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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 801-810

Chapter: 801

"Dad, why did you call me? It's okay, just three people died. I can solve it!" Song Tianhao said

when he called. Think-free-fee-watch-end-full-version please Baidu search-pin=book=net

"Song Tianhao, did you do what she did to Laozi?" The voice was angry!

"Dad? Why are you scolding me?" Song Tianhao was speechless.

"Lao Tzu still want to hit you? How come I gave birth to you as a booby shit? People have come

to the door and want to buy Lao Tzu's company!!!"

"Dad, are you kidding me?" Song Tianhao fell into shock. His eyes were as big as eggs, his eyes

were moving, and he was staring at Chuck.

"Husband, what did Dad say?" Seeing her husband's face shocked, did Ma Fang think something

was wrong? ?

"Stinky boy, am I kidding you?"

"Dad, even if someone buys our company, you don't have to do this, we just don't sell it." Song

Tianhao muttered.

"Don't sell it? The people here come to know all the things of our two grandfathers, and any one

can kill us, would you dare not sell it?"

"Ah? Dad, are you telling the truth?" Song Tianhao was shocked!

"I don't have time to joke with you, you quickly lose money to others!!"

Song Tianhao's chin was all startled, "Dad, did you buy our company, Chuck?"

"Do you still know it? Don't hurry to apologize to others? Did you get killed? Come back and see

if I don't kill you!!"

Song Tianhao's face was dull!

"Husband, what's wrong?" Ma Fang felt more and more bad.

"He, he really is the boss here, he, let people buy our company." Song Tianhao instantaneously

complicated to the extreme!

This has the handle, in Chuck's hands!

"What? Chuck is really rich?" Ma Fang fell into horror.

Why? ?

When Chuck was studying, he was so poor, how could there be so much money?

Or was Chuck originally a rich second generation, just pretending when he was studying?


"Wow, he really bought Song Tianhao's dad's company, it's amazing!!"

"I want to follow him like this boss later!"

The onlookers were excited!

The dead have lost so much money, so what are they worried about!

"Chuck, you left our house, I'm sorry, I..." Song Tianhao felt Huanglian in his throat, which was

extremely bitter.

"I let you go, just bought your house, oh, yes, forgot to tell you, and then be careful in doing

business, I will let people stare at you..." Chuck said with a shrug.

Song Tianhao was shocked, "No,"

"Hurry up to lose money, otherwise you will be uncomfortable and let your family have

something to do,"

Song Tianhao was shocked, "Go, bring six million cash!"

"Husband!!" Ma Fang was at a loss.


Song Tianhao slapped her face with a slap.

Ma Fang's beautiful face was red and swollen, Ma Fang covered her cheek, "Her husband, you

beat me..."

"Not yet? Go and rub it again, and see if I don't kick you!" Song Tianhao was going to fight.

Ma Fang was terrified, ran to Che Li and drove to get money.

"Chuck, please wait a moment, the money will arrive soon, I hope you let go, please!" What can

Song Tianhao say?

Begging hard!

"You're honestly losing money, it's not over? It's so hard to trouble, do you see?"

Song Tianhao is full of regret, alas, alas! !

It turns out that I am the worst! !

Only in this world, there is no regret to take medicine.

Yolanda sent people to send money, Ma Fang also drove to bring money, each four million!

The workers burst into tears and finally followed a good boss!

It was settled, and the construction site was suspended for one day today and continued


Song Tianhao was frustrated, he slumped into his car, Ma Fang ran over in small steps, and gave

Chuck a note, "Chuck, in fact, when I was studying, I silently noticed you, just buried in my

heart. Never said, I like you, this is my WeChat, you can contact me at any time, anytime..."

What Ma Fang said was obvious, even if she is taken to open the house now, there will be no


"Not yet?" Song Tianhao called over there.

"What are you doing so loud? Noisy." Ma Fang sneered coldly and was gentle on Chuck,

"Chuck, remember to add me on WeChat, as long as you send it, I will be free at any time..."

Ma Fang passed impatiently.

Chuck glanced at the note in his hand and threw it in the trash.

As Ma Fang said, when you study, you like yourself? How could Chuck believe it?

As for the beautiful Ma Fang, her figure is very good, much better than the average Chinese


But Chuck is disappointed! A woman who has been played by Song Tianhao, will Chuck

want? ?

Chuck was not hungry to this point.

Yolanda heard Ma Fang's words, such an active Ma Fang, most people can not resist it, Chuck

was unimpressed.

Yolanda was smiling.

"What did you say to Chuck just now?" Song Tianhao said coldly.

"Nothing." Ma Fang was indifferent.

"Nothing? Do you think I'm stupid?"

"Do you think that you don't know yourself, Chuck has more money than you, don't you know?"

"You, you want to betray me?" Song Tianhao was furious.

"Betrayal? I don't like you, how can you betray?" Ma Fang sneered. "People walk up high! I met

Chuck again, it was fate given by God, I want to catch..."


Song Tianhao slapped her, Ma Fang tore with him angrily,

The matter on the construction site was resolved, and Chuck and Yolanda said seriously, "I may

have to go out for a while!"

"Do you want to go out again? Go to the rice country?" Yolanda's heart was subconsciously sad.

This is just a few days back!

"It's not to go to the United States, just to China, to train yourself in a place."

"How long?"

"I don't know. It may be 15 days soon. Slow, it may take more than a month. At this time, it is

still the same as when I go to the United States. You don't need to notify me of everything.

You're in charge."

"Relax, go for it!"

Chuck is indeed at ease, this time go to the place where the mother said, come back as soon as


Chuck also knew that when Mom mentioned this thing at this time, she obviously felt that You

Shiwen's revenge was about to begin.

Chuck drove away, Yolanda sighed sadly and lost his soul. "Be careful, I will work hard and

wait for you to come back."


"Chuck, are you going out again?" Murong Qing lay in Chuck's arms.

Only a few days, Murong Qing was reluctant.

"Well, you know what is happening to me now. I have to improve my strength," Chuck didn't

want to leave either, but he left because of a better future.

"I support you." Murong Qing was reluctant to help, and Chuck came back this time to change.

This commitment gave her a source of security.

"I wait for you to come back!" Murong Qing said.

Chapter: 802

Chuck spent a day with Murong Qing.

Leaving the next day, went to find Zelda, and Zelda still did nothing, chat all night!

The third day!

Chuck told Betty that she could go.

Liu Na called over there and reported the progress. Chuck directly told her to find Yolanda.

Yolanda's ability, coupled with Liu Na's ability, will surprise himself when he returns!

When you come back and have the strength, then when you build your own business empire, you

don't have much worry.

However, Betty said that she was dragged down by something and sent Chuck an address and

asked Chuck to go there and wait for Betty.

Chuck must be fine.

He is not a child.

You can go by yourself! !

Simply packing up, Chuck went to Bettyfa's address, which is also on the edge of China. It can

be said that they are very close to going abroad.

Take a flight and take a look at the place.

There are also some foreigners outside, and Chuck is not here to come and play. Take a taxi

when you come out. Just find a place to live first and wait for Betty to come over! !

Chuck put away his luggage and went out to find a place to eat. When doing nothing, he

suddenly saw someone watching.

Chuck was too lazy to pass, but ah, seeing someone lying on the ground, Chuck knew that

someone had an accident.

Looking closer, I found an old man lying on the ground, this was a fall, his head was bleeding,

he could not get up.

Many people watched, but no one dared to help.

When Chuck came to nothing, he squeezed it in, and it seemed to move his heart! Everyone is


"Trouble, let me take the old man to the hospital."

Chuck picked up the old man and squeezed it out of the crowd.

The onlookers were surprised and shook their heads one after another.

"Ah, the young people are so brave."

"Isn't it, in case of being wronged? This guy has a good heart, but something may be wrong!"

Everyone can see that the old man has fallen into a coma, so he went to the hospital in this way,

what if he died halfway? This can't be killed?

They shook their heads and sighed!

Seeing that there are no taxis nearby, Chuck is willing to stop. Can't he carry the elderly to the


Chuck's physical fitness can be, but this old man can't bear the bumps caused by Chuck's

running, right? ?

Just seeing a BMW car, Chuck can only run over here with the old man in his arms, thinking that

they are all men, Huaxia people, will they always help? The big deal is to pay.

"Hey, this old man fell down, take me to the hospital, I give..."

"Fool, go away!"

The BMW owner scolded, "I want to drag myself if I want to die? What if the old man dies in

my car? Get away!"

"Send me trouble, I will give money!" Chuck was speechless.

"Rich? Haha! Wouldn't it be in the black bag in your hand?" The BMW owner smiled.

Chuck just ate something, but the black bag was packed, but he didn't finish it.


"Please, go into trouble yourself, solve it yourself, don't pull us, the money we just said was

intentionally said? Want to pull us into the water? Don't worry about it without strength!" The

BMW owner eased his face.

He saw it just now, but he dared not come.

Chuck looked at the old man in his arms full of pain and could not delay it any longer. He took

out 10,000 cash and shook it a few times by the side of the road, and finally some taxis stopped.

Chuck took the old man and sat in, "Go to the nearest hospital!"

The driver brother looked at Chuck and the unconscious old man and said suspiciously, "Boy, is


After all, they look different!

"I helped by the road!" Chuck said.

The driver's brother was shocked. He gave a thumbs-up to Chuck, but at the same time expressed

sympathy, he sighed, "Young man, be careful not to repay!"

Fortunately, the driver's brother immediately sent Chuck to the nearest hospital.

Chuck yelled for a while and said to open the most expensive ward, ask the best doctor for first aid, a nurse pushed the sick car over, and then Chuck paid money to pay seven or eighty

thousand, not much, at least this old man Able to survive.

It's a good thing.

He sat outside the rescue room and waited. Fortunately, it was delivered in time, and the old man

came out of the rescue room.

But still in a coma, the hospital has contacted the family of the elderly, Chuck can wait to see,

thinking about going back to bed,

After a while, a temperament woman in her early thirties came running anxiously on high heels,

came to see Chuck and said, "Okay, send my father over! To express my gratitude! Please be

sure to accept this under!"

She said she let go, took out a card from the delicate bag, and handed it over with both hands.

Chuck shook his head, "No need, just a trifle!"

Chuck moved his heart of humiliation, not for money. Besides, this little money has no appeal to

Chuck now.

Chuck will continue to wait for Betty to come over!

The woman's brow furrowed. She didn't want Chuck, but she denied it in her heart. She didn't

want money. ?

"Slow down, can't go!" A man came coldly.

The aura is not ordinary, and it is actually a master of fighting. Chuck whispered in his heart.

Mom has been here before, indicating that this place is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and it

is true.

"Why?" Chuck asked.

"My grandpa hasn't awakened yet, and things haven't been figured out yet, so I can't go?" The man's tone was unquestionable, and he was instructing Chuck.

Chuck frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing, when my grandfather wakes up, what should I do! I'm grateful, there won't be any less,

and the person in charge can't run away!" The man and the woman said nothing.

The woman glanced at Chuck for a few moments without saying much. When she went to the

ward, everything was dominated by men.

Chuck was stared at by this man, afraid that Chuck would run away.

Chuck was upset and clearly did something good. Is this the kind of treatment? Chuck regrets

moving her heart.

Isn't it good to go shopping and sleep by yourself? ?

"What's your name?" the man asked coldly.

Chuck shrugged, "What's the matter? Let go!"

"Huh, before things get clear, want to go?" The man sneered, his eyes cold.

"What if I want to go?" Chuck's eyes chilled. Chuck regretted doing this for the first time.

"This is terrible!! If I let it stay, I have to stay, let it go before I can go!" The man stepped closer.

Chuck shrugged, not changing his face, "Want to fight me?"

"No, I'm not qualified to fight with me! Obediently stay! Don't force me to do it!" The man

disdained, Chuck like this, is a college student, he can hit one hundred.

"Don't force me to do it!" Chuck was angry! !

Chapter: 803

Chuck has never committed me, I am not committed! !

I have moved my heart this time, and kindly saved a person, I did not expect this treatment!

Chuck is angry! !

"Huh, boy, I advise you to be smarter! Fight with me and let you die in minutes!!!" The man


He is full of gas, but a master of fighting!

The Chuck in front of him is really not qualified to let him do it! !

Chuck eyes cold!

The two of them are struggling!

Instantly! !

"Fine, Wang Kang! Grandpa woke up!" The woman who had just entered the ward came out.

"Is Grandpa hitting him?" the man asked with an unhappy expression.

"No, Grandpa said he fell." The woman shook her head and looked at Chuck again.

She had such a little accident, Chuck actually saved her grandfather, and did not give money,

now there are few such men? ?

The man hummed, "You deal with him, just send him some money and leave."

After he finished speaking, he entered the ward and didn't say much about the misunderstanding

just now.

In his view, Chuck was simply not qualified to let him explain more, even if a word was not


"My brother misunderstood what happened just now. Sorry, my name is Liu Li. You should take

away this money!" Liu Li still took out the card just now.

"I'm sorry? I saved someone, but you raked it first?" Chuck said coldly.

He is angry today! Regret and talk too much!

"What do you want?" Liu Li frowned, and her tone dropped a bit.

"What do you think I want? I saved people, is this your attitude?"

Liu Li's pretty face cooled down, "Then I'm not asking you, what do you want? Not enough?"

"Your so-called remuneration, or just give yourself, I don't need it!" Chuck left, stayed again,

Chuck will slap her a few times!

Liu Li's face is ugly. At this place, no man dared to speak to her like this, don't even forget,

something that is not interesting!

She entered the ward and her grandfather was asleep again.

"What about the kid just now? How much did you pay him?" the man asked.

"He didn't want it."

"Pretend! Haven't you wanted it yet?" The man smiled disdainfully, "Forget it, such a person,

don't worry about it, yes, Wumen recruits, how many people do you recommend?"

"No!" Liu Li was worried.

"Don't the master let us recruit a few potential combatants?" The man was speechless. "Yeah,

now the young people are just like the kid who just wrote the pen. It's really difficult to find a

few disciples. of,"

"It can only be done as much as possible," Liu Li had no choice but what to do?

Now that young people are so poor in physical fitness, they are struggling with anti-bag rice.

How can they find out the seedlings for learning to fight? It's impossible!

"Yeah, isn't there a job fair tomorrow? Let's see how many people are on the scene. If there

aren't, then we can only find a few trash from the scene." The man was speechless!

What are the physical qualities of garbage now?

Liu Li agreed that this was the only way.

Chuck went to eat a fast food and went to the hotel to sleep. In the middle of the night, he

received a call from Betty.

"Master, tomorrow you go to the Black Night Farm, there is a recruitment fair for the selection of

Wumen over there. If you are advanced to Wumen, then let me tell you that the masters of

fighting in Wumen are like clouds. "

"Sister Li, I know." Chuck was stuck.

The higher the number of hands, the more low-key, because a very simple reason, why do you go

to Wumen? ?

In order to learn a lot of fighting skills!

More exercise opportunities are not to reveal your own strength. Real masters are dismissive of

revealing their strength.

"Master, in Wumen, there are several powerful teachers. These are traditional Chinese combat

teachers. They all show killing skills! President Li suggested that you recognize Qiushui as a

teacher. President Li said that this Qiushui teacher’s fighting talent is very talented. Gao! She has

been specializing in this area, so it’s best to follow her for a few days! But, let’s go to Wumen

tomorrow and say again."

Betty said a lot in detail.

Chuck listened all in, went to Wumen, and looked for Teacher Qiushui.

"I know everything."

"That's good, young master, go to bed early and good night,"

"Well, good night!" Chuck shrugged, hung up and fell asleep.

Betty murmured to herself, "Good night..."

The next morning, Chuck took a car to what Black Li said.

At the scene, there are still a lot of luxury cars. This is obvious. Many rich second generations

need to fight by themselves, so they will be much safer.

This is actually an enrollment, but you need to be proficient in assessment and how to assess it.

Chuck shrugged and went straight in.

There were many people on the scene, there were many men and many women. In fact, women

who would fight were super good in shape. The women on the scene were all in perfect shape.

Chuck was waiting at the scene. Many people were bragging about how powerful they were.

Chuck sneered. He had to talk to his mother. Only low-key, low-key, you can learn more.

"Hush, that beautiful woman is in good shape,"

"Of course, fighting, surely exercise, can you be in good shape?"

"Hey, I saw another hanging wire coming. I just walked and saw him coming by car. There is no

car, and there is a face here..."

Many people were discussing, Chuck was speechless, and he was actually being discussed.

"Quiet, quiet!"

There was someone at the scene, yesterday was Liu Li, and her brother Liu Ge.

The two of them are dissatisfied with the people who are coming now, and they seem to be some

trash with little strength.

"Alas, only a few of these garbage are better." Liu Ge was helpless. "Everyone is standing, let's

go to Wumen's assessment!!"

Chuck frowned, was it they?

The enemy is narrow! !

Chapter: 804

"What is the entrance exam? First! Physical strength! Second, endurance, third, reaction!"

Liu Ge's voice is loud!

He deserves to be a master of fighting, and his voice came out, and there was no sound at the

scene! !

"It's so loud and full of energy!"

"It really deserves to be a master of Wumen!!"

Someone at the scene was amazed!

The aura is very important. In a word, the scene is silent, and no one can do


Many rich second generations on the scene, they are quiet.

How to say, they came here to improve themselves and learn to fight. Now they must not offend

the examiner!

Chuck shrugged.

physical strength!



These are really one of the most basic criteria for learning to fight. Chuck knows it all!

At that time, long-distance running, I suggested three hours a day, and now the special metal ring

on Chuck's finger still weighs 20 kilograms! !

In other words, Chuck is training anytime, anywhere, he didn't take it to sleep, and has been

wearing it until now!

Chuck's stamina, physical strength is nothing to say!

I'm used to carrying tens of kilograms on my body!

Chuck also thought about when to add another 20 kilograms to his body! !


This is the basic quality of human beings. Chuck's fighting talent is very different, not to mention

the responsiveness.

However, my mother said, do things in a low-key manner, Chuckhui will remember!

It is enough to be able to enter this Wumen, so Chuck intends to suppress his strength! !

"So, there is no need to talk nonsense, and I am too lazy to score three assessments, one time is

enough. If anyone can stand under my students for a minute, they can enter Wumen! White

Wolf, it's up to you!" Liu Ge While talking, a burly man came up!

A fierce face!

People who came here looked at each other.

Liu Ge, Liu Li had already sat down with little interest and talked to each other. How many of

them could be qualified through consultation?

Look at Liu Ge, up to five people!

It's too bad!

"No way, the physical quality of the young people is so bad now, how was it like when we

were?" Liu Li was speechless and she was also a master of fighting.

With her eyes, she swept away, and no one could let her see in her eyes.

There is no way.

"Are she all stunned? What did you do?" Liu Ge was angry!

"What, one minute? It's too small to look at us, I'll come first!" A young man with red hair came

on the shoulder with disdain!

But he didn't finish a word, and the white wolf looked indifferently, his fists burst out! !


The red-haired young man screamed, fell five meters, and passed out on the ground.

This time, everyone was shocked!

One person flies with one punch!

"Don't come in this kind of garbage, waste my time, well, next!" White wolf clasped his hands

with both hands.

No one dared to do it.

Some of them have learned fighting, but they are not as powerful as this white wolf!

I can't even carry a fist, I can imagine how heavy this fist is! !

Chuck thoughtfully!

In his view, this Wumen's attack is so different from his mother, Logan's teaching!

It seems that my mother introduced it well, this place can learn something!

Then Chuck must go in!

"Is it all rubbish? No one dared to go?" said the white wolf.

Chuck looked at the left and looked again. When he wanted to play, someone went up and was a

young man with muscles.

"I'm coming!" Young man he solemnly attacked first!

The white wolf is indifferent, "Trash!"


The young man was overwhelmed and was already hit with a punch! Like the red-haired young

man just now, he fell to the ground and vomited blood and died.

"Ah, it's terrifying. Why is Wumen's assessment so strict? Who can enter! We can't enter!"

"Yeah, no one of us can take this punch!"

These people panicked, but there was no other way. The white wolf was so strong that no one on

the scene could pass the assessment!

"What kind of garbage is it? It doesn't take a minute, one punch, who can resist the white wolf

without a punch, who can enter Wumen!" Liu Ge was extremely angry!

He has presided over the assessment for so many years, and has never seen such a young man on

the scene who is not bloody? ?

Still nobody moved.

Chuck shrugged, forget it, he got better.

"I'm coming!!" Chuck strode forward!

"This kid is not afraid of death? Slap his face to be fat?"

"Sure, look at him like this, don't say a punch, even half a punch can't stand it! People, the most

terrible thing is that there is no self-knowledge! Give up this kind of strength and forget it, what


"He wants to die, what's the matter with us? There are more such pens, can't it consume White

Wolf's physical strength? When we get on, hehe..."

"High! I hope this pen will not let us down!"

They argued that Chuck felt bad.

"It's him?" Liu Li was stunned.

The man who saved his grandfather yesterday, did he actually want to enter Wumen?

"This rubbish!" Liu Ge laughed and laughed, Chuck was rubbish in his eyes, "With the strength

of the white wolf, it is enough to use 30% of the force!"

"Almost!" Liu Li is not optimistic about Chuck, even she hates Chuck.

Yesterday, Chuck was so rude to her, just give it away and you can just pretend, what pretend? ?

Chuck stepped forward step by step, and the white wolf shook his head indifferently, "One



He fists out!

Punch Chuck with one punch!

"I guess he will fly out ten meters!"

"I feel more than that, there is no self-aware person, I think he will be beaten to death!"

Everyone else is watching a good show and thinks it is impossible for Chuck to take the punch.

Chapter: 805

No one was optimistic about Chuck!

The white wolf is burly, and Chuck looks much weaker. This gap in physical quality can already

be destined to the result of this punch! !

Absolute punch, flying blood is normal!

Faced with this punch, Chuck's eyes were cold. The power of this punch is still great!

Chuck does not deny it! !

However, Chuck's current physical fitness, with one punch, has no problem at all.

But Chuck did not plan to do so!


The white wolf came with an amazing punch!

When Chuck is about to hit, Chuck dodges! !

The white wolf punched the air! !

After three seconds of silence, there was an uproar! ?

"This kid actually hides? I'm going, isn't it a foul?"

"I said how dare this kid go, I didn't even think about hard connection."

"On his body, it's not hard to die!"

The white wolf's eyes narrowed!

Liu Ge, Liu Li was so amazed.

"This kid? Dodged a punch from the white wolf? Rare," Liu Ge said.

"It's rare, seeing his dodge speed just now, it's a bit of a fighting skill, but it's also a surprise, in

order to avoid the white wolf punch, otherwise, it is difficult!!" Liu Li shook her head, thinking it

was no big deal to hide.

"I think so, he dodges very poorly, and his pace is chaotic. He feels like a layman. Looking at his

physical fitness, he really gets a punch from the white wolf, and he will be injured or die! This

kid is clever! Still not count?" Liu Ge asked.

"Come on, let him enter Wumen. I will teach him personally to see how long he can carry it!"

Liu Li's eyes flashed.

For Chuck, does she have any feelings? !

I thought it would be great to save my grandfather?

Humph! !

"Good! You passed!" Liu Ge was indifferent!

Chuck stepped aside.

The white wolf hesitated and said nothing, but he stared at Chuck for a few seconds, and again

became indifferent.

"I c, this is all right? You don't have to carry it, you can avoid it, then I will go!" A young guy

stepped forward excitedly!

He is a sportsman, but he still plays basketball. His reaction speed was super fast at that time,

and he can definitely escape this punch! !

"Come!" said the boy excitedly? .

Other people on the scene were also eager to try, no hard resistance, or dodge, this difficulty is

greatly reduced!

Just like Chuck, they can do it too!

The white wolf narrowed his eyes and punched out with a punch!

"Haha, I flash! ... Ah!"

boom! !

When the young man evaded, the white wolf had already punched him!

He can't avoid it, he can't hide it!

Fist hit him!

He flew up like garbage, spit blood at the mouth, and fell to the ground and fainted.

The audience was shocked again! !

"My mother!"

"Can't hide?"

"How did the kid hide just now?"

They are incredible!

Chuck is fine, why can't they?

Chuck is expressionless. Do these people think it's easy to hide?

not easy!

The speed of human attack is super fast, hiding is actually more difficult than tough!

Because hiding, it means that the speed is faster than the white wolf!

How many people can do this?

"Come again!" The white wolf sounded.

Who dares to come here? ?

Finally, when Liu Ge spoke, someone dared to go up, but basically all of them could hardly

resist, and there were only three hiding!

In this selection, only five people passed the test in the end!

Also includes Chuck.

"Well, everyone else can leave, you five, you can go back and rest for one night, tomorrow and I

will Wumen!" Liu Ge said indifferently.

Chuck shrugged!

The other people on the scene were disappointed, and many people were dissatisfied with Chuck.

They felt that he had just gone luckily and dodge unexpectedly, leaving the white wolf without

paying attention!

By the time they use the same method, the White Wolf already has a lesson in front, of course,

they can't pass it! !

Four other people went back and three were injured.

"What's your name?" Liu Li came and asked.


"I tell you, playing smart is not long-term, you just dodge badly, if you change to me, I can solve

you in one move! Fighting is based on playing smart, not going long!" Liu Li said coldly.

"You are right about everything." Chuck didn't want to ignore her.

Now that he has entered Wumen, other things, Chuck doesn't want to manage, let alone get out

of the way?

The time in his mind was planned, but he could stay in Wumen for a maximum of twenty days to

study further!

Because Chuck has no other time.

Chuck left.

Liu Li was annoyed, she decided to this student. Treat him well!


The next day arrived, Chuck had come here again by car and brought all his luggage. The four

people who passed by yesterday had arrived.

The four of them dismissed Chuck and still thought that Chuck had no skill. It's just by acting


Really want to fight, all four of them can hang Chuck, think so, they roll their eyes to Chuck

even more!

Chuck did not explain this.

"Okay, the five of you boarded the car with us, remember, after entering Wumen, all connections

will be cut off!" Liu Li said coldly.

Chuck is ready!

Everyone handed over their phones and took Liu Li's car to Wumen.

Similar to Chuck, it is in the mountains.

This is the real study!

Chuck is also inevitably excited, and his strength will be improved, but how long will he stay in


"Here, get off!"

Liu Li was indifferent. Chuck got out of the car and saw that the Wumen is an ancient temple.

The antique building obviously has existed for many years. Like the hidden family, it has been

passed down for decades.

This is the birthplace of real Chinese combat!

Wumen! !

"I tell you, all five of you are my students, and my request is to obey orders! Otherwise, you will

get out of me immediately!!" Liu Li stared at Chuck. She just wanted to target Chuck!


Chuck apparently agreed with the other four people that Liu Li felt comfortable in her heart, and

it turned out to be a useless counsel, just wait for me to fix you!

"Go in!" Liu Li swayed her long legs and entered Wumen.

The five of Chuck followed.

Chapter: 806

Among Wumen, it is similar to Chuck's imagination, with a sense of age, but the training method

is very modern.

Among the Wumen, the people who went in were all elites, so Chuck had already seen many

people, men and women, men are strong, women have a particularly good sense of lines.

Because of exercise, the figure of a woman is comparable to that of Europe and the United


Very seductive.

Liu Li took Chuck into it, and there were many houses in Wumen. Chuck suspected that this

house might have been passed down for thousands of years, and I don't know how many generations of talent have been trained to go out!

Chuck is excited when he thinks about it. How come he can go out after graduation? ?

Betty didn't say anything, and Liu Li didn't say anything.

In her view, Chuck and others who came in together are not eligible to graduate!

"This is where your freshmen live! Let's take a rest today, remember, don't cause trouble to me!

Or get away!!!" Liu Li is very strict!


"Chuck, why don't you answer?" Liu Li stared at Chuck with a pair of beautiful eyes, and the

kind of majesty came out, step by step, forcing Chuck to shrink back!

Chuck has come in Wumen, of course, not afraid of others.

"Chuck, are your ears deaf?" Liu Li was extremely majestic.

The other four students looked at Chuck in the same way.

Is this fool sick?

To talk back to the teacher? ?

"I'm not deaf, I'm going to rest, coach you want to be together?" Chuck asked with a shrug.

"You want to die?" Liu Li was annoyed. This guy actually teased himself?

"No! I want to see the coach. Do you want to see me? Then I don't mind." Chuck shrugged.


A few female students laughed, Chuck was so courageous!

Liu Li was extremely angry, "Chuck, I will stare at you!"

"Just whatever you want!" Chuck didn't want to take a break. He wanted to go to Teacher

Qiushui who Betty said.

Betty said that, following this teacher Qiushui, you can learn more.

Liu Li hurried away.

"Hello, Chuck, you are so brave, the coach dares to tease?" a 20-year-old beautiful woman


"You don't mind, I can also tease you." Chuck shrugged.

"Humph, Toad wants to eat swan meat!" She dismissed it. But how can she be a descendant of a

big family, eaten by an unknown boy? ?

However, after she finished, Chuck had gone out.

"Sweet, don't know him in general, he is a villain who is opportunistic!" said the companion of

the beauty.

"Got it, I didn't take him as a good person, I was exhausted and fell asleep!"

"However, the villain Chuck also lives in this room. Would he do us evil while we slept in the

middle of the night?"

"He dare! If I dare, I will abolish him!!" Tian Tian said fiercely, and made a pinching motion.

"Haha! Then he dare not, want to be a woman?"

A few girls laughed, very disdainful, Chuck is not their opponent.

They actually beat the White Wolf with a punch, but what is Chuck?

Opportunistic, just like a timid woman, reluctantly came in by hiding.

This gap is obvious! !

If Chuck dared to do anything to them, they would definitely beat Chuck to cry.

"Where is Teacher Qiushui?"

Chuck entered the labyrinth and felt like he was in the temple. Chuck was speechless!

Ask others, others don't say, one by one is so cold.

Chuck walked for a long time, it was really impossible, only to return the same way.

It was already dark when I came back. In the humble bed, in front of a few buns, there was

nothing else. It was shabby.

Chuck knows this to train, to study further, of course, diet does not matter, sleep after eating and


"Don't mess up, I'll warn you!" Tian Tian scolded vigilantly!

Chuckbai glanced at her and closed her eyes to sleep.

The next day, Liu Li came to let Chuck run with a 50 kg load! ten kilometers!

Chuck already had dozens of pounds on his body, and he didn't mind being a bit more.

The first thing to carry was fifty kilograms and ran away.

The speed is still fast.

Liu Li frowned, "This guy's physical strength is not bad! Are you guys hurrying?"

Sweet, they are speechless and can only obey the order, carrying 50 kilograms of things and


When Chuck ran in the deep mountain, he saw a separate house above a mountain peak, which

looked a bit interesting, like a place where women lived.

I just don’t know if it’s Teacher Qiushui.

Chuck intends to go around this evening, time is not waiting for people, Chuck wants to learn as

much as possible, and then graduated smoothly, you know, my mother went out after fifteen


"You are all rubbish! Only ten kilometers, you are tired like this?" Liu Li was exasperated.

It's sweet that the girls are lying down, Chuck is panting, but Chuck must be pretending.

With a load of ten kilometers, it is not too difficult for Chuck to be trained by the devil.

Moreover, Chuck basically maintains three hours of training every day in the United States.

This test is endurance!

Liu Li's eyes first stared at Chuck, ignoring directly, and then a few sweet girls.

"A few of you girls are too upset," Liu Li said coldly.

"Coach, it's not that we don't scramble, it's too heavy, it's too far, how can a girl stick it out?"

Tian Tian was almost tortured and crying.

A few kilometers is fine, but ten kilometers is really bad! !

"Huh, what's more, this is how I came. I can't even run for ten kilometers. What are you doing

here?" Liu Li was annoyed. "I told you that there were a few genius characters in Wumen, The

first is Wuqiu’s current Qiushui coach. She has a weight of one hundred kilograms and the time

to return after ten kilometers is much faster than yours!"

"Ah, what a horror!"

Chuck's eyes moved, is Teacher Qiushui so powerful? ?

The reason came out, and my mother asked her to learn from her because of this.

"Are there any women?" Tian Tian's face was depressed.

"Yes, this is earlier than Qiushui coaches, faster than Qiushui coaches, and bears 120 kilograms!"

Liu Li inevitably praised!

"Wow, so powerful! Who is she?"

"You should have never heard of her. Her name is Karen li!" Liu Li said.

Chapter: 807

"Who is Karen li? Never heard of it!!"

"That's right, I haven't heard of it. There are such powerful people? Can you run fast with a weight of 120 kg? Is this possible? Just kidding!!!"

Sweet girls shook their heads, their faces full of doubts.

The extremes of ordinary people can't do this? Still a woman!

Chuck smiled, but his mother went out in fifteen days. This speed is among the Wumen, and it is

also a record-breaking!

As a younger generation, Liu Li must know the prestige of his mother!

Coupled with the low-key mother, it is a legendary existence.

Chuckxin felt proud.

"How could it be a joke? Karen li's speed, at that time, among the Wumen, except the person

who created the Wumen reached, dozens of generations came down, and no one else reached it.

How can I remember it wrong?"

Liu Li said coldly, and later she sighed, "This Karen li is really a legendary person. He came out

of Wumen in fifteen days. It can be said that he is the strongest student in Wumen history!"

"What? It's amazing to go out in fifteen days!"

"Well, it's still our woman. It's too powerful. I want to learn from her!"

"Come on, such a person, a once-in-a-year fighting genius, it is useless to learn, no one has that

abnormal physical quality."

"Right, coach, how old are you Karen li?" Tiantian asked.

"I haven’t seen it. I heard rumors that she was in her twenties when she came, and it’s been

almost twenty years in the past. It should be in her early forties. She must be married, but I just

don’t know if her child is a boy. Female... With her physique gene, the child born must be as

abnormal as she is!" said Liu Li.

"It must be a son, a powerful woman, usually a child is a son!" Tian Tian said.

"It should be, I don't know, but if it is a son, then according to normal age, Karen li is married in

his twenties and has children. Should her son be close to twenty? Generally speaking, physical

fitness It will certainly inherit Karen li’s abnormal physique, and may not be blue or blue. At this

age of about twenty, I don’t know where to study fighting, and my talents are undoubtedly

good!” Liu Li sighed.

If ah, she can receive this kind of trainee, enough for her to have a long face in Wumen.

Unfortunately, she didn't know.

Chuck smiled, it was true, he must have inherited the abnormal physique of his mother,

otherwise, how could he have been in combat for less than a year and have the strength of such a

master of combat? ?

However, Liu Li said that her physique may exceed her mother's physique. This is not easy to

say. Chuck thinks that he certainly does not.

It's not bad to inherit the eighth city.

Chuckxin's heart is blooming. Sure enough, reincarnation is a technical job.

Chuck was very lucky.

"What are you laughing at? It's not you!!!" Tian Tian despised Chuck.

"You see him smiling like that, it's shameless! What others don't know thinks he's talking about


"That is, Karen li's so powerful predecessor, the record-breaking predecessor, if he gave birth to

his son, Karen li could not be angry?"

"Of course, Feng Shenglong, where does he look like a dragon?"

"Ha ha ha, one, dragon? Ha ha!"

Sweet girls laughed more than once, who made you laugh at the untimely Chuck?

What about Karen li's son? ?

A grin, amorous, the same as a neuropathy.

Liu Li didn't even look at Chuck. If Karen li's son was as garbage as Chuck, he was panting after

running ten kilometers and was too tired to stand up. That's a waste of Karen li's genes.

Therefore, Chuck is only envious.

It is impossible to be Karen li's son at all.

Besides, they also analyzed at random according to common sense. Where are the boys and girls,

where does Liu Li know? ?

But she hates boys. She must have a daughter if she has children.

Chuck shrugged and didn't have the general knowledge of these women.

They say that they are Karen li's sons, and they won't believe it. Why waste their time? ?

Liu Li went out. Before leaving, let go of the words and run for three days every day!

Chuck is no problem at all.

Several sweet girls are crying.

"If Karen li is my mother, how good should I be? I inherited her perverted physique, not to

mention running ten kilometers, even twenty kilometers is no problem. Now no one can beat


"I think too! It's a pity that my mother has no control over chickens, just think about it, alas, I

really envy Karen li's children... By the way, are sweet, powerful women all born sons?"

"Mostly! Because the powerful women are strong, most of the children born are sons, about 20

years old. I don't know if Karen li's son is handsome or handsome. How many talents have he

inherited from Karen li?" Tiantian dreamed.

In her mind, she is a great woman, she admires!

Because she is also a inspirational woman.

"Listening to Karen li's name, I feel that she must be generous in temperament. The son born

must be handsome. Haha, I have no chance to be Karen li's child in this life. I can be the wife of

Karen li's son. Great mom, isn’t you walking sideways in the world?? Haha, …Hey, Chuck,

you’re not finished, what are you laughing at? Are you talking about you?”

A girl was extremely angry because Chuck couldn't help but laugh silently.

"Yeah, are you talking about it? What are you laughing at? You really don't understand you, you

go out!!!" Tian Tian was exasperated.

This is a whisper between girls.

"You talk slowly." Chuck couldn't hold back. Why are these girls so gossip? ?

"Huh, it's annoying to see him laugh, so shameless! At this moment, it's a hint that Karen li's son

is him?"

"How can it be so coincident? Besides, Karen li's son is his virtue? I don't believe it!"

Several girls said in exasperation. In their view, Chuck must have been born in an ordinary

family. Who would Chuck be a record-breaking son of Karen li?

God is blind.

Chapter: 808

At night, Chuck came out.

Chuck didn't agree with Liu Li's training method. She still had to ask for the teacher Qiushui,

whom her mother said.

For talent, Liu Li has introduced it, after the mother.

Explain that Teacher Qiushui is amazing! !

When Chuck ran during the day, he saw the house on the mountain, most of it was Mr. Qiushui.

Chuck ran up.

"How about the garbage?" Liu Ge asked.

Liu Li sighed and shook her head, "No, no, this time I will definitely be scolded by the master.

Alas, it is too difficult to find a talented student now!"

"Is that Chuck also rubbish?"

"Yes, I was tired after only ten kilometers. It was not as good as a few female students. Alas, I

regret letting him in." Liu Li was extremely annoyed.

Fortunately, Chuck is not allowed to come in, and she is not so upset.

"Then tomorrow, the next day, just find a reason for him to get out of it. If he doesn't know, I

will hit him!" Liu Ge said indifferently.

"Well, brother, are you still asleep?" Liu Li returned to her room.

Liu Ge smiled.

Liu Li was speechless. "Brother, don't even think about it. That Qiushui's status in Wumen is too

high now. She doesn't look at you at all. Why should she take her own shame?"

"Sister, you don't understand! Qiushui is so beautiful, satisfying my fantasies about women, I

must get her in my life! I will go again tonight, otherwise I can't sleep." Liu Ge looked forward


"Ah! Qiu Shui's vision is too high, and you can't even look down on her brother," Liu Li looked

at her brother, intending to die on a tree, she had no choice but to help! !

"I'm going!" Liu Ge ran out excitedly.

Liu Li was speechless. She looked up at the window, the house on the hill.

"Qiu Shui, your vision can't be so high, my brother is already very good, you don't know what to do!"

Wow! !

When Chuck was running, he suddenly heard something moving behind him, and Chuck found a

place to hide.

"It's him??"

It was Liu Ge who ran over, and Chuck muttered to himself, "He also came to look for Coach

Qiushui? It's not good intentions so late!"

Chuck considered whether to continue up, and after sighing, decided to continue up.

Chuck ran up.

He deliberately slowed down a lot. The two of them went up one after the other, and Liu Ge,

who ran ahead, did not find Chuck at all.

Chuck shrugged, it was normal, he was stronger than him!

It has good acuity, and it was discovered by Liu Ge, who is of average strength. That is really

strange! ?

When he arrived at the door of the house, Chuck knew, what must this Qiu Shui teacher be?

The kind of asylum seekers who don’t want anything, or is it a woman who lives on the

mountain and is not close to the nun?

"Coach Qiu Shui, this is Liu Ge. Can I open the door to let me in?" Liu Ge called at the door.

Chuck snickered, this was the weasel giving the chicken a New Year's greeting.

"No! You go down!"

Chuck was stunned, this sound is really nice.

Young, really fighting genius!

Liu Ge was annoyed and appeared on the surface, "Coach Qiu Shui, I have come here many times, you will see me! I will go when I see you."

"No! Not to mention the third time, the face is for yourself!"

Liu Ge was so annoyed that he couldn't beat Qiushui, otherwise he would have rushed in and had

a tyrant bowing.

Still begging so hard now! ?


Liu Ge clenched his fists and could only go down the mountain. Suddenly, he came up with a

long-term plan!

He grinned, thinking, Qiu Shui, you are more extreme than me, even if you see me on Liu Ge, I

would not do that!

Huh, you wait! !

Liu Ge went down the mountain.

"You also go!" Inside the house, the voice went straight to Chuck.

Chuck was surprised, she found herself?

When I looked up, I was speechless, with a camera facing me.

Chuck was hiding well just now. He didn't expect all the movements. He was already seen in the

house by others.

Chuck felt embarrassed.

"Coach Qiu Shui, I am a new student in Wumen. My mother asked me to come to you!" Chuck


"Go!" Coach Qiushui had no room for negotiation!

"Hello, my mother is..."


The door was opened, and a great beauty came out to the extreme! !

The one-to-seven meter size, skinny jeans, and hot white t-shirt will reveal the perfect and sexy

to the extreme!

This is Qiu Shui coach? ?

Chuck is dumbfounded, too beautiful, and Logan, Yvette the same level.

"Coach Qiushui, my mother is..."


Coach Qiushui has gone down the mountain. What do you do down the mountain in the evening?

What Chuck can do is to go down the mountain.

After a while, Chuckche understood thoroughly. Mom asked herself to find the reason for her to


Her speed is too fast, Chuck cannot catch up with her!

Followed and then lost, but fortunately it was downhill, just run down.

However, Chuck stopped and there was a movement!

"Qiu Shui, you finally came out to see me," Liu Ge, who had not yet come down the mountain,

was excited.

Qiushui looks like a man who will fall for him, since Liu Ge saw her for the first time.

She is the only one who is in a hurry! !

He wants to get this perfect woman, no matter what way.

"I said, go down the mountain!" Coach Qiushui said coldly.

She is so clean and clean that Chuck is stunned in the distance. This kind of woman, when she is

okay, must be specializing in all kinds of fighting and learning from her. It must be no problem.

"Qiu Shui, what kind of man do you want?" Liu Ge was exasperated.

"Fighting genius can enter my eyes, you are not!" Coach Qiushui shook his head, indifferent to

the extreme.

Liu Ge was exasperated, "There is no fighting genius at all, and now my physical fitness cannot

be out of fighting genius!"

All he saw was rubbish, and none of his fame was a fighting genius.

"This is what you think, absolutely there already." Qiushui said.

Chapter: 809

Coach Qiu Shui's point of view is actually quite normal, and it's not wrong to pay attention to

everybody. Think-free-fee-watch-end-full-version please Baidu search-pin=book=net

She is a fighting genius among women. Isn't it normal to find a right male fighting genius? ?

But as Liu Ge said, fighting geniuses are too rare, and nothing is possible!

In the end there is no count for Coach Qiushui himself.

Maybe not.

Then she was single all her life.

"Get off!" Coach Qiushui said coldly.

Liu Ge's face was sullen and rejected by Qiushui many times, his patience had been polished.

He can't beat coach Qiu Shui, he can only do one more method that he has been crushing in his

heart for a long time. !

Liu Ge Shiqu left!

Chuck, who came after him, saw this scene and touched his chin. "What happened to Coach

Qiushui? Going down the mountain so late??"

Chuck thought, what happened to Wumen? ?

Otherwise, why do veteran figures like Coach Qiushui go downhill in the middle of the night? ?

Probably, something really happened, and Chuck who just entered the door can understand it!

Coach Qiushui has moved away quickly!

Actually still in front of Liu Ge who went down first!

Liu Ge gritted his teeth in anger, and at this time there was no other way!

Otherwise, he would have bowed the bow! !

Ugh! ?

"Who?! Hiding there? Who! Get out for Lao Tzu!" Suddenly, the angry Liu Ge heard Dongming

in a grass.

His snake-like eyes had been irritated by Coach Qiushui just now.

At this time, a punching bag appeared? ?

How could he not seize this opportunity?

"Who, sneaky. Come out!" Liu Ge stepped forward and saw a figure in the grass. He hit a fist,

and he grinned, "Toast does not eat and drink fine! Get out!!"


Liu Ge's eyes are like lanterns, because his fist punched so suddenly, a person rushed out of the

crowd, he did not see who this person was, but! !

This man appeared, his fist was already slammed in the place of his cheek!

what! !

Liu Ge screamed and was stunned by a punch! !


Dead pigs fell unconscious on the ground! !

Chuck withdrew his fist and touched his chin, his eyes chilled!

He didn't want to shoot, but this Liu Ge found himself, still have to fight?

What's more, there had been conflicts before, how could that policy endure? !

This Liu Ge's strength is okay, but the response is too poor, Chuck shook his head, such a person

is not even considered an opponent!

Last time at the hospital, Chuck should teach him a lesson! Thought that Wumen came out great?

He is cheaper by punching him.

Put in the rice country, Chuck had already clicked him.

Chuck just punched neatly just now, leaving no trace!

Chuck left!

After chasing down the mountain, I didn't see Coach Qiushui. Chuck looked that it was already

early in the morning. Of course, he didn't mean to continue. He went back to bed.

A few sweet girls have fallen asleep.

They are also open, and their pajamas are new and a little eye-catching!

Several of them slept like dead pigs, and Chuck went to touch them, they couldn't wake up!

However, Chuck certainly can't do this kind of thing.

Chuckbai looked at it for a while before squinting his eyes to fall asleep.


"Impossible, impossible, me, I was knocked out by a punch?" Liu Ge woke up from the grass.

When he found that his cheeks were swollen, he couldn't get up and could not get up, so he only

called his sister Liu Li.

"Brother, what's the matter with you? She hit you in Qiushui?" Liu Li was angry when she came

over the night.

My brother can't sit up on the ground, his face is the same as the pig's head, this must be done by Qiushui!

"No, there are others!!" Liu Ge was lifted up with a terrible face.

"Who? Brother, don't you see who this person is?"

"No, but it's definitely a man. I punched him in the past without hitting him. He punched the

punch first, and I couldn't hide..." Liu Ge's teeth creaked.

That's awful!

Liu Ge felt embarrassed that he was killed by a spike.

"What? Is there such a thing? Brother can't even catch you?" Liu Li was shocked in an instant!

What is this strength?

Kill it in seconds!

The whole Wumen can do it, no more than twenty people! who is it? ?

"Yes, he's too fast. I can't even see who he is. I'm stunned. The one-hit killing move. This man is

an absolute master of combat, and his strength is far beyond me."

"Are there some other men in the door?"

"No, absolutely not!"

"Who is that?"

"Unclear. But I will definitely find out who this person is! Dare to beat me? I will let him know

what the price of this punch is!!" Liu Ge was extremely angry!

Liu Li knows that her brother is being beaten, of course she is also angry!

This person must definitely be found! !

"Oh, brother, will it be a new student from some other people?"

"Liu Liu, are you saying that I was killed by a student with a punch?" Liu Ge was even more


"No, you said it was not Wumen's acquaintance, I analyzed the other..."

"Never be a new student!" Liu Ge is firm! how is this possible?

Will you be killed by a student? !

Chapter: 810


Seeing her brother so excited, Liu Li couldn't say much.

I think my brother is right.

It is impossible for a student to kill his brother with a punch!

Being able to kill his brother in seconds means that he will also be killed by this man!

How horrible is this? ?

Liu Li stepped into the line of fighting and really didn't encounter the situation of being spiked.

Liu Li was afraid after subconsciously, she glanced around her beautiful eyes, a little worried,

suddenly someone rushed out, and also punched her with a punch.

"Brother, let's go back first!" Liu Li helped her brother back.

Liu Ge is irritated, right? If such a disgraceful thing is known by other people in Wumen, will it

still be? ?

Liu Ge has a good face, this will definitely not work! !

Liu Li took her brother back, Chuck's punch, that was fast!

Liu Li rolled the hot egg for half a day before the swelling of the cheeks subsided.

"Brother, you take a break first, I will train those students, but the day after tomorrow, I will

conduct a competition for new students!" Liu Li was helpless.

She was discouraged when she thought of the garbage she had collected.

Will definitely be jokes by Wumen other coaches, what is the joke received? ?

Training must be intensified! otherwise? !

"Go!" Liu Ge lay down to sleep.

It is indeed necessary to train. Usually this kind of competition is like the freshman club in


It’s just, oh, it’s the punch that blows his head now.

Liu Ge felt his head dizzy and uncomfortable!

"Brother, is your head hurting?"

"Well, that guy must be seven or eight hundred pounds in a punch, can it not hurt?" Liu Ge was

annoyed! !

"So heavy!?"

"Well, alas, there is a master hidden in Wumen? This is something that I didn't expect from Ben,

let's go! This time, we can't be too embarrassed!"


Liu Li went to Chuck's side.

"Who the hell are you? You were stunned with one punch, and you still want to run? I will

definitely find you out with Liu Ge!" Liu Ge was extremely angry!


"Did anyone go out last night?"

Liu Li asked indifferently, although the one who punched his brother in one punch could not be

the garbage, but Ning Que was not indispensable. In case of the garbage, do you know the clue?

"Without a coach, we all sleep very early!"

"Oh, Chuck went out!" Tian Tian pointed at Chuck, how did the bastard come back last night?


Did you do anything to yourself and several others? ?

Liu Li narrowed her eyes, "Chuck, what did you do last night?"

Chuck shrugged and said, "Boring, I can't go out to sleep and run. Isn't that alright?"

Liu Li's eyes were disgusted, she wouldn't think that she was able to kill her brother with a

punch, this is Zhang Ze who relied on speculation to come in!

Just go running?

"Running? What's the use of running? Even we can't fight!" He snorted sweetly?

"Okay, let me tell you that the day after tomorrow is a freshman meeting for Wumen new

students. If someone can win the first place in the freshman meeting, then he can put forward a


Liu Li knew that there was no chance for the garbage in front of him.

However, what should be said still has to be said.

"What are the conditions?" Tian Tian and they were pleasantly surprised.

"Anything you want! There is a leader in Wumen. If you can win the first place, the conditions

can mention what you want." Liu Li became impatient.

Ask what is the use of such detail! !

Can you win the first place? ?

Enough to choke in the first thirty!

Chuck's eyes shine, then you can use this requirement to let Coach Qiushui be your own coach!

That day after tomorrow, Chuck is bound to win!

Coach Qiushui was so repulsive that only this method was used.

First? ?

Chuck's eyes flicker!

"Not much nonsense, one of you can get into thirty. I thank the gods. For the competition

tomorrow, today and tomorrow will be the devil training! Prepare! Go to another mountain with

me!!" Liu Li Said coldly.

Speed up, only in danger.

So Liu Li plans to take Chuck with them, go to the mountains for two days, and grow up in

danger, maybe it can be useful.

There is no other way.

Chuck, sweetly they prepared, simply packed up some things, and Liu Li entered the deep

mountain wild forest of another mountain.

This time without weight bearing, I ran for about thirty kilometers and reached the deep forest.

Chuck had lived in the Amazon deep forest for a few days before. He had great experience in

this kind of wild survival.

"I warn you that there are a lot of beasts in this forest. Pay special attention to cooperation! Don't

act alone!" Liu Li said coldly.

"Instructor, the few of us don't want Chuck to plug in!" Tiantian said with a raised hand!

Liu Li hated to stare at Chuck a few times, "How do you choose? Now you can go back and you

can continue, but you die inside, I am not responsible."

Chuck shrugged, "Alright, I'll go in alone, come out at this time tomorrow, right?"

The day after tomorrow, of course, come out tomorrow at this time, go back and have a good

rest, with energy comparison.

"Yes, but if you think about it, your strength, you have to live alone for one night, the probability

of survival is too low!"

"How low? I have stayed in Amazon for a week, don't I still survive?" Chuck said that he had

entered by himself.

Even if you don't team up with yourself, Chuck doesn't expect too much.

It’s okay to train alone.

"Bragging, still living in the Amazon for a week? It was a bad environment, and I went in. I'm

not an experienced person. I can't get out!"

"I also heard that there are cannibals in it, so he can live a week? I don't believe it!!"

Sweetly they despise their opinions.

Liu Li sneered, still a week? Love bragging without strength? ? Really rubbish!