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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 251-260) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 251

  "Why not?" Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Well, we don't understand the world of local tyrants." Lan Ling smiled faintly, but a look of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

  In her opinion, Lu Chen must be scared.

  He must be afraid of being retaliated by Zhai Jun and Xia Yi, so he wanted to have a good relationship with the police here.

  Especially when he inadvertently saw a luxury car following them, Lan Ling became more determined.

  Seeing a car following, Lan Ling had no fear in his eyes.

  On the contrary, a cruel color flashed quickly deep in her eyes.

  Of course, after Lu Chen got into the car, he was calm and rested. He couldn't see the change in Lan Ling's eyes, nor could he see the following car.

  Not to mention that after Blue Ling listened to him, he misunderstood the purpose of donating money to the bureau.

  The hotel I stayed at was the five-star Sheraton, and I lived in the presidential suite.

  Lu Chen didn't feel anything about this, but Huang Youjun felt that Lan Ling values ​​this game.

  Because the game was at 7 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, after dinner, Lu Chen and Lin Yijun made a call and immediately rested.

  He was indeed too sleepy during these few days, and he was not in the mood to go out for a stroll.

  However, after he rejected Lan Ling's two invitations, he disappointed Lan Ling even more.

  She felt that Lu Chen was scared, so she didn't dare to go out for fear of being surrounded by Zhai Jun's people for revenge.

  Zhai Jun’s people have indeed been guarding outside the hotel, but the boss of Sheraton is in Zhonghai, and his influence is greater than Zhai Yaohui. Zhai Jun did not dare to directly enter the hotel to make trouble.

  He was quite Lu Chen sure to go out, so he took people to ambush outside.

  The next day when Lu Chen finished washing up, he listened to Huang Youjun watching TV in the lobby and sighed: "We still have a good public order in Yuzhou. Zhonghai is much messier than Yuzhou. Yesterday you didn’t go out to play. of. " "

  What? "Lu dust to Huangyou Jun cigarette, sat in the past asked.

  "The two people were killed yesterday and dumped their corpses in the Huangpu River. The fishermen caught the corpses this morning. It's really a reward for good and evil." Huang Youjun said with emotion.

  Lu Chen took out his mobile phone and opened the web page, and soon saw the news on the headlines.

  Both Zhai Jun and Xia Yi were cut in their throats and killed with a single stab. Before they died, their eyes were full of intense fear, and they were immortal.

  "President Lu is awake, do you want to ask them to bring food up now?" Lan Ling asked at this moment.

  Lu Chen put away his phone and said faintly, "Let’s go out and eat."

  Lan Ling was a little surprised, but he quickly reacted. It must be Lu Chen who also knew the news that Zhai Jun and Xia Yi were killed, so he was not afraid. .

  The three of them went out to eat, and while Huang Youjun went to the bathroom, Lu Chen finally looked at each other with Lan Ling.

  "Zhai Jun and Xia Yi are dead, and they were sealed with a dagger. Judging from the wound, the killer is at least a master who has been immersed in a dagger for more than ten years." Lu Chen stared at Lan Ling's eyes.

  "Ah, really? How did you know?" Lan Ling was surprised and asked with some panic.

  Seeing the change in Lan Ling's eyes, Lu Chen narrowed his eyes slightly.

  I thought this woman's acting skills were so realistic that even he almost believed it.

  "Headline news." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Mr. Lu, I very much doubt if you sent someone to move the hand." Lan Ling took a breath, calmed down and smiled.

  "He seems to have offended you and broke your glasses." Lu Chen said pointedly.

  "It's just a pair of broken glasses, how could I take it to heart. Besides, this is Zhong Hai, does Lu always think that I am a weak girl with such great abilities?" Lan Ling said speechlessly.

  "Where did you think of going? If you had such great abilities, I wouldn't have been handcuffed by the police for ten minutes at the airport yesterday." Lu Chen laughed. This is the first time he was on this trip to Zhonghai. A long-lost smile appeared in front of Lan Ling.

  "That's right, if I have such a great ability, how could I make President Lu be wronged." Lan Ling also smiled.

  Both of them are dumb, but they have their own ideas in their hearts.

  With a few hours left before the game, Lu Chen invited Liu Ju for coffee alone.

  Liu Ju still called him last night, and then he really donated 50 million to the bureau. This incident even shocked Zhonghai City.

  After checking Lu Chen's identity, Zhonghai Wang Shujie personally called Xie Weihao and reconfirmed Lu Chen's identity. Then Wang Zhiming, Wang Shujie and others were guessing Lu Chen's purpose.

  For example, Lu Chen directly invested 50 billion yuan to build a science and technology park. Let alone Zhonghai, even the capital is very small. If Lu Chen wants to invest in Zhonghai, it must be a big investment.

  Although China Shipping is already an international metropolis, its economic development has reached a bottleneck period. Without major investment, it will be difficult to break through this bottleneck, so Wang Zhiming and others had to think carefully.

  Wang Zhiming was also very concerned about Lu Chen's invitation to Liu Ju to drink coffee. He even called Liu Ju in person and asked him to explore Lu Chen's mouth.

  When the two arrived at the cafe, they ordered a private room and ordered two cups of coffee. After a while, they went directly to the theme.

  Liu Ju is an upright person, without the twists and turns of those big bosses and others. After getting into the topic, he directly asked Lu Chen if he wanted to invest in Zhonghai.

  When Lu Chen heard Liu Ju's words, he knew that the city must have asked him to come and take a look.

  This is also his purpose for inviting Liu Ju to drink coffee. He is about to send a signal to Wang Zhiming and others that he has plans to invest in Zhonghai, but the time is tentatively determined.

  Lu Chen's estimated time is about a year or so. At that time, the Science and Technology Park will definitely have no more than two technology products on the market. You can also check the market.

  After getting Lu Chen's affirmative reply, Liu Ju also left.

  He recorded the whole conversation with Lu Chen, and when he returned to the city, he gave the recording to Wang Zhiming as soon as possible.

  After listening to the recording, Wang Zhiming nodded, wondering if he wanted to meet Lu Chen first these days.

  After Lu Chen returned to the hotel, Huang Youjun said, "Xiao Lu is back. It's only an hour away from the game. Would you like to take a break?"

  Lu Chen shook his head and said, "It's okay, this is the best you can meet. The opponent is at most the second-ranked Xiao Zhiyuan. I know a little about Xiao Zhiyuan's strength

  , but he is not much better than Zheng Xihe." Huang Youjun saw that Lu Chen was so confident, he also nodded in relief: "Well, That's good."

  This time the competition was strongly sponsored by the Lan family, and the entire Yuzhou Rough Stone Association was full of expectations. Coupled with Lu Chen's personal action, they all hope that Lu Chen can represent Yuzhou to win the championship.

  The competition venue was at the Sheraton Hotel. At 6 o'clock in the evening, Huang Youjun brought Lu Chen and Lan Ling to the venue.

Chapter: 252

  Although this stone gambling contest is not official, it is national in nature. Countless jewelers have invested heavily in order to increase the visibility of their company.

  The venue is quite large and can accommodate more than one thousand people. When the three people came to the venue, they only felt the crowds, which was quite shocking.

  But it is also quite noisy.

  The organizer of this time is the China Shipping Rough Stone Association. The China Shipping Rough Stone Association has always been the largest and most well-known rough stone association in China. Therefore, the only invited rough stone associations from all provinces and cities have basically come to participate.

  This grand event was broadcast live, and even the banquets under the stage were all shown.

  The three people found the table representing Yuzhou, and sat down. There were drinks, cold drinks, and some cold dishes on the table. They prepared them very thoughtfully.

  "Lao Huang, are you alone in Yuzhou?"

  An old man at the next table recognized Huang Youjun and greeted him.

  His words made Lan Ling and Lu Chen a little speechless.

  What do you mean by Huang Youjun alone?

  Are they two people?

  This old man obviously has problems with his eyes.

  Of course Huang Youjun understood what the other party meant. Obviously, what the other party meant was Lei Mingchao and Yu Zhengtao.

  Seeing that he was an acquaintance, he smiled and said, "Yes, the two old guys are too lazy, and they gave me this kind of running chariot."

  In fact, the reason why Lei Mingchao and Yu Zhengtao didn't Come, mainly because it was Lu Chen who came to participate in the competition. They had a bad relationship with Lu Chen, and of course they didn't want to come together.

  The old man who spoke was called Wu Zhonghua, the most famous stone gambler of the Sichuan Capital Yuanshi Association, and the strongest stone gambler.

  Yuzhou and Sichuan are close to each other, so the rough stone associations on both sides often have some exchanges, so they are all acquaintances.

  Wu Zhonghua looked at Lu Chen and Lan Ling, and then asked Huang Youjun, "Are you going on stage in person?"

  Huang Youjun smiled and said modestly: "No, it was Xiao Lu who represented us in Yuzhou."

  Then he introduced Lu Chen and said: "His name is Lu Chen, and he is the representative of our Yuzhou."

  Wu Zhonghua was a little surprised, again. Look at Lu Chen.

  He still knows the strength of Huang Youjun. The two of them are in the middle, and Huang Youjun does not appear. Does that mean that the strength of this young man is stronger than Huang Youjun?

  When did Yuzhou have a stone gambling master who is stronger than Huang Youjun, and he is still a young man in his twenties.

  "You can be said to be young, you really can't tell, you are still a master stone gambler." Surprised and surprised, Wu Zhonghua still praised Lu Chen.

  "Master Wu is absurdly praised, it's just that Master Huang and others give us young people a chance to perform." Lu Chen said modestly.

  Seeing Lu Chen so humble, Wu Zhonghua's perception of Lu Chen suddenly doubled.

  Then Wu Zhonghua introduced several other young people at his table. Those young people were all his disciples, but they brought them to gain some insight. Obviously, they did not have the strength to compete on stage.

  The young people were a little unconvinced when they heard that Lu Chen came to the competition. Three of them seemed to be a few years older than Lu Chen. It was difficult for them to imagine how capable Lu Chen would be.

  The technique of betting on stones requires not only super-psychic power, but also proficiency in the structure and appearance of all kinds of jade in the world. Without decades of research, don't think of much achievement.

  Even if he is the proud son of heaven, it is impossible for him to be as young as Lu Chen with the strength comparable to Master Huang and others.

  So no one is optimistic about Lu Chen.

  They were all acquaintances, and they were still far away, so Wu Zhonghua enthusiastically invited the three of Huang Youjun to their table.

  Anyway, there is still some time before the game. Everyone is drinking and chatting, but mainly Huang Youjun and Wu Zhonghua are chatting, and the other juniors are watching.

  Occasionally, Wu Zhonghua would ask Lu Chen some questions about rough stones, which can be regarded as a change to test Lu Chen's basic skills.

  But with a few tricky questions, whether it was Wu Zhonghua or his apprentices, they had to admire Lu Chen's ability to understand the original stone.

  Even some principles of Lu Chen's analysis, including the two masters Wu Zhonghua and Huang Youjun, have not heard of it.

  No, none of them understood why there was such a reaction.

  Later, Wu Zhonghua asked Lu Chen for some things that he didn't fully understand, although Lu Chen didn't know what to say.

  But both Wu Zhonghua and Huang Youjun kept nodding their heads, feeling that what Lu Chen said made sense.

  Seeing that the two masters Lu Chen said so affirmatively and agreeably, those disciples of Wu Zhonghua were also convinced.

  I have to admit that in Yuan Shi's understanding, they are indeed inferior to Lu Chen.

  Soon the grand meeting began. After the host came to the stage and said the opening remarks, the president of China Shipping Rough Stone Association came to the stage to give an opening speech. After more than ten minutes, after a round of applause, the president walked down, and then the host again came to the stage to announce the game the rule of. www.The

  rules of the competition are very simple, 64 contestants, randomly selected an opponent, two bets, three games and two wins, the winner enters the top 32, and the loser is eliminated.

  However, those who have entered the top ten in the country before, do not participate in the previous competition, they directly participate in the 16-in-8 competition.

  A total of six national top ten masters participated in the competition, that is to say, these six national top ten masters will not appear until the 16th score is 8 o'clock.

  Convenient awards, the first place, the Rough Stone Association represented will receive a bonus of 100 million, the second is 80 million, the third is 50 million, four to eight are 20 million, nine to sixteen The names are all ten million.

  After the sixteenth place, all are just one million participation prizes.

  Of course, this money is all invested by major jewelers, because every time a game is played, there will be advertisements for the invested jewelers. This kind of large-scale event broadcasted by TV stations is more effective than directing celebrities. Much, so jewelers are willing to spend money.

  The opponent that Lu Chen met in the first game was a bit weak, and he easily defeated the opponent by a score of 2:0. In the second game, he also won easily. He also defeated the opponent 2:0 and successfully entered the top 16.

  In other words, even if Lu Chen stopped in the top sixteen, he had already won a bonus of 10 million yuan for the Yuzhou Rough Stone Association.

  At this time, the thousands of stone gambling enthusiasts who watched live TV in Yuzhou, they all seemed very excited to see Lu Chen easily enter the top 16 as soon as he appeared.

  Even Zhang Shengqiao, who had an antagonism with Lu Chen, had a smile on his face at this time.

  Of course they don't like that little money, the reputation they care about.

  The farther Lu Chen walks on behalf of Yuzhou, the better the reputation of Yuzhou Rough Stone Association.

  Huang Youjun was also a little excited. Although he knew that Lu Chen was very strong, everything could happen in this kind of official competition.

  At this time, Lu Chen stepped down and prepared to rest for a while. After all, this kind of stone betting is really exhausting. If you don't take a good rest, you will easily make a mistake.

  Just before he walked to their table, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in his sight.

  And the other party was looking at him with a gloomy expression.

Chapter: 253

  The acquaintance Lu Chen saw was Zheng Xihe, who had been beaten by a betting stone in Yuzhou before. Zheng Xihe was also looking at him at this time, but his eyes were gloomy when looking at Lu Chen.

  As the top three masters in the national stone gambling industry, Zheng Xihe will certainly not miss such a grand event.

  Moreover, as the first stone gambler of the China Shipping Rough Stone Association, he will definitely fight for the reputation of the China Shipping Rough Stone Association.

  In fact, in this stone gambling conference, China Shipping did not invite the Tangshan Rough Stone Association, because Xiao Zhiyuan, who is ranked second in the country, belongs to the Tangshan Rough Stone Association. If Xiao Zhiyuan also participates in the event, Zheng Xihe is likely to lose. At that time, their China Sea Rough Stone Association will not win the championship.

  But to their surprise, the Beijing Rough Stone Association invited Xiao Zhiyuan out to represent the Beijing Rough Stone Association, which caught Zhong Hai a little by surprise and doubled the pressure on Zheng Xihe.

  But when Zheng Xihe saw that Lu Chen played on behalf of Yuzhou, the pressure in his heart more than doubled invisibly. After all, he had been defeated by Lu Chen. Whether he admits it or not, he did not despise it in his heart. Lu Chen, on the contrary, he felt that Lu Chen's strength might be better than Xiao Zhiyuan. www.

  This is also the reason why Zheng Xihe's face is gloomy looking at Lu Chen at this time.

  Zheng Xihe glanced at Lu Chen, then turned and left, and soon came to a room in the hotel.

  There are also two old men in the room, one is Yang Mu, the president of China Overseas Stone Association, and the other is Zhu Bohong, the vice president.

  "Have you seen the competition just now?" Zheng Xihe asked.

  "Well, that Yuzhou representative is very strong, but the opponents he met are very weak, I guess he almost stopped at the top 16. As for the others, they are all quite satisfactory." Vice President Zhu Bohong said.

  The two of them also watched the two rounds of competitions on the big screen. Lu Chen did indeed perform very well, but every time he guessed the results, they were only slightly more accurate than the other, but he was the only one who did not spend much time. The person who got the result attracted the attention of both of them.

  But in their opinion, that's it. Although young people have achieved this achievement very well, they still can't compare with the real top ten stone gambling masters.

  "The representative of Yuzhou is called Lu Chen. He is very strong. I lost in Yuzhou last time because I lost to him. I feel that his threat is not under Xiao Zhiyuan at all. You should not invite Yuzhou to participate." Zheng Xihe said solemnly.

  "This..." Yang Mu was taken aback and looked at Zheng Xihe in surprise, "Xihe, are you kidding me, that kid actually defeated you?"

  "President, do you think I'll make fun of my reputation? His performance in the first two rounds was so-so, but it was just that he kept his strength. Maybe, in this world of stone gambling, he will force us Zhonghai and Jingli to win the championship." Zheng Xihe solemnly Said.

  Both Yang Mu and Zhu Bohong frowned. They didn't doubt Zheng Xihe, but they were unexpected. How could they bring out another stone gambling master whose strength is still higher than Zheng Xihe, and the opponent is still twenty Many years old.

  When they sent the invitation, they had already made many considerations. Anyway, there were places that could threaten Zheng Xihe's stone gambling masters, and they did not invite them, such as Tangshan.

  If they learn that Yuzhou still hides a stone gambling master like Lu Chen, how could they invite Yuzhou?

  But now it is impossible to cancel Yuzhou’s qualifications. How can this be done?

  "Xihe, do you have a better way?" Yang Mu thought for a while and wanted to look at Zheng Xihe. They were bound to win the Rough Stone Association this time, and in order for Zheng Xihe to win the championship, they also thought of suppressing Xiao The method of Zhiyuan, even at critical times, even if they paid a heavy price, they had to make Xiao Zhiyuan so compromised.

  But at this time, Cheng Yaojin was hit halfway, completely disrupting their rhythm.

  "Betting on stones is the most mentally intensive. To defeat Lu Chen, we can modify the rules. As long as his mental power is exhausted, he will not be able to make accurate judgments." Zheng Xihe said.

  "You mean the wheel warfare consumes Luchen? Then will this be criticized by others?" Zhu Bohong frowned.

  Yang Mu brightened his eyes and said, "This is a good way. When he enters the quarterfinals, he will directly modify the rules. As for the things that are criticized, you don't have to think about it. Yuzhou can go away if you don't want to participate. There is a reason to cancel. Their qualifications."

  Zheng Xihe nodded and said: "Yes, and this is our home court. It can be solved by arranging a little navy, and as long as we are too tough, Yuzhou can only be obedient. Mouth."

  Zhu Bohong thought for a while, nodded and said: "Then I will make arrangements."

  At this time, another hotel room.

  "Old Xiao, an unexpected discovery." A middle-aged man turned his head and said to Xiao Zhiwan, who closed his eyes and calmed down.

  Xiao Zhiyuan slowly opened his eyes, and he saw the middle-aged man pointing to Lu Chen who had just finished the test on the screen and said: "Old Xiao, this kid is called Lu Chen. He is Yun Zhongqi’s disciple and Lu Tianxing’s son. Let’s check had his number, his meeting earlier in Yuzhou gambling stone, easy to beat Zheng West and, when he will be accurate to the error only seven grams, while the Zhengzhou-Xi'an and is his double. "

  Xiao When Zhiyuan heard this, his eyes widened, and his eyes fixed on Lu Chen's body.

  "It's very similar. It should be Lu Tianxing's son. Is there a video of him competing with Zheng Xihe?" Xiao Zhiyuan asked.

  "Yes, I just took it with me." The middle-aged said, without Xiao Zhiyuan saying more, he took out a USB flash drive and inserted it into the screen socket.

  Soon, the video of Lu Chen and Zheng Xihe's contest at the Zuojia antique event appeared on the screen.

  The video soon ended, and Xiao Zhiyuan's face suddenly became heavier.

  From the video, he could see that Zheng Xihe had done his best, but Lu Chen looked like he was playing, and the final result was far more accurate than Zheng Xihe.

  "This kid should have gotten the true story of Yunzhongqi, or it is impossible to defeat Zheng Xihe." The middle-aged said with Xiao Zhiyuan after watching the video.

  "More than just getting the true story of Yunzhongqi, he should be better than blue when gambling on rocks." Xiao Zhiyuan shook his head and said.

  He and Yun Zhongqi are also old opponents. They have tried many times, but he has only won Yun Zhongqi once, and they have won in trivial tests.

  In a real competition, he has never won Yunzhongqi once, but Yunzhongqi's scores are all within a few cents.

  But even so, he is not much better than Zheng Xihe, and Lu Chen can easily defeat Zheng Xihe. It can be seen that Lu Chen's strength is likely to be above him. Even if Yun Zhongqi makes a move, he also feels It was impossible for Zhongqi to make Lu Chen's step.

  "Then what to do? Madam made us have to win this rock gambling contest. Now that Lu Chen has also participated, are you sure to beat him?" the middle-aged said worriedly.

Chapter: 254

  "No." Xiao Zhiyuan shook his head simply.

  The middle-aged man pondered for a while, his eyes suddenly brightened, "I have a way."

  "What way?" Xiao Zhiyuan looked up at the middle-aged.

  "Mu Zong is still lurking in Yuzhou, I will call him, and this will definitely happen." The middle-aged man took out the phone and called Mu Zong.

  Mu Zong is the Mr. Mu who Xiao Biqing sent to Yuzhou to deal with Lu Chen.

  The last time he failed in Qijiang, he took a punch from Du Fei and suffered internal injuries. Xiao Bieling originally wanted to change, but Mu Zong said that he had a way to deal with Lu Chen, and Xiao Bieling gave him it again. opportunity.

  At this time Mu Zong was lurking in Yuzhou, ready to give Lu Chen a fatal blow at any time.

  Of course, she didn't really want to kill Lu Chen. Xiao Bieqing now wants to kill Lu Chen even more.

  She has basically verified that after Lu Tianxing disbanded the Lu Family, the entire Lu Family's hundreds of billions of assets were given to Lu Chen, and she would definitely have to obtain this asset.

  It stands to reason that she was Lu Tianxing's first wife, and Lu Tianxing's assets should have been half of his. At this time, it was all with Lu Chen. Of course she would not be willing.

  This is why Mu Zong has been waiting for opportunities in Yuzhou.

  In order to catch Lu Chen alive.


  At this time, Lu Chen was sitting beside Lan Ling with his eyes closed and rested. Originally, the contestants had a room to rest, but Lu Chen didn't spend much energy at all, so he didn't need to rest.

  However, he had nothing to communicate with the people staring at the table, so he simply closed his eyes and rested.

  Seeing Lu Chen closing his eyes to rest his mind, the voices of Huang Youjun and Wu Zhonghua chatting were much lower.

  Wu Zhonghua also participated in the competition, but he entered the top 32, and was defeated in the second round. At this time, Lu Chen directly reached the top 16. Not only him, but even his apprentices, look at Lu Chen's eyes changed.

  Lu Chen had said so much before, and they still felt like talking on paper.

  But at this time, Lu Chen directly entered the top 16, which means that he could rank in the top 16 in the national rankings, even better than their master.

  After half an hour, the third round of competitions took place.

  None of the top 16 players were weak. In this round, Lu Chen's opponent was a representative from the Central Plains Stone Association, a 50-year-old elder.

  "Boy, give up your defeat, I don't want to bully the unknown." The old man looked at Lu Chen contemptuously, as if he was contemptuous of competing with Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen looked at the old man calmly, and was not angry. He just said indifferently, "If you are scared, go back to find your son to take care of the elderly. You don't have to come out to be embarrassed."

  He is not a mean, but this old thing. It was too mean, of course Lu Chen would not be polite with him.

  "Huh, you don't know whether you live or die, let you lose completely." The old man snorted coldly, and first grabbed the rough stone to judge.

  Although Lu Chen can make it to the top 16, he has also seen Lu Chen's previous matches, and there is nothing more to do. His first judgment is that Lu Chen has lost his luck and met two mentally retarded opponents.

  How could it be possible to enter the top 16 without Lu Chen's age.

  He even suspected that Lu Chen could come to the competition because of cheating.

  The old man is full of confidence, and the jade he judged belongs to the actual jade type, with a quality error of 27 grams. This result is quite good, and it is completely in the top 16 of the country.

  "Boy, it's your turn." The old man looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  Lu Chen smiled coldly, picked up a piece of jade in his hand, put a pad in his hand, and said directly: "Diamond, 59 grams."

  Seeing Lu Chen's trivial play, the old man laughed. This kid is completely a layman. The rubbish from China can also participate in the stone gambling competition, and I don’t know how the president of the China Overseas Stone Association considers it.

  The most important thing is that this kind of waste turned out to be his opponent in the quarterfinals. This is what makes him most unhappy.

  The staff was also a little surprised, thinking that Lu Chen was too casual, if he guessed right, he would be really evil.

  However, the staff soon became dumbfounded.

  "Why are you in a daze, what jade? How many grams, report it?" The old man urged displeasedly.

  The staff returned to their senses and said in shock: "Diamonds, 74 grams, with an error of 15 grams."

  "What? Would you recognize it?" The old man was startled and didn't believe the staff at all. He shouted angrily. Check it out in person.

  When he saw the numbers on the tray, he was dumbfounded.

  He picked up the jade and checked it in disbelief. The diamond was true.

  how can that be?

  Does this kid really guess so accurately?

  This is completely the strength of the top three!

  "Go back to the old age, you are really too weak." Lu Chen said playfully.

  The old man stared at Lu Chen hard and snorted: "There is one more game. I'm going to see if your luck will be so good."

  He snorted coldly, then picked up a rough stone to check.

  It's just that he took a long time this time, about 20 minutes of hands before he saw his forehead sweating and said: "This is also a diamond, 36 grams."

  The moment he handed the rough stone to the staff, the old man cried deeply. After a sigh of relief, the whole person seemed to be suffering from a serious illness.

  This kind of stone gambling is the most energy-intensive. www.

  Just now, in order not to make a mistake, the old man put one hundred and two percent of his energy into the process, and he was highly concentrated for more than 20 minutes . Not to mention him, many young people can't stand it.

  "It's a diamond, 56 grams, with an error of 20 grams." The staff member said.

  Lu Chen nodded, and before the old man provoked again, he picked up a rough stone again.

  He put a pad in his hand in the same way, and then said: "This piece is also a diamond, 40 grams."

  After speaking, he threw the rough stone to the staff, the whole process only took 30 seconds.

  Seeing that Lu Chen was still so casual, the old man snorted coldly. He really didn't believe that Lu Chen was so lucky.

  Lu Chen was simply a layman who didn't know how to bet on stone. Which stone gambling master would judge the result so quickly.

  The staff also felt that Lu Chen was playing tricks. He also felt that the last time Lu Chen must have been lucky, the blind hen had encountered the head of rice.

  He shook his head and began to cut.

  At this time, Huang Youjun, Wu Zhonghua, Lan Ling and others were all staring at the cutting staff.

  Lu Chen has already won the next round. As long as Lu Chen wins this round, he will be in the top eight in the country.

  This is a height that has never been seen in the original stone circle of Yuzhou.

  The people in the whole hall are also watching the cutting staff. Lu Chen not only participated in the competition as a young man, but also entered the top 16 and won the first game. This record is countless old players. Master Shi was surprised.

  At this time, many people were coming to Huang Youjun's table, basically they wanted to make friends with Huang Youjun.

Chapter: 255

  At this time, as far away as Yuzhou, the rough stone lovers all looked expectantly at the TV screen.

  If Lu Chen wins this battle, Yuzhou will be in the top eight, which is an unprecedented height.

  Zhang Shengqiao and other old men were also a little nervous.

  They have no interest in money or anything. Their family is one of the four major families.

  At their age, fame is what they care about most.

  For those jewellers, the higher Yuzhou's ranking in the rough stone industry, the more active the Yuzhou jewelry market will be.

  In the eyes of everyone , the staff finally cut out the jade. He first detected the type of jade with advanced equipment, and then put the jade on the tray to weigh the quality. .

  "Diamond, 54 grams, 14 grams error." The staff was shocked for a few seconds, and finally reported the number.

  He couldn't help taking a deep look at Lu Chen. He has been in this job for more than 20 years, and it was the first time he saw a rock gambler like Lu Chen today.

  He had always thought that Lu Chen was too childish, he must be guessing, but now he understood how could he guess so accurately twice in a row?

  This is a real master.

  The old man trembled and hurriedly stepped forward to check, the more he looked, the more ugly his face became.

  He stared back at Lu Chen sharply, and asked in a deep voice, "How did you do it?"

  Lu Chen gave the old man a faint look, then turned and walked directly off the platform.

  At this time, the host also announced that Lu Chen had won, becoming the first player to enter the quarterfinals of the previous top ten.

  Seeing Lu Chen step down, everyone applauded.

  To be honest, those who can enter the top sixteen are all real masters. As long as you ask them to give you pointers, it is estimated that you can make countless more money.

  Especially those jewellery companies usually hire major stone gambling masters to be consultants with high salaries. When there is no problem, they don’t have to go to work. When they encounter any problems, just solve them.

  Therefore, jewelers and jewelers all respect the capable masters of stone betting.

  No, Lu Chen had just returned to their table, and suddenly many people gathered around to say hello.

  This is a master who has entered the quarterfinals. It is among the top ten in the country. Generally, only the real big group companies can afford to hire.

  "Master Lu, hello, I am Huachen Jewelry..."

  "Master Lu, hello..."

  "Master Lu..."

  A group of jewelers kept handing Lu Chen business cards, and some even hired him with an annual salary of tens of millions. Be a consultant to their company.

  However, Lu Chen didn't pay any attention, and closed his eyes to raise his mind just because he wanted to rest.

  For these enthusiastic jewelers, Huang Youjun had to pay for Lu Chen's business cards first.

  "Everyone, please come back first." Huang Youjun didn't say much, and everyone nodded. Of course, they also knew that betting on the rocks was the most energy-intensive, and they didn't dare to disturb Lu Chen's rest.

  It didn't take long for another group of matches to be over, and everyone was looking forward to the competition in the quarterfinals.

  At this time, the host came on stage and said: "According to the negotiation of the organizer, the new players who enter the quarterfinals have to go through tests before they can be regarded as the top ten stone gamblers in the country. This is also responsible for all jewelers."

  "What? Test?" The audience suddenly couldn't help asking.

  The host looked at the interrogator and said: "If you accept the challenge of ten stone gambling masters, if you win, you will be considered to have entered the quarterfinals. Of course, all challengers are members other than the quarterfinals. If you lose Then the winner enters the real quarter-finals." As

  soon as the host’s voice fell, the audience suddenly became noisy, but they soon became quiet, but looked at Lu Chen and another middle-aged who just entered the quarter-finals with some sympathy. .

  The middle-aged man who had just entered the quarterfinals frowned deeply. Obviously, the newly added rules were quite unreasonable.

  But soon someone whispered a few words in the middle-aged ear, and the middle-aged got up and left.

  Then everyone's eyes focused on Lu Chen.

  At this time, Lu Chen still closed his eyes and calmed down, without any fluctuations in expression on his face.

  However, Lan Ling and Huang Youjun frowned deeply.

  "What breaks the rules? Every game consumes so much energy. At this time, I have to accept the challenge of ten stone gambling masters. How can I eat it?" Lan Ling said in a puzzled way.

  "The organizer must be deliberate, deliberately killing Xiao Lu's mental power." Huang Youjun said angrily.

  "By the way, is it true that you said that Little Brother Lu defeated Zheng Xihe in Yuzhou?" Wu Zhonghua asked suddenly.

  "It must be true. I lost to Zheng Xihe in the first game. In the second game, Xiaolu came to the stage and directly defeated Zheng Xihe. Countless people have witnessed that game." Huang Youjun nodded and said affirmatively. .

  "Then I know why they deliberately modified the rules." Wu Zhonghua sneered.

  Several people looked at Wu Zhonghua, Wu Zhonghua continued: "Because Zheng Xihe also participated in the competition, but he was ranked in the top ten, so he had not played before. At this time, the little brother Lu was in the top 8. He was afraid to run into little brother Lu again, so he had to make the best move."

  Everyone immediately understood, because they all knew that Zheng Xihe belonged to Zhonghai, and he would definitely fight on behalf of Zhonghai.

  "That Yang Mu is too shameless. Their Zhonghai Rough Stone Association is the most famous Rough Stone Association in the country. Are you afraid of being laughed at by your peers for doing such shameless things?" Lan Ling said angrily.

  Wu Zhonghua shook his head and said, "You don't understand this. It is precisely because they China Sea Rough Stone Association is the most famous Rough Stone Association in the country. They can't let Zheng Xihe lose, at least they can't let him fall at 8. If Zheng Xihe can't even make the top four, as the host, then they will really be ashamed." www.

  Hearing what Wu Zhonghua said, Lan Ling also reacted.

  The reason is very simple, but Lan Ling was angry and didn't think of it for the first time.

  In fact, when the host announced the new rules, everyone in the audience basically guessed the operation of the China Shipping Rough Stone Association. This was at the expense of Lu Chen and Zheng Xihe.

  This kind of operation is very embarrassing and shameless, but for the China Shipping Rough Stone Association, as long as Zheng Xihe wins the championship, it is better than anything. When that happens, no matter what disharmonious sound is, it will be the first time. The wave of championships was overwhelmed.

  Huang Youjun was also very angry. Even at this time in Yuzhou, countless people were already scolding China Sea Stone Association for its shameless operation.

  "Xiao Lu, can you persist?" Huang Youjun asked Lu Chen.

  Lan Ling, Wu Zhonghua and others are also watching Lu Chen, which is really unfair to Lu Chen, but they have no way, after all, this is the organizer's rule.

  Lu Chen slowly opened his eyes and said, "No problem, just take a rest."

Chapter: 256

  "Now I invite Yuzhou to represent Master Lu Chenlu on stage."

  Just then, the host shouted on stage.

  Lan Ling frowned and asked loudly, "Why is it so fast that Master Lu just stepped down, so he won't let him take a break? And he still has to accept the unfair ten consecutive challenges?"

  "Unfair?" The

  host disdainfully blue spirit looked at, said: "this is a decision of our organizers, is also a major sponsor of the event jewelers meant, and not your race, what qualifications and pointed out there?"

  blue spirit is The host's face turned pale, and her pissed chest kept rising and falling. She was about to go back, but seeing Lu Chen shook her head at her, she took a deep breath and sat down puffed up.

  Huang Youjun sneered and said: "This is the face of the China Sea Stone Association. To protect Zheng Xihe, what despicable means can be used."

  As a master of the original stone, he understands spiritual power better than Lan Ling importance.

  Even if Lu Chen successfully passed the challenge of the ten masters, his mental power would definitely be exhausted. Even if he met Zheng Xihe by then, he would definitely not be Zheng Xihe's opponent.

  "If Little Brother Lu really passed the challenge of the ten masters, I am afraid they will shamelessly arrange Zheng Xihe and Lu Chen to compete in a group." Wu Zhonghua said mockingly.

  "That's for sure. Before Zheng Xihe lost to Xiao Lu, he must have wanted to defeat Xiao Lu a long time ago. The shameless face of the organizer really refreshed my three views." Huang Youjun said angrily .

  Originally with Lu Chen's strength, even if he was not the champion, he could at least win the runner-up, but it was a great opportunity to win glory for Yuzhou.

  But after the organizers did this, it was hard to say whether Lu Chen could really enter the quarterfinals, and Huang Youjun was of course very angry.

  Lu Chen rubbed his temples lightly, with a wry smile on his face.

  To tell the truth, although he won these few games very easily, but it is also extremely mentally exhausting, he did not expect the organizers to be so shameless.

  Zheng Xi and that old thing are really shameless.

  "Forget it, don't talk about it. This is the home court of others. Apart from our complaints, no one cares about the changes in the competition system. Besides, I am also confident to win the championship." Lu Chen saw that Huang Youjun and Lan Ling were both very surprised. Angry, was born comforted.

  Sure enough, as Lu Chen said, other people didn't care about the organizer's sudden change of the rules. On the contrary, they all felt that it should be. Or Lu Chen, an unknown person, suddenly made the top eight. I believe that Lu Chen really has this strength.

  If Lu Chen can really pass the challenge of the ten masters, then they will believe that Lu Chen really has the strength of the top eight.

  "   I'm afraid that someone is afraid to fight, so he dare not come on stage?"

  "Yes, if you don't have the strength, just get out. Don't delay Master Zheng, Master Xiao and others from appearing." www.

"Boy, I see You can get into the top eight because of luck. If you don’t dare to fight, you can take the initiative to quit. Don’t delay everyone’s time. It’s already 9:30 in the evening. Anyway, even if you pass the test, you won’t be Master Zheng. The opponent's."

  Huang Youjun and the others became even more angry after hearing the audience's gloat. Lu Chen had already beaten Zheng Xihe once, and it would be easy to win him a second time.

  It's just that now that the organizers use this despicable method, whether Lu Chen can enter the top 8 is unknown.

  "I want to apply for Master Lu to rest for another half an hour, otherwise this is too unfair." Lan Ling stood up again and said.

  "What kind of thing are you able to change the decision of the organizer and the major sponsors? If you dare not compare, go back to Yuzhou." A young man shouted loudly. This young man is the vice-chairman of the China Sea Rough Stone Association. The navy arranged by Zhu Bohong.

  In fact, the people who have been ridiculing Lu Chen just now are all the navy arranged by Zhu Bohong.

  "If you are really embarrassed, please apply to withdraw from the competition. After all, this is the meaning of the major sponsors, and we can't offend the sponsor."

  At this moment , the vice president of China Overseas Stone Association came over. , There was a hint of apology on his face, but there was a dominance in his words.

  "Everyone, although our China Shipping Rough Stone Association is a bit unkind, we have to do it in order to be responsible to the major sponsors. Please forgive me for the inconvenience caused."

  Zhu Bohong turned around again. He hugged everyone and said with some guilt.

  "Chairman Zhu, what are you talking about? The major sponsors are the sponsors, and of course they are responsible to the sponsors."

  "Yes, this kid is unknown, but he suddenly broke into the top 8 among them. If there is nothing tricky, no one will believe it, so it's normal for sponsors to have this doubt."

  "Chairman Zhu, these hillbillies in Yuzhou are dissatisfied and just let them go. There is no need to talk to them. Long-winded." As

  soon as Zhu Bohong's voice fell, a group of licking dogs and adding water soldiers immediately began to pirate, one by one, they could not wait to drown Lu Chen and others directly with their saliva.

  Although other people didn't know that these people were naval forces, a large part of them were brought to the rhythm, and they all became a little suspicious.

  This kid really made it to the quarterfinals by his true ability?

  At this time, everyone in Yuzhou, watching live TV and watching the TV screen, had the urge to smash the phone.

  It's really shameless.

  "How can this be done? Master Lu has already participated in several rounds of competitions. How can you let Master Lu quit?" Zhu Bohong hurriedly shook his head, looking righteous and awe-inspiring.

  "Master Lu, I know that you stone gamblers are arrogant people, and no one accepts anyone. So, if you pass this test, we will not only issue you a top ten certificate, but also How about letting Zheng Xi and Master Zheng of the China Shipping Rough Stone Association compete with you?" Zhu Bohong looked at Lu Chen and said with a smile on his face.

  Sure enough, it is really shameless!

  When Huang Youjun and the others heard this, there was a silent contempt in their hearts.

  They just said about it. If Lu Chen really passed the challenge of the ten masters, the organizer would definitely arrange for Zheng Xihe and Lu Chen to compete in a group. Unexpectedly, Zhu Bohong would not hide his intentions and directly set their goals. Said it.

  "Zheng Xihe is just my defeated man. As long as he dares to join me, I will definitely let him not make it to the semi-finals." Lu Chen looked at Zhu Bohong and said with disdain.

  As soon as his voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.

Chapter: 257

As soon as Lu Chen spoke out, it was as if he stabbed a hornet's nest.

  "Damn boy, do you know what you're talking about? You can also say such big talk?"

  "You are just a nameless person. What qualifications do you have to arrange Master Zheng?"

  "What are you, just like you? , You can also defeat Master Zheng, you are not still alive in your dreams."

  Lu Chen's words immediately aroused public outrage. Whether it was the navy or some Zheng Xihe fans, they all accused Lu Chen.

  "Oh?" Lu Chen stood up and looked at the crowd jokingly, and said provocatively: "You are so confident in Zheng Xihe, why don't you let him compare me first?"

  Zhu Bohong's expression changed, but the others began to clamor.

  "Okay, please ask Master Zheng to put an end to this kid's arrogance first."

  "I don't know what to do, dare to challenge Master Zheng, and wait to be crushed by Master Zheng."

  Zhu Bohong hurriedly coughed and stopped everyone. Continue to pipi.

  "It's okay for you to challenge Master Zheng, but you have to wait until you really enter the quarterfinals. Not everyone is qualified to challenge Master Zheng." Zhu Bohong looked disdainful, which meant that you Lu Chen wanted to challenge Zheng Xihe, you must first accept the challenge of ten masters, or you are not qualified.

  Zhu Bohong's words immediately caused the navy to react.

  "Yes, yes, you deliberately said that, you must be afraid to accept the challenge of ten masters."

  "You have not even entered the top eight, what qualifications do you have to challenge Master Zheng? Master Zheng is the top three invincible existence in the country, you What is it?"

  Huang Youjun and Lan Ling almost vomited blood when everyone said.

  Lu Chen has clearly entered the quarter-finals. It was because you were afraid that Zheng Xihe would lose to Lu Chen and changed the rules temporarily. Are you shameless and embarrassed to blame others?

  If you can't afford to lose, you can't afford to lose, and the top three invincibles exist in the country?

  I bother!

  The top three shameless people in the country are about the same!

  Of course, Lan Ling didn't dare to say these things.

  Because she was afraid of angering the organizers for a while, she wouldn't let Lu Chen participate in the competition, so all her layout during this time would be in vain.

  This time, their Lan family sponsored tens of millions to the Yuzhou Rough Stone Association, and invested hundreds of millions to open up the jewelry market in Yuzhou. As the person in charge, she certainly hopes that Lu Chen will be an amazing one this time and help Yuzhou. Betting on the stone champion.

  Facing the crusade, Lu Chen always seemed very calm, with a calm expression, but occasionally a flash of ridicule flashed in his eyes.

  Lan Ling looked at Lu Chen, who was as steady as Mount Tai in the strong wind, and suddenly his eyes turned a little blurred.

  In her eyes, Lu Chen's body suddenly became stalwart.

  Standing still in the squally wind and waves, it seemed that nothing could shake him. ,

  this state of mind of being calm is not something ordinary people can have.

  "Okay, then I'll just wait for Zheng Xihe to fight me. I hope he won't wait for me to enter the quarterfinals and become a tortoise." Lu Chen shrugged and gave Zhu Bohong a disdainful look. Walked towards the high platform.

  "Arrogant, if you want to challenge Master Zheng, let's enter the quarterfinals first."

  "Don't lose in one round of challenge, it's really a joke."

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen's back and became sarcastically.

  Lu Chen quickly speeded up and walked onto the platform as they were farting, so as not to be smoked by the smell.

  Seeing Lu Chen stand on the high platform again, there are still a large number of people who feel a little worthless for him.

  Today, the China Shipping Rough Stone Association is really doing this thing too badly, obviously bullying no one in Yuzhou.

  At this time, everyone in Yuzhou was deep-fried, and they all screamed the shamelessness of the China Sea Stone Association.

  Zhang Shengqiao and the other old men were even more angry, blowing their beards and staring, almost out of heart disease.

  This live TV broadcast actually broadcasted all the conversations of the people before, which may also be something the organizer did not expect.

  Not only Yuzhou, but also the major rough stone lovers across the country, at this moment, have witnessed the shameless behavior of the China Shipping Rough Stone Association.

  Seeing that Lu Chen, who was the first to enter the quarterfinals, stood on the high platform again to accept the challenge of ten masters of stone gambling, at this moment, more than 90% of the audience all over the country were expecting Lu Chen to be able to face each other. Finally, he slammed the organizer's face.

  The first person to challenge Lu Chen on stage was a middle-aged man, Wu Jun, a stone gambling master from Yinchuan.

  "Boy, what qualifications do you have to enter the top eight? It's still too late to admit defeat and roll off the stage, lest you lose face for a while." As soon as Wu Jun came onto the stage, he became ironic.

  "It's a lot of nonsense. If you dare not challenge, you can come up with someone else. This is a stone gambling game, not a mouth-and-mouth game." Lu Chen said coldly.

  "Boy, you are crazy enough, and Wu will convince you to lose." Wu Jun was so angry that he snorted and picked up a rough stone and began to judge.

  It took more than twenty minutes to draw a conclusion.

  He did not guess the quality of the jade, and the error reached a staggering 40 grams.

  Wu Jun was a little dissatisfied with this result, but he felt that Lu Chen was definitely not much better than him. Even if he lost this round, he still had a chance.

  "Boy, it's you." Wu Jun urged.

  Lu Chen jokingly smiled, picking up a rough stone in his hand, just put it in his hand, and said the result directly.

  Wu Jun was a little angry. He hadn't noticed Lu Chen's previous game, so he felt that Lu Chen looked down on him.

  The whole process takes only a few tens of seconds to get the result. Isn't this insulting him?

  It took him twenty minutes to come to a conclusion after careful judgment.

  But when the staff were cut out and reported the number, he realized how terrifying Lu Chen was.

  The category was right, and the error was only 9 grams, which completely crushed him.

  Wu Jun's expression was a little embarrassed. He felt that Lu Chen must be out of shit luck, and that the blind hen had only met the head of rice.

  But when the result of the second game came out, he was completely stupid.

  In the second game, he guessed the category, but the error was also as high as 36 grams, and Lu Chen also guessed the category, and the error reached a staggering 6 grams. This gap is simply a difference between the sky and the underground.

  The most important thing is that in the second game, he spent a full half an hour, while Lu Chen only took a few dozen seconds.

  "There are only nine, come on!" In the audience, seeing Lu Chen easily crush his opponent, Lan Ling clenched his fists and cheered for Lu Chen.

  However, Huang Youjun and Wu Zhonghua looked sad.

  From the first challenger, they saw the organizer's strategy, which was to consume Lu Chen alive.

  If each challenger takes almost an hour to complete, even if Lu Chen has been very against the sky, it only takes tens of seconds to complete a round, plus the cutting time, these ten rounds of challenge are completed, at least tomorrow morning. went.

  Who can bear the gambling for so long?

Chapter: 258

Many people also saw the shamelessness of the organizer. Even if ten consecutive stone gamblers challenged, each stone gambler would have to spend an hour, which is really no bottom line.

  However, the only thing that was somewhat human was that the organizer prepared a chair for Lu Chen. When the challenger judged the original stone, he could sit on the chair to rest and also prepared tea and coffee for Lu Chen.

  But even so, after staying up all night, Lu Chen would definitely not be able to hold it. Even if he did enter the quarterfinals, he would not be able to put any pressure on Zheng Xihe.

  Sure enough, the next challengers had to fight Lu Chen one by one, and then each challenger spent almost an hour.

  The most disgusting one, because he had a fight with Lu Chen, Lu Chen directly ignored him, and he directly spent nearly two hours, until the host urged him twice before he came to a conclusion.

  During this short period of time, Lu Chen directly sat in the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

  Although these people had adopted such a shameless routine, the longer they procrastinated, the longer Lu Chen had to rest.

  Maybe it is impossible for ordinary people to have real rest.

  But Lu Chen was different. He had practiced the technique of health preservation since he was a child. As long as he meditated silently, he could block out the surrounding sounds in minutes and enter a real rest.

  During this period, although the organizer prepared countless refreshing drinks for everyone, those who were a little bit older all went back to their rooms to rest after 12 o'clock.

  In the second half of the night, less than half of the young people stayed to witness the moment when the miracle occurred.

  Huang Youjun, Wu Zhonghua and others were getting older and went back to rest after one o'clock in the morning.

  Even some of Wu Zhonghua's disciples went back to the room.

  Only Lan Ling stayed.

  Looking at Lu Chen, who easily crushed his opponent every time on the stage, Lan Ling stood up excitedly and applauded for Lu Chen. Even if it attracted the attention of other youths, she didn't care at all.

  Lu Chen at this moment, in her eyes, is simply the stalwart Prince Charming.

  "It's a pity that he already has a family..."

  "But so what, a man who is good enough, he deserves more love."

  "That Lin Yijun is not worthy of him, such a man, only me, Lan Ling A woman who is equally good is worthy of possession."

  Lan Ling sipped the coffee softly, and the admiring eyes of the young people next to her couldn't get into her magical eye at all, and she ignored it.

  That night, she only saw the stalwart figure on the stage that made her heartbeat.

  This night, Lu Chen was not alone.

  The entire Yuzhou rough stone lovers have been with him on TV occasions.

  Countless people never stay up late, just to witness the miracle happen, they all go out to buy Red Bull, coffee and other refreshing drinks to accompany Lu Chen.

  Finally, at 8 am the next day, Lu Chen welcomed the last challenger.

  The previous nine challengers were all cruelly crushed by him. Seeing that Lu Chen had guessed the category in every round, the error in each round was all within 10 grams. All the people who accompanied the watch were all admired five-body shots.

  This evening, it can be said that Lu Chen circled countless fans, even if he lost the last battle, no one would doubt his strength anymore.

  Looking at Lu Chen's record, Zheng Xihe, the president, vice president, and the first stone gambler of the China Shipping Rough Stone Association, looked at Lu Chen's record, and they all looked at the extreme.

  But what made them breathe a sigh of relief is that this night, Lu Chen must have consumed Lu Chen's vitality, and then even if Lu Chen met Zheng Xihe, he could no longer be Zheng Xihe's opponent.

  In this regard, even Zheng Xihe is full of absolute confidence.

  Gambling on Shi was originally a mentally exhausting person. Lu Chen fought all night long, even if he was young, he would have long been overwhelmed.

  The most important thing is that they will not give Lu Chen a chance to rest. Once the final round is over, they will enter the final of eight to four.

  No matter who Lu Chen is against, he will definitely be out.

  Now they only had Xiao Zhiyuan's rival.

  At this time, Xiao Zhiyuan was also checking Lu Chen's results last night.

  When he looked at Lu Chen's data that crushed his opponent in every round, he also took a breath.

  To be honest, his minor error was 7 grams, but that was his best and the only record with an error within 10 grams.

  Most of his usual errors are between 10 and 15 grams. Compared with Lu Chen's data, his usual data is not enough.

  "This kid is too enchanting. Even if the old thing Yun Zhongqi played, he couldn't make the game error within 10 grams." Xiao Zhiyuan said admiringly.

  "Yeah, the most important thing is that he still accepted the challenge of ten masters in a row. These challengers have shamelessly spent time now, and he is not affected at all. This is the most terrifying." The middle-aged man who accompanied Xiao Zhiyuan to participate in the competition also exclaimed.

  Lu Chen's performance last night was really unexpected. Even if many people who looked down on Lu Chen before, at this moment, they were all convinced.

  Lu Chen's performance last night can really only be described as an evildoer.

  At this time, as far away as Yuzhou, everyone was like chicken blood. Even if countless of them stayed with Lu Chen all night last night, all of them were still vigorous and kept in front of the TV. Lu Chen cheer up.

  As long as Lu Chen wins this battle, he will not only create a miracle and become a true quarter-final player, but will also hit the face of the China Sea Stone Association.

  Zhang Shengqiao and the others, who had just gotten up for a while, couldn't even bother to eat breakfast. They stared at the TV screen unblinkingly, waiting for the landing method to crush the last challenger again.

  After the last challenger got on stage, he originally wanted to have a gun with Lu Chen, but he didn't even look at him when he saw Lu Chen. He leaned directly on the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

  Although he was a little angry, he had to admire Lu Chen's record.

  In the end, unexpectedly, he surrendered directly without any competition.

  Although the organizer promised to give him a sum of money, let him spend at least one hour of Lu Chen.

  But seeing that the first ninety challengers were ruthlessly crushed, he finally did not want to discredit him and chose to give up the challenge.

  This made Zhu Bohong and others a little surprised and a little angry.

  But it doesn't matter, Lu Chen must have been badly injured in their eyes at this time, and the final battle is quite innocent.

  Lu Chen opened his eyes unexpectedly and looked at the challenger, but he didn't say much.

  At this time, the host also had to admire and announced that Lu Chen had officially entered the quarterfinals.

  There was loud applause from the audience, and countless people stood up and applauded for Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen's match last night deserved their standing and applauding.

  After the noise, the host said: "Now we are going to the draw ceremony of eight to four..."

  Lu Chen interrupted the host directly, took the microphone from his hand, and said loudly: "Zheng Xihe, if you don't want to do it If you shrink your head, come out and fight with me, and the two of us don't have to draw lots."

Chapter: 259

Lu Chen's words immediately caused another sensation in the film.

  However, no one blamed Lu Chen anymore. Without the rhythm of the navy, the venue was very quiet.

  On the contrary, many people support Lu Chen's decision in their hearts, and it can be said that they are on Lu Chen's side invisibly.

  Everyone is not stupid, they have long understood the organizer's intention.

  It must be afraid of Lu Chen, afraid that Lu Chen will defeat Zheng Xihe.

  That's why they had to make the best move.

  "Master Zheng,

  let's come out for a battle!" Many people shouted loudly. At this time, it was obvious that Lu Chen's stalwart body had already concealed Zheng Xihe's former reputation.

  "Master Zheng, come out to fight!"

  Then the whole hall stayed with Lu Chen all night, and everyone who had witnessed the miracle screamed.

  Lu Chen is so confident, and they are also full of confidence in Lu Chen.

  Everyone saw this incident. It was the organizer who had lost heart and morality first, and it was no wonder that others attacked them.

  At this time, Zheng Xihe, who was resting in the room, saw the pomp on the TV screen, his expression of anger turned into pig liver.

  Whether it was Lu Chen's provocation or the anti-cooperation of everyone in the entire hall, he was extremely angry.

  He is the famous Master Zheng. When did such a person show such disrespect to him?

  Chairman Yang Mu and Vice Chairman Zhu Bohong were also angrily wanting to vomit blood.

  Lu Chen Chi Guoguo's provocation did not put Zheng Xihe in his eyes at all, let alone their organizers.

  "Why, Zheng Xihe, Master Zheng, do you have to change the rules again and arrange ten more wastes to consume my mental power, until I get tired and faint, will you dare to come out and fight me?" See Lu Chen After seeing no response for a long time, he picked up the microphone and shouted again.

  "Master Zheng, are you not the top three in the country? Master Lu has given you all night, and you still dare not fight? This is the top three in the country as it should be?" Lan Ling also shouted loudly.

  "Master Zheng, don't you dare to fight?"

  "Master Zheng, you are among the top three in the country, so you dare not accept the challenge of the little-known Master Lu?"

  "Master Zheng, are you afraid?"

  "Master Zheng , Did you come out and say something, dare or dare not?"

  "Master Zheng, are you really going to be a turtle to ruin your fame?" The

  whole hall was shouting loudly, the whole scene It was completely out of control, almost all the sound of stabbing Zheng Xihe.


  Zheng Xi directly squirted blood in a kind manner, and today it can be said that he has completely lost his face.

  "I'm going to accept this kid's challenge, I want to defeat him!"

  Zheng Xihe said in a deep voice.

  "Xihe, that kid looks very energetic, you have to think twice." Zhu Bohong frowned and said.

  "Unless he is not human, it is impossible to fight all night and still have the energy to defeat me." Zheng Xihe said.

  "Yes, that kid is deliberately pretending to be nonchalant, wanting you to retreat without a fight. At this time, he is just stubborn, so there is no need to be afraid of him." Yang Mu said confidently.

  "Yes, I think so too. This kid doesn't want to have a good rest at this time, but deliberately provokes me, making a look unaffected. He must have pretended to be. He thought I would not dare to fight, old man Just go the other way, and give him a surprise."

  Zheng Xihe also confidently said.

  "Well, then go to defeat him and kill his arrogance." Yang Mu nodded, this matter, now unless Zheng Xihe can win Lu Chen, or their Zhonghai Rough Stone Association can be said to be discredited and lost. All my face.

  Conversely, if they had all performed such shameless tricks, Zheng Xihe would still not be able to beat Lu Chen, then it would really be a loss of face and face.

  Therefore, in this matter, they forced Lu Chen to a dead end, and at the same time they also put themselves on a dead end.

  Finally, in the irony of hundreds of people in the audience, Zheng Xihe slowly stepped onto the high platform.

  His face was quite bad, even pale, and his eyes were full of deep resentment when he saw Lu Chen.

  "I thought you wanted to be a turtle for a lifetime." Lu Chen looked at Zheng Xihe and said sarcastically.

  Lu Chen was the biggest victim of the organizer's change of rules. Although he won easily, he was full of anger.

  This is an insult to him!

  Well, now is the time for him to fight back.

  Didn’t the China Shipping Rough Stone Association not want him to meet Zheng Xihe for fear that he would win Zheng Xihe?

  Then he directly challenged Zheng Xihe and shot him outside the semi-finals.

  He just wanted to tell China Overseas Stone Association and tell everyone that in the face of absolute strength, all conspiracies and tricks are in vain.

  "Boy, you are too rampant. You must know that this is Zhonghai, my site, and this is not Yuzhou." Zheng Xi's body trembled and threatened in a deep voice.

  "Why, you want to threaten me for fear of losing to me?" Lu Chen said sarcastically.

  "Ah, is this the morals of your Zhonghai people?"

  "Master Zheng, you won't be really afraid, are you?"

  Everyone in the audience also roared. At this moment, what Master Zheng, in their hearts, Lu Chen He is the real invincible master of stone gambling.

  "Stop talking nonsense, don't you want to challenge me, let's get started." Zheng Xihe's expression became embarrassed again as he listened to the crowd's roaring, they thought it would be the result.

  "You are old, you come first." Lu Chen smiled jokingly, and extended a please gesture to Zheng Xihe.


  Zheng Xihe snorted and picked up a rough stone to feel it.

  Of course he would not be polite with Lu Chen, because he just wanted to defeat Lu Chen as soon as possible.

  Seeing that Zheng Xihe had already taken action on stage, the whole venue was quiet.

  Although they look down on Zheng Xihe and the China Sea Rough Stone Association, they will not affect Zheng Xihe's performance at this time.

  "Master Huang, can Lu Chen still defeat Zheng Xihe? After all, he has been fighting all night in a row." Lan Ling said with some worry.

  Huang Youjun shook his head. To be honest, although Lu Chen defeated Zheng Xihe in Yuzhou last time, it was not that time. Lu Chen's mental power must have been exhausted at this time, and he wanted to win the third place in the country. Zheng Xihe is quite difficult.

  "Old Xiao, do you think Lu Chen is confident that he will win Zheng Xihe?" In

  Xiao Zhiyuan's room, the middle-aged man looked at the screen and asked.

  Xiao Zhiyuan shook his head. At this time, he didn't know if Lu Chen was really nasty, so he was not easy to judge.

  If Lu Chen is really sluggish, he is definitely not Zheng Xihe's opponent, otherwise, Zheng Xihe will definitely lose.

  At this time, the entire venue, the entire Yuzhou, and the audience watching the live broadcast from all over the country are watching this unprecedented battle.

Chapter: 260

In the first game, Zheng Xihe spent ten minutes, and then came to the conclusion:

  jade, 74 grams.

  The staff quickly cut it out. It was indeed jade. The actual mass was 62 grams, with an error of only 12 grams. Compared with his match with Lu Chen in Yuzhou, it was much stronger.

  Originally, this result is already very strong, which is also the normal level of the top three in the country.

  But after witnessing the magical data that Lu Chen's error was within 10 grams for one night, everyone felt that Zheng Xihe would definitely lose as long as there were no accidents.

  In fact, seeing this result, Zheng Xihe knew he was going to lose most of the game.

  His only hope now is that Lu Chen really couldn't hold on anymore, he was in a trance, and made a huge misjudgment.

  At this time, Yang Mu and others also had the same idea.

  "Look, the kid is about to lose in the first game. After a continuous fight all night, no one can bear it, especially this kind of rock gambling game that consumes a lot of mental energy." Yang Mu said confidently.

  "I hope so, or else we will lose face this time." Zhu Bohong stared at Lu Chen's eyes with a bad premonition in his heart.

  Everyone thinks that Lu Chen is just being stern, but based on his years of experience in seeing people, he always feels that Lu Chen's mental power has not been greatly depleted.

  But it did surprise him a bit. It stands to reason that Lu Chen at this time should be sluggish, which is too unscientific.

  "It turns out that you are the top three in the country. The error of ten grams is really too weak." Lu Chen looked at the data on the tray and said ironically.

  He was originally not a bitter and mean person, but the China Sea Stone Association completely angered him with this one.

  "Hmph, arrogant and ignorant boy, you can try this first before you talk such big talk." Zheng Xihe coldly snorted.

  "If I remember correctly, you spent a total of 10, 21 seconds in this round, right." Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said.

  Zheng Xihe's expression changed. Lu Chen was really perverted in terms of time. In Lu Chen's game last night, he fast-forwarded and watched the video when he got up today. Almost every round did not exceed one minute. The speed is simply shocking, no one can compare.

  "So what, the stone bet is the accuracy of judgment, and it doesn't take less time than anyone else." Zheng Xihe said coldly.

  Even so, if anyone spends less time and makes a very accurate judgment, then the less time is definitely stronger.

  Everyone understood Lu Chen's meaning, but they also knew that Lu Chen had been fighting continuously all night, and it was a question of whether his mental strength could hold it.

  At this time, they all chose silence conservatively.

  Lu Chen smiled and didn't say anything. He picked up a piece of rough stone and just put a pad in his hand. After almost half a minute, he yawned and said, "Lantian jade, 28 grams."

  Lu Chen was true. He's a little tired, even if he has practiced the art of keeping in good health since he was a child, he is a little tired at this time.

  Seeing Lu Chen facing Zheng Xihe, still so casual, the young people were immediately full of confidence in him, and the old men shook their heads one after another, all thinking that he was a little tricky. You

  must know that contempt for opponents is irresponsible to oneself.

  "It seems that you don't have to worry about meeting him today." Xiao Zhiyuan shook his head and said.

  "Yeah, I knew that Mu Zong shouldn't have been exposed in advance." The middle-aged man nodded, and he kept staring at Lu Chen's eyes, and he also found the trace that Lu Chen wanted to hide but couldn't hide. exhausted.

  "It's settled, that kid is settled." Seeing this scene, Yang Mu smiled triumphantly.

  The more Lu Chen despised Zheng Xihe, the greater his chance of losing.

  Zhu Bohong frowned and felt that Zheng Xihe should win this round.

  He kept staring at Lu Chen's eyes, still seeing the fatigue that Lu Chen couldn't hide.

  Doesn't Lu Chen's rash judgment mean that he is starting to lose his mind?

  Everyone is waiting for the staff to cut.

  As the worker cut, a yellow-green soon appeared.

  The main ingredient of Lantian jade is a serpentinized diopside, which is opaque and has colors of emerald green, yellow-green, cyan, black and green, etc.

  When they saw that the jade was yellow-green, everyone thought that it might really be Lantian jade.

  Sure enough, after the worker had cut it and put it on the instrument, it was Lantian jade that was displayed.

  Seeing this, those who were suspicious of Lu Chen looked at Lu Chen again, and they also found that Lu Chen was a little sleepy, but he didn't expect him to judge it so accurately.

  Yang Mu and Zhu Bohong, the two presidents, have changed a little ugly.

  Since Lu Chen can still judge the category, can his judgment of quality still have a big error?

  A bad feeling arose in both of them.

  "23 grams, the error is 5 grams." The staff said in shock after saying it.

  This is the smallest error he has ever seen since taking this job.

  In the first game, Lu Chen still defeated Zheng Xihe in a crushing manner.

  The error is 5 grams, this accuracy is more accurate than what is called, let alone Zheng Xihe, even if the number one Yun Zhongqi played, he would definitely not be able to do it.

  There was a resounding applause from Chen Chen from the audience.

  "Master Lu is handsome!"

  "Master Lu is invincible!"

  "Crush Zheng Xihe!"

  "Let the organizer come out and give an explanation!"

  Countless youths cheered up for Lu Chen loudly, all condemning the organizer for Lu The dust hit the report.

  You know, when the organizer changed the rules and treated Lu Chen unfairly, no one came out to say a good word for Lu Chen.

  Even under the rhythm of the navy, many people joined the team condemning Lu Chen.

  This situation can only be won by Lu Chen's absolute strength and personal charm.

  Hearing the condemnation and irony of the entire venue, whether it was Zheng Xihe or everyone from the China Sea Rough Stone Association, their faces became quite ugly.

  But they had no choice but to put all their hopes on the remaining two rounds, hoping that Zheng Xihe could fight back, and won Lu Chen in the next two rounds.

  "Master Lu will win!" Lan Ling waved his fist. At this time, she looked like a little girl.

  Huang Youjun also breathed a sigh of relief, and said excitedly: "It seems that he is still energetic, there should be no problem with taking Zheng Xihe."

  Wu Zhonghua nodded, his eyes filled with shock.

  Lu Chen's performance was of an enchanting level, and he couldn't accept it.

  "Don't you admit defeat?" Lu Chen looked at Zheng Xihe playfully.

  Today he not only wants to win Zheng Xihe, but also a crushing result to win him, let him know that in the gambling world, he will always be his nightmare for Zheng Xihe.

  "Hmph, don't be proud of you, I see how long you can last."

  Zheng Xihe snorted, with a hint of cruelty in his eyes, and then picked up the second rough stone to start the second game.