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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 831-840

Chapter: 831

"Coach Qiushui, are you sure?"

Several coaches are puzzled.

It stands to reason that it is not possible, because Chuck is a trainer of Qiushui coach. If the coaches are all used as the last pass, is it possible to give trainee Chuck water? ?

This will definitely not work! !

"Ok, a few coaches are at ease. The reason why I put it forward is to have a better look at his strength. I will go all out!" Coach Qiushui shone beautifully.

It only took an hour and a half for the two levels. How amazing is this speed? ?

This may be the beginning of a new record!

Coach Qiushui, let’s see how Chuck has grown up under his own guidance.

Several coaches discussed, and eventually agreed.

How to say, coach Qiushui has always been selfless.

This shows that Qiu Shui coach will not deliberately release water.

"Well, since Coach Qiushui said it, who else will come? After all, the last hurdle, but three people are needed!!"

"I'm coming! I haven't seen it for a long time, the student who surprised me so much! I want to see if he really has the real material! Or the two levels just now, just opportunistic." A hair Said the gray man.

"Also count me!" The other is a short, but very strong man.

"Okay, let the three of you go in!"

Coach Qiushui, and two coaches, went to the third level. outside! !

Seeing more and more people, the new students who have been in the field for 13 days are going to go through the barriers. This is a big news for Wumen!

Many people will pay attention!

"Ah, I see, I'm better to come tomorrow. It's not a day or two to pass the barrier. It's a waste of time to stay here and watch it boringly!"

"I also think that I'll go back as well. I won't come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, I think this Chuck, at least stay in it for four or five days."

They all believed that Chuck would not have any results within a few days.

So it's a waste of time. What are you waiting for here?

It's boring! !

Many people began to go back in groups.

Sweet they continue to watch.

"Sweet, let's go back. Today and tomorrow, there can be no result."

"Yeah, I think it will take three days at the earliest. You must know that Chuck's mother took two days to pass it. Chuck certainly cannot break this record that has been kept for so long. "

Tian Tian doesn't want to leave, "You go back first, I'll wait,"


They left.

Sweet to continue to wait.

"Brother, why don't we go back? There is no result today," Liu Li said.

Liu Ge also felt that it was impossible.

Just come out in one day? This may? ?

Don't waste time here anymore.

They also left, outside the barrier, and the number of people left behind has gradually decreased.

Their departure means that Chuck will be inactive and trapped in these two days. live.

Three days later, look at the results again!

Chuck sighed, a hundred wooden men, if Chuck played hard, this would definitely not be possible in a short time.

So, Chuck thought of a way, like parkour, jumped on the shoulder of the wooden man, and stepped on the shoulder quickly passed.

Fortunately, there were no accidents while running.


In the darkness, the third door opened! !

The third hurdle, coach Qiushui said, will be the most powerful coach of the three martial arts to check!

This is the hardest!

Because of the three most powerful coaches, this represents the best level of Wumen.


In the empty room, the lights are on!

Three figures appeared! !

Chuck was stunned, "Coach Qiushui, are you?"

"Yes, it's me. Just two levels ago. You did a good job. The third level depends on whether you have this skill. I will go all out!" Coach Qiushui shone beautifully.

You know, she was in the first two levels, but it took three days to reach the third level!

What about Chuck? !

Less than an hour and a half!

At this speed, Qiu Shui coach himself is ashamed! ?

More than Qiushui coach, the two coaches who came together are ashamed!

This is amazing!

"Well, I will too! Three coaches, let's start!" Chuck shrugged.

"It seems that you are quite sure. Usually the third hurdle is that the three of us are dealing with you at the same time, this knows?" a coach asked.

"I know." Chuck knew that he didn't expect a wheel fight! !

"That's good! Let's go to the three of us! Work hard and go all out, it is possible to honor the new record of Wu Wen's breakthrough!"

The three of them are on!

Coach Qiushui tells the truth, she will go all out!

This is responsible for Chuck, Karen li, and even more responsible for his teaching for a few days! ! boom!

The three besieged Chuck, and at this moment, they fell into a fierce battle!

This is a real strong fight! !

"Betty, what did you say? Ce'er went through the barrier? It took only one and a half hours for the two barriers?" The phone.

This is Betty's call to Karen li.

When Coach Qiu Shui went to the third pass, he received a call from Betty. Coach Qiu Shui knew that Betty was Karen li's person, and he said about Chuck's situation.

Betty was shocked, and immediately called the news to Karen li.


"How did Ceer do it?" Karen li was anxious.

Betty said it all. Karen li's expression was that she couldn't laugh or cry at first, and then she was very pleased, "I think when I was twenty, I went to the barrier, the first barrier, the snake pit, I just walked back and forth for thirty minutes. I adjusted the state and walked through. The second level, I used it for a day and a half! I broke all 100 wooden people! Why didn't I think of it at that time, and ran directly? It seems that Ceer is still much smarter."

She is really relieved! !

"Yes, Coach Qiushui just praised the master's cleverness! Calm! You know, snake pit, four or five minutes passed, and now the master's psychological quality is already very strong." Betty sighed.

Chuck's growth is too fast!

She didn't respond, and Chuck was rubbing her head to the point where she couldn't keep up.

You know, at that time she also taught Chuck a little fighting!

Now, I can't teach.

The gap in strength is wide.

Chuck has completely surpassed Betty!

Betty is also happy.

"It's the third hurdle, I don't know how long it takes young master!" Betty would like to know the situation of Chuck now.

"At this rate, Ce'er must have broken my time record. I estimate that it will take him an hour to succeed in less than an hour!"

Such words, people will laugh when they hear it, because they want to pass the third level within an hour? ?

It's just a joke!

But, Karen li believes in Chuck!

Because of what? simple!

Because Chuck is the son of Karen li!

Chapter: 832

Chuck was kicked off by one of the coaches! !

He hit the wall!

The coach who played Chuck was excited, "Your speed is so slow? Same as elementary school students! At this speed, don't think about these three levels!"


He is very strange, Chuck's attack power is enough, but why is the speed so bad? ?

Coach Qiushui's beautiful eyes shone, but she did not expect that Chuck's speed has become much slower today!

In this way, three top Wumen coaches joined forces, and Chuck's breakthrough will stop here! !

Snapped! !

Chuck stood up straight, he patted the dust on his body!

After five days of time and again weight-bearing training, Chuck's muscles became rock-solid.

Fighting ability has improved too much!

The strength of this coach just now is absolutely amazing!

Chuck wore the clothes given by the mother's technology company, and with the improvement of the ability to fight, this foot can bear it.

Coach Qiushui three people besieged!

Chuck sighed suddenly!

Coach Qiushui was stunned. What did Chuck sigh at this time?

Do you want to give up? ?

"He sighed to give up the third level?"

"Possibly! It's a pity that the first two levels passed so quickly, this third level actually has to be abandoned."

"Chuck? You?" Coach Qiushui remained silent for three seconds, trying to persuade Chuck!

This may be a new breakthrough record, you Chuck went all out and everyone went all out to make it worth the break! !

How can I give up halfway? ?

"I still figured out Wumen and then unwrapped it, but I didn't expect it to be unwrapped here."

Chuck muttered to himself.

The three coaches looked at each other.

"What did he say? What untied?"

"I don't know, talk to yourself!"

"He, what is he doing?"

Suddenly, these two coaches fell into horror!

Coach Qiushui was also stunned.

Chuck squatted down, actually solving something, piece by piece. this is? ?

Weight bearing! !




Put it piece by piece into the ground.

The two coaches were stunned. Is this a 100 kg load?

This guy, actually took a hundred kilograms, and beat himself!

They didn't know that the ring on Chuck's finger was also fifty kilograms! !

One hundred and fifty kilograms are beating.

"This guy, really!"

"No wonder his speed was not fast, even slow... Ah, no good!"

Suddenly, Chuck rushed over and accelerated like a hundred meters! !

Chuck, who has been burdened, is already as light as a bird, and of course the speed is like a gust of wind!

After rushing over, punch out!

This is a coach, he was shocked!

He didn't pay attention just now, when Chuck rushed over, he couldn't react and was hit by


He flew out!

Chuck kicked a kick. The coach screamed and fell to the ground.

Chuck knows that if three people besieged themselves and wanted to break through, then one person must be resolved and I will talk! !

Coach Qiushui was shocked!

Another coach was also surprised!

This is one of Wumen's most powerful coaches! !

Although he was spiked, Chuck was surprised!

But being able to seize this opportunity and solve a coach is not something ordinary people can do!

"Okay, it's really much easier now, let's get started!"

Chuck shrugged and felt like if he went to a high jump competition, he might break the world record!

He stepped forward and his punch was already out!

This is what coach Qiu Shui taught, and unexpected! One move to win! !

Another coach was overwhelmed!

Angrily resisted!

Coach Qiushui's eyes were dull, and Chuck lifted the weight. At this speed, she couldn't even see clearly. sudden!

She was gratified, this should be her own before, after that, the one who has taught the most powerful student! !

She used to help!

Chuck had already repelled his coach, Chuck was chasing after the victory, and he had also knocked him out one by one!

"Coach Qiushui, it's your turn!"

"bring it on!"

Coach Qiushui hasn't encountered the same excitement as his opponent in a long time!

Chuck gave her this feeling that it hasn't been in a while.

Chuck decided to win or lose with one punch!

He hit his fist!

Coach Qiushui's beautiful eyes shone, the same punch!


Chuck smiled slightly, Coach Qiu Shui looked down at his hand, a little numb, she was silent for three seconds, "You won!"


The gap is out!

Chuck's physical fitness has improved as if flying. Coach Qiushui punched him as if he had hit a stone!

The physical quality surpasses oneself, then under the situation of similar strength, there is no need to fight anymore!

"Thank you Coach Qiushui!" Chuck shrugged!

The mood is also excited!

"Don't thank me, your promotion makes me very happy! What's more, you didn't use your full strength just now!"

This is a feeling, she thinks Chuck still has reservations.

Chuck smiled slightly, and put on the weight one by one again.

Chuck is used to this weight.

Work out anytime, anywhere!

This is what Chuck desperately needs! !

"Congratulations, you broke your mother's record!"

Chuck smiled, "Well, since I succeeded in breaking through the barrier, I will leave Wumen tomorrow!"

"Good!" Coach Qiushui is very rare, smiling.

It's very nice. .

Chuck put on his own weight and he went out.

"Huh, it's incredible, this is a genius! Hey, he just kicked, but kicked my old bones apart!"

"I'm about the same, it seems that we are old, and looking at the speed alone, we can no longer match the young people."

The two coaches were awake, but ah, still in pain, Chuck was not polite.

"Coach Qiushui, you received a good student! He broke this new record!"

"Well, I also think it is a good student!" Coach Qiushui said.

"Alas, I thought Karen li was 20 years ago, enough metamorphosis, but I didn't expect that 20 years later, there are actually people who are even more perverted than her. Just now, in the third level, he spent more than an hour. , Then, after three hours?

He said, he is incredible!

"I've taken it today. Karen li's record hasn't been broken in twenty years. Today he broke..."

"It's normal! Chuck broke Karen li's record." Coach Qiushui said.

"Why normal! Don't you feel shocked? I was shocked anyway!"

"Me too!"

"Because, being a son, broke your mother's record, is it abnormal?"

"What did you say? Chuck? Karen li's son?"

The two coaches were stunned! !

"Um. So I said normal, because Chuck inherited her genes."

The two coaches have the same dream, "This is a cycle. Twenty years ago, Chuck's mother

Karen li broke the record! Set a record. Today, the son's son broke the record again and set a new record..."

Coach Qiushui has beautiful eyes, yes, both records were created by the family...the next record, wouldn’t it be Chuck’s children? ?

Chapter: 833

There are already very few people, no one is watching.

After three hours have passed, Chuck must still be worried, how can he pass the first level?

Chuck must have been stuck in the first pass.

Come a few days later and take a look

"Chuck should still be in the first level," sweetly muttered to himself.

She also felt that Chuck was still in the first hurdle and was still thinking about how to pass the first hurdle.

Because only three hours have passed. sudden

The door of the house that opened the gate opened.

Come out alone


"Chuck came out and I came out in three hours"

"What's so strange, he must have never applied for it even before the first level"

"Yeah, yes, coming out so quickly, there must be only this reason."

"I didn't expect Chuck to be so ostentatious, he didn't work hard at all, and actually gave up directly. It was only a long time before. I didn't want to lose. I'm still waiting here. I already knew this was the result. I might as well go home and break my mind."

Those who remained at the door were disgusted.

Without saying a word, Chuck went uphill silently

Sweetly busy, "Chuck, don't be discouraged, you can't get through this time, and don't give up next time."

Chuck has gone far.

Sweet, helpless, Chuck gave up on his way through, he must have been very lost at this time, he should not bother.

"Forget it, everyone break up"

The people who stayed are going to spread out, and the meaning left behind

However, three people walked out of the door

Qiushui coached them

"Teacher, what's wrong with you?" Some people in the crowd marveled

Two of the coaches were injured to varying degrees, what does that mean what happened

It’s good to stay inside, why hurt?

Who did this

They are shocked

"You don't need to look at it anymore. Chuck took three successful steps to get through.

Dead silence

Everyone's chin is open and they are going to fall

Is this horror


It's as horrifying as a row of mountains

"Qiu Shui coach said that Chuck succeeded in breaking through the three hours. I heard right, I heard right."

"No, you don't have"

"How is this possible"

"Ah, I just scolded him just now, he is really a genius"

"Of course it's a genius. I admire him for doing things that ordinary people can't do."

They shook their heads and couldn’t accept it. They thought Chuck had just come out and gave up. Unexpectedly.

Actually, it was a successful breakthrough, and naturally came out. .

"Coach Qiu Shui, is this true? Chuck actually succeeded in breaking through the barriers," sweetly muttered to himself.

"Yes, he passed the barrier successfully, Wumen started today, with a new barrier record." Coach

Qiu Shui can see Chuck from afar.

He, this is to go back to pack things, will you leave tomorrow?

Sweet stunned.

At this moment, the whole Wumen was boiling

The news is spread one by one, everyone in Wumen knows it, and many freshmen come back to watch here, want to see this perverted man

It's just.

They are not optimistic about Chuck, they missed the scene when Chuck came out

They regret it

Each of them is talking about Chuck, this is a new record for Wumen

Unimaginable time, three hours, how to do it


Liu Ge dropped all the glasses on the ground and shivered. "Liu Liu, what did you say Chuck succeeded in three hours?"

"Yes Yes,"

"Just kidding, how could this be possible" Liu Ge decisively denied.

Three hours, I thought I was playing

"Really, there has been a lot of rumors in Wumen. He really succeeded." Liu Li couldn't believe it, but this was announced by Coach Qiushui, and the other two coaches were injured, indicating

Chuck's breakthrough. I hit it at the time

Liu Ge was stagnant, "impossible, impossible"

Liu Li is in a daze. What should I do with this strength?

"Brother, do we still have to find Chuck to trouble?" Liu Li couldn't swallow.

Chuck teased her and pinched her face.

A student, pinching the coach's face

In this breath, Liu Li couldn't swallow

"Yes, how could you not beat him and beat me, I will let him go impossible" Liu Ge was exasperated.

"Nother, what should we do?"

"Let me think about it..." Liu Ge felt that this must be considered long.

He thought, the horror appeared, "Why would there be such a perverted person? Who is this guy's parents who gave birth to this perversion?"

"I don't know...maybe an ordinary family," Liu Li muttered to herself.

"Master, Master"

In the room, a person ran in.

Ma Hao is still exercising and lifting weights with a barbell.

"What's the matter with such anxiety?" Ma Hao didn't want to disturb people while exercising.

"Chuck, Chuck him"

The man was breathless and could not speak.

"What's wrong with him"

"He came out"

"Oh, it's normal to give up. I heard that there are three levels in each level. Each level is an extreme test. It was only after he entered Wumen for thirteen days that he didn't want to dream of breaking through the barrier. , OK, I already know, go out, don’t disturb me to exercise"

"No, Chuck came out because he succeeded in breaking through the barrier"

Snapped what

"My feet"

Suddenly, the barbell hit Ma Hao's foot, and he twisted his face, writing full of unimaginable,

"Successful breakthrough"

"Yes, he succeeded in crossing the barrier, young master, what should we do? If he succeeds in crossing the barrier, it means he will leave tomorrow."

Ma Hao was already in horror, and soon he was envious and jealous.

"This record should be broken by me. How can you make Chuck come?" Ma Hao grimaced,

"Go, tell people to prepare me to be ugly in front of so many people, and I want to leave tomorrow when he leaves Wumen , Just block him for me"

"Yes young master"

"Bring a few more people must stay with him"

"Yes, young master, you can rest assured that those who will bring more than one hundred people can definitely grab him and give it to the young master for disposal."


The man ran out.

"Chuck, Chuck, who the hell are you that surprised me again and again, unfortunately, you won't be able to leave tomorrow, because I want to leave you," Ma Hao grinned grimly.

Chapter: 834

"Coach Qiushui, thank you for your training and teaching these days!!"

Chuck is leaving Wumen.

Chuck didn't regret the fifteen days of coming this time. There are really too many gains. This gain comes from the coach Qiu Shui's teaching.

If you change to Liu Li, Chuck will not improve so fast.

"No thanks, it should be."

Coach Qiushui, a little bit reluctant.

Not reluctant to such high-quality students.

You know, this kind of fighting genius, but there is no one, I don't know when I will meet again. .

When teaching Chuck, Coach Qiushui was particularly relaxed.

Because something, basically, teach once, Chuck will be.

A particularly smart student, why don't you like a coach? !

"Then I'm gone, there is a chance, Qiu Shui coach can find me in Huaxia, or in other countries, because my mother has industry in many countries." Chuck said.

"Okay." Coach Qiushui knew that Karen li was fighting so high, and the whole world might have her footprint.

"I have nothing to thank you for, let's accept it!" Chuck took a card and didn't have much money in it.

One hundred million is also a meaning of Chuck.

"What are you doing?" Coach Qiushui shook his head and refused.

"My heart, accept it!"

Chucksai coach Qiu Shui.

Coach Qiushui was helpless, "Okay, I hold it, but I won't use the money inside."

"This one looks at you, then I'm gone, goodbye!" Chuck shrugged.

When her own heart came to her mind, then how she handled it was her own business.

"Okay... By the way, when will your mother ask for it?" Coach Qiushui thought of this question.

At that time, Karen li won the first place in the freshman competition. That request is useless until now.

It is to make Wumen go up and down once, when is this move? ?

"I don't know this, my mom knew it,"

"okay, bye."

Chuck went down the mountain.

Coach Qiushui looked at the card given by Chuck, "Give me the money? I won't go out... This is also the first time someone has sent me money directly like this, but it's still collected."

Coach Qiushui put away this card, which is a bit special! !


"Chuck, you're leaving today!" Tian Tian waited for Chuck.

Chuck has packed everything. This does not mean that Chuck is leaving.

Sweet and reluctant.

"Well, I still have a lot to do," Chuck shrugged.

Fifteen days, I don't know what happened to Yolanda.

You Shiwen's situation, Wan Ziwen's situation.

Chuck was worried that You Shiwen might have to start.

Therefore, Chuck cannot continue to stay, he must go out! !

With the current strength, there is no big problem to build your own business empire again.

"Then tell me, was the person who led the grizzly that day, was it you?" Tian Tian asked nervously.

She knew it was Chuck, but she wanted Chuck to admit it herself.

"Yes," Chuck was leaving, and said yes.

"Really? Why did you save me? Me," Tian Tian has never been so pleasantly surprised.

"You are not too bad, you know let your companions go first," Chuck said.

This is the only reason Chuck rescued her.

"No other reason? Not at all?" Sweet and pretty face was pale.


"I'm gone." Chuck leaves Wumen, this is just a passer-by for further study.

There may be no chance to meet again in the future.

"Sweet, what does Chuck say? Did he like you before he saved you?"

Several girls ran over.

"No, he doesn't like me. In his eyes, he has no desire for me." This is what Sweet She saw just now.

"How could this be?"

Several girls cannot understand.

Sweet but beautiful, all in one body, all men like it, how could Chuck not like it? ?

"Ah, I misunderstood," sweetly ran into the dormitory.

Tears have come out.

Chuck went out of Wumen and called Betty to let her pick it up under the mountain.

Chuck didn't want to spend any time on the road.

It's better to go back to Yolanda and ask about the situation.

Suddenly, Chuck stopped in the deep forest, "Come out!"

"Hey, found us! Rare?"

Behind the tree, twenty men in black appeared.

"You are Ma Hao?" Chuck is not stupid.

When he came out, he was intercepted, but only Ma Hao had this ability.

Only Ma Hao wants to seize himself! !

"Yes, Chuck, you still have a little consciousness, knowing that these people are mine!" A person appeared!

That's right, Ma Hao!

He is not worried, but wants to see Chuck caught by his own people!

This process should be very enjoyable!

"Ma Hao, I advise you to leave!" Chuck only said so!

"Haha, leave! No, no! You defeated me in the face of so many people that day, and let me wipe my face. Do you know? I wish you could die!!" Ma Hao roared.

He still remembered that the freshmen mocked him that day.

He still has a fresh memory, and urged him to seize Chuck!

"You should say that you are not as good as others! If I were you, I would train hard and challenge again. This is the most correct and easiest way to be respected as a fighting person!

Not this way. Revenge! You let me down! Because I still use you as an opponent."

Chuck was deeply disappointed.

This kind of person is also worthy of his opponent! ?

"Haha, you are afraid to say, what do you say so much?? You are amazing, you have to pass the barrier in three hours! But now, I have so many people, you have to stay! Because you can't break through!"

Ma Hao smiled slightly, these people are the bodyguards he has raised for a long time!

Several of them are very powerful!

All of his fighting is still taught by them.

Ma Hao didn't believe it. Chuck's strength could be improved in the past few days.

In front of twenty masters, a little improvement, that is trivial! !

Twenty men in black all around!

Chuck looked at them and shook his head, "I don't want to die and leave!"

"I see you dead! Go! This guy actually dared to beat the young master, we caught him and let the young master dispose!"

Twenty people besieged! !

Chuck's eyes are chilled. Since these people are looking for death, they can't blame themselves! !

Chapter: 835

"Haha, arrogant? Hold him!!"

Twenty people besieged!

Each of them is a master who can stand alone!

Joining hands, this Chuck in front of you will be caught without any suspense! !


Twenty people at the same time stretched their fists to siege, what a terrible thing!

Ma Hao grumbled and even wanted to find a chair to sit down and watch a good show.

However, in the face of such a situation that can scare pee!

Chuck shrugged, expressionless, and punched out!

This is his first real hands-on experience! !

Fist furious!

One punch weighs eight to nine hundred pounds! !

The person beaten was shocked!

It’s too late to hide! ! boom!

Like garbage, he was thrown away by fists!

On the ground, seven holes had bleed, and he was seriously injured and died! ?

A punch actually killed a person? ? this is? what is this?

The remaining nineteen people were shocked!

"Ah, what's going on? A punch! Ah!!!"

When a bald head was shocked, Chuck already punched!

Hit his head!


His body fell straight on the ground, his head fell first, and like the watermelon, the skull cracked, and after spitting blood, he lost his life! !

It was another punch that killed someone!

The remaining eighteen people were dumbfounded!

"Ah, go on, her mother goes on!"

They showed fear, this was taken advantage of Chuck! !

As long as all the people are united together, then Chuck will not have the opportunity to break one by one!

Eighteen people unite!

However, at this time, nothing is useful! !

The strength of Chuck's punch is already close to a thousand pounds, they can't bear it!

Therefore, there is no absolute resistance to punching, and I can't bear it! boom!

Chuck just waved his fist! !

He did not waste a punch!

Eighteen people flew out one after another, smashing the ground and the tree, knowing that there are still people who can't get on and off.

It's like breaking through!

Just like the death came!

The so-called twenty people here are unstoppable! !

"This is the person you brought? Not so good, it's all rubbish!" Chuck took out a tissue and wiped the blood donation from his fist gracefully!

He came step by step, as if death came! !

Ma Hao was shocked!

These are the elites in their own homes!

Actually it was solved by Chuck? !

"Impossible, you are only a few days, how could you ascend so fast, illusion!!!" Ma Hao could not accept this scene at this moment!

Heaven is in hell!

Chuck's eyes, he felt scared at the moment! !

"You honestly study your fighting in Wumen, I won't trouble you, but why do you bother me?"

Chuck did not plan to find him!

Even in the ring, he attacked himself!

Chuck did not plan to find him!

But at the moment, Chuck cannot tolerate it!

"Ah, it's definitely an illusion. I want to break this illusion!" Ma Hao roared!

His fist was fast, and the strongest blow came out!

This punch can make Chuck comatose!

This his trick!

Chuck couldn't bear it, he couldn't do it! !

It's just a pity!

Chuck didn't even look at him, he already slapped him in the face!


Mahao eardrum burst, blood flow!

This slap not only broke his attack, but also made him bleed!


Chuck is a slap again!

Ma Hao vomited blood and was lying on the floor.

"You can't beat me, my family is very rich, very rich..." Ma Hao feared.

Chuck is too strong, he is not an opponent!

Chuck's killing scared him! !

"Rich? How rich?" Chuck shrugged.

"It's rich! My family's money..." Ma Hao's words didn't finish.


However, at this time, the sky had a hurricane!

Ma Hao looked up and fell into horror!

The leaves are shaking, and then bowed down by the hurricane, this helicopter is worth 50 million US dollars!

Come down from the sky!

He doesn't have such a plane!

Not customizable at all!

Whose is this!

The plane is quite stable. Come down alone, Betty!

Coming towards Chuck!

Ma Hao is unbelievable, this came to pick Chuck? ?

"Master, I'm late?" Betty stared at Ma Hao coldly!

"Master?" Ma Hao only felt dizzy and almost fainted. Chuck is also a rich second generation like himself? ?

"It's okay, yes, he said his family is rich, you help me see, how rich his family is." Chuck asked with a shrug.

"What's the name of this young man?" Betty asked.


"Master, wait a minute!" Betty started calling and inquiring.

So professional. Ma Hao was even more dizzy.

In just one minute, Betty shook her head in disappointment, "Master, his family is a second-rate family, and the total money in the family is less than 30 billion..."

"Only 30 billion? That's a little bit less, what is this money called rich?" Chuck was also speechless.

Ma Hao was stunned, not worth 30 billion? ?

"That is, his definition of richness is still in its infancy! Master, you go to the plane to rest for a while, let me solve him,"

"Okay!" Chuck shrugged.

"Master, you are ready to eat on the plane."


"Chuck, Chuck, I was wrong, you forgive me!" Ma Hao knelt in front of Chuck.

"Spare your life? It's okay. Then let your family die, you choose." Chuck shrugged.

"Ah, no! Spare my life! I will never dare!" Ma Hao sweated, what offended him!

"Just pay attention to the next life."

Chuck got on the plane!

Betty came over, "Ma Hao, your home is less than 30 billion yuan. This is nothing in the eyes of our young master, do you know?"

"I know, I know now. I didn't know that Chuck was also a rich second generation!" Ma Hao thought Chuck was a man in a ditch.

A poor ghost!

"Wrong, my young master is the second generation of super rich!" Betty twisted Ma Hao's neck.

Ma Hao's body twitched, and there was horror on his face, "Super, super rich second generation?" thump!

He is already on the ground!

At this time, Ma Hao realized that he was not shit in front of Chuck. .

"Master, there seems to be someone over there, to be solved together?" Betty found someone.

Chuck glanced and shrugged, "Forget it, take me to Yolanda!"

"Yes!" Betty stared at a place and drove the plane to take Chuck away!


Helicopter sky!

"brother!" not far away!

Liu Li paled, Liu Ge sweated like rain, and he was pale!

"It's terrifying, so many people, all of them were killed by Chuck, or one punch!" Liu Ge couldn't believe the scene just now! !

"Brother, I'm not in trouble for Chuck. I'm scared. I'm scared..." Liu Li's pale face was frightened. Suddenly, she slumped on the ground and she was already scared by a woman.

Chapter: 836

Liu Li, a woman, has never been so scared!

What was Chuck just now? ?

Grim Reaper!

"I'm not looking for it anymore..." Liu Ge slumped on the ground.

"That kind of helicopter came over and picked up. Chuck was actually a rich second generation.

No wonder he didn't want my money back then. I thought he was pretending." Liu Li thought of this matter as if dreaming! !

Liu Ge is even scared to pee.

Does this strength mean that Chuck can kill himself at any time!

When Chuck just looked at it, he saw it.

"Brother, let's go back, me, I'm scared." Liu Li's face was pale, she was really scared.

"Okay, go back quickly,"

The two of them ran up the mountain.

"How did these people die?"

Someone found these bodies down the mountain!

Qiushui coaches also followed them down the mountain.

"Chuck did, Ma Hao asked people to catch him!" Coach Qiushui said coldly.

There was still a live talk at the scene.

"Chuck, one person solved all of them?" A coach was shocked.

"Yes, one person!"

"However, Ma Hao can't be killed!"

"Why can't you kill it!" Coach Qiushui directly denied, "Chuck didn't destroy his family."

"Ma Ma's family? Does Chuck have this strength?" The coach here is doubtful.

"Yes! Because Chuck's mother is Karen li who has kept a record for two decades in Wumen!"

Coach Qiushui said.

The coaches who don't know this are stunned! !

Coach Qiushui shone beautifully and muttered to herself, "You are really a super rich second generation who is not afraid of anything..."


Chuck called to tell her mother that she had broken through the barrier, and her mother was very proud of Chuck.

"Mom, I'm sorry, I shouldn't hang up your phone last time," Chuckcheng apologized.

"Silly boy, I won't mind! You are out of Wumen now, which means that you can kill you now.

There should be no more than twenty people. I can rest assured that you can do it yourself!"

Karen li is very pleased.

Coach Qiushui also called her and gave Chuck a very high rating!

"Well, I know, that's up!"

"it is good."

Chuck hung up the phone, and Betty came over, "This is what Mr. Li asked me to give you. The bracelet, the two bracelets are a 50 kilograms! There are two foot rings are also a 50 kilograms.

Can increase strength!"

A fist of fifty pounds came over, at least a thousand pounds!

Not to mention feet? ?

Chuck smiled, took off the coach Qiu Shui's equipment, and brought his mother to prepare it, that is 200 kilograms, and a little uncomfortable, but Chuck's adaptability is soon acceptable!

"Then you have something to eat, you'll be at Yolanda immediately."


After eating, Chuck began reading various investment materials.

The business empire can now be released.

The plane reached Yolanda. At this time, Yolanda and Liu Na were discussing.

"Chuck has been there for so many days, why didn't he come back?" Liu Na asked casually.

Chuck let her deal with the gambling stones, she already has a lot of eyebrows, has begun to create the entire channel!

I believe Chuck will give a satisfactory answer soon.

Yolanda handled it faster, with more than ten days of decoration, working day and night, the pharmaceutical factory has already begun production!

Just start these few days!

At that time, this special medicine will be available all over the world!

Then money is really not a problem.

"I don't know very well." Yolanda handled his own affairs.

"You said, Chuck trusts you so much. Has anything happened to you and him? So trust you?"

Liu Na and Yolanda are also friends and asked questions privately.

Yolanda was speechless. "What do you want? Chuck is my boss. What can I do with him?"

This is simply not possible.

I am a Chuck employee.


"I am joking with you? Do you want to happen with him?" Yolanda is weird.

"I didn't, don't talk nonsense." Liu Na was caught holding her tail, flushing her head and doing things.

Chuck is indeed a good standard, so rich and handsome, Liu Na does have this idea.

Domineering president.

She also likes this feeling.

"Okay, I won't talk nonsense... Chuck, are you back?" Yolanda was pleasantly surprised!

Liu Na was also busy looking at the door.

Chuck and Betty came in.

"Well, come back." Chuck shrugged.

It's only been more than ten days, and of course the two big beauties will not change.

However, both Yolanda and Liu Na can see the change of Chuck in these 15 days!

It's obvious!

The muscles of Chuck's arms and legs!

Almost all the clothes are bursting!

What did you do? Why is the muscle so scary? !

"Just come back, Liu Na and I will report to you about your work!" Yolanda Mei Shuoshuo.

Liu Na also sorted out her clothes and approached Chuck.

"Good." Chuck came here for this.

The two women reported that Chuck was very satisfied with their work efficiency! !

Seeing Chuck's seriousness, Bettymei's eyes were turning.

"Okay, you worked hard and found a place to eat. I have something to tell you," Chuck came up with a new idea when he came to the plane.

This may be that his strength has soared, and he has confidence in everything he does.

"Okay, where to eat?"

"As long as you can eat enough anyway, let's go and talk while eating."

Three women, one Chuck went out.

What Chuck didn't know was that someone was staring at him.

"Chuck, how come you are so smart and still investing everywhere?" You Tianle was exasperated.

But he and Ouyang Fei went to the rice country together.

"What do you think?" Ouyang Fei asked.

Anyway, what she thought was more.

"Yes, a lot!" You Tianle put her hand on Ouyang Fei's shoulder. "Would you like to find a place to talk?"

Ouyang Fei said coldly, "Do you think I have spent the night with you, you think I am your woman??"

"Isn't it?" You Tianle can't forget when she was with Ouyang Fei, it was really beautiful!

"No! I am not a woman of any of you, let me loose your hand!" Ouyang Fei was annoyed.

You Tianle let go, "Don't be angry, our two common goals, isn't Chuck? Deal with him together,"

"Do you still know?" Ouyang Fei stared at the leaving Chuck, his eyes getting colder and colder! !

She doesn't want Chuck to go so leisurely!

She wants Chuck to regret everything she has done to her! !


Squint country!

A woman with short hair appeared at the airport. She was carrying a backpack. Her figure was perfect. When she left the airport, too many people watched it.

This kind of neutral big beauty can't be seen every day!

She wears sunglasses. If Wan Ziwen is here, she will know, because this person is the strongest bodyguard in Wanjia today! !

Her talent has surpassed Karen li!

This Wan Ziwen thinks!

She came out and went out to kill Karen li!

"Beauty, where are you going? I'll take you there!"

A driver talked up.

She didn't care about anyone, she had only one purpose, that was to let Karen li die! !

Chapter: 837

She didn't pay attention to anyone's talk and came up with the information given by Wanjia!

She has all the detailed information about Karen li!

By the way, her name is Long Yi! !

"Actually, I have noticed you very early. You are in reality, you shot too little, but the data shows that you have been a killer for a while? It's a bit interesting!!"

Long Yi is usually in Wanjia, she is the strongest bodyguard of Wanjia!

There are three of her similar strength!

The existence of these four people ensured the safety of the first family of ten thousand! !

"Then let me see where you are first."

Long Yi took an interest.

"Hey, beauty, where are you going! I'll send you!!!" A taxi chased.

This kind of short-haired neutral beauty is a top grade. He doesn’t want to let it go. If he can spend a night together, it would be ten years less! !

"Okay! Here!" Long Yi got in the car.

"Oh," of course the driver knows, this is one of the most luxurious residential areas in the country.

When the driver drove to the place, his eyes would burst into flames, "Beauty, or I will give you a chant, I have great strength, you will like it."

"Oh, you have a lot of energy?" Long Yi expressionless.

"Yes, would you like to try it?"

"No want!!"

"It's okay, I'm really happy to serve. To be honest, if I'm with you once, I can't live ten years less.

You see I like you so much..." The driver said more and more excited.

"Ten years less? Or don't live now!"

Long Yi stretched his hand and hit the driver's neck. The gentle movement seemed to flick his fingers! but! !


The driver was shocked and shocked. He covered his neck and fell into pain, "You, you..."

Long Yi has got off!

Ten seconds later, the driver died.

Long Yi found a place to monitor this residential area.

"Miss said, let her die a little unexpectedly, this is really a bit difficult!!! But I like to kill such powerful women!"

Long Yi, already using a precision telescope, saw a figure in a villa.

"Very alert, didn't easily appear by the window, it really is a master! Then some play this time."

Long Yi expressionless, began to design how to kill Karen li.

At this time, her mobile phone vibrated and she answered.

This phone of Wan Ziwen's bodyguard.

"Did you go somewhere?"

"Here, I have seen Karen li,"

"Miss means, I'll tell you again, don't let others suspect that the lady asked you to do it, absolutely be innocent!"

"Got it, you said you played against this Karen li?" Long Yi asked.


"She should, you can beat you with one move!" This is Long Yi's analysis.

Looking at Karen li from a distance, this vigilance represents Karen li's super strength! !


"No need to deny it! I will not be wrong."

"Last time I was not ready, so..."

"Don't make excuses, improve yourself, is the king! Tell the lady, I will make her happy!" Long

Yi hung up the phone.

She continued to monitor.

For ordinary people, she didn't need to look at it, she directly designed a sophisticated death to kill.

But Karen li is different!

This person, but the person who destroyed the strongest bodyguard of the home!

As Longyi's strongest bodyguard, Long Yi will not despise Karen li.

Therefore, for this precise killing game, she needs a good plan to personally design for Karen li to let her die in an "accident".

This is much harder than killing Karen li directly.

When she came by plane, she had already designed it almost. At this time, when she saw Karen li, she had already designed it completely.

"Did you come up with a car accident, or was it killed? Or was it poisoned? There are so many options that will satisfy you..."

Long Yi smiled slightly, revealing a terrible! !


Karen li was busy. She took a piece of bread to fill her stomach, but accidentally broke a bowl.

Karen li squatted down to clean up, poof! The hand was cut.

Karen li's eyes flickered, "Maybe? Too tired!"

She simply brought a band-aid and began to continue after eating bread.

She already knows that You Shiwen’s home is in full revival.

With an overwhelming attitude, we must persecute our own industry!

Karen li is very busy!

Betty, who has always trusted by her side, is not around, she has no too many people to discuss.

"The casinos, restaurants, companies on the west side are all stared at by the tourists, the ones on the east side..."

Karen li said nothing, "You Shiwen, you make me a headache."

She began to think about countermeasures, this process must be long.

Hidden family, when the strength really leaks out, it is absolutely amazing!

Karen li is particularly aware of this!

In a special tour of Shiwen, after a big change in personality, Karen li feels caught off guard by a series of actions.

It’s certainly not possible to have a big business and complete control.

When Karen li thought of a way, she glanced out of the window. She walked to the window and saw it, but found nothing.

"Don't you feel too tired? Is it possible?"

Karen li drew the curtains and searched for tired eyes.

"Alert, have a sensitive sixth sense, but this time you meet me, no one can save you! If you blame, you blame you an ordinary person, you must offend the heirs of the first family!!!" Long

Yi With a slight smile, she saw Karen li's real person.

Chapter: 838

Chuck and Yolanda, Liu Na and Betty finished their meals.

During the meal, what I was talking about was the next business plan.

Yolanda and Liu Na have their own ideas, and they are also very good.

Chuck can come according to their ideas!

Because for business, the vision of the two of them is still very good.

A few days later, the pharmaceutical factory was successfully shipped. When Lu Cewen went to

Wumen for further study, he had already found a star to shoot good advertising.

Prepare to spend 500 million to advertise on various videos!

Overwhelming! !

Because Chuck is very confident in what he produces in his pharmaceutical factory!

Another thing I have to mention is that the star that Yolanda is looking for is still known by

Chuck, Ye Zimei! !

Chuck took a close look at the ad that was filmed. It was directed by Yolanda himself, and it was very good!

When Chuck was squinting, the first investment in a film, with an investment of 30 million yuan, the literary film starring Zabrina, was already released at that time.

The box office is very good!

Break the record of literary and artistic films!

It's a lot of money!

Zabrina’s performance in the movie has broken through her past, and her acting skills have been appreciated and affirmed by many people! !

She also changed from a traffic star to a real acting actor.

She also hoped that with this literary film invested by Chuck, she won her first post-film award, which is quite good!

This makes her redder!

So ask her to shoot this ad, it is just right!

Today is the day of the conference!

Chuck saw her in the background. Today, Zabrina is very beautiful, and her dress is perfect!

As a spokesperson for drugs, Yolanda is also dazzling!

The beauty of the leaves, Yolanda and Liu Na, are the focus of the scene.

Zabrinamei, a popular star, made endorsements without the need for special arrangements by

Yolanda. Many reporters came to the scene.

The big headlines of tomorrow are the news of Zabrina's endorsement of medicines!

"I haven't seen you for a long time," Zabrina said hello to Chuck.

When Yolanda found her to shoot an ad, she was very stunned because she didn't know that

Chuck actually started making medicine.

It is also an ancestral Chinese medicine.

She is very strange, how many industries does Chuck have? Investing in movies, as well as squares, is now starting to make medicine.

Isn't this what ordinary people can do?

Chuck became more and more mysterious.

"Well, long time no see." Chuck said to Ye Zimei.

The two were unhappy, but Chuck grew up.

I don't care about these, let alone!

Zabrina also endorsed her own medicine, which made the unpleasant dissipation even more.

"Well," Zabrina smiled.

Chuck chatted with Yezimei for a while, and asked her the latest situation, mainly to ask

Yezimei's latest schedule. She is now the hottest female star, so the schedule must have been full.

Maybe it will be full next year.

Chuck looks at the recent movie market well, so he wants to join the movie special effects company on the other side of the country to create a superhero movie, heroine!

Because the recent superhero movie is very popular!

Logan has an international film company, so it's too easy to contact the special effects company.

As long as the plot is good, the special effects are good, and there are the most popular stars, I am not afraid of not having a box office.

You can also make a series of your own ten-year layout!

This is Chuck's own idea!

In terms of investment, Chuck will be enough!

"Do you want to find me to make a movie?" Zabrina smiled slightly and knew what Chuck meant.

"Is there a schedule?" Chuck shrugged.

"No, I did it after the film, and the schedule is already in the next year. I have confirmed that there are eight films signed. There are more than 180 scripts for me. I am very busy and busy...

"Zabrina smiled."

"Uh, okay!"

"However, you first told me what movie you want to invest in. I think it is appropriate. You can push other ones." Zabrina then smiled slightly.

Chuck smiled and talked about his ten-year plan. The leaves were so beautiful, "Really? Do you want to invest in such a movie?"

"En! Ten-year plan, twenty-year plan!" Chuck has this confidence and can continue this series.

The box office will definitely get up.

"Okay," Zabrina agreed.

She particularly likes to watch superhero movies, and also fantasizes about making such genres.

But I can't find a good investment, a good script!

She was very distressed! !

"Um, specific details, specific pay, contract, I will let you talk to you," Chuck said.

"These are not important, the important thing is, you said, I am the heroine!" Zabrinamei smiled.

Others, she believes that Chuck will not treat her badly.

"Okay, it's not enough to trust people too much, maybe I will be pitted," Chuck laughed.

"Just hang it! I don't mind!" Ye Zimei shook her head. She said that the endorsement fee was very high.

"Leaf Beauty! Is he?" A man in a suit ran over.

He is Zabrina's agent.

"Are you a Zabrina agent, are you?" Chuck thinks, it is better to clarify some things.

"Yes, I'm the only agent of Zabrina Zhang Hu!" He blocked Zabrina.

The agent handles everything about the star.

"Well, I want to find Zabrina to make some movies!" Chuck shrugged.

"Making a movie? I don't know you. What film company are you from? What about the script?

Why didn't you show me in advance?" Zhang Hu said coldly.

"Well, the script is not yet. This is a sudden thought I just made. It's a superhero movie..."

"You don't have any scripts, you talk about cooperation? Are you new to the industry? It's too unprofessional!" Zhang Hu soon became impatient.

He even wanted to laugh!

Superhero movie? This requires a lot of investment. Scripts, directors, and special effects are all indispensable. Is there any special effect for fifty cents? ?

Isn't that ruining Zabrina's reputation?

"Ye Zimei, I've watched a few scripts for you. The company has prepared you to sign a contract.

This person is too unreliable. Push it away!" Zhang Hu said in a commanded tone.

The rights of brokers are still great.

"He's very reliable! He..." Ye Zabrina shook her head, more annoyed.

She always wanted to change this agent, but she couldn't help it. She signed the contract with the company.

This was arranged by the company and she couldn't refuse it.

"Ye Zimei, how many scammers are you? You have to keep your eyes open! The company lets me arrange everything for you, you have to listen to me!" Zhang Hu moved out of the company.


"Let's go! Zabrina will not cooperate with you just because you have a mere idea!"

"This is a concept, but I can invite first-rate screenwriters, directors of big scenes, and huge investments. This movie will be successful!" Chuck said.

These, you can use the best screenwriter and the best director by calling Logan.

With first-class actors and special effects, how could it be unsuccessful? ?

"Don't say, what kind of agent are you in a small company? Want to dig someone? There are no doors! Go! Don't delay Zabrina to attend the endorsement event!" Zhang Hu said coldly.

Isn’t it just a small company? There is something else to say about the big investment, but what about the face? !

Chapter: 839

"There are please below, our spokesperson for the drug, Ye Zimei comes on stage!"

At the conference, the host had already started calling.

"The leaves are beautiful, come to you, go!" Zhang Hu urged the leaves.

Zabrinamei looked at Chuck and apologized. She didn't expect that her agent didn't give Chuck a face.

Chuck shrugged, "It's your turn."

"Well," Zabrinahui's focus went up from the background.

"Which company are you from?" Zhang Hu asked as soon as Zabrina left.

"Oh, no company!" Chuck said.

"What big investment does no company say? You are really bragging. I see people like you a lot.

You have to deceive people to deceive others. I will be far away from my family in the future!

Let me see you talking nonsense, Be careful, I will find someone to clean up you!!!" Zhang Hu said tiredly.

He wouldn't be polite to deal with people like Chuck who are running trains.

"Look for someone to clean me up?" Chuck shrugged.

"Yes, be more interesting... Hello, Manager Lu!" Zhang Hu saw Yolanda coming down from above.

He greeted him with a slight smile and didn't want to ignore Chuck at all.

This is the golden master!

As a broker of Zabrina, he knew that this manager Yolanda had managed several industries. Her boss was also an investor in the last Zabrina drama.

Very rich!

And this time the drug spokesperson, the endorsement fee is not stingy at all, but this is a longterm large customer, can not offend.

"Hello!" Yolanda said hello.

Zhang Hu wanted to please. When it was close, Yolanda already said, "Wait!"

"Okay!" Zhang Hu thought that Yolanda had other things!

Unexpectedly, he saw Yolanda walked in front of Chuck.

"You will come to power later, after all, you are the boss, just say a few words." Yolanda suggested.

The press conference still has to be heavy!

Behind-the-scenes boss, let everyone know each other, too.

"I still think so!" Chuck shrugged.

He is not used to it, under the spotlight, what news, newspapers, and overwhelming reports,

Chuck doesn't like it.

So, on this occasion, Yolanda would just take it up.

"Okay." What else can Yolanda do?

Chuck has always been low-key.

"Manager Lu, he, is he your boss?" Zhang Hu heard the conversation.

His face was pale.

This is the big gold master.

"Well, yes, this is my boss Chuck, are you okay?" Yolanda asked.

"No," Zhang Hu looked ugly and smiled, but this smile was even uglier than crying, "Boss

Zhang, just now, I'm sorry, I thought you were..."

Where did he know that this big gold master was so low-key? ?

"Oh, someone from a small film company? Do you want to clean up me?" Chuck shrugged.

"No, boss Zhang, listen to me, I just..." Zhang Hu laughed more ugly.

This is how Yolanda understood, and she didn’t have any good looks, "Zhang Hu, your family's leaf beauty is a movie that was invested by my boss Chuck. This endorsement is also a product of my boss Chuck. Do you want to cooperate twice?"

"No, I don't mean that!" Zhang Hu's face flashed white.

If it is because he has cancelled the contract, how can he afford this small agent? ?

"Then what do you mean? I still have to clean up my boss? Well, if you are today, I will call the

CEO of your economic company!" Yolanda said coldly.

"No! Manager Lu! Boss Zhang!" Zhang Hu burst into tears.

This is frightening. The boss knows that his agent must be unable to do it! !

"Nothing is not!" Yolanda is welcome.

Zhang Hu paled, despair in his heart!

Chuck, Yolanda continued to read, the whole conference was very successful!

Under the explanation of the on-site pharmacist, the personal cooperation of the popular star

Zabrina Ye has already let many famous merchants on the site place orders.

It's hot! !

"Chuck, one boss has ordered 30 million items! Another boss has ordered 10 million items. The other bosses, one after another, have already ordered close to 300 million items today! Fire, this medicine is on fire! "This is what Yolanda has been hanging at this time.

The success of the conference means that this new medicine will be a hit? !

The next order will be too much to do.

Chuck was at ease and tinkered for so long, and finally had a considerable return.

Next, occupy the Chinese market, and then extend to all parts of the world, then the annual revenue is very impressive!

"You will start to set up a research room tomorrow and research out new medicines. In addition, the pharmaceutical factory will increase shipments. I will let Betty start shipping the goods to other countries to sell."

The mother's industry is also spread all over the world, and there are many pharmacies that supply directly in the past.

Profitability will be faster.

"Well, I will do this next!"

Yolanda also had this plan, and prepared.

Chuck rested with Yolanda to take care of this matter. So many people around the world occupying one-third of this market is amazing.

Chuck is also looking forward to his business empire, rapid prototyping!

"By the way, the film and television company, you started to plan one. I have a plan for a superhero movie, let Ye Zabrina be the heroine, prepare a ten-year layout, and invest 10 billion!

This is a big project, you have to deal with it! I will Find a dedicated talent and you will be the chief producer!" Chuck said.

The movie, he must set foot.

This is big fat meat, Chuck must eat a big bite.

Yolanda was stunned, "Okay, I will start planning the film company tomorrow! Start preparing for the movie you said."


Zhang Hu heard these words, and he regretted the intestines.

How amazing is the tens of billions of investments? ?

This is really a huge investment!

After the meeting and the celebration party, Chuck certainly knew that, so he wanted to eat something.

"Ye Zimei, you apologize to boss Zhang for me, I didn't mean it on purpose," Zhang Hu begged for Zabrina.

"I said bad, he is also my boss, your boss, you talk to your boss like this, you still expect Chuck to forgive you?" Zabrina finished, and went to Chuck for the next conversation.

Because of the movie Chuck said, she was really very interested.

Zhang Hu regretted to the extreme, he received a call from the boss, and within ten seconds, he cried, "Don't fire me, boss, don't, I know it's wrong, boss..."

His boss's phone has been hung up.

The press conference was successfully held, and the next day, there was no unexpected policy, and many news reports reported on Zabrina's endorsement of drugs.

There are also some people who are curious about the trial, and they are convinced by the effect of the drug.

Volunteer to become a "water army" to promote medicine!

The name "Magic Medicine" was triggered online!

This is really a hit!

Within three days, orders from Chuck Pharmaceutical Factory have exceeded 5 billion!

In addition, one after another, Chuck let Yolanda immediately increase the pharmaceutical factory!

Maintain supply!

This year, Chuck wants to use this medicine to make 100 billion yuan! !

This is just one of the medicines. New medicines are coming out one after another.

Chuck saw the hope of his business empire!

At the same time, the good news is that Liu Na's gambling industry chain has been completed.

The huge investment, coupled with the last time Chuck bought more than 100 jewelry stores.

The product is also available!

Chuck did not forget Zabrina, please let Zabrina endorse her own jewelry store jewelry!

Zabrina, as a popular star, brings in traffic, that is huge!

The popularity of pharmaceutical cooperation, the second endorsement, brought a huge flow of people to Chuck's more than 100 jewelry stores!

The jewellery side has also started to make crazy sales and profits!

Chuck's business empire has slowly become outlined.

Chapter: 840

The outline of the business empire appears! !

Chuck already knows how to proceed next!

Just follow the outline layout and go on. The strength of the hidden family is strong, and it is difficult to survive in the cracks! !

But there is no other way, the world is so big, what about the gap between survival?

Chuck is not afraid!

This is the only chance to fight against the secret family!

It depends on how much time You Shiwen gave Chuck!

We must hurry up!

... at the same time!


You Shiwen works out in the large gym!

Her weight is also two hundred kilograms! !

She is squatting!

In the gym, more than 30 people reported the situation of the family one by one with respect.

After You Shiwen took control of the Youjia, the entire Youjia made comprehensive reforms!


As a matter of fact, only You Shiwen is suitable for this house!

Her reform has redefined the hidden family!

The secret family still wants to be secret, but the overall strength, don't stand still, she took over the secret family for more than a month.

The descendants of Youjia have already seen the changes in Youjia!

This is an increase in strength, and it is also an improvement that can be seen by the naked eye from dozens of generations to conquer the descendants of Youjia!

This is not comparable to You Tianle's home ownership in those days.

To report to the important members of Youjia, You Shiwen listened quietly!

"For Sui Guo's business, we must control and suppress all the industries of Karen li! I want to let her know that in front of the secret family, some people who have developed for decades have been insignificant!!"

"Yes, the head of the house! We will do everything in accordance with the instructions of the housekeeper!"

"You guys are busy!! By the way, is the security design of the entire Youjia house handled according to my design?" You Shiwen asked.

"I have done what the owner said! The owner is assured!"

"I don't hope that anyone else can break through the security of my hidden family travellers and take hold of everyone. Such a thing will never appear again!" You Shiwen was cold!

Last time, Karen li brought someone up and broke the line of defense of Youjia, almost leaving the entire army of Youjia annihilated!

This is a shameful shame on Youjia! !

"Homeowners rest assured that the last time Karen li broke in, I promise, will never happen again!" said a white-haired old man.

He is the oldest in Youjia's age.

"Not at ease, how about the person I asked you to find?" You Shiwen said.

"Homeowner, the strongest one in Youjia was killed by Karen li, I have been looking for the strongest in the world, and I'm a little bit eyebrowed!"

"Go on!! You must go on! Karen li's personal strength, the whole world, can withstand it, and it is absolutely rare!" You Shiwen said coldly!

"You are not Karen li's opponent?" You children looked at each other!

"No, not at this stage! I think it can be the opponent of Karen li, the three of Wanjia should be able to! Especially, there is a fighting genius Long Yi among Wanjia! She should be the opponent of Karen li. , Even beyond Karen li, because Karen li has entered her forties, and the woman’s golden age is about to pass. No matter how powerful she was before, but she can never escape a law, that is, the years are not forgiving, she entered the four At ten years old, it means that she has begun to go downhill, and Wanyi’s Long Yi is in his prime! One person’s strength, age is always one of the biggest reasons for the gap! If she deals with Karen li, I think, maybe

Karen li has Sixty percent may die..."

You Shiwen's eyes are shining!

"Long Yi of that family will not easily shoot!"

"Who knows, Wan Ziwen of the Wan Family, she has always been very deep and moody!

Maybe it's possible to see Karen li uncomfortable that day and let Long Yi take it!" You Shiwen is analyzing, "but I I did not expect Wan Ziwen, Karen li, I must deal with it personally!"

"Homeowner, you need to be careful. You can't confront Karen li alone! If she jumps off the wall in a hurry, you may even hurt your homeowner!"

"No, Karen li is not a dog, but she is a phoenix! This is placed in ancient times, but the same person as the emperor!" You Shiwen's eyes shone!

The wandering people were suddenly silent, worried and silent.

"By the way, the head of the family, our three big families. In the other family, they haven't been moving, are they secretly doing?" The people inside the house, someone thought of the last of the three secret families!

This family is too low-key! !

"This is undoubted! The Zhang family has been low-key for so long. The owner of the Zhang family is now an old fox. He has definitely been laid out. Maybe many people have become the pawn of the old fox. I suspect that the old fox is a pawn. It is very clever to use... I have to think about it carefully." You Shiwen, during her previous experience, deliberately collected everything from the Zhang family of the hidden family.

But very little!

This Zhang family can't be silent forever!

This is ready for the next rainstorm!

How can the far-sighted You Shiwen ignore the existence of the third family, the Zhang family? ?

It’s time to take precautions!

"I also suspect that the Zhang family has also stocked some people. Who are these people? You must start to find out!"

"Homeowners rest assured! We will start to pay attention to this matter, but for now, several of our old things agree that one of the most important things you have not done yet!"

The white-haired old man suddenly smiled slightly.


You Shiwen was stunned, she continued to lift the barbell.

It lasted a long time, and she was not too tired, and she could continue.

"If you are the head of the house, we are satisfied with a few old things, but ah, you alone can't work alone, and someone needs to share the burden of traveling with you!"

"What are you doing for me?"

"You are also 20 years old, you can also find someone to get married! Pass on your genes! This is also the rule of the family for thousands of years! There are 39 homeowners in the world, 31 of which are Men, eight are women! The eight elders have at least seven children! They have also been married since they took office. They usually give birth in the second year... You can also do it in this regard. A few of us have already found some good people for the house owner! The house owner can see... first communicate the feelings! Of course, the house owner looks for three, five, ten at the same time..." Smile.

You Shiwen was silent for three seconds, "I will talk about this later!"

"This is not okay! This is the tradition of the Youjia family. After you become the head of the family, you must give birth in the second year!" said the old white-haired old man.