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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 231-240 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 231

Mu Tingxiao's brows narrowed slightly, and the expression on his face softened in an instant.

He waved to Mu Nuannuan: "Come here."

Mu Nuannuan approached, only to find that he was holding her mobile phone.

When Mr. Mu saw Mu Nuannuan in the video, he smiled and called her: "It's Nuannuan."

"Grandpa." Mu Nuannuan raised his eyes and smiled at Mrs Mu in the video.

Mu Tingxiao took the mobile phone to himself: "Well, when you are old, go to bed early. It's okay to drink more tea to practice Tai Chi cultivation and cultivation."

His tone was light, no difference from usual.

Mu Nuannuan didn't know what they had talked about before, and she nodded in agreement: "I think Mu Tingxiao is right. Grandpa, you have to go to bed early and exercise more." Old man

Mu choked and became impatient. Waved his hand: "It's alright, I'm going to sleep."

Before the ending sound disappeared, Mu Tingxiao hung up the video call.

This speed is so fast that people feel very perfunctory.

Mu Nuannuan felt that she had to correct him: "You should wait for grandpa to hang up first."

"When you are old, your hands are slow and waiting for him to hang up is a waste of time." Mu Tingxiao's expression and tone were not too perfunctory.

When Mu Nuannuan thought about Qin Shuishan, she stopped persuading her.

About Mu Tingxiao's matter, he himself had a sense of measure.


next day.

Mu Nuannuan got up a bit late as usual.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, she saw Qin Shuishan serving dishes silently, and the swollen bag on her forehead disappeared a bit, which looked less scary than yesterday.

Qin Shuishan brought the breakfast to the table without any expression.

While eating breakfast, Mu Nuannuan looked at Qin Shuishan calmly.

She always felt that Qin Shuishan became weird after returning from the hospital yesterday.

I can't say anything about it, but the most obvious thing is that he has very few words and is still working very seriously.

I was afraid that I was beaten up yesterday, or did Qin Shuishan find it interesting to be a servant?

After eating breakfast slowly, Qin Shuishan suddenly walked towards her, as if she had something to say.

Mu Nuannuan waved her hand and motioned to the other servants to go out.

When the other servants had retired, Mu Nuannuan looked at Qin

Shuishan: "I have something to say." Qin

Shuishan went straight in: "I want to go back." "Huh?" Could it be because of a fight with Mu Enya? Was beaten sober?

A trace of unwillingness appeared on Qin Shuishan’s face. She took a deep breath and said, “Although I don’t want to admit it, I can see that you and Mu Tingxiao are in a very good relationship.”

When she was in the hospital yesterday, she stood by. As a bystander, I could see clearly.

After Mu Tingxiao arrived, Mu Nuannuan was the only one in his eyes.

Don't talk about her, even Mu Enya, the man hadn't looked at it directly.

She is ambitious and occasionally goes to the head with blind confidence, but she is also a judging adult.

She is an only child, has a superior family, and has inherent pride in her bones, and occasionally she is stupid, but not stupid.

Mu Nuannuan was turning her head to get the water cup, and she was slightly startled when she heard that, she didn't expect Qin Shuishan to say this.

She couldn't help but raise her head to look at Qin Shuishan.

Qin Shuishan seemed unaccustomed to being stared at like this, her face turned a little uncomfortable and turned her head to look away: "I just think Mu Tingxiao likes you very much, and she indulges you."

"Oh, you can see this too." Mu Nuannuan blinked her eyes with a natural expression.

Qin Shuishan felt that the woman Mu Nuannuan was very scheming. At first glance, she looked pretty good, and Wen Wen Tuntun's appearance was not lethal.

However, she can always poke you inadvertently.

She was obviously a woman with no family background and not very good, but she always looked very confident. When she and Mu Tingxiao stood together, she couldn't help but feel that she was a perfect match.

Qin Shuishan felt this way when she saw Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan standing together yesterday.

I think they are so worthy that no one can get in.

"Mu Nuannuan, I am negotiating terms with you today. You are currently writing a script, right? I want to sell the script, right? I am a producer. I may give you resources to match up. And you, I have to return my employment contract. Give it to me."

Qin Shuishan felt that she was standing while Mu Nuannuan was sitting, and she would appear to be lower than her, so she sat down opposite Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan was surprised.

Qin Shuishan can enter the villa as a servant to approach Mu Tingxiao, which shows that she is a courageous woman.

However, she put this courage into an improper place.

Mu Nuannuan didn't trust Qin Shuishan very much, but she couldn't doubt it either.

"I can give you the employment contract, and you can leave today. As for the matchmaking thing for me, it may not be necessary for the time being." It's

not that Mu Nuannuan's mentality is gloomy. There are many pirated articles in the industry.

Although she is not well-known now, her scripts were written with countless thoughts.

If Qin Shuishan really wants to pit her, he can start from here.

Qin Shuishan was not surprised that Mu Nuannuan would be so simple: "Okay, if you need it then, you can call me."

After she finished speaking, she took out the phone number written in the morning from her pocket.

Mu Nuannuan still took it.

Qin Shuishan changed her maid uniform, and Mu Nuannuan sent the driver to take her back.

Seeing Qin Shuishan's car leaving, Mu Nuannuan suddenly felt a little bored.

Fortunately, she can still go online.

Maybe it’s because there are so many hot searches. Mu Nuannuan, who didn’t like to go to Weibo before, will climb up to Weibo to check the hot search list if he has nothing to do.

She posted on Weibo, and the top hot topic was breaking news to her.

The Chinese characters "Si Chengyu and Shengding terminate the contract" are just like that.

Mu Nuannuan went in and found out that the netizens had already fried the pot.

"Really? The long Weibo that Shengding mysterious founder XN wrote some time ago hasn't been too long. Now Si Yingdi has terminated the contract with Shengding Media?"

"I think it may be that Si Yingdi misses himself Being a boss is making money."

"To be honest, Shengding Media has spent the best resources on Si Chengyu these years. The resources have been skewed sharply. Looking at the scripts that Si Chengyu has taken, is there any difference? If it weren’t for Si Chengyu’s full support, Shengding Media would be able to create many more celebrities. As a result, it had just won the Grand Slam, and it would have turned its face against people!”

This Weibo has thousands of likes and comments. The heat is very high.

There are those who refute the bloggers and those who agree with them.

Even Mu Nuannuan read this Weibo and felt that the blogger made sense.

Si Chengyu has been so popular in the past few years that he has basically had no scandals. For this, Shengding Media has also spent a lot of effort.

The termination of Si Chengyu's contract has caused great losses to Shengding Media.

But Mu Nuannuan thought more deeply.

Is Si Chengyu going to terminate the contract or Mu Tingxiao is going to terminate the contract?

Chapter: 232

Mu Nuannuan wanted to call Mu Tingxiao, thinking that Mu Tingxiao was in Mu's family right now, and fearing to disturb him, Mu Nuannuan called Gu Zhiyan.

Gu Zhiyan was probably busy too, and did not answer her call.

After a while, Gu Zhiyan called her back.

Without waiting for Mu Nuannuan to speak, Gu Zhiyan said, "I know, you want to ask the film emperor to terminate the contract, right?"

Mu Nuannuan replied, "Yes."

"Ting Xiao called me early today . , Said he was going to terminate the contract with Si Yingdi, and he also released the news. It's really... Seeing that it's going to be a holiday, it's such a big deal for me..."

Gu Zhiyan complained a lot, and Mu Nuannuan comforted. He hung up after a few words.

The phone just hung up and rang again.

She took a look and found that Mu Liyan was calling.

Mu Liyan hadn't looked for her for a long time, so what did he call her suddenly?

Is it because of Mu Wanqi again?

Thinking that Si Chengyu might get Mu Wanqi out, Mu Nuannuan felt as uncomfortable as a piece of cotton in his throat.

Mu Wanqi wanted to kill Mu Nuannuan so many times, she finally got her into prison, thinking that she would be able to reflect on it for a few years in the prison, and kill a Si Chengyu halfway...

Mu Nuannuan even thought darkly. , I knew it would be better to let Mu Tingxiao tortured her to death.

As soon as this thought came out, Mu Nuannuan was shocked.

She touched her belly and murmured: "Baby, the idea that mom just said is wrong, don't learn it..."

She was stunned, and the phone was automatically hung up because no one answered.

Mu Nuannuan put away the phone, and didn't plan to call it back, anyway, if something happened, they would call again.

Within a few minutes, Mu Liyan really called back.

This time, Mu Nuannuan answered the phone.

Mu Liyan's voice was cold: "You didn't see you-Mom?"

"What's wrong?" Mu Nuannuan hadn't seen Xiao Chuhe for a long time, except for the phone call with Xiao Chuhe.

Mu Liyan paused briefly: "She has been missing for a few days, haven't she come to you?"

Rao Mu Nuannuan didn't plan to take care of Xiao Chuhe anymore. Hearing what he said, her heart sank: "No."

Xiao Chuhe was there. In front of Mu's family, the patience is extraordinary, and they usually don't leave Mu's house, but Mu Liyan said that she has been missing for several days...

Mu Nuannuan asked Mu Liyan: "What did you do to her?"

"What can I do to her? She ran by herself!" Mu Liyan's voice was full of anger, and his voice was so loud that Mu Nuannuan's ears were numb.

"If it weren't for what you did to her, she would run away by herself, you treat me as stupid?" Mu Nuannuan didn't have a good tone, she just went back coldly.

"You do not matter to her? Now I'm looking for is punitive expedition? Even his own sister could go to prison, I do not you so vicious daughter!"

Mu Liyan talk about it, ignore it between Angry.

Mu Nuannuan gritted her teeth: "It's a coincidence. I don't have my sister or father who wants to kill me."

"Don't make things so bad. Wanqi just couldn't figure it out for a while, aren't you good now! She's been caught since she was a child. It's not that you don't know if you are spoiled, you can't let her order!"

Mu Liyan felt that the fault was in Mu Nuannuan.

——She has been spoiled since she was a child, you don’t know!

——You can't let her order!

Mu Nuannuan's hand holding the phone kept tightening, and the blood vessels on the back of the hand were clearly visible.

"I let her, who let me? You also know that she is spoiled, so now she is sent to prison to receive education. This is all made by you. You are such a good father. Your daughter is not Teach well, you have to be taught by others. You spoil her but don’t have enough ability to indulge her. Guess whether Mu Wanqi hates you now?”

Mu Liyan’s unprincipled indulgence and spoiling to Mu Wanqi, absolutely not If you feel that you are wrong, even if you are wrong, you will push it to others.

And what Mu Nuannuan said, all poked into his heart.

When I saw Mu Wanqi yesterday, Mu Wanqi still scolded him as useless.

Mu Liyan was so angry that he couldn't speak, and finally hung up the phone.

Mu Nuannuan put down the phone, thought about it carefully, and called the police.

Even Mu Liyan himself said that Xiao Chuhe had been missing for several days, so it must not be short.

After calling the police, Mu Nuannuan thought that she could not sit and wait for the news, so she planned to go back to Mu's house.

Mu Tingxiao does not restrict her to go out now, but she must bring a bodyguard when she goes out.


car stopped at the door of Mu's villa.

The bodyguard opened the door for Mu Nuannuan. She had just stepped on one foot, and a sports car did not know where it came from, wiping the corner of the bodyguard's clothes that helped Mu Nuannuan drive the door.

All this happened so suddenly, the bodyguard was stunned for a few seconds before reacting and asking Mu Nuannuan: "Madam, are you okay?"

She hasn't gotten out of the car, what's the matter!

Mu Nuannuan shook his head: "How about you?"

"I'm fine." The bodyguard shook his head.

But Mu Nuannuan still noticed that the bodyguard's footsteps were a little vacant when he walked, which seemed to be shocked.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car and looked in the direction the sports car was driving away, only to realize that there was no shadow of the sports car.

Mu Nuannuan retracted her gaze and keenly heard the sound of the sports car.

The sports car drove back again, and shook the front of the car at a 90-degree right angle in front of their car. Then, the young man who drove took off his sunglasses and threw off his hair, thinking it was cool. He said in the direction of Mu Nuannuan and the others: "Hey, are you all right!"

This sentence did not sound sincere.

The man drove a Ferrari sports car, and his hair was carefully managed. He also specially applied hairspray to make a very fashionable hairstyle. He was dressed in a famous brand and looked very human...

This man, Mu Nuannuan knew him.

"Hey, what is your name for that woman, she looks familiar." The

young man said, jumping out of the car while holding the window of the convertible, and walked straight toward Mu Nuannuan.

After seeing Mu Nuannuan's appearance, the young man blew his whistle: "He looks very upright." The

bodyguard stood in front of Mu Nuannuan, looking like he was ready to fight.

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly: "Brother, I am Nuannuan."

The man in front of him is Mu Shiyan, who has been studying abroad with Mu Nuannuan's half-brother.

At the same time, he is also the brother of Mu Wanqi's father and mother.

"Huh?" Mu Shiyan was shocked: "Who do you say you are? Mu Nuannuan? Although I haven't been home for many years, I also know that she doesn't look like this..."

Mu Shiyan stayed abroad. It was normal to not recognize her in 1978.

Mu Liyan, who had long heard the sound of a sports car, walked out of the villa: "Shi Yan, are you racing again?"

When Mu Shiyan saw Mu Liyan, he said to him like a joke: "Dad, this beauty said She is Nuannuan!"

Chapter: 233

After Mu Shiyan finished speaking, she took a look at Mu Nuannuan and murmured to Mu Liyan: "No matter how Nuan Nuan is, it's impossible for a woman to grow like this. Are you funny, hahahahaha!"

Mu Liyan gave Mu Shiyan a sullen face, then turned to look at Mu Nuannuan, "What are you doing?"

"Didn't you say that my mother has been missing for several days? I'm here to ask about the situation." Although Mu Nuannuan had already looked at Xiao Chuhefu thoroughly, she still couldn't ignore her affairs.

"There is nothing to ask, it's just missing." Because of Mu Wanqi's affairs, Mu Liyan was annoyed to see Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan had long expected that Mu Liyan would adopt this attitude, and did not intend to say more: "I have already called the police, and the police will probably notify you when there is news."

She turned her head and glanced at Mu Shiyan, then turned around. Go back to the car.

After hearing Mu Nuannuan's dialogue with Mu Liyan, Mu Shiyan finally believed that the beautiful woman in front of him was actually Mu Nuannuan.

After listening to Mu Nuannuan's words, Mu Liyan gave a cold snort, turned around to see Mu Shiyan still looking in Mu Nuannuan's direction, and scolded: "Look what to see, don't go in yet! I will talk to the group of friends What is it like to drag a car together, you..."

Mu Shiyan listened impatiently to Mu Liyan's nagging, and ran towards Mu Nuannuan: "Nuan Nuan, don't rush to go, have a meal together."

Mu Liyan stared. With big eyes, he roared: "Shi Yan, come back!"

Mu Shiyan didn't care about his anger, only waved his hand, and said nonchalantly: "I haven't seen Nuan Nuan for so many years, and have a meal with her. No, you should go back first. Don't get angry when you are old."

Mu Nuannuan was already in the car.

When the car window lowered, she also heard what Mu Shiyan said.

In the whole Mu family, if there is a person who really treats Mu Nuan warmly, it is Mu Shiyan.

Mu Shiyan is a boy, and he will inherit the Mu clan in the future. Naturally, he is loved by his family. Even the servants respect Mu Shiyan a little bit.

Mu Shiyan has been naughty since he was a child, and likes to mess around with things.

When I was in high school, I started to gather a bunch of friends and friends to drag racing, clubbing, drinking, and playing around all day.

He loves to play and does not do his job properly, but his heart is not bad.

At least, when he saw Mu Nuannuan being bullied by classmates on his way home from school, he would help her scare away the bully.

This is enough to make Mu Nuannuan think of him for a long time.

It's just that the two are four years apart. When Mu Nuannuan was in junior high school, Mu Shiyan was already thrown abroad.

Mu Liyan was so angry that there was smoke above his head, but there was nothing he could do with Mu Shiyan.

This son only knows about eating, drinking and having fun all day long, and he doesn't know who he is like.

He can't control this son!

Mu Nuannuan saw that Mu Liyan was so angry that Mu Shiyan entered the villa, and Mu Shiyan's smiling voice sounded in her ears: "Find a place to eat, I invite you."

"I invite you. "Mu Nuannuan turned back and smiled at Mu Shiyan.


Shiyan was stunned by her smile, and it took a few seconds to react: " Okay , you go ahead, I will drive behind you." Mu Nuannuan thought of the speed at which Mu Shiyan was driving, her scalp tightened. , Said: "Go ahead, let's go to Jinding for dinner."

She was really afraid of Mu Shiyan's driving skills.


Jinding Senior Club.

Mu Nuannuan and Mu Shiyan sat face to face in the box.

Mu Shiyan was next to the waiter. He took the menu and turned a page and ordered a dish: "This, this, this also..."

Mu Nuannuan laughed, Mu Shiyan had been abroad for so many years, and his temper had not changed much.

Love to eat, drink and have fun, lavish.

When the food was finally served, it was almost impossible to put it on the table.

"I heard that you married Wanqi into Mu's house? How about, is Mu Tingxiao easy to get along with?" Mu Shiyan's tone was like chatting with an old friend who had been away for many years.

Mu Nuannuan was a little bit emotional, but she didn't want to tell Mu Shiyan everything about her heart and lungs.

"You came back because of Mu Wanqi." Mu Shiyan paused in Mu Nuannuan's calm


He put down his chopsticks and looked at Mu Nuannuan with a smile: "You were smarter than Wanqi when you were young, and luckier than her when you grow up."

Although Mu Shiyan once helped her, he was Mu Wanqi's relatives. brother.

Mu Nuannuan knew this very well.

"I have no luck better than her, but not as crooked as her." The smile on Mu Nuannuan's face faded little by little: "Do you know how many times she tried to kill me? I told Mu The family has long been benevolent and righteous. She and dad used me again and again, but I just decided not to bear it anymore."

Mu Shiyan took a deep breath and asked, "Where is you-mother? You don't care?"

Mu Nuannuan Without speaking, Mu Shiyan curled her lips and said: "This time, I did come back because of Wanqi's affairs. No matter how many mistakes she made, she is my own sister. I can't just watch her accidentally. . "

" you blame me? "he asked Mu warm.

The two stared at each other and remained silent for a long while. Mu Nuannuan laughed mockingly: "In the eyes of you group, even if I was almost killed by Mu Wanqi, I should be treated like a okay person in the end. Don't care about Mu Wanqi, right?"

"I didn't mean that, I just..." Mu Shiyan paused, as if he didn't think what to say, and finally fell silent.

"I'm a little tired, I'm going back first, elder brother, eat slowly."

Mu Shiyan looked up at her with an expression hesitant to speak.

After Mu Nuannuan paid the bill, she left Jinding.

In the car, the driver asked her: "Madam, do you go home directly now?"

Mu Nuannuan thought for a moment and said, "Go to Mu's."

It is lunch time. If she goes to Mu's to find Mu Tingxiao, she should be able to Have lunch with him.

Soon I arrived at Mu Shi.

Mu Nuannuan didn't get out of the car, she glanced at Mu's gate through the car window, lowered her head and took out her mobile phone, ready to call Mu Tingxiao.

Looking up inadvertently, he found Mu Tingxiao walking out of the Mu clan.

Beside him is Mu Qingfeng, and behind him is a group of men and women in suits, all in a hurry.

Mu Nuannuan hesitated for a while, but dialed Mu Tingxiao's phone.

Mu Tingxiao had already walked to the parking lot at this time and was opening the door to get into the car. It should have been the phone ringing. He stopped and lowered his head to get the phone.

As soon as he took the cellphone on the other end, Mu Tingxiao's voice came from the phone: "What's the matter?"

Mu Nuannuan asked him, "Are you busy?"

Mu Tingxiao responded with cherished words: "Yeah. . " "

nothing, I just call and ask. " "

that's the first so. "

I hung up the phone, Mu Mu Ting owl warm saw the car.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao and their car drove away, Mu Nuannuan told the driver: "Go back." The

driver started the car and was about to drive. A car drove oncomingly. The road was narrow and the driver only I can slow down and let the car pass.

As a result, the car stopped directly beside Mu Nuannuan's car.

The next moment, Mu Tingxiao's tall and slender figure walked out of the car.

Chapter: 234

When Mu Nuannuan saw the familiar figure, she was still a little confused.

She murmured: "Mu Tingxiao?" The

driver reacted quickly, got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat for Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao sat short and got into the car. Seeing Mu Nuannuan's face was surprised, she couldn't help reaching out and touching her head, with a smile in her voice: "I saw you a long time ago."

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback. "Why did you see me?"

"I saw the car." Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand, using one of his hands hard, and he fished her into his arms.

He lowered his head and dropped a kiss on her forehead, and squeezed her hand in his hand-playing: "When I come to see me in the future, just say directly, if I don't see you, I will get angry with me again when I go back."

Mu Nuan Wenwen Yan, took his hand back: "I'm so stingy? When did I get angry with you about such a trivial matter?"

"Well, no." Mu Tingxiao nodded, looking serious.

Mu Nuannuan clenched his fist and struck him twice.

He is not strong enough to hit him without pain or itching.

Mu Tingxiao grabbed her hand: "Go to eat."

Mu Nuannuan came to him at this time, and she must have not eaten yet.

"I saw you get in the car with your dad before. What are you going to do? Does it matter?" Mu Nuannuan really didn't want to delay his business.

"It's even more important to accompany you to eat." Mu Tingxiao said, reaching her lower abdomen: "You are two people now, so you can't be hungry."

Mu Nuannuan glared at him, but the smile on Mu Tingxiao's face turned instead. Deeper.


two found a restaurant for dinner.

Mu Tingxiao's dishes are all Mu Nuannuan's favorite.

Her taste hasn't changed much recently, and Mu Tingxiao just ordered according to her previous preferences.

Mu Nuannuan was a little hungry, so he picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

But Mu Tingxiao didn't eat much. Mu Nuannuan stuffed a potato chip into her mouth and asked him, "Why don't you eat it?"

"I have eaten it." Mu Tingxiao said, putting it in her bowl. A piece of chicken.

Mu Nuannuan's appetite has indeed increased recently, and the dishes that Mu Tingxiao ordered again met her appetite, and she ate most of it in the end.

She remembered Si Chengyu’s termination of the contract with Shengding Media, and she couldn’t help asking him: "I saw a hot topic on Weibo. Did you propose to terminate the

contract ?" She did not mention Si Chengyu’s name, Mu Ting Owl naturally knew.


Speaking of Si Chengyu, the ease and joy on Mu Tingxiao's face suddenly faded, and his complexion became slightly heavy.

Si Chengyu will go to the court, which shows that he has made plans to get Mu Wanqi out of it.

Since Si Chengyu has been self-indulgent and must stand on his opposite side, then he does not need to be merciful.

This is just the beginning.

Mu Nuannuan got his affirmative answer and fell silent.

Mu Tingxiao offered to terminate the contract with Si Chengyu. This was a signal, a signal that the two of them officially broke.

Mu Nuannuan remembered the long, emotional Weibo written by Mu Tingxiao again.

She frowned slightly and asked Mu Tingxiao softly, "Have you never talked to... him again? Maybe he has some unspeakable difficulties?"

She just habitually called Si Chengyu "Big Brother".

Mu Tingxiao groaned for a moment, staring at Mu Nuannuan with a deep gaze: "Mu Nuannuan, you should understand better than me, hardship is not a reason to let go of your self-esteem and roll into the mud."

Si Chengyu did all this and got entangled with Mu Wanqi, completely losing his original demeanor.

Mu Tingxiao didn't seem to be sad, but he seemed to regret Si Chengyu very much.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't explain this feeling. After all, Mu Tingxiao was hard to understand, and Si Chengyu didn't understand it either.

In this world, no one has his own sufferings, but sufferings are not a reason for people to do evil.


The matter that Mu Tingxiao decides, there is always no room for maneuver.

As soon as the news of the termination of the contract between Si Chengyu and Shengding Media broke out, the major media published articles one after another.

There are also many Weibo posts about this incident from the media.

For several days in a row, this matter was all over the Internet.

But Mu Nuannuan found that among the people who paid attention to this matter, in addition to some melon-eating netizens who had fans of Si Chengyu, there was another person who paid attention to this matter because of "Shengding founder XN".

On the day this incident broke out, Shengding’s founder XN posted a Weibo: “Mr. Si Chengyu and Shengding Media have terminated the contract peacefully. You don’t have to speculate anymore. We’re in the same boat for ten years. Good luck.”

Simple and simple. A Weibo has been reposted tens of thousands of times.

Some netizens even made a deep analysis of this Weibo.

"I feel that XN's tone is so helpless."

"I can't figure out why Si Chengyu suddenly terminated the contract with Shengding Media."

"I think it's still what everyone guessed. Si Chengyu just wants to make money alone..."

"I Predict that Si Chengyu, who has left Shengding Media, will not necessarily be more beautiful than before."


Everyone seems to think that Si Chengyu took the initiative to terminate the contract with Shengding Media.

Think about it. After all, in everyone's eyes, the company is profit-oriented, and Shengding Media cannot take the initiative to terminate the contract with Si Chengyu, the money maker.

They naturally think that Si Chengyu wants to terminate the contract with Shengding Media.

On the day when the news broke, Shengding Media conducted comprehensive public relations and directed the termination of the contract in the direction of "Si Chengyu actively proposed to terminate the contract."

Netizens also acquiesced that Si Chengyu offered to terminate the contract.

Si Chengyu saw that the direction of the wind has been guided by Shengding Media, and did not explain too much. He just posted a long Weibo to express his gratitude to Shengding Media for these and "Founder XN".

His Weibo has received numerous praises.

When the news about the termination of the contract between Si Chengyu and Shengding Media declined, it was already close to the end of the year, and many companies began to take holidays one after another.

During this period, the Public Security Bureau contacted Mu Nuannuan once, saying that there was news from Xiao Chuhe and asked her to go to the Public Security Bureau.

Mu Nuannuan called Mu Liyan, but Mu Liyan didn't answer the phone at all.

Mu Nuannuan had to go to the Public Security Bureau by herself.

As a result, when she went to the Public Security Bureau, she saw not only Xiao Chuhe, but also Shen Chuhan, who was safe and sound.

Xiao Chuhe wears a maroon coat with exquisite make-up, and he is carrying the latest bag of a certain big brand. Where is it that he is missing and suffering?

When Shen Chuhan saw Mu Nuannuan, a smile appeared on her face, and she called her warmly: "Nuan Nuan."

Mu Nuannuan frowned, ignored Shen Chuhan, and walked to Xiao Chuhe and asked her: "Where have you been recently?"

Xiao Chuhe Holding Mu Nuannuan's hand, she said in a tone of instructing her: "I haven't been anywhere recently. I just quarreled with your dad. I lived in Chuhan for a period of time. I told you that it was fortunate to have I have to thank him for taking care of

Chuhan ." Mu Nuannuan was not used to being so close to Xiao Chuhe, frowned and pulled out her hand, and said coldly, "Since it's okay, go home."

Chapter: 235

Mu Nuannuan's coldness made Xiao Chuhe a little embarrassed.

She retracted her hand in a jealousy, and turned her head to look at Shen Chuhan.

Shen Chuhan smiled gently at her, full of good temper.

Xiao Chuhe's eyes became more determined: "Nuan Nuan, let's go out and talk about something."

Mu Nuannuan turned and walked out.

After leaving the Public Security Bureau, Shen Chuhan strode to Mu Nuannuan to talk to her.

However, before he could get close to Mu Nuannuan, he was stopped by the bodyguard.

Shen Chuhan's complexion changed slightly, and then resumed as usual. He jokingly said, "I just want to talk to you. These bodyguards are so vigilant. Did Mu Tingxiao treat you as a prisoner?"

His tone was abrupt. Sounds like joking with a close friend.

But Mu Nuannuan knew that the friendship with him was not so good, so naturally he didn't think he was a joke.

He said this deliberately, and wanted to provoke her and Mu Tingxiao?

She didn't know what was wrong with Shen Chuhan, so she had to hold on to her.

"Mr. Shen must be very poor in Chinese when he was studying? Otherwise, how could he not even know what bodyguards do? Would you like me to explain to you what kind of profession bodyguards are?"

Mu Nuannuan looked sarcastically Shen Chuhan.

Shen Chuhan felt that Mu Nuannuan looked at him as if she was looking at a clown.

He has a dull face, but still insists on trying to win back a city for himself: "Of course I know what bodyguards do, but they have to stop me even when I approach you. Will it be too much? Now?"

Mu Nuannuan's tone became sloppy: "It's not too much at all, after all, we don't know much."

Xiao Chuhe on the side suddenly said at this time: "Nuan Nuan, don't talk to Chu Han like this. I know there is a misunderstanding between you and him. You can see that he has been taking care of me during this period of time. Do you shake hands with words and deeds?"


It's so affectionate.

Mu Nuannuan didn't know how Shen Chuhan met Xiao Chuhe, and why she would take care of her.

What she knows is that she has nothing to do with courtesy, and whoever commits rape is steals.

She didn't think that Shen Chuhan thought about having a relationship with Mu Wanqi before, so she took care of Xiao Chuhe.

"There is no misunderstanding between us? What is the shaking hands?" Mu Nuannuan looked suspiciously at Xiao Chuhe: "Mu Wanqi is your daughter. She had a marriage contract with Mr. Shen before, a kind person like Mr. Shen. Isn’t it human nature to take care of you when I see you drifting away?”

Xiao Chuhe is helping Shen Chuhan both in and out of his words. It seems that Shen Chuhan has taken good care of her and coaxed her well these days.

"Nuan Nuan..."

"I have something to go back first." Mu Nuan Nuan looked at the time pretendingly: "Surely such a kind-hearted Mr. Shen, he wouldn't mind sending your ex-fiancé's mother home?"

At the beginning, Shen Chuhan would take in Xiao Chuhe for the purpose of getting close to Mu Nuannuan.

He knew something about Mu's family, and naturally knew that Mu Nuannuan was very good to her mother.

But now it seems that it is not the same thing.

Speaking of Mu Nuannuan's words, of course he only had to

agree to it : "Why would you mind, of course it is a pleasure." "Then I will go first."

Mu Nuannuan didn't take a look at Xiao Chuhe, and turned around. Got the car.

Xiao Chuhe stood there in a panic, watching Mu Nuannuan's car go away, feeling completely at a loss.

Mu Nuannuan was too cold towards her.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan left, Shen Chuhan's expression sank: "Mrs. Mu, I'll take you back."

Xiao Chuhe saw that Shen Chuhan's complexion was not good, and said, "Don't mind. Nuannuan may be because of her recent pregnancy. It's not so good, so..."

Her words irritated Shen Chuhan. He slammed Xiao Chuhe's arm and said in a gloomy tone: "What did you just say, you say it again!"

Xiao Chuhe was frightened by Shen Chuhan's appearance. Han, what's wrong with you?" In the

past few days, Shen Chuhan has been very gentle towards her, and even asked people to take her out to shop in the mall.

He suddenly changed his face, and Xiao Chuhe was frightened.

Shen Chuhan immediately changed back to his previous gentle appearance, and asked softly: "You said she was pregnant?"


Xiao Chuhe was relieved when he saw that he was back to normal again.

She was wrong just now.

"I see, I will send you back now." Shen Chuhan lowered his eyes, his voice was still very soft, but there was a strange feeling.


this time, for Mu Nuannuan, it was just an episode, and I would forget it afterwards.

As the New Year approaches, Mu Nuannuan guessed that Mu Tingxiao might take her back to her old house this year.

After all, this was the first New Year's Eve for Mu Tingxiao to take over the Mu family, and he had to go back to his old house because of reason.

Even if Mu Tingxiao had the right to do anything wrong, he would go if he wanted to, and would not go if he didn't want to.

But in the end, this account may still have to be counted on her.

Two days before Mu's holiday, Mu Nuannuan was already preparing to bring back things to his old house.

There is nothing missing in the old house, but in the final analysis, it is better to use what you are used to.

At night, Mu Tingxiao came back a bit late.

Mu Nuannuan has finished washing, holding the computer and preparing to write a manuscript before going to bed.

Mu Tingxiao walked in from outside holding his suit jacket, his hair was a little messy, and his whole person looked abnormally tired.

"I'm back."

Mu Nuannuan looked up at him.

It's cold, even if the heater is on, Mu Nuannuan is still wearing fluffy pajamas, making her whole person look soft and warm.

During this period of time after pregnancy, she stayed at home, the servants took care of her carefully, her own schedule was also very regular, her complexion was much better than before, and she sat under the light, as if she was going to shine.

She nestled in the corner of the sofa, straightened her legs, and the computer was resting on her legs, with loose hair, black hair and snow-skinned skin, and cat-like eyes looking at him intently, revealing a strange and moving look.

Mu Tingxiao dropped the jacket in his hand, walked to her, leaned over and threw the computer on her lap aside, sat down next to her, and hugged her.

Mu Nuannuan felt frightened when he was holding his computer: "You just throw it away..."

Mu Tingxiao seemed to be dissatisfied with her behavior that still cared about the computer at this time, and reached out and fumbled in her clothes. After a while, she stopped at her chest and squeezed slightly.

Immediately, the evil voice said: "It seems to be a bit bigger."

Mu Nuannuan patted his hand with a "slap": "It hurts, take it out!"

"Just touch it." A

man is born with a bone, you The less he is allowed to do something, he will do it.

The more Mu Nuannuan refused to let him touch, he wanted to touch it.

Mu Tingxiao put one arm around her waist, and the other arm hooked her to the bend of her leg, holding her on her lap and sitting, making it easier for him to move her hands and feet.

Fortunately, Mu Tingxiao had a sense of measure, so he just clicked.

But both of them are a little panting.

Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao said in a low voice: "Auntie is back."

Chapter: 236

Mu Nuannuan didn't react for a while.

Mu Tingxiao's aunt?

She wondered for a while, and suddenly remembered, isn't Mu Tingxiao's aunt the biological mother of Si Chengyu?

Although she had never seen Mu Tingxiao’s aunt, and Mu Tingxiao had not mentioned his aunt directly to her, but from the relationship between him and Mu Tingxiao’s brother Si Chengyu, it can be seen that Mu Tingxiao and his brothers His aunt's relationship is not bad either.

Although Mu Tingxiao said such a lightly, Mu Nuannuan could still hear the low tone in his tone.

Even if the relationship between him and Si Chengyu broke down, when he saw his aunt did not know how to deal with himself, it was impossible to have such a big emotional ups and downs...

Mu Nuannuan raised her head, looked at him, and asked him softly: " Is there any problem with her coming back?"

Mu Zhengxiu didn't know what Mu Zhengxiu said to Mu Tingxiao last time.

Mu Tingxiao stared at her fixedly for two seconds, and reached out to touch her bangs on her forehead. His expression and tone had returned to normal, with a calm tone: "No problem, we may have to go back to the old house tomorrow."

Although Mu Nuan Nuan once said to help him, but these things are too heavy, and he doesn't want her to be bothered by these things.

When he was with him, he still hoped that she could be relaxed and happy.

Mu Nuannuan knew nothing about the kidnapping case that year. The more time passed, the more Mu Tingxiao was reluctant to let her know too much about the kidnapping case that year.

Mu Nuannuan was already ready to go back to the old house, and nodded very simply: "Okay."

This surprised Mu Tingxiao a little.

However, early the next morning, when he saw Mu Nuannuan take out the suitcase that had already been organized, he knew that Mu Nuannuan was ready to return to Mu's house.

Mu Tingxiao laughed and put her suitcase back: "You don't need to bring anything, just go back for a meal."

"The New Year is about to come, should you go home for the New Year this year?" Mu Nuannuan glanced at the suitcase, and then wanted to bring it.

Mu Tingxiao quickly held her hand with his eyes quickly: "I haven't been back to the old house for the New Year for so many years. It doesn't matter if I don't go back this year."

Mu Nuannuan opened her mouth and said something else, and was interrupted by Mu Tingxiao: "Okay. , Let's go, don't think about these boring things. "It

is boring to go home for the New Year...

... the

two went back to the old house together.

At the door is still a group of servants and bodyguards to greet them back, but the pomp is a bit smaller than the first time they came back.

Mu Nuannuan had already seen it once, and this time naturally didn't feel much.

It may be that the number of domestic servants and bodyguards has increased recently, and she has become a little used to this kind of life.

Thinking about it this way, she felt that Mu Tingxiao was really generous to her.

Others say that giants are as deep as the sea. At least so far, she hasn't experienced it.

The main reason is that Mu Tingxiao's temper has improved too much recently, and he is relying on her almost everything.

"Young master, young lady."

Along the way, servants and bodyguards respectfully called them.

Arriving in the hall, Mu Nuannuan heard a woman's excitement sound before she even looked at the people inside.

"Ting Xiao."

Mu Nuannuan looked around and saw a middle-aged woman in a dark red coat approaching here.

She didn't wear much makeup, and she didn't wear extra jewellery on her body, and she looked very elegant.

She walked towards Mu Tingxiao and reached out to hold his arm.

Mu Nuan understood in her heart that this woman must be Mu Tingxiao's aunt Mu Lian.

"Auntie." Mu Tingxiao yelled expressionlessly, but calmly took Mu Nuannuan back for a while, avoiding Mu Lian's hand.

A hint of astonishment flashed across Mulian's face.

Her hand was still slightly raised, just like that, frozen in the air.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Mu Tingxiao. Mu Tingxiao didn't look at her, but the hand that was holding her shoulders squeezed soothingly to signal her peace of mind.

"We haven't seen you for almost a year or two." Mu Lian's complexion has returned to normal, and she looked at Mu Tingxiao with a broad face: "I heard that Xiao Chen secretly ran back to China to find you, causing you trouble. "That's it."

Mu Tingxiao nodded indifferently, "Yes."

"..." This man actually nodded? ?

"Cousin, you said that I was troublesome, so I didn't trouble you!"

Mu Jiachen's voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Hearing this, Mu Nuannuan turned her head in surprise, and saw Mu Jiachen wearing a blue down jacket walking towards this side.

"Xiaochen!" She hadn't seen Mu Jiachen for a while, so she missed him.

Mu Jiachen grinned and ran towards her: "Sister Nuan Nuan!"

"It seems to be taller again." Mu Nuan Nuan stretched out her hand to compare her head, feeling that Mu Jiachen was a little taller than before.

"Right? I think I have grown a little bit taller, but my brother..." Mu Jiachen suddenly stopped talking, and his tone became a little reluctant: "They all said I didn't grow taller."

Mu Nuannuan naturally listened. He just said the word "my brother" when he came out.

It seems that Mu Jiachen already knew about Si Chengyu and Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan smiled sharply, stretched out his hand and patted him on the head neither lightly nor heavily.

Mu Jiachen scratched his head, as if a little embarrassed, and asked concerned: "I heard you are pregnant?"

He looked at Mu Nuannuan: "But it doesn't look like it."

"Silly, he's still young now, and he won't grow up in two months." Mu Nuannuan couldn't help knocking on his head again.

"This is

Nuannuan ." Mulian's voice intervened, and Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen both turned to look at her.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan realize that when she was talking to Mu Jiachen just now, Mu Tingxiao and Mu Lian seemed to have said nothing.

She had just spoken to Mu Jiachen, and she was not so close to Mu Tingxiao. Mu Tingxiao pulled her to her side and introduced it concisely: "This is my wife, Mu Nuannuan."

Then she looked at Mu Lian and Mu. Nuannuan said, "This is Auntie."

Since Mu Tingxiao introduced Mulian, Mu Nuannuan obediently called out, "Aunt, I am Nuannuan."

"It's pretty." Mu Lian laughed and gave it to him. It feels very tender.

After she finished speaking, she added: "It's more beautiful than the photo."

Mu Nuannuan was surprised: "What photo?"

"I took a photo and sent it to my mother." Mu Jiachen walked to Mulian's side and held out her hand. Mu Lian's shoulder: "I told you a long time ago that Sister Nuannuan herself is more beautiful."

Mu Nuannuan twitched the corner of her mouth and smiled.

Mu Qingfeng didn't know when she also walked in: "Don't all stand here, go in and sit."

Mu Nuannuan was a little tangled, Mu Tingxiao and Mu Qingfeng had a bad relationship, so should she be called Mu Qingfeng? What?

Mu Tingxiao didn't give her time to tangle, so he walked inside and embraced her: "Go in and sit."

As soon as Mu Nuannuan sat down, Mu Jiachen approached her and asked this and that curiously.

No one mentioned Si Chengyu.

At this moment, Si Chengyu and Mu Enya walked in from outside together.

Chapter: 237

Since the last time she fought with Qin Shuishan in Mu Tingxiao's villa and suffered a loss, Mu Enya also kept an account on Mu Nuan Nuan, and hated Mu Nuan Nuan even more.

She saw Mu Nuannuan's expressionless face, glanced at it and looked away disdainfully.

The conflict between Si Chengyu and Mu Tingxiao also escalated due to the termination of the contract.

None of the four took the initiative to care about anyone.

The atmosphere in the hall became stagnant and annoying.

Mu Nuannuan was uncomfortable. Looking at Mu Tingxiao, there was no abnormality on his face. He even reached out and picked a few large macadamia nuts from the fruit plate on the coffee table, peeled them and handed them to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan admired how calm he was at this time.

Since he was like a okay person, Mu Nuannuan's heart calmed down.

Anyway, it's acting. The more you pretend to be, the more you look like a family.

"It's very crispy, you have one too." Mu Nuannuan said, and put a macadamia nut into Mu Tingxiao's mouth.

Macadamia nuts are creamy, and the fragrant and crispy taste is liked by girls.

Mu Tingxiao didn't like the taste, but he frowned and chewed it down.

"Mom." Si Chengyu sat down beside Mu Lian with a concerned tone: "Why don't you call me in advance so I can pick you up."

Mu Enya also sat down next to Si Chengyu, echoing Said: "Yes, aunt, you finally came back once, the eldest brother happened to be in the country, so he should also let him pick you up."

The smile on Mu Lian's face was light: "Cheng Yu is too busy, I am not no one to pick you up. , It's not a big deal..." The

three people over there looked peaceful, and Mu Nuannuan seemed deserted.

Mu Tingxiao just peeled the macadamia nuts slowly, and Mu Qingfeng sat opposite him without speaking.

It's finally time to eat.

Mu Nuannuan thought that she could go back after eating.

As a result, when halfway through the meal, Mu Enya pointed to her mobile phone and said loudly: "Big Brother, someone hacked you on the Internet."

Mu Nuannuan's heart tightened, not that she was worried about how others would betray Si Chengyu, but that she would be harassed again. Go to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao is the founder of Shengding Media, and the Mu family should have known it, but Si Chengyu was not involved in the termination of the contract.

It may be that the elders of the Mu family are too lazy

to care about this, but now the parties on both sides are here... Si Chengyu behaved very calmly: "Don't worry, let's talk about it after eating. Now some people on the Internet like to talk nonsense.

" No, you are on the hot search again, and you have a high level of attention. It is said that you have abused the puppy in the crew before? The person who broke the news is said to have worked with you on the crew..."

Mu Enya is also there TV station work involves the entertainment industry, and naturally also pay attention to entertainment news.

"It's all a joke, how could there be such a thing, you are so nice..." Mu Enya deliberately pretended to have a natural tone, but the deliberate flattery in the tone could not be hidden.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at her.

Mu Enya discovered that it was too difficult to hold Mu Tingxiao's thighs, so she retreated to hold Si Chengyu's thighs next?

Mu Nuannuan stretched out a finger and poked Mu Tingxiao's waist under the table. She just wanted to ask him if Si Chengyu did this.

She intuitively felt that Mu Tingxiao had to do more than just terminate the contract with Si Chengyu.

He is a man with a lot of grudges, and he will definitely ask for something from Si Chengyu.

She only poked, and Mu Tingxiao's entire palm was grabbed.

Mu Nuannuan raised her head, Mu Tingxiao turned her head, and if nothing had happened, she would pick up vegetables for her: "Eat more and go back when you are full."

Mu Nuannuan tilted her head and blinked to express her doubts.

Mu Tingxiao shook his head imperceptibly and answered her question.

Immediately, he looked up at Si Chengyu.

The eyes of the two people met in the air, and neither of them took the initiative to say a word, and there was no extra expression.

But everyone else felt the weird atmosphere.

Si Chengyu took the lead to look away and smiled indifferently: "Of course there won't be such a thing, it's just a boring thing said by a boring person, Enya don't have to watch it anymore, let's eat."

He said so, Mu Enya quickly agreed and said: "Yes."

Mu Enya put down her phone, and she was not idle. She asked curiously: "Brother, why did you terminate the contract with Shengding Media? I feel Shengding Media treats you. It's pretty good."

As soon as he said this, the atmosphere on the table fell into a strange stagnation.

Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised. Mu Enya didn't know that Mu Tingxiao was the boss behind Shengding Media?

After thinking about it, Mu Nuannuan felt understandable again.

Mu Tingxiao is a cold-tempered person. He didn't like the Mu family at first, and he had no affection with Mu Enya. It is normal for Mu Enya not to know that he is the behind-the-scenes boss of Shengding Media.

Si Chengyu stopped smiling this time, and looked at Mu Enya with an unpleasant expression.

Mu Enya looked inexplicable, not knowing what she had said wrong.

Mu Lian, who had not said anything, put the dishes into Enya's bowl, and said softly, "Enya, try this."

"Thank you, Auntie." Mu Enya carefully glanced at Si Chengyu and stopped talking. Head down to eat.

... After

finally eating, Mu Nuannuan thought that she could finally go back.

"Ting Xiao, come to my study, I have something to tell you."

As soon as Mu Qingfeng said this, Mu Nuannuan knew that she would not be able to leave for a while.

Mu Nuannuan sighed and pushed Mu Tingxiao: "Go ahead, I'll be waiting for you here."

Mu Tingxiao walked directly towards Mu Qingfeng's study without saying a word.

"Your dad said he had something to tell you, what are you taking me to do?" Mu Nuannuan struggled to shake his hand away.

Mu Tingxiao's tone was very serious: "I just finished eating, I will take you two more steps to digest."

Mu Nuannuan muttered softly, "...Is the excuse still lower?"

"Say it again." Mu Tingxiao Look back at her.

Mu Nuannuan shrank her neck and shook her head to pretend to be dumb.

At the door of Mu Qingfeng's study, Mu Tingxiao pushed the goalkeeper and brought Mu Nuannuan in.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan behind him, Mu Qingfeng frowned slightly: "Will Nuannuan talk to Enya and the others?"

The subtext of the words was probably: I am talking to my son, what are you doing with me?

"Just say anything." After Mu Tingxiao took Mu Nuannuan and sat down on the sofa, he raised his head to look at Mu Qingfeng.

Mu Qingfeng's jaw tightened, it was obvious that he was angry with Mu Tingxiao's attitude.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Qingfeng and Mu Tingxiao again, and found that the two father and son looked alike when they were angry.

"I thought you were willing to take over Mu's family, but I already figured it out." Mu Qingfeng's face was cold, and he didn't feel angry when he spoke.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but sat up righteously.

Mu Tingxiao smiled and said, "It seems that I need to correct you. It is because of my grandfather that I will go back to take over Mu's mess."

Chapter: 238

Mu Qingfeng was so angry that his chest rose and fell violently. He stared at Mu Tingxiao for a long time before he came out with two words: "Very good!"

Mu Nuannuan watched from the side. Frightened.

Fortunately, Mu Qingfeng is in good health, otherwise Mu Tingxiao will get sick sooner or later.

. "Oh,"

Mu Ting Xiao sneer: "What is the situation now Mu's your own mind clear, is a bunch of old guys partnership overhead most of the power, finance do you know how much cook the books??"

If it were not Because Mu's situation was bad, he didn't work overtime often during the previous period.

Mu Qingfeng knew that what Mu Tingxiao was saying was the truth, and had nothing to refute.

He let out a long sigh of relief and asked Mu Tingxiao, "Let's not talk about this, but talk about Chengyu."

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows, squinted his eyes, and waited for Mu Qingfeng's next words .

"You set up a film and television company outside. Chengyu has been a contracted artist of your company these years, right? You mentioned the recent dispute about your contract termination?"

Outsiders are rumored to be the termination of the contract by Si Chengyu, Mu Qing The wind is not as foolish as those people.

Mu Qingfeng's inquisitive tone sounded a little strange.

Mu Tingxiao said blankly, "Are you trying to fight the injustice for him?"

Mu Qingfeng also seemed to realize that his tone was not right, and his tone was softer: "I and your aunt are kissing. Brother and sister, the relationship between you and Chengyu has been good since you were young. How many people in this Mu family stare at your position with enthusiasm. You also know that you and Chengyu have been kissing since they were young.

Take care of..." "If you want to take care of it, you can take care of yourself." Mu Tingxiao felt bored and stood up: "I don't care about you, and you don't care about mine."

After speaking, he turned and stretched out his hand towards Mu Nuannuan. : "Mu Nuannuan, let's go home."

The expression he looked at her was not as cold as when Mu Qingfeng spoke, his handsome eyebrows were tender, touching and warm.

Mu Nuannuan put her hand into his hand: "Yeah." The

two led them out.

Inside the open door, there was the sound of smashing things.

Mu Nuannuan looked at Mu Tingxiao worriedly.

Mu Tingxiao smiled soothingly, and the corners of his eyes were slightly mocking: "His own things, let him smash them."

Mu Nuannuan was a little worried, Mu Tingxiao and Mu Qing were incompatible with each other, nor did it happen in a day or two. It's something, but you can't do this for a lifetime.

She could tell that Mu Qingfeng still deliberately wanted to make friends with Mu Tingxiao.

A man like Mu Qingfeng, even if he was too much, could not arrange such a kidnapping case to deal with his wife.

Mu Nuannuan felt that there should be a misunderstanding between Mu Tingxiao and Mu Qingfeng.

However, this misunderstanding was not formed in a day or two. If you want to solve the misunderstanding, you can only take it slowly.

... When the

two of them went downstairs, they saw Mu Jiachen jump up from the sofa and looked at both of them eagerly: "Cousin, Sister Nuan Nuan, are you going back?"

"Well, what's wrong?" Mu Nuannuan could see that Mu Jiachen had something to say.

Mu Jiachen scratched his head and said twitchingly: "I haven't been to your place for a long time. Can I live with you for a few days?"



Two voices sounded coincidentally.

It was Mu Tingxiao who said "no" and Mu Nuannuan who said "good".

Mu Nuannuan glared at Mu Tingxiao, and said in a more serious tone, "You can't do it?"

Mu Tingxiao wanted to nod.

But instinct told him that if he nodded, he might be driven out of the bedroom by Mu Nuan Nuan tonight.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Jiachen, then faintly replied: "Oh."

Mu Nuannuan felt the thick reluctance that came out of the word "Oh".

But she also pretended not to feel it, and smiled and said to Mu Jiachen: "Did you tell your mother?"

Although the relationship between Si Chengyu and Mu Tingxiao broke down, Mu Jiachen was just a child.

You can't be so indifferent to a child because of adults.

Mu Jiachen nodded wildly: "I said it."


Mu Jiachen lived with Mu Tingxiao before, and there are still his clothes there. Now he has to live there again. You don't even need to pack your things, you can just go there.

When getting in the car, Mu Jiachen seemed to be afraid of Mu Tingxiao's remorse, and suddenly jumped into the car like a rabbit and waved to Mu Nuannuan: "Sister Nuannuan, come up soon."

Mu Tingxiao gave a cold look. Sweeping over, Mu Jiachen shut up quickly.

Mu Nuannuan was about to get into the car, but was pulled by Mu Tingxiao.

After he got into the car in front, he stretched out his hand towards Mu Nuannuan to signal her to get in the car.

Mu Nuannuan rolled her eyes, is this man so stingy?

She got into the car and Mu Tingxiao sat in between her and Mu Jiachen to separate them.

Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen looked at each other across the "jiang", and saw the contempt for Mu Tingxiao in their eyes.

Mu Nuannuan thought of being at the dining table before, and Mu Enya said that Si Chengyu had been hacked again, so she took out her mobile phone to go online.

The online situation is worse than Mu Nuannuan imagined.

Mu Nuannuan leaned to Mu Tingxiao's ear and asked him in a low voice, "Really you didn't do it?"

Mu Tingxiao still had that expressionless appearance, but his tone was very arrogant: "I need to do something like this? "

Depending on how a person's character is, it is usually based on the small.

The topic of Si Chengyu's death of a puppy is very hot, and there are pictures.

It's just that the picture is not very clear, but the silhouette of the figure is obviously Si Chengyu.

The photos were taken continuously. When Si Chengyu picked up the puppy and threw it to the ground, five photos were taken in a coherent process.

In the words of netizens, this is a real hammer.

This time, most of the netizens stopped standing with Si Chengyu.

For a big coffee like Si Chengyu who has almost never had any negative news, this kind of black material may be a devastating blow to his acting career.

"The set of people has collapsed!"

"It is strange to see this Si Chengyu for a long time, no one can have any negative news at all."

"This is the consequence of the termination of the contract with Shengding Media. There is a big tree of Shengding Media. I'm still unsatisfied, as soon as I canceled the contract, I was exposed to such dark material. Doesn't it taste sour and refreshing?"

Mu Nuannuan's eyes fell on the last comment.

The water in the entertainment industry is very deep. Although Si Chengyu is a big man, it is also because Shengding Media, the leader of the entertainment industry, is covered by it.

However, he and Sheng Ding terminated the contract and lost the protective umbrella of Sheng Ding. Those who wanted to climb up would naturally take this opportunity to step on Si Chengyu.

One will succeed.

There are always people in the entertainment industry who want to climb up.

And there are only a few top positions, so naturally you have to step on others to get a chance to climb up.

In just ten years, Si Chengyu has become the youngest Grand Slam actor in the entertainment industry, and someone has long wanted to step him down.

Chapter: 239

Sometimes people are like this. For people who have never made a mistake, or who rarely make a mistake, as long as they make a small mistake, they will be infinitely magnified.

And the kind of people who are extremely sinful, as long as they do a good deed, they will be infinitely amplified.

Most of the time, people are more tolerant of evil people.

Mu Nuannuan is not sure about the authenticity of Si Chengyu's black material, but she knows that Si Chengyu's reputation will inevitably suffer severe damage.

After all, she is an actress who has been a fan of for so many years, Mu Nuannuan's mood is a bit complicated.

Along the way, Mu Nuannuan's mood was a little depressed. When she returned home, she couldn't help but ask Mu Tingxiao, "Is this true?"

Mu Nuannuan suddenly understood that Si Chengyu was secretly taking pictures. Why did Mu Tingxiao still think about giving Si Chengyu a chance when he took her to the hot search.

Because she at this moment is just like Mu Tingxiao at that time.

Regardless of the identity of Mu Tingxiao's cousin, Si Chengyu, who has been an actress for seven or eight years, really did not want to believe that he would actually torture and kill small animals.

One of her college roommates didn't like small animals. He saw kittens and puppies go far, but he didn't see how she treats them.

In psychology, it has been said that will torture and kill small animals is a manifestation of mental disorders.

If this distorted psychological barrier is not relieved in time, the persecution target may change from animals to humans.

In short, it is a psychopath.

"True or false, who cares?" Mu Tingxiao obviously didn't care much about it.

What he cares about is the result.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan frowning her eyebrows at a loss, he thought a little, and said seriously: "I haven't heard of this before. The authenticity cannot be completely certain, but those who want to deal with him are here prepared. Yes, they dare to explode such black material, and they are not afraid of being found loopholes."

No loopholes found...

"You mean, this thing is true?" Mu Nuannuan's expression changed slightly.

Mu Tingxiao continued the topic, just patted her on the head: "Go back to the room and rest for a while."

He knew that Mu Nuannuan was a fan of Si Chengyu. If this matter was true, it would still be a bit to her. influences.

Mu Nuannuan nodded: "Yeah."

She does need to go back to the room to rest for a while.

When passing Mu Jiachen's room, Mu Nuannuan stopped.

When he came back before, Mu Jiachen went back to the room, saying that he hadn't stayed in for so long and it was still not the same.

At this time, the door was suddenly opened from the inside.

"Sister Nuannuan?" Mu Jiachen was surprised when she saw Mu Nuannuan standing at the door.

Mu Nuannuan bends her lips, revealing a very faint smile: "I just passed by and I am going to go back to the room."

Mu Jiachen lowered his eyelids, wondering what was thinking: "Oh, are you going back to the room?"

Mu Nuan Nuan looked at Mu Jiachen carefully, only to realize that his eyes seemed a little red.

She did not ask him how, but said: "I am nothing."

Mu Jiachen obviously have something to say and she looks like, but pretending to be easy, said: "? That watch a movie together,"

"may Ah." It's hard to hide the child's mind, but Mu Nuannuan doesn't pierce him.

There is a projection room in the villa, but Mu Nuannuan usually has no interest in watching it alone.

This is the first time I have entered.

There was a lot of space inside, and the sofa was wide. Two of them sat in a row holding a box of potato chips, waiting for the movie to start.

The movie was chosen by Mu Jiachen. At the beginning, Mu Nuannuan realized that it was a baby cartoon...



Nuannuan put a piece of potato chips in her mouth: "Are you sure you want to watch this?" Mu Jiachen grabbed a handful of potato chips and stuffed it into her mouth, and said vaguely, "I respect the old and love the young, right? We can't Just think about yourself, but also about my nephew."


Mu Jiachen pointed to her belly: "Now, he is here."


Mu Nuannuan could not laugh or cry: "He is just an embryo now. "

Mu Jiachen turned down the sound of the movie a bit, looking curious: "Then he can't hear us talking?"


Mu Nuannuan lowered her head, and gently touched her flat abdomen with her head tilted. Looking at Mu Jiachen: "What do you want to tell me?"

"I know about my brother and cousin." Mu Jiachen sighed after speaking, looking like a little old man.

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan knew she had something to say, so she didn't interrupt.

"As I said before, I spend more time with my cousin than with my parents and my brother. My parents look very affectionate, and my brother looks very gentle.

Yes , but I always feel like something..." Mu

Nuannuan was taken aback : "Almost what?" Although Mu Jiachen's words sounded a bit mysterious, Mu Nuannuan could hear the truth in his heart.

"I can't tell you this feeling..." Mu Jiachen scratched his head in distress, and suddenly ran to the side of the vase and pulled a fake flower.

He held the flower to Mu Nuannuan: "Like this flower, it's very beautiful and realistic, but it's a bit fake."

"You mean, do you think your family is fake?" The last word "false", Mu Nuannuan spoke very quietly because she was not sure if Mu Jiachen meant it.

"I think they all wear masks."

Mu Jiachen lowered her head, her small face was tight, and her brows were twisted together.

Mu Nuannuan didn't know Mu Jiachen's family situation, how his parents' feelings were, she didn't know.

But what she knew was that his brother Si Chengyu must have a problem.

Mu Nuannuan asked him tentatively: "Did you see your brother's news on the Internet?"

"I saw it." Mu Jiachen's expression changed: "When I was very young, there was a big white cat in our house. My cousin likes it very much. It often sleeps in our two’s room, but one night it went to my brother’s room. When I got up the next morning, I saw it lying on the edge of the fence covered in blood. ..."

His voice trembled slightly: "Mum said that it was killed by the German shepherd next door..."

Mu Nuannuan couldn't bear to ask any more, and touched his head: "Don't think about it, since you- Mom said it was killed by German Shepherd, that must be it."

Mu Jiachen shook her head: "But the neighbor’s sister said that their German Shepherd has always been tied to the yard. She will not lie, she I also like our big white cat."

Mu Nuannuan didn't know what to say.

Mu Jiachen is the most rebellious at this age, but also the most sensitive.

He can keenly feel the changes in the relationship between each family member in the family.

According to him, except for Si Chengyu, who has been exposed, the relationship between his parents is definitely not as harmonious as it seems.

There must be a problem in their home.

Chapter: 240

In the end, the movie didn't turn out, Mu Nuannuan had been chatting with Mu Jiachen.

Mu Jiachen lived abroad for a long time, and he didn't have many friends in China. It is estimated that these words have been held in my heart for too long, and there is no one to talk to.

It just so happened that Mu Nuannuan was willing to listen, so he just said nothing.

From the things he said, some clues can also be vaguely heard.

The parents who looked like gods and the elder brother who was gentle on the surface but actually tortured small animals, these things did have some impact on Mu Jiachen's age.

Mu Nuannuan came out of the screening room and met Mu Tingxiao who was going in to find her.

She walked forward and Mu Jiachen followed behind.

Mu Tingxiao's face was calm, obviously a little angry at Mu Jiachen's move to tell Mu Nuannuan to watch a movie.

Mu Nuannuan had been tired of dealing with the group of Mu family before, and she had agreed to go to rest, and was dragged by Mu Jiachen to watch a movie together. Of course he had no good expressions on Mu Jiachen.

Mu Jiachen curled his lips and moved behind Mu Nuan's body.

After so long, the cousin's eyes are still so lethal.


Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Tingxiao with disapproval, turned around and said to Mu Jiachen, "Xiaochen, you can go back to the room and rest for a while."

"Okay." Mu Jiachen ran like a pardon, with wind blowing under her feet. Fast.

Mu Tingxiao pressed the corners of his lips and looked coldly in his eyes: "Mu Nuannuan, you are two people now. You don't need to bring him up. He is just a kid who loves to foolish..."

"If you don't listen or listen, Wang Ba chants." Mu Nunnuan blocked her ears with her hands, and walked towards the bedroom while talking.

Mu Tingxiao's face turned black all of a sudden, and her voice became heavy with anger: "Mu Nuannuan!"

Mu Nuannuan turned her head, stretched out her hand and stroked her belly, blinked and said seriously, "Don't be so loud. , Scared the baby."

Mu Tingxiao took a deep breath and told himself not to care about the stupid woman Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan watched him forbearing his anger without breaking out, and couldn't help but smile, but when he thought about it, he was doing it for her good, so she went back and took his arm to please: "Okay, okay. Now, let's go back to the room and rest."

In front of Mu Nuannuan, Mu Tingxiao's temper has always come and go fast.

Back in the room, Mu Nuannuan was pressed on the bed by Mu

Tingxiao , covered her with a quilt, and ordered: "Sleep." Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen talked for so long, but now she is not sleepy: "I have something to do. I'll tell you."

"Wake up and talk." Mu Tingxiao ignored the look in her expectant eyes.

Mu Nuannuan ignored it, and said directly: "How about your aunt and uncle's relationship?"

"In the eyes of grandpa, they are very loving model couples." After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, she laughed at herself, and was in the old man Mu. In his eyes, his mother and Mu Qingfeng are also loving couples.

"But Xiaochen told me just now that he thinks his parents are not very affectionate, and they have a feeling of detachment..." Mu Nuannuan was a little emotional: "If we are together for a long time, will we also become that kind of detachment. Husband and wife?"

Mu Tingxiao replied very positively: "No."

"Really?" Mu Nuannuan was moved.

As a result, in the next second, she heard Mu Tingxiao faintly say: "I'm thinking about this kind of thing with my child, do you want to go out to find a wild man?"

This tone was a little dangerous.

Mu Nuannuan took a peek at him from the corner of her eye, and found that he was looking at her with a slight squint, as if she would give him an unsatisfactory answer, he would fix her.

Mu Nuannuan has always been a person with a strong sense of survival.

She grabbed Mu Tingxiao's hand and smiled brightly: "How could it be possible, which wild man looks better than you and richer than you?"

"You mean, if there is a man who looks better and richer than me, you don't want me?" The expression on Mu Tingxiao's face became even more dangerous.

Mu Nuannuan felt that her answer was already very deliberate, but Mu Tingxiao just didn't take the usual path.

There are men who look better and richer than him in Shanghai and Shanghai?

It's impossible!

She changed the law to praise him!

As a result, his focus was completely different from what she wanted to express.

She really couldn't keep up with the brain circuits of smart people.

"How could it be!" Mu Nuannuan raised her volume, trying to make her tone sound more sincere.

Mu Tingxiao's expression was a little dark, but he didn't speak.

Mu Nuannuan pulled his hand to her lips, and gently kissed the back of his hand: "What I said is true."

She felt Mu Tingxiao's hand stiff, and when she looked up she found Mu Ting Xiao's expression was a little uncomfortable.

Mu Tingxiao was originally sitting on the edge of the bed. As soon as she saw him, he immediately turned and began: "Go to sleep, I have something to deal with."

Mu Nuannuan was startled, he was... embarrassed?

It's pretty slippery when teasing her. She just kissed the back of his hand sensationally, so this man is embarrassed and embarrassed?

Mu Nuannuan wanted to come again, but Mu Tingxiao seemed to expect her next move, and quickly pulled his hand away: "I'm going to the study."

Mu Tingxiao left the bedroom with his feet before leaving the bedroom door. When it was closed, Mu Nuannuan's unbridled laughter came from inside.

Mu Tingxiao's face turned dark, and he shut the door with a "bang". There was a burst of red and white on his face, and he didn't notice Aunt Hu who could come by with something on his face.

So he collided with Aunt Hu.

There was a bowl of sweet water in Aunt Hu's tray, ready to serve Mu Nuan warmly.

As a result, all this sweet water was sprinkled on Mu Tingxiao's body.

Mu Tingxiao's reaction was extremely quick, and he subconsciously lifted the hand that Mu Nuan had kissed just now to avoid being drenched by sweet water.

Seeing him raising the hand, Aunt Hu asked with some concern: "Master, did your hand get hot?"


Aunt Hu was worried: "Shall I take a look for you?"

"No." Mu Ting Xiao took a step back, and simply grabbed the hand that was kissed by Mu Nuan Nuan with his other hand and walked sideways around Aunt Hu and left.

Aunt Hu looked at Mu Tingxiao’s back and murmured: "Why is that baby that hand? It must be hurt..."


So, when Mu Nuannuan woke up from sleep, she listened to the servants who said Mu Ting Xiao's hand was injured.

Mu Nuannuan's face tightened: "How was it hurt?"

She wasn't okay when she slept before. Why did Mu Tingxiao's hand hurt when she woke up from sleep?

"Where are the others?" Mu Nuannuan asked.

The servant respectfully said: "The young master is still in the study, and has never been out."

Mu Nuannuan was a little embarrassed when she said that. If she had been in the study, how did she hurt.

Mu Nuan was puzzled, but still went to Mu Tingxiao's study.

Standing at the entrance of the study, Mu Nuannuan knocked on the door and pushed the door and walked in: "They said your hand was hurt? Let me see."

Mu Tingxiao was working at the desk. He was a little surprised when he heard that, but soon Just understand what happened.

His complexion became unnatural, and his tone was a little irritated: "No injury, I have to work, you go out first."