly had other meanings, and he just tried to persuade him to drink. This was Sima Zhao's heart.

  "President Wang, our Director Lin is indeed a little uncomfortable these days. I drank this cup for her." Liu Yanqi saw Yun Danwu force the palace, and hurriedly got up and took the glass of wine in front of Lin Yijun to drink.

  "Xiao Liu, you are trying to save my face." Mr. Wang looked at Liu Yanqi and squinted his eyes.

  "President Wang, what you said is a bit serious. If you say this, I have to fine myself three more glasses." Liu Yanqi smiled and poured another glass of wine to drink.

  It was not until Liu Yanqi finished the three glasses of wine that Yun Danwu said: "Miss Liu, what we mean by Mr. Wang is that you are not qualified to

  serve his wine." Liu Yanqi was startled, a little aggrieved in her heart, but as she walked in this line After being a veteran salesperson for a few years, she quickly adjusted her mentality.

  "Yes, right, right, here, indeed, only our director can respect President Wang, but our director is really uncomfortable, and President Wang can hold the boat in his belly, so he can certainly tolerate our director’s disrespect today, right.” Liu Yanqi Said with a smile.

  President Wang's eyes narrowed into a line, Yun Danwu slapped his slap on the table and said angrily: "Liu Yanqi, you are just a small salesperson, so you dare to evaluate our President Wang?"

  Liu Yanqi's heart jumped. She knew that the two Yun Danwu wanted to get them drunk today, but she didn't expect that the two Yun Danwu would tear their faces so quickly.

  "Okay, that's it for today. I don't think Mr. Wang is sincere to talk about cooperation, so forget it." Lin Liaoyun got up displeased and prepared to leave.

  "Just leave, are you kidding our boss?" Yun Danwu said coldly.

  "It's because you are not sincere, and we are here too, why did you play with you?" Lin Yijun frowned.

  "The talk hasn't started yet, you have to leave. Isn't this fooling us?" Yundan Wudao.

  "Well, I read the information you talked with Liu Yanqi before. We don't think there is a problem. If you have no problem, please sign it. If there is a problem, then don't talk about it." Lin Yijun said solemnly.

  "Lin Yijun, you still want us to sign with your attitude. Are you too naive or treat us as fools?" Yun Danwu sneered.

  "Then there is nothing to say, Yan Qi, let's go, I will find a way to make up for your fan." Lin Yijun said and walked to the private room door.

  The other party didn't even want to negotiate seriously, and focused on the two of them. Then there is a ghost. Although this order is not small, she will not lose her bottom line for a single business.

  But as soon as the two opened the private room door, they saw two big men standing outside the private room door, looking at them coldly.

  The two of them jumped fiercely, and their faces became ugly.

  "President Wang, what do you mean?" Lin Yijun turned and looked at Mr. Wang indifferently.

  "What do you mean? You think you can leave like this if you offend our boss? Then who do you think of us as boss?" Yun Danwu sneered.

  "I'm not feeling well, I would offend you if I didn't drink with you? What kind of perversion is this?" Lin Yijun said with anger.

  "Lin Yijun, you don't want to ask, we are always someone who is always the king, you two small characters, dare to show us President Wang's face, then how will our President Wang mix?" Yun Danwu sneered.

  Liu Yanqi's face changed drastically, and she was a little scared in her heart. She whispered in Lin Yijun's ear: "Director Lin, this Wang Wenxue should be Wang Wenxue, the eldest son of the Wang family. It is rumored that he is lecherous and domineering, relying on the great cause of the Wang family. Big, often bullying the weak."

  Wang Wenxue?

  Lin Yijun's face changed again. Of course she had heard of this person. I heard that five years ago, a woman was forcibly defiled by him. She couldn't think of it for a while and jumped out of the hotel on the 20th floor.

  But afterwards, it didn't stop it, which shows that the Wang family's power is so powerful that it is simply overwhelming in this Yubei District.

  "Director, you go out first, and then call someone to rescue me." Liu Yanqi gave Lin Yijun a wink, gritted her teeth, and kicked the opponent's stall with two feet while the two big men were not paying attention.

  The two of them did not guard against this change, and the key parts were hit, and they squatted down in pain.

  At the same time, Liu Yanqi pushed Lin Yijun out of the private room.

  Liu Yanqi wanted to run with Lin Yijun, but seeing that one of the big guys came back to her senses first, she knew that she could not run, so she had to stop and was ready to buy Lin Yijun a little more time.

  As long as Lin Yijun ran out of the hotel, both of them would be saved.

Chapter: 70

After knowing the identity of the other party, Lin Yijun was very scared. In order to run faster, she took off her high heels and rushed to the elevator.

  Fortunately, the elevator was going down at this time, and she had reached her upper floor. She pressed the elevator and saw Liu Yanqi slapped in the face by the big man and dragged into the private room.

  The other big guy quickly chased her.

  "Hurry up! Hurry up!" Lin Yijun was so frightened that she kept tapping the elevator.

  When the big man chased her less than five meters away, the elevator door finally opened, and Lin Yijun hurried into the elevator and pressed the key.

  Seeing that the big man was about to rush in, Lin Yijun directly smashed the high heels in his hand at the big man's face.

  The big man stretched out his hand to block, but he could no longer stop the elevator from closing.

  The elevator went all the way to the first floor. Fortunately, it was pressed by the guests on the first floor before, and there was no pause in the middle.

  The guests on the first floor were a little dumbfounded when they saw that Lin Yijun didn't wear any shoes, and they were still panicked.

  What happened?

  Lin Yijun rushed out of the elevator, ran out of the hotel barefoot, got in the car for the first time, and drove the car away from the hotel to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

  She stopped the car on the side of the road before taking out the phone and calling Lu Chen.

  After knowing that it was Wang Jiawan and Wang Wenxue, she didn't want to call the police, because she knew it was meaningless. When the police came, Liu Yanqi didn't know what happened.

  "Where are you, something happened on my side, hurry up and rescue us." After Lu Chen connected, Lin Yijun said anxiously.

  "What's the matter, where are you, I'll pass right away." Lu Chen asked anxiously.

  "Today I helped the following salesperson to talk about a business, but I didn't expect that the other party turned out to be Wang Wenwen from the Wang family... Fortunately, at the critical moment, Liu Yanqi desperately blocked them for me, so I escaped. You hurry to save her." Lin Yijun Said.

  She knew that Lu Chen was very good at fighting, and to deal with scumbags like Wang Wenxue, she had to be able to fight.

  As for the latter matters, she can't manage that much, so she will save the people first.

  "Okay, I'll go over." Lu Chen was also relieved when he heard Lin Yijun had escaped, but he didn't delay, and hurried to the New Century Hotel as fast as he could.

  Fortunately, this is not the rush hour and there are not many vehicles. However, in a hurry, Lu Chen ran the red light directly, and the punishment would be dealt with afterwards.

  "Wang family, very good. I haven't formally touched you yet, but you provoke me. Then I can only speed up the progress." Lu Chen said with a gloomy face, he could not say, he had to let go of other things first and take the Wang family Moreover.

  At this time in the hotel room.

  "Bitch, are you running? Why didn't you run?" Yun Danwu slapped Liu Yanqi's face with a sneer.

  Liu Yanqi didn't speak, she knew that no matter how much it was said, she only hoped that Lin Yijun would call the police to rescue her.

  She is now both scared and regretful. Knowing that Yun Danwu had done this, she would not want this order.

  Fortunately, Lin Yijun escaped, or she would be dismissed if she was humiliated here today.

  "Hit me!" Wang Wenxue said with a gloomy face.

  He had met Lin Yijun before, and he had already thought about Lin Yijun.

  Moreover, this order was deliberately given to Dongjia Electronics. The reason why they had not signed a contract with Liu Yanqi was that they wanted to use Liu Yanqi to call Lin Yijun over.

  Today Lin Yijun came here in person, and he is ready to take Lin Yijun down today.

  Unexpectedly, at a critical moment, Liu Yanqi actually helped Lin Yijun escape, making him angry.

  Yun Danwu slapped Liu Yanqi several times after hearing this. Liu Yanqi screamed in pain, and even squatted on the ground holding her head, but Yun Danwu didn't mean to let her go.

  directly kicked her to the ground.

  "This bitch sent you to play." Seeing that Wang Wenxue was almost done, he was about to give Liu Yanqi to his two bodyguards.

  The two bodyguards were overjoyed. They were kicked by Liu Yanqi in the stall before, and they were still in pain at this time, and they just happened to ravage Liu Yanqi to vent their depression.

  The two bodyguards grabbed Liu Yanqi who had been beaten weakly and was about to go to another private room.

  At this moment, a man stood in front of the door and blocked them.

  It was Lu Chen who rushed over.

  "What are you doing? Get away!" a bodyguard shouted at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen looked at the puffy Liu Yanqi who had been beaten in the hand of the bodyguard, a flash of anger flashed in his eyes, and he took a step forward.

  Mo said that Liu Yanqi desperately let Lin Yijun escape, even if there is no Lin Yijun, Liu Yanqi is his employee, he will be angry.

  boom! boom!

  Before the two bodyguards could react, they were brought down by Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen's shot was quite heavy, and the two were hit by Lu Chen in their temples, and they were directly stunned.

  "You go downstairs first, Lin Yijun will take you to the hospital." Lu Chen supported Liu Yanqi, and he was relieved when he saw that she had only suffered some skin trauma, but her face was broken. www.

  "Well, thank you." Liu Yanqi breathed a sigh of relief. Although she was beaten, as long as she was not abused, her heart would be much better.

  She didn't dare to stay here anymore, picked up her bag and ran to the elevator quickly.

  "Who are you?" Yun Zhongwu looked at Lu Chen coldly.

  "Which of you two is Wang Wenxue?" Lu Chen stared at them with gloomy eyes.

  "I am, what's the matter? Do I know you?" Wang Wenxue frowned and looked at Lu Chen.


  Without saying anything, Lu Chen slapped Wang Wenxue up.

  The idea of ​​daring to beat his wife is simply looking for death.

  Wang Wenxue did not expect Lu Chen to suddenly start his hand, and he was even more powerful.

  He snorted, Lu Chen slapped him on his face, and slammed him directly on the table. The table was smashed over.

  "Why are you hitting people? Do you know who the king is always?" Yun Danwu shouted angrily.

  Lu Chen turned to look at Yun Danwu, jokingly: "Who is he important?"

  "We are the heir of the Wang family. I advise you to first inquire about the existence of the Wang family before making trouble." Yun Danwu Said with a proud look.

  "Is the Wang family very strong? I beat the Wang family!" Lu Chen sneered, stepping forward to grab Wang Wenxue and beating him violently.

  Yun Danwu's expression was very ugly, and he smashed at Lu Chen when he lifted the chair next to him.

  Without looking back, Lu Chen kicked Yun Danwu's chest sideways. Yun Danwu snorted and was kicked directly to the foot of the wall.

  "Dare to beat my wife's idea, I will abolish you today!" After beating Wang Wenxue into an inhuman form, Lu Chen snorted and kicked Wang Wenxue's stall.

  Wang Wenxue let out a scream like a pig and fainted in pain.

  "Go back and tell the Wang family, let them be careful, today this is just the beginning." Lu Chen looked at Yun Danwu who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead, clapped his hands, turned and walked out of the private room.