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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 851-860

Chapter: 851

Chuck stunned for a moment, Chuck, who had never cried, tears in his eyes, "Sister Li, what are you talking about? My mother?"

"Mr. Li's way to the technology company, the road collapsed, Mr. Li drove into the river..."

Betty cried!

This is the first time she is so sad!

When she received this news, her grief came out instantly!

Karen li has nurtured her to the present and has unparalleled trust in her!

This is the feeling that others have not given her!

However, this person who has great gratitude to her is so dead!

Chuck knows that he has not dreamed, this is true, his mother? !

Chuck burst into tears!

Last time I hurriedly hung up my mother's phone, and now Chuck regrets it! !

I can't answer my mother's phone anymore? !

Chuck remembered the words of coach Qiushui, and he never knew when to come by accident!

"Master!" Betty cried.

"My mother's water is so good, even if it hits the river, she will not die, absolutely not! I will return to my country immediately!!"

Chuck wiped tears!

Mom's physical fitness, is that top-notch? ?

Even if people take a car to the river, can there be a way to save themselves? !

"Master, that river is the most smiling river in the country, not to mention that it is more than 20 meters high. When people rush down, no matter how high their physical quality, they can't resist it!" Betty didn't believe it!

However, this is the case!

The power of a moment of falling can't bear it! !

This is common sense! !

"I don't care, I want to look back at the country now!" Chuck didn't want to stay for a moment!

"Well, I'm ready for the plane!" Betty prepared the plane in advance!

Betty knows what Chuck is thinking!

"Okay!! Wait a minute, Sister Li!"

Chuck ran back!

Yolanda, who was nervously waiting for Chuck, suddenly saw Chuck rushing in!

"Chuck, you solved the opposite person so quickly?" Yolanda was stunned!

Too fast?

"No, I'm going back to China now! You'll deal with things in China!"

"Okay, Chuck, are you crying? What happened?" Yolanda was more shocked.

Chuck, a 20-year-old man, why did he cry when he ran out just now?

"I..." Chuck's nose was sour and weeping!

He doesn't think men can't cry!

Especially when a loved one has an accident!

Chuck couldn't help crying!

"Chuck, what happened? Why are you crying?" Yolanda was shocked!

In her heart, Chuck is a super rich second generation!

Good fighting, good psychological quality, this kind of man, cry?

There is only one reason, something happened at home!

"My mother, something happened," Chuck choked!

Yolanda was shocked!


"I will take you down now!"

Yolanda was stunned and Chuck went downstairs! parking lot!

A bullet came over!

Betty's eyes are cold!

"Master? Is this?"

"Ouyang Fei and them! Solve them for me!" Chuck didn't want to stay for a moment!

When he reached the river in the country, Chuck was looking for it!

Even if you are looking for a lifetime, as a son, Chuck does not want to let his mother's body stay calm in the river.

"Okay! Master, rest assured! There is also your escort team here! They just shot a few times!"

Betty took out her phone, "Come here for me! The place on the top of the building, blow me up!!"

Ten seconds later, she made a second call, "Hey, I bought your house master! Don't ask who I am! You must sell it! The money will arrive tomorrow!"


Within three minutes, ten helicopters flew over!

On the sky, such a spectacular scene, the people below were stunned!

On the plane, a bomb dropped! boom! !

The roof of the building burst!

"What happened?"

"God! Was it attacked?!"

"Still demolishing the building!!"

People on the street are stunned!

They don't know what happened!

However, there are many planes on the roof!

There are explosions!

So scary!

Ouyang Fei, You Tianle is angry! !

"Chuck, that bastard, actually used this trick!"

Ouyang Fei has the strength, but she can't carry the bomb! !

She and You Tianle were looking for a place to hide, and bombs made her two embarrassed! boom!

Ouyang Fei screamed! !

A blasted stone hit her! boom!

The roof collapsed!

Ouyang Fei screamed, and fell in fear with You Tianle!

Chuck looked up!

"Let the guards protect Yolanda!" Chuck said coldly!

"Relax, young master!"

Betty drove!

"Ouyang Fei, wait for me, and I will commit suicide by yourself!!" Chuck called Ouyang Fei!

"Chuck, you are a scum, you plant a bomb? You!"

Ouyang Fei was extremely angry!

She is still alive!

"wait for me!"

After Chuck finished speaking, the phone hung up!

"Yolanda, you get off here! I'm going to squint country!"

"Okay!" Yolanda got out of the car. "Chuck, I don't know how to comfort you, you, mourn!"

Not to mention okay, Chuck's eyes were red again.



Betty drove away!

Liu Na came down from the upstairs and she smiled enviously, "You and Chuck went out? How are you talking?"


"What are you doing with sighs?" Liu Na didn't understand what Yolanda meant!

"Chuck is going to squint country, his mother... an accident!" Yolanda sighed, she seemed to follow Chuck a moment to squint country!

Liu Na was stunned. "Really? How could this be?"

She knows that Chuck is the second generation of super rich!

Then Zhang Ze's mother is dead, what is Chuck? ?

"I don't know, just know that life is impermanent!!!" Yolanda suddenly sighed.

She didn't seem to have seen Chuck's mother, but through Chuck, she roughly knew what kind of person Chuck was!

Such a person, say no, it's gone!

"Yolanda, what about Chuck?"

At this time, Zelda happened to pass by the square!

She asked about Chuck!

For a while, Chuck didn't find her.

Yolanda talked about Chuck's mother, Zelda was already dumbfounded, "So, Chuck, looking back at the country?"


Zelda was already stunned. "Is that policy very sad? It must be! Alas! How could this be?"

Chapter: 852

Zelda has nothing to say!

She especially wanted to give Chuck a call to comfort for a while, but Chuck must be sad at this time!

"Unexpectedly, Chuck was so young that there would be no mother, alas!!!" Zelda sighed!

She, Yolanda and Liu Na have nothing to say!

The three are absent-minded and busy with their own affairs!

For them, this is a sudden accident!

There is only one idea in Yolanda's heart!

That is when Chuck returned to China with a sad heart, Huaxia's business had already developed even more! ?

Liu Na also has the same idea as Yolanda!

They work hard!

Waiting for Chuck to return!

Zelda was absent, and suddenly received a call from Murong Qing.

Murong Qing could not contact Chuck!

She can only find Zelda to see if Chuck is on Zelda's side!

"Hello, Chuck is on your side?"

"No, he looked back at the country!" Zelda sighed.

"Return to the country? Didn't he just return from the country last month?"

"His mother is in an accident, he is going back." Zelda said all of herself.


At this point, Murong Qing was shocked!

She did not expect to be killed, even heard this news today!


"Chuck actually looked back at the country?"

Wan Ziwen willow frowns!

"On the way to go, Chuck is abnormal if he doesn't look back to the country! He looks back to the country too, Karen li is dead. As Karen li's only son, don't go back?" Wan Ziwen bodyguard said .

"Yes! Well, I will give him a few days off! Take me to other places in Huaxia!" Wan Ziwen miss


Haven't seen Chuckren yet, Chuck is already on his way to squint country!

"Okay, miss! But ah, I think the miss can go home again, and inherit the affairs of the head of the house, and the house will be arranged!"

"Okay! Go home for a trip!" Wan Ziwen shrugged!

Anyway, she is bored! !


"Master, President Li has fallen over there!" Betty and Chuck have returned to the squinting country!

Chuck took the plane and looked down!

The river is so turbulent and scary!

Seeing this kind of river, Chuck's only hope disappeared!

Humans are always humans, how can they survive under this kind of water? ?

Chuck's tears came straight out, and suddenly, on the broken pier, he saw a familiar, lonely back!


"Master, your father, has been sitting alone for two days and two nights! The dripping has not entered!" Betty said.

Chuck's nose is sore!

"Master, rest assured, this whole river, I have made people look for it!"

Chuck can see that there are many people by the river!

These are all my own moms!

All come out to find the mother's body!

However, for two days and two nights, only the mother's car was found!

It's already distorted!

The possibility of people surviving in that impact force, Chuck himself does not want to believe!

Also know that it is zero! !

"Dad!" Chuck's tears could not stop!

Zhang Qingyang trembling on the bridge pierced his body and turned his head back. Two days and two nights, he was much older and his temples had gray hair!

Chuck's tears couldn't stop!

Two father and son hug!

This is the dearest, silent comfort!

The two fathers and sons sat on the bridge pier!

Chuck was in a trance. She couldn't receive her mother's phone call in her life. Thinking of it,

Chuck suddenly received a strange number that morning, "My mother called you five million..."

Chuck is crying and laughing!

The appearance of the mother changed Chuck's decadence!

With the current Chuck!

However, my mother hasn't enjoyed her blessing, she hasn't seen her getting married, she has no grandchildren, but she died unexpectedly!

Chuck's nose is sore! !

The two fathers and sons sat for a long time, it was dark and dawn!

"Dad, I'm going down to find my mom! If I don't find my mom, I will never come up!" Chuck's eyes turned red!

Zhang Qingyang shook his head, "Let Betty come over!"

"Sister Li!" Chuck called Betty!

Betty ran over!

"Young Master!!" Betty couldn't scream!

She is the confidant of Karen li, she and Karen li put forward, doubt Zhang Qingyang!

"Don't call me this way!" Zhang Qingyang shook his head. "This road was designed by Karen himself and asked to be built by his own people. It suddenly collapsed. I don't believe it!"

Chuck also thought about this problem, but who would say this kind of accident? ?

No one can know what will happen in the next second!

Mom, I don’t know how normal it is!

"Mr. Zhang, do you mean?" Betty thought of the key point.

"This is me. I stayed here for two days and two nights, what I found!" Zhang Qingyang took out a piece of stuff from his pocket!

Chuck couldn't understand! However, Betty found out!

"This is!" Betty is very proficient, this kind of debris left by the explosion!

"I sneaked into the water before you came and found a big broken rock on the bottom of the water with traces of explosions on it! So I doubt that Karen was not killed by an accident, it was someone who deliberately murdered!!" Zhang Qingyang instantly murdered Diffuse! !

Chuck is furious!

"Dad, are you talking about it?"

Betty, too, is full of murderous opportunities!

"Really! It's impossible for your mother to die in an accident. Her responsiveness, you haven't really seen it! Even if the road suddenly collapses, she can still jump out of the car! However, there is no chance, this can explain your mother , Without this opportunity to jump!" Zhang

Qingyang said coldly!

Chuck clenched his fists!

The green muscles on the arm burst! !

"The way this person handled it was too clever. I think this person designed the explosion and let the road suddenly collapse. I want your mother to rush down! However, your mother's ability will control the car and will come out of the car! Just, Your mother came out, and she must have been injured. Maybe... her hands were broken, her head might be bleeding, anyway, it was definitely her injured strength weakened. In this case! She fought with the people who designed this! In the end, because Seriously injured but not defeated! Pushed down by that person! Even the car was pushed down! Everything! So ruined, but the person did not expect that I would risk being washed away and sneaked into a depth of 30 meters In the river, I found the big stones that fell down, and found these traces!" Zhang Qingyang is already hoarse!

When he entered the water, he was almost washed away!

However, Karen li is still underwater, he does not worry about anything, Karen li will protect him!

He found these clues hard! !

"It is conceivable that your mother was so helpless at that time! She would not bow her head to anyone. I think she must have been very painful, tortured, and forced to jump down."

Having said that, Zhang Qingyang has burst into tears! !

Chuck was furious, "Dad, who is this person you are talking about? Who is it in the end!!! I must smash this person to pieces!"

Chapter: 853

From the birth of Chuck to now, he has never been so angry like now! !

My mother was attacked by someone, tortured, and forced to jump out of this turbulent river, maybe it was pushed down!

Well, when my mother was dying, it was very painful!

He died after being tortured!

Chuck believes that any mother in the world can't let his mother be so defeated! !

However, as I told my dad, my mom broke her hand and was seriously injured? ?

Chuckqing burst! !

An instant of anger was accumulated to the extreme! !

"This man's strength should be comparable to your mother! Otherwise, it is impossible for your mother to jump from here!" Zhang Qingyang's fist hit the ground!

Blood flows from the back of his hand!

"This person is not only a master of fighting! It's also a person who is very thoughtful to the extreme, otherwise he will not be able to sneak into your mother! Absolutely not!"

Chuck clenched his fists!

Nails have penetrated into flesh and blood!

What is stinging? ?

Chuck is more sober!

"Mr. Zhang, you can find someone to check the nearby surveillance! As long as it appears, there can be no trace!" Betty said with red eyes!

"That's where her mind is condensed. There are no suspicious people in this place! So, I will say that this person is about the same strength as Ceerma!"

Zhang Qingyang said coldly, "There is no master in the world who is a master of Ceer Ma! There is absolutely no one! So..."

"The Hidden Family?!"

Chuck, Betty unanimously! !

People who can assassinate their mothers have the ability to find such characters. Ordinary people can't do it!

What can be done, I am afraid that only three secret families can do it! !

Ten thousand? !

Wan Zi Wenhui, his mother started?

It stands to reason that Wan Ziwen does not have this motive, right? ?


Chuck knows that he and You Shiwen are now overthrown. You Shiwen has dealt with himself and his mother in an all-round way!

She once lost in the hands of her mother, she was grieving, looking for someone except her mother!

This possibility is too great! !

"You Shiwen is very likely! It is absolutely great! However... Master, don't forget, but there are three hidden families! There is another family!" Bettyyi pointed out! !

Chuck knows that the three hidden families, Wanjia, Youjia, and Zhang Family, who did not appear in front of themselves! !

"Oh, sister Li, how much do you know about this Zhang family?" Chuck asked!

To this day, Chuck has not touched the Zhang family!

Betty does not remind, Chuck forgets that there is a hidden family!

"Not much is known, in fact, President Li secretly checked this Zhang family!!!" Betty said.

"Secretly checked?!" Zhang Qingyang was stunned!

"Yes, President Li has been secretly collecting information from the three secret families ten years ago, but I haven't asked how much President Li has collected over the years. There are definitely a lot!"

Zhang Qingyang's face changed, "How many? Zhang's?"

"It's not clear, all this was done by President Li himself! No one knows. I only know that

President Li is doing this. I don't know. In the past ten years, she has collected the three secret families. How much information!!!"

Betty said!

Chuck did not expect!

Mom had done these things silently ten years ago?

The point is, haven't the three big families discovered? !

Chuck was shocked!

Yeah, the mother collected it silently, and the three secret families are unlikely to know!

Who knows if it's a ghost?

Mom's vision is too strong, right?

When in Wumen, the requirement was to let all Wumen shot once!

This was a thing 20 years ago!

However, this is one of them. Ten years ago, when others did not know the secret family, she had secretly collected information! this is too scary! !

What other vision does the mother have? ?

"Anyway, there should be a lot. By the way, I remember once, Mr. Li came back at night and didn't sleep all night," Betty suddenly thought of something!

"Why? Why doesn't mom sleep?"

"I heard that Mr. Li said the word "Zhang family" seemed that Mr. Li's expression was dazed and painful at that time...maybe it was collected that night, some of the Zhang family's unknown news!!"

Zhang Qingyang was stunned, "Zhang family? What does she know about Zhang family?"

"I don't know! I know that Mr. Li must have paid special attention to the Zhang family in the future. It's just this matter, she never mentioned it to me again...I also suddenly thought of this matter, so, I think, this Zhang The family is also possible! Even if the Zhang family has not appeared, but the Zhang family may have discovered that President Li has collected their information and wants to kill President Li! This possibility is also not low!!"

"No! The Zhang family is absolutely impossible to do this! Absolutely impossible!!!" Zhang

Qingyang's fist hit the ground!

There is more blood! !

Betty was stunned, "Mr. Zhang? Why are you so sure?"

"I... won't be the Zhang family! The Zhang family hasn't appeared all the time, and they won't do anything about Karen!"

"This is hard to say! In case it is the Zhang family, would you like us to deal with Youjia, or

Wanjia, at this time, did this intentionally?"

Zhang Qingyang was asked this question and said nothing.

Chuck also thinks that this possibility is also possible. Of those who can find someone to assassinate his mother, 90% are secret families! !

All three families are possible! !

Zhang Qingyang's expression was painful, "impossible, certainly impossible..."

"Dad, are you okay?" Chuck asked.

Dad's expression is not right!

"It's okay, Betty, go ahead!!"

"Okay! Maybe you don't know yet, what is the ultimate goal of President Li. She told me that she wants Master to be the richest person!" Betty said.

Chuck's eyes moved!

"The hidden family is an obstacle for Mr. Li. It’s not always an obstacle. Mr. Li has always been a person who doesn’t commit me, I don’t commit a person. If a person commits me, I will pay back a hundred times! She plans ahead and gathers the news of the three secret families. In order to one day, you can let the young master do this position! Because Mr. Li said, inheritance! The first three years of her business was for herself! After having the young master, everything in the future is for the young master! She feels that only Become the richest person, and after Master Li gets old in a hundred years, the young master will be able to stabilize! She doesn’t have to worry anymore..."

Chuck already burst into tears!

"It's just that President Li died suddenly. She collected the things of the three hidden families. No one knows where she is. And she can't complete the lifelong wish to help the young master become the richest person. I think... When Mr. Li closed his eyes, he wanted to say sorry to the young master! Mr. Li also left without wishing..." Betty couldn't continue, she cried again!

She followed Karen li for longer than Zhang Qingyang and Karen li!

She knows Karen li's thoughts too!

After pregnancy, Chuck is all she has!

Otherwise, Karen li wouldn’t have to work so hard, she would have been able to enjoy her for a long time, and she could not run out of money for ten lifetimes!

However, she did not let go for Chuck's future!

Did Chuck cry? ?

My mother did too much for herself, and Chuck suddenly felt that she was too discouraged to be her son.

If the mother didn't have this idea, then she might be alive! !

"Three secret families! I Chuck, and you are at odds!" Chuck is furious!

Chapter: 854

Three secret families!

Chuck came into contact with Wanjia and Youjia!

Zhang Family, Chuck has not contacted!

But Mom's death, Chuck will find a way to find out who actually did it! !

No matter who it is, Chuck will definitely pull it out! !

Chuck's hatred, at this moment, reached the extreme!

"Master! This matter still has to be considered long, President Li has been assassinated..." Betty reminded Chuck not to be impulsive!

She was worried that if this person who assassinated Karen li would come out and assassinate

Chuck again? ?

Karen li can't bear it, Chuck, Zhang Qingyang is more dangerous? ?

"Sister Li, I know! I will not be impulsive!" Chuck knows, what are the consequences of the impulse.

I can never avenge my mom! !

Betty is pleased!

She has followed Karen li for too long, and sincerely hopes that Chuck can live well!

"Dad, what are your plans?" Chuck asked.

For a long time, my dad has remained silent.

Chuck is strange! !

"I..." Zhang Qingyang paused.

"My plan is to find Wan Ziwen! I want to ask if she did it!"

Chuck said coldly!

"Master, don't do this, it will anger Wan Ziwen!!!" Betty worried.

She feels that the possibility of Wan Ziwen is not as high as that of You Shiwen.

Don’t Wan Ziwen like Chuck? ?

Will someone find Zhang Ze's mother?

This is not logical! !

"I tried her!" Chuck's heart was decided!

That is, Chuck wanted to know where his mother had collected the news of the three secret families for ten years!

Mom never mentioned this matter!

Mean, never found? ?

The mother's ten years of hard work, not in vain?

Chuck heartache!

"Master, I think it's better to take over everything from President Li. Now that the squint country has spread, President Lee's death and President Lee's industry are all over the world. This influence is huge!!"

Betty felt that Chuck wanted to inherit everything from Karen li!

Otherwise, what kind of people may be given, can take the opportunity!

"I know, I will not let my mother's efforts for so many years be taken away by anyone! No!"

Chuck said coldly!

Betty was temporarily relieved.

Now Chuck's focus is on these days, inheriting everything from his mother, and let her know!

Then find out the murderer who killed mom! !

"Then, Master, I'm going to take over with Mr. Li now."

"Okay! ... Dad, what plan?" Chuck asked.

Dad's expression is very silent!

"Don't ask, I won't let Ma die in vain!" Zhang Qingyang finished and patted Chuck's shoulder.

"Cer, in my life, the most I'm sorry is Ma, now she's gone...I will let her go Be at ease!!!"

Zhang Qingyang looked directly at the thrilling river in the distance, and made the same decision in his heart!

Chuck wanted to stop, but still didn't move.

Chuck is sad, and Zhang Qingyang is even more sad, but what does Zhang Qingyang want to do?

Chuck felt the cold in his eyes!

This is a big thing to do! !

"Dad, what are you going to do?" Chuck asked.

Dad suddenly has a different momentum, just like the volcanic eruption that has been silent for many years!

"Assassination of my wife, I will let you know how wrong this thing is! Ceer, be careful yourself!"

Zhang Qingyang left.

"Dad, it seems different," Chuck muttered to himself.


Master, dad is always hiding himself! !

Betty knows this!

"I think, what is my dad doing?"

"Zhang may be possible! Young Master!, be careful," Betty wanted to tell Chuck.

"Be careful?"

"Ah, it's nothing." Betty didn't want to say more. President Li didn't mention it before her death.

Why did she mention it? ?

"Master, let's go!"

"Wait for a while, I want to stay here for a while!" Chuck was reluctant to sit here and already wept.

The following people are still searching, there is no trace of finding!

Chuck is guilty, he is not filial!

I can't let my mother rest in peace!

Betty only sighed!

"Sister Li, tell me something about my mom for so many years. I don't know much about her struggle."

"En." Betty sat beside Chuck and told Karen li of his hard work for so many years!

The process is hard!

Chuck didn't know how my mother persevered!

Chuck's fists clenched!

The one who killed my mother, wait, wait! !

When Chuck burst into tears, a man appeared behind him, Yvette!

She did not disturb the sluggish Chuck!

She looks quietly!

Subsequently, there was a person, Logan with red eyes...


"What happened to Chuck!"


Wan Ziwen's lazy inquiry!

"Chuck has taken over Karen li's everything these past few days! In two days, with Betty's help, all took over!" he said.

"Oh, that's busy."

"Miss, you are more busy, and you will soon inherit the Wanjia, when the time comes..."

This ceremony!

Wanjia held vigorously!

The head of the first family, how can people in the other two families not know? ?

"I let Chuck come! I want him to see how great a person who likes him is! Everything in the world is mine!" Wan Ziwen's beauty was fiery and reached an extreme! !

"That is, after the young lady inherited the Wan Family, Chuck will understand this truth!" Her bodyguard smiled slightly.

"Let Long Yi come, I have something to ask her!!!" Suddenly, Wan Ziwen said!

Chapter: 855

"Miss, have you asked Long Yi to come over?" asked Wan Ziwen's bodyguard.

Long Yi, the master of the Wan family, has returned after completing the task.

"Yes! I suddenly thought of a question!"

"Wait, I will let Long Yi come to see you!" He went out!

Soon, Long Yi with short hair appeared.

"Miss! Are you okay?"

Long Yi smiled slightly.

"A bit! After killing Karen li, are the clues clean?"

"Anyone who does something can't do 100% of the traces! It depends on whether others can find it," Long Yi said.

Certainly not 100%.

"Then, they may find a clue?" Wan Ziwen frowned.

She suddenly thought of this question. Chuckren is not stupid. He can kill Karen li. How many people can there be in the world? ?

Obviously, Chuck's goal will be locked in the three secret families.

"Maybe, it's impossible!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

She was thoughtful, and the clues left on the scene must be gone, and there must be some dark ones.

However, in this case, 99.9% of the people cannot find it!

This is enough!

"Dad Chuck, Zhang Qingyang, how much do you know?"

"Not much attention!"

Long Yi did not pay much attention to this person!

"If I tell that Zhang Qingyang is from the Zhang family of the third hidden family, would he be surprised?" Wan Ziwen smiled.

She has been investigating this matter for a long time, but she hasn't said it!

Long Yi's face changed, with such a rare surprise, "Really?"

"Yes, the Zhang family played well! The old fox of the Zhang family, what I thought, I know clearly! Unfortunately, Karen li has lived for so long, and has been strong all his life. It is actually a chess piece of the Zhang family. This matter, she didn’t know when she was dying. In this respect, Karen li is actually a poor woman under control!" Wan Ziwen shrugged and said a trivial matter.

"Yes, when Li Qing died, I remember that kind of look, it was indeed pitiful! The old fox of that family had a deep layout!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

Nothing can affect her.

Because of her strength, Karen li died, she is the world's first combat master in the true sense! !


"So, Miss asked me to solve Zhang Qingyang?" Long Yi asked.

"I don't have any feelings for this kind of person. Karen li is dead. He hasn't revealed his identity.

It's a cold-blooded garbage. I'm too lazy to deal with him! He will die in front of me!"

"Oh, so to speak, Miss wants to destroy Zhang Family?"

"Of course, Zhang Family, who has been hiding, of course I am going to destroy it! What kind of abacus did Zhang’s old fox play? He didn’t want to destroy my family! Everyone’s heart is not going to declare, but for that old fox, Not qualified to be my opponent!"

"Yes! Miss is talented!"

Wan Ziwen bodyguard interjected.

The first master Long Yi appeared, he was only standing by.

But, as farts as farts, Wan Ziwen is indeed the strongest man in the Wan family in 100 years!

High-minded, ruthless!

When he was five years old, he was already decisive!

Doomed to be a big thing! !

Now that he is an adult, Wan Ziwen has been determined.

There are a few candidates for those who do not have a home, because no one in Wanjia dares to compete with Wanzi!

Long Yi pointed at Wan Ziwen's bodyguard and smiled and asked, "What does that lady need me to do now?"

"I don't know? The ingenuity is more than that!" Wan Ziwen said.

Long Yi smiled slightly.

To be able to reach the position of the first master of Wanjia, IQ must not be low!

"I'm going to test Zhang Qingyang!" Wan Ziwen said.

"How to try?"

"Zhang Qingyang has been able to endure for so many years. The city of this kind of person will not be low. Maybe he has found some clues, so I let him try it. What do I know, I will not let any one appear!"

If you let Chuck know, you ordered Karen li to kill him.

Then between the two, it will never be possible!

"Good! Miss be assured!" Long Yi swayed his long legs and went outside!


"What else do you want!"

"Zhang Qingyang is not bad, absolutely not bad!"

"I know that Karen li's eyes are not high, but I will never find a trash. Just listening to the lady said, I am a little interested in this Zhang Qingyang!" Long Yi smiled slightly, his eyes shone!

"The temptation came out. If you know it, then give him a ride!!"

"What if you don't know?"

"It depends on the mood."

"Oh! I'm in a mood," Long Yi smiled slightly.


"Miss, I don't know if I should say something!"

Wan Ziwen's beautiful eyes shone, "Say!"

"Shall I try Chuck?"

"No! Chuck don't touch him!"

"I mean, I helped the lady to clear the people around Chuck. Doesn't he have a wife? I also gave her a ride. This is still very simple for me!"

"Yvette? This woman, it's annoying, annoying, it's annoying, it's annoying! But, of course, it's better to die! But don't do anything these days, try Zhang Qingyang first!

"Okay! Miss be assured!"

Long Yi had already reached the door.

Suddenly, Wan Ziwen had a call coming in, it was Chuck!

"and many more!"

Wan Ziwen frowned, and Long Yi's long legs stopped.

"Chuck came to find me at this time, no need to tempt, Zhang Qingyang should analyze it, and kill me directly!" Wan Ziwen's beautiful eyes flashed fiercely!


Long Yi shrugged his shoulders, and Karen li could kill him. Of course, Zhang Qingyang wouldn't be too difficult. Redesigning would do.

Wan Ziwen answered the phone.

Ten seconds later, Wan Ziwen hung up the phone, "He said he wanted to see me! Long Yi, see him with me! Prepare to go out!"

Wan Ziwen's bodyguard immediately went to do this!

Long Yi smiled slightly, "It's a bit weird to kill Karen li and see her son again!"

"He won't know if it is!" Wan Ziwen shrugged.

"Of course,"

Wan Ziwen drew a light makeup and went out to see Chuck!

Go out by plane to the top of one of the most luxurious hotels!

Wan Ziwen, Long Yi, and her bodyguard are waiting on the roof!

"Go, prepare the best wine and vegetables!" Wan Ziwen still had a meal with Chuck!

"Yes, miss!"

Long Yimei's eyes shone, she hadn't seen Chuck!

Within ten minutes, Chuck came up!

She smiled slightly, really like Karen li! !

Chapter: 856

"Chuck." Wan Ziwen didn't smile.

She wanted to laugh in her heart because Chuck hadn't seen it for a while.

This time Chuck was the first time he came to find himself!

However, Karen li is dead, how can she laugh at this time? ?

Chuck came silent!

He didn't bring a person, Betty insisted on coming, Yvette, Logan also, Chuck did not give up, he came by himself! !

The three secret families, these three, have the power to assassinate their mother!

Chuck must find it! !

Chuck glanced at Long Yi, his brow furrowed, this man's smile was very pale, what is Wan

Ziwen's new bodyguard? ?

Long Yi knew Chuck was watching her.

Strong psychological quality, Long Yi keeps smiling!

She suddenly found it interesting!

She saw the descendant of a person she killed, but she still appeared in front of her. The key is that she did not know that she was the murderer of her mother. This situation is particularly interesting.

Chuck didn't look at her anymore, and Long Yi was boring, didn't she feel anything at all?

There is blood from your mother on me!

"I know your mother passed away, sorry, I didn't pass," Wan Ziwen sighed, looking sad.

Chuck stared at Wan Ziwen for a while, "I know my mother's strength, she didn't die by accident!!"

Long Yi smiled slightly, and it was still found.

"Well, I think so too!" Wan Ziwen agreed.

"Then, did you do this?" Chuck asked!

Wan Ziwen was stunned, "What did you say Chuck? What did I do to kill your mother? You came to me just to ask about this?"


"Ah, no! What reason do I have to do this?" Wan Ziwen sighed and became lonely.

Chuck also felt that the possibility of Wan Ziwen was very small.

What is her motivation for doing this? ?


"You don't believe me? Why should I kill her? I admire her, do you know?"

"I will find this person and make her regret everything she did!" Chuck said coldly.


Chuck's eyes flickered and began to stare at Long Yi, "Who are you?"

"My name is Long Yi!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

"Your smile, I hate it! I don't know why!" Chuck said bluntly.

This woman is too indifferent, this is the absolute top expert, the aura of talent! !

"Okay," Long Yi shrugged indifferently.

"My mom, have you seen it?"

"Of course I have seen it. I said I haven't seen it. You don't believe it." Long Yi still smiled, and her psychological quality was too strong.

Chuck frowned, not seeing any flaws, and remained silent for three seconds!

Chuck turned and left!

The possibility of Wan Ziwen is still very low!

However, this Long Yi, Chuck remembered!

"Chuck, I have already asked someone to prepare something. You have to eat before you go!"

Wan Ziwen invited for the first time.

"no need!"

Chuck has already left!

Snapped! !

Wan Ziwen grabbed the things and smashed them. She didn't sit down until the things here were smashed and the ground was full of debris.

A pair of beautiful eyes is terrible cold! !

"Miss, this person Chuck, I don't know any good!" Long Yi said with a shrug.

"He doesn't know what to do! It's very bad to know what to do! When did I do this? Chuck, don't polish my patience. When the time comes, I will kill all the people around you, all!!!! Keep you one!" Wan Ziwen was terrible!

Long Yi smiled slightly, "That's interesting then. When his mother died, he was very boneless. I don't know if he would be the same as her mother..."

She really wanted to see this day.

"That Miss! I will solve Zhang Qingyang!" Long Yi asked.

"Go! Make it clean!"

"Relax, being found twice, I will not let this happen!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

Already downstairs!

"Right!" Wan Ziwen thought of something!

"Miss, what else to order!"

"Logan, this woman, you solved it for me too!"


"Chuck should not have doubted me so much. His goal should be to suspect You Shiwen, but ah,

I don't want him to doubt You Shiwen, this is boring." Wan Ziwen was lazy.

"Oh, I understand what Miss means, do you want Chuck to target the Zhang family?" Long Yi became interested and walked back.

Zhang Qingyang is a member of the Zhang family, and Chuck is the son of Zhang Qingyang. It is indeed more interesting to make Chuck anger at the Zhang family.

After all, Chuck is also part of the Zhang family!

Zhang Family and Zhang Family turned their faces?

Long Yiguang thought it interesting.

"Yes, what do you think?" Wan Ziwen asked.

"Me? Yes, there are, no, no."

Wan Ziwen Mei looked at her with a smile, "Go, you give me Zhang Qingyang first? No, give me Logan to come back and tell me."

"Okay! Why does Miss want to kill her by name?"

"Because, I once killed her once, fortune-telling her! It's not dead, now Karen li is dead, she will think of me, but, for the safety of Chuck, she didn't say to Chuck that it might be I did it."

Who is Wan Ziwen?

Will she keep this hidden danger?

Chuck's performance just now means that Logan did not tell Chuck.

At this point, Logan is still a smart woman, knowing, telling Chuck what the consequences are.

"Okay, let me solve Logan first, then kill Zhang Qingyang, and then come back?"


"Okay!" Long Yi swayed his long legs and went out.

"I see it! Long Yi's thoughts are all right. You and I have been with me for so many years." Wan

Ziwen was lazy.

Her bodyguard bowed her head and dared not speak.

"Where are you going?" Chuck has been in the parking lot.

He found that Long Yi had gone downstairs.

"Go play, relax, are you going?" For her, hunting and designing death is a relaxing thing.

Chuck stared at her for three seconds and drove away!

"Karen li, your so-called son is so stupid? I don't even know that I did it in front of him now, huh, stupid cute." Long Yi smiled slightly.

"If it's not what the lady meant, I really wanted to see how far you are, and I want to send you and your mother to reunite, but unfortunately, the lady misses you, I can't help it! Little guy, you are lucky Oh!"

Long Yi swayed his long legs and drove out.

The first goal is Logan?

Then go to Logan! !


Logan is in the room, her beauty has been keeping calm!

After she heard that Karen li was assassinated, she had already thought of who did it.

Wan Ziwen!

She has 90% certainty that it must be Wan Ziwen!

She wanted to tell Chuck very much, especially when Chuck said she was going to see Wan


However, she knew that Wan Ziwen's character told Chuck that Chuck would definitely turn against Wan Ziwen in public.

Wan Ziwen has the ability to kill Karen li, but Chuck cannot bear it!

Chuck will die!

She dare not do this.

"Aunt Karen, you left like this, leaving no clues, no last words," Logan shed tears when she remembered.

She is today, but also Karen li's training and support.

There was a decision in her mind, "Aunt Karen, I think I will come down to find you soon,"

She went to Yvette.

Yvette stunned Logan to find himself.

"Do you still hate her now?"

"I don't know. I tried to kill her until now! However, she died." Yvette muttered to himself, no target.

"Ah! I tell you, I'm going out! You take good care of Ce'er and let him improve his strength to the top, I will tell you what to do next." Logan is ready to make his last words.

She knew that Wan Ziwen would send someone to kill herself.

She has realized it!

However, this last word must have Chuck's ability to contend with Wan Ziwen. If there is no life, then this last word should not be seen by Chuck forever! !

"Where are you going?" Yvette asked.

"Alas, go to a place, Yvette, you have to be careful!!" Logan knew that Wan Ziwen killed Karen li, her desire to control has been fully demonstrated!

She could not escape, and Yvette would also escape! !

Chapter: 857

Jiang Wan heard what Logan said, "Aunt Logan, what do you mean?"

"Be careful, be careful" Logan decided.

She is leaving, Wan Ziwen will never let her go

Karen li was secretly killed. Logan knew her own strength and was even more unlikely to resist

"Aunt Logan, do you know who exactly assassinated Karen li is the wandering family of the secret family?" Yvette pulled Logan away.

Logan's expression. Yvette felt that after this meeting, the yin and yang will be the same

The first thing she suspected was that You Shiwen

Because at this juncture, Karen li died suddenly. The biggest motivation is You Shiwen wants to retaliate against Chuck. Then find someone to assassinate Karen li first.

This can also be a step of revenge.

"I can't say it now, be careful" Logan shook her head.

Having said that, Chuck would be very dangerous

At this time, Chuck did not yet have the strength to fight Wan Ziwen

"Your family is wrong with Zhang family or Wan Ziwen" Yvette asked.

"Be careful, I'm gone." Logan broke free.

Yvette didn't let go, "Aunt Logan, don't go, let Chuck know, he will be sad"

Chuck is so sticky to Logan. What Yvette felt.

Does it mean Chuck, also has a feeling for Logan

"At this time, I want to leave for policy reasons," Logan said firmly.

Karen li was suddenly assassinated. Disrupted all her plans

Everything planned

She also thought about when to find opportunities to say what she wanted to Chuck

He also confessed to Chuck that in fact that night on Du Pei's house, he was not dreaming after being drunk.

It was done between husband and wife.

Logan still remembered that night

However, Chuck still thinks it is a dream.

Logan sometimes feels sad. can not say said. What is Chuckhui's reaction?

In Loganxin's heart, there wasn't even a single point.

After Chuck will be shocked. Hate yourself

Because Chuck never touched himself.

Under such circumstances, that kind of thing happened. Chuck will collapse if he knows

"Aunt Logan, you make it clear"

"Now. Aunt Karen has passed away, do you also want Ce'er to be assassinated?"

Yvette froze.

Logan left

She wanted to find a place where no one was.

However, she also wanted to take a last look at Chuck.

This, the first time she was a man

She is waiting in a place, waiting car. Drive from a distance

This is Chuck's car

Logan feels relieved, Wan Ziwen hasn't done anything to Chuck yet

However, this premise is that Chuck never knew that Karen li was killed by Wan Ziwen.

"Cer, I'm gone, you have to take care of yourself. The most important thing is to survive. After you have your mother's strength, consider dealing with Wan Ziwen," Logan muttered to himself.

Chuckche passed by

How could it be found somewhere. He has beautiful eyes, facing him

Chuck drove away for a long time. Logan is still watching. no way

She is not willing, because this is the last look

She left, walked and walked to the place where Karen li was assassinated, she wept.

Can't help crying

The river below is terrifying and fast

Karen li died inside, and his body has not fallen yet

Logan feels sorry for Karen li

Let Karen li be in this river. There will never be a sun.

She took a breath, and she didn’t like to do anything she didn’t like to do.


Also have a look. Can you kill this person who assassinated Karen li?

However, for things that Logan didn't discover, some people did not know when they had appeared behind her

Chuck drives home

Wan Ziwen doesn't have much problem here, so it's You Shiwen

I can’t see Wan Ziwen, just go to see Shiwen

Because the two have turned their faces.

See you, the possibility of coming back is too low, because people who can assassinate their mothers are almost by the side of You Shiwen

Chuck has self-knowledge and self-knowledge. His current strength, even in Wumen, has improved too much.

However, there are still some gaps with my mother

I have to avenge my mom

Keep this life

So, how to ask Shi Wen, then you must be cautious

"Her husband, did you see Aunt Logan didn't?" Yvette rushed out.

Only then did she recover from her sluggishness.

Woke up and found out that Logan didn't know where to go long ago.

She has found many places.

The phone was also called and turned off, obviously. Logan wants to die alone

"No, Aunt Logan is not at home" Chuck was shocked

What does it mean

Yvette looks anxious, why should he

"Just now, she is out now, she just seemed to tell me her last words, I was afraid of her, she was stared at, someone asked her to die" Yvette regretted

I didn't stop Logan

"What Aunt Logan is dying" Chuck's eyes are dull

Chapter: 858

Why did Logan go out? Who wants to kill her? ?

"Yvette, what the hell is going on?" Chuck was really anxious.

There have been too many things recently. When I returned to China last time, I did not have a good chat with Logan. This time my mother was suddenly calculated, and Logan hurried back from outside.

Chuck wanted to find Wan Ziwen because of her anxiety, but also had to take over everything her mother did!

So, it was just a simple meeting, not much to say!

However, the gentle Logan left suddenly this time, did he know he was going to die? ?

Chuck cannot accept it!

Absolutely not acceptable! !

He still had a lot to say to Logan, not even three days and three nights!

"Aunt Logan suddenly told me that she was leaving and made me young..." Yvette stopped.

At this juncture, Chuck cannot tell this!

"What else do you want?"

"No, I feel Aunt Logan is going to have an accident. I have already found it, but I have not found her..." Yvette was also very anxious.

She blamed herself!

Why did Logan leave Logan in that situation? ?

"I know!" Chuck called Logan!

Unfortunately, it has been shut down! !

Chuck has bad notice, who wants to kill Logan?

Was it the man who ordered the assassination? ?

Chuck immediately called Betty, "Sister Li, Aunt Logan, are gone, I want you to send someone to find her immediately!!"

"Wait a minute, young master!" Betty's side, go to deal immediately!

She could hear how anxious Chuck was!

Chuck went out to find, Logan absolutely can't have something!

Yvette followed quietly.

"Sister, help me find someone!" Chuck was too worried about Logan, and called the boss behind the killer organization to say this.

The killer organizes too many killers.

There are many in the squinting country and even the world, there are many eyeliners, and the chance of finding Logan is still much greater!

"Okay, who are you talking about!"


"Okay, I will let you find it! ...Chuck, mournful change!" The boss behind the scene always wanted to come over.

From the moment Chuck returned to her country, she wanted to come over.

However, she was afraid to disturb Chuck!

"Thank you!" Chuck was silent for three seconds.

"There is time to come to me, I... miss you."


Chuck hung up the phone and started his own search!

Logan's character, where will she go? ?

Chuck thought of it, the first time he saw Logan in Beijing, that kind of natural stunning!

The two have experienced too much in a year! !

Many memories!

Logan has died once, and Chuck does not want her to die a second time! !

Logan, Aunt Logan, where are you? ?

Chuck tears his heart apart!

The mother was assassinated, and if Logan died somewhere else, Chuck would collapse! !

Chuck driving crazy looking!

"Her husband, Aunt Logan must be fine!" Yvette said comfortingly.

"Well," Chuck stepped on the throttle crazy!

I hope Logan can be seen in the next second!

However, countless next seconds, Logan did not appear!

Chuck was extremely tight!

When he was afraid to find Logan, it was a cold body! !

Don't do this!

"Her husband, did Aunt Logan say anything to you?" Yvette thought, Chuck was rescued by

Logan in the Amazon. When she went to find, she found Logan kissing Chuck.

Did Chuck not know about this matter? ?

"No, I look back at the country this time, I regret not talking to her!" Chuck regrets!

When the mother was assassinated, she didn't even know it.

Chuck didn't say much about the previous phone call from my mother!

Everything is so normal, but my mom was suddenly assassinated!

Yvette would like to say it, because Logan is holding a mortal heart this time!

However, Logan himself did not say, how did Yvette open this mouth? ?

"Wife, what do you want to say?" Chuck asked.


Oops, pooh!

Chuck a sudden brake! !

He felt bad.

"Husband, what's wrong with you?"

"I suspect that Aunt Logan has been targeted, and that person can even assassinate my mother.

Aunt Logan can't carry it at all. I think Aunt Logan is going to die, she wants... No, I can't let it

Such a thing happened!"

Chuck grabbed his cell phone and he was going to make a call!

That's right! !

You Shiwen!

You Shiwen, you are just dealing with me. Why did you kill my mother and do something with


Are you planning to let the people around me die one by one? ?

Chuck doubts that it means You Shiwen!

This phone call was made!

More than ten seconds, connect!

"You Shiwen, You Shiwen!!!" Chuck roared!

"You sent someone to assassinate my mother, I will find you! But, now you put Logan a horse, she did nothing, she is innocent! Let her go! Let me beg you, you and me Don’t involve other people’s grievances! You Shiwen, you speak!”

Chuck is roaring!

"What do you ask me to say?" This is You Shiwen's cold voice!

"Release Logan, I'll see you!!"

"I am partial, she is innocent? I don't think I want her to die!!" You Shiwen said coldly.

Chapter: 859


You Shiwen's sudden cold voice!

Youjia people looked at each other!

Just a moment ago, they were reporting to You Shiwen the situation of your home.

However, You Shiwen's mobile phone suddenly rang.

You Shiwen didn't plan to pick it up!

This mobile phone kept ringing, and finally You Shiwen glanced at her, and her eyes immediately became cold!

Also answered this call!

"Why is the house owner angry? Whose phone is this?"

"I don't know, I rarely see the owner like this! There must be something big going on."

"No, you are in a good situation now!"

The people of the house do not understand the meaning of You Shiwen's sudden anger.

They are quiet and don’t dare to intervene at this time! !

"You Shiwen, then you admit that you have found someone to assassinate my mother!!"

At this moment, Chuck's anger has reached the extreme!

"Yes, I made them! You don't think so!" You Shiwen said coldly.

"Don't lie to me, you are not your old one!"

Chuck knows that You Shiwen didn't take action against Hua Xia herself. However, on the squint side, she has already let the Youjia suppress the entire industry before the mother!

This one has begun to deal with himself!

She has changed!

It doesn't matter how you explain yourself! !

"It's you who changed first. From the moment you shot me, you changed and forced me to change too!" You Shiwen said coldly!

"If you want to deal with me, you will rush to me, why do you want someone to assassinate my mother? Why!!!" Chuck growled wildly!

Without mom, there would be no one!

This matter, Chuck has reached his limit! !

"I will! I will not only kill Karen li, Logan, but also everything around you! You said so, then I will do it!!"

You Shiwen in a moment, horror!

"I say it again, let Logan, what is going to rush me!" Chuck growled! !

"No, I must kill all of you, and then kill you in the end! This is what you forced me to do!"

"Leave her, let go..."

"Don't let go, don't let go, you are ready to collect her body!!"


Annoyed by You Shiwen, her phone fell to the ground!

The call is therefore ended!

No one dared to speak in the house, and everyone could tell that You Shiwen was in a rage!

Whose phone is this!

They are too curious.

How can you provoke You Shiwen to look like this!

"Homeowner, are you okay!" someone asked cautiously.

"It's okay! From now on, check it for me, check!" You Shiwen was angry.

"What should I check? The owner?"

They are all confused, unable to understand the meaning of You Shiwen.

"Someone is framing me! What I didn't do, others are framing me!" Yolanda was furious, "Wait, starting today, pay close attention to all the trends of Wanjia Wanziwen!!"


"The owner, what about the Zhang family? They never showed up,"

"The Zhang family also wants it. I feel that the three big families who have been silent for so many years are about to turn their faces!"

You Shiwen feels this way.

She is certainly not the murderer who killed Karen li, so who is it? ?

The Zhang family is hard to say.

But the possibility of Wan Ziwen is very great!

This Wan Ziwen is provoking things, don't you like Chuck? Why kill Karen li? ?

Can't understand!

"Yes! The owner is assured! We will arrange it soon!"

Yu Shiwen beautiful eyes are cold!

Wan Ziwen, Wan Ziwen! !


Chuck grabbed the phone and didn't need to continue to probe, You Shiwen himself admitted!

She sent someone to assassinate her mother!

"Husband." For the first time, Yvette felt Chuck's terrible!

When talking, Chuck is really going crazy!

"The one who killed my mother is Yu Shiwen!"

Chuck's eyes are blood red, You Shiwen, my mother is innocent, why don't you target me? ?

At this moment, Chuck was full of guilt!

Sorry mom!

"Her husband, it's her!" Yvette was angry, his eyes chilled!

She hasn't dueled with Karen li yet. You Shiwen actually assassinated Karen li!

This hatred cannot be broken!

"Yes! It's her!" Chuck just wanted to know Logan's whereabouts at this moment!

Logan is also innocent! !

"My husband, your phone is ringing!" Yvette said.

Chuck was busy answering the question, and the boss was calling from behind the scenes.

"Chuck, a killer saw Logan's whereabouts."

"What? Send it to me immediately!"

"it is good!"

The phone just hung up here. Rumble!

A plane in the sky flew over!

This is Betty!

The boss found it behind the scenes. Betty also found Logan through her method!

"Master, come up, I found Logan's trail," Betty called on the plane.

Chuck, Yvette got off the bus and passed the rope ladder!

"Logan was there, appeared an hour ago!" Betty pointed to a place, as the boss said!

"Hurry up!" Chuck roared!

Betty speeded up the plane!

"Her husband, Aunt Logan will be fine, surely!" Yvette said comfortingly.

"Yes, she is my Aunt Logan, I will not let her die!" Chuck's eyes shone! !

Chapter: 860

In a deep forest!

Logan walked alone!

She is going to design a trap here!

After that person comes, it is best to die with this person! !

At least, she can avenge Karen li and she can leave with peace of mind.

Suddenly, there was movement behind him!

She instantly pointed her muzzle at this dynamic place!

The moment she pulled the trigger, she stopped, "How are you?"

A woman in black appeared with a perfect figure, it was the black rose that was the number one killer!

She accidentally discovered Logan, so she followed her together!

Maybe, when she heard that Karen li was dead, she came out of the place where she retired!

Take a look and see what Chuck needs to help!

She didn't want to see Chuck, so she turned around and happened to see Logan.

"It's me, someone wants to kill you?" Black Rose asked.

Surrounded by terrible quiet, there is a feeling of beasts coming.

"En!" Loganmei stared!

"Uh, you suspect that I'm going to kill you?" Black Rose asked.

A little speechless! !

"The person who wants to kill me is Wan Ziwen!" Loganzhi said.

"Wanjia? Why did you kill you?" Black Rose was particularly surprised!

Wanjia, but the secret family!

"Because, I know, it was Wan Ziwen who started the assassination of Aunt Karen!"

Black Rose was shocked, and when she came, she also analyzed, who in the end has this ability!

She played with Karen li, knowing Karen li's strength, how can ordinary people assassinate

Karen li? ?

People with a little ability will point the assassination of Karen li at the three secret families! !

Although it is the first family of ten thousand, Black Rose did not expect it!

"I don't know this, you doubt me, I have to have this strength. I assassinate you, maybe, but assassinate Karen li, do you think I will?" Black Rose smiled bitterly.

Logan thought for three seconds and took the pistol!

Yes, Black Rose is not Karen li's opponent at all. What's more, Black Rose has assassinated

Karen li several times, without success, this time it is impossible! !

Therefore, she determined that it was not a black rose.

She came by, just by chance.

"So, you mean, this person who assassinated Karen li will come to you?" Black Rose asked.

"Yes, I feel that the more dangerous it is, the calmer my heart is!" Logan said.

This is a feeling!

Sixth sense!

"So you leave here quickly," Logan continued to arrange her trap!

"Forget it, it's boring to leave, I'll help you!" Black Rose went to help.

Logan shook his head, "So tell you that the two can't assassinate Aunt Karen li, but that person can, explain..."

"Nine dead, right? I know." How could the black rose not know?

Before she retires, she is also the first killer!

"It's not nine deaths and one life, but ten deaths and no life. I don't want to involve you, so you leave." Logan is careful!

She is ready to die here!

But even if she died, she wanted to pull that person back!

Can at least reduce Chuck's burden!

Black Rose was silent for three seconds, "I also know that I see you now, and that person will find me through clues and kill me, so why both of us need to be broken by her one by one??

Opportunity! Even if this opportunity is very small..."

Logan was helpless, "will die."

"I know that from the day I became a killer, I have been prepared to die anytime!" Black Rose shook his head.

Logan stared, "Well, it will really die!!"

"I know, have you left a last word?" The black rose looked calm.

This reminded Logan that she turned on the phone and called her person, "Tomorrow, transfer all the things, money, and company under my name to one person, Chuck! can come tomorrow Niao Guo has found him!"

The phone hangs up!

Logan still has something to say, but there are some things that I will say in my next life! !

Black Rose Beauty was surprised, but gave Chuck all?

"You, you have no last words?" Logan asked.

"I... no, no one, no." The black rose looked calm.

Once dead, everything seems to be there.

If Chuck didn’t let himself go at that time, he could also give him the money he had saved as a killer for so many years.

According to the price of black roses, the money in this card is also an amazing number!

Because, the black rose has no desire and no need, and the money earned only spends a little and is saved.

However, Chuck sent himself away, then it means he does not want.

"Okay!" Logan knew that when she died, she would buy time for Black Rose.

How could she be involved in black roses? ?

The two of them collaborate to arrange traps!

Started the first cooperation!

Because the strength of the two people is similar, there is a lot of tacit understanding in cooperation.

"Okay, the layout is done. I feel this person is coming, because, my heart is very calm, very calm..."

Yes, Logan knew she was going to die, so she was calm.