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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 281-290) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 281

People's Square.

  At noon, the scorching sun was blazing, the heat waves were blowing, and the air was as hot as it had been.

  But it does not affect the enthusiasm of everyone.

  Yesterday, the major media reported that today the boss of Yiqi Technology will come to People’s Square to kneel and apologize to the old patriarchs of the three major families. Whether it is businessmen or ordinary people, they all come to watch the excitement.

  According to the news, the time was 12 noon, but from 10 in the morning, the entire People's Square was blocked by the surrounding water.

  The boss of Yiqi Technology, three families.

  This gimmick is too loud, this is a heavyweight hit, no one wants to miss this good show.

  The major media even came to the center of People's Square after nine o'clock and waited. If such a big news is written and sent out as soon as possible, it is a guarantee of traffic.

  "It's almost half past eleven, and no one has come yet. Isn't the owner of Yiqi Technology coming?"

  "No? Wait a minute. Although Yiqi Technology is awesome, it must not be with you. The three big families are fighting against each other, and the three big families have deep roots. It's not something that his new company can afford."

  "Yes, so Lu Chen will definitely come to apologize to the three big families today."

  "In fact, I really hoped him. No, if he really kneels to the three big families, then Yiqi Technology will probably be like that. Let alone going abroad, it is estimated that even Yuzhou will not be able to go out."

  Everyone was talking about it, some thought that Lu Chen did not dare to confront the three major families. Ken would come to kneel and apologize. Some thought that Lu Chen should not come because he was counseled, and the entire Yiqi Technology was counseled. It must have a great impact on the development of the company. influences.

  At 11:50, Lu Chen finally appeared in People's Square amidst the discussion. As soon as he got out of the car, people around him immediately recognized him.

  "Come, here, the boss of Yiqi Technology is here!"

  There was no organization, and everyone subconsciously gave up a passage where Lu Chen went. It was like a star entering the stadium, the scene was spectacular.

  Lu Chen's face was calm. Although in the eyes of everyone, he came to apologize to the three big families today, but no one dared to say anything coldly in front of him.

  Especially after seeing the murderous bodyguards behind Lu Chen, no one dared to speak.

  They were just ordinary people. Even if Lu Chen had to bow his head to the three big families, they would have to invest 50 billion yuan to build the No. 1 Science and Technology Park in Southwest China. Whatever they dare to provoke, they just watch the theater quietly.

  Lu Chen came to the center of the square, and a few black T-shirts, trousers and shoes bodyguards came out with a folding armchair behind him, and then put up a big umbrella behind the chair.

  "Shao Lu, please sit down." After the bodyguards were ready, they all stood respectfully behind Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen sat on the chair and leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes to refresh himself. There were ten minutes left. He waited for Zhang Shengqiao and the three of them for ten minutes. After ten minutes, if they did not come, he said he would cut off Zhang Daoren and others. His hand will definitely chop.

  After killing Xiao Biqing, the sharp sword hanging above Lu Chen's head had been broken by him, and there was no need to keep a low profile.

  Today, he will take this opportunity to let Yiqi Technology stand on the cusp of the storm again.

  Seeing Lu Chen's arrival in such a high profile, everyone in the Rough Stone Association suddenly couldn't stand it.

  "What pretend to be, no matter how high-profile this fashion is, don’t you have to kneel and apologize for a while?"

  "Yes, now pretending to be like an uncle, but kneeling like a dead dog for a while, isn’t it even more embarrassing?

  I'm afraid it won't be stupid." Unlike ordinary people, the people in the original stone association believed that Lu Chen would definitely kneel to Zhang Shengqiao and others in public for a while, and did not put Lu Chen in his eyes at this time. Up.

  From their point of view, what about Lu Chen being the big boss of Yiqi's production technology? What if he has more money, isn't he going to kneel down like a dead dog?

  "Yeah, isn't this the owner of Yiqi Technology? Now that you pretend, aren't you afraid that your face hurts when you kneel for a while?" Yu Li came to Lu Chen and said gloating.

  Last time, Lu Chen didn't even have any affection, and fired her and Zhao Zhiheng, so that neither of them has found a suitable job.

  When they heard that the three major families wanted to accept Lu Chen, she and Zhao Zhiheng had been paying attention to the development of this matter. Today, the three major families want Lu Chen to come to People’s Square Kneeling down and apologizing, the two of them had already ran over and waited.

  Seeing that Yu Li dared to provoke Lu Chen, the bodyguards had to take a step towards Li.

  Lu Chen waved his hand and motioned to them to ignore it.

  After the bodyguards stepped back, Zhao Zhiheng also came over.

  "Lu Chen, do you know why you have today?" Zhao Zhiheng said coldly.

  Lu Chen looked up at Zhao Zhiheng, and then beckoned to a bodyguard next to him.

  The bodyguard knew it, and hurriedly took out a cigarette to light it to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen took a mouthful of his cigarette, his mouth turned into an'o' shape, and a straight smoke sprayed on Zhao Zhiheng's face.

  Zhao Zhiheng's face changed drastically, and he shouted angrily: "Lu Chen, what kind of ability are you pretending to be in front of

  me? You can pretend to be in front of the three big families for a while!" "Are the three big clans strong? Believe it or not they won't come today Kneel down and apologize for me, I will send them to hell in minutes." Lu Chen laughed playfully.


  As soon as he said this, the entire square exploded in an instant.

  "I'm so crazy, why is this kid so crazy!"

  " What did he just say? He wants the three big families to kneel down and apologize to him? Who does he think he is? Even the former head of the Junyue Group didn't dare Say this kind of big talk!"

  "Yes, although the previous Junyue Group suppressed the four major families for a period of time, what happened in the end? Isn't it disbanded?"

  "In the entire Yuzhou, there are only four really rich families. Big family, Grand Hyatt Group can’t, not even your Yiqi Technology. If you don’t believe me, let’s wait and see, today if you kneel down and apologize to the three big families, your Yiqi Technology probably won’t even be able to open the business!"

  Listening to everyone in the surrounding Rough Stone Association mocking Lu Chen, Yu Li and Zhao Zhiheng's eyes were full of gloat.

  "If you don't die, you won't die." Yu Li smiled triumphantly.

  "I hope you can be so arrogant in a while, but don't let us down." Zhao Zhiheng also sarcastically said.

  At this time, on the other side, Chen Churan and Lan Ling were leaning against a big tree in the square, and they were also looking at Lu Chen who was pretending to be in the middle of the square.

  "Chu Ran, are you sure we really don't have to play? If he kneels for a while, he won't be able to raise his head later." Lan Ling said.

  "I want to help him, but my father disagrees, and I can't help. If he confronts other forces, it would be better. He directly fights Zhang Shengqiao, Zuo Zhengyi and Liu Qiming. How can I help?" Chen Churan said with a worried look.

  "Hey, yes, unless your dad makes a move, no one can let the three big families back down." Lan Ling sighed and said.

  She had thought about helping Lu Chen before, but now, she still doesn't know how to help Lu Chen.

  Confronting the three major families?

  That is definitely unrealistic.

  Their Lan family is just an outsider, and no one of the three major families is under her.

  "Oh, I don’t know how he will choose in a while, if he kneels, then forget it, just as we have never known this, if he chooses to fight against the three big families to the end, I will tell my dad anyway. Support him." Chen Churan said firmly.

  Lan Ling smiled bitterly, saying that he was afraid that he would choose to protect Baoyiqi Technology and then bow to the three major families.

  "Here, the old

  man of the Liu family is here!" Suddenly, people ridiculed from the periphery, and everyone could not help turning their heads to look at where the sound came from.

Chapter: 282

Liu Qiming, the old man of the Liu family, got out of the car with a gloomy look and walked into the People's Square.

  "Lao Liu is good."


  Lao Liu is good." Everyone greeted them one after another . Liu Qiming just had a sullen face and didn't have the intention to take care of them. He walked slowly towards the center of the square.

  If you are a caring person, if you pay attention to observation, you can definitely see that every step Liu Qiming takes is heavy.

  That way, it wasn't like coming to accept Lu Chen's apology, but like entering a slaughterhouse. Every step was so difficult.

  "Boy, Mr. Liu came, I see how you arrogant."

  "Do not hurry up and salute to Mr. Liu, you are the boss of Yi Qi science and technology and how? In front of Mr. Liu, you have to obediently kneel."

  This At that time, several people from the Rough Stone Association laughed at Lu Chen again.

  "If you don't get up yet, do you still want Lao Liu to invite you?" Yu Li also stepped forward sarcastically.

  "Why do you get up? People have to wait for Lao Liu to kneel down for him. Of course there is no need to get up." Zhao Zhiheng laughed.

  After the crowd had been no Dali dust of the land, hear the words of Zhao Zhiheng, but it is suddenly said:. "I think I had a little rash to fire you, you turned my stomach worms, know what I'm thinking."

  "Well, , You are the roundworm in my stomach, you are dead, you really want to let Old Man Liu come to kneel for you? The three big families will definitely not let you go easily." Zhao Zhiheng said gleefully .

  "Really, you two seem to know the three major families well." Lu Chen said lightly.

  At this time, Liu Qiming finally came to Lu Chen. He looked at Lu Chen, and a vicious look flashed in his eyes.

  But he didn't say anything to make Lu Chen kneel.

  The people around were more anxious than Liu Qiming and urged.

  "Lu Chen, why don't you get up yet, what are you still doing? The one in front of you is the old man of the Liu family."

  "Yeah, please kneel down and apologize. When it's over, everyone is good. On such a hot day, if you don't come to see the shame, who wants to suffer this crime."

  "Old man Liu, you can tell him to kneel and apologize."

  The more everyone urged, the more ugly Liu Qiming's face became, and his feet trembled.

  Lu Chen joked and said, "Old Liu, since you are here, don't fight for it. If you fight for one more minute, your grandson will suffer another minute, and your Liu family will have to take another minute of risk, right? "

  Everyone jumped up to blame Lu Chen when they heard that Lu Chen had criticized Lao Liu.

  Just the next moment...


  Liu Qiming bent his knees and knelt before Lu Chen with a bang.

  At this moment, everyone opened their mouths, and all the words they were about to say were swallowed back silently.

  "Fuck, kneel, but, how could this happen!"

  There was an exclamation in the crowd, and the script seemed to be wrong.

  Didn't Lu Chen kneel down to apologize to the three big families? Why did the old man of the Liu family kneel first?

  At this moment, everyone was stunned and couldn't believe their eyes.

  "Impossible, absolutely impossible. The three big families are deeply rooted in Yuzhou, and they have a deep foundation. It is impossible to kneel for Lu Chen. I must have read it wrong!" Yu Li rubbed her eyes desperately, not believing everything in front of her. .

  Zhao Zhiheng took a deep breath and looked at Liu Qiming who was kneeling before Lu Chen in disbelief.

  The person kneeling was not Lu Chen, but the old man of the Liu family, which simply subverted his imagination.

  No, it's not like that, something must be wrong.

  "Zhiheng, please tell me, this is not the old man of the Liu family, right?" Yu Li said, pulling Zhao Zhiheng's sleeve.

  Yue Zhiheng's expression was miserable.

  He really wanted to say that this was not the old man of the Liu family.

  But he was not blind, and he knew if this was the old man of the Liu family.

  Everyone around him gasped, and this scene made him think deeply.

  It was obviously Lu Chen kneeling, why did he turn it around and let the old man of the Liu family kneel for him?

  It's hard for the media to be bought by Lu Chen and reported this deliberately?

  "If I'm not wrong, it's likely that Lu Chen has defeated the three big families before."

  "How is that possible, if he defeated the three big families, would the people of the three big families still let the media report like this?

  " That is, there must be some tricks in this."

  But what tricks?

  Everyone couldn't think of it for a while.

  "Chu Ran, what's the situation?" Lan Ling stretched out his hand and covered his small mouth, looking at the scene in front of him with some disbelief.

  Chen Churan was about the same as her, covering her mouth in shock.

  She didn't know what was going on, the old man of the Liu family actually knelt to Lu Chen.

  How is this possible!

  "I don't know what the situation is, I just think Lu Chen shouldn't have the ability to make the three big families compromise, especially let the old man of the Liu family kneel to him." Chen Churan said.

  "Well, this scene is really shocking. It's not that Zuo Zhengyi and Zhang Shengqiao have not come. Wait and see if they will reverse when they come." Lan Ling whispered.

  But she actually knew in her heart that it was difficult to reverse.

  Lao Liu knelt, there must be something tricky to kneel, Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi could not be ignorant of Liu Lao's decision.

  This kneeling can be said to have used the dignity of the entire Liu family to trample on Lu Chen. It cannot be a decision made in a short time.

  She was certain that at least last night, Liu Qiming made the decision to kneel to Lu Chen today.

  What about Zhang Family and Zuo Family?

  Will they also kneel?

  While Lan Ling was shocked, he was also full of expectations.

  Tens of thousands of people gathered in the square, and it was surprisingly quiet at this moment.

  Most people were surprised to speak, and now there was almost nothing but breathing.

  They faintly feel that after today, Yiqi Technology will lay the cornerstone of Yuzhou's first power, and the four major families may once again face the embarrassing situation that was suppressed by the Grand Hyatt ten years ago.

  "No, there are still Zhang Lao and Zuo Lao who have not come. Zhang Lao and Zuo Lao are the real masters. When they come, Lu Chen will definitely show up!" Someone said suddenly, his voice sounding somewhat unwilling. .

  "Yes, yes, I believe that the strength of the Zhang family and the Zuo family is not comparable to Yiqi Technology. Zhang Lao and Zuo Lao will come soon, and they must subvert all this." Someone agreed. www.

  "Lao Zhang, Lao Zuo, come here quickly. If you don't come, Lu Chen will shake the sky. If you don't come, the image of the three major families will be completely destroyed!"

  Although countless people didn't say anything, they said in their hearts They were all shouting anxiously, expecting Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi to come over and slap Lu Chen in the face.

  Although they have no grievances with Lu Chen, they obviously have a higher affinity for the three major families than for Yiqi Technology.

  So they all subconsciously stood on the side of the three big families.

Chapter: 283

"Dad, I really made you guess that Lu Chen still has a back hand, and Liu Qiming kneeled." In a building next to the square, Chen Guangxing looked at everything on the square with a telescope.

  Old man Chen on the sofa took a sip from his teacup, and said slowly, "Old Liu kneels down and kneels down with the dignity of the entire Liu

  family ." Chen Guangxing said while watching the situation on the square. Yes, but I’m afraid it’s not just a matter of sweeping dignity. If Lu Chen can let them kneel and apologize in public, it must have moved the roots of their Liu family, otherwise Liu Qiming would not be able to accept this humiliation.”

  Chen The old man nodded and said, "Well, that's what I meant when I said that Lu Chen is unfathomable. You see, everyone thinks that he is not an opponent of the three big families, and even that precious daughter has talked to me many times. Tell me to persuade you to come forward to help Lu Chen, and see now, everyone has been slapped in the face." The

  old man Chen stood up and walked to the window, and picked up a pair of binoculars to watch.

  "Lu Chen, there are a lot of things that we don't know, so our Chen family can't walk too close to him, but we can't get too far away, just keep a good cooperative relationship." After watching a meeting, Mr. Chen said.

  "Yeah." Chen Guangxing nodded, he understood what his father meant.

  Lu Chen is a male lion that has just woken up. Although his relationship with the Chen family is okay now, it might explode and hurt someone one day.

  So they have to be on guard.

  "Zuo Zhengyi and Zhang Shengqiao should be here soon too. Since Liu Qiming is kneeling, it must be Lu Chen's lifeline, then Zhang Family and Zuo Family should be no exception. Lu Chen must have caught them too. It's your lifeblood," said Old Man Chen.

  Chen Guangxing looked at the binoculars towards the outside, and soon discovered that two luxury cars had arrived outside the square at about the same time.

  The luxury car stopped, Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi got out of their cars separately, and the two looked at each other, their eyes flashed with thick haze.

  "Here, just arrived." Chen Guangxing said.

  "Come? Let's go, there is nothing to look at. Since the two of them are here, they must be kneeling too. This kid Lu Chen is really unfathomable!" Old man Chen put away the binoculars and said solemnly. .

  Chen Guangxing nodded, and seeing the unwilling expressions of Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi, he knew that they must kneel as well.

  It's just that Lu Chen, how did he do it?

  How could he let the old patriarchs of the three major families kneel to him in public? www.

  If it were not for something that threatened the core interests of the three major families, the three major families would certainly not be able to accept this humiliation.

  At this time, the arrival of Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi caused the entire square to become agitated again.

  "Come on, here, both Lao Zhang and Lao Zuo are here."

  "I'm really waiting for the dead . Now let's see how the kid Lu Chen turned over."

  "Yeah, I don't know if Lao Liu took the wrong medicine. I actually kneel to that kid, and now I’m still kneeling, and the Liu family is too much control, so let the old man come out ashamed."

  "Forget it, don’t care about Liu Lao , let’s look at Lao Zhang and Lao Zuo. The Liu family has not been stunned, and it is also the least standing among the four big families."

  "Yeah, he kneels today, and the Liu family is estimated to fall out of the four big families."

  At this time, he saw Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo. Zhengyi came together, and everyone rekindled hope. Liu Qiming made them lose their faces, and they waited for Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi to find them back.

  Therefore, at this time, Liu Qiming also changed the respect he had before, and criticized one after another.

  Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi followed the passage left by the crowd and finally came to Lu Chen's side.

  Seeing Liu Qiming kneeling in front of Lu Chen's face like ashes, both of them trembled fiercely.

  Left Zhengyi's feet were a little weak, but his heart was struggling extremely.

  Kneel, or not?

  Even if he had made a decision last night, when facing Lu Chen at this time, he knew how difficult the decision was.

  Zhang Shengqiao looked at Liu Qiming who was kneeling on the ground and gritted his teeth bitterly. He didn't expect that not only was Lu Chen despicable and shameless, he threatened him with the hands of his grandson, and even stole the confidential documents of their left family, even threatening to take it away. This document has to be handed in.

  Although that happened more than 20 years ago, even if Lu Chen handed it over to Xie Weihao, Xie Weihao couldn't directly do anything to his Zhang family, but he could let Xie Weihao end all his Zhang family relations in one fell swoop.

  Because in that document, it was all a list of high-level officials who were bribed by his Zhang family.

  If that is the case, he believes that before those people fall from the horse, they will definitely chew his Zhang family so that there is no bones left.

  "Lu Chen, don't think that you can control the situation in this way. If you really make us all kneel, can you afford our future counterattack?" Zhang Shengqiao said unwillingly.

  "Counter-attack? Do your three major families have this ability?"

  Lu Chen sneered, and said sarcastically,

  "Where is Mu Zong who supported you before ? Has he not contacted you these days?" "You, do you know Mr. Mu? "Zhang Shengqiao's mind was shocked. He didn't expect Lu Chen to know about this, and he also knew Mr. Mu's name.

  Moreover, Mu Zong has not contacted them for the past two days, and they can't contact Mu Zong. Could it be that something happened to Mu Zong?

  "It's just a rubbish. You think of him as a big brother. It's ridiculous how stupid your three big families are."

  Lu Chen laughed and continued: "Your trump card is nothing but Beijing's Xiao Biqing. Go and check. , Does this person in the capital still exist? You are still fighting against me. What will your three major families use to fight against me?"

  "Forgive me for not giving you face, really, the life and death of your three major families is in my hands, you want Don’t bet on my bottom line?”

  Lu Chen said he lit a cigarette, stood up and looked at Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi, and said, “You have twenty seconds left. After twenty seconds, you look at me. Dare to let them become useless people."

  Zhang Shengqiao and Zheng Zuoyi's expressions changed drastically, and Lu Chen's words were too informative.

  First of all, they were killed by him as the boss of the capital. How could this be possible?

  Is this kid the devil? How did he make Mu Zong's master disappear from the earth?

  The two men trembled. They didn't believe that Sakura could do all this. In their opinion, Sakura Club did not have this strength.

  "What's the matter? Didn't it mean that Zhang Lao and Zuo Lao were turning around when they came, why didn't Lu Chen kneel?"

  "I don't know what the situation is, we can't hear them say anything, but look at the faces of the two elderly , It seems very ugly, can't they also suppress Lu Chen?"

  People on the periphery were all puzzled when they saw that Lu Chen hadn't knelt down.

  At this time, Lu Chen looked at the time and said lightly, "You still have ten seconds."

Chapter: 284

When Lu Chen said this, at this instant, everyone around him felt an invisible pressure swept over him.

  Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi's expressions were ugly to the extreme. Although they had made a decision last night, they were only struggling powerlessly today.

  Unexpectedly, when they face to face with Lu Chen, they realize that Lu Chen is far beyond their imagination.

  This kid is not very old, but he gives a sense of scheming.

  The most important thing is that he looks more like a murderous devil at this time.

  "Five seconds."

  Lu Chen's voice sounded again, without any emotions, very flat, but invisibly there seemed to be a powerful force that pierced the nerves of Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi.



  At this moment, Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi both knelt down. They didn't say anything, but the gray expression on their faces represented their state of mind at this moment.

  Their grandson was saved.

  But the face of their entire family was trampled on by the young man in front of him at this moment.

  At this time, the Zhang family and Zuo family, who watched this scene from a distance, all had heart tingling and anger in their eyes. ,

  But they can do nothing except hide in the dark and get angry.

  But this time, the restlessness of the entire square came a bit late.

  Because they couldn't believe what they were seeing at this time.

  Even Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi knelt, kneeling to the boss of Yiqi Technology that they have been optimistic about.

  This simply subverted their cognition.

  The boss of a new company, how could he let the old patrons of the three major families kneel down for him?

  Even if they saw it with their own eyes, they couldn't believe this scene.

  "What on earth does he have? His ability overwhelms the three big families, and even more so that the old patriarchs of the three big families are all knelt down to him? This is not just money!"

  "You can only be called a rich man if you are rich, and you can be called a family if you have the background. He was unknown before. Even after establishing Yiqi Technology for so long, few people knew his existence. Could it be that he came from some mysterious capital in Beijing? The son of a big family?" At

  this moment, everyone's eyes on Lu Chen changed.

  Especially those from the Original Stone Association, they had previously said vowedly that Lu Chen would not dare to be presumptuous in front of Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi.

  At this time, seeing Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi also kneel in front of Lu Chen, the shock it brought to their hearts can be imagined.

  "Zhiheng, what's the situation? Didn't it mean that Zhang Lao and Zuo Lao could reverse when they came? Why did their two old bones also kneel?" Yu Li asked Zhao Zhiheng in a low voice after returning to her senses.

  She still couldn't believe the fact that Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi had also kneeled.

  Lu Chen is a college classmate with her. She knows what kind of person Lu Chen was like during the four years of university.

  In order to pursue Lu Chen, she investigated Lu Chen all over, and she was just an ordinary person.

  Although she knew that Lu Chen was a super rich second-generation affair some time ago, she still didn't think Lu Chen had the ability to fight against the three big families.

  However, the scene before her made her a little puzzled and at a loss.

  The moment Zhao Zhiheng knelt down with Zhang Shengqiao and Zuo Zhengyi, his entire brain was blank. At this moment, he didn't even know what Yu Li said in his ear.

  He also couldn't understand why Lu Chen could turn around in adversity every time.

  Why is it not his opponent to even put the three players together.

  On the People's Square of Nuo University, there was silence at this time. Today, Lu Chen should have kneeled to the three families.

  But where is he proudly at this time.

  But the old patriarchs of the three major families knelt in a row before him.

  When Lu Chen's proud and stalwart figure slowly walked out of the square, the majestic posture was a domineering figure.

  Eye-catching and domineering!

  This is the real man!

  At this instant, countless beautiful girls looked at the figure, and the little heart could not help beating.

  In the distance, Chen Churan looked at Lu Chen's departure like a peach blossom, and the love in his eyes made no secret.

  Lan Ling also found that his eyes were a little blurred.

  "Such a man, only my eldest lady from the Lan family is worthy of possession, Lin Yijun is not worthy of him at all!"

  Lan Ling returned to his senses, his eyes flashed with determination.

  "Chu Ran, I have something to do, let's go now." Lan Ling said with blinking eyes.

  "Okay." Chen Churan nodded subconsciously, but when she saw the look in Lan Ling's eyes when she left, a strange feeling suddenly rose in her heart.

  "Am I wrong, she actually likes Lu Chen? Didn't she know that Lu Chen already has a family?" Chen Churan thought in surprise.

  Surrounded by a few bodyguards, Lu Chen finally walked out of People's Square, and Lin Tong drove the car over immediately.

  "Where are you going?" Lin Tong asked.

  "Sakura meeting." Lu Chen said, leaning on the chair and closing his eyes to rest.

  The matter of the three major families has been settled, but his account with Zhou Zunfei has not yet been settled.

  All of this is because Zhou Zunfei first hijacked Qiqi and caused a series of tandem lock reactions, how could he easily let Zhou Zunfei go.

  But after this incident, he also took the opportunity to solve Xiao Biqing's sharp sword that had been hanging over his head. This was his biggest gain.

  "Okay." Lin Tong replied, then turned the front of the car and headed towards the Cherry Blossom Club.

  Until Lu Chen's car left, the entire People's Square hadn't recovered.

  The shock that Lu Chen brought to them today was so great that they couldn't believe it.

  In the end, after Zhang Shengqiao and the others bowed their heads and left, everyone left with reluctance.

  After today, everyone understood in their hearts that the era of Yiqi Technology is coming.

  The era when the four major families will be suppressed is coming.

  The only thing people are curious about is that last time, the Grand Hyatt Group suppressed the four major families for ten years.

  This time, how many years will Yiqi Technology suppress the four major families?

  "Have you noticed that the four big families are really sad. There was the Grand Hyatt Group before, but it was finally disbanded until the Grand Hyatt Group was dissolved. Now there is another Yiqi Technology. Are these four big families still four big families? ?"

  No one answered this question, and no one could answer it.

  "Dad, what should I do? He turned out to be the boss of Yiqi Technology and trampled on the dignity of the three big families. We still owe 400 million. Are you really not

  paying it back?" In a room in the building opposite to People's Square, Wang Xing looked at Wang Shiju with an ugly expression.

  A few months ago, at the banquet of Mr. Chen, he lost to Lu Chen 700 million, gave 300 million on the spot, owed 400 million, because they thought that Lu Chen had no identity background, so they didn’t think about it. Return Lu Chen's four hundred million.

  But now that he knew Lu Chen's identity, would he still dare not pay back the money?

Chapter: 285

After Lu Chen came to the cherry blossom meeting, he went to the basement to see Zhou Zunfei in person.

  It has been in the basement for a week, at this time Zhou Zunfei is no longer the white and pure young man before.

  At this time, Zhou Zunfei had a beard and scum on his face, and his complexion was not good. It can be seen that Du Fei did not abuse him less during this period.

  "Lu Chen, what the hell do you want?" Seeing Lu Chen, Zhou Zunfei immediately rushed forward.

  After being under house arrest for a week, Nima didn't eat well, and he was beaten up from time to time. Zhou Zunfei was not crazy yet, he was already a big heart.

  "Are you fucking looking for death?" Lin Tong saw Zhou Zunfei pounce, raising his hand and hitting Zhou Zunfei's face with a punch.


  No matter where Zhou Zunfei could resist, Lin Tongqian turned to the ground, bloodshot coming out from the corners of his mouth.

  "Why, I can't stand it after only a week?" Lu Chen squatted down and looked at Zhou Zunfei playfully.

  "What do you want to let me go?" Taking a deep breath, Zhou Zunfei suppressed the anger in his heart and stared at Lu Chen firmly.

  "One billion, one of your arms and the lives of the people who bought you, and all the rough stones of your Zhou family in the future can only be imported from me." Lu Chen said lightly.

  Lu Chen did want to chop off Zhou Zunfei's arm before, but the development of this incident to this day can be regarded as indirectly helping him a lot.

  So he was going to let Zhou Zunfei a horse.

  But the Zhou family must pay a certain price so far.

  "Why don't you grab it?" Zhou Zunfei said angrily. He was under house arrest for ten days. It would be good if he didn't find Lu Chen to accompany the loss. He didn't expect Lu Chen to blackmail him shamelessly.

  "I only give you one day. At this time tomorrow, if you or your Zhou family can't meet my requirements, I will cut off your right arm."

  Lu Chen got up and walked outside. Lin Tong was very witty about Zhou Zunfei's cell phone. It was returned to him again.

  Zhou Zunfei didn't pick up the phone and turn it on until Lu Chen and Lin Tong disappeared.

  As soon as I switched it on, I saw countless missed calls, almost all made by his parents and family members.

  He first called his father back, and then mentioned his situation at this time and the request made by Lu Chen.

  "Don't worry, I will talk to Lu Chen now, and I will definitely pick you up today." Zhou Xuncai comforted.

  "Dad, don't agree to him. That kid is blackmailing us on purpose. I don't believe that he dares to use it. By the way, if you call the police first, he will definitely not move me." Zhou Zunfei said.

  "Zun Fei, that kid is completely a devil. You'd better not challenge his limit. You don’t know yet. Just just now, the elders of the three big families, Zhang Family, Zuo Family and Liu Family in Yuzhou Kneeled to him in the People's Square, even the three major families, we are no force in the field, it is better not to provoke him." Zhou Xun said with a wry smile.

  "What? How is this possible?" Zhou Zunfei was shocked, unable to believe it was true.

  A week ago, Zuo Qingcheng was planning for Lu Chen with him. A week later, his father told him that Lu Chen had just forced the three big families to kneel down.

  This is so much information, he can't react at all.

  "Okay, I'm going to find Lu Chen. You can report to your mother to be safe."

  Zhou Xun said and hung up. He allowed Zhou Zunfei to come to Yuzhou to find Lu Chen trouble, so even Lu Chen wanted to blackmail one billion from his Zhou family, and he had nothing to say.

  As for the rough stones of his Zhou family only to be imported from Lu Chen in the future, he also agreed. Anyway, the rough stone channels are in Lu Chen's hands, and they had to keep their promise.

  The smooth negotiation process made Lu Chen a little surprised. Knowing that Zhou Xun was so good at talking, Lu Chen wanted to blackmail more.

  After signing the contract, the Zhou family transferred the account, and Zhou Xuncai took Zhou Zunfei and the people who followed Zhou Zunfei to Yuzhou and left the Sakura Club.

  "Everyone has worked hard during this time. Let me treat you. The same jade is 36." Lu Chen said to everyone.

  The chores during this period of time are almost resolved, Du Fei's men did not put any effort, Lu Chen is not a mean person, and he should relax.

  Hearing that Lu Chen invited guests to eat Jade 36 again, everyone jumped in excitement.

  The last time Lu Chen asked them to eat Jade 36, the average cost per table was more than 100,000. Many people have never eaten it in their lives.

  After dinner, Lu Chen went to see Xu Jing again. In fact, Xu Jing was almost well, and he could be discharged from the hospital two days ago, but Lu Chen asked him to stay in the hospital for observation for two more days to be safe.

  "Brother Chen, you are here." When Lu Chen came in, he unexpectedly found Xu Jingzheng clutching the beautiful nurse's hand and chatting, and the beautiful nurse didn't mean to get out. www.

  He originally wanted to quit first and not disturb the two of them . He didn't expect Xu Jing to be sharp and powerful, so he found him right away.

  Xu Jing hurriedly released the hand of the beautiful nurse, looking at Lu Chen a little shyly.

  As for the beautiful nurse, seeing the smile on Lu Chen's face, she ran out.

  "Boy, you know how to pick up girls," Lu Chen teased.

  Xu Jing smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say, in front of Lu Chen, he was still a bit shy.

  "Where is it?" Lu Chen smiled.

  "It didn't develop much, Xiaohui agreed to associate with me." Xu Jing said.

  "Well, let's make an appointment after you leave the hospital. I'll take you one more week off." Lu Chen nodded. He was a person who came by, and he would spend a lot of time on it when he knew he was in love.

  And now the power that threatens him is almost dismissed, besides, he has now recruited a group of bodyguards who are not strong enough, so there is no need to worry too much.

  Lu Chen asked the doctor to check on Xu Jing again. He did not agree to Xu Jing's discharge until the doctor said that there was no problem.

  After leaving the hospital, Lu Chen took him back home with him, and then personally cooked Xu Jing's meal.

  The next day, Lin Yijun went to work normally, and she was frightened in these few days. Lu Chen wanted her to rest for a few more days, but Lin Yijun didn't want to stay at home.

  In her words, Lu Chen is so good. If she doesn't work hard, the gap with Lu Chen will grow bigger and bigger in the future.

  Lu Chen smiled, what else to say.

  Xu Jing was just discharged from the hospital yesterday. Although Xu Jing wanted to work now, Lu Chen was still going to let him rest for a few more days.

  After sending Qiqi to class in person, Lu Chen received a strange call.

  He glanced at the number, which was also from Yuzhou, and was connected.

  After hearing the voice on the phone, Lu Chen's eyes suddenly showed a touch of joke.

Chapter: 286

Wang Shiju made the call. Wang Shiju said he wanted to invite him to have a cup of tea and asked him if he had time.

  "Go to the Sakura Club." Lu Chen said and hung up the phone.

  The day before yesterday, Du Fei heard that Wang Shiju and Zhang Xingquan had a relationship. He thought that Wang Shiju wanted to die in advance. He didn't expect that Wang Shiju was really only talking about cooperation with the Zhang family, and he didn't participate in this matter.

  In this way, Lu Chen had to let the Wang family go first.

  For a small character like the Wang family, he still intends to keep it and wait for Wu Lei to take revenge himself.

  Wang Shiju and Wang Xing had been waiting for more than ten minutes when he arrived at the Sakura Club.

  Under Du Fei's leadership, Lu Chen came to the private room that Wang Shiju opened.

  "Lu, President Lu." Wang Shiju and Wang Xing hurriedly got up to say hello.

  Both father and son looked at Lu Chen with uncomfortable eyes.

  Lu Chen looked at the two of them and jokingly smiled: "Wang Patriarch is so elegant, please invite me to have tea early in the morning."

  Wang Shiju smiled embarrassedly: "Mr. Lu was kidding, yes, Mr. Lu, last time I was My son Wang Xing owes you some money, and it has been delayed until this time to pay you back. I'm really embarrassed. Something happened to my Wang family in the previous period, and the funds have not been able to turn around. Please forgive me, Mr. Lu."

  Wang Shiju really. Some didn't want to stay with Lu Chen too much. He saw the scene where Lu Chen forced the heads of the three major families to kneel yesterday.

  Even the three big families can't do Lu Chen alone, so what is his Wang family? Nothing counts in front of Lu Chen.

  This is why he can't wait to return to Lu Chen today.

  If one day Lu Chen remembered this, and when he came to collect the bill in person, he believed it would not be as simple as paying back the money.

  "That's your business, I only know that my money has interest." Lu Chen said lightly.

  "Lu Chen, can we calculate it based on bank interest?" Wang Shiju knew that Lu Chen would definitely not only charge the principal.

  "I didn't open a bank, so why do you calculate it based on the bank's interest?" Lu Chen laughed jokingly.

  Wang Shiju's face changed slightly, Lu Chen was going to kill his Wang family.

  "Then President Lu, how much interest do you want?" Wang Shiju asked cautiously.

  "The daily interest rate is five thousandths, you can calculate it yourself." Lu Chen said.

  This interest is completely the interest of loan sharks.

  Wang Shiju's expression became a little ugly, and Lu Chen's daily rate of five-thousandths was too cruel.

  "Mr. Lu, your family has a lot of business, and there is no shortage of this money, right? Look, can this interest be reduced? During this period of time, my Wang family really encountered a little trouble and couldn't make up so much money. "Wang Shiju said with a sly smile.

  Lu Chen picked up his teacup and drank his tea, and said lightly, "Then you can wait until you have the money to pay me back. Anyway, I'm not in a hurry to use it."

  He looked like he was thinking about the Wang family, Wang Shiju The father and son looked a little ugly, as if swallowing flies.

  Xin said you fucking this is all about high profits, who can afford it.

  "President Lu, is one in a thousand okay? This is already our limit." Wang Shiju said slyly.

  He was still not reconciled, Lu Chen lion spoke loudly, this was to hollow out the rhythm of his royal family, of course he had to strive to lower the interest.

  "My time is limited. If Patriarch Wang doesn't want to pay back the money, I will take it slowly when I have time. I won't be with you today." Lu Chen said that he was going to leave as he got up. He just wanted to kill Wang's family. The pen, the Wang family is getting weaker and weaker, it can be regarded as indirectly helping Wu Lei.

  Seeing that Lu Chen is really going to leave, Wang Shiju and Wang Xing's faces changed again. If they can't talk about it today, he believes that Lu Chen may not be able to negotiate with them afterwards. , When it's time to wait for Lu Chen to come, it won't be a matter of high interest.

  "Mr. Lu wait a minute!" Wang Shi gave a gritted teeth and said, "Just five-thousandths of it. I will pay you back today, and please return the IOU to us."

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "Yes,

  let's calculate the interest first." He said and sat down again. He checked the time with the loan slip, and then told Wang Shiju the number of days, the daily interest of five thousandths. In half a year, the interest was quickly calculated.

  After transferring the account to Lu Chen, Lu Chen simply returned the loan note to the Wang family and his son.

  The next period of time was quite calm, and Lu Chen was also free for a while.

  Yiqi Technology, Dongjia Electronics, Shengshi Supermarket and Kaitian Yuanshi Group, the four companies ushered in a period of stable development.

  During this period of time, the biggest expectation for the media is the opening ceremony of Yiqi Technology in a week.

  After more than half a year of construction, Yiqi Technology has invested countless talents and financial resources, working overtime every day and rushing to work, finally completed about 80% of the first phase of the construction project.

  The scientific research building, the final test building, the production workshop, the office area, the staff dormitory building, the living and entertainment area, etc., have basically been completed and renovated.

  So after the opening, Yiqi Technology will also officially operate.

  As soon as the news of the opening of Yiqi Technology came out, it immediately attracted the attention of all walks of life.

  Yiqi Technology is not only a countertop company in Yuzhou, but also a countertop company in the southwest region. No one wants any surprises.

  During this time, Xie Weihao personally invited Lu Chen to eat twice, just to ensure that Yiqi Technology can operate normally.

  Of course, Lu Chen has also been paying attention to Yiqi Technology's affairs. For a month, he basically went to Yiqi Technology.

  "Why don't you sleep? It's going to open tomorrow. You have to go there to preside over your work and get up early." Lin Yijun couldn't help but say when she came out of the shower and saw Lu Chen still smoking in the living room.

  "Yes, it's going to open tomorrow, but why am I a little confused?" Lu Chen rubbed his temples and said.

  I don't know why, he suddenly became a little uneasy today, especially at night, this feeling became more and more obvious.

  He always feels that something will happen at the opening ceremony tomorrow.

  "You are too nervous. During this period of time, although your body has been rested, your spirit is still very tired. Rest quickly and don't think so much." Lin Yijun said.

  Lu Chen didn't speak, he put the cigarette butt out in the ashtray, got up and said, "I'll go to Du Fei to talk about something. You go to bed first, I'll come back later."

  Lu Chen walked away as he said. He believed in his feelings that something big would happen tomorrow.

  And it was aimed at Yiqi Technology.

Chapter: 287

After waiting for more than half a year, I finally waited for the opening ceremony of Yiqi Technology.

  On this day, all sectors of Yuzhou are paying attention to this moment that may change the direction of Yuzhou's economy.

  Yiqi Technology is very high-profile. This opening ceremony not only publicized it ten days in advance, but also invited elites from all walks of life to participate in the opening ceremony.

  It is said that the people who cut the ribbon include the real tycoons of Yuzhou, such as Shujie Xie Weihao, No. 2 Jiang Changqing, and Chen Guangxing, the head of the Chen family.

  Yiqi Technology has moved from the Junyue Building to the Science Park. In the future, for the Junyue Building, Lu Chen plans to change its name to Kaitian Building and move the Kaitian Rough Stone Group to the Junyue Building.

  "Let the brothers cheer up today, there can be no mistakes." Lu Chen came to Du Fei and said.

  He had a bad feeling last night, so he went to talk to Du Fei to discuss it. He felt that someone might want to do something today, so he asked Du Fei to call several brothers to the Science and Technology Park to serve as temporary security personnel.

  In fact, the Science and Technology Park has recruited a hundred security personnel, but everyone hasn't gotten into it yet, and Lu Chen is still a little worried. If someone gets in, it would be bad.

  Today, all the big bosses in Yuzhou have basically come to the science and technology park, and there must be no mistakes.

  "Don't worry, there are people guarding all the places where the entire science and technology park can enter." Du Fei said.

  At this moment, Lu Chen's phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was Liu Zixiu's call.

  "Lu Shao, there is a suspicious person on surveillance No.14. It is a young man in black. He is carrying a long backpack. It is probably a sniper rifle. By the way, a similar situation has appeared on surveillance No. 21. They are all facing the back mountain. He went in the direction of his." Liu Zixiu said.

  Liu Zixiu is a thief, and Lu Chen reassures him. Before letting him follow Du Fei, now let him manage the monitoring of the entire science and technology park.

  This is a big job, and it is also a delicate job, and it is easy to make mistakes if you are careless.

  "Well, you let them keep an eye on them, and report on what happens."

  Lu Chen hung up the phone, a murderous machine appeared in his eyes, and said to Du Fei: "The area monitored by No. 14 and No. 21 should be snipers. Try to catch them alive."

  He wanted to see it. After the kneeling incident, who else would dare to challenge him.

  Of course, there may also be the three major families, maybe they felt too embarrassed last time, this time they are ready to retaliate against Lu Chen.

  But no matter who it is, as long as Lu Chen finds it out, Lu Chen will definitely not take it lightly.

  The monitoring areas No. 14 and No. 21 are just on the left and right sides of the office area of ​​the Science and Technology Park. There is a small hill on both sides. On the top of the hill, you can see the office area, just within the range of the sniper rifle.

  Because the science and technology park has not been fully completed, and the surrounding buildings have not yet started, it just provides a location and vision for the snipers.

  Although the Science and Technology Park will only open today, it has already recruited hundreds of researchers for research and development six months ago.

  these surveillance cameras is the scientists' latest product research and development, the use of nanotechnology, but the quality of 10 grams, the monitoring range is more than three times the normal camera.

  Not to mention ordinary people, even if it is a professional, it is difficult to find its existence when it comes to the front.

  This is also the reason why the two snipers entered the camera range but did not find a camera.

  Du Fei called Xu Jing, who was about the same strength as his, Xu Jing went to the No. 14 surveillance area, and he went to the 21 surveillance area.

  Both of them have learned about the layout of the major areas of the Science and Technology Park during this period, and even Lu Chen checked it out last night.

  Neither of them called the security guard. The other was a sniper, so his acumen must be very high. Calling a few more people will make it easier to be spotted by them in advance.

  Moreover, with their abilities, calling others is a burden.

  The celebration was about an hour away. Xie Weihao and others all arrived ahead of schedule. Lu Chen glanced at the location of the No. 14 and 21 surveillance areas, and then turned to entertain Xie Weihao and others.

  He believed that with the strength of Xu Jing and Du Fei, even if they couldn't catch a living person, it would be easy to kill each other.

  As expected, the two did not disappoint Lu Chen. Twenty minutes later, Du Fei called Lu Chen.

  "I'll answer the call first." Lu Chen saw that Du Fei was calling, took a look, and smiled apologetically at Xie Weihao and others.

  The ceremony hadn't started yet, and everyone was only visiting the company, and Lu Chen was only accompanying them.

  After Lu Chen left, Wang Wei was accompanied. As for Xu Shuting, she stared at the opening ceremonies that various departments were preparing for a while.

  When Lu Chen came to the security room, he saw a black-clothed young man who had been tied to the ground, and the corners of their mouths were bleeding. Obviously, they had not suffered less before.

  "I have asked, it is Zhonghai Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu, did you provoke them when you went to Zhonghai?" Du Fei said curiously and looked at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen was stunned, and then immediately understood that when he went to Zhonghai to participate in the gambling contest, Lan Ling killed Zhai Jun and Xia Yi, but he did not expect that the two would treat him as the murderer.

  This is really a fucking thing, he's doing it for Lan Ling.

  "This is a misunderstanding. I'm carrying the pot for others. You can ask me to check whether they are in Yuzhou or not. I will ask them to talk about it."

  Lu Chen will definitely not carry the pot for Lan Ling. He doesn't have a good feeling for Lan Ling. Even if he has a good feeling for Lan Ling, he couldn't admit it if he wasn't the one he killed.

  It is not that he is afraid of Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu, this is a matter of principle.

  "Well, how do you deal with these two people?" Du Fei nodded and asked.

  Lu Chen groaned, and said, "Leave it to the police and let them investigate slowly. As long as there are these two sniper rifles, I believe they should be able to find out the forces behind them."

  Du Fei snorted and called for a few. The big man confessed to them and dragged the two young people out.

  "Then you go to work, it will open in half an hour, I will take them first and then inspect the situation in other areas." Du Fei said.

  Lu Chen nodded and left the security room.

  After knowing who the other party was, Lu Chen's worries disappeared. If anything goes wrong today, it will definitely deal a big blow to the company.

  Like the two snipers before, no matter who they kill, it will have a huge impact on the sound of Yiqi Technology. If you kill Xie Weihao and others, then his company may not want to continue to open it. .

Chapter: 288

The opening ceremony was very successful without any accidents, which made Lu Chen greatly relieved.

  At 11:30, after all the procedures were completed, I arranged to have lunch.

  There are more guests, and even the reporters have arranged them. Lu Chen directly booked 20 private rooms in Jade 36.

  When descending the mountain, Lu Chen accompanied Xie Weihao, Jiang Changqing, Chen Guangxing, Chen Churan, Lan Ling, and Lin Yijun in the first commercial vehicle, driving Lin Tong.

  Today's guests are all picked up by Yiqi Technology. More than 20 commercial vehicles, one car and one table, are enough.

  Because the road up the mountain is still being built, I can only take the old road, which is the kind of two-lane back and forth, very narrow and barely able to pass.

  Suddenly, a van quickly traversed a few meters in front, without slowing down at all. Fortunately, Lin Tong had good driving skills and did not panic. He quickly hit the steering wheel in a critical moment, otherwise he would really crash into it. www.

  the car a few people see this scene, have suffered a scare, especially in the beginning of Chen Ran and Lin Yijun, subconsciously scared sharp cry.

  "Grass, will you drive!" the van driver stretched out his head and cursed.

  Lin Tong frowned and turned to look.

  At this moment, an old man dressed as a peasant appeared in front of the front of the car and deliberately hit it.

  "Be careful!" Lu Chen shouted from the passenger cabin.

  Lin Tong was taken aback, and subconsciously stepped on the brakes, but it was still too late, and the old man slammed his head up and fell down.

  And the van also stopped.

  Lin Tong was panicked in his eyes, and he had to get out of the car to take a look. After all, Xie Shujie and others were in the car, so he couldn't help but dare.

  "Don't worry about him." Lu Chen grabbed Lin Tong who was about to get out of the car.

  The next few people raised their eyebrows, how could they not care if they hit someone, and they were still old men, and they all looked at Lu Chen a little puzzled.

  "How can I leave it alone? Even if it's a porcelain, let's go down and take a look." Lin Yijun said.

  "I said just leave it alone, this old man has a problem." Lu Chen said, shaking his head.

  Lin Yijun frowned, wondering why Lu Chen was like this.

  "Mr. Lu, you are too inhumane. How can you ignore it when you hit someone? Ling'er, you call an ambulance and I call the police." Chen Churan was a little sad. In her mind, Lu Chen should be that kind of heroic character , But at this time she bumped into someone and wanted to avoid responsibility, which disappointed her too much.

  Lan Ling didn't understand what Lu Chen meant. No matter how ruthless you are, you can't be in front of Shujie and the mayor. People are still in your car.

  Both took out their phones and started calling.

  Xie Weihao and Jiang Changqing only frowned, but did not find any opinions.

  "Drive, fall backward, and go around him." Lu Chen said to Lin Tong.

  Just as Lin Tong was about to drive, he saw the young driver of the previous van coming over and knocking on the window.

  "I'm grass, you don't care if you hit someone?" the young man shouted, flapping the car window.

  Xie Weihao and others in the car looked a little embarrassed.

  "You fucking are still not humans, you want to run away after hitting someone?" the young man said again.

  Chen Churan couldn't listen anymore, so he opened the door and went down to see the old man who was hit.

  At this moment, a murderous intent flashed in the young man's eyes. He suddenly took out a dagger and slammed it at Chen Churan's forehead. The dagger was enlarged in Chen Churan's pupils.

  Everyone in the car was dumbfounded. Even if Chen Churan was a warrior, he couldn't react at such a close distance, and the Lan Ling beside her did not react.

  Just when everyone thought Chen Churan was dead, suddenly, a hand stretched out from the front row, and one clasped the young man's wrist. At this time, the tip of the dagger was no more than an inch or two from Chen Churan's forehead, and one more step forward. Just a little bit, it's about to pierce her forehead.

  It was Lu Chen who grasped the young man's wrist. He also discovered that the young man was wrong before. He kept watching the young man, but he did not expect that the young man was a killer.


  Lu Chen broke the young man's wrist forcefully.

  The youth screamed, and the dagger in his hand fell on Chen Churan's leg, and the tip of the knife was directly inserted into Chen Churan's thigh.

  At the critical moment, Lan Ling next to him dropped the phone in his hand and grabbed the dagger to prevent Chen Churan from being stabbed in the thigh by the dagger.

  At this time, everyone in the car suddenly saw that the old man who had just been knocked down by the car stabbed Lu Chen in from the passenger compartment.

  "Be careful!"

  Lin Yijun exclaimed.

  At this time, Lu Chen was leaning over the young man's wrist. Normally, he couldn't avoid it.

  Everyone squeezed cold sweats for him, even Lin Tong in the cab reacted at all.

  Seeing that the knife in the old man's hand was about to pierce Lu Chen.


  Lu Chen suddenly loosened the young man's wrist, and pushed the car door open.


  The car door opened too suddenly, and the old man outside did not react, and was knocked out.

  Lu Chen jumped out of the car.

  At this moment, suddenly a gunshot sounded.

  Lu Chen didn't even think about it, but grabbed the young man and stepped forward.


  The bullet shot directly from the youth's forehead, and a bloodshot shot out.

  "Close the door and roll the window!"

  Lu Chen shouted, then threw down the youth and took the dagger from his hand. With a flash of his figure, he rushed towards a small shop nearby.

  At this time, a man in black was constantly shooting at Lu Chen in the small shop.

  But Lu Chen's figure was too fast, he couldn't aim at all, and even shot five shots.

  Suddenly, a dagger suddenly appeared in his sight. The speed of the dagger was so fast that he didn't give any time to react.

  Just as the dagger dilated in his pupils, the dagger pierced the center of his eyebrows.

  The pupils of the man in black opened violently, and his eyes were immortal.

  After solving the gunner, Lu Chen didn't enter the small shop rashly, but sneaked over carefully.

  But he was also suspicious. There was a middle-aged man in the small shop, squatting in the corner shivering.

  "Don't be afraid of getting into trouble, you'd better not touch the corpse and call the police." Lu glanced at the man in the corner, then turned and left the small shop.

  After he went out, he checked around and found that there was no assassin, and the assassin disguised as an old man also fled, and then re-entered the car.

  "Let's go." Lu Chen said.

  Lin Tong nodded, restarted the car and went down the mountain.

  "Lu Chen, thank you before." Chen Churan said behind her, feeling a little embarrassed and regretful.

  Because she herself doubted Lu Chen, she almost died in the hands of the killer.

  Thinking about the scene just now, she was still scared for a while.

  "It's okay." Lu Chen shook his head.

  "Xiao Lu, whose person is this?" asked Xie Weihao in the back row. When the gunshots sounded, he was taken aback. Two bullets hit the car window.

  He just wanted to know if he belonged to the three major families.

Chapter: 289

Xie Weihao knew that the grievances between Zhang, Zuo, and Liu and Lu Chen should not be resolved, so he felt that it was very likely that these three had taken action against Lu Chen.

  "Zhonghai," Lu Chen said.

  "Zhonghai? The enemy you provoked last time in Zhonghai?" Lin Yijun asked.

  Lu Chen glanced at Lan Ling, then nodded.

  He didn't want to say too much, because he was afraid that Lin Yijun would think too much.

  "Don't worry, I will solve this matter." Lu Chen comforted.

  If Zhai Yaohui did not come to Yuzhou, he would go to Zhonghai to learn about this matter with them.

  He was not afraid of assassinations by those killers.

  But he has to think about his family.

  Although he has legally equipped Lin Yijun's bodyguards and Xu Jing with guns, those bodyguards are not omnipotent.

  When Lan Ling heard Lu Chen's words, she immediately knew who it was. She took out her mobile phone and sent a message, ready to take the initiative to solve the matter.

  Because this matter was logically provoked by her, Lu Chen just carried the pot on her behalf.

  There was nothing to say all the way, and no killer was encountered again, and soon arrived at Jade 36.

  After eating, Lu Chen personally sent Xie Weihao and Jiang Changqing back to Yuzhong District.

  On the way back, he received a call from Du Fei.

  "I found it, they are staying at Yuzhou Hotel." Du Fei said.

  "Well, I will meet them later and send me their room number." Lu Chen nodded. It is good that Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu are both in Yuzhou, lest he have to go to Zhonghai.

  After hanging up the phone, Lu Chen said to Lin Tong: "Go to Yuzhou Hotel."

  "Okay." Lin Tong nodded, and after entering the sandy area, he went directly to Yuzhou Hotel.

  At this time in the presidential suite of Yuzhou Hotel.

  "Brother Xia, the group of killers you hired is a bit weak, and there is only one escaped from the entire group," Zhai Yaohui said with a gloomy expression.

  They paid a lot of money to hire five killers, and they were divided into two groups to assassinate Lu Chen. In the end, four were killed and only one escaped. Why was he not angry.

  Money is a trivial matter. He is unwilling to kill Lu Chen or avenge his son.

  "The other party told me that this is already the strongest mercenary on their side. If we want to use a higher-level killer, we have to add another 20 million." Xia Shu is also very upset, if he knows that Lu Chen is so difficult. To deal with it, I spent 20 million more directly at the beginning, and it was done in one go.

  "I'm sorry, they sent you not a professional killer?" Zhai Yaohui said depressed.

  "Oh, I was also pitted. So now we either add another 20 million or we give up working with them. But if we don't cooperate with them, I won't have any channels." Xia Shu is also quite depressed.

  "Add more money, I don't have channels, I can't contact a better killer organization, this time I hope they won't let us down again." Zhai Yaohui sighed.

  Xia Shu nodded, just about to take out the phone to contact the middleman.

  At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside.

  The two looked at each other, and both saw a bad feeling in each other's eyes.

  Zhai Yaohui walked to the door lightly and looked out through the eyes of the electronic cat. When he saw the person standing outside the door, his face changed and he immediately retracted his head.

  "Who is it?" Xia Shu walked over and asked in a low voice.

  Zhai Yaohui pointed to the electronic peephole and motioned to Xia Shu to look at it for herself.

  Xia Shu frowned, and when she leaned over to see, her expression changed drastically.

  "It's Lu Chen, he knows that the killer was invited by us, so he came to us to settle the account!" Xia Shu said with some fear.

  In order not to arouse suspicion from others, neither he nor Zhai Yaohui brought bodyguards when they came to Yuzhou.

  And Lu Chen can easily kill the killers they invited, isn't it easy to kill them?

  "Call the police first, then don't open the door, and wait until the police come." Zhai Yaohui thought for a while.

  "Well, it can only be this way." Xia Shu nodded, and took out his phone to call the police.

  At this moment, the two heard a click, and the door was opened from the outside.

  Then, Lu Chen and Lin Tong walked in.

  "Who are you? What are you doing?" Xia Shu pretended to be normal.

  "Ming people don't talk secretly, I think the two should have known Lu for a long time, right, are you Xia Shu or Zhai Yaohui?" Lu Chen looked at Xia Shu, his eyes full of playfulness, these two people He even dared to come to Yuzhou to assassinate him without even bringing a bodyguard. He didn't know what to say about them.

  Xia Shu's face changed slightly, knowing that there was no point in arguing at this time, so she simply said: "I am Xia Shu, I want to ask you, where did my daughter offend you? Why did you kill her? But he's just twenty years old!"

  "It turned out to be Patriarch Xia, so this is Patriarch Zhai Yaohui? Come, let's sit down and talk." Lu Chen smiled and said lightly.

  "Nothing to talk about. You killed my son. Do you think I can still talk and laugh with you?" Zhai Yaohui snorted. Since you can't pretend, let's have a showdown. They are also people who have experienced a lot of strong winds and waves. Fangcun was lost at once.

  Lu Chen sat down on the sofa, took out a cigarette, took a sip, and asked, "So, if I said that Zhai Jun and Xia Yi weren't killed by me, don't you believe them? "

  You didn't kill it?" Zhai Yaohui stared at Lu Chen angrily, "Do you treat us as a three-year-old child? You quarreled on the plane, and then a little conflict occurred when you got off the plane, and finally you left. Opportunity, my son took someone to the Sheraton Hotel to squat with you, and then in the evening, my son and Xia Yi both had their throats cut in the wilderness. Do you want

  to argue ?" "And as far as I know, although Zhai Jun has some Dude, but in Zhonghai, no one has offended anyone. Even if there is an offense, it is just a small dispute. Those people are not cruel enough to kill my daughter. Then you didn't kill it, who killed it?" The tree also questioned.

  Lu Chen put out the cigarette butt, took out a photo and threw it on the coffee table, and said, "I don't care if you believe it or not, if Lu Chen didn't kill the two of them, I didn't kill them. If you want revenge, go find the woman in the photo. , If I find my trouble next time, I will go to Zhong Hai and kill the two of you.” As

  he said, he took Lin Tong out of the room, leaving Xia Shu and Zhai Yaohui frowning. It is difficult to make up your mind.

  "Isn't this the woman with him? Did she really kill it?" Xia Shu picked up the picture of Lan Ling on the table and frowned.

  Zhai Yaohui also frowned, telling him intuitively that Lu Chen should want to blame Lan Ling, and then let the Lan family fight with them.

  "Don't believe him, that woman is from the Lan family in Zhongyuan. She has no motive to kill my son, let alone your daughter. Moreover, they didn't say that when the plane was on the plane, my son was also offended by Lu Chen. We can't board. He was fooled." Zhai Yaohui said firmly.

Chapter: 290

"Well, this kid obviously has a guilty conscience, and then he came to threaten us." Xia Shu nodded.

  "He not only threatened us, but also wanted us to fight with the Lan Family of Central Plains. Let's book a ticket. We must leave Yuzhou today, and then ask a professional killer to kill him." Zhai Yaohui flashed a killing intent and took out his mobile phone to book ticket.

  After they booked the tickets, they went out to the airport.


  Lan Family Villa.

  "Miss, Lu Chen met Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu at the Yuzhou Hotel before." Lan Jing reported to Lan Ling what they had found out.

  "Well, then, Lu Chen didn't kill them?" Lan Ling asked.

  "No, Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu have already gone to the airport at this time, but I checked their plane to Zhonghai, and it will take an hour to take off. Miss, we can kill them two and blame Lu Chen. A conspiracy flashed in Lan Jing's eyes.

  Lan Ling struggled a bit in his eyes, and said nothing for a while.

  "Miss, my family has spoken, they are very interested in Lu Chen's Yiqi Technology, let us take Yiqi Technology as soon as possible. Lu Chen's strength is a little beyond our imagination, if we declare war directly, we may not Can win Lu Chen, but if we continue to cause him trouble, he will definitely be exhausted, then we will have a chance to take him." Lan Jing persuaded.

  Lan Ling said nothing, her eyebrows frowned slightly.

  She didn't want to come to the day when she collided with Lu Chen, she even thought out a plan to divorce Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, and then she took the opportunity to approach Lu Chen.

  But what she did not expect was that yesterday she received a task that was almost impossible for her.

  That is to occupy Lu Chen's Yiqi Technology.

  But during this time, based on her knowledge of Lu Chen, she knew that this was an impossible task, but she was afraid to say it.

  Because she just said that this is an impossible task, her family will send a strong person over.

  Lan Ling didn't want his family to send strong people over.

  The family of their Lan family is not the Lan family in the Central Plains of hers, but one of the hidden family. If their family makes a move personally, she believes that Lu Chen will definitely be killed by her family's strong.

  "Well, you can do this." Lan Ling didn't want to do too much, or she believed that Lan Jing would definitely tell her father everything about her. At that time, her father would definitely teach her, maybe even more. Come to Yuzhou personally to attack Lu Chen.

  Lan Jing nodded, and he took out the phone and made a call.

  "Don't let Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu go back to Zhonghai." He only said a few words and hung up the phone. He believed that his men would definitely understand what he meant.

  "Miss, what we have to do next is to spread the conflict between Zhai Yaohui, Xia Shu, and Lu Chen, and post the photos of him to the Yuzhou Hotel today to meet the two on the Internet. Then they will If he dies, he can easily be transferred to his head." Lan Jing said.

  "Well, you can arrange it." Lan Ling said with a frown.

  After Lan Jing withdrew, Lan Ling took out the phone and called Chen Churan.

  "Chu Ran, what are you up to?" Lan Ling asked.

  "I just played Tai Chi with my grandfather, and I was going to take a bath, Ling'er, what's wrong?" Chen Churan said.

  "It's nothing, it's just a little depressed. I want to find someone to have a drink with me. Will I go to drink with me later?" Lan Ling asked.

  "Well, where to go, or my club?" Chen Churan said.

  "Okay, go to your club." Lan Ling just wanted to be quiet. Chen Churan's club was a private club, and ordinary people couldn't get in at all.

  "OK, then I will go there after I take a shower, you go first." Chen Churan said.

  Lan Ling hung up the phone and went out to the Chen Churan club.

  ... After

  Lu Chen left the Yuzhou Hotel, he went straight back. As for Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu, he has given them a chance. If they don’t fight for it, next time, he said he would kill both of them. They must be killed.

  With his character, even if he chases to Zhong Hai, he will definitely not let them go.

  At six o'clock in the afternoon, Lu Chen also went to the kitchen to cook. Under normal circumstances, he likes to cook and eat by himself, not to the food outside.

  "Dad, your phone rang." Qiqi ran to the kitchen with Lu Chen's cell phone.

  Lu Chen left the phone on the living room sofa before cooking, and Qiqi watched TV while holding it. www.

  "Okay, let me see who made the call." Lu Chen wiped his hands and took the call to see that it was Du Fei.

  "A Fei," Lu Chen said after connecting.

  "Zhai Yaohui and Xia Shu are dead," Du Fei said.

  "Dead?" Lu Chen was startled, and changed his posture when answering the phone. "When did it happen?"

  "An hour ago, he was shot and killed at the airport. The police are arresting people, but it seems that the murderer has not been caught yet. "Du Fei said.

  "Well, it doesn't matter if I die, lest I do it myself." Lu Chen said dismissively.

  "It's just that someone has posted a photo of you meeting the two of them at Yuzhou Hotel today on the Internet. This is to blame you, aren't you surprised?" Du Fei said.

  "Fuck me?" Lu Chen frowned. Who is going to frame him.

  "I have sent someone to investigate, think about it, who else did you offend?" Du Fei said, his friendship with Lu Chen is not just about helping Lu Chen.

  When he met Lu Chen, Lu Chen was in a state of despair, and he had long since retired from the arena. They both knew that each other was a master because of the chat, and then they became friends.

  Although Lu Chen later became the Lu family elder, he would not have left the mountain unless her wife was killed.

  But after going out of the mountain to help Lu Chen, he must take all of Lu Chen's heart into his heart, and there can be no mistakes.

  So when he knew that someone was blaming Lu Chen, he was a little angry, and before Lu Chen arranged it, he had already started to let people investigate.

  Then Lu Chen called.

  "I don't know. Are they from the three families of Zhang, Zuo, and Liu?" Lu Chen was a little depressed. Although he knew that the other party could not blame him, but it made it clear that the other party had hatred with him and wanted Disgusting him.

  "I have already thought about this, but I suspect that the possibility of the three major families is unlikely." Du Fei said.

  Lu Chen nodded, he also agreed with Du Fei's point of view.

  The contradiction between him and the three big families is deep. The three big families know this kind of little things, and they definitely can't blame him on Lu Chen. They definitely won't do such useless work.

  The three big families will definitely look for opportunities to get him, but if they are not absolutely sure, they will definitely choose to forbear.

  So who are they not the three big families?

  Lu Chen frowned, and for a while, he couldn't even think of anyone else.