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Royal Dragon Husband Chapters 191-200 (Born to be a Dragon) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 191

"Conditions?" Ye Mingwen shook the red wine glass in his hand, gave Xia Mengyao a playful look, and said, "Miss Xia, you can get points when you talk about the conditions."

"What does Manager Ye mean?" Xia Mengyao said blankly.

"Very simple, one project, a glass of wine!" Ye Mingwen smiled and raised a finger.

"Miss Xia, I bought seven projects from Xia Hao." Ye Mingwen smiled faintly and said: "Now, I can take the initiative to return those seven projects to Miss Xia. The only thing Miss Xia needs to do is drink with me. ...Seven glasses of wine."

Seven glasses of wine!

Xia Mengyao's face changed, her drink volume was average, not to mention seven glasses, three glasses, and she might not drink it.

Besides, even if she can drink seven glasses of wine, what if Ye Mingwen breaks his promise?

"Miss Xia, my condition is not excessive, right?" Ye Mingwen shook the red wine glass in his hand and asked with a joking smile.

Xia Mengyao bit her red lips tightly. Is this condition excessive?

It's really not too much!

Because the seven projects of Xia Hao were purchased by Ye Mingwen at a price of 20 million yuan, if Ye Mingwen resold it, he could sell for 40 million, or even 50 million!

But now, if she only needs seven glasses of wine, Ye Mingwen can get her back the seven projects at the original price of 20 million, which is equal to her seven glasses of wine, worth 20 to 30 million, so it's not too much.

If it was the former Xia Mengyao, even if she knew that Ye Mingwen had a great probability of lying, she would desperately drink seven glasses of red wine and gamble on the probability of one in ten thousand.

But can she do it now?

Xia Mengyao couldn't help but glanced outside the box. She knew very well that Chen Feng was standing not far from the box now. With a word from her, Chen Feng could come in and solve all the troubles for her.

She doesn't need to drink a drop of wine to get those seven projects back.

But she... is she really going to do that?

Does she really have to rely on Chen Feng?

Xia Mengyao was perplexed. At that time, Chen Feng was still a well-known wimp. At that time, her greatest wish was that Chen Feng would one day become excellent and give her a broad arm that she can rely on.

But when Chen Feng became excellent, Xia Mengyao found that she no longer wanted to rely on Chen Feng so much.

Especially when she learned that Chen Feng was a child of the Chen family, her feeling became stronger.

She even wanted to prove herself in front of Chen Feng, to prove that she was not useless except to look good!

She wanted to make herself worthy of Chen Feng.

So this time, she proposed that she should talk to Ye Mingwen and others.

To put it bluntly, she just wanted to use this opportunity to prove herself.

"Not too much." Xia Mengyao took a deep breath and said, now that she has made a decision, she will not hesitate anymore. From today onwards, she will not rely on Chen Feng for everything, and will not encounter any more. Little trouble, just thinking about relying on Chen Feng.

She wants to become stronger!

She didn't want herself to be Chen Feng's weakness!

She hopes that she will become Chen Feng's good help!

When Chen Feng is in trouble one day, he can help Chen Feng instead of standing by helplessly!

"Since it's not too much, then Miss Xia drank these seven glasses of bars." Ye Mingwen poured seven glasses of red wine with a smile, and pushed them to Xia Mengyao one by one.

Xia Mengyao did not look at the seven glasses of red wine in front of him. Instead, he turned his gaze to Ye Mingwen, and asked coldly, "If I drink, what should

Manager Ye say to break?" "Break?" Ye Mingwen narrowed his eyes and said: "Ms. Xia, I, Ye Mingwen, spoke, and once said a word, it is difficult to chase a horse! I have never done anything like breaking my promise."

"What if I did it?!" Xia Mengyao's eyes were cold, rather aggressive.

"If you do, leave it to Miss Xia!" Ye Mingwen snorted coldly. Xia Mengyao's tone already threatened him a bit, but why did she threaten herself?

What is her confidence?

"Okay, I hope you remember what you are saying now!" Xia Mengyao gave Ye Mingwen a cold look, then picked up the glass of red wine in front of him and drank it in one go.

A Hao's lips moved behind him, trying to stop Xia Mengyao, but Chen Feng didn't speak, but he didn't dare.

Outside the box, Chen Feng couldn't help sighing.

Because of the monitoring, every move of the few people in the box was within his vision, including Xia Mengyao's demeanor and behavior.

How could Chen Feng not understand that Xia Mengyao wanted to prove herself in front of him.

Chen Feng also knew that the reason Xia Mengyao had this idea was because the Chen family behind him had brought unparalleled pressure on Xia Mengyao.

In the past few days, Xia Mengyao has been very depressed.

A large part of her depression comes from the Chen family.

"Shao Chen, do you want me to stop now?" Gu Dongchen asked. He didn't understand what Chen Feng was thinking now. He could see that Chen Feng loved Xia Mengyao very much. In theory, Chen Feng would not let him. Xia Mengyao drank so much alcohol, but now, looking at Chen Feng's appearance, he intended to make Xia Mengyao drink.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, "No, let her drink, she should be drunk too."

"Drunk?" Gu Dongchen was even more shocked, not understanding what Chen Feng meant.

At this time, in the box, in front of Xia Mengyao, there were already four more empty wine glasses.

Xia Mengyao's pretty face also became a little red, with a more seductive look.

"Miss Xia has a good drink!"

"Miss Xia is really a hero of female high

school !" Wang Qishan and Kang Haibo were flattering, undisguised the lust in their eyes. Ye Mingwen is eating meat tonight, and they can also have a drink of soup.

Xia Mengya is the number one beauty in Cangzhou City. I don't know how many men's dream lovers can trample such a beauty under the crotch, and they can wake up in their dreams.

"Miss Xia, don't drink it." Seeing Xia Mengyao trembling and holding up the fifth glass of red wine, Ahao couldn't help but persuade Xia Mengyao to be obviously drunk, no matter how she drinks it, she can't finish the remaining three glasses of wine. .

"No, I want to drink." Xia Mengyao was a little stubborn, and swayed the glass in her hand.

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A Hao wanted to stop, but Ye Mingwen stood up suddenly and stood in front of A Hao.

"Boy, don't be nosy!" Ye Mingwen said in a bad tone. This is the critical moment, and he can't let Ahao ruin his good deeds.

"Ye Mingwen, who is Shao Chen's Miss Xia, you should know in your heart, I advise you not to mistake yourself!" Ahao gave Ye Mingwen a cold look.

"Shao Chen?" Ye Mingwen smiled disdainfully, and said sarcastically: "You mean Shao Chen, is Mengyao her trash husband, right?"

Ah Hao pursed his mouth .

"Young Master Chen?! Stupid thing, in your eyes, can any cat or dog be called the young master?" Kang Haibo couldn't help but sneered. In his opinion, the only one who can be the title of young master, There are a few super-rich second-generation generations in Cangzhou City, and Chen Feng is just a waste-to-door son-in-law. What qualifications does such waste have to be called Chen Shao, and he is not afraid of being laughed out of his teeth?

Chapter: 192

"Boy, if you are acquainted, please fuck me as soon as possible, tell you the truth, this woman, I am determined tonight, even in the presence of her rubbish husband, I also said this!" Ye Mingwen looked cold. Looking at Ah Hao, the threat was obvious.

If Ahao is acquainted, fortunately, if he is not acquainted, then the dozen or so bodyguards outside him are not vegetarian!


Just then, there was a loud noise from the door.

Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo were both surprised. They looked towards the door, only to see that the solid wood door that had just been closed had been kicked open, and a calm young man walked in without expression.

Who is this TM?

"Who let you in?!" Ye Mingwen scolded with a sullen face. He didn't know Chen Feng, but thought Chen Feng was a guest in the villa and came to find fault on purpose.

Chen Feng ignored Ye Mingwen, but walked to Xia Mengyao's side, gently took off the wine glass in Xia Mengyao's hand, and said softly, "Don't drink it."

"Woo, husband, I'm sorry, I'm so useless." It was Chen Feng. A layer of mist suddenly appeared in Xia Mengyao's blurred beautiful eyes, and she could no longer control her emotions. She hugged Chen Feng's waist and started sobbing.

Chen Feng sighed: "Fool, I'm sorry to say something, you have done a good job, if you want to say sorry, I am sorry for you..."

"But...I really want to help you..." Xia Mengyao's eyes were red. , Sobbing.

"Help me!" Ye Mingwen scolded angrily. He thought it was a ruthless character who kicked in, but it turned out to be Xia Mengyao's rubbish husband. This scumbag, who gave him the courage to kick him? !

"Get out! I only give you three seconds!" Ye Mingwen glared at Chen Feng and yelled at the door. His lower abdomen was already hot and hot, and Xia Mengyao could be done soon, but he was interrupted one after another. It can't help that he is not very angry.

"Let me get out?" Chen Feng gave Ye Mingwen a blank expression.

"Why, unwilling?" Ye Mingwen smiled grimly and said: "If you don't want to, then I will play with your wife in front of you as a trash!"

See you!

Ye Mingwen didn't bother to pretend to be with Chen Feng, anyway, there were more than a dozen thugs at the door. As long as he gave an order, the dozen thugs could rush in and subdue Chen Feng and Ahao.

At that time, he could play with Xia Mengyao in front of Chen Feng, and put on a green hat for Chen Feng!

"Manager Ye, want me to say, don't let this trash go out, just let him stay here, and then watch, he has been married for three years, and he hasn't touched a woman, under your crotch, * ***!" Kang Haibo urged excitedly, his face full of tai-tai smiles. He had played with many young women from good families on weekdays, but he had never played one in front of this young woman's husband.

That feeling must be very exciting!

"Okay! I'll listen to you, since this trash doesn't plan to go out, I just let him see how sassy his wife is today!" Ye Mingwen licked his lips excitedly, Kang Haibo, this kid really knows how to play. This method can be imagined.

"Give me all in!" Ye Mingwen gave an order, and a dozen thugs at the door swarmed in almost instantly.

Unkind eyes swished towards Chen Feng.

At that time, when Chen Feng came in, he said that he knew Ye Mingwen, so they did not stop him. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng kicked the door open in a blink of an eye, but they were very scared, and Ye Mingwen scolded them when they were ready. Bloody plans.

But looking at Ye Mingwen's current appearance, but he was not very angry, several people suddenly sighed with relief.

But Chen Feng, still have to clean up!

"Kneel yourself or let Lao Tzu's people help you kneel?" Ye Mingwen smiled and looked at Chen Feng and A Hao. In his opinion, if Chen Feng and A Hao knew each other, they should immediately kneel down and knock at him. Ringing.

"I don't know

how to live or die !" A Hao snorted and walked directly to Ye Mingwen. In Ye Mingwen's horrified eyes, he pinched Ye Mingwen's neck, like a chicken, and lifted Ye Mingwen out of thin air!

"Let go of Manager Ye!" A

dozen big hands suddenly burst into tears, took out their daggers, and surrounded them angrily.

"Bang." A

Hao threw Ye Mingwen onto the wall like trash.

Then, like a tiger into the flock, rushed to a dozen thugs.

After a burst of crackling, a dozen thugs fell to the ground like soft-footed shrimps, and no one stood!

All this is extremely slow, but from Ahao mentioning Ye Mingwen to a dozen thugs falling to the ground, the whole journey took less than 30 seconds!

The dozen or so thugs that Ye Mingwen invited were directly crushed by Ahao, and there was no power to fight back!


In the quiet box, the cold sweat on the foreheads of Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan was clearly audible.

Ye Mingwen's eyes widened, and the horror on his face could no longer be described in words. He spent more than one million professional thugs hired, and he couldn't hold it for 30 seconds? !

What kind of monster is this? !

Only Chen Feng did not lift his eyelids from the beginning to the end. He is the one who knows A Hao's skill best. He has touched the edge of the martial artist in the middle of Ming Jin. .

"Kneel yourself or should I help you kneel?" A Hao looked at Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo Wang Qishan blankly. These three were so cowardly that they dared to make Chen Feng kneel down. I really don't know what the death word is. write.

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding..." Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan shivered together. The hero did not suffer from the immediate loss. A Hao's skill was already there. Even Ye Mingwen's dozen thugs were not A Hao's opponents. They went up, absolutely Ahao will be treated as an adult meat sandbag and be beaten violently.

So at this moment, admitting counseling is the best choice, but it is impossible for them to kneel down on Chen Feng this trash.

"Don't kneel?" Ah Hao raised his brows.

Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan still wanted to explain, but Ahao didn't give the two a chance at all. He walked in front of the two with lightning-like feet.


A crisp fracture sounded.

The two screamed together, their calves bend soft, and they knelt to the ground in an instant, making their bodies hurt and sweat.

Then Ahao walked to Ye Mingwen again.

"I am a member of the Ye family. If you dare to move me, the Ye family will destroy you all!" Ye Mingwen looked hard at the threats from his inner neighbors. He can only hope now that Chen Summit is afraid of the name of the Ye family. In other words, the Ye Family is an insurmountable mountain.

"Pop." Mie Manmen

? A Hao sneered, not being polite to Ye Mingwen, he just slapped Ye Mingwen on the face.

Several bloody teeth were fanned out.

Chen Summit is afraid of the Ye family? Not at all!

Ye family is not afraid of Chen Feng.

Others don't understand Chen Feng, but Ahao still understands some.

A Hao knew very well that Chen Feng hadn't put Ye Family in his eyes at all. What's more, the Ye Family behind Ye Mingwen was just the puppet Ye Family. The real Ye Family was Ye Haitang's Ye Family!

Chapter: 193

If Ye Mingwen thought that he could rely on the Ye family to scare Chen Feng, then Ahao could only say that Ye Mingwen was too young.

A Hao's slap completely slapped Ye Mingwen. He didn't expect that he had already reported the name of the Ye family, and A Hao dared to do it.

Ye Mingwen panted heavily and stared at A Hao, his eyes constantly erupting with anger.

"Why, dissatisfied?" Ahao glanced at Ye Mingwen coldly. If Ye Mingwen was dissatisfied, he would be in Ye Mingwen's suit!

"Serve! I'll take it!" Ye Mingwen gritted his teeth and spit out a few words. Does he dare to refuse? He dare not!

"Don't kneel down before serving." Ahao said calmly. To Chen Feng, he respected him in his heart. On the one hand, it was because of Chen Feng's strength, but more because of Chen Feng's character and true righteousness. Bo Yuntian!

Ye Mingwen can insult him, but he can't insult Chen Feng!

With a "poof", Ye Mingwen knelt directly in front of Chen Feng.

Heroes do not suffer from immediate losses!

Ye Mingwen gritted his teeth, letting the resentment hit his mind, he must remember his feelings at the moment, and after he left this door, he would impose the humiliation he suffered on Chen Feng and Ahao a hundredfold!

Seeing that Ye Mingwen was kneeling, Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan didn't dare to take any chances anymore, and they were ready to ask Chen Feng for mercy.

But at this moment, a group of people swarmed into the box again.

Seeing the big man headed, Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan looked happy.

"Master Chen!"

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Why did Master Chen come? !

For Gu Dongchen, the two of them are no longer familiar with each other. The underground black emperor in the west of Cangzhou City has a reputation as the sky!

Even if it is the Patriarch behind their two families, they must respect Gu Dongchen!

"Gu Dongchen!" Ye Mingwen's face also had joy, but unlike Kang Haibo Wang Qishan, he did not call Gu Dongchen, but directly called Gu Dongchen's name. After all, he was backed by the Ye family and was the chief steward of the Ye family. In terms of status and status, although it was a grade inferior to Gu Dongchen, it was not worse than Gu Dongchen, calling Gu Dongchen his master.

"Master Chen, help!"

Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan almost crawled to the feet of Gu Dongchen.

"Gu Dongchen, help me kill this bastard!" Ye Mingwen pointed at A Hao's nose and ordered viciously. In his opinion, Gu Dongchen should know how to be between the Ye family and a trash son-in-law if he is not stupid. Stand in line.

Gu Dongchen did not speak, but walked directly to Ye Mingwen, and said blankly, "Who are you going to kill?"

Ye Mingwen was taken aback, pointed at Ahao, then pointed at Chen Feng, and said, "This bastard, And this rubbish, kill both of them!"

"And this bitch, I want her to lie on my bed tonight!" Ye Mingwen turned his gaze to Xia Mengyao again, there was no evil in his eyes. Cover up.

Gu Dongchen sighed, Ye Mingwen really did not know how to write dead words.

Seeing Gu Dongchen not speaking, Ye Mingwen frowned: "Gu Dongchen, this is your site, don't tell me you can't do it?"

Gu Dongchen shook his head, gave Ye Mingwen a sympathetic look, and suddenly asked, "Ye Mingwen, How do you want to die?"

Ye Mingwen's face changed drastically as soon as he said this.

"Gu Dongchen, what do you mean by this?! I am the Ye Family..."

"Ye Family?" Before Ye Mingwen finished speaking, he was interrupted by Gu Dongchen sneer: "It is your Patriarch Ye Haidong who is here. Lao Tzu also said this. What's more, you are a dog!" After

that, Gu Dongchen kicked Ye Mingwen's abdomen and kicked Ye Mingwen a dog .

"Gu Dongchen, you are looking for death!"

Ye Mingwen's eyes were red, and he roared at Gu Dongchen like a mad lion.

Gu Dongchen sneered, waved his hand, and seven or eight thugs emerged instantly behind him.

A group of people surrounded Ye Mingwen and began to punch and kick.

In less than a minute, Ye Mingwen was beaten with only air in, not air out.

After cleaning up Ye Mingwen, Gu Dongchen walked in front of Chen Feng, clapped his hands, respectfully said, "Shao Chen, what should I do with these three idiots?"

Shao Chen!

Hearing this, Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan, who were hiding in the corner and dared not even get out of the atmosphere, almost were scared to pee.

Gu Dongchen actually called this waste Chen Shao? !

The word Chen Shao, like a thunderbolt on the blue sky, slammed on the minds of the two of them, making them unable to stand firmly.

Lying on the ground, Ye Mingwen's eyes widened in an instant, and Gu Dongchen turned out to be this trash person!

how can that be!

Chen Feng glanced at the three shaking like chaff, and said lightly: "Bring them a few cases of wine."

"Yes, Shao Chen." Almost instantly, Gu Dongchen understood what Chen Feng meant.

But Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan couldn't figure out what Chen Feng would do with the wine.

After a while, several boxes of liquor were moved into the box, and then opened one by one.

At this time, even if the two were stupid, they should understand what Chen Feng was going to do with the wine.

"Drink, when should we finish drinking, and when should we leave." Chen Feng said with a cold look at Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan.

"Shao Chen..." The

two felt their scalp numb. This is not a bottle or two, but a few boxes, or white wine. If you really want to drink it all, even if you don't die, you will be paralyzed.

"Drink or die!" Chen Feng said calmly. Since the two dared to catch Xia Mengyao's attention, they must be prepared to pay the price.

"I drink, I drink!"

Upon hearing this, Kang Haibo was so frightened that his legs were soft, he directly picked up a bottle of white wine, and started to pour it into his mouth.

Wang Qishan also picked up a bottle of white wine with a sad face and began to pour it into his mouth.

They understood, if they didn't give Chen Feng an explanation today, I'm afraid they would really not be able to get out of Guyue Villa alive.

Lying on the ground, Ye Mingwen was struggling. He knew very well that among the three of them, Chen Feng was the least likely to let him go. Therefore, if he knew each other, he should take the initiative to get up and drink with Kang Haibo Wang Qishan.

Ye Mingwen was still thinking about how to drink less, but suddenly two expressionless faces appeared in front of him.

"What are you going to do?!"

Ye Mingwen was a little frightened, and a sense of anxiety suddenly appeared in his heart.

Immediately, Gu Dongchen's two younger brothers confirmed Ye Mingwen's anxiety.

I saw the two younger brothers brutally pressed Ye Mingwen, one of them opened Ye Mingwen's mouth, the other raised the liquor bottle in his hand, and pointed the mouth of the bottle at Ye Mingwen's throat.

Start drinking directly!

Yes, drink wine!


It hurts so hot!

Pour over fifty degrees of liquor directly into your throat!

What kind of feeling is that? !

Anyone who has drunk liquor knows it!

In just a few seconds, Ye Mingwen's eyes turned red, and he felt that his throat was about to smoke.

The pain in the throat is nothing. After the white wine enters the intestines, it directly turns into a fire and then enters the stomach.

Ye Mingwen's stomach wall seemed to be burned by fire!


Heart-breaking pain!

Chapter: 194

Seeing Ye Mingwen who was being pressed to the ground constantly screaming, Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan couldn't help but shudder. They felt that they were already miserable enough, but compared with Ye Mingwen, they were terrible!

"Spare, spare." Ye Mingwen screamed for mercy, but the two thugs were indifferent, still pouring white wine into Ye Mingwen's mouth without mercy.

"Miss Xia, help me, I am willing to hand over those projects..." Ye Mingwen began to choke again to Xia Mengyao for mercy.

Xia Mengyao looked indifferent, and Chen Feng had a way to get those projects, whether Ye Mingwen or not.

Because that originally belonged to Chen Feng.

A few minutes later, Ye Mingwen lost his voice.

Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan also fell to the ground.

Chen Feng didn't care about the life and death of the three people. After admonishing Gu Dongchen a few words, Chen Feng took Xia Mengyao and left the villa.

Prepare to hand over the contract to Xia Yunsheng.

At the same time, Xia Hao also came to Xia Yunsheng's office.

"Grandpa." Seeing Xia Yunsheng, Xia Hao's expression became much more docile.

However, Xia Yunsheng snorted coldly, and didn't give Xia Hao any good expressions.

Xia Hao didn't feel annoyed, so he made a cup of tea on his own, and after holding the tea, he knelt in front of Xia Yunsheng with a puff.

"Grandpa, the previous thing was that the grandson did not do the right thing. The grandson was blinded by the lard and was fooled by Ye Mingwen. Grandpa also asked him to punish him." Xia Hao's attitude was very sincere.

"Punish?" Xia Yunsheng glanced at Xia Hao coldly, and said: "Is it useful to punishing you?! If you punishing you, can those projects come back?!"

"No." Xia Hao lowered his head in shame.

After a long time, Xia Yunsheng's anger almost subsided, so he snorted and said, "Get up."

"Thank you, grandpa." Xia Hao looked happy and hurriedly brought the tea cup to Xia Yunsheng.

After receiving the teacup, Xia Yunsheng didn't doubt that he was there, so he took a sip.

"Haoer, it's not that Grandpa said you, you are such a big person, and you should know the severity. Before, you used to behave nonsense, Grandpa can forgive you because you are still young. But now, you are 26 or 7 years old. I still don’t know the importance of doing things, you are like this, how will I give the Xia family to you in the future!" Xia Yunsheng sighed, although Xia Hao did such an extraordinary thing, he still couldn’t be cruel and chase Xia Hao away. Born in the summer home.

The reason why Xia Hao's vice president position was announced in public yesterday was just to give the Xia family an explanation.

Hearing Xia Yunsheng's words, Xia Hao's eyes couldn't help but a touch of unbearableness. He didn't expect that he had already contradicted Xia Yunsheng like that before, and Xia Yunsheng even wanted to hand over the Xia family to him.

But this unbearable thing didn't last long in Xia Hao's eyes, before it was firmly replaced.

"Haoer, if Chen Feng wants to return the Yuquanshan projects this time, let Zilan temporarily be the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project for a period of time. You have to wait a while." Xia Yunsheng said, until now, he He didn't know the details of Chen Feng, but he had an inexplicable trust in Chen Feng and felt that Chen Feng had the ability to get those projects back from the Ye family.

"Grandpa, I can't wait." Xia Hao shook his head and said.

"Can't wait?" Xia Yunsheng's expression turned cold.

"Yeah." Xia Yunsheng nodded, and then said: "Grandpa, I don't want to wait. I want to sit on the seat of Yuquanshan project leader now."

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"Asshole! Would you like to give me the chairmanship as well? Forget it!" Xia Yun scolded angrily. He had already talked about this. Xia Hao didn't give up. He still thought about being the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project and how he would block Xia Jiayouyou's crowd.

Xia Hao glanced at Xia Yunsheng sympathetically, and said, "Grandpa, the chairman's seat, you don't need to give me the seat, grandson will sit on it himself."

"Niehu, what do you mean?!" Xia Yunsheng's expression changed drastically.

"Grandson doesn't mean anything." Xia Hao shook his head, and said: "Grandpa just wants grandpa to rest early."

"Resting?" Xia Yunsheng was puzzled, still thinking about what Xia Hao's words meant, but right here At that time, there was a strong sense of dizziness in his mind.

"You..." Xia Yunsheng stretched out her fingers tremblingly, and looked at Xia Hao in disbelief and said angrily: "You bastard, xiayao in the tea?!"

"Yeah." Xia Hao smiled slightly and said: "The grandson puts something in the tea to allow Grandpa to rest in bed for the rest of his life

. Should Grandpa thank his grandson?" "Adverse son!" Xia Yunsheng was heartbroken, trying to get up from the office chair, but found that he was fundamental It's not strong.

Summer hui died of septicemia breath, went to Xia Yunsheng behind, with a hand on the ask Xia Yunsheng office chair, said:. "Grandpa, grandchildren do not want this, but your grandfather, in this seat, sitting too long,"

"Sun I really don’t want to wait for you, grandpa, and sit in this seat after you die."

"So grandson can only do it by himself."

"Grandpa, you don't blame grandson, do you?" Xia Hao lowered his head and whispered softly. Asked.

Xia Yunsheng trembled, trying to say something, but he couldn't say a word at this time.

"Grandpa, you love your grandson here, you probably won't be able to." Xia Hao muttered to himself, and then took out a prepared will from the bottom of the table, forcibly grasped Xia Yunsheng's hand, and let Xia Yunsheng press his handprint on On the will.

Xia Yunsheng's muddy eyes were full of anger and regret. He would never have thought that Xia Hao would be so frantic when he killed him.

As the handprint was pressed, Xia Yunsheng finally closed his eyes, and his breath became inaudible.

Xia Hao let out a sigh of relief, with a satisfied smile on his face.

With this will, no matter how people in the Xia family object, he will be the chairman of the company in the future.

The Xia family will be under his control!

"Bang bang bang."

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Xia Hao couldn't help being surprised, who was it?

Although panicked, Xia Hao didn't panic. Before coming in, he thought of a way out.

Gently opening the window, Xia Hao turned out through the window with his will.

The person standing outside is naturally Chen Feng.

After knocking on the door a few more times, there was still no movement inside the door, and Chen Feng didn't think much about it.

After entering the door, Chen Feng discovered that Xia Yunsheng was lying on an office chair.

"Grandpa?" Chen Feng frowned. Is Xia Yunsheng asleep?

"Grandpa?" Chen Feng shouted again, but Xia Yunsheng still did not open his eyes.

Chen Feng couldn't help but came to Xia Yunsheng, ready to wake Xia Yunsheng.

But when his hand fell on Xia Yunsheng, Chen Feng couldn't help narrowing his eyes.

Xia Yunsheng's state is not right!

As a warrior, Chen Feng almost felt the state of Xia Yunsheng at this time, somewhere between half-dead and half-alive.

Chapter: 195

Afterwards, Chen Feng's gaze naturally fell on the teacup in front of Xia Yunsheng.

"Chen Feng, what are you doing!"

At this moment , Xia Hao walked in, followed by several key members of the company.

"Nothing, just want to hand over the contract to Grandpa." Chen Feng said lightly.

"Contract?" Xia was stunned, and said: "What contract?"

Chen Feng glanced at Xia Hao, and said, "Of course it is the contracts you sold, so what else can it be?"

Xia Hao's pupils shrank suddenly. Tight, some couldn't believe it: "Did you get back those contracts from the Ye family?!"

Chen Feng didn't say a word, but threw the contract on the table and motioned Xia Hao to see it for himself.

Xia Hao walked to Chen Feng in a few steps, took out the contract, and swept them one by one.

After confirmation, Xia Hao's mind suddenly set off a huge wave.

This waste, actually did it!

And it took less than a day!

"How did you do it?" Xia Hao swallowed and asked in disbelief.

"No comment." Chen Feng said lightly.

"What's the matter with the chairman?" At this time, someone finally noticed something wrong with Xia Yunsheng.

Xia Hao shifted his gaze to Xia Yunsheng, pretending to be tentative, and said, "Grandpa?" He

called out several times.

Xia Yunsheng didn't react at all.

"Did Grandpa fall asleep?" Xia Hao asked suspiciously, full of acting skills.

"It doesn't seem to be. Go and call the doctor!" A relative of the Xia family shouted anxiously.

A few minutes later, Xia Yunsheng's personal doctor arrived and took out professional equipment to perform an examination for Xia Yunsheng.

"What happened to Grandpa?" Xia Hao asked concerned.

"Chairman..." The doctor glanced at Xia Hao embarrassedly, and said: "Chairman, he seems to have become a vegetable." In

an uproar!

Inside the office, the needle dropped quietly and could be heard.

"What are you talking about?!" Xia Hao was agitated, and as he said, he grabbed the collar of the private doctor and shouted: "Grandpa, he was fine before, how could he suddenly become a vegetable!"

" Yes , you Is the inspection wrong? In the afternoon, I think there is nothing wrong with the chairman."

Several relatives of the Xia family are also anxious . Xia Yunsheng is the Xia family’s Dinghai Shenzhen. If something goes wrong with him, the Xia family will next, I'm afraid I'll get restless.

The personal doctor wiped the cold sweat from his head and said: "I can't check it wrong. The chairman's current heart rate and breathing state are completely consistent with the condition of a vegetative person."

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Everyone in the Xia family suddenly became ashamed. The doctor said so. I am afraid that Xia Yunsheng has really become a vegetable.

I have to say that this news was too sudden.

Everyone in the Xia family had no psychological preparation at all.

"Grandpa, wake up." With a puff, Xia Hao knelt in front of the office chair, grabbed Xia Yunsheng's hand, and his eyes started to turn red.

Chen Feng watched indifferently throughout the whole process. He had no feelings for Xia Yunsheng, so Xia Yunsheng became a vegetable, and there would be no fluctuations in his heart.

"Why did Grandpa become like this?" Xia Hao gave a choked look at the middle-aged doctor.

"The chairman's body has always been healthy before. He suddenly became like this. I am afraid it was stimulated." The middle-aged doctor pondered.

"Excitement?!" Everyone in the Xia family looked at each other, not knowing why.

"Yeah." The middle-aged doctor nodded and continued: "Most of this stimulus is emotional. For example, what happened to the chairman was unacceptable and caused the chairman's anger. If it is too slow, the central nervous system will be disordered and become a vegetable..."

Everyone in the Xia family couldn't help but fall on Chen Feng.

When they followed Xia Hao in the door before, only Chen Feng stood in front of Xia Yunsheng in the office.

"Is it you?!" Xia Hao also suddenly moved his eyes to Chen Feng.

"What does it have to do with me? I came in for less than a minute." Chen Feng gave Xia Hao a cold look. This idiot has a good acting skills.

"You say it's a minute in a minute? What evidence do you have?!" A senior in the Xia family said in a cold voice. At present, it seems that Chen Feng is the most suspect!

"I have no evidence." Chen Feng suppressed the anger in his chest and said.

At present, it seems that he just happened to break in and hit the muzzle.

Maybe there is something wrong with this cup of tea, even Xia Hao did it, but if he tells it, everyone in the Xia family will not believe it, but will feel that he is planting something, so the best way is to deny it directly.

"Fart! You must have said something that made Grandpa angry!" Xia Hao said angrily. He hadn't thought of planting this incident on Chen Feng, but now Chen Feng hit him. Moreover, everyone in the Xia family was also on his side, so he would never miss such a good opportunity.

"Xia Hao, do you really think I don't know what you did?" Chen Feng gave Xia Hao a cold look. There is no doubt that he was cheating Xia Hao. If Xia Hao did it, Xia Hao will naturally reveal it. Horse feet.

"What did I do?" Xia Hao was a little guilty, but he did behave stiffly: "As soon as I walked in, I saw you standing in front of Grandpa, and Grandpa was lying on a chair. You did what you did. What, not me!"

Xia Hao's words naturally led everyone in the Xia family to think about it.

I have to say that he succeeded.

Almost as soon as the voice fell, many relatives of the Xia family became furious.

"It must be this rubbish!"

"Yes, it's this rubbish. He had done it against the chairman before. This time he has to return the contract and his tail must not be up to the sky."

"Call the police and let the police come over, this one. do not just forget! " "

heartless things, chairman of him so well, he does not repay the chairman no problem, but also to actually become a vegetative state chairman. "

the summer home of the people you made, I Language, directly qualitative this matter.

Chen Feng did it!

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, and everything he said was sophistry until now.

But when the police really came, he wasn't afraid, after all, he was not afraid of shadows.

Ten minutes later, not only the police, but almost all the senior officials of the Xia family arrived here.

Xia Mengyao and Lin Lan were naturally there, and it was no small matter that Xia Yunsheng became a vegetable.

"Chen Feng, how are you?" Xia Mengyao came to Chen Feng the first time, with a bit of worry in her beautiful eyes. She didn't believe that Chen Summit had done such a thing, and Xia Yun was so vegetative.

Because it is not necessary at all.

But the rest of the Xia family thought otherwise.

Driven by some caring people, everyone in the Xia family at this moment has almost reached the point of condemning Chen Feng.

"I'm okay." Chen Feng shook his head. How do the Xia family have nothing to do with him? Anyway, he doesn't have less meat.

Chapter: 196

"Did you trash it?!" Lin Lan also walked over angrily. Chen Feng's trash was daring to the extreme, turning Xia Yun Sheng into a vegetative, which broke the Xia family's heavens.

Moreover, I heard from the Xia family that before, Chen Feng uttered wild words in front of Xia Yunsheng and wanted to establish another Xia family.

When he heard this, Lin Lan was almost mad, a son-in-law, who gave him the courage to do this!

Chen Feng glanced at Lin Lan, and did not intend to follow Lin Lan, because Lin Lan is an idiot who has no brains at all, and she believes whatever others say.

It's no use explaining it.

Seeing that Chen Feng ignored him, Lin Lan suddenly became angry.

He was about to get angry with Chen Feng, but at this moment, several policemen came over.

"Sir, please come with us."

"Okay." Chen Feng did not resist, and obediently followed a few people into the police car. Of course he was capable of handling these police officers, but he didn't need to do so.

If he really wants to do that, it shows that he has a ghost in his heart.

Chen Feng was taken away, and everyone in the Xia family clapped their hands and cheered.

However, only Xia Hao knew that those policemen would not treat Chen Feng at all, because he gave the medicine and had nothing to do with Chen Feng.

Taking Chen Feng away is just a routine matter, and when you ask clearly, Chen Feng will naturally be released.

After Xia Yunsheng was assigned to a senior nursing home, Xia Hao hurriedly called a shareholders meeting.

In the meeting room, Xia Hao said in a deep voice: "Grandpa can't wake up temporarily, but our Xia family can't have a group of dragons without a leader."

Who is the chairman?

Many members of the Xia family looked at each other, and it was obvious that this was a problem facing all the Xia family.

"I propose to let Zilan act as the chairman of the board temporarily." The shareholders of Xia Zilan's first series opened up, intending to support Xia Zilan in the position, saying that it is a temporary substitute, but it is no different from direct acting.

"No! The chairman of the Xia family has not set a precedent for women!"

As soon as the shareholders of Xia Zilan's family fell out, someone objected. Naturally, this person was on Xia Hao's side.

Although Xia Hao was removed from the position of vice president of the company, before him, after all, he was the only heir to the Xia family, so with him as the center, many interests have long been gathered.

At this moment, without Xia Hao speaking, these interests would stand up and speak for Xia Hao.

"Then who do you want to come?" Xia Zilan's shareholders suppressed anger.

"Xia Hao! He is the only heir appointed by the chairman!"

"Impossible! The chairman was relieved of his position yesterday!" Many people in the Xia family objected.

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At this time, Xia Hao took out a will and said calmly: "Your argument, in my opinion, is purely redundant! Grandpa made the will long ago. If something happens to him, I, Xia Hao, will be The only heir to the Xia family!" As he

said, Xia Hao threw the prepared will on the conference table.

Everyone circulated it.

After the circulation, many shareholders of Xia Zilan's series suddenly looked a little ugly.

There is no doubt that the will is true, with Xia Yunsheng's handprint on it, even if it is false, it must be taken as true!

"Does anyone have any opinions now?" Xia Hao gave everyone a cold glance.

"No, Dong Xia."

All passed and the wills were taken out. Since no one dared to object anymore, everyone in the Xia family was considered familiar.

"In that case, I will be the chairman of the company from today." Xia Hao said in a deep voice. As long as he becomes the chairman of the company, then the entire Xia family will have the final say from now on!

On the other side, Chen Feng quickly left the police station.

Xia Yunsheng suddenly became a vegetable this time. It is indeed very strange. Of course Xia Hao is the most suspected, but Chen Feng has no evidence. Of course, if he is determined to investigate, the real murderer will not be able to hide. However, he But there is no such thought.

His top priority is to unify Cangzhou as soon as possible.

"Shao Chen, as you might expect, the people of the Ye family have gone to the Xia family's VIP." Outside the police station, Gu Dongchen spoke respectfully. When Chen Feng left yesterday, he said that the Ye family would look for the Xia family's VIP. At the time, he still didn't understand why the Ye family would ask the Xia family instead of Chen Feng.

Now he understands.

Because the Ye family whom Chen Feng had appointed in the name of the Xia family is now missing, the Ye family naturally seeks out the Xia family.

Not Chen Feng, a door-to-door son-in-law!

"I see." Chen Feng nodded slightly, his projects were not something he could take if he wanted to.

If the Xia family wants to eat such benefits for nothing, it depends on whether they have such a good mouth.

"In addition, I have been staring at Ye Haitang, but this woman has been quiet. Except for yoga, she goes to SPA every day. Even if people who know us are staring at her, she has no response." Gu Dongchen said. He couldn't see through Ye Haitang more and more.

Logically speaking, she is in charge of such a large family and should be very busy every day.

But she is better, every day is more leisurely than those rich ladies.

"Interesting." Chen Feng raised the corner of his mouth, he was becoming more and more curious, Ye Haitang was a woman.

If he didn't guess wrong, Ye Haitang would have known his identity a long time ago.

The identity of the heir to the Chen family!

"Well, old Gu, you don't need to stare at Ye Haitang. Your task now is to find a group of trusted brothers as soon as possible, the kind who have a foundation in martial arts." Chen Feng smiled slightly and said.

Ye Haitang's work is obviously the kind of dripping water, and Gu Dongchen stared at it, it was useless.

Might as well do something useful.

"Shao Chen, you want to..." Gu Dongchen was a little surprised. Hearing what Chen Feng meant, he wanted to get a group of warriors out?

Chen Feng nodded without evasiveness, and said directly: "I plan to cultivate a group of forces similar to the

Anbu of the Ye Family." "Shao Chen, this... I'm afraid it won't work." Gu Dongchen couldn't help but speak, not distrustful. Chen Feng, but he knew how difficult it is for an ordinary person to become a warrior.

Many people started playing martial arts at the age of seven or eight, but at the age of thirty, they still cannot become a martial artist. One can imagine how difficult it is to become a martial artist.

Now, what Chen Feng means is to find a group of adults who have established their roots and train them into warriors.

This is probably harder than reaching the sky!

"How do you know if you don't try it?" Chen Feng smiled slightly. For others, it is very difficult to train a group of ordinary people who have already been shaped into warriors.

But for him, the master of Huajin, this matter is not impossible.

Even if it was impossible, he would make it possible for Xia Mengyao!

"Okay, Shao Chen, I'm going to find someone now." Chen Feng said so, and Gu Dongchen didn't dare to doubt anymore.

Chapter: 197

At this time, the atmosphere inside the entire Xia family was very strange.

Although Xia Yunsheng had become a vegetable, not many people in the Xia family showed a sad look.

On the contrary, everyone in Xia Hao's line looked very happy.

After all, Xia Hao is now the chairman of the Xia family, and every year from now on, the dividends given to them will definitely be much more than when Xia Yunsheng was in power.

But this happiness didn't last long, because the Ye family came.

The people from the Ye family can't talk softly with the people of the Xia family, but directly questioned where the people of the Xia family got Ye Mingwen.

Everyone in the Xia family was confused, Ye Mingwen?

Ye Mingwen is missing, what does it have to do with them?

It wasn't until Xia Hao came out in person and asked with a smile that the Ye family came to tell the ins and outs of the matter.

Two days ago, Ye Mingwen went to the Xia’s family appointment to discuss the contract with Chen Feng. After that, Ye Mingwen mysteriously disappeared. There were also Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan who disappeared with Ye Mingwen. In addition, it was almost at the same time. A buyer who bought the Xiajia project but did not make it to the appointment has broken a leg!

One stone caused a thousand waves!

After hearing the news, everyone in the Xia family began to feel numb.

There is no doubt that Chen Feng did this!

This trash, where did he get so courageous? !

Everyone in the Xia family took a breath and was inexplicably horrified. They thought that Chen Feng had asked for help to get those projects back, but now it seems that Chen Feng, this waste, did not ask anyone at all.

Direct violent collection!

Disrupt many buyers one leg!

Ye Mingwen and Kang Haibo and Wang Qishan disappeared!

This is going to pierce the sky!

Xia Hao hurriedly explained to the Ye family that the matter was Chen Feng's work and had nothing to do with the Xia family, but the Ye family didn't believe it at all.

Without the support of the Xia family, a door-to-door son-in-law would do this kind of thing.

Did he have the courage to eat the bear heart and leopard?

The people from the Ye family did not give Xia Hao more opportunities to explain, but directly gave the final notice.

Within three days, hand over Ye Mingwen and the project, otherwise, let the Xia family go around without food!

After the Ye family came to leave, Xia Hao hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called Chen Feng, ready to ask Chen Feng's dignitaries.

But after the call was made, Xia Hao found that Chen Feng had been busy.

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Obviously, he was blackened by Chen Feng.

"This waste!" Xia Hao was immediately gritted with anger.

"Where did he get the gall to do it to the Ye family."

"I want to die, why should I drag my Xia family into the water!"

"Chairman, you have to find a way as soon as possible. If you can't hand over someone in three days, Ye The family will definitely take action against our Xia family."

All the relatives of the Xia family have the expressions of dead mothers, and Chen Feng's move can be said to have brought disaster to the Xia family.

At this time, no matter how they dismissed their relationship with Chen Feng, the Ye family would not believe it.

Xia Hao is also like a sorrowful critic. He has just become the chairman of the board for less than a day and is about to face such a mess. If he knew that, he should act on Xia Yunsheng later, let Xia Yunsheng carry the anger of the Ye family first, and then do it. It's not too late.

"Chairman, call Xia Mengyao and ask her to find the

wasteful person ." "Yes, call Xia Mengyao, she is from my Xia family after all."

Many relatives began to suggest.

Xia Hao gritted her teeth and said: "It's useless, that bitch, she has changed her mobile phone number long ago."

"What?!" The Xia family was shocked.

"This food is too hateful!"

"Send someone to find them as soon as possible!"

"Look for them? What do you do with them! No need to find!" Xia Hao's eyes flashed a cold light, and said, "Just let people go. In the hospital, drag Xia Weiguo’s old thing out and give it to the Ye family. Let Xia Weiguo come to calm the Ye family’s anger. I don’t believe it, they can’t come out!”

Xia Hao’s idea was simple, using Xia Weiguo to threaten Xia Mengyao and Chen peak.

Chen Feng can ignore the Xia family, he doesn't believe it, and Chen Feng can still focus on Xia Weiguo!

Chen Feng didn't know that Xia Hao had already paid attention to his old man.

At this time, all his attention was attracted by a piece of Gu Dongchen's news.

Car God Cup!

Ye Haitang is going to hold the Cha God Cup in Bohai Bay!

As the name suggests, this is a racing competition, located at the junction of Cangzhou and Nanning, Bohai Bay.

This is a large-scale competition initiated by Ye Haitang and organized by supercar clubs and racing clubs in Cangzhou and Nanning!

The prize amount in the competition alone is 100 million!

In terms of bonus alone, this is probably the largest racing event in China.

And according to Gu Dongchen, Ye Haitang’s biggest hobby is racing.

In the Cheshen Cup this time, there was internal news from the Ye family that it was an event organized by Ye Haitang to choose a son-in-law.

This news drove the whole Cangzhou into madness.

Ye Haitang!

Not to mention her identity as the head of the Ye family, and her beauty alone is enough to make most men in Cangzhou fall in love with it.

When she was a teenager, she was known as the number one beauty in Cangzhou. Now Ye Haitang, although she is simple and simple, and very few people have seen her, no one dares to doubt that she is not a beauty!

One can imagine what kind of sensation Ye Haitang's choice of son-in-law will cause.

This time, not only Cangzhou, but even Nanning, there will be many wealthy children coming to join in the fun.

Chen Feng naturally became interested.

Of course, not for the one hundred million bonus, but more for Ye Haitang.

This Cheshen Cup is a good opportunity to get to know Ye Haitang.

If possible, he wanted to take this opportunity to take down Ye Haitang.

Once Ye Haitang, Shen Hongchang and Li Juncheng were taken down, there was no evidence.

The situation in Cangzhou will also become completely clear.

"Old Gu, get me an invitation letter, I want to go over." Chen Feng ordered. Because the scale of this event is too high and the venue space in Bohai Bay is limited, the organizer decides in the form of an invitation letter. The number of participating drivers and guests watching the race.

But with Gu Dongchen's energy, it is naturally not difficult to get an invitation letter.

"Chen Shao, what car are you driving?" Gu Dongchen asked. This time, there will be a professional stadium and a supercar stadium.

The professional stadium is naturally prepared for professional drivers. The cars on the field are all professional formula cars.

The supercars are prepared for the children of the rich, and they are all Lamborghini, Maserati and Bugatti supercars.

"Bring my Audi over here." Chen Feng said, he passed this time and didn't intend to participate in the competition. As he turned into a powerful warrior, to participate in the competition was a bit bullying.

So driving that Audi is most appropriate to keep a low profile.

Chapter: 198

"Huh?" Gu Dongchen was shocked: "Open the Audi?"

"Well, open the Audi." Chen Feng nodded and smiled. The Audi was bought for him by Xia Mengyao. After I bought it, I haven't opened it a few times. This time it happened to be driven. Go out and run in.

"Shao Chen, why don't you drive that Koenigsegg?" Gu Dongchen couldn't help asking. In his opinion, only the Koenigsegg could be worthy of Chen Feng's identity.

Moreover, although Audi is regarded as a luxury car in the eyes of ordinary people, Audi is no different from a tractor in this kind of supercar race. Is Chen Feng not afraid of losing his share when he drives an Audi in the past?

Chen Feng sighed and said, "Old Gu, you are usually smart, why are you so stupid today?"

"Stupid?" Gu Dongchen touched his head. Where is he?

Chen Feng nodded and smiled: "I'm going to drive a Koenigsegg over, how to find out the news, Ye Haitang is not blind, she will definitely find someone to investigate."

Gu Dongchen patted his head, a little embarrassed Said: "Chen Shao, look at my mind, and forget that you were inquiring about the news in the past."

"It's okay, let someone get the car over as soon as possible." Chen Feng smiled and said.

"Well, Chen Shao, I suggest you go there in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the opening ceremony. The number of hotels in Bohai Bay is limited. If you are late, I am afraid you will have no place to live." Gu Dongchen said.

"Okay, I'll be there in the afternoon." Chen Feng nodded.

Soon, Gu Dongchen's people drove the car over. After filling up the gas, Chen Feng drove directly on the road.

Bohai Bay is the intersection between Cangzhou and Nanning.

The most famous attraction here is the winding bay track. Every year, many racing events are held here.

On weekdays, there are many rich second generations who like to drag racing in Bohai Bay.

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Of course, there are not a few deaths from drag racing.

At the foot of the mountain, shattered luxury car parts can be seen everywhere.

When Chen Feng's car drove to the foot of the mountain, it was already early evening. As the race was about to start tomorrow, the hotel at the foot of the mountain was already overcrowded.

Chen Feng asked several in a row, all of them were full.

Helpless, Chen Feng had to continue driving up the mountain.

The Bohai Bay Road at night, but the famous ghost gate, the track here is winding, the road conditions are complicated, and the lights are in disrepair for a long time, and it is dim.

If you are not careful, there is a risk of car crash.

Therefore, there is a saying among the drivers who have been in the Bohai Bay all the year round. Those who dare to drive in the Bohai Bay at night are all death drivers!

Chen Feng didn't know this sentence, but even if he knew it, it would not affect his driving at night.

At a speed of 180, Chen Feng forced the Audi out of Lamborghini.

On the mountain road, only a phantom can be seen passing by.

At the same time, a few masked men tiptoed out of the grass on a must-go road on the mountain road.

"Boss, you won't kill anyone," a thin man said weakly.

"Fart life!" The mighty man in the lead glared at the thin man, and said: "This is Bohai Bay at night, and the speed of people going up the mountain is 50 or 60. The speed of 50 or 60 can be a fart. "With

that, the mighty man will spread dozens of long nails evenly on the road.

"What if someone drives to 100?" the thin man asked carefully.

"One hundred?" The mighty big man snorted coldly, and said: "If you don't want to die, you will drive to one hundred." As

soon as the voice fell, a phantom appeared in the sight of several people.

In the first second, the white car lights were still hundreds of meters away, and in the next second, the white car lights came one after another!

In an instant, several masked men were frightened to their legs!


too fast!

People don't even have time to react.

It was Chen Feng who drove naturally. In fact, he did not expect that someone would stand in the middle of the road at this late hour.

Slam the accelerator.

The tires rubbed sharply against the ground, and an extremely harsh sound cut through the tranquility of Bohai Bay.

In the end, Audi stopped at an inch in front of several masked men.

There was a "puff".

The thin man was so scared that he slumped directly on the ground, just a second before he entered the ghost gate.

The mighty man was also scared into cold sweat and his calves were soft.

But after all, he has seen a lot of worlds. After calming down, he immediately drew a wrench from his waist and came to Chen Feng's car door angrily.

"How did you drive!" The

mighty big man patted Chen Feng's door heavily and shouted.

Chen Feng frowned, then pushed the door open, got out of the car, and glanced at a few people.

"The robbery?" Chen Feng asked with a smile. These people are also interesting. In the big evening, they ran to the Bohai Bay track to robbery, really not afraid of death.

That is to say, he is quick to react. This is about to run into a slow reaction. It is too late to step on the brakes, I am afraid they will all die tonight.

The mighty man was stunned, Chen Feng's brain circuit. Why is it a little different from normal people? Shouldn't normal people cry for father and mother when they encounter robbery, why should Chen Feng ask the question?

"Knowing that I've robbed him, don't hurry down on my knees!" Although surprised, the mighty man didn't think much about it. He directly threatened with so many people, and they all had weapons, so they were not afraid of what Chen Feng would do. Moth.

"Yes, kneel down! Call out all the valuable things on your body!" The thin man also started yelling. He was almost scared to pee by Chen Feng just now. Now that he caught the opportunity, he naturally had to return.

"Are you sure you want me to kneel down?" Chen Feng smiled playfully. He hasn't done anything for a long time. If these strange flowers are ignorant today, he would just loosen his bones.

"Boy, if you don't kneel, you will die!" The mighty man threatened with a grin. This is Bohai Bay, and death is normal.

"Okay." Chen Feng sighed. Since a few people are stubborn, he doesn't bother to say anything.

Just about to start, at this moment, a red Ferrari drove over.

Although the scene in front of him was obviously not right, the red Ferrari did not intend to ignore it, but stopped the car directly beside a few people.

The door opened, and a man in a floral shirt and a tall young girl in a black silk dress got out of the car.

The figure of the man in the flower shirt is a bit bloated, and his face is full of fat, but this fat has an inexplicable sense of joy.

The young girl next to him has a slender and graceful posture, as if a gust of wind can blow down. A pretty face without pink and daisy looks very stunning under the car lights, and the young girl’s temperament is also very gentle, and The joy of Fatty formed a sharp contrast.

"What are you doing?!" The man in the flower shirt snorted carelessly, obviously meant to be in charge.

Chapter: 199

Chen Feng suppressed the urge to do something, intending to see the development of the situation first.

"Fatty, do you want to be more nosy?" The mighty man stood in front of the man in the flower shirt, and said in a deep voice. Unlike Chen Feng, the man in the flower shirt drives a high-profile Ferrari. The background looks unusual, but this night Where the black wind is high, he is not afraid.

It's really going to be dead, killing one is killing, killing two is killing.

"Fatty?" The man in a flower shirt raised his brows, pointed to his nose, and said, "You are called Fatty Laozi?!"

"What? Is there a problem?" The mighty man twitched, and Nima was almost three. It’s a hundred catties, don’t you call you fat?

"The thing Xiaoye hates most is that others call Xiaoye Fatty!" The man in the flower shirt seemed a little angry.

"Then I want to call you Fatty, Fatty, Fatty, Fatty!" The mighty man sneered and shouted Fatty several times.

"Hey, do you believe me?" The man in the flower shirt raised his brows and rolled up his sleeves as he said, ready to do it.

"Brother." At this moment, the gentle woman next to him glared at the man in the blouse and said: "Did you promise your mother before you go out that you won't fight?"

"But, this kid he scolded I'm so fat, why don't I teach him a lesson, where do I put my face?" The man in the flowered shirt said in disgust.

"I don't care, brother, if you dare to fight, I will tell mom about your fight, and let mom clean up you." The Wen Wan woman Qiong pointed her nose and said.

Hearing this, the man in the flower shirt suddenly became a little bit guilty.

"For the sake of my sister's face, I won't clean up the few of you today, don't hurry up!" The man in the flower shirt glanced at a few masked men and said.

"I said Fatty, did your brain kick the donkey? Can't you see how many people there are on Lao Tzu?" The mighty man sneered. Is this fat fat guy really stupid or pretending to be stupid? The situation is obvious right now. Yes, the fighting power on my own side is stronger, this fat man, if he doesn't roll, he dares to let them roll.

"Many people? A lot of people are awesome? Believe it or not, I will flip you with one hand?" The man in the flower shirt sneered.

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"One hand? If you TM can overturn us with one hand, I will call you father!" the mighty man said.

"I want to be beautiful! I don't have a son like you." The man in the flower shirt hummed and said.

"Okay! Very good!" The mighty man sneered again and again, and said: "Dead fat man, since you don't know each other, I will teach you how to behave today!"

"Go! Interrupt the dead fat man's legs and turn it around Woman!" The mighty man waved his hand and said.

When the words fell, the masked men behind him rushed out like red eyes.

"Sister, look?" The man in the flower shirt glanced at the gentle woman, quite asking for instructions from the gentle woman.

The gentle woman's white teeth lightly opened, and sighed: "Fighting is

okay , but no life is allowed." "Good!" The man in the flower shirt looked happy and rushed over.

Chen Feng watched from the side with a lot of time, and his eyes were quite playful.

When the man in the flower shirt got off the car, he saw that the man in the flower shirt was not simple, he had traces of warriors on his body.

Next, the man in the flowered shirt confirmed Chen Feng's guess.

With only one hand, in less than ten seconds, he flipped a few masked men.

After going through a few masked men, the man in the flower shirt then turned his attention to Chen Feng: "Brother, are you okay?"

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: "It's okay, thanks."

The man in a flower shirt waved his hand and said, "Thank you, what I don't understand most in normal days is this kind of obscure stuff. And these idiots are throwing nails on the mountain road. If it's not a brother, you will pass first. I may be the one who will suffer."

"If you want to say thank you, I have to thank you, brother, for taking this muddy water for me first." The man in the flower shirt smiled.

Chen Feng smiled and didn't say anything. He could see that the fat man in this flower shirt is a very good person. Although he is also a rich second-generation, he has no arrogance.

"By the way, brother, you also went up the mountain to participate in the car god cup?" the man in the flower shirt asked.

"Yeah." Chen Feng nodded.

"That's just right, I'll give you a ride. Look at your car's tire. It was also punctured by these idiots, and the car can't be driven." The man in the flower shirt was very enthusiastic.

"Then... trouble you." Chen Feng smiled bitterly. If the man in the flower shirt didn't say anything, he hadn't noticed. When checking the brake just now, the tire happened to run on the spike.

Of course, he can also leave the car here and run up the mountain, but it would be bad if someone saw it.

"No trouble, what's the trouble, but for your car, you may have to wait for tomorrow to be dragged by yourself." The man in the flower shirt looked at Chen Feng's Audi again and said.

"I'll find a way for the car." Chen Feng smiled slightly.

Then Chen Feng got in the car.

This Ferrari in the flower shirt is different from the normal two-seater Ferrari. It is a four-seater Ferrari California, so Chen Feng can just sit behind.

"By the way, brother, don't you know what your name is?" the man in the flower shirt turned his head and asked.

"Chen Feng."

"Chen Feng?" The man in the flower shirt frowned and was a little puzzled: "I seem to have heard this name before."

Although familiar, but after thinking about it for a long time, the man in the flower shirt didn't think of a reason, but he is not the kind of person who is inquisitive. Since he can't think of it, he simply doesn't think about it.

"Brother, my name is Zhu Guangquan, and this is my sister next to her, and her name is Zhu Jiayan."

"Hello." The Wen Wan woman turned her head and smiled politely at Chen Feng.

"Hello." Chen Feng responded politely, and he probably guessed the origin of the two brothers and sisters in his heart.

People from Zhu's family in Cangzhou.

The Zhu family is in the catering business, and the family assets fluctuate around 2 billion. It can barely be regarded as the first half of the second-tier family, Chen Feng, once read the information given by Han Long.

Soon, Zhu Guangquan drove the car to the door of a luxury hotel on the top of the mountain.

Bohai Hotel.

In front of the hotel, there is a huge boulder nearly three feet high. On the surface of the boulder, the four characters of "Bohai Hotel" are written on it.

Although it was night, there was still a welcome waiting at the hotel entrance.

After leading Zhu Guangquan to park the car, the three of them entered the hotel gate.

Go straight to the front desk.

"Yeah, isn't this our Young Master Pig? It's not good for Young Master Pig to take pig food at home, so how come we ran to Bohai Bay to have fun." A strange voice of Yin and Yang sounded behind the three of them.

Hearing this voice, Zhu Guangquan's face suddenly became gloomy and terrifying, and Zhu Jiayan's pretty face also had a look of disgust.

Chapter: 200

"Sun Gou, where I am going, it seems to have nothing to do with you." Zhu Guangquan turned his head coldly.

Chen Feng also looked at the person who had just made a strange sound of Yin and Yang. This was a young man wearing an Armani suit with a large back head. The young man's eyes were swollen and his face was a little sickly pale, which was obviously caused by perennial indulgence.

"Why do Master Pig speak so aggressively? It doesn't matter where you are going, but where your sister is going, it has something to do with me, hehe." The Armani youth stretched out his hand and touched Zhu Jiayan's little boy. face.

Zhu Jiayan pushed the Armani young man's hand away, and said coldly: "Shao Sun, please respect

yourself !" "Self-respect?" Sun Quan smiled playfully and said: "Jiayan, what do you mean by this? You are my future." Wife, why don't I feel self-respect if I touch you?"

"Sun Gou, you better not be too much! The marriage between you and my sister is still a matter of no character, you..." Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice, on his forehead Some veins were violent, and it could be seen that he tried very hard to suppress his anger.

But before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Sun Quan with a sneer: "Pig Guangquan, Lao Tzu gave you face, so he called Master Pig. Don't think that you are really a young master."

"As long as I want to. With a word of Lao Tzu, you can make your Zhu family bankrupt. At that time, your Zhu family will all have to kneel in front of Lao Tzu, begging Lao Tzu to go to your sister!" Sun Quan’s pale face was full of sneers, Zhu Guangquan’s Zhu In recent years, the business situation has gone from bad to worse, and many banks owe money. If it were not for the Sun family to help, the Zhu family would have gone bankrupt.

Therefore, the Sun family is now the largest creditor of the Zhu family. A year ago, in order to stabilize the Sun family, the Zhu family agreed to let Zhu Jiayan marry him. The two parties had long been engaged in a marriage contract.

He knew very well that Zhu Jiayan despised him and even disliked him, but what does it matter? He has money and he can bankrupt the Zhu family with a single word.

No matter how reluctant you are, Zhu Jiayan, can you help me and?

"You..." Zhu Guangquan clenched his teeth, and there was anger in his eyes, but he also knew that there was nothing wrong with what Sun Quan said. The life and death of the Zhu family is indeed between Sun Quan's thoughts.

Sun Quan walked up to Zhu Guangquan, patted Zhu Guangquan's face humiliatingly, and sneered: "Pig Guangquan, I am in a good mood today, so I'll let you go first. If you see Laozi the next day, if you still don’t know how to praise me, Don't blame Lao Tzu for being rude to you!"

"Besides... I'm optimistic about your sister, I don't want her to cuckold Lao Tzu when she meets with some inconsistent people!" Then, Sun Quan glanced at the side again. Chen Feng, the warning is very obvious. He doesn't know Chen Feng's identity, so it is not easy to attack Chen Feng directly, but he still has to take precautions before they happen.

After Sun Quan led the people away, Zhu Guangquan sighed, glanced at Chen Feng apologetically, and said, "Brother Chen Feng, I'm sorry

, I'm hurting you." "What's the trouble, I'm sitting well, is it because When Jia Yan and I walk together, he will do nothing to me." Chen Feng smiled slightly. The grandson dog in Zhu Guangquan's mouth should not be a native Cangzhou family. If it is a native Cangzhou family, he should know.

Zhu Guangquan shook his head and sighed: "Brother Chen Feng, don’t you know how small Sun Quan and this dog’s mind are. In the past, because he saw my sister, her classmate, and my sister walking together, he People interrupted one of my sister’s classmate’s legs. Today, you are so late and you are still with my sister. He will definitely not let you go.”

“The reason why I didn’t do anything with you here is probably because Because, I haven't found out your details yet." Zhu Guangquan said in a deep voice.

"So arrogant?" Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. If what Zhu Guangquan said was true, then Sun Quan would be really unscrupulous.

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"Yeah." Zhu Guangquan nodded and said: "Brother Chen Feng, or I will send you down. You will go outside to avoid the storm these days, and you will come back when things are over."

"No. "Chen Feng shook his head and said, "If he comes to trouble me, I will follow."

"Next?" Zhu Guangquan was a little stunned, what to pick?

"Although the base camp of the Sun family is in Nanning, there are many families they have made in Cangzhou. If those families make trouble for you, you may not be able to take it." Zhu Jiayan also spoke quietly, and she was right. Remind Chen Feng, don't be aggressive, so as not to make mistakes.

"If you can't answer it, you can know it after trying." Chen Feng smiled and said.

Zhu Jiayan's lips moved. She wanted to say that Chen Feng was irrational, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed it back because she didn't know Chen Feng's identity. What if Chen Feng had any background?

"Well, Brother Chen Feng, stay with us these few days. If someone makes trouble for you, I can take care of you." Zhu Guangquan said. Since Chen Feng is determined to pay attention, he should If it's hard to persuade, I can only do my best to protect Chen Feng.

After all, it was Zhu Jiayan who implicated Chen Feng.

"Yes." Chen Feng nodded.

After the three of them had finished speaking, they came to the front desk. Zhu Guangquan had booked a room a few days ago. He and Zhu Jiayan had one room. Now they only need to get the room card.

Because Chen Feng had not booked the room in advance, and the hotel was now full, he could only squeeze a room with Zhu Guangquan.

But fortunately, both of them are informal people, and they don't care about it.

After entering the room, Chen Feng put on the hotel slippers.

Zhu Guangquan opened the curtains of the hotel, pointed to another small western-style building not far away, and asked with a smile, "Brother Chen Feng, do you know who lives in that building?" Chen Feng

followed Zhu Guangquan's instructions. Lou took a look and shook his head. He really didn't know who lived in that building, but depending on the location and decoration of that building, the status and status of the people living in it were obviously unusual.

"Hehe, Brother Zhu tells you that the person who lives in that building is named Ye." Zhu Guangquan smiled, looking rather wretched.

"Family name Ye?" Chen Feng's expression was weird, maybe it was Ye Haitang.

After seeing Chen Feng's weird complexion, Zhu Guangquan also smiled deeply, and said, "It seems that the brothers came for Queen Ye too."

"How do you know?" Chen Feng was a little surprised. He sneaked over to observe, and he hasn't started yet. Was discovered?

Zhu Guangquan glanced at Chen Feng and said: "You are asking nonsense, who is the man who came here is not for Queen Ye."

"To tell you the truth, after knowing that the Cha Shen Cup was held by Queen Ye, it is not only our Cangzhou. , Even in the city of Nanning next door, a lot of rich second generations came here, and Sun Quan's dog stuff belongs to Nanning." Zhu Guangquan said.