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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 261-270) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 261

Hearing Zheng Xi's words, Lu Chen immediately understood. A ridicule came out of the corner of his mouth, and he sat directly on the lounge chair, leaning on the lounge chair and closing his eyes to refresh himself.

  Zheng Xihe wanted to delay the time, so Lu Chen asked him to delay, so he would sleep first.

  Anyway, as long as he enters a state of health and sleep, it is difficult for him to be awakened by noise.

  Zheng Xihe didn't notice Lu Chen at first. For the first ten minutes or so, he was still very focused and judged the result first, but he didn't announce it and kept his sentimental appearance.

  He had already made up his mind. He must drag Lu Chen for a few hours. Originally, Lu Chen had been staying up all night, and if he dragged him for a few hours, even if he was a god, he would make a mistake.

  It'sjust-- half an hour later, he heard a loud sound, and looking back, it was Lu Chen already asleep.

  Zheng Xi vomited blood peacefully, and he didn't expect Lu Chen to resolve his conspiracy so easily.

  In fact, Yang Mu and others were deliberately reminding Zheng Xihe, but Zheng Xihe has always maintained a sense of sentiment, and they are also afraid of affecting Zheng Xihe's judgment.

  After all, this is the most critical round , and it is also their life and death round .

  If you win, there is still hope. If you lose, it is hell. They must be greeted by the insults of the rough enthusiasts of the National Rough Stone Association, and even the entire Zhonghai jewelry market has suffered a disaster that has been rare for decades.

  After weighing it over and over again, Zheng Xihe finally gave up the conspiracy in his heart. Moreover, the risk was too great. By that time, regardless of whether he wins or loses, he will probably become a joke in the stone gambling industry, and he will never want to stand up for the rest of his life.

  "Hetian jade, 63 grams." Zheng Xihe said and handed the rough stone to the staff.

  The staff did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly began to cut, and cut it out quickly. It was indeed Frontier Hetian jade, but for the top ten stone gamblers, the guessed category is already standard, and there is nothing to look forward to.

  The staff put the jade on the tray and quickly weighed out the mass:

  70 grams.

  The error is only 7 grams.

  Zheng Xihe was relieved, and Yang Mu and others were also relieved.

  The error of 7 grams is definitely Zheng Xihe's best result in decades.

  Even Xiao Zhiyuan in the hotel room has a heavy face.

  The error was within 10 grams, and he did not have it a few times. Even if he met Zheng Xihe, he did not have absolute confidence in winning.

  "That kid is really too sleepy, he really may not be able to win Zheng Xihe in this round." said the middle-aged man next to Xiao Zhiyuan.

  Xiao Zhiyuan did not express, but he also agreed with the middle-aged words in his heart.

  Lu Chen slept soundly, and the host looked at Zheng Xihe.

  "Wake him up, don't delay everyone's time." Zheng Xihe said coldly.

  The host nodded, and had to walk over to pat Lu Chen who was sleeping.

  "Has it been a few hours?" Lu Chen asked, rubbing his eyes.

  He saw Zheng Xihe's sinister eyes before, and guessed that Zheng Xihe should drag him shamelessly for a few more hours, so he went to sleep with confidence.

  "It's only half an hour, Master Zheng has already got the result, just waiting for you." The host smiled bitterly.

  "Yeah, it's only half an hour, it's not Zheng Xihe." Lu Chen stood up, flexed his muscles and said.

  Everyone in the audience heard Lu Chen's irony, and there was a roar of laughter.

  Zheng Xihe's expression was ugly to the extreme.

  "How many grams is his error?" Lu Chen asked the staff while moving his bones.

  As for the variety, he believes that Zheng Xihe can definitely guess it, and it is not important. At this level of gambling, it is the error that determines the outcome.

  "7 grams." The staff member said.

  "I'm going, really or not, when did Zheng Xihe break like this?" Lu Chen leaned forward to check in disbelief.

  "You!" Zheng Xi vomited blood peacefully, Lu Chen must have done it deliberately.

  Thinking that he was the top three in the country, he was so suspicious of Lu Chen. Isn't this humiliating him in public.

  "The conclusion he gave is 56 grams? 70 grams?" Lu Chen asked the staff seriously.

  "70 grams." The staff member said dubiously.

  "Master Lu, it's really 70 grams." Someone in the audience said.

  Lu Chen raised his head to look at the person who was speaking off the stage, smiled, and then said, "Okay, then

  count him as seven grams of error." "Lu Chen, what do you mean, what do you mean? You are humiliating the old man! "Zheng Xihe was extremely angry, and shouted in a deep voice.

  Lu Chen lazily looked at Zheng Xihe, and said jokingly: "You can't tell, Master Zheng, you know a little bit of

  yourself ." "You!" Zheng Xi's whole body was trembling, but he didn't expect Lu. Chen's mouth is so cheap, everything is like a needle, piercing his heart fiercely.

  The host really couldn't stand it anymore, so he had to remind: "Master Lu, it's your turn, please, don't let the other masters wait too long."

  Lu Chen nodded and said sarcastically, "Yes, both. I've delayed the other masters all night, then I'll start." As

  he said, he picked up a rough stone. Although it was still in his hand, he obviously padd it a bit more often this time.

  Zheng Xihe had an error of only 7 grams, so he didn't dare to be careless in this round.

  Seeing Lu Chen's serious expression, everyone knew that Lu Chen had come.

  This is the first time he has shown this look since participating in the competition.

  It seems that Zheng Xihe's results have put some pressure on him in this round.

  "Agate jade, 37 grams."

  Finally, when he reached the tenth time, he finally spoke.

  The staff took over and started cutting, everyone was staring at the staff.

  This game is very important, and it is Zheng Xihe's life and death game. Everyone wants to see if Lu Chen can create another miracle and block Zheng Xihe, the top three in the country, from the top four.

  As the cutting deepened, everyone soon saw a piece of red appearing.

  There are three natural colors of agate, red, amber and white, and red agate has the best color.

  Thinking of Lu Chen's strength and seeing the red color, everyone knew it must be agate.

  After cutting it, put it on the instrument, and it is indeed a piece of red agate with the best color.

  The staff put the agate in the tray only after the test knot was announced to everyone.

  "33 grams, Wu is 4 grams!" After the

  scale stabilized, the staff reported in shock.

  The error of Lu Chen in the last round was 5 grams, which had already broken countless records in the gambling world.

  Unexpectedly, in this round, Lu Chen was even more terrifying, with an error of only 4 grams.

  This accuracy, dare to ask everyone sitting here, who can reach it?

  Zheng Xihe also saw the number on the scale. When he saw that it was indeed 33 grams, he only felt his brain buzzing, and there was a feeling of spinning around.

  He lost again. In just a few months, he lost three consecutive games to the same person, and he was just an unknown junior he looked down on before.

  At this moment, the entire venue stood up, shocked and did not know what to say.

Chapter: 262

With an error of 4 grams, he won the second game in a crushing manner.

  In addition to shock, everyone's eyes looking at Lu Chen were shocked.

  The organizer made a secret trick, temporarily changed the rules, and fought for a whole night.

  But this did not hit Lu Chen at all. Instead, he fought back. Not only did the ten challengers get rid of the horse cleanly, but there was no need to rest and directly challenged Zheng Xihe, the top three in the country. www. And

  then even the two cities, crushing Zheng Xihe blocked the semi-finals.

  This is a record like a god.

  God-like stone gambler!

  At this moment, whether it was Xiao Zhiyuan or the other top eight masters, their faces were gloomy, and their hearts were shocked to the extreme.

  Lu Chen's record, let alone them, even if he finds the number one Yunzhongqi in the country, he will definitely lose.

  At this moment, these rough masters were praying in their hearts, if they can enter the next round, don't touch him.

  At this time, the host of the China Overseas Stone Association, the chairman Yang Mu and the vice chairman Zhu Bohong, were both diplegic sitting in their chairs, their eyes a little dull, and they couldn't say a word for a long time.

  "We knew it would be such a result. We shouldn't have targeted him. We can line up him with Zheng Xihe. At least before the finals, he has no chance to meet Zheng Xihe." For a long time, Zhu Bohong Only weakly sighed.

  At this time, he regretted it to the extreme and was shocked to the extreme.

  Lu Chen's original seamless arrangement was so easily defeated by Lu Chen.

  After today, their Zhonghai Rough Stone Association lost their face at home, and the first stone gambler Zheng Xihe in the association also fell into an unstoppable ground.

  Don't think about it, Zheng Xihe still wants to turn over again in the future, it's harder than going to heaven.

  "I know it so early in the world, no matter, prepare to arrange other people's games. At the end, I personally apologize to him and the national media." Yang Mu laughed at himself, but he is also a man of courage. So because of their wrong decision, the China Overseas Stone Association has been brought into the abyss, of course he has to stand up and take responsibility for this.

  At this time, everyone in the venue was cheering for Lu Chen, and applause broke out where Lu Chen passed.

  The whole scene is like a general greeted by a triumphant return.

  "Xiao Lu, good job." Back on the table, Huang Youjun gave Lu Chen a thumbs up.

  "Master Lu, you have worked hard. Sit down and rest." Lan Ling hurriedly helped Lu Chen pull the chair, and even kneaded Lu Chen's shoulders himself.

  "No, I'm fine." Lu Chen signaled that Lan Ling didn't have to.

  "You will have a big fight in a while, stop talking, eat something and take a good rest." Lan Ling didn't mean to let go, insisting on kneading Lu Chen's shoulders.

  Lu Chen didn't think too much. After staying up all night, he was indeed a little tired. It just happened that there was a prepared breakfast on the table, he ate some casually, and then leaned back on the chair to rest.

  Under Lan Ling's gentle massage, Lu Chen soon fell asleep.

  Seeing that Lu Chen fell asleep, everyone around him consciously lowered the voice of the chat. Even if the host was announcing the grouping situation loudly at this time, no one in the audience was stunned.

  This kind of scene embarrassed a group of hosts on stage, and made his next words consciously whispered a lot.

  The other three groups of competitions took a total of one and a half hours to end. In the end, the four finalists were Lu Chen from Yuzhou, Xiao Zhiyuan from Beijing, Hu Yingguang from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and Liu Shaojun from Jinling.

  The host was randomly divided into groups in public.

  At this time, both Xiao Zhiyuan, Hu Yingguang and Liu Shaojun were a little nervous, and they didn't want to run into Lu Chen in this round.

  The final result was Lu Chen against Hu Yingguang and Liu Shaojun against Xiao Zhiyuan.

  The match between Liu Shaojun and Xiao Zhiyuan took place first, so Huang Youjun didn't wake up Lu Chen, and planned to wake up Lu Chen after the two were over.

  After more than forty minutes of hard work, Xiao Zhiyuan won Liu Shaojun with a 2-1 record.

  To be honest, in this kind of rock gambling, those who can enter the top eight are not bad.

  Like this semi-final, Xiao Zhiyuan, second in the country, almost fell into the hands of Liu Shaojun, seventh in the country.

  In the last round, Xiao Zhiyuan defeated Liu Shaojun by only 2 grams. The gap was very small and not even obvious.

  Only then did Lan Ling gently wake up Lu Chen.

  "Master Lu, it's your turn." Lan Ling whispered.

  Lu Chen rubbed his eyes and saw that his opponent hadn't been on stage, so he got up and walked towards the bathroom.

  After getting rid of a little hand, and then washing his face with cold water, Lu Chen slowly walked to the high platform.

  At this time, the host announced the start of Lu Chen's semi-finals.

  Hu Guangying and Lu Chen walked on the high platform at about the same time.

  "Master Lu, although I know the chance of winning you is not great, but at our level, sometimes winning or losing is really not important at all. The important thing is to meet a rare opponent." Hu Guangying reached out to Lu Chen He took his hand and said.

  "Master Hu is right, and that's what I think." Lu Chen shook hands with Hu Guangying politely. Everyone was still a little too used to him suddenly becoming less acrimonious.

  From last night to today before the match with Zheng Xihe, Lu Chen left everyone with a bitter and arrogant impression. At this time, it was a bit surprised to see Lu Chen being so polite to Hu Guangying.

  It feels like Lu Chen.

  "Okay, let's start." Hu Guangying said.

  "Master Hu please." Lu Chen nodded.

  Hu Guangying was also not welcome, and directly picked up a rough stone to realize it.

  After about ten minutes, Hu Guangying had the result. In the end, Wu was 12 grams short, which was similar to Zheng Xihe's current game against Lu Chen in the first game.

  This time, Lu Chen was not playing with him, and Hu Guangying had no hatred with him, so there was no need for him to insult him.

  He realized it with the same seriousness, but came to a conclusion in just two minutes: the error was 8 grams and he easily won the first game.

  Hu Guangying smiled bitterly, he was mentally prepared for this result.

  Others saw that Lu Chen was still so stable, the error was still within 10 grams, and they had to admire Lu Chen's strength.

  In the second game, Hu Guangying tried his best, even beyond the level, but his error was still not controlled within 10 grams, just 10 grams.

  In this round, Lu Chen's final result was an error of 7 grams, and he successfully won the semi-finals and entered the finals.

  Everyone would have thought that the little-known Yuzhou and the little-known Lu Chen would have entered the finals of the National Stone Gambling Competition.

  The final time is set at two o'clock in the afternoon, this time period is the time for everyone to eat.

  Lu Chen ate something casually and went to bed.

  Although he also didn't look at Xiao Zhiyuan in his eyes, but who knew if they would come up with any more conspiracies to calculate him.

  It’s better to nurture your spirits than anything else.

Chapter: 263

At this moment, the entire Yuzhou Rough Stone Association is full of joy.

  Lu Chen played on behalf of Yuzhou and made it to the finals.

  For Yuzhou Rough Stone Association, this is a moment in history and an unforgettable moment.

  Although there were still three hours to start the final, everyone almost chose to wait beside the TV to witness the birth of the great miracle.

  Although Xiao Zhiyuan is a stone gambling master with a higher reputation and strength than Zheng Xihe, he is the second-ranked stone gambling master in the country.

  But almost everyone knows that this year's champion is none other than Lu Chen.

  Judging from all the results of Lu Chen's competition this time, he guessed the correct category in every round, and the error in the first round was controlled within 10 grams.

  Among them, the two games with Zheng Xihe were 5 grams in one game and 4 grams in one game, which directly broke countless historical records and set an unprecedented record in the stone gambling industry.

  On the other hand, Xiao Zhiyuan’s four games, but only two games have an error of less than 10 grams, 8 grams and 9 grams, and even in the second game with Liu Shaojun, his error was as much as 15 grams. That round was directly lost by Liu Shaojun.

  Based on data analysis, Xiao Zhiyuan was not Lu Chen's opponent at all.

  Everyone believed that Lu Chen would definitely win the championship.

  At this time, Xiao Zhiyuan also had this idea.

  Facing such an enchanting, abnormally stable Lu Chen, he also had no confidence at all.

  Unless Lu Chen made a low-level mistake, it would be impossible to give him any chance.

  "Don't worry, Elder Xiao, I've arranged it, and the championship must be ours." The middle-aged man said harshly.

  Xiao Zhiyuan nodded, but there was still something missing in his eyes.

  It is an insult to him to think that he is the second-largest stone gambling master in the country. When Yun Zhongqi did not participate in the competition, he would rely on conspiracy to win the game. This is simply an insult to him.

  He believes that after today, even if he wins the championship as he wishes, his reputation will also be bad. He can expect that in the gambling world, he, like Zheng Xihe, will completely become a bug.

  But for the championship, for Xiao Biqing's arrangement, he also had to do the same.

  The time soon arrived at two o'clock in the afternoon, and the people who had rested for three hours returned to the venue again.

  All look forward to the start of the final.

  Although everyone believed that the champion must be Lu Chen, Lu Chen was unknown before, and everyone wanted to witness the birth of the miracle in person now.

  In the expectation of everyone, Lu Chen stepped onto the high platform first, and a minute later, Xiao Zhiyuan also stepped onto the high platform.

  "Master Xiao, please invite first." Lu Chen gestured to Xiao Zhiyuan to please.

  In fact, in this kind of stone gambling competition, the second player still suffers.

  Because as long as the opponent's result is not very bad, the next player will have a lot of pressure in his heart.

  However, Lu Chen never cared, and in his opinion, in the world of gambling, no one would really bring him any pressure.

  Even Yun Lao, Lu Chen had the confidence to defeat him when he was betting on rocks.

  Xiao Zhiyuan hesitated, but walked over and picked up the rough stone to sense it.

  The audience became very quiet. Although some people were talking about something in a low voice, it would not affect Xiao Zhiyuan on the high stage.

  Five minutes later, Xiao Zhiyuan said: "There is a diamond, 31 grams." The

  staff quickly cut it. It is indeed a diamond. The actual mass is 23 grams with an error of 8 grams.

  This result was very strong. At this moment, everyone was worried for Lu Chen.

  Although Lu Chen played very steadily, he had an error of 8 grams in several rounds, and even 9 grams in one round.

  If he makes a mistake this time, he is likely to lose the game.

  Seeing this result, both Xiao Zhiyuan and the middle-aged people were relieved.

  If Xiao Zhiyuan can defeat Lu Chen in an upright manner, then they won't need to use conspiracy.

  After all, the championship won like that is not only unconvincing, but it is very likely that Xiao Zhiwan, like Zheng Xihe, will fall into an unstoppable situation. www.Lu

  Chen took a look at the appraisal plate, did not say anything, picked up a rough stone and realized it.

  This time, he also did not underestimate the enemy, nor did he play tricks.

  At this point, he must win the championship.

  This is not only to help the Yuzhou Yuanshi Association, nor is it to help Lanling. In order to make his rough company better, he must also win the championship.

  The most important thing is that if he does not win the championship here, he is afraid that the robbers will be disadvantageous to Qiqi.

  Although he believed that the other party would definitely not dare to hurt Qiqi, he was careful to make him understand the truth of the Wannian Ship.

  Not afraid of ten thousand, just in case.

  This time, Lu Chen felt for more than 4 minutes before he finally came to a conclusion: "Crystal stone, 42 grams." The

  staff hurriedly cut it. It was indeed a crystal. After weighing it, it was 45 grams.

  "The error is 3 grams!" The

  staff took a deep breath before reporting the data to the public.

  Everyone in the audience heard this error number, and almost everyone took a breath.

  The error is 3 grams!

  Lu Chen broke his own record of 4 grams error again!

  This is the real final, the real god-level master!

  Xiao Zhiyuan's expression was a little ugly. He thought he had a chance to win Lu Chen in this round, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to break his own record of 4 grams error, which was only 3 grams.

  There is an error of 3 grams, which is more accurate than many electronic scales.

  This kid is simply the evildoer among the evildoers.

  What makes Xiao Zhiyuan's expression a little ugly is that Lu Chen's unprecedented great record was created by stepping on him, and no matter who talks about it in the future, he will surely become the background board for a lifetime.

  Unless one day, a more enchanting person will stand up and break Lu Chen's record.

  "Master Xiao, it's your turn." Seeing Xiao Zhiyuan's face gloomy, as if in a daze, the host reminded.

  Xiao Zhiyuan turned around, picked up a rough stone again, and started the second game.

  This time, Xiao Zhiyuan took about seven or eight minutes to finally come to a conclusion.

  But I don't know if he was disrupted by Lu Chen's 3 grams error in the last round, or he was hit with confidence.

  In the second game, Xiao Zhiyuan's error reached an astonishing 15 grams.

  When the staff reported the data, everyone had already prepared to make Lu Chen happy in advance.

  The champion was destined to be Lu Chen's not running.

  After all, after walking all the way last night, after Lien Zhan all night, Lu Chen completely controlled the error within 10 grams, and at most only one error reached 9 grams.

  This round, even if Lu Chen treated him like he did last night, it would definitely not exceed 15 grams.

  But when Lu Chen picked up the rough stone to start the second round of the game, his cell phone rang suddenly.

  Lu Chen didn't care, planning to call back in a while.

  Anyway, he was not prepared to spend much time in this game.

  With an error of 15 grams, he can win Xiao Zhiyuan with his eyes closed.

  "Young man, I suggest that you better answer the phone first. Or even if you have won the championship, you have lost something more important than the championship. That's not a pity." Seeing that Lu Chen didn't want it. Xiao Zhiyuan reminded him of answering the phone.

Chapter: 264

Lu Chen looked back at Xiao Zhiyuan, and seeing Xiao Zhiyuan looking at him jokingly, he was startled, and a bad premonition immediately rose.

  Xiao Zhiyuan's suggestion that he answer the phone is certainly not aimless.

  Did this old thing play any tricks for me?

  "Sorry, I took the call." Lu Chen put down the rough stone, said to everyone in the audience, and took out the phone.

  Lin Yijun made the call, and he went to a corner where there was no one to get through.

  At this time, Lin Yijun called him. It is very likely that she has found Qiqi and came to tell him the good news.

  But I don't know why, listening to the ringing of the phone ringing over and over again, there is a sense of depression in his heart slowly rising.

  "Yi Jun." Lu Chen said softly when connected.

  "Boy, if you want your wife's life, you must lose to Master Xiao in the remaining two games..." A cold voice from a man came on the phone, not Lin Yijun at all.

  "Who are you?" Lu Chen took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice.

  "Don't care who I am, anyway, do what I said, give the championship to Master Xiao, and I will let your wife go."

  "How can I trust you?" Lu Chen asked.

  "You have no choice but to bet that Lao Tzu is also a trustworthy person." The other party sneered.

  Lu Chen was silent for a few seconds, and said, "Let me listen to my wife's voice first."

  After a few seconds, Lu Chen heard Lin Yiyun's crying voice coming over: "Lu Chen, don't you Regardless of me, you must win the championship today. As long as you win the championship, those talents may let Qiqi go..."

  "Boy, you heard it, do as I said, otherwise you can only give Your wife has collected the body." The other party directly hung up the phone.

  Lu Chen took a deep breath, his face turned quite ugly.

  He was silent for nearly a minute before returning to the stage.

  "Sorry, I applied for a ten-minute suspension of this round." Lu Chen said, regardless of whether the organizer agreed, he stepped down.

  Looking at Lu Chen's back, Xiao Zhiyuan's eyes showed a touch of cruelty.

  After seeing Lu Chen suddenly answering a phone call, everyone in the audience stopped the game with a very ugly expression, without knowing what had happened.

  Many people even wondered if the organizers had come up with some damaging tricks to deal with Lu Chen in order not to let Lu Chen win the championship.

  Lu Chen didn't say anything, his eyes faintly flickered with unwillingness and anger.

  There are also murderous opportunities that are not easily detectable by others.

  "You come with me." When he

  came to the table, Lu Chen patted Lan Ling on the shoulder and walked towards the bathroom.

  Everyone was puzzled. When Lan Ling heard Lu Chen's words, he didn't know why, his heart trembled, and his eyes were a little flustered.

  But she still got up and followed. www.

  Came to the bathroom, looked around and there was no one. Lu Chen looked at Lan Ling who was following him, took out a cigarette, took a deep breath, and asked, "You know I call you The reason for coming here?"

  Lan Ling shook his head, keeping a smile on his face.

  "Lan Ling, when are you going to act?" Lu Chen said in a deep voice flashing a sharp light in his eyes.

  "Master Lu, I really don't know what you are talking about, what did I act?" Lan Ling panicked and asked back.

  Lu Chen took a mouthful of his cigarette butt, grabbed Lan Ling's neck, and pushed her against the wall with a sullen irony: "Lan Ling, do you think you are acting well? Your acting skills are better than those of the actor. Want to burst?"

  "Master Lu, what's the matter with you?" Lu Chen clasped her neck, but Lan Ling was not too flustered, she could even remain calm.

  "Lan Ling, I have already given you a chance, but since you don't want it, then don't blame me."

  Lu Chen snorted coldly, and the strength in his hands increased a bit.

  At this moment, Lan Ling's face finally changed.

  Being held by Lu Chen's neck made her breathing a little difficult.

  Especially seeing the unabashed murderous intent in Lu Chen's eyes, she was finally a little scared.

  "You let me go, I let them let Kiki go." Lan Ling said hardly.

  "Call right away and let them send people to the bureau within ten minutes, and personally hand over my daughter to Xu Zuojun. I warn you, if there is something wrong with my daughter, I will not only kill you personally, but also make you whole The Lan family goes to hell!" Lu Chen's strength was slightly relaxed, but the murderous intent in his eyes became more and more intense.

  When Lan Ling came with them before, he was just a little skeptical.

  But it wasn't until the night before, after Lan Ling killed Zhai Jun and Xia Yi who had offended her on the plane, that he was sure that Qiqi must be in Lan Ling's hands.

  If the Lan family wants to open a jewelry store in Yuzhou, the effect of sponsoring the Rough Stone Association alone will certainly not be ideal.

  But if the Yuzhou Rough Stone Association can get a pretty good place in this stone gambling contest, the effect will be different, and it will definitely be much better than asking big stars to tell.

  If you win the championship, the Lanjia jewelry store will definitely surpass Zuo's Yunfei Jewelry Group and become the largest jeweler in Yuzhou.

  But Yuzhou has three antique masters, Huang Youjun, and Huang Youjun alone is proficient in stone gambling. He is not strong enough to even enter the top 100 in the country.

  Lan Ling also knows that Lu Chen once defeated Zheng Xihe in a stone bet. Zheng Xihe can be the top three master in the country. If Lu Chen can represent the Yuzhou Rough Stone Association to participate in the competition, not to mention the championship, at least the top four are not there. questionable.

  That's why Lan Ling planned to kidnap Qiqi to threaten Lu Chen.

  At this time, Lan Ling took out her mobile phone and made a call. After the other party was connected, she said, "Send Xiao Qiqi to the police station within ten minutes and hand it to Xu Zuojun."

  She said and hung up. Said apologetically: "Master Lu, I'm sorry, this matter is my fault, but you can rest assured, Qiqi is very good, in order to make her happy, my people have been coaxing her like a princess these days."

  Lu Chen snorted coldly and slowly loosened Lan Ling's neck, but he still raised his hand and slapped Lan Ling's face.

  What Lu Chen hates most is the people who threaten him with his family.

  Want him to help the game, Lan Ling can use other methods.

  Even as long as he knows the news, he himself will come to participate.

  Because he also wants to take this opportunity to push the Yuzhou Rough Stone Association to its peak. Only when the Yuzhou Jewelry Market expands, his Rough Stone Group will become more popular and earn higher profits.

  But Lan Ling used this way of touching his bottom line.

  To be honest, if it wasn't for Lan Ling to say that they coaxed Qiqi as a princess, he would just abolish Lan Ling.

  If Qiqi really missed anything, he would definitely kill Lan Ling the first time.

  But what made Lu Chen feel at ease was that ten minutes later, he finally received a call from Xu Zuojun.

  Xu Zuojun told him on the phone that Qiqi had arrived in the game and that there was no mistake.

  "Send her to her grandmother's house for me. By the way, my wife was kidnapped. You can locate her mobile phone, but don't act rashly. I will go back in the afternoon and take care of it myself."

  Lu Chen said to Xu Zuojun.

Chapter: 265

At this time, Lan Ling understood why Lu Chen had suddenly embarrassed her.

  It was his wife who was kidnapped.

  Imagine a person, his wife and daughter have been kidnapped, it is very difficult not to go crazy, and he still knows that the person who kidnapped his daughter is nearby.

  "Master Lu, has your wife been kidnapped by Xiao Zhiyuan's people?" Lan Ling guessed when Xiao Zhiyuan reminded Lu Chen to answer the phone.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen hummed and walked towards the venue again.

  Qiqi is okay, the profound root in his heart has also loosened, and the anger in his heart towards Lan Ling is not as strong as before. www.

  But it is impossible for him to have a good impression on Lan Ling.

  Lu Chen walked to the high platform again, everyone was full of curiosity, but seeing that Lu Chen's face was very ugly, no one spoke.

  "Miss Lan, what happened?" Lan Ling returned to his position, and Huang Youjun asked.

  Lu Chen's expression made him a little worried. The road to winning the championship was just before the final round. Lu Chen suddenly answered the phone and applied for a suspension of the game. Who on earth did he answer?

  "Master Huang, no matter what happens next, please accept it, don't blame Master Lu, and after returning, someone will definitely make irresponsible remarks. I don't want to hear this kind of voice appear in your Rough Stone Association." Lan Ling said solemnly.

  Huang Youjun was startled, with a bad feeling in his heart.

  Wu Zhonghua and others were also confused, what happened?

  Lu Chen came to the high platform, stared at Xiao Zhiyuan, and then said for a long time: "Go back and tell Xiao Biqing, come at me if you have anything, and use these despicable means to lose her identity."

  Xiao Zhiyuan's expression was a little ugly. .

  To be honest, he didn't want to get this far.

  But Xiao Bieling's order was to win the championship.

  "I am now withdrawing from the championship battle due to personal reasons. Master Xiao is worthy of being the second best player in the country. I am convinced to lose to him." Lu Chen bowed apologetically to the audience, then turned and walked off the platform. Go directly to the hotel room, book tickets, and prepare to go back to Yuzhou.

  When Lu Chen left, the entire venue exploded.

  "What does Master Lu mean? Although Master Xiao is second in the country, how can he be compared with him?"

  "Yes, Master Lu is the real champion, why did he give up?"

  "More we also stayed up all night with him, witnessed the miracles he continues to break records one by one, how could he say no, do not champion title of it? " "

  Do not noisy, and you did not find it, the land would have to be the master After winning the championship, it was Master Xiao who suddenly asked Master Lu to answer the phone, and then after Master Lu answered the phone, his face became unsightly, and then he finally gave up the championship. Don’t you know what's the trick? "

  Yes, yes, it must be Xiao Zhiyuan using something to threaten Master Lu, and Master Lu finally decided to give up the championship. I have to ask, Master Xiao, you are the second largest stone gambler in the country. You use this kind of despicable shamelessness." Don’t you have a bad conscience to win the championship?"

  "Yeah, Master Xiao, you don’t have to face it if you do this. Are you a champion, don’t you have a B number in your heart?"

  "So old, no I thought it was a big yin, Xiao Zhiyuan, Xiaoye, I despise you and will always block you."

  At this time, everyone in the audience understood, and they all condemned Xiao Zhiyuan.

  This incident basically pushed Xiao Zhiyuan to the edge of the cliff. After today, he will lose his reputation. In the stone gambling world, he will no longer be able to raise the stage to meet people.

  Listening to the flood of condemnation from the audience, Xiao Zhiyuan's expression was hard to see the extreme.

  He glanced at Lu Chen's far away back, and he felt like he wanted to scold his mother.

  His original intention was to let Lu Chen deliberately lose the game in the last two rounds, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so shameless that he directly compared and gave him the championship.

  This kid is also a big yin, it's really damning to pull the old man into the water before leaving.

  Seeing that everyone actually wanted to rush to the stage to make trouble for him, Xiao Zhiyuan's expression changed and he hurried to the backstage.

  He is so old, how can he withstand the toss.

  Of course, although everyone in the audience was angry and felt worthless for Lu Chen, they were still able to control their emotions.

  Otherwise, how could Xiao Zhiyuan's turtle speed make him escape back to the background safely.

  Countless old men shook their heads one after another. This time the stone gambling competition really refreshed their three views.

  First, the organizer shamelessly changed the rules, allowing Lu Chen to continuously accept the challenge of ten stone gambling masters, and then the ten stone gambling masters who challenged Lu Chen spent time, making Lu Chen stay up all night.

  In the end, when Lu Chen was about to win the championship, Xiao Zhiyuan, who was second in the country, came out again to be a demon.

  In order to win the championship, Lu Chen resorted to such despicable and shameless means to force Lu Chen to give him the championship.

  "The sorrow of the original stone world!"

  Many old men sighed and shook their heads.

  At this time, Yang Mu and Zhu Bohong were also dumbfounded.

  They looked at Xiao Zhiyuan, who fled to the background in embarrassment on the screen, and couldn't say a word for a long time.

  They thought that what they had done before was shameless enough, but they didn't expect a mountain to be as high as another.

  In front of Xiao Zhiyuan, the two of you look at me and I look at you, they all feel like a shameless world.

  Apparently in front of Xiao Zhiyuan, they both felt that their previous conspiracies were too pediatric.

  "Miss Lan, let's go, I think Xiao Lu should go back in a hurry." Huang Youjun sighed. This time he was able to see the shameless lower limit of the organizer and Xiao Zhiyuan for the stone betting competition.

  You know, Xiao Zhiyuan is his true idol for decades.

  Unexpectedly, he was so shameless.

  Lan Ling nodded, she was also worried.

  She didn't know how Lu Chen would think of her in the future.

  But she also thought about it in her heart. After returning, she must apologize to Lu Chen again. She did go too far in this matter.

  At this time in Yuzhou, when Lu Chen said to give up the game and leave, countless people directly smashed the TV.

  They were very angry. Lu Chen had already gone through so many twists and turns when he was able to enter the finals, but when he could win the championship with only one game short of his hand, such things happened. Everyone knew it must be Xiao Zhiyuan. What despicable means was used to threaten Lu Chen.

  The old people like Zhang Shengqiao almost vomited blood.

  Champion, that is the champion that has already been obtained!

  At this time, Xiao Zhiyuan usually came out of the backstage, and was about to retreat to his room, but suddenly saw a figure blocking him.

Chapter: 266

Xiao Zhiyuan looked at Lu Chen who was in front of him, and he didn't know why, a bad premonition suddenly rose in his heart.

  Lu Chen's eyes were a little cold, and the coldness made him feel a kind of depression invisibly spreading across his body.

  "Lu Chen, I'm not to blame, it's Xiao Biqing's meaning. It was her order that made me have to win today's championship." Xiao Zhiyuan knew what Lu Chen meant to block the robbery, and quickly explained.

  However, at this moment, Lu Chen suddenly turned around and kicked.


  The middle-aged man who followed Xiao Zhiyuan was suddenly kicked out by Lu Chen and hit the hotel wall at once.

  Lu Chen stepped forward and stepped down. The middle-aged who had not yet reacted pressed his stomach and groaned.

  The middle-aged was originally going to meet Xiao Zhiyuan, but he did not expect to see Lu Chen rob Xiao Zhiyuan. He was about to sneak attack from behind, knocking Lu Chen stunned, and taking him to the capital to give Xiao Biqing to deal with it.

  Unexpectedly, Lu Chen saw his sneak attack in Xiao Zhiyuan's eyes and knocked it down first.

  The middle-aged returned to his senses, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to draw a gun, but as soon as he took the pistol out, he was kicked on the wrist by Lu Chen, and the pistol fell to the ground.

  A sharp light flashed in Lu Chen's eyes, and he kicked it out, kicking the middle-aged man into flight.

  With his footsteps, the whole person followed the middle-aged man's body and ejected out. Just as the middle-aged body was about to fall to the ground, his left knee slammed up.


  The middle-aged screamed, and he didn't know how many ribs were broken by Lu Chen.

  When he fell to the ground again, he said that the pain passed out.

  "Don't move!"

  At this moment, Xiao Zhiyuan picked up the pistol on the ground and pointed to Lu Chen in a panic.

  Lu Chen has such a good skill, even the masters next to Xiao Fieqing are not his opponents, Xiao Zhiyuan is always so good that he can run past Lu Chen.

  He can only fight now.

  Lu Chen turned around to look at Xiao Zhiyuan, his gun hand trembled as Xiao Zhiyuan's hand was holding a gun, and there was a sneer in his eyes.

  "Don't come over, if you dare to come over again, I will shoot!" Seeing Lu Chen slowly walking towards him, Xiao Zhiyuan backed away and threatened.

  "Old stuff, just open it if you have one." Lu Chen said jokingly.

  Seeing that Lu Chen didn't mean to stop, Xiao Zhiyuan's nerves were tense, and he subconsciously buckled to the board.

  But at this moment, suddenly a hand clasped his wrist.

  Xiao Zhiyuan only felt that his right hand was about to be broken. As soon as he loosened his hand, the pistol fell to the ground.

  It was Lan Ling who grabbed Xiao Zhiyuan's wrist, and saw Lan Ling grabbed the fallen pistol with his other hand, and then pointed it at Xiao Zhiyuan's head.

  Xiao Zhiyuan's scared soul flew into the sky, and his eyes were full of panic.

  He didn't know how Lu Chen would deal with him.

  "Call Xiao Bieqing right away." Lu Chen came to Xiao Zhiyuan's face and said coldly.

  Xiao Zhiyuan had to take out his mobile phone and read Xiao Bieqing's number.

  Seeing the call, Lu Chen took the phone from Xiao Zhiyuan and answered the sound.

  "Xiao Bieqing, if you are a personal thing, come to Xiaoye, Xiaoye is waiting for you in Yuzhou, so that I despise you for these despicable means. Also, I hope that next time we meet, you can treat you Wash your neck clean, Xiaoye will personally send you back to the west!"

  Lu Chen said in a deep voice as soon as the call was connected.

  The other side was silent for a few seconds, then hung up with a grunt.

  Xiao Bieqing's face was quite ugly, she heard it right away, it must be Lu Chen.

  "Prepare it for me. I will go to Yuzhou to kill the dog. It is just a bereavement dog. I dare to threaten the old man. The old man must personally throw his wrong bones into ashes!" Xiao Feiqing threw the phone on the sofa, angrily Said.

  "Madam, just leave it to me. If you do it yourself, you lose your status." The middle-aged man who kneaded Xiao Biieqing's shoulders said softly.

  "No, he is Lu Tianxing's only heavyweight. I will kill him personally so that Lu Tianxing will cut off his children and grandchildren!" Xiao Bieqing said coldly.

  "Well, I'll make arrangements now." The middle-aged knows Xiao Biqing's character and decides what no one can let her change.

  While Xiao Biqing planned to go to Yuzhou to kill Lu Chen personally, Lu Chen faced a danger over there.

  "Master Lu, let's go, Zhai Yaohui seems to know something and has sent someone to the hotel to find us." Lan Ling said.

  Lu Chen threw Xiao Zhiyuan's phone on the ground and looked at Lan Ling mockingly: "You killed people, it's my business, you just run away."

  Zhai Yaohui's son Zhai Jun provoked Lan Ling on the plane. , Was killed by Lan Ling that night. This is another person's site. Zhai Yaohui will definitely be able to find out.

  However, what made Lu Chen depressed was that when he was on the plane to beat Zhai Jun, Zhai Yaohui was more likely to think that people were murdered.

  Even though the monitoring of the hotel was checked and he knew that he was not the murderer, he believed that Zhai Yaohui would definitely not give him a chance to explain.

  Although he said so, he followed Lan Ling and Huang Youjun to the elevator.

  At this moment, I saw a group of big men rushing over from the aisle.

  "Come on, don't wait for the elevator, go to the parking lot." Lan Ling said suddenly.

  Lu Chen and Huang Youjun hurriedly walked towards the stairs.


  The people behind saw that the three of them suddenly speeded up and ran, and they knew they were going to leave.

  They had already memorized the photos of the three of Lu Chen. Although they only saw the back, they knew that they must be the one they wanted to arrest.

  Soldier Huang You was getting old and gasped for breath before running a few steps.

  Upon seeing this, Lan Ling had to say, "Master Lu, you take Master Huang to the underground parking lot first, and I will break it."

  Lu Chen glanced at Lan Ling, didn't say anything, and walked with Huang Youjun. After going down one floor, he didn't take the stairs again, but went straight to wait for the elevator.

  The elevator was still on the 35th floor, and there was still some time to get down. At this time, both of them heard a group of people chasing Lan Ling to kill.

  Huang Youjun's face was a little worried, some were afraid that those people would suddenly rush to their level.

  But soon I heard footsteps and went downstairs.

  Soon after the elevator came down, Lu Chen and Huang Youjun entered the elevator and directly pressed the second floor underground.

  From the fifteenth floor to the second underground floor, no one pressed the elevator along the way.

  But when the two came out of the elevator, they saw more than a dozen people crowding outside the elevator. www.

  Without a word from the people outside, the knife and stick in his hand smashed the two of Lu Chen.

  Huang Youjun's face was pale, and he had never seen such a scene.

  Watching a machete slashed over his head, his mind went blank, and he didn't even react.

Chapter: 267

Seeing this, Lu Chen pulled Huang Youjun back a step, and when Huang Youjun was still in shock, he stepped forward and punched the opponent in the face.

  The big man fell backward after being beaten, and the machete in his hand came out.

  Lu Chen grabbed the machete and stepped it up, blocking the two steel pipes that had fallen down.

  With the machete in his hand, Lu Chen hesitated to regenerate the God of War, and chopped more than a dozen big men to the ground in three or two strokes.

  "Go." Lu Chen turned around and said to Huang Youjun, and walked to a luxury car with flashing lights.

  This is a four-person Audi sports car. There is a young man in the car. This young man, Lu Chen remembers, was the Lan Ling who picked them up at the airport two days ago.

  "Master Huang, you wait for me here first." Lu Chen didn't know what happened to Lan Ling. Although he didn't have any favor with Lan Ling in his heart, he was still ready to go back and meet her.

  Huang Youjun nodded and got into the car first.

  The young driver wanted to say something, but when Lu Chen left, he held back.

  Lu Chen came to the top of the stairs and just rushed to the first floor of the ground when he saw Lan Ling desperately running down, and behind her were the clamoring big guys.

  "Go to the car, let him drive out to pick me up." Lan Ling shouted at Lu Chen.

  "Are you sure?" Lu Chen asked lightly.

  "I can handle these people. By the way, give me the knife." Lan Ling said.

  Lu Chen nodded, threw the machete in his hand at Lan Ling, turned around and ran down the parking lot.

  Lan Ling didn't want him to help, and he was thinking about not wanting to help.

  And he also felt that Lan Ling should be able to handle it.

  Going back to the car, Lu Chen asked, "How is the driving skills?" The

  young man was taken aback, thinking of something, and said, "I haven't raced a car."

  "I'll come." Lu Chen said unceremoniously.

  "Okay." The young man nodded and sat in the passenger cabin.

  Lu Chen sat in the cab and directly started the sports car.

  "Master Huang, fasten your seat belts." Lu Chen reminded him, and the sports car swished out.

  Although it is in the underground parking lot, Lu Chen is skilled and drives a sports car, which can speed up.

  When I got out of the parking lot, I saw Lan Ling desperately running towards this side.

  At this moment, in a car parked outside, a middle-aged man took out a pistol and pointed it at Lan Ling.

  Seeing this, the young man in the co-driver's cab hurriedly took out the pistol from his arms and shot it first.

  However, Lu Chen hadn't stopped at this time. The young man's shot didn't hit the person in the two cars, but hit the window.

  The middle-aged man was shocked and hurriedly retracted his hand.

  At this time, Lan Ling had ran to less than 3 meters from the sports car. Lu Chen slammed the brakes to death with a creak, and the sports car rubbed on the ground for nearly a meter before stopping.

  Lan Ling had just jumped into the back of the sports car, and several bullets hit the sports car, shocking Huang Youjun in the back that was shaking.

  Even though he has lived for decades, he has experienced this kind of gunfight for the first time, and his heart is beating faster.

  "Get me out of the airport navigation." Lu Chen restarted the sports car, but he was not familiar with Zhonghai, so he had to rely on navigation.

  As soon as the sports car started, four or five luxury cars were caught up on the other side.

  Although a sports car can despise countless luxury cars when it rushes up, it is difficult for Lu Chen to get it up in the city center.

  However, he took advantage of his superb driving skills to quickly get away from the opponent.

  The result was several car accidents.

  But Lu Chen could no longer manage that much, he just wanted to return to Yuzhou sooner.

  Otherwise, Zhai Yaohui, he could stay and play with him slowly.

  After more than twenty minutes, he finally arrived at the airport without any danger. When he got out of the car, Huang Youjun couldn't help it anymore, and he vomited out.

  Lan Ling handed him a bottle of water, and after he rinsed his mouth, he gave him a tissue.

  "Master Huang, I'm sorry." Lan Ling said apologetically.

  Huang Youjun shook his head, he was just a little depressed how could this happen.

  After taking the ticket, he waited for nearly an hour before he boarded the plane. Huang Youjun had been in fear during this period. Fortunately, he never met Zhai Yaohui until he got on the plane.

  At this time, Zhai's villa heard the report from the people below, and Zhai Yaohui's eyes were murderous.

  "What did the Xia family say?" Zhai Yaohui asked.

  "I asked, they plan to go to Yuzhou for revenge, and ask if you want to be together." The assistant replied.

  "Well, I'll go to the Xia's house." Zhai Yaohui nodded, got up and left the office.

  He is just such a son, and he will not give up without revenge.

  Xia Shu met Zhai Yaohui in his company office.

  "Brother Xia, how do you plan to take revenge? Yuzhou is not our territory after all." Zhai Yaohui raised the question in his heart.

  "They can run to our site to kill people, why can't we run to their site to avenge? I know a friend overseas, he is familiar with the Middle Eastern mercenary General Miller, I am going to ask him to help me hire a group of killers." Xia Shu said coldly.

  "Well, we are half of the money. As long as we can kill the two goddesses, we will not hesitate to spend more money." Zhai Yaohui said.

  "Yeah." Xia Shu nodded. He was Xia Yi's daughter, but he was cut to death. He wouldn't be reconciled if he didn't kill the murderer.


  Lu Chen's practice of giving up the championship made the entire Yuzhou Rough Stone Association, and even countless rough stone lovers, quite angry.

  Originally, Ruchen represented Yuzhou in winning the National Stone Gambling Competition, which would surely make Yuzhou's sluggish jewelry market soar. Unexpectedly, at the last moment, looking at the handy champion, Lu Chen gave up directly.

  This made countless people feel an insult. www.

  Yes, especially Zhang Shengqiao and others, Lu Chen's approach, in their eyes, is simply insulting their IQ.

  "This stone-deserving Lu Chen, he must be deliberate, and deliberately not let us Yuzhou Yuanshi Association win the championship!"

  "We knew he was so scheming, we shouldn't believe him, even if he couldn't enter the top ten, he would be better It’s better to look at the champion flying to your mouth but unable to swallow it."

  "I can’t swallow this breath. Since he makes us uncomfortable, you can’t make him comfortable anymore. Didn’t he open a supermarket? What supermarket called again, I am ready to go every day with people to make trouble. " " It

  seems Spirit supermarket, but I heard they are already back on the plane, go, we go to the airport to have a say say. "

  original stone Association, the Under the leadership of Zhang Shengqiao, a group of people kept clamoring. In their eyes, they were already full of hostility towards Lu Chen.

  Even if Lu Chen had won the runner-up on behalf of the Rough Stone Association, in their eyes, Lu Chen was nothing more than a piece of chess kneaded at will. Of course, they would not easily let Lu Chen go.

Chapter: 268

Zhang Family Villa.

  "You still don't know the real identity of Lu Chen, right?" Mu Zong looked at Zhang Shengqiao and others and said.

  "Isn't he the owner of a supermarket? And he is backed by Xie Weihao, we all know it." Zhang Shengqiao said.

  "Yes, that kid is a bit rich, but apart from having a good relationship with Xie Weihao, he doesn't seem to have anything outstanding, right." Liu Qifu, the old man of the Liu family, looked at Mu Zong suspiciously.

  Zuo Zhengyi did not speak, but he looked at Mu Zong curiously.

  "You have always heard of the Lu family, one of the five major families in Beijing," Mu Zong said.

  Everyone was shocked, and their hearts suddenly understood.

  "Mr. Mu meant that Lu Chen belongs to the Lu family in Beijing?" Zhang Daoren asked incredulously.

  Mu Zong nodded and said, "Yes, Lu Chen is the only son of Lu Tianxing. Although the Lu family is a new star family in Beijing, it has hundreds of billions of assets."

  Everyone was shocked, and they finally understood. , Why Xie Weihao wants to support Lu Chen.

  Although their four major families are the top families in Yuzhou, the total of the four families is not enough for the Lu family.

  Lu Tianxing's name, as early as more than ten years ago, they were like a thunderbolt. It was a business genius from China and even the world.

  In just over ten years, with his own efforts, he not only gained a foothold in places like the capital, but also squeezed into the top five families in the capital.

  It can be seen how terrifying its ability is.

  It is said that the Lu family has hundreds of billions of assets, and the total assets of their four major families can't exceed 10 million. This shows how terrifying the strength of the five major families in Beijing.

  "Mr. Mu, in that case, Lu Chen should have made Yiqi Technology." Zhang Shengqiao said.

  "Well, Lu Chen's wife's name is Lin Yijun, and his daughter's name is Lu Qiqi. Yiqi Technology named it based on his wife and daughter's names. You didn't even find the trickyness in it," Mu Zong said.

  After hearing Mu Zong's explanation, everyone immediately understood, and then they were all a little embarrassed. It was so stupid that they hadn't thought about such an easy thing.

  "But you can rest assured that the Lu family in Beijing has been forced to disband by my wife. My wife will come to Yuzhou to deal with Lu Chen in a few days. Therefore, it is you who deal with Lu Chen and let Yiqi Technology go bankrupt before it opens. The best time for this. As long as my wife comes, Lu Chen will definitely die, so when the time comes, the huge cake of Yiqi Technology can be left to you." Mu Zong was a little scared when everyone knew Lu Chen’s identity. Looks like, he hurriedly explained.

  He wanted the three major families to cause trouble to Lu Chen, of course he couldn't frighten them.

  He said the reason for Lu Chen's identity, but just wanted to tell everyone that if Lu Chen moved down, they would be able to get a lot of benefits.

  He believed that, driven by interests, Zhang, Liu, and Zuo would certainly not miss this opportunity.

  Especially Zhang Family and Zuo Family, they both had great grievances with Lu Chen.

  Hearing Mu Zong's explanation, everyone just hesitated for dozens of seconds before finally making a decision.

  They chose to believe in Mu Zong and prepared the three to join forces to deal with Lu Chen.

  In fact, Zhang Shengqiao also called Mr. Chen, but he was rejected by Mr. Chen.

  "Lu Chen might be in trouble this time." Old man Chen hung up Zhang Shengqiao's phone, looked at Chen Chu next to him, and said.

  "Is it just because he deliberately gave up the championship? The people of the original stone association will not be so stupid. You can't even see this strangeness. Anyone with a discerning eye knows that Lu Chen must have encountered something, so he had to give up. Champion." Chen Churan said angrily.

  In her opinion, it is a historical record that Lu Chen can represent Yuzhou to win the runner-up. The people of the Rough Stone Association not only are not grateful to Lu Chen, but also want to cause trouble to Lu Chen, which is really outrageous.

  "This is just a fuse, now there are big figures in the capital behind, and the Liu family, Zhang family, and Zuo family have all united and are ready to move Lu Chen down." Old man Chen thought about the teacup and sipped.

  "Ah, what should we do? If the three major families join forces, I'm afraid Xie Shujie won't help Lu Chen, grandpa, can we help him?" Chen Churan panicked when he heard it.

  "Churan, you underestimated Lu Chen, do you think he really only relies on Xie Weihao?" Father Chen put down his teacup, leaned on the sofa, and said, "I'm afraid you don't know yet, Lu Chen is Behind the scenes boss of Yiqi Technology, if grandpa didn’t guess wrong, he should be one of the five largest families in Beijing, the

  eldest son of the Lu family." www. "Ah? He is the boss of Yiqi Technology!" Chen Churan opened his mouth, somewhat not. Dare to believe it.

  They had thought about this before, but they all felt it was impossible. They didn't expect that Lu Chen would actually be the boss of Yiqi Technology, which was too unexpected.

  "Well, so, even if the three big families join forces, it won't be known who will die in the end. But they are quarrelling with snipes and clams. If our Chen family sits idly by, it will be beneficial and concealed." Old man Chen said.

  After being surprised, Chen Churan nodded and said, "Yes, if they lose both, our Chen family will definitely benefit from the fisherman, but if either of them loses, our Chen family will be two people."

  Old man Chen nodded, if Lu Chen was defeated, and after the three big families had divided up Yiqi Technology, their influence was far surpassed that of the Chen family.

  If the three major families were defeated, even though they did not stand in a team, their relationship with Lu Chen would definitely be alienated as a result, and Lu Chen estimated that they would no longer cooperate with their Chen family.

  "Grandpa, I believe in Lu Chen, I think our Chen family should be on Lu Chen's side at this time." Chen Churan said suddenly.

  Mr. Chen looked at his granddaughter, smiled and did not speak, which made Chen Churan feel helpless.

  At this time, outside the airport, luxury cars parked side by side at the entrance of the airport, both local and foreign tourists were surprised by this scene.

  This has to be a pomp for welcoming some big people?

  Among luxury cars, there are Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Lamborghini and so on.

  Basically nothing under a million.

  However, the caring person discovered that the people sitting in the luxury cars are basically all the famous big merchants in Yuzhou, and there are even several big families.

  "What's the situation, who is greeted, what is this big scene?"

  "You don't know, look at the door, the master has already come out."

  Everyone looked at the exit of the airport after hearing this, only one The handsome young man walked out with a beautiful woman and an old man with a pale face.

  At the same time, the doors of all luxury cars opened one after another, and the big men walked off the luxury cars.

  The scene was extremely shocking.

Chapter: 269

"Who is this young man? Why do so many people come to pick him up?"

  "I don't know, he looks so energetic, he must be the son of the family."

  "Which family son can let Zuo, Liu, and Zhang people from the three families? Come together to greet them? It must be a big man from outside."

  Seeing this grand occasion, everyone met Lu Chen and discussed.

  Because Lu Chen was walking in the middle, both Lan Ling and Huang Youjun were half a step behind subconsciously. Everyone knew that Lu Chen had the highest identity among the three.

  But the three of Lu Chen looked a little unhappy when they saw the people who came to greet them.

  Especially Huang Youjun.

  Apart from the people of the three big families, all those who came to meet were from the original stone association.

  Looking at their imposing manner, you know that they are not here to welcome them, but to inquire about their sins.

  Lu Chen gave up the championship in the final round of the championship. It was normal for Zhang Shengqiao and others to be angered by directly giving up the low-handed champion.

  "Lu Chen, you can, deliberately give up the championship, are you insulting our IQ?"

  "It's not that we forced you to go to the game, but you asked us to let you play on behalf of Yuzhou, you His mother actually gave away the handy champion at a critical time. Do you think you are noble?"

  "You don't want to win the championship. You don't have to play for us in Yuzhou. No one is forcing you to go."

  "Little bastard, This is the most stupid thing you have done. There is no one. If you confront us, you will regret it for life."

  Several people from the Rough Stone Association saw Lu Chen swearing and condemning them. Lu Chen glanced at them lightly. Did not put them in the eyes.

  Huang Youjun knows that Lu Chen is not an irritable person. It doesn't explain why countless people can't afford to take care of Lu Chen's villa. He didn't want people from the Rough Stone Association to provoke Lu Chen, so he hurried forward to explain for Lu Chen. .

  "Everyone listened to me, there was a reason why Lu Chen gave up the championship, not what you thought." Huang Youjun said.

  "Huang Youjun, you are just a master in the association. You are not the president. Even if you are the president, you won't be able to speak here." Zhang Shengqiao snorted coldly and said disdainfully.

  "If you don't want to cause trouble, just go away. It's still a question whether you can stay in the Rough Stone Association." Liu Qifu shouted.

  Facing the old man of Zhang and Liu's family, Huang Youjun's face was quite ugly, but he could only hold his anger in his heart and didn't dare to put a fart.

  Lan Ling wanted to say something, but seeing that Zhang, Liu, and Zuo were all there, she hesitated and chose to remain silent.

  "Miscellaneous, you have to give us all an explanation today, otherwise you don't have to go back."

  "Yes, you must kneel down and apologize to us today , otherwise you won't be able to open the supermarket."

  "Believe it or not we won't have to go back for a week ." , Just let your supermarket close?" The

  two Yuanshi Association members said they blocked Lu Chen directly and prevented him from leaving.

  "Fuck." Lu Chen snorted coldly, and when he stretched out his hand, one at each hand, he immediately lifted the two of them.

  Everyone was shocked. Before they had time to say anything, they saw Lu Chen throw them three or four meters away.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was so cruel, everyone calmed down, and their hearts became extremely angry.

  They came to Lu Chen to settle the accounts, but Lu Chen told them to go away. This was completely ignored.

  What's more hateful is that this kid actually beat people, it's lawless.

  Just then, a luxury car drove over, it was his Shi Danwei, who drove Lin Tong.

  Lin Tong got down and opened the car door, but Lu Chen did not get in the car immediately, but looked back at the three old men Zhang Shengqiao, Liu Qifu and Zuo Zhengyi.

  "You three want to play with me, right? Let the three of you go bankrupt. I won't have three days, so don't regret it." Lu Chen said indifferently and turned into the car.

  Lu Chen has figured it out these days, and there is no need to hide it again. Since Xiao Bieling already knows him, there is no need to hide.

  The three big families of Zhang, Zuo, and Liu wanted to die, so he didn't mind taking over all of his three businesses.

  Lu Chen's aura was too big, watching Lu Chen sit and leave Shi Danwei for a long time, everyone recovered.

  "The three of us went bankrupt in three days. This kid

  said so loudly. Who does he think he is? He feels invincible after he has built a science and technology park?" Lu Chen's car left for a long time before Liu Qifu said angrily.

  Several of them already knew the identity of Lu Chen.

  But Lu Chen threatened to bankrupt their three big families in three days, and they certainly didn't believe it.

  "That little bastard is too rampant, this time, no matter what, he must be removed, otherwise, in the future, in the whole Yuzhou, where will our four big families speak." Zhang Shengqiao said angrily.

  "Yes, he can't grow into the second Grand Hyatt Group anymore, otherwise it will be difficult for us to stand up." Zuo Zhengyi also nodded and said.

  Zhang Shengqiao nodded, and then said to everyone: "Go tell the bastard, if he doesn't kneel down and apologize to us, he will smash his supermarket." People from the

  three major families still don't want to call Lu Chen as Yiqi Technology. The identity of the boss was announced because they were afraid that these people wouldn't dare to provoke Lu Chen after they knew Lu Chen's identity, and then they would lose a lot of cannon fodder.

  Yes, the entire Rough Stone Association is the cannon fodder used by the three major families to deal with Lu Chen.

  When everyone heard Zhang Shengqiao's words, they all clamored to get in the car. The old men of the three major families had a high status in the original stone association. Of course, they had to obey the orders.

  While in the car at this time, Lu Chen closed his eyes slightly, listening to Lin Tong's report.

  "Lu Shao, we have rescued Mrs. Shao." Lin Tong said.

  Lu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, he was still thinking about how to rescue Lin Yijun from Xiao Fieqing's hands today.

  He is not afraid of Xiao Bi's lover, but he is afraid of Lin Yijun's injury.

  "By the way, is Yi Jun injured?" Lu Chen asked, opening his eyes.

  "No, it went very smoothly, just a few gangsters were watching the young lady." Lin Tong said.

  Lu Chen was slightly startled, somewhat surprised.

  but soon he figured out that he should have called Xiao Buieqing and irritated Xiao Buieqing, and Xiao Buieqing should come in person Yuzhou dealt with him.

  With Xiao Bieqing's pride, of course he would not threaten him with his family, so let his subordinates release Lin Yijun.

  Lu Chen felt that this possibility was very high. Xiao Bieqing was a strong man. She naturally disdained using such despicable methods, especially Lu Chen was only a junior.

  "Are you coming, I'm waiting for you, when the time comes, we will count the old and new enemies together."

  Lu Chen muttered in his heart, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

Chapter: 270

Back home, Qiqi didn't seem to be affected, she was still playing with her grandpa happily, but Lin Yijun's complexion was a bit bad.

  If everyone is the same, I was kidnapped, and I felt a little scared.

  "Blame me this time. I didn't equip the bodyguards with guns in time." Lu Chen comforted Lin Yijun.

  He believed that the bodyguards he had selected were still strong, but without a gun, when an enemy had a gun, it would definitely be difficult to protect Lin Yijun.

  "Who did you offend?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen's eyes. She was terrified in her heart these days. First, her daughter was kidnapped, and then she was kidnapped again. This day can't be passed.

  "My aunt." Lu Chen held Lin Yijun in his arms and told Lin Yijun his life experience exactly, including that he and his father left the capital in anger, and later agreed to inherit the family property, etc., all about him. Lin Yijun. www.

  He didn't tell Lin Yijun before, just didn't want his identity to be known by Xiao Bieling after he was passed out, but at this time he had a showdown with Xiao Bieling, so he didn't need to worry anymore.

  The next day, Lu Chen went to see the injured bodyguard, and went to Du Fei. At Du Fei’s place, Lu Chen obtained a few pistols and some bullets, and then asked Xu Zuojun to help him handle legal possession of the gun. certificate.

  In the afternoon, Lu Chen was discussing with Du Fei about dealing with Xiao Fieqing, and suddenly received a call from Wu Lei, saying that someone was making trouble in the supermarket and the police did not want to bother them.

  Lu Chen hung up the phone, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes, and said directly to Song Hai: "Take some people to the Shengshi Supermarket. No matter who the trouble is, I will interrupt my legs."

  He originally thought that the original stone association's people. Yesterday they were just talking angry, but they didn't expect that they would really dare to make trouble in his supermarket.

  When Zhang Daoren smashed his supermarket, he directly caused the Zhang family to lose billions. Obviously these were just small people, and the only way was to suppress it with force.

  Of course, the best way is for him to control the Rough Stone Association, but at this time, in order to deal with Xiao Biqing, where does he have the mood and time to take care of the Rough Stone Association.

  After Song Hai went out, Lu Chen and others continued to discuss how to deal with Xiao Bieqing. This time, if Xiao Bieqing dared to come to Yuzhou, he would stay with her forever.

  So you have to plan well.

  "By the way, how to deal with Zhou Zunfei, I heard that Zhou family seems to have sent someone to Yuzhou to investigate this matter." Finally, Du Fei asked.

  "Keep it closed first, wait until I resolve Xiao Bieqing's relationship, and then get him." Lu Chen said. If Zhou Zunfei hadn't hijacked Qiqi, so many things would not happen later. Lu Chen would not be so easy in this matter. Forget it.

  Du Fei nodded. Although someone from the Zhou family came to call Zhou Zunfei, he would not be found here for a while.

  Even if he found it, he was not afraid.

  After coming out of the Sakura Club, Lu Chen received an unfamiliar call, but he saw that the area displayed was from the Central Plains, and he wondered if it was from Zhou's family.

  After hesitating, Lu Chen connected directly.

  "Master Lu, it's me, Lan Ling. I just got the news. Someone in the capital wants to deal with you this time. They have united the three major families of Zhang, Zuo, and Liu, and they should already know your identity." Then, Lan Ling's voice came.

  Lu Chen's eyes narrowed slightly. He knew this since yesterday when he saw Zhang Shengqiao, Liu Qifu, and Zuo Zhengyi blocking him at the airport, and Mu Zongneng had been lurking in Yuzhou, let him and Du Fei I haven't found it for a long time, it must have been lurking in the four major families.

  Therefore, it is normal for Xiao Bieqing to use Zhang, Zuo, and Liu to contain him.

  But, did the Chen family also participate in it?

  Lu Chen didn't know this at this time, and he didn't dare to make a final conclusion.

  "I see." Lu Chen replied unsatisfactorily.

  For Lan Ling, he still had an anger in his heart. Lan Ling should not use his daughter to threaten him. His family was his bottom line, and no one could touch him.

  Had it not been for Lan Ling to treat Qiqi well, he would have abandoned Lan Ling.

  "Master Lu, I know you are very strong, but facing the three big families and the big figures in the capital, you should have a hard time coping with it. I am calling you to apologize. I owe you something before. After thinking about it, I'm really sorry. Today, I also promise you that if there is a need for my Lan family, as long as you speak, my Lan family will go through fire and water." Lan Ling's firm voice came over again.

  Lu Chen leaned against the car cover, did not return to Lan Ling, but took out a cigarette and lit it.

  He was analyzing the truth of Lan Ling's words.

  To be honest, he really needs allies at this time, but he feels that Lan Ling is not worthy of his trust.

  "Since you know my identity, you know that I am capable of solving this matter." Lu Chen hung up the phone as he said. Although he needs allies, he doesn't want to have a time bomb around him at any time.

  At this time in a villa, Lan Ling looked at the phone that was hung up by Lu Chen, his eyes were not lost, but a smile appeared.

  "Miss, do you really want to help him? Although he is the boss of Yiqi Technology, his identity is a bit surprising, but this time, the three big families in Yuzhou have to deal with him, and there are big figures in the capital behind the scenes. The family is backing him, I don't like him." A middle-aged man said beside Lan Ling.

  This middle-aged man was called Lan Jing, who was sent by the Lan family to protect Lan Ling.

  However, with Lan Ling's skill, few people could hurt her.

  Lan Ling took the phone and turned it in his hand, like turning a pencil, and smiled confidently: "Of course I want to help, Uncle Jing, do you all think that Lu Chen is going to end this time? In fact, it is not the strength of Lu Chen. What we know is only the tip of the iceberg. It is no exaggeration to say that this incident is not a blow to him at all. I believe he must have the strength to solve this matter.

  Then we are Choosing to stand on the same front with him at this time will firstly ease what happened last time, and secondly, no matter how much we exerted, at least we will be able to move him."

  For this, Lan Ling is very confident. Last time in Zhonghai, he personally heard Lu Chen call and threaten the people behind Xiao Zhiyuan. She knew that the big boss in Beijing who targeted Lu Chen should be Lu Chen calling to threaten. , And Lu Chen must know him.

  And if the other party really had the strength to deal with Lu Chen, he would definitely not unite the three big families.

  "Okay, but he seems unwilling to accept our help." Lan Jing said.

  Lan Ling smiled slyly and said, "He doesn't want to accept my help, but he will definitely accept Chen Churan's help." As

  she said, she took out the phone and called Chen Churan.


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