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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 231-240) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 231

  Everyone was indeed shocked by the driver's words.

  Even Tang Dalong, who has studied in Europe and has seen countless worlds abroad, was shocked by the driver's words.

  In this way, Lu Chen's luxurious mansion alone cost nearly 50 million yuan for renovation, which is not fake at all.

  In fact, even if this mansion is large in size, the fine decoration will not cost much, mainly those entertainment venues and antiques and jewellery, etc., if they are all luxury items sold at auctions, 50 million is not necessarily enough.

  When they reached the gate of the mansion, the driver stopped the car, because Lin Dahai and Wang Xue were welcoming them at the gate, so the driver didn't have to drive in. www.The

  driver is also an old fried dough stick. In this case, he knew that the host's house must take the guests to visit the mansion first, so that the guests were shocked and complimented.

  Everyone got out of the car and looked at the bright and shining floor tiles. They were all cautious, for fear that the floor tiles would be broken and they could not afford to pay.

  Seeing everyone cautiously, the driver smiled and said: "These floor tiles are imported from abroad. They are all synthesized with organic technology. They are so strong that they can't even leave any traces on the wheels." The

  people reacted. But my heart became more shocked.

  "Old Tang, come and come. This is the mansion my son-in-law bought. I will take you to visit first." Wang Xue walked over from the gate and said with a smile.

  "By the way, from now on, our family will also move in. My son-in-law wanted to buy us another villa, but this mansion is like a castle. There is no problem living in dozens of people, so We let him buy it." Wang Xue added with a smile again.

  "Wang Xue, your son-in-law is too bad, I really envy you to find such a good son-in-law."

  "Yeah, yeah, if I have such a son-in-law like you, I will wake up when I fall asleep. ."

  Everyone kept complimenting Wang Xue at this time, having forgotten that they had mocked Lu Chen just a few days ago as a matter of watching the door.

  Seeing the enviable dying look in everyone's eyes, let alone how happy she was in her heart, this feeling was like floating above the clouds.

  No wonder everyone likes to pretend.

  Because when you pretend to be coercive, it's so cool that everyone feels envy and jealous and feels you can't help it.

  "Huh, is it great to have a little money? What kind of pretense? Everyone is acquaintance. Is it necessary? There are also these guys, who used to lick shamelessly before and even want me The son helped their son find a job, but now he looks like a pug, which is really disgusting." Tang Qingshan looked at Wang Xue's proudly flying up, his face sinking like water, there was a hint of anger in his heart.

  Constantly whispering in my heart.

  He is this kind of person. When everyone is at the same level, he can accept that your life is not as good as him, and he even likes to hear it. But if one day, you suddenly live better than him, he will not accept it at all.

  But now, he is only rebelling weakly in his heart, and he has to accept an unacceptable fact.

  Everyone followed Wang Xue and Lin Dahai to visit the mansion, seeing it with their own eyes, they knew that what the driver said before was just a peek at the mansion. Only by seeing the mansion of Lu Chen can you experience the noble luxury and luxury, it is not you at all. You can describe that mood in a few words.

  While visiting the mansion here, Wang Xue's step-family arrived at her house on the other side. After receiving a call from Wang Kai, Wang Xue asked Lu Chen to pick them up.

  Lu Chen was also accompanying Du Fei, Xia Jun, Wang Wei, Xu Shuting and others to visit his mansion, and finally Lin Yijun went down to pick them up.

  Because of the employment of bodyguards, Lin Yijun replaced a Cadillac commercial vehicle worth more than 1.5 million yuan, which was very atmospheric.

  Wang Kai, Xu Fang, Wang Wan, Xu Jie, and Wang Jin came to the Wang family. One car was enough for them.

  "Where did they buy the house? They didn't say well in advance, which made us wait here for a long time." The Wang family waited for a long time at the gate of Wang Xue's community, and Xu Fang suddenly became a little unhappy.

  The last time Wang Xue and others went to Qijiang, she also showed off in front of Wang Xue and others. Unexpectedly, not long after this had passed, Wang Xue informed them that they would come to have a moving wine, which made her very unhappy.

  Originally, she didn't want to come, but Wang Wan said that maybe the house Wang Xue bought was not so good, and Xu Fang came here.

  When Wang Xue informed them, he didn't say that the house belonged to Lu Chen, so everyone in the Wang family bought a common residential house for Wang Xue.

  Wang Wan and Xu Jie also followed, mainly wanting her father Wang Kai to borrow some money from Lu Chen.

  "Do you think Lu Chen bought the second aunt's house for her?" Wang Wan said.

  "It shouldn't be. Lu Chen hasn't even changed the house. How could he buy it for her first?" Xu Fang shook his head and said affirmatively.

  Lu Chen is very rich, but he doesn't think that Lu Chen will buy them like Xu Jie.

  Soon Lin Yijun came to the community and saw everyone in the Wang family, Lin Yijun drove the car in front of them.

  "Uncle, Uncle, are you here too?" Lin Yijun opened the door and greeted only Wang Kai and Wang Jin.

  Last time I was disgusted by Xu Fang and Wang Wan, Lin Yijun didn't want to take the initiative to speak to them, she actually didn't want to inform the Wang family, but Wang Xue had to fight for a face, and she couldn't help it.

  "Sister Yijun, you have changed your car again. This is Cadillac. I heard that Cadillac is quite expensive." In order to relax the atmosphere with Lu Chen Wang Wan tried to borrow money from him. Although she hated Lin Yijun in her heart, she had to pretend to let go of her prejudices and look enthusiastic.

  "Well, Lu Chen bought it for me a few days ago. It's 1.57 million yuan." Lin Yijun nodded, somewhat unexpectedly Wang Wan's attitude changed, but she didn't think much.

  She is such a person, if you don't embarrass her, she will certainly not embarrass you.

  Just like Liu Yanqi before, although Liu Yanqi had a big opinion of her at first, after Liu Yanqi really changed her heart, she still chose to forgive the other party.

  "Brother Lu is really rich." Xu Jie also boasted.

  His words came from the heart.

  Not to mention anything else, Lu Chen's own car is worth more than 3 million yuan, and now he has replaced Lin Yijun with a 1.5 million yuan, which is not so generous for ordinary people.

  Lin Yijun smiled, and she was not humble. Lu Chen was not generally rich, and she felt that there was no need to be humble.

  "Let's get in the car first, everyone is almost here, so you can start a seat soon." Lin Yijun said.

  Several people got in the car, Lin Yijun started the car, and Xu Fang asked curiously: "Yijun, where did your mother buy their house?"

Chapter: 232

  "Jinglonghu community, but Lu Chen bought the house, and my mother moved in to live together." Lin Yijun said.

  "They also live together, isn't that crowded?" Xu Fang smiled faintly.

  I thought that Lu Chen didn't seem to have much money, even if it had four rooms and two halls, it wouldn't cost much.

  The most important thing is that Lu Chen did not buy a house for Wang Xue's family, and she felt an inexplicable feeling of superiority in her heart.

  Didn't Lu Chen pretend to be rich before, but now he is reluctant to buy a house for Wang Xue's family, how can he compare with her prospective son-in-law Xu Jie.

  Although Xu Fang and others have been to Yuzhou several times, they are not from the city of Yuzhou after all. Of course, they don't know that Jinglonghu community is a villa with more than 50 million yuan, and they thought it was just an ordinary community.

  "Sister Yijun, it’s not very convenient for your family to live together. Lu Chen spent a few million in Qijiang to buy you the entire LV package store, but in the end, most of them donated them all. He wasn't impulsive at the time, and he bought a house for the second aunt and the others with those millions, so he could sell a villa that was barely close." Wang Wan smiled faintly, and the language was full of irony.

  Wang Kai and others also nodded.

  Lu Chen spent 4.5 million to buy the entire LV store and donated them all. They had also heard about it. Although they didn't say anything at the time, they all felt that Lu Chen was simply extravagance and waste, and a prodigal.

  "Yijun, Lu Chen is still too impulsive sometimes. You still have to talk to him more when you have time. Although he has money, he can't spend money like this." Wang Jin couldn't help but persuade.

  Lin Yijun smiled bitterly when he heard the words, and nodded: "Yes, my third uncle, I will persuade him."

  Although she doesn't know how much Lu Chen has, she needs to invest 50 billion to build a science and technology park. , And open a supermarket and a Rough Stone Company. Just because of the investments she knew, Lu Chen's money was definitely astronomical.

  Therefore, to Lu Chen, a few millions are like ordinary people facing a few dollars and dozens of dollars.

  If you can spend a few dollars or tens of dollars to buy a good mood, most ordinary people will choose to do so.

  But to the Wang family, millions were indeed like astronomical figures, so although she smiled bitterly in her heart, she couldn't say anything.

  Lin Yijun once asked Lu Chen, Lu Chen did not raise a penny from Yinxiang for these investments, which is one of the reasons why Xie Weihao stood firmly on Lu Chen's side.

  Because even if Lu Chen's investment fails, it will not affect Yuzhou's economy. If it succeeds, it will bring earth-shaking changes to Yuzhou's economy.

  As for Lu Chen’s supermarket and Rough Stone Company, in front of the Science and Technology Park, they were just a small mess. After the city learned that it was Lu Chen’s investment, there were no barriers at all, and they gave them the green light all the way.

  Gradually, they found that Lin Yijun’s car was getting more and more deviated, even going up the mountain. Xu Fang and others were even more sure. The house Lu Chen bought may be a large house with four bedrooms and two halls, but it must be a cheap house near the suburbs. Up.

  Xu Fang and Wang Wan's mother and daughter looked at each other and laughed heartily.

  "Sister Yijun, it's on the outskirts of the city, how come your house is bought so biased?" Wang Wan asked pretending to be surprised. www.

  "Although Ma'anshan is close to the suburbs, Yiqi Technology is built on Ma'anshan. This area will be gradually developed. In the future, Ma'anshan will be divided into science and technology parks." Lin Yijun is not as careful as Wang Wan, and is serious. Said.

  "Then what kind of house in your community should be quite cheap?" Wang Wan asked again.

  "Jinglong Lake Community." Xu Fang reminded.

  "Yes, Jinglonghu Community, isn't it the kind of economic house that the state helps the poor?" Wang Wan smiled.

  Upon hearing this, Lin Yijun finally understood the meaning of Wang Wan's words.

  She smiled, not hiding, saying: "Jinglong Lake Community is a luxury residential community built by the previously undissolved Junyue Group for the wealthy in Yuzhou. The smallest mansions inside are 500 square meters. The mansions are all three to four-story villas."

  "Mansion community?"

  Wang Wan and others were surprised. Mansions can be called villas, but not all villas are mansions.

  Lin Yijun described it as a mansion, how expensive is this Jinglonghu community?

  "How much is the minimum price for a set? At least I am afraid that it will cost seven or eight million to be called a luxury house." Xu Jie asked subconsciously.

  His family also bought a villa in Qijiang, but there were only four to five million units. Even in Qijiang, it is still not a mansion.

  "No? It's so expensive, and it's rare in Qijiang." Wang Wan was a little surprised, and some did not believe Lin Yijun's words.

  "In Yuzhou, only Jinglonghu Community can be called a real luxury house. The minimum cost is 50 million units, and all of them are full-fledged houses, and no loans are provided." Lin Yijun was surprised when everyone saw that everyone was surprised. Inexplicably refreshing.

  Especially Wang Wan and Xu Fang, like to show off so much, see how they show off today.

  "The minimum set of 50 million?" Wang Wan and the others took a breath, and it was still full. The world of the rich was really not what they could imagine.

  "In that case, your house is also worth 50 million?" Xu Fang was still a little unwilling to give up, thinking that Xu Jie gave them a down payment for a house, but it was only one million, and it is also considered a good house in Qijiang. She couldn't wait to see Wang Xue and others to show off.

  Unexpectedly, the house that Lu Chen bought was a mansion worth 50 million yuan. This was too shocking.

  The brothers Wang Jin and Wang Kai glanced at each other and saw deep shock in each other's eyes.

  Lu Chen, how much money does this have?

  The house must be bought for 50 million!

  Although she didn't look back, Lin Yijun knew that several people must be shocked. She smiled and didn't say that the mansion in her family was the most expensive and best in Jinglong Lake, and she would stop hitting them.

  soon entered the gate of the mansion area of ​​Jinglong Lake, looking at the entire castle-like mansion area, Xu Fang and others finally gave up.

  There was no doubt about Lin Yijun's words, and a sense of powerlessness arose in her heart.

  Especially Wang Wan. At this time, in front of Lin Yijun, thinking of her various show-off scenes some time ago, she found that she was simply a clown.

  I actually showed off so many times in front of Lin Yijun and the others, I simply regarded others' low-key as my ignorant capital.

  "Sister Yijun, which mansion is your house?" This time, Wang Wan finally lost the yin and yang tone in her voice.

  "That's the biggest one above." Lin Yijun pointed to the largest mansion beside the main lake and said.

  Everyone blinked at Lin Yijun's hand, all eyes widened.

  From a distance, that mansion was equivalent to four or five of the other mansions, and stood out from the crowd.

  It looks like a small castle!

Chapter: 233

  After entering the mansion, Wang Wan and others got out of the car and looked at the luxurious decoration, just like Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden.

  "You are here, come here, I'll show you around." Wang Xue knew that the Wang family was coming, so she asked Lin Dahai to accompany Tang Qingshan and the others, and she came and took her family to visit the mansion. No, it was Show off in front of them.

  Wang Xue's mood today is very refreshing, and the arrogance of a spooky woman can't be suppressed at all.

  She doesn't care if this mansion is hers.

  The most important thing is that she can show off in front of Tang Qingshan and her descendants.

  "Second sister, how much does Lu Chen buy for this luxury house? I heard from Yijun that the lowest price here is 50 million. Your house is several times larger than other luxury houses. You can't buy this 100 million, right? "Wang Jin said in surprise.

  "One hundred million? The beauty you think. This mansion is the largest mansion in Yuzhou, my family Lu Chen bought two or three hundred million." Wang Xue exaggerated.

  In fact, if this villa is sold, it will only cost 120 to 150 million yuan. Of course, before the renovation, if Lu Chen sells it now, there must be a lot of rich people willing to spend 200 million to buy it. , Especially the four big families.

  As soon as the Jinglong Lake Villa District was developed, it was branded as the upper class of Yuzhou. It was also an honor to live here. Even the four big families bought villas here.

  Of course, at the time of the design, a mansion was designed for the four big families, second only to Lu Chen, and it was also designed according to the wishes of the four big families. Although the four big families all have their own mansions, here is Now that they have been speculated by the Grand Hyatt Group as the residence of the wealthy of the upper class, even if they can't live, they can't be left behind.

  "Two to three hundred million?" Everyone didn't know the truth or not, but looking at the luxurious decoration in the mansion, they did not dare to doubt.

  Because they were suspicious again and again, and then they were beaten in the face again and again.

  Wang Xue took everyone from the Wang family to visit the entire mansion. In the end, everyone in the Wang family was shocked and numb.

  Today they finally saw what is called a trench.

  Although Wang Xue's show off bothered Wang Wan and Xu Fang, when the gap was too great, they couldn't accept it.

  Not to mention anything else, this mansion, even if Xu Jie's company is on the right track, I am afraid that it may not be affordable for ten or twenty years.

  Not to mention their royal family.

  At this moment, even Wang Wan and Xu Fang's attitude towards Wang Xue took a 180-degree turn, and the tone of their speech was a bit of flattery.

  Later, I saw Lu Chen during dinner. Wang Wan, who had never called her brother-in-law, was filled with honey.

  During this move, Lu Chen invited not many people, mainly because he did not have a few friends worth inviting. On the contrary, Wang Xue invited the most, only four tables in total.

  However, Lu Chen invited a chef from a five-star hotel to personally cook the cook. If a table of dishes is in a five-star hotel, it would be more than 100,000.

  Because more or less people came, they gave gifts, but in the end, no matter how much they gave, Lu Chen still wrapped a red envelope for everyone. The red envelopes were all bank cards, and each card had a password.

  When everyone went back to the bank curiously to check how much money the card would have, they all opened their mouths.

  The card has 50,000 yuan in deposits.

  At this moment, everyone in the Wang family or Tang Qingshan and others had to admire Lu Chen's atmosphere.

  Especially Tang Qingshan, he was very unconvinced at the beginning, why Lu Chen has so much money and can afford to buy this first-class mansion, but at this time, looking at the fifty thousand deposit in Kari, he finally just sighed With a tone, Lu Chen was completely convinced.

  "Dalong, did you ask what Lu Chen did?" Tang Qingshan asked his son Tang Dalong.

  "What's the matter?" Tang Dalong asked puzzledly.

  "You see that Lu Chen can afford such a mansion. He must be a rich man of hundreds of millions or even billions. He must be guilty of robbing your wife who originally belonged to you. You beg him to help you. Maybe you don't need to be an office worker, you can be the boss." Tang Qingshan said.

  Tang Dalong was a little speechless. He had already let go of this matter, and why should Lu Chen help him?

  Besides, he is now a manager at Yiqi Technology, with an annual salary of one million, which is quite good.

  "And Lin Yijun is still your god sister, or I will ask your mother to tell Lin Yijun, your mother has always been so good to Lin Yijun, she will definitely remember this favor?" Tang Qingshan said again.

  Although Tang Dalong was a little moved, he still smiled bitterly: "I didn't ask,

  let's talk about it later." You ask him to ask Lu Chen now, he doesn't have this face either.

  He is acquainted with Lin Yijun, but not familiar with Lu Chen, and they used to be rivals in love. Although he had already let go, he felt that Lu Chen did not take the previous holidays seriously, but this kind of thing , He really couldn't hold his face to beg Lu Chen now.

  Seeing his son finished talking and got on the car, Tang Qingshan sighed inwardly, and didn't say much.

  However, he already had an idea in his heart. After he returned, he had to discuss it with his wife. With such a good resource as Lu Chen, wouldn't they be a waste?

  Although his son is already a high-paid family with an annual salary of one million, if there is a better way out, who doesn't want to climb higher.

  "Xiaowan, how much money is there in Kali? There is no one thousand?" Xu Fang asked Wang Wan, who was checking the red envelopes given by Lu Chen on the counter.

  Wang Kai and the others also looked at Wang Wan curiously. Lu Chen gave each of them a red envelope, but all of them were issued a bank card. This was the first time they received this kind of red envelope. They were very curious about how the card would be. How much money is there.

  "How could it be possible that there is no one thousand? Brother Lu Chen directly issued a card. Maybe ten thousand. Wouldn't it be better for him to find Jin directly?" Xu Jie said. He is now convinced by Lu Chen. Kai shamelessly borrowed money from Lu Chen. Although Lu Chen did not lend them directly, he promised to invest in his company in a few days. The amount of investment depends on his future plans for his company. He is thinking now, How to write a good planning book and show it to Lu Chen.

  He didn't dare to think that if Lu Chen could invest more than 10 million yuan, he would have the confidence to make the company bigger.

  But how to write this planning book well, he had to go back and ask a professional master to plan for him, and also to discuss it with his father.

  "There are fifty thousand in this card of mine, Mom, let me take yours and see for you?" Wang Wan said in surprise after checking it.

  fifty thousand?

  Everyone in the Wang family was shocked by the number of red envelopes again, and even Xu Jie admired it.

Chapter: 234

  The next day, Lu Chen was about to go to the Sakura Club to urge Du Fei to speed up his steps to find someone for Xiao Feiqing, so he received a call from Li Hongmei.

  Li Hongmei was the lame eldest sister who Lu Chen rescued her son during the previous earthquake.

  Later, Lu Chen took her to work at Yiqi Technology. At that time, he asked Li Hongmei to keep his number and call him if he said anything. He didn't know what job Wang Wei arranged for her.

  "Lu, Enren Lu, can you do me a favor?" Li Hongmei cried out on the phone.

  "Sister Li, what happened, you say." Lu Chen frowned. It was a poor woman. He kindly arranged work for her, but now he revealed a desperate tone on the phone, and logically said no. It will be like this.

  "Lu Enren, they want to call the police to arrest my son. I really don't know what to do now." Li Hongmei cried.

  Lu Chen was startled. Li Hongmei’s son was only five or six years old. He was supposed to go to the big kindergarten, but Li Hongmei couldn’t afford the tuition. He planned to send him to elementary school in two years, so he took him to the company. Older children, what law can they break and even report to the police?

  "Sister Li, don't be afraid, wait for me, I will be there now, and I will be there in 15 minutes." Lu Chen originally wanted to call Wang Wei to deal with it, but after thinking about it, it's better to go by yourself. At one point, he also wanted to see who it was, even the older kids.

  In his impression, Li Hongmei's son, Xiaobao, is that kind of insensitive. What big things can such a child do?

  "Okay, okay, thank you very much Lu Siren." Li Hongmei said excitedly.

  After hanging up the phone, Lu Chen turned around and rushed to the Grand Hyatt Building. He is not far from the Grand Hyatt Hotel. If there is no traffic jam, he can be there in ten minutes.

  At this time, outside the public office of the Yiqi Science and Technology Clerk Department of the Junyue Building, Xiaobao hid behind Li Hongmei, his eyes full of fear.

  "Yu Li, my son is only so old, how could he steal your lipstick? Also, although he is still young, he also knows that lipstick is not something that boys can use. Don't slander people, okay." Li Hongmei protects her Said the son.

  Yu Li snorted and said aggressively: "Your son is a thief. He went to my desk and walked around. When I came back, I found that my lipstick was gone. Didn't he stole it? You want to slander my colleagues, they stole my lipstick?"

  Yu Li's voice just fell off, and several of her colleagues said very confusedly :" Li Hongmei, what do you mean, you slander the lipstick we stole from the supervisor?"

  "You see us as people who can't even afford a lipstick?"

  "I even wonder if you instigated your son to steal it? The supervisor’s lipstick."

  "That’s right, you’re a sweeper, for that little salary, can you afford lipstick?"

  Faced with the aggressive arrogance of a few women, Li Hongmei was almost crying. She has no abilities. She can only clean up, but she also has her own dignity.

  "Look at you, a lame man, what kind of work are you still coming to, and you also brought your son to the company, didn't you disrupt it?"

  "I remember, I lost my phone two days ago, didn't you? You let your son steal it? You don’t admit it, we’re going to call the police."

  "I think you’d better take your son out as soon as possible. What company Yiqi Technology is, don’t you have any points in your mind? Your mother and son are in the company. , It is detrimental to the company's image."

  At this time, several male colleagues who watched the excitement saw this scene, and they all accused Li Hongmei.

  Yu Li is not only the head of the company's clerical department, but also one of the company's several beauties. Many male colleagues regard her as the goddess in their hearts.

  Yu Lilai went to work in the company and discussed with Xu Zhiheng. Neither of them said that they broke the relationship, so no one in the company knew that they were a couple.

  This makes many male colleagues think of Yu Li, and there is no shortage of courtesy to her.

  Listening to the accusations and slanders from the crowd, Li Hongmei's heart is like a knife. She still doesn't know the nature of her son?

  Although she always takes her son with her when cleaning, she never touches anything on the desk, and Xiaobao is very obedient. She is all helping her. How could she steal things.

  "Li Hongmei, do you accept it or not? If you don't admit it, I will go to the HR manager and let him handle it. If he sees that he will fire you." Seeing Li Hongmei not speaking, Yu Li threatened.

  If such a small employee is fired, the general HR manager will be able to take charge, without passing through Wang Wei.

  Of course, the personnel department will also report to Wang Wei at that time, because of what reason he was expelled, which one of the company has committed.

  Yu Li turned around and walked to the personnel office.

  At this time, Xu Zhiheng, the deputy manager of the personnel department, was standing on the third floor, looking at everything below, and watching Yu Li coming up, he shrank back facing the back.

  "That bitch didn't admit it, and even called to move the rescuer, I don't know if Lu Chen was called." Yu Li came to Xu Zhiheng's side and whispered.

  Xu Zhiheng's face sank, and he said in a deep voice, "No matter what, you have to make her admit that her son is a thief, so that I have a reason to fire her."

  "Then what if Lu Chen comes, he is not with the king." Does Dong have a good relationship? If he asks Dong Wang again, will he blame you?" Yu Li said with a frown.

  They designed Li Hongmei today because Xu Zhiheng had already inquired that Li Hongmei was introduced by Lu Chen.

  Last time Lu Chen forced Xu Zhiheng to kneel at the gate of the company for a day, making him lose face, and finally wrote a review to save his job. He already hated Lu Chen to the extreme.

  Knowing that Li Hongmei was the person introduced by Lu Chen, of course he wanted to take Li Hongmei's operation.

  "She's just a sweeper, and she's a lame man. I guess that Wang Dong let her stay, it is also to Lu Chen's face. If today she admits that her son is a thief, then Wang Dong will definitely support us to open her. Apart from that, Lu Chen will definitely have nothing to say by then." Xu Zhiheng said firmly.

  Yu Li thought about it, but also found it reasonable.

  If Li Hongmei really admits that her son is a thief in front of everyone in the company, Lu Chen will only be even more embarrassed by the time, and he will definitely not be happy to ask Wang Wei to give Li Hongmei another chance.

  She and Lu Chen were college classmates, and Lu Chen also knew that Li Zhiheng was her boyfriend, but Lu Chen was so insensitive last time, so Xu Zhiheng lost such a big face, she also hated Lu Chen very much. .

  "Okay, then I will go down and let her admit it." Yu Li nodded and went downstairs again.

  This time, she had to force Li Hongmei to admit it.

Chapter: 235

  When Yu Li came back again, she deliberately called a security guard. Seeing Yu Li coming back fiercely again, Li Hongmei's heart became tense and a little worried.

  "What else do you want to do?" Li Hongmei panicked when she saw the security guard and hurriedly protected her son.

  "What are you doing?" Yu Li snorted and said, "Your son is obviously a thief. You still don't admit it. I think you and mother and son are both social assholes. Don't teach him a lesson today. You can get it when you grow up. "As

  soon as her voice fell, the security guard pulled Li Hongmei away intentionally. Li Hongmei's script was not good. When she was pulled by the security guard, she immediately lost her center of gravity and fell to the ground.

  "Mom!" Xiao Bao was frightened and cried directly, and was about to rush towards Li Hongmei.

  At this time, Yu Li stepped forward, grabbed Xiao Bao directly, and slapped Xiao Bao up.

  With a bang, Xiao Bao was immediately stunned. After a few seconds, he burst into tears.

  "I told you to be a thief. At a young age, if you don't learn well, you have to learn from others to steal things. You little scumbag, the moth of society, see if I can teach you for your parents today." Regardless of whether Xiaobao was a six-year-old child, Li hummed and slapped Xiaobao again.

  Although she didn't have much strength to start, Xiao Bao was only a child, how could she be able to bear it, besides crying, her eyes were full of infinite fear, and she didn't know whether it would bring much shadow to his young mind in the future.

  Others watched Yu Li bullying a child like this, and there was no one who felt pity for him. On the contrary, in their opinion, the child should be beaten.

  To be honest, Li Hongmei usually doesn't pay much attention to dressing, and also brought her son to work. They have tolerated Li Hongmei for a long time. What qualifications do you have to work with them in a company like this waste? It also belittles their status. It.

  "You little rubbish, see if you dare to steal someone in the future." Yu Li said angrily and slapped it again. This time she used too much force and bloodshot came out of Xiaobao's mouth.

  Seeing that the corners of Xiaobao's mouth were bleeding from her beating, Yu Li was a little flustered. After all, this was just a little kid. She was an adult who hit a child. Even if she was a thief, she was a little afraid of accident.

  "Hurry up, stop it, I will admit it!" Seeing that his son was scared, he didn't dare to cry, and the corner of his mouth was beaten with blood. Li Hongmei screamed in grief and climbed in front of Yu Li and kept kowtow to her.

  "Yu Li, please, he is only a child, hit me if you want, I beg you!" Li Hongmei cried feebly, desperate to the extreme.

  She knew why Yu Li wanted her to admit that her son was a thief. As long as she admitted, the company would have reason to fire her.

  She didn't admit it before. First, her son didn't steal anything. Second, she is now in a state of homelessness. Yiqi Technology provided her with a single dormitory, and she was reluctant to leave.

  But at this moment, looking at Yu Li's fierceness and the ruthlessness of everyone around her, she was already desperate. www.

  "Admit it, then just say, I drove the recording." Yu Li said coldly.

  Li Hongmei's heart was cut like a knife, but she still weakly said: "Yu Li, sorry, my son is a thief, he stole your lipstick, I will find a way to buy it to compensate you, please let him go, he It's just a child!"

  She kept kowtow to Yu Li as she said, but her heart was desperate.

  "Supervisor Yu, since she has admitted, I think she will be handed over to the police to deal with the last, this kind of social worms should be punished by law." A male colleague who likes Yu Li suggested.

  As soon as his voice fell, Li Hongmei collapsed in fright. If he was taken away by the police, his son's name as a thief would never be washed away.

  But Yu Li and others looked at the male colleague idiotically.

  The male colleague reacted quickly and suddenly became a little embarrassed.

  Xiaobao is nothing but a child. Even if Xiaobao is really a thief, what the police can do to him is to let Li Hongmei teach her children well.

  Moreover, this matter was still devised by Yu Li, if the police see it through by then, she would still have a lawsuit.

  "You two hurry up and get out of me. The company will fire you soon. It's best not to show up at the company again in the future, otherwise I will call once." Yu Li took the recording with satisfaction and prepared to send it to Xu Zhiheng. Go up.

  Li Hongmei held her son feebly, and walked out of the company with a look of despair.

  "Sister Li, where are you going?" Just then, a figure appeared in front of Li Hongmei, frowning and asked.

  He was Lu Chen who had just arrived.

  Seeing Lu Chen, Li Hongmei couldn't help but tears down. She apologized and said, "Lu Engong, I'm sorry, I'm ashamed of you!"

  she is Lu Chen After being introduced, she was finally fired from the company. In her heart, she really felt sorry for Lu Chen. Although she had no education, she felt that she was still ashamed of Lu Chen.

  "Sister Li, what's the matter? And the finger marks on Xiaobao's face, who hit him?" Lu Chen frowned, letting go of the child. At this moment, an anger rose in his heart.

  Whether or not someone in the company hits him, he will never let him go.

  "Enren Lu, forget it, it's okay. I was fired from the company, so I will leave with Xiaobao." Li Hongmei felt that he could not trouble Lu Chen any more. Lu Chen had helped her enough, and Lu Chen was not her. Who, how could she trouble Lu Chen in everything.

  If it weren't for being threatened by Yu Li before, which made her a little scared, she would not have called Lu Chen.

  "Who are you, why did you come to our company?" The security guard asked Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen looked at the security guard, did not speak, but looked at Yu Li and others.

  "Lu Chen, this is our company's business. It has nothing to do with you. I advise you not to be nosy." When Yu Li saw Lu Chen's arrival, she was a little guilty at first, but she quickly thought of Xu Zhiheng's words. Just calm down.

  Lu Chen glanced at Yu Li faintly, ignored her, and said to Li Hongmei: "Sister Li, no matter what happens, as long as you still believe me, tell me the truth. I will be the master of you, as long as you are Yes, no matter who he is or what position he is in the company, I will definitely be the master for you."

  Li Hongmei wanted to say something, but seeing Yu Li's threatening eyes, she shook her head and said, "Forget it, just a little bit. Little things."

  "You have to believe me, I can really be the master for you." Seeing the fear in Li Hongmei's eyes, Lu Chen said firmly.

  "Are you in charge of her?"

  Several male colleagues around Yu Li laughed at the words: "Where is this neuropathy? Who do you think you are? You can even be in charge of our company?"

Chapter: 236

  Yu Li also laughed mockingly: "Lu Chen, who do you think you are, dare to come to our company to make trouble?"

  Lu Chen still ignored everyone, just stared at Li Hongmei, and said in a deep voice, "Sister Li, you If you don’t tell the truth anymore, I don’t care about you, and Xiaobao is still so young, you can bear to see him being bullied. If you don’t give him this breath today, it will definitely bring a huge shadow to his young mind. , You have to know that everything is blank for Xiaobao now, which will definitely affect his future growth, don’t you want him to grow up in the future without self-confidence?"

  Li Hongmei trembled when he heard Lu Chen’s words .

  Her husband is abolished, and her only hope in this life is this son. She also counts on her son to be able to stand out when he grows up.

  "Lu Engong, Yu Li wronged Xiaobao, saying that Xiaobao stole her lipstick, but Xiaobao really did not steal her lipstick. She insisted on admitting that Xiaobao was a thief and stole her red mouth. I don’t admit it. , She beat Xiaobao and beat Xiaobao's mouth to bleed. I had no choice but to admit that Xiaobao was a thief. She recorded the sound and said that she wanted to take it to the leader and fire me." Li Hongmei said the whole thing The story is said exactly.

  For Xiaobao, she also spared no effort, as long as Xiaobao Jiankang could grow, she would not hesitate to offend Yu Li.

  Lu Chen's eyes burned with anger, and Yu Li actually did such a shameless thing, which refreshed his three views.

  This is just a six-year-old kid, how did she get it?

  Even if Xiaobao really stole her lipstick, he wouldn't be able to beat a few years old.

  "Li Hongmei, I am to discipline your son for you, lest he grows up to steal other people's things and be arrested and go to jail. If you don't know the good people, don't you want to tell the wicked people first?" Yu Li shouted angrily. .

  When Li Hongmei told her about her beating a child to her face, Yu Li felt a little guilty in her heart no matter how thick-skinned she was.

  At that time, if it were not for Li Hongmei to admit that Xiaobao was a thief, of course she would not resort to such a trick, at least she was also a high-achieving student who had studied abroad.


  Lu Chen slapped Li Hongmei's face with a slap, and said coldly, "Yu Li, you disappointed me too much."

  When Yu Li was in college before, although Yu Li had pursued him madly, he did not find Yu Li. It turned out to be such a narrow-minded person, even a few years old.

  What she did was simply frantic and unworthy of being a human being.

  "Lu Chen, you dare to hit me?" Yu Li was slapped in the face by Lu Chen, and she was stunned. She didn't expect Lu Chen to dare to hit her.

  She covered her face in disbelief. Apart from anger, there was a trace of heartache in her heart. After all, she had liked Lu Chen once. Although Lu Chen did not agree to her pursuit, the feeling of first love remained in her heart after all these years. Faintly touched.

  Lu Chen was very disappointed in his heart, disappointed that Yu Li still didn't know where she was wrong at this time.

  I don't know why he slapped her.

  Just when Li was slapped in the face by Lu Chen, those male colleagues stopped doing it.

  "Boy, you are looking for death, dare to come to our company to run wild?"

  "Guardian, what are you doing in a daze and don't take him down?"

  Several male colleagues were interested in Li, and saw that Lu Chen dared to beat Yu Li. The opportunity for their performance came immediately.

  While shouting at the security guards, they rolled up their sleeves, clenched their fists, and rushed towards Lu Chen.

  Li Hongli was taken aback, and hurriedly took Xiaobao back to the side.

  Upon seeing this, the security guard was also ready to do it.

  An outsider hit the company management, if he is still indifferent, he knows what the consequences will be waiting for him.

  But how could these guys sitting in the office be Lu Chen’s opponents? Even Lu Chen didn’t make much effort. They were all accompanied by Lu Chen and turned over. Even the security guard was at this time. He fell to the ground with a few people and started humming.

  When Yu Li realized that Lu Chen was able to fight like this, she was a little scared in her heart, and immediately panicked and wanted to go upstairs to find Xu Zhiheng.

  "Lu Chen, why are you hitting our company's employees?"

  At this moment, Xu Zhiheng walked down the stairs and looked at Lu Chen with an angry expression.

  "Zhiheng, please inform the security manager, this guy is crazy, he even hit me, you see that half of my face is still swollen." Yu Li saw Xu Zhiheng, immediately ran over, crying aggrieved stand up.

  Of course Xu Zhiheng saw Lu Chen hit Yu Li. He just ran off after seeing Lu Chen slap Yu Li.

  "Don't worry, I will definitely let him give you an explanation. If he doesn't explain it to me today, I will let him walk around after eating!" Xu Zhiheng said in a cold voice.

  "You want me to explain it to you?" A

  cold light flashed in Lu Chen's eyes: "Xu Zhiheng, I was going to ask you, as the senior management of the company, you have been watching Yu Li hit a child. You don't care? And you You should also know about this, don’t you first investigate it, and let Li be in the company?” When

  Lu Chen came, he saw Xu Zhiheng standing on the third floor watching the theater, and he believed in Li Hongmei and also believed. Xiaobao won't really steal Yu Li's lipstick.

  When he saw the hidden chill and anger in Xu Zhiheng's eyes, he suddenly understood.

  Xu Zhiheng must have investigated that Li Hongmei was introduced by him, and then used Li Hongmei to vent his anger.

  After all, he forced Xu Zhiheng to kneel at the gate of the company last time. When he left that day, he felt the heavy resentment in Xu Zhiheng's eyes.

  Xu Zhiheng felt a little flustered, but he still snorted and said, "Lu Chen, this is an internal matter of our company, and it doesn't matter to you as an outsider? What qualifications do you have to point out the internal affairs of our company? The

  kicker ?" In front of so many people, Xu Zhiheng was a little guilty, but he couldn't lose face.

  "I am not qualified to point fingers at you?" Lu Chen jokingly smiled, "Okay, then I have to see if Wang Wei is qualified to point fingers at you."

  Lu Chen said, he took out the phone and prepared to give a call. Wang Wei called and asked him to come down to deal with the matter.

  He was quite angry about this incident today. If Yu Li was hitting Li Hongmei and the one who slandered Li Hongmei, then he would definitely have to find out slowly. www.

  But Yu Li hit him at the age of six, Xiaobao, and the slander was also Xiaobao, so he couldn't bear it anymore.

  Such a person must definitely not stay in the company.

  Xu Zhiheng panicked when Lu Chen really wanted to call.

  He didn't expect that Lu Chen would have to mobilize the crowd for this disabled woman. If Wang Wei were to come to investigate, he would definitely be exposed. After all, Yu Li's plan was full of loopholes and couldn't deceive people at all.

  "Don't bother Wang Dong, I will check now!" Xu Zhiheng gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice.

Chapter: 237

  "Then you can check it. I'm going to see. A high-achieving student who has returned from overseas has learned what she has learned abroad. Does she only learn to slander and beat children? What qualifications does such a frenzied person have to stay? Company." Lu Chen said coldly.

  "You fart! How could I slander him? Do you want me to play the recording for you? She admits it, and it's not that I unilaterally said that he is a thief." Yu Li retorted loudly. Lu Chen's words were a little embarrassing. How could she admit that she slandered Xiaobao.

  "You didn't slander him, are you? Let Wang Wei come to investigate. I still don't believe it can't find out." Lu Chen snorted coldly and directly dialed Wang Wei's phone.

  Xu Zhiheng's heart violently twitched. How could Wang Wei come?

  Seeing that Lu Chen had called Wang Wei's phone, he raised his hand and slapped Yu Li's face.

  "Say, why are you slandering a child?" Xu Zhiheng said angrily.

  Everyone was stunned, and Yu Li was also stunned.

  She looked at Xu Zhiheng angrily, ignored Xu Zhiheng constantly blinking her eyes, and said angrily: "Xu Zhiheng, you hit me? Why did I slander a child? Isn't all this what you meant? It's you Last time I offended Lu Chen and was punished by Dong Wang. I was upset. Then I found out that Li Hongmei was working at a company introduced by Lu Chen. In order to satisfy the mentality of retaliating against Lu Chen, you asked me to take Li Hongmei for the operation. Ask me why I am slandering a child?"

  "Ah? This..."

  Everyone was dumbfounded, it turned out that Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng combined to slander Xiaobao.

  Especially those male colleagues, they were thinking about the relationship between Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng, and why Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng would unite to do such a frenzied thing.

  As for the female colleagues, they were contemptuous in their hearts. They were all used by Yu Li before, and they naively thought that Xiao Bao really stole Yu Li's lipstick.

  "What nonsense are you talking about?" Xu Zhiheng's heart sank. He didn't expect Yu Li, a stupid woman, to shake everything out when she spoke. How stupid it is.

  He originally wanted to act in front of Lu Chen, so that Yu Li would put his back on his back, so that Lu Chen wouldn't let it go, and had to call Wang Wei over.

  No wonder Yu Li was so stupid.

  "Xu Zhiheng, you dare to hit me, let's break up!" Yu Li said angrily, and left angrily.

  She was quite angry in her heart. She didn't expect Xu Zhiheng to be afraid of Lu Chen to this point, and even more so when Lu Chen slapped her in the face. Didn't this embarrass her?

  what? Break up?

  Everyone, look at me, and I look at you. They didn't expect that Yu Li, whom they had always regarded as the goddess in their hearts, turned out to be Xu Zhiheng's girlfriend.

  Xu Zhiheng wanted to chase Yu Li, but as soon as he moved, he stopped again.

  Lu Chen glanced at Xu Zhiheng indifferently, then turned to Li Hongmei and said, "Sister Li, take Xiaobao back to rest first, and come back to work after two days of rest."

  "Lu Engong, I, I want to resign." Li Hongmei thought of Lu. Chen doesn't belong to this company either. Although she has cleared her son's grievances today, what about next time?

  Lu Chen couldn't help her every time, and she was too embarrassed to ask Lu Chen for help every time.

  "Don't worry, from now on, no one will dare to bully you again. If anyone dares to bully you again, I will expel anyone." Lu Chen said steadily.

  Xu Zhiheng's face was very ugly, maybe it was because he was thinking about Yu Li in his heart, and he didn't understand the meaning of Lu Chen's words.

  But the others looked at Lu Chen jokingly. Lu Chen's words were really arrogant.

  Although they wouldn't slander Li Hongmei and her son like Yu Li did, Lu Chen's words made some people couldn't help but ridicule.

  "Brother, this is our company, Yiqi Technology, are you talking in a dream?" Someone laughed at Lu Chen.

  "I'm afraid that this guy is not a lunatic. He came to our company to savage without saying anything, and even said that he was the big boss of our company." A male colleague who had just been knocked to the ground by Lu Chen was very upset and ironic. Up. www.

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen with disdain, even Li Hongmei didn't believe that Lu Chen really had this ability.

  In her opinion, Lu Chen is very capable and a good person. He is the lifesaver of her mother and son.

  But after working at Yiqi Technology for this period of time, she knew what kind of company it was. This was the strongest company in Yuzhou. She really didn't believe that Lu Chen could control the top management here.

  "Enren Lu, or forget it..." Seeing everyone laughing at Lu Chen, Li Hongmei was a little sad.

  She felt that if it weren't for her, Lu Chen wouldn't be laughed at.

  She blamed herself.

  "Sister Li, if you believe me, just wait a while, I said, whoever bullied you, I will fire someone, including Xu Zhiheng and Yu Li who bullied you today." Lu Chen said firmly.

  he is really angry. If Xu Zhiheng came at him, he would look up to Xu Zhiheng a little bit.

  Unexpectedly, Xu Zhiheng did not dare to target him, but used Li Hongmei who was disabled to vent his anger.

  But Yu Li disappointed him even more.

  I won't talk about the slander, and even hit a five- or six-year-old kid, how could he let them stay in the company?

  "I'm going, is this guy really crazy? How dare you say so? You want to fire Deputy Manager Xu?"

  "Hurry up and call the police, I think this guy may have run out of a mental hospital."

  "Well, This guy is really a little abnormal. He just beat up a male employee of our company and didn't say anything. At this time, he threatened to fire Deputy Manager Xu. It must be something mentally stimulated."

  "The most important thing is who gave him the courage ." , Dare to speak such big words in our company." When

  everyone heard Lu Chen's words, they laughed again, and they doubted whether Lu Chen was a patient who had run out of the mental hospital.

  After all, Lu Chen's words were too arrogant, and no one would believe it.

  "Lu Enren, don't say anything, let's go out first." Li Hongmei saw that everyone laughed at Lu Chen again, she took Lu Chen's hand and said.

  Although she didn't believe in Lu Chen, she didn't want to see her savior being laughed at by others.

  Lu Chen sighed, ready to take out the phone and remind Wang Wei.

  "Lu Chen, you don't want to be too big, do you think you have something to do with our company, so you can do whatever you want? You want to fire me? Why do you have to say such big talk in our company?" Xu Zhiheng snorted. Seeing that Lu Chen was not leaving yet, he had to wait for Wang Wei to come down to deal with it, and he was also angry.

  "Yes, what right do you have to say such big talk? You still want to expel our deputy manager Xu

  without embarrassment . How old are you!" Seeing Xu Zhiheng's speech, other people also accused Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen shook his head, glanced across everyone's faces, and said indifferently:

  "With this company, I have the final say."

Chapter: 238

  "In our company, do you have the final say?"

  "What are you, you are simply a lunatic."

  "Call a few more security guards to blast him out. I have already determined that this kid must be running from the Geleshan Mental Hospital. Come out."

  Lu Chen was ridiculed by everyone as soon as he finished speaking.

  As soon as Li Hongmei was about to persuade Lu Chen again, he saw Wang Wei and Wang Dong walking out of the elevator.

  Seeing Wang Wei, everyone hurriedly closed their mouths. Even if they complained, there was Xu Zhiheng here, but they weren't the turn of them.

  Seeing Lu Chen called Wang Wei down again, Xu Zhiheng's heart collapsed.

  Let’s not talk about the relationship between Lu Chen and Wang Wei. The most important thing is that everyone has heard it. The previous incident was that he and Yu Li designed to slander Li Hongmei’s son. So many people have heard what Yu Li said. It won't work to admit it.

  It's just that Wang Wei let him kneel outside the gate for a day last time, and I don't know what he will do today.

  "Wang Dong, you came just right. Lu Chen ran to our company and beat people for no reason, even the security guards. If you don't believe me, see, these people were just beaten by him." No matter what Wang Wei will do, Xu Zhiheng felt that he had to hold the initiative in his hands first.

  "Right, Wong Tung & Partners, my face would suffer his fist, and now it's still green."

  "And me, my face he also suffered a blow."

  "I'm on the chest."

  "I It's on the stomach."

  Several people had been beaten by Lu Chen before, and they hurriedly cooperated with Xu Zhiheng to complain to Wang Wei.

  Wang Wei frowned, of course not caring about the death of these people.

  What he frowned was, what the hell was going on, which alarmed Lu Chen again, and now he was angry and beat the employees?

  "Mr. Lu..." Wang Wei was interrupted by Lu Chen just as he spoke.

  "The people I have beaten before, including the security guard, Xu Zhiheng and Yu Li, all fired me. As for the reason, you can ask them yourself. Also, if anyone in the company dares to bully Li Hongmei in the future, you Just get out of here." Lu Chen snorted and turned to look at Li Hongmei.

  "Sister Li, stay, no one will dare to bully you in the future." Lu Chen said, turning and going downstairs.

  Everyone was about to mock Lu Chen, but they realized that their Wang Dong's face was pale, and there was a sense of fear in their eyes.

  Wang Dong turned out to be so afraid of the kid just now?

  Am I right?

  Who on earth is that kid? Why did his few words make Wang Dong scared.

  Especially Xu Zhiheng, who was standing next to Wang Wei. He couldn't believe it. Lu Chen dared to threaten Wang Wei, let alone believe that Wang Wei was actually scared in the face of Lu Chen's threat.

  Who can get Wang Wei to get out of the company, except for the big boss behind the scenes, who has this qualification?

  But Wang Wei was actually scared. Could it be...

  my God, how is this possible?

  How could Lu Chen be the boss of the company?

  Xu Zhiheng kept shaking his head and couldn't believe the thought in his heart.

  If Lu Chen is really the boss of the company, isn't he dead?

  The most important thing is that Lu Chen is a college classmate of his girlfriend Yu Li. I heard that he has been a bad mess, how could he be the boss of Yiqi Technology.

  This is simply impossible.

  It wasn't until Lu Chen's angry back disappeared that Wang Wei came back to his senses. It was the first time he saw Lu Chen so angry, which showed how arrogant Xu Zhiheng and others were before.


  Pop !" Wang Wei turned around and slapped Xu Zhiheng's face. He slapped Xu Zhiheng's face, and immediately made everyone else confused.

  "Wang, Dong Wang..." Xu Zhiheng slapped him without anger, only fear in his heart.

  Wang Wei slapped him, doesn't it just show that his idea just now is correct.

  Because Lu Chen is the big boss of the company, he can decide Wang Wei's stay, so Lu Chen's words made Wang Wei feel scared. He slapped Xu Zhiheng in anger with Wang Wei's talent.

  He now understands why Wang Wei would be so strong after he offended Lu Chen last time. It was obvious that his bet with Lu Chen was to kneel and apologize. Finally, Wang Wei let him kneel at the company gate for a day.

  Wang Wei showed this to Lu Chen.

  But he still foolishly thought that Lu Chen only knew Wang Wei, and that Wang Wei didn't want him Xu Zhiheng to embarrass the company, so that the company had a reputation for untrustworthiness, so he was punished to kneel for a day.

  Where did you know that Lu Chen not only knew Wang Wei, but also the company's big boss.

  The others were all taken aback. Wang Wei didn't expect to ask anything or say anything, so he slapped Xu Zhiheng directly. This was too strong and unreasonable.

  Seeing Xu Zhiheng being slapped in the face, he didn't dare to put a fart, and the others were even more dare not to let it out.

  "Did you hear what Mr. Lu just said? Is there anything else I want to say?" Wang Wei slapped Xu Zhiheng, his anger stabilized.

  "Wang Dong, Lu Chen is really a big company..." Xu Zhiheng knew that he had no chance to stay, but before leaving, he still wanted to ask, is Lu Chen really the big boss of the company? Otherwise he wouldn't be willing.

  If Lu Chen is really the big boss of the company, then he has targeted Lu Chen many times, and Lu Chen fired him is a matter of course, and he himself can understand.

  Blame him for his lack of eye, even the big boss of the company dared to provoke him.

  "If you don't want to die, I advise you to take care of your mouth after leaving the company. You have to believe and kill you. For him, it's just a word or a phone call." Wang Wei said coldly.

  Xu Zhiheng's heart trembled. He believed Wang Wei's words, but he was even more puzzled, why should Lu Chen be the company's boss? How could he have so much money?

  But at this time he couldn't help but believe it.

  "Dong Wang, I'm sorry, I let you down." Xu Zhiheng bowed sincerely to Wang Wei, turned back to the office to collect things and leave.

  Although he was very unwilling.

  But he didn't blame anyone, he only blamed himself for having eyes and no beads for fighting against Lu Chen everywhere.

  "You, you, you, and you, you guys were also fired from the company, don't ask me why, you don't even have this month's salary, you can try if you don't believe me." Wang Wei pointed to the previous one. Several male colleagues who had been beaten by Lu Chen said coldly.

  He knew that Lu Chen's character, if it weren't for a real problem with his character, he would normally not fire employees easily.

  Last time Xu Zhiheng irritated him, but he finally gave Xu Zhiheng a chance.

  Since Lu Chen didn't even give these men a chance, he believed that Lu Chen must have discovered that these men had character problems and were not suitable for staying in the company.

  The few people trembled, and they didn't expect Wang Wei to actually listen to Lu Chen's words and fire them.

  Who is that guy?

  Why does one sentence determine their life and death?

  These people did not react as quickly as Xu Zhiheng, and until now they still don't know why Lu Chen can decide their life or death in one sentence.

  The most important thing is that they still don't know why Lu Chen fired them.

  They still don't know that it was their indifference and ruthlessness in their treatment of Yu Li's fight against Xiaobao, which caused them to lose their jobs.

Chapter: 239

  "Li Hongmei, right?" Seeing that those people had nothing to say, Wang Wei turned and looked at Li Hongmei, who was a little confused. www.

  "Wang, Dong Wang." Li Hongmei looked at Wang Wei with a guilty conscience. Lu Chen was absent, and she felt even more unfounded.

  "Li Hongmei, don't worry, no one will dare to bully you anymore. You see, all the people who bullied you today were fired by me." Seeing Li Hongmei a little nervous, Wang Wei said in a relaxed tone.

  Li Hongmei was really shocked by this.

  She didn't expect that Lu Chen actually did it, saying that he would expel the person who bullied her, so he expelled the person who bullied her.

  What is the relationship between Lu Engong and Wang Dong? Why does Wang Dong listen to Lu Engong so much?

  Li Hongmei guessed in her heart, and the tension in her heart gradually eased.

  "Well, thank you, Dong Wang." Li Hongmei nodded, her expression becoming more natural.

  "Li Hongmei, can you tell me what's going on?" Wang Wei asked calmly when he saw Li Hongmei's expression relaxed.

  Although he unconditionally fulfilled Lu Chenchen's request, he also wanted to know what happened today and how Lu Chen was irritated.

  Li Hongmei hesitated and looked at the other women. These women were also very fierce to her before. She was still a little scared. These people will bully her in the same way in the future.

  "Don't worry, no matter who it is in the future, as long as they dare to bully you, but the severity is not serious, I will expel them as soon as possible." Wang Wei cheered Li Hongmei again.

  Li Hongmei nodded, and finally explained the whole story.

  And Yu Li slapped Xiaobao a few times, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding.

  And Yu Li finally said that this was because she and Xu Zhiheng joined forces to expel her from the company.

  She said all these things without missing a word.

  Listening to Li Hongmei's words, Wang Wei finally knew that Lu Chen not only fired Yu Li and Xu Zhiheng, but also the reason why these male colleagues were fired together.

  Because when Yu Li played Xiaobao, they not only didn't have any sympathy, but also helped him to be abusive, and said some cool words next to him. Of course, people with such a character could not let them stay in the company.

  Even if they are just ordinary employees, but their character is not good enough, they are not qualified to work for Yiqi Technology.


  After Yiqi Technology came out, Lu Chen went directly to the Cherry Blossom Club.

  After stopping the car, Lu Chen just opened the door, and a crisis suddenly arose in his heart. He shook his spirit and rolled aside subconsciously.

  Cang Dang!

  The moment Lu Chen rolled out, a bullet hit his car door. After a spark passed, a bullet mark was left on the car door.

  Lu Chen's mind was shocked, and he didn't know what was going on.

  And this is Du Fei's site. Who would dare to attack him here?

  Lu Chen was puzzled, but he didn't idle either. Judging from the bullet's trajectory, he guessed the opponent's general direction.

  With the cover of a few cars turning around, Lu Chen slowly dived in that direction.

  Soon, when he sneaked up to the fourth car without knowing it, he saw a man in black holding a pistol and sneaking towards his car.

  Seeing the other party cautiously, Lu Chen sneered. Although this guy is a killer, he is not a qualified killer.

  If you are a qualified assassin, after a miss, he will definitely retreat as soon as possible.

  And this person even thought of a second attack.

  Lu Chen didn't give him any more chance, sneaking over and cutting his neck with a palm, knocked him out.

  After collecting the gun in the killer's hand, Lu Chen dragged him directly into the private room he had agreed with Du Fei before.

  Because he went to the Junyue Building temporarily, when he pushed the door of the private room, Du Fei and others were already waiting inside.

  Seeing Lu Chen dragging a guy in, all of them were slightly startled.

  "What's the situation?" Du Fei asked curiously.

  "The killer who killed me was lying in ambush on your territory. I want to know what happened." Lu Chen said lightly.

  The killer was lying in ambush on Du Fei's site to kill Lu Chen. Lu Chen didn't need to think about it, and knew that Du Fei's people had leaked the news that he was coming to Du Fei today.

  Sakura Club usually opens at 7:30 in the evening, and it's still morning, and the killer is already in ambush here.

  There is no need for Lu Chen to doubt, Du Fei must have appeared in his own ghost.

  Du Fei's face sank, his gaze swept across the faces of several of his men, he slammed the table, and said in a deep voice: "Only the five of you know his identity. I won't say anything more. Who is it? Give it to Lao Tzu. Stand up obediently, otherwise when I find out, you will not only be responsible for you alone, but your family will also accompany you to take responsibility.”

  Although they all say that it will not harm your family, the Sakura Club is an underground force. Du Fei is also a ruthless person, he said that he would harm his family, and he would surely be able to do it.

  Du Fei has a total of five trusted assistants.

  They are Hu Biao, Zhang Wei, Zeng Xin, Zhao Chuan and Liu Yi.

  These five people seem to be in harmony, but in fact there are a lot of intrigues secretly.

  Du Fei's position in Yuzhou is getting higher and higher, and he has become the leader of the underground forces in Yuzhou. These five people followed Du Fei from birth to death. Of course, they also hope to get more trust from Du Fei.

  Only by gaining Du Fei's trust can they have the opportunity to separate and dominate.

  At this time, the five people looked at the murderous intent in Du Fei's eyes, and all of them were scared to speak.

  Du Fei's ability to sit in this position relied on his absolute strength. He was mixed with underground forces, and no one was afraid of him.

  "I don't care who is among you, as long as I stand up automatically and give me a reasonable explanation, I don't need to kill you." Lu Chen also looked at the five people and said.

  Du Fei's men, these five people knew his identity, and the inner ghost must be among them.

  As for the Three Heroes of the Water Margin, in a strict sense, they are Lu Chen's people, and the thief Liu Zixiu is also Lu Chen's, and he cannot betray Lu Chen.

  "I'll give you one minute. After one minute, if no one takes the initiative to come forward, I will start investigating." Du Fei said in a deep voice.

  As the leading boss of the underground forces in Yuzhou, he has many methods to investigate an inner ghost, and he does not need to do anything. The people under his staff will definitely check him clearly in a short time.

  As time passed by, the five people began to feel a little nervous.

  However, the one named Zhang Wei was obviously a little nervous, because there was fine sweat on his forehead.

  Although Hu Biao and the other four were nervous, they were much calmer than Zhang Wei seemed.

  "There are still five seconds left, don't blame Lao Tzu for not giving you a chance then." Du Fei looked at the stopwatch and said in a deep voice.

  At this moment, Zhang Wei suddenly knelt in front of Lu Chen with a bang.

  "Little dust, I'm sorry, because they caught my mother and threatened me with my mother. I have no choice." Zhang Wei said with a trembling voice.

  "Who are they?"

  Lu Chen was not angry, but asked calmly.

Chapter: 240

  "I don't know who they are, it's not our Yuzhou accent, and I don't know them either." Zhang Wei tremblingly replied.

  He knew that he was finished and bought Lu Chen. He knew he was dead, but he wanted to rescue his mother before he died, so that Lu Chen could bypass his mother.

  "Can you contact them?" Lu Chen asked.

  "Yes." Zhang Wei replied.

  Lu Chen nodded, and said nothing.

  "If you contact them, the death penalty is unavoidable, and the living sin cannot escape." Du Fei saw that Lu Chen didn't intend to kill Zhang Wei, so he spoke.

  Although Lu Chen didn't say anything, he certainly wouldn't just let it go. This is his person, and Lu Chen respected him, so he let him deal with it.

  "Thank you for less dust and Brother Fei!" Zhang Wei kept kowtow to Lu Chen and Du Fei.

  "Meeting rules and punishments, breaking three fingers, and expelling the Sakura Club from now on." Du Fei said coldly.

  Everyone didn't change their faces, even Zhang Wei didn't have much fear after hearing Du Fei's punishment.

  Obviously, Zhang Wei is also a ruthless person who can mix with Du Fei's big assistants.

  If his mother hadn't been arrested by the other party, he wouldn't have done anything to betray Lu Chen.

  "Brother, I'm sorry." Hu Biao took out a dagger and came to Zhang Wei's side.

  Sakura Club Hu Biao is in charge of law enforcement, and whoever violates the rules of the club is basically he himself copied the knife.

  There was a trace of misery on Zhang Wei's face. He did not resist, and knew that resisting was death, so he simply stretched his left hand on the table, and then bent his index finger and little finger.

  Hu Biao took the knife and dropped it, and Zhang Wei's three fingers were chopped off when he heard a'chao'.

  Although Zhang Wei was also a ruthless person, he was suddenly cut off with three fingers, and the sharp pain caused him to let out a miserable cry.

  "Abiao, help him stop the bleeding first." Du Fei said coldly.

  Hu Biao found gauze and simply bandaged Zhang Wei's broken fingers, and then put his three broken fingers into the bag with a small bag.

  "Brother Fei, for the reason that I have been with you for so long, please help me rescue my mother. They all have guns in their hands. Personally, it is impossible for me to rescue my mother." Zhang Wei knelt in front of Du Fei , Said pleadingly.

  "Contact the other party, I will help you rescue your mother. From then on, you and our Sakura will have nothing to do with you." Du Fei said lightly.

  Although he is a ruthless person, his brother is not very heartbroken.

  Although Zhang Wei betrayed Lu Chen, he originally wanted to execute Zhang Wei, but since Lu Chen didn't want to kill Zhang Wei, it was not impossible for him to help Zhang Wei last.

  "Thank you Fei!" Zhang Wei kowtowed.

  Du Fei gave Hu Biao a wink and said, "Let's go, I'll take you to the hospital for treatment first."

  Zhang Wei nodded and followed Hu Biao out of the Cherry Blossom Club with his severed finger.

  "Wake him up and ask me who is trying to kill me." Lu Chen looked at the killer who was still unconscious on the ground and said to Du Fei's people.

  This is not a professional killer, Lu Chen thinks he should not be as tough as a professional killer.

  The three of Liu Yi nodded, and after tying up the killer, they lifted the basin of cold water to wake him up directly.

  The assassin woke up and quickly saw his situation clearly. He didn't panic, but seemed calm.

  Lu Chen didn't speak either. Liu Yi and the three understood what Lu Chen meant. They didn't ask three seven twenty one, they just beat the killer.

  The assassin was a bit stubborn, and he was beaten with blood from the corners of his mouth, but he still didn't ask for help.

  "The mouth is still tight, Ayi, go get me some bamboo sticks." Du Fei said jokingly, looking at the killer.

  When Du Fei asked for bamboo sticks, everyone knew what he was going to do.

  This is the torture of piercing the nails.

  The killer was vomiting blood before he was beaten, and he didn't feel moved. After hearing Du Fei's words, his face suddenly changed.

  With ten fingers connected to the heart, he pierced his fingernails with bamboo sticks. Thinking about it, it made people feel chills. Even if he was a killer, his face showed fear.

  After a while, Liu Yi went to get ten toothpicks. Although it looked scary without the bamboo sticks, after piercing the nails, the effect was equally fatal.

  "What do you want to ask, I will tell you what I know!" Seeing Du Fei grabbing his hand, he was about to plunge in, and the killer finally spoke.

  Fingernail piercing is one of the famous tortures in ancient times. Although the killer has not experienced it, his legs are a little weak just thinking about it.

  But he was soft, and Du Fei didn't give him a chance. Instead, he picked up a toothpick and slammed it into the nail of the killer's left index finger.

  "Ah!" The

  assassin snorted painfully, and the whole left hand was just like you sifting chaff, shaking constantly, obviously it was the sharp pain that he couldn't bear.

  "Who sent you?" Du Fei took out another toothpick and asked lightly.

  "I don't know..." The killer shook his head, but before he could finish his words, Du Fei slammed the second toothpick into the nail of his left middle finger.

  The killer screamed again, and before he was relieved, he hurriedly said: "I really don't know who they are. They just gave me money to kill the person in the photo, and they also provided me with information, but Before I left, I faintly heard what they said, Boss Zhou. "

  Boss Zhou?

  Lu Chen was startled, thinking of someone in his heart.

  Zhou Zunfei.

  He previously won the antique master Zheng Xihe at the Zuo family's antiques conference and won the rough channel of the Central Plains jeweler Zhou Zunfei's home. Is it because Zhou Zunfei was not convinced and came to retaliate against him?

  Lu Chen thought it was very possible.

  After all, the rough channel is very important to the Zhou family. The Zhou family is even more dependent on the rough channel than the Zuo family. Lu Chen won their rough channel. For the Zhou family, it is undoubtedly a devastating blow. The Zhou family will retaliate against Lu. Dust, it is normal to retrieve the original stone channel again.

  Du Fei looked at Lu Chen, who made a gesture of cutting his throat.

  For those who want him, he certainly will not be soft.

  Du Fei understood, and said to the three of Liu Yi: "Take it down and deal with it."

  Liu Yi nodded, untied the rope hanging the killer, and directly dragged the opponent to the basement.

  The assassin also saw Lu Chen's gesture. He still wanted to struggle, but Liu Yi directly hit his head with an elbow and knocked him out.

  "Do you know who it is?" Du Fei asked, sitting back on the sofa.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, took out a cigarette and put it on. He had a headache.

  Xiao Bieqing's person hadn't been found yet, and Zhou Zunfei came again at this time, which really caused him a headache.

  "Who is it?" Du Fei asked again.

  "Zhou Zunfei, a jeweler in the Central Plains, I won his rough channel last time, and he must have come to retaliate against me." Lu Chen explained. www.

  "My grass, his people from the Central Plains dare to come to my Yuzhou to run wild? Do you want him to come back and forth this time?" Du Fei asked Lu Chen angrily.

  Lu Chen took a mouthful of cigarettes and was silent before saying, "After all, the Zhou family is a wealthy family in the Central Plains. It is not a last resort. It is best not to hurt Zhou Zunfei's life, but after catching him, he must remember it. To let him go."