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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 841-850

Chapter: 841


Youjia children and grandchildren reminded, because You Shiwen fell silent.

You Shiwen recovered, quietly put down the barbell in his hand, "I know the rules..."

"That's good, I thought the owner didn't know this rule! The reason why our secret family has been passing on for so long, genetics is very important, inheritance is very important! So hurry up! It must be born next year. The first child!" The white-haired old man was at ease.

The rest of the family is at ease.

This can be regarded as a superstition of the Youjia family. The new owner must have children one year later. This is a kind of inheritance, and it also indicates that the Youjia will be passed on from generation to generation.

"Well, I know!" You Shiwen promised!

"That’s good, a few of our old stuff, who have been advocating, have found ten people outside the door. These people are business elites. No matter the height, appearance, and the most important commercial genes, there is absolutely no problem. Let them come in and let the owner see!" The white-haired old man sighed his hands in relief.

"Don't!" You Shi text can refuse.

"Homeowner? What else do you have?" The old man with white hair surprised his face.

You Shiwen was silent.

The children and grandchildren of Youjia looked at each other, and the white-haired old man came out and asked, "Did you have someone you loved when you were raised by the owner?"

"No! I don't have a favorite person!" You Shiwen beautiful eyes cold! !

"So what do you like?"

"No!" You Shiwen only has these two words, and her eyes are getting colder and colder, like ice cubes.

"Are you angry?"

"No!" You Shiwen is indifferent!

"Oh, that's good! Because you are already the head of the house, so the average man can never touch the head of the house. You must pass the test, height, appearance, and genetic standards before you can..." The white-haired old man said a lot.

The owner of the house, how can men touch it?

That is impossible!

It must be tested by You Jia, so that you can ensure that the children born to You Shiwen have good genes!

Then, you have to do this.

"Okay! Stop talking, let them in!" You Shiwen wiped away his sweat.

"Slap, crack, crack!!!"

White-haired old man clapping hands!

The door opened and ten handsome guys came in!

There are blond hair, blue eyes, and black hair.

They are all special standard models!

"Homeowner, you can choose!"

You Shiwen stared at them indifferently. The people of You family looked at each other. You

Shiwen didn't speak. Was this one missed?

"Homeowner, according to the time, you can find one today, pick one that you think is pleasing to the eye! Today is over, ten months later, the first child of the homeowner can be born." said the white-haired old man.

"I,..." You Shiwen shook his head and fell into silence.

"Homeowner, do you want to have children after marriage? There is no conflict. In the past, we can have a wedding tomorrow! Homeowner, we know that today may be too sudden, but we all follow the rules passed down from our ancestors. You are wronged, you still have to follow the rules!" The white-haired old man began to persuade.

"I know it!" You Shiwen sighed, "You just let someone stay!"

When she was finished, she went to take a bath.

The old man with white hair was relieved.

Ten handsome guys are looking forward to it.

The old man with white hair glanced for a while and pointed to a man with black hair. "It's yours, everyone else will go out!"

This dark-haired man is ecstatic!

This is really fortunate to be the owner of the hidden family!

This is a pie! !

The other nine people were extremely disappointed.

"Tell you, the house owner does what you want! If the house owner is pregnant after tonight, you have endless glory and wealth!" said the white-haired old man.

"I know!" The handsome dark-haired guy blinked.

"That line, you wait here, we will go out first!" The old man with white hair went out with a few people.

Handsome dark-haired guy ecstatic!

Inside is the sound of the hidden family head bathing!

Soon, You Shiwen came out.

Handsome dark-haired guy swallowed hard.

At the moment, Yu Shiwen is a beauty in bathing. When the handsome black-haired guy came, he thought the owner was an ugly girl. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful! !

Body and looks are superb!

"Homeowner, you are so beautiful!" The handsome dark-haired guy couldn't stop leaking, really can't help it! !

"Pretty! Do you think I'm pretty?" You Shiwen was indifferent.

Get closer step by step!

This is an oppression!

How could a handsome dark-haired guy stand it? He knelt down in horror, "Homeowner!!"

"You have no bones? Why kneel?" You Shiwen stared at him indifferently!


"Are you a man?"

"Yes, I am!"

"Yes, look at me!"

The handsome dark-haired guy raised his head in fear, and he showed disgust, "Homeowner, what's wrong with your arm, what's wrong?"

He didn't expect that such a beautiful woman as You Shiwen, was so hurt, like an earthworm, crawling on his arm, how disgusting!

"It hurts."

"It's okay, it's just a broken arm."

"Not only! I'm hurt all over!"

The handsome dark-haired man was dumbfounded, "Homeowner, you..."

"very disgusting!"

"Yes, no, no! Homeowner! You are beautiful!" The handsome dark-haired guy can't accept it, why!

There are scars on the legs, how disgusting? ?

"Pretty, why don't you look at me?"

"I see, I see!" The handsome dark-haired guy approached You Shiwen.

He gave up nausea and turned off the lights. It’s the same, but her, it’s money, money you can’t use!

The handsome dark-haired guy approached.

He uncovered You Shiwen's clothes, and You Shiwen was indifferent, "Go!"

"Homeowner!" The handsome dark-haired guy is afraid!

"You don't understand me, go!" You Shiwen said coldly!

Chapter: 842

"Homeowner, I know you! Don't drive me away!" The handsome dark-haired guy is hard to accept!

Why does the home owner of the wanderer show no interest in himself? ?

I'm so crazy when I'm outside. I go to bars, night shows, and even walk on the streets to talk to someone!

However, in front of the owner, his charming charm is gone? ?

"What do you know me?" You Shiwen was indifferent.

"I, I understand you, me, I want you to conceive your child tonight, me, me..." The handsome black-haired guy has seen too many beauties.

I didn't expect that this tour of Shiwen is so beautiful, so many scars on his body!

This is a disgusting feeling for a woman who pursues perfection to the extreme!

Changed to other women, he had already got angry.

It is also possible to slap ten articles in a slap!

Only he dares?

This is a hidden family! !

Even if he ate the ambitious leopard gall, he didn't dare to put a finger on You Shiwen! !

"Homeowner, I like you. I am willing to serve you tonight. Every day in the future, I will be willing to serve you!"

Said the handsome black-haired guy.

No matter how disgusting You Shiwen is in front of him, in his eyes, You Shiwen is a golden mountain that cannot be hollowed out!

This is a big backer!

He is willing to do anything for this!

"Did I let you hear?" You Shiwen froze coldly, her eyes were not even a touch of emotion!

Indifferent is scary!

"Homeowner, don't, I have a task. I will make you pregnant tonight. If it's not me, then you will also find other men. Homeowner, you give me a chance, I will make you satisfied!! "

Will you find other men?

This sentence penetrated into You Shiwen's heart.

She was suddenly bitter! correct!

This is the rule of the past generations, and you have to have children within a year.

This is the meaning of inheritance of metaphor!

Yourself, even the owner!

But why do you fail to obey the rules passed down by dozens of generations? ?

Not him, but also other men!

There is no one else at all!

This is something that a family owner must go through!

You Shiwen couldn't resist.

"Homeowner, you can rest assured, I will make you satisfied," the handsome dark-haired man was pleased.

You Shiwen hesitated!

This is an opportunity!

He took advantage of the situation to control the situation. When You Shiwen fell silent, he put his hand on the fragrance shoulder of You Shiwen!

"Homeowner," the handsome dark-haired man's voice magnetized.

This sound has a magical power!

Switching to a normal woman will not resist.

You Shiwen was unmoved, her pair of beautiful eyes shot a terrifying light!

This is a kind of majesty!

A gas field!

Handsome dark-haired guy almost scared to pee.

He shivered, "Homeowner!"

"I'll say it again, get out!" You Shiwen said coldly.

The handsome guy with dark hair was already scared, "Okay, but how can I explain to them?"

You Shiwen was indifferent, she thought of this problem, if she didn't continue, how did she get pregnant?

"Homeowner, are you looking for someone else? It doesn't matter, I can accept it." The handsome black-haired man finally asked.

"I'm not looking for anyone else! Get out!"

The dark-haired handsome guy ran out, this is escape!

The wanderers, but wait outside!

Waiting for good news!

However, the handsome dark-haired guy accompanying Shiwen suddenly ran out, and they were stunned.

"what happened??"

"You shouldn't be with the owner? Why did you come out?"

A few of their faces are not so good!

Could it be that this man has physical problems?

It's impossible!

Have been tested!

There is absolutely no problem!

"The owner doesn't let me touch it, and I can't help it!" the handsome dark-haired man complained.

He had never seen such a woman, as cold as ice!

"Do not let you touch!"

"Homeowner, don't you think he is not pleasing?"

The homeless people are speechless and haven't touched. How to give birth to a child next year and complete the meaning of inheritance? ?

"It's possible! I wonder if the owner of the house already has someone he likes?"

"Did the owner just say that, didn't he?"

"Did you look so angry when the head of the house answered this question? What hurt you?"

"According to you, it's really possible! Then why doesn't the owner directly say there are people you like?"

"How do I know this! But if there is, some of our old things still have to find a way to find out this person! See if he is qualified! Genetically, IQ-wise, are there any defects!"

"This, the owner didn't mention it, do you know? Or should I go and talk to the owner first,"

The white-haired old man who first proposed was only looking for You Shiwen, which is not enough.

How to get pregnant if you don’t let others touch? ?

This may involve, the tradition of traveling home, can not go wrong.

Out, then the moral is not good.

"Homeowner!" The white-haired old man stood at the door!

There was no answer in the room!

"Homeowner, why don't I come in for someone else!"

"No! Give me a month!" This is You Shiwen's voice!

"A month? What are you doing, the owner? Want to find your favorite?" The white-haired old man sighed with relief, which was acceptable.

He was most afraid that You Shiwen would resist this matter, so it would be troublesome!


"Well, since the family is mainly mentally prepared, that's okay, but this month is the deadline, and I hope the family owner will be cautious! If the rules of the tens of generations are broken, my old bones can't look down to see the ancestors. !"

"...Got it, within a month, I will let people touch me!" This is You Shiwen's answer! !

Chapter: 843

"I'm relieved!" The white-haired old man sighed heavily.

"However, what do you have, you can still say it!" the old man with white hair asked.

This is not a normal You Shiwen.

Become a house owner and work hard for the inheritance of the morals in the house. This should be what every house owner should do.

Ever since You Shiwen became the head of the house, what she has done is for you!

This matter alone, hesitated today!

"No!" This is Yu Shiwen's answer!

"Ah, the owner doesn't have to hide me, I am the one who came here too! The owner, this is someone in my heart, so don't let other people touch it!" The old man with white hair sighed.

"The state of mind can't deceive people! The owner!"

"I, no! There is no one in my heart! Absolutely no! But, someone who knows me did something that disappointed me. I hate him! I hate other men!"

"Ah? Wouldn't it be Chuck!" Now that he has analyzed all these things!

No answer in the room!

The old man with white hair said coldly, "Homeowner, what did Chuck do?"

"He shot me with a gun!"

"What! This animal! The owner is assured that this person, and his mother Karen li, our tour home will definitely let them die without a burial place!!" The white-haired old man was furious!

It’s unforgivable to shoot a gun at the head of the house!

"Well! Give me a month to prepare me mentally, and you will bring people over again!"

"Okay! The owner will rest early!"

"Right, Zhang...Chuck returned to China?"

"Yes, Chuck left, he returned to Huaxia! He is doing his own business in Huaxia! But the owner is assured that there is also a property for us to travel there! After Chuck's business is done, I will take another shot and take away his Everything, come and report a small revenge to the house owner first!"


The old man with white hair returned to where he was just now, and he said what You Shiwen said.

Everyone in the house is relieved.

Just a month, you can wait! !


"Qingyang, what are you doing here again?" In the dark house, this is the secret family, the third family, and the Zhang family!

Zhang Qingyang recently became uneasy. "Grandpa, I feel that Karen is a bit uncomfortable. I should help her! Otherwise, she can't bear the revenge of Youjia!"

"No! You have forgotten Karen li's identity? She is one of our pawns! Now is the situation I want! She is fighting with Youjia, I am now optimistic about her, she should be able to make

Youjia not so good. It’s better to let Wanjia take a layer of skin off, so my Zhang family is not the first family?”

In the dark, a pair of turbid eyes, exuding viciousness! !

"But! I've been upset recently! I feel that someone should stare at Karen. Although I haven't seen anyone who can beat her, there are still many people in the world Crouching Tiger, Hidden

Dragon. I suspect that Karen may have this time. Dangerous!" Zhang Qingyang said.

This is what he felt!

"Well, as long as you can't die! She has been the one with the best toughness I have seen in all these years! As long as she doesn't die, then she will fight back! I won't let you go! Let her come!

The real chess player, How can I protect the pawn and do it myself? Ching Yang, I'm very optimistic about you! The next head of the house is definitely yours! But ah, don't let me down!"

"But... I feel so quiet that something will happen this time, really! My sixth sense is accurate,

Grandpa, I..."

"Shut up! You are too disappointing me! She is just a chess piece! Even if it is really dead, I will train another chess piece. Her son Chuck is my spare chess piece! Her son Chuck is dead, and I will Cultivate the third pawn!!! There are so many pawns, don't forget this! Go out!!!"

Zhangjia family said coldly!

"Go out and reflect on yourself! Do big things without any restrictions? You can't do this. In the days to come, how can I safely give Zhang family to you!!"

Zhang Qingyang sighed and went out on his own.

He called Karen li.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to the technology company! Is there something?" This is Karen li's voice.

I don't know when to start, the two seem strange!

"It's okay! I have time to go home, you... drive carefully!" Zhang Qingyang didn't say much in the end!

"Okay thank you!"

Karen li put down her mobile phone, and she went to the technology company to look at it. In the past few days, she has researched a new metal and came out.

See if she can equip Chuck!

Chuck has made great strides in strength, but there is an iron law in the world after all, that is, there are mountains and mountains!

During this crisis, she didn't want Chuck to have any accidents! however! boom!

The driving road, this is a bridge, burst suddenly!

A bomb exploded on the bridge!

The scope of this bomb was too wide, the bridge deck collapsed ingeniously, the debris flew over and hit the car glass!

In this sudden situation, the car overturned in the explosion!

Drilled into the ruins! boom!

The car hit a rock and stop!


Appear alone!

Long Yi!

She was indifferent to her eyes and swayed her long legs to the side of the rollover. The scene of the rollover was fierce. A car was hung on the pier near the cliff, and there was no movement in it! Is this dead?

"Karen li, this unexpected design, I still think of a lot of plans! I hope you are satisfied!" Long Yi said lightly.

Chapter: 844

Boom! !

In the ruin, the deformed car door was opened, and Karen li came out from inside.

She reached down and wiped her forehead. The car happened to be on the bridge pier. She controlled it. However, the car was seriously damaged and her forehead was bleeding.

Although there was no blood flow, she was not hurt so badly. She took out the paper towel and wiped it without showing any pain. hand!

Her hands hung down!

The hand was just broken!

"Yes, still alive. In the situation just now, I changed to someone else, and rushed down to death!

You don't bother me to come out!!" Long Yi came over.

For her, how could a person like Karen li die so easily?

This is just a design point!

Let Karen li stay!

She carefully observed Karen li's movements over the past few days and learned that she would go to a technology company in a few days!

So she designed an explosion point under this bridge!

Just wait for Karen li to pass by!

You can let her stay! !

The facts now prove that her design is not wrong!

Karen li is very embarrassed at this time!

Head and hands are injured! !

"you are?"

Karen li's eyes flickered, and he didn't have any pain in his broken hand, just as if the broken hand did not happen.

She took out the syringe she carried with her and gave herself painkillers!

And came up with a special plaster!

Posted on the broken arm!

Treat the wound as soon as possible.

"Should I be fortunate! Now the number one fighting master is actually hurt by my design!"

Long Yi smiled slightly.

Karen li was silent for three seconds, "Are you a wanderer or a wanjia?"

"Oh? Why are you so sure?"

"I generally understand the situation in the world, and there is no person like you! Then there is only the Hidden Family, Youjia, there should be no master like you! As for the Zhang Family of the third Hidden Family, it should not be! Then there are only Wanjia, Was Wan Ziwen let you come?"

Karen li said calmly!

"You know what it means?" Long Yi already smiled!

"So still Wan Ziwen?"

"Yes, Wan Ziwen is the future heir of the Wan Family! She dislikes you, how annoying you are, don't you know it yourself?"

Karen li shrugged, "I really don't know!"

"You don't know it's too late. The lady made a murderous attack on you, and you are destined to die!"

Long Yi smiled slightly!

What is Wan Ziwen?

The heir of Wanjia!

What is top-notch, offended the heirs of the first family, this is not what it is to find death? !

"Maybe! Is she killing me simply, or is it for my son?" Karen li asked.

"This? You need to ask so clearly?" Long Yi said coldly.

"Some, just kill me, that certainly doesn't matter, but for my son to kill me, then my son is dangerous!" Karen li shook his head, his tone fluctuating.

"What's the danger? You have to know that after so many years, the young lady didn't like anyone! Now she is in love with your son, it is his luck! Your son follows the young lady, the man who is the heir of the first family, is this bad?"

"Although I didn't talk to my son directly, but he knows, I don't want him to eat soft rice!" Karen li shook his head and massaged his broken arm with more force.

"You said you, you don't know how obnoxious you are? Is it obscurant now? You have died well! You are dead, your son Chuck will be obedient!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

"She's not afraid of my son getting it?"

"What are you afraid of? I will give you an accidental death this time. I don’t say it. The lady doesn’t say it. He thinks of the lady? You look too high on your son! He is only controlled by the lady until now! It’s just him, Don’t admit it! Well, it’s boring to say too much, it’s time to get you on the road!

"It's not that easy to kill me!" Karen li said.

Long Yi frowned, "You have a head injury, which is comparable to a concussion injury, a broken hand, a leg, there is no injury, but in this case, you will not be my opponent! Then I will give you two Choice! Respect for you! After all, it is not easy for a woman like yours to appear among women!!!"

"What choice?" Karen li massaged his broken arm.

"First! You jumped here obediently yourself! Below is the turbulent river, there is a whole body down, the second, I will help you down!" Long Yi said coldly!

Karen li looked back at the pier behind him, and below was the turbulent river!

Very dangerous!

"I don't like to do multiple-choice questions," Karen li shook her head.

"Why? Jump down on your own with a little dignity! It is impossible for you now to win me!"

"This is hard to tell!"

"Okay! You don't need dignity, what am I still thinking about for you? Only I did it for you!"

Long Yi smiled slightly, his smile chilled!

She rushed to Karen li!

Unleashed the strength of her 10,000 masters!

She has not shot for a full five years!

This time!

Come for Karen li!

She specializes in Karen li's broken arm, Karen li's broken arm!

It will swell in a few moments. Fortunately, there will be something sticking, otherwise it will break terribly!

Karen li responds!

"I said, you can't win me! Now, send you down!!!" Long Yi fist!

She really has the power of the first master! !

Aggressive to force Karen li to the pier!

Only one step is about to fall!

Chapter: 845

This is a pinnacle! !

On the bridge like ruins!

Two people are killing! suddenly!

Long Yi smiled slightly, and his fist had already hit Karen li's broken arm!


What she just posted, tear!

Stagger the broken arm! I have seen broken bones!

Arms down again! !

People feel pain at first sight!

"Your fighting is very good. It is the strongest person I have ever met in my life. If you keep fighting, can I win you? It is an unknown number that I don't even know. Unfortunately, I can't help but listen to the lady's instructions. Let you die unexpectedly, then only hurt you!!!

Fortunately, it just made me enjoyable!" Long Yi told the truth, she had a sense of excitement!

This is Karen li for her!

Karen li's fighting, let her meet the same opponent! !

Karen li looked down at her broken arm. She remained silent for three seconds, and put her broken arm behind her without pain!

One-handed against Long Yi! !

Long Yi smiled slightly, his smile chilled!

"Give you three seconds to wipe the blood on your head! It's ugly!" Long Yi was very kind!

Karen li reached out and wiped the blood from his forehead!

This bright red blood has stained her sleeves!

However, it does not give people a sense of embarrassment!

Because she is always standing upright, expressionless!

No discoloration due to blood!

There is no pain because of injury!

Like a sculpture!

Don't be afraid of imminent danger, giving a sense of heroic perseverance! !

She is Karen li!

"Three seconds have passed, then continue!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

Karen li has only one hand against her!

Long Yi is getting more and more excited!

This is a feeling that no one else has!

She thought it was ridiculous, she even found this feeling of fighting on a middle-aged aunt in her forties! suddenly!

Long Yi's fist is coming!

Karen li is not afraid of imminent danger, but also fists with his fists! boom!

These are the hands of two women!

At this moment, however, fists are against fists!

Long Yi frowned, she withdrew her fists, and there was such a pain!

Her fist, the stone can be broken!

However, when he encountered Karen li, he felt pain.

Karen li is expressionless!

Chase with one hand! boom!

Long Yi took a step back and was beaten back? !

Long Yi's face suddenly looked ugly, "It seems that you are not hurt your head, your hands are constant, it is very difficult to deal with you! However, you also have no chance to make me difficult!"

She fists against each other!

As a master at the top of the fight, attack with all your strength!

One-handed Karen li stepped back blankly! suddenly!

Long Yi kicked a kick! !

Karen li fists to resist!

"You are too little to see me this trick! Give me down!"

Long Yi smiled slightly and already kicked Karen li's fist!

Karen li narrowed his eyes and retreated to the edge of the pier!

She stood firm, however!

"Go on!!"

Long Yi makes up another foot!

Karen li is on the verge of going down anytime!

One foot is hanging!

Even a gust of wind can blow her down!

Below is the Taotao River!

Fast and scary!

People go down, but this is 20 meters high, people who fall on the water will be smashed!

Not to mention! A wave will stun people!

So go on and die! !

"Still struggling to die? Useless!" Long Yi sneered to the extreme!

Karen li has no retreat!

Dragon is pressing step by step!

She can't retreat!

The only retreat is to jump down!

"Please, I can let you live for a while! Please, me!" Long Yi laughed abnormally!

This, now the first fighting master!

So embarrassed in front of myself!

She has an abnormally comfortable feeling!

Karen li remained expressionless. She glanced at the turbulent river under her, fearing no danger!

"I'm not asking for people. I have only asked for two people in my life. Of these two people, you are not there!

"Oh, then you still have a bit of guts! What other last words? Give you thirty seconds!" Long Yi smiled slightly!

Fearful to the extreme! !

"I..." Karen li fell silent!

"If it wasn't for the young lady's orders, I can ask you to call your son! Tell him that you are going to die! But, if you want to let you die by accident, then this must not be the case!" Long Yi said abnormally.

She wanted to see what Karen li said to Chuck's last words!

It must be fun! !

"I don't know what your son Chuck is doing now, should be playing? That's more interesting!

Well, thirty seconds is up! Go on!"

Long Yi smiled and kicked! however!

The moment she kicked out, Li Qing closed her eyes and backed away!

The body fell from the bridge pier!

As if a sculpture fell! ! boom!

Karen li fell from a height and hit the water!

The rivers around are stained red!


A huge wave drowned Karen li!

It can be seen that Karen li's body didn't move, and seemed to be smashed, sinking quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was gone, only the blood that quickly dispersed!

Long Yi smiled unbearably, and had been watching for a long time, and Karen li never looked up again!

Sinking into the water!

Was washed away!

She pushed Karen li's car down the bridge with force!

This accident still has to continue! ! boom!

The car fell into the water!

Also sink into the water!

"At such a high height, you have a head injury and a broken hand, then you will definitely die! It can be regarded as a place to die! Rest in peace! This matter, your son Chuck will never know!


Long Yi called Wan Ziwen's bodyguard.

"Hey, Karen li is dead! The mission is complete!!!"

Chapter: 846

"Miss! Long Yi has completed the mission!!"

Wan Ziwen's bodyguard is excited!

This is the best news he has gotten recently!

The last time Karen li hurt him, he wanted Karen li to die!

He couldn't do it himself, but Long Yi did it! !

"Oh! Are you sure?" Wan Ziwen sat upright!

Her expression is not lazy!

There is excitement! !

"Okay! Long Yi, designed an explosion point! A bridge was blown up. Karen li's car hit a stone.

The car was scrapped. When she came out, her head was bleeding and her hand was broken!

After some fierce fighting, Karen li was exhausted. End, and finally forced to jump down by

Long Yi!" He said more and more excited!

Feeling completely uncontrollable!

"Jiaohe?" Wan Ziwen suddenly frowned!

"Yes! That river is the most dangerous river in the National Super League. You can jump over

20 meters! You can't stand the iron! Not to mention people? Long Yi noticed that for nearly 20 minutes, Karen li did not Come out, washed away by water!"

Wan Ziwen was relieved.

The man said the river, she is clear!

The river is so steep, if people jump down, they will definitely die! !

Karen li jumped down in the case of serious injuries and exhaustion, which was undoubtedly the last trace of useless struggle! !

"Good job!" Wan Ziwen appreciated!

Long Yi is worthy of being the first master of Wanjia!

Encountered by Karen li is also a dead end!

The facts also prove this!

"That is, who is Long Yi!"

"Do it clean or not!" Wan Ziwen barely worried about this.

"Miss rest assured! Long Yi, you can rest assured!"

"If it weren't for Karen li to be so intrusive, I don't want her to die so early, because, how can I say that she is such a woman, I still can't afford it! However, she doesn't know what to do! It's no wonder I! "

"Where is Chuck!" Wan Ziwen asked.

"He's still dealing with his own business empire! But it's useless. It's unbearable!"

"I want to meet him!"

"Miss, would you like to tell him that his mother is dead?" The man was terrible!

Wan Ziwen glanced at him, "I don't want to, how can I tell him this kind of thing? This must be told by someone else, I can't even show up! Just see how he reacts!"

"What reaction can he have? Chuck hasn't depended on him as a mother? Without Karen li,

Chuck is nothing! Now that Karen li is dead, Chuck will only lose a backer, but now, Zhang

Miss Ce You, this one is close to you, but it is more useful than Karen li!"

He dismissed Chuck! !

"Go, look at Chuck!" Wan Ziwen went outside!

The man followed immediately! !


Zhang Qingyang is looking at the map, he is looking at the Zhang family's place!

This is a homework!

Zhang Qingyang didn't look at it, he was restless! !


He wanted to drink water, the quilt in his hand fell to the ground and shattered into pieces! !

He squatted down to clean, his fingers were bleeding!

When he frowned, he called Karen li, but it was turned off!

"It's rare for Karen? How could it be shut down?"

Zhang Qingyang murmured to himself, and didn't understand why Karen li's mobile phone would be like this!

It's never been like this before! !

He continued to fight, still like this!

He stared at the phone and someone knocked on the door!

"Come in!"

"Homeowner please!" This is a woman who came in.

"Grandpa? Didn't you meet just this morning?"

Zhang Qingyang muttered to himself, got up and followed the woman to see his grandfather!

Still in a dark room!

A pair of cloudy eyes is obvious!

"Grandpa, what do you ask?" Zhang Qingyang asked.

"I want you to go to China immediately!"

"Go to China? Didn't you tell me not to go out recently?" Zhang Qingyang muttered to himself, the uneasiness in his heart was particularly obvious!

"Things change! I want you to find your son!"

"it is good!"

Zhang Qingyang also wanted to see his son, but he had never seen it last time!

He sometimes feels that he is like an invisible person. He has no control over Chuck's affairs, and Karen li has always dealt with it.

Will Chuck be strange to himself like this? ?

"Remember, I asked you to find Karen li, and did not make you and Karen li have a son, Chuck, he is still your pawn!!"

"Grandpa, Chuck is my son! Not a chess piece!"

Zhang Qingyang shook his head and said definitely.

"Asshole!! Chuck didn't enter the genealogy! He is an outsider, and an outsider is a piece that can be used at any time! I hope you figure this out!!!"

"Ah! I go to China!"

"I let you find him, don't have to show up, help him secretly! Don't let Wanjia, Youjia know,

Chuck is your son!!"

"I know, by the way, grandpa, why did you suddenly let me go to China?" He was uneasy and asked him to continue!

"It's no big deal! I looked away! A chess piece is gone." Zhang Family head shook his head and said that there was no mood swing!

"No? Who's gone?" Zhang Qingyang shivered.

"My favorite piece, Karen li! I just received news that Karen li was on her way to her technology company. There was a problem on the road, and even someone drove the car into the river!


The Zhang family head is talking about a trivial matter.

Chapter: 847

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"Homeowner, do you need to follow the young master?? He just seemed..." The woman who brought Zhang Qingyang asked.

When Zhang Qingyang heard the news from the Zhang family, he silently closed his eyes for three seconds and went out without saying a word.

Master Zhangjia shook his head, "He still doesn't understand this truth. If one piece is gone, there will be no more. The more pieces are available..."

"This is the character of the young master! But ah, that Karen li is really dead?" the woman couldn't help asking.

"There's nothing wrong. I fell into the river from such a high place. There was only one dead path! Unexpectedly, a chess piece I fancy twenty years ago, thinking she could do something, but it was so. "The Zhang family's head looked like a crocodile weeping, so a little regret!" !

"It's a pity!" The woman was indifferent.

"Go, pick up things for Qingyang, he will return to China!" Zhang Family head ordered this matter.


Woman going to prepare.


Zhang Qingyang drove to the side of a ruined bridge. He looked at the turbulent river below.

When he came over, the luck in his heart was completely lost!

At this height, hit by a car accident! !

Without a trace, one point of survival is possible!

He didn’t admit it, Karen li died here...

He was silent for a long time, his final expression was mulan, muttered to himself...

"I'm sorry...for so many years, I have been using you...sorry."

Zhang Qingyang crouched on the bridge, telling the same things.

"I remember when I first met you, at school, it was my grandfather who asked me to meet you. I originally refused it, and I particularly refused it. What do I think a girl who would fight will have?"

"I was shocked to see you! At that moment, there was only one idea, that is, to marry you. At first glance, I was like this."

"I forgot my grandfather's task. Later, after you gave birth to Ceer, I remembered it. Why did I contact you?"

"Remember to leave your home for the first time. I didn’t fall asleep all night. I don’t know if you fell asleep that night. I didn’t...

"I started to distance myself from you..."

"You don't understand."

"I don't understand what I mean, I have never helped you, nor helped you in business, but when I ask for money, you always give me the first time..."

"Oh, actually I don't lack money, I just want you to alienate me,"

"However, you still don't understand. Twenty years later, I have found a lot of money for you every year, and you never asked a question..."

"Sometimes I think you are stupid. I ask you for money one at a time. You give it to me. But now, I understand that it is me who is stupid. I have been estranged from you for so many years.

It is me who is stupid..."

"Recently, I know you are beginning to doubt me. This is what I always wanted! However..."

"It's really time for me to panic. I'm afraid to let you find out that I have used you for so many years, so I dare not talk to you more,"

"I understand, it's me who is stupid."

Zhang Qingyang sat alone on the bridge. The river below was rushing. He told what was in his heart. He kept smiling, silent, and sad. He had mixed tastes, and finally his eyes were blood red...

"I should, how can I tell Ceer that you have..."


"Homeowner! Homeowner!!!"

You Shiwen is dealing with your family's affairs.

The old man with white hair hurried in.

"You don't have to rush me, after a month, I will agree that the man touches me!"

You Shiwen thought that it means that the white-haired old man came in.

"No, I am not here to say this, Karen li is dead!!" The old man with white hair said excitedly!


The cup in You Shiwen's hands fell to the ground and shattered into pieces!

She was stunned!

"What are you talking about? Karen li is dead? How did you die? I didn't let you stop doing it first? I didn't say it, I want to deal with her personally?" You Shiwen was indifferent to the extreme!

"It wasn't our hands, it was her driving to her technology company. The road collapsed and she drove into the river."

"You said, that dangerous river?"

"Yes! That's the river! She was also unlucky, so she died like that." The old man with white hair didn't want to let Karen li die like this!

Because, Karen li went to Youjia that night!

But they were terrified! !

Let Karen li die so cheap?

How can he tolerate it? ?

"How could this be?" You Shiwen was dumbfounded.

"It's not a good thing that Karen li is dead? Are you the owner?" The old man with white hair smiled slightly.

Just die anyway!

"Dead, but why is it so dead?"

"What's the matter? No matter how high Kung Fu is, she's also afraid of kitchen knives. She has no luck. It's useless to encounter that kind of thing!!"

"You're so dead, actually..." You Shiwen muttered to herself, she remembered the time Karen li let her go.

Suddenly, she sighed!

"Then there is no Karen li, that Chuck doesn't matter at all, and the owner doesn't have to wait any longer, just destroy Chuck!" The white-haired old man came up with an idea.

You Shiwen fell into a sigh, this is a pity for a fighting master!

Who could have thought that Karen li was so dead.

"Chuck's dad is a soft guy, and he can't do anything. Now that Karen li is dead, Chuck is equivalent to an orphan. He can't survive anymore. Master, this is a great time!" The whitehaired old man smiled slightly. Said.

Chapter: 848


You Shiwen didn't respond for a long time.

White-haired old man asked.

"Just do it!" You Shiwen sighed.

"I'm going to deal with the owner."

"Go!" You Shiwen didn't even listen.

For Karen li, the reason why she exercised recently is to be able to fight Karen li again in the future! !

Not as fast as last time!

However, this wish has not been made!

Karen li died so unexpectedly.

She suddenly felt that life was too impermanent...

The old man with white hair smiled slightly and turned around to deal with the matter! !

Without Karen li, your Chuck is over! !

Ugh! !

"I can only say, go all the way!" You Shiwen sighed and murmured.

... boom! !

In a hidden mountain!

Black Rose was training herself. The last time she was shot, all her wounds were Karen li to complete the suture operation. This operation was very successful!

Did not leave any sequelae!

She trained herself to restore her strength! ! suddenly!

There is a phone call from your phone!

At first glance, it was called by the boss behind the killer organization!

She doesn't want to pick it up!

Because she doesn't want to be a killer!

Over the years, she has made enough money, and she suddenly wants to find a quiet place to spend the rest of her life.

The phone keeps ringing!

The black rose finally picked up, "Hey..."

"Where are you?" The voice was heavy!

"I'm home, is there something?"

"I know you are at home, so I have not received a message from someone!"

"Yes, I'm at home, I haven't paid attention to everything outside, so... who's in trouble?"

Black Rose finally asked.

"The one person I don't want to believe has an accident." The voice was even heavier! !


"Karen li!"

"What's wrong with her?" Black Rose was nervous for a moment! !

You know, her current life, but Karen li let her live for the first time!

Last time, Karen li rescued her from surgery!

She is absolutely grateful to Karen li! !

Chuck drove her away last time, she was angry!

But from beginning to end, she was not angry with Karen li!

Not at all!

"She died in a car accident." Here, the boss behind the killer organization sighed heavily!

When she got the news, she stayed for a long time!

She can't believe this is true!


Behind the scenes, the boss heard the sound of the phone landing. This was Black Rose's reaction to the news. The phone fell to the ground.

"Impossible! How did she have a car accident? Impossible!" Black Rose couldn't accept it! !

"Nothing is impossible! Who said good things unexpectedly?"

Black Rose shed tears for the first time!

"Really? She just died like that?" Black Rose thanked Karen li, this benefactor, but died.

She sometimes thought that she could see Karen li.

So, is there no chance now?

"Ah, yes... Chuck, you should already know the news,..."


The black rose was sluggish. .


"What did you say? Karen li died in a car accident?" Alice was stunned!

"Yes, the owner, this news has spread."

Alice shivered, "Isn't it possible? Karen li's car is also specially customized, unless you encounter a dump truck or a big truck, otherwise you won't die in a car accident!"

She is an arms fighter, and she definitely knows that Karen li has designed her own car!

Not to say that everything is indestructible!

But the ordinary car, Karen li's kind of car, can be rammed!

"She fell into the river..."

Alice was more shocked.


Yvette's mobile phone fell underground!

She is still in the United States!

When she was handling things herself, she suddenly received a call and told her a shocking news!

Karen li is dead!

"You, you killed my dad, you should die in my hands, how can you die like this? No, no!"

Yvette once dreamed of killing Karen li.

She recently went out to exercise, and the hone is also to one day, can decide life and death with

Karen li! ! however!

She was dead!

Yvette couldn't accept it!

She suddenly lost her goal and slumped on the ground. "How can you die like this?"


"Chuck, the film company has been established!" Yolanda reported to Chuck.

The drug factory is hot, she is ready to launch another medicine!

At the same time, there is a film company!

This is Chuck's ten-year plan! !

"En!" Chuck was busy with things here.

He felt that the establishment of film companies, pharmaceutical factories, and jewelry stores are all in full bloom.

Chuck needs to continue investing!

He wants to learn his mother to go back to China, buy, buy, buy! !

"As you said, I have locked a hotel chain, I have agreed to talk to the owner of the hotel chain, and now it is over?"

"Come on!!"

Chuck got up and could not delay investment matters!

If you have a chance, just go! !

Suddenly with a snap, when Chuck got up, he touched something, the cup on the table fell to the ground, and the fragments shattered...

Chapter: 849

"Chuck are you all right?" Yolanda found Chuck dull.

Did you just break a cup?

She gave Chuck another one.

"It's okay, it's okay..." Chuck suddenly froze.

Yourself. . what happened? ?

"I'll clean it," Yolanda took the broom and cleaned it.

Chuck was still dull, and Yolanda asked, "You are too stressed, just scared?"

This is still possible, but she recently saw Chuck without any rest and has been discussing investment.

Under the condition of high mental tension, there may be such a situation that is suddenly scared.

"No." Chuck recovered, he shook his head, just dull, just a little strange! !

"Then I will prepare the car below?"

"it is good!"

By the way, Yolanda took out the pieces of the cup.

Chuck didn't stay too much. He really didn't sleep well. When a cup fell to the ground, he was frightened.

Chuck laughed bitterly! !

After getting off the parking lot, Chuck took the car from Lu Yuwen.

She has arranged a good time with the hotel chain owner!

As long as people talk in the past.

"This is information! There are 361 Chinese hotels in this hotel chain, with a total market value of more than 30 billion! Now 300 are in a profitable state! Fifty are in a state of no loss or profit, the rest Is at a loss! You can use 32 billion to win all!" This is the hotel information made by

Yolanda Lianye.

Chuck looked at it and felt good!

It is a project that can be invested!

In terms of business control, Yolanda now has his own set, and taking over, there is no problem in making money!

Therefore, Chuck is planning to invest now!

"How do you like Chuck?" Yolanda asked.

"Yes, when you meet the hotel owner, you can give him money on the spot!" Chuck is an impatient person in this respect. The opportunity is fleeting!

Failure to seize the opportunity is a loss for yourself! !

"Okay, this hotel, I have visited before, yes..."

"Stop to the side!" Chuck's eyes suddenly froze.

Yolanda was stunned, and the obedient stopped on the roadside!

"Change location!"

"Okay!" Yolanda is not sure, why Chuck should do this himself!

But what she said about Chuck's words! !

Changed position!

Chuck slammed on the accelerator, the engine was roaring violently, and the car shot out!

Yolanda was dull, "Chuck, what's wrong?"

"Someone is following!" Chuck's sixth sense has also improved with the increase in fighting strength!

This is the basic quality of a fighting master!

Yolanda was shocked!

She didn't see it!

"Found by him!"

In the car!

You Tianle is annoyed!

Chuck's series of actions in China, but he all looked at his heart!

The success of the pharmaceutical factory, the popularity of the jewelry store, and other real estate, the movie also blossomed, he was jealous! !

Chuck, there are commercial abilities? !

"Not surprisingly! My strength is improving, he will also be improving!" The first officer,

Ouyang Fei said indifferently.

"Then you are sure to defeat him now?" You Tianle thought that he would fight a little.

However, the gap with Chuck is still huge! !

He knew that he still had it.

"Why should I beat him? I am a killer now, and I will assassinate him!!!"

The uninterrupted killer career has tempered her.

In other words, if you have a gun, use your bare hands?

Unscrupulous, she will not do such a brave thing!

Just assassinate Chuck with a gun! !

"Yeah, I only need Chuck to die miserably!...I'll lose it soon!" You Tianle was exasperated.

"That's useless for you! Don't chase it yet!!"

Ouyang Fei hated to the extreme!

"It should be here! What are you going to do?" You Tianle asked.

Ouyang Fei got out of the car and brought a box. This is her sniper rifle! !

She observed the environment!

"Go, go across!!"

The two of them came across!

On the top of the building, Ouyang Fei put up a sniper rifle? !

Aiming at the sight, Chuck is found!

He and Yolanda went to a boss's office and were talking! !

"Found him!"

"Let me see! Haha, it really is him!" You Tianle looked at it, and he was so excited! !

"Will shoot me later! Don't kill him with a shot, I want to see him and die slowly!" You Tianle said abnormally.

Ouyang Fei responded! !

Suddenly, You Tianle received a call!

In less than ten seconds, You Tianle laughed wildly!

Ouyang Fei Liu frowned, "What's the matter?"

"Haha, something you can never think of!"

"forever and always?!"

"Yes, do you know? Chuck's mother, Karen li is dead!!" You Tianle wanted to laugh!

Because it can't help it!

"Karen li is dead? How did you die?" Ouyang Fei came to spirit!

How awesome is Karen li. She has been in Squinting for so long, maybe she doesn’t know? ?

Such a mythical person will die? !

"He died in a car accident. This is her retribution. She gave birth to a spicy chicken son like

Chuck. This is the god who will take her.

Ouyang Fei finally came back to China and she finally smiled slightly, "This is really something

I never thought of! Good death! Second death!!!"

Chuck, you don’t have your mother, what are you doing?

Super rich second generation?

Ha ha ha!

You don't count on anything! !

Chapter: 850

"Hurry up! I can’t wait to see Chuck die! This spicy chicken!"

You Tianle is excited!

"No hurry, no hurry! Chuck has no backer like Karen li, he will collapse! I want to see what his expression is, no hurry, no hurry!"

Ouyang Fei said fiercely.

"Haha! Yeah!"

You Tianle laughed excitedly!

This news is great! !

"Wait a moment, our boss will come out immediately!"

The secretary of the hotel owner entertains Chuck and Yolanda in the VIP room!

"It's okay!"

Chuck shrugged!

He looked at the window. The sixth sense made him glance at the top floor of the opposite building. He silently drew the curtains! !

"Chuck, the person you just tracked is now?" Yolanda asked.

Chuck drives, she has a sense of security!

Because last time when gambling on stones, Chuck killed dozens of people in her own face! !

That scene shocked her!

"Opposite! But you will be fine," Chuck will guarantee Yolanda's safety!

"I, mainly because you are okay!" Yolanda shook his head, the business became bigger, and the dangers followed.

She has already realized it!

Chuck is the second generation of super rich, his life is more valuable than his own.

"What is this? You work for me, I can't protect you yet?" Chuck smiled slightly.


Yolanda is more secure.

There is nothing wrong with Chuck.

"After the business talks are over, you are here waiting for me, I will solve them across the board!!!" Chuck said with a shrug.

"Me... can I go with you?"

Chuck smiled slightly, "Don't go!"

"Am I a burden?"

"It doesn't mean that! I just don't want to hurt you!" Yolanda followed, and may be injured!

Chuck doesn't want to see it.

Yolanda was stunned and didn't want to hurt himself? !

Soon, the owner of the hotel chain came over!

"Manager Lu! Hello, hello!"

The hotel owner smiled slightly!

Yolanda recently, but China's celebrity!

The drug factory, the jewelry store, but she is all in her early days!

"Hello!" Yolanda smiled slightly!

"This is this?" The hotel owner was quite surprised. Chuck, he had never seen it!

Who is this? ?

Yolanda's assistant?

" my colleague!" Yolanda knew that Chuck didn't want to be too public!

"Oh! Sit, sit two!"

The hotel owner did not look at Chuck, it was Yolanda's assistant as he thought!

He started talking to Yolanda about the acquisition.

The process is surprisingly smooth!

Because of what!

Chuckcai is rude!

Among the estimated value, there is no stingy!

After the chat acquisition was completed, Yolanda and the hotel owner signed a contract!

The boss is very excited because the money is one-tenth on the spot!

The remaining money will be completely handed over tomorrow, and all will be given!

"Happy cooperation, by the way, manager Lu, who is your boss? How come I haven't seen such a big boss!" the hotel owner asked.

Too wealthy!

Could it be the four big families in China? ?

Didn't you see it?

Yolanda thought, "This one has a chance!"

"Okay, I'll deal with the files now! Wait a minute!" The hotel owner trot out!

The hotel was acquired, he can also enjoy the blessing!

"Chuck, we will go back later!"

Yolanda asked.

Chuck shrugged! however!

Suddenly his brow furrowed and LaYolanda aside! boom!

A bullet penetrated the glass and fired in!

Hit the wall! !

Yolanda was frightened!

However, she is in Chuck's chest!

This is a sense of security and warmth!

Yolanda was stunned, so strange feeling!


Chuck's cell phone called.

He answered!

"It's me! Accident is not accident!" This is Ouyang Fei's call!

"No accident, I know it's you!" Chuck accidentally, Ouyang Fei went back to China? !

"Oh, what are you doing hiding from me? Would you please open the curtain a little bit? Let me see you for a long time and miss you so much!!!" Ouyang Fei said abnormally.

"I miss you too? Then I'll come and find you!"

Chuck eyes cold!

"Sorry, you can't walk away!" boom!

Continuous bullets pass through! !

Rain of bullets!

The danger is extreme! !

"Come out, didn't you plant it?" Ouyang Fei excited Chuck.

"wait for me!"

Chuck hung up the phone, "Yolanda, you stay behind the pillar, the bullet will not hit you! I solved the matter opposite, I will come over and find you! You are waiting for me here!!!"

"Okay! Be careful!!" Yolanda obediently.

Chuck ran to the door and rushed out! however!

A voice stopped Chuck!


"Sister Li? Why are you here?" Chuck was stunned.

Isn't Baili at the mother's hotel?

Why did you suddenly come here?

She gasps!

Run up all the way!

"In a hurry?"


Bettymei's eyes are red, she comes and hugs Chuck!

Chuck froze, "Sister Li, what are you crying for? Did you encounter something? Don't cry, what's wrong?"

Chuck saw Betty crying for the first time!

And for the first time, Betty took the initiative to embrace!

"Sister Li, what are you crying? Tell me what happened?" Chuck comforted Betty!

Betty was crying and sad, "Master, Master Li..."

"My mother? What's wrong with your mother?"

Chuck was shocked, "Sister Li, don't cry, what's wrong with my mom? Tell me soon!!"

"Mr. Li, she died in a car accident..." Betty was already unable to control her tears!