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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 91-100) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 91

In the ViP private room of Yuzhou Tiansheng Teahouse, Chen Guangxing and Lu Chen are sitting opposite each other, with two cups of Longjing tea in front of them.

  But no one has ever had a sip.

  "Mr. Chen, just say it straight. I like to go straight." Lu Chen said.

  Chen Guangxing smiled faintly when he heard the words, took a sip from his teacup, and said, "Mr. Lu, this is an authentic Longjing. Every time only I come, they will serve me, your products."

  Lu Chen smiled and said. He took a sip of the teacup and tasted it in his mouth before swallowing it. He nodded and praised: "It is indeed authentic Longjing, and it is the best Longjing, good tea."

  Chen Guangxing's eyes lit up and he smiled: "Mr. Lu is also a tea ceremony. Middle man."

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "I used to drink tea

  a lot, but I have drunk less in recent years." "By the way, President Chen should call me by name." Lu Chen added.

  "Well, even though I am twenty years older than you, but you are not an ordinary person, I will call you brother Lu." Chen Guangxing smiled. www.

  Lu dust raised his eyebrows, but a sudden unpredictable purpose of the Kuan-Hsing Chen.

  "Brother Lu, to be honest, I rarely admire people in my life. So far, there are only three people I admire in Yuzhou. One is my dad, the other is Lu Zhong from the Grand Hyatt Group, and the third is You are here." Chen Guangxing stared at Lu Chen's eyes.

  "I'm just an ordinary person, Mr. Chen said and laughed." Lu Chen laughed, he couldn't figure it out.

  "Brother Lu, although you were very good at covering up, as long as you use your mind more about what you were in Shangri-La that night, you can almost guess your identity." Chen Guangxing said.

  Lu Chen's face darkened slightly, looking at Chen Guangxing silently.

  He also felt in his heart that he was a little careless and impulsive.

  Imagine the whole Yuzhou, who can get so much cash to bet on rocks?

  And as long as he is not looking at him with colored glasses, he can basically guess that he can really get six billion.

  The four big families can't get six billion in cash, but the boss of Yiqi Technology can.

  Because everyone knows that Yiqi Technology will invest 20 billion yuan in the initial construction, and will continue to invest 30 billion yuan in the future.

  Only such a great man can take out, dare to take out so much cash to bet on rocks.

  This is not only financial resources, but also courage.

  "Brother Lu, don’t worry. Actually, when I saw the video, I didn’t guess the identity of Brother Lu. It was because my father had cultivated his self-cultivation over the years, and his temper was different from ordinary people, so I guessed your identity. If I didn’t guess wrong, even the other three. No one can guess who you are." Chen Guangxing explained with a smile when Lu Chen's face changed slightly.

  What Chen Guangxing was telling was the truth. Lu Chen dressed in ordinary clothes and behaved like a real boss. If it weren't for his father, even a clever man like him hadn't guessed it, few others would have guessed it.

  "I'll just say it straight, brother Lu, I came to see you today. There are two main things. The first is that my old man appreciates you and wants to invite you to my house. Second, I just want to talk to you. We Chen Is there any possibility of cooperation between my home and Yiqi Technology. Regardless of whether we can negotiate a cooperation, my Chen family really hopes that Yiqi Technology can be built quickly." Chen Guangxing sipped his tea and said.

  His remarks are not arrogant. As the leader of Yuzhou's business community, the Chen family has always hoped that Yuzhou can truly develop. Whether it is for fame or to give the fathers and elders of their hometown a developed city, the Chen family has been committed to city construction for decades.

  This is also the reason why the Chen family can sit firmly on top of the four major families.

  "Oh, I will definitely visit the old man if I have the opportunity. As for cooperation, Yiqi Technology is also happy to cooperate with the Chen family at a deeper level." Lu Chen nodded, Yiqi Technology has just started, and can work with the four major families. Cooperation, that must be something Lu Chen would like to see. Only in this way can Yiqi Technology develop and grow better and faster.

  Chen Guangxing was overjoyed when he heard this, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so easy to talk.

  Then the two had a discussion about the cooperation between the two sides. Neither party was insatiable, and the discussion went smoothly. In the end, the two parties initially achieved 5 billion project cooperation.

  In the initial stage, Lu Chen was willing to allocate 5 billion projects to the Chen family for construction. If the Chen family can successfully or complete ahead of schedule, another 5 billion projects will be added.

  Of course, this is only the preliminary opinion of the two, and the specific details of cooperation must of course be discussed by the professional teams of both parties.

  "Brother Lu, the day after tomorrow is my father's 70th birthday. If you have time, go and sit there." Finally, Chen Guangxing invited Lu Chen.

  "Is it morning or afternoon?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Ten o'clock in the morning." Chen Guangxing said.

  "Okay, I'll be there on time the day after tomorrow." Lu Chen nodded, and the two got up and shook hands, and walked out of the teahouse together.

  After returning home, Lin Yijun has taken Qiqi back from get off work.

  Seeing Lin Yijun was cooking, Lu Chen went to the kitchen to help her.

  Seeing Lu Chen's return, Lin Yijun just raised her head and glanced at her, then immersed herself in cooking.

  Lin Yijun is still sulking these past few days, and she also ignores Lu Chen.

  Because when she asked Lu Chen how many things Lu Chen had hidden from her a few days ago, Lu Chen didn't even tell her, saying that the time was not yet ripe.

  As a husband and wife, Lin Yijun's lack of confession towards Lu Chen made Lin Yijun feel sad, and even slept with Lu Chen in a separate room in the past two days.

  "Let me come." Lu Chen said after washing his hands.

  Lin Yijun said nothing, took off her scarf, washed her hands, and went out.

  One is that she is still angry with Lu Chen, and the other is that Lu Chen's cooking skills are better than her. Lu Chen has always been cooking and cooking. She is also used to eating.

  Lin Yijun, who came out, saw a dozen gift bags stacked on the sofa. She went to look curiously and found that they were all jewelry. She curiously opened one, which happened to be the Danube ring given by Liu Junjie.

  Holding the ring in her hand, Lin Yijun felt an inexplicable warmth. Of course she also knew this Danube Ring. It was a price of 15 million that Lu Chen would have bought it.

  She opened up all the other jewellery and ornaments and looked at it. While moved, she was also a little speechless.

  These things add up to at least 70 or 80 million. How much is his 100 million?

  No, it's 90 million, and there are 10 million in my own place.

  Although Lin Yijun was touched, she still felt sorry for the money. Lu Chen was such a prodigal, although she was completely defeated by her.

  She also wanted Lu Chen to take the ninety million yuan to do a good job, but she didn't expect that he would buy all the jewelry.

  Of course Lu Chen didn't know what Lin Yijun was thinking. He cooked the food and brought it out, and Lin Yijun looked at him with a bad expression.

  "What's wrong?" Lu Chen asked.

  "You are really a prodigal, ninety million, you actually bought all jewelry, am I such a material person? You must take it all back tomorrow." Lin Yijun hated the iron and pointed to the sofa. Said ten gift bags.

Chapter: 92

On the 70th birthday of the Chen family, after Lu Chen sent Qiqi to school, he bought a catty of tea.

  He heard Chen Xingxing say that Mr. Chen also likes to drink Longjing, so he sold Longjing.

  As long as it is not for sale, Longjing is generally not expensive.

  The bag that Lu Chen bought only cost more than 20,000 yuan.

  The birthday banquet of Mr. Chen was at Yunwu Mountain Villa in Chen's Family. Lu Chen came to Yunwu Mountain Villa and saw dozens of luxury cars parked on the parking square. The few Mercedes-Benz BMWs were ordinary goods, Hummer Land Rover Porsche and so on. , Can only be regarded as medium.

  There are more luxurious supercars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and even a few extended Rolls Royce, of which there is a license plate with all numbers 8.

  Lu Chen drove a small Audi into the parking plaza, which was quite eye-catching.

  The security guards in charge of parking the car saw Lu Chen's Audi, and they were a little surprised, but they didn't make any unusual moves.

  "Sir, are you here to celebrate Mr. Chen's birthday?" a security guard asked.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded.

  "Then stop here." The

  security guard commanded Lu Chen to stop professionally.

  It can be seen that the security guards of the Chen family are quite good.

  Because there are not many parking spaces, parking is a bit slow.

  Just here, a Porsche drove into the parking plaza. Seeing that the security guard directed an A6 to stop badly for half a day, two girls got down from it.

  "Are you blind? A broken Audi is also allowed to stop. Does the driver of this car seem to come to my grandfather to celebrate his birthday?" one of the girls scolded the security guard.

  "I'm sorry, second lady, he said he came to wish the old man a birthday." A security guard explained with a grimace.

  This woman was named Chen Xiaobing, the daughter of Chen Guangxing's younger brother Chen Yijun.

  The beauty next to her was Li Chun, her best friend in college. She just came from Sichuan Province today, and Chen Xiaobing just picked her up from the airport.

  Lu Chen was very curious. He stretched out his head and looked around and found that they were two very beautiful young women, but the taller one had a cold face.

  "What to look at? Either stop it quickly or get out of me!" Chen Xiaobing scolded in disgust when seeing Lu Chen stretch his head out.

  Especially seeing Lu Chen wearing an ordinary suit, it became even more disgusting.

  In fact, Lu Chen's suit is more than 3,000. It is the most expensive suit he has bought in the past few days. If it weren't for Mr. Chen's birthday banquet, he had to wear a formal dress, or he would just wear a T-shirt.

  During this period, the temperature in Yuzhou has reached 30 degrees Celsius, and he usually likes to wear a T-shirt.

  Lu Chen frowned and continued to reverse, too lazy to care about Chen Xiaobing.

  "Xiaobing, your grandfather's 70th birthday, how come you have this kind of cock to participate." Li Chun also looked down on Lu Chen's main way.

  Yes, this Li Chun is also a person with a lot of background. She is the daughter of the Li family, the largest family in Sichuan. The strength of the Li family in Sichuan is not below the Chen family at all. So, like Lu Chen, she drives hundreds of thousands of Audis. Yes, in her eyes, it is also just a dick.

  "Who knows, it may be an lone friend of some relative in my family, want to come and meet the world." Chen Xiaobing shook his head. www.

  "Yes, your old man Chen's 70th birthday must have gathered you from all walks of life in Yuzhou. Countless people want to meet the world after breaking their heads." Li Chun nodded.

  "Well, like this kind of dick, in addition to wanting to meet the world, she must also take the opportunity to indulge in big shots." Chen Xiaobing saw that Lu Chen had stopped the car, so he got into the Porsche and prepared to stop.

  Lu Chen got out of the car, saw Li Chun looking at him contemptuously, shook his head, and walked past Li Chun.

  After walking across the square and arriving at the entrance of the villa, I saw the younger generations of the Li family standing in a row to welcome the guests.

  However, Lu Chen didn't know anyone, so he walked in directly.

  After walking through the greet passage and seeing the reception desk, Lu Chen delivered the tea in his hand.

  "Please sign up." The person who received the gift was a middle-aged woman. Behind her stood five or six waiters, who should be left-like gifts.

  For a big man like Chen's birthday, the whole Yuzhou upper class will be a sensation. The gifts are definitely not money, but various valuable items.

  Of course, the waiter needs to move in in time.

  "Lu Chen, West Lake Longjing is a catty." Lu Chen said.

  Hearing Lu Chen's words, whether it was the middle-aged woman receiving the gift or the waiters behind, there was contempt in his eyes.

  Lu Chen's tea was the most expensive gift they received today. The cheapest gift from those who came before was more than 200,000 yuan.

  Like before, I also received a catty of tea, but it was Huangshan Maofeng, 800,000 catty, and Lu Chen's 2 million catty was completely incomparable.

  "Go straight on the left." The woman receiving the gift said contemptuously.

  Lu Chen looked into the three passages and saw the women's eyes. He knew that the passage pointed to by the other party must be the place for ordinary guests.

  Yes, the birthday banquet of Mr. Chen was divided into three areas because there were too many people, giving gifts less than 500,000, in one area, fifty to one million in one area, and more than one million. In another area, it can be said to be very clear.

  Lu Chen walked into the living room. Although it was the worst living room, it was also very large, and the decoration was very luxurious, giving a feeling of magnificence everywhere.

  Looking around, I'm afraid that there are not 50 or 60 people, who can be described as a hero Yunjie.

  Everyone has their own circle. Either a few have to get together and talk, or they just have a tea break in the pavilion.

  To Lu Chen's surprise, there are still many entertainment venues in this living room.

  There are karaoke rooms, bars, casinos, and small rock gambling clubs.

  Lu Chen glanced at the people here, but he didn't know him.

  No wonder, the guests here are inexpensive gifts, and it is normal for Lu Chen not to know him.

  "I'm going, the casino is so big, there are people playing tens of millions of rounds. It's so exciting."

  "Wow, that must be someone from another venue who came over to play. Let's go and take a look.

  " Brother, walk around and join in the fun. It's boring here anyway." A young man greeted Lu Chen enthusiastically when he saw Lu Chen alone.

  Lu Chen shrugged, feeling quite bored, nodded, and walked over.

  Entering the casino, I saw that it was already full of people.

  Fortunately, Lu Chen is relatively tall, and he immediately saw both sides of the bet.

  Seeing that the person gambling on the table turned out to be his mother-in-law Wang Xue, Lu Chen was speechless, so he squeezed in.

  "I'll be 10 million, it's big!" Lu Chen heard Wang Xue's desperate voice as soon as he squeezed into the crowd.

  "Prodigal mother-in-law, this is already the last ten million, can't you keep me some coffin books?" Lin Dahai said angrily.

  "Shut up!" Wang Xue obviously blushed and shouted in a deep voice.

  "Mom!" Lin Yijia also shouted angrily.

  Just now he had lost 30 million. If this one loses, the money that Lu Chen made for her father will be lost. Not only that, but he has to put in more than one million.

  "Buy it, let it go." The dealer yelled and opened the dice clock in a bang.

  134, eight o'clock. Xiao

  saw the result of the drive, Wang Xue's face was pale, Lin Dahai was almost dizzy, and Lin Yijia's face was ugly.

  Lu Chen helped them earn 40 million yuan at the antique event, and it was all lost.

Chapter: 93

Wang Xue's face was pale, she wanted to say that the other party was a thousand-year-old, but she knew that she was nothing here, and the whole person became a little frustrated.

  Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia looked disillusioned, and at the same time they looked at Wang Xue and looked a little unhappy, very unhappy.

  It turned out that Wang Xue had won two rounds before, and it was a little erratic. The bet was getting bigger and bigger. Lin Dahai persuaded her to stop and she would not listen. I thought I was lucky today and wanted to get rich overnight.

  Unexpectedly, I have lost a few games in a row, and now I have lost completely.

  Looking at Lu Chen's face, the Chen family invited Lin Dahai's family as well. Lin Dahai sent over the catty Huangshan Maofeng that Zheng Qiushan gave him. They could have been in another living room.

  But there are all big bosses with good looks. They don't know any one of the family, and they can't get in on the topics they talk about. They seem a little uncomfortable, so they came here.

  Unexpectedly, when Wang Xue was addicted to gambling, he would instantly change from a multi-millionaire to a savings of less than one million.

  Seeing Lao Zhangren desperately falling from heaven to hell, Lu Chen sighed, preparing to help them win the money back.

  "Mom, get up and let me come." Lu Chen stepped forward.

  "What are you here? This is a sinkhole." Everyone Lin saw Lu Chen and hurriedly stopped.

  "Brother-in-law, do you have any interest in gambling?" Lin Yijia saw Lu Chen, her eyes suddenly brightened, and she looked forward to it.

  Last time Lu Chen helped her father earn forty million. This time, she didn't know why, she suddenly felt a little anticipating for Lu Chen.

  Seeing Lu Chen, Wang Xue's eyes lit up, and she suddenly became energetic. She knew that Lu Chen had won 100 million in the lottery.

  "Lu Chen, give me the money quickly and let me come." Wang Xue looked at Lu Chen expectantly. She must get her back today, or she wouldn't be reconciled.

  "Are you coming? Can you do it?" Lu Chen was a little speechless, and came back even after he lost. Had it not been for Lin Dahai's desperate appearance, he would not have participated in this gambling.

  "I can't, you can? Don't talk nonsense, get the money out quickly, otherwise I will force Yi Jun to divorce you." Wang Xue threatened angrily.

  Lu Chen's face changed, and he felt a little angry.

  Seeing this family quarreling, other people stopped playing and stopped to watch the jokes.

  "Will you give me money? If you don't, call Yijun to get her to divorce you now!" Seeing Lu Chen's silence, Wang Xue scolded.

  "It's fine if you are happy." Lu Chen smiled angrily, stepped aside and sat down. That means you can call if you want, and I won't stop you.

  "You're a prodigal mother-in-law, aren't you embarrassed?" Lin Dahai was also angry. He just lost all his family background. Now he threatens his son-in-law to give her money for gambling with his daughter's divorce.

  "Lin Dahai, shut up your mother!" Wang Xue said angrily.

  "Okay, I'll shut up, then you have returned my 40 million to me?" Lin Dahai said angrily.

  "Mom, can't you just say a few words? You have lost so much, come back? Are you going to export me in the end?" Lin Yijia also said angrily. When

  everyone heard the words, they looked at the beautiful and moving Lin Yijia, with a touch of expectation in their eyes.

  If you can really win this big beauty, then today is worth it.

  Wang Xue finally stopped talking.

  At this time, Lu Chen looked at the dealer and asked, “How to play?” The

  dealer’s eyes lit up and said, “Guess the size or the number of points. You pay two for each size and seven for each point, starting at 1 million."

  "What is the upper limit? Lu Chen asked again.

  "No upper limit." The dealer said.

  "Okay, let me bet with you." Lu Chen nodded.

  "OK, let's change chips." The dealer made an OK gesture.

  Lu Chen called the attendant of the Chen family and gave him a bank card, "The password is six 7, for 90 million chips."

  "Okay, please wait a moment." The waiter took the card and went to change chips.

  Everyone was shocked when they heard that they had to change 90 million chips. This is the bigger the bet.

  Originally, the Chen family set up this casino for the convenience of the guests, so as not to make them bored, but it is usually a small bet of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands, and there are very few millions.

  It's hard to imagine the tens of millions that have been upgraded.

  The dealer's eyes brightened. He was already a good gambling player. Seeing that Lu Chen exchanged 90 million chips in one go, didn't this give him money.

  "Lu Chen, don't be impulsive." Lin Dahai was startled. If Lu Chen loses the 90 million, he will only have 10 million left. The most important thing is that he knows if Lu Chen really loses. These 90 million, the last 10 million will certainly not be kept.

  This is the psychology of gamblers. If they win, they don’t stop, but if they lose, they want to get back.

  Just like Wang Xue, in order to get back, she would not hesitate to force her daughter to divorce and threaten her son-in-law to give her money to make her gamble.

  "Yes, brother-in-law, you only have 100 million. If you lose the 90 million, you will only have 10 million." Lin Yijia also hurriedly persuaded.

  Wang Xue was happy, Lu Chen exchanged 90 million chips, and she would grab tens of millions of chips from Lu Chen anyway.

  She would never be reconciled if she didn't pull it back today.

  "Dad, it's okay, I know how to measure." Lu Chen shook his head and said.

  "Oh!" Seeing Lu Chen insisted on betting, Lin Dahai sighed, feeling a little frustrated.

  Having a prodigal mother-in-law, he almost vomited blood, and now he has a son-in-law who is a good gambler. To him, it is a family disaster.

  Soon Jiazhe came over to Lu Chen with 90 million chips, and at the same time handed Lu Chen the bank card.

  "Sir, don't forget to check the phone signal." The waiter reminded.

  Lu Chen nodded. He only had 90 million in this card. Of course, he didn't believe the waiter dared to do more.

  Wang Xue looked at the 90 million chips in front of Lu Chen, her eyes were a little red, but she was still going to let Lu Chen take a gamble before asking him to take the chips.

  "Has it started?" the dealer asked.

  Lu Chen nodded, and the dealer put the dice into the shaker and shook it.


  The rocker was buckled on the table, and the dealer looked at

  Lu Chen and asked, "How much? Guess what?" "All in, 18 o'clock." Lu Chen said, pushing all his 90 million chips up.

  Everyone was surprised, this is too crazy.

  Guess the points and still bet 90 million all-in. Is he desperate?

  The most important thing is that he guessed the maximum 18 points, which is more difficult to get than buying a lottery ticket!

  Lin Dahai, Lin Yijia and Wang Xue were also dumbfounded.

  All heartache wants to vomit blood. www.How can

  Lu Chen win this bet? If this wins, how bad is your luck?

  "Lu Chen, are you crazy? How could it be 18 o'clock? You're such a prodigal son, I'm mad at you!" Wang Xue bitterly grabbed his teeth and danced his claws, wishing to take back the chips that Lu Chen had pushed up.

  The dealer is happy in his heart.

  This dice he had done tricks and kicks, it is impossible to get the maximum 18 points, he is sure to win this game.

  Looking at the 90 million chips in front of him, his excited voice trembled.

  "Buy it,

  let it go !" The dealer snorted excitedly, and opened the shaker with a bang.

  Dozens of eyes throughout the casino stared at the dice clock.

Chapter: 94

3, 4, 6.

  13 o'clock!

  The dealer wins!

  "Brother, you're almost lucky in this round!" The dealer threw his 90 million chips over with excitement, almost laughing from ear to ear.

  The others were jealous with envy.

  Ninety million.

  Although they are all small and wealthy people, 90 million is a huge sum of money for them.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, stood up, ready to leave.

  Lin Dahai's heart was bleeding, and he regretted coming to Grandpa Chen's birthday.

  The family lost more than 130 million in a short time. It was a fall from heaven to hell in a single thought.

  "That's it, let's go, Mr. Chen doesn't need to wait for this banquet." Lin Dahai sighed long, with infinite emotion in his heart.

  How do you say these thirty million dollars? They are not really earned. One is the lottery they bought, and the other is the authenticity of ancient paintings. In another sense, they are all earned for nothing, and lost. Lost it.

  Lin Dahai felt a little better when he thought so.

  But this feeling of suddenly falling from heaven into hell still made it hard for him to accept.

  Lin Yijia was dumbfounded. From today on, her family will return to the original well-off family. She has just enjoyed a life of rich wealth for a few days.

  It was so proud and comfortable.

  But now, she was beaten back to her original form again, and she couldn't accept this reality.

  "You, you, you prodigal!" Wang Xue pointed to Lu Chen, her angry fingers trembling.

  Lu Chen sneered. The reason why he lost the 90 million was to break Wang Xue's idea of ​​gambling to make money.

  Knowing that he had won 100 million, Wang Xue would definitely pester Lin Yijun or ask him for money to gamble. He deliberately lost the 90 million, which just cut off Wang Xue's thoughts so that Wang Xue would not be bothered.

  "The last ten million, go and change into a bargaining chip and give it to me!" Wang Xue said without giving up.

  "At Lin Yijun's place, you can ask her for it," Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Are you crazy? You prodigal mother-in-law, do you want me to destroy the Lin family?" When Lin Dahai heard that Wang Xue had to use Lu Chen's last ten million to bet, he slapped the king with an angry slap. Snow face.

  Wang Xue was startled, but surprisingly did not get angry.

  It could also be that Lin Dahai's angry slap made her sober temporarily.

  Wang Xue glanced at Lu Chen and walked out silently.

  Lin Dahai and Lin Yijia also followed out.

  this moment.

  The mood of the family of three sank to the bottom.

  Seeing the backs of Lin Dahai's family of three leaving sadly, Lu Chen felt a little complicated, but he did not regret it.

  People like Wang Xue who don't have gambling skills and still refuse to accept their gambling, will sooner or later lose in debt.

  "Lu Chen, aren't you rich? Come and I'll bet with you." Just when Lu Chen was about to leave the casino, a voice suddenly stopped him.

  Lu Chen looked back, and it was Wang Xing who called him.

  During this period of time, the Wang family has been in constant trouble, and has no time and energy to deal with Lu Chen.

  But this does not mean that they have forgotten their grievances with Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen first abolished Wang Wenxue and his son Wang Wenxue, causing severe damage to his lower body and directly becoming an eunuch.

  Then, at the antique event hosted by the Zuo family, Lu Chen strongly slapped Wang Xing twice, causing the Wang family to lose face.

  Just seeing that Lu Chen's gambling skills were so bad and he lost 90 million in one go, Wang Xing suddenly moved to think carefully.

  He knew that Lu Chen was very rich, at least not less than one billion.

  Even if he only wins one hundred million from Lu Chen, he will feel very comfortable.

  Lu Chen looked back at Wang Xing, raised his eyebrows slightly, and then smiled: "Okay, since you like it, then I will play with you."

  Wang Xing was overjoyed and said to the previous dealer: "Help I bet, I won, and I will give you a 10% rake."

  "Good King Shao." The dealer also let the king star , even if the king doesn’t. Give him a rake, and he is happy to bet for Wang Xing.

  "Is there an upper limit?" Lu Chen asked Wang Xing.

  "No." Wang Xing smiled.

  Lu Chen nodded, sat down again, and then called the waiter next to him: "Give me another 100 million chips. The password is the same."

  He said and took out another card to the waiter. www.Seeing that

  Lu Chen exchanged another 100 million chips, Wang Xing and the dealer both had their eyes brightened. Casino fools like Lu Chen were the gamblers they most wanted to meet.

  The others were shocked. Lu Chen's bet of 90 million in a round made them feel very exciting. Unexpectedly, now Lu Chen would exchange another 100 million chips. Everyone was looking forward to it.

  This time Lu Chen guessed the points and bet 100 million directly.

  Such a gamble, not to mention that they are not rich people, even Wang Xing rarely encounters.

  Soon the waiter took the chips over and reminded Lu Chen to check the deduction information on the phone.

  "Do you also play dice?" the dealer asked Lu Chen.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded. To be honest, in all gambling games, he also studied dice.

  If you play chess with him, he still can't play.

  "Okay." The dealer answered, and started mom to shake the dice clock.


  The dice clock was buckled on the table, and the dealer looked at

  Lu Chen with a smile: "The size is still the number?" "The rules are still the same as before?" Lu Chen didn't guess the number for the first time.

  The dealer looked at Wang Xing, and Wang Xing nodded and said, "Same as before."

  "Okay, then you go all-in for 100 million, and guess the number at 18." Lu Chen boldly pushed up the 100 million chips.

  I rely on!

  Guess at eighteen o'clock, this guy was carried with 18 o'clock today!

  Everyone was shocked, and they all felt that Lu Chen was crazy.

  He must have just lost the 90 million, which made him obsessed with eighteen o'clock.

  You must know that eighteen and three are difficult to roll out in a dice game. The probability of rolling out three sixes and three ones is no different from buying a lottery ticket.

  "I'll give you another chance, you can change the number." Wang Xing felt happy and said boldly.

  "I believe in my feelings." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Okay, then I'll open it." The dealer smiled and opened the shaker directly.

  Everyone looked at the desktop. Then all were dumbfounded.

  Six, six, six.

  Three six, eighteen.

  Everyone couldn't believe their eyes, they really had three sixes, my day.

  What kind of luck is this guy? This is probably the rhythm of buying a lottery to win the first prize!

  But Wang Xing and the banker were ashamed.

  One loses seven, this is a direct loss of 600 million!

  "You fucking come out!"

  Wang Xing, who couldn't accept this fact, shouted out of his mind.

  He didn't believe that Lu Chen had such good luck.

  The most important thing is that he can't spend so much money to compensate Lu Chen.

  Everyone was also a little puzzled. If Lu Chen said that he was a thousand people, then how did he do it without shaking the dice?

  If he said that he did not come out, then this would be too coincidental.

  Lu Chen smiled and said nothing. He is a veteran, but he can hear the dice's points based on his superb and even abnormal hearing, but who dares to say that he is a veteran?

Chapter: 95

"It's your person who shakes the dice clock. If you want to pay a thousand, it's your person. I haven't touched the table with my hands or feet. You can't think of me as a god." Lu Chen looked at Wang Xing playfully.

  In his hearing, he could say a thousand words. After all, he heard the law of dice rolling.

  But who would dare to judge that he would pay a thousand?

  "I don't believe that you are so lucky! You must have a problem!" Wang Xing was not sure if Lu Chen had gone out of business, but he had to quibble.

  This is to pay out 600 million, not 60 million!

  Even if it is one hundred million, he can barely get it, but six hundred million, he still does not have this right at home.

  Although his elder brother is still lying in the hospital to recover from his injuries, most of the powers are still in his elder brother's hands. He is only in charge of some projects of the company, and the finances will not listen to him.

  "Stop talking nonsense with me. I'm out of thousands. There are so many people here, and none of them can be seen? Give the money, don't force me to do it. I don't want you to go to the hospital to accompany you at the birthday banquet of Mr. Chen. Brother." Lu Chen said with a deep face.

  Wang Xing's expression changed, and he believed that Lu Chen would definitely do it. His eldest brother is still lying in the hospital dying.

  He looked at the dealer with a gloomy expression.

  The dealer's face changed, and he trembled: "Young Master Wang, I didn't know he was so lucky."

  "But you lose, so you have to pay together." Wang Xing said coldly.

  "Ah? Young Master Wang, you can't be like this. You told me to bet for you. Why do you want me to pay?" The dealer's expression was so ugly that he didn't expect Wang Xing to be so shameless.

  "You don't have to pay, as long as you feel that you can be safe after leaving the Chen family." Wang Xing threatened shamelessly.

  The dealer trembled, and he knew who Wang Xing was sitting there, how dare a small character like him provoke this evil star.

  He hesitated, and gritted his teeth unwillingly: "Young Master Wang, this hundred and fifty million is already all of my belongings, and I can't take out the more!"

  He won the fifty million yuan today. Although it was heartache, he had to grit his teeth and take it out under Wang Xing's threat.

  When other people saw Wang Xing being so domineering, no one dared to say a good word for the dealer, and all of them were even a little chilly.

  "I can put out one hundred million at most, two hundred and fifty million in total, and I won't be able to take out more." Wang Xing pushed the banker's 150 million chips on the table to Lu Chen.

  "Don't talk nonsense to me, everyone is an adult. I would like to gamble and lose, 600 million yuan, no one point less." Lu Chen was firm, Wang Xing wanted to do things, so he played slowly with Wang Xing.

  Wang Xing's face changed, his eyes were full of resentment, but he didn't dare to make a mistake. It was a trivial matter to be slapped by Lu Chen last time. What he worried was that Lu Chen would abolish him today. If Lu Chen also turns him into If he is a eunuch, he will not live for the rest of his life.

  "Wait, I'll call my dad." In front of Lu Chen, Wang Xing was persuaded, he took out the phone and made a call.

  When everyone saw that Wang Xing was so afraid of Lu Chen, they were very curious about what kind of identity Lu Chen really was, so that Wang Xing could be counseled to this extent.

  Soon Wang Shiju rushed over with a group of people. There was a photo of Lu Chen in Wang Shiju's hand. He recognized Lu Chen at first sight. He especially knew that his son had lost 600 million to Lu Chen this time. There is a flash of fire.

  Had it not been for the company's troubles during this time, he would have gotten Lu Chen long ago.

  "Little brother, the child is ignorant, and I am really sorry for offending you." Although Wang Shiju's eyes are full of murderous intent, he has a deep heart. Today is the 70th birthday of Mr. Chen and he cannot make trouble here.

  "There is 100 million in this card, so it's our apologize." Wang Shiju took out a card and handed it to Lu Chen.

  "One hundred million?"

  Lu Chen smiled, "Do you think I'm the one hundred million less?"

  "Little brother, children fight and fight, why be more serious." Wang Shiju said with a ugly face.

  "You said your son is still a child?" Lu Chen smiled.

  Some people couldn't help but laugh, but Wang Xing was embarrassed.

  He is twenty-five.

  "Little brother, today is the 70th birthday of Mr. Chen. If you keep making trouble like this, you are not giving Mr. Chen face." Wang Shiju narrowed his eyes and used the Chen family to pressure Lu Chen.

  His move can be described as threatening and lure, and even more so, he put on a big hat and used the power of the Chen family to suppress Lu Chen.

  I have to say that Wang Shiju is the real old fox, and a few words have taken the initiative. Wang Xing is really only a child in front of him.

  "This little brother, my name is Chen San, and I am the housekeeper of the Chen family. If you can come to the grandfather’s birthday today, it shows that you are also related to our Chen family. For the face of my Chen San, this is what happened today. Forget it."

  At this time, a middle-aged man next to Wang Shiju looked at Lu Chen, and he added: "Furthermore, the entertainment venues we set up today are primarily entertainment. You gamble so big. It has violated the purpose of entertainment, and my Chen family will not admit it."

  He is completely on Wang Shiju's side.

  It's not surprising that he didn't know Lu Chen at all, and he didn't think Lu Chen had any big identity background. He probably wanted to take this opportunity to curry favor with them.

  But Wang Shiju was different.

  Let alone what happened to Wang Shiju's personal relationship with him, as far as Wang Shiju's family is concerned, he will also be on Wang Shiju's side.

  "Brother, just accept it when you see it. Two hundred and fifty million, it's almost the same."

  "Yeah, this is not a real casino. You still play such a big game, and the Chen family doesn't admit it."

  "If I am You, I’ll just take back the 90 million that I exported before.”

  "Brother, don’t be too greedy. You have to know that the trouble is from greed. It started."

  Seeing that Steward Chen was also helping Wang's family, everyone immediately persuaded them.

  Their ability to make a rudder is no longer there.

  "Are you threatening me?" Lu Chen ignored everyone, including Chen San, he didn't even look at him, just staring at Wang Shiju.

  Wang Shiju's face was very ugly, and he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so ignorant of praise.

  Chen San's expression also changed. He had already reported his identity, and he said so clearly that Lu Chen didn't even give him any face.

  This is not to take him as the housekeeper Chen seriously.

  "Patriarch Wang, let's go, I still don't believe anyone dares to make trouble in the Chen Family Manor, especially today." Chen San snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

  It makes sense for Wang Shiju to think about it. Today is Mr. Chen's birthday, and it is in the Chen family manor. He doesn't believe that Lu Chen dares to mess around.

  "They can go, but you can't." Seeing Wang Xing also wanted to follow Chen San and Wang Shiqi, Lu Chen grabbed Wang Xing's shoulder.

  When everyone saw this, their expressions changed.

Chapter: 96

"Dad, save me!" Wang Xing was lifted up by Lu Chen, and suddenly panicked.

  He knew Lu Chen's skill, and even some of his bodyguards were not Lu Chen's opponents, so he didn't even dare to make mistakes.

  Wang Shiju and Chen San turned around and looked ugly.

  "Do you dare to make trouble in my Chen family?" Chen Sanyi stared at Lu Chen with a gloomy expression. He had been a housekeeper in the Chen family for so many years. Even if Wang Shiju, the head of the Wang Family Patriarch, treats him as a brother, he has not been ignored by anyone.

  "Housekeeper Chen, right? Didn't you see that their father and son were making trouble? As the saying goes, I am willing to gambling and repay the debt, I just ask them for the account." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Boy, you are fine, very fine!" Chen San was trembling with Lu Chenqi's body, turned around and shouted, "Security guard, where's the security guard?" As

  soon as he said his voice, several security guards rushed over.

  Everyone stepped aside one after another, watching Lu Chen's eyes jokingly.

  The Chen family dispatched security guards, and they believed that Lu Chen would definitely be bombed out today.

  "Boy, I'll give you one last chance, otherwise I will ask them to blast you out immediately!" Chen San threatened.

  As one of the members who came to congratulate Mr. Chen's birthday, Lu Chen would be embarrassed if he was blasted out by the host on the spot.

  Everyone shook their heads, feeling that Lu Chen couldn't see the situation clearly.

  Even if you want a few hundred million, you can't ask for it in Chen's family. Don't you mean that steward Chen's face?

  "Blow me out?" Lu Chen smiled and said calmly, "If Chen Guangxing said this, I will turn around and leave, but you are not enough and you are not qualified."


  He actually said that Steward Chen was not qualified to blast him out?

  Does he think he is a big man?

  Everyone sneered when they heard this. Most of them saw that Lu Chen came in from outside, not from the other two parlors. www.

  In this way, Lu Chen was not qualified to enter the other two representative meeting rooms.

  People like Lu Chen who have no identity background dare to make trouble in the Chen's house. Didn't Steward Chen want to blast out?

  "You said I am not qualified to blast you out?" Chen San said with an angrily smile.

  "If you don't believe it, you can let them try, but I don't want to embarrass Chen Guangxing, nor do I want him to kick you out of the Chen family for me, so I advise you to think twice." Lu Chen said lightly.

  Everyone couldn't help but burst into laughter upon hearing this, and they all felt that Lu Chen was crazy.

  But Chen San narrowed his eyes and hesitated.

  To be the housekeeper of the Chen family, and to be able to stay in this position for so many years, the ability alone is not enough, but also a little bit of vision and judgment.

  It is strange that Lu Chen is so confident that he doesn't doubt in his heart.

  If what Lu Chen said was true, and he really knew the Patriarch, then he would blow Lu Chen out. Even if he was not fired by the Chen Family, Chen Guangxing would be very upset.

  So at this moment he hesitated.

  "Patriarch Wang, today is Mr. Chen’s 70th birthday. I don’t want to make things big, let alone this kind of trivial incident that disturbs him, so I’ll give you a compromise. You can give him 100 million and the rest. Just write an IOU and

  pay it back slowly." Chen San winked at Wang Shiju and turned to Lu Chen: "This is already my limit. If you still don't give in, don't blame me for being polite."

  Lu Chen laughed. He laughed, he knew that it was unrealistic to ask Wang Shiju to directly give him 600 million today, and he did not want Chen Guangxing to be a man at the birthday banquet of Mr. Chen.

  His purpose is to get Wang Shiju to write down the IOU so that he can go to Wang's house to find some trouble.

  Wang Shiju understood what Chen San meant, and wrote the IOU as soon as he wrote the IOU. If Lu Chen didn’t go to his house to ask for the account, it would be fine. If Lu Ze dared to ask for the account, it was exactly what he wanted. As long as Lu Chen went to his Wang’s house, he would let him. Lu Chen crawled out.

  "Little brother, do you have any comments?" Wang Shiju reacted and looked at Lu Chen.

  "No comment, then write the IOU." Lu Chen smiled.

  "Dad, only owe him 350 million." Wang Xing reminded when Wang Shiju wrote the IOU.

  The dealer felt a pain in his heart. He thought that Wang Xing would let him go because Wang Xing was here. He didn't expect Wang Xing to stare at his 150 million yuan, making him vomit blood.

  I knew Wang Xing was so shameless, and he would not bet for Wang Xing if he killed him.

  It was regret in his heart.

  After the IOU was written, Lu Chen collected the IOU and the bank card that Wang Shi gave him, and directly asked the waiter to change all the chips.

  When everyone saw that Lu Chen had completely offended the Wang family, they all sneered in their hearts.

  Lu Chen died in this way, and sooner or later he would be annulled by the Wang family.

  Not everyone dares to ask for the king's money.

  When he got out of the casino, Lu Chen's phone rang. He took it out to see that it was Lin Yijun.

  "Lu Chen, where are you now?" Lin Yijun's voice sounded a little unpleasant.

  "In the Chen family, I'm here to congratulate Mr. Chen on birthday." Lu Chen said. He mentioned this to Lin Yijun yesterday and said that he brought her with him, but Lin Yijun didn't want to come. She said she had a client to see today, Lu Chen He didn't insist on letting her come.

  "Where is your money?" Lin Yijun asked again.

  "My money is in my card? What's wrong, do you want to use the money?" Lu Chen reacted when he asked this, thinking that it was Lin Yijia or Wang Xue who called Lin Yijun to tell her that he had lost. That's 90 million.

  Sure enough, after hearing Lu Chen's words, Lin Yiyun hung up the phone with a snap.

  Lu Chen smiled bitterly at the phone.

  The reason why he wanted to export the 90 million in front of Wang Xue was to cut off Wang Xue's idea of ​​wanting money from him to gamble.

  Gambling is not a good thing. Nineteen loses. Even if he has super ear power and can hear the dice rolling, he doesn't bother to be a gambler, let alone Wang Xue's rookie in a casino.

  If Wang Xue is allowed to continue gambling, Lu Chen believes that the entire Lin family may eventually have to be exported by Wang Xue.

  People who lose their eyes have no reason at all.

  Just as Lu Chen was about to put away the phone, the phone rang again.

  "Brother Lu, are you here yet, or I will let my daughter pick you up." Chen Guangxing asked on the phone.

  "Oh, I have arrived. I am now in this living room with many entertainment venues." Lu Chen said.

  "Well, you come to Wanshouyuan, I will let my daughter go out to pick you up, I am a bit inconvenient now." Chen Guangxing said.

  "Okay." Lu Chen hung up the phone, asked someone for the direction of the Chen Family Wanshou Garden, and walked over.

  When he came to the gate of Wanshou Garden, he was stopped by a waiter.

  "Hello, please show your invitation card." The waiter said.

  Lu Chen was taken aback. He didn't receive the invitation from the Chen family at all. When Chen Guangxing invited him that day, he didn't give him an invitation.

Chapter: 97

"I don't have an invitation card, but your Patriarch Chen Guangxing personally invited me to come. If you don't believe me, look at the call log. He called me a few minutes ago." Lu Chen took out his cell phone and showed the call log to the waiter.

  The waiter was taken aback, somewhat suspicious.

  Those who can be invited by the Patriarch are definitely big shots, and invitations are not needed.

  Because this kind of person came, someone from the Chen family received it.

  But he was also afraid that Lu Chen had kept the number, so he just wanted to borrow the name of the owner of the house to get in.

  So he hesitated to let Lu Chen in.

  At this moment , Chen San took Wang's father and son and Zuo Qingcheng to the door of the Wanshou Garden. Seeing Lu Chen there, he couldn't help frowning.

  I just heard that the Zuo family came, and Chen San came out to greet him in person. The Wang family and his son heard that it was the Zuo family and went out to greet them.

  The Zuo family exists at the same level as the Chen family, and the Wang family still wants to flatter.

  Especially when troubles keep going at home now.

  "Oh, you don't have an invitation card, you want to get in and cheat and drink?" Wang Xing was uncomfortable seeing Lu Chen being stopped.

  Lu Chen looked back at Wang Xing and others, and Zuo Qingcheng was also looking at Lu Chen jokingly.

  "It turned out to be Brother Lu, did you lose your invitation? Or I will take you in." Zuo Qingcheng said jokingly.

  Lu Chen smiled and said nothing, Zuo Qingcheng's words were nice, but how could he not know that Zuo Qingcheng was embarrassing him implicitly.

  "Young Master Zuo, do you know each other?" Chen Sanyi was startled. The Zuo Family and their Chen Family are of the same level. If the young man in front of him really knows Zuo Qingcheng, he shows that his status is definitely not low.

  Thinking about this, he felt a little lucky, because he hadn't completely offended Lu Chen before.

  Otherwise, he would be really embarrassed.

  "I don't know, it's just that the antique event we held a few days ago, he also got in." Zuo Qingcheng said jokingly.

  As soon as Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, he knew that Zuo Qingcheng had no good intentions, and now he showed the fox's tail directly.

  Mixed in?

  Chen San was startled when he heard the words, but then smiled.

  In this way, the young man named Lu Chen in front of him shouldn't be afraid.

  Wang Shiju was also taken aback. Lu Chen didn't feel like the kind of people who mixed food on big occasions.

  And he had heard Wang Xing say that Lu Chen dared to put out a billion gambling stones at the antique event.

  Such a brave person, he didn't believe that Lu Chen also got in today.

  However, although he was puzzled in his heart, he didn't remind Chen San. Instead, he hoped that Chen San and Lu Chen would have some contradiction. It is best if the contradiction is bigger, the better. It would be fun to alarm Chen Guangxing and even Old Man Chen.

  At that time, Lu Chen must have suffered. This was the best result he saw.

  "Brother Chen, like this kind of person who eats and drinks, I suggest that it is best to blast him out. If this is spread out, let outsiders know of Mr. Chen’s 70th birthday. Someone actually came in to cheat and cheat. Family influence is definitely not good." Wang Shiju said heartily.

  "Yes, Steward Chen, people like this should blast out to avoid losing the Chen family's face." Wang Xing also agreed.

  Chen San was a little hesitant. He felt that Wang Shiju had some truth, but he was afraid that Lu Chen would really know their Patriarch Chen Guangxing.

  But thinking that Lu Chen didn't give him any face before, his heart suddenly became angry.

  "If you don't have an invitation card, you are not eligible to enter the Wanshou Garden. Please leave immediately, so as not to affect the guests of my Chen family." Chen San said calmly.

  Lu Chen looked at Wang Shiju, and had to admire that Wang Shiju was indeed an old fox. In a word, Chen San was pitted in.

  "It's okay to let me go out, but I still said that. You still have the qualifications to let Chen Guangxing come." Lu Chen turned to Chen San and sneered.

  "not qualified?"

  Chen San sneered. If he hadn't heard Zuo Qingcheng's words, he still had some doubts and hesitations in his heart, but whether it was Zuo Qingcheng's words or Wang Shiju's words, they all made him believe that Lu Chen was here to cheat and drink.

  He looked at Lu Chen jokingly, and then laughed: "In the villa, apart from the master, the owner, and the young ladies, I am the oldest! I will drive you away, a little person who has no status, no status, and even no invitations, even a master. Don't say anything!"

  "What if I don't leave?" Lu Chen was also a little angry, and even Chen San shook his head stupidly. This Yuzhou's No. 1 butler was nothing more than that. He was also proud of being used as a gunman. It's ridiculous.

  "Don't go?"

  Chen San said with a joking smile: "I gave you a face so that you can get out by yourself. Now you want to get out by yourself, I won't give you a chance. Come on, give me a blow to him!"

  As he said, he waved to a few security guards, and suddenly five or six guards rushed over.

  For a while, many people in the Wanshou Garden were alarmed.

  Everyone gathered around, all ready to watch a good show.

  Among them were many people Lu Chen knew.

  For example, bald Liu Junjie.

  For example, jeweller Zheng Qiushan.

  There are also a few jewelers who gave Lu Chen gifts the day before yesterday.

  "Housekeeper Chen, is there any misunderstanding?" Liu Junjie asked curiously.

  "This kid doesn't have an invitation card, and he wants to get in and cheat him to eat and drink, so that he can't get out of the way. I can't say that I have to let someone blast him out." Chen San saw that he was the boss of the jeweler Liu, and explained.


  Liu Junjie waited for nothing, but Lu Chen came to Chen's family to eat and drink?

  Several jewelers who knew Lu Chen were a bit speechless. Even Chen Guangxing, the head of the Chen family, had to personally invite Lu Chen. You are just a housekeeper. Not only did you say that he was here to cheat and drink, but also to let him If someone blasted him out, you, the butler, might be over.

  Just as the kind Zheng Qiushan was about to remind Chen San, Chen San waved his hand directly to signal several security guards to do it.

  "Okay, just call me and leave immediately. Is this the style of your Chen family?"

  Lu Chen was really angry when the security guards rushed up.

  There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, but there was a cold light in his eyes.

  Zuo Qingcheng, Wang Shiju, and Wang Xing showed a playful smile in their eyes. This was exactly what they wanted to see.

  Lu Chen was thrown out like a dead dog by the security guards of the Chen family, and he was still in front of them. The three of them couldn't help but gloat on their faces.

  Bang bang bang!

  Although the number of opponents was dominant, it was just as soon as he was close to Lu Chen that he was knocked down by Lu Chen.

  However, Lu Chen also kept his hands. Otherwise, these security guards would not only be brought down by Lu Chen.

  "You dare to fight back?"

  Seeing this, Chen San was shocked and angry: "How many years, no one has dared to run wild in my Chen family, kid, you are the first!"

  Everyone was also a little dumbfounded, Lu Chen Being able to fight is one thing, he dared to fight the security guard of Chen's house.

  This situation is a bit serious.

Chapter: 98


  Lu Chen sneered, and said in an imposing manner: "Today Chen Guangxing doesn't give me an explanation, I will demolish his Wanshou Garden."

  "What a big tone, dare to demolish my Wanshou Garden? It's time to see how capable you are."

  At this moment , two beautiful girls came out and one of them snorted coldly.

  "Second Miss!"

  Chen San said respectfully when he saw the woman.

  Lu Chen saw that it was the two beauties he met when he came in and parked.

  These two beauties are Chen Xiaobing and Li Chun.

  The two actually came to meet Lu Chen, but Chen Guangxing's daughter Chen Churan was answering the phone inside, and Chen Xiaobing and Li Chun came out first.

  "Is it you dick?" After seeing Lu Chen clearly, Chen Xiaobing was startled, his eyes full of disdain.

  They saw Lu Chen come with hundreds of thousands of Audis with their own eyes.

  In the eyes of Miss Chen Er, people who drive hundreds of thousands of cars are about the same as Diosi.

  "Boy, you're done, dare to fight the security guard of the Chen family. Now the second Miss Chen family is here, you will peel off if you die." Wang Xing laughed playfully.

  Wang Xing is a famous dude in the eyes of ordinary people.

  But Chen Xiaobing, the second lady of the Chen family, was in the eyes of ordinary sons.

  But it is no different from the devil.

  Dare to provoke her, she will definitely make you die ugly.

  Two years ago, a rich family wanted to pursue Chen Xiaobing, but he was a little improper, and Chen Xiaobing was smashed by Chen Xiaobing and almost became a eunuch.

  It can be seen that Chen Xiaobing is fierce and ruthless.

  "A kid who has no status or status, dare to beat me Chen Jiabao, your kid is dead today."

  Chen San gave Lu Chen a sneer and turned to Chen Xiaobing to complain: "Second Miss, this kid not only said that we were going to demolish our Wanshou Garden, but also attacked the security guards. It was too arrogant. He didn't put our Chen family in his eyes. Ah."

  "Looking for death!" Chen Xiaobing's expression changed, and he took a step forward and swept towards Lu Chen.

  Chen Yang, the elder of the Chen family, did not manage the family business more than 20 years ago. He devoted himself to self-cultivation, and even opened a martial arts gym. Most of the younger generations of the Chen family are slightly successful under his guidance.

  Even Chen Xiaobing and Chen Churan, Chen Yang's two granddaughters, are not what ordinary men can beat.

  Chen Xiaobing relied on himself to learn kung fu with her grandfather for several years, and did not put the world's men in his eyes. At this time, Lu Chen was even more like a dick in her eyes.

  Seeing Chen Xiaobing suddenly started, the other guests were taken aback, but Chen San looked excited.

  because he knows that the second lady will not be beaten, and Lu Chen will have to peel off.

  Boy, this is the fate of offending my Chen family!

  Chen San looked at Lu Chen with a sneer.

  Lu Chen saw Chen Xiaobing's sudden move, but his eyes lit up, because he also discovered that Chen Xiaobing was a practicing family, at least most people couldn't beat her in a fight.

  But he didn't take it to heart. It was just that when Chen Xiaobing's long legs swept in front of him, he suddenly raised his hand knife and cut it on Chen Xiaobing's calf.


  Chen Xiaobing had a pain in her calf, and hurriedly retracted her leg, covering her calf and kneading it in pain.

  Everyone was taken aback. They all knew that the juniors of the Chen family were experts in fighting, but they didn't expect to be overpowered by Lu Chen.

  Zuo Qingcheng's eyes narrowed, and he knew more about Lu Chen.

  Wang Shiju didn't say a word, his face was a bit unsightly.

  Wang Xing was also shocked. He knew that Lu Chen was very good at fighting, and he knew that Chen Xiaobing was also very good at fighting. He didn't expect that Chen Xiaobing would not even be able to survive a round in front of Lu Chen.

  "You! How dare you hit me?" Chen Xiaobing shouted angrily, staring at Lu Chen fiercely.

  She didn't expect that this dead cock not only dared to fight back, but also hit her with a faint pain in her calf.

  "What's wrong with you? You have done it, and I have to stand still and let you fight?" Lu Chen said playfully.

  "Huh, what is my identity, what is your identity, is your cheap bones comparable to me? If you don't interrupt your hand today, I won't be surnamed Chen!" Chen Xiaobing said contemptuously. Take out the phone and prepare to call someone.

  "Xiaobing, are you okay?" Li Chun stepped forward to support Chen Xiaobing and asked concerned.

  Chen Xiaobing shook his head, ready to call.

  As the second lady of the Chen family, she had suffered this kind of loss for the first time. How could she be resigned to not stripping Lu Chen's skin today.

  "What's the matter?"

  At this moment, Chen Churan, who had answered the phone, walked out and frowned as he watched the crowd surrounding a young man.

  "Miss, this kid surnamed Lu not only threatened to demolish our Wanshou Garden, but also injured the second lady and a few security guards. It's too lawless. You hurry up and treat him!" Chen San told Chen Jiada again Miss sues.

  "What's the matter?" Chen Churan frowned. Today is her grandfather's 70th birthday. She doesn't think ordinary people dare to come to their Chen family to make trouble.

  "Miss, it's like this. This kid surnamed Lu didn't have an invitation card, but he forcibly broke into the Wanshou Garden. Then I asked the security to stop him, but he was injured. Then the second lady came out and said something to him. He I wounded the second lady again." Chen San said cheeringly.

  "Huh?" Chen Churan glanced at Lu Chen deeply, and then went to check Chen Xiaobing's injuries first.

  "Xiaobing, how are you, did he hurt you?" Chen Churan asked with concern.

  Although the two are just cousins, their relationship has always been very good, just like a dear.

  "It's okay, it's just that he cut his calf with a knife. Sister Ran, you must give me revenge. This cock is really arrogant. If you don't take his skin today, our Chen family won't have any face in Yuzhou. Foothold." Chen Xiaobing said.

  "Well, it's fine. If you dare to make trouble in my Chen's house, I definitely can't spare him." Chen Churan nodded and walked towards Lu Chen again.

  Seeing the chill in Chen Churan's eyes, everyone laughed jokingly again.

  Chen Churan is the arrogant daughter of the Chen family and the grandson of the Chen family's favorite. If Lu Chen dared to do something with Chen Churan, then he and the Liangzi of the Chen family would never be able to untie it today.

  "Boy, let you be arrogant and mad, let's see how you end up now." Wang Xing laughed playfully.

  Zuo Qingcheng was also joking. He believed that Lu Chen would definitely not be able to take the scene this time.

  Chen San, Wang Shiju, and others were also gloating. Before Lu Chen, they couldn't even lift their heads.

  "Chen Guangxing asked you to come to me?" Lu Chen asked with a faint smile when Chen Churan came over with a cold face.

  Earlier, Chen Guangxing said that he would let his daughter come out to pick him up. Isn't Miss Chen the daughter of Chen Guangxing?

  "Are you?" Chen Churan was startled when he heard the words, with a bad feeling in his heart.

  "My name is Lu Chen, I was invited by your father." Lu Chen smiled lightly.

  "Ah? Are you Mr. Lu?"

  Chen Churan was taken aback and hurriedly apologized: "Mr. Lu, I'm sorry, my Chen family has no eyes, please don't care about them!"

  Chen Churan's attitude changed suddenly, and the air around him suddenly changed. Solidified.

Chapter: 99

When everyone saw Chen Churan apologizing to Lu Chen, they were a little dumbfounded, thinking they had heard it wrong.

  This is Miss Chen's family, she actually apologized to a young man in a low voice, and there was some respect in her beautiful eyes.

  What exactly is going on?

  "Big, eldest, what's the matter with you?" Chen San asked in disbelief, thinking that his eldest had been wicked.

  "Shut up, you dare to stop Mr. Lu outside, I must truthfully report this matter to my father!" Chen Churan scolded coldly.

  She didn't know what Lu Chen was, but she knew that when her father and grandfather mentioned Lu Chen, they both attached great importance to it, and they even told her to treat Lu Chen well.

  Such a big man was actually stopped outside the Wanshou Garden by his housekeeper. Isn't this hitting Lu Chen in the face?

  "Huh?" Chen San's mind trembled, and then he also reacted.

  The kid who was blocked by him here to be humiliated was really a big man invited by the owner.

  At this moment, he looked at Zuo Qingcheng and Wang Shiju's eyes rather unhappy.

  How could he have offended Lu Chen if it hadn't been for these two people to encourage him before?

  "Sister Ran, what are you doing? Hurry up and take revenge for me. My calf still aches." Chen Xiaobing said puzzled.

  "Xiaobing, don't be rude, Mr. Lu is the person we want to receive." Chen Churan looked back at Chen Xiaobing, and kept winking at her.

  "Ah? He, he turned out to be a big, big, big man personally invited by the uncle?!" Chen Xiaobing's eyes widened, and his heart was shocked.

  Unexpectedly, the one who broke Audi was someone who both her uncle and grandfather valued very much.

  And such a person, he keeps saying that he is a dead cock!

  At this moment, Chen Xiaobing was embarrassed to death.

  Li Chun also widened his eyes. He didn't expect that the young man she had looked down on before, the silky man in her eyes, turned out to be a big man whom the Chen family took very seriously.

  She suddenly felt a little grateful that she hadn't said anything to mock Lu Chen. Otherwise it would be embarrassing.

  "I don't care about other people, but you housekeeper provokes me again and again. If your father doesn't give me an explanation, I won't go in today." Lu Chen looked at Chen San and said lightly to Chen Churan .

  Ever since he was in the casino, and here again, this Chen San has been targeting him, and even more so, Zuo Qingcheng and Wang Shi will blast him out.

  He is here today to attend the 70th birthday of the old man of the Chen family, and he was personally invited by the head of the Chen family.

  But the housekeeper of the Chen family wanted to blast him out in public.

  This is no longer a matter of losing face.

  This is Zhu Xin!

  So Lu Chen didn't care about anything, but this Chen San must have Chen Guangxing give him an explanation.

  Chen San's expression changed. He didn't expect Lu Chen to hold him back. He stared at Lu Chen, eyes full of cold light.

  Asking their Patriarch to come forward to teach him this housekeeper, not only slapped him in the face and made him faceless, but also embarrassed the entire Chen family.

  Chen Churan's expression also changed, feeling a little unhappy.

  But she knew that Lu Chen's identity was special, so she had to say, "I'll call my dad now."

  Lu Chen saw the discomfort in Chen Churan's eyes and was silent. He could ignore some things, but he wouldn't be careless about some things. .

  The mud bodhisattva has three points of anger, not to mention that he is just a mortal.

  "Who dares to move my Chen family 's housekeeper

  with such a big tone?" With a contemptuous cry, a stubborn boy came out with a dazzling momentum.

  Behind him, there were also a few well-dressed young people who looked like rich second generations.

  "Master, you are here!"

  Chen San looked overjoyed and hurriedly moved up, "Master, if you don't come again, our Chen family's face will be rubbed on the ground!"

  The young man was Chen Zhilong, the son of Chen Guangxing, and the young master of the Chen family. The first successor to the Patriarch of the Chen family.

  "I've seen everything just now."

  Chen Zhilong came to Lu Chen and said lightly: "Mr. Lu, right? I know you were invited by my dad, but what about that? Today is my grandfather's seventieth. For the big birthday, you must have an invitation card to enter the Wanshou Garden. This is a rule set by my grandfather himself. If you don’t have an invitation card, you can only stay in another living room. Naturally, my Chen family would leave you in the cold.

  As for you, you want to intervene. I’m sorry about my Chen

  family . We don’t welcome you in the Chen family, so let’s go by yourself.” As the first son of Yuzhou , Chen Zhilong is a man of arrogance and arrogance. He has been listening to his grandfather and his father before. Lu Chen, even more so, said that Lu Chen was supernatural, and his words were full of respect, which made him quite unhappy.

  Not convinced.

  In Yuzhou, he didn't think any young man would have him outstanding.

  Can overwhelm his limelight.

  But from the attitude of his father and grandpa, he saw Lu Chen's provocation against him.

  So he was here to give Lu Chen a good start.

  So that Lu Chen could understand a truth.

  Whether in Yuzhou or in their Chen family.

  Lu Chen didn't have the capital to compete with him.

  "Do you want to push me away?" Lu Chen was startled and looked at Chen Zhilong.

  "If you think so, that's what you mean." Chen Zhilong said proudly.

  "Okay, okay, your Chen

  family is awesome, I'll just leave." Lu Chen smiled suddenly, shook his head, and turned to walk outside.

  The Chen family's repeated provocations had completely lost his patience.

  You Chen Guangxing has something to do and cannot come out to receive him, he can understand.

  But Chen Guangxing allowed his son to humiliate Lu Chen, and the matter was a bit serious.

  He has made up his mind in his heart. If Chen Guangxing can't give him a satisfactory explanation on this matter, then

  the cooperation between the Chen family and Yiqi Technology will be completely suspended.

  "Boy, didn't you just be arrogant? Why are you running away like a pinched tail dog now." Chen San looked at Lu Chen's back and laughed.

  Lu Chen did not look back, nor did he care about anything with Chen San.

  But in the eyes of Wang Xing and others, it made them even more excited and comfortable.

  "Hey, Lu Chen, don't you want to go in the Wanshou Garden to eat and drink? You come back and apologize to me, and I will take you in." Wang Xing suddenly laughed loudly.

  "Is this over? I haven't watched a good show yet." Zuo Qingcheng shook his head, and said with some excitement.

  He also waited for Lu Chen to make a big mess and completely broke with the Chen family.

  "Brother, how can you be like this? Mr. Lu is a big man whose grandfather respects him very much. If you sent him away, aren't you afraid of grandpa being angry?" Chen Churan looked at Chen Zhilong and frowned.

  She didn't even know why the eldest brother did this.

  Chen Zhilong remained silent, his face a little ugly.

  It's okay for Chen Churan not to say it. The more Chen Churan said that, the more he felt that he was right.

  How about being respected by his grandpa? In his Chen family, it was not because he obediently got out of him with a word.

Chapter: 100

Chen Churan sighed, but didn't say anything, just turned and walked towards the Wanshou Garden.

  Chen Sanyi's expression was excited. When Chen Churan said before that he was going to sue him in front of the lord, he was really taken aback, but now with a smile on his face, he once again greeted Zuo Qingcheng and others to enter the Longevity Garden.

  Chen Zhilong greeted Zuo Qingcheng and Wang Shiju, and left first.

  He and Chen Churan came to a living room together, and there were a few people sitting in the living room at this time.

  The main seat is naturally today's birthday star Chen Yang. Below him sit Chen Guangxing and several young people in turn.

  "Master, the Zhang family chose to compete today. It is obviously unkind." A young man looked at Chen Yang and said worriedly.

  In the past twenty years, Chen Yang has no longer managed a family business. He has been obsessed with martial arts all day long, and even went to Shaolin Temple to study for a period of time. He still has a certain degree of martial arts. Research.

  Over the years, he opened a martial arts gym, and began to collect apprentices. These young people were the first batch of apprentices in his martial arts gym.

  As for Zhang Bin, the old man of the Zhang family, he and Chen Yang are also considered close friends, but both of them were obsessed with martial arts in their later years. They both have their own opinions, and no one can convince anyone.

  But both of them are half-footed old people in the coffin, and of course it is impossible to compare them in person.

  So I was going to let the disciples under their respective sects have a big match to determine which one is better.

  Elder Zhang said that he brought his apprentice to Chen Yang's birthday, and at the same time let their apprentice compete.

  "Well, that old thing, there must be some purpose in choosing the day for today, so today you must give your teacher a face." Chen Yang nodded.

  "Master, don't worry, we have worked hard all these years. The disciples of Master Zhang are definitely not as good as us." A young man said confidently.

  Chen Yang nodded, still somewhat confident in the disciples he taught by himself.

  "Dad, today is a special day. You guessed that Mr. Zhang must have other purposes, so I think there is something wrong with your contest today, so let's talk about it another day." Chen Guangxing persuaded that he was the first to doubt Mr. Zhang. Motive, so I have been here to persuade the old man.

  The Zhang family is also one of the four major families. Although the surface is peaceful, the two families are secretly fighting with each other.

  "No, you can't let Old Man Zhang be arrogant in front of me. Today's test must be conducted. You guys go down and prepare well. You must defeat Old Man Zhang's apprentice for me later." Chen Yang said firmly.

  The old man Zhang has come to the door to challenge him. Does he have any reason to refrain from fighting? If he should not fight, he will definitely lose face in front of many guests.

  Chen Guangxing sighed, and just about to say something, he saw Chen Churan and others walking in.

  "What about Mr. Lu? Why didn't you come in with you?" Chen Guangxing looked at Chen Churan and asked.

  Chen Churan sighed and said, "Ask your eldest brother."

  www.Chen Guangxing turned to Chen Zhilong.

  "I let him go." Chen Zhilong said dismissively.

  "You let him go? What's the matter?" Chen Guangxing frowned and asked.

  "As an outsider, he actually wants to take care of my Chen family's affairs. I don't think he is qualified to come to celebrate grandpa's birthday." Chen Zhilong said lightly.

  "Take care of my Chen family's affairs? Can you tell me clearly?" Chen Guangxing didn't think Lu Chen was such a person.

  Chen Churan looked at Chen Zhilong and sighed and said, "Dad, that's it. Before Mr. Lu had no invitations, the butler would not let him in, and also asked the security to blast him out. Mr. Lu felt insulted and I went out to pick him up. When he did, he said he wanted you to give him an explanation. I understand what he meant, and he wanted you to discipline the housekeeper.

  But the eldest brother felt that he and Mr. Lu were interfering with the Chen family’s affairs, so he said that the Chen family did not welcome Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu left with anger."

  "Is that so?" Chen Guangxing looked at Chen Zhilong with a gloomy expression.

  "Yes, I think he is an outsider, and he is not qualified to point fingers at the housekeeper of our Chen family. This is to sweep the face of our Chen family." Chen Zhilong said frankly.

  "Asshole!" Chen Guangxing slapped Chen Zhilong's face, obviously angry.

  Lu Chen is the behind-the-scenes boss of Yiqi Technology. Not to mention the strength of Yiqi Technology. They can't offend Lu Chen just by the tens of billions of contracts they just negotiated with Yiqi Technology.

  Chen Zhilong was quite upset. He didn't expect his father to slap him for an outsider, and he still slapped him in front of everyone, which embarrassed him.

  He is now an adult and has begun to take over the company's responsibilities, which makes him feel embarrassed.

  "Zhilong, you are so reckless. Mr. Lu is a dragon and a phoenix among people. There are so many places where our Chen family will depend on others in the future. Why are you so confused?" The old lady Chen Yang also frowned.

  "Grandpa, who is he like a dragon and a phoenix? I think it's just like that, but it looks like a dick." Chen Zhilong said unconvinced.

  His words were exactly what Chen Xiaobing wanted. Although her grandfather and uncle valued Lu Chen very much, in her eyes, Lu Chen was indeed no different from Diaosi.

  "The mouse is short-sighted! Lu Chen is acting low-key, Diaosi? If Lu Chen is all Diaosi, there are not many rich people in the whole world." Chen Guangxing snorted coldly.

  Chen Zhilong was shocked. The meaning of his father's words was too great, even if he was stupid, he could still hear the slightest sigh.

  "Zhilong, compared with Lu Chen, you are really not a little bit worse. If you have the opportunity, let's learn from others." Old man Chen shook his head and sighed.

  "Grandpa, who is he? Why do you all respect him so much?" Chen Zhilong gritted his teeth. Although he was still a little dissatisfied, from the words of his grandfather and his father, he knew that Lu Chen must be a big man. Up.

  "If you can guess his identity without our prompts, then you have made some progress." The old man said and looked at his son.

  "Guangxing, hurry up and invite Lu Chen back. How can my Chen family do such a stupid thing as blasting away guests?" Chen Yang said.

  "Well, I'm calling him." Chen Guangxing said and walked out with the phone.

  "Grandpa, that Lu Chen dressed in ordinary clothes, and only drove a broken Audi with four to five million yuan. Is he really a big man?" Chen Xiaobing asked still very puzzled.

  "Look at a person, not what he wears, what kind of car he drives, or how much money he has in his card. To see a person depends on his temperament, his words, actions and qualities." Chen Yang looked at himself Several grandsons taught me in earnest.

  After a few people didn’t speak, Chen Yang looked at Chen Zhilong and said, “Zhilong, Lu Chen will be back soon, and I will apologize to him seriously and be more serious. You may not be able to stand at the height where Lu Chen stands now.

  Can reach ." The height that Lu Chen stands at, he may not be able to match in his lifetime! ?

  Chen Yang's words made Chen Zhilong's mind tremble, and he was even more curious about what exactly Lu Chen was.