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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 211-220) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 211

  Li Hu led the crowd to Lu Chen and four people three meters away, and when they saw that Lu Chen and the four were actually ready to fight with more than a hundred of them, his heart was shocked.

  He has been mixed for more than ten years, and now he has been the leader of the Qijiang underground forces and has seen countless heroes.

  But these four are the boldest people he has ever met in his life.

  Four to one hundred, and not afraid at all, this is really mixed society.

  "I Li Hu is a reasonable person. This kid injured more than 20 brothers before. Your Wang family tied him up and handed him over to us. Li Hu doesn't care about what happened before." Although Li Hu admires Lu Chen a little Waiting for someone, but he did not forget the purpose of his personal visit.

  That is to take Lu Chen to Mr. Mu.

  "Wang Kai, promise him!" Xu Fang in the crowd shouted loudly.

  As long as Lu Chen is given to Li Hu, Li Hu will no longer trouble their Wang family. Of course she is willing to one hundred.

  "Dad, anyway, they said that it was because Lu Chen beat their people, they came to ask for trouble. What else are you mixing up with? Come back soon." Wang Wan also shouted loudly.

  Wang Jin didn't say anything, just tightened the steel pipe in his hand.

  "Shut up all of you!" Wang Kai finally stiffened, turning around to scold Xu Fang and Wang Wan.

  "Sure, your dad is going to die, don't stay with him, come back to me as soon as possible!" Xu Fang couldn't move Wang Kai, so she shouted at her son. www.Wang

  Shi didn't look back, just stared at Li Hu, tightened the steel pipe in his hand, and said coldly: "Li Hu, it is me who injured your subordinates and has nothing to do with my cousin. If you want revenge, you will come to me.

  Right ." "Wang Shi, are you crazy? Are you going to die?" Xu Fang stamped his foot angrily, not rushing to bring Wang Shi back.

  Before Li Hu did not name Lu Chen, she had nothing to say.

  But at this time Li Hu had already named them only looking for Lu Chen, then how could their Wang family accompany Lu Chen to find death.

  "If you want to fight, fight!" Wang Jin couldn't listen anymore, and he was the first to rush up with the steel pipe.

  Whether it was Xu Fang or Wang Wan, he was completely angry.

  He would rather be the first to rush to die than hear such shameless words from these two people again.

  Seeing that Wang Jin rushed up first, Lu Chen was speechless.

  But he also somewhat admired Wang Jin's courage.

  "Then fight." Lu Chen said, tightening the two steel pipes in his hands, and rushed up.

  When Li Hu and others saw Wang Jin and Lu Chen rushing forward, their eyes widened.

  Only others are afraid of them. If they don't do it, others dare not do it.

  Unexpectedly, today the four members of the Wang family refreshed his three views again.

  Li Hu took the steel pipe in the hands of a gangster. He had heard that Lu Chen was good at fighting, and he also wanted to meet Lu Chen to see if Lu Chen could really fight.

  But at this moment, there was a sudden noise from behind. He looked back and saw that a dozen vans approached the corner and stopped at the back of their car, and then more than a hundred people got off the car. And one by one looks more fierce than them.

  Lu Chen also saw the van, and it was Du Fei and others who came.

  He smiled and rushed to the front of Wang Jin, with a steel pipe in each hand, and there was no one-round general wherever he went.

  Basically, if you go down with a steel pipe, you must defeat a gangster.

  Lu Chen's fierceness gave Wang Jin and the three people more courage, and the three of them also raised steel pipes and smashed them in disorder.

  In fact, the three of them weren't the material for the fight, but Lu Chen opened the way in front of him. Almost all the firepower was concentrated on Lu Chen's body, and few people paid attention to them.

  Instead, it provides them with a safe output environment.

  As soon as there was a gangster staggering with Lu Chen, the steel pipe in their hand was severely smashed up, but they also injured several people.

  "Brother Tiger, hurry up, it's for us!" A gangster beat Li Hu when he saw the group of big guys catching them.

  Of course Li Hu also knew that the other party was coming for them.

  Moreover, the opponent is even taller, tall, and a kind that can easily beat a few of them. How dare he fight one?

  "Could it be that this kid named Lu Chen called?" Li Hu looked back at the beating Lu Chen who was pissing off his crew, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

  With Lu Chen's combat power, even without the helpers behind him, he felt that it would be difficult for him to catch him today.

  "Who is this kid? Why did Mr. Mu pay 100 million to arrest him?" Li Hu wondered.

  "Brother Hu, it's too late. You and they seem to be forming a siege to us." The bully took Li Hu's hand and said.

  Li Hu reacted, regardless of the crowds, and it would be better to take a few backbones to flee.

  There were twenty or thirty people who fled with Li Hu. As soon as they fled, the other gangsters suddenly lost their fighting spirit and fled all around, like frightened birds.

  When Lu Chen saw Li Hu fleeing, he also stopped. Anyway, the gangsters only tried to flee for their lives and couldn't hurt Wang Kai and others.

  He took out his cell phone and called Du Fei.

  "To the southwest, twenty meters away from you, stop them for me." Lu Chen said after looking at the escape route of Li Hu and others.

  Regardless of why Li Hu wanted to catch him specifically or to help Niu Dashan, he must take Li Hu down today.


  Du Fei also saw the direction in which Li Hu and the others were escaping. He hung up the phone and chased after more than a dozen brothers.

  When everyone at the Wang family saw that Li Hu had escaped with someone, they were a little bit disbelief.

  Soon he discovered that someone had come to help.

  It's just that these people who came are more like local forces, watching them chase Li Hu's people, like chasing a group of dogs, everyone was a little surprised.

  "Mom, who are these people, why are they helping us?" Wang Wan said in surprise.

  Xu Fang shook his head, but his eyes lit up soon, and he said excitedly: "Could it be the person Xu Jie called to help? Xu Jie should be the person who called, or else who would help our Wang Family?"

  Wang Wan's eyes lit up, and she also felt that it was possible, otherwise these people suddenly came to help their Wang family, it was impossible to justify.

  However, if Xu Jie called him, he should be there too, why didn't he see him?

  "Xiaowan, why don't you call and ask if Xu Jie called to help us." Xu Fang said expectantly.

  Wang Wan nodded, took out her mobile phone and was looking through Xu Jie's number, and saw a group of people escorting Li Hu to Lu Chen.

  Wang Wan was shocked. Could it be that Lu Chen called this group of people?

  How could it be possible, how could he call so many people?

  At first glance, these people are embracing underground forces in other places!

Chapter: 212

  Wang Wan was holding her mobile phone, and she couldn't believe that the people who helped their Wang family were actually called by Lu Chen.

  But the facts can no longer help her not believe it.

  I saw that the group of people had already captured Li Hu, even tied Li Hu, and escorted him to Lu Chen.

  "Shao Lu, what should I do?" Song Hai asked Li Hu while holding him.

  "Who are you?" Although Li Hu was restrained, he was not afraid.

  "A small place is a small place. You don't even know that the Laozi are from the Sakura Club. You're ashamed to be a gangster?" Song Hai scolded with a smile.

  However, it was also after following Du Fei during this period that he learned about the distribution of underground forces in the surrounding counties. Otherwise, the three of them don’t even talk about the surrounding counties. They don’t even know what powers there are in Yuzhou City. .

  Cherry blossom meeting? !

  Li Hu's heart was shocked. Although he was in the Qijiang River, he knew that he was compared with Yuzhou's largest power, Sakura, and was completely insignificant.

  He didn't expect Lu Chen to be able to call the people from the Sakura Club, and he finally understood why Mr. Mu would pay 100 million to arrest him.

  This guy is such a big man.

  Lu dust walked in front of Li Hu, Li Hu looked down and asked: "? You the one to pay attention to me before, why be honest, to be honest, maybe more than you can in Qijiang mixed for some time."

  Lee Hu Yizheng, Lu Chen's words are full of powerful confidence and strength, making him a little afraid of him who has been mixed for more than ten years.

  He wanted to lie, but seeing the sharp light flashing in Lu Chen's eyes, he thought about it and made a wise choice.

  "Someone paid a hundred million and wanted me to catch you." Li Hu said honestly.

  Give me a billion?

  Lu Chen's eyes narrowed, he really couldn't understand, who had such a big handwriting, actually paid 100 million to arrest him.

  Is it the Zhang family?

  "Who is the other party? I advise you to tell the truth." Lu Chen asked in a deep voice.

  "I don't know him. He Zhinian brought me to know him. What is Mr. Mu?" Li Hu said.

  Lu Chen was startled, turned to Du Fei and the others, "Do you know Mr. Mu?"

  Du Fei shook his head and asked Li Hu, "Where is this Mr. Mu from?"

  Looking at Du Fei, Li Hu finally remembered Now, isn't this person Du Fei, the boss of the Sakura Club? This is the idol he once worshipped in the Zeng family.

  Although it has been seven or eight years, he still remembered that this person was Du Fei.

  "It's from Beijing." Li Hu said, suppressing the shock in his heart.

  Unexpectedly, Du Fei would bring someone to Qijiang himself. Was this for him?

  "Is it from the capital?"

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

  Is it finally here?

  He already knew who it was.

  His aunt-

  Xiao Biqing!

  "Where is he?" Lu Chen said solemnly.

  "With He Zhinian, by the way, he seems to have to deal with your wife and daughter." Li Hu said, thinking of something.

  Lu Chen's eyes were cold, and he took out the phone and called Lin Yijun. Fortunately, Lin Yijun and others were still safe.

  "Wait for me in the hospital, I will wait to pick you up, by the way, which hospital are you in?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Qijiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine." Lin Yijun didn't know what happened, so she had to say.

  "Send me to the Chinese Medicine Hospital." Lu Chen said to Du Fei and Song Hai.

  "By the way, even if you are still cooperating, I will give you a chance. Either choose to help Niu Dashan, or go and sit through the prison. You have to believe that I let you in is just a phone call." Lu Chen He turned back and said to Li Hu.

  Li Hu reminded his aunt to deal with his wife and daughter. He was going to give Li Hu a chance. Of course, it was up to Li Hu to choose.

  As he said, he turned to Song Hai's car, and Du Fei would take care of other matters.

  After getting in the car, Lu Chen sent Du Fei a text message and asked him to tell Li Hu to take them to find Mr. Mu. He didn't like the feeling that the enemy was secretly and he was bright. If he could find Mr. Mu, Then everything is much easier.

  Lu Chen and Song Hai came to the hospital. They were still in the corridor. They saw a few suspicious big guys in front of them, and they were going in the same direction as the brain department.

  Lu Chen gave Song Hai a look, and Song Hai knew it, and stepped up quickly.


  Song Hai deliberately knocked down one of them, and immediately saw the fruit knife pinned to his waist.

  Song Hai's face sank, but he hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, it was not intentional."

  "Are you fucking looking for death?" The big man stared at Song Hai angrily, and was about to beat Song Hai when he got up.

  "Fifth, what are you doing? Business matters." Another big guy stopped the big guy and motioned him not to impulsively delay business.

  "Damn, you are lucky." The big man glared at Song Hai fiercely before turning and walking towards the brain department.

  Song Hai looked back at Lu Chen and nodded to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen knew it, and immediately knew that these people must have come to Lin Yijun.

  Just then Lin Yijun came out of the ward to answer the phone. One of the big guys took out the photo and looked at it, and said, "It's her, catch her!" The

  big guys rushed towards Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijun was answering a phone call from a client, and suddenly saw a few big guys rushing towards her, his face changed abruptly, and finally knew what Lu Chen meant by letting them stay in the hospital to wait for him.

  It turned out that someone wanted to deal with her.

  Lin Yijun spoke to the client and hung up the phone in a panic.

  But when she saw Lu Chen and Song Hai just behind the big guys, her hanging heart eased.

  With Lu Chen there, she had nothing to fear.

  "Rang let." Lu Chen and Song Hai rushed behind a few big men, and Song Hai called out loudly.

  The few big guys didn't know what was going on behind them, and they all turned around subconsciously, saying that they had knocked down one of them before pushing a medical cart and rushed towards them quickly.

  The most disgusting thing is that this damn fellow did not give out a warning until he was less than one meter behind them.

  The corridor was not wide, and several big guys couldn't avoid it, so they were knocked down by the medical truck.

  The other two who flashed to the side hadn't reacted yet, and one of them was punched on the temple by Lu Chen and directly fainted.

  The last one saw that the situation was not good and wanted to run, but was kicked on the back by Song Hai, and was kicked to eat shit.

  The two who were knocked down by the medicine cart got up and wanted to run. One of them took out a fruit knife and rushed towards Lin Yiyun.

  Lin Yijun was really taken aback now, screamed, and ran away.

  Lu Chen was still three or four meters away from her, there was no time to save her.

  Hai Song's heart was shocked, but he didn't expect this guy to be so fierce that he would leave his companions to deal with Lin Yijun.

Chapter: 213

  Just when the big man thought he could finally catch Lin Yijun, suddenly, he felt a cold back, and a fruit knife stabbed him into his body from behind. www. The

  strength of the big man quickly dissipated. He looked back weakly, and saw another young man rushing towards him quickly.

  Obviously, the fruit knife that pierced his back was exactly what the young man did.

  Although this knife would not kill him, he also completely lost his combat effectiveness.

  As soon as his feet softened, he sat down slowly.

  "What's going on?" Lin Yijun asked Lu Chen, who was rushing over. At this moment, she was still a little frightened.

  "It's okay." Lu Chen didn't want Lin Yijun to worry, and comforted.

  Lin Yijun nodded, Lu Chen didn't want to say, she didn't ask any more.

  Lu Chen turned around and said to Song Hai, "Call someone here to guard."

  Song Hai nodded and took out the phone to call someone.

  Lu Chen asked Lin Yijun again, "What's the situation with Grandma, okay?"

  Lin Yijun nodded, "There is no major problem, you can go back after the infusion."

  Lu Chen nodded and said, "You go in first, outside. Don't tell them about the problem, lest they worry about it."

  Lin Yijun said: "I know."

  She turned around and walked in.

  Because it was far away from some points and the movement outside was not too big, Wang Xue and others did not notice what had just happened outside.

  Lu Chen wanted to find Mr. Mu in person, but was worried that someone would come to Lin Yijun again. He finally stayed.

  He believed in Du Fei, with Du Fei's skill, as long as he met Mr. Mu, it shouldn't be a problem to catch him.

  Twenty minutes later, the people Song Hai called rushed over, but they didn't all come up. Instead, they wandered around every corner of the hospital, some smoking, and some standing together and chatting.

  But they don't just smoke and chat, but always check whether suspicious people go to the brain hospital.

  Some people found something unusual, but they couldn't see much, but the atmosphere was a little weird.

  After more than an hour, the old lady finally finished the infusion, and no one came back on the way.

  Lu Chen and the others sent the old lady back to Wang's house when he received a call from Du Fei.

  "Damn, that guy is very strong, I didn't keep him, and he injured more than ten people." Du Fei said depressed.

  "What's the way, can you do singles?" Lu Chen frowned. At any time, such a strong man was calculating him in secret, giving him the feeling of being stared at by a poisonous snake.

  "I can't tell, just be with me, but someone takes a picture of him, unless he changes his face, or I can recognize him next time I meet him." Du Fei said.

  "Well, take your brothers home first. By the way, he guessed that he would definitely escape back to Yuzhou, let me pay attention." Lu Chen said.

  Since this Mr. Mu knew that he was in Qijiang and rushed over in time, it means that Mr. Mu had noticed him in Yuzhou.

  He guessed that Mr. Mu might not have time to deal with him in Yuzhou, so he came after Qijiang.

  In fact, Lu Chen got most of it.

  Mr. Mu had been to Yuzhou for a few days, but Lu Chen's whereabouts had not been found.

  Two days ago, the decisive battle between Dongfanglong and Lu Chen was publicized by the Zhang family, and he only knew Lu Chen's.

  However, after seeing the decisive battle between Lu Chen and Dongfang Long with his own eyes, he changed his mind.

  Because from the decisive battle between the two, he knew that he was not Lu Chen's opponent, but when he was preparing to join the Zhang family to fight Lu Chen, he found that Lu Chen had come to Qijiang.

  He originally wanted to use Qijiang's power to deal with Lu Chen, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to call Du Fei and the others.

  This allowed him to use Li Hu as the vanguard to contain Lu Chen, and their plan to catch Lin Yijun's mother and daughter suddenly fell through.

  At this time, Mr. Mu was indeed on his way back to Yuzhou. Qijiang's plan failed. He had to go back to Yuzhou to re-plan.

  But at this time he had already realized that Lu Chen might see through his identity, or it was impossible for Du Fei to deal with him.

  In order not to stun the snakes, Mr. Mu was going to return to Zhang's house to pay, and slowly look for opportunities to deal with Lu Chen.

  What Xiao Bieqing wanted was to bring Lu Chen back to the capital. What she wanted was a living person, not a dead person. This limited his space for play and made it more difficult for him to complete the task.

  In the next two days, the Wang family's tomb was completed as scheduled, and the Lu Chen family returned to Yuzhou with Wang Qiong.

  Before leaving, Wang Wan kept asking her father to borrow money from Lu Chen, but Wang Kai directly denied it.

  This time, he could see Xu Jie's face clearly. Although Wang Wan would not break up with him, he had no face to borrow money from Lu Chen.

  Especially Wang Wan and Xu Fang's previous attitude towards Lu Chen, he would not borrow money from Lu Chen for Xu Jie.

  After returning to Yuzhou, Lu Chen asked Wang Qiongxian and Lin Yijia to practice in the supermarket. Of course, she would not be less paid.

  "You can live with your sister Yijia first these few days, you can move to where we live in two days," Lu Chen said.

  "Okay, thank you Lu Chen." Xiaoqiong nodded and said.

  "Brother-in-law, do you let Xiaoqiong go to sleep with Qiqi?" Lin Yijia asked.

  "No, we're going to move out in two days." The house in the Longhu Villa Area of ​​Ma'an Mountain View has already come out. Lu Chen specially asked him to decorate the most expensive villa first, which was completed a few days ago. Just can move in these days.

  "Where are you moving? Where did you buy your house?" Lin Yijia asked curiously. If Lu Chen said to move before, she would definitely think that Lu Chen was renting a house.

  "Jinglong Lake villa area." Lu Chen said.

  "Wow, Jinglong Lake, the lowest villa there is 50 or 60 million yuan, brother-in-law, you are really rich." Lin Yijia looked at Lu Chen with envy, really can't tell, they have always looked down on Lu Chen. There is such a great ability.

  "Almost, if you want to live in a villa, just work hard." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  If someone else said this to her, Lin Yijia must have rolled her eyes a few times.

  You let her go to work and earn money to live in a villa, didn't you satirize her?

  But when Lu Chen said this, she actually believed it.

  "Brother-in-law, you are so kind, and I will definitely not let you down." At this moment, Lin Yijia looked at Lu Chen, and an inexplicable thought arose in her heart:

  If he weren't my brother-in-law, it would be great!

  If he weren't my brother-in-law, I would have a chance to chase him backwards.

  If Lu Chen knew Lin Yijia's thoughts, he would probably turn around in fright and flee.

  The previous misunderstanding had caused Lin Yijun to fight with him for several days. If Lin Yijun knew that Lin Yijia also wanted to attack him, it would be strange not to kill Lu Chen.

  "I'm going to see the house with your sister. You can go to work with Wu Lei first." Lu Chen said.

  "Brother-in-law, let's take a look at your villa, too. There is also someone Xiaoqiong who just came today, so you just let the family start work, it doesn't have any human touch." Lin Yijia blinked and said.

Chapter: 214

  Lu Chen was a little speechless, but seeing Wang Qiong's eyes sparkling, he knew that she wanted to visit his villa too.

  "Okay, then you will come back to work tomorrow." Lu Chen nodded and let them get in the car.

  He called Lin Yijun and said that he was waiting for Lin Yijun at the gate of the villa area and asked her to go directly to the Jinglong Lake villa area.

  Jinglong Lake Villa Area is a high-end villa area specially designed by the former Grand Hyatt Group for the wealthy. It covers an area of ​​five square kilometers and is surrounded by walls over two feet high. , Like a sincere city.

  In the villa area, there are professional security guards patrolling around the clock to ensure the safety of residents' lives and property.

  There are also four or five security guards on duty at the gate. You must be the resident inside before you can enter, not the resident inside. The resident must come and collect it in person, which is very strict.

  But this also gives residents more peace of mind.

  The villas here, except for the best set that Lu Chen has left, have all been sold.

  It's just that they haven't been completely renovated yet, so no one has moved in yet.

  Lu Chen waited outside the villa gate for more than ten minutes, and Lin Yijun's car finally got up.

  "Lu Shao." Lu Chen has been here several times, and the security guards here already know him. Seeing him swiping his card through the window, the security guard on duty greeted him as soon as possible.

  Lin Yijun also has a card that Lu Chen just gave her.

  One card for one car, this card must also be a professional card for the residents inside.

  Lu Chen nodded and walked in the door.

  The villa he left for himself is next to the main lake on the top of the mountain. The entire villa occupies more than a thousand square feet, and it is completely a mansion.

  His mansion also has special security patrols, the walls are not high, but security patrols are safe enough.

  Lu Chen pressed the electronic lock, the electronic door opened automatically, and he drove the car in.

  After getting out of the car, whether it was Lin Yijun, Lin Yijia and Wang Qiong, they were all shocked by the luxurious decoration in the villa.

  Even on TV, they have never seen such a luxurious mansion.

  "Brother-in-law, this place is so big, you and your sister can't live there at all." Lin Yijia said with emotion.

  Lu Chen didn't say anything, but Lin Yijun was moved in his heart. He remembered that when he visited her uncle's new house in Qijiang two days ago, her mother asked her when to change the house, so she pulled Lu Chen aside.

  "I also think this place is too big, and there are many rooms, should we take Qiqi's grandfather and grandmother over too?" Lin Yijun asked to look at Lu Chen.

  Her parents are just their two daughters, and the care of them falls on her and Lin Yijia, and she also wants to live with her parents.

  When she was just married before, she just wanted to have her own cozy little home with Lu Chen. After living separately for a few years, she would still miss her parents often.

  "Yes." Lu Chen nodded, he had nothing to do with this.

  As Lin Yijun said, there are more than a dozen rooms here, including swimming pools, basketball courts, party rooms, karaoke rooms, and so on. He and Lin Yijun can't even stay together.

  After discussing the time to move, Lu Chen was not idle. After he asked Lin Yijun to send Lin Yijia and Wang Qiong back, he went to Dongjia Electronics.

  Since Xiao Bieqing has found him and also knows his family, he must protect his family, especially Qiqi.

  The best person to protect Qiqi, he thought of Xu Jing.

  Xu Jing's skill is not weak, and the authentic special forces who have retired from the special forces are first-class fighters, whether in actual combat or keenness.

  When Lu Chen came to Dongjia Electronics, the guard on duty came up to park him.

  Although they still don't know Lu Chen's true identity, their manager Xu Jing would call Brother Chen when they met Lu Chen. Of course they didn't dare to neglect.

  "Lu, Brother Lu." It was Yu Hai, the former security officer who came to the car to stop. He is also an old acquaintance with Lu Chen. It should be said that he was Lu Chen's previous boss, but then he and Fan Ming wanted to deal with Lu Chen. Lu Chen slapped her face severely.

  Since then, even if Yu Hai was relegated to an ordinary security guard, he knelt at the gate for two days, but he still did not dare to leave Dongjia Electronics.

  Because Lu Chen said that no matter where he went, he would be desperate, so even if he was frustrated, he did not dare to leave Dongjia Electronics. www.

  However, Dongjia Electronics has increased the salaries of the employees twice in a row . Even if he is an ordinary security guard, he adds up to a full attendance bonus and other bonuses for a month, and he still has five or six thousand wages.

  The security guards get five or six thousand wages, which are high wages throughout Yuzhou, even higher than management in many places.

  This is also one of the reasons why he did not leave in the end.

  "Where is Xu Jing, are you there?" Lu Chen asked when he got out of the car and saw Yu Hai.

  Seeing Yu Hai's cautious appearance, Lu Chen smiled. He had long forgotten his grievances with Yu Hai and Fan Ming.

  He is such a person, sometimes very caressing, sometimes very big.

  The key is how much you angered him.

  "Manager Xu has asked for leave." Yu Hai said.

  "Oh, when did you invite it?" Lu Chen asked casually, throwing the car key to Yu Hai.

  "It's been a week, at least six days." Yu Hai thought for a while and said.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded and walked to the building.

  When I came to Xia Jun's office, Xia Jun was approving documents for the secretary.

  "President Lu."

  "President Lu."

  Seeing Lu Chen's arrival, Xia Jun and the secretary both got up and said hello.

  "Well, sit down." Lu Chen sat down on the sofa and motioned to Xia Jun not to give him a place.

  After Xia Jun sat down and the secretary walked out, Lu Chen asked, "How many days did Xu Jing ask for leave?"

  "Ah? He hasn't come back yet, I remember he only asked for three days of leave." Xia Jun asked in confusion.

  Lu Chen frowned. The boss of Xia Jun was too incompetent. His manager had asked for a few days off. He didn't even care about whether he should return to the team or not. It was really confused.

  Xia Jun also realized his negligence on this matter, and apologized: "I was careless. Usually the security department has nothing to do, so I didn't pay much attention to it."

  "Well, he hasn't returned to the team until today. Something happened." Lu Chen nodded, not accusing Xia Jun of anything, just to make him realize that this kind of small problem is only a small problem, but it is better not to commit it in the future.

  He took out the phone to find out Xu Jing's phone, but he was prompted to shut down in the past.

  "Find out Xu Jing's information and find out where his home is." Lu Chen felt a little strange. Why did Xu Jing shut it down?

  And didn't he just ask for three days of leave, it's been a week, and he didn't return to the team, he must be in trouble.

  He believes that Xu Jing's emotional intelligence cannot come back in time. Even if he doesn't call Xia Jun, he should at least call him.

Chapter: 215

  "His family is in Shilong Village, Huayan Town, Dadukou District." Xia Jun said when he found out the information of Xu Jing on the computer.

  "Does he still have a home phone?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "No." Xia Jun shook his head.

  Lu Chen nodded, then called Xu Jing again, but turned it off.

  "Let Yu Hai resume his position as supervisor." Lu Chen put away his phone and said to Xia Jun.

  "Okay, Yu Hai has performed quite well during this time." Xia Jun was startled first, then nodded and said.

  At the beginning, Yu Hai and Fan Ming were Lu Chen's greatest enemies, and they opposed Lu Chen everywhere, and even designed them against Lin Yijun.

  But Xia Jun did not expect that Lu Chen finally chose to forgive Fan Ming and Yu Hai.

  A few days ago, Lu Chen had restored Fan Ming's position as director, and now he has resumed his position as director of Yu Hai. This completely put this grievance into a sentence.

  Seeing Lu Chen's back, Xia Jun felt straight in his heart. Lu Chen's broad-mindedness made him admire.

  "Brother Lu, are you leaving?" Seeing Lu Chen came out, Yu Hai hurried over to return the car key to Lu Chen.

  "Well. Do it well, the company will not treat every employee badly." Lu Chen took the key and patted Yu Shenghai on the shoulder.

  "Brother Lu, don't worry, I won't lose the chain." Yu Hai was overjoyed. This is the first time Lu Chen has spoken to encourage him.

  Thinking that Fan Ming had already resumed his position as director, and reminiscing about Lu Chen's encouragement, he finally raised an expectation in his heart.

  He faintly felt that he should not be far from returning to the position of supervisor.

  Lu Chen had just left for a few minutes, and Yu Hai received a call from Secretary Xia Jun and asked him to go to the office.

  Yu Hai hung up the phone and walked to Xia Jun's office with excitement.

  He feels really going to regain his position as director.

  Sure enough, to the office, Xia Jun patted his shoulder and said:. "Army Headquarters to you is quite good, to you today to restore the position in charge of, I hope you do not live up to the Army Headquarters is expected of you."

  "Thank you, Mr. Lu, thank you Mr. Xia, I will not let you down in the future." Yu Hai said excitedly.

  "Well, I won't stay in the company too long. From now on, the person in charge of the company will definitely be President Lin. You should listen to President Lin." Xia Jun clicked Yu Hai, and Yu Hai could be considered the person he had promoted before. Now, he knew that before long, he would definitely give way to Lin Yijun and go to work at Yiqi Technology.

  "Well, I know." Yu Hai nodded.

  "You go down first, the appointment begins tomorrow." Xia Jun nodded and said.

  Here when Yu Hai was excited, Lu Chen had asked Shang Shui Hu Sanjie to buy some gifts and went with him in the direction of Huashiyan Long Village.

  He felt that something had happened to Xu Jing, he had to go to Xu Jing's house to see.

  The driver was Lao San Lintong, with very good driving skills, and Lu Chen sat comfortably.

  When we approached Huayan Town, the wide asphalt road finally came to an end, replaced by a narrow and run-down concrete road. When we reached a narrower intersection, a few trucks blocked the road, and a row of cars behind them honked their horns desperately.

  At this time, it was time to show Lin Tong's driving skills. I saw Lin Tong opened Lu Chen’s Shi Danwei aside, ran along the field stalk for tens of meters, and then returned to the road with a gap. Rushing to the right, a few minutes later, he rushed out of the truck array.

  "The eldest car has good skills. Come and drive for me in the future." Lu Chen smiled.

  "Okay, being with them every day, people are almost out of shit, it's still more interesting to have young and old together." Lin Tong said directly.

  "You kid, have a chance to be by your side. It's cool, right?" Song Hai in the co-driver teased.

  Lin Tong smirked, before he could be happy, there was another traffic jam ahead.

  This old mixed road has not been repaired for a long time, and there are pits dug everywhere. It is now half closed for maintenance.

  Large piles of vehicles were blocked in front, unable to move for a long time.

  However, Lin Tong took a turn and immediately went into the maintenance lane, swiftly avoiding various obstacles, and drove in front of him. It turned out that it was not only maintenance, but also the traffic police here to check whether the truck was overweight. www. In

  recent years, there are very few trucks that are not overloaded. Check it out.

  At this time, a traffic policeman who was issuing a ticket saw Lin Tong was driving the car off the maintenance road and immediately beckoned him to stop.

  Lin Tong saw that there were also many trucks blocked in front of him, so he could not get down to the maintenance section. He hit the accelerator and rushed out along the maintenance road.

  Upon seeing this, the traffic police found that he could not catch up, and was furious.

  As soon as he wanted to read the license plate number carefully, Shi Danwei got off the normal road through the gap and was completely blocked by the truck.

  "Grass!" The

  traffic police scolded fiercely and had to continue to issue tickets.

  "You kid can really do it. Starting today, just drive for me." Lu Chen said seriously.

  "Okay." Lin Tong nodded, loving it in his heart.

  He is also very tall to be a professional driver for Lu Chen.

  "Young Master, what about the two of us?" Shi Jin, who was sitting in the back row with Lu Chen, asked.

  "Of course you will continue to work with Du Fei," Lu Chen said.

  "Okay." Shi Jin nodded.

  "Second, what are you anxious about? Follow Fei Ge and learn something. Everyone said that we will take care of the original stone company. This is also our opportunity to clean up." Song Hai from the co-driver said.

  "Work hard, the time has come, and it will definitely make you clean." Lu Chen said.

  All three nodded, and soon came to Shilong Village.

  Although Shilong Village is within the scope of the city, it is quite poor. There are still standard buildings in rural areas everywhere, and there is even a tradition of going to market.

  It just happened to be the market day in Shilong Village. The street was crowded with people, there were all kinds of tricycles and vans, and there were not many cars.

  As soon as Lu Chen's Shi Danwei entered the village, he immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

  "Uncle, how do you get to Xu Jing's house?" Lin Tong rolled down the car window and asked a half-year-old man in his fifties.

  "Along this road, turn left for two hundred meters ahead, and then walk about three hundred meters. It's under the biggest locust tree." The old man pointed to the front and said.

  "Are you looking for Principal Xu's house? I will take you there." A ten-year-old kid said curiously.

  "Okay, come on." Lu Chen nodded and opened the back door, and saw the little boy sitting in with excitement on his face. Obviously, it was the first time he was excited to ride in such a good car.

  When he reached the big locust tree, the child pointed to the residents under the locust tree and said, "Here, the old principal's house will live here."

  Lin Tong stopped the car, and the child opened the door and ran off, shouting as he ran: "Old principal, a distinguished guest has come to your house."

Chapter: 216

  The courtyard door opened, and a woman in her thirties came out, wearing a pair of glasses and wearing a very simple dress, which looked a bit like Xu Jing.

  "Ms. Xu, there is a distinguished guest at your house, and it's there." The child pointed to the four Lu Chen who had just got off the bus when he saw the woman.

  The woman pushed the eyeglasses and looked at Lu Chen seriously. The four of Lu Chen weren't ordinary people at first, and they drove a luxury car. The women's eyes suddenly became suspicious.

  "Hello eldest sister, is this Xu Jing's house?" Song Haiqian asked.

  "You are..." the woman questioned.

  "We are Xu Jing's colleagues, is he at home?" Song Hai asked again.

  He has basically confirmed that this is Xu Jing's house.

  "Oh, you are colleagues of the fourth oldest, please come in soon." The woman greeted several people into the yard warmly.

  Entering the yard, the four of them knew that this woman was Xu Rong, Xu Jing’s second sister. Lu Chen looked at it and discovered that Xu Jing’s family was so poor. The low house was half brick and half earthen walls. I was afraid there would be no more than a dozen. It has not been repaired in years.

  There is also a thatched pigpen in the yard. The two piglets in the pen are no more than 50 or 60 catties.

  There is also a chicken shed, but few chickens are in it.

  Hearing the movement outside, a gray old man walked out with a thin face, a pair of reading glasses, a tunic, and a pen in his hand, looking like an old teacher.

  He is the father of Xu Jing, Xu Zhengyi.

  When Xu Zhengyi was young, he taught in the village elementary school. In his later years, relying on his qualifications, he became the principal of a small school, but he was framed for corruption after not being the principal for two years.

  Although he finally proved his innocence, the Xu family also spent all their savings.

  Xu Jing was a soldier because he had no money to go to high school after he went to junior high school.

  But that kid wasn't a fuel-efficient lamp, but he was too impulsive in the army, and the achievements he had made were also offset. When he was discharged from the army, he was caught in the neck by the local government, and he didn't refund much money.

  As a result, their Xu family still has no money to repair the house. www.

  In fact, after Xu Jing was promoted to the manager by Lu Chen, his salary has exceeded 15 thousand, but he has only been a manager for two months, and he has not yet received much salary.

  "Dad, they are colleagues of the fourth child," Xu Rong said.

  "It's the fourth colleague, let's sit inside." Xu Zhengyi nodded and greeted the four of Lu Chen to enter the house.

  The room is still bright, but only a few simple and rough sets of wooden furniture, not even painted.

  Lu Chen didn't dislike them, and sat down on the wooden stools one after another.

  Song Hai handed Xu Rong a large package of small packages and several large packages of gifts. Xu Rong's face moved and said, "Oh, you are too polite."

  "Old lady, come out to greet the distinguished guests." Xu Zhengyi shouted to another room.

  Xu Jing’s mother was a rural woman in her fifties. She had a muscular face when she heard that she came out of the inner house, but she seemed to be energized. Seeing the large packages of gifts in her daughter’s hand, she couldn’t help but look at it. The four of Lu Chen came.

  When Xu Rong went to put the present, Lu Chen saw a lawsuit on the wooden table and found that the writing on it hadn't been completely dry. Then, when he saw the pen in Xu Zhengyi's hand, he couldn't help asking: "Uncle Xu, Are you going to go to court?"

  "Yes, my son Xu Jing was wronged, and I must sue them." Xu Zhengyi said.

  "Ah? Xu Jing was wronged? What's the matter?" Lu Chen asked.

  Seeing Xu Zhengyi not speaking, Lu Chen said again: "Uncle Xu, I am Xu Jing’s boss, because he only took three days off and didn’t go back to work for the last week, so we couldn’t get through when we called him. Let's see what's going on. Uncle Xu, you believe me, as long as Xu Jing is really wronged, no matter how big the matter is, I will definitely save Xu Jing."

  Lu Chen's expression was firm. From Xu Zhengyi's words, he already knew that Xu Jing was not detained in the prison, and he must have entered.

  But even if he enters, as long as Xu Jing is really wronged, he can still get him out.

  "Boss, can you really rescue my fourth child?" Hearing Lu Chen's words, before Xu Zhengyi could speak, Xu Jing's mother Du Meng looked at Lu Chen expectantly.

  "Auntie, my name is Lu Chen, and you just call my name. As long as Xu Jing is really wronged, I can rescue him." Lu Chen nodded and said.

  Du Meng and the others seemed to believe it. At this time, after Xu Rong poured tea for a few people, he pointed to the window and said, "It was all the fault of the wall." The

  four of Lu Chen looked through the window and realized that it was. There is a new wall directly opposite the window, which is made of red bricks, which is not symmetrical to the earth wall of Xu's house.

  "Do you share a wall with your neighbors?" Song Hai also came from the countryside, and at first glance, he probably guessed the trickiness.

  The two people must have shared a wall, and the next house built the new wall beyond the boundary, and the two families quarreled.

  "Yes, the old wall was originally going to extend more than one meter away, but last month the Tan family repaired the house and overthrew the old wall and built the new wall in my yard. The one in my family asked the Tan family to reason. After being beaten by them, my mother called the fourth child. A few days ago, when the fourth child came back, he went to the Tan

  family for theories and threatened to tear down the new wall. Unexpectedly, the Tan family brothers rushed into my house. The yard was about to fight the fourth child. The fourth child was a legitimate defense at the time and knocked down two of them. Unexpectedly, it was the Tan family set up the bureau. The two brothers of the Tan family just fell to the ground and screamed. Give it back," Xu Rong said.

  "The key is that they did it first. My fourth child is just a legitimate defense, and as soon as the police station took the fourth child away, the Tan brothers stood up, and even threatened to put the fourth child in the prison." Xu Jing's mother Du Meng said worriedly.

  By her age, there is no backing in the family, and even their anger has been wiped out.

  The only thing I can have is worry about my son.

  "Then Xu Jing, is it still in the prison? Or has it been sentenced to go in?" Song Hai asked.

  "Still in the camp, their four brothers from the Tan family are all second-rate in Murakami, and even four beat my eldest son one by one. In the end, they beat my eldest son. I pity my eldest son. They were injured in the camp. We went yesterday. Look at him, there are a few scars on his face." Du Meng couldn't help but cry as he said, worried for his son very much in his heart.

  Xu Zhengyi was also very annoyed. He took off his glasses and seemed to make a fire, but in the end he could only let out a long sigh.

  "Uncle and Auntie, don't worry, today we will fish out Xu Jing first. As for the Tan family's affairs, we will take care of it later." Lu Chen comforted.

Chapter: 217

  Lu Chen still knows how Xu Jing is. Although he may be impulsive sometimes, he is still very bold.

  After all, he is a man who has been tempered in the army for several years, and he will definitely not hit others before he has to.

  Moreover, after Xu's father and Xu's mother's remarks, he basically believed that this incident was designed by the Tan family to frame Xu Jing.

  "Boss Lu, I'll talk about saving the fourth child later, you guys come all the way, you must be hungry, eat some food first." Xu Zhengyi got up and prepared to catch a chicken to kill.

  Rural people have nothing to entertain, and killing chickens is already considered a very high level.

  "Uncle, you cook at home first, we go to the police station to fish out the people before eating." Hearing that Xu Jing was beaten in the station, Lu Chen certainly wanted to fish him out as soon as possible.

  "How can this work? You come so far, eat a little bit before going." Xu Zhengyi said.

  "Uncle, you are not far from the police station. When you prepare your food, we are almost back." Song Hai also said.

  Xu Zhengyi thought for a while and said, "Then I will tell Liu Ping'an to take you there. He knows where Xu

  Jingguan is ." www.Liu Ping'an is Xu Zhengyi's third son-in-law and Xu Rong's husband. He also teaches elementary school in the village. , Is an old elementary school math book.

  The last time he went to the Tan family to argue, he was beaten by the Tan family brothers.

  But he was just a weak scholar and a teacher, so the Tan brothers didn't dare to make a heavy hand.

  Liu Pingan came back soon. Just as he greeted the four of Lu Chen and knew each other quite well, they saw the four big men rushing into the Xu’s Lu yard, shouting loudly, “Old ghost Xu, I heard that your family has also found a helper?”

  A big man pointed at Xu Zhengyi and cursed.

  The other three big men looked at Lu Chen with a joking expression.

  When Xu Zhengyi and the others saw the four of them, their expressions suddenly changed. Unexpectedly, the Tan brothers would dare to call the door to make trouble.

  "Boy, I warn you, anyone who knows will drive in your car, otherwise the four brothers will smash your broken car!" One of the big guys looked at Lu Chen and threatened.

  Song Hai's face sank and he was about to do it. He was the boss of the dignified underground power, how could he tolerate a few gangsters pointing at them, especially Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen gave Song Hai a look, telling them not to be impulsive. The most important thing now is to fish out Xu Jing before talking.

  As for the four brothers of the Tan family, in his eyes, they are no different from the four ants. Do their business well and slam them to death.

  "Old man Xu, Xu Jing has gone in. You still don't know what is good or bad, and you want to make things worse? I swear to you, if you are uneasy, I will get you old man Xu in, believe it or not." See Lu The dust four were silent, and the eyes of the four brothers of the Tan family were full of contempt.

  One of them looked at the Xu’s pigpen, and walked over and said, “It’s a dishonest punishment for his family to take one of his pigs.”

  “Good idea, go, hold on.” The other three Hearing this with joy, everyone ran towards the pigpen.

  Xu Zhengyi and others were angry and wanted to scold them, but they were stopped by Lu Chen.

  "Uncle, if you believe me, don't worry about them. When I fish out Xu Jing first, I will let his four brothers return ten times what they owe you to the Xu family." Lu Chen said confidently.

  Seeing the confidence in Lu Chen's eyes and the firmness of his face, Xu Zhengyi and others all chose to believe in Lu Chen.

  Anyway, if Xu Jing was not there, they couldn't beat the four brothers of the Tan family. They had no choice but to take his pig away.

  It's just that the anger in my heart is hard to calm down.

  "Okay, we trust you." Xu Zhengyi nodded and told the Xu family to stop talking or say nothing, just watched the four brothers of the Tan family arrogantly hug a piglet from the Xu family. .

  "Brother Liu, let's go, take us to the police station." Lu Chen said to Liu Pingan after the four brothers of the Tan family hugged the pig and left.

  Seeing that the four of Lu Chen were provoked by the Tan brothers, they did not respond, and Liu Pingan suddenly lost confidence in the four of Lu Chen.

  Even the four brothers of the Tan family couldn't figure it out. He didn't believe that the four of Lu Chen could figure out their strengths.

  You know Director Zhu wears a pair of pants with the Tan brothers.

  However, even though he didn't feel the same in his heart, he still took Lu Chen out.

  After getting in the car, under Liu Pingan's guidance, he soon arrived at the Shilong Village Police Station.

  Not far from the police station, next to the village house, is an antique-style building with red and blue police lights on golden glazed tiles.

  Next to the big iron gate, there is a police car and two police motorcycles parked.

  Lin Tong parked the car beside the police car. Several people got out of the car and found that there was no one in the place.

  When I walked to the corridor, I found that the office door was closed. Except for the toilet door, the whole police station was like no one was working.

  "Go to the second floor and see." Lu Chen said.

  Several people went up to the second floor again, and the second floor was also closed, but when they passed the director's office, they found a sound coming from inside.

  Just as Song Hai was about to knock on the door, he heard Liu Pingan say: "Xu Jing is being held there. He has been locked up for five or six days."

  Lu Chen looked in the direction he was pointing, and saw that the detention center was at the end of the corridor. , A security door lock is dead.

  Lu Chen walked over first. He slapped the security door and shouted inside, "Xu Jing, is it you who is locked inside?"

  Xu Jing inside heard Lu Chen's voice and immediately replied in surprise: " Brother Chen, is that you? Why are you here?"

  "Good boy, something happened in your house and can't be solved, why don't you call me?" Lu Chen heard Xu Jing's voice, and his worries were relieved. , As long as the person is okay, he can fish it out today.

  "Brother Chen, how can I trouble you with this little thing, and my mobile phone was confiscated by them, and I can't call you." Xu Jing said.

  "Well, but no matter what happens in the future, please call me first. Forget it, don't talk about it. I'll get you out first before talking." Lu Chen said.

  Lu Chen said that he was about to turn around and look for the director. Just then, the door of the director's office opened, and a red-faced man came out, holding a black teacup in his hand, looking as if he was not awake.

  The red-faced man obviously drank too much, and his face was still red after drunk. When he saw Lu Chen and the others, he immediately shouted, "What is it?"

  Lu Chen looked at the man in a light blue police patch shirt. Pulled on the outside of the police trousers, the epaulettes are not hung, and a pair of black leather straps are on the feet.

  It may be that they were awakened because of drunkenness. Seeing Lu Chen and the others, there is obviously a bit of anger in their eyes. There is a stance that Lu Chen and the others will arrest them if they do not give him a reasonable explanation. .

Chapter: 218

  Liu Pingan looked at the angry look on the big man's face, obviously a little afraid.

  This is how rural people are, they are not afraid of anything, they are afraid of these officials.

  "Are you the director?" Lu Chen looked up and down the big man and asked.

  The big man was obviously overwhelmed by Lu Chen's aura, and his drinking spirit became sober. "Yes, I am Tan Tailun, the director of the Shilongcun Police Station. Who are you?"

  Lu Chen took out a packet of Tianzi No. 1 and gave it to me. Everyone sent one, except for Tan Tailun.

  Tianzi No.1 is the best cigarette in Yuzhou. It is a special cigarette. There are very few on the market. Most people don't even smoke it.

  Lin Tong immediately clicked on Lu Chen before he clicked on his own.

  Lu Chen took a deep breath and vomited a smoke ring before he said, "We are Xu Jing's friends. I want to ask what law Xu Jing has committed, why he was detained for an extended period of time, not transferred to another place, or handed over to the court. Judgment?"

  Tan Tailun was completely irritated by Lu Chen's movement and tone. In addition, the middle-aged drank some wine and got a little bit up. Excitedly pointed to Lu Chen and yelled: "What are you? Dare to come to the place to go wild. Take out your ID card. If you don’t cooperate well, you all don’t want to

  leave today!" Liu Pingan was frightened by Lu Chen's arrogant attitude. Before he recovered, he was frightened by Tan Tailun's momentum. The legs are a little soft.

  He didn't even expect that Lu Chen and the others would use this method to find people. What's the difference between this and gangsters.

  The most important thing is that this is in the place. No matter how good you are, you have to be a human being with your tail between you.

  Liu Ping'an hurriedly pulled Lu Chen's sleeves and signaled him to keep a low profile, or else they would not be able to get out of them, and instead they would be locked in first.

  Lu Chen was not moved at all. He looked at Tan Tailun jokingly, and said, "As a law enforcement officer, he drinks alcohol during working hours and is even more sloppy. Believe it or not, just a call from me can make you take it off forever. ? "

  Tan Tailun mind hesitated about wine woke up, he looked up and down the dust landing a few people, a few people seem to have found great background look.

  Especially Lu Chen, daring to say such a big thing, it is very likely that there are people on it.

  At this moment, a few police officers from downstairs came up and saw Tan Tailun appearing to be confronting Lu Chen and others. One of them frowned and asked, "What are you doing?"

  No one answered him, because at this time Lu Chen has already called.

  "What attitude does the deputy ask you?" another police officer shouted in a deep voice.

  Brother Song Hai looked sarcastically. They had never experienced any storms and were not deterred by the aura of the police officers.

  Only Liu Pingan was already pale, and he didn't even dare to say a word.

  "You just happened to be here. These guys are here to make trouble. Take them down for you first!" Seeing everyone coming up, Tan Tailun suddenly changed his mind. He was going to take them down before talking.

  Just as the police officers were about to start, at this moment, Lu Chen handed the phone to Tan Tailun.

  "Xu Zuojun from the Municipal Bureau asked you to answer the phone." Lu Chen said lightly.

  The others were startled. Of course they knew who Xu Zuojun was, and they all looked at Lu Chen in confusion and shock.

  Tan Tailun was also very puzzled, but he still answered the phone and cleared his throat and asked: "I am Tan Tailun, where are you?"

  Xu Zuojun on the opposite side said solemnly, "I am Xu Zuojun, the city bureau, and I'm going to talk to your leader. "

  Fuck me, if you are the city bureau, Lao Tzu is the city bureau's daddy, do you believe that Lao Tzu finds your number and arrests you?" Tan Tailun said, hung up the phone with a snap, and also called Chen's phone was confiscated directly.

  "Take them all for me!" Tan Tailun shouted angrily.

  Several police officers dared to hesitate when they heard this, and directly handcuffed Lu Chen to them.

  Lu Chen sneered and asked them to handcuff them very cooperatively. The Three Heroes of the Water Margin did not have anything, and did not handcuff them back. He directly stretched out his hand to handcuff them.

  Only Liu Pingan's face was like snow, and his heart was extremely scared.

  He knew that Lu Chen was not reliable anymore, and he regretted coming with them.

  However, he was a bit stubborn when he was handcuffed and didn't say anything, nor did he separate his relationship with Lu Chen.

  When Tan Tailun saw that the four of Lu Chen were very cooperative, and even took the initiative to handcuff them, he was a little confused.

  Especially seeing the playful look on Lu Chen's face, he felt a little uneasy inexplicably.

  At this moment, the landline on the director's desk rang, and Tan Tailun walked in. He just glanced at the caller ID, sweating profusely on his forehead.

  The attribution of the telephone number is from the Dadukou District Bureau.

  "Hey, I'm Tan Tailun, head of the Shilong Village Police Station. Who are you?" Tan Tailun took a deep breath and asked on the phone.

  "Tan Tailun, who the hell gave you the courage, you even dared to hang up Xu Ju's phone, and even abused Xu Ju on the phone. Are you and the others drunk too much and don't know your surname? Lao Tzu I warn you, Xu Ju is very angry. He said that he will go to Shilong Village for an inspection soon. If you fucking make Lao Tzu scolded, Lao Tzu will make you never want to wear this police uniform again!" He hung up the phone and looked quite angry.

  Tan Tailun was scolded for a long time before he realized that the other party was Bureau Li of Dadukou Sub-bureau, so it seems that the boy who called before was really a phone call from Bureau Xu.

  Thinking that he had said that it was Xu Ju's father before, Tan Tailun softened his feet and almost didn't faint.

  When he came out to see a few police officers still handcuffing Lu Chen and others, he trembled, and immediately shouted, "What the fuck are you doing? Don't you let them go quickly? It's just a nonsense!"

  This kid can even shout at Xu Ju , he dare to handcuff him, they really drank fake wine.

  Several police officers, including the deputy director, looked at each other. They didn't know what Tan Tailun was making, but they tentatively unfastened the handcuffs of Lu Chen.

  A unlock handcuffs, Tan Tailun shy smile suddenly a hand seized the land of dust, ashamed said: "Well, I blame this thing, you did not expect or even many innings friends, misunderstanding, merely a misunderstanding ah."

  He Speaking of returning Lu Chen's mobile phone to Lu Chen, he looked at Lu Chen beggingly.

  At this time, the deputy office and the others finally realized that the contrast between Tan Tailun's front and back was so big, it must be because of the call in the office just now.

  Could it be that Xu Zuojun and Xu Ju made the call that this kid made to Tan Tailun before? www.Thinking

  about this, the deputy director's eyes suddenly brightened.

  He could hear clearly. At that time, Tan Tailun not only had a bad tone, but also said that he was Xu Ju's father, and he directly hung up the phone.

  It seems that his career should end here.

  As soon as Tan Tailun fell, he believed that his opportunity was coming.

Chapter: 219

  Liu Pingan couldn't believe what he saw.

  Tan Tailun, who had just been stern, handcuffed them all, and only a minute later, he slapped himself in the face, and he was even more affectionate like his brother.

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen and what he said.

  Lu Chen didn't do what everyone thought. Seeing Tan Tailun taking the initiative to shake hands, he also enthusiastically held Tan Tailun's hand and said enthusiastically: "Tan Suo is polite, and we were a little impulsive just now. Since it's a misunderstanding, it's good to make it clear. "

  he smiled and withdrew her hand. One emperor suddenly come up with the cigarettes to smoke a tan, three heroes Water Margin meeting, also rushed out of the smoke to a group of police officers installed, they are actually smoking a cigarette, talk Excited, just like an old friend I haven't seen for many years.

  "...Tan Suo, that's what happened, do you think about my brother Xu Jing?" Lu Chen looked at Tan Tailun, his face kept smiling.

  "They are just fooling around. I went to the district to study and study these days. I don't know about it. I will deal with it today after I look at the case." Tan Tailun nodded, blaming others. .

  The deputy office and others are all contemptuous.

  But this Tan Tailun is their heaven, no one dares to say nothing.

  "Okay, let's get off first. It's trouble to Tansuo. I will definitely be there at the banquet in the evening." Lu Chen smiled and took a few people down the second floor to the car next to the gate.

  At this time, Tan Tailun and others looked down from the second floor, only to realize that Lu Chen had come in a luxury car.

  "What kind of car are they, Xiaohu, don't you know cars well?" Tan Tailun asked a police officer next to him, feeling a little bitter.

  Although he doesn't know what Lu Chen's car is called, he is not stupid. The car is a million-dollar luxury car. There is no one who can afford such a good car in Huayan Town. At first glance, a person is someone who has someone on it.

  When did the Xu family make such an awesome boss?

  "Tan Suo, if I'm not mistaken, the car is a limited edition of the BMW series. There are more than three million cars, and it must be booked in advance, or you can't buy it if you have the money. "The police officer looked around and said in surprise.

  People who can drive this kind of luxury car unexpectedly came to their Shilong Village, and for the sake of being stunned, the Xu family has made friends with noble people.

  More than 3 million cars ?

  Tan Tailun was taken aback. This is a real luxury car, let alone Huayan Town. I'm afraid there are not many people who can afford to drive in the entire Dadukou District.

  Now he was really guilty of conscience, without saying anything, he went to release Xu Jing himself.

  "Brother Xu, I have wronged you these days." Tan Tailun smiled and opened the handcuffs to Xu Jing himself.

  Xu Jing looked at the contrast of Tan Tailun before and after, and knew that Lu Chen was scaring him.

  But he didn't say anything, he just smiled at Tan Tailun, and asked, "Tan Suo, can I go back now?"

  "Of course I can go back. This is a misunderstanding. By the way, you will come back at night. Drink, you must come too." Tan Tailun knew that he had pulled the Tan family aside. If he didn't use the banquet to change his direction and apologize to Xu Jing, Xu Jing might be worried about this matter.

  "Well, as long as my brother Lu comes, I will definitely come." Xu Jing nodded, moved the bones of his hands, and walked downstairs.

  Lu Chen deliberately leaned in front of the car and smoked without leaving, just to put a little pressure on Tan Tailun to let him go as soon as possible. That means, if you don't let go, the brothers will not leave.

  "Boss Lu, do you think they can really release people today?" Liu Pingan said, somewhat distrustful of Tan Tailun. After all, Tan Tailun and his husband’s neighbor, Tan’s family, are from the same family. Although they are not relatives, they usually have frequent contacts. of.

  "Relax, there are people above us, and they have to let them go." Lin Tong said with a look of disdain.

  Even the Municipal Bureau had called in person, and if Tan Tailun dared to disobey, that would be really awesome.

  No, that's really too stupid. Tan Tailun is really so stupid that he doesn't deserve to be the director.

  "Is it really Xu Ju from the Municipal Bureau?" Liu Pingan thought of what Lu Chen had said when he called Tan Tailun before, and he was shocked and asked subconsciously.

  Song Hai patted Liu Ping'an on the shoulder and smiled: "Brother Liu, don't worry, we, Shao Lu, did nothing bad personally."

  Liu Ping'an wondered why these three big guys were called Lu Chen. Where is Shao Lu? Is he really a young master? If that's the case, then the boy Xu Jing would be too awesome, and he actually got acquainted with such a big man.

  "That's true, boss Lu takes the shot, and Tan Suo has to save face." Liu Ping'an nodded, but no longer doubted in his heart.

  Sure enough, after a few minutes, I saw Xu Jing walking down, but after being detained for a few days, the whole person was a little haggard.

  "Brother Chen!" When I came downstairs, I saw Lu Chen, and Xu Jing walked over quickly when his eyes lit up.

  He said hello to Liu Pingan and Water Margin Sanjie: "Brother-in-law, Song Ge, Shi Ge, Lin."

  Lu Chen took him to dinner with Water Margin Sanjie, so all four of them were considered to know each other.

  "Brother, I have suffered." Shuihu Sanjie patted Xu Jing on the shoulder and said.

  Xu Jing smiled. Although he was wronged and detained for nearly a week, of course he would not express his anger in front of Lu Chen and others.

  "Just come out, this hatred has to be reported. Song Hai, go buy some cigarettes and send them up." Lu Chen said.

  "Young Master, people have come out, and give them hairy cigarettes? And this is their ivory." Song Hai said puzzledly.

  "Go, one yard into one yard." Lu Chen waved his hand and said.

  Liu Pingan understood what Lu Chen meant, and said, "I'll come, how can you still spend money?"

  But he hadn't said anything yet, saying that Song Hai had almost walked to the small shop next door not far away.

  "Brother-in-law, you don’t have much money, so let Song Brother buy it." Xu Jing also said. Although his third brother-in-law is a teacher, teaching elementary schools in rural areas earns a salary of less than 3,000 a month. Not enough.

  Liu Pingan smiled wryly, and didn't insist anymore.

  Song Hai bought two cigarettes and went up, one for Tan Tailun, but the other was opened and a pack was given to everyone else before coming down.

  "These guys, none of them are really polite." Song Hai shook his head and smiled.

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "Get in the car, go back to eat first, and then avenge Xu Jing."

  Driving back to Xu's house, I saw Xu Jing's mother standing at the gate looking out from afar, and the car stopped. , Xu Jing got out of the car first.

  "Mom, I'm back!" Xu Jing greeted him with tears in his eyes.

Chapter: 220

  "Ranks the fourth, you really back!" Tumon tears, excited I do not know spade, long poor rural people express their emotions, just go back to the room shouted, "his father, youngest son back!"

  Very Xu Zhengyi and Xu Rong came out quickly, and when they saw Xu Jing standing outside, they were so excited that they didn't know what to say.

  "Just come back, just come back." Xu Zhengyi said a bit hard.

  Xu Rong also quietly took off his glasses and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

  At this time, Liu Pingan took out a few strings of firecrackers from the back of the car and put them down crackling.

  This is a rural custom, called Chongxi.

  A group of people entered the room, the Xu family's faces were full of joy, while Du Meng greeted everyone to start eating.

  When he found that one chicken was not enough to eat, Xu Zhengyi asked Du Meng to kill another one to stew.

  There was a lively eating and drinking, but it alarmed the Tan family next door, and suddenly someone came to inquire about the news.

  Knowing that Xu Jing was released, the Tan family brothers were a little surprised and prepared to perform the same trick again.

  Although they were gangsters, they knew that if they really fought, none of the four brothers could be Xu Jing's opponent alone.

  The elder of the Tan family first called Tan Tailun, and then the four brothers came directly to the Xu family.

  "Xu Jing, you son of a tortoise, you unexpectedly ran out. What's the difference between you and jailbreaking?" Boss Tan kicked open the door of Xu's house, pointed at Xu Jing's face and shouted.

  When Xu Jing's expression changed, he was about to do it, but Lu Chen winked at Song Hai. Song Hai understood, got up and grabbed the collar of Mr. Tan before putting it into the courtyard outside.

  "Oh, it's not good, the Xu family hit someone!" Tan Boss suddenly yelled.

  Seeing this, the other three brothers of the Tan family didn't come forward to help, but they yelled.

  "It's not good, the Xu family is about to kill, come and help!"

  Everyone in the Xu family's complexion changed drastically. I didn't expect the four brothers of the Tan family to be so shameless and want to play this trick again.

  Just when Xu Zhengyi and the others didn’t know what to do, Lu Chen said to Song Hai, “Break your legs directly.”

  Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Xu Zhengyi and others' expressions changed again. Before this, the four Tan family brothers just It's really like a dead person. If this really breaks Boss Tan's legs, then it won't take the life of their Xu family.

  But just as he was about to persuade Lu Chen, he saw Song Hai violently kick on Boss Tan’s anti-knuckle, and there was a crisp sound.

  Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that it is the sound of the joint being broken directly.

  Upon seeing this, the other three brothers of Tan Jiasan's eyes widened, and they couldn't believe that the Xu family really dared to do it.

  Xu Zhengyi and others also widened their eyes, and their hearts sank to the bottom.

  After a second of reaction, only then did Boss Tan let out a pig-killing howl. Song Hai fell to the ground with both hands, clutching his left knee and rolling all over the floor, howling.

  Lu Chen gave Shi Jin and Lin Tong another look, and the two of them knew, took the small wooden stool under their buttocks and rushed out.

  Seeing this, the other three brothers of the Tan family suddenly felt a chill in their hearts and turned to run.

  However, the Three Heroes of the Water Margin had been people who came out of the fight against Europe since they were young, and they were the true bosses of the underground forces. How could they have let them run away.

  In less than three seconds, the three of them caught up. The three brothers of the Tan family knocked them down with three bangs. Then the three of them didn’t let go, but directly gave them a leg bone. Interrupted.

  At this point, the four brothers of the Tan family rushed over with murderous aura, and within a minute, they all turned into hoarse and cripple people who fell to the ground.

  Everyone in the Xu family, except Xu Jing, looked worried and afraid.

  "Boss Lu, hurry up, you will not be able to leave when the people from the police station come. By the way, Xiaojing, you quickly take Lu boss back to the city. Don't come back these days!" Xu Zhengyi Said and pushed Xu Jing, eyes full of worry and fear.

  "Uncle Xu, don't worry, people from the police station will not come. Even if they come, there will be nothing wrong with me." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  Tan Tailun really didn't dare to come again. In his opinion, nothing major would happen, and the top would come down to accommodate him. He didn't even want to take care of the Tan family's affairs. He didn't want to kill him. Take care.

  I dare not care.

  So when the Tan family boss called him before, he just played it perfunctorily, but the Tan family brothers misunderstood his meaning and thought he was only coming later, so they calculated the time before they came to the Xu family to make trouble.

  At this time, the four brothers of the Tan family were really heartbroken, sweating profusely on their foreheads.

  Moreover, the Xu family used a lot of dirty water in the yard when they killed chickens, and the four brothers of the Tan family had already been smashed with mud all over.

  The people in the village were immediately alarmed, and people kept coming up.

  Seeing that the four brothers of the Tan family were actually broken their legs, all of them were a little surprised.

  The four brothers of the Tan family have always beaten people, but they did not expect that today they finally received retribution and were beaten to be disabled.

  The vast majority of the crowd were a little gloating, and no one came forward to speak for the four brothers of the Tan family.

  At this time, a middle-aged woman with triangular eyes rushed in from the crowd. When she saw the four people falling on the ground and howling, she immediately sat down in the Xu's courtyard crying and splashing.

  Xu Zhengyi and the others frowned, but Lu Chen had already beaten the four brothers of the Tan family to mutilation. At this time, the mother of the four brothers came to spoil them and they had nothing to say.

  "Brother, who is this woman?" Song Hai asked.

  "The mother of these four brothers." Xu Jing also frowned. They dared to beat the four brothers of the Tan family, but they didn't bother to do anything with women. He didn't worry about it, but Mother Tan was making a big fuss in his yard. There is really no way.

  "It depends on me." Lin Tong said, got up and walked out, and quickly took out a dagger from the car.

  Seeing the bright daggers in their hands, everyone's expressions changed, and they all stepped aside subconsciously, and didn't dare to let out the atmosphere.

  Mother Tan also saw the dagger in Lin Tong's hand, but she was only taken aback, and then she continued to cry.

  Lin Tong walked to Boss Tan's side and squatted down beside Boss Tan.

  When Boss Tan saw the dagger in Lin Tong's hand, he was so frightened that he didn't even dare to snor, and the other three brothers also endured the pain and closed their mouths, with fear in their eyes.

  Although they are village tyrants in the village, when have they ever seen a ruthless person like the Water Margin Sanjie, they broke one of their legs as soon as they shot them. They don’t know if they can be cured in the future. Walked on crutches.

  "You, what do you want to do?" Boss Tan was shivering when Lin Tong sealed his collar.

  At this time, Mother Tan also stopped crying and cursing, looking at Lin Tong with worry.

  "Old lady, I count three times. If you don't get out of me, I will give your son a knife every five seconds." Lin Tong said, shaking the dagger in his hand.