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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 811-820

Chapter: 811

"A few of you, be careful, if you are in danger, you can't solve it, just come out! Or find a place

to hide and ask me to help you solve it!"

Liu Li doesn't want to have any problems with her students. At the very least, these sweet

students, like Liu Li, are women.

The same woman, Liu Li will take care of it a little bit.

However, Chuck is an exception!

It is best to let Chuck be taught in this deep forest!

If you have missing arms and broken legs, then you can find an excuse to let him leave

Wumen! ?

Chuck, can't you let me down!

Liu Li's beautiful eyes looked at Chuck, who had disappeared into the deep forest, let alone one night, even if it was difficult to hold it into the evening! !

"Yes, coach!!"

Tian Tian and a few of them are also a little excited. How can they say that since they have

learned fighting and entered Wumen, they must be female characters.

Being able to stay in the deep forest for one night is also a challenge!

They also went in.

Liu Li found a place to rest by herself.

"How did Chuck go so fast? Wouldn't it be hiding somewhere?"

"Haha, maybe! He was alone, he wanted to spend a night? Scared to death."

"I also think that he has found a place to hide. You see, he hasn't been ahead of us for so long,

and he can't see him anymore!"

"Forget it, what do he do? I'm so excited, the couple of us must fight back tonight!"

Several sweet girls laughed, and they had plans and goals.

They went deep into the deep forest and also encountered some snake insects and ants that made

them goose bumps.

Just now a poisonous snake almost bit them. Fortunately, the sweet reaction among them was


No injuries.

"Just now, that snake is terrifying. What Chuck said just now is absolutely deceiving a week on

Amazon! How can it survive for a week!"

"Wow, bear, I saw a bear, mine! Run!" Tian Tian suddenly found a huge black shadow in the

thick grass.

She was terrified, they are all humans, how could they be bear's opponents? ?

Several girls were also terrified.

Run crazy!


A big black bear really came out of the grass, desperately chasing them.

The speed of the big black bear is too fast, a few girls are not enough to watch it, they have

already caught up in a short time.

"We are going to die, run!" A few girls were scared.

Sweetly gritted his teeth, "There is a chance to run separately, the few of you run there!"

The three of them can join forces, and the chances of surviving are great. It's sweet, it runs the

fastest, and it is possible to survive! !

Tiantian made a sacrifice!

"Sweet," the three girls cried.

"Don't you run yet? Waiting for death?" Sweet and angry, this group of silly girls.

It's all about this time, it's important to save your life!

"Sweet, you take care, let's call the coach!" Several women ran away.

Really, the big black bear continues to chase sweet.

Sweet faces are scared, and I regretted my sacrifice.

However, at this time, is there any way? ?

She can only run.


The big black bear who had been chasing for a long time was angry, and he threw it over, and the

big bear's palm was photographed, and he took a sweet backpack.

Sweetly fell to the ground, the body was sore and almost vomiting blood.

"Ah, are you going to die? I haven't been there for two hours. I can't resist all night!" Tian Tian


You know, she thought she could resist the past night, take a rest tomorrow, and the day after

tomorrow she could take part in the competition for new students.

Unexpectedly, I would actually die under the paw of the big black bear.

"Who saves me, who can save me?" Sweet Sweet despair closed his eyes.

Can't escape, where are there other people?

Why are you so unlucky, why don't you look for Chuck! !


Tian Tian thought she was going to be shot to death by the big black bear's paw, but suddenly,

she heard something!

Opening her eyes and looking at it, the big black bear pawed his head, as if it had been hit by a

stone! !


The big black bear was irritated.

"Who is it?" Sweetly busy seizing the opportunity to get up.


Another stone flew out of a grass, sweet, saw a figure behind the grass, who is this? ?

He saved himself? ?


He was smashed again, and the big black bear was completely angry, gave up the sweetness that

was caught by surprise, and plunged into the thick grass.


There were running figures in the grass, and the big black bear was taken away by him.

"Hey, who are you? Why save me?"

When sweetly calling, this man had left here with the big black bear, one running and one


I can only hear the croaking of some big black bears.

"Sweet? The coach is here!" The three girls who had just left brought Liu Li over.

Liu Li ran over, sweet and okay, her brow furrowed, "How about the big black bear?"

"Leaded by someone," Tian Tian murmured to the direction where the big black bear left.

I am in Wumen, and I don’t have any acquaintances. Who will save my life!

"Who led away!"

"I'm relying on it, shouldn't Chuck?" a girl said incredulously.

Chapter: 812

"Are you kidding me? How could it be Chuck?"

"Yeah, it's impossible for him, because of his strength, even the few of us, he dare to lead the big

black bear away? I don't believe it even if I die!"

"I don't believe it! Besides, how can Chuck save Tian Tian, this is not possible at all!"

"Uh, I just talk about it casually, of course it will not be Chuck, but only Chuck is possible!

There are no other people here, sweet, what do you think? You just saw who this person was ??"

All three girls are asking.

Only Liu Li sarcastically smiled, Ha ha, Chuck? ?

This is really a joke!

Will it be him?

A person who only speculates!

Will do such a good thing of self-denial and saving others?

Tiantian definitely shook his head, "I didn't see this person, but I can be sure, definitely not


Her tone is so critical!

"Who would it be? Only we came here to train, right, coach, will anyone else come here?"

"This place is Wumen's place, there must be someone else coming, all, it can't be Chuck!" Liu Li

said coldly.

"Well, I am certainly not him!" Tian Tian sighed with relief.

"Just his virtue, I don't know where to hide! A coward who likes to lie!!"

"Okay, just a black bear, just scared you like this, the new student competition tomorrow, you

still participate?" Liu Li was angry.

The four women, who are not single-handed, can siege this big black bear!

Screaming and running?

Liu Li was speechless and disappointed to the extreme. How can this strength make her a little

face-faced when she is acquired? ?

The four women had no hope, and that Chuck had no hope.

Alas, alas. Ugh! !

I am going to lose face this time.

"Coach..." Tian Tian was shocked.

Having been said so, she felt wronged.

"Don't call me, there are so many people, and you are still chased by a beast. What is your

system? Continue!!" Liu Li said coldly, looking for a place to rest.

"Tiantian, you really don't see who this rescuer is?"

"No, he ran fast, and like the wind, took the big black bear away," sweet eyes flashed.

When she was desperate, someone suddenly appeared to save her. He wanted to know who this

person was!

"It's so nice to save people without even leaving their names,"

"I think it must be a handsome guy!"

"Whether handsome or not, I can be sure that it is not Chuck anyway." Tiantian said.

"Well, let's continue! Don't delay the time. This is a rare training!"

Several girls have become more courageous.

At the very least, after the shock just now, they are more confident!

This training will be effective, chased by the big black bear, and their four limits have been


Sweet they continue.

Here, Chuck is too lazy to fight with this big black bear, leading it over, the running speed of the

big black bear is too far away from Chuck.

Chuck didn't have to run with all his strength, the big black bear was already left behind by


The reason why Chuck saves sweet.

Not because she was beautiful, but because of the behavior she just made, which made sacrifices

and led the big black bear to run.

This move told Chuck that Tian Tian was not a bad woman.

At the very least, there is human nature!

Who can make such a move when it is dangerous? ?

Therefore, Chuck forgets to save her life.

It can be regarded as the soft side of Chuck!

It didn't delay anything, at most sweat.

Also, really fight with this big black bear, Chuck casually took out the dagger sent by Alice, this

big black bear would have to die.

Chuck continued to dig into it and enjoyed it.

This danger of being known inside is very attractive.

Chuck likes to take risks in this kind of place!

If you increase your sensitivity, you will be able to continuously discover dangers and your

sensitivity will increase.

With his last survival experience on Amazon, Chuck knew how to find food and how to sleep


He did it and spent the night in peace.

At dawn the next day, Chuck shrugged to leave.

It's so sweet for them, Chuck can't control it.

Leave here, go back and have a good rest, and prepare for tomorrow's new student competition,

recuperating and rejuvenating is the king!

Chuck improved some of his things overnight.


"Roar, roar!!"

Suddenly, Chuck heard something happen!

Chuck was stunned and touched his nose to walk to this dynamic place.

It was discovered that two big black bears were besieging a female.

The big black bear had a bloody chest injury, and the other one was also injured.

But the siege woman is also angry!

Liu Li!

While she was sleeping in the forest, she was spotted by two big black bears.

Direct siege.

Liu Li didn't hold back for a while.


Chuck smiled and smiled, this woman also has today!

Chuck shrugged to watch the excitement, Liu Li found Chuck, and her beautiful eyes spewed


I was actually watched lively by Chuck!

Chapter: 813

"Roar, roar, roar!!"

Two big black bears rushed to Liu Li like crazy.

Liu Li was just attacked and injured. She was two kilometers away at the same time. She couldn't

stand it anymore. She was angry! !

Chuck, as his own student, actually looked like this? ?

"Can't you just help me?" Liu Li was angry!

"Help you? After I help you, will you bite me again?!" Chuck eyes flashed.

Last time Chuck's guilty heart saved her grandpa!

But in the end, even if Xie didn't have it, he still doubted Chuck.

Chuck was really hot at the time.

Liu Li was angry, "Go!"

"Of course I will roll," Chuck shrugged and ran away.

Liu Limei's eyes are spurting anger!

"Oh my god! Was Chuck escaping?"

"It's him. The coach is in danger. He saw that he didn't help, and he chose to run away? Is this

still not a man?"

"Ah, I said yesterday that he might have saved Tiantian. Now look, there is no possibility at all!

Good garbage!"

"It's really a white-eyed wolf. The coach taught him anyway, but he couldn't save himself!"

"Don't say it, save the coach quickly!" Tian Tian took the lead to rush up bravely first!

The other three women also rushed up!

Originally, the two big black bears were injured.

Five people besieged. Two big black bears were stabbed to death and one fled with wounds.


Liu Li gasped and was saved.

"Coach, are you okay?" Sweet asked.

"It's okay, let's go back!" Liu Li was angry, Chuck this bastard!

I was able to survive last night. It must have been like a mouse, hiding in a cave.

Damn it!

They went back to their place, it was already afternoon.

Sweet they go back to the room.

"Huh, is there still a face to sleep?"

"He who has no heart and no lungs, of course, can fall asleep! If I were him, I would definitely

sleep without a face, and even stay here without a face."

Sweet they despise Chuck.

"Sweet, such a person is really rubbish compared to the person who saved you."

"En En!" Sweet shrugged, to Chuck for a moment, disgust to the extreme!

Chuck opened his eyes.

"What are you looking at? Are you talking about it? We are talking about the man who saved the

sweet yesterday!"

"Well, there is still a face to respond? If you meet Chuck, you must run faster than anyone else!"

"It's not a waste of time to say such things to people like him?"

Sweet despise, a few women are ready to rest.

Chuck shrugged, didn't say a word, and went to sleep with energy.

However, they still despise Chuck.

Chuck also ignored it, but they continued to say that Chuck shrugged and said, "You said so

much, don't you mean, I didn't save the instructor?"

"Yes, a white-eyed wolf, a coward!"

"Why should I save her?" Chuck asked.

"Why? You are so truthful!" Tian Tian despised Chuck.

"Yes, it's just to be strong and courageous. If you meet me, would you do the same?

! "

"Run away, run so many excuses? Don't talk, sleep, sleep!!!"

Chuck doesn't matter, just sleep.

Early the next morning, Liu Li came.

With a cold snort, Chuck got up to prepare for today's freshman contest.

"I tell you that this time the freshman competition is not allowed to beg for mercy, it must last

for a minute to admit defeat!" Liu Li coldly urged.

If she was killed by a second, then she, who is an instructor, must have no light on her face! !


"Chuck, why don't you answer?? Are you going to admit defeat?" Liu Li was exasperated.

"I won't admit defeat, I still have to take the first place!"

"Hahaha! It's so funny! Do you still take the first place? The last one?"

Sweet, they really despise, bragging without skill? !

Liu Li is cold, take the first? dream!

"You will know in a moment, instructor, can you go to the scene?" What did Chuck refute? ?

Just talk about strength.

Strength is the best way to shut them up.

No need to hide, no need to be low-key, because Chuck wants to win the first place in this

freshman competition! !

"Are you still awake? Why are you still dreaming? When you don't embarrass me, I will thank

God!" Liu Li said coldly.

"Let's go to the scene with me!"

Liu Li speaks, at this time, her brother Liu Ge comes in.

"Brother, I will take them to the scene."

"Got it," Liu Ge didn't look at Chuck.

He had no clue for two days, he was crazy!

The people who beat themselves disappeared like this?

He is not convinced!

"Listen to me, if a man can't enter the first thirty, you will get out of me!!" Liu Ge stared at

Chuck and said the same as a punching bag.

"Coach, he just said to be the first!" Sweet smile?

"Oh, he is the first?" Liu Ge smiled slightly, "Are you still awake yet?"

"wake up."

"Do you still daydream when you wake up? Huh, let's go!" Liu Ge strode out.

Liu Li, they are the same.

Chuck won the first place? Unless the sow is on the tree!

Because it is impossible! !

Chapter: 814

Chuck didn't mean to argue, and later he would tell them with his fists that he didn't talk big!

I definitely want to be the first in the freshman competition!

Use that request to ask Coach Qiu Shui to teach yourself!

"You see Chuck didn't say anything, I knew he was bragging just now, and he said he won the

first place? Alas! I've seen it today, where can a person be shameless!" Sweet smile said with a

narrow smile.

"That's it!"

Several girls especially despise Chuck.

Chuck looked back, her eyes narrowed sweetly, and she was stunned. The mockery on her pretty

face stopped.

"What's wrong? Sweet?"

"No, it's nothing. Why did I suddenly feel that Chuck's back is very familiar? It seems that I have seen it somewhere, which makes me feel particularly impressed..." Sweetly intermittently.

"What impression?"

"I don't know, when he turned his head just now, I felt a little familiar. It made me kind of

safe...Yes, yes, a sense of security!" Tiantian knew how to describe it.

"Isn't it? Sweet, Chuck has a sense of security in him? Where does it come from?"

"I never felt that he had any sense of security. In the forest yesterday, coach Liu Li encountered

danger. He was not a man who ran away directly. This kind of person who chooses to escape

when he is in danger. Do you still expect him to feel safe?"

Sweet thoughts come and go, "Maybe, I feel wrong! Also, he is not as good as us. I only know

that he can brag. I really feel wrong. There can be no sense of security in him, alas, It’s just, the

moment he turned around just now, let me, alas! It felt like yesterday that he saved me and led

the big black bear away..."

She thought about what she wanted to do. She said that she didn't believe it. She laughed at

herself and thought about it!

"Haha, it's too sweet to think of you, but you shouldn't dream of Chuck!"

"If Chuck really saved you, then how do you explain the situation of coach Liu Li yesterday, also

besieged by the big black bear, he chose to run away!"

"I don't know, I should have thought about it more."

"It must be!"

"You must be wrong, don't think about it."


Sweet you, you said I followed Liu Li with a smile, Liu Ge's footsteps went to the test site!

Tian Tian didn't look at Chuck anymore, kidding, how did he think of a person who was impossible?

I'm blind! ?

Chuck came to the scene. In fact, it was the same as the freshman meeting when I was studying.

There were many people on the scene.

Probably more than two hundred!

Most men and few women.

According to this situation, the one-on-one comparison may not have results until the afternoon!

I just don't know if it's the way of comparison that Chuck thought so.

At that time, Chuck was a little excited. He was observing so many freshmen, who might

become his opponent!

"Ah! Mahao!"

"I heard that he is the strongest among freshmen!!"

"I heard that when he was eighteen, he hit a cow with three punches, and the power was


"Is it? It's amazing, then this time the first one, I think it must be Ma Hao!"

"I think so!"

Among the freshmen, discussion has already begun.

Chuck found a muscular man with sunglasses in the crowd!

Chuck condenses, he is OK!

It can be seen from his hands full of calluses that this may be his strongest opponent this time! !

"Alas, people have collected students like Ma Hao, and we have collected so many garbage,

alas!!!" Liu Li had no energy.

In her view, this Ma Hao is absolutely powerful!

Liu Ge's eyes were cold, "Liu Liu, do you think this Ma Hao stunned me?"

Among the freshmen, only he is a bit likely to have this strength.

"Impossible!" Liu Li denied, is this possible?

"I also hope it is impossible, and I can say. Among the freshmen this time, the one who won the

first place may be the one who knocked me out!" Liu Ge was exasperated.

Last time I was unprepared, and I was knocked out with a punch. To a large extent, there were

sneak attacks.

When you are ready, do you want to punch yourself? ?

"Sweet, I see, it may be that Ma Hao saved you! Look at his muscles, does it look more secure

than that Chuck?"

Sweet gaze, too!

This block is bigger than Chuck, but, but. . Why is there no familiar feeling of the back? ?

Sweet is puzzled.

The freshmen talked about Ma Hao, and Chuck didn't pay attention.

Chuck doesn't matter, he will be a blockbuster later!

"be quiet!!"

At this moment, among the crowd, a suffocating beauty appeared. Liu Ge was fiery! !

"Wow, among the Wumen, the most beautiful coach Qiu Shui coach!"

Her appearance attracted the attention of too many people.

She is the focus! !

"Today's freshman competition, I preside over! There are not many rules, but must be observed!

The absolute point is over! Who dares to hurt people's lives, then don't blame me!" Coach

Qiushui said coldly!

Chapter: 815

"Okay, now let me talk about the comparison method! It’s very simple. This time I decided not

to waste everyone’s time. First, use one-on-one to screen half of the people. Then! I don’t need

all one-on-one. Someone appears and can be undefeated until there is no challenger, so who is

the first one! Did you understand it!!"

The cold voice of Coach Qiushui was communicated!

The freshman is excited!

In fact, many freshmen who come to the scene do not want to compete, because they have the

least self-knowledge!

There are such powerful people like Ma Hao, they can never be the first!

Why should someone be beaten? ?

"This time the rules are different from the previous ones!" Liu Li frowned!

She had been unhappy with Qiushui, but she didn't expect that Qiushui coach would actually

change the rules this time.

She also thinks that her students can rush into the first thirty, so it is not so shameful!

Liu Ge is already hot to the extreme!

You know, Coach Qiushui is so beautiful today. His favorite skinny jeans have already exposed

Qiushui’s perfect long legs!

It's perfect! !

Liu Li was speechless. "Brother, is it a woman? Brother! She has changed the rules of the

previous game! You, did you hear me?"

"She is the host of this competition and definitely has the power to change the rules! I think this

is more interesting!"

"Brother, you must be a nympho!" Liu Li was angry!

Why do you have such a brother? !

However, in this way, only the strongest one is selected, and the others are not ranked.

At least not so embarrassed!

Liu Li was not interested, and it was not necessary to watch it. It was not easy for several of my

students to stay in the first round of screenings.

Still counting on others?

There is no other hope! !

"Now the lottery will start, and ten groups will be carried out at the same time! I will call up the

name, and I will screen half of them first!"

Coach Qiushui started hosting!

Everyone here is holding their breath!

"Yang Hong to Zhang Xiaofeng! ... called the name up!" Coach Qiushui said coldly.

Twenty people, start the competition on the huge ring!

Chuck is interested in watching!

The Ma Hao who is most likely to be his opponent is not in the list of the first round of the

competition! !

The strength of the first round is not good, at least in front of such masters as Chuck, really not

enough to watch!

Fighting pays attention to ending the battle quickly, so in the first round, basically ten groups are

all within ten seconds, the battle is solved! !

Ten people were screened out!

The other ten were eliminated. Can't participate in the wheel battle waiting for the meeting! ?

"Okay, the ten winners stood to the left and lost the game! The second round started! Ma Hao to

Zhu Long!" Coach Qiushui continued to say coldly!

"Yeah, Ma Hao is playing!"


Ma Hao comes on stage!

A tall man with a frustrated face, there is no chance of victory for such a perverted master of

Mahao! !

Why are you so unlucky? !

"Liu Tiantian to Chuck!!!..."

Sweetly stunned, Chuck shrugged!

This is a question for yourself!

"Chuck, you are out of luck!" Sweet smile!

"Oh," Chuck shrugged to the ring!

"Sweet, must win him!"

"I will!" Tian Tian is also in the ring.

"Chuck is not a sweet opponent!" Liu Li said in analysis. In her analysis, Chuck is a man of


Sweet still has strength!

Playing Chuck is still simple!

Liu Li is also happy. At the very least, one of his students can still enter the wheel battle!

Not too embarrassing!

As for who enters, she definitely looks sweet!

"Okay, the ten groups start!" Coach Qiu Shui is preparing for the next round of test places!

"Chuck, you admit defeat!" Tian Tian said coldly.

"Come here!" Chuck shrugged and beckoned Tian Tian.

He was too lazy to attack her, wasting time, or beat her inadvertently!

"Huh, this is your own fight, then don't blame me!" Tian Tian was angry, she swayed her long

legs to attack! !

"Ah!!! What! What happened?"


There was an uproar in the audience! ?

I saw Ma Hao's expressionless face, and Zhu Long, who was playing against him, was already

lying underground!

Coach Qiushui spoke just now, and it took only a second!

Actually, in a second, a new student was killed in seconds!

This is too scary! !

"God, how fast! Who can beat this?? This time the freshman is the first, definitely Ma Hao!"

The audience is boiling!

Liu Li, Liu Ge was so dumbfounded!

At this speed, it is difficult to achieve them!

His strength has surpassed many coaches!

Even Qiushui coach has beautiful eyes, "Yes, strength, speed, attack skills, are super first-class,

there should be no opponents on the scene, this student, over time, the fighting strength is

limitless! Is this a fighting genius?"

She hesitated!

"It's amazing!" Sweet Chin was shocked. "Did he save me yesterday?"

Chapter: 816

Chuck's eyes narrowed!

This Ma Hao really is his strongest opponent today!

What exactly is the result, this can only be known when the wheel wars!

To be honest, Chuck encountered such a master, there was a kind of excitement! !

Because at the point of Chuck, it is not the kind of top expert like the mother, it is really not easy

to meet a suitable opponent! !

This Ma Hao is a suitable opponent!

When the audience was watching Ma Hao, Chuck strode to Tian Tian in a big stride.

Tian Tian is still in shock.

"Hello!" Chuck called her.

Sweet Sweet turned around and screamed, "Ah, you attacked me, I killed you!!!"

Chuck is speechless, you are like a fool, who blames this? ?

Besides, Chuck walked in front of her without attacking her! !

Why did she sneak up on her?

Sweet kick!

Chuck shrugged, his hands and feet didn't move, but his shoulders moved!

boom! !

Tian Tian was hit by Chuck's shoulder and dizzy for a moment.

However, there was no shock at the scene.

There was an uproar!


Teasing! !

"What is he doing? How did this man attack a girl?"

"The other girl was watching Ma Hao just now, and he took advantage of the opportunity to

attack. Such people!"

"Too shameless!"

"Too bad to pity Xiangxiyu, sneak attack on others, and make them dizzy, alas, how can such a

person appear in this new life!"

"The others Ma Hao is a spike, but he is fair and honest, and he? Engaging in a sneak attack, so

unscrupulous?? Alas, humiliate our men!"

The audience despised Chuck!

Chuck's invincibility, and Ma Hao's one punch spike, this is the highest sentence!

Chuck is at the bottom!

Even, the voice of discussion became condemnation.

"Well, Chuck's bad writing? Engaging in a sneak attack? A sneak attack on a woman? He's still

not a man!"

"He wasn't a man originally. Yesterday, he didn't save him from coach Liu Li! In my heart, he

hasn't been a man any longer. Is there anything unexpected about doing such a vicious thing with

Tian Tian?"

"Alas, pitiful and sweet, obviously you can beat Chuck, but Chuck won this game! Not


Several girls were full of disgust towards Chuck.

Liu Li is annoyed, this policy is really too human!

Liu Ge is too lazy to read Chuck's trash!

Ma Hao's eyes glanced at Chuck, sneered and went to the waiting area!

Coach Qiushui also looked at Chuck, "Everyone is quiet!! Are you called Chuck, right?"


"People who learn martial arts, you are not good at learning art first, and learned the tricks first! I

hope you don't do this anymore! It's unfair to other girls!" Coach Qiushui said coldly.

"I didn't attack her secretly, she also attacked me just now, I just..." Chuck was speechless.

This is being scolded for no reason!

"Shut up! When we are blind?" The group was angry!

"Don't say it, you won this time, but then you still use this vicious method, I will cancel your

qualification!" Coach Qiushui has no emotion.

"Ah, I see," Chuck was unable to explain.

Tian Tian was carried down.

Is she too easy to beat? ?

Chuck's shoulders didn't use much strength, she had been knocked off.

Chuck went to the winning area.

"Don't come near me! I feel embarrassed to have a classmate like you! Sneak attack? How much

do you want to win?"

"I tell you, you are useless in front of Ma Hao. In front of absolute strength, all tricks are futile!"

Those who won just now despise Chuck.

Chuck doesn't matter, if he is scolded, he will be scolded!

The second round is over!

Start the third round, the fourth round!

Until half of the people are screened out!

Liu Li was speechless. Of his five students, only Chuck was on the winning list, and everything

else was screened out.

Then there is no hope!

"Okay, half of the screening has been done, and the next step is much simpler. Anyone who

thinks he is strong can go to the ring! Anyone you just won can challenge him! As long as the

last one stands on the ring, this is it The first freshman contest!" Coach Qiu Shui said aloud.

"Alas, I can't be selected by the first round. I'm already satisfied. I don't plan to fight, because

how to fight, in the end, the first place will be Ma Hao!"

"I don't plan to fight anymore!"

"Ma Hao, you just go up, this is definitely your number one!"

Everyone talks!

Ma Hao took off his sunglasses and went to the ring with disrespect!

"Who's coming? I will be there anytime in the ring!!" Ma Hao said.

No one came up!

Coach Qiushui was stunned, so there is no suspense. This time, the first place should be Ma Hao!

She didn't think that this was the case. Ma Hao came on stage and was shocked that there was no


Ma Hao's first job is too easy!

"Hum, don't come, then I'll be fine! Say anything to fight Ma Hao today!!" A man came to the


Chapter: 817

This man in the ring is a big man!

Muscles all over the body told everyone at the scene that he was as powerful as a cow! !

Maybe you can have the strength with Ma Hao!

"This is Zeng Ke? He just killed the opponent just now!?"

"No wonder he dares to play! Certainly he is not reconciled, I think, he may have a fight with Ma


"Then we are blessed! Haha!"

Excited, appeared on everyone's face at the scene!

Zeng Ke stepped up!

"Ma Hao, I know you are strong, but I will lose to you if I am not willing to fight with you! Not

willing! So, I will fight with you!" Zeng Ke said!

Yes, to a level!

What is needed is the right opponent!

Regardless of whether you win or lose, you can improve yourself in battle!

This is the most direct method for everyone who is in urgent need of strength improvement!

He is not willing to give up this good opportunity!

"Whatever you want! But you are not my opponent!" Ma Hao said straight!

"That's not necessary! Take the trick!" Zeng Keli was as powerful as a bull, attacking rampage!

He must be good at using his body, his body is hard!

Your own strength is great. With this, you may have a chance of victory! !

"You are as powerful as a cow, so rare, but you are really a cow! How to fight with people?

Fighting pays attention to the coordination of strength and skills!" Ma Hao was disappointed.

He thought he finally had an opponent who barely looked at it!


When Zeng Ke shot, he still let himself down!

too poor!

He is not a dead fish, how can he be defeated by rampage? ?


Ma Hao clenched his fists and smashed them out!

Hit Zeng Ke's face!

This punch is too delicate.


Zeng Ke screamed, and the person was knocked to the ground!



Another spike! !

The audience was stunned!

This has to be served!

"This freshman is too powerful, brother, could it be him?" Liu Li also doubted.

She can't beat this strength as a coach.

Liu Ge sullenly.

"Maybe he hit me. I just replaced a punch with me, or maybe I can't take it! This new student is

proficient in the essence of one-hit kill!!!! It's abominable!" Liu Ge envy!

"This freshman is good, really good! This time first, it is none other than him!" Coach Qiushui did not sneer!

She thinks that Ma Hao may take three punches and four punches to solve Zeng Ke, but ah, one

punch kills!

She looked away!

Not easy!

"It's amazing. No one in the freshman is Ma Hao's opponent. Unfortunately, Zeng Ke can't even

carry a punch. Will Ma Hao be a fighting genius!"

"Who is he not?? I don't think my coach can beat him!"

"Strength is amazing!!"

After the scene was screaming, there was a speechless wonder!

"I can give you a chance to play with three people at the same time and fight with me!"

Ma Hao suddenly said such a word!

The audience was stunned! !

Three people beat him one?

This is water!

"He, I'm going! I'm going! Three people can't beat him one?"

"Winning him, we three fight again, this is more sure! I also go!"

In an instant, three people rushed up!

"Ma Hao, you said it yourself, then it's no wonder we are! Let's go!"

Three people stepped forward!

Three men besieged Mahao!

The audience is boiling!

Will Ma Hao win? ?

"This trainee is interesting! Want to show your strength?" Coach Qiushui turned her eyes and

became interested.




After three sounds!

It was as quiet as death! !

The three men fell out very far, so they couldn't move in a flash!

Actually, instantly killed three people!

This is the devil!

The audience was in shock!

Who could have imagined that the three confident people could be solved by Ma Hao's lightning

speed as soon as he played? !

"Really good!" Coach Qiushui was satisfied.

It's been a long time since I received such a powerful student.

"Someone else come up? I can continue to accept your challenge!!" Ma Hao smiled slightly!

He hasn't been addicted to it, even the warm-up is not even counted.

"It doesn't matter, three people can't do it, five people, seven people, ten people can do it, as long

as you dare to come up? I won't mind! Come on!"

Ma Hao is so confident, who dares to come up?

It is a spike to kill three people, what about ten people? ?

Can it be solved in three or four seconds? ?

Even if there are twenty people, it is not easy to defeat Ma Hao, let alone the number of people, but they are all children. How can they beat the adults? !

The gap is here.

"No? No one out of ten? Those twenty are better! All right!" Ma Hao shrugged!

"Not yet? It's no wonder I!" Ma Hao smiled slightly!

It's a disappointment to relax, and this freshman competition, I didn't even warm up!

It is so easy to win, without any challenge, even if it is not at all, it really does not mean


"No one, then the first place this time is..."

"Let me try it!!"

When the raven was silent, suddenly, a voice rang lightly among the crowd!

Chapter: 818

"Who is talking? Who is talking about me to try?"


Everyone on the scene was watching. At this time, knowing that Ma Hao was unstoppable, there

were still people out to die? ?

A man came out of the crowd!

That's right, of course it was Chuck!

How could he give up in this competition? ?

Chuck stepped forward and stepped onto the ring!

The whole audience was in an uproar!

But all despise and saliva! !

"I c, who do I think it is? It turned out to be the sneak attack dog just now!!"

"It's really him! Hahaha, he's gonna laugh at me, he sneaked the girl just now, and he still wants

to make a trick attack on Ma Hao?? And he wants to succeed in Ma Hao? people?"

"He went up, didn't he prove that there is such a bad person?"

No one can think that Chuck was the one who came up! !

"Don't he die?"

Liu Li was shocked!

She has already made preparations for this embarrassment. What does it mean that Chuck is

going up at this time? ?

Tired of yourself, dead?

Liu Ge stunned, "This kind of power, like this, must also be on the court, and it would be crazy

to come up with the limelight!!"

"I think he's just looking for death, alright. I'm too lazy to die. I find an excuse to blast him

away." Liu Li was expressionless, even mocking.

"Hey, sweet, you wake up, Chuck, who attacked you just now, he is not afraid of death. He

wants to compete with Ma Hao!"

The unconscious sweet was awakened by shaking, "Chuck wants to fight with Ma Hao? Are you

fooling me? Fools won't do this? This is pure self-destruction!"

"Look for yourself!"

Sweet Eyes saw Chuck on the ring, she froze and hummed, "I want to attack Ma Hao! Paranoid!

Ma Hao is not me. If you attack dead, they will teach you to be a man!!" "

She suddenly felt happy.

Chuck attacked her just now, Tian Tian is already very angry.

At this time, Ma Hao can be angry for himself!

You can watch a good show yourself! !

Everyone onlookers were not optimistic about Chuck, they thought Chuck was self-defeating!

Among these people, including the coach Qiu Shui hosted by this competition!

She was ready to announce the result, but unexpectedly halfway, Chuck inserted!

"Although this student has a steady pace and normal breath, he is a master of fighting, but the

gap is not as big as that of the student like Ma Hao! What's more... this student has a bad

character. Originally, he just won the competition. It’s an indiscriminate attack, do you want to

do it now?” Coach Qiushui commented.

She doesn't like Chuck at all! !

"Oh, it's you who tried it?" Ma Hao shrugged.

This Chuck, he just saw how to sneak attack on a woman, shameless person, really unworthy of

fighting with himself!

"It's me!" Chuck stepped forward.

"Come on, I accept the challenge of all new students, and barely include you!!" Ma Hao does not

matter. For him, it is a punch!

"Well! Just accept it! Then let's get started!"

Chuck said.

"No problem, I can let you get the shot first!"

Chuck didn't care to come over!

Step by step, the bland to the extreme!

"Hey, I guess, Ma Hao can hit him with one punch!"

"Undoubtedly! You see who played just now, wasn't Ma Hao solved it with one punch? Just

because he is a sneak attack on dogs, do you want Ma Hao to waste a lot of energy to add a punch?"

The new students at the scene have predicted the results of the competition.

That is Ma Hao fought Chuck with one punch, and won the first place without suspense! !

Chuck! Lost by a punch!

Coach Qiushui was not in a good mood to watch, she was ready to announce the result.

Chuck, under Ma Hao's suffocating opponent, will not set off a storm.

Chuck came closer step by step, and was close to Ma Hao!

He didn't shoot!

Ma Hao smiled slightly, "I don't know what your name is, but, so close to me, you are very


Chuck smiles the same!

"Stupid, why didn't he shoot?"

"Want to wait for Ma Hao to shoot? What's in this pen's brain!?"

It boils here.

Ma Hao frowned, "Forget it, don't waste time, send you down!!"

Is he sending it with his fist? !


Chuck did not hide, did not flash, actually accepted Ma Hao punch! !

"Haha, sure enough, right? A punch was killed by a second!"

"This is a waste of our time!"

however! !

Chuck retreats!

It's not surprising to everyone. There is nothing embarrassing about vomiting blood, and there is no ""

Ten meters away, Chuck stood upright and stood firm!

Step by step, Chuck came back!

The whole audience was in an uproar!

"He? After taking a punch from Ma Hao, shouldn't he faint? How can I go? Am I right?"

"You read it right, didn't expect it, this pen is good at fighting. But it's still a pen. Just let Ma Hao

fight, now go back and let Ma Hao take another punch? Isn't this a fool?"

No one knows what Chuck's intention is!

After being surprised, still contempt!

Coach Qiushui raised his head, looked at it a little, and was amazed, "Ma Hao punched at least

five or six hundred pounds, he... could he come next? What did he want to do?"

Coach Qiushui couldn't figure it out!

"Brother, what does he want to do!" Liu Li is anxious, Chuck can resist a punch and go, she is

very surprised!

Students of other coaches can carry a punch without the following! !

But, punching Ma Hao in vain, is this brain being donkey hoof? ?

"Ghost knows him? I didn't expect this kid to be able to carry a big man, but unfortunately, it's

useless to beat, and it's impossible to win Ma Hao, Ma Hao's mind is no problem!" Liu Ge didn't

take it seriously.

He will only laugh at Chuck's actions.

"Oh, can you still carry me a punch? It's okay!" Ma Hao shrugged and his eyes flashed over

Chuck's accident.

"I don't want to win!" Chuck said, his voice calm.

"Oh, what do you mean?" Ma Hao squinted!

"You hit a few people just now, and used a little effort. I am now being punched by you, which

can offset the strength you used. Then, if I win you, it is fair, then the next step is the

beginning!!!" Zhang Shining eyes,

It is not easy to meet an opponent, Chuck is respect for an opponent! !

Chapter: 819

"What do you say about sneak attacking dogs? What do you say, don't want to be invincible? He

also has a face to say this? Don't want to be invincible, so why did you want to attack other girls

just now?"

"I'm so shocked!"

The scene was lively! !

This is contempt for Chuck!

Chuck said, like a joke, amused them! !

In their view, Chuck became a clown!

"I c, this pen is enough to hold the pen. Bai just got punched by Ma Hao. What is it actually?

Want fairness!!!" Liu Ge laughed more than once!

Liu Li rolled her eyes!


Your fairness will make Ma Hao fly you in the next second! !

"Oh, don't want to win?"

Coach Qiushui, who handled the matter, was stunned, let go of the announcement in his hand, looked up and looked at it!

Ma Hao frowned, "I still need you to punch me?"


Ma Hao made a punch!

This is Ma Hao's punch!

Chuck's eyes were dignified!

That's it!


The fists of the two of them collided with the bullets of the attack!

No one showed weakness!

Ma Hao squinted, "Actually, there are two more!"


Ma Hao grinned grinnedly and lifted his legs out!

Chuck's one-step resistance!

At such a moment, unexpectedly, everyone fought!

Is Chuck still standing? !

Haven't lost yet?

"Isn't it possible? Dazzled, definitely my dazzled! This sneak attack on the dog actually hit Ma

Hao, hasn't it fallen?"

"Incredible! I thought Ma Hao could beat him with two punches. How many punches are there

now! Is this evenly matched!!"

"Absolutely, I didn't expect that there is a master hidden in our freshman!"

The whole audience was in an uproar! !

Falling into wonder!

Ma Hao's fist is like steel!

Chuck's fist is also like steel!

These two people are fighting like a strong duel, it's hard to solve! !

Who thought of this? ?

No one in the audience thought of it!

Chuck was able to last for such a long time. It must be known that whether it was the screening

game, the wheel game, or the Ma Hao one-on-three, Ma Hao's solution to one person is one way!

One punch spike!

However at this moment!

Not only was Chuck not killed in a second, but he also played against Ma Hao!

"Sweet, did you see it, Zhang Ze, who attacked you just now, is so powerful!"

Tian Tian also saw that she had been in shock after Ma Hao's three punches hadn't hit Chuck yet!

How long can Chuck carry?

This is not only a question in Sweetheart, but also a question in the hearts of many people on the


"This student? Attack, speed, strength, and Ma Hao are comparable?" Coach Qiushui was


boom! !

This is a hard punch!

Chuck and Ma Hao separated from the fierce battle!

Ma Hao's face started to look ugly. He used most of his strength. It was useless to take Chuck?

This is a situation he has never encountered before?

Ma Hao is considering!

In this case, Chuck jumped out halfway. Is this really competing with himself for the first place

in the freshman contest? ?

He is bound to get it!

No, you must not let this guy who jumped out of the way take away his first!

The first is your own!

No one else can take it away!

Ma Hao shoots crazy!


Ma Hao's body rushed over like a beast, and his speed is his proudest. He wants to take the

initiative to attack no one can resist, including Chuck in front of him! !

Thick legs lifted, this is a flying leg, the tree can be kicked off, he is absolutely seriously injured!

The insult just now!

Yes, I didn’t take someone in a minute, which is an insult to Ma Hao! !

This insult given by Chuck, Ma Hao should double it back! ?

Chuck's eyes narrowed!


With this leg, Chuck kicked out seven or eight meters!

Ma Hao is terrible, but fighting is his strong point. He has never met an opponent. He actually

chose to fight empty-handed. Okay, satisfy you!

Ma Hao's grinning smile reminded the onlookers that he was the first.

Chuck came out and was just a defeated defeat by his men! !

"Okay, after carrying it for so long, Chuck can't get up with Ma Hao!"

"I think so too, ah! Impossible, Chuck got up?"

There was an uproar in the audience! !


Ma Hao lifted his leg and kicked it again, still fast and still gravity!

"It's like something!"

Chuck stood up from the ruins, his body jumped, and appeared in front of Ma Hao at an

incredible speed!

Ma Hao's grinning smile, so close, kick you!

The horrible foot kicks out, this foot can kick the ribs!


Chuck actually hid!

Ma Hao was angry and kicked again!

Chuck was still hiding!

Ma Hao felt bad in his heart, but this is his strongest attack. No one has been qualified to use it


Now it is used, but it is useless to Chuck!

Ma Hao was terribly thinking, no, this way, it might put Chuck in the upper hand!

Then Chuck may defeat himself!

Such an oolong incident is absolutely not allowed to be found in yourself!

suddenly! !

Ma Hao took a sharp dagger from the waist!

This is a weapon only used by ordinary mercenaries!


The dagger poked on Chuck's shoulder!

Chuck frowned, and he showed disappointment!

He and Ma Hao played in a fair and honest manner, but he was actually a man? ?

"What other clothes do you wear? But ah, it's useless, the soldiers are not deceitful, do you

know? Haha, you should learn it!"


Ma Hao's swift kick, Shi Potian shocked, kicked on Chuck's chest!


Chuckfei went out eight meters, landed, and smashed into the ruins again!

Motionless! !

The audience was silent!

No one thought of the powerful Ma Hao, who actually attacked?

This? ?

They were stunned, and their minds couldn't be recovered!

Coach Qiushui frowned, "How can this student Ma Hao do this?"

"Chuck was attacked! It was actually Ma Hao's shot!" Tian Tian murmured to herself, unable to

believe this scene.

How could a man like Ma Hao make a sneak attack!

"Ah, Ma Hao actually attacked! Unexpectedly! He may continue to fight, unexpectedly!"

"Possibly, we just misunderstood. He has this kind of strength. There was no need to sneak

attack in the screening match!"

"That's it! We made a mistake. It seems that Ma Hao is attacking the dog!"

"What about the sneak attack? Anyway, Chuck can't get up anymore. This time the freshman contest is the first, still Ma Hao!"

The onlookers are talking!

Sweet stunned, yeah, Chuck is strong, there is no need to attack yourself!

Sweet thinking, just now Chuck suddenly appeared in front of himself, but the disease did not

shoot, but instead waited for his own shot before he started...

Also, sweet looking at Chuck's fierce struggle, the familiarity in her heart came out again!

The onlookers felt sorry for Chuck's breakthrough, but regret was useless. Ma Hao's knife, that

foot, Chuckfei went so far away, certainly could not stand up!

This time the freshman contest, Ma Hao is beyond doubt! !

Chapter: 820

When the audience was sorry, Ma Hao was unmoved, and he smiled and closed his dagger!

Did not look at Chuck in the ruins!

What else is necessary? ?

So one foot, but Ma Hao's strongest blow, Ma Hao confident, Chuck's ribs are all broken!

Can you stand up if you are seriously injured? ?

"Is anyone else challenging?" Ma Hao asked proudly.

No one answered!

Ma Hao smiled slightly, "Coach Qiushui, please tell me about it!"

Coach Qiushui frowned, "Yes! The first student in this competition is Ma..."

Ma Hao is at ease!

First, sure enough, no one can threaten to be the first place in the freshman contest! !

"Look! Inside the ruins, move!"

But suddenly someone screamed!

The cries revealed that he saw incredible things! !

The audience's attention shifted!

To the ruins just now!

Get up alone!

Like a sculpture! !

"He was kicked by Ma Hao and actually stood up?"


The scene was shocked in an instant!

"Is he okay?"

Sweetly stunned, several girls were also in shock!

Ma Hao's foot didn't kick on them, but they were frightened by the power! Can Chuck actually

stand up? ?

"I, I think, Chuck, is it the one who saved me?" Tian Tian thought again.

Chuck is so powerful that he can play against Ma Hao, get kicked and climb up, all representing

Chuck's strength! !

So, did he lead the grizzly bear out of danger!

Why did he do this?

Do you like yourself?

Tian Tian is lost!

"Oh, I said it wasn't Chuck...but Chuck made me look at him this time!"

Several girls said negatively.

"This freshman is good, can stand up!"

Coach Qiushui was stunned again.

"I'm playing well with you, you attack? What is this? I'm wrong, I shouldn't think you are my

opponent!" Chuck came out of the ruins.

He wiped the blood donation from the corner of his mouth!

This blood is the testimony that he was attacked just now! !

Ma Hao's eyes widened in horror! !

"How can you still stand up?" Ma Hao himself, he still does not know the power?

Trees with thick bowls had to be kicked off, Chuck actually carried it down?

"You will see me more!"

Chuck step by step!


Ma Hao Yin sneered, "How can you get up? Just now my foot has seriously injured you, now

you are a startled bird, and you have reached the point of hard support, okay, if you want to be

seriously injured, why don't I succeed? All of you??"


Ma Hao punches! !

This is an instant speed!

The whole audience was horrified! !

Too fast, Ma Hao is really moving!

Can Chuck, who was just seriously injured, carry it down?

Impossible to carry!

"Ah, unexpectedly, Chuck actually made Ma Hao sneak attack!"

"It's useless to get up. Zhang Hao can't carry Ma Hao's fist!"

The freshman has denied Chuck!

It's useless to climb up!

It might as well continue to lie down, and will not continue to be seriously injured!

however! !


A wide slap was thrown at an incredible angle, avoiding Ma Hao's fist! !

Ma Hao's eyes widened, but he felt that his entire head was heavy and his body almost fell to the


threw up! ?

Ma Hao spit out blood, and his entire face was numb!

His face was stunned, he was slapped?

Killed in seconds?

Impossible, how could Chuck be stronger than himself? I'm the first new student! !

"Your speed is okay, your strength is okay, but I have seen through your moves. When you meet

ordinary people, you can make them unbearable, you can blow them with a punch, you can kill

them with a punch, but there are too many flaws, Meet attack will make you rubbish!!"

Chuck's expressionless expression, and the movement of walking around, is simply


Ma Hao seems to be seeing hallucinations walking towards himself, which is incredible!


Ma Hao roared, but he is the first freshman, how could he lose to him? Slap by Chuck!


He banged out with a punch, carrying the horror power enough to kill people!

Ma Hao wants Chuck to pay the price and dare to hit his face!

boom! !

Chuck raised his fist, two fists blasted!

Ma Hao was so painful that he felt his fist hit the steel plate!

Chuck is still expressionless, as if the whole body is rooted, like a sculpture! !

Ma Hao was shocked!

He knew that he could smash the stone with his own punch, but Chuck was easily taken at the

moment, how could this be possible?

In an instant, everything in Ma Hao's heart was subverted by this punch!

The audience was shocked! !

It's incredible!

Chuck got up and was not beaten by Ma Hao. He actually slapped Ma Hao and evenly matched

Ma Hao!

Is this an illusion!

Nobody knows!

Just knowing this scene, it's so shocking! !

"You are not worthy of my opponent!"

Chuck walked over, Ma Hao gritted his teeth, his body was like a wind, and he threw it like a

beast, "Go to death?!"

He waved his two fists and smashed it tightly!

The horrible afterimage is enough to shock countless people. This is his killing trick. He hit five

punches every second. He wants to smash the shame! !


Chuck just suddenly, so raise your hands!

The sound of flick and flick sounded!

Ma Hao's head was very heavy, and a stump that was completely out of his control staggered

aside. He vomited blood, and his hideous face was full of shock!

Myself... what's wrong? !


Chuck raised his generous hand and threw it out again! !

Ma Hao snorted and fell to the ground, blood in his mouth again!

"Get up!" Chuck burst out coldly!

Ma Hao instinctively climbed up, how is this possible?

"You angered me!!"

Chuck slaps again with his big hand! !

Snapped? !

Ma Hao screamed and fell to the ground, howling!

Dizzy, can't climb anymore!

Chuck is coming!

Ma Hao was horrified, "Don't fight, I admit defeat!!"

Yes, Chuck's terrifying strength shocked him. If he continues to fight like this, he will be

seriously injured!

"What did Ma Hao say? He conceded?"

"Mine, Chuck frightened Ma Hao?"

Here is another exclamation!

This is the first one just now. Without dignity at this moment, I am asking for forgiveness! !

All this was given to Ma Hao by Chuck!

"Acknowledge defeat, confess defeat can make up for what you just attacked me? It's not that

easy!!!" Chuck moved!

His feet kicked!

Ma Hao may get up!

Want to hide!

But it's late!


Ma Hao flew out ten meters and smashed into the rubble!

One second passed, two seconds passed, ten seconds passed...

One minute!

Ma Hao did not get up, motionless!

The freshmen in the audience realized that Ma Hao lost, and Chuck... won!