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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 71-80) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 71

Liu Yanqi's injury was not serious, mainly because the face was broken, and the swelling was relieved after taking medicine.

  "Director Lin, I'm really sorry, I didn't know Yun Danwu would be so mad." Liu Yanqi said apologetically when he was discharged from the hospital.

  "What you said, how can I blame you for this? Go back and take a good rest. I will apply for some work injury compensation from the company." Lin Yijun shook her head and honestly, Liu Yanqi had some conflicts with her before, although she was promoted to director. Later Liu Yanqi took the initiative to apologize to her, but the two of them still felt a little lumpy.

  But today, Liu Yanqi's performance moved Lin Yijun very much.

  If it weren't for Liu

  Yanqi , the two of them might both have to... "Okay, thank Director Lin." Liu Yanqi nodded.

  "I'm one year older than you, so call me Sister Lin. Also, when Yiqi Technology comes to tune in, I will try my best to recommend you. Even if I can't go to Yiqi Technology, I will try to get you in the company. A supervisor's position." Lin Yijun said.

  At Yiqi Technology, she can only recommend as much as possible, but on the company side, with Liu Yanqi's performance and qualifications, it is no problem to be promoted to a supervisor.

  "Thank Sister Lin!" Liu Yanqi was really touched this time, thinking that it was worth the fight today.

  "Don't worry, Yiqi Technology has a management position for you." Lu Chen looked at Liu Yanqi and said, he had already given Liu Yanqi a position for Yiqi Technology in his heart.

  Regardless of her ability, she desperately let Lin Yijun escape today is worthy of him giving her a management position.

  "Brother Lu, the Yiqi Technology you said is just like what you opened." Liu Yanqi smiled.

  "Let me do the math, you will get lucky in the next month." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  "Don't talk nonsense about things you are not sure about." Lin Yijun gave Lu Chen a white look, she knew what Lu Chen meant.

  Lu Chen knows Wang Wei. Wang Wei is now the acting president of Yiqi Technology. If he goes to say something, it is really possible that Liu Yanqi will go to Yiqi Technology.

  But he has asked Wang Wei for help, who knows whether Wang Wei is willing to help.

  After all, the thing of renqing is used once and once less.

  Lu Chen smiled and said nothing.

  Liu Yanqi didn't take it seriously, except that Lu Chen was making a joke.

  "Do you think we need to call the police?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen shook his head, "No, it's useless to call the police, but don't worry, they don't have the energy to trouble you anymore."

  Then he will start to cause trouble for the Wang family, and the Wang family has no energy to do anything else. thing.

  "Well, then I'll take Xiao Liu home first, and you can go and pick up Qiqi." Lin Yijun nodded.

  "You can pick it up later. Dad told me to go to the Shangri-La Hotel. It's something." Lin Dahai had already called him before. He checked the time, and the antique event there was about to begin.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded, and sent Liu Yanqi away first.

  Lu Chen hurried to the Shangri-La Hotel.

  According to Lin Dahai, Zuo’s family has been preparing for this antique event for a full year. There are quite a few famous products exhibited and auctioned. It is the largest antique event in Yuzhou in the past ten years. Several neighboring tycoons from the neighboring provinces are all rushing. Come here.

  The event is divided into three steps. The first step is to take out some famous paintings and antiques of celebrities. The official price will be determined by everyone's eyesight. This step is called'Tao-bao'.

  The second step is to bet on stones. A part of the jade will be used for gambling. It is also a game of luck.

  The third step is auction.

  This step is the highlight, because real good things will be auctioned at auctions.

  The event has not yet started, the major active media in Yuzhou have already arrived, and all multimedia are ready to broadcast live.

  In Yuzhou, such a grand event is highly anticipated, and many people are waiting to see the excitement.

  For such an important occasion, Lu Chen was the most casual.

  It turns out that he wanted to dress more formal.

  But when that happened before, he didn't have time to go back and change it, just a T-shirt and jeans casual shoes.

  When he first arrived, the security guard wouldn't let him in. If he hadn't taken the security guard to look at his car, he really couldn't get in.

  Although Audi is only a few hundred thousand, but at least it is not poor.

  The venue is set up in the largest conference hall on the 28th floor of the hotel, which is also the largest conference hall in Yuzhou. Many company events come here to book the venue.

  "Brother-in-law, here." Seeing Lu Chen's arrival, Lin Yijia waved to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen walked to Lin Yijia's table. Besides Lin Yijia and Lin Dahai, there were Yu Zhengtao and two strangers on their table.

  "Come and let me introduce to people, he is what I told you, my son-in-law Lu Chen, he bought me the Song Dynasty luminous cup last time at the antique shop." As soon as Lu Chen sat down, Lin Dahai gave it to him. Several people from Zhengtao introduced Lu Chen.

  Yu Zhengtao naturally knew Lu Chen. Last time he planned to sell the luminous cup for 150,000 yuan, he didn't know that Lu Chen would not give him face at all.

  The other two old men nodded, looking at Lu Chen with a bit of surprise.

  "Lu Chen, this is Professor Yu Zhengtao. This is Professor Huang Youjun Huang and this is Professor Lei Ming Chaolei. The three of them are all masters in the antique world." Lin Dahai continued.

  "Hello Professor Huang." Lu Chen stood up and shook hands with Huang Youjun.

  "Yes, yes, your father-in-law told you about the last time. It's really an offspring." Huang Youjun shook hands with Lu Chen, admiringly.

  "Professor Huang was absurd, I was just lucky." Lu Chen said modestly.

  After a few words with Huang Youjun, Lu Chen shook hands with Lei Mingchao again: "

  Hello, Professor Lei." "Hello, let's open our eyes soon." Lei Mingchao nodded and shook hands with Lu Chen. No more words.

  Although Lin Dahai had praised Lu Chen to the sky before, he still didn't believe that a young man like Lu Chen could really compete with them in the antique world.

  "Hello, Professor Yu." Lu Chen shook hands with Yu Zhengtao again, but he stretched out his hand in front of Yu Zhengtao. Yu Zhengtao just snorted and didn't mean to shake hands with him at all.

  It seems that Lu Chen didn't sell him the luminous cup last time, which made him lose face in front of everyone. He was still a little angry.

  Lin Dahai was a little embarrassed, but Lu Chen smiled and withdrew his hand without a trace.

  There are cold meals on the table, as well as various pastries, drinks and alcohol.

  Lu Chen glanced at the scroll that was being displayed on the high platform, and then immersed himself in eating and drinking.

  "Lu Chen, I must find a baby for me today. I have brought all my savings of more than two million yuan. If I lose money, your dad will not be able to lift my head in front of your mother when I go back." Lin Dahai said to Lu Chen who only cared about food and drink.

  Because of the Lu Chen cup last time, he still believed in Lu Chen very much. He was going to put all the treasure on Lu Chen, hoping that Lu Chen could buy him one or two treasures today, and sell them for a big profit.

  "Brother-in-law, you have to come on, we are all optimistic about you." Lin Yijia also encouraged.

  "I'll try my best." Seeing that the old lady-in-law had brought all his savings with his mother-in-law on his back, Lu Chen was also impressed. Father-in-law was about to break the boat.

  But Lu Chen understood after thinking about it.

  At home, the father-in-law is a raking ear, his wife is strict, and he has lived under his wife's lewdness all his life.

  The reason why he dared to be angry with Wang Xue last time was also because the luminous cup was too expensive. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to be angry with Wang Xue.

  "Professor Yu, you are here, please help me to see if my painting is genuine."

  At this moment , a young man walked over with a famous painting.

  Lu Chen saw that it was Zhao Tianyu, his old classmate.

Chapter: 72

Beside Zhao Tianyu, Li Wenguang.

  After Li Wenguang knew that he had offended someone who shouldn't offend him, he asked Zhao Tianyu to buy him an antique, ready to add it to an apologetic apology.

  Li Wenguang saw that Lu Chen was also there. He was a little surprised. Lu Chen first knew the left game, and now he knows three masters in the antique world. What is the background of this kid?

  Zhao Tianyu also saw Lu Chen. Although there were some surprises, he didn't have time to pay attention to Lu Chen.

  He just spent half a million to sell this famous painting, but someone told him that it was a fake. He happened to see Yu Zhengtao, so he came over to ask Yu Zhengtao for advice.

  He glanced at Lu Chen and passed the painting in his hand to Yu Zhengtao.

  Yu Zhengtao is one of the best antique masters in Yuzhou, and many merchants who like antiques know him, and Zhao Tianyu is no exception.

  "Okay, I'll show you." Seeing that he was an acquaintance, Yu Zhengtao accepted the famous painting.

  Lu Chen also stretched his head curiously to look at it.

  This is a yellow brocade calligraphy and painting. The outside is very exquisite. It is a landscape painting and the inscription next to it is also very impressive.

  When Yu Zhengtao began to study, Lei Mingchao and Huang Youjun also looked at them curiously.

  "This brocade cloth should be from the Qing Dynasty, but the level of this painting is average. A closer look does not count as grand. If it is just a gimmick, it should be sold for about 200,000 yuan. After all, it was from the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. It's cloth." Yu Zhengtao said.

  He turned his head to look at Huang Youjun and Lei Mingchao, "You can also help him to see." It's

  only worth 200,000 yuan .

  Zhao Tianyu felt a little distressed, he was scammed for 300,000 yuan.

  However, seeing Huang Jijun and Lei Mingchao also look at it seriously, he had a little expectation in his heart.

  What if Yu Zhengtao missed it.

  "Well, Lao Yu is right, this painting is worth 200,000 yuan, and those who like to collect ancient toys may buy it." Huang Youjun said after seeing it.

  "Yes, because this painting has a little collection value for this brocade cloth, but although this brocade cloth has undergone special treatment, it is estimated that it can only be preserved for ten years." Lei Mingchao also nodded.

  "Haha, thank you three professors." Zhao Tianyu was obviously a little disappointed. He had given it to others before he knew it.

  "Tianyu, since it's not worth the money, let's sell it cheaply." Li Wenguang said, it doesn't matter if it can be recovered.

  "Okay, then sell it cheaply." Zhao Tianyu said and held up the painting.

  "After three professors Yu, Lei, and Huang appraised it, this painting is only worth 200,000, 190,000 yuan. Whoever wants it can take it." Zhao Tianyu said.

  Everyone gathered around. When the painting was displayed on the high platform, the official price was 270,000 yuan, but Zhao Tianyu bought it at the price of 500,000 yuan.

  After discovering that the painting was not genuine at this time, everyone was a little gloating, but no one wanted to sell it.

  "Let me see it." Lu Chen said when no one wanted to sell it.

  "Do you understand? Or you don't believe the eyes of the three professors." Zhao Tianyu sneered.

  They were only slapped in the face by Lu Chen last night, and they are still very upset today.

  "I want to buy it for you, can't I inspect the goods first?" Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Oh, you mean you don't believe the three professors?" Zhao Tianyu was in a bad mood at first, although he knew that Lu Chen might be unusual, he didn't want to give him face at this time.

  "Yes, Lu Chen, Professor Yu, Huang, and Lei are the most famous antique masters in Yuzhou. What are you? You are even three professors. Don't put it in your eyes." Zhao Tianyu came to help him find antiques, and he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Li Wenguang was also very upset.

  Li Wenguang's words seemed to be followed by Zhao Tianyu, but in fact it was a bit vicious.

  He deliberately brought hatred for the three professors.

  Sure enough, Yu Zhengtao let out a cold snort, seeing Lu Chen's eyes a little bad.

  Professor Huang and Lei were also a little disliked about Lu Chen.

  Everyone thinks that Lu Chen is too arrogant. Isn't he lucky to find a luminous cup? He thinks he is a real antique master?

  "Lu Chen, what's so good about that? The three professors also said that this painting is worth 200,000 yuan, and I won't buy it either." Lin Dahai also persuaded.

  "Dad, just take a look, the three professors will inevitably have some missteps." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "Huh, are the young people so arrogant now?" Yu Zhengtao snorted coldly.

  "Oh Dahai, your son-in-law is a bit arrogant." Lei Mingchao also said coldly.

  Before, he had disliked Lu Chen, a conceited young man, and now he disliked it even more.

  Lin Dahai was a little embarrassed. He didn't know what to say. In fact, he also felt that Lu Chen's move was a bit wrong. He didn't believe the three professors. It's no wonder Yu, Lei, and Huang were very upset.

  The three of them were originally masters in Yuzhou's antiques world, and this time they were invited to come here for a while to appraise treasurers. Isn't this just hitting them in the face on the spot?

  "Who is this kid? Even the three professors don't pay attention to it. I'm afraid it's not a stunned boy."

  "It's not a stunned boy, but it must be a silly lack." The

  surrounding audience accused Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia couldn't hold her face anymore.

  "What's the situation?"

  At this moment , Zuo Qingcheng and Zhai Fu walked over. Professors Yu, Lei, and Huang were appraisers specially invited by them. Zuo Qingcheng must be very concerned about their movements.

  The person next to him told Zuo Qingcheng what had just happened. Zuo Qingcheng looked at Lu Chen and raised his eyebrows.

  When I was about to say something, I heard Zhai Fu say: "Brother Lu, you are a bit reckless. The three professors are the countertops of our Yuzhou antique industry. Even if you want to find a treasurer job in our company, I shouldn’t challenge the three professors blindly and arrogantly."

  "What are you talking about? He wants to find an appraiser job in our company?" Zuo Qingcheng raised his eyebrows. He remembered that Lu Chen was from Yiqi Technology. , Even if he is not the boss of Yiqi Technology, he is at least an executive.

  "Yeah, Uncle Lin just told me the genius before, to see if he can arrange a job for Brother Lu in the company. Uncle Lin said that Brother Lu is also very good at Appreciation." Zhai Fu said.

  Zuo Qingcheng opened his mouth, with a weird smile on his face.

  However, he was also a little confused at this time. What is the relationship between Lu Chen and Yiqi Technology?

  When Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu saw everyone taunting Lu Chen, they felt a sense of refreshment in their hearts.

  "Well, for the sake of classmates, let me show you, so that everyone can witness how you hit the three professors in the face." Zhao Tianyu smiled sinisterly, and then The ancient painting was handed to Lu Chen.

  Everyone laughed loudly when they heard this, waiting to see Lu Chen's joke.

  Lin Dahai sighed, regretting bringing Lu Chen with him.

  He knew that after today, the three professors would definitely not treat him as kindly as before.

  "Brother-in-law, what are you looking at? Give it back to others, you won't only lose face for a while." Lin Yijia also said uncomfortably.

  Lu Chen ignored everyone. After he took the painting, he checked it carefully.

Chapter: 73

Seeing that Lu Chen looked at the ancient painting in a manner, everyone laughed and waited for Lu Chen to make a fool of himself.

  Lu Chen looked very seriously, and his expression was very focused, his gentle touch, as if he was not painting but his lover.

  Finally, he put the ancient painting near his left ear and flicked it lightly.

  One click, two clicks...

  Everyone laughed when they saw it.

  "I went, I thought he was a master of what the original pretend to understand it is a fool."

  "Is ah, the first time I see someone painted with ears to hear, this fear is not a crazy, oh."

  In Amid the ridicule of everyone, the three masters of Yu Zhengtao all shook their heads, with a look of contempt in their eyes.

  Lin Dahai sighed, his face was full of embarrassment.

  This is a shame today.

  "Brother-in-law, don't pretend to understand, you are not afraid of being ashamed, and you have to take into account the face of me and dad." Lin Yijia said very unhappy.

  "Yi Jia, don't worry, maybe Lu Ge has a unique way of appraising treasures." Zhai Fu said without discomfort.

  Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu sneered. The deeper Lu Chen's pretence was, the cooler he would be when he was beaten.

  Only Zuo Qingcheng looked at Lu Chen thoughtfully.

  He knew that Lu Chen must be an executive of Yiqi Technology, and even had a relationship with the boss of Yiqi Technology.

  He believed that a person like Lu Chen would not be shy and beat people.

  he did this, there must be his reasons.

  Could it be...

  there is really something else in this painting?

  "It seems that it is really just a defective piece." Lu Chen reopened the ancient painting, and said with some regret.


  Everyone laughed as soon as Lu Chen spoke.

  "It's up to you? The three masters have identified it a long time ago. This is a defective product. It's just that the brocade cloth has a collection value."

  "I thought you were able to see what new tricks are coming. It turned out to be just self-deception. "The

  three professors Yu Zhengtao shook their heads again. Seeing that everyone was laughing at Lu Chen, their moods improved a lot.

  "This painting has no significance for collection, but if you sell it for 150,000, I can buy it for you. It is almost the same for 150,000 to collect it for ten years." Lu Chen ignored everyone and handed the painting to Zhao Tianyu.

  "One hundred and fifty thousand? The beauty you think is worth 200 thousand." Zhao Tianyu snorted and took the painting.

  "Ask them, who wants to spend 200,000 yuan on a piece of brocade cloth from the Qing Dynasty? I was only willing to pay 150,000 yuan for the sake of one of my old classmates. If it was someone else’s painting, I would pay up to 100,000 yuan. "Lu Chen raised his eyebrows. www.

  Zhao Tianyu Lengheng soon no longer ignores land dust, turned to look at others, "180,000 people want, then I sold."

  Before nobody cares about one hundred and ninety thousand, he had to go further ten thousand a .

  Everyone was just watching the show, and no one agreed to buy a piece of brocade cloth that could only be collected for ten years for more than 100,000 yuan.

  "Tianyu, sell it to him." Seeing that no one wanted to buy, Li Wenguang had to sell it to Lu Chen.

  One hundred and fifty thousand is one hundred fifty thousand, a little bit is a little bit, or it is a direct loss of 500,000 yuan.

  Zhao Tianyu was a little unwilling, but after hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth and threw the painting to Lu Chen, "Pay the money."

  "Dad, transfer the money." Lu Chen took the painting and said to Lin Dahai.

  Lin Dahai's heart jumped, is this son-in-law here specifically to pit his father-in-law today? I wouldn't bring you kid if I knew it.

  "Brother-in-law, are you crazy? Buy a piece of cloth for 150,000 yuan. You are afraid that my dad will not be able to scold me if you want my dad to go back." Lin Yijia said angrily.

  "Dad, it's worth collecting for ten years. It's only 150,000." Lu Chen said with a smile.


  Lin Dahai vomits blood, this kid is only a mere 150,000? You take it out and buy it yourself!

  "Come with me." Lin Dahai pulled Lu Chen to the side with a very ugly expression. The crowd didn't stop him, just watched jokingly.

  "Lu Chen, did you deliberately cheat Dad?" Lin Dahai said with a ugly expression.

  "Dad, what's the matter? I feel that there is something mysterious in this painting. It would be a pity if I missed it." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  Lin Dahai was startled, "Is there really another mystery?"

  "It's just a feeling. If I could be 100% sure, I would have spent money to buy it myself." Lu Chen still laughed.

  Lin Dahai pondered, and asked, "How did you feel when you saw the luminous cup?"

  "Well, it's almost half of the feeling." Lu Chen smiled and nodded.

  Lin Dahai hesitated for half a minute before gritting his teeth and said: "Okay, Dad will believe you once. Don't feel wrong. That's 150,000 yuan."

  "Let's go and pay." Lu Chen just laughed.

  "What is your card number?" Lin Dahai asked Zhao Tianyu when he came back.

  When Lin Dahai really wanted to buy it, everyone was startled.

  "Lao Lin, are you crazy? Buying a piece of cloth for 150,000 yuan, how do you explain to your wife."

  "Ocean, what do you think, don't you usually dislike collecting famous paintings? Be calm."

  "It must be. I was confused by his son-in-law's demon, otherwise he couldn't buy a piece of cloth for 150,000."

  "This is a cheating son-in-law, if I have such a son-in-law, it would be strange if I don't have a few sticks to kill him."

  Everyone persuaded him. Lin Dahai wanted to calm down, his gaze at Lu Chen became more and more contemptuous.

  "Poor, I thought you could sell it on your own. It turned out that the old man must pay for it." Zhao Tianyu gave Lin Dahai the card number and looked back at Lu Chen contemptuously.

  Li Wenguang was also joking. He could see that Lu Chen was not a big man at all. The reason why this kid can drive Audi and know the left game is entirely due to his old husband.

  Thinking of this, Li Wenguang felt a pain in his heart again.

  Back then, Lin Yijun chose Lu Chen as a dick, and she slapped his face fiercely.

  If Lin Yijun had chosen him back then, he relied on Lin Dahai's relationship, and now he is probably not just the section chief.

  "King Lao Zhangren? This kid is a bit interesting." Zuo Qingcheng's mouth showed a smile. At this moment, he suddenly felt that Lu Chen had a taste for him.

  Because he has cheated his old husband many times.

  After Lin Dahai paid the money, he looked at Lu Chen eagerly, betting on his trust in Lu Chen one hundred and fifty thousand, he was waiting for Lu Chen to break the mystery.

  When the crowd was about to disperse, Lu Chen looked at the ancient painting and suddenly said, "Dad, since you don't like this piece of cloth, then I will tear it off."


  Is this kid really crazy?

  Everyone couldn't help being surprised, it was over, it was over, this guy was really crazy.

  Everyone looked at Lin Dahai with some sympathy, and the three masters directly shook their heads and sighed.

  "Hey, hey, you, what are you doing..." Lin Dahai was anxious and immediately stopped.

  That's 150,000 yuan!

  And who said I don’t like it anymore? I want to tear it, too!

  You cheating bastard!

  "Brother-in-law, you..." Lin Yijia also stopped.

  But they were still a step late.

  Lu Chen just tapped on the scroll and ripped the ancient painting apart.

  It's just that

  when the ancient painting was torn apart, everyone was dumbfounded.

Chapter: 74

Damn it!

  There is a mezzanine!

  When Lu Chen tore the ancient painting apart, everyone saw that there was an interlayer inside. The interlayer was well protected. As soon as the ancient painting appeared, it gave people a kind of freely shocked.

  Especially the three masters, Yu Zhengtao, Lei Mingchao and Huang Jujun, were attracted by the attention immediately. They watched intently and moved over without knowing their steps.

  "Xiao Lu, Xiao Lu, take it to the old man quickly." Huang Youjun subconsciously reached out to grab the painting in Lu Chenli.

  "Professor Huang, please." Lu Chen respectfully delivered the painting to Huang Youjun.

  Huang Youjun took it like a treasure, staring intently, and there was an intoxicated look on his face.

  Yu Zhengtao and Lei Mingchao also watched in intoxication.

  When other people saw the expressions of the three masters, they immediately knew that it was a genuine piece.

  Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu had a bad premonition in their hearts. If this was a genuine product, they would vomit blood out of anger.

  "Yu, Yu, Master Yu, what kind of painting is this?" Zhao Tianyu asked cautiously.

  Everyone also stared at Yu Zhengtao curiously.

  Yu Zhengtao did not speak, as if he was still immersed in a certain mood.

  After more than half a minute, Huang Gujun finally brightened his eyes and looked back at Yu Zhengtao and Lei Mingchao.

  "This should be Tang Bohu's "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu", right?" Huang Jujun looked at the two and said.

  Tang Bohu's authentic product?

  Everyone was startled, and all opened their mouths.

  If it was really "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu", then Lin Dahai would have made a profit.

  Everyone in the industry knows that this picture was once estimated at nearly 40 million yuan, and there is nowhere to buy it.

  Lin Dahai's spirit came in an instant, and he stepped forward to observe. Although his appreciative ability is not too strong, but at this moment, he is also fascinated by it.

  "I'll take a look again." Yu Zhengtao took the ancient picture from Huang Youjun and began to appreciate it again.

  After dozens of seconds, Yu Zhengtao's face was shocked.

  Everyone trembled in their hearts, asking whether it was really "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu"?

  "Yes, it is Tang Bohu's authentic "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu", which will be auctioned at the auction, and at least more than 40 million will be sold." Yu Zhengtao turned to Lei Mingchao.

  Lei Mingchao also nodded, and said with a shocked look: "Well, and now there are fewer and fewer authentic Tang Bohu products, maybe 50 million people will buy them."

  "Dahai, congratulations, 150,000 buys. It’s a genuine piece of Tang Bohu, your son-in-law’s vision is so unique, the old man is fine if he refuses to accept it." Huang Youjun smiled, not embarrassing at all.

  On the contrary, there was some appreciation for Lu Chen in his eyes.

  And Lei Mingchao and Yu Zhengtao simply congratulated Lin Dahai, and they didn't look directly at Lu Chen.

  Obviously they felt that Lu Chen had robbed them of the limelight, and even slapped them in the face with their eye-catching paintings.

  "Three professors, is this really Tang Bohu's "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu"?" Lin Dahai's hand holding Tu with excitement trembled.

  This is one hundred fifty thousand for tens of millions!

  Can he not get excited?

  Huang Youjun smiled and said: "Although the three of us are not among the best appraisers in China, we still have the ability to distinguish between true and false."

  Everyone thinks about it, and they didn't look away just now.

  The picture on the outer layer is indeed out of standard, and they read it right.

  It's just...

  who the hell knows there is a mezzanine in this picture.

  This is exactly the luck of Lu Chen stepping on the shit.

  Without any doubt, Lin Dahai patted Lu Chen on the shoulder heavily, "Lu Chen, you are not only your good son-in-law, but also the lucky star of Lin Dahai!"

  "It's not just a good son-in-law, I'm afraid this is better than your own son." Huang Youjun teased.

  Lin Dahai's smile was inexplicably excited.

  "Brother-in-law, you are too good, and you will help me shop for a baby in a while." Lin Yijia subconsciously grabbed Lu Chen's arm and said coquettishly.

  Zhai Fu, who was next to him, felt a needle pricked in his heart, and it was sour and unpleasant.

  Looking at Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu, his face had already turned into pig liver color, especially Zhao Tianyu, staring at Lu Chen's eyes flashed with a strong hatred.

  Seeing him clenched his fists tightly, he had the urge to violently beat Lu Chen at any time.

  If you take advantage, can't you show off after going back?

  Are you deliberately mad at me, right?

  "It's a silly person who has a silly blessing. Oh, this luck is no one."

  "Yes, I knew I bought it directly for 190,000 yuan. I regret it."

  "What are you, look at that guy, Regretful eyes are glowing green."

  Everyone sighed and looked at Zhao Tianyu.

  "Lu Chen, you fucking cheat me!" Zhao Tianyu finally couldn't help but erupt.

  Lin Dahai was shocked and hurriedly collected the ancient paintings, for fear that Zhao Tianyu would violently snatch it from him. www.

  "Why did I cheat you?" Lu Chen spread his hands innocently.

  "You knew that there was a mezzanine in this painting, right? You know that there is a mezzanine, and you deliberately said that the painting is rubbish, and you only want to give it one hundred and fifty thousand. Didn't you fucking cheat me on purpose?" Zhao Tianyu was angry The muscles on his face are a little deformed.

  More than 40 million authentic products!

  "Lu Chen, you are too unkind. We are still four-year college classmates. You are so shameless to cheat your old classmates!" Li Wenguang also lost his sense of measure angrily.

  "Well, since you have to say that I'm cheating you, what can I say? I just don't want to make you lose half a million in vain because no one buys you. Two old classmates, my heart aches!" Lu Chen spread his hands, looking distressed.

  Others can't stand it anymore.

  This is your typical jealousy.

  People bought real money from you, and you also received the money. To blame, you can only blame you for not having that blessing, and you can only blame you for not being able to see the interlayer inside.

  "Well, don't make any noise, you can only blame your bad luck for this." Zuo Qingcheng, who had not spoken, stepped forward and looked at Lin Dahai.

  When he spoke, Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu both closed their mouths obediently.

  In front of Zuo Qingcheng, none of them fart.

  "Mr. Lin, do you sell this painting? How about I bought it for you for 35 million?" Zuo Qingcheng smiled slightly.

  This is the real work of Tang Bohu. It will be auctioned in a while, and it will definitely be more than 40 million.

  After all, there are fewer and fewer authentic works of Tang Bohu, and today there are countless bigwigs who will surely be able to sell for a good price.

  Lin Dahai hesitated, he felt that 35 million was a bit less.

  "One price, 40 million yuan." Lin Dahai thought for a while and said.

  "Okay, deal." Zuo Qingcheng smiled slightly, beckoned all the way to the back, and a beauty in professional attire walked over.

  The beauty directly asked for Lin Dahai's account and applied for the transfer on the spot. Of course, such a large sum of money would definitely take time.

  "Good son-in-law, the money is half for both of us. I will transfer 20 million to you as soon as the money arrives." Lin Dahai patted Lu Chen on the shoulder and smiled very happily.

  Today is really making a lot of money.

Chapter: 75

"I don't need money now, I will ask you for it when I want to use it." Lu Chen declined.

  He originally made some money for the old man, and he didn't lack these tens of millions.

  "Well, well, just talk as much as you want, don't ask your mother, just ask me." Lin Dahai smiled cheerfully, and he liked Lu Chen more and more in his heart.

  The Zhai Fu beside him was envious, and he wanted to speed up the pace to take Lin Yijia down.

  Lin Dahai had no sons, only two daughters. Lu Chen didn't want these forty million. He was envious.

  When Zuo Qingcheng came forward, Zhao Tianyu and Li Wenguang felt a little dissatisfied, but they didn't say anything.

  Zuo Jia is not something they can provoke.

  And this is a grand event hosted by Zuo's family.

  "Brother Lu, I have good eyesight. You have discovered this mezzanine. The stone gambling conference will look forward to your performance." Zuo Qingcheng got the "Jiang Ting Talking Ancient Paintings" as he wished, and he was somewhat admiring Lu Chen feel.

  Of course, what he most hopes is that Lin Dahai will spend the 40 million on gambling for a while.

  Then this painting is equivalent to he got it for free.

  Lu Chen smiled and said nothing. After Zuo Qingcheng took the people away, everyone returned to their seats to eat and drink as they watched the exhibition on the high platform. Will someone sell it.

  Those who are close to Yu Zhengtao come to make friendships from time to time, hoping to find one or two treasures through them.

  "Brother-in-law, for a stone gambling conference, you must help me pick up a piece of jade, I borrowed a million from my dad." Lin Yijia looked expectantly at Lu Chen, if it weren't for Lin Dahai's presence. She couldn't wait to stick to Lu Chen.

  This brother-in-law is too good at making money, so I have to treat him well.

  "I was just lucky." Lu Chen smiled.

  "Anyway, I don't care. You helped Dad earn so much. You must help me earn a little today. Otherwise, I won't help you bring Kiki in the future." Lin Yijia grabbed Lu Chen's hand and shook like a baby again. stand up.

  "Well, if you look miserable in a while, don't blame me." Lu Chen took Lin Yijia's hand away a little speechlessly. The old man is still next to him, and this is also a bit unreasonable.

  "I believe you, I won't make mistakes." Seeing Lu Chen's promise, Lin Yijia said excitedly.

  She now admires Lu Chen from the bottom of her heart.

  One hundred and fifty thousand helped her dad earn back nearly 40 million, which is completely a cash cow.

  "Your name is Lu Chen, right?"

  At this moment , a young man came over and beside him was a young woman dressed up in a coquettish manner.

  A few people at the table looked at Brother Gongzi, who had an arrogant aura on his face, which made people uncomfortable.

  "I'm Lu Chen, what's wrong with you?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows to look at the son.

  "I'll give you ten million, and a stone gambling conference will help me identify the rough stone." The son said proudly.

  Ten million appraisal fee?

  Everyone took a breath. This young man is too big, right? If the identification is a fake, then it must be miserable.

  "Not interested." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Twenty million." Brother Gongzi said without blinking, which meant that it was the same to everyone, Lao Tzu is not short of money.

  20 million?

  Now even the three of Yu Zhengtao were a little moved.

  This time the Zuo family invited the three of them to be appraisers, and only gave them 5 million appearance fees. This young man gave him 20 million in order to get Lu Chen to appraise the rough stone. This is too...

  "Two I'm not interested in billions." Lu Chen looked at the young man jokingly. He wouldn't do anything he didn't want for two billions. www.

  "Boy, you have a kind, you don't even give me Wang Xing's face, let's wait and see." The young man sneered, gave Lu Chen a playful look, and left with the coquettish woman.

  "Wang Xing? Wouldn't it be the dude of the Wang family, if it were him, young man, you might have to be careful." Someone was surprised at hearing this.

  "It must be. The second generation ancestor of Yuzhou surnamed Wang has no one else except the two

  dudes of the Wang family." Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia were startled, and suddenly felt a little worried.

  "Lu Chen, how about you go and apologize to Wang Xing now, and promise him to help him identify the rough stone." Lin Dahai said worriedly.

  "Yes, brother-in-law, the Wang family is close to the big family of the four major families, and this Wang Xing is even more cruel and cruel. He has offended him, so I can't taste it." Lin Yijia also persuaded worriedly.

  "So, it's a good thing to be a low-key person, but it's easy to break, and it's not a good thing to be sharp." Lei Ming said lightly.

  "Dahai, offended the royal family, but there is no good fruit. You should persuade your son-in-law." Huang Youjun persuaded.

  When the audience said so, Lin Dahai was even more worried.

  "Lu Chen, before Wang Xing is far away, go and apologize to him." Lin Dahai persuaded again.

  "Dad, it's okay, he dare not do anything to me." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  "Oh, why are you so stubborn, listen to your dad, hurry up." Lin Dahai pushed Lu Chen down and offended the Wang family, not just for fun, maybe it would be fatal.

  "Brother-in-law, if you don't listen to advice, I will call my sister." Lin Yijia threatened.

  Lu Chen was a little speechless. The Wang Family might be like a giant in the eyes of everyone, but in his eyes, it was like that. Didn't he move when he wanted to.

  "Okay, then I'll go talk to Wang Xing." Lu Chen shrugged silently, ready to get up and go to Wang Xing.

  Of course, he didn't go to Wang Xing to apologize, he was going to teach Wang Xing a lesson.

  His good brother Wu Lei was killed by Wang Xing.

  If this bad brother failed to repay it, he repayed it for the good brother.

  "You want to ask someone to apologize, I am afraid it is too late." Yu Zhengtao sneered.

  At this moment, everyone saw two big men in black walking towards this table.

  Needless to say, Wang Xing must have called it.

  Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia's expressions changed drastically, their hearts sank to the bottom as they watched the two big men approaching.

  "You, come with us." The two black-clothed men looked indifferent, which invisibly brought huge pressure to everyone.

  "Okay." Lu Chen stood up calmly, preparing to leave here with them.

  "Brother-in-law, don't go with them, you will die miserably!" Lin Yijia pulled Lu Chen and said.

  "What are you looking for my son-in-law for?" Lin Dahai asked knowingly.

  "Old stuff, don't ask if you shouldn't ask." A big man looked at Lin Dahai indifferently, and Lin Dahai didn't dare to show his fright.

  "Stop talking nonsense and lead the way." Lu Chen said indifferently.

  "Boy, count you as acquainted." A big man snorted and led Lu Chen to the outside of the hall.

  "Three professors, what should we do? Should we call the police?" Lin Dahai asked the three of Yu Zhengtao for help.

  "The Wang family is very powerful. It is useless to report to the police, and it will also involve you. If you don't report to the police, they may just beat your son-in-law and give him a lesson. Just send him to the hospital in time. The problem shouldn't be too big. "Huang Youjun said.

  "Hey, committing evil, how could you get into the evil star of the Wang family?" Lin Dahai said in distress.

  Everyone looked at Lin Dahai with sympathy.

Chapter: 76

"Dad, what should I do? Will my brother-in-law be disabled by them?" Lin Yijia said worriedly, and she still wanted to rely on Lu Chen to help her buy a jadeite.

  Lin Dahai had a bitter face, anxiously like an ant on a hot pot, at this time, what could he do.

  "That kid deserves it too, who told him to be so arrogant." Seeing Lu Chen being taken away by Wang Xing's people, Zhao Tianyu said gleefully.

  "The key is that he is still very wicked, even his old classmates have to cheat. He deserves to have this affliction, so that he has a long memory, next time he must understand and be a low-key talent." Li Wenguang also sneered.

  "Oh, the sea, it's not that I said you, your son-in-law is really a little too shameless, this time is a lesson." Yu Zhengtao shook his head, and there was some gloating in his eyes.

  He had been upset with Lu Chen for a long time, and seeing Lu Chen suffering, he was in his arms.

  "Professor Yu, don't talk about it. What I am worried about now is whether he will be beaten and disabled. If he is beaten and disabled, what will my daughter do? There is also a granddaughter who is more than three years old." Lin Dahai was anxious. I was about to cry. I knew I had sold the painting at that time, so I left immediately.

  If you leave at that time, there will be no other things.

  Seeing that Lin Dahai was crying anxiously, everyone felt soft and shook their heads, and stopped talking to irritate Lin Dahai.

  "Dad, let's go and see." Lin Yijia was still very worried, she was very afraid that Lu Chen would really be beaten and disabled, so her sister's life would be difficult in the future.

  "What's the use for you to go now? Don't say you may not be able to find which room they are in. Even if you find it, you see him being beaten up with your own eyes. Let the hotel staff see where they are, and then take him to the hospital in time." Lei Mingchao said.


  Lin Dahai thought about it, and sighed deeply, thinking that Lei Mingchao was right.

  "Wait first, even if we find it, we won't be able to help him." Lin Dahai shook his head and said.

  Lin Yijia nodded, feeling anxious, but didn't dare to call her sister and her mother, panicking while waiting.

  Five minutes later, when Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia were about to find the hotel staff, they saw Lu Chen swaggering in from outside.

  "Sister, brother-in-law, are you okay?" Lin Yijia hurriedly got up to meet her.

  "What can I do?" Lu Chen shrugged and smiled.

  "He, didn't they beat you?" Lin Yijia couldn't believe it. Wang Xing asked someone to take Lu Chen away and let him come back safely. This is unbelievable, unbelievable.

  You must know that Wang Xing is a famous scum of Yuzhou, the second generation ancestor. If anyone provokes him, he will be blessed by the Bodhisattva if he is not beaten or disabled.

  But Lu Chen came back unharmed, how could this not surprise her.

  Not only was she surprised, but everyone else's eyes widened, as if they were mistaken.

  "He, they really didn't move you?" Lin Dahai's eyes widened, and he couldn't believe it.

  Especially when the audience just talked about the horror of Wang Xing, he even asked him not to report it to the police. This shows how overbearing Wang Xing is, but his son-in-law returned safely.

  Is Wang Xing modified?

  "Why did Wang Xing let you come back safely?" Zhao Tianyu asked unwillingly.

  "I don't know either. Even after telling him the truth, maybe he thinks what I said makes sense, so let me come back." Lu Chen laughed playfully.

  "Impossible, how is it possible? I know who Wang Xing is better than you. How can he reason with you? It must be because you bowed your head to admit your mistakes, and your attitude is sincere, so he let you go. "Zhao Tianyu said in disbelief.

  Everyone also feels reasonable after hearing this, it must be so.

  How could a second generation ancestor like Wang Xing be reasonable with others?

  The hardness of the fist is about the same.

  "It's all right, it's all right." Lin Dahai breathed a sigh of relief. Although he agreed with Zhao Tianyu's words in his heart, he couldn't save his son-in-law's face at this time.

  This son-in-law is his good son-in-law, who helped him earn nearly 40 million.

  This is still the super lucky star of Lin Dahai.

  "Let's go back. You don't need to participate in the next activities today." Lin Dahai took Lu Chen's hand and prepared to leave.

  Although Lu Chen apologized to Wang Xing and obtained Wang Xing's forgiveness, who knows if Wang Xing will regret it for a while.

  "Dad, since my brother-in-law has obtained Wang Xing's forgiveness, it should be fine." Lin Yijia still wants Lu Chen to make some money for her. How unwilling to leave now, this opportunity can only be met in a few years. To once.

  Lu Chen is quite speechless, does he need to apologize to Wang Xing?

  Fortunately, Wang Xing was not there just now. He just moved his muscles and bones to take away Wang Xing's trash bodyguards.

  If Wang Xing was there, he was sure that Wang Xing would have to go to the hospital tonight like his elder brother Wang Wenxue.

  "Don't be fooling around, you spent that one million for you, you don't have to pay me back." Lin Dahai didn't know what his daughter meant. He now has money, even if he gives his daughter another million without blinking.

  Seeing her father getting a little angry, Lin Yijia curled her lips, a little reluctant.

  "Dad, it's okay, trust me, Wang Xing doesn't dare to trouble anymore." Lu Chen said confidently.

  The others laughed and said nothing, although they felt that Lu Chen swollen face to fill the fat man, but they did not break.

  The three antique masters all shook their heads.

  Even Huang Youjun, who had some appreciation for Lu Chen, felt that Lu Chen was too hypocritical at the moment, and his perception of Lu Chen dropped a lot.

  "Everyone, the stone gambling conference will begin soon. If there are friends who like to play stone gambling, please move to the side hall."

  At this moment , the host shouted with the microphone.

  As soon as he finished speaking, many people who like gambling on rocks got up and walked to the side hall.

  Even if you don't like gambling on rocks, they follow the past to see the excitement.

  "Dad, let's go, let's take a look too." Lu Chen smiled.

  "Dad, go, go, go, go and see." Lin Yijia took Lin Dahai's arm and pulled him to the side hall.

  "Oh." Lin Dahai shook his head, and his thoughts about leaving were also shaken.

  "Let's go to the sea, I have also studied the rough stone, and I will see if I can find a piece of jade." Huang Youjun also got up and said.

  "Okay, let's take a look." Lin Dahai gave a wry smile, and had to bite the bullet and follow everyone to the side hall.

  As he walked, he kept praying in his heart not to meet Wang Xing's evil star again.

  But as soon as I walked into the side hall, I saw Wang Xing had been waiting there with his girlfriend.

  Especially seeing Wang Xing's sharp eyes flashing when he looked at them, Lin Dahai's legs were soft, and he was somewhat afraid to enter.

Chapter: 77

Seeing Lao Zhangren's legs were a little soft, Lu Chen gave a wry smile, and had to take the initiative to walk towards Wang Xing.

  He knew that if he wanted Lao Zhangren to relax, he had to let him see that Lu Chen was not afraid of Wang Xing.

  Everyone was dumbfounded when Lu Chen took the initiative to find Wang Xing.

  I'm afraid this kid didn't take the wrong medicine. Wang Xing had already let him go. He even dared to provoke Wang Xing.

  "I bet this kid must apologize to Wang Xing and beg for mercy." Zhao Tianyu said with a cold snort when everyone was surprised.

  "Yes, yes, I must beg for mercy." Someone immediately agreed.

  Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia also felt that Lu Chen should ask Wang Xing to apologize again, or he could not dare to provoke Wang Xing.

  With everyone's shocked and puzzled eyes, Lu Chen came to Wang Xing.

  Wang Xing stared at Lu Chen with a gloomy expression. He already knew that some of his bodyguards were directly interrupted by Lu Chen. Those bodyguards were all special soldiers he had specially hired for a lot of money, especially the captain. Mercenaries who have experienced bloodshed on the battlefield in the Middle East.

  Unexpectedly, the four strong people were not Lu Chen's opponent at all, making him almost vomiting blood.

  "Do you dare to come to me?" Wang Xing stared at Lu Chen murderously.

  Snapped! Snapped!

  Without saying anything, Lu Chen stepped forward with two slaps on Wang Xing's cheeks.


  Seeing this scene, the whole side hall instantly fell silent, deathly quiet.

  No one thought that Lu Chen would dare to slap Wang Xing in public.

  Everyone's eyes widened, and the atmosphere didn't dare to come out.

  Even Zuo Qingcheng, who was not far away, raised his eyebrows.

  It was the first time he saw someone dared to slap Wang Xing in public.

  Although he dared to slap Wang Xing in the face, he had to consider the consequences in public.

  This is not only the shame of Wang Xing, it is the face of Wang Xing's entire family in public.

  Although the Zuo family did not fear the Wang family, they were unwilling to completely offend the Wang family.

  This kid has a bit of personality.

  However, even with the support of Yiqi Technology, your Yiqi Technology has not gained a firm foothold, and I am afraid that you will not be able to fight with the Wang family.

  "Young Master Zuo, this kid Lu Chen is probably dead now." Zhai Fu whispered.

  "If necessary, you can help Lu Chen in secret." A meaningful smile appeared at the corner of Zuo Qingcheng's mouth.

  Yiqi Technology fought hard against the Wang family, which is exactly what he wanted to see.

  So he was going to put more fire, to make the conflict between Lu Chen and Wang Xing more intense.

  But Lin Dahai's feet softened and he sat directly on the floor.

  This is over!

  It's really over!

  That was the second generation ancestor of the Wang family, Lu Chen actually slapped him twice in public.

  Isn't this looking for death?

  "Dad, what should we do now? Brother-in-law's death might hurt us." Lin Yijia raised Lin Dahai, feeling panicked.

  "Dahai, I advise you to leave with your daughter as soon as possible, or it will really hurt you soon." Huang Youjun said solemnly.

  Lu Chen wanted to die, he wouldn't care, but he had been in friendship with Lin Dahai for many years, and still didn't want them to be implicated.

  Lin Dahai was very entangled in his heart. He didn't want to go alone, but thinking of the horror of the Wang family, he had to go.

  But it's not a big deal to leave like this.

  Lu Chen is his son-in-law.

  And just made 40 million for him.

  "Dad, what are you still hesitating about? Brother-in-law wants to die, leave him alone." Lin Yijia directly took Lin Dahai and walked outside.

  In this way, Lin Dahai was dragged out by Lin Yijia amidst incomparable entanglement.

  "You, do you fucking dare to hit me?" Wang Xing recovered, staring at Lu Chen firmly.

  If the look in his eyes could kill, Lu Chen didn't know how many times he had died at this time.

  "These two slaps are just to get some interest back for my brother. Next time, it will be the time to take back the principal and interest from your Wang family." Lu Chen said coldly.

  "Are you fucking crazy, how do I know who your brother is?" Wang Xing felt aggrieved to the extreme.

  But he was just a rookie in a fight. Without a bodyguard around him, he didn't dare to do anything.

  "You will know, and don't provoke me again today, otherwise Wang Wenxue will be your role model." Lu Chen snorted coldly, and stopped talking to Wang Xing.

  Wang Xing trembled, his eldest brother Wang Wenxue was kicked and exploded in the afternoon. He just learned that this kid did it.

  Thinking of the tragic situation of his eldest brother, Wang Xing felt aggrieved, but he still dared to provoke Lu Chen.

  He still understands the truth that a hero doesn't suffer from his immediate loss.

  Even seeing Lu Chen swaggering away, he did not dare to say a word.

  If this kid goes crazy and kicks his eggs, it's not worth it.

  But this thing will definitely not end like this.

  "Boy, I won't let you live as good as you die, so my damn name won't be Wang!" Wang Xing said fiercely in his heart.

  Seeing that Wang Xing was threatened by Lu Chen, everyone once again refreshed their knowledge of Wang Xing.

  This is too shrugging, right?

  Are you still the second generation ancestor of the Wang family?

  Especially Zhao Tianyu and Li Wenguang both severely despised Wang Xing countless times in their hearts.

  They also wanted Wang Xing to humiliate Lu Chen severely.

  Unexpectedly, as soon as Lu Chen took action, Wang Xing would directly wither.

  "Damn, it turns out that this guy is also a bully and fearful of hardship."

  "Yeah, once you meet someone more cruel than him, you don't know what your last name is."

  Zuo Qingcheng next to him also shook his head in disappointment, and at the same time despised Wang Xing.

  He also wanted to let the two fight you to death, and even wanted to help Lu Chen secretly when it was not working.

  Who knew that Wang Xing was so insignificant.

  When Lu Chen came back to see Lin Dahai and Lin Yijun had left, he couldn't help shaking his head and smiling.

  He intended to teach Wang Xing a lesson so that they would no longer be afraid of Wang Xing.

  Unexpectedly, he shot too hard and scared both Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia.

  "Okay, okay, the original stone has moved here, everyone who is interested, come and have fun." Zuo Qingcheng saw that everyone was still in shock, and said loudly after receiving the host's microphone.

  Everyone came back to their senses, and no longer cared about Wang Xing and Lu Chen's grudge, they all looked at the rough stone on the high platform.

  At this time, the staff were carrying boxes of rough stones, large and small, and everyone walked up.

  A huge rough stone was crowded in front of people, and some jewelers and stone gamblers immediately pointed and pointed.

  "Everyone, how about let's play a more exciting game?"

  At this moment , Zuo Qingcheng spoke again.

  Everyone looked at Zuo Qingcheng.

  Zuo Qingcheng smiled and said: "Everyone guesses that the rough stone is not too interesting. This game is, you bet against each other, I can provide you with the rough stone master, how about every round we draw 20% of the gold from the winner? How?"

  "Okay, it's so exciting, but Zuo Shao, what are the rules?" Someone immediately asked excitedly.

Chapter: 78

Zuo Qingcheng turned around and pointed to the box of rough stones behind him, and said, “You’re welcome, these rough stones have already been confirmed to contain jade, but the quality of the jade is unknown. The rule of our game is just that. , The two gamblers choose a rough stone separately to see who has the highest quality jade, who guessed the real quality recently, and guessed the type of jade, even if the one wins, both jade will go to the winning side. www.

  Of course, the chips must not be less than one million each time.”

  This game is very exciting, it is completely a gambling game. It can be seen that there should be no top jade in these rough stones.

  In the same way, even if only one million bet per game, Zuo Qingcheng can still draw two hundred thousand, earning a steady profit without losing it. If anyone is lucky enough to drive to the best jade, then he is blessed.

  Moreover, how can these wealthy gambling stone merchants and jewelers only bet one million each time they bet?

  "Well, just play like this. I'll come first, ten million times. Who wants to gamble with me?" A bald head said and looked at the crowd, and he could see that this guy is a person who likes to gamble.

  "Okay, I'll play with you." Seeing that no one was answering, a jeweler took the initiative to stand up.

  Everyone was curious, especially those who were on the sidelines, wanting to see what good jade could be drawn in the first game.

  Under Zuo Qingcheng's arrangement, a staff member immediately set up two tables and some treasure tools.

  "Do the two need to find a rough master? One round of 100,000 appearance fee, regardless of whether you win or lose." Zuo Qingcheng promoted the rough master he invited.

  Although he had already paid the appearance fee, he was also willing to help these rough masters earn some extra money.

  "Come on," the jeweler said after thinking about it.

  "Well, these four masters are all rough masters hired by our Yunfei Jewelry Group at a high price. Of course, gambling on stones is inherently lucky. No matter how clever master gambling on stones, it is impossible to guess accurately. The composition of the jade in the original stone can only be guessed, so even if one party loses, you can’t blame the original stone master, and you are willing to bet. If the two are determined, the four masters can choose whatever you want." Zuo Qing City reminded.

  Everyone nodded. This is the reason for betting on rocks, and there is nothing to say if you lose.

  "Okay, the master, please help me to check, if I win, I will give you another 200,000 commission." The jeweler nodded and went directly to the master on the far left.

  see the jeweler invited the master, and the bald head is not lagging behind, but also casually invited a master.

  "Master, if you win, I will give you half a million commissions." The bald head said proudly.

  The jeweler frowned, so that the two rough masters would have the partner with the less commission.

  Zuo Qingcheng felt reasonable, so he stipulated: "The maximum commission for Master Yuanshi shall not exceed 500,000, and the maximum commission for gambling less than 10 million shall not exceed 200,000."

  Such a regulation avoids mutual exchange between masters of Yuanshi. It's possible to cheat.

  The jeweler nodded, and also increased the winning commission to 500,000. If he lost, it would only be 100,000.

  The two bought 10 million chips from the staff of Yunfei Jewelry and handed them to another staff.

  Then the two masters each selected a piece of rough stone, first squeezed it in their hands, then bent their index finger to tap, and then touched the surface of the rough stone to realize it.

  About two minutes later, he took out the magnifying glass and observed it carefully.

  After observing for a full two minutes, the rough master of the jeweler said with a certain face: "There is a diamond in it, and the weight is about 500 grams."

  Diamonds are not valuable, but this bet is about the accuracy of guessing the quality. And category, so it’s hard to say win or lose.

  After the master of the original stone was finished, the staff took the rough stone in his hand and cut it on the spot.

  Everyone at the scene stared at the cutting curiously, and soon saw a crystal clear jade cut out.

  It is difficult for everyone to judge whether it is a diamond or not, but the staff put it on the tray and weighed 450 grams, which is indeed close to 500 grams.

  The jeweler was immediately relieved, the difference was only 50 grams, which was quite accurate. Now it is almost time to identify whether jade is diamond or not.

  After being appraised by a professional appraiser, it was not a diamond but a crystal, but the hardness of the crystal was similar to that of diamond. This judgment was already very accurate. Not surprisingly, the jeweler won.

  Everyone was full of admiration for the rough master chosen by the jeweler.

  This is a real master, and when he is on the court, I will choose him to help.

  "Master, it's up to you." The bald head felt a little pressure, but since the first rough master was so precise, he felt that the one he chose should not be bad.

  Soon the second rough master also made a judgment: "It's a piece of jade, the quality should be about 250 grams."

  Then the staff began to cut, and soon a piece of jade was cut out, but it was not the color of jade.

  The bald head sank to the bottom, and this breed lost a lot. If the accuracy of the quality is not as high as the previous rough master, he will lose.

  The mass is first weighed, 190 grams, with an error of 60 grams, and after identification, it is a piece of agate. The bald head directly lost 10 million.

  The jeweler seemed a little excited about winning, and then the staff exchanged 18 million chips for him.

  "Master, help me another round." The jeweler excitedly said to the rough master, and then exchanged 500,000 chips for the rough master on the spot.

  The people below are also eager to try, but they are afraid that the remaining two rough masters are not as good as the one requested by the jeweler, so they all appear hesitant.

  When Lu Chen saw that the old man had gone, he didn't want to stay anymore. Whether it was the current gambling stone or the auction later, he had no interest.

  Just when he was about to leave, only a few merchants stepped onto the high platform, and these merchants were followed by a few original ancient masters.

  "Young Master Zuo, your game is very interesting. Otherwise, how about gambling on behalf of our Zhongyuan stone industry and Yuzhou?" One of the lean but vigorous middle-aged men looked at Zuo Qingcheng. Said.

  This is a cross-regional gambling.

  Everyone looked at the businessmen curiously.

  "It's Zhou Zunfei, a jewelry tycoon in the Central Plains, a tycoon with tens of billions of assets."

  "The few people beside him I have seen in Central Plains before are all tycoons with billions of assets in the Central Plains. They want to Did Lianhe

  come to hit the place ?" Someone recognized a few businessmen and suddenly exclaimed.

  Zuo Qingcheng's eyes narrowed. Of course he knew these people, especially the influence of the Zhou family in the Central Plains, no worse than his Zuo family in Yuzhou.

  This is a bad person.

  "Why, don't you Yuzhou people dare to take the move?" Zhou Zunfei swept his eyes across the audience and said provocatively.

  Several other Central Plains businessmen also looked at everyone jokingly.

  It seems to be saying that Lao Tzu is here to smash the place, so if you have a kind, take it.

Chapter: 79

In the face of the opponent's provocation, whether it is Zuo Qingcheng or the merchants here in Yuzhou, their faces are a bit ugly.

  Only the Zuo family was able to fight the opponent, and the others were the strongest in the Wang family. None of the other three families came.

  Accept the move, the other party is clearly prepared, he must have hired the top rough master, don't accept the move, people will call the name to challenge the entire Yuzhou original stone world, then the businessmen who are sitting will definitely be ashamed.

  "Since Boss Zhou is so elegant, let's play with Boss Zhou in Yuzhou Yuanshijie." Zuo Qingcheng thought for a while and accepted the move. Not answering it is no way. It will only make tonight's event a laughing stock.

  "Left Shao is refreshing. Let’s go for two wins in three rounds , each with 500 million chips, and the one who loses in the end can only win from the rough stones in the entire region. The side of the party imported from there, will Zuo Shao dare to take the move?" Zhou Zunfei didn't ask Zuo Qingcheng whether this rule would work, but he asked if he dared to take the move, and immediately blocked Zuo Qingcheng's retreat.

  Zuo Qingcheng's expression changed, and the others were also surprised.

  If this is lost, it is not just a matter of losing 500 million or 1 billion. It is exporting the entire import channel of rough stones.

  The winning party can directly monopolize the import of rough stones in the entire region.

  Zuo Qingcheng gritted his teeth and looked at everyone: "What do you think?"

  Although the Zuo family is not the strongest family in Yuzhou, it is the leader of Yuzhou jewellers. It can be said that the entire Yuzhou rough import channel is there. He held it in his left hand.

  The other jewelers were all chasing behind their Zuo family's ass. The reason why he asked everyone was that he was prepared to let everyone take responsibility after losing.

  "Left young man, we listen to you, we all make this bargaining chip together." The bald-headed jeweler was angry when he saw the other side being aggressive.

  Damn, it's so arrogant when I came to Laozi's site, so I don't put our Yuzhou jeweler in the eyes.

  "Okay, that's it." Zuo Qingcheng nodded and looked at Zhou Zunfei.

  "Boss Zhou, let's start." Zuo Qingcheng said.

  Zhou Zunfei smiled, and then asked people to change chips.

  "Master Huang, you must be on the stage now." Zuo Qingcheng personally came to Huang Youjun's side with a solemn expression.

  Huang Youjun, Yu Zhengtao, and Lei Chaoming are all Yuzhou's top antique masters, but each has a different direction.

  It happened that Huang Youjun focused on the identification of rough stones.

  "I can't guarantee a stable victory. After all, my level is still very limited nationwide." Huang Youjun said the truth.

  "Master Huang, in Yuzhou, you have the deepest research on rough stones. If you don't play, other people will have no chance." Zuo Qingcheng said.

  Everyone asked Huang Youjun to play, but in the end Huang Youjun had to bite the bullet and play, and he was still a little confused.

  After all, the other party is here prepared, the master of the original stone is definitely not waiting.

  "This time it is related to the glory of our Yuzhou, and Master Huang must win." Bald said solemnly.

  "I try my best." Huang Youjun said.

  "Don't put pressure on Master Huang, Master Huang will do his best." Zuo Qingcheng glared at him.

  Everyone nodded in agreement. This time gambling on the stone is calling for the interests and honor of Yuzhou jewelers. Of course, they are all expecting Master Huang to win.

  "Master Zheng, it's up to you." Zhou Zunfei said to an old man in a green shirt beside him.

  "Okay, let me see if there are high-ranking people in Yuzhou's stone gambling world." said the old man in Qingshan, and looked at Huang Youjun arrogantly.

  "Hello, I'm going to Huang Youjun, I have a little research on gambling on rocks, please enlighten me." Huang Youjun stretched out his hand, ready to shake hands with the old man in Qingshan.

  The old man in the green shirt looked at Huang Youjun arrogantly, and did not mean to shake hands: "Huang Youjun? I haven't heard of it. It seems that you are really just a little researcher."

  Huang Youjun's face changed very embarrassed, and all the jewelers in Yuzhou looked at them. They were all full of anger, too arrogant, and didn't put them Yuzhou people in their eyes.

  "Okay, let's get started." Zuo Qingcheng also said uncomfortably.

  With a cold snort, Huang Youjun walked to the boxes of rough stones to select them.

  The green shirt old man joked, and waited for Huang Youjun to choose slowly.

  Regardless of the quality, he just picked up a rough stone.

  The arrogance of the old man in the green shirt made all the jewelers in Yuzhou very upset, but soon they knew why the old man in the green shirt was so arrogant.

  In the first round of comparison, both of them were right in the category, but in terms of quality accuracy, Huang Youjun's error was 30 grams, while the error of the old man in the green shirt turned out to be only 15 grams, a huge gap.

  The faces of Zuo Qingcheng and others were quite ugly, and they were even more faint in their hearts.

  Huang Youjun had a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

  At this time he also had to admit that the opponent's strength was indeed much stronger than him.

  "Remember, my name is Zheng Xihe. Do you want to continue the last round?" The old man in Qingshan laughed sarcastically.

  what? He turned out to be the third master Zheng in the national stone gambling industry!

  Everyone trembled when they heard this, no wonder Master Huang lost in the first game, and the loss was a bit miserable.

  This is not on the same level at all.

  Zuo Qingcheng was also shocked. The other party even invited Zheng Xihe, who is ranked third in the country, so they are still betting.

  "It turned out to be Master Zheng, it was rude." Huang Youjun sighed and gave Zheng Xihe a fist in a convincing manner.

  Zheng Xihe just nodded, and didn't mean to communicate more with Huang Youjun.

  Although Huang Youjun was embarrassed, he had to be convinced.

  "Zuo Shao, you better ask me to be clever, forgive the old and helpless." Huang Youjun hugged Zuo Qingcheng, turned and walked off the platform.

  "Master Huang, it's the last round..." Zuo Qingcheng also wanted Huang Youjun to bet on a round, because in addition to Huang Youjun, the other masters of the original stone were not even more effective in front of Zheng Xihe.

  Huang Youjun shook his head. If he is equal to the opponent, he still has the confidence to bet on the next round, but the opponent is among the top three in the stone gambling industry in the country, and he would be embarrassed to bet again.

  The jewelers here in Yuzhou watched Huang Youjun end in despair, and their hearts sank to the bottom.

  Five hundred million is a trivial matter. Everyone will get together and it will be over, but in the future, only the rough stone can be imported from Zhou's house.

  Also, the face is lost.

  "Left young man, is there still a need for the second round?" Zhou Zunfei smiled triumphantly. Other Zhongyuan jewelers also looked at everyone in Yuzhou jokingly.

  Zuo Qingcheng's face was very ugly, and his heart was quite angry.

  Given his position in the Zuo family, it would be no problem to lose a few hundred million.

  But losing the rough import channel will definitely be criticized by the family, and may even affect his heir's status.

  "There is no one in Yuzhou who can bet on rocks, and one hundred more rounds will lose." Zheng Xihe said proudly.

  "Yuzhou stone gambling industry is nothing but the case, holding such a big event, I thought I could meet Yuzhou experts, a little disappointed." Zhou Zunfei also laughed.

  The other Central Plains jewelers all smiled, and their eyes were full of irony.

  The jewelers here in Yuzhou were all angry, but even Master Huang was defeated, and they only suffered aggrievedly.

  "We abandoned the second game..." In the end Zuo Qingcheng gritted his teeth and was about to give up. Let others come. In addition to being ashamed, he had to lose another 500 million, so he simply gave up. www.

  "I'll bet on the second game."

  At this moment , a young man jumped onto the high platform and prevented Zuo Qingcheng from admitting defeat.

  He was Lu Chen who couldn't stand it.

Chapter: 80

When everyone saw that it was Lu Chen, they were all stunned. Although he was lucky to find a picture of "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu" with a mezzanine before, this is a rough stone, can he do it?

  Zuo Qingcheng was also startled, and he didn't expect Lu Chen to jump up.

  "This kid, opposite is Zheng Xihe, who is ranked third in the country. He even dared to go up. He really doesn't know whether he lives or die." Zhao Tianyu sneered.

  "Maybe because the shit was lucky before, he thinks he is invincible." Li Wenguang said jokingly.

  Lu Chen went to the stage to be embarrassed, it was exactly what he wanted to see.

  When Lu Chen was ashamed, he would definitely be ridiculed by everyone.

  "Xiao Lu, don't make trouble." Huang Youjun frowned. Although he doesn't like Lu Chen a little bit, but Lu Chen is Lin Dahai's son-in-law, he has a good relationship with Lin Dahai, and I don't want him to be embarrassed.

  "Master Huang, it's okay, I have a sense of measure." Lu Chen turned his head and smiled at Huang Youjun.

  The reason he wanted to come up was because Zheng Xihe, Zhou Zunfei and others were so arrogant.

  Although he is not a Yuzhou native in the full sense, his household registration has long since moved to Yuzhou, and his family is also in Yuzhou. Of course, he cannot bear Zhou Zunfei and others insulting Yuzhou natives.

  "Zuo Qingcheng, did you let a second fool come to insult Master Zheng? Aren't you afraid that your jewelry will be suppressed by the Rough Stone Association?" Zhou Zunfei looked at Zuo Qingcheng jokingly.

  Zuo Qingcheng's complexion changed greatly. The original stone world has the rules of the original stone world, and the top masters in the original stone world are even more powerful. If they dare to offend Zheng Xihe , Will definitely be suppressed by the National Rough Stone Association, even if their Zuo family is very strong, they dare not go against the Rough Stone Association.

  "Young Master Zuo, we would rather admit defeat than let this kid offend Master Zheng."

  "Yeah, what an identity is Master Zheng, he is a little-known kid, and let him go up is disrespectful to Master Zheng." Yuzhou All the jewelers were shocked when they heard Zhou Zunfei's words.

  When they lose the import channel, the Zuo family loses the most. In fact, for them, the import is the same everywhere, at most it is slightly more expensive.

  But once they were suppressed by the Rough Stone Association, they would lose a lot.

  "Boy, you don't take any photos with shit. Are you even a stunner to bet against the old man?" Zheng Xihe looked at Lu Chen contemptuously. The attitude of the Yuzhou merchants made him very enjoyable.

  "Get down, don't be embarrassed on it."

  "Yes, what are you, you dare to provoke Master Zheng?"

  "What a lifeless thing, do you think you will be invincible after stepping on shit and walking once? "

  Get off, get off, don't lose the face of us Yuzhou people." When

  everyone saw Lu Chen standing still, they all yelled, all wanting to blast Lu Chen off the stage.

  Seeing everyone coaxing Lu Chen, Li Wenguang and Zhao Tianyu both laughed very happily. They had waited for this moment for a long time.

  "The young people nowadays are becoming more and more ignorant." Yu Zhengtao sneered, shaking his head.

  "Maybe the previous picture has brought him confidence." Lei Mingchao also shook his head and sneered.

  The two of them were very upset with Lu Chen. They felt that Lu Chen would never be a human being, and he didn't even have the most basic etiquette to respect the elderly. At this time, seeing Lu Chen being humiliated, they felt a little gloating in their hearts.

  Huang Youjun sighed and said nothing more.

  Lu Chen turned his head and looked at the clamoring crowd, his eyes narrowed slightly, and an anger grew spontaneously.

  Originally, he just wanted to speak out against the people of Yuzhou, but he didn't expect that the jewelers in Yuzhou would insult him in turn. It's really a dog biting Lu Dongbin, why not make him angry.

  "Brother Lu, I apologized." Zuo Qingcheng looked at Lu Chen apologetically, then turned to Zhou Zunfei and said.

  "Boss Zhou, we give up in the second game. You won."

  "Zuo Shao is refreshing, haha, then we are ready to sign the contract." Zhou Zunfei laughed, smiling very proudly, making no secret of his winner's high posture.

  Seeing that both parties had called their lawyers to draw up a contract, Lu Chen did not give up.

  Since he came up, he has no plans to go down.

  He looked back at Zheng Xihe and said sarcastically: "The famous Master Zheng, don't you have the courage to be challenged by me? It seems that the top three stone gambling masters in the country are nothing more than that."

  "What are you talking about? Hearing the words, Zheng Xihe turned to Lu Chen, his eyes full of anger.

  "I said you are nothing more than a coward, or a top three stone gambling master in the country, nothing more than you." Lu Chen said playfully.

  "Boy, what are you betting with me?" Zheng Xihe was completely angry. After living for so many years, it was the first time that he was provoked by an unknown kid. His hands were a little trembling in anger.

  "Don't let the chips go, I'll just follow it." Lu Chen looked at Zheng Xihe jokingly, as if he didn't put Zheng Xihe in his eyes.

  Zheng Xi's breathing was a bit difficult, and Lu Chen didn't take him seriously.

  Zuo Qingcheng's expression changed, and he didn't expect that Lu Chen would dare to provoke Zheng Xihe publicly. Was this to pull their entire Yuzhou jeweler into the water?

  The other jewelers panicked, this time is really over.

  "Master Zheng, he has nothing to do with us. If you listen to his accent, we are not from Yuzhou."

  "Yes, Master Zheng, he is not from Yuzhou. If you blame him, please blame him."

  Yuzhou Zhongjewelry Shang and Lu Chen have drawn a clear line.

  Lu Chen became so angry with Zheng Xihe, and then it must be time for Zheng Xihe and Thunder to break out.

  If you don't draw a clear line with Lu Chen, their entire Yuzhou jeweler will suffer.

  "Master Zheng, he is really not our Yuzhou native. If you have any requirements, our Zuo family will definitely go all out." Zuo Qingcheng also hurriedly distinguished his relationship with Lu Chen. In order to get Zheng Xihe's favor, he even did not hesitate Help Zheng Xihe deal with Lu Chen.

  "Okay, boy, you are fine. You are the madest young man the old man has seen in decades. Since you want to die, the old man will do you. If you have a billion chips, the old man will bet with you. , If you can’t get it out, just kneel down and apologize to the old man in public, otherwise you don’t want to get out of here today!” Zheng Xihe smiled angrily.

  "One billion is too little, not enough to stuff your teeth." Lu Chen laughed playfully.


  Is he still too few of a billion chips?

  Fuck, who does he think he is, the heir of the four big families?

  When everyone heard Lu Chen's words, they all showed contempt.

  Today, they can be regarded as long-sighted, they have seen crazy people, they have never seen such crazy people.

  No, this is already ignorant.

  Li Wenguang, Zhao Tianyu, Wang Xing and others all laughed jokingly, they couldn't help it.

  "Okay, very good, then you decide the chips!" Zheng Xihe almost fainted out of breath, he was going to see how many chips Lu Chen could get.

  "I will pay 6 billion, and you will pay 5 billion, plus the Yuzhou rough import channel that just won." Lu Chen said lightly.

  Six billion?

  Everyone's eyes widened, and even Zuo Qingcheng trembled slightly.

  He could tell such a big lie. Is this because he was afraid that his death was not miserable enough?