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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 201-210) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 201

  The newly opened commercial building is the largest commercial building in Qijiang. It closes at ten o'clock in the evening. Although it is a small county, it also has many famous brands.

  Although it is night, the flow of people is still very large at this time.

  "Sister Yijun, this commercial building was opened by the richest man in Qijiang, Niu Dashan. The whole Qijiang is one house, and it is full of brands." Wang Wan said.

  It is not easy to be able to build such a large commercial building in a small county like Qijiang. It requires a certain degree of strength and relationship.

  However, Lu Chen is not surprising, Niu Dashan is indeed very business savvy, and with his talent, he will definitely not miss this opportunity to make money.

  "Sister Yijun, tell you a secret. Xu Jie and Niu Dashan are still friends. They have a very good relationship." Wang Wan said again.

  Lu Chen was startled and couldn't help but look at Xu Jie. If Xu Jie was really Niu Dashan's friend, then he would definitely not be confused in the future.

  But at this time, Xu Jie's face turned red. Wang Wan's bragging was a bit too much. With his status, how could he be a friend of Niu Dashan? In order to pretend to be coercive, Wang Wan could also say anything.

  But seeing Lin Yijun didn't know Niu Dashan, Xu Jie was slightly relieved.

  As long as Lin Yijun doesn't know Niu Dashan, he is not afraid to expose it.

  Seeing the embarrassment on Xu Jie's face, Lu Chen smiled to himself, he immediately knew that Wang Wan was bragging again.

  But he did not expose it, and there is no need to expose it.

  "In fact, the personality of this big man is still very easy-going. He even invited us to dinner and speaks very well. I have the opportunity to ask him out and let you know about it." Wang Wan continued to boast. www.Xu

  Jie's face changed again. The more Wang Wan said, the more outrageous he was, but the more he listened, the more frightened he became.

  This is the commercial building opened by Niu Dashan, and the staff heard it, so it's worth it.

  "The richest man in cattle is very busy, where can I have time?" Xu Jie was taken aback when Wang Wan was too ridiculous and said hurriedly.

  Wang Wan glared at Xu Jie back, apparently unhappy that Xu Jie interrupted her pretending to be forceful.

  Wang Wan took everyone to the LV brand store. She actually fell in love with a LV bag before, but she kept trying not to buy it. She just waited for the force in front of the Wang Xue family today and asked Xu Jie to pay her. , Let the Wang Xue family envy how luxurious their lives are.

  "Sister Yijun, have you used the LV bag?" Wang Wan asked.

  Lin Yijun shook her head. In the past, she had no money, and of course it was impossible to buy such an expensive brand bag.

  Now that she has money, she has no time to buy it.

  A look of contempt flashed in Wang Wan's eyes, and she said, "I saw an Lv bag, please help me see how it is."

  Lin Yijun did not speak, but followed Wang Wan to a shelf.

  "This bag costs more than 30,000 yuan. Although it is very expensive, Xu Jie will buy it for me as long as I like it." Wang Wan picked up the bag and looked at it and handed it to Lin Yijun.

  "It's only more than 30,000 points. What's the price? You like it, I can buy it for you anytime." Xu Jie said with a big deal, knowing that it was time for him to play.

  "Oh, Ajie, you are really kind to me." This is the dialogue she discussed with Xu Jie, but Wang Wan still pretended to be surprised.

  Lin Yijun was a bit cold, but she still resisted and said nothing?

  Wang Wan's acting skills are really bad, and if you want to show off in front of her, you have to practice your routines in advance.

  Although she has never used a bag of 30,000 yuan, it does not mean she can't afford it.

  Leaving aside Lu Chen, she has more than 100 million deposits in her own card, so she can't buy more brands.

  "Sister Yijun, what do you like about the things here? You can choose one too." Wang Wan said suddenly. The lowest thing here is five or six thousand. She doesn't believe that Lu Chen is a security guard and can still buy it. Affordable.

  "No, I don't need it." Lin Yijun said.

  "Sister Yijun, are you afraid that Lu Chen can't afford to be ashamed? He can't afford to pay, so I let Xu Jie send you to you, choose one." Wang Wan said in a magnificent manner.

  But after finishing talking, she regretted it a little, because the things here are not cheap, Xu Jie paid Lin Yijun, she also felt distressed.

  Lin Yijun frowned. Just as she was about to say something, she heard Wang Xue say: "Lin Yijun, since Xu Jie is going to give you away, then you can choose one. It's hard to be kind." It

  has always been Wang Xue showing off in front of her relatives. Yes, I didn't expect the whole process to be reversed today, but it was Xu Fang or Wang Wan who kept showing off in front of them, and she couldn't help it.

  Isn't Wang Wan trying to pretend to be forced? She just saw a LV bag with a price of 100,000 yuan before, and it happened to cheat Wang Wan.

  "Then, okay." Lin Yijun smiled, Wang Wan has been aggressive, and she is also a little upset.

  "Is it right that after Yi Jun is selected, Xu Jie will have to pay?" Wang Xue asked Wang Wan.

  Although Wang Wan regrets a bit, she has said all the big words, and of course she can't take it back, or she's too slapped.

  "Well, you can choose, you can choose whatever you want." Wang Wan said in a magnificent manner.

  "Yiyun, that bag is good-looking, so choose that one." Wang Xue jokingly smiled and pointed to the top bag on the crystal shelf on the left.

  Lin Yijun also saw the price, and said that her mother's eyes were good.

  She walked over and picked it up. It was really beautiful. To be honest, she wanted to buy it.

  Seeing Lin Yijun picking up a bag that was priced at 100,000 yuan, Wang Wan's expression suddenly changed, and she didn't even dare to choose such an expensive bag.

  Although Xu Jie is now a boss, he doesn't have much money at all. Especially when he bought a house for her parents when he was engaged, he didn't have much savings. How could he still buy a bag of 100,000 as a gift?

  "Lin Yijun, why are you so greedy? This bag is the most expensive here." Wang Wan didn't even bother to call'Sister Yijun', so she called Lin Yijun's name directly, showing how angry she was at Lin Yijun.

  "Didn’t you say you want to give me away? Let me choose whatever you want. I thought that one hundred thousand bags are just normal here, and you said that Xu Jie’s monthly income is over one million, and one hundred thousand bags are also given away. Huh?" Lin Yijun saw that Wang Wan was angry, she didn't want to pretend, Wang Wan had no bottom line, and she was too tired to pretend.

  Wang Wan vomited blood. She said she wanted to send Lin Yijun, but she didn't say that she wanted to send such an expensive one. I didn't expect Lin Yijun to be so cruel. Didn't she want to slap her in the face?

  "Lin Yijun, you don't want to get into it anymore. I said I would give you a bag, but can you afford to give you a bag of 100,000? Are you qualified to use a bag of 100,000?" Wang Wan snorted coldly and gave you a handful Snatch Lin Yijun's 100,000 bags and put them back on the shelf.

  "Oh, if you can't give it away, you can't give it away. What's the pretense? If my family Lu Chen earns several million a month, I will let her buy this store and give it to you." Wang Xue said for her daughter.

  As soon as Wang Xue spoke, both sides were torn apart.

  "Waiter, wrap this bag for me and give it to Miss Lin."

  Just then, a big bald man walked in and said, pointing to the bag that Wang Wan had just put back.

  Seeing the big bald man, Wang Wan and Xu Jie's face suddenly changed.

Chapter: 202

  Hearing the voice of the bald man, everyone was shocked.

  Who is so atmospheric?

  A hundred thousand bags are given away?

  The moment Xu Jie and Wang Wan saw the bald man, their faces changed suddenly.

  Niu Dashan!

  Turned out to be Niu Dashan, the richest man in Qijiang.

  What is his relationship with Lin Yijun, why should he give Lin Yijun 100,000 bags?

  "Who are you? I don't need the bag you gave." Lin Yijun looked at Niu Dashan, not knowing it, let alone asking him for something.

  Niu Dashan looked at Lu Chen and found that Lu Chen had nothing to say, and he was relieved.

  He was also worried that he would make Lu Chen very upset just when he came out for Lin Yijun.

  Lu Zhong is like his reborn parents, while Lu Chen is Lu Zhong's young master. In front of Lu Chen, he can only exist like a grandson.

  After Niu Dashan sent Lu Chen back, he was about to come to the mall to stroll around, but he didn't expect to find that Lu Chen and others were there.

  He had actually been listening for a long time, Wang Wan had been pretending to be coercive in front of Lin Yijun. Had it not been for Lu Chen, he would have wanted to come out and slap Wang Wan in the face.

  "Mr. Niu, why are you here?" Xu Jie said conclusively.

  Niu Dashan didn't give Xu Jie any face at all and didn't even look at him. He walked directly to Lin Yijun's face and said respectfully: "Miss Lin, all the things in this mall, no matter what, you can take away for free as long as you like it."

  Xu Jie's face was a little awkward, and Wang Wan's face was a little pale.

  What does Niu Dashan mean, why does he give Lin Yijun something?

  "Who are you? Why should I ask for your things?" Lin Yijun smiled. She didn't know Niu Dashan at all. She felt that this guy was a bit funny, giving her things for no reason. Is it crazy?

  "Oh, my name is Niu Dashan. I used to work in the Junyue Group..." Niu Dashan said faintly. Of course, he couldn't directly explode Lu Chen's name.

  But when he said so, Lin Yijun immediately understood.

  The Junyue Group was Lu Chen's business. They knew when Lu Chen first acquired Dongjia Electronics, but to her a little surprise, Niu Dashan was also Lu Chen's.

  How powerful is Lu Chen?

  "Oh, I know, then you go ahead and take it away if I think it's something." Lin Yijun said politely.

  "Okay, then I won't disturb you for now." Niu Dashan nodded, glanced at Lu Chen, and saw that Lu Chen nodded to him, he knew nothing was wrong.

  Just as he was about to quit, Wang Xue suddenly asked: "Oh, you are the richest man in the cow, the richest man in the big name, the richest man in the cow, my niece said her boyfriend is your friend before, and she needs to introduce her. You met us, but I didn't expect to see you here."

  Wang Xue said with a smile and looked at Wang Wan while hiding his knife.

  Before Wang Wan had been pretending to be forceful, she felt that Wang Wan was pretending to be too big. As expected, Xu Jie took the initiative to say hello to Niu Dashan, but Niu Dashan didn't even look at him.

  "It's Ms. Wang, you want to know me, without introduction, I know you myself. As for your niece's boyfriend, he is not qualified to be my friend. In Qijiang, I don't have any friends." Niu Dashan said proudly.

  At this time, Xu Jie lowered his head, as if he had eaten shit in his heart, if it hadn't been for Wang Wan to pretend to be compelling, he would not be so scared at this time.

  How could a legend like Niu Dashan be their friend?

  "Ah, no, they said so swearly before." Wang Xue said in surprise.

  Looking at Wang Xue's appearance, Niu Dashan immediately understood what was going on.

  He gave Wang Wan and Xu Jie a faint look, and said in a cold voice, "I will let people look back on that little Xu Jie's, what qualifications does he have and dare to be my friend."

  Xu Jie trembled, but Wang Wan didn't expect Wang Wan. Pretending to be compelling, he really offended Niu Dashan.

  "Niu, President Niu, I’m sorry, I’m Xu Jie. It was my friend who pretended to be your friend before showing off. Please don’t know her. Of course, because I’m her boyfriend, I didn’t stop her in time and I was at fault. Please also punish Mr. Niu!" Xu Jie said with fear. If he didn't really like Wang Wan very much, he would sell Wang Wan directly.

  Wang Wan was shocked. Xu Jie's company had just started. If Niu Dashan targeted him, he would be unable to fight back. He would not even have a chance to fight back, and he would be killed by others.

  But she was also very unwilling in her heart. If she apologized, she wouldn't be even more embarrassed.

  "Xu Jie, can't you be a little ambitious? I was scared and persuaded by others. I despise you." Wang Wan said angrily.

  "Okay, you look down on me, then you are Mr. Niu's friend, are you here to explain to Mr. Niu?" Xu Jie was also really angry. Wang Wan was so unclear about the situation, he immediately didn't want to care. www.

  Seeing Niu Dashan's indifferent gaze, Wang Wan's body trembled in fright, and she immediately softened.

  "Mr. Niu, yes, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn't pretend to be your friend to show off, I won't dare anymore!"

  Wang Wan is about to marry Xu Jie, and their Wang family will rise in Qijiang. She is not stupid. If Niu Dashan were to wipe out Xu Jie's company, she would not know who to cry in the end.

  However, she hated the Wang Xue family even more.

  At this time, Xu Fang's face was also quite ugly. She didn't expect Wang Xue to be so vicious and expose her daughter directly in front of Niu Dashan. Didn't she want to kill her daughter-in-law?

  "It turned out to be a swindle. I thought he was really your friend. He shocked us before." Wang Xue smiled happily.

  "Just because of their two small roles, are you worthy of being my friends?" Niu Dashan snorted and turned to apologize to Wang Wan, "You are very courageous, do you know the end of using my name to bluff and deceive?"

  Wang Wan was at heart. After a shock, she finally got a little scared. She hurriedly pulled La Xu Jie's arm. At this time, only Xu Jie could help him.

  "Mr. Niu, I'm really sorry, she is ignorant, please give you a face, I will definitely educate her when I go back." Xu Jie again carefully apologized.

  "What kind of thing do you want me to give you face? Do you have a lot of face?" Niu Dashan laughed, but there was murder in the laughter.

  Wang Wan and Xu Jie turned pale with fright and almost didn't kneel directly.


  At this moment , Lu Chen coughed.

  Niu Dashan looked at Lu Chen, and Lu Chen cast a look at him. He immediately knew that Lu Chen didn't want to care about them, and looked at Xu Jie with a cold snort and left.

  Xu Jie and Wang Wan finally breathed a sigh of relief until Niu Dashan went downstairs and disappeared.

  Wang Wan looked at Wang Xue and then at Lin Yijun, with a sharp glow in her eyes.

  "You go first, I'll go back and get something." Everyone had left the LV bag shop, Lu Chen suddenly remembered something, and then turned and walked into the shop.

Chapter: 203

  Lu Chen remembered that when Lin Yijun picked up the most expensive LV bag, he liked it very much. He hadn't given Lin Yijun a bag yet, and he just took this opportunity to give her one.

  "Waiter, pack this bag for me." Lu Chen picked up the one hundred thousand bag and walked to the cashier.

  "Sir, this bag costs 100,000 yuan, are you sure you want it?" The cashier's eyes lit up and said.

  "Pack it." Lu Chen took out his bank card and swiped it.

  Seeing that Lu Chen had really brushed one hundred thousand directly, the cashier's gaze at Lu Chen changed, and his smile opened to Lu Chen's bag.

  Seeing Lu Chen returned to the LV store, Wang Wan was startled first, then sneered at the corner of her mouth.

  "Lin Yijun, Lu Chen went back to give you a LV bag." Wang Wan laughed.

  She guessed that Lu Chen might have forgotten something in the store.

  As for buying bags for Lin Yijun, isn't that funny?

  The bags here are at least five or six thousand. Lu Chen is no more than a security guard. Can he sell his kidneys to buy it?

  She always thought that Lu Chen was a security guard.

  Lin Yijun smiled faintly. Intuitively, she did feel that Lu Chen was going to buy her a bag, but she was too lazy to argue with Wang Wan.

  Lu Chen soon came out with the packed Lv bag, but everyone didn't know the price after it was packed.

  Did you really buy a bag?

  Wang Wan was startled, a little bit unbelievable, Lu Chen actually went back to buy a bag for Lin Yijun.

  "Yijun, don't you like it? Take it." Lu Chen handed the bag to Lin Yijun.

  Lin Yijun didn't say anything, but Lu Chen was able to send her a bag, she was still a little excited, and it eased the atmosphere of the cold war between the two during this period.

  "Open it and take a look. What did Lu Chen buy for you?" Wang Wan smiled shyly, snatched the bag from Lin Yijun's hand, and she would take it out to have a look in person. Make fun of Lu Chen.

  "Wang Wan, what are you doing?" Lin Yijun frowned, Wang Wan was a bit too much.

  "Oh, sister Yijun, I don't want to open it for you." Wang Wan said with a smile.

  Lin Yijun wanted to snatch her bag. Isn't she afraid of Lu Chen's shame? At this time, she believed that Lu Chen would definitely not only give her a few thousand yuan.

  She just couldn't understand Wang Wan's style.

  But when she was about to reach out to grab it back, she saw Wang Wan had opened the package.

  Then he was stunned.

  It turned out to be the best LV bag?

  Wang Wan couldn't believe that Lu Chen actually bought the best bag for Lin Yijun, and she didn't even dare to ask Xu Jie to buy it for her.

  Xu Jie was taken aback.

  Didn't Lu Chen be a security guard?

  Where did he get his 100,000 yuan to buy a bag for Lin Yijun?

  Wang Fang's eyes widened as well. At this moment, she finally felt that Lu Chen was unusual.

  Lu Chen remained silent, and even when she took Lu Chen to watch in her new house, Lu Chen praised it sincerely.

  Unexpectedly, Lu Chen still had one hundred thousand yuan to buy a bag for Lin Yijun.

  This is not even Xu Jie bought for her daughter.

  "Lu Chen, I didn't expect you to be so mean and couldn't afford a bag, so you stole someone else's bag!" Wang Wan suddenly satirized her classmate.

  If Lu Chen only bought a few thousand yuan bag for Lin Yijun, she could still accept it. Lu Chen directly took out the most expensive one in the store, which was one hundred thousand.

  How does she believe that Lu Chen bought this?

  She was sure that Lu Chen had stolen this bag, or Lu Chen could not afford to sell his kidneys.

  "Are you here to be funny? I steal the bag?" Lu Chen couldn't bear it either, and looked at Wang Wan with a sneer.

  Before that, Wang Wan had been showing off in front of them. He thought that they were all relatives, so forget it, and he went back to buy this bag after he came out. He also considered that he didn’t want the Wang Wan family to feel embarrassed, so he had to deliberately come out and then go back. bought.

  Unexpectedly, Wang Wan was shameless to this point.

  "You didn't steal it, so dare you to confront us?" Wang Wan said loudly.

  She would not admit that Lin Yijun had done better than her.

  Not to let Lu Chen slap her face on Wang Xue's face.

  "Yeah, Lu Chen, aren't you a security guard? Where did you get so much money? This is one hundred thousand, not ten yuan." Xu Fang also wondered.

  "Who told you that I was the security guard?" Lu Chen said playfully.

  "I care if you are a security guard or not, so I will ask if you dare to go in and confront us?" Wang Wan said loudly.

  Xu Jie frowned and took Wang Wan's hand, trying to persuade her not to mess around.

  Lu Chen gave him the feeling that it was not as simple as a security guard.

  The most important thing is that he felt respectful when he saw Niu Dashan's attitude towards Lin Yijun.

  Whether it was an illusion or not, he felt that Lu Chen was definitely extraordinary.

  But at this time Wang Wan had red eyes. Wang Xue just made her lose face in front of Niu Dashan. At this time, when she saw Lu Chen steal someone's bag, how could she let this opportunity pass?

  "Okay, as you wish." Lu Chen smiled jokingly and stretched out his hand to the Lv store.

  With a cold snort, Wang Wan walked towards the LV store with her bag, a sharp light flashed in Lu Chen's eyes, and followed him.

  Lin Yijun and others, you look at me, I look at you, and walked in.

  "Waiter, how did you go to work? I don't know if the bag was dropped by others?" Wang Wan took the bag and walked to the cash register, and threw the bag on the cashier table with a snap.

  The cashier and another salesperson frowned, wondering what Wang Wan meant.

  "Your boss pays you, is that how you work?" Wang Wan taught.

  "Beauty, do we have to teach you how to go to work? Although you are a customer, please pay attention to your words and deeds." The cashier said uncomfortably.

  "Hmph, do you dare to talk back, look, what bag you sold to him before, what bag he took?" Wang Wan pointed to the one hundred thousand bag on the cashier desk. He pointed to Lu Chen and said angrily.

  The cashier was a little speechless and said, "Beauty, are you misunderstanding? This gentleman just bought this bag."

  "Just him? He is a security guard who can afford a bag worth 100,000? You are stupid. Am I stupid?" Wang Wan said jokingly.

  "This is this gentleman's credit card invoice." The cashier found out the invoice in a speechless manner and handed it to Wang Wan.

  Wang Wan took the invoice and took a look. It was indeed one hundred thousand, and the time had just coincided.

  Lu Chen really bought it!

  Wang Wan's heart sank to the bottom.

  But how could Lu Chen have so much money to buy bags for Lin Yijun?

  She looked at Lin Yijun, and suddenly thought to herself, could it be that Lin Yijun gave Lu Chen the money in advance and asked him to come and perform this scene on purpose?

  "Lin Yijun, I didn't expect you to be such a scheming bitch. In order to slap me in the face, you first gave Lu Chen money and then let him perform such a play. I really underestimated your family!" Wang Wan sneered.

Chapter: 204

  "What's my business?" Lin Yijun looked innocent. Lu Chen is her husband. Isn't it normal to buy a bag for her?

  "Hmph, don't pretend to me, if you don't give Lu Chen the money in advance, can Lu Chen afford a bag worth 100,000 yuan?" Wang Wan said sarcastically.

  She looked at Lin Yijun, gritted her teeth bitterly.

  She was supposed to show her feelings in Wang Xue's family, but she did not expect to be caught in Lin Yijun's suit in the end, which made her face scandal.

  "You said Lu Chen has no money?" Lin Yijun smiled. She really didn't want to hit Wang Wan's family.

  "Lin Yijun, how can you be such a scheming person? You have to play with your cousin. I really misunderstood you!" Xu Fang said with a look of anger. It was her daughter's scheming, but she just thought it was Lin Yijun. Is wrong.

  "Auntie, you can see it too. You are showing off along the way. What did we say? And let's take this bag as an example. Lu Chen was afraid of your embarrassment, so he deliberately waited for us to come out. I went back to buy it. After I bought it, I didn’t want to open it, because I was afraid that you would be embarrassed. But Wang Wan insisted to grab it and open it. Can this blame me? Finally, she saw that the bag was the best one, and she had to slander Lu Chen stole it, so you told me, who is the scheming bitch?" Lin Yijun was also angry, but Wang Wan was so shameless, even Xu Fang was so shameless, she had the face to say she was scheming bitch?

  If it weren’t for all relatives, where would she give Wang Wan a chance to show off?

  Lin Yijun's words made Wang Wan and Xu Fang look very ugly, and made them angry.

  Because of Lin Yijun's words, every sentence shows the fact that Wang Wan and Xu Fang are both fools, and they stretched their faces over and beat Lin Yijun.

  "Huh, isn't it that you want to show off in front of your cousin that you are better than her? They are all relatives, and I didn't expect you to be so vicious!" Xu Fang made a fuss unreasonably.

  Lin Yijun was very angry and said with a smile: "Auntie, I am doing well, I will not tell others, and I will not show off in front of others, but some people, with a little money, think that they are the richest man, wishing the whole world Show off that you are the richest man."

  What she said was obviously satirizing Wang Wan's love to show off. Wang Wan stopped doing it as soon as she heard it. She said angrily: "What's wrong with my love to show off? My boyfriend has money and is the boss. Can't I just show off? Not like a certain Some people find a husband, but they only help others at the door. They even use a woman's money to buy a bag, which is really useless!"

  Wang Wan looked at Lu Chen contemptuously, her eyes full of disdain. .

  Lu Chen smiled. He didn't want to care about Wang Wan, but he didn't expect her to become more and more presumptuous.

  "Pack all the bags in your store for me, I bought them all." Lu Chen suddenly stepped forward and said to the cashier.

  "Huh?" The cashier was stunned. All the bags in their store added up to at least four or five million. He actually wanted all of them?

  The other salesperson was also dumbfounded, brother, are you serious?

  "Lu Chen, are you here to be funny? You are going to buy all the bags here. Have you even bought them for me?" Wang Wan said sarcastically.

  Needless to say, the bags here are in the millions. Lu Chen said so loudly, didn't he want to lose his face to grandma's house?

  "First, sir, are you sure you are not joking?" The cashier asked when reacting.

  "Do you think I'm like a joke?" Lu Chen said as he took the card out and put it on the cash register.

  "Ah? It's all packaged, but it costs four or five million?" The cashier and another salesperson looked at each other. Even if so many things are really affordable, not everything can be used, right?

  "What are you doing in a daze? Don't hurry up and pack everything?" Wang Wan shouted angrily.

  The anger in her heart and her distorted perception of Lu Chen made Wang Wan completely crazy.

  She didn't think that Lu Chen actually wanted to buy everything in the store in the end. Is this still not enough to hit her in the face?

  She really didn't believe it. Lu Chen could buy all the things here.

  This is four or five million.

  Don't say that Lu Chen is just a security guard. Even if he is Zhongnanhai's bodyguard, he can't afford so much money.

  Watching the salesperson pack things, Wang Wan smiled triumphantly on her face, and she waited for a while, how to end when Lu Chen couldn't pay.

  Bought them all?

  What a great spirit.

  Wang Wanguang was thinking about the last scene, and she couldn't help but feel refreshed.

  Compared to Wang Wan's gloat, Xu Jie frowned.

  He can start a company without being as ignorant as Wang Wan.

  Lu Chen dared to say this, he felt that Lu Chen must have the strength to buy this store.

  It's just that Wang Wan's ignorance blinded her eyes and didn't even think about Lu Chen's possible identity.

  "Second sister, you didn't even stop Lu Chen from making him such a mess. He asked the salesperson to pack all the bags. When he can't pay, will they let him go?" Xu Fang He didn't believe that Lu Chen could buy all the things in the store.

  Seeing a few busy salespersons sweating profusely, Xu Fang said gloatingly.

  For a while, Lu Chen couldn't pay, and it was certain that these salespersons would definitely not let Lu Chen go, and once they reported to the police, they would not only be ashamed, but also pay for the loss.

  "Huh, it's not a problem for my son-in-law to buy the entire building." Wang Xue snorted coldly, and she was full of affection for Lu Chen. She knew that Lu Chen had money, and several millions would definitely be a trivial matter to him.

  As for the purchase of the entire building, it was completely an irritating statement, but after Lu Chen paid the money, it didn't matter whether he could buy the entire building.

  "I'm afraid he won't be able to pay by that time and people call the police. Tonight, your family can only live in the bureau." Xu Fang smiled, eyes full of gloat.

  Speaking of being relatives, I didn't expect to come out and develop into an enemy's frame.

  Lu Chen shook his head, feeling that everyone in the Wang family was genetically inherited.

  This is true of Wang Xue and Wang Wan, but so is Xu Fang.

  With this matter today, he had taken care of his relatives many times, and never wanted to say anything. He didn't expect Wang Wan to anger him step by step.

  "Sir, it's packaged, 4.54 million yuan, give you a discount, 4.5 million yuan, swipe your card." The cashier wiped his sweat and said with some gasping.

  4.5 million!

  Wang Wan and others looked at Lu Chen jokingly to see how he ended up.

  Lu Chen nodded, picked up the bank card and swiped it, then directly entered the password.

  Seeing Lu Chen's successful swipe card, Wang Wan and others stared wide and couldn't believe it.

  She is completely desperate!

  Slumped on the floor with a pale face, his eyes blank.

  She originally wanted to completely find face in front of Wang Xue today.   She

  didn't expect to get it to the end,

but she herself lost all her face.

Chapter: 205

  Xu Jie just gave her a bag of 30,000 yuan, and Lu Chen bought all the things in the store for Lin Yijun, for a total of 4.5 million, obviously in front of Lin Yijun, she completely turned into a clown. www.

  Wang Wan Xinrusihui.

  She couldn't think of how a security guard, a salesman, Lin Yijun and Lu Chen managed to make such a deposit.

  She is unwilling!

  This is her chance to show off in front of Wang Xue in thousands of years.

  Xu Jie narrowed his eyes while looking at Lu Chen.

  This is the security in Wang Wan's mouth?

  He looked at Wang Wan and suddenly wanted to laugh.

  It can be said that Wang Wan asked for all this today.

  He is not stupid, he can see from beginning to end, whether it is Lin Yijun or Lu Chen, they don't want to show off in front of Wang Wan.

  Had it not been for Wang Wan to push people too much, he believed that Lu Chen would not care about Wang Wan as much.

  He sighed inwardly, and while he was afraid of Lu Chen, he felt a trace of sorrow for Wang Wan.

  However, he felt that after this incident, he believed that Wang Wan's love for comparison should be a little bit restrained.

  "Lin Yijun, is it great for you to have a few stinky money? Can you do whatever you want?" Xu Fang looked at her daughter's frustrated look, feeling distressed, and directly blamed Lin Yijun.

  "Mother-in-law, if you had been showing off in front of me today, would you still have this idea? And, please make it clear that from the beginning to the end, you are going to compare, we Did you say something?" Lin Yijun said angrily.

  "But your cousin is just playing with you. Do you need to be so serious? You bought all the things in the store. Why didn't you buy the entire mall?" Xu Fang reportedly complained for Wang Wan.

  "Uncle, if I was the one who was ashamed, would you still say that?" Lin Yijun was a little speechless, she had never thought of embarrassing Wang Wan, but Wang Wan asked for everything, she had to take a step Lu Chen was irritated, couldn't Lu Chen fight back?

  "You were married to a trash once, and you have already lost your face once, what are you afraid of, what do you let your cousin do?" Xu Fang said shamelessly.

  "Trash? You see that trash son-in-law can buy a shop. Your son-in-law is not trash. Did you ask him to buy a shop for your daughter?" Wang Xue stopped doing it and shot back ironically.

  Xu Fang was turned pale by Wang Xue's ironic expression . She looked at Xu Jie. At this moment, she really wanted Xu Jie to stand up and help them beat their faces back.

  It's a pity that Xu Jie looked away and didn't want to look at Xu Fang at all.

  Seeing Xu Jie like this, Xu Fang felt even more uncomfortable, but she did not dare to be angry with Xu Jie.

  Their Wang family has to rely on Xu Jie to support them. If Xu Jie gets angry and breaks up with her daughter directly, then where do they go to find such a rich and son-in-law?

  "Okay, second sister, since you are so good, then don't go back to our house, go to the hotel outside by yourself!" Xu Fang said angrily.

  "Huh, stay at the hotel, do you think we want to live in your broken house?" Wang Xue also said angrily.

  "Let's go, don't make any noise." After arranging the bags, Lu Chen realized that Wang Xue and Xu Fang were quarreling with each other, so he frowned and walked outside.

  When Lu Chen left, Wang Xue had to follow.

  Seeing Lu Chen and the others walking back, Xu Fang thought that Lu Chen and the others were going back, so he pulled her daughter up and said, "Go, go and blast them out, and resolutely not let them live in your house."

  Wang Wan said Nodded, isn't Lu Chen and the others rich? Then go to the hotel.

  When approaching Wang's house, Lin Yijun called Lin Yijia and asked her to take Qiqi out and wait for them where she stopped.

  The three of Xu Fang followed Lu Chen and the others. Seeing Lu Chen sitting on Shi Danwei and Lin Yijun sitting on the Audi A6, the family of three looked very embarrassed.

  The reason why they believe that Wang Xue and others have no money is because they didn't see the car driven by Wang Xue and others, thinking they came by bus.

  If they knew that Lu Chen and Lin Yijun drove a good car alone, how could they dare to show off in front of them.

  "Ajie, what kind of cars are they all?" Xu Fang asked unwillingly.

  She didn't understand cars, but she could see that whether it was Lu Chen's car or Lin Yijun's car, they were all new and beautiful.

  "Lin Yijun's is the new Audi A6, about 500,000 yuan. Lu Chen's is the BMW Shi Danwei, 760Li limited edition top-fitting, about three million, once every three months, and you may not be able to buy it if you have money. , Must be booked in advance.” Xu Jie said with a ugly expression. With this car alone, it can be seen that Lu Chen is mixing well in Yuzhou, which is not what Xu Jie can compare.

  "Then how much is your car?" Xu Fang asked again.

  Xu Jie's face suddenly became ugly when asked by Xu Fang.

  His car is no more than 300,000 Volkswagen, even Lin Yijun's Audi A6 can't match.

  Xu Fang even asked how much his car was. Didn't this prevent him from getting off the stage?

  "Mom, what kind of car do you care about Xu Jie, so what are you doing?" Of course, Wang Wan knows Xu Jie's car, even Lin Yijun's car can't be compared. Her mother even asked like this, which deliberately embarrassed Xu Jie.

  Xu Fang also reacted, but the more she reacted, the more she felt defeated.

  When Wang Xue married and went to Yuzhou. It is a head taller than them at home.

  At this time, Wang Xue's daughter-in-law was even more serious, and she completely trampled her daughter-in-law under her feet.

  "This relative can't be recognized even after death!" Xu Fang said angrily when Lu Chen and the others left in two luxury cars.

  Wang Wan's face was pale, and she suddenly felt regretful.

  If she knew that Lu Chen and Lin Yijun were mixing up so well, she wouldn't show off in front of them if she killed them.

  For Lin Yijun, Lu Chen waved his hand and spent 4.5 million to buy her the entire store.

  And he drove a luxury car with few cars in the entire Qijiang River. His status and status are many times stronger than her boyfriend Xu Jie.

  She previously said that her boyfriend Xu Jie earned more than one million yuan a month, which was completely bragging.

  Xu Jie’s company has just started, and has not yet officially made money. Even after it is on the right track, I don’t know if it can make two or three hundred thousand a month. It can only be regarded as a small company.

  If she can't blame Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, as long as they speak, Lu Chen should help them.

  "Mom, Xu Jie's company is still on the right track with funds, or you can tell my dad to ask him to ask Lu Chen, and let Lu Chen lend us millions." Wang Wan said suddenly.

Chapter: 206

  Xu Fang's eyes lit up. Yes, they offended Lu Chen, but Wang Kai didn’t offend Lu Chen. Isn’t Lu Chen very rich? Wang Kai is his uncle. He might borrow a few million from him. .

  Xu Jie's eyes lit up. If he could borrow several million from Lu Chen, his company would be on the right track.

  "Hmph, we will borrow them when the time comes. If we don't return them, who made them so hateful today." Wang Wan said angrily.

  Xu Jie frowned. They kindly loaned you money, but you didn't repay them. Who would dare to lend you money in the future?

  And this is still your family's relatives, so he should fix the relationship with Lu Chen, and he will help you in the future.

  But thinking that Wang Wan was going to borrow money for herself, if he blamed it, he still couldn't say it.

  "Yes, I will definitely not return them, see if they dare to show off in front of us in the future!" Xu Fang also said angrily.

  The mother and daughter came to the door of the house and saw Wang Kai, Wang Jin and Wang Qiong standing outside the eaves looking at them.

  "What's your situation? Why are all their families gone?" Wang Kai frowned and asked.

  "Blame us? They insisted on showing off in front of us, and they moved away by themselves without thinking about our house." Xu Fang said uncomfortably.

  Thinking of Wang Xue's character, Wang Kai believed a little bit, but he also knew that his wife was not a fuel-efficient lamp, especially after his daughter was with Xu Jie, she even showed off, saying that her family was going to be a big success in the future.

  When the neighbors saw that Xu Jie was the boss of the company, they were all envious of it. They also cheated on Xu Fang one after another, which created Xu Fang's current character.

  "Forget it, brother, the second sister is like that, they can leave if they want." Wang Jin also knew Wang Xue's character and believed Xu Fang's words. www.

  Wang Xue, who is good, every time the whole family will give them a lot of money, but it is too fond of showing off.

  They are brothers and sisters, of course they don't care, but Xu Fang, Wang Wan, and Xu Jie are different. They have no right to follow Wang Xue.

  So after hearing what Xu Fang said, Wang Jin also believed it and turned and walked into the house.

  "Dad, in fact, we accidentally offended them, especially Lu Chen, and then they got angry and left." Wang Wan saw that her father and the others turned around to enter the room, knowing that she was not telling the truth today. Character, I would definitely not invite Lu Chen.

  She also wanted her dad to ask Lu Chen to borrow some money for them.

  "What's the matter?" Wang Kai turned and looked at Wang Wan when he heard the words. Wang Jin stopped and turned to look at Wang Wan.

  Wang Wan gritted her teeth and said, "Dad, my second aunt used to show off in front of us. I'm not upset. This time I want Xu Jie to help me slap them in the face to let them know that our Wang family is no longer the previous Wang family. ..."

  "Then, did you find that Lu Chen was better than Xu Jie, and then you were not angry, so you started talking and just angered them away?" Wang Kai said.

  "Dad, you, how did you know?" Wang Wan was startled and asked in surprise.

  Wang Kai shook his head. Do you still have to ask? If he can't see such an obvious thing, then he has lived in vain for decades.

  "Forget it, since they are all offended, let them go. If they remember this relative in the future, they will come and have a look. If they can't remember, then forget it." Wang Kai said, turning around and leaving, he didn't Blame my daughter. After all, her daughter is in her twenties. She has already lost face in front of Lu Chen and others. As a father, she can't bear to make her lose face again.

  "The eldest brother said that, after all, the second sister is the one who married out. Of course, she will not focus on her natal family, Xiaoqiong, you should go back and rest too," Wang Jin said.

  "Dad, Sister Yijia said that he would let Brother Lu Chen arrange the work for me. If they leave, should I go to work in Yuzhou?" Xiaoqiong asked Wang Jin.

  Wang Jin was stunned. He had a son and a daughter. His daughter didn't go to school after high school. Because there was no money, all the money was given to his son to go to college.

  So he always felt a little guilty for his daughter.

  My daughter has always wanted to go to Yuzhou to find a job. He thought that her daughter was young, so she suffered a loss when she was alone and never let her go.

  If Lu Chen is really willing to arrange a good job for Xiaoqiong, he certainly supports it.

  "Well, let me ask you Brother Lu Chen tomorrow. Don't worry, they won't go back in two days." Wang Jin nodded and said.

  "Then did they stay in the hotel these two days?" Xiaoqiong asked.

  "It should be." Wang Jin nodded, feeling a little curious about what Lu Chen does now.

  Anyway, what kind of family is the Wang Xue family? He knew in his heart that Lu Chen would dare to arrange a job for his daughter, right?

  At this time, Wang Wan chased her father into the room, hesitated for a while, and then said: "Dad, Xu Jie's company is still on the right track. Can you borrow some money for him?"

  Wang Kai was startled and sat down. Smoked the stuffy smoke on the sofa.

  He himself was useless and didn't give his children a good life plan. Although no one said anything, he was more or less self-blame for being a father and not giving his children the life he wanted.

  "Xiaowan, Dad can only give you a loan from the bank, but dad doesn't know how much he can borrow. After all, our house is worthless and can't hold much." Wang Kai said after smoking a few cigarettes.

  When he said this, there was helpless vicissitudes between his brows.

  "Dad, how much can you borrow at the bank? The maximum is one or two hundred thousand, and Xu Jie's company is at least three million behind." Wang Wan said.

  Wang Kai was really stunned.

  three million?

  Can he borrow it?

  All his friends are farmers who plant the land. Even if they originally intended to borrow him, it would be no more than 10,000 to 20,000 to the sky. Where can he borrow 3 million?

  For people his age, no one wants kidneys except for selling blood.

  Looking at his daughter in a daze, Wang Kai felt a little heavy.

  As a father, his inability is his fault.

  But as a daughter, so forcing him to be a father...

  Wang Kai felt a little sad. This is the daughter he has raised for more than 20 years.

  Can she really not see that her father is really powerless?

  "Xiaowan, I'm sorry, Dad really can't help you." Wang Kai took a deep breath, and his whole body seemed to be a few years old suddenly, eyes full of fatigue.

  "Dad, you have the ability to help us. Really, you have to believe in yourself. Lu Chen and the others are very rich. They drive millions of luxury cars. Just now, when we were visiting the mall, Lu Chen spent 4.5 million to buy the entire store for Lin Yijun. As long as you ask him, he will definitely lend you."

  Wang Wan added: "However, they were offended by us today, and they should be very Angry, you beg them a little bit more, the big deal, you can kneel to him."

Chapter: 207

  Wang Kai was stunned, very surprised.

  On the one hand, he was very surprised that Lu Chen was so good, he was worth at least tens of millions of billions.

  On the other hand, he was very sad.

  His biological daughter, he raised a biological daughter in her twenties, and asked him to kneel down to someone else in order to borrow some money.

  There was a touch of sadness in his eyes.

  This is his own daughter!

  "Dad, you must help us. We really need this money. If Xu Jie's company does not have 3 million capital injections, it will not be on the right track this year, which means that it will not make money this year." Wang Wan begged.

  It's okay if she doesn't beg, the more she begs, the more sad Wang Kai feels.

  "Dad, I beg you, you can help us once. Xu Jie also bought a house for you, and his funds can't be turned around." Wang Wan said again.

  Wang Kai felt very uncomfortable. He said that the house was worth one million, but Xu Jie only paid a down payment, and they had to pay back the loan every month.

  He has a down payment of more than 100,000, can more than 100,000 compare with 3 million?


  Wang Kai waved his hand, took a deep breath, interrupted Wang Wan and continued: "Okay, dad don't want this old face, and when your grandpa's grave is wrapped, I will go to Lu Chen."

  "Dad, remember, if Lu Chen and the others don't lend you money, you will kneel down and beg him." Wang Wan stared at him.

  Wang Kai did not speak, but silently returned to his room.

  The next day, Lu Chen did not go to the Wang's house or to the grave mountain, but took Qiqi to the children's playground to play.

  He really didn't want to see the faces of Wang Wan and Xu Fang again.

  However, Lin Dahai still called Lin Yijun and Lin Yijia to both.

  Today, the Wang family asked Mr. Wang to do things. Of course, Wang Xue would kowtow.

  Lin Yijun and Lin Yijia also went to kneel for more than an hour while the gentlemen were chanting.

  But Lin Dahai went to the grave mountain to help.

  But today, Lin Yijun and the others were very surprised. Wang Wan and Xu Fang's attitudes turned around 180 degrees. Not only did the two take the initiative to greet them, they also asked Lu Chen why he didn’t come. of.

  Lu Chen took Qiqi to the children's playground all morning, and when he was about to take Qiqi to lunch, he received a call from Lin Yijun.

  "Lu Chen, it's not OK, something has happened, come and hurry." Lin Yijun said worriedly.

  "What's wrong?" Lu Chen asked.

  "My cousin fought with others. I heard that my third uncle was injured." Lin Yijun said.

  "Okay, I'll be over right away."

  Lu Chen said and took Qiqi directly to Wang's house.

  When he got outside of Wang's house, Lu Chen saw a group of people making a noise in the Wang's courtyard, but Lin Yiyun's grandma had already passed out crying.

  "Dad, it's okay, Xu Jie has asked someone to break them up." Wang Wan said.

  "Well, don't worry about it, first send your brother and your third uncle to the hospital." Wang Kai nodded and said.

  At this time, Lu Chen saw Wang Wan's younger brother Wang Shi and her third uncle Wang Jin were covering their foreheads and coming out, causing blood to flow from their fingers.

  Xu Jie personally drove them to the hospital for bandaging.

  Lu Chen asked before he knew what had happened.

  It turned out that it was noon when the husband went to the tomb mountain to read the sacrificial texts. There were a lot of people who went there. He stepped on a few corns in the neighboring village. Then the two sides started a dispute and started fighting.

  However, Xu Jie also had some contacts in Qijiang. He called more than a dozen people in a single call, and injured a few more.

  "Xu Jie is the one who kissed him. At the critical moment, he must rely on Xu Jie." Seeing that his son was also injured, the prospective son-in-law asked someone to avenge him. Xu Fang saw Lu Chen, although he did not dare to attack Lu Chen again. But the speech is still a bit yin and yang.

  Lu Chen didn't bother to look at her, and asked Lin Yijun, "Grandma is okay?"

  Lin Yijun shook his head and said, "It should be fine, but the elderly, my health is not good. Once again this kind of excitement, I too Very worried."

  "Well, let's go in first." Lu Chen nodded and led Qiqi into the house.

  In the room at this time, although the old lady woke up, her face was still very ugly. Wang Xue and Lin Dahai were by her side.

  As for Wang Jin's wife and daughter, they followed them to the hospital.

  Xu Fang greeted everyone outside.

  After all, they asked their neighbors to help today, and she couldn't leave it alone.

  "Son, I wrapped your father's grave, but this kind of thing happened, it's too unlucky." Grandma took Wang Xue's hand and said with tears in her eyes.

  Most of the old people in the rural areas still have feudal ideas. When the husband went to the tomb mountain to read the sacrificial texts, such fights occurred. In their eyes, it must be unlucky.

  "Mom, they haven't moved to the tomb mountain, it's okay." Wang Xue comforted.

  "Mom, don't think too much, you have already taken care of it, you have to take good care of your body." Lin Dahai also comforted. www.

  "I am old, and my body is like this. Don't worry about me. How long I can live, God is doomed. By the way, you can call to ask and see Wang Shi and Wang Jin and their uncles and nephews. How are the two injured?" The old lady is very open to her life, but she is still worried about her son's grandson.

  "Grandma, third uncle and cousin just suffered some skin trauma, just go and bandage them. Don't worry about them, they will definitely have no problem." Lin Yijun said.

  "Well. Help me out and have a look. They've all gone to the hospital, and the guests outside have to be greeted..." The old lady said that she was about to get up, but just as soon as she got up, she fainted.

  "Mom, mom, what's wrong with you?" Wang Xue was startled and hurriedly supported the old lady.

  Although Lu Chen didn't understand medical skills, he also stepped forward to check the situation of the old lady, and found that the old lady had just passed out and was breathing normally. He was also relieved.

  "The problem with grandma shouldn't be too big, let's take her to the hospital first." Lu Chen said.

  "Well, Yijun, you and Yijia will stay here, your mother and I, and Lu Chen will send your grandma to the hospital." Lin Dahai said.

  "Okay." Lin Yijun nodded.

  Lu Chen picked up the old lady and walked outside.

  Lin Dahai and Wang Xue followed him.

  "What's wrong with the old man?" Lu Chen came out holding the old lady, and the others asked.

  "I fainted. There should be nothing wrong. Let's take her to the hospital." Wang Xue said.

  Lu Chen hugged the old lady to the side of the car, just opened the door and put the old lady in the back seat and lay down. When several vans came, they stopped not far from him.

  He was about to get into the main cab when a group of big men jumped off the van with steel pipes.

  "Damn, this car is parked at the door of Wang's family. It must also belong to a relative of Wang's family, and it was smashed by me too!"

  A big man saw that Lu Chen was about to get in the car, so he led everyone to Lu Chen's car.

Chapter: 208

  When Xu Fang and others saw twenty or thirty bullies rushing over with steel pipes, the whole person was frightened in an instant, and fell to the ground with panic and fear in their eyes.

  At this time, Wang Kai and others all went to the hospital. The Wang family greeted these guests at home alone. She was a woman and didn't know what to do.

  Others were also frightened by the momentum of the gangsters. Although these people seemed to be in their twenties, and some were even younger, they had steel pipes in their hands. They were also gangsters. Naturally, everyone was scared. .

  Having seen Lu Chen’s methods, Lin Yijun and Lin Yijia are still calm, with Lu Chen in front of them, they have nothing to be afraid of, they just covered Qiqi’s eyes with their hands to prevent her from watching what happens next Scenes.

  but Lin Dahai and Wang Xue are different.

  Lin Dahai was trembling a little, and bravely stood in front of Wang Xue.

  Wang Xue pulled the corner of Lin Dahai's clothes, her eyes full of fear.

  Lu Chen's face sank, and he was also angry when he saw that these people were about to smash his car when they came.

  Seeing a wooden stool not far away, he rushed over and copied it in his hand, then stood in front of his car awe-inspiringly.

  There was an old lady in his car who passed out in a coma. Of course, he couldn't let these gangsters hit the car.

  "Mapi, I dare to fight back and look for death!" When he saw Lu Chen holding a stool in front of them, he shouted angrily, and a steel pipe slammed onto Lu Chen's head.

  Lu Chen snorted coldly, regardless of the steel pipe that the gangster smashed over, he directly lifted the stool and smashed it at a faster speed.


  Lu Chen's shot was almost to the extreme, and the gangster's steel pipe was only halfway out, and Lu Chen was slammed on the head with a stool.


  The stool was smashed into pieces, but the bully didn't hum and fell straight down.

  Lu Chen casually grabbed the steel pipe in the bull's hand, and with a little effort, he snatched it over.

  The other gangsters hadn't realized what level of existence they provoke, and they were still rushing towards Lu Chen.

  With Lu Chen's steel pipe in hand, it was like a heavenly aid. Every time a steel pipe went down, one gangster fell, and soon more than a dozen gangsters were knocked out by Lu Chen.

  He was well-measured. Although every stick hit the opponent's head, he just stunned him. As for whether there would be a concussion, he didn't care about it, he just couldn't die.

  People from Xu Fang and Wang's side trembled when they saw that Lu Chen was so vigorous, surrounded by more than 30 people as if they were in an uninhabited state.

  They hit dozens of them, they had never heard of them, let alone saw them with their own eyes.

  In the end, more than a dozen gangsters saw that Lu Chen made such a cruel move, and smashed their sticks on their heads, and one of them fainted immediately. They didn't know whether they were dead or alive, they were all scared.

  They backed back one after another, their eyes looking at Lu Chen were full of fear.

  They have been mixed for so many years, and they have no idea how many fights they have fought.

  But an unreasonable horror play like Lu Chen's, and it was a pair of more than 30 of them, they had not seen it.

  "Who are you messing with?" Lu Chen stopped when he saw that the other party was finally afraid.

  Seeing Lu Chen walking step by step, the last few gangsters had been scared, and one of them was scared by Lu Chen's aura.

  "Our boss is Li Hu, Brother Hu." One of the bullies said softly.

  "You can roll." Lu Chen said, throwing the steel pipe on the ground, and took out the phone to call Niu Dashan.

  "How is the power of Li Hu of the underground forces?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Here is Li Hu, the other forces have been integrated by him, and his power is still a bit big." Niu Dashan said.

  "Do you have any relationship with him?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "No, even I heard about it two days ago. He has cooperated with Tianci Real Estate. Tianci and I have always been hostile." Niu Dashan said.

  Lu Chen frowned, and said, "You tell Li Hu, let his people be honest with me these past two days, and then come to Wang's house to make trouble, I will take his nest."

  "Okay, Shao Lu, I'll get in touch. Him." Niu Dashan replied.

  Lu Chen hung up the phone, thinking that Li Hu might not necessarily give Niu Dashan face. After thinking about it, he still called Du Fei.

  "Bring all the brothers to Qijiang, three hours is enough for you, right?" Lu Chen said directly.

  Du Fei heard Lu Chen's words without asking, and said directly: "If you don't bet on a car, you can be there within two hours." It

  takes more than one hour from Yuzhou to Qijiang, plus the gathering of brothers, two hours is enough. .

  Lu Chen hung up Du Fei's phone and felt that it was not safe to stay with Lin Yijun and others at Wang's house, so he said, "Send grandma to the hospital. Li Hu's people may come again. I'm here to guard."

  Lin Yijun said Nodded, took Lu Chen's car key, and called Wang Xue and others to go to the hospital.

  "You take Qiqi and go with them." Lu Chen said to Lin Yijia. He didn't know what was going on for a while, and he couldn't protect people.

  "Okay." Lin Yijia nodded and got into the car with Qiqi in her arms.

  After Lin Yijun and others had left, Lu Chen lifted a stool and sat in front of the Wang's house. Everyone looked at him with a little fear.

  Xu Fang didn't even know what to say. In short, she was a little guilty, and she felt afraid to talk to Lu Chen.

  Those gangsters who were knocked out by Lu Chen woke up one after another. One of the big guys saw Lu Chen sitting not far from them, and threatened in a deep voice: "Boy, wait for me, don’t take your Wang’s The house is flattened, I don't have the surname Lu!"

  He said a harsh word, woke up all the others, and left one after another.

  Xu Fang and others are even more afraid.

  Half an hour later, Wang Kai and others returned. Wang Shi and Wang Jin only sew a few stitches, and the problem is not too big.

  Seeing Lu Chen sitting outside the door alone, and no one dared to walk too close to him, all of them frowned, not knowing what Lu Chen wanted to do.

  "You just came back, our Wang family is about to end, Xu Jie, you can call someone to help, Li Hu's people will come later, saying that they are going to destroy our house!" Xu Fang said worriedly.

  "Mom, what's the matter, why did our family offend Li Hu?" Wang Wan frowned and asked with some fear. Li Hu is the boss of the Qijiang underground forces. Of course, Wang Wan knows Li Hu's dominance.

  "Before Li Hu's people came to smash Lu Chen's car, Lu Chen beat them, and then they let go of harsh words, they are going to come and smash our house today." The matter is very important, and Xu Fang immediately If you want to shirk the responsibility, it's better for Li Hu not to find their Wang family.

  Hearing Xu Fang's words, everyone around was a bit contemptuous. Li Hu's people clearly came to her Wang family. After being beaten back by Lu Chen, it was shameless that she wanted to shift the responsibility to Lu Chen.

Chapter: 209

  "Li Hu, how could it be Li Hu?" Xu Jie was startled, his face turned pale. Although he also started a company, how dare he provoke Li Hu.

  If he knew that the family was related to Li Hu, give him ten courageous people he would not dare to provoke Li Hu.

  Seeing Li Hu's face pale and fearful, Wang Wan knew that Xu Jie would definitely not provoke Li Hu. Without Xu Jie's help, their Wang family would be nothing.

  "Lu Chen, since you are the one you provoke, then you can solve it by yourself, don't hurt our Wang family." Wang Wan thought, and looked at Lu Chen with an unhappy expression.

  The Wang family couldn't provoke Li Hu, and Xu Jie couldn't provoke either. She hoped to shirk it on Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes.

  He was a little angry.

  To be honest, he was supposed to help the Wang family settle this matter originally, but he did not expect Xu Fang and Wang Wan to be so shameless that they would shirk all the responsibilities on him.

  Of course he is not afraid of Li Hu, but the attitude of Xu Fang's mother and daughter is really disgusting.

  "If I leave now, can your Wang family bear Li Hu's anger?" Lu Chen said coldly.

  "You go? You are not afraid to handle things properly, you dare to go!" Xu Fang threatened angrily.

  "Hmph, I really want to leave, what can you do to me?" Lu Chen was completely angry, got up from the stool in a rush, and walked outside.

  Xu Fang's expression changed. She really didn't dare to stop Lu Chen when she thought of the way Lu Chen was so powerful before, but Lu Chen left like this. After a while, Li Hu's people will come. Who will help them Wang Family?

  Wang Wan was also dumbfounded. She didn't expect Lu Chen to actually leave, and she didn't know what to do for a while.

  "Wang Kai, Wang Jin, don't you two brothers quickly apologize to this little brother?" At this time, a 60-70-year-old old man suddenly said.

  "Uncle Hu..." Wang Kai didn't know what to say. Of course he knew that it was not Lu Chen that provoke Li Hu, but the previous incident. It was his prospective son-in-law Xu Jie who came to beat Li Hu, Li Hu's. Talent comes to revenge.

  But they couldn't provoke Li Hu, that's why he hasn't spoken.

  Wang Jin hesitated, but still came forward to catch up with Lu Chen, and said, "Xiao Chen, I'm sorry, I know this has nothing to do with you, but you should go and let them never come back."

  Wang Jin is true. He was a little angry. He didn’t need to think about it. He also knew that Li Hu’s people had made trouble before. Lu Chen must have blasted him away, but Xu Fang and Wang Wan wanted to shift the responsibility to Lu Chen. Go down.

  So Lu Chen wants to leave, he has nothing to say. On the contrary, he would rather Lu Chen go quickly, and Wang Xue and others will not come back.

  Last night Xu Fang and Wang Wan angered Lu Chen and others and forced them to stay in the hotel. Although he didn't say anything, he was still a little unhappy with Xu Fang and Wang Wan.

  But the other is his sister-in-law, and the other is his niece, and it is not his turn to say anything. It is his elder brother who will say it.

  Lu Chen looked back at Wang Jin, feeling a little complicated, and said, "San Jiu, your family will come back to Yuzhou with us. I will make arrangements for you whether it is work or house."

  He was really very good. Want to leave, go back to Yuzhou today, but Wang Jin is good, at least not hesitating like Wang Kai.

  Everyone was stunned, Lu Chen was so loud, who was he?

  Only Xu Fang and Wang Wan were jealous and unhappy.

  They all knew that Lu Chen was very rich, and that Lu Chen was going to help Wang enter his family.

  Wang Jin's heart was shocked, but he still shook his head, "I'll talk about this later, I will ask Xiaoqiong to find you in a few days, and you can help her arrange a job."

  Lu Chen nodded, such Little things, he can do it with a single phone call, it's definitely no problem.

  "Lu Chen, I'm sorry, I apologize to you for Xu Fang and Wang Wan." Wang Kai hesitated and went forward to apologize to Lu Chen.

  "Uncle, you don't have to apologize for them." Lu Chen shook his head, very disappointed.

  "Lu Chen, for your grandmother's sake, if you have the ability to solve this matter, please stay and help us solve it. We really have no way to deal with Li Hu. If you have no ability to solve it, then You go first, don't get tired." Wang Kai said in silence.

  If Lu Chen really has a solution, even if he knelt down and apologized, he would ask Lu Chen to stay and help.

  But if Lu Chen didn't have the ability to solve this matter, then it didn't matter whether Lu Chen left or not, it didn't matter.

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen. When Wang Wan's mouth moved, she wanted to mock Lu Chen again. Xu Jie saw, pulled her, stared, and whispered, "Shut up first, except for Lu Chen. , No one can solve it!”

  Whether it is Lu Chen’s confidence, his unusual identity, and the ability to blast away Li Hu’s dozens of people, Xu Jie believes that Lu Chen should have a solution. problem.

  As for them, let alone dealing with Li Hu, I am afraid that Li Hu's people have not yet arrived, they are already scared to go out.

  Wang Wan was shocked. She looked at Xu Jie in disbelief. Seeing Xu Jie's serious face, she realized that Xu Jie was not joking.

  Moreover, although Xu Jie loved her very much, she did not dare to disobey Xu Jie.

  After all, Xu Jie's ability to succeed in their Wang Clan is all up to them.

  Lu Chen was silent, whether it was the Wang family or other guests, looking at him expectantly.

  "Xiao Chen, are you really capable of solving this matter?" Wang Jin also looked at Lu Chen expectantly.

  Lu Chen nodded, and Wang Jin was overjoyed, and said, "Xiao Chen, the third uncle is pleased. Although this matter is very unfair to you, the third uncle still wants to ask to stay and help our Wang family this time. "

  Lu Chen, uncle I'm sorry..." Wang Kai saw that Lu Chen could really solve the matter, and when he said that, he would kneel down and apologize to Lu Chen. He really couldn't help it. They couldn't provoke Li Hu at all. , But his wife and daughter are too jerk, he must apologize for this.

  "Uncle, what are you doing?" Lu Chen was startled, and hurriedly supported Wang Kai. Of course he couldn't make Wang Kai really kneel down.

  "Uncle, you don't have to be like this. I'll take care of this for you. By the way, grandma passed out before and has been sent to the hospital. You should call my mother and ask about the situation." Lu Chen said.

  "Okay." Wang Kai nodded. He knew that Lu Chen wanted to divert the topic and resolve his embarrassment. He was grateful and became even more angry with his daughter and wife.

  While the people waiting for Li Hu to call, Li Hu received a call from Niu Dashan.

  After hanging up the phone, Li Hu frowned.

  Niu Dashan is the richest man in Qijiang and a group of powerful Baidao. Although he has a cooperative relationship with He Zhinian of Tianci Real Estate, they still have some scruples about Niu Dashan. Niu Dashan's face should be given a little. The word "new ¥ new/speed ¥ degree most & Yun=0"

  At this moment , Li Hu's phone rang again, he checked, it was He Zhinian 's call and connected.

  "Li Hu, come to the Tianci Club, I will introduce a big man to meet you." He Zhinian said.


  Li Hu put aside Niu Dashan's words, and instructed the people below to be ready to trouble the Wang family at any time, so he went to the Tianci Club.

Chapter: 210

  When he came to the Tianci Clubhouse, Li Hu saw He Zhinian being with a middle-aged man respectfully. The middle-aged man couldn’t see anything outstanding, but he didn’t know why. When the middle-aged man looked at Li Hu, Li Hu actually felt an unprecedented pressure.

  Yes, it is pressure. The invisible pressure made him, the boss who has been with the underground forces for more than ten years, a little afraid of middle-aged eyes.

  "Li Hu, this is Mr. Mu from Beijing." He Zhinian introduced.

  "Mr. Mu is good." Li Hu stepped forward to greet.

  Mr. Mu looked at Li Hu, and then took out a photo for Li Hu to see, "This person is now in Qijiang, and you can find him out. By the way, his wife and daughter are also in Qijiang. If you can take them I'll give you a reward of 100 million."

  Li Hu took the photo and looked at it, and his eyes suddenly brightened.

  Isn't this the photo that his men showed him before? I heard that this kid can fight.

  "Well, within today, no, within an hour, I will bring people over for you." Li Hu said confidently.

  Mr. Mu's eyes lit up, thinking that Li Hu must know the whereabouts of Lu Chen, otherwise he could not be so confident.

  But he didn't say anything, just nodded.

  "Then I'm going to do things first." Li Hu said. One hundred million is too important to him. He has power now, but he has no money. If there is one hundred million as the foundation, he believes that it will be impossible. How long will his wealth surpass Niu Dashan and become the richest man in Qijiang in one fell swoop.

  "Go ahead." Mr. Mu nodded.

  After Li Hu left, He Zhinian asked cautiously: "Mr. Mu, I don't know who is in this photo?"

  www.Mr. Mu came all the way from Beijing, and he didn't hesitate to spend 100 million to find out what was in the photo. People, he is not surprised.

  "A person you can never afford to offend." Mr. Mu said lightly.

  He Zhinian's expression was shocked, and he couldn't help but glance at Lu Chen in the photo. How did this young man feel a little familiar?

  "Let's go, first find out the whereabouts of his wife and daughter for me. I guess Li Hu will probably not be able to catch him." Mr. Mu said and walked outside.

  While keeping up, He Zhinian called people to check the whereabouts of Lin Yijun and others.


  Lu Chen stayed again.

  As he expected, more than an hour later, Li Hu's people came up again.

  More than a dozen cars parked outside the gate of Wang's house. Hundreds of gangsters got out of the cars, each holding a steel pipe or a machete in their hands, a typical underground force fighting in groups.

  Everyone in the Wang family turned pale when they saw this pose, and their eyes were full of fear.

  Those guests all withdrew from the scope of the Wang family, and they were afraid that they would endanger the fish pond.

  When Xu Jie saw Li Hu personally leading the team, he was shocked and slipped away quietly.

  In this situation, of course he has to distinguish between the Wang family, otherwise he would not know how he died.

  Especially this matter was triggered because he called someone to beat Li Hu's person. It stands to reason that the person who is most responsible is himself.

  The Wang family watched Xu Jie slip away quietly at the critical moment, eyes full of disappointment.

  Compared with Lu Chen, who stood firm and stood firm in front of them, Xu Jie's back looked more like a clown.

  Wang Wan felt a little sad. Xu Jie left her at this moment and left her family alone. She was also very disappointed.

  It is true that the husband and wife are birds of the same forest.

  Wang Kai looked at Xu Jie's back, and had already made up his mind.

  I won't beg Lu Chen for him anymore and ask Lu Chen to borrow money.

  "Bring me the steel pipe." Lu Chen looked at the other person's frame. Today, he can't do it without doing anything, but he checked the time, Du Fei and others should be coming soon.

  There are more than one hundred people. Although he is very strong, it is difficult to deal with. Fortunately, the Wang's courtyard is not very large. Only part of the more than one hundred people can come in.

  Moreover, most of the more than one hundred people are seventeen or eighteen-year-old kids, and some are even skinny like monkeys, with no combat power at all.

  At this point, Lu Chen still admires Du Fei. Those Du Fei’s people are not many, but they are all the big guys with big builds. There are not many people who eat soft meals and spend their lives. They are all pulled out. The master who can do it.

  If there were only forty or fifty people last time, Dongfang Long wouldn't dare to do it.

  It's because Du Fei is a strong man himself, and the people he recruited, of course, are a little real.

  "Brother Chen." Wang Shi, who had only five stitches on his forehead, took the two steel pipes that Lu Chen had prepared before.

  Lu Chen took the pipe, gestured in his hand, and then turned around and said to everyone in the Wang family: "You all find a place to hide first." With

  so many people, even if he can fight, he can't take care of it.

  After he was about to let the Wang family hide in the house, he led the crowds to run away. He had planned the route, and just ran in the direction of Yuzhou, trying to meet Du Fei and the others.

  Even if there are more than one hundred people, even if they are all small gangsters, he is not sure if he fights hard.

  If the opponent can be deterred by his aura, it's okay, as long as he turns more than ten first, he can scare the opponent.

  If the opponent is not deterred by his aura at all, and swarms at him, he can only escape.

  Fighting is also very tiring.

  The most important thing is that there are many people with mixed hands and no eyes with knives and sticks. He was stabbed by the opponent accidentally, and then gg.

  But when Lu Chen looked back, he unexpectedly found that the three men from the Wang family were standing with him with the steel pipes prepared.

  The eyes of Wang Kai, Wang Jin and Wang Shi were very firm.

  This is the matter of their royal family, how could Lu Chen stand alone in front of him.

  Xu Fang and Wang Wan stopped talking, but when they saw that the three of Wang Kai's eyes were firm, they finally did not say anything and took Wang Qiong away.

  No matter how shameless they were, at this moment, they didn't have the courage to say anything that Lu Chen would bear alone.

  "Uncle, Uncle, you guys retreat too." Lu Chen already had a plan in his heart. Of course, he didn't want the three of them to disrupt his plan. For the current plan, the best way is to take Li Hu's person Lead away, otherwise he himself will be in danger.

  "Xiao Chen, you don't need to say anything. Even if we desperately die today, we have to defend the dignity of my Wang family." Wang Kai said firmly.

  "Yes, we can't let you fight for us!" Wang Jin raised the negative pipe in his hand and said in a deep voice.

  "Brother Chen, what my sister and my mother did was wrong before. Now if we only let you fight for our royal family, are we still human? So, brother Chen, let's fight together!" Wang Really said firmly.

  Seeing the trio's look at death, Lu Chen was slightly startled.

  He wanted to say something, but found that the other party had come three meters away in front of them.

  "Get ready to fight." Lu Chen smiled bitterly. For the present plan, he had to fight to the end.

  Then see who is more ruthless.