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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 81-90) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 81

Zheng Xihe and Zhou Zunfei also all trembled.

  Six billion, what is that concept?

  His Zhou family assets also broke 10 billion in Central Plains.

  But that is calculated together with fixed assets.

  The real money that can be spent is only two or three billion, and no matter how much it is, it will be financed from the bank.

  Even any one of the four major families in Yuzhou can't come up with so much money.

  Isn't this kid really Yuzhou's elder brother?

  Listen to his accent, like a Beijing accent, he wouldn't be the son of the son from Beijing, right?

  Zhou Zunfei looked at Lu Chen with some doubts, but no matter how he looked at it, Lu Chen didn't look like his brother.

  On the contrary, some are like dicks.

  "Six, six billion?" Zheng Xihe trembled, and even he was looking up to someone who could get six billion.

  "Yes, if you dare to accept the offer, I will immediately call the bank staff to verify the deposit." Lu Chen said lightly.

  Zuo's family didn't dare to accept the six billion chips. The only way is to let the bank staff to testify.

  Zheng Xihe didn't speak anymore, he didn't dare to take this terrifying bargaining chip, nor could he take it.

  "Why, you Central Plains jeweler just have the courage, don't you dare to accept the small six billion chips?" Lu Chen laughed playfully.

  Seeing that Zhou Zunfei and others were dumbfounded by Lu Chen, their faces turned into pig liver color, all the jewelers in Yuzhou felt a sigh of disgust.

  Only at this moment, they seemed to have forgotten the scene of clamoring for Lu Chen to step down.

  Zuo Qingcheng also had a refreshing feeling in his heart, but he was more confused.

  Can Lu Chen really get six billion?

  If Lu Chen could really get six billion, it would be too explosive.

  "Is this guy Lu Zhong's son?" Zuo Qingcheng was very puzzled.

  It's just that Lu Zhong doesn't seem to have any heirs?

  Zhai Fu, Li Wenguang, Zhao Tianyu, and others have their faces full of doubts.

  Wang Xing's expression was also ugly to the extreme. If Lu Chen really had so much money, it could be seen that his family was much better than their Wang family.

  Then he and his eldest brother were really beaten for nothing.

  You can easily come up with six billion yuan to bet on rocks. How big of a person would dare to be so arrogant?

  He couldn't imagine it.

  "Lao Yu, do you think he can really come up with six billion?" Lei Mingchao looked at Yu Zhengtao.

  "Definitely not. The rich man named Lu in Yuzhou is Lu Zhong, and as the multimedia says, Lu Zhong has no heirs." Yu Zhengtao shook his head, not believing that Lu Chen could get so much money. .

  "Yes, and he is Lin Dahai’s son-in-law. I am fine with Lin Dahai, and I know him the bottom line. If her son-in-law is so rich, will he not take care of him? The most important thing is that I listen to Lin Dahai’s meaning. Today I want to bring Lu Chen to find him a jewelry appraisal job." Huang Youjun also shook his head.

  "Then this kid is lying to the Central Plains? He is not afraid that the other party agrees, can he not get off the stage?" Lei Mingchao doubted.

  "This kid is a psychological tactic. Think about it. What is the concept of six billion cash deposits? I guess none of the four major families can come up with six billion cash deposits at once. He just expected Zhou Zunfei to wait. People don't have so many deposits, so they suppress the other party with absolute aura and bring tremendous pressure to the other party's psychology." Huang Youjun analyzed.

  "This kid can be regarded as a talent. You can see that he has always been calm and composed. If he was born in ancient times, he would definitely be a general material, but unfortunately his character is a little worse." Lei Mingchao also nodded, the same as Huang Youjun the opinion of.

  "If you don't believe me, wait, as long as Zhou Zunfei and others agree, he will definitely not dare to gamble." Yu Zhengtao said jokingly.

  Li Wenguang and the others had almost the same views as the three masters. Hearing the analysis of the three masters, they all nodded, thinking that as long as the Central Plains people accept the move, he will definitely run away.

  "Such a high bargaining chip is unrealistic, and we can't come up with so much cash." Zhou Zunfei said with a sullen face, he couldn't believe whether Lu Chen could actually get so much money.

  If Lu Chen is really the youngest brother from the capital, he should be able to tell, and they would be ashamed at that time.

  "It's really disappointing. Well, since I'm here, I will go down without playing a game. It is too boring. I will bet on the rough channel of Yuzhou and the rough channel of your Central Plains jeweler in your hands. Just ask for it." Lu Chen looked at Zhou Zunfei and said contemptuously.

  Zhou Zunfei's heart jumped fiercely, Lu Chen had such a big appetite, and he wanted to eat the rough channels between Central Plains and Yuzhou?

  The others were also taken aback by Lu Chen's lion's appetite. This kid didn't look down the steps at this time, but he continued to anger the Central Plains. Is he sure that the Central Plains would not take the move?

  They can't get the six billion dollars, and they can be bluffed by you, but you only need their rough channel, don't they dare to bet with you?

  You know, the opponent's Rough Stone Master is Zheng Xihe, the top three in the National Rough Stone Association.

  "Old Zheng, how confident are you?" Zhou Zunfei was also angry when he was repeatedly provoked by Lu Chen.

  If they didn't even dare to accept this condition of Lu Chen, it would be really daunting.

  "Except for the two guys Zhonghai and Jingcheng, who do you think would dare to compete with me in the original stone world?" Zheng Xihe said a little unpleasantly when he was questioned by Zhou Zunfei.

  "That's what Zheng Lao said, so let's gamble with this kid." Zhou Zunfei took a reassurance, and he was immediately full of confidence.

  Yes, there is a rough master like Zheng Xihe on his side, so what else does he have to worry about.

  Could this kid be able to invite the two old guys Jingcheng and Zhonghai out?

  Zhou Zunfei would never believe that Lu Chen could invite those two old guys to Yuzhou. He had also invited the two people before. They paid 100 million yuan for the appearance fee. People don’t want him. They don’t want to come to Yuzhou at all. In a small place, what is Lu Chen's ability to invite them over?

  "Boy, I don't bully you either. As long as you can get a billion chips, I'll gamble with you." Lu Chen had just lost face, and Zhou Zunfei was also very aggressive at this time.

  In fact, the rough channels in the two regions may not be able to win even if Lu Chen spends 3 billion.

  But in order to pretend to be forced, Zhou Zunfei directly only needed Lu Chen to put out one billion as a bargaining chip.

  This is his trust in Zheng Xihe.

  And if he talks too much and Lu Chen can't give it up and give up, wouldn't he make a billion less?

  When everyone saw Zhou Zunfei accept the move, they all looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  "This is over, this kid is dead."

  "Look at where he got the billions out. If he can't get it out, no matter if he is from the Central Plains or the Zuo family, he will definitely not let him go."

  "Boy, wait. Let's be crippled!" Wang Xing looked at Lu Chen, his eyes full of gloat.

  No one believed that Lu Chen could get a billion.

  But in the next moment...

  "Okay, I will use my card to change the bargaining chip now, and you can also take out your rough channel cooperation contract."

  Lu Chen asked the staff to swipe the card.

Chapter: 82

Seeing Lu Chen really swiped his card, everyone couldn't believe it.

  Why doesn't Lu Chen look like someone who can get so much money?

  At this moment, the three masters including Yu Zhengtao also felt hot on their faces.

  They just firmly believed that Lu Chen was just scaring the Zhongyuan jeweler.

  Unexpectedly, after only a few tens of seconds, the face slap came.

  But apart from being beaten in the face, Li Wenguang and others also felt a palpitation.

  Lu Chen was a four-year college classmate of their classmates. Even if Lu Chen was not poor back then, he was definitely not rich.

  In just a few years, he turned out to be a big man who could easily come up with a billion to bet on rocks.

  One billion!

  For the vast majority of people on the scene, it is definitely an astronomical figure.

  Even if they have small achievements now, they may not be able to earn this number for a lifetime of hard work.

  A person with a net worth of one billion is a big-time man in the entire Yuzhou.

  Zhai Fu's envious eyes were a little red.

  He still wanted to catch up with Lin Yijia as soon as possible, so as to inherit Lin Dahai's tens of millions. He didn't expect that Lin Yijia's brother-in-law was already a billion-level boss.

  Seeing Lu Chen's direct exchange of a billion chips, his heart throbbed.

  Before he turned to taunting Lu Chen, now that he thinks about it, he feels how ridiculous he is.

  In front of Lu Chen, he is the real dick.

  Zhou Zunfei and the others also jumped their eyelids. I didn't expect Lu Chen to exchange a billion chips.

  But they are more excited, because these billion are basically theirs.

  In the entire Yuzhou stone gambling world, who is Master Zheng’s opponent?

  Not to mention the whole Yuzhou, even across the country, as long as the two stubborn old guys don't make a move, no one is Master Zheng's opponent.

  Zhou Zunfei asked the lawyer to get the contract, and Lu Chen called the lawyer.

  While waiting for the lawyer, everyone did not walk away.

  No one wants to go away with a billion-level gamble.

  A rare event in ten years.

  In about half an hour, the lawyers from both sides finally arrived, and the gambling game officially opened.

  "Where is your master stone gambler?" Zheng Xihe frowned when he saw Lu Chen alone.

  "Betting with you, what kind of master is needed, I am the master." Lu Chen has no good feelings for Zheng Xihe, and he is not polite.

  Everyone was shocked again when they heard this. Is this guy really a master stone gambler?

  That's a billion, he really doesn't care at all?

  Everyone thought that Lu Chen was too crazy. He even dared to personally bet against Zheng Xihe. This is not a matter of one billion.

  Even the richest man in Lu who has already retired, don't care about it.

  that is one billion, not one hundred thousand!

  "Huh, let's start." Zheng Xi was very amiable, and let Lu Chen come first with a heavy grunt.

  "You are getting older, I'm afraid you can't bear the pressure, you should come first." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  Zheng Xi blew his beard kindly and stared, snorted again, and stopped being polite, and started studying with a rough stone.

  I have to say that Zheng Xihe is worthy of being the top three masters in the country. Look at his technique of appraising treasures, it is many times better than Huang Youjun.

  "This is a piece of authentic Burmese jade, the quality is about 210 grams." Zheng Xihe said after studying for a while.

  As soon as his voice fell, the staff took it and cut it.

  "197 grams, the error is 13 grams." After the weighing, the staff said.

  The error is a bit smaller than before. Master Zheng is indeed Master Zheng!

  Everyone was amazed when they saw the numbers.

  "This kid is set to lose. Look at the green of the jade, it is definitely emerald."

  "Yes, this guy is really a prodigal, even if he has money in his family, he can't stand his defeat several times. "While

  everyone admired Zheng Xihe's accurate judgment, they were also ignoring Lu Chen's prodigal.

  This is the rhythm of giving away one billion with a shy face.

  "It's an old pit species of jade." The appraiser said after the appraisal.

  There are many types of jade, including old pit species, hibiscus species, dry green species, golden silk species, etc. Although Zheng Xihe did not say which species it is, he has already guessed it accurately.

  To accurately guess which type it is, the two masters who ranked first and second could not do it.

  Coupled with his quality error of only 13 grams, it can be said that he is invincible.

  Zhou Zunfei and others all laughed excitedly, this billion is basically theirs.

  "Boy, it's your turn, I'm going to see how many catties you have, and dare to be so arrogant in front of the old man." Zheng Xihe looked at Lu Chen with a joke.

  With this number, he believed that even if the two guys above him came, it would not necessarily be a sure victory.

  "Okay, as you wish."

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, turned around and picked up a rough stone in his hand.

  Of course, he was just doing it.

  Then he held the rough stone and stopped moving.

  Seeing Lu Chen's appearance, Zhou Zunfei, Master Zheng and others all smiled.

  This kid is really a layman.

  They are basically convinced that their side will definitely win this game.

  Then they all looked at Zuo Qingcheng and others and smiled.

  It seems to mean that you Yuzhou people really can't do it.

  At this time, Zuo Qingcheng and others in Yuzhou had already ignored the ridicule of Zunfei and others.

  Because they have lost even more face today.

  Of course they could also see that Lu Chen was completely an outsider.

  Can you appraise the treasure by holding the rough stone? You make us happy.

  One billion, my grass.

  Not to mention that this guy is a super loser, even they were laughed at again.

  "Young man, do you want me to give you a magnifying glass?" Zheng Xihe said jokingly.

  What if you are rich or young, in front of Jian Bao, I am your patriarch.


  Suddenly he felt regretful in his heart.

  I had promised his six billion chips.

  Zhou Zunfei and the others also regretted that they were suppressed by Lu Chen's aura before. Now think of the six billion Lu Chen said at the beginning. They regretted it.

  "Damn, I knew this guy was a money-giving boy, so I didn't pretend to be forced, and I just asked him to put out three or four billion chips." Zhou Zunfei regretted it.


  Lu Chen smiled faintly, and then put the rough stone in his hand and said: "There is a piece of pomelo jade from Western nephrite, the mass is 400 grams." As

  soon as he finished speaking, the cutting staff took it. Start cutting.

  Zhou Zunfei and others all looked at the cutting staff with a smile.

  If it weren't for thinking that Lu Chen couldn't be anxious, they would all laugh out loud now.



  One billion will be earned this time, and even if his family is big, it is not a small amount.

  Zuo Qingcheng and other jewelers on Yuzhou's side also stared at the cutting staff. Although they still don't believe in Lu Chen, what if there is an accident?

  As long as there is an accident, Lu Chen wins, and it can be regarded as helping them find their place.

  In short, they will not give up if they don't see what the cut is.

  Before they knew it, their attitude towards Lu Chen had changed again invisibly.

  Soon after the jade was cut out, Master Zheng just took a look, his face changed in an uproar, it turned out to be grapefruit jade!

  "Master Zheng, what's the situation?" Seeing the change in Master Zheng's face, Zhou Zunfei and others mentioned Sangziyan in their hearts. Wouldn't the kid guess right? Do you want to be so lucky?

  Master Zheng is silent.

  Zuo Qingcheng and the others saw a glimmer of hope and hurriedly said: "Master Huang, please verify it too!"

  Huang Youjun did not respond, and he did not recover from the shock.

  Although it is a bit far apart, based on his experience, that piece of 80% is really pomelo jade among Western nephrite.

  Lu Chen, is he really lucky?

  "407 grams, the error is 7 grams." At this moment, the staff put the jade on the tray and weighed it.

Chapter: 83

The error is only 7 grams!

  Now everyone is a little bit undecided.

  Damn it!

  Master Zheng is so accurate, ranking in the top three in the country, with an error of more than 10 grams.

  This kid wants to be so enchanting, the error is only 7 grams!

  It's not even more than 10 grams, how unreasonable this judgment is!

  In the end, Huang Youjun stepped up and took the jade on the scale and observed it in his hand. He was basically certain that this was the pomelo jade in Western nephrite.

  But he went through a set of procedures, and finally looked at Zheng Xihe with a smile on his face: "Master Zheng, come to learn it too."

  He lost to Zheng Xihe before and was ruthlessly despised by Zheng Xihe. After that, Huang Youjun was also quite unhappy. Although Lu Chen won Zheng Xihe this time, Lu Chen also belonged to Yuzhou.

  Lu Chen at this moment represents the entire Yuzhou stone gambling community.

  So he feels very happy.

  Of course, only he Huang Youjun dared to think so.

  The others were ashamed to force Lu Chen to their camp because of their face.

  You know, they had been mocking Lu Chen before.

  They confessed their attitudes. Lu Chen is not from Yuzhou, and what he did has nothing to do with them.

  "No, this little brother won." Zheng Xihe shook his head, full of frustration.

  He was very strong before, because he didn't believe that Lu Chen would win the stone bet.

  At this moment, his mentality changed dramatically, and he had no idea about Lu Chen's previous provocations.

  On the contrary, at this moment, he was completely convinced of Lu Chen's ability to appreciate treasures.

  After Zheng Xi's peace talks, Zhou Zunfei and others' complexions turned into pig liver color, and they fell directly from heaven into hell.

  But Zuo Qingcheng and others clapped their hands to celebrate.

  Although Lu Chen won, at this moment, all of them almost forgot their previous exclusion of Lu Chen.

  This feeling of hitting Zhou Zunfei and others in the face.

  how to say.

  One word is cool.

  "Little brother, how did you judge that it is grapefruit jade?" Zheng Xihe looked at Lu Chen with shock. Even Western nephrite jade is divided into many categories, and this young man is just holding it in his hand. Once you grasp it, you can judge it. This method is not generally clever, or even unheard of.

  "I guess." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  In fact, he really didn't guess.

  Lao Yun, who ranks first in the Original Stone Association, is his master. He has learned this and that from Yun Lao since he was a child, and he was born to like all kinds of ancient jade and natural jade, so his ability to appraise treasures has long been in the cloud. Getting old.

  His method of appraising jade is very simple, which is to judge the hardness of jade.

  Generally, those above the hardness of glass are called jadeite, and those below the hardness of glass are called nephrite.

  Then he inputs the true energy of health cultivation practice into the rough stone, and he can sense whether there is jade in it. If there is jade, what is the hardness of it. First separate the hard and soft, then judge the specific value, and then the name corresponding to the same value. Up.

  Of course, this method is not that simple, it doesn't matter if you are really angry.

  But after countless attempts to verify, but also to understand the names and hardness values ​​of various jade in the world.

  Zheng Xihe was a little upset when he heard Lu Chen's words, obviously he didn't believe it.

  But if Lu Chen didn't tell him, he couldn't ask.

  While admiring Lu Chen in his heart, he also remembered him.

  Don't lose in his hands next time. If you lose in his hands, he will definitely find everything he lost today.

  "Mr. Zhou, the old man is inferior to others, so I won't appraise the treasure for you anymore today. Say goodbye." Zheng Xihe gave a fist to Zhou Zunfei and the others, turned and walked out of the hotel.

  There is no face left in him.

  Zhou Zunfei wanted to stay, he also thought that Lu Chen was just stepping on shit luck, and he wanted to win it back again.

  But Zheng Xihe didn't give him a chance at all.

  "Boss Zhou, it turns out that you guys from the Central Plains are nothing more than that." Zuo Qingcheng looked at Zhou Zunfei with a smile, and he felt comfortable.

  Before, he was forced to vomit blood by Zhou Zunfei.

  "Hmph, Zuo Qingcheng, what are you proud of, you didn't win it." Zhou Zunfei hummed uncomfortably.

  "That's right, didn't you say that he was not from Yuzhou? You are so excited!" A Zhongyuan jeweler sarcastically said.

  The words of the two instantly made Zuo Qingcheng and the others' faces ugly to the extreme, unable to refute them at all.


  If they had believed in Lu Chen before, then they would be bright and excited now.

  But thinking about his behavior before waiting for others, even Zuo Qingcheng felt a little ashamed, and he kept silent.

  "Boy, good luck for your shit this time, we will come again next time." Zhou Zunfei snorted coldly while watching Lu Chen.

  "Yes, but you have to prepare more money next time. Next time I will bet 10 billion." Lu Chen laughed playfully.


  Zhou Zunfei and others did not dare to put another fart upon hearing this, and directly asked the lawyer to hand over the contract.

  Ten billion once!

  Fuck, even if all his Zhou family assets were exchanged for money, it would only be enough to gamble with Lu Chen once!

  After the contract was handed over, Lu Chen was ready to leave.

  Although he did not have time to operate the rough channels in the two regions, he could allow Du Fei and others to step onto the table from the underground forces in one fell swoop.

  Yes, he is going to give Du Fei the rough contract for these two areas to run it, so that Du Fei and others will be washed away.

  "Lu, Brother Lu, please wait." Seeing Lu Chen was about to leave, Zuo Qingcheng hurriedly chased him up.

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and stopped to look at Zuo Qingcheng.

  "That's it, can you transfer the rough channel from Yuzhou in your hand to me?" Zuo Qingcheng said with a shy smile.

  "Sorry, I don't mean to transfer it out." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  Zuo Qingcheng was a little embarrassed. If he didn't get the channel contract back, he would definitely be scolded when he returned.

  "I can pay one billion, no, 1.5 billion to buy the contract in your hand." Zuo Qingcheng said sincerely.

  The price of 1.5 billion yuan for the rough channel in Yuzhou alone was already a fair price. Zuo Qingcheng felt that Lu Chen would be tempted.

  Lu Chen just smiled, turned around and left.

  "Brother Lu!" Zuo Qingcheng shouted.

  Lu Chen didn't mean to turn around.

  "Brother Lu, everyone is from Yuzhou. You can't eat such a big pie by yourself. Why not let everyone run it together?" The bald head also caught up and said.

  Lu Chen turned to look at the bald head, then glanced at the jewelers, and said jokingly: "It seems that you said it yourself, I am not from Yuzhou, did I have ear problems before?"

  Everyone was caught by Lu Chen. Having said that, everyone bowed their heads in shame.


  They had known that Lu Chen was so awesome, even if Lu Chen said he was not from Yuzhou, they would probably say with conscience that he was from Yuzhou.

  Seeing the back of Lu Chen resolutely leaving, although everyone was very unwilling, they did not dare to make a mistake.

  After all, their rough stones will be imported from Lu Chen in the future.

  If you offend Lu Chen, you can't get along with money.

  in contrast.

  At this moment, most jewelers were thinking about how to get along with Lu Chen.

  Only Zuo Qingcheng squinted, his face quite ugly.

  "I'm going to see, what can you do to eat the rough channels in these two areas?"

  Zuo Qingcheng hummed coldly in his heart, and he believed that the Zhou family would definitely not stop there.

  At that time, he could join forces with the Zhou family and let Lu Chen vomit both contracts honestly.

Chapter: 84

After Lin Dahai returned home, the more he thought about it, the more he became afraid.

  During the return process, he checked the details of Wang Family II's ancestor Wang Xing. The legends about Wang Xing were all scumbags. Anyway, there was no positive evaluation.

  Lin Yijia's face was also a little ugly, and if he offended Wang Xing, it was a direct act of death.

  She is also very worried now that Lu Chen's beating Wang Xing will affect her home.

  "Dad, Yi Jia, what's the matter with you, why are your faces so ugly? By the way, isn't Lu Chen with you? Did he go back?" Lin Yijun, who came to pick Qiqi and hadn't returned, saw the strangeness of the two , Asked in surprise. www.

  Linda Hai mind some struggles, hesitated not to tell it to her daughter.

  "Sister, something serious happened." Lin Yijia said directly without thinking about it.

  "Ah? What happened?" Lin Yiyun was startled, and Wang Xue also looked at Lin Yijia in surprise.

  "Brother-in-law, he is in trouble!" Lin Yijia said in fear.

  Lin Yijun's mind trembled, and Wang Xue frowned and asked, "What's wrong with your brother-in-law?"

  "He, he actually slapped Wang Xing twice in public. Not only is he dead, but he is likely to be exhausted to our house. !" Lin Yijia said bitterly.

  "Who is Wang Xing?" Although Wang Xing is a well-known ancestor of the dude, but a little older people don't know him. Wang Xue is no exception.

  "The second generation ancestor of the Wang family in Yubei District, the person who once offended him was either broken his leg or had his hand abolished. It was also said that the Wu family's demise before was because the Wu family offended Wang Xing and was directly taken by the Wang family. The bankrupted, Wu Shuquan was killed by someone from the Wang family." Lin Yijia said.

  "Ah? You mean Wu Shuquan, the well-known mine boss a few years ago?" Wang Xue asked in shock.

  "That's it, I'm not good this time, he helped me make money, I should have called him back, I blamed me for being greedy, and wanted him to help me make more money." Lin Dahai regretted saying .

  Wang Xue's face suddenly became bloodless.

  To be honest, she didn't bother to care about Lu Chen's death. What she cared about was whether this matter would involve their Lin family.

  If their Lin family was hated by Wang Jiaji, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

  "This rubbish is really not worrying at all. If you die by yourself, it will hurt us. Yijun, don't hesitate. If you leave him with such a troublesome waste, forget it on your terms. Looking at your daughter, just find one, it's a hundred times stronger than him!" Wang Xue said angrily.

  At this time, Lin Yijun's mind was also confused.

  Before, Lu Chen also hit the Wang Family Master and Young Wang Wenxue, now he hit the second generation ancestor Wang Xing.

  One can imagine how angry the Wang family would be.

  This face must be retrieved.

  She ignored Wang Xue, but took out the phone and called Lu Chen.

  Soon after the call was connected, Lin Yijun asked directly, "Where are you now?"

  "On the way back."

  "Come to my moms to pick me up, I don't want to drive today." Lin Yijun suppressed the worry in her heart.

  "Okay, I

  'll be there in about ten minutes." Lin Yijun hung up, thinking of what Lin Yijia said, her heart was even more difficult to calm down.

  "Yijun, what are you calling him to do? Are you afraid that our Lin family will not die fast enough?" Wang Xue said angrily.

  "Mom, I just asked him to pick me up, and I won't let him come up." Lin Yijun sighed and said sadly.

  At this time, instead of trying to find a way to help Lu Chen, he was afraid that Lu Chen would come to his house.

  At this moment, she finally understood why Lu Chen didn't like to come here before.

  Not only was she not respected, but she also couldn't get the affection of her father-in-law and mother-in-law, such a back family, let alone Lu Chen, sometimes she didn't even want to come.

  "What, why can't you let him come up? Even if he made a mistake, it was because of me." Although Lin Dahai was afraid in his heart, he still said for Lu Chen.

  "Because of you? Did you offend Wang Xing?" Wang Xue's face was pale. If it was her husband's fault, then the Lin family was really over.

  "Mom, it's like this. My brother-in-law helped Dad find an authentic piece of Tang Bohu's "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu", which was bought by Zuo Qingcheng for 40 million yuan on the spot, and the brother-in-law became famous. After a while, Wang Xing came to his brother-in-law to help him identify the rough stone. He said that he would give him a commission of 20 million yuan, but the brother-in-law refused, and then offended Wang Xing. Later, when he went to participate in the gambling conference, his brother-in-law said nothing. I gave Wang Xing two slaps, which scared us silly at the time, and then I took my father back." Lin Yijia roughly said the process of the matter.

  "Earned 40 million? Where is the money?" When Wang Xue heard about the money, she temporarily forgot about it.

  "Of course the money is in my card, and it was only paid on the way back." Lin Dahai said.

  "Give me the card." Wang Xue stretched out his hand in front of Lin Dahai.

  "When is the time now, are you still thinking about money?" Lin Dahai said angrily. Now when he was thinking of how to deal with the Wang Family's revenge, Wang Xue only saw money in his eyes.

  "Will you give it?" Wang Xue said solemnly.

  "No, half of the money belongs to Lu Chen. If you want to give it, you must first give him the half." Lin Dahai said hardly.

  "Give him half of the fart. He made us worry and fear, so we won’t give him any points. Besides, it’s hard to say whether he can escape the catastrophe, and it’s just a waste to give him." Wang Xue said naturally. .

  "Enough!" Lin Yijun was really angry.

  "Dad, little girl, I can see you through. Lu Chen helped you earn 40 million. After the accident, you even left him and fled back. Do you still have a human touch?"

  She turned to Wang Xue angrily: "Also, Mom, Dad has said that 20 million of these 40 million are Lu Chen's, but you don't want to give him a point. Without Lu Chen, Dad can earn this. Money? Why don’t you have any human touch? Have you forgotten that you have always targeted Lu Chen like that, but last time he quietly helped you win the Grand Hyatt Group’s order. Is there another time? You said him, humiliated him, did he say anything to you? Nothing, at least he didn't say anything about you in front of me. "

  Maybe because of fear in my heart, Lin Yijun finally broke out.

  Lin Dahai, Wang Xue and Lin Yijia all lowered their heads in shame.

  Yes, they haven't given Lu Chen a good face all the time, because they all think that Lu Chen is poor, a waste, and not worthy of Lin Yiyun, not worthy of their Lin family son-in-law.

  But Lu Chen really never said anything, and he was silently helping them behind his back.

  "Mom, in fact, the brother-in-law said that he didn't want a single point for the 40 million, but my dad was overwhelmed and said that he would save 20 million for him. In the future, my brother-in-law would give it to him when it was useful." Lin Yijia said weakly. .

  "Hmph, so what, he married my daughter, and counted as my half son. Isn't it justified to help us?"

  Wang Xue was ashamed for a few seconds, and then said disdainfully.

  Lin Yijun was angry and didn't know what to say.

  Just when she was about to take Qiqi downstairs, she saw Lu Chen open the door and walk in.

Chapter: 85

"Brother-in-law, didn't Wang Xing ask someone to look for you later?" Lin Yijia looked at Lu Chen curiously. Seeing Lu Chen came back intact, she couldn't believe it.

  They were also afraid of being caused by Wang Xing's bodyguards, so they escaped for the first time. They didn't expect Lu Chen to come back well.

  "If he dare, he dare to provoke me again, I will let him lie down in the hospital with his elder brother Wang Wenxue." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  "What? You beat Wang Family Wang Wenxue?" Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen in shock.

  She didn't know Wang Xing, but she knew who Wang Wenxue was.

  Because she once went to talk about business.

  "Yes, if he dares to make Yi Jun's idea, I dare to dispose of him." Lu Chen said.

  "You...hurry up and don't come to our Lin family anymore. We don't have your son-in-law in the Lin family!" Wang Xue's face was pale. She didn't dare to imagine the consequences of Wang Xing's revenge before she heard Lu Chen slap Wang Xing twice. Up.

  Now that Lu Chen has beaten the eldest son of the Wang family to the hospital again, how can the Wang family give up?

  Lu Chen was startled, then he was relieved after thinking about it.

  With the power of the Wang family, Wang Xue's fear is also reasonable.

  He smiled and said: "Mom, don't worry about it. With me, the Wang family won't have a chance to trouble you."

  "I'll let you go! Didn't you hear it?" Wang Xue shouted angrily at the door.

  The smile on Lu Chen's face gradually froze, he took a deep breath, picked up Qiqi, turned and left.

  "Leave Qiqi behind, Yi Yun, don't go back with him either." Wang Xue said in a deep voice.

  "Mom, you are enough. Lu Chen and I are husband and wife. Who will I go with him if I don’t go back with him? Also, you are so mean to Lu Chen , I will never come here again!" Lin Yijun said angrily.

  Lu Chen looked back at Lin Yijun, the softest part of his heart was immediately touched.

  "Mom, I want to go home." Seeing her grandma lose her temper, Qiqi cried.

  "Qiqi be good, mom will take you home." Lin Yijun suppressed the anger in her heart and hugged Qiqi from Lu Chen's arms.

  "Yijun, you believe me, I didn't pay attention to the ten kings. I said they didn't dare to cause trouble, so they didn't dare to come. Let's go back." Lu Chen reached out and took Lin Yijun's shoulders. Walk to the door.

  A family of three got out of the elevator, walked to their own car, and was about to get on the car, when Lin Dahai ran over panting.

  "Dad, what are you doing here?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "Yijun, your mother is that temper. Don't be angry with her." Lin Dahai sighed and turned to Lu Chen.

  "Lu Chen, give me your card number, I'll transfer you 20 million, and leave Yuzhou with Yijun overnight. Don't come back again. If you run out of 20 million outside, call me again. , I will call you the remaining 20 million. Don't worry, I won't give you a cent for the money." Lin Dahai said sincerely.

  "Dad!" Lin Yijun's nose was sour, tears flowed out, Qiqi saw this, and started crying.

  Lu Chen looked at Lin Dahai, feeling inexplicably moved.

  This is his father-in-law!

  It was also because of Lin Dahai's presence that he felt a trace of warmth every time he came here.

  "Dad, keep this money for you. Lu Chen won 100 million yuan in the lottery ticket some time ago. We have the money." Lin Yijun said moved.

  "Ah? So you were the one who won the 100 million award some time ago?" Lin Dahai was taken aback, wondering why Lu Chen never divided the 40 million with him, because he had 100 million in his body.

  "Dad, don't worry, the Wang family really dare not come to trouble you. The Wang family has serious issues now. They don't have the time and energy to take care of you. If you don't believe me, just wait and see. There are constantly negative news about the Wang Family." Lu Chen comforted.

  "What's the big deal on Wang's stall?" Lin Dahai asked expectantly.

  Lin Yijun also looked at Lu Chen curiously.

  "They provoked people who shouldn't be provoked, and it won't be long before the Wang family will go bankrupt." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  "Did Wang Wei or the Left Bureau tell you?" Lin Yijun knew that Lu Chen had a lot of contacts, so the news should be true.

  As long as the Wang family is targeted, there is definitely no time or energy to trouble them.

  "Wang Wei." Lu Chen lied.

  "Is it because Yiqi Technology is going to deal with the Wang Family?" Lin Yijun's eyes are very intense. In Yuzhou, apart from the four major families, only Yiqi Technology has the ability to deal with the Wang family.

  "That's right, but you only need to know the news yourself, don't talk nonsense." Lu Chen smiled bitterly and exhorted.

  Lin Yijun nodded, and Lin Dahai was also relieved.

  The Wang family provokes Yiqi Technology, and it must be over. Then they have nothing to worry about, just wait to see the Wang family finish.

  "Well, it's getting late, you go back first," Lin Dahai said.

  "Well, by the way, Dad, don't tell my mom and little sister about this, lest they go out and chew their tongues and cause trouble without knowing it." Lin Yijun exhorted before getting into the car.

  "Well, I know the severity." Lin Dahai nodded and turned upstairs.

  "Did you transfer money to them?" Wang Xue asked with a calm face when Lin Dahai came back.

  She knew that Lin Dahai would definitely have to transfer money to Lu Chen when he chased it out, but she finally let Lin Dahai chase it out.

  "People Lu Chen only won 100 million yuan a while ago. Will he be worth the 20 million yuan?" Lin Dahai said grimly.

  "What? He got 100 million yuan some time ago?" Wang Xue was startled, let alone one billion, even if she hadn't seen 10 million.

  "Dad, what you said is true, brother-in-law really won 100 million?" Lin Yijia also looked at Lin Dahai in surprise.

  "Hmph, don't believe me, call your sister yourself." Lin Dahai hummed.

  "Huh, that kid got a hundred million dollars. He didn't even take any of them to honor us. It really has no conscience. There is also that daughter. Today, she was angry with me for Lu Chen. She even forgot. Tears pulled her up!" Wang Xue said very upset.

  Lin Dahai rolled his eyes straight, and said that you shouldn't think about why your daughter got angry with you.

  "No, I have to ask them to give me a little pension someday, otherwise the old lady will live in her house and won't come back." Wang Xue said angrily.

  Lin Dahai was speechless and entered his room directly.

  Lin Yijia's eyes lit up, and she felt that her mother's idea was feasible.

  After returning home, she put Qiqi to sleep, and Lin Yijun grabbed Lu Chen who was going to take a bath.

  "Lu Chen, tell me honestly, how many things are you hiding from me."

  Lu Chen knows a lot of big people, not to mention, he even knows antiques, and tonight helped her dad earn four thousand easily. Wan, she doesn't doubt that it will work.

  Moreover, Lu Chen's various behaviors during this period of time made her more and more invisible.

Chapter: 86

At an antique event held every five years in Yuzhou, Lu Chen became famous by identifying a piece of "Jiang Ting Tan Gu Tu" and a strong victory over Zheng Xihe, who ranked third in the Antiques Association.

  Overnight, Lu Chen's reputation reverberated throughout the Yuzhou antique industry.

  The major jewelers investigated Lu Chen's identity.

  Including Zuo Family and Wang Family are also investigating Lu Chen's identity.

  "Zuo Shao, I found out. That kid doesn't have any name in Yiqi Technology. He runs a supermarket," said Zhai Fu, standing in front of Zuo Qingcheng's desk in the office of the president of Yunfei Jewelry Group.

  "The supermarket owner?" Zuo Qingcheng frowned. He remembered the last time he clearly saw Lu Chen go to see the land with Yiqi Technology's acting president Wang Wei and Xu Shuting. Isn't he really from Yiqi Technology?

  "As long as that guy is not from Yiqi Technology." Zuo Qingcheng sneered.

  Zhai Fu was startled. He didn't expect Zuo Qingcheng to suspect that Lu Chen was from Yiqi Technology.

  "Young Master Zuo, he is definitely not from Yiqi Technology. If he is from Yiqi Technology, would his father-in-law still be so bad?" Zhai Fu said affirmatively.

  Zuo Qingcheng nodded. He had always thought that Lu Chen was from Yiqi Technology, so he didn't dare to be strong in front of Lu Chen. Now he has nothing to scruples.

  "What's the name of his supermarket? Go down to arrange it and find someone to cause him some trouble. By the way, don't reveal your identity." Zuo Qingcheng said.

  "It's called Shengshi, I'll make arrangements now." Zhai Fu nodded and went out.

  the other side.

  Wang's Villa.

  "Has his identity been found?" Wang Shiju asked in a deep voice looking at the middle-aged who came in.

  "Mr. Wang, I found out. He is the owner of Shengshi Supermarket." The middle-aged said respectfully.

  "Can a supermarket owner spend a billion to bet on rocks? No other status?" Wang Shiju frowned.

  "I haven't found it yet." The middle-aged man shook his head.

  "Well, continue to investigate. Also, let someone go to the supermarket and make some trouble for him." Wang Shiju said solemnly.

  "Okay, Mr. Wang, I'll make arrangements." The middle-aged nodded respectfully, and then withdrew.

  Wang Shiju stood by the window with a murderous intent in his eyes.

  "I don't care who you are. I dare to abolish my elder son and hurt my younger son. I will not remove you from Yuzhou. How can my Wang family gain a foothold in Yuzhou?" Wang Shiju said to himself in a deep voice.

  At this moment, Wang Xing hurried in.

  "What's panicking?" Wang Shiju frowned.

  If this son is half as calm as the elder son, he is relieved.

  It's a pity that it will only be a ruin, and it really makes him a headache.

  "Dad, it's not good, we were targeted." Wang Xing said in a panic.

  "Nonsense, who dares to target my Wang Family in Yuzhou?" Wang Shiju scolded.

  "Really, I'm not talking nonsense. Just this morning, the shipment we shipped from Xiangjiang was checked." Wang Xing said with a bad face.

  "If you are investigated, you will be investigated. If there is any fuss, just tell Liu Ju." Wang Shiju said disapprovingly.

  Relying on a strong network, their Wang family imports a lot of private goods from Xiangjiang every year. Even if unfortunately they are found, they will be returned to them in two days.

  "I went to Liu Ju in person this morning. Liu Ju didn't even see me. It was because I met Section Chief Wang before he told me the truth." Wang Xing said.

  "What's the truth?" Wang Shiju frowned, with a bad premonition in his heart.

  The biggest benefit of his Wang family's development so fast is smuggling. If it is really targeted, it will be a little troublesome.

  "Section Chief Wang said that a big man was eyeing our house, and said that this inspection of our goods was an order directly from the city, so Liu Ju didn't dare to see me." Wang Xing said.

  "The one in the city?" Wang Shiju's heart sank. The one in the city only came this year, and their Wang family network hasn't been included yet, but it's a little difficult to handle now.

  "Dad, what do you do now?" Wang Xing looked at Wang Shiju anxiously, looking a little bit Liushen.

  Wang Shiju was silent, and after a while, he said decisively: "I will close the Wang's trade today. No, dissolve the company directly."

  Wang Shiju's trading company is their Wang family dumping smuggled goods. Since they have checked their business. Smuggling goods, the next step must be to investigate Wang's trade.

  Now that it is disbanded, the Wang family can still be kept. If the investigation is really carried out, the Wang family will be over.

  Although the Wang family relies on Wang's trade to make money, they still have a group company that has nothing to do with Wang's trade. As long as the group company is kept, the Wang family has a chance to rise again.

  I have to say that Wang Shiju was able to develop the Wang family to the point of chasing after the four major families, and he was also a very good person. Just the courage to abandon the car and protect the handsome is not something ordinary businessmen can do.

  As soon as the Wang Clan's trade was disbanded, the Wang family's strength would immediately drop by more than half, and most people would not have the courage to do so.

  But smuggling is a big deal. Once you sit down, the entire Wang family will have to play, and at least you will squat inside for the rest of your life. Does he dare not disband?

  "Dad, if we dissolve the trading company, we will be over here in the future." Wang Xing said worriedly.

  "What do you know? Just arrange it." Wang Shiju said in a deep voice, then got up and walked outside.

  After such a big incident, he had to go to the company to hold a management meeting to stabilize the military.

  At this time in the Sakura Club, Lu Chen and Du Fei were discussing matters.

  "I'll give you these two contracts. When the Wang family's matter is resolved, you will start to create a jewelry trading company." Lu Chen said.

  "If you build a jewelry trading company, it may require a lot of money." Du Fei said after receiving the rough channel contract.

  "Is two hundred million enough?" Lu Chen smiled.

  "It seems that you have really made a fortune." Du Fei's eyes lit up. Last time he gave him 10 million, and this time he directly invested 200 million. How much money does this guy have?

  Lu Chen smiled and said nothing. To him, money was just a number.

  "By the way, the Wang family's private goods were investigated this morning. I guess the next step is to investigate their Wang's trade. As long as the Wang's trade is investigated, the Wang's family will basically be over." Du Fei said.

  "Well, it depends on whether Wang Shiju has the courage." Lu Chen laughed. If Wang Shiju has no courage, then they don't need to make another move. The Wang family will definitely be over.

  This time, Du Fei used almost all the personnel to find out the news about the Wang family smuggling goods. Then Lu Chen directly passed the news to the city bosses, and only then did the Wang family's private goods be investigated in the early morning. www.

  Just then, Song Hai knocked on the door and walked in.

  "Shao Lu, with the news just now, the Wang family disbanded the Wang trade." Song Hai said.

  "It seems that Wang Shiju is still quite courageous. Then you should create more trouble for the Wang Group first." Lu Chen nodded, this was in his expectation.

  If Wang Shengju didn't even have this courage, then the Wang family would not have developed to this point.

Chapter: 87

The Wang family disbanded the Wang's trading company, which is equivalent to breaking his own arm. In this way, Lu Chen directly asks Du Fei to continue to make trouble for the Wang Group. Wang Shengju will definitely notice that someone is deliberately fixing him. Must find Du Fei to negotiate.

  He is ready to shoot again at that time.

  In the next few days, the Wang Group continued to encounter various troubles and various scandals among internal employees.

  Even the many crimes committed by Wang Xing and Wang Wenxue in the past have been constantly exposed on the Internet, and the busy Wang Sheng was so devastated that he had no intention of dealing with Lu Chen.

  But at this time, Lu Chen received good news.

  Lu Zhong not only acquired TSMC’s core chip technology, but also hired seven TSMC technical engineers for him.

  Although these seven people are not the strongest type of scientists at TSMC, they also have excellent research in the field of chips.

  It's just that TSMC doesn't have much funding to invest in scientific research, which leads to their lack of opportunities to show their talents.

  Lu Chen personally met the seven people, and promised to build a scientific research laboratory for them to conduct research first.

  So far, Yiqi Technology has recruited more than 60 scientific researchers. Although there is still a big gap from the 2000 mark, the investment in the first phase is only 500 or 600 scientists. Lu Chen believes that the initial establishment of the science park After getting up, almost all the first batch of scientific researchers can be recruited.

  Hosted the researchers Lu Zhong dug from TSMC. Lu Chen received a call from Lin Dahai as soon as he was about to go back.

  "Lu Chen, come to my house and introduce a great person to you," Lin Dahai said.

  "Big man?" Lu Chen asked in confusion, he didn't think Lin Dahai could know any big man.

  "Yes, come on. It must be a good thing for you. Moreover, as long as you have friendship with the other party, the Wang family will definitely not dare to do anything to you." Lin Dahai vowed.

  "Okay, I'll go over right away." Lu Chen smiled bitterly. Although he knew that Lin Dahai would not know any big people, it was not easy to brush his kindness.

  For Lin Dahai, Lu Chen still had nothing to say.

  Lin Dahai didn't wait for Lu Chen to come, but first waited for a family of three. www.

  "Oh, it's Lao Zhao, what brought you here." Lin Dahai opened the door and saw a middle-aged couple and a handsome young man standing outside the door.

  The middle-aged couple were his old classmates, Zhao Chunlei and Gu Xinyan. As for the handsome youth, they were Zhao Xiaoren, the son of Zhao Chunlei and his wife.

  "Oh, I haven't contacted for a long time. Today, Xiaoren was hired by Yiqi Technology, so I stopped by and invited you to go out for a meal in the evening." Gu Xinyan laughed.

  "By the way, Yi Jia is here too. Oh, after a few years, Yi Jia has become more and more beautiful, and she has become a slim and beautiful girl." Gu Xinyan saw Lin Yijia on the side and said hello with a smile.

  They came to Lin Dahai's house today because of Lin Yijia.

  The two families were originally neighbors back then. Zhao Xiaoren liked Lin Yijun with all his heart, and the Zhao family also came to raise a kiss. Who knows that Lin Yijun married Lu Chen once he graduated from university, and he didn't give Zhao Xiaoren a chance at all.

  The Zhao family moved out the year before last, and came back again. In fact, he wanted to fight Lin Yijia's idea, to rub her son and Lin Yijia.

  "Aunt Gu, hello, Uncle Zhao, please sit down." Lin Yijia got up to entertain the two, looked at Zhao Xiaoren, and saw that Zhao Xiaoren looked a little fanatical at her, she smiled, "Brother Xiaoren, Please sit down."

  "Oh, good, good." Zhao Xiaoren nodded excitedly.

  Although Lin Yijia didn't make him dream like Lin Yijun did in the past, she is also a rare beauty, Zhao Xiaoren was tempted at once.

  Lin Yijia went to pour tea, while Lin Dahai chatted with Zhao Chunlei.

  Just then, someone was knocking on the door, and Lin Yijia just poured tea for the three of them, and opened the door casually.

  "Brother-in-law, you are here." Lin Yijia greeted Lu Chen.

  Although the trouble was a little unpleasant the other day, the Wang family has not troubled them in the past few days, and they have gradually begun to believe what Lu Chen said.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, and saw Zhao Chunlei's family, he couldn't help but smile, isn't Zhao Xiaoren his love rival back then? Is this family developed, father-in-law Think of them as big shots?

  "Oh, isn't this who? The clothes are so casual, and the clothes are not that good." Gu Xinyan said when she saw Lu Chen, she said in a strange way, this is the most promising child from her son. The one who was snatched by the daughter-in-law, it is strange that she has a good impression of Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, and a joke flashed in his eyes, and said faintly, "It depends on how you define the word

  hun . What is good for hunger ? What is bad for hunger ?" Zhao Xiaoren looked at it.

  Lu Chen , with a hint of resentment flashing in his eyes, he coldly snorted, "If you have a good job with a monthly salary of tens of thousands, then you are a good guy." Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, a sneer flashed in his eyes, Zhao Xiaoren's views are only suitable for ordinary people. For him, a monthly salary of 100 months is not a good thing.

  "In that case, Brother Zhao has a monthly salary of tens of thousands." Lin Yijia said without too much trouble.

  "Yijia, your brother Zhao has just been admitted by Yiqi Technology today. The monthly salary during the probation period is only 12 thousand. After he becomes a regular employee, with various benefits, it can reach 21 thousand and January." Gu Xinyan said with a smile, her face full. Pride.

  In Yuzhou, an ordinary salary of 5,000 or 6,000 is considered good, and tens of thousands are definitely white-collar workers. Her son can reach 20,000 after he becomes a regular employee, and he is already regarded as an elite in the general white-collar class.

  She is indeed proud.

  Hearing that Zhao Xiaoren was accepted by Yiqi Technology, Lu Chen thought that this guy should also be somewhat capable, or it would be impossible to get into Yiqi Technology.

  Just thinking that this kid was showing off entering Yiqi Technology, he was inexplicably funny.

  "Yijia, Yiqi Technology is our largest enterprise in Yuzhou, and the salary agency has reached the height of a large company in Beijing, and ordinary people can't get in at all." Zhao Xiaoren said proudly.

  Lin Yijia smiled and said nothing, and said to her heart that you are only 20,000 yuan a month, what is so proud of, but my brother-in-law made 40 million for my dad in one night.

  "Yijia, this is the bag I bought for you when I first came." Zhao Xiaoren saw that the time was about to come, so he took out a handbag from the bag to Lin Yijia.

  "Ah, this bag is very beautiful, it should be very expensive." Lin Dahai looked at it and said.

  "More than 5,000, it's a bit expensive, but as long as Yijia likes it." Zhao Xiaoren said explicitly.

  "By the way, uncle, I also brought you a packet of tea, authentic Wuyishan Dahongpao, you can taste it." Zhao Xiaoren took out another packet of delicate tea and handed it to Lin Dahai.

  "Ah, how embarrassed you are. You gave Yijia bags and tea to me again, and this tea is not cheap. It really cost you money." Lin Dahai smiled and took the tea and got up to make it himself.

  "No expense, no expense, Chunlei's old friend gave him five or six thousand jin. Recently, there are a lot of people looking for Chunlei to do business, and a lot of tea has also been delivered. Just bring you a bag." Gu Xinyan showed off. Said, his face was full of pride.

  Lin Dahai smiled, but he dismissed it in his heart. There is nothing to show off with only a few thousand dollars. My son-in-law made 40 million for me a few days ago. Moreover, my son-in-law himself is also billions. Rich man.

  Seeing Lin Dahai going to make tea, Lu Chen sat down beside Lin Yijia and asked, "Yijia, did the LV bag you sold in Xintianze last time broke? The one hundred thousand bags are so not durable. ."

Chapter: 88

More than one hundred thousand LV bags?

  Zhao Xiaoren's family was shocked when he heard it, and looked at Lin Yijia in a daze.

  "It's okay, but I gave it away to my friend. I am going to buy another one today." Lin Yijia is telling the truth. Not only does she have a million deposits, but Lu Chen's Supreme Card is still on her. There is no need to spend money to buy things in Xintianze.

  So yesterday her best friend also liked LV bags, she gave them to her directly, but she hadn't bought them yet.

  "Well, buy me a razor by the way when you buy it. My razor was broken by Qiqi." Lu Chen said.

  "What brand to buy? Philips, dad only bought one yesterday, only 19998, which is quite cheap." Lin Yijia said.

  A razor of 20,000 yuan, which is quite cheap?

  The Zhao family took three deep breaths. Is the Lin family developed?

  The daughter's LV bag of more than 100,000 is given away casually, and Lin Dahai is even more prodigal with a razor of 20,000?

  Impossible, absolutely impossible!

  All three of the Zhao family shook their heads, feeling Lu Chen and Lin Yijia deliberately acting in front of them.

  They know the situation of Lin Dahai's family very well.

  Hundreds of thousands of deposits up to 1 million are in the sky. With this little deposit, how can it be possible to withstand such a prodigal?

  "Well, yes." Lu Chen nodded.

  "Dad, what model is the razor you bought yesterday?" Lin Yijia asked, turning around.

  "On my desk, go and see for yourself. Didn't you see me making tea?" Lin Dahai said angrily.

  "I'll get it." Lu Chen said, got up and walked to Lin Dahai's room.

  Soon he came out with a Philips S9988/68 razor.

  "It's this model, remember not to buy the wrong one." Lu Chen said to Lin Yijia the razor.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijia nodded and took out her phone to take a photo.

  Gu Xinyan gave Zhao Xiaotian a wink, and Zhao Xiaotian understood and nodded.

  "Yijia, can uncle show me this razor?" Zhao Xiaotian looked at Lin Yijia.

  "What's so good about something that is only 20,000 yuan?" Lin Yijia smiled, and threw the razor to Zhao Xiaoren.

  Zhao Xiaoren took it, and didn't say what the quality was. He couldn't tell if it was really a razor of twenty thousand.

  He silently memorized the model of the razor, then smiled and returned the razor to Lin Yijia.

  Then when Lu Chen and Lin Yijia were not looking at him, they quietly took out their mobile phones to search.

  Soon, his face froze.

  The Philips S9988/68 shaver is really 19998!

  Seeing his son's face, Gu Xinyan unwillingly turned to look at his son's phone.

  In the next moment, her face also froze.

  It really costs 20,000 yuan each!

  "Old Lin, your house is well-developed, and you already use two razors." Seeing Lin Dahai coming over with freshly brewed tea, Gu Xinyan said in disgust.

  "It's nothing, just Lu Chen's filial piety, helped me earn tens of millions." Lin Dahai smiled slightly.

  "Ah? What kind of job does Lu Chen do, so he can still make money like this? Is it a stock trader?" Gu Xinyan was surprised and asked hurriedly.

  As soon as Lin Dahai was about to tell the truth, Lu Chen laughed first: "I, a vagrant, but with good luck, I bought a lottery ticket for my dad and won the first prize."

  " Won the first prize." The three of the Zhao family were shocked. The luck was against the sky. It would be difficult to buy a lottery ticket to win one hundred thousand. Unexpectedly, Lu Chen bought Lin Dahai a pole and won the first prize. This kid really stepped on it. Lucky shit.

  Seeing that Lu Chen didn't want to tell Gu Xinyan the truth, Lin Dahai smiled and nodded: "Yes, Lu Chen's luck is almost impossible to say, he is the lucky star of my Lin family." Lin

  Dahai said this from the heart. , If it weren't for Lu Chen, where would he be so comfortable now? Even his wife's attitude towards him had changed a lot.

  He said nothing to Lu Chen in his heart.

  Although Gu Xinyan's family felt a little unhappy, they had to be convinced by Lu Chen's luck. This son-in-law was really Lin Dahai's lucky star.

  Just seeing that Lu Chen turned out to be a vagrant, Gu Xinyan couldn't help but say: "Old Lin, Lu Chen is not going to work at a young age, even if he wins you 100 million, he is not enough to be a prodigal. Let me say, young people, or have a regular stable job to do, just like my house Xiao Ren, in a big company like Yiqi technology to work, after completely secure, do not eat the parents of the capital. "

  " Right, even if No matter how much money you have, if the younger generation is incompetent, you can't stand it." Zhao Chunlei also said.

  Zhao Xiaoren also seemed to have regained his confidence, dismissing Lu Chen a little.

  No matter how lucky Lu Chen is, he will not be able to win the jackpot again, and he believes that after winning the jackpot, Lu Chen must have been a little drifting, and will definitely be immersed in the fantasy of winning the jackpot, and sooner or later he will become a waste.

  And he only needs to work hard, and in the future, Yiqi Technology will definitely get better and better.

  Lin Dahai was a little upset. Just when he wanted to say that his son-in-law was a billionaire, he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

  "Yijia, go and open the door." Lin Dahai looked at Lin Yijia.

  "Good." Lin Yijia said, got up and opened the door.

  The door opened, and there was a middle-aged man standing outside, dressed in brand-name clothing and carrying two delicate plastic bags.

  "Excuse me, is this Lin Dahailin's home?" the middle-aged man asked respectfully.

  "Dad, I'm looking for you." Lin Yijia said and turned back to the sofa.

  The middle-aged saw Lin Dahai, closed the door, and walked in with a smile.

  "Uncle Lin, hello, my name is Zheng Qiushan, I am the boss of Jinsifu Jewelry, I take the liberty to interrupt, and please forgive me." The middle-aged came to Lin Dahai with respectful expression.

  "Ah, Boss Zheng, we don't seem to know each other." Lin Dahai said in surprise.

  "That's it. I asked Huang Youjun Master Huang about your address. I heard that you like to drink tea. This is the Maofeng I brought from Huangshan yesterday. Please taste it." Zheng Qiushan respectfully gave one of them Handed the bag to Lin Dahai.

  Today, he came to find Lin Dahai to take him to meet Lu Chen.

  That night, Lu Chen showed great power. In the stone gambling game, he won the country's third-ranked Zheng Xihe, and even won the rough channels of Yuzhou and Central Plains. In the future, they have to import rough stones from Lu Chen. , So I had to find Lu Chen to manage relations first, hoping that Lu Chen would not get stuck with them on the import of rough stones.

  "Ah? Huangshan's Maofeng is quite expensive. Boss Zheng, please sit down." Lin Dahai didn't dare to neglect. Although he now has 40 million in deposits, Zheng Qiushan's face is nothing.

  "It's not expensive, it's seven or eight hundred thousand a catty, it's trivial." Zheng Qiushan smiled.

  Seven to eight hundred thousand catties?

  The three of the Zhao family were shocked at the same time, and instantly felt a bit hot.

  Just now, Zhao Xiaoren gave Lin Yijia a bag of 5000, and Lin Yijia was brutally slapped in the face. Just when they heard that Lu Chen did not have a job, they found a little confidence. At this time, they felt like they were slapped again.

  But what shocked them even more was that after Zheng Qiushan sat down, he saw the change in Lu Chen's expression.

Chapter: 89

"Ah, Lu, Mr. Lu is here too, I'm looking for you." Zheng Qiushan sat down and saw Lu Chen sitting opposite him. He hurriedly got up and held out his hand respectfully.

  "Hello." Lu Chen smiled slightly, did not get up, just sat and shook hands with Zheng Qiushan.

  Seeing that Lu Chen is so rude, Zhao Xiaoren's family sneered in their hearts. They are jewelers and real big bosses. You only helped your father-in-law win tens of millions, so dare you not see Boss Zheng?

  But the next moment, the three of the family's eyes widened again.

  Zheng Qiushan did not feel resentful because of Lu Chen's rudeness. He smiled and handed another gift bag to Lu Chen, and respectfully said: "Mr. Lu, I have nothing to give you. I heard that Mrs. Lu is naturally beautiful. It happened that there was a jasper necklace in our store. I brought it. Be careful, and I hope Mr. Lu and Mrs. Lu don’t see

  him outside. " Jin Sifu’s jasper necklace, it’s the chain of the town treasure. He actually took the chain of the town treasure. They were all used to send Lu Chen, what exactly is Lu Chen?

  Gu Xinyan was surprised. She often went to Jin Sifu to buy jewelry, and of course she also knew about this necklace.

  That is a necklace worth nearly ten million!

  Lu Chen nodded. Knowing Zheng Qiushan's purpose, he took out the necklace and looked at it. It was indeed very beautiful and noble. Lin Yijia next to it was envious.

  It's just that Boss Zheng said that the necklace was given to her sister, and she was embarrassed to ask for it.

  Now Gu Xinyan had no doubts anymore, but the eyes of Lu Chen were full of doubts. will

  send nearly ten million necklaces, and it is also the treasure of Jin Sifu's town store. What important thing does Boss Zheng ask for Lu Chen?

  What is Lu Chen's ability to make Jin Sifu's boss treat him so respectfully?

  At this moment, not only the Zhao family three were puzzled, but even Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia were very puzzled.

  Thinking about how Huang Youjun Master Huang called him today, saying that he would bring a big man to his house and ask him to call Lu Chen, Lin Dahai jumped violently.

  Could it be that...

  after leaving that night, what other major thing happened, and it was made by Lu Chen?

  "This necklace is good, my wife will definitely like it." Lu Chen smiled faintly and put the necklace away.

  Zheng Qiushan was also greatly relieved. What Lu Chen wanted to make clear was that Lu Chen had received his heart, and he would definitely not be stuck in the future.

  "Boom boom boom!"

  At this moment , there was another knock on the door outside, and Lin Yijia went to open the door again, and a bald man stood outside the door and looked at her with a smile.

  Although the big bald man wore a famous brand and looked stylish, his bald head shocked Lin Yijia.

  "Excuse me, is this Lin Dahailin's Uncle Lin's house?" asked with a bald smile.

  Hearing that he was coming to see her father again, Lin Yijia was relieved and turned around and said, "Dad, I am here to find you again."

  She closed the door and walked in, and she saw Lin Dahai standing at first glance. , Hurriedly stepped forward and said respectfully: "Uncle Lin, hello, my name is Liu Junjie, the boss of Bora Jewelry, I will visit you without telling you beforehand. I'm really sorry."

  Everyone wanted to laugh, and looked a bit fierce. Bald, Xin said such a handsome name, but it doesn't match your body.

  "You came to see my son-in-law again," Lin Dahai said.

  "Oh, Uncle Lin is so sharp-eyed, you can tell it at first glance." Liu Junjie smiled, not embarrassed, and handed a bag to Lin Dahai, "Uncle Lin, this is a two-century ginseng plant. I went to the auction house to take the photo specially. With a little bit of heart, please accept it.”

  Two hundred-year-old ginseng, it would take nearly one million to shoot.

  At this moment, whether it was Zhao Chunlei's family or Lin Dahai himself, they were shocked. This gift was too expensive.

  "Boss Liu, it's too precious. I don't dare to accept your gift without merit." Lin Dahai shook his head. The family was looking for Lu Chen and had nothing to do with him, so he accepted it for no reason. He really felt that he couldn't bear it.

  The most important thing is that this Liu Junjie is a real big man, and his reputation is even louder than Zheng Qiushan.

  "Dad, since Boss Liu has this heart, you can accept it." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "This..." Lin Dahai hesitated. He still doesn't know what Zheng Qiushan and Liu Junben are looking for with Lu Chen.

  If it was something embarrassing, he accepted a gift from others, and Lu Chen couldn't do it. Didn't it hurt Lu Chen.

  "Oh, Mr. Lu is there too." Liu Junjie saw Lu Chen and forcibly stuffed the ginseng bag into Lin Dahai's hand and walked towards Lu Chen.

  "Mr. Lu, hello, take the liberty to interrupt, and please forgive me." The bald head walked over and bent over to shake hands with Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen didn't get up either, just reached out and shook Liu Junjie.

  Liu Junjie was also not angry, but smiled and handed another gift bag to Lu Chen.

  "Mr. Lu, an outstanding person like you, I don’t know what to give you when I get off. I just heard that Lu Fu is both talented and capable, so I chose this Danube Ring from the store to send it to Madam Lu. Mr. and Mrs. Lu don't mind." Liu Junjie said respectfully.


  Ring of the Danube?

  Gu Xinyan and others opened their eyes wide again, and couldn't believe their ears.

  Anyone who likes to visit jewelry stores knows that the treasure of Jin Sifu’s town shop is a jasper necklace, and the treasure of Bora Jewelry’s town shop is the Danube Ring.

  The jasper necklace is worth nearly ten million, but the Danube Ring is at least 15 million.

  Two jewelers, Zheng Qiushan and Liu Junjie, together gave Lu Chen the treasures of their town shop.

  My God, if these two jewelry owners weren't crazy, then Lu Chen must be somebody.

  It's just...

  what kind of big man is Lu Chen really?

  Didn't he say that he is a vagrant?

  Seeing that the gift Liu Junjie gave was more expensive than the gift he gave, Zheng Qiushan felt a little uneasy.

  Lu Chen accepted Liu Junjie's gift. Liu Junjie also sat down beside Zheng Qiushan. Both of them were acquaintances. After saying hello, they didn't talk much.

  Soon, someone knocked on the door again, who was also the owner of the jeweler, and gave gifts to Lin Dahai first and then to Lu Chen.

  The items given to Lin Dahai were hundreds of thousands of antiques and the like, while the items given to Lu Chen were almost tens of millions of gifts.

  It wasn't until the tenth jewellery owner arrived that Zhao Chunlei's family was depressed and breathless, no jeweller came.

  Zhao Chunlei's family dared not stay any longer, and was about to get up to say goodbye, and heard the knock on the door again.

  This time, Lin Dahai went to open the door in person.

  Seeing the two people who came in, whether it was Zhao Chunlei's family or the ten jewelers, all were shocked.

Chapter: 90

One of the people who came in was Huang Youjun, and the other was a middle-aged man in his forties.

  The middle-aged man is dressed appropriately, with a moustache on his upper lip, and a slightly weathered feeling between his eyebrows, but it can be seen that if he is twenty years younger, he must be a handsome man.

  This middle-aged Lu Chen didn't know him, but almost all the people sitting there knew.

  He is Chen Guangxing, the current head of the Chen family.

  The Chen family is the head of the four major families in Yuzhou, and is better than the other three in all aspects.

  The moment everyone saw Chen Guangxing, they almost held their breath.

  They are also guessing in their hearts.

  Is it possible that Family Master Chen also came to see Lu Chen?

  "Dahai, this is the big man I told you, Chen Guangxing, the head of the Chen family, President Chen." Huang Youjun introduced to Lin Dahai.

  Lin Dahai was shocked and hurriedly stepped forward to say hello: "Chen Patriarch is coming here, you will be full of glory, please sit down quickly, please sit down quickly."

  "Mr. Lin is serious, take the liberty to interrupt, and hope that Mr. Lin will not see strangers." Chen Guangxing smiled slightly, all showing his gangster style in his gestures.

  The business sea has been up and down for decades, and now he is the head of the first family of the Chen family. Chen Guangxing's speech and demeanor are not comparable to ordinary businessmen.

  "Don't take the liberty, don't take the liberty, Patriarch Chen can come, but I can't ask for it." Lin Dahai smiled excitedly and turned to look at Lin Yijia.

  "Yijia, go to make tea, Huangshan Maofeng from Boss Zheng." Lin Dahai exhorted.

  Seeing Lin Dahai's enthusiasm for Chen Guangxing, everyone did not feel unhappy.

  After all, in front of Chen Guangxing, they were just the little brother.

  "Mr Chen."

  "Mr Chen."


  The bosses of the jewelers greeted Chen Guangxing one after another, wondering whether Chen Guangxing's move was also directed at the rough channel?

  At the beginning, Zuo Qingcheng paid 1.5 billion yuan and never took the rough channel of Yuzhou from Lu Chen. If the Chen family also wanted to get involved, could Lu Chen withstand this pressure?

  If Lu Chen couldn't resist this pressure, In the end, the rough channel was transferred to the Chen family, so they were sitting here today as a gift for nothing.

  "Ah, it's very lively today." Chen Guangxing was a little surprised when he saw the crowd, but he soon understood.

  Lu Chen won the raw stone channel of Zuo's family, and it is normal for these jewelers to defect to Lu Chen.

  "No, Patriarch Chen came for that too?" Liu Junjie chuckled. He wanted to test Chen Guangxing's purpose.

  How clever Chen Guangxing is, how could he reveal his eyes to everyone, and said with a faint smile: "I am here to visit Mr. Lin and see if he can meet with Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu has won honor for us Yuzhou merchants. As a great family in Yuzhou, the Chen family should invite Mr. Lu to have a meal."

  Chen Guangxing’s words made everyone confused about his purpose, but they guessed that it was probably for the rough channel.

  It's just that if Lu Chen really transferred the rough channel to the Chen family, it would be too shameful.

  However, everyone thought that Lu Chen's bet on Shi could easily win even Zheng Xihe, the third in the country, and that gift should be regarded as a meeting ceremony for him.

  After all, a stone gambling master like Lu Chen, doing a small favor for them in the future may also make them earn more.

  "Mr Chen, please here." Liu Junjie sat directly opposite Lu Chen. Knowing that Chen Guangxing had come to Lu Chen, he took the initiative to give up his position.

  "Thank you." Chen Guangxing nodded, and sat down unceremoniously.

  After he sat down, he looked at Lu Chen on the opposite side.

  Lu Chen was also looking at him at this time.

  Lu Chen finally understood that the big man his father-in-law said was Chen Guangxing, the head of the first family.

  This is indeed a big shot.

  Even if he hadn't established a foothold in Yuzhou yet, he didn't want to easily engage with the Chen family.

  "Mr. Lu is more energetic than what you saw in the video. It's good to be young." Chen Guangxing smiled and broke the silence first without seeing the other's flaws.

  Chen Guangxing came to Lu Chen after seeing the entire video of Lu Chen and Zheng Xihe at the antique event.

  During the whole process, everyone else, including Zuo Jia, just suspected that Lu Chen was rich.

  But his Chen family faintly discovered the identity of Lu Chen.

  "The man is forty, he is in his prime, and President Chen is humble." Lu Chen also smiled faintly.

  But in my heart, I was thinking of Chen Guangxing's purpose in coming to him.

  As the Patriarch of the First Family, Chen Guangxing actually came to him personally, which shows that he either requested a lot or discovered some secret.

  Thinking about this, Lu Chen had a dike in his heart, and he seemed a little cautious.

  Seeing that Lu Chen and Chen Guangxing became silent again, everyone felt even more puzzled.

  Zhao Chunlei's family stood up directly, the atmosphere was too weird, no matter how they could bear it.

  "Lao Lin, your house is too lively today, or if we visit another day, we will leave first." Zhao Chunlei's family really couldn't stay.

  Not to mention the top ten jewelers, now they are even more powerful, and they are all equal to Lu Chen, so how dare they stay?

  It's just that Zhao Xiaoren glanced at Lu Chen deeply before leaving, his eyes were full of unwillingness.

  Why is Lu Chen better than him everywhere?


  He is just a vagrant!

  "Okay, Lao Zhao, then you go slowly." Lin Dahai understood the mood of their family, and under this circumstance, he had no intention of entertaining them. www.

  "Dad, what exactly is the identity of Lu Chen's kid? Why do so many people come to see him today?" Zhao Xiaoren couldn't help but ask after leaving Lin Dahai's family. Today their family is showing off in Lin's family. It's all embarrassing.

  "Yeah, Chunlei, you are so knowledgeable, come and analyze it for us." Gu Xinyan said with an ugly expression.

  First, the top ten jewelers came to give gifts one after another, and they were as respectful as their grandson in front of Lu Chen, and then Chen Guangxing, the head of the first family of the Chen family, came personally.

  If Lu Chen was just a vagrant, they wouldn't believe it if he was killed.

  "It must be a big man, do you still need to talk about it? Also, Xiaoren shouldn't take Lin Yijia's idea. Today's Lin family is no longer affordable for our Zhao family." Zhao Chunlei said.

  Zhao Xiaoren was very unwilling, but he also knew that his father was right. Lin Yijia used a bag of more than 100,000. What would he give to others during New Years and holidays?

  At this time, at Lin Dahai’s house, Chen Guangxing looked at everyone around him and said to Lu Chen again: "I don't know if Mr. Lu is free, I want to invite Mr. Lu out for a cup of tea."

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, and his thoughts turned. He smiled and said, "Okay, it's

  Lu Mou's honor to have Mr. Chen please drink tea, Mr. Chen please." Lu Chen said and stood up.

  He knew that Chen Guangxing had something to discuss with him alone, and there were so many people here, it was not a place to talk about things.