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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 301-310) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 301

The next day, Lu Chen came to Naypyidaw alone and went directly to the embassy.

  "Stop, what are you doing?" The guard stopped Lu Chen, not letting him in.

  "I'm looking for Consul General Jin." When the guard stopped him, Lu Chen said the person he was looking for.

  Consul General Jin is Jin Zhijun, the Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar.

  After Lu Chen contacted Xie Weihao last night, Xie Weihao contacted him on the diplomatic side of the capital, and then gave him the phone number of Jin Zhijun. He also called Jin Zhijun before he came.

  "Do you think anyone can see our Consul General Jin?" The guard looked at Lu Chen up and down and said jokingly.

  Lu Chen looked at the doorman, and rarely took care of the doorman, so he took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Jin Zhijun.

  As soon as he pulled out the phone, he heard the phone ringing not far away, and then a middle-aged man in a suit and leather collar walked out of it.

  "The consul general is good." Seeing the middle-aged man, the two guards saluted the middle-aged man one after another.

  "Are you Mr. Lu?" The middle-aged nodded and asked Lu Chen.

  "You are Consul General Jin, I'm Lu Chen." Lu Chen hung up his phone and looked at the middle-aged man.

  The middle-aged man put away his mobile phone and hurriedly reached out to Lu Chen: "I am Jin Zhijun, Mr. Lu, please come with me."

  Knowing that Lu Chen is Xie Weihao's friend, Jin Zhijun was immediately very enthusiastic about Lu Chen.

  His status is completely a small role in front of Xie Weihao, and Xie Weihao is too poor in rank.

  Lu Chen shook hands with Jin Zhijun and walked with him to the consulate.

  When the two guards saw Jin Zhijun's attitude towards Lu Chen, their expressions were a bit unsightly.

  They looked down on Lu Chen just now, and stopped Lu Chen without asking. If Lu Chen complained to Jin Zhijun, they could not finish eating.

  But they obviously think too much.

  Unless Lu Chen eats a lot and has nothing to do, it is possible that he has general knowledge with them. www.

  "Mr. Lu, are you planning to invest in Myanmar?" When he arrived at the office, Jin Zhijun asked Lu Chen while pouring tea.

  Lu Chen took the teacup and nodded, "Well, let me tell you the truth. I will kill the courageous Black Dragon Association. Now the Black Dragon Association is in my hands. I want to have a talk with their president."

  "Huh?" Jin Zhijun was startled, and asked in disbelief, "It was Mr. Lu who killed the Black Dragon Club last night?"

  Lu Chen nodded.

  Seeing Lu Chen's confirmation again, Jin Zhijun's heart trembled.

  He has been in Myanmar for four years. Of course, he is very clear about the situation in Myanmar. Although the Naypyidaw Ang family warlords have unified Myanmar, there are also many warlords who are not as powerful as the Ang family warlords. Together, Angjia is not an opponent.

  So Angjia chose to cooperate with the major warlords for mutual benefit.

  Although the courageous Black Dragon Society is not strong, its weapons are not weak compared to other warlords, so the Ang family did not underestimate them.

  But the Black Dragon Society was destroyed overnight, and no one knows who made it.

  Unexpectedly, it was the young man in front of him.

  What is his status in China?

  "Lu, Mr. Lu, Myanmar may not negotiate with you." Jin Zhijun said after shock.

  "Why?" Lu Chen looked at Jin Zhijun puzzled.

  "Because you are not a Burmese, it is difficult for them to accept that a foreigner is also playing warlord separatism in Burma, unless you let a Burmese puppet approach the banner of the Black Dragon Army." Jin Zhijun explained.

  He has been in Myanmar for four years and he still knows some things about the government of Myanmar better.

  Lu Chen groaned and said, "Then please contact Consul General Jin to help me contact them and convey what I mean. It depends on what they choose."

  "Okay, then I'll ask you first." Jin Zhijun took out the phone and called. After waiting five or six minutes, he was transferred to the president's office.

  "Mr. President, I am China Consul General Jin Zhijun in your country. This is the case. I have a friend who claimed to have killed the Black Dragon and controlled the Black Dragon Club. He wants to talk to you." After connecting there, Jin Zhijun said directly.

  "Consul General Jin, it's not a problem for you. Isn't this going to affect the friendly relations between our two countries?" The opposite said directly.

  Jin Zhijun raised his eyebrows and said in a constant voice: "Mr. President, first of all, my friend, his grievances with the Black Dragon Association, represent him personally and have nothing to do with our country. Secondly, I think the next time Mr. President said such things. , You still have to pay attention to your own tone. Okay, my friend said, whether you talk about negotiations or not, all the generations that the black dragon will enjoy before, he also enjoys now, if you agree, then he will invest at least Five billion yuan to build Kokang and Naypyidaw, if you disagree, then give up."

  As a great power envoy, Jin Zhijun certainly has the confidence to say such things.

  In today’s China, I’m not talking about a small Burmese country. Even at the United Nations, I would dare to deny the M Empire’s absolutes.

  The other side was silent for about a minute before he said: "This matter allows us to consider again."

  The other party hung up the phone.

  "Mr. Lu, I feel a little bit playful." After the other party hung up, Jin Zhijun said to Lu Chen.

  "Well, thanks a lot. By the way, is the Consul General busy today?" Lu Chen nodded and asked.

  Jin Zhijun was taken aback and said with a smile: "People from our country come here quite smoothly. We are also very relaxed. It is rare to have a few disputes a month."

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "Okay, I invite everyone to have a meal, you can arrange it."

  In the future, if he wants to develop in Myanmar, he needs to use Jin Zhijun for a lot of convenience, so Lu Chen plans to get closer to Jin Zhijun first.

  Jin Zhijun smiled and said, "How embarrassed to let Mr. Lu spend money."

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "It is rare to meet a few compatriots in a foreign country. This is what it should be, and it is also very hard for the consul general and others to work in other countries."

  Jin Zhijun nodded, and said, "Then Mr. Lu will cost it."

  As he said, he arranged for people to go, but only arranged for a few important personnel, consuls, deputy consuls, secretaries, etc., almost just gathered up a table.

  Just when Lu Chen invited Jin Zhijun and others to dinner, Naypyidaw Presidential Palace, at this time, the President called a group of Burmese tycoons to hold an emergency meeting.

  Lu Chen killed the Black Dragon and took control of the Black Dragon Association, which shocked the senior officials in Myanmar.

  The most important thing is that the people who control the Black Dragon Club are Chinese.

  And just now Lu Chen asked them to negotiate, they had to pay attention to it and held an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures.

Chapter: 302

"Everyone, the person who killed the black dragon and controlled the black dragon guild was a Chinese. Just before, the consul general of China Jin Zhijun called me. He wants to negotiate with us. What do you think about this matter?"

  At the beginning of the meeting, the president went directly to the subject.

  "What? Huaxia, is it the drug lord on the other side of the Golden Triangle?" a big man asked in surprise.

  They only learned the news that the black dragon was killed this morning, and they had just launched an investigation, but they didn't expect the other party to come directly to the door.

  "It shouldn't be the drug lord over the Golden Triangle. If it is the drug lord over there, Jin Zhijun should not contact us." Another big man shook his voice.

  They often cooperate with Huaxia to fight drug criminals, and believe that Huaxia has put all the major drug lords close to the blacklist, and it is impossible to cooperate with them.

  "That's not a drug lord, who has such a great ability to kill the black dragon and control the black dragon's army overnight?" another big boss asked in doubt.

  "Could it be Heilong's people who disobeyed Heilong's control and rebelled?" Another big guy said with bright eyes.

  "It is very possible. What he meant today is that we should give him the same experience as the black dragon, and then invest at least 5 billion yuan to build Kokang and Naypyidaw. Do you believe it?" The president looked at everyone.

  "What? Invest at least 5 billion to build Kokang? If what he said is true, he is definitely not a member of the Black Dragon Association. Even if it is a Black Dragon, he can't get so much money." A big man was surprised. .

  "Well, I think so too, so you say that his proposal is feasible?" the president asked again.

  Everyone fell into contemplation.

  Although their warlords in Burma are separated, they are all Burmese. The other party is not Burmese, but Chinese. How can they rest assured that a Chinese can control a warlord?

  If this is China’s conspiracy, if one day that fellow grows the warlord, how can they fight with it?

  But everyone is most worried about the conspiracy. If it is really China's conspiracy, then they really can't resolve it temporarily.

  If they refuse the peace talks or send troops directly to attack each other, they will definitely be punished secretly by Hua. If the peace talks are made, they are not at ease.

  "I have a two-power approach." Ang Limin said suddenly.

  Ang Limin is a representative of the military and a general of Myanmar. Although the military has withdrawn from direct control, the military still has a great say.

  Everyone looked at Ang Limin, Ang Limin said: "We can delay time while letting other warlords attack him. If we can defeat or kill him, it’s best, if not, we can also negotiate with him. ."

  "Well, I also think this method is the best at the moment. It just happens that Liu Changshan is close to Guogan. He had two stone mountain disputes with Heilong before, so let him attack." A big man nodded and said.

  Everyone nodded, and finally the president gave a final word and agreed with Ang Limin's point of view.


  After Lu Chen invited Jin Zhijun and the others to dinner, after calling Du Fei, he went back to China directly.

  The Myanmar side does not want to talk to him, and he is going to buy a batch of new weapons to deter the top leaders of Myanmar.

  He looked at it. Heilong had also bought fighter jets and simple missile systems before, but they were all eliminated by China. The weapons of Naypyidaw should be quite backward.

  In the past ten years, the Burmese military has spent a total of 20 to 30 million US dollars on weapons purchases, and Lu Chen intends to directly use 1 billion to kill the temple in arms.

  His father left him more than 200 billion in property. This is still the money directly stamped on the card, and there are many unrealized properties. If all of them are counted, his personal property has exceeded 300 billion.

  He didn't dare to mess around at home. Now that he has this opportunity abroad, he naturally thought about the addiction of being a big warlord.

  But he did this, the biggest purpose is still layout.

  So just spending a billion to build an army, for him, is a drizzle.

  The first time he returned to China, Lu Chen went to the Sakura Club and called all the senior officials of the Sakura Club.

  "During this period of time, Du Fei will stay in Myanmar to work. Starting today, Song Hai will be in charge of all matters of the Sakura Club." Lu Chen said to everyone.

  Everyone nodded their heads, expressing no opinion.

  "Shao Lu, why is Brother Fei coming back?" Hu Biao asked.

  Hu Biao is one of Du Fei's most powerful helpers, and Du Fei's most trusted person.

  "He should rarely come back. Even if he does, he won't care about the Sakura Club anymore." Lu Chen said.


  Everyone was a little surprised. Are you planning to settle in Burma?

  Seeing that everyone was a little puzzled, Lu Chen explained: "I tell you the truth, this time Du Fei and I went to Burma, and we two defeated a warlord. He is now a general in Burma leading the army. By the way, you guys. If you want to go to Myanmar for development, you can call him and go directly to him."

  "What? You killed a warlord?" Everyone couldn't believe it. Although they had mixed into the strongest underground power in Yuzhou, they never thought about beating other warlords in the past. It was simply ants provoking elephants.

  However, Lu Shao and Fei Ge actually both defeated the warlord and controlled them. Are they still human?

  "Why, don't you believe it?" Lu Chen laughed angrily when he saw Song Hai and the others forced an expression of disbelief, "Young Master Ben is going to buy advanced weapons when he comes back this time. A warlord." The word

  "Lu, Shao Lu, what you said about the feelings is true." Song Hai and the others said with a look of surprise.

  "Young Master Ben can still joke with you? Prepare to go to the Pearl City tomorrow." Lu Chen gave Song Hai a violent chestnut and said.

  He has already inquired clearly. At 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, the Pearl City will hold an air show. Although he does not buy J-31 fighter jets, he can buy some cheaper ones.

  Anyway, as long as it is stronger than the Myanmar military, it can deter them.

  Of course, he would not just buy fighter jets. Fighters only act as a deterrent. The real benefits are armored vehicles, tanks, rocket launchers and other land warfare weapons.

  "Okay, okay, I'm going to prepare now. By the way, Shao Lu, have you booked a ticket?" Song Hai asked excitedly.

  "Not yet, you book it for me, Lin Tong is also with him, Shi Jin will look here first." Lu Chen left the Sakura Club after speaking, and Lin Tong drove him away.

  Shi Jin was a little disappointed, but he didn't say anything.

  "Second, it’s said that the Pearl City Air Show is mainly to showcase advanced fighter jets. Lu Shao is the rhythm of buying fighter jets. Didn’t you have a dream of flying a plane before? Or you apply to go to Myanmar. Learn how to use fighter jets in the army.” Song Hai patted Shi Jin on the shoulder and suggested.

  Shi Jin's eyes lit up, then nodded.

Chapter: 303

The next day, Lu Chen brought Song Hai and Lin Tong to Zhu City. The reason why he came with them was because he wanted them to see the world and not always look like a mess.

  The Three Heroes of the Water Margin were cultivated by Lu Zhong, only to protect Lu Chen.

  Although the Outlaws of the Marsh had no abilities, the three of them were absolutely loyal to Lu Chen.

  This is also the reason why Lu Chen wants to take them to meet the great world.

  Because of Xie Weihao's lead, when he arrived in Zhu City, Lu Chen quickly saw the military.

  The negotiations went smoothly. Although Lu Chen bought all the equipment that the military had just replaced, for the Burmese army, it was already a killer weapon.

  However, in terms of armored vehicles and tanks, in addition to buying forty second-hand goods, Lu Chen also bought fifteen advanced products that were also listed by the military. Fighters, drones, and helicopters were all second-hand goods.

  However, Lu Chen bought a lot, and even if the military retreated, it was much better than the Myanmar military.

  It is not even an exaggeration to say that if Lu Chen is willing, his equipment will level Naypyidaw.

  But this is just to think about it, if Nabi didn't take the initiative to provoke the war, of course he would not take the initiative to attack them.

  After all, in Myanmar, they are orthodox, and they are internationally recognized. If he takes the initiative, he will most likely be subject to international sanctions.

  Of course, if there is a war with those warlords, it is another matter.

  Everyone has not been recognized by the international community, just do it casually.

  As long as it does not cause a large number of casualties of the poor, it will not attract the attention of the international community.

  The military expects to send all these weapons to Kokang within half a month, and the two sides signed a contract with a large order of 800 million yuan in total.

  Because he had been checking the performance of each equipment, Lu Chen took Lin Tong and the two back to Yuzhou the next day.

  This time, Song Hai and Lin Tong can be regarded as seeing the great world, walking in the army, and seeing so many powerful weapons intuitively, which shocked the two of them.

  They had been mixing with underground forces before, and they were awesome when they had a pistol in their hands. This time they have gained a lot of knowledge.

  "Young Master, I want to go to Burma." Song Hai said on the plane.

  The day before yesterday, he said that Shi Jin didn't want to fly a plane, so he asked him to apply to study at the Killing Temple in Burma.

  But today he changed his mind, he also wants to learn how to fly fighters.

  Lu Chen looked back at Song Hai and smiled faintly: "You can go now, the Sakura Club has not completely transformed, and there are many things you need to do if you stay in Yuzhou."

  Song Hai was a little disappointed, but he nodded and said, "Okay, I will stay in Yuzhou and take care of the Sakura Club. By the way, young and old, Shi Jin has always had the dream of flying a plane, or let him go to Myanmar. "

  "Are you sure you can manage the Sakura Club by yourself?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Yes, I have confidence." Song Hai nodded firmly.

  If it was before yesterday, he might have hesitated, but he didn't know why at this time, there was always a heroic spirit in his heart, and he believed that he would be able to manage the Sakura Club well.

  Lu Chen thought for a while, and felt that Song Hai and the people in the Sakura Club were all familiar with him, and he himself was the boss of the underground forces, so there should be no problem.

  "Well, you ask him to contact Du Fei and go by yourself."

  Lu Chen nodded. He is not going to Myanmar these days.

  When the Burmese side is willing to talk or use force against him, he is ready to go.

  But when the military equipment arrives, he will definitely receive it.

  This time, the military also sent hundreds of technicians together, intending to teach the people who killed the temple to use it at the first time.

  To express his gratitude, Lu Chen prepared to entertain them personally.

  Lu Chen originally wanted to go to Burma again after a while, but on the third day he returned from Pearl City, he received a call from Du Fei.

  "I'm sorry, that Liu Changshan is very arrogant. He has been sending people to our rough mine to make trouble these days, saying that the mine is theirs, and he almost wiped out his gun several times." Du Fei said depressed.

  Liu Changshan's army has more than 3,000 people, which is obviously much better than them in killing the temple. Therefore, the battalion commanders who killed the temple are a little scared and dare not to contradict Liu Changshan's army.

  "In fact, is that mine ours or theirs?" Lu Chen asked. Word

  "I checked the files. The mine was acquired by the Black Dragon from Liu Changshan with a batch of weapons two years ago. At this time, the Black Dragon is dead, and Liu Changshan probably wants to blackmail us." Du Fei guessed.

  "I'm afraid it's not as simple as blackmail." Lu Chen felt that at this time Liu Changshan did not directly find a negotiation, but let his subordinates make trouble. There are two possibilities.

  The first possibility is that he wants to blackmail, but is not sure about the attitude of killing the temple, so first test it, if killing the temple is nothing more than that, or behaves cowardly, then he will either destroy the killing temple or just make a big deal.

  The second possibility is that he was instructed by Naypyidaw, but he also didn't know the attitude of killing the temple, so he could only test it first.

  If it's the first possibility, it's just a simple conflict between warlords, and it's okay to fight casually.

  If it is the second possibility, then Liu Changshan can also be said to represent the Myanmar side, and Lu Chen has to think about whether or not to fight.

  "You mean, maybe it was instructed by the Myanmar side?" Du Fei guessed.

  "Well, it's very possible. By the way, look at Liu Changshan, do they dare to fight?" Lu Chen asked.

  "This, I didn't go to the mine personally, and I don't know too much." Du Fei said.

  "Well, you can go to the mine yourself. Use them first, or be more powerful. If they want to fight, then fight, but it's best to use our weapons and then the best." Lu Chen said.

  "Well, I will go to the mine myself today." Du Fei said.

  "Well, if you have something to call in time, I can rush over as soon as possible." Lu Chen hung up the phone.

  He hung up the phone and took out a cigarette, frowned slightly.

  The equipment he purchased will take about ten days to arrive, and after it arrives, some advanced equipment cannot be used immediately.

  A lot of advanced equipment needs at least one or two months of training before it can be put into use normally, and the other party has already begun to provoke him.

  Does it really mean Naypyidaw?

  Lu Chen felt a headache.

  At this time, the Killing Temple was no more than two thousand soldiers. If Naypyidaw went to war directly, they would not be opponents at all, and they might not be able to survive a day.

  "It seems that only Jin Zhijun can put some pressure on the Myanmar side first."

  Lu Chen thought to himself, then turned out Jin Zhijun's phone number and called him.

Chapter: 304


  Lan Zuo slapped Lan Ling's face, and said in a deep voice, "How many days have been given to you. You can't handle such a small thing. This is the last chance. If you can't figure it out, you and your father can do it." Hanged himself!"

  Lan Zuo is a strong man in the Lan Family of the Hidden Family. They fell in love with Lu Chen’s Yiqi technology and kept Lan Ling against Lu Chen. They didn’t expect that after so long, Lan Ling hadn’t won Lu Chen. This made Lan Zuo had to come to Yuzhou himself. Word

  In Lan Zuo's eyes, the Zhongyuan Lan family is just their own horse's front foot, just their cannon fodder.

  The Lan Family in Central Plains is not the authentic Lan Family, but a family built by an offshoot of the Lan Family.

  The Lan family where Lan Zuo is located is also a direct line of the Lan family.

  This is also one of the reasons why Blue Ling dared not resist.

  Of course, the biggest reason is.

  The Lan family of the hermit family is quite powerful, and it is not what their secular Lan family can contend.

  "Yes, never let Uncle Zuo down this time!" Lan Ling replied in a deep voice.

  "I'll give you three more days, you can't figure it out in three days, you can meet by yourself." Lan Zuo coldly snorted.

  "Yes!" Lan Ling nodded respectfully.

  Lan Zuo was not only a direct line of the Lan family, but also a peerless powerhouse, heir to the future Patriarch of the Lan Family, and Lan Ling did not dare to be presumptuous before him.

  After Lan Zuo gave a cold snort, he left Lan Ling's villa accompanied by a few servants.

  At this time, those of Lan Ling dared to exhale loudly.

  Lan Zuo's momentum was so strong that they couldn't breathe.

  "Miss, I've told you a long time ago. The Yinshilan family is bound to win Yiqi Technology. This time, Young Master Lan came to Yuzhou in person to show their attitude." Lan Jing sighed. Said.

  Lan Ling nodded, and then asked: "Uncle Jing, why do you say that they have to use Yiqi Technology? It stands to reason that with the strength and wealth of the hidden blue family, it is impossible for the tens of billions of Yiqi Technology. Take such a big risk, right?"

  Lan Ling was always puzzled about this, but she did not dare to ask her father, let alone Lan Zuo, so she had to suppress her curiosity.

  Lan Jing looked at the other servants in the room and said to them, "You go down first."

  "Yes." Several people nodded, and then walked out.

  After a few people went out, Lan Jing said: "It is said that the Lan family got a magical bead. They have studied for many years, but they have not found out what to do. So they thought of science. For this reason, they also arrested ten. Many scientists have gone to study.

  It is said that it is a technology they have never seen before. It requires an authentic technology park to support complete research. However, if the technology park is built, it will definitely attract the attention of other families. If you cooperate with other technology parks, the Lan family will worried.

  Because several powerful science and technology parks are under the control of several powerful countries.

  Only Lu Chen's Yiqi Technology is a private company, so they are preparing to take Yiqi Technology over. "

  "What kind of bead is that, have you seen it?" Lan Ling looked at Lan Jing curiously. Could the technology that he had never seen before be the legendary ancient martial arts or the magic weapon left by the ancient strong man? ? www.

  As for technology that had never been seen before, Lan Ling didn't believe it.

  Science and technology have only formally developed in the past hundred years. To be precise, it has only been developed in a blowout style in the last 40 to 50 years. How can a magical bead be related to technology?

  She guessed that the bead was mostly a treasure left by the ancient martial arts experts, but the Lan family couldn't solve it and couldn't crack the bead.

  Lan Jing shook his head and said, "I just heard it. I don't know if it is like this."

  Lan Ling nodded and said, "Well, Uncle Jing, you can arrange it. I plan to talk to Lu Chen first."

  Lan Jing thought for a while and said, "Miss, it's unnecessary, and it's impossible for Lu Chen to give the Science Park to the Lan family. I mean, he kidnapped his wife or daughter and let him come to see us. At that time, he had only two. The choice is to fight with us or give the Science Park to the Lan Family."

  Lan Ling looked a little struggling.

  The last time she kidnapped Qiqi, she knew she had touched Lu Chen's details. If Lu Chen's wife or daughter were kidnapped this time, she believed that Lu Chen would definitely not let her go.

  Seeing Lan Ling hesitated again, Lan Jing sighed and said, "Miss, it is impossible for you and Lu Chen, and it is impossible for him to like you, and now Master Lan comes to Yuzhou in person, if we If we can’t complete the task this time, the master’s family will definitely abolish our Lan family. The master’s view of the magical beads is very important, even more important than our Lan family. Do you really want the master’s family to destroy our Lan family? ?"

  Lan Ling was shocked, but still did not make up his mind.

  "Miss, and if Lu Chen cooperates, we won't hurt him. If he doesn't have Yiqi Technology, you will have the opportunity to approach him." Lan Jing persuaded him again.

  Lan Ling bit, and finally nodded: "It's still the same as last time, it can't hurt people."

  Lan Jing breathed a sigh of relief and said, "According to our investigation, there are a total of eight bodyguards around Lu Chen's wife Lin Yijun, and all of them are real mercenaries. They have guns and are very powerful. It is a bit difficult to kidnap Lin Yijun. Daughter Qiqi is just a bodyguard, and the chance of success is obviously much greater."

  Lan Ling frowned and said, "Uncle Lan, why don't you think about why Lu Chen dare to let someone protect his daughter?"

  Lan Jing thought for a while and asked, "Miss means that the bodyguard who protects his daughter is stronger than the eight who protect Lin Yijun combined?"

  Lan Ling nodded and said: "His daughter was kidnapped once last time. I believe Lu Chen will definitely strengthen his protection, and he can't let his relatives be kidnapped a second time. Therefore, I think that protects Lu Qiqi. The bodyguard is perhaps the best."

  Although Lan Ling said so, she didn't think so in her heart.

  She knew that the person protecting Qiqi was Xu Jing, and that the person from Zhou Zunfei injured Xu Jing last time, and she knew that Qiqi was taken away from him.

  The reason she wants Lan Jing to kidnap Lin Yijun is just her selfish intentions.

  Lan Jing thought for a while, felt that Lan Ling's analysis was reasonable, and nodded and said, "Well, I will arrange to kidnap Lin Yijun, and at most I will kidnap her tomorrow."

  Lan Jing went out after speaking. Lan Ling walked to the window and looked at the scenery outside, not knowing what he was thinking about.

Chapter: 305

Since Lu Chen transferred all 70% of Dongjia Electronics' shares to her, Lin Yijun has worked very hard during this period, and every day is almost the last one to get off work.

  As the boss, he also worked overtime every day, which made those managers feel a little embarrassed, but also improved everyone's enthusiasm for work.

  During this time, the company's performance has also created a record high.

  This made Lin Yijun quite excited, and she planned to invite all the management staff to dinner this afternoon to raise everyone's enthusiasm for work again.

  After get off work, Lin Yijun asked the secretary to book the hotel, and then went to dinner with the administrators.

  After dinner, some people were going to sing, so Lin Yijun left first.

  During this period of time, she has adapted to the change of identity and understands the principle that the boss cannot get too close to the employees. It is okay to invite everyone to eat, and there is no need to go to K song.

  The bodyguard drove the car, protecting Lin Yijun strictly.

  Since the last time Lin Yijun was kidnapped, Lu Chen not only equipped the bodyguards with guns, but also recruited a few more people to strengthen Lin Yijun's bodyguard team. Word

  Especially the last group of bodyguards, who experienced Lin Yijun's kidnapping, Lu Chen didn't blame them, making them feel a little guilty.

  Therefore, the four people must be more vigilant every time they travel, and there should be no more negligence.

  "Attention everyone, fifty meters behind, there is an A8 following us." The bodyguard in the co-driver said.

  This bodyguard was one of the first bodyguards to experience the kidnapping of Lin Yijun.

  "Huzi, are you too suspicious? Fifty meters away, it is a normal driving." The driver came in the second batch. He looked in the rearview mirror and found nothing wrong. He couldn't help but Smiled.

  "Listen to me, turn left and take the path ahead, there must be someone in ambush ahead." said Huzi's bodyguard.

  "If there is an ambush, wouldn't it be more dangerous to take a small road? President Lin, let you decide." The driver felt that Xiaohu was a little nervous.

  "Xiaohu, are you sure someone is really following us?" Lin Yijun in the back row asked.

  "Yes, President Lin, that car always deliberately keeps a certain distance from us. They don't want to be discovered by us, but I don't know that the more cautious they are, the more it shows that they have ghosts in their hearts, so I am sure they are aiming at our car. Here, if I guessed right, there must be a car stopping us at the intersection ahead." Xiaohu said firmly.

  The reason Lin Yijun was robbed last time was because they were careless, and second, because they had no weapons in their hands.

  "Well, less than, then you can listen to Xiaohu." Lin Yijun nodded and said to the driver.

  "Okay President Lin." The driver nodded. Although he felt that Xiaohu was a little nervous, he had already spoken out. Of course he had to listen.

  Lin Yijun was also bitten by a snake and feared well rope for ten years.

  She was still a little worried, and then took out the phone and called Lu Chen.

  "Someone is following us, Xiaohu said that the other party is likely to do something at the next intersection." Lin Yijun said after calling Lu Chen.

  "Where are you now?" Lu Chen asked.

  "On the inner ring road, there are still about ten minutes to reach the Lijiaba intersection. The other party is probably lying in ambush at that intersection." Lin Yijun said after watching the road conditions.

  "Well, I'm just not far from the Lijiaba intersection. I can arrive in ten minutes. You can slow them down. I will be there later. I will wait for you at that intersection," Lu Chen said.

  "Okay." Lin Yijun said and hung up, and then said to the driver, "Less than, slow down, and go ahead fifty yards."

  At this time, the speed was 80 yards, and it was still ten minutes away from the Lijiaba intersection. If it was reduced to 50 yards, it would just be enough to wait for Lu Chen and others to arrive.

  "Okay President Lin." The driver nodded, leaned the car to the side road, and slowly slowed down.

  "Look, the speed of A8 has also dropped." Xiaohu said after taking the rearview mirror.

  At this time, the driver finally nodded. Although the A8 quickly recovered its speed, it indicated that they were indeed following them. They should be afraid of being suspected. After slowing down, they accelerated again.

  "Get ready to fight." Xiaohu said, pulling out the pistol first.

  The six people behind also pulled out their pistols and opened the safety fence.

  However, Lin Yijun's commercial car is a bulletproof car imported from abroad, and it is much better than the A8 in all aspects. Even if it collides with the other party, he doesn't worry about losing it at all.

  Although everyone was ready for the battle, they all believed that the opponent would definitely not be so stupid and used A8 to collide with them.

  Sure enough, after a while, A8 chased up. Seeing A8 chasing outside, Lin Yijun became nervous for no reason.

  But A8 rushed past them naturally, there was nothing strange about it.

  Everyone was relieved, but at this moment they all believed that there must be an ambush at the intersection ahead.

  Lin Yijun was still a little worried, and picked up the phone to call Lu Chen.

  "Where are you now?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "There are about five minutes left, you can do it at a normal speed, and I can get there early," said Lu Chen on the other side.

  "The car that followed us passed us after we slowed down." Lin Yijun said.

  "What car is it?"


  "Okay, I see." Lu Chen hung up as he said.

  "Go to the side road, pay attention to whether there is A8 coming." Lu Chen said to Lin Tong.

  "Shao Lu, there are so many A8s, it's not necessarily the one." Lin Tong said, still driving the car to the left lane.

  "For cars coming in three minutes, you will take pictures of their license plates for me." Whether or not someone is actually following Lin Yijun on this matter today, Lu Chen must find out.

  Now that the three major families of Zhang, Liu, and Zuo had not settled with him during the festival, he even killed Zuo Qingcheng in Guogan a few days ago. The blue spirit was acting a little abnormally, and Lu Chen didn't know what she wanted to do.

  There are also the Zhai family and Xia family in Zhonghai. They must have thought that Zhai Jun, father and son, and Xia Shu, father and daughter were all killed by him. When they will come to avenge or whether they will seek revenge from him, he is not clear.

  There is also the Xiao family.

  Although he felt that the Xiao family might not be as powerful as he had imagined, he was in the light, with a family and a room, and the opponent was in the dark, so he had to guard against it.

  With so many hidden dangers, Lu Chen did not dare to be careless at all.

  "Young Master, there are a few cars around the corner that are a little abnormal." A few minutes later, Lin Tong said suddenly.

Chapter: 306

"Young Master, these cars should belong to Mrs. Ambush." ​​Song Hai in the co-driver's room also said.

  "Young Master, there was an A8 coming, but he also stopped by the cars in front. They should be waiting for Madam and others to come." Lin Tong said while looking at the A8 in front.

  "Using Shaying, blow all the tires of these cars to me." Lu Chen nodded, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes, he wanted to see which one didn't open his eyes and wanted to get along with him.

  He used to forbearance, because he didn't know the strength of Xiao Fieqing. Since Xiao Fieqing was still like that, he no longer hides his strength, but he didn't expect that he would still want to provoke his bottom line without long eyes.

  "Okay." Lin Tong replied, and drove to the cars parked on the side of the road.

  Song Hai took out the Desert Eagle, rolled down the car window, and slammed the board.

  Shaying’s bullets are very powerful, and are similar to those of the AK47. Not to mention these cars are still parked, even if they are moving at high speed, as long as the bullet hits the tires, the tires will also be blown. www.


  A bullet shot through the tire of the first car, and the tire suddenly exploded.

  The people in that car only reacted when the tires burst at 0, and jumped out of the car one after another, and the mobile phones they took out shot at Lu Chen's car.

  Lin Tong didn't care, just rushing forward with the car.

  Just as they passed those cars quickly, Song Hai had already blasted one of their tires.

  Including the A8, which wanted to speed up to escape when it was not doing well, it was also shot out of a rear wheel when it accelerated.

  "It's still easy to use Shaying." Song Hai blew on the heated muzzle and said with a snort.

  "Change the bullet and prepare to catch a few live mouths." Lu Chen said in a deep voice.

  "Okay." Song Hai shuddered and hurriedly put on a new magazine.

  Lin Tong parked the car on the side of the road, then jumped out of the car with Song Hai, and quickly dived towards the few abandoned cars.

  More than a dozen people jumped down from the car, all holding pistols, hiding behind the car.

  "Boss, we seem to have been discovered." A young man called Lan Jing.

  "What's the situation? The mission failed, you don't have to come back alive!" Lan Jing's voice was very cold on the phone.

  They are killers cultivated by the Lan family, and they have always been decisive.

  "We don't know that our target car will arrive in a few minutes. Just now, a car suddenly came from behind us and blew the tires of several of our cars." The youth said.

  "Trash, you must be exposed. Let me back out first. If the other party finds any clues, I will be the first to kill you!" Lan Jing wanted to smash the phone angrily. This time the mission failed. It's hard to find an opportunity.

  But at this moment, there were a few gunshots from his mobile phone, and then he heard the sound of someone falling down with pain.

  "Boss, this is the case first, they are here to kill." The other party directly hung up the phone.

  Lan Jing's face was quite ugly, and he looked up at Lan Ling.

  "Failed?" Lan Ling asked unhappy or angry.

  "Well, I don't know which link has the problem and was discovered." Lan Jing nodded and said.

  "It's you who underestimated Lu Chen's bodyguards." Lan Ling took a sip of his drink and said, "Lu Chen's bodyguards are all high-paid soldiers from the Middle East. They have been on the battlefield and are very stinking. High, a little bit of trouble, they can detect it. On the other hand, these people you train, although they are trained according to the standards of killers, but they lack actual combat training, and the experience is not enough for those soldiers, so it is normal for them to fail. of."

  "I know, I will strengthen actual combat training in the future." Lan Jing said ashamed. Word

  To be honest, he has always believed in the group of men he trained, and the bodyguards that Lu Chen invited, he didn't mind at all.

  "I mean, if this thing fails, it will fail. Let them increase their knowledge and learn from the lesson. The next time they have a better chance of success, you don't have to kill them." Lan Ling said.

  "However, their mission failed. If you don't kill them, you won't be able to sound the alarm for others," Lan Jing said.

  Lan Ling smiled and sneered: "Uncle Jing, you are too stubborn. Do you know that it costs millions for our Lan family to train a dead man. If these people cannot complete the task today, you will kill them? , Tomorrow that group of people will not be able to complete the task, and you kill them again, then if all the remaining people cannot complete the task, do you want to kill them all? Then you will perform the task yourself?"

  Lan Jing was shocked. He knew that the eldest lady was very dissatisfied with him during this period, but if he didn't do this, how could he deter others?

  "Okay, I see, I can punish them in other ways." Lan Jing nodded and said.

  "Yeah." Lan Ling nodded and said, "Punishment is not the purpose, the purpose is to make them improve their memory, and try to successfully complete the task next time."

  "Yes, what the lady said makes sense, I remember it." Lan Jing nodded and said.

  "It seems that if you want to kidnap Lin Yijun again, there should be no possibility. The only way now is to kidnap Lu Qiqi, but today there is no possibility, and Lu Chen will let his daughter go to school tomorrow." Lan Ling leaned on the sofa. On, I finally felt anxious.

  She had never wanted to fight against Lu Chen, but her family had found Yuzhou personally and had already given her the final order. Tomorrow is the last day. If tomorrow is not possible to complete the task, she believes that Lan Zuo will definitely not Will let her go, even her father will be tired.

  "Miss, I think the possibility of us wanting to kidnap Lu Chen's family at this time is very low." Lan Jing said.

  "Then what is your good way to do? It was your idea to kidnap Lu Chen's family. Tomorrow is the last day's deadline. Have you come up with a better way for me?"

  Lan Ling looked at Lan Jing angrily. She did not intend to use this method at first, because she knew that after this step, there would be no reconciliation between her and Lu Chen.

  However, Lan Jing repeatedly persuaded that she had to choose to kidnap Lin Yijun to threaten Lu Chen.

  But now that Lan Jing's mission has failed, and they are startled, they even have no chance of abducting Lu Qiqi.

  "I, I'll go and catch Lu Chen myself!" Lan Jing said suddenly with a change of expression.

  Lan Ling looked at Lan Jing and sneered: "Uncle Jing, it's not that I underestimated you, you and Lu Chen are not the same thing."

  She said and stood up: "Well, don't intervene in this matter anymore, I will take care of it myself."

  Lan Ling glanced at Lan Jing unhappy or angry, then turned and walked out of the room.

  She had already thought of a way to solve this matter, maybe a little risky, but this was her only retreat in the end.

Chapter: 307

"Shao Lu, seven died and three were caught alive."

  Song Hai, Lin Tong and the three bodyguards of Lin Yijun escorted the three young men to Lu Chen.

  Before Song Hai and Lin Tongqian passed, Lin Yijun's car also came, and then two were left to protect Lin Yijun. The other six people also participated in the battle, and soon they all took the opponent.

  "Well, take it back to the Sakura Club. No matter what method you use, you must ask me who sent them." Lu Chen glanced at the three injured youths before getting into Lin Yijun's car.

  "Yes." Song Hai nodded, then escorted the three of them into the car, waiting for Lin Yijun's car to leave before Lin Tong drove away.

  "Who did you offend again?" In the car, Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen speechlessly.

  Lu Chen is good with everything, but there are too many enemies, which makes her worry all day, how will she live this day?

  Especially when she was kidnapped last time, she wanted to live it. Now life looks beautiful and life is very moist.

  But she always felt that it was not as secure as before when Lu Chen had no money.

  "I don't know yet, it should be which ones." Lu Chen's face was a little gloomy. From Lin Yijun's tone, he felt Lin Yijun's fear and also felt her tired of this kind of life.

  "Trust me, I will give you a stable living environment as soon as possible." Lu Chen held Lin Yijun's hand and said softly.

  This time, no matter who it is, as long as it is found out, even if it is the three major families, he will have to be true.

  He has made up his mind, this time, he must kill the chicken and the monkey!

  "Oh, it doesn't matter to me, you don't want to hurt Qiqi and thank God." Lin Yijun sighed, she really worried about her daughter most.

  She and Lu Chen were the daughter of Qiqi, and later wanted to have another one. They couldn't get pregnant, but they didn't have time to check it.

  In her heart, Qiqi was much more important than Lu Chen. If Qiqi had any mistakes, she would really dare to fight Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen was a little embarrassed. As a husband, he always worried his wife and daughter. He did not do well enough.

  But there are some things he is helpless.

  Life is like this. Some things are not something you can avoid by deliberately avoiding.

  The only thing he can do now is to do his best to protect the safety of his family.

  For this reason, even if the opponent is the three major families, he will not be soft.

  He always felt that he was too soft-hearted, if he had been cruel before, he would have driven the three major families into the abyss.

  He was too concerned about Xie Weihao's feelings before, so even if the three big families forced him to be angry, he finally chose a soft way to deal with it, so that the three big families can still jump alive.

  "I hope it's not you, otherwise this time, even if Xie Weihao comes out in person, he won't be able to save you!"

  Lu Chen said fiercely in his heart.

  Soon the car arrived at the villa, Lin Yijun went to see Qiqi for the first time, and when she found that Qiqi was fine, the big rock in her heart fell.

  At this time, Qiqi was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, and the TV was showing Super Flying Man. She and Xu Jing were watching with gusto.

  "Sister-in-law, I'm back." Seeing Lin Yijun, Xu Jing got up to say hello.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded and said, "Xiao Xu, you should rest first these days, Qiqi will not go to school for now."

  "What's the matter?" Xu Jing looked at Lin Yijun in confusion.

  "Oh." Lin Yijun sighed and said, "Brother Chen doesn't know who has offended me. Today someone is going to kidnap me. I guess they may attack Qiqi tomorrow after they fail today."

  "Well, okay." Xu Jing nodded. He will be able to go on a date with his little nurse tomorrow.

  As long as Qiqi does not leave the villa, it should be safe. In order to protect Qiqi, Lu Chen hired dozens of bodyguards to guard around the villa, not to mention ordinary people, even if he, the special soldier king, wants to get in. Very difficult. Word

  "Then sister-in-law, I'm going back first." Seeing Lin Yijun's return, Xu Jing was also ready to go back to where he lived.

  "You haven't eaten yet, eat first and then go back." Lin Yijun said.

  "I have eaten, I ate with my aunt before." The aunt Xu Jing said was Wang Xue. Before Lu Chen and Lin Yijun didn't come back for dinner, Wang Xue started cooking herself.

  "Well, let's go, thank you for your hard work." Lin Yijun said and said to Qiqi, "Kiki, goodbye to uncle."

  Qiqi turned to look at Xu Jing, who was about to go out, and waved to Xu Jing cleverly: "Goodbye Uncle Xu."

  "Qiqi goodbye." Xu Jing walked out of the room as he said, and when he left the room, he saw Lu Chen answering the phone outside.

  He didn't leave immediately, he was going to say hello to Lu Chen before leaving.

  At this time, Lu Chen was answering the phone, returned to see Xu Jing, and said, "Do you have anything else?"

  "No." Xu Jing shook his head.

  "Well, accompany me out. You can drive your car and wait for me." Lu Chen said and entered the room.

  "Dad." Seeing Lu Chen, Qiqi jumped off the sofa.

  Lu Chen hugged Qiqi in his arms, kissed her on the forehead, and asked with a smile, "Are you good today? Did you listen to the teacher?"

  "Listen, we learned to dance today, and the teacher praised me for being smart." Qiqi said.

  "Well, our family Qiqi is the smartest in the world." Lu Chen scraped Qiqi's little nose and smiled.

  "Dad, I want to dance to you. The teacher taught us today." Qiqi said, she was about to jump out of Lu Chen's arms.

  Lu Chen smiled and put Qiqi down.

  "Dad, do you see how good I am jumping?" Qiqi said, jumping up in front of Lu Chen, like an elf, very cute.

  After Qiqi finished dancing, Lu Chen applauded and laughed: "It's so beautiful, it's very beautiful. Our family Qiqi is the best."

  Qiqi seemed very happy to get praise from her father.

  At this time, Lin Yijun changed clothes and came out, and Lu Chen said, "Qiqi, you watch TV first."

  "Yeah." Qiqi nodded obediently, and went back to the sofa to watch TV.

  "I'm going out, maybe I will be back late tonight." Lu Chen said to Lin Yijun.

  "Have you found out who it is?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen didn't say that the other party personally asked him. He didn't want Lin Yijun to worry anymore.

  "Be careful." Lin Yijun nodded and exhorted.

  Lu Chen nodded, went out, then got into Xu Jing's car and left the villa.

Chapter: 308

It was Lan Ling who called Lu Chen.

  After Lan Jing failed to kidnap Lin Yijun, she knew she had no way out.

  She believed that if she couldn't finish the task that Lan Zuo confessed within tomorrow, Lan Zuo would definitely not let her go, nor her family.

  So she had no retreat, as long as she asked Lu Chen to meet.

  In order for Lu Chen to come, she also told Lu Chen that she had arranged to kidnap Lin Yijun.

  Afraid of Lu Chen's misunderstanding, Lan Ling deliberately placed the location in the Cherry Blossom Club.

  The Sakura Club can be described as Lu Chen's base camp, which is why Lu Chen came with only one Xu Jing.

  "I think you can give me a reasonable explanation." When Lu Chen arrived at Lan Ling in the Sakura Club private room, Lan Ling was alone, which surprised him.

  He did not know what Lan Ling meant.

  Layout kidnapped his wife, dared to admit it openly, and dared to invite him to meet him alone.

  He had to admire Lan Ling.

  This is the most arrogant woman he has ever seen.

  Countless times more arrogant than him, the first person in Yuzhou.

  "Do you believe me, I have no grudges with you?" Lan Ling asked.

  "You mean you have no grudges with me, but your family is grudges with me, so everything you do is innocent?" Lu Chen said sarcastically.

  Lu Chen took out a cigarette, and this woman was not only arrogant, but also shameless.

  "No, I didn't mean that." Lan Ling shook her head. She only smiled bitterly at Lu Chen's irony.

  She knew that in Lu Chen's heart, she was no longer anyone who could be trusted.

  But she also understood that she had let Lu Chen down many times, and that Lu Chen could still trust her, that was a strange thing.

  "Oh, what do you mean is that I shouldn't resist and let your plan succeed?" Lu Chen continued sarcastically.

  Lan Ling was a little sad, but she smiled bitterly and said, "Have you heard of the Hidden Family? You should have heard of it."

  Looking at Lu Chen, Lan Ling thought he might come from a hidden family.

  They have investigated Lu Chen, but there has been no specific data.

  Only Xiao Biqing really knew Lu Chen's identity, even in the capital, Lu Chen was just a dead person.

  So even if someone finds out the Lu family, they can only find out that Lu Chen died when he was young.

  Therefore, most people cannot find out Lu Chen's true identity.

  "Hidden Family?" Lu Chen raised his eyebrows. Of course he knew the Hidden Family, but he had never been to the Hidden Family. Is Lan Ling's family a hidden family?

  Lu Chen stared at Lan Ling. People from ordinary families don't know martial arts at all. Even if they can do it, they are almost like Chen Churan. It's okay to deal with the little thief at ordinary times, but it's not good to meet a real martial arts expert.

  But Lu Chen knew Lan Ling's skill, much stronger than Chen Churan's and others.

  So he felt that Lan Ling must have learned authentic martial arts.

  Authentic martial arts, only in the hidden family.

  "Yes, my grandfather is a sideline of the Lan family of the hidden family. Because the family has not been reused, he came to the Central Plains, and then created our Lan family's foundation. Some time ago, our Lan family found us and asked us to Take down your Yiqi Technology, that's why these things happen." Lan Ling explained.

  "Why do they want me Yiqi Technology? The hidden family still lacks this little money?" Lu Chen felt that Lan Ling was telling lies and couldn't help but sneered.

  The hidden families are super families that have been passed down hundreds of thousands of years ago. How could they still be short of money?

  There are two kinds of wealth in this world, one is old money and the other is new money.

  People like him who have to rely on their own hands to create wealth are called Xinqian.

  And like those hidden families, they have already accompany them to raise a system to make money for them. They don't put any energy on money people every day, and money will continue to enter their pockets.

  Because they have a complete system of making money, and there are professional people and wealth to take care of their property.

  And those hidden families are the real old money.

  What Lu Chen worked hard was to reach their level one day, without having to do it himself, countless money entered his account every day, let alone one life, ten generations of children and grandchildren could not spend it.

  In this world, there is only one hidden family that has surfaced.

  That is the Rothschild family.

  Why does the world say that the Rothschild family is the richest?

  Because they were exposed to the public, part of their wealth was discovered by the world.

  But in fact, the Rothschild family has fallen.

  It was precisely because of the decline of their family that part of their wealth was exposed.

  It surprised the world.

  And the really rich are the hidden families that have not been exposed.

  So when Lan Ling said that the Lan Family of the Hermit Family wanted his Qiyi Technology, he immediately knew that Lan Ling was bragging not to draft.

  His Yiqi Technology only invested 50 billion. For a hidden family, 50 billion is nothing at all.

  They can easily build a science and technology park.

  And he hasn't researched any high-end technology in this science park, and it's not worth the Lan family's fight, right?

  "That's why I asked you out today." Lan Ling said, leaving Lu Chen aside. Words

  Lu Chen narrowed his eyes. He understood what Lan Ling meant, and Lan Ling was about to exchange terms with him.

  But, is she still eligible to exchange terms with him?

  When Lan Ling arrived here today, he didn't intend to let her leave safely.

  "Let's tell me everything about his Lan family, maybe you still have a chance to go out alive." Lu Chen said directly.

  Lan Ling kidnapped his daughter first, and today he plans to kidnap his wife again. If he still spares Lan Ling, then he is not Lu Chen.

  "Do you want to kill me?" Lan Ling felt a little sad and bitter.

  Even if Lan Zuo made her father threaten her, she never thought of hurting Lu Chen, but she did not expect Lu Chen to kill her.

  At this moment, she felt extremely lost in her heart.

  This was the most outstanding man she had ever met Lan Ling, even if he already had a family, she didn't care about it, and fell in love with him without turning back.

  But persevering in luck.

  She wanted to get close to each other many times, but each time she disappointed him even more.

  She knew that it was impossible for her and Lu Chen, and she just couldn't control her feelings.

  Lan Ling's eyes were a little ruddy, but she gritted her teeth and forcibly prevented herself from crying.

  "You can give me a reason not to kill you." Lu Chen looked at Lan Ling indifferently.

  In his heart, his family is always above all interests. If Lan Ling can't give a reasonable reason today, for the safety of his family, he said that he would kill Lan Ling, he would never break his promise.

Chapter: 309

Lan Ling smiled miserably, and said, "I believe you must be able to do it. What I just said is true. The Lan family had a magical bead in their hands. They thought it was a magic weapon at first, but after several years of research, they found nothing. , So they thought of science and technology, and then they arrested more than a dozen scientists to study beads for them. The scientists finally concluded that the beads contained science and technology they had never seen before, and needed a complete set of Coben The base has the opportunity to crack the code of the beads."

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and asked, "Then why don't they create a science and technology park by themselves? Isn't it easy for their Lan family?"

  Lan Ling continued: "Because the other great hidden families have also guessed that the Lan family has a magical bead, of course they can't openly create a science and technology park, otherwise others' guesses will become true. However, others really have The powerful science and technology parks are all controlled by the world's major powers, and the Lan family does not want to cooperate with them."

  Hearing this, Lu Chen laughed, and he said jokingly: "So the Lan family thinks I'm a bully, so are you going to snatch our Science Park over?"

  Lan Ling nodded and said seriously: "Yes, that's what the Lan family planned."

  "What about now, will you tell me this when you come to see me today?" Lu Chen sneered and looked at Lan Ling playfully.

  The Lan family thought he was bullying, so he had to see what the Lan family had.

  "Let me tell you the truth, the task Lan Zuo gave me is to get this thing done within three days, otherwise he will kill me and my father.

  Originally, I wanted to kidnap Lin Yijun and then force you to let Yiqi Technology out. I didn’t expect that Lan Jing’s task of kidnapping Lin Yijun failed, so I had no way out.

  So I came to you today just to work with you. "

  Lan Ling said openly.

  "What good do I have?" Lu Chen asked in silence.

  "Don't you want to get that magical bead? Whether it is future technology or ancient martial arts, it will definitely benefit you." Lan Ling said.

  "If what you say is true, it is indeed very attractive, but how can I believe you?" Lu Chen nodded. If what Lan Ling said is true, then the bead is indeed a treasure.

  If it is an ancient martial arts weapon, it will definitely improve his strength again.

  If it is future technology or something, it is enough to make his Yiqi technology soar into the sky.

  "I have a perfect plan here, but the premise is that you dare to fight against the hidden family. If you dare, I can help you get that magical bead." Lan Ling looked at Lu Chen provocatively.

  "What do you want by doing this?" Lu Chen looked straight into Lan Ling's eyes.

  "Don't worry about me, you just have to say dare, dare not, forget it, and treat it as if I didn't come today." Lan Ling said.

  Lu Chen was silent, then stretched out his hand in front of Lan Ling, "I guess your plan has been written down, take it out."

  He planned to believe in Lan Ling one more time, the most important thing was that he was also attracted by the magical beads that Lan Ling said.

  Lan Ling looked at Lu Chen, then she smiled and took out a piece of paper from her bag to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen looked at Lan Ling's plan, and when he saw Lan Ling's conditions at the end, he couldn't help looking at Lan Ling.

  In his opinion, Lan Ling was crazy to mention this condition.

  "Why are you doing this?" Lu Chen looked at Lan Ling puzzled.

  "Leave me alone, you are ready to be madly retaliated by the Lan family next." Lan Ling smiled faintly, got up and left the private room.

  Watching Lan Ling's figure leave, Lu Chen picked up the note and looked at it again, then took out the lighter and lit it, directly burning the note.

  "Lan family. Lan Zuo."

  Lu Chen showed a fierceness in his eyes, and then got up and left the private room.

  After Lan Ling returned to the Lan Family Villa, Lan Jing stepped forward and asked, "Miss, how is it? Have you seen Lu Chen?"

  Like today's plan, they seemed to have only to find Lu Chen for a showdown, or else they couldn't complete Lan Zuo's mission at all.

  "Well, he agreed." Lan Ling said.

  "What? He agreed? How is this possible?" Lan Jing looked at Lan Ling incredulously.

  They are Yiqi Technology of Gongluchen. He actually agreed to let Yiqi Technology out?

  Lan Jing shook his head. He felt that his own lady must be joking with himself again. Word

  "Yes, he agreed, but he wants to talk to Zuo less, or avoid talking." Lan Ling said.

  Lan Jing nodded and said that so, but he no longer doubted Lan Ling's words.

  "Then how do we tell Master Lan? What he wants is for us to bring Yiqi Technology directly." Lan Jing said worriedly.

  "This is the only way. If he doesn't talk about it, then we can't do anything. Even if he kills us, it's useless, because we are not Lu Chen's opponents, and it is impossible to fight Lu Chen, right." Lan Ling smiled bitterly. He stopped, sat down on the sofa, and said, "Go and explain the situation to Young Master Lan yourself. Let him come to us tonight, and Lu Chen will come and talk to him in person."

  Lan Jing was a little embarrassed, but he also felt that this was the only feasible way, so he nodded and said, "Well, I will go over and ask Zuo Shao."

  "Wait a minute." Seeing Lan Jing was about to go out, Lan Ling stopped him and whispered in his ear: "We haven't completed the task. Young Master Zuo must be very angry. You'd better bring a few more hands down to vent his anger. ."

  Lan Jing's eyes lit up, feeling that what the lady said was reasonable, so he nodded and went out excitedly.

  He just didn't want to go to Lan Zuo, but he was a little afraid that Lan Zuo would vent his anger with him.

  Seeing Lan Jing leaving with excitement, Lan Ling's eyes showed a touch of cruelty.

  Half an hour later, Lan Zuo came to Lan Ling's villa angrily.

  As soon as he entered the door, Lan Zuo slapped Lan Ling's face severely.

  "It's just a rubbish, even this little thing can't be done well, what does my Lan family do with you?" Lan Zuo scolded Lan Ling angrily.

  "I'm sorry, but our limited ability has disappointed Zuo Shao." There was bloodshot from the corner of Lan Ling's mouth, but she didn't mean to wipe it.

  She lowered her head and dared not look into Lan Zuo's eyes, but no one noticed her. At this moment, there was a touch of cruelty in her eyes.

  "What about people, how about Lu Chen, why hasn't he come yet?" Lan Zuo looked down at the room, there was no Lu Chen, and he was even more angry.

  "He is coming soon." Lan Ling whispered.

  "Huh, huh?"

  Lan Zuo snorted coldly, and suddenly realized that something was wrong, he turned around and stared at Lan Ling, his eyes bursting with murderous intent and anger.

Chapter: 310

"Do you dare to kill me?"

  Lan Zuo staggered and couldn't believe that Lan Ling dared to kill him.

  Isn't she afraid that her whole family will be destroyed?

  The guards beside Lan Zuo gave an angrily, and then rushed towards Lan Ling.

  Only in the next moment, they all fell to the ground one by one, and black blood kept coming out of their mouths.

  "Hand over the antidote, I can spare your life, otherwise all of you in the Central Plains will die!" Lan Zuo shouted in a deep voice.

  "Wait for you to go out alive and talk such big talk." Lan Ling finally raised his head and sneered.

  "Miss, what are you doing? Don't make mistakes!" Lan Jing was also poisoned. He was not afraid of death. He was just afraid that Lan Ling would do so, which would really wipe out the entire Lan family in the Central Plains.

  "Hmph, do you think you can kill me with just a little bit of poison? You underestimated my Lan Zuo's strength." Lan Zuo snorted, suddenly stepped forward, and the whole body rose sharply, where There are signs of poisoning.

  In fact, Lan Zuo was indeed poisoned, but because of his strong strength and deep inner strength, he could temporarily suppress the toxicity.

  Like his guards, his internal strength is not as deep as he is, and the poisonous gas immediately attacked his heart when he started his hands.

  Lan Ling's expression changed, and he didn't expect Lan Zuo to be able to suppress the poisonous gas.

  Of course she knew Lan Zuo's strength, which was much stronger than her. Seeing this, she slammed the window and escaped without hesitation.

  "How could you escape!" Lan Zuo let out a cold snort, flashed, and then rushed out.

  But in the next moment, his figure was blocked by another figure.

  "Let Lu come to see how strong your Hidden World Lan family is, and dare to steal my company."

  Of course it was Lu Chen who stood in front of Lan Zuo. Lu Chen had already arrived. He knew that Lan Ling had put poison in the room, so he waited outside.

  This was one of Lan Ling's plans. In Lan Ling's plan, even if Lan Zuo was poisoned, she would definitely not be able to affect him for a while.

  So she planned to jump out of the window and let Lu Chen hide outside the window to meet her.

  "Do you dare to stop me?" Lan Zuo let out a cold snort, and banged towards Lu Chen with a bang.

  Although he was still able to suppress the poison at this time, he would not be able to suppress it in a while, so he had to grab Blue Ling as soon as possible, and then forced her to hand over the antidote.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, not hiding from Lan Zuo's fist, and slammed up with the same punch.


  The two fists touched each other in the air, and Lu Chen's figure only leaned back, but Lan Zuo's body took three steps back and stopped.

  Lan Zuo widened his eyes and looked at Lu Chen in disbelief.

  He didn't expect Lu Chen to be so powerful.

  Although he didn't try his best just now, he also saw that Lu Chen didn't try his best.

  Obviously Lu Chen is much stronger than him.

  He finally understood why Lan Ling had to take the risk and wanted to kill him in turn.

  Because Lan Ling couldn't deal with Lu Chen at all, and she should also believe that Lu Chen could suppress him.

  "This slut, really eats things inside and out!" Lan Zuo became more and more anxious in his heart, and he felt that he could no longer suppress the toxicity.

  But when Lu Chen stood in front of him, he couldn't catch Lan Ling either.

  "Leave here first." Lan Zuo looked around and ran towards the wall.

  "That's nothing for the Lan family." Looking at Lan Zuo's fleeing figure, Lu Chen smiled playfully, then took out the silencer pistol and slowly buckled the machine board at the back of Lan Zuo's head.


  The silencer gun made a dim, dumb sound, and then a bloodshot burst from the back of Lan's left head, and his body slowly fell.

  Seeing Lan Zuo fall down, Lan Ling finally let go.

  After Lan Zuo died, her plan basically succeeded.

  Lu Chen came to Lan Zuo's side, slowly squatted down, and then reached out and found a necklace on Lan Zuo's body.

  The pendant of the necklace is the size of a pigeon egg. Although it is wrapped in a shell, you can see a strange light emitting from it.

  "This should be the magical bead, right." Lu Chen put the necklace away, and studied slowly after going back.

  At this time, Lan Ling walked back to the villa again, and the people in the villa were not dead yet. But basically they have lost their combat power.

  "Miss, why are you?" Lan Jing asked unwillingly.

  "Uncle Jing, I'm sorry, if I don't do this, none of us can survive. For my Zhongyuan Lan family, I have to sacrifice you." Lan Ling said as he took out a pistol and shot Lan Jing's forehead.

  It's a pity that this guard who has been with him since he was a child can't even die.

  Lan Ling felt a little sad, but she had already chosen this path, and everyone here today would have to die, otherwise her plan would be leaked out.

  At that time, her entire Lan family would be buried with Lan Zuo.

  She calmed down and ended her men with one shot.

  Some of these people are killers trained by Lan Jing, but some are guards who have been with Lan Jing since childhood.

  But Lan Ling hardened his heart and ended their lives.

  There were more than 20 people and more than 20 lives in the entire villa, and Lan Ling didn't leave any survival.

  When she came out of the villa, a lot of blood was splashed on her body, but she didn't care at all.

  Maybe her mind is numb at this time.

  "It's over?" Lu Chen asked when Lan Ling came out.

  Lan Ling nodded, looked into Lu Chen's eyes, and said, "You have already got the bead. I hope you don't let me down."

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, and said: "Don't think too much, you can only make up for the mistakes you made before, but I can tell you for sure that our previous grievances are evened."

  As he said that, he walked towards his car outside the villa. His car stopped by a big tree, which was no longer within the range of Blue Spirit's villa.

  Lan Ling was not angry, but smiled.

  Then he quickly walked to the side of another car.

  Lu Chen threw the car key to Lan Ling, and then got into his car.

  After Lan Ling got in the car, he took out a miniature remote control and pressed it in the direction of Lan Ling's villa.

  Then he started the car and rushed out quickly.

  Seeing this, Lan Ling didn't dare to stop for a moment, hit the throttle to the maximum, and rushed away from the car chasing Lu Chen.


  Less than a hundred meters away from the two people's car, Lan Ling's entire villa suddenly exploded violently.

  At this moment, the fire blazed into the sky and the noise was deafening.