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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 221-230) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 221

  "Boss Lu, you must never kill someone. If someone is killed, it will become unreasonable." Seeing that Lin Tong is not a fake, Xu Zhengyi hurriedly said to Lu Chen.

  "Uncle Xu, don't worry, Lin Tong has his own measures, and this incident will definitely not affect your home. By the way, Xu Jing, if you call the police, you say that there is a robbery here, and you have caught the little robber. "Lu Chen said, turning around to let Xu Jing call the police.

  He guessed that the Tan family must have called Tan Tailun, but even if Tan Tailun came, he would definitely have to wait a long time before coming.

  The interruption of the four brothers of the Tan family was just the beginning, and Tan Tailun was required to cooperate later.

  "Okay." Xu Jing nodded. It happened that his dad Xu Zhengyi had Tan Tailun's phone number here, and he directly called Tan Tailun.

  In the yard, Mother Tan saw that her son had really broken his leg, and Lin Tong would be threatened. Of course, she knew that they had already called Tan Tailun. When Tan Tailun returned to the police station, these people would dare to be arrogant. ?

  On the contrary, she hoped that Lin Tong would also hit her a few times so that she could blackmail a little money.

  Lin Tong saw that Mother Tan was ignoring him, and started crying again, a flash of cold light flashed in his eyes, and the dagger in his hand was pierced into the thigh of Tan Boss without hesitation.

  "Ah!" Boss Tan screamed like a pig. When Mother Tan saw this, she stopped for a second, and then started crying again.

  Lin Tong's face sank. Few people had never dared to provoke him to the limit. He stabbed Boss Tan again in the thigh.

  Boss Tan rolled all over the floor in pain and almost passed out without pain.

  "Mom, are you crazy? Don't you want to watch your eldest brother be killed by him!" Seeing his mother even dared to cry, the second man of the Tan family was mad with anger.

  At this time, Mother Tan was really scared. At first, she wanted to bet that Lin Tong would not dare to kill, but she was really scared when she saw her son was stabbed twice and his heart was piercing.

  "Old lady, you scold again, you see if I will be soft." Lin Tong snorted and stabbed Boss Tan in the thigh.

  This time, Boss Tan passed out in pain.

  Tan's mother

  trembled, and she shouted with tears, "Hurry up and stop, I won't scold!" But Lin Tong dropped Boss Tan and walked towards Tan Lao Er. Tan Lao Er's eyes were full of fear and fear. Rolling straight to the side, Lin Tong sealed his collar and stabbed Tan Lao Er in the thigh.

  Tan Lao Er was howling heartbreakingly, and the other two brothers of the Tan family were also scared. They directly yelled at the dull-faced mother Tan: "You old lady, you are trying to kill our four brothers, right? "

  Mother Tan was dizzy and dizzy. She didn't expect her son to say that about herself. She almost squirted out a mouthful of old blood, but at this time she was really scared. Seeing Lin Tong stabbed her second son in the thigh again. , She dared to say anything, and hurried to the outside of Xu's courtyard.

  Everyone hurriedly gave way to Tan's mother. Although they had been gloating about the four brothers of the Tan family before, they looked at Lin Tong's fierceness, and they all looked terrified.

  Where did they see such cruel and cruel people, some timid, inadvertently swept by Lin Tong's cold eyes, almost paralyzed on the ground in fright.

  Lin Tong wiped the dagger on Tan Lao Er's clothes until he saw Tan Mu running out of Xu's yard, and put it away.

  At this time, he was like a god of death in everyone's eyes, and even Xu Zhengyi and the others were a little afraid when they saw him.

  Xu Zhengyi's family didn't dare to speak out. Lin Tong's methods just now scared them a lot. They even doubted that Lu Chen really was the boss, not the boss?

  "Continue to eat, wait a while for the police station to arrest people." Lu Chen said to everyone without looking at the four brothers of the Tan family.

  At this moment, the crowd moved a little, and saw two vans suddenly stop outside Xu's yard, and a group of people jumped out of the car, fearing that there would not be more than twenty.

  These people were covered with mud, with hoes, steel rods, and shovel in their hands, and they looked like workers working on the construction site.

  "Old Tan, you have finally come. If you don't come again, all four of them will become dead!" Mother Tan cried at one of them, who was in her 50s, when she saw the crowd outside.

  This half-old man also had dust on his face. It was Tan Qibing, the head of the Tan family. He was leading the workers to mine sand and gravel in the sand and gravel plant. He did not expect to receive a call. All four of his sons were interrupted by the Xu family. , It was the outsider who broke his son's leg.

  In his anger, he brought all the workers. Today, regardless of whether you are a foreigner or a member of the Xu family, he is going to lie in the hospital.

  Seeing Tan Qibing and other people's raging arrival, the crowd all around the audience stepped aside. While looking forward to watching the good show, they were also a little worried that it would lead to fire.

  At this time, Xu Zhengyi and others went into the yard with more than twenty people after seeing Tan Qi, all of them were shocked. I am afraid that this matter today is very difficult.

  "Fourth old, you quickly take Lu Boss and them to escape from behind, we old and weak women, they dare not beat me." Du Meng hurriedly pushed Xu Jing, worried to the extreme for his son.

  As they were getting older, the Tan family would definitely not dare to touch them. She was worried about her son at this time.

  Their Xu family has such a son as Xu Jing, and they are counting on him to pass on the family. If he has two shortcomings today, how can they live.

  "Mom, don't worry, these people can't find me, see your son beat them all out." Xu Jing said, he was about to rush out.

  "Wait, wait until they all rush into the yard." Lu Chen said.

  Xu Jing understood that Lu Chen meant that these people all ran to his home in the wild, and after a while they wounded and disabled each other, so there was a saying.

  In fact, Xu Jing thought too lightly. Lu Chen wanted not only to beat these people, but also to send them all in for months or even years. He had this ability.

  He also took out his cell phone and started recording, including when the four brothers of the Tan family had forcibly snatched a piglet from the Xu family, he also recorded the picture. This is also why he dared to let Sanjie directly interrupt the Tan family. The confidence of the four brothers on one leg.

  As long as the Dadukou District Bureau is involved in this matter, no matter whether it is the Tan family brothers or these people now, one of them is one, and none of them will run away.

  "Dad, you are finally here, give us revenge!" Tan Qibing, the second child of the Tan family, rushed in and shouted.

  Tan Qibing glanced at the miserable conditions of his four sons, and was extremely angry, and shouted in a deep voice: "Hit me, beat me hard, and the legs of his Xu family will also interrupt me!"

  All the workers drank after hearing the words. Xiang Lu Chen and the others rushed over.

Chapter: 222

  When Xu Zhengyi and others saw this, their legs were frightened and they were a little at a loss.

  "There are only twenty people, right?" Lu Chen said to Xu Jing and Sanjie of the Water Margin.

  "Just these mud legs, I'm alone." Xu Jing said disdainfully.

  "Okay, then leave it to the four of you. Don't let any of them go, at least to make him unable to stand up." Lu Chen said, blocking directly in front of Xu Zhengyi and others.

  His meaning is obvious, that is, let Xu Jing and others not be distracted, and his family will be fine if he is there.

  With Lu Chen guarding his family, Xu Jing of course don't worry, he has personally learned Lu Chen's strength.

  Don't say it was these migrant workers, even if they were the underground forces, doubling them would not necessarily pose a threat to Lu Chen.

  These workers are indeed not good, and most of them are in their 30s and 40s. How could they be the opponents of Xu Jing's four young people.

  Even if they had weapons in their hands, it was only by the brute force at the beginning and, within a few rounds, twenty people, including Tan Qibing, all lay on the ground humming.

  Everyone was shocked when they saw the terrifying combat power of the four, and their eyes were full of fear.

  In the entire Xu family yard, at this time, there was no other sound except the humming voice of the Tan family.

  The four brothers of the Tan family saw that the twenty people brought by their father did not hold on for three minutes before they all climbed down. They were all fearful. What kind of perverted existence are these four people, how can they be so cruel!

  At this time they had to wait for Tan Tailun to lead someone to help them. www. It's

  just that it's been so long, and Tan Tailun hasn't come yet, which makes everyone in the Tan family have a bad feeling.

  "Uncle Xu, let's eat, just wait for the police station to arrest people." Lu Chen said.

  Xu Zhengyi smiled bitterly, and Xu Rong and Du Meng only smiled bitterly.

  Where do they still want to eat?

  With so many people lying in his yard humming, wherever they can eat.

  Lu Chen smiled and understood the thoughts of Xu Zhengyi and others, so he didn't eat it at all. He took a cigarette and sent a cigarette to Xu Zhengyi, and he took out one by himself.

  Calculating the time, Tan Tailun and others should be there in five or six minutes. Let's wait for them to deal with the matter, or Xu Zhengyi and others are really uneasy.

  About ten minutes later, Tan Tailun rushed over with others. When he saw dozens of people lying in the Xu family compound, Tan Tailun was directly startled.

  Just a few people from the Xu family can kill so many people?

  He looked at Lu Chen up and down, really couldn't believe what he saw.

  "Tan Suo, you are finally here. The Xu family is absolutely lawless. Not only did they break our leg, they stabbed me and my brother several times with a knife. If it hadn't stopped the bleeding in time, my brother might bleed too much. And if they are dead, hurry up and tie them all to the Dharma!" Seeing Tan Tailun and others arrive, the second child of the Tan family suddenly complained loudly.

  However, the other Tan family members looked at Lu Chen and others with an angry look, and their eyes were full of mockery.

  Although they were beaten, they all knew that Lu Chen and others would only be more miserable than them.

  "Xu Jing, your family is over, I fucking don't let your family sit in prison, I won't be named Tan!" Tan Laosan looked at Xu Jing and said angrily.

  "There are a few of you, and you will all go in today. If you can still come out, I will give you your surname!" He said, looking at the Water Margin and threatening.

  "Oh, do you think your Tan family opened the prison?" Lin Tong said playfully.

  "Huh, the prison is not run by our Tan family, but we have people in the prison. Director Tan is not only our own family, but also our good buddy. Will he still let you have a good life?" Tan Lao San said proudly.

  Tan Tailun's face changed when he heard this, but he ignored Tan Lao San, and walked towards Lu Chen.

  "Is it the police you called?" Tan Tailun asked Xu Jingdao.

  "Tan Suo, it's the police I reported. These people are all robbers who rushed into Xu's house to rob. They not only robbed people, but also attacked people. We were completely justified in defense. We accidentally injured them. We didn't believe you and their weapons. "Lu Chen said for Xu Jing.

  Tan Tailun trembled. This guy was too cruel. Not only did he destroy the person, but he also gave him the identity of a robber. If it is really established, then the Tan family will not be finished.

  "Rights and wrongs, the institute will investigate. While we don't wrong a good person, we will never let go of any gangsters. Please rest assured that the institute will definitely give you an explanation from the Xu family." Tan Tailun said.

  As soon as he spoke, everyone in the Tan family was dumbfounded.

  No matter how stupid they were, they could still understand the meaning of Tan Tailun's words.

  Tan Tailun actually helped Xu Jia pull sideways, this is really to deal with them as robbers.

  If this is the case, how do they play?

  "Tan Suo..." Tan Qibing climbed up from the ground with difficulty, and was about to salute Tan Tailun.

  "First handcuff them and send them all to the hospital for treatment, and then slowly investigate the matter." Tan Tailun saw that everyone in the Tan family was indeed seriously injured, so he didn't dare to be careless, so he sent them to the hospital first.

  "Tan Suo..." Tan Qibing was shocked. He didn't expect that he would often eat, drink and have fun with them, and even Tan Tailun, who had taken a lot of red envelopes from their Tan family, turned his face back and refused to recognize them. This made them very uncomfortable, even not yet. How did you come back?

  What else could be going on?

  Xu Zuojun and Li Ju, the branch bureau, have already personally rushed to their Shilong Village. Will he still dare to help the Tan family?

  These two big men came in person, it must be because of Lu Chen, and can he offend Lu Chen?

  Unless he really doesn't want to mix up.

  "Tan Suo, I have two videos here, both of which are evidence of their previous murders. I will pass them to you first." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  Tan Tailun trembled. This was the rhythm that really wanted to kill the Tan family.

  Regardless of whether the people of the Tan family were committed or not, so many of them ran into the people's yard to make trouble, which had violated the safety of the Xu family's life. They were completely in vain.

  Moreover, as long as they are robbed, they will all be locked up for several years, and no one can escape.

  After watching the two videos passed by Lu Chen, Tan Tailun directly pronounced a death sentence to everyone in the Tan family.

  These people broke into the house without saying anything, and forcibly snatched a pig from Xu's family. Isn't this what a robbery is?

  And Tan Qibing and others, from the visual effect, they also came to the door to commit the murder. If the Tan family can't find a relationship, at this time the whole person in the courtyard, who is humming, has to go in and sit for a few years.

  Tan Tailun received the video, received the phone, and looked up at Lu Chen. Seeing the faint smile in Lu Chen's eyes, he suddenly felt like looking at the devil.

  This young man is so cruel!

Chapter: 223

  Seeing that the people at the police station handcuffed everyone from the Tan family and took them away, Xu Zhengyi and others were finally relieved.

  At this time, their gazes towards Lu Chen had completely changed.

  Lu Chen not only fished out Xu Jing from the school, but also helped them get revenge on the Xu family. Hearing what Lu Chen said, all the Tan family members had to go in, and none of them could run away. Where is this energy? They dare to imagine.

  His son is really promising with such a big man.

  "Xu Jing, kill that pig too, I want to accompany you for a few drinks today." Xu Zhengyi said, he was obviously a little happy.

  Lu Chen smiled. He wanted to stop, but seeing the eagerness in Xu Zhengyi's eyes, he still did not stop it. This was Xu Zhengyi's way of repaying them, and he couldn't brush the old man's heart.

  "Dad, Brother Chen, they don't like pork. I just need to buy some beef on the street." Xu Jing smiled bitterly. He felt that a rich man like Lu Chen would definitely not like pork.

  "Who says I don't like pork? The braised pork that I make is amazing. You kill pigs. I will go to the street to buy some ingredients. Today I will cook the braised pork for you personally." Lu Chen laughed.

  Xu Zhengyi's eyes lit up. Although a pig is killed every year for the New Year, they have only heard of braised pork and they have never eaten it.

  This is true. In the countryside, not many people can cook authentic braised pork, so even if they have pork, they cannot eat authentic braised pork.

  Xu Jing's eyes also lit up, and he just didn’t know how to thank Lu Chen. Since Lu Chen could eat pork and cook braised pork, he brought the Three Heroes of the Water Margin and his third brother-in-law together to bring the one hundred. Jin's pig came to be killed.

  At this time, those who were close to Xu's family dared to come in and say hello. Those who have a better relationship directly help kill the pigs. If the relationship is not very good, they just come to say hello.

  The power demonstrated by the Xu family today is really scary. It can be said that since then, no one in Shilong Village dares to offend the Xu family.

  Even the village tyrant Tan's house is finished, and the others have nothing to do.

  When Lu Chen went to the street to buy condiments, he called Du Fei and asked him to find a construction team to Shilong Village immediately.

  The house of Xu Jing's family is too dilapidated. He is going to pay to help Xu Jing's rebuild the house first. It can be regarded as letting Xu Jing protect Qiqi and give him a little reward.

  Of course, he asked Xu Jing to protect Qiqi, and he would certainly not treat him badly. As long as he could protect Qiqi's safety, Rong Hua was rich and wealthy, no matter what Xu Jing wanted, he could afford it.

  After returning to Xu’s house, Xu Jing and others had already killed the pigs. Lu Chen saw that a dozen people came from Xu’s house at once, so he had to ask Xu Rong to give him the big iron pot and prepare to stew in the yard. Braised pork in a large pot.

  More people work to save effort. Some build stoves and burn fires, some wash pots and boil water, and some cut meat directly.

  Lu Chen simply commanded the crowd, and even pulled Liu Ping'an over and taught him to stew braised pork.

  Before the braised pork was stewed, Du Fei brought a group of people to Shilong Village in person. When he arrived at Shilong Village, he called Lu Chen, and Lu Chen asked Lin to go and pick them up. Xu Jing Home.

  Seeing Du Fei's personal arrival, Xu Jing was a little moved.

  This is the president of the Sakura Club, the strongest underground force in Yuzhou.

  Of course, although he was excited, when he introduced Du Fei to his family, he could only say that it was Boss Du, who also did business with Lu Chen.

  After eating braised pork together, Lu Chen said to several architects: "To build a million-level rural villa, you can design it for me first and build it on this piece of land."

  "Good." An architect nodded, and of course he inspected the land and made drawings while inspecting.

  Everyone in the Xu family heard that Lu Chen was going to build a small villa for their family, and they quit all of them. They had already accepted Lu Chen's great kindness, so how dare to let Lu Chen spend money.

  The most important thing was that what Lu Chen wanted to build was a million-level villa, and they were all taken aback.

  How big is it, such a good house, they dare not even think about it.

  The relatives of the Xu family were also a little dumbfounded, and they were shocked to the extreme. What kind of noble person Xu Jing has made, it is too generous.

  "Boss Lu, you must not do this, we are already very grateful to you..." Xu Zhengyi said hurriedly.

  "Brother Chen, you are like this, I can't afford you in my life." Xu Jing also smiled bitterly, although now he has a salary of 10,000 to 20,000 a month, but he wants To pay off Lu Chen's million, when will he work?

  "You thought I would give you money for free. I have an important task to arrange for you to do it." Lu Chen smiled.

  Xu Jing stopped talking when he heard Lu Chen's words. Since Lu Chen said so, he could only accept it.

  "Boss Lu, why can Ren Ren give Xiaojing such a big reward?" Xu Zhengyi asked with some doubts.

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "For others, this task is just a bodyguard, but to me, it is very important. It must be Xu Jing, because I want Xu Jing to protect my daughter.

  " Ah? This doesn't cost such a big reward." Xu Zhengyi said in surprise, this job is indeed the job of bodyguards.

  But his son was originally a security guard, and his character as a bodyguard is not very big. He still felt that he couldn't get such a big reward.

  "Bo Xu, I have some enemies in Yuzhou. They may be against my daughter. Therefore, it is dangerous for Xu Jing to protect my daughter. Therefore, it is not enough for you to build a house in the countryside. I will definitely let him Xu Jing lives in a real big villa in the city." Lu Chen explained.

  Hearing Lu Chen's explanation, Xu Zhengyi and others finally breathed a sigh of relief, and felt calm.

  Of course they are also a little worried for their son.

  But their son was originally a soldier, and he was really good at fighting, so they were not too worried.

  The architects quickly drew the architectural drawings. Looking at the three-dimensional rural villa on paper, the Xu family was a little shocked. Is this the Xu family's house in the future? I can't believe it.

  "Come, come, overthrow this wall for me, and rebuild it in accordance with the old boundary." Lu Chen said as he returned the Water Margin Sanjie and others to directly overthrow the new wall occupied by the Tan family.

  Then, after drawing the boundary, he stopped.

  At this time, everyone in the Tan family went to the hospital and did not know what had happened at home.

  But even if they knew it, there was nothing they could do.

  Because facing them will be more than two or three years in prison.

  After discussing the price with the architect and the time to start the construction, Lu Chen and others said goodbye to Xu Zhengyi and returned to Yuzhou.

  Lu Chen originally asked Xu Jing to stay at home for two days before going back, but his parents directly asked him to go back with Lu Chen and others.

  Lu Chen helped their family so much and built a villa for their family. They wanted their son to protect his daughter. How could they keep Xu Jing staying at home?

Chapter: 224

  The next day, Lu Chen asked Xu Jing what kind of car he liked. Xu Jing said he liked off-roading. Lu Chen bought him a Mercedes-Benz G350. Although he didn’t specify the car’s ownership, Lu Chen thought that the car belonged to Xu Jing forever. .

  Xu Jing didn't ask, but the first time he drove this luxury car, he was still a little excited, which caused him to violate the rules twice when sending Qiqi to school on the first day.

  Qiqi also likes big g, and when she comes back tonight, she says she doesn't like Shi Danwei who sits in Lu Chen.

  Xu Jing’s job is very boring, because in addition to picking up Qiqi, Qiqi still stays near the kindergarten when Qiqi is in class. Lu Chen transfers him another 500,000 Kari so he can play whatever he wants. Don't be too far away from the kindergarten.

  In the next few days, although nothing happened to Qiqi or Lin Yijun, Lu Chen still didn't dare to be careless.

  In the past few days, he has deliberately hired some real mercenaries from the Middle East. A total of twenty-four mercenaries have come to apply for employment, but he personally assessed them and only four passed the test.

  He gave them a monthly salary of 40,000 yuan for these four mercenaries and asked them to protect Lin Yijun.

  This 40,000 monthly salary, the signing of the contract is critical, they don't hesitate to physically help Lin Yijun to block the bullet, that is, they can die, even if they fight for their lives, they must protect Lin Yijun.

  The job of bodyguards is not so easy to do. It can be said that the money earned by bodyguards is hard-earned money in exchange for their lives.

  However, compared to their employment in the military, their lives are more secure, and their lives are better.

  Under normal circumstances, if there is no way out, or no way, it is impossible for a person with some ability to become a mercenary on the battlefield.

  Unless the kind of militant who is born to like to fight on the battlefield.

  However, after many people have become famous on the battlefield, as long as rich people hire them, most of them are willing to return to the city to be normal bodyguards.

  Although being a bodyguard can be life-threatening, it is a real paradise compared to the battlefield.

  As for the remaining 20, Lu Chen offered them a position similar to that of a senior security guard, with a monthly salary of 10,000 to 155,000, to work at Yiqi Technology.

  Although these mercenaries have good skills, the monthly salary of 10,000 to 15,000 is not low, much better than they are employed in the army.

  So they did not object to Lu Chen's request, and they were very pleased to sign an employment contract with Yiqi Technology.

  Lu Chen planned to recruit another group of mercenaries with more than 100 people when Yiqi Technology officially opened.

  Since it is a science and technology park, there must be many advanced science and technology products and technologies. Of course, more security personnel are needed to protect it.

  But these are all things to do. There is still at least half a year before the science and technology park is put into use, so there is no rush.

  What he wants to do most now is to find out Mr. Mu. If he doesn't find Mr. Mu, he will never know where his aunt Xiao Bieqing is.

  I don't even know what Xiao Bieling wants to do.

  However, Xiao Biieqing forced his father to leave the capital, and even disbanded the entire Lu family. After this Jin found him, he would definitely not let him go easily.

  Lu Chen didn't need to worry about himself, he was just worried that Xiao Bieqing would wait for Lin Yi or attack Qiqi.

  Even Xiao Bieqing might take a shot at his Yiqi Technology.

  "I hope she doesn't know that I drove Yiqi Technology." Lu Chen thought to himself.

  There are five days left, the day when Lu Chen is about to move. On this day, Lin Yijun told him that her godmother's house is going to move, and tomorrow, they want their family to eat moving wine.

  Lin Yijun’s physique was not good when she was young. Wang Xue came from the countryside. He took Lin Yijun to recognize a godmother when she believed in the customs of the countryside. The relationship between the two families has been very good until her god brother liked her, and she After choosing Lu Chen, the two talents played down their relationship and seldom moved around.

  "I heard that after Tang Dalong came back from studying abroad, he worked in a foreign-funded enterprise, and his salary was very high. After only a few years, he changed his house to a new house." Lin Yijun said casually.

  Tang Dalong is her god-brother and the man who liked her at the time. Even her mother Wang Xue once told her not to be with Lu Chen, but to let her marry Tang Dalong.

  Lu Chen nodded. Of course he had an impression of Tang Dalong. They were all students of Yu University, but Tang Dalong was three realms higher than them. When they were freshman, Tang Dalong was already a senior. When they were sophomore, Tang Dalong went to study in Europe. .

  Tang Dalong was a master of study at the beginning, and he went abroad to study. This achievement is normal.

  The next day, Lu Chen’s family went to Tang’s new home to have a moving wine. The Tang’s new house was bought in a high-end community in Yuzhong District. It was 16,000 square meters, with double floors. The ground floor alone was about 100 square meters. For salaried workers, It's pretty good to be able to afford such a good house.

  When Lu Chen and the others arrived, many relatives of the Tang family had already arrived. When Tang Qingshan, the head of the Tang family, saw the arrival of the Lin Dahai family, he put down a group of relatives to greet him.

  "Oh, Lao Lin, you are late, I have already taken them to visit, or you can go and see for yourself, the house is small, and there is nothing you can tell about it." Tang Qingshan laughed, saying nothing but words. It is full of pretense.

  His house is almost catching up with other people's villa area, this is for them to show off.

  Lin Dahai and Wang Xue both looked embarrassed. Of course they could listen to Tang Qingshan and show off to them again, and said with a smile: "Old Tang, you are enjoying a good fortune now, and your life is quite enviable."

  In fact, Lu Chen has nothing to say to Lin Dahai. He is supported by a million monthly salary, and has five insurances and one housing fund. He also has to go to work if he wants to go to work. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to go. There is also a special car to pick you up. Envy, I guess everyone sitting here has to envy him.

  It's just that Lin Dahai has always been low-key, so he wouldn't show off in front of others, especially his friends.

  But after all, Wang Xue was still a little dissatisfied. www.Because

  Lu Chen is so rich, but still let them live in the old-fashioned two-bedroom and one-living house. The last time she visited her brother's new house in Qijiang, she couldn't help asking Lin Yijun, when did they change their new house thing.

  Lin Yijun and Lu Chen have determined that they will move in four days, but they have not yet told Wang Xue and Lin Dahai.

  In the past few days, Lin Yijia and Wang Qiong have devoted themselves to their new work. They are also quite numb, and they have forgotten about this matter, and they have not mentioned it to Wang Xue.

  So Wang Xue didn't know Lu Chen was going to move to Jinglong Lake Villa.

  "Hey, in fact, I just followed my big dragon to enjoy the blessing. Dalong just replaced me with a new car some time ago, which cost him a lot of money" Tang Qingshan said and glanced at Lu Chen and Lin Yijun next to him.

  "Old Lin, do you regret it now. You didn't want to marry your Yijun to my Dalong. Now that you marry such a trash, do you still help others to look after the door?" The old man made fun of the younger generation, and Tang Qingshan even laughed happily.

Chapter: 225

  Several other old men also knew that Tang Dalong liked Lin Yijun back then, and the Lin and Tang family almost became in-laws. At this time, Lu Chen looked just ordinary, and all followed Tang Qingshan.

  "Lao Lin can't do it either. He can't be the master at home. How could he make his daughter suffer."

  "After you married Lin's daughter, have you taken her to travel? Have you bought a famous brand for her? Is it right now? Are

  you still showing people the door?" These old guys are also extremely boring. They laughed when they caught a junior, and still talked about it.

  Lin Dahai's face was embarrassing. He wanted to report the injustice to Lu Chen, but by nature, he really didn't know how to speak well in front of these old friends.

  Wang Xue's face was also very ugly, but she still had a feeling for Lu Chen in her heart, so she didn't bother to speak for Lu Chen.

  Whoever asked Lu Chen to help Lin Dahai arrange the work did not help her arrange the work, which made her still have to run business every day.

  But thinking about the retirement-style work that Lu Chen had arranged for Lin Dahai, she suddenly didn't have any passion for her current job, or even the mood to go out.

  Lin Yijun can't stand it anymore, these old immortals don't even want to face.

  But Lu Chen grabbed her, smiled slightly at Tang Qingshan and other old men, and said, "Uncle Tang, I have never done what you said, but I bought a house for Yijun. Four days later, we will I'm going to move home."

  Everyone was startled when they heard Lu Chen's words, especially Wang Xue, his expression even more joyful.

  She knows that Lu Chen is very rich, so she believes that the house Lu Chen bought will certainly not be bad, and it is likely to be a villa of more than five or six million yuan.

  If it is a villa of more than five or six million yuan, then they will have a long face.

  Although Lu Chen might not let them live in, she said she had a light on her face when she went out.

  That's her son-in-law's villa.

  Tang Qingshan and the others were taken aback and looked at Lu Chen. Some could not believe that Lu Chen could afford a house. Isn't he a security guard? Where did the money come from to buy a house?

  I'm afraid I didn't brag about them on purpose.

  Several other elders also felt that Lu Chen must be bragging. They didn't hear that Lu Chen worked as a security guard a few months ago. They could not make a fortune in a few months. How could there be such a good thing in the world.

  "Okay, there are still four days. Don't forget to inform us at that time, and we can go and see your new home." Tang Qingshan obviously regarded this as a joke, and laughed at it when he thought of it.

  "Of course you will not forget Uncle Tang, all of you will not forget, I will let a special car come and pick you up in four days." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  "Oh, Yijun, you really bought a new house, where is the down payment tens of thousands?"

  At this moment, Tang Dalong walked down from the second floor and just heard Lu Chen talk about the new house. As soon as it turned on, he couldn't help asking.

  The down payment is tens of thousands, which is obviously to look down on Lu Chen. Now in Yuzhou, where is there a house with a down payment of tens of thousands?

  "It's Brother Dalong. Lu Chen bought the house. I don't know that the down payment is tens of thousands." Lin Yijun felt a little ashamed of Tang Dalong's obsession with her back then, and she couldn't bear to hit Tang Dalong.

  Hearing Lin Yijun's words, Tang Qingshan and others all laughed.

  They have basically determined that Lu Chen should buy a second house, or an economical house of 4 to 5 thousand square meters in a rural direction.

  That kind of house is completely incomparable in front of their summer-style house.

  "By the way, Lu Chen, why don't you let Dalong arrange a job for you? Your Dalong brother is now working as a manager at Yiqi Technology, with a monthly salary of nearly 200,000 yuan. He can help you arrange a job randomly, which is even better than you. The security is strong." Tang Qingshan said braggingly.

  When Tang Dalong saw his father showing off himself, his face was also full of pride and pride. He was already capable. For example, today he joined Yiqi Technology as a department manager and became a member of the working class in Yuzhou. The outstanding ones do have enviable capital.

  Lu Chen looked at Tang Dalong. The recruitment of Yiqi Technology was mainly checked by Xu Shuting, especially the management talents. Even if the personnel department passed, she would have to go through her final retest.

  Xu Shuting is the kind of professional manager who is extremely demanding and strict. The talents he likes are generally not too bad.

  Tang Dalong was able to apply for the position of manager of Yiqi Technology, which shows that he does have some abilities.

  Seeing Lu Chen looking over, Tang Dalong thought that Lu Chen was envious of him. He smiled and said, "My dad just said the truth. If Brother Lu really wants to change jobs, I can help you. The management position is not guaranteed. Ordinary position is not a problem, at least it’s better than you being a security guard.”

  Although Tang Dalong liked Lin Yijun's life and death a few years ago, after Lin Yijun married Lu Chen, he gave up, and now he also has his own family. I had a happy time with my wife and children.

  So personally, he has long forgotten the past.

  It's just that when his parents are often indifferent to this matter, they still feel a little confused. That's why Tang Qingshan satirized Lu Chen's scene today.

  "Okay, then thank you Brother Dalong. When I want to change jobs, I must ask you for help." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  However, when Tang Dalong knew that his boss was Lu Chen, who was looking for a job, he didn't know how he felt.

  "Lu Chen, what kind of house did you buy? In which location, it shouldn't be worse than the Tang family. Then our whole family will be laughed at by Tang Qingshan." Before eating, Wang Xue pulled Lu Chen aside and asked. Tao.

  Lin Dahai also followed. He also knew what kind of house Lu Chen bought. Today, Tang Qingshan and other old men's words also touched him. He was a low-key person, but these old guys actually laughed at Lu Chen and let him He was a little unhappy.

  Lu Chen smiled, before replying, Wang Xue said, "If there is no such thing as a duplex like the Tang family, then let's rent a villa. It shouldn't cost much to rent for a month. It's better to be ashamed."

  Lin Dahai also nodded and said, "That's the only way to go. Or look at this group of old guys today, every one of them is so old, and at such an old age, they even laugh at you as a young man. I’ve been an old friend for decades, and I wanted to turn my face on the spot.”

  Lu Chen smiled. Whether Wang Xue is taking care of her face or really hopes that Lu Chen will not be laughed at by Tang Qingshan and others, I heard them at this moment. His words were slightly moved in his heart.

  "Dad, Mom, don't worry, I bought a big villa, and I will pick you up to live together in a few days."

  Lu Chen said seriously.

Chapter: 226

  "Big villa? What size villa is it?" Wang Xue suddenly became energetic when she heard it, mainly because Lu Chen said that she would also pick them up and live with them, which made her look forward to it even more.

  "Jinglong Lake Villa District, you don't have to show off. The villa is just a place to live and it doesn't represent much." Lu Chen said.

  "Ah, the villa in Jinglong Lake is at least 50 or 60 million yuan, that is the real estate area of ​​Yuzhou Zhenxia!" Wang Xue was startled, and felt a little pain in her heart.

  That's tens of millions.

  Not wanting to be able to move in by herself, her excitement is more than painful.

  "Hmph, those old guys in Tang Qingshan just dared to make fun of you. Four days later, I slapped them on the face to see where they put their faces." Wang Xue said with a cold snort, thinking about what happened before.

  Lu Chen shrugged. Although he didn't intend to slap his face, Tang Qingshan and others did make him a little uncomfortable before.

  After returning home after breakfast, Lin Yijun went to work under the protection of four bodyguards.

  And Lu Chen went to beat Du Fei.

  It's been several days, and Mr. Mu hasn't been found yet, and he doesn't know anything in his heart.

  This kind of feeling that the enemy is in the dark and I am in the light makes him always feel a sense of fear.

  The most important thing is that he doesn't know anything about Xiao Bieling's attitude.

  "A Fei, can you draw that portrait of Mr. Mu?" Lu Chen asked.

  These days, Lu Chen had given up his actions against the Wang family and asked Du Fei to use all his power to find Mr. Mu's existence, but it had been more than a week, and there was still no progress, which made him a little panic.

  "I don't have the ability to paint, how can I paint?" Du Fei smiled wryly.

  "Brother Fei, there is a kind of portrait master. As long as you describe the general appearance of the other person, they can help you draw 80% of this person's appearance." Song Hai said.

  When he was in Qijiang that day, although he and Du Fei went to deal with Mr. Mu, he received a call from Lin Tong just halfway through, and then he went back to the hospital.

  Lu Chen's eyes lit up and he said, "Well, there is such a painter. Go and find him. You must paint this person's portrait as soon as possible."

  He is going to show this person's portrait to all his brothers. , If it doesn't work, you will directly offer a reward, as long as the other party is still in Yuzhou, you will definitely be able to find out.

  Unless the other party changes content.

  However, the current disfigurement technique is not as real as in the legend, the only way to prevent others from recognizing it is not to appear.

  "Okay, it will be done for you within tomorrow." Du Fei said.

  "OK." Lu Chen nodded, and left the Sakura Club.

  In the afternoon of the next day, Du Fei finally found the kind of spiritual painter that Lu Chen said, and drew Mr. Mu's portrait roughly.

  After Lu Chen got the portrait, he looked around and asked, "How similar do you think?"

  Du Fei said, "I feel at least seven points similar."

  Lu Chen nodded and looked at the portrait seriously. Suddenly frowned, "I seem to have seen this person somewhere before, and I am a bit familiar."

  However, it may be that the portrait is not too similar, and he finally couldn't remember where he saw it.

  "Don't let the wind go, just let all the brothers know what this person looks like, let them hurry to find, and the major high-level clubs, let them pay more attention." Lu Chen said.

  He felt that he still didn't have the kind of place to really call the wind and rain in Yuzhou, or as long as that Mr. Mu was really in Yuzhou, he had already found out.

  "Actually, I think that guy can go back to the capital. Because he has already been stunned, it will be more difficult to deal with you again, so next time the person dealing with you will probably be replaced by someone else." Du Fei said.

  Lu Chen nodded, and did not rule out this possibility.

  But he was impatient, Xiao Biqing's existence was like a sharp sword hanging over his head all the time, he couldn't calm down.

  Without finding out Xiao Bieqing, he would not know what Xiao Bieqing was thinking.

  "Xiao Bieqing, Xiao Bieqing, you'd better not push me into a hurry, or I can do anything!" Lu Chen thought cruelly, he hadn't gone to find Xiao Bieqing for intelligence. Unexpectedly, Xiao Biqing had already started to trouble him, and it was also annoying for him.

  Now that Xu Jing picks up Qiqi, Lu Chen relaxes a lot in the morning. Sometimes when Lin Yijun wakes up early, he can even sleep for a while before getting up.

  The next day, Lu Chen got up to eat, and went to Yiqi Technology.

  Now Xiao Bieqing has been eyeing him, and he is also very worried that Xiao Bieqing will use his Yiqi technology to operate.

  Although he was quite secretive, Shujie Xie Weihao also promised to help him keep the secret, but he was always a little worried.

  He even had a nightmare last night. He dreamed that Xiao Biieqing turned into a demon and swallowed him in one bite. There was no bone residue left.

  After parking the car, Lu Chen walked to the Junyue Building.

  After the dissolution of the Junyue Group, Lu Chen placed the office of Yiqi Technology in the Junyue Building, and it will take at least six months before he can move to the Science Park.

  Just about to reach the door, Lu Chen unexpectedly met an acquaintance.

  The boyfriend of old classmate Yu Li, Xu Zhiheng.

  Xu Zhiheng is now also a senior manager in the company, deputy manager of the personnel department, and a top student who has returned from overseas.

  "Lu Chen? What are you doing in my company?" Xu Zhiheng didn't expect to meet Lu Chen here.

  When they ate together last time, he remembered that Lu Chen was just a security guard. Yu Li also ridiculed that he wanted him to help arrange a job for Lu Chen, but was slapped in the face by Lu Chen, which made him unhappy all the time.

  And at the classmate gathering the next day, his girlfriend Yu Li was beaten in the face by Lu Chen again. After Yu Li went back and talked to him for a long time, it made him even more prejudiced against Lu Chen.

  "Your company? You brag like that, don't you fear that Dong Wang or Dong Xu know?" Lu Chen didn't know why Xu Zhiheng had such a big prejudice against him. When he saw him, it was like seeing his enemy.

  He admits that he has nothing to offend this talented student, right?

  Xu Zhiheng also found out that he had missed his mouth, but Lu Chen was just a small security guard. He was the deputy manager of the personnel department here. Even if he knew that he had missed his mouth, he proudly said, "Yes, it's mine. Company, what's the matter?"

  He looked at Lu Chen jokingly, and laughed: "If I didn't guess wrong, did you apply for a security guard? Lu Chen, it's not that I want to target you deliberately. You made me a little unhappy today. , So you must not be able to apply for the job, you should go back.”

  Lu Chen showed a joke on his face, and said playfully: “Sorry, I may disappoint you. I am not here to apply, but to find your king. Director Wang Wei chatted."

Chapter: 227

  "Are you looking for us to chat with Dong Wang?"

  Xu Zhiheng almost didn't smile upon hearing Lu Chen's words.

  "Lu Chen, why are you so arrogant, don't you even want a face as a human?" Xu Zhiheng said sarcastically.

  Lu Chen smiled. He didn't want to be familiar with him because he was the boyfriend of his old classmate Yu Li.

  But he was about to leave, he was stopped by Xu Zhiheng: "The land dust, say in the end you say, why do you come to our company, if you apply for it, I tell you, you were eliminated?."

  Lu Chen stopped, looked up and down Xu Zhiheng, and then he smiled, "I gave you the opportunity, you don't seize it, don't blame me for not giving Yu Li face, you believe me a call, Wang Wei will personally Come down and pick me up?"

  "You let Dong Wang come and pick you up?" Xu Zhiheng laughed and said, "Lu Chen, are you really going to laugh at me? Who do you think you are? It's just a janitor, you are with me What kind of criticism is in front of you? If you can let Dong Wang come down to pick you up, I will kneel down and kowtow to you."

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said jokingly, "Really?"

  "Be straight, as long as you can let Dong Wang come down to pick you up." You, my fucking kowtow to you. But if Dong Wang doesn't come, you have to lick Lao Tzu's scorpion clean." Xu Zhiheng said disdainfully.

  What could Lu Chen do? He thought he knew it well. At Jade 36 that day, he still remembered that Lin Yijun asked him to arrange a job for Lu Chen.

  "Okay, then it's settled." Lu Chen smiled, and he took out his mobile phone and called Wang Wei.

  Xu Zhiheng knows nothing about life and death, so he will teach him a lesson. I hope that after giving him a profound lesson this time, he can put all his mind on work instead of wrangling with other people during working hours.

  Since Xu Shuting is optimistic about Xu Zhiheng's work ability, it means that he must also have a few brushes. As the company's big BoSS, of course, I hope that there are more talented people under his hand.

  Of course, as a big BoSS, you also have to have a mind like a sea.

  Even if Xu Zhiheng targeted him in various ways, he just wanted to teach Xu Zhiheng a lesson.

  "Don't pretend, I don't know who you are? Lu Chen, I advise you to lick my shoes clean first. Why waste time." Seeing Lu Chen finished talking, Xu Zhiheng teased Smiled.

  Lu Chen put away the phone and checked the time. It was more than ten minutes after work hours. He couldn't help but said, "By the way, are you afraid of being late for work? Or are you, as executives, free to work?"

  Jing As soon as Lu Chen reminded, Xu Zhiheng remembered that he hadn't clocked in yet, and his expression changed, and said angrily: "Lu Chen, you fucking deliberately made me late, right?"

  www.Yiqi Technology It was Xu Shuting's decision, and even Lu Chen knew that it was quite strict, especially for the people in charge.

  For ordinary employees who are late, one day's wages will be deducted within half an hour, and three days will be deducted directly for more than half an hour.

  If the manager is late, three days' wages will be deducted within half an hour, and five days will be deducted directly after half an hour.

  Xu Zhiheng only mocked Lu Chen, forgetting to go in first to check in.

  He glared at Lu Chen angrily, then strode into the gate to punch in.

  But after this guy punched the card, he ran out to trouble Lu Chen again, which made Lu Chen frown.

  Originally, he reminded Xu Zhiheng to check in, just to give him a chance, because after Wang Wei came down, he didn't want Xu Zhiheng to be too embarrassed.

  Unexpectedly, Xu Zhiheng didn't know what was good or what was wrong. After punching the card, he didn't go to work properly, and he wanted to trouble him. This made him a little unhappy.

  He believes that Xu Zhiheng is certainly capable, but his work attitude is too problematic and he must be punished severely.

  "Lu Chen, you let me be deducted from my salary for three days, did you deliberately, right?" Xu Zhiheng said aggressively after coming out.

  Lu Chen shook his head, and the faint smile on his face disappeared.

  "You asked for all of this. What's my business? It's you who troubled me first, and you want to stop me from chattering and taunting, but I want to ask you if you feel like working at Yiqi Technology. Will you be able to look down on others if you have to be superior?" Lu Chen asked in a deep voice.

  Xu Zhiheng was startled, but he didn't expect that Lu Chen would dare to teach him the other way around, and his lungs almost exploded.

  But just when he was about to get angry, he saw Wang Wei stepping out of the gate quickly. He just took a look and walked over to them.

  "Wang Dong actually came?" Seeing Wang Wei, Xu Zhiheng suppressed the anger in his heart and looked at Lu Chen in surprise. Some could not believe that Lu Chen actually knew Wang Dong.


  Absolutely impossible, this must be a coincidence, or how can this kid, He De, know Dong Wang?

  "Wang Dong, I was late because of this kid. He insisted on rushing into the company. I wasted the time to check in to stop him." Xu Zhiheng thought of his lateness and immediately pushed it all to Lu Chen. Body.

  "Xu Zhiheng, what the hell do you mean? Mr. Lu is my Wang Wei's distinguished guest. You blocked him out to prevent him from entering. Who gave you the courage?" Wang Wei's expression changed and he shouted in a deep voice.

  This is the real big boss of the company. This guy actually blocked the big boss from entering. Isn't this looking for death?


  Xu Zhiheng was shocked. Isn't Lu Chen just a security guard at the gate?

  What qualifications does he have to be Wang Dong's distinguished guest?

  Wang Wei's face sank. Regardless of whether what Wang Wei said is true or not, even if Lu Chen is left aside, as the deputy manager of the company's personnel department, he can't distinguish the priority. This kind of job, which was originally a security, he insists on wasting it. Almost half an hour spent on it, it was also a serious dereliction of duty.

  "I think it would be better for you to transfer to the security department to be a deputy manager." Wang Wei said coldly.

  Xu Zhiheng's face changed, only to realize that he had made another serious mistake. He hated Lu Chen to the extreme in his heart, and his eyes were full of anger when he looked at Lu Chen.

  "You haven't forgotten our gambling agreement." Lu Chen smiled jokingly and reminded Xu Zhiheng.

  Xu Zhiheng's expression turned quite ugly, and if he wanted him to kneel down and apologize to Lu Chen, it would be better to kill him.

  However, he was also considered smart, ignoring Lu Chen, and said to Wang Wei, "Wang Dong, I'm sorry, I will write a review letter and send it to you in a while." As

  he said, he walked to the door sullenly. , How dare you stay and be satirized by Lu Chen.

  However, he was really unwilling.

  Lu Chen is obviously just a security guard, why can he meet Dong Wang?

  He's also Wang Wei's distinguished guest. Would you like to be so cheating?


  Master , what to do with him?" After Xu Zhiheng left, Wang Wei looked at Lu Chen cautiously.

  This is his senior executive who dared to offend the company's big BoSS. He felt that he might be scolded by Lu Chen.

Chapter: 228

  "Let him kneel at the door of the company for a day, kneel all over today, and reflect on it. I believe Xu Shuting's eyesight, Xu Zhiheng must be talented, but his work attitude is really bad." Lu Chen said indifferently.

  He had given Xu Zhiheng a few opportunities before, but Xu Zhiheng not only didn't want it, but also made a profit. What annoyed Lu Chen the most was that Xu Zhiheng did not distinguish between public and private, and the priority was unknown.

  For a little bit of personal affairs, even if it was working time, he didn't care about it, and took care of his personal affairs first. Even if such a person was talented, he would not like Lu Chen.

  The company pays them such a high salary, not for them to deal with insignificant private affairs during working hours.

  For Li's sake, he gave Xu Zhiheng another chance, and the next time, he would definitely let him go.

  "Okay, I see, I'll go find him now." Wang Wei said and walked directly to the personnel department.

  Lu Chen went directly to Wang Wei's office.

  When Wang Wei came to Xu Zhiheng's office, he found that Xu Zhiheng was still sitting at a desk smoking a cigarette with an aggrieved expression. He didn't even go to the smoking area, which made Wang Wei angry.

  Yiqi Technology’s determination is that except for those who are at the manager level or have their own office, they can smoke in the office. Other employees can only smoke in the designated smoking area, and there is also a time limit.

  "Wang Dong."

  "Wang Dong." When

  the people in the personnel department saw Wang Wei personally come to their department, they hurriedly got up to say hello.

  Xu Zhiheng heard everyone's Xu and turned around and saw Wang Weizheng looking at him indifferently, so that the smoke in his hand fell to the ground with a pop of fright.

  "Wang Dong, I..." Xu Zhiheng's face turned pale, but he was caught by Wang Dong and smoked in the office area.

  Wang Wei looked at the mineral water bottle under Xu Zhiheng's desk, half of the bottle of water was full of cigarette butts, and he knew that this kid often smoked here.

  "I want you for two things. The first thing is that you bet with my distinguished guest. If you lose your bet, you must go to the gate and kneel for a day and reflect on your work attitude. The second thing, after coming back to work tomorrow, Write me a good review. I see that your attitude is serious, and then come back to work normally."

  Wang Wei said nonchalantly, "Of course, you can also take the lead, but I can tell with certainty. You, if you don’t go to kneel all day and leave, you are in the entire Yuzhou, or even the entire southwestern region, you don’t want to find a regular job. "


  As soon as Wang Wei spoke, the entire personnel office was boiling.

  Let Xu Zhiheng, their deputy manager, go to the gate and kneel for a day, and if Xu Zhiheng is not convinced, he will still be blocked.

  Xu Zhiheng has offended somebody, and let Dong Wang say this kind of extreme anger?

  Xu Zhiheng's heart trembled. He didn't expect Wang Wei to come to speak for Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen, what level of distinguished guest in Wang Wei's eyes?

  "Wang Dong, I..." Xu Zhiheng hesitated to the extreme and was shocked to the extreme.

  Is it kneeling or not? www. If you

  kneel, your face will be lost. Don't even think about raising your head in the personnel department.

  If he doesn't kneel, he believes that Wang Wei dares to say what to block him, even if he can't do it himself, but the boss behind Yiqi Technology can definitely do it.

  He also knew very well in his heart that in the eyes of the big boss behind the scenes, Wang Wei's position must be far more important than him.

  Otherwise, it is impossible for the boss to directly let Wang Wei be an acting director to help him run the company.

  Moreover, whether it is Wang Wei or Xu Shuting, these two acting directors have certain shares. In his eyes, they are also real shareholders, not just acting directors.

  People like Wang Wei, who have come from the Junyue Group, are already at the level of gangsters, and he dare not provoke them.

  In the end, he weighed again and again. Even if Wang Wei enlarged his bet with Lu Chen, he chose to kneel down and ran to the gate obediently to kneel down, but he didn't dare to buy a pair of knee pads, nor did he dare to personally. When I went out to buy, I didn't have the face to tell Yu Li, at least he didn't dare to tell Yu Li until Li found out about it. It was too shameful.

  So in the end, I had to find a security guard who I was familiar with to help him buy it.

  After Xu Zhiheng went out to kneel at the gate, Wang Wei only walked around the personnel department and found that many mineral water bottles were hidden under the personnel commissioner's desk, and there were some cigarette butts in the bottles.

  These bastards have only been to work for dozens of minutes today, and many of them can't even smoke a cigarette.

  Is it true that even the smell of air purifiers contains a strong smell of smoke. What do people think about it?

  People just think this company is too bad.

  He smokes himself, but when he is in the office, he does not exceed three cigarettes a day at most, and he smokes one occasionally when he is addicted to flowers and he is busy.

  When all the personnel commissioners saw Wang Wei's eyes, they all felt annoyed, because the people who smoked, they basically smoked here, and they all prepared bottles with cigarette butts.

  Wang Wei didn't say anything, and walked directly to the personnel manager's office.

  He knocked on the door, and when he heard the call inside, he opened the door and walked in.

  "Wang, Dong Wang." Tang Dalong, the manager of the personnel department, was working on the documents, and Wang Wei walked in with a gloomy expression, suddenly feeling a little anxious in his heart.

  Wang Dong usually doesn't come to their personnel department.

  "Tang Dalong, what kind of ghost did you bring to me in the personnel department? Go out and show it to me!" Wang Wei didn't give Tang Dalong a bit of face, and slapped him on his desk. Shouted in a deep voice.

  Tang Dalong was taken aback. He was stunned before he saw Wang Wei getting angry.

  "You yourself can write me a review book." Wang Wei snorted and turned and left Tang Dalong's office.

  Tang Dalong didn't come back to his senses until Wang Wei left the personnel department. He immediately thought that Xu Zhiheng and others might have been caught smoking.

  Both he and Xu Zhiheng came back from studying in the same university. Although the relationship was normal before, he thought it was an alumnus after all. Seeing Xu Zhiheng often smokes in the office area, he did not care. He did not expect other personnel commissioners to see Xu Zhiheng himself. After I smoked, I also smoked.

  Although he often said hello to the personnel commissioners not to smoke here, as long as Xu Zhiheng smokes here one day, there will definitely be personnel commissioners following.

  However, Wang Wei was angry at him just now, but he was relieved because he could finally manage this matter plainly, even Xu Zhiheng, he no longer gave face.

  "Where is Deputy Manager Xu?" Tang Dalong came out and saw that everyone was there, but Xu Zhiheng was not there and couldn't help asking.

  "Mr. Wang just asked him to kneel at the gate for a day." Someone said.

  "Ah? What's the matter?" Tang Dalong was startled. He knelt for a day, but he directly reduced his dignity. What wrong did Xu Zhiheng make? Even if you make a mistake and leave, there is no need to kneel for a day and be embarrassed.

  "I heard that he bet with Wang Dong's distinguished guests and lost, and then Wang Dong came and asked him to fulfill the bet." A personnel commissioner said.

  Tang Dalong was startled.

  Wang Dong's distinguished guest?

  What level of boss is Wang Dong's distinguished guest?

  If you have time, you have to ask Xu Zhiheng to ask, if you accidentally offend Wang Dong's distinguished guest, then the game is over.

Chapter: 229

  When Lu Chen came out of Wang Wei's office, he saw Xu Zhiheng really kneeling at the gate. He didn't look down on Xu Zhiheng in his heart. He just felt that this guy was really a person.

  If you can afford it, you can put it down, you can definitely endure this humiliation.

  Kneeling at the gate of the company for a day, this is not something that everyone can do, and not everything can make this determination.

  but Lu Chen can feel his unwillingness and dissatisfaction in Xu Zhiheng's eyes.

  "Lu Chen, I'm sorry, I apologize to you for my recklessness before, and please don't be familiar with me." Seeing Lu Chen come down, Xu Zhiheng got up and went to apologize to Lu Chen.

  What is a momentary humiliation?

  He Xu Zhiheng is a person to do great things. He believes that with his ability, he will one day replace Tang Dalong and become the manager of the personnel department of Yiqi Technology, and then he will have more opportunities to meet the big boss behind the company.

  He believes that one day, he will definitely be reused by the big boss behind the company, but at that time, he will not only find Lu Chen to avenge today's revenge, but also step on Wang Wei!

  For that day, he can choose to endure the humiliation of kneeling at the door of the company, otherwise, even if Wang Wei does not block him, he will lose the opportunity for revenge.

  "Don't worry, as long as you kneel down tonight, I won't care about you anymore." Lu Chen said indifferently, and walked to his car.

  He certainly did not believe that Xu Zhiheng apologized to him sincerely, but whether Xu Zhiheng apologized or not, this was Xu Zhiheng's last chance.

  If he still has this working attitude in the future, Lu Chen will definitely let him go.

  "Wang Ba Dan, you wait for me. One day, I will let you kneel down and beg me!" Xu Zhiheng said angrily, and went back to the gate and knelt down again.

  But when he knelt down, he saw Lu Chen walk up to a luxury car, took out the luxury car key and sat in.

  "That car is his? He can afford a luxury car of millions?"

  Xu Zhiheng's eyes widened, and he stared blankly at Lu Chen driving Shi Danwei away from the Junyue Building. He felt even more uncomfortable than a dog.


  Today is the day to move. Lu Chen does not have many friends. He just called Du Fei, Water Margin Sanjie, Xia Jun, Wang Wei, Xu Shuting and other company executives. Of course, Chen Guangxing notified him, but he didn’t. It's his own business to come.

  Chen Guangxing has never contacted him since the last time the donation matter pitted the four major leaders.

  As for Xie Weihao and other big guys in the city, he didn't say anything. After all, there were mixed guests today, and it was not good for Xie Weihao and others to come.

  Because he knew that Wang Xue would definitely notify many people to come.

  There is also Lin Dahai, he himself has many friends, and he will definitely call them to come.

  But what surprised Lu Chen was that Lin Dahai had only called Huang Youjun a friend.

  In fact, after Lin Dahai informed Lei Mingchao and Yu Zhengtao that it was Lu Chen bought the house, they suddenly lost interest.

  The two old men still had a lot of opinions on Lu Chen, so after hearing that Lu Chen was about to move, it was of course impossible to join him.

  When Huang Youjun came, Lu Chen personally went out to fetch him in. It was shocked to see that Lu Chen's new home turned out to be a mansion in Nuo Da, a master like Huang Youjun.

  He knew that Lu Chen was not in the pool. He didn't expect Lu Chen to be more successful than he thought.

  A mansion worth hundreds of millions of dollars is not something that ordinary rich people can afford.

  At this time at the foot of Maanshan.

  "What is Lin Dahai doing? He even asked us to wait here. Isn't he going to drive us to pick us up?" Tang Qingshan said uncomfortably.

  They drove here, called Lin Dahai, and asked them where is Lu Chen’s new home. Lin Dahai actually asked them to wait here. Isn’t this playing them?

  "A group of villas have been built on Ma'anshan. He wouldn't think that his son-in-law bought the villas here." An old man laughed.

  They all knew who Lu Chen was, and of course they didn't believe that Lu Chen could afford a house here.

  The reason why the old man said so was just a joke.

  "If that kid can afford a villa here, my son will have to buy a villa in the capital." Tang Qingshan laughed.

  He has been aggrieved that Lu Chen snatched Lin Yijun from his son.

  Lin Yijun is a real beauty. If his son marries a wife like Lin Yijun, he will feel that his face will be bright when he goes out.

  "Yeah, Dalong is now a millionaire with an annual salary. The kid Lu Chen heard that he is only working as a security guard in a small company. Even Dalong can't afford a villa here. What kind of green onion is he? "An old man who wanted to curry favor with Tang Qingshan attached.

  Although Tang Dalong was so touted by his father, although he felt very comfortable in his heart, he was still a bit embarrassed in face.

  "By the way, Dalong nephew, your company is still unable to recruit people, or else you can take my kid to your company." The old man looked at Tang Dalong and said.

  "And that kid in my family, who has nothing to do all day, will be a waste if he doesn't go to work, Dalong nephew, please help him arrange a job in your company." Another old man also said.

  Tang Dalong was a little embarrassed. He also knew that the two people talked about. As for the two idle messengers, he is the company's personnel manager. Of course there is no problem in arranging them an ordinary job.

  However, Yiqi Technology’s recruitment standards must be passed through virtues. He arranged for two people to get in. Didn’t it hurt him?

  If those two guys changed their evil and returned to work, it would be okay to say, if one day they stabbed him with something, how would he deal with it?

  "Two uncles, our company is indeed hiring people, but they have to apply for the job themselves." Tang Dalong said.

  Anyway, ordinary employees don't bother much. Ordinary employees are mainly interviewed by Xu Zhiheng. If the two guys can pass Xu Zhiheng's level, even if they are capable.

  The two old men were a little unhappy, but now Tang Dalong is indeed better than any of them, and they are not easy to offend.

  "Datang, aren't you the manager of the personnel department? What's the postponement of this small matter? Just arrange it." Tang Qingshan felt that his son was a little embarrassed for himself. Seeing several old partners all look unhappy, he suddenly Just interrupted.

  Tang Dalong sighed and gave a wry smile. Just as he was about to say something, he saw a bus stop at their door.

  "Excuse me, are you the guests invited by Lin Dahai?" the driver asked.

  Tang Qingshan and the others were startled, Lin Dahai actually arranged a car to pick them up?

  The most important thing is that they have a car that they drove. What the hell is Lin Dahai doing to let the car come to pick them up?

  "Yes, you can lead the way, we have a car." Tang Qingshan said with some discomfort, he felt that Lin Dahai had deliberately pretended to be in front of them.

  Isn't it a joke to have a bus to pick them up?

  "Get in the car, your car can't get in." The driver saw that it was the person he was going to pick up, looked at the two ordinary domestic cars next to him, and said in contempt.

  "Can't we enter? Excuse me, what kind of community can't let guests in yet?" Tang Qingshan laughed angrily.

  Others also looked at the driver one after another, feeling that the driver, like Lin Dahai, was very unreliable.

Chapter: 230

  Tang Qingshan and others didn't believe the driver, but when he heard what the driver said, Tang Dalong was startled.

  Because when he was at the company, he had heard Wang Wei say that the Jinglong Lake villa area on Ma'anshan could not enter except for residents.

  At that time, Wang Wei and others also said that in the future, whoever bought a villa in Jinglong Lake would have to go to the hotel when he moved and set up a drink. If he wanted others to visit his villa, he would have to come and pick him up one by one at the gate.

  The best way is to let all the guests have dinner in the hotel, and then let the villa bus to pick them up together.

  Isn't Lu Chen a security guard?

  Even if Lin Yijun is a manager, he is only a small company. How much salary can he get?

  Even his senior manager with an annual salary of one million can not afford a villa here.

  As for the Lin Dahai family, not to mention, Lin Dahai’s job is to study antiques, which sounds like very high, but the monthly salary is only 10,000 yuan, and Wang Xue is not much better, let alone buying a villa. Now, changing ordinary new books is a bit hard.

  Although Tang Dalong no longer has anything to say about Lu Chen, he was still shocked to think that Lu Chen might have bought the villa here.

  If Lu Chen really bought the villa here, then he would have nothing to show off in front of Lu Chen.

  "Let's go, it's up to you." Tang Dalong was in a bad mood and got on the bus first.

  Seeing that his son got on the bus, Tang Qingshan only got on the bus. Of course, the others only got on the bus.

  Just got on the bus and watched the bus drive all the way to Ma'anshan, everyone was filled with doubts.

  The son-in-law of Lin Dahai didn't really buy a villa in Jinglong Lake, right?

  However, as soon as this thought came up, Tang Dalong and the others immediately shook their heads.

  This is simply impossible.

  With doubts, everyone went up the mountain all the way, and as they walked, they found that something was getting worse.

  Because the driver's direction turned out to be the direction to the Jinglong Lake villa area.

  "Lao Tang, besides Jinglong Lake Villa District, are there other housing estates along this road?" an old man asked Tang Qingshan.

  Tang Qingshan shook his head, his face sinking like water.

  He already had a bad feeling in his heart, because there was only Jinglonghu Community in the past.

  However, apart from Jinglonghu Community, go further in and after reaching the top of the mountain, it is the science and technology park built by Yiqi Technology.

  Not to mention the Science Park, it's still being built there.

  "Si Fu, did you pick up the wrong person? How do I think you went to the Jinglong Lake villa area?" Tang Qingshan asked suspiciously.

  "Fuck!" The driver slammed the car to a stop, and everyone in the car was almost thrown out of their seats.

  "You got the wrong person? Why didn't you say it earlier?" The driver was quite angry. This was a task assigned from above. If he messed up, it would be strange not to be scolded.

  "No, the driver, did you go to the Jinglong Lake villa area?" Tang Dalong asked.

  "Yes. Didn't you go to Jinglong Lake to have moving wine?" Seeing Tang Dalong's attitude, the driver calmed down.

  "We..." Tang Dalong hesitated and asked, "Driver, what is the name or name of the person you want to pick up, do you know?"

  "Tang Qingshan, Tang Dalong, etc., are you?" the driver asked.

  Everyone's expressions changed. They really picked them up. The house that Lu Chen bought was a villa in Jinglong Lake?

  Everyone look at me, I look at you. The expression on his face is quite wonderful.

  "Driver, let's go, it's us. I was embarrassed just now." Tang Dalong took a deep breath and said apologetically.

  The driver also breathed a sigh of relief. As long as he doesn't pick up the wrong person, these people are all relatives and friends of Lu Shao. Although they look a bit poor, they are not bad for Lu Shao.

  "Do you know how luxurious Lu Shao's villa is? The decoration cost nearly 50 million. You can buy an ordinary villa here just for the decoration fee." In order to ease the relationship between everyone, the driver took the initiative to find a topic.

  "What? The decoration alone cost nearly 50 million. What kind of stuff does he pretend?" Someone exclaimed, shocked to the extreme.

  Let alone buying a villa, they won’t even earn money for renovation in ten lifetimes.

  Tang Qingshan and others also looked stiff, the gap is too big.

  The duplex house in his family is also a few million smaller, and they are all borrowed from the richest man. What kind of shit luck is Lu Chen, who is so rich?

  "Si, driver, is Lu Chen's villa the best mansion? I heard that that mansion is not for sale. Even if it is sold, it will cost more than 100 million yuan." Tang Dalong took a deep breath and asked.

  "Definitely, who is Lu Shao? That's a real big man. Of course, you have to keep the best suite for yourself." The driver was originally from the Grand Hyatt Group, so he knew a lot of inside information.

  Others did not hear what the driver meant, but Tang Dalong was shocked. The implication of the driver’s words was that the entire Jinglong Lake villa area belonged to Lu Chen’s family, and Lu Chen just kept the best set. Live by myself.

  "He, who is he?" Tang Dalong trembled slightly, and for the first time he realized that the gap between him and Lu Chen was so big.

  This is a height he can't reach for a lifetime of struggle.

  Just after everyone was shocked, the bus finally drove into the Jinglong Lake villa area. After entering the gate, they looked at the mansions and the greenery surrounding the mansions. Everyone was emotional.

  This is the place where people who really enjoy it live.

  This is the mansion that real big people are qualified to live in.

  "The biggest one in front is Lu Shao's mansion. It covers an area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters and is like a small castle." The driver pointed to the large mansion that appeared in his sight.

  Everyone craned their necks and watched when they heard the words. From a distance, the mansion was indeed no different from a castle.

  And they can still see outside the mansion, a few security guards are patrolling, don't say that they have seen this treatment, before today, they had never seen it.

  "The decoration inside is even more luxurious. Except there is no football field, all other sports venues are available, and they are all built in accordance with international standards. For entertainment, there are wine rooms, karaoke rooms, artificial hot springs, and natural The main lake of Jinglong Lake and so on. By the way, there are also a lot of antique collections, famous master paintings, jewellery and diamonds that have been auctioned off. It is simply not what ordinary people would dare to imagine.” The driver looked shocked when everyone saw it. The more you talk, the more energy.

  Lu Chen was renovating this mansion, he was one of the security guards on duty, so he knew all about the decoration inside.