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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 271-280) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 271

After hanging up Lan Ling's call, Lu Chen went to the hospital to see Xu Jing. Xu Jing was in good physical condition and recovered very well. There was nothing serious about it. He could be discharged after a few days of rest in the hospital.

  After chatting with Xu Jing, Lu Chen received a call from Chen Churan as soon as he came out of the hospital.

  During the phone call, Chen Churan invited Lu Chen to a good meeting place, but Lu Chen declined.

  Lu Chen knew that she probably had the same thoughts as Lan Ling.

  But Chen Churan is just Chen Guangxing's daughter, and her words are certainly of little use.

  If Chen Guangxing invited him, he would definitely consider it.

  However, Chen Churan's attitude made him a little refreshed, at least it showed that the Chen family had not stood on his team, nor had it been on the three major families.

  Among the big four families in Yuzhou, the Chen family’s relationship is much stronger than the other three, and the network of relationships is much wider. If the Chen family also joined the other three to deal with him, he doubts whether Xie Weihao can support him. Can bear the pressure.

  But why did Lu Chen follow them to the official?

  Lu Chen gave a sneer at the corner of his mouth. Sometimes, as long as you have absolute strength, you use a competitive relationship.

  Relationships can only solve temporary troubles, but cannot solve the troubles of a lifetime.

  Only absolute strength can make you never have trouble.

  At this time in the Chen's villa, Chen Churan put away the phone with some loss. She thought she could take the opportunity to help Lu Chen, but she didn't expect Lu Chen to appreciate it at all.

  "Chu Ran, was it rejected?" Old Man Chen asked with a smile.

  "Grandpa, does that guy really think he can fight the three big families on his own? And I heard that there are big figures in the capital pushing this matter, why is he so stubborn?" Chen Churan said a little unhappy.

  "Lu Chen is unfathomable, don't underestimate him, maybe he really didn't put the three big families in his eyes." Old man Chen said.

  "Huh, I've been talking to my dad for a long time. I finally managed to get my dad to support him, but he didn't accept any favors. I was really angry. I'll see how he handles the three major families. I want to give My dad said, unless he personally asks us, he won't help him." Chen Churan said angrily.

  Old man Chen smiled bitterly. Based on his understanding of Lu Chen, since Lu Chen refused his help from the Chen family, he must be confident about the next thing, and it is unlikely to come to the Chen family.

  However, Mr. Chen also had some expectations, how Lu Chen would deal with this big trouble, and the three families joined forces, Xie Weihao also had to weigh his situation in Yuzhou in the next few years.

  The three big families are not just for fun, maybe, he really didn't want to get any political achievements from the three big families in recent years.

  For the three major families to develop, they are fully capable of going to other cities to develop new battlefields. This is a catastrophic blow to Xie Weihao, who wants to make political achievements in Yuzhou.

  At this time, at the entrance of the Shengshi Supermarket, a group of people blocked the gate, allowing only the people inside to go out, not letting people outside, which seriously affected the supermarket's business.

  Although supermarket employees have been accustomed to seeing people coming to make trouble, this is the first time they have seen this situation of directly blocking the supermarket door and preventing people from coming in to buy things.

  Wu Lei frowned. After calling Lu Chen, he had to call the police, but the police came and saw so many people. Someone said something in their ears, and they retreated.

  This reminded him of the situation where Zhang's family came to smash the supermarket some time ago, and a bad feeling arose in his heart.

  "You are the person in charge of the supermarket. Hurry up and call your boss. Unless your boss Lu Chen comes to apologize to us, this matter can be resolved."

  "You must kneel down and apologize in front of the people of the world, otherwise this matter. It's endless."

  "Yes, if he doesn't come to apologize, you will never be able to open the supermarket."

  Listening to the arrogant words of the crowd, Wu Lei was even more helpless.

  "Mr. Wu, what should I do? If they continue to quarrel, the flow of people we just did will lose again." An employee said worriedly.

  Other people's eyes are also full of worry.

  The boss is good at everything, and his salary is 30% higher than that of other supermarkets, but too many people are offended, and from time to time someone will make trouble. If this continues, the supermarket business simply cannot go on.

  Just when Wu Lei was unable to do anything, Song Hai finally came with someone.

  Song Hai first squeezed the crowd and found Wu Lei, and whispered in his ear: "Let the employees in first, close the door, and I will call you when I'm done."

  Wu Lei knew that Song Hai was called by Lu Chen. From Song Hai's eyes, he knew what Song Hai wanted to do. Anyway, this was what Lu Chen meant, and he had to listen to Song Hai first.

  "Open the door first, everyone leave through the back door, and take a day off today." Wu Lei said to the employees.

  When the employees finished walking, Wu Lei closed the door.

  Just when everyone saw their purpose and wanted to leave, Song Hai called, and dozens of gangsters ambushing outside rushed over. Regardless of three to seventy-one, he beat the group of the original stone association.

  Suddenly, there was a scream of crying, running slowly, and at the end, all of them were interrupted by one leg. Song Hai saw that it was almost done, and made a gesture of spreading. The gangsters quickly disappeared.

  Finally, when the police arrived, they could only call an ambulance to take the broken legs to the hospital.

  When Zhang Shengqiao and others heard the news, they were furious, but they first greeted the police station and told them to leave it alone. At this time, they could only hold their anger in their hearts.

  "Old Zhang, those people must have been called by Lu Chen, and he has to pay for the medical expenses." Chairman Zhu Deze said with an equally ugly expression.

  A total of seventeen members had their legs broken. This medical fee is not a small amount. It might not be enough to see a few million. Although Lu Chen won the runner-up on behalf of Yuzhou this time, the association received a lot of bonuses. But he didn't dare to swallow this bonus alone.

  Moreover, the expenses in the meeting are not small, and they cannot spend so much money to treat these people.

  "Don't worry about the medical expenses. I'll take care of it. You can call me more people. The cost will not be a problem. Tomorrow, I will regret it for the kid surnamed Lu." Zhang Shengqiao said.

  Zhu Deze breathed a sigh of relief. He waited for Zhang Shengqiao's words. As long as the money is in place, he can definitely handle the human affairs. www.

  As for asking Lu Chen for medical expenses, it was just his rhetoric. If Lu Chen dared to ask people to beat them, he would definitely not compensate them for medical expenses.

  "I think we have to target his Yiqi Technology..." Then Zhang Shengqiao and others discussed how to retaliate against Lu Chen's company tomorrow.

Chapter: 272

"The three major families are uniting to take over Yiqi Technology, what do you plan to do? Would you like to ask Xie Shujie to mediate?" Lin Yijun looked at Lu Chen worriedly.

  The three families are uniting to overcome the rumors of Yiqi Technology. There has been a lot of rumors in the past two days. Almost all the media are reporting this matter. It is difficult for Lin Yijun to know.

  "No, Xie Weihao can't mediate, and the three big families won't give him face." Lu Chen shook his head and said calmly. The news was spreading outside, but he didn't pay attention to the three big families. He just waited for Xiao Bieqing to come.

  He believes that as long as Xiao Bieqing is resolved, the alliance of the three major families will definitely be broken.

  "Then what to do? Is it just to let them make trouble? This has too much influence on the company." Lin Yijun said.

  "They can't make trouble for two days. By the way, don't go to work for these two days and stay with Qiqi at home." Lu Chen said.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded. Her bodyguards are still recovering from injuries, and they have been quite messy recently, and she dare not go to the company easily.

  At this moment, Lu Chen's phone rang, and it was Wang Wei.

  "Shao Lu, the three big families with more than 100 old men in their 50s and 60s bet at the door of the company to prevent our employees from coming to work. I am afraid that you will have to come forward to solve this matter." Wang Wei said helplessly on the phone. .

  "It's all old men?" Lu Chen frowned. If it's a young man, he will directly let Song Hai take the people to beat the disabled, but Nima is all old men, which is not easy.

  It's impossible for him to beat the old man.

  "Well, it's very troublesome. It's useless when the police come. Even a few police officers were humiliated by them." Wang Wei said.

  "Okay, I see, you can help the staff, I'll go over and deal with it later." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

  "What's the matter?" Seeing Lu Chen frowning, Lin Yijun asked.

  "They called a group of old men to contain the company. I'll go and take a look first." Lu Chen said.

  "Don't be impulsive, don't do stupid things." Lin Yijun worried that Lu Chenqi would attack those old men, and warned. www.

  "Well, I know how to do it." Lu Chen nodded and went out.

  Although Lu Chen said so, Lin Yijun was still a little worried, and was a little confused at home.

  She was just about to talk to her mother, Wang Xue, when she suddenly heard someone knocking on the door.

  A bad premonition rose in Lin Yijun's heart. She wanted to call Lu Chen, but when she saw her mother Wang Xue went to open the door, five or six people walked in.

  The leader was a middle-aged woman who had a strong feminine aura. Just looking at it from a distance, Lin Yijun felt an invisible pressure.

  "Who are you?" Wang Xue asked in a panic when seeing everyone.

  "Let Lu Chen roll back." The middle-aged woman glanced at Wang Xue, and walked towards the villa on her own.

  The middle-aged woman is Xiao Biqing. She knew that Lu Chen must have laid a net to wait for her to drill in, so she played with Lu Chen. She didn't believe that Lu Chen would ambush people in his own home.

  Moreover, she let Lu Chen leave first, and then came in to control Lu Chen's family. By then, it would be useless for Lu Chen to have any nets.

  "What are you doing, Lu Chen, who are you?" Wang Xue asked in a deep voice.

  "Palm mouth. In front of me, are you talking too much?" Xiao Bieqing said lightly, and a big man behind her sealed Wang Xue's collar and slapped it on the face.

  Wang Xue was originally a shrew, but at this time, she was slapped in the face, and she didn't even dare to show her atmosphere. She just glanced at Xiao Bielqing and she felt her heart beating faster.

  "Who are you? Why are you hitting someone?" Lin Yijun asked Qiqi in her arms.

  Although Xiao Bieqing put a lot of pressure on her, she wanted to question her when she saw her mother being beaten.

  "Are you that wild woman?" Xiao Bieqing looked up and down Lin Yijun, her gaze looked over, and Qiqi in Lin Yijun's arms showed a look of fear, and she tightly grasped Lin Yijun's collar.

  "I'm Lu Chen's wife, you're Xiao Biqing?" Lin Yijun thought of what Lu Chen had told her before, and suddenly guessed that this old woman should be Lu Chen's aunt.

  "Presumptuous, do you dare to call Madam's name?" A big man slapped it directly. Lin Yijun couldn't make it, and several fingerprints suddenly appeared on his face.

  "Mom, mom..." Qiqi was frightened and cried.

  "Qiqi be good, don't be afraid." Lin Yijun resisted the pain on her face and hurriedly helped Qiqi.

  "Call Lu Chen's wild plant back immediately. Remember, he must come alone, otherwise he will wait to collect the corpses for your family." Xiao Bieqing said ruthlessly.

  "Lu Chen has something to do, and he won't come back for a while. Tell me what's the matter, and I'll tell him." Lin Yijun wanted Lu Chen to deal with the company's affairs, and of course he didn't want him to come back early.

  Xiao Bieqing heard that a murderous intent flashed in his eyes, and walked to Lin Yijun, without saying anything, Papa just slapped her face with two slaps.

  "What are you, are you qualified to talk to me? Let him come back right away, otherwise your family will kneel until he comes back." Xiao Bieqing snorted and went straight to the pavilion and sat down.

  Lin Yijun was beaten, Qiqi burst into tears, Wang Xue didn't even dare to get out of the air. She was so scared that she hurriedly took out the phone and called Lu Chen.

  "Mom, what's the matter?" Lu Chen had just arrived at Du Fei's at this time. He didn't plan to deal with the company's affairs. The three big families suddenly got into trouble. He felt that Xiao Bieling must have arrived in Yuzhou. Du Fei discussed how to bring Xiao Fieqing into the game.

  "What's the matter? Your wife and daughter are about to be killed, so you still have the mind to deal with the company's affairs?" Wang Xue said in a deep voice.

  She was quite unhappy with Lu Chen in her heart. If Lu Chen had not provoke such a powerful person, how could she be slapped? How could her daughter Lin Yijun be slapped in the face?

  If it weren't for Lu Chen's identity, she would have cursed her mother.

  "Who?" Lu Chen was startled, his brows frowned, and he was able to rush into the villa. He must be very strong. Could it be Xiao Biqing?

  Lu Chen trembled, what if Xiao Bieling was against Lin Yijun and Qiqi's opponents?

  He immediately realized that all of this was set by Xiao Bieqing, just to distract him so that he could go to his house.

  "How do I know that it is your enemy anyway, and they want you to come back alone, otherwise, just wait for us to collect the body." Wang Xue said in a deep voice.

  "You tell her, I will be there in ten minutes." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

  "A Fei, go with me."

  Of course, Lu Chen would not go back alone. Since Xiao Fieqing is prepared, he must take a person to protect his family.

Chapter: 273

Lu Chen took Du Fei and ran towards Ma'anshan through red lights.

  When I arrived home, before getting off the car, I saw Lin Yijun holding Kiki standing outside the pavilion, with a few fingerprints on her face, Kiki was still crying.

  "Dad, Dad, some bad guys beat mom!"

  Lu Chen asked Du Fei to stay in the car, got out of the car, and heard Qiqi yell when he got out of the car.

  A murderous intent flashed in Lu Chen's heart. He beat his wife and scared his daughter. It was damned!

  Seeing Lu Chen's arrival, Lin Yijun was also relieved. Anyway, Lu Chen is her man and her support. At this time, as long as Lu Chen is by her side, she will be invisible and calm in her heart.

  "Qiqi, don't talk, don't affect dad." Lin Yijun supported Qiqi.

  "Yeah." Qiqi nodded obediently, but kept staring at her father with her big smart eyes.

  Wang Xue was also greatly relieved, but she was slapped in the face before, and she still did not dare to speak.

  "I didn't kill you back then. I didn't expect you to escape to a remote place like Yuzhou. Do you know my purpose of looking for you today?" Xiao Bieling looked at Lu Chen and said.

  Lu Chen suddenly turned to look at Xiao Biqing, his eyes narrowed slightly, "You touched my bottom line."

  "Haha." Xiao Biqing laughed and said jokingly, "Did you think you learned from Yun Zhongqi? ? years of martial arts, it is invincible "

  Lu looked at the dust under a different reason behind those few Han Xiao, said:." a few of them in my eyes but a waste, as for you, you're old, "

  did not see Before Xiao Bieqing, Lu Chen had no bottom in his heart, but at this time, he was completely relieved.

  In fact, he shouldn't have overestimated Xiao Bieqing long ago. Last time Xiao Bieqing sent Mu Zong to deal with him, and Mu Zong couldn't even beat Du Fei, which shows that Xiao Bieqing definitely has no masters.

  As for Xiao Bieqing...

  Lu Chen could see that Xiao Bieqing was also a martial arts expert, but his strength should be similar to that of Old Yun.

  As early as when he left the capital, Mr. Yun was no longer his opponent. What's more, after all these years of cultivation, his strength has improved a lot, and of course he would not put Xiao Biqing in his eyes.

  "Arrogant and arrogant, I just don't know how high the sky is, take him down for me!" A flash of anger flashed in Xiao Biieqing's eyes, and he shouted coldly.

  As soon as she finished speaking, the big men behind him rushed towards Lu Chen like a lion looking for food.

  Lu Chen snorted coldly, with disdain in his eyes. The strength of these people is not as good as Du Fei's. Of course he would not take it seriously.

  When the few people were about to get close, Lu Chen moved. He straddled his left foot, and instead of retreating, he broke into the encirclement of the few people with lightning speed.

  Xiao Bieqing saw this with a sneer in her eyes, she knew that Lu Chen's strength was average.

  But the next moment, her whole eyes almost stared out.

  Lu Chen broke into the encirclement of several of her men and shot again and again, knocking out all of her men in a few seconds.

  "It's too weak." Lu Chen clapped his hands and looked at Xiao Biqing jokingly.

  Xiao Bieqing's face was quite ugly, and she realized that she had always miscalculated Lu Chen's strength.

  "I didn't expect you to hide so deeply!" Xiao Biieqing said with an ugly expression.

  "Isn't you forced? If you didn't force my dad to disband the Lu family, I wouldn't have overestimated you, but now think about it, I really don't have to overestimate you." Lu Chen smiled , And now it's clear and enlightened.

  The reason why his dad had to admit Xiao Bieqing and didn't want to be a direct enemy to her was because he owed Xiao Bieqing, not because he was afraid of Xiao Bieqing, but because he felt guilty in his heart.

  Lu Chen didn't know the inside story, and was misunderstood by Yun Lao's words. That's why he felt that Xiao Fieqing was very strong. That's why he always forbeared him and didn't dare to show his true identity.

  Thinking about it now, he himself is a little funny.

  If he hadn't been so cautious in the first place, he wouldn't make his family members worried.

  "Hmph, do you think you are already determined to win?" Xiao Bieqing said coldly.

  "I said, you are old, you can't be my opponent." Lu Chen said confidently.

  "Arrogant, the old man will let you know what a real martial arts is!" Xiao Bieqing said with a kick with his right foot, and the whole momentum suddenly changed. www.

  The clothes on her body are unexpectedly windless, and her eyes are sharp like a sword.

  "YeZhong, you don’t know the true hidden family at all. The true hidden family, whether it is wealth or force, is not what you can imagine. If you are acquainted, quickly hand over the property Lu Tianxing gave you, then You can't control the wealth, otherwise today will be your death date." Xiao Biieqing said with sharp eyes.

  "My death date? You are too conceited. When you stepped into the land of Yuzhou, I already sentenced you to death."

  Lu Chen said playfully, turning to look at Lin Yijun and Wang Xue: "You are advanced Go to the house, no matter what happens outside, you are not allowed to watch."

  He was already murderous, but he didn't want to be seen by Lin Yijun and others.

  Back then, Xiao Bieqing killed his mother. Today, Xiao Bieqing killed his home. It is a great opportunity for him to take revenge. Of course, he will not let Xiao Bieqing leave again.

  Lin Yijun and Wang Xue both nodded, and then led Qiqi in.

  After Lu Chen forcefully defeated those big guys, they were no longer afraid.

  They don't think Xiao Biqing is so powerful.

  "Come on, let me learn about your so-called martial arts." After Lin Yijun and Wang Xue entered the room, Lu Chen looked at Xiao Biqing again.

  "Hmph, since you want to die, I will send you down to meet your mother." Xiao Bieqing snorted coldly, and took the lead. With ",

  she saw her figure like a ghost, and Sharan rushed out more than ten meters before coming to Lu Chen's face.

  At the same time, the momentum driven by Xiao Biqing's movement, rushed towards Lu Chen like a violent wind, and the cut Lu Chen's face hurt.

  This is the aura of a strong inner power. If Lu Chen is also an ordinary person, he will die under Xiao Bieqing's hands with this one.

  "It seems that your inner strength is nothing more than that. Take a palm and try it."

  Lu Chen said, taking a step, and slapped Xiao Biqing's chest with a fierce palm.

  Xiao Bieqing's skills were a bit high, but her expression changed wildly in the next instant.

  Lu Chen couldn't see much strength in this palm, but when her palm touched it, it was like being smashed by a mountain, and she couldn't resist it.

  Seeing Xiao Bieqing's body retreating again and again, Lu Chen didn't give her any chance at all, and took more than twenty palms in a row.


  Finally at the twenty-fifth palm, Xiao Bieqing's right wrist bone was shattered by the violent palm force.


  Lu Chen's twenty-sixth palm was printed on Xiao Biqing's chest, and immediately heard the sound of a broken breastbone.

Chapter: 274

"You, why are you so strong!"

  Xiao Bieqing fell to the ground, and just vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, making her face extremely pale at this time.

  "Is this what you call the martial arts of the Hidden Family? With your strength, what do you use to kill me? Go to death." Lu Chen stepped forward and looked at Xiao Biqing, who had no combat power lying on the ground. A killer flashed in his eyes.

  "Hmph, if you dare to kill me, you will also die, and your family will also be buried with me." Xiao Bieqing threatened.

  Lu Chen was startled, his eyes narrowed.

  Xiao Bieqing's threat made him hesitate.

  because he doesn't know the Xiao family of the hermit family, and he doesn't know how the Xiao family exists.

  If it's like what Yun Lao said, then he might not be able to fight the Xiao family.


  then, the enemy of killing the mother is not the mother, and the son of man is in vain!

  "From you, I think that your Xiao family is nothing but the case. If they dare to avenge you, I will let them go down to accompany you. Now, go down and kneel in front of my mother to repent!"

  Lu Chen Leng With a snort, he squatted down and clasped Xiao Biqing's neck, and directly broke her neck with a'click'.

  Xiao Bieqing stared at Lu Chen with his eyes, and couldn't believe that Lu Chen dared to kill her.

  Lu Chen dragged Xiao Biqing's corpse into his car and said to Du Fei, "Let them come in and take these people out to deal with it."

  He and Du Fei came first. The others were behind, and they must have arrived at this time. Outside the villa.

  Du Fei nodded and made a phone call. Within a few minutes, Song Hai and others rushed in.

  After Song Hai and others dragged the big guys who had been stunned by Lu Chen into the car and left, Lu Chen said to Du Fei, "Get me Zhang Daoren, Zuo Qingcheng and Liu Huoshan."

  Du Fei's eyes Yiliang asked, "Are you going to use them to threaten those three old things?"

  Lu Chen nodded, and said: "Yes, they thought that if I found a group of old people to go to my company to make trouble, I can't do anything? I won't move them, but what about their son or grandson? I want to see that. Will the three old immortals care about the lives of their children and grandchildren."

  "Okay. By the way, will the old woman's body be disposed of too?" Du Fei asked again.

  "Well, deal with it." Lu Chen nodded. He originally wanted to cut off Xiao Biqing's head and go to the capital to worship his mother, but after thinking about it, let's forget it. Later, his father knew about it. It is estimated that it will become his heart disease.

  "Okay." Du Fei nodded. Without driving, he drove Lu Chen's car and left.

  When Lu Chen returned to the house, Lin Yijun and Wang Xue hurriedly asked, "Has she gone?"

  Lu Chen held Qiqi who was running over in his arms, nodded and said, "Go, take care of everything today. Okay, you can go back to work tomorrow."

  Lin Yijun nodded and did not ask how Lu Chen and Xiao Fieqing's affairs were handled. Wang Xue has also learned well, but she is a little skeptical, but this time she has resisted. Ask more.

  "What's going on with the company? Are those old men still betting at the door?" Lin Yijun asked.

  "Let them make trouble today, and they won't make trouble tomorrow." Lu Chen said disdainfully.

  After hesitating, Lin Yijun said with some worry: "I don't care how you deal with them, but don't do anything to them, until you are reasonable, you will become irresponsible."

  She always felt that Lu Chen had a temperament. Great, I was still a little worried that Lu Chen would ask people to blast away those old men.

  Even if they don't do it, it is inevitable that they will touch porcelain at that time, and they will hurt themselves deliberately. You can't justify them.

  "Don't worry, I have my own way to deal with them, don't worry about these things, go and make me something to eat." Lu Chen smiled, in front of his family, he always maintained a confident side.

  Lin Yijun nodded and went to the kitchen to cook, while Lu Chen ran Qiqi out to play. Today Qiqi was shocked, and Lu Chen was also distressed.


  Yunfei Jewelry Group.

  Just after an important meeting, Zuo Qingcheng was about to leave, and a certain senior of the company smiled at him: "Mr. Jiang, the father and others have surrounded Lu Chen's company in the past two days. In the limelight, Baodao is not old." After

  looking at the executives, Zuo Qingcheng smiled faintly, and said, "The old man is just a little bored, so he wants to find something to do. Don't underestimate Lu Chen."

  Zuo Qingcheng and Lu Chen had a relationship. After using several hands, each time he was suppressed by Lu Chen, and now that he knew that Lu Chen was the boss behind Yiqi Technology, he didn't underestimate Lu Chen.

  But this time, with a big boss from Beijing behind him, he didn't worry about his grandfather.

  On the contrary, he wanted to see how Lu Chen responded to this crisis.

  "I heard that Lu Chen was just a rubbish before, but I didn't expect him to be a family prince, but he offended your three major families this time. Even if he founded Yiqi Technology, he must be forced to go bankrupt." The executive said.

  Zuo Qingcheng raised his eyebrows. This time, the three major families had decided to completely cross Lu Chen, and then divided his Yiqi Technology.

  However, he still felt that Lu Chen would not necessarily lose.

  "I heard that the old man set a time. If Lu Chen doesn't go to People's Square tomorrow noon to kneel down and apologize in public, he will directly destroy his company." The executive said again.

  Zuo Qingcheng's eyes jumped and he suddenly remembered the scene where Zhang Daoren had lost billions of dollars in the entire Zhang family after he smashed the Lu Chen supermarket, and a bad premonition suddenly rose in his heart.

  Lu Chen colluded with the underground forces. If Lu Chen used the underground forces, their three major families would really be unable to resist.

  "No, I have to persuade Grandpa not to smash Lu Chen's company." Zuo Qingcheng said, speeding up his pace. He can believe that if his grandfather and others really smash Lu Chen's company tomorrow, three of them 'S will definitely be met by Lu Chen's full revenge.

  "Huh?" The executive was puzzled, but seeing that Zuo Qingcheng didn't mean to explain, he couldn't ask any more.

  "Zuo Zuo, it's not good."

  At this moment, a middle-aged man ran into the conference room and said in a panic.

  "What's the situation? Has the sky fallen, so panicked?" Zuo Qingcheng wrinkled, his face a little unhappy.

  The middle-aged man thought that it wasn't just the sky falling, it made him panic more than the sky falling. Their company was surrounded by people from underground forces. Could he not panic.

  "Left, President Zuo, boss Du wants to see you." The middle-aged man said.

  "The boss, Du Fei?" When Zuo Qingcheng asked the name, his heart jumped inexplicably, and an uneasy mood suddenly rose in his heart.

  "Yes, it is

  Du Mou." At this moment, Du Fei and several big men also walked into the conference room.

Chapter: 275

Zuo Qingcheng didn't expect Du Fei to come in person. Although he didn't know the relationship between Du Fei and Lu Chen, everyone knew that they were all Du Fei's subordinates when Lu Chen clashed with Zhang Family.

  "I don't know what to do with Boss Du coming to our company." Zuo Qingcheng calmed his emotions and looked at Du Fei politely.

  As the heir to the Zuo family, Zuo Qingcheng has already begun to take over part of the family's business as soon as he came out of school.

  "Young Master Zuo, you must cooperate with us to complete something. I hope Young Master Zuo will appreciate his face." Du Fei smiled slightly and said.

  Zuo Qingcheng's expression changed, but he soon returned to normal. He glanced at the dozens of descendants behind Du Fei, knowing that if he didn't agree to Du Fei today, there would be no good fruit to eat.

  "That's my honour." Zuo Qingcheng narrowed his eyes and knew what Du Fei wanted him to do.

  These three major families have put pressure on Lu Chen from all levels, and Du Fei must have come to help Lu Chen.

  But how does Lu Chen want to solve it?

  Threaten him, let him persuade his grandfather, let his grandfather stop?

  "Then go with us first, rest assured, as long as Mr. Zuo cooperates, Du must be able to guarantee your safety in life." Du Fei said, turning around and walking outside.

  The expressions of the high-level officials changed drastically, and Du Fei's reputation was still very big. Why didn't they worry about Du Fei taking Zuo Qingcheng away.

  "Mr Zuo, don't go with them."

  "Yeah, we call the police. I don't believe the police will ignore this kind of thing."

  "Yes, he is kidnapping by changing directions."

  Zuo Qingcheng waved his hand to stop Everyone.

  "Du Fei is not an ordinary gangster. Not only is it useless to call the police, but it will anger him, and it will not be lost. Don't worry, I will lie down with them, they dare not do anything to me."

  Zuo Qingcheng said He also followed out of the company.


  Zhang Group.

  Although Zhang Daoren was disqualified from inheritance, he still served as the director of the sales department in the company.

  "Shao Zhang, do you think that Lu Chen can survive this time?" The deputy director asked curiously during lunch.

  Last time Lu Chen burned their company building directly with a fire, which caused heavy losses to the Zhang family, as well as to many high-levels. Hearing that the three major families had joined forces to overcome Lu Chen, the one who was happiest was Zhang. Home these employees.

  "He can stand up to the ass, what about Yiqi Technology, isn't the Junyue Group finally dissolved?" Zhang Daoren said disdainfully.

  Speaking of hatred, the hatred between him and Lu Chen should be the greatest.

  Lu Chen once caused his Zhang family to lose several billions, but let him lose the identity of the family heir. If there is a chance, he would like to kill Lu Chen himself.

  "Yes, at the time, Grand Hyatt Group was overwhelmed by the four major families. Although Yiqi Technology wanted to invest 50 billion to build the largest technology park in Southwest China, they have not yet formed their strength and influence. Far from being compared with the Grand Hyatt Group back then." The deputy director nodded and analyzed.

  Zhang Daoren took a sip from his glass and said, "That kid is too rampant. He thought he was the owner of Yiqi Technology, so he could do whatever he wanted. He didn't know that in Yuzhou, it was our four big families that had the final say. Do you know? , That kid’s background is Xie Weihao, but this time our three families joined forces and Xie Weihao didn’t say anything.” The

  Zhang family also complained about Xie Weihao.

  If it wasn't for Xie Weihao's indulgence, or if Xie Weihao hadn't supported Lu Chen, how could Lu Chen blast his Zhang family's Bishuiwan project? How dare to burn his company building on fire?

  So when it comes to Xie Weihao, Zhang Daoren's eyes are full of gloat.

  Because of that incident, he directly lost his heir rights, and he didn't have any favorable impressions of Xie Weihao.

  "That's for sure, the four big families have profound backgrounds. No matter which one comes to take charge of Yuzhou, he must first establish a good relationship with the four big families. If the four big families don't give him face, his work will definitely be difficult to carry out." The deputy director laughed. Tao.

  "Oh, in the public arrogant Xie Shujie, Zhang Dashao deserves to be Zhang Dashao, admire, admire."

  At this moment, a voice sounded behind the two of them, and the two turned around and saw a group of big guys standing behind them, first One of them looked at them jokingly.

  "Who are you? Who let you in?" Zhang Daoren looked at Song Hai with a flash of anger in his eyes.

  This is the company room, and it is impossible for outsiders to come in, especially the second floor executive dining place.

  At this moment, several security guards limped up and no one dared to provoke Song Hai and others.

  Even looking at Song Hai and others, his eyes were full of fear.

  "Mr. Zhang, they..." The security captain came to Zhang Daoren with a swollen nose and swollen nose. It seemed that he had been beaten seriously.

  "Trash!" Zhang Daoren snorted coldly and kicked the security captain to the ground.

  The head of the security force of the company's dignified company couldn't stop a few gangsters. How could Zhang Daoren give him a good face.

  "Who are you messing with?" Zhang Daoren kicked the security captain and turned to stare at Song Hai.

  At first glance, these people belonged to the underground forces. In Yuzhou, he almost knew their boss.

  "Shao Zhang is really a nobleman who has forgotten things, don't you even know someone in Song?" Song Hai took off his sunglasses and said jokingly. www.

  Zhangdao Ren Song to see the sea, and his face was suddenly changed.

  Song Hai was from Lu Chen, he knew it a long time ago, and Song Hai’s three great forces in the Water Margin were also very strong, and he could rank in the top three in Yuzhou, and he also clearly remembered the person who burned his company last time. , The three brothers of the Water Margin did it themselves.

  "Lu Chen asked you to come?" Zhang Daoren asked in a deep voice after taking a breath.

  "Young Master Zhang is so smart, I like to deal with smart people." Song Hai smiled.

  "What do you want?" Zhang Daoren stared at Song Hai, not too worried, he believed Song Hai would not do anything to him.

  On the contrary, the more Lu Chen was like this, the more it showed that he was almost unable to hold it.

  "Not very good, I just want to invite Master Zhang to come with us." Song Hai smiled slightly.

  "What do you mean? Lu Chen wants to kidnap me?" Zhang Daoren's expression changed. He guessed that Lu Chen was definitely going to threaten him and asked him to persuade his grandfather to let his family stop. Of course it is impossible to go with Song Hai. .

  "No, no, no, Shao Lu just wanted to invite Master Zhang to have a drink." Song Hai still smiled.

  "Then what if I don't go?" Zhang Daoren sneered. He still doesn't believe that in broad daylight, Song Hai and others dare to really kidnap him.


  The smile on Song Hai's face disappeared. He looked at Zhang Daoren, then put on his sunglasses again.

  "Toast and not eat or drink fine wine."

  He turned around and walked outside as he said, but the big men behind him grabbed Zhang Daoren and directly dragged him out.

  In an instant, whether it was Zhang Daoren or the company executives in the cafeteria, their expressions changed drastically.

Chapter: 276

The dignified Zhang family was kidnapped in his own company. If this spreads out, what will the Zhang family face?

  The four big families are representatives of the upper class in Yuzhou, even if they are underground forces, they have to show some face.

  The kidnapping of Zhang's family was simply blatantly hitting Zhang's face.

  "Song Hai, do you want to completely turn your face with my Zhang family? Do you think that my Zhang family can't move your Three Heroes of the Margin?" Zhang Daoren was forcibly dragged out and said angrily.

  "You are not afraid of wearing shoes. I am barefoot afraid of being an egg. By the way, if you don't want to suffer more, just get in the car by yourself." Song Hai said disdainfully.

  He believed that the Zhang family's relationship was able to uproot the Three Heroes of the Water Margin.

  But at that time, they could also hurt Zhang Family's vitality.

  Moreover, their Water Margin is from Lu Chen, and now they are basically merged with Du Fei's Sakura Club. Whether the Zhang family's relationship can kill them is still unknown.

  Zhang Daoren vomited blood, but he was threatened by Song Hai.

  He was very angry and unwilling, but at this time he had to hold back, because he believed that if he did not cooperate, these people would definitely use him.

  At the same time, Lin Tong and Shi Jin also brought Liu Shan, the heir of the Liu family, to the Sakura Club.

  Compared to Zhang Daoren's anger, Liu Huoshan and Zuo Qingcheng were much quieter.

  "Three, I will trouble you to stay here for the night." Du Fei looked at Zuo Qingcheng, Zhang Daoren and Liu Huo before leaving the basement.

  "Brother Zuo, Brother Liu, why are you also arrested? Does Lu Chen want to die, dare to move underground forces, isn't he afraid that Xu Zuojun will take this opportunity to take the cherry blossom meeting in one fell swoop?" Zhang Daoren said angrily.

  Zuo Qingcheng did not speak, Liu Huoshan's eyes lit up, he looked at Zhang Daoren, and said, "Brother Zhang, what's your opinion?"

  Zhang Daoren said confidently, "It is obviously impossible for Xie Weihao to actively support Lu Chen. With a little pressure, he might really push the boat along the water and bring the cherry blossoms to the end."

  When Zuo Qingcheng heard this, his eyebrows were also raised. Liu Shanshan turned to Zuo Qingcheng and asked:

  "Brother Zuo, what do you think?"

  Zuo Qingcheng was silent and nodded: "I also think we can't sit and wait. Before they took away our mobile phones, they should call our dad to explain the importance of this matter. They must be persuaded to use their relationship to put pressure on Xie Weihao."

  He also felt that this was an opportunity.

  The reason why Lu Chen has been so arrogant for a long time is that he is supported by Xie Weihao, and secondly, because he has an intricate relationship with the underground power Sakura Club, and Sakura Club will do things for him almost every time.

  If the Sakura Club was kicked this time, it would be equivalent to breaking Lu Chen's right arm. Then it is really possible that their three major families will move Lu Chen down this time.

  "Okay, call now." Liu Huo said.

  Of course Du Fei didn't know the conversation between Zuo Qingcheng and the others, even if he knew it, he wouldn't care.

  The three big families thought that Xie Weihao had compromised, but they didn't realize that all of this was Lu Chen's arrangement.

  This time, Lu Chen didn't want Xie Weihao to come forward. He just wanted the three big families to be more aggressive, and then they would fall even more miserably.

  After Du Fei came out of the basement, he called Lu Chen: "It's done, but I heard that the Wang family has become active again during this period." In the

  Jinglong Lake Villa, Lu Chen was playing with Qiqi on the football field. , Qiqi was chasing the football that got out, he stopped to answer Du Fei's call.

  Hearing Du Fei saying that the Wang family was active again, a murderous intent flashed in Lu Chen's eyes.

  He originally wanted to leave the Wang family to Wu Lei, and later let him avenge him personally, so in the end he did not specifically target the Wang family.

  "Did they participate in this matter too?" Lu Chen asked.

  "The people below me said that Wang Shiju and Zhang Xingquan went to eat together yesterday, and the heads of their two families ate together. There are two possibilities. One is what cooperation the two have achieved, and the other is that there must be some deal, but I guess this During the time period, most of them are here for you." Du Fei said.

  "For me?"

  Lu Chen sneered. It seems that there are quite a few people who want to share his Yiqi Technology.

  But, do you have this ability.

  "Let's investigate first. If the Wang family is also involved, let the Wang family be destroyed first." Lu Chen said solemnly.

  If the Wang Family really participated, Lu Chen would no longer wait for Wu Lei to avenge himself in the future. He would have to finish playing the Wang Family first.

  To be honest, although he wanted to take a heavy shot this time, no matter which one of the three major families, he wanted to destroy them all at once.

  But if it were the Wang family, it would be much easier.

  Xiao Bieqing is dead, no one can threaten him anymore, and he is no longer going to hide in hiding.

  It happened to take this opportunity to announce the existence of Lu Chen to the entire Yuzhou.

  After hanging up Du Fei's phone, seeing Qiqi playing alone there, Lu Chen called Xu Zuojun again.

  "Xu Ju, Zuo Qingcheng, Zhang Daoren and Liu Huo are all in my hands." Lu Chen said.

  "Brother Lu, take your time, the three of them have already reported the crime, and I can only drag it for a day or two." Xu Zuojun smiled bitterly. Just when the three families reported the crime at the same time, he guessed that the person must be in Lu Chen's hands. On it.

  "It'll be noon tomorrow." Lu Chen said. Of course he couldn't kill Zuo Qingcheng. If he wanted to kill, he would definitely not let Du Fei and the others do it. He believed Xu Zuojun must also understand his purpose.

  Of course Xu Zuojun knew Lu Chen's purpose for doing this. He also believed that Lu Chen was not a fool. He wanted to kill and even dared to kidnap people in such a fair manner.

  However, his posture can indeed bring a certain amount of pressure to the three major families.

  "Well, that's okay." Xu Zuojun hung up Lu Chen's phone, and his secretary leaned in.

  Xu Zuojun took out a cigarette, leaned back on the chair, and asked, "The three big families have put pressure on it again?" The

  secretary nodded, and said with a somewhat natural expression: "Xu Ju, the three big families are all pressured?" Provided strong evidence that the Sakura Club kidnapped their family members and demanded that we must eradicate the underground forces."

  Xu Zuojun took a puff of cigarette and said faintly: "The Sakura Club at this time is no longer the Sakura Club of ten years ago."

  The secretary looked at Xu Zuojun in confusion .

  Xu Zuojun smiled and said, "First, because Lu Chen is behind them, and second, Lu Chen has already washed their seniors white. At this time, Du Fei, Shuihu Sanjie and others are already in the face. They are serious businessmen. In fact, they are also changing in this direction. After a while, I am afraid that not many people will think that they are underground forces."

Chapter: 277

"Xu Ju's point is that even if the three major families now provide strong evidence enough to eradicate them, can we not move them?" the secretary said.

  "It's fine if you understand. As for the three big families, don't worry about them. Let them wait for two days. If they are not satisfied, they will go to press Xie Shujie. It has nothing to do with us. Anyway, you have to remember that about the Sakura Club, Lu If the dust doesn't fall, Xie Shujie doesn't give orders, we don't care about them." Xu Zuojun said.

  "Well, I understand." The secretary nodded, then stepped out.

  After the secretary went out, Xu Zuojun turned the office chair and faced out the window.

  Looking at the Lieyang outside the window, Xu Zuojun took another cigarette and said to himself.

  "The three big families, the three big families, you too underestimate Lu Chen. This time, the three of you probably won't be able to finish eating."

  Just as Xu Zuojun sighed, Zhang Shengqiao and others were still blocking the Junyue Building. door.

  These old men, each with their own chairs, are sitting at the gate of the Grand Hyatt Building. The employees of Yiqi Technology cannot get in or get out. www.

  This kind of behavior of blocking people's companies is extremely bad, but Zhang Shengqiao and others don't care at all.

  "Lao Zhang, Lao Liu, Lao Zuo, reporters are here."

  At this moment, a young man came to the three old men and said, behind him, a few curious newspaper reporters.

  Zhang Shengqiao and the three looked at several young reporters and said, "Let them start." The

  young man nodded, turned around and gestured to the few reporters, and the reporters randomly found an old man to interview.

  "Old man, who are you, why are you blocking the gate of Yiqi Technology?" a female reporter asked an old man next to her.

  "We are a member of the Rough Stone Association. The owner of Yiqi Technology went to Zhonghai to participate in the Stone Gambling Contest on behalf of our Yuzhou Rough Stone Association. He obviously could win the championship, but in a crucial round, he even gave up and gave up the champion for nothing. Give it to others, this is simply a shame to us Yuzhou people, so we want him to come out and give us an explanation, to all the rough stone lovers in Yuzhou.” The old man said generously.

  "It turns out that this is the case, then the boss of Yiqi Technology is too hateful. It is time to stand up and apologize for this matter." The female reporter said solemnly.

  Wang Wei, Xu Shuting and others on one side looked at this scene, their faces became quite ugly.

  "It's shameless, these old immortals are too shameless!" Xu Shuting said angrily.

  She didn't expect that the three major families would take the initiative to invite reporters to publicize this matter, which is simply shameless.

  "I didn't expect that the three major families turned out to be this face." Wang Wei also frowned.

  Once this matter was told by the reporter, Hei Luchen would definitely be energized.

  "By the way, Dong Wang, they said that Shao Lu participated in the gambling game on behalf of the original stone association. Is it true? Why haven't we heard of this?" Xu Shuting asked suddenly.

  "I don't know, but Lu Shao also has the meaning of developing the rough channel. He might be advertising the rough channel or something." Wang Wei guessed.

  "Hey, it seems that Shao Lu has made a mistake this time. His focus should be on Yiqi Technology. At the critical moment when Yiqi Technology is under construction, he shouldn't do other things at this time. "Xu Shuting complained.

  "Well, but I'm even more worried about whether this crisis can be overcome safely." Wang Wei's eyebrows were full of deep concern. This time the three major families suddenly got into trouble. It can be said that they were caught off guard. He even caught them off guard. There was some doubt that Lu Chen could resolve this crisis.

  "They just said they wanted Lu Shao to come out and apologize, it shouldn't be as much as you think." Xu Shuting said with a frown.

  Wang Wei looked at Xu Shuting and said that Xu Shuting has strong management skills, but after all he is still too young. If Lu Chen bowed his head to the three major families this time, then Yiqi Technology would not want to overwhelm the three major families. Time for the family.

  He believes that the three major families must have seen this too, so this time 5 must have Lu Chen apologize to them in public.

  "The identity of Lu Shao was revealed by them. What do you think they mean to make Lu Shao's identity public at this time?" Wang Wei asked rhetorically.

  Xu Shuting was shocked. She was originally an extremely smart person. With Wang Wei's reminder, she immediately thought of the sinister intentions of the three major families.

  At this time, seeing that the reporters were almost done interviewing, Zhang Shengqiao got up and walked over to Wang Wei and Xu Shuting.

  "You two are both executives of Yiqi Technology, and quickly get that bastard Lu Chen out, otherwise you will want to go to work today." Zhang Shengqiao said arrogantly.

  "You have seen it too. The reporters have all come to interview. Your boss will not come out to apologize. Tomorrow, no, no tomorrow. Tonight, the major media will reveal his ugly face, and see who dares to be. Make peace with your company." Liu Qiming also said.

  The arrogance of the two can be described as extremely arrogant, but the executives of Yiqi Technology insist that no one dares to come out and say anything.

  Because they all know that these two old men are not just old men, but the heads of the three major families, let alone these people, the whole Yuzhou, the people who can provoke them are very few.

  Xu Shuting took a breath and stepped forward and said, "Our boss is not in Yuzhou this time, and he hasn't come to the company for many days. If you have anything to say, you can tell me, and I can help you tell him when he comes back. "

  Not in Yuzhou?" Liu Qiming looked at Xu Shuting and laughed playfully, "He just didn't dare to come out to see us. If you don't believe me, call him and ask him why he should be a tortoise."

  Zhang Shengqiao looked up and down Xu Shuting. Xu Shuting is not only young and perfect in temperament, but also one of the best beauty. Old man Zhang not only glanced more.

  "Who are you and what qualifications do you have to talk to us?" Zhang Shengqiao looked at Xu Shuting jokingly, Chi Guoguo did not hide anything.

  Xu Shuting had a disgusting look in Zhang Shengqiao's eyes, but she still resisted and said: "I am the acting chairman of Eiki Technology. I can take charge of many things in the company."

  Zhang Shengqiao laughed and said, "The acting director is just part-time job. How much does he give you an annual salary? One million or two million? Come to my Zhang

  family to be my assistant, and I will give you an annual salary of 5 million." Xu Shuting sneered and said: "Our boss pays me an annual salary One hundred million plus dividends."

  Although she did not ridicule Zhang Shengqiao too obviously, everyone could hear that she was deliberately hitting Zhang Shengqiao in the face.

  Sure enough, Zhang Shengqiao's face suddenly became quite ugly when he heard the words, and he pointed to Xu Shuting, and he was about to become ugly.

  But at this moment, the phone on his body rang, and after he answered, his face changed again, and the whole person was instantly furious.

Chapter: 278

Not only Zhang Shengqiao received the call, but at about the same time, Liu Qiming and Zuo Zhengyi also received the call.

  After the three of them answered the phone, they all became uncontrollable. Xu Shuting and Wang Weidu's faces changed slightly, and they took a few steps subconsciously.

  The three looked at each other, and then all remained silent.

  "What to do?" Liu Qiming said with difficulty for a long time.

  The phone calls were made by their son, so let them not fight against Lu Chen first, first go back to discuss how to rescue their grandson.

  "I don't believe they dare to kill!" Zhang Shengqiao said in a deep voice.

  Zuo Zhengyi was silent, Liu Qiming said: "My Liu family is an heir to the volcano."

  Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi were still silent .

  "I'll go back first. By the way, I will also take away the people from my Liu family. I can't bet on Lu Chen's courage with my grandson's life." Liu Qiming said that he stepped down the ladder first.

  Just now, his son told him that Lu Chen had already let go, and if he was not satisfied with Lu Chen tomorrow, he would prepare to collect Liu Huo's body.

  His Liu family is such an heir, and he is out of anger.

  Even if he wasn't reconciled in his heart, he didn't dare to use the fate of the Liu family to bet Lu Chen dare not kill his grandson.

  "Lao Zhang, what do you think?" Zuo Zhengyi whispered.

  "That kid must be a bluff, how could he dare to kill? Unless he really wants to give up Yiqi Technology." Zhang Shengqiao coldly snorted.

  "But our plan is to carve up his Yiqi Technology. He feels the crisis, and he really dares to kill. Don’t forget that Zhou’s family came to Yuzhou to make trouble for him a few days ago. I heard that he fell on him. In my hands, I still don’t know whether Zhou Zunfei is alive or dead. The Zhou family members have come to my Zuo home to ask about the situation.” Zuo Zhengyi said.

  Zhang Shengqiao's face changed again, and finally he was very unwilling to say: "Let us stop, but we will never agree to his terms. Let's go, this is here in advance, let's go back and talk about it."

  Zuo Zhengyi nodded, but only In this way, he couldn't agree to Lu Chenti's terms.

  If he agreed to Lu Chen's condition, then their Zuo family would really lose face in the future, and Wu Yan would have a foothold in Yuzhou.

  The three old couples left, and the other old men also left.

  The executives of Yiqi Technology are a little confused, didn't they just arrogant, how come they all ran away after answering a call?

  Wang Wei and Xu Shuting look at me and I look at you. They both saw a touch of surprise in each other's eyes.

  "Shao Lu is taking action!" the

  two said almost in unison.

  "I'm very curious, but I know some things are not in contact at our level, so forget it." Xu Shuting meant that she wanted to call Lu Chen, but she knew it all.

  As Zhang Shengqiao said before, although she is the acting chairman of the board, she only works for Lu Chen.

  This kind of grievances between Lu Chen and the three major families were simply beyond the reach of people at their level.

  Wang Wei nodded, thinking about the same as Xu Shuting.

  In the end, he suppressed the curiosity in his heart and turned around to let everyone enter the company to work normally.


  Soon after the old men who had besieged Yiqi Technology dispersed, major media reported on the grievances between the three major families and Lu Chen.

  "Shocked, it is him that is the boss behind Yiqi Technology!"

  "Shocked, the boss behind Yiqi Technology is a shameless man!"

  The first Iwaye Heng of major media websites is basically this kind of eye-catching, and also News reports that discredit Lu Chen.

  "Ah, look at it, it turns out that our big boss is him!" After

  reading this news, many employees of Yiqi Technology shared it with their colleagues in surprise.

  "Where, where, let me see."

  "Gosh, doesn't he come to our company often? I thought he was really Wang Dong's friend, so he is our big boss!"

  "Yes, do you still remember that when Yu Li and Zhao Zhiheng bullied Sister Li together some time ago, Mr. Lu appeared, and then Yu Li and the two were expelled. At the time, I thought Dong Wang had expelled him. I thought that it was Mr. Lu that was fired."

  "Ah, Sister Li, what is your relationship with Mr. Lu? I remember it was Mr. Lu who brought you to work." Someone suddenly saw Li Hongmei who was cleaning and asked curiously. Tao.

  At this time, they already knew that Lu Chen was the big boss of the company, and subconsciously, all of their praise of Li Hongmei became Sister Li.

  Li Hongmei was startled, even a little flustered.

  Although these people were also polite to her during this period, no one had called her sister or anything, they all called her by her name.

  Unexpectedly, today these young beauties would take the initiative to call her Sister Li, which made her a little scared.

  She always thought these people wanted to make fun of her in a different way.

  "Well, which President Lu? I don't know." Li Hongmei said cautiously.

  "That's it. Didn't Mr. Lu bring the company personally?" A beauty who was a little closer to Li Hongmei handed her mobile phone to Li Hongmei. The screen of the phone was the headshot of Lu Chen on the news.

  Li Hongmei took a look and saw that it was Lu Chen, and subconsciously said: "Ah, you are talking about Lu Enren."

  "Lu Enren? Don't you know that he is the big boss of our company?" The beauty asked curiously.

  Li Hongmei shook his head and said: "A few months before the earthquake, when my son was still in the room on the seventh floor, is a land rush benefactor personally devastated the seventh floor of the building before going to my son rescued ......"

  said From the scene at the time, Li Hongmei's eyes were a little ruddy, especially when she thought of the moment the building collapsed, she hadn't seen Lu Chen bring her son out, and her whole body collapsed.

  "Ah, Mr. Lu is still a superhero!"

  Everyone was amazed when Li Hongmei told how she met Lu Chen.

  Their big boss is not only young and gold, but also an unsung hero.

  At this moment, in addition to respect in the eyes of countless female employees, there is also a little admiration.

  At this time, on the other side, Liu Yanqi and other managers transferred from Dongjia Electronics also saw the news reported by the media.

  Compared to the vast majority of Yiqi Technology, they know Lu Chen better than anyone.

  Because Lu Chen used to work with their company and was a security guard for Dongjia Electronics.

  At this time, looking at Lu Chen's photos, the shock in the hearts of several people was more exaggerated than anyone.

  "How is this possible? Isn't Lu Chen the security guard of Dongjia Electronics? How could he be the big boss of our company!"

  Liu Yanqi and others look at me, I look at you, in addition to shock, they are shocked!

Chapter: 279

Liu Yanqi finally understood that as an ordinary salesperson, she was able to transfer from Dongjia Group to Yiqi Technology, and even became a trainee supervisor in the business development department of Yiqi Technology. It is not that she is really outstanding.

  It was directly arranged by Lu Chen.

  Fan Ming is so strong, why not be transferred to Yiqi Technology?

  Because he offended Lin Yijun.

  Dongjia Electronics also has so many outstanding supervisors, why was one of the five places grabbed by an ordinary salesperson of mine?

  Because I apologized to Lin Yijun, because I tried desperately to rescue Lin Yijun from Wang Wenxue's hands.

  It seems that the causal cycle of Buddhism is true.

  If I was not convinced at first and didn't sincerely apologize to Lin Yijun, I would definitely not have today.

  Maybe, like Fan Ming and Yu Hai, they would be fined to kneel at the company gate for a day.

  "Wang Dong, have you watched the news?" Xu Shuting came to Wang Wei's office.

  Wang Wei nodded, Xu Shuting sat down opposite Wang Wei, and said in a puzzled way: "Is the three big families crazy? They even want Lu Shao to apologize to them at People's Square tomorrow noon. Do they think Eat Ding Lu less?"

  Wang Wei turned the signature pen in his hand and said in thought, "Perhaps, they forgot to say hello to the reporters."

  "Well, it should be, or they would all be able to receive the call. Let's go." Xu Shuting nodded.

  Wang Wei straightened up and said, "What I am worried about now is what impact Lu Shao’s identity will have upon exposure. By the way, I have already listed the list of media that maliciously discredited Lu Shao this time. At the company's opening ceremony, these media were refused to enter our company for any interviews."

  He said that he pushed a piece of A4 paper with the names of several media on the desktop to Xu Shuting.

  "Okay." Xu Shuting glanced at the content on the paper, then put it away.

  In fact, she had done this before coming over, but she still accepted Wang Wei's paper.

  Because she knows that at the company's opening ceremony next month, Wang Wei will definitely be promoted to the official chairman, and she can only be a deputy.

  After working together for several months, she knew that Wang Wei was still better than her in terms of comprehensive ability.

  Xu Shuting looked at the table below and got up and said, "Then I will go first. I will go to Ma'anshan in a while. The opening ceremony of the company is just around the corner. I have to urge them to do it."

  "I'll go with you, I want to see it too. Look, how far the renovation is." Wang Wei nodded, and Lu Chen will take care of the two of them. Of course, they can't lose the chain at a critical time.

  As for the grievances between Lu Chen and the three major families, they are not qualified to intervene, nor can they intervene. What they can do is to take care of everything in the company and don't let Lu Chen get distracted.

  Just like Yiqi Technology, Dongjia Electronics also boiled when the breaking news came out on this day.

  "Really, Lu Chen turned out to be the big boss behind Yiqi Technology?"

  "What? Are you talking about the security guard Lu Chen before us?"

  "Look for yourself, several media outlets broke the news.

  " I'm going, it's really him. So, he is our boss!"

  "Oh my God, how is this possible? Isn't he a security guard? How come he has become our boss after months of absence, this The world is too funny!" As

  soon as the news came out, the whole Dongjia Electronics was boiling.

  These employees only saw the identity of Lu Chen, and many people almost ignored the media's smearing of Lu Chen. Is this the love of the employees for the boss?

  Of course not, but they were shocked by the identity of Lu Chen, so they had not had time to read the following.

  "Look below, it seems that Mr. Lu has offended the three big families, and the three big families have placed a final wanted order. Mr. Lu will go to People's Square tomorrow at noon to kneel in public and apologize to them, otherwise they will destroy Yiqi Technology!" www.

  An employee suddenly exclaimed.

  After everyone read the content, they all discussed it.

  "Do you say that President Lu will apologize to them?"

  "It's hard to say, it just depends on whether President Lu dared to go to war with the three big families."

  "I also heard about this. It's true that President Lu did something wrong. The champion he had clearly obtained, but he deliberately gave it to others, disregarding the feelings of all the rough enthusiasts and major jewelers in Yuzhou. This matter should not be limited to the three major families. Maybe all the jewelers will have to attack Mr. Lu together.

  Yes. ” Everyone had a brief silence. If that were the case, then Premier Lu would lose, he might not have won the three big families.

  "I don't believe that Mr. Lu will apologize. If he kneels tomorrow, no matter it is himself, the whole Yiqi Technology will never look up in Yuzhou."

  "You underestimate the strength of the three major families. I am not optimistic about Lu. In general, although Yiqi Technology has a strong reputation, it has not yet opened its doors, and its influence is far from comparable to that of any of the three big families. It is unwise to head-on with the three big families. I believe Mr. Lu as long as he doesn’t Stupid, I will definitely bow my head tomorrow."

  "Then let's make a bet, I bet that Mr. Lu will not apologize to the three big families tomorrow, let alone kneel down. If I lose, I will cover your breakfast for a month. If I win, you will pack my breakfast for a month, dare you?"

  "Well, tomorrow is just my turn off, I will go to People's Square to wait and record the video for you to watch."

  Soon, many The employees were all involved. Almost two-thirds of the people thought that Lu Chen would bow to the three big families, and one-third thought that it was impossible for Lu Chen to bow to the three big families.

  Even some managers made a bet in private, and there were few people in Dongjia Electronics who had the intention to work hard.

  After Xia Jun heard the news, blue smoke appeared on his head in anger, and he directly issued two thousand fines to the managers who also bet, and the company returned to calm.

  "Director Fan, do you think Mr. Lu will bow to the three big families?" Yu Hai deliberately went to the garage with Fan Ming after get off work, and asked curiously.

  "The four big families have deep roots in Yuzhou, and they have a profound background, which is not something that ordinary families can provoke. But ten years ago, the Junyue Group rose out of thin air. What happened?" Fan Ming said lightly.

  Yu Hai's heart was shocked, how could he forget this incident?

  Ten years ago, the Grand Hyatt Group rose out of thin air and directly suppressed the four major families for ten years. Lu Chen himself was the master of the Grand Hyatt Group. How could he be afraid of the alliance of the three major families?

  "Aren't you going to take a two-hour break at noon tomorrow? Let's go to the People's Square to watch a good show. It must be a wonderful drama." Fan Ming smiled at Hai and turned to his car.

Chapter: 280


  let's just leave it alone ." Zhang Family, Zhang Xingquan looked at Zhang Shengqiao and said.

  "Forget it?"

  Zhang Shengqiao's face sank, and he shouted angrily: "Have you forgotten how he pitted our Zhang family before? It directly caused our Zhang family to lose tens of billions of yuan, and it will not be able to recover in ten years!"

  Zhang Xingquan He also didn't look at his expression, this incident was also the fundamental reason that made him insist on turning his face with Lu Chen before.

  "Xingquan, this is the best opportunity for us to move to Lu Chen to divide up Yiqi Technology. If we miss it, our Zhang family, no, the four big families will be suppressed by Yiqi Technology. After the strong rise of the Grand Hyatt Group, in the past ten years, our Zhang family has made at least one billion yuan less. Do you still want the second Grand Hyatt Group to step on our heads to eat meat and shit?" Zhang Shengqiao's face eased Some more, said.

  "Dad, I know what you said, but Lu Chen called me, and I believe he really did it." Zhang Xingquan said with a sigh.

  "What did he say? I want to listen to what he said." Zhang Shengqiao frowned and asked.

  "He said that Yiqi Technology is his life, whoever dares to threaten his life, he will fight hard. He also said that if the three of you don’t go to the People’s Square tomorrow at noon to apologize to him, he will break They lost the hands of the three boys. Dad, do you have to ignore Daoren's life for a little face?" Zhang Xingquan said.

  "He dare! Don't worry, unless he really doesn't want to hang out in Yuzhou, or he will definitely not dare to kill my grandson." Zhang Shengqiao said angrily.

  "Dad, he will not kill Daoren, but he will chop off Daoren's hands. Do you think your face is more important than Daoren's hands?" Zhang Xingquan was also a little angry, his voice slightly louder Minute.

  Although he canceled Zhang Daoren's inheritance qualification, Zhang Daoren is indeed a little weak.

  But regardless of Zhang Daoren's ability, he was his son. How could he bear to let Lu Chen chop off his son's hands.

  It's not been a day or two to deal with Lu Chen, he believed that Lu Chen would definitely be able to say it.

  And he had thought about it in another way, and replaced him as Lu Chen. When the four big families forced him to that level, he dared to cut off the arms of the four big families' heirs.

  Even in life and death, they dare to kill.

  So he didn't doubt Lu Chen's warning at all.

  But the point is that besides his son in Lu Chen's hands, he still has many important secrets in Lu Chen's hands, which is one of the reasons why he had to persuade his father to be soft.

  "Dad, let me tell you the truth. We had several secret documents in Lu Chen's hands before. He said that if you don't kneel down and apologize, he will publish those secret documents. You know that. Yes, if we are exposed by that kid, our Zhang family will probably fall into an indestructible place." Zhang Xingquan said again.

  Zhang Shengqiao's face suddenly changed, and his heart beat abruptly.

  He remembered that when Lu Chen burned their company building some time ago, he seemed to have taken away some documents from their family. Although the documents were more than 20 years ago, they were the absolute privacy of their Zhang family. As long as Lu Chen announced it, it would be a devastating blow to their Zhang Family.

  "Zhuzi deceived too much!" Zhang Shengqiao slapped a palm on the wall. Although his eyes were still very angry, his insistence in his heart was shaken.

  He can ignore the life and death of Zhang Daoren, but he has to take care of the life and death of his Zhang family!

  "You call him, it is impossible for me to kneel down. I can give him a hundred million yuan for Daoren back and give up the company against him." Zhang Shengqiao compromised. www.Zhang

  Xingquan nodded. He also felt that Lu Chen's condition was too excessive. If his father went to kneel tomorrow, it would also be a devastating blow to their Zhang family.

  Although he only knelt gently, he believed that from then on, his Zhang family would not want to raise his head in front of Lu Chen.

  "Lu Chen, we can cancel all actions against your company, and we can exchange money for my son's safety, but we can't let my dad kneel and apologize to you."

  After getting through Lu Chen's phone soon, Zhang Xingquan said that he felt that they had already made a big concession. If Lu Chen didn't want to fight to death, he should know how to choose.

  "I really didn't see the wealth of your Zhang family. Or you can fight me to death and life. My conditions can't be changed. Either the three of them will kneel down and apologize, or you will fight Let me fight you to death." Lu Chen directly hung up the phone.

  Zhang Xingquan's face turned ugly, and he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so shameless.

  Does that kid really want to fight to the death?

  At the same time, the Zuo family and Liu family also performed a good show of their son persuading Lao Tzu to kneel and apologize to Lu Chen.

  The Zuo family and the Liu family also called Lu Chen one after another, and they emphasized that it is impossible for their father to kneel and apologize to Lu Chen, but they can redeem Zuo Qingcheng and Liu Shanshan with money.

  But they got the same response as Zhang Xingquan.

  Lu Chen's attitude was quite tough.

  Either kneel and apologize, or fight him to death.

  "Why? Why does Lu Chen dare to face our three big families head-on?" Zuo Jialiang slapped the table and shouted angrily.

  "Jialiang, don't talk nonsense with him, I will see that the kid will definitely not dare to move Qingcheng. Call the Zhang and Liu family. Since Zhuzi wants to fight hard with the three of us, I will fulfill him." Zuo Zhengyi was also very angry. He was a long way old, and Lu Chen wanted him to kneel down in People's Square and apologize. Is this to make him die with shame?

  Zuo Jialiang's face was a bit savage, and he was struggling hard in his heart.

  Whether to go to war with Lu Chen, the most important thing is that he dare to bet whether Lu Chen will actually cut Zuo Qingcheng's hands.

  And Lu Chen's company hasn't opened yet, and they are losing money anyway in fighting this kind of trade war with Lu Chen.

  At this moment, Zuo Jialiang's phone rang, and he checked the number and connected.

  After answering the phone, Zuo Jialiang's expression suddenly changed, and his expression even more flustered.

  "Jialiang, who is calling, what's the matter?" Seeing the change in his son's face, Zuo Zhengyi suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

  Zuo Jialiang took a deep breath and said, "Our safe was knocked open, and the secret files in it were stolen."

  "What? Who has the ability to steal the secret files of my Zuo family? "Zuo Zhengyi was shocked and said excitedly.

  "Lu Chen!"

  Zuo Jialiang gritted his teeth and spit out Lu Chen's name in a deep voice.