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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 201-210 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 201

Mu Tingxiao's gesture of picking up dishes changed, and his expression also changed.

He put down his chopsticks and was about to touch his phone, but was stopped by Mu Nuannuan first.

"You can finish it first, Gu Zhiyan should have resolved this matter." Mu Nuannuan was actually not sure whether it was resolved.

She thought that it was Mu Tingxiao who ordered Gu Zhiyan to do it. She naturally believed that Mu Tingxiao would deal with this matter. After she got it, she didn’t pay attention to it anymore. She just prepared the food and waited for Mu Ting. The owl came back.

After all, Mu Tingxiao yanked his mobile phone hard and called Gu Zhiyan.

Gu Zhiyan was busy all day and just fell asleep. When he was woken up by the phone, he didn't even see who it was. He said loudly, "Who was at night."

"I." Mu Tingxiao simply said one word. Gu Zhiyan immediately became sober.

Gu Zhiyan was silent for a while, and his tone eased a lot: "Young Master, you don't want to check what time it is, just call me. If you have this time, please check the hot searches on the emperor, Nuan. Nuan was also involved, and I have been so busy these days that I have no time to go home and sleep well."

Gu Zhiyan and Mu Tingxiao have a deep friendship, and when it comes to business matters, they naturally don't make mistakes.

"I don't know what the person behind this wants to do, but he must know the relationship between Nuan Nuan and you, otherwise it will not be like a brown candy, sticking to the warm belt every time, let us deal with it.

She also became fearful when she got up..." Mu Nuannuan only noticed that Mu Tingxiao's complexion had been heavy, but she didn't know what Gu Zhiyan said.

After hanging up the phone, the two of them sat in silence and did not speak for a long time.

"I saw my big brother in the company today." Mu Nuannuan broke the silence first.

Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao suddenly raised his head to look at her, his eyebrows frowned slightly unconsciously.

"Don't worry, I didn't say anything." Mu Nuannuan said with a smile, "but he didn't mention the hot search."

Mu Tingxiao stood up: "I'm full."

Mu Nuannuan followed. With a "brush", he stood up and followed, and said loudly, "Mu Tingxiao, don't deceive yourself anymore. You have already found the eldest brother, but because you couldn't believe it, you kept lying to me and said nothing was done.

Arrived ." Mu Nuannuan's heart had been holding back long enough.

Mu Tingxiao paused, then looked back at Mu Nuannuan.

This time he did not deny or admit it, but said in a cold voice: "I will handle it."

There was no temperature in his eyes, it was cold.

Mu Nuannuan shuddered subconsciously, opened her mouth and couldn't speak.

His eyes were so cold that Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao was very strange at this time, cold and alienated.

Mu Nuannuan froze in place.

Perhaps, she never walked into his heart.

He was unwilling to tell her something on his mind, she couldn't help but uttered, but Mu Tingxiao's indifferent appearance seemed to be accusing her of nosy...

This night, the two of them lay on a bed with their backs facing each other. There is no hug or communication.


There are still many things in the company, and Mu Nuannuan is still busy.

I didn't sleep well last night, Mu Nuannuan took advantage of the lunch break and went to the pantry to make coffee for herself.

It wasn't until the water in the cup overflowed that Mu Nuannuan recovered.

After a sip of coffee, she took out her mobile phone and prepared to check it out on Weibo.

Today is Friday, and the blogger who said he wants to announce Mu Nuannuan's identity did not move. This should be the result of Gu Zhiyan's handling yesterday.

She clicked on the Weibo icon and Weibo was opened. Before she could read anything, a phone call came in.

Gu Zhiyan came in.

Why would Gu Zhiyan call her?

Was it because he couldn't find Mu Tingxiao, so he called her?

Mu Nuannuan answered the phone, and before he could speak, Gu Zhiyan's anxious voice came from the phone: "Nuan Nuan, where are you?"

"I'm in the pantry, what's the matter?" Mu Nuannuan heard it. With such anxious voice, he thought that something was wrong with Shen Liang, and he raised his heart all at once.

As a result, Gu Zhiyan said directly: "Don't move there, I'll come to you right away, don't hang up."

Why does Gu Zhiyan's tone sound like she has something to do?

Mu Nuannuan asked tentatively: "What's wrong?"

She thought that Gu Zhiyan called her, either she couldn't find Mu Tingxiao, or it had something to do with Shen Liang, but she was told not to move and he wanted to come over. Find her.

"Don't ask, I'll be here soon."

Gu Zhiyan panted, as if running.

Mu Nuannuan has often been brought to hot search recently, and is already a little numb.

She realized that something big must have happened, Gu Zhiyan would have such a move.

She did not hang up, but quit the call interface and opened Weibo.

When she saw all her pictures on Weibo, her ears buzzed, and she froze on the spot, her mind went blank, and she didn't react for a long time.

Her single photo.

A photo of her and Mu Tingxiao posing intimately.

A photo of her eating with Si Chengyu.

She enters and exits the photos of Shengding Media.

There are also pictures of her playing ugly.

And... a photo of the marriage certificate.

The photo of the marriage certificate was very clear, but after reading it several times, she confirmed that the two names on it were: Mu Tingxiao and Mu Wanqi.


The mobile phone in his hand seemed to become very heavy, and suddenly fell from his hand and fell to the ground.

The door of the pantry was also pushed open at this time.

Mu Nuannuan seemed to have not heard anyone push the door in at all, maintaining the posture of the mobile phone sliding out of her hand, motionless.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's appearance, Gu Zhiyan secretly cried out.

He walked over in three steps and two steps, and he saw the phone on the ground.

When the phone fell to the ground, there was no broken screen. The screen was still on, showing the photo of the marriage certificate.

Gu Zhiyan picked up her mobile phone with a big head and turned it off, and took Mu Nuannuan's arm and walked out.

"Let's go out first."

Mu Nuannuan was dragged out by Gu Zhiyan like an unconscious puppet.

There were security guards outside the door, and the security guards escorted them out. The employees of Shengding Media behind all pointed towards Mu Nuannuan.

Although they scolded her loudly and didn't throw eggs at her, Mu Nuannuan felt that she had been exposed to everyone as if she had been stripped.

The first few hot topics on Weibo are all related to her.

And the first topic is: #最緊溫的小三#.

From the beginning, she was forced to marry into Mu's family. Today, she is forced to become the "little third" in people's mouth. She doesn't know what she did wrong.

She just has a mother who doesn't love her, but decides to love a righteous husband. How did she become like this?

Chapter: 202

Gu Zhiyan took Mu Nuannuan out of Shengding Media from the back door.

There was a black car at the back door that had been waiting for a long time.

As soon as the two approached, a bodyguard opened the door for the two of them. Gu Zhiyan pushed Mu Nuannuan in and waited around for a while before getting into the car.

Once in the car, the driver started the car.

After successfully bringing Mu Nuannuan out, Gu Zhiyan seemed to be relieved.

However, when he turned his head to look at Mu Nuannuan, a heart was raised again.

"Nuan Nuan, are you okay?"

After saying this, Gu Zhiyan felt that he had asked a stupid question again.

How could Mu Nuannuan be all right after such a big incident.

She and Mu Tingxiao were supposedly married couples, but a marriage certificate was revealed halfway through, and Mu Nuannuan became a mistress.

Not to mention Mu Nuannuan, even a big man of him felt that this matter deserved to be disgusting.

It's just that Mu Nuannuan sat there with a numb face, and the appearance that she did not move without talking was very worrying.

"Don't worry too much, this matter is not that serious, you have to believe Ting Xiao, he will handle this matter." Gu Zhiyan tried to comfort her aloud.

However, he found that his words had no effect at all.

He scratched his head irritably, a creature like a woman is really complicated.

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at him, and finally said the first sentence after seeing him: "Where is Mu Tingxiao?"

"He..." Gu Zhiyan saw that Mu Nuannuan's expression was wrong, but he couldn't bear to lie: "He goes. The development zone in the suburbs has been inspected and is coming back. I will be here in about an hour."

"Oh." Mu Nuannuan responded, leaning back in his chair, and stopped talking.

Seeing her like this, Gu Zhiyan stopped talking.

No matter how much he said, I'm afraid he couldn't compare to Mu Tingxiao's words.


car drove directly to Gu Zhiyan's house.

Gu Zhiyan's house is a duplex suite in a high-end residential area.

As he opened the door and side Mu warm explained: "Ting owl villa last Luo Ying went on tracking, and now there are certainly a large number of reporters hiding there, so I have to take you to my home ......"

scruples Mu warm In my heart, Gu Zhiyan is rarely so gentle towards women except Shen Liang.

"Thank you." Mu Nuan warmly thanked him and walked in with him.

As soon as she entered, Gu Zhiyan asked her: "Drink water? Still want to drink other drinks?"

Mu Nuannuan shook her head.

But Gu Zhiyan still poured her a cup of hot water.

After a while, Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand to him: "Give me the phone."

"The phone...there is nothing beautiful, can we chat, right?" Of course, Gu Zhiyan knows how bad people are scolding on the Internet. Naturally, he would not return the phone to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan did not insist either.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

"Maybe Tingxiao is here." Gu Zhiyan said as he got up to open the door.

Mu Nuannuan finally had a reaction.

She turned her head and looked in the direction of the door, but the person who came in was not Mu Tingxiao, but Shen Liang.

Shen Liang had always been impatient, and he came straight over when she was wearing filming clothes. The hairpin on her hair was messy enough to say how anxious she was when she came over.

"Nuannuan!" Shen Liang ran over to Mu Nuannuan directly, opening his mouth to say something, and in the end he just suffocated one sentence: "It will be solved."

Mu Nuannuan nodded, "Yes."

Shen Liang looked at Mu Nuannuan carefully, and found that apart from her paleness, there was nothing wrong with her whole person.

But it was precisely because Mu Nuannuan was too calm, it worried her even more.

She and Gu Zhiyan looked at each other, and Gu Zhiyan shook his head helplessly.

For a while, the three people sat in the huge room, relatively speechless.

Mu Tingxiao arrived late an hour later.

As soon as Gu Zhiyan opened the door, Mu Tingxiao walked over to Mu Nuannuan directly.

When he approached Mu Nuannuan, his footsteps suddenly became hesitant.

He walked to her, squatted down and held her hand: "Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Nuannuan raised her head, her face as white as paper, but there was no sign of crying: "You are here."

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao Nodded, with a hesitant expression.

In the end, only three words were uttered: "Trust me."

Mu Nuannuan did not speak.

Why doesn't she believe him?

The person she believed most had been Mu Tingxiao.

Even if she was implicated in hot search, she had never been afraid, she knew that Mu Tingxiao would solve it.

Mu Nuannuan stared at Mu Tingxiao coldly, without a trace of smile in his pretty cat eyes, empty and numb.

After a long while, she asked quietly, "He did it?"

Gu Zhiyan and Shen Liang looked at each other, wondering who Mu Nuannuan was talking about.

However, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao both knew very well who this "he" was.

Mu Nuannuan was talking about Si Chengyu, Mu Tingxiao knew.

For a while, Mu Wanqi and Si Chengyu got on the line, even because Si Chengyu wanted to enter the entertainment industry.

If what happened today was made by Mu Wanqi and Si Chengyu in collusion, it would make sense.

For the first time, Mu Tingxiao dared not look directly at Mu Nuannuan's eyes. He pressed his lips tightly, turned his head and looked to the side, his hands hanging on his side clenched into fists.


Suddenly, Mu Nuannuan gave a low laugh.

"You still can't believe that he stands on your opposite side, and will turn against you." Mu Nuannuan paused slightly: "Even if he repeatedly drags me into the whirlpool of scandals and exposure, even this time it is him. Yes, you still think he is your elder brother..."

"I will give you an explanation." Mu Tingxiao interrupted her with a dumb voice, his voice extremely firm.

Mu Nuannuan seemed to be finally irritated, and her voice became sharp: "I don't need any explanation from you! What do I have to do with you? We have nothing to do with you!"

Mu Tingxiao explained to her, "The marriage certificate matters. I don't know."

Mu Nuannuan withdrew her hand and stopped talking.

Even she could suspect Si Chengyu, and Mu Tingxiao must have found it long ago.

Mu Tingxiao looked cold and ruthless, but he was actually the most affectionate, especially those close to him.

Because he did not want to believe that Si Chengyu would do this, he did not have a showdown with Si Chengyu for a long time.

So that Si Chengyu repeated the same trick again and again.

Mu Tingxiao was not an indecisive person, but because he cared too much, he thought about giving Si Chengyu another chance.

The opportunity he gave Si Chengyu was based on the damage caused to Mu Nuannuan.

In other words, to him, Si Chengyu is more important than her.

Mu Tingxiao's repeated laissez-faire to Si Chengyu led to today's happening.

Gu Zhiyan and Shen Liang on the side listened to the conversation between these two people, and they all looked dumbfounded.

Shen Liang said in disbelief: "This thing was done by King Si?"

"Why did he do this?" Gu Zhiyan also couldn't believe it.

"I'm a little tired and want to rest." Mu Nuannuan looked at Shen Liang, "Xiao Liang, can I go to your house?"

Shen Liang immediately stood up, "Of course."

Chapter: 203

After Shen Liang finished speaking, he walked over and took Mu Nuannuan's arm to walk outside.

Mu Tingxiao stood up from the ground, walked to Mu Nuannuan in two steps in three steps, and pulled her back: "Follow me home."

"I don't want to go back." Mu Nuannuan lowered his eyes, without looking at him. He just threw away his hand, his expression was extremely cold.

Mu Tingxiao Rumo’s eyes were gray for a moment, but they disappeared quickly. He tightened his jaw, his face was patient, his hands hung on his side, clenched and loosened, clenched again... …

Finally, he opened his lips slightly, and his deep voice was soft as if he was coaxing the child: "I'll pick you up in a few days." The

unquestionable tone was not asking Mu Nuannuan, but informing her.

"Let's go." Mu Nuannuan ignored him, pulling Shen Liang and walking outside.

Gu Zhiyan glanced at Mu Tingxiao, but stopped talking.

"I'll send them out." Abandoning these words, Gu Zhiyan went out.

All three went out, and only Mu Tingxiao was left in the room.

He stood still on the spot for a long while, before slowly bending his knees and sitting down on the sofa.

He bends his arms, puts his elbows on his knees, and the other is supporting his forehead, his upper body is slightly leaning forward, showing a very tired posture.

It looks a bit fragile.


Gu Zhiyan's address is relatively secret, and no media knows it yet.

But he still looked at the gate of the community for a while without worry before letting Shen Liang and Mu Nuannuan leave.

He wanted to take the two of them directly to the Shen Liang residence, but thinking that there was still a Mu Ting Xiao at home, he had to watch Shen Liang's car leave, and waited at the gate of the community for a few minutes to make sure that there was no car similar to the media to follow. , Turned around and walked back.

As a result, he met Mu Tingxiao at the elevator entrance.

Mu Tingxiao walked out of the elevator with a cold face and raised his eyes to Gu Zhiyan: "I'm going to trouble you these days."

Gu Zhiyan understood that he was referring to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan obviously didn't want to see Mu Tingxiao now, so she had to let Gu Zhiyan pay more attention to her situation.

Gu Zhiyan said half-jokingly and half-seriously: "Have you troubled me less all the time? You don't bother me someday, I'm not used to it."

Mu Tingxiao didn't speak, and started to leave.

Gu Zhiyan hurriedly stopped him: "What the hell is going on this time, is it really related to Emperor Si Ying?"

Mu Tingxiao paused slightly, still did not say anything, and left straight away.

After leaving the community, Mu Tingxiao called Si Chengyu while driving.

The phone rang and was picked up. The owner of the phone seemed to have been eager to receive his call.

"Finally called me?" Si Chengyu's voice was not slow, even with a hint of smile.

Mu Tingxiao's voice was as cold as ice: "Where to meet?"

"My house."

Mu Tingxiao hung up the phone and drove directly to Si Chengyu's house.

When Si Chengyu came to open the door, Mu Tingxiao directly grabbed his shirt and pushed him in with a hard hand, and closed the door with his backhand.

"Why do you want to do this? Just come at me if you have anything!" Mu Tingxiao's face was dark, and a heavy gloomy breath appeared between his eyebrows.

Si Chengyu was gripped by his collar tightly, and his shirt neckline was tightly tied to his neck. His complexion was flushed, but the expression on his face was still calm and calm.

It seems that the two of them are not good brothers with swords at this time, or the former cousins ​​with deep feelings.

"Come at you? Is it useful?" Si Chengyu smiled slightly, with a strange tone in his tone: "I am coming at you, you don't hurt at all, and only things related to Mu Nuannuan can make you So impulsive."

Mu Tingxiao's face became darker, and he directly threw him to the ground, as if feeling not enough to relieve his breath, clenched his fists, but didn't make any more moves.

He didn't show any mercy at this time, and Si Chengyu was severely thrown to the ground, his face changed with pain, and the calm expression on his face could not be maintained.

He coughed a few times before finding his own voice: "It seems that I am betting right."

"What is the skill to deal with a woman?" Mu Tingxiao almost gritted his teeth and said this sentence.

"Is it effective?" Si Chengyu laughed again, especially dazzling.

Mu Tingxiao stared at him for a few seconds: "In the tea house that day, you heard the conversation between Grandpa and Mu Qingfeng? That's why I did all this?" I

don't know which word in this sentence stimulated Si Cheng. Yu, his face faded in an instant, as white as a piece of paper.

He clutched his chest and coughed violently, and his expression became flustered: "What do you know?"

"What are you afraid I know?" Mu Tingxiao approached him step by step, with no emotion on his face.

The two confronted each other for a while, and Si Chengyu suddenly laughed loudly. He looked like crazy and didn't have a trace of usual vigor.

"You don't know at all, and you will never know what you want to know." Si Chengyu said with a firm tone, then turned around and staggered back to the room.


Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang returned to Shen Liang's home safely.

"What to drink?" Shen Liang asked Mu Nuannuan while taking slippers.

Mu Nuannuan took the slippers and shook his head.

Entering the room, Mu Nuannuan hugged a pillow and lay still in the sofa.

Shen Liang still poured a cup of hot water for her. After handing it to her, he sat down beside her: "What the hell is going on?"

Mu Nuannuan huddled up on the sofa while holding the cup of hot water. I told Shen Liang about the matter and my own guess.

"Impossible..." Shen Liang grabbed his hair irritably: "The relationship between the emperor and the big boss should be very good. How could he do such a thing, there is no reason?"

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan Nodded in agreement.

Even the outsider Shen Liang felt that Si Chengyu could not do such a thing, let alone Mu Tingxiao.

She was different from them at the beginning.

Shen Liang's family was harmonious. Although Mu Tingxiao had been kidnapped, he still had his father, grandfather, and other relatives.

She was the only one who was like an outsider in Mu's family since she was a child. She had no sense of belonging to Mu's family. She had no relatives, and only Shen Liang. She had to be independent and courageous since she was a child. This made her very sensitive and sensitive. character.

She believed in her own judgment.

And Mu Tingxiao never denied it, so Si Chengyu must have done this.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's lack of energy, Shen Liang hugged her distressedly: "I didn't mean that, Nuannuan, don't do that..."

"I'm just a little tired." Mu Nuannuan held her mouth. , Found that she really couldn't laugh at this time.

She couldn't laugh even if she was just pretending.

Chapter: 204

Shen Liang heard the words and said, "Then go to rest first."

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan got up and entered the room.

When she closed the door, she saw Shen Liang looking down at the phone, frowning tightly.

Shen Liang is probably reading the comments on the Internet.

Close the door, she is the only one in the room.

Mu Nuannuan leaned on the door and slid to the ground, tears slid down unconsciously.

She really didn't feel too sad, but felt very tired.

From a young age, she envied other parents and relatives. After being admitted to the film school, she began to take scripts and write scripts, and after she started to earn money to support herself, she felt that she did not envy others that much.

Living alone is not that difficult.

Later, she married into Mu's family and was teased by Mu Tingxiao as "Mu Jiachen" for so long. Although she was angry, she could not match the kindness Mu Tingxiao treated her.

She needs warmth and love so much.

Because she had never owned it, she could not help but stretch out her hand and devote herself to it once someone approached her.

Once affection is involved, people become greedy.

However, in Mu Tingxiao's heart, she was not the most important.

Not the most important.

He used her to test Si Chengyu.

It turns out that in his heart, she can also be used to take risks.


This night, Mu Nuannuan didn't know how she slept and how she woke up.

However, after one night passed, Mu Nuannuan had calmed down a lot.

Now this matter has a great impact on her.

She will enter the entertainment industry as a screenwriter in the future.

But now such a big "Little San" hat is buckled on her head, and even if she becomes famous in the future, those people who mentioned her may first think of "Little San".

But she can't give up being a screenwriter, nor can she admit that she is a "minor".

After all, she was the one who married into Mu's family in the first place.

She took out her mobile phone and swiped Weibo on the Internet.

Scolded her everywhere.

Even though she had already done her psychological construction, when she saw so many comments scolding her, she still felt a bit blocked in her throat.

"Nuan Nuan, get up for breakfast." There was a

cool voice outside, and her tone was a little cautious.

Mu Nuannuan turned off her mobile phone, put on her shoes, and went out: "Here."

She opened the door and found Shen Liang standing at the door with a dull expression.

Mu Nuannuan smiled at her: "Let's go and have breakfast."

"Oh." Shen Liang followed dumbly.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's desperate look yesterday, she was quite worried, thinking how she would comfort Mu Nuannuan today.

As a result, Mu Nuannuan came out like a okay person...

Sitting at the table: "Nuan Nuan..."

Mu Nuannuan interrupted her and said, "I'm going back to Mu's house later."

"What are you doing back to Mu's house?" After a cold meal, he put down his chopsticks and looked at her.

"The marriage certificate must have something to do with Mu Wanqi. Mu Tingxiao and I don't know about it. Mu's family must know what to order."

Mu Nuannuan finished, drinking the last sip of milk in the cup, and stood. He got up and said: "You can go to work if you have anything. I can go back by myself."

"But..." Shen Liang was still a little worried about her.

"It's all imaginary things. It's impossible to say that black is white." Mu Nuannuan smiled slightly: "It will pass." It

will pass. She is a little confused about Mu Tingxiao, but the most important thing is right now. It's better to solve the immediate matter first.

... When

Mu Nuannuan left Shen Liang's house, she changed into cool clothes.

He also wore sunglasses and a mask.

When she dressed up, seeing Shen Liang still sullen her face, Mu Nuannuan relieved her: "It's a good time to enjoy the treatment after becoming famous." When she

walked to the gate of the community, Mu Nuannuan saw Shiye.

"Madam Shao." Shiye's hair was a bit messy, as if she didn't sleep well at night.

Mu Nuannuan frowned and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Young Master asked me to wait here. If Mrs. Young is going somewhere, let me see you there." Shi Ye nodded slightly, his tone of voice was the same as before. Respectful.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion was slightly stagnant, and she did not speak for a while.

That man Mu Tingxiao is sometimes scary smart.

He unexpectedly knew that she would return to Mu's house.

"Then I will trouble you."

Now the situation is special. Sometimes sending her back at night can reduce a lot of trouble.

After getting in the car, Mu Nuannuan took out his phone and posted on Weibo.

Several hot searches related to her on Weibo have been withdrawn, and there is no shadow at all.

Even the major forum posts can not find any posts about her.

However, there are still some webpage screenshots with hot search content posted everywhere.

"It is said that the second lady of the Mu family, who was married to Young Master Mu at the beginning, is now Grandma Mu’s sister... But the third lady of the Mu family married in the end..."

"Isn’t it said that the third lady of Mu’s family is ugly and stupid?"

"Who knows? Maybe the rich have a special taste?"

"It’s also possible that the two sisters are serving that young Master Mu."

"The rich water is so real. Deep..."

"Anyway, those two Mu sisters are not good stuff..."

Mu Nuannuan read some comments, although she felt angry when she read them.

But after reading it, I comforted myself that they were just unimportant people, and I felt a little better.

At this time, the cell phone bell rang in the carriage.

It's not Mu Nuannuan's mobile phone, it's time and night.

Shi Ye answered the phone and glanced at Mu Nuannuan in the rearview mirror.

The call is from Mu Tingxiao.

He didn't sleep all night, and his voice was a little hoarse: "Mu Nuannuan is in the car?"

Shiye replied: "Yes."

"I have arranged a bodyguard to go there. Pay attention when she loses one hair. , You don't need to come back to see me."

Mu Tingxiao's voice is always low, and there is no threat in his tone, but he can hear cold sweats on his head.

"I know."

When Shi Ye just hung up the phone, she found that Mu Nuannuan took a piece of paper and handed it to him: "Is the temperature of the air conditioner too high? Why are you sweating from the heat?"

He was not hot, but was frightened.

But the next second, Shi Ye said very contrary to his intentions: "It's a bit hot, thank you Madam."

Soon he arrived at the door of Mu's villa.

Two cars have been parked in front of the villa.

Mu Nuannuan was curious about who came, and saw a group of men in suits and bodyguards coming down from those two cars, who looked a little familiar.

It seems to be a person in Mu Tingxiao's villa.

The bodyguards walked over to Mu Nuannuan directly and opened the door for her: "Madam Young."

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car: "What are you doing here?" The

bodyguards seemed to have made an appointment in advance, and said in unison: "Waiting for you."

"..." Mu Nuannuan suddenly felt that they all looked stupid.

At this moment, a group of reporters suddenly emerged from the woods across the road: "Mrs. Mu Shao, hello, may I have an interview?"

Chapter: 205

Mu Nuannuan was stunned for a moment before reacting. The bodyguards fend off reporters for her: "We are not accepting interviews."

Shiye got out of the car and walked into Mu's house with Mu Nuannuan. The door of the villa.

She couldn't help but glance back.

The reporters were stopped by tall bodyguards, but they still wanted to squeeze inside, carrying the camera on their shoulders, and their hair and face were deformed.

So far away, Mu Nuannuan could still feel the flashlight a little dazzling.

There is no shortage of people who watch the excitement in this world. They don't care about the facts. They only watch what they want. They don't care how you will be affected by these things.

I have never empathized with this, and some things have to be done by myself.

As Mu Nuannuan thought, she walked into the lobby of Mu's villa.

After such a thing, the Mu family dare not go out much, except for Mu Liyan who went to the company, everyone else is at home.

When the servant saw Mu Nuannuan coming in, he went directly to tell the rest of the Mu family.

When she entered, Xiao Chuhe and Mu Zheng corrected themselves and got down from the stairs.

When Xiao Chuhe saw Mu Nuannuan, he yelled: "Nuan Nuan."

"Mom." Mu Nuannuan looked down and yelled without expression, then looked at Mu Zhengxiu: "Grandpa."

Xiao Chuhe followed the old man. Half a step later, when he arrived in the lobby, he cautiously said: "You sit down first, I'll make a cup of tea." A

hint of sarcasm flashed through Mu Nuannuan's eyes. Xiao Chuhe didn't even care about such a big thing, but only knew to please. Father Mu.

Xiao Chuhe has lived carefully all his life, either to please Mu Liyan, or to please Mu Wanqi's two siblings, or Mu Zhengxiu.

She was busy to please everyone in the Mu family, but she had never thought about caring about the daughter she gave life to.

After such a big incident, she didn't even think about it.

It seems that she is used to ignoring Mu Nuannuan.

After Xiao Chuhe left, Mu Zhengxiu groaned for a moment and said, "I know everything on the Internet. I have already banned your sister. She is still so confused

when she does things at such an age!" His tone was quite a bit of hatred for iron and steel. Meaning, but it may also be just a face-to-face word for her.

"I want to see her." Mu Nuannuan returned to Mu's house today to see Mu Wanqi.

Mu Zhengxiu did not refuse, and directly asked the servant to take her upstairs to see Mu Wanqi.

Only when I walked to the door of Mu Wanqi's room, I heard Mu Wanqi's roar from inside.

"Let me go out!"

"You bitches, see how I come out to clean up you! Let you all get out of my way!" After

a few consecutive curses, it seemed as if I was tired, before the inside stopped.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan coming, the servant bowed his head respectfully and shouted: "Miss San."

Mu Nuannuan nodded imperceptibly: "Open the door."

Mu Zhengxiu said that the foot restraint is really like that, and he went straight to it. Mu Wanqi's door was locked and the servant was guarded at the door.

The servant opened the door and Mu Nuannuan walked in.

Mu Wanqi was sitting on the sofa holding her mobile phone and didn't know what she saw. She was smiling sweetly at this moment, and she didn't even notice Mu Nuannuan walked in.

Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes slightly, and said faintly, "What is so happy to

see ?" Mu Wanqi looked too enthusiastic, and suddenly heard Mu Nuannuan's voice, her whole body trembled with fright. Looking at Mu Nuannuan with a fierce expression: "Are you a ghost? You don't know how to make a noise when you come in?"

Mu Nuannuan walked up to her without speaking.

Mu Wanqi put down the phone, her face was full of complacency: "Oh, it's you, a mouse crossing the street, you still dare to go out now, and you are not afraid of being killed by someone else's rotten egg?"

Mu Wanqi finished speaking, still proud She curled her lips, and the expression on her face became a little gloomy.

"I'm afraid, that's why I came to you." Mu Nuan curled her lips, her smile didn't reach the bottom of her eyes, and her deserted look didn't seem to be scared at all.

What Mu Wanqi hated the most was that Mu Nuannuan couldn't hit her at all.

What she wanted to see was Mu Nuannuan's collapse and madness.

"You are really shameless. Being scolded by Xiao San can still be like a okay person." Mu Wanqi said these words almost gritted her teeth.

Mu Wanqi was sitting on the sofa, and Mu Nuannuan stood in front of her, looking at her condescendingly: "Tell me, what's the matter with the photo of the marriage certificate."

Mu Nuannuan was wearing cool clothes today. The cold clothes are all big names. The clothes she gave to Mu Nuannuan, with a sweater on the inside, and a cool leather jacket with rivets on the outside, making her look a little colder. sense.

When she looked at Mu Wanqi condescendingly, her aura was very compelling.

Unconsciously, Mu Wanqi had to tell the truth: "It's the Secretary..." She

said two words, and realized she was talking to Mu Nuannuan.

Why should she tell the truth to Mu Nuannuan, is she crazy?

"Anyway, you only need to know that the photo of the marriage certificate is real, and you Mu Nuannuan has always been a junior!" In the last sentence, Mu Wanqi deliberately increased her tone.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion did not change, but the hands hanging beside her were already curled into fists.

"I know if you don't tell me." Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath and calmed down a bit: "Si Chengyu gave it to you."

Mu Wanqi hurriedly defended: "I don't understand what you are talking about, Si Cheng Yu, a member of the entertainment industry, how could you get that kind of photos? You think too much."

When people are lying, they dare not look at others' eyes.

The same is true for Mu Wanqi.

Mu Nuannuan felt that she was thinking wrong, and nothing is impossible in this world.

At the beginning, she felt that someone like Si Chengyu would definitely not look at Mu Wanqi.

But in the end, Si Chengyu and Mu Wanqi joined forces to show her and Mu Tingxiao together.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at her from the corner of her eye, sat down opposite her, and said loosely, "It seems that Si Chengyu is not very good to you. You don't even know his true identity."

She noticed. As long as she mentioned Si Chengyu, Mu Wanqi would become very nervous.

It seems that Mu Wanqi really loves Si Chengyu.

In the past, Shen Chuhan, including those messy men, had never seen Mu Wanqi so nervous.

"This is my room, you can go out immediately." Mu Wanqi pointed at the door and shouted at Mu Nuannuan. There was no anger on Mu Nuannuan's

face, Shi Shi stood up and said, "Then goodbye."

She came here today, just to confirm whether this matter was done jointly by Mu Wanqi and Si Chengyu. That's it.

Now that the answer is already available, there is no point in staying more.

The photo of the marriage certificate must have been given to Mu Wanqi by Si Chengyu, and Mu Wanqi was robbed of it by Si Chengyu.

Chapter: 206

Mu Nuannuan left Mu Wanqi's room, and while walking downstairs, she planned to call Mu Tingxiao.

However, before her phone was pulled out, at the corner of the stairs, she saw Si Chengyu coming from outside the door towards the hall.

She subconsciously cut off the phone she was about to pull out, her eyes fixed on Si Chengyu's body.

Si Chengyu looked a little thin in a properly fitted gray suit. His face was always gentle. The curvature of the corners of his mouth seemed to have been carefully measured. The whole person was like a person walking out on a movie poster. And delicate.

If all this had not happened, Mu Nuannuan would still be his fan now.

Probably because Mu Nuannuan's eyes were too focused, Si Chengyu raised his head and looked over here.

The moment his eyes met, the gentle expression on Si Chengyu's face showed signs of cracking.

The smile on his lips became a little stiff, but in just a few seconds, he returned to normal.

Mu Zhengxiu was still in the hall. Si Chengyu retracted his gaze and walked towards Mu Zhengxiu, with a modest attitude: "Mr. Mu."

Mu Zhengxiu smiled, "Mr. Si, please sit down." When

Mu Nuan went down, Mu Zhengxiu Si Chengyu and Si Chengyu had already started talking on the sofa.

Mu Nuannuan endured and endured, and it took a lot of effort to resist the urge to raise her foot and rush to question.

Xiao Chuhe didn't know where it came from, and pulled Mu Nuannuan into a room.

She looked at the door for a while, then closed the door, and pulled Mu Nuannuan into the room: "What's the matter? Why is your sister's name on the marriage certificate?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at Xiao Chuhe in surprise.

Her mother finally knows to care about her?

However, in the next second, Xiao Chuhe pierced her illusion.

"Earlier, you gave Wanqi the position of the young lady of the Mu family. It's not like what you are today. Who made you so greedy? Now something has happened. You see, Wanqi has been banned now. How pitiful. ......"

Xiao Chu Hexu talked about Datong, and finally said worriedly: "I don't know if this matter will affect the company..."

"Heh." Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but sneer, her voice Cold abnormally: "Xiao Chuhe, do you have a brain problem? If you have a problem, go to the hospital to hang up a psychiatric department. Don't show the lower limit here. I'm tired of it." The

Mu's villa is well designed, almost every room is north and south. Transparent and excellent lighting.

Because of the good light, Mu Nuannuan's expression on Mu Nuannuan's face is very clear, so clear.

Xiao Chuhe clearly saw boredom and tiredness on Mu Nuannuan's face, as well as the calmness after a certain disappointment.

She didn't quite believe that Mu Nuannuan would say something like this: "Nuannuan? What's wrong with you?"

The Mu Nuannuan in her memory had always been obedient, and she would agree to do whatever she said.

However, the words Mu Nuannuan said just now made her a little flustered.

"How can you talk to mother like this?" Xiao Chuhe frowned, instinctively that he had heard it wrong.

She stretched out her hand to pull Mu Nuannuan's arm: "I know you are in a bad mood because of the recent incident, but this incident was originally because of yourself..."

"How do I talk to you?" Mu Nuannuan said calmly. Two steps back, avoiding Xiao Chuhe's arm: "Mu Wanqi still scolds you as a dog of the Mu family. You are not in a hurry to please her. I'm just telling the truth, so you can't listen anymore? "

Xiao Chuhe's face changed slightly: "Wanqi is young and has no qualitative character. It is normal to lose her temper occasionally."

Mu Nuan said coldly, "I am younger than her."

Xiao Chuhe was speechless for a while, and Mu Nuannuan had always listened to her. When she suddenly talked to her like this, she was unhappy at first, and she lost a good face at this time, and said sharply, "What are you comparing to her? I am so strenuous to please. They, it is not for our mother and daughter to have a place in Mu's house."

Mu Nuannuan corrected her expressionlessly: "It's not us, it's you."

What Xiao Chuhe was still talking about, Mu Nuannuan interrupted her directly: " Don’t tell me any more nonsense about our mother and daughter. I don’t want to listen anymore, and don’t make any excuses to help Mu Wanqi get rid of it. Remember, you knelt down and begged me to marry Mu for her. . "

Mu Nuannuan is now smashing the can, in a gesture of going all out.

Mu Tingxiao repeatedly gave Si Chengyu a chance, and he didn't hesitate to use her to test it, but in the end she became a "Little San".

And she and Mu Tingxiao are not the same?

She gave Xiao Chuhe opportunities again and again, but in the end, Xiao Chuhe hurt her more and more deeply.

The human mind is originally crooked and long. In some things, it is crooked at the beginning. Even if you try to correct it, it will be in vain.

This is the case between her and Xiao Chuhe.

It was probably the same between Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu.

The difference is that she has expectations for Xiao Chuhe to give opportunities. In addition to spared no effort to hurt her, Xiao Chuhe did not hurt anyone else.

However, Si Chengyu directly targeted her.

In this game between Si Chengyu and Mu Tingxiao, she became the victim.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath: "From the day I agreed to marry into Mu's house, the mother-daughter love between us was exhausted. Later, you and Mu Wanqi and the others planned the kidnapping case. I came out of the black card to save you because I still want to give you one last chance."

"You probably don't know what Mu Wanqi wants the two kidnappers to do to me after you leave, they want to treat me..." Mu Nuannuan turned her head, a sly light flashed in cat-like eyes, and finished the next four. One word: "Rape first and then kill."

Xiao Chuhe's pupils shrank suddenly and shivered.

Mu Nuannuan smiled satisfied and walked out slowly.

Xiao Chuhe watched Mu Nuannuan get closer and closer to the door and farther away from herself, a panic suddenly felt in her heart.

She subconsciously chased forward two steps, and cried out: "Nuan Nuan!"

Mu Nuan Nuan went out without hearing it.


The door was closed and the room was quiet.

Xiao Chuhe stood in the middle of the room with a gray face.

Is she really wrong?

But where did she go wrong?

Aren’t all stepmothers like her, who should treat the sons and daughters of her husband’s ex-wife better?

Mu Nuannuan is her own biological daughter, no matter how she treats Mu Nuannuan, she cannot change the fact that they are mothers and daughters.

Right, that is it.

Mu Nuannuan would say these things today, but because she was confused by what happened in the past two days.

In any case, she is Mu Nuannuan's biological mother.

Mu Nuannuan could not deny her.

Thinking of this, the expression on Xiao Chuhe's face recovered again.

Mu Nuannuan had listened to her so much for so many years, but now she is just a little bit more tempered. It will be fine in two days, and it will be the same as before.

Chapter: 207

Mu Nuannuan came out of the room and found that only Si Chengyu was left in the hall.

Si Chengyu heard the door opening, turned around, and called out as usual:

"Nuan Nuan ." "Can't bear it, Mr. Si directly call my name." Mu Nuannuan's expression and tone were cold. of.

She couldn't do the faint and clear air like Si Chengyu.

After all, even if Si Chengyu is not Mu Tingxiao's cousin, she is also Si Chengyu who has been a fan of for eight years.

The actor Si Chengyu, who has walked down to earth all the way to today, is kind and friendly.

No one stipulates that Si Chengyu must be a good person.

However, no matter what difficulties he has, Mu Nuannuan could not understand what he did.

She didn't do anything wrong, no matter how big the contradiction between Si Chengyu and Mu Tingxiao was, he shouldn't point the finger at her.

Si Chengyu's expression has undergone a subtle change, it seems a bit bitter, but also helpless.

"I'm sorry about this time." Si Chengyu stopped smiling, his expression gradually becoming serious.

"I don't accept your apology." His apology had no sincerity, and he didn't even feel that he had done something wrong.

Si Chengyu didn't seem to care if she accepted her apology, but just nodded, "Yes."

"Although I don't know what happened between you and Mu Tingxiao, I know that it is in Mu Tingxiao's heart. , You are a very important person. He knew it from the first time you started it. He was just giving you a chance."

After you calm down, you can easily figure out things you didn't see clearly before.

Mu Nuannuan tilted her head slightly, with a serious tone: "I envy you very much."

She really envied Si Chengyu.

Mu Tingxiao was so kind to him.

Too good to make her envy.

Her words seemed to touch Si Chengyu's negative scales, and the aura on his whole body changed: "Envy me?"

Before Mu Nuannuan had time to speak, a tall and straight figure suddenly rushed in from the hall door.

Before Mu Nuannuan could react, the figure had already walked up to her.

"Mu Tingxiao?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at the tall man standing in front of her in surprise: "Why are you here?" When

he just rushed in, she thought it was which bodyguard.

Mu Tingxiao hadn't slept all night, his expression was a little haggard, but his aura was not diminished.

He didn't answer Mu Nuannuan's question immediately, but looked at her up and down, showing a relieved expression before turning around to look at Si Chengyu.

Si Chengyu smiled and said, "It's really fast." What

he meant by this seemed to be that he informed Mu Tingxiao to come here.

Mu Nuannuan clearly felt Mu Tingxiao's figure stiff.

Mu Nuannuan paused, and walked a short step forward, reaching out to hold Mu Tingxiao's hand.

When her hand was only halfway out, Mu Tingxiao seemed to have eyes growing behind him, and immediately clenched her hand.

His palm was dry and warm, and when he held her tightly, she still felt very safe.

Mu Nuannuan looked down, her mood complicated.

Secretary Chengyu this scene look in the eyes, the eyes flashed a hint of sarcastic smile: "So loving trust, can really make people jealous ah, the other person is not, and I like the idea, you never know."

Mu Tingxiao's expression sank suddenly: "Si Chengyu, do you think I really can't touch you?"

"Of course you can move me, but the premise is that you have to give Nuannuan the name first, otherwise, she will always be a junior." After Si Chengyu finished speaking, he turned his head and looked at Mu Nuannuan: As a screenwriter, I don't know if a screenwriter with the label of Xiaosan will be suppressed?"

Si Chengyu's words, like a sharp sword, were in the heart of Mu Tingxiao.

He asked Mu Nuannuan to resign before and asked her to do something she liked, so he tried every means to get her into the Mu family.

And now, he was also the person who indirectly forced Mu Nuannuan to dare not go out in an

upright manner. The blue veins on Mu Tingxiao's forehead violently: "Shut up!"

The smile on Si Chengyu's face deepened.

"Cheng Yu!"

Mu Wanqi's voice came.

When Mu Nuannuan turned her head, she saw Mu Wanqi rushing into Si Chengyu's arms like a flying bird.

Si Chengyu steadily caught Mu Wanqi, and said softly: "It's okay?"

"It's okay." Mu Wanqi shook her head, her face was sweet, and her eyes were girlishly shy: "You really come to see me No, I'm not dreaming."

"No." Si Chengyu touched her face, his expression more gentle.

Mu Nuannuan watched this scene in shock, and subconsciously turned to look at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao's eyes were calm, there was no big surprise in his expression.

Si Chengyu felt Mu Nuannuan's gaze, raised his head and smiled at her, but he said to Mu Tingxiao: "Although I think Nuannuan also looks like Qingning, but Wanqi is more like it before. Qing Ning likes you so much, and she should be very happy to know that you have married a woman who looks so much like her."

Mu Nuannuan would be a fool if she couldn't tell her such obvious provocation.

"Don't think that everyone is the same as you. You can't love it. You can only find a substitute." Mu Nuannuan said unceremoniously: "Your love for Qingning is nothing more than that. Use someone who has touched her before. Touching another woman with her hand, she should feel very disgusting, right?"

Si Chengyu's expression suddenly changed, and he said angrily: "Mu Nuannuan!"

"Don't call my name, it's disgusting." Mu Nuannuan is much more now. Looking at Si Chengyu, he felt sick.

Sure enough, the more perfect things seem, the more rotten inside.

Mu Tingxiao didn't say anything, and left with Mu Nuannuan.

Back in the car, Mu Nuannuan was still panicked, trying to shake off Mu Tingxiao's hand.

However, Mu Tingxiao's hand was like brown candy, which was tightly attached to her, and couldn't get rid of it at all.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath and said irritably, "You let go."

Mu Tingxiao's expressionless face : "Don't let go." Mu Nuannuan

lowered his head and took a bite in his hand.

But she had forgotten that Mu Tingxiao's perseverance was so strong that he couldn't take a bullet without anaesthetic, not to mention the pain.

Mu Nuannuan got tired after tossing for a while, seeing that Mu Tingxiao still didn't let go, she had no choice but to give up.

Mu Tingxiao pulled her into his arms: "Did you relieve yourself a little?"

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback: "No."

"If you don't have one, come again." Mu Tingxiao's voice was still cold and cold, but she held her hand. Pass it to her lips.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head: "Too hard." The

man's hands are full of bones.

Mu Tingxiao: "Is there any harder one you have bitten?"

Mu Nuannuan: "..." After

Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, she was also taken aback. He was completely used to doing things in his usual way. I said it smoothly.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion turned red. She glanced at the night when she was driving in front of him, and she punched and kicked Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao was patient and didn't fight back, letting her make trouble.

Chapter: 208

Mu Nuannuan was angry with Mu Tingxiao in her heart, so her hands were heavy and she was not reluctant at all.

But Mu Tingxiao's expression of resignation made her feel like she had hit the soft cotton with a punch, and she felt an indescribable sense of powerlessness.

Finally, Mu Nuannuan stopped her hands, turned her head to the side, stopped talking to Mu Tingxiao, and didn't do anything.

Mu Tingxiao looked down at her, with a calm expression, and calmly looked at her expression.

From the exposure of that incident yesterday to now, this is the first time he has watched Mu Nuannuan so seriously.

Her mental endurance and recovery speed were faster than he expected, which made him feel a very strong sense of frustration.

Mu Nuannuan is too strong and independent, which means that her dependence on him will be greatly reduced.

Perhaps he was wrong from the beginning.

He grew up with Si Chengyu, and his relationship with Si Chengyu is indeed very deep.

When Si Chengyu went on a hot search for the second time, Mu Tingxiao indeed found Si Chengyu.

Although he was still willing to believe in Si Chengyu in his heart, he knew very clearly that someone like Si Chengyu would do this kind of thing, and he would definitely not be confused for a while.

That is just the beginning.

What happened later was indeed in his expectation.

He allowed Si Chengyu to let him go, and did not take the initiative to find Si Chengyu for a showdown. He wanted to know how far Si Chengyu could be.

He had also expected that Si Chengyu might use Mu Nuannuan as a breakthrough point to act, but he did not expect that he could be so cruel with a shot.

He believed that even if Si Chengyu used Mu Nuannuan to deal with him, he would certainly be able to handle it properly.

But he found out now.

He can handle everything properly, but Mu Nuannuan can't.

It seemed that no matter what he did, he felt that it was not good enough.

Mu Nuannuan felt that the man beside her had been looking at herself.

She pursed her lips and turned to look at him: "You..."

Mu Tingxiao was holding her hand at this moment, his handsome eyebrows were always cold, but the slightly strained jaw exposed him. The mood at this time.

It seemed to be nervous, but after a closer look, he found that there was nothing.

"Young master, young lady, here."

Shi Ye's voice came from the front.

Mu Nuannuan recovered and pulled her hand out of Mu Tingxiao's.

"Here." She glanced at Mu Tingxiao, and got out of the car and walked towards the villa first.

Shi Ye also noticed that this incident had been exposed, and the relationship between Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan had become a little stiff.

He got out of the car and found that Mu Tingxiao was still sitting in the car, so he cautiously yelled, "Master..."

Mu Tingxiao raised his hand and motioned him not to speak.

Shi Ye had to turn around and leave.

But after not coming back one night, when Mu Nuannuan stepped into the villa again, she felt like a world away.

She went back to the room, changed her clothes, and took out her mobile phone to go online.

This time the incident was too hot, especially related to Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu. The topic became more and more popular. At this time, all news and hot searches were suddenly suppressed, but it was easy to get it back.

It's just that when she saw the latest hot search topic, she was completely confused.


#Gu Zhiyan... come out, come out? ? ?

Mu Nuannuan was dumbfounded for a long time before reacting and went downstairs to find Mu Tingxiao with her mobile phone.

As a result, the bodyguard told Mu Nuannuan that Mu Tingxiao was in the study.

When she pushed the door in, she could smell the thick smoke from the study.


Mu Nuannuan was choking and coughed.

Mu Tingxiao, who was standing in front of the window smoking a cigarette with his back turned to her, turned around when he heard the sound, was taken aback for a moment, and immediately extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

This was the first time she saw Mu Tingxiao smoking.

Mu Tingxiao said Shen Shen, "What's wrong?"

"Gu Zhiyan came out?" After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she thought that Mu Tingxiao was a straight man, and she might not know what "coming out" meant, so she explained: " The meaning of coming out is..."

"I know." Mu Tingxiao interrupted her in a light tone: "I asked them to buy a hot search."

"Gu Zhiyan came out of the hot search?"


Mu Nuannuan "..."

Mu Tingxiao turned and walked behind the desk, and continued to explain to Mu Nuannuan: "It's just to divert the attention of those netizens, and it will be clear in two days."

His tone was calm without any ups and downs.

Mu warm silent a moment, and asked him: "? Gu Yan He did not know the views of"

Mu Ting owl heard followed stunned for a moment, a little thought for a moment and said: "? Have opinions but also how"

Although it is known to Mu Ting owl She did this after covering her up, but she still couldn't help but sympathize with Gu Zhiyan.

Being friends with a person like Mu Tingxiao who cannibalize people without spitting out bones, Gu Zhiyan must have no virtue in his previous life.

At this moment, Mu Nuannuan's cell phone rang suddenly.

When she picked it up, Mu Nuannuan twitched her mouth and said, "It's Gu Zhiyan."

"Oh." Mu Tingxiao responded, and directly reached out and hung up her mobile phone.

Simple and crude without the slightest hesitation and guilt.


Mu Nuannuan's heart suddenly became blocked.

She took a deep breath and said, "Mu Tingxiao, as long as it is beneficial to you and can use it, whether it is a friend or a relative, you will not be soft, right?" As soon as

this sentence was said, the atmosphere in the room was It froze for an instant.

Mu Tingxiao's complexion suddenly became gloomy, and the room was filled with suffocating low air pressure.

After a long while, Mu Tingxiao finally spoke calmly: "In your heart, do you think of me that way?"

"Otherwise?" Mu Nuan curled her lips and smiled mockingly.

She is not sad, but there is a hurdle in her heart.

Mu Tingxiao pressed his lips tightly, with a dangerous look on his face.

Mu Nuannuan thought he would get angry, or just waved away.

But in the end, Mu Tingxiao just lowered his eyes and said, "This kind of thing will never happen again."

His voice was low and calm, as usual, but the firmness in the words was moving.

Won't this happen again?

Will she never be used again, or will she not be searched again?

The suspicion in her eyes was so obvious that Mu Tingxiao's heart was congested, anger rose from his heart, walked up to her in three or two steps with long legs, and directly took her into her arms and kissed her.

He didn't close his eyes last night, not because he didn't have time to sleep at all, but because there was no warm breath in this house, he couldn't sleep.

He too underestimated Mu Nuannuan's position in his heart.

... As

soon as the news of Gu Zhiyan coming out, major media rushed to report, and the popularity continued to rise.

When Mu Nuan Nuan brushed the circle of friends, she brushed the circle of friends with Shen Liangfa: Heh, man!

Mu Nuannuan sent a message to Shen Liang: "Hot searches and news are fake, and Gu Zhiyan will clarify soon."

Shen Liang only quietly replied to Mu Nuannuan: "Same sex is true love. Would you consider me?"

Mu Nuannuan: "...Are you stupid by stimulation?"

Chapter: 209

Shen Liang gave Mu Nuannuan another "indifferent" expression: "I said seriously, anyway, you are single now."

Mu Nuannuan remembered that after being said by Shen Liang . The marriage certificate.

On the marriage certificate are the names of Mu Tingxiao and Mu Wanqi.

After she married Mu Tingxiao, she has never seen the marriage certificate of the two people, so she and Mu Tingxiao don't know who the name of the marriage certificate is.

The photo of the marriage certificate was sent by Si Chengyu to Mu Wanqi.

Mu Wanqi appeared as a victim. No matter how chaotic she had been in her private life, as long as she was still Mu Tingxiao's legal wife, Mu Nuannuan was destined to be a "little three" with him.

After Shen Liang finished speaking, he realized that there was something wrong with what he said.

"No, I mean..." Shen Liang tried to explain.

"It's okay." Mu Nuannuan in turn encouraged her.

After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan went to find Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao did not go to work at the company, and was busy dealing with Mu Nuannuan's affairs.

The first day was the news that Gu Zhiyan came out, and the second day was the announcement of the romance between the two major entertainment stars.

It is now the third day, and the news that broke out in the past two days has basically diverted netizens' attention, and there is basically no one discussing Mu Nuannuan anymore.

The hot searches on these exposures are all stars of Shengding Media.

Mu Nuannuan knew better than anyone else that this was all Mu Tingxiao's handwriting.

The news is suppressed, and the rest is the marriage certificate.

Mu Wanqi has not had a good time these days. She has been kept at home by Mu Zhengxiu, and she is not allowed to go out or see Si Chengyu.

Mu Zhengxiu is a rigorous person, and he understands Mu Wanqi's temperament very well.

If Mu Wanqi was released on this vent, she would definitely go to the media and talk nonsense.

He only wants Mu Family's peace now, and doesn't want to provoke Mu's family anymore.


Mu Tingxiao's study door was not closed tightly, Mu Nuannuan pushed it slightly, and the door was opened.

Before she even entered, she heard Mu Tingxiao's roar from inside.

"Do you really think I didn't know that my mother's affairs had something to do with you? You did something shameful and need to please Mu Zhengxiu? Now I have to intervene in the matter of my marriage certificate?"

Only one light was opened in the study. With a small lamp, Mu Tingxiao stood in the shadows, his voice was cold to the bone.

Suddenly, he looked up at the door seemingly, and saw Mu Nuannuan's slender figure standing by the door.

He paused and hung up the phone directly.

Mu Nuannuan raised her foot and walked over: "I'm here to ask about the marriage certificate."

Mu Tingxiao's eyes narrowed invisibly, and his anger was suppressed, and his tone eased a lot: "This matter you Don't worry."

"I'm just asking what is going on." Mu Nuannuan's current thinking is a bit complicated.

She must like Mu Tingxiao in her heart.

Knowing that she and Mu Tingxiao did not have a marriage certificate, she was in a daze for a while, and she was inexplicably lucky.

Without a marriage certificate, they are not a husband and wife recognized by the law. In this way, if one day she wants to leave Mu Tingxiao, she can leave freely.

Mu Tingxiao was an unfathomably dangerous man. When she chose to be with him, she had the insight of moths fighting fire.

But, so suddenly, she had a retreat...

Mu Tingxiao looked at her fixedly, his eyes darkening.

Mu Nuannuan was originally looking at him, but under his gaze, she gradually felt a sense of guilty conscience, as if Mu Tingxiao had seen through her thoughts.

Mu Nuannuan said with a guilty conscience and said

, "

Just forget it." "To resolve this matter, we have a wedding." Mu Tingxiao's unhurried voice spread out in the dim study, and his voice entered. After staying in Mu Nuannuan's ears, she didn't disperse anymore, but repeatedly tapped her eardrums.


Mu Nuannuan opened her lips slightly sluggishly: "What?"

"We haven't held a wedding. During this time, you can think about where we are going to spend our honeymoon, both at home and abroad."

Mu Ting Xiao's tone was strong, and there was no room for Mu Nuannuan to refuse.

But Mu Nuannuan still said, "Don't be so troublesome, let's talk about it then."

She is currently lacking in interest in such things.

Mu Tingxiao naturally felt it. Although Mu Nuannuan didn't quarrel with him, nor was he very sad, he was obviously not as caring about the affairs between the two people as before.

When the voice fell, she felt Mu Tingxiao's face sinking a bit again.


Mu Nuannuan didn't have to go to work or go out in the past few days, so she just hugged her computer to write scripts.

Early the next morning, Mu Tingxiao left.

Mu Nuannuan did not ask him where he was going.

Tired of writing the script, she went downstairs to pour water, turned on the TV and sat down on the sofa.

When the TV was turned on, Mu Wanqi, who was being interviewed by the reporter, appeared.

Mu Wanqi's complexion looked very haggard, her face was pale, like a patient recovering from a serious illness.

When she saw Mu Wanqi two days ago, wasn't Mu Wanqi still fine?

"I took the photo of the marriage certificate and uploaded it."

"I just want to enter the entertainment industry and want to be


"The marriage certificate is also fake." "Mu Nuannuan is Mu Tingxiao's legal wife, it's myself. I want to get hot, I want to hype..." When

Mu Wanqi said these words, her face was numb, her expression stiff and mechanical.

One of the reporters asked boldly: "May I ask Miss Mu Wanqi, why did you take the initiative to admit that the marriage certificate was faked by you? Are you being persecuted by someone?"

Mu Wanqi widened her eyes and screamed: " No! The marriage certificate was faked by me, and the photo was taken by me! Mu Nuannuan is my sister, I can’t do this! I was wrong!” The

reporters later asked some more questions, but Mu Nuannuan was not very good. Concerned.

Her attention was all on Mu Wanqi's body.

Based on her knowledge of Mu Wanqi, she didn't believe that Mu Wanqi knew that she was wrong.

Mu Wanqi will go to the media to clarify this matter, and it must have something to do with Mu Tingxiao.

Just don't know what method Mu Tingxiao used to make Mu Wanqi afraid of this.

I changed several channels and found that they were all broadcasting Mu Wanqi's interview.

Mu Nuannuan felt boring, so she ordered an old movie.

Halfway through the movie, Mu Tingxiao returned.

He walked straight towards Mu Nuannuan, leaning over her bangs to kiss her.

Mu Nuannuan subconsciously

turned her head away, and Mu Tingxiao's movements were stagnant, and she kissed her. His voice was rare and gentle: "I will try on the wedding dress tomorrow." He said, holding her in his arms.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head back and said, "I haven't finished writing the script, I am a little busy."

"I'll come back and write

after I've tried it." "No, I just have inspiration."

Mu Tingxiao's complexion suddenly shuddered, pinching her chin, seemingly tolerant to the extreme, squeezed a word from her teeth: "Mu Nuannuan, you refuse to give me a try."

Chapter: 210

Mu Nuannuan tilted her head slightly, her eyes were innocent , and she said , "Don't go."

Mu Tingxiao was slightly startled.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and removed his hand from her chin: "Don't pinch your chin without moving, it hurts."

Mu Nuannuan's rejection was so obvious, Mu Tingxiao asked her staringly, "Mu Nuannuan, What do you want?"

"I want to write a script. I just had inspiration recently." Mu Nuannuan pushed him away and stood up and walked upstairs.

The media exposed her photo, and she has not been out for several days.

She may not be able to go to work at Shengding Media.

She doesn't know what else to do except concentrate on writing the script.

Mu Tingxiao watched Mu Nuannuan go upstairs, her hand hanging beside her slowly tightened.


Because of Mu Tingxiao's methods, Mu Nuannuan's affairs soon fell silent.

There is no shortage of such news in the entertainment industry, and it is easy to be forgotten once the heat is over.

This is why there are so many celebrities buying headlines and hot search.

To Mu Nuannuan's surprise, Si Chengyu also posted a Weibo to explain the meal with her.

Randomly compiled a reason to justify it, and everything returned to peace.

But it is those netizens who are at peace, and Mu Nuannuan's real life is still not so smooth.

After more than a week passed, Shen Liang Yue Mu Nuannuan went out.

Last time she and Mu Tingxiao had a cold war because of the wedding.

Mu Tingxiao was too busy all day long, and Mu Nuannuan also devoted himself to writing the script.

Although the two ate under one roof and slept on the same bed, they had little communication.

However, as soon as she knew that Mu Nuannuan was going out, Mu Tingxiao arranged for a driver and bodyguard to send her off.

Without even thinking about it, Mu Nuannuan subconsciously refused: "No, I'm just eating and shopping with Xiao Liang." As

soon as the voice fell, she felt a chill in her back.

Mu Nuannuan paused, and walked out with her feet up as usual.

It's just that the bodyguards are poor, they are all quietly guarding the side, not daring to breathe.

Mu Tingxiao took a deep breath: "What did I say just now?"

His words were almost squeezed out of his teeth one by one. The bodyguards heard this with fear, and immediately responded in unison: "Yes."

Then they ran out together quickly, as if a ghost was chasing.

When Mu Nuannuan walked outside the villa, she heard a series of neat footsteps behind her.

Before she came back, the group of bodyguards had already approached her.

A black car drove to her and stopped, and immediately a bodyguard stepped forward to pull the car door: "Young lady, please get in the car."

Except for the bodyguard who was in the car door, other bodyguards also gathered around, looking like they were standing there. Asking her to get in the car is actually more like being afraid of her running away.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't laugh or cry.

What kind of bodyguards there really are.

It's as unreasonable as Mu Tingxiao.

"Okay, it's all gone, can't I get in the car?" Mu Nuannuan bent over and got into the car after speaking.

The bodyguards: "..." It seems that Mrs. Young has already seen everything.


Mu Nuannuan originally wanted to go shopping with Shen Liang to relax, but Mu Tingxiao sent such a large group of bodyguards to follow her.

There were a group of people behind her wherever she went, even if she wanted to keep a low profile, she couldn't.

Shen Liang's eyes widened when she saw her and the group of bodyguards who followed him: "Are you the Lafayette going out of the palace? With such a large group of people behind him?"

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at the group of bodyguards.

When the bodyguards met Mu Nuannuan's gaze, they turned their heads to look away.

Mu Nuannuan sighed: "What Galeries Lafayette went out of the palace, it is clear that Mu Tingxiao went crazy."

With a group of bodyguards, Mu Nuannuan had to stroll around with Shen Liang and found a restaurant for dinner.

Because the bodyguards followed so many, they had to find a meal.

In addition, he ordered a table of dishes for the bodyguards in the lobby outside the box.

The bodyguards had been with her for most of the day, and they were already hungry, and they started to gobble up as soon as they sat down.

Shen Liang glanced in the crack of the door, then greeted Mu Nuannuan, changed her clothes, and quietly led her away.

Two women go shopping together, and it's nothing to bring a group of bodyguards.

Throwing away the bodyguards, the two sneaked out from the back door of the restaurant and went to the night market behind the high school.

The two grilled two skewers of lamb at a stall on the side of the road and chatted while eating.

"Sometimes I miss high school a little bit."

"Why?" Shen Liang asked her with a mouthful of greasy food while holding a tissue.

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said, "The life is simple."

Apart from going to school, the simple life is to be an invisible person at Mu's house. Now that I think about it, I still feel good.

Shen Liang heard this, not knowing what he thought of, and threw the unfinished meat skewers into the trash can with no interest: "I don't miss high school very much."

Mu Nuannuan was about to ask her why, when she heard the sound behind her. A familiar voice.

"Nuan Nuan." It

was a man's voice, a bit familiar, but she couldn't remember who it was for a while.

Looking back, I found that it was Shen Chuhan who hadn't seen him for a long time.

When Shen Chuhan saw Mu Nuannuan, he smiled.

He crossed the crowd and ran towards Mu Nuannuan, with obvious excitement in his tone: "It's really you!"

Without waiting for Mu Nuannuan to speak, Shen Liang blocked Mu Nuannuan directly: "Shen Chuhan? Why are you here? "

This night market is not in a prosperous area, and the things it sells are cheap. Apart from nearby residents, the people who come and go are some students. It is obviously not a coincidence that Shen Chuhan, a young master, came to such a place.

When Shen Chuhan saw Shen Liang, he was surprised and said: "Shen Liang is also here."

Shen Chuhan and Shen Liang are somewhat related. As for the relatives, Shen Liang doesn't remember anymore. Anyway, they occasionally see each other at banquets and parties. Know each other, but don't have a good impression of each other.

Shen Liang hated Mu Wanqi, and naturally didn't like Shen Chuhan, who had been with Mu Wanqi for a while. She folded her arms and raised her eyebrows and asked, "I want to ask you something."

Shen Chuhan probably saw Mu Nuannuan not talking. Then I explained: "I saw you in the restaurant where you ate before, but I was not sure, so I followed."

Shen Liang immediately choked back when he heard this, "What do you want to do with me?"

Shen Chuhan was choked by Shen Liang. There was a slight change, no longer caring about Shen Liang, and she spoke gently to Mu Nuannuan, "Nuan Nuan, I have something to say to you."

"What?" Mu Nuannuan looked at Shen Chuhan with no expression.

She didn't think Shen Chuhan had any good things to tell her.

Shen Chuhan glanced at Shen Liang, the meaning in his eyes was very obvious, he was to avoid Shen Liang.

It's strange that Shen Liang would avoid it.

"It's fine if you don't want to say it." Mu Nuannuan said lightly, pulling Shen Liang to leave.

"Wait." Shen Chuhan hurriedly called Mu Nuannuan, his tone a little anxious: "Nuan Nuan, would you like to be with me?"

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Shen Liang: "..."