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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 861-870

Chapter: 861

Logan has the same keen sixth sense as Karen li, she knows this feeling!

She also died once!

This sense of calm, she knew, was stronger than last time!

Because, last time on the plane, Wan Ziwen's bodyguard was a little stronger than Logan.

The feeling at the time was completely different from now!

Therefore, the assassin who came here this time was definitely not the bodyguard, but someone else!

Probably one of the strongest among the ten thousand bodyguards! !

"I feel like coming!"

"I also feel like coming!"

The two of them spoke in unison and had the same sixth sense, telling them that this man had arrived!

The beautiful eyes of the two of them looked at each other, and they were all dignified to the extreme!

This is definitely the strongest opponent they have encountered in their lifetime! ! but!

The expression on their faces is calm!

Die if you die!

Not the first day out!

"Then I go over there, you go over here!" Black Rose carried a sniper rifle with him! !

"it is good!"

Logan, Black Rose cooperate separately!

Behind a tree, Black Rose quickly assembled the sniper rifle, and her sixth sense told her where to point the muzzle!

Logan also brought a gun!

With bare hands, it will not be the opponent of this person!

So, use a gun! !

Already at the sniper point, ambush! ! boom! !

Black Rose took the lead in pulling the trigger!

The muzzle fired and a hot bullet shot out! boom!

Shot into the grass!

However, there is silence!

Terrible quiet!

Black Rose continues to shoot!

Still nothing?

Black Rose is cautious, has never encountered this situation, can you explain?

That is, this person is too powerful! ! boom!

Logan's sixth sense told her that she shot in one place!

Bullet shot! however!

It was also a hit!

Several shots passed, and of course, no one was forced out!

Here, the air is about to freeze!

Suddenly, a particularly soft chuckle sounded in one place! !

"Oh, why are there two people?"


Black Rose, Logan was surprised at the same time! !

Is it because a woman assassinated Karen li?

This woman's voice is at most thirty years old! is it possible?

"Let me analyze and analyze, the one that fired the first shot just now, the accuracy of the gun is ok, but I can’t find the target and I’m blind, but, there are not many shots with you, so what are you? Let me Think about it, who is that? The first killer, Black Rose? Is that right?"

This laughter is echoing!

The black rose sinks!

This voice, she is too strange!

Never seen!

She actually knew herself well!

"Yes, it's me!!" Black Rose responded coldly!

"Really you? That's a pity. Why should I help her? I haven't planned to kill you yet! Just want to die?"

"You can make me not find where you are now. Explain that your mind is extremely meticulous, and more clearly, you will find me and Logan through the clues, and you will still kill me at that time!"

"Why are you so smart? You're awesome! When I came here, I suddenly found another person's footprint. I really will find you through this footprint! Because, let others know, I don't have

What about this habit! Logan? You are the third shot!"

"Yes, it's me, did you assassinate Aunt Karen li?" Loganmei was cold!

She was scarlet, moist, and it was this man who killed Karen li, who was supporting herself!

It's her! !

"Good! Karen li was assassinated by me, I designed it well?" This is laughter!

"Logan, I haven't paid attention to you. You can prepare in advance to show that you already know who brought me over, did you?"

"Yes, Wan Ziwen!!"

"Oh, you are awesome, and guessed it! So why didn't you seize this time and tell Chuck? Why?"

"What are you saying? Chuck doesn't know anything now! You can kill me, don't move him!"

Logan's bottom line was irritated!

Everything about Chuck is now her bottom line!

"Oh, I can't kill him. I haven't received the order from the girl yet! But yeah, you two are clever, but you two are a bit rubbish! Well, not a bit rubbish, but real rubbish!! Want to deal with me in this trap? Really, I look too small!" suddenly!

A bullet came out of a place where neither of them noticed! boom!

What did you hit!


What is triggered on the ground!

The bomb exploded!

A layer of smoke rises!

Logan was shocked and carefully designed, but she was destroyed by a bullet! !

Black Rose is equally surprised!

What does this mean? At this moment, she knows everything!

The thick smoke spread around, and the visibility has been reduced!

It's the same as the fog!

"I am proficient in assassination. You can trap this kind of trap when I am ten years old. You are only ten years old. You said you are rubbish? Well, next, I will send you two. Trash goes to hell!!!"

Chapter: 862

Suddenly, a person appeared in the thick smoke! !

My mother is a Baller, the novel 862 is unbearable! Listen online with novels boom!

Black Rose, Logan shoots at the same time! !

Thick smoke billowed into the smoke!

Rain of bullets!

However, what she exchanged was her endless ridicule, "You don't even know where I am, I'm so disappointed. At your level, in Wanjia, you can't even enter the gate, you are so pitiful!

Alright, stop playing!"

The words just fell! boom!

A bullet went out!

Relentlessly reached the black rose! boom!

Ruthlessly pierced the black rose's arm!

She grabbed the sniper rifle in her hand!

However, I can't catch it!

Has fallen to the ground!

Because, this shot interrupted one of her hands! ! boom!

A face kicked against the black rose's chest!

This is amazing speed!

How did it come out, how close?

The first killer, Black Rose couldn't catch it!

Black Rose understood at this moment why this person could assassinate Karen li successfully! ! boom!

The black rose was kicked out ten meters like a bag! thump!

The black rose vomited blood with his mouth open and three ribs broke!

Click, click!

She heard it clearly!


Black Rose had already climbed up on the ground. She spit out several bloods in a row, and she was weak! boom!

A bullet came out!

Then the second and third!

Long Yi smiled slightly, her speed was fast, after evading, she avoided the bullet, and her finger pulled the gun in her hand!

She didn’t have a sniper rifle!

And pistols! !

It's so accurate! boom!

Bullets shot out!

Hit beside Logan!

Logan hid instinctively!

"Huh, miss? That's no wonder you survived last time! Not bad, you!" Long Yi smiled slightly! boom!

Pull the trigger again with your finger!

Bullets shot out!

Ruthlessly shot into Logan's shoulder!


Blood shot!

This shot also made Logan's arm weak with precision!

The gun fell to the ground! boom!

This is a punch from Long Yi!

Logan resisted with a fist! ! however! boom!

Logan flew out!

With one punch, fly out five meters!

Spit blood!

I can't get up anymore!

"You two are not qualified to use guns! Guns in your hands are a waste! Then I don't waste bullets! One by one kills you!" Long Yi smiled slightly!

Step forward!

Logan kicked off!

The black rose gritted his teeth!

She rushed coldly.

"Your strength is really bad, and I don't know how to take the position of the first killer... but also, the strongest are basically in the hidden family. You are all selected by the hidden family.

People! It can also be called... trash!"

Long Yi simply punched!

Black Rose has already leaped!

The gap is too big!

The black rose vomited blood at her mouth and she tried to get up.

Logan is also standing!

What about the pain?

What about death?

Also die with dignity!

"It's really a long breath, and so is Karen li, knowing that she's going to die, so is it! Forget it, too lazy to play with you, because ah, you are not qualified to play with me!" Long Yi stepped forward!

She is walking briskly!

One punch hit the black rose! boom! !

The black rose fell out ten meters, and fell into the grass, no movement!

Loganmei's eyes revealed sadness.

For black roses, they don’t know each other!

There is not much communication, but it can be a friend!

Neither of them said anything, but they said nothing.

"Sorry, I ended up hurting you!"

She thought, seizing the opportunity to let the black rose leave!

However, Long Yi is too powerful, she has no strength to resist!

She knew that Long Yi already had the same strength as Karen li!

There is only one person who can deal with her in this world!

Chuck is not enough! not enough time!

Then only Karen li. However, Karen li has passed away...

Now, she is the real world's first fighting master!

Unless Chuck is given enough time, otherwise, she will not have any opponents in the world! !

Logan felt sad!

I didn't bring anything, didn't hurt her, didn't kill her, nothing.

Long Yi squinted, "Do not move? Dead? Logan, it's your turn!"

She came closer step by step!

For the black rose, if she hasn't cut off her breath, she will make up! it's nothing!

Her ultimate goal, but to kill Logan!

Kill Logan, and Chuck's father, Zhang Qingyang!

"Wan Ziwen, how many people do you still want to kill?" Logan was calm and cold.

"A lot of it! Tell you well, after killing you, my next kill is Chuck's father, Zhang Qingyang!

Then the next one is Yvette." Long Yi smiled slightly.

Step by step.

Logan was bitter, she knew that Yvette could not escape!

Because Yvette is Chuck's wife!

Wan Ziwen's desire to control is so great, how can he tolerate such a thing? ?

"Then you can die!" boom!

Long Yi smiled slightly, and already fought Logan!

She resisted with her hand, but it was useless!


Logan also fell into the grass, motionless...

Chapter: 863

"Husband, don't be like this, don't be like this..."

Yvette's face was pale, she saw Chuck crouching underground!

Bloody eyes! !

He held two bloody guns in his hand!

Surrounded by the ruins of the explosion, the ground, flowers and plants have been destroyed!

Here and there, there are amazing blood in several places! !

This blood is not yet dry!

It seems to be radiating heat!

Betty was shocked!

"It's late, I'm late..."

Chuck closed her eyes and burst into tears!

Logan is dead, the body is gone, and the body is destroyed! !

Chuck can't see Logan's last face! forever and always!

"Master, I'm sorry, I..." Bettymei turned red.

"It's not your fault, you're flying fast enough! Enough!"

Chuck's tears came out, painful, uncomfortable intertwined!

When I remembered meeting Logan, Chuck was curious about women.

Logan satisfied his fantasy.

Therefore, at the beginning, Chuck had illusions about Logan!

Chuck was on the brink of guilt and ignorance. He struggled, pained, and dared.

Logan's tolerance and her trust in Chuck made Chuck bold step by step!

She always smiles! Always!

In the end, Chuck woke up and walked back to the right path!

Knowing that fantasy is not respecting Logan!

Therefore, Chuck is no longer fantasy!

He began to respect Logan!

Even if the two embrace, Chuck is treated as usual!

Even if he sleeps on Logan's legs, Chuck is honest... but!

Now, Chuck can't hug her anymore, and never will ever hug her...

Chuck is in pain!

"I'm late." Chuck shook his head in pain.

"Which of the two guns, apart from Logan's, is it?" Yvette asked sadly.

"It's a black rose." Chuck muttered to himself, and he looked down.

Chuck knows this gun!

Because for a while, Black Rose has been protecting himself personally!

How did Chuck not know?

Black Rose also came out, she discovered Logan by accident, and then formed a cooperation?

Yvette was stunned, and the black rose was also dead? ?

"How can this be? Aunt Logan is dead, Black Rose is dead, how terrible is this man?" Yvette's eyes were blood red!

"According to the traces on the scene, this sniper rifle has a lot of shells, but the shell of another kind of gun is only four! This is still a pistol, what does it mean?"

"Logan and Black Rose fired more than thirty shots, but the man missed the man with one shot, but was solved by the man with four shots!

"The gap is obvious, more than thirty shots, four shots, which is correct, in a spike,"

"Also, there are no traces of fighting at this scene, they are all traces of falling out, and both

Logan and Black Rose were beaten away. Logan and Black Rose joined forces and did not touch..."

Betty was surprised. "The man first shot Logan and Black Rose. He didn't shoot them directly, but..."

"Instead, tortured! The hunter caught the prey, played, and then killed...the same as Mr. Li, tortured..."

Yvette was surprised, she still has a killer identity!

She knows what Betty's words mean!


Super strong!

The difference between children and adults!

"This kind of strength, I know, only Li can always do this..." Betty muttered to herself.

She was so shocked.

"I understand why President Li was assassinated by that person, because that person's strength is already the same as President Li..." Betty still murmured to herself.

Tell the experienced Betty the neat traces of the scene!

"Sister Li, find the traces here, I must find this person! Must find!!"

Chuck's blood-red eyes shot out his anger! !

The mother was assassinated, Logan, and the Black Rose were tortured. This person, Chuck does not take it off!

Chuck will die! !

"Master, I will find it! Master, you must cheer up a bit,"

Betty knew how uncomfortable Chuck was at this time!

One after another, the closest person died.

Replaced with ordinary people, it has long collapsed!

Chuck is holding on hard! !

"Her husband, Sister Li, this man is a woman!" Yvette held a cartridge case in his hand.


Chuck asked.

Betty was taken aback!

"The guns used for this kind of cartridge case are relatively small, and only women can use them!" Yvette discovered carefully.

"So, You Shiwen found a powerful killer woman?" Chuck eyed cold!

"Well, husband, aunt is good enough, I really can't think of, there are people more powerful than aunt in this world, and still a woman." Yvette couldn't accept it.

The world is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

But there is also a limit!

However, Karen li was originally the limit of humanity!

There are still people who exceed the human limit of Karen li!

Chuck clenched his fists, You Shiwen said, to kill all the people around him!

Well, You Shiwen, you will regret it, surely!

"Sister Li! I'm going to a technology company! I'm going to take a medicine to strengthen my body!!" Chuckzi's blood was red, and he was going to kill a housekeeper! !

Chapter: 864

When the mother destroyed the Oak family among the four major families, there was a research medicine made by the Oak family!

Because the Ok family is a family that develops medicines and strengthens the human body!

Chuck now has that kind of potion in his hand!

Just wipe it out!

However, the injection in the body will be much stronger!

No more pain!

Can also strengthen muscles!

Then the strength will rise to another level!

This is Chuck's only way to deal with Youjia now! !

"No, young master, absolutely not!" Betty will not work!

Yvette was also shocked, "Don't be like this, husband! If that kind of medicament hits the body, it will lose the pain, and it will reduce your life span. Don't do this!!"

"This is my only way now!" Chuck clenched his fists! !

"This is not the only way. If you let the aunt know that you tortured yourself in order to avenge them, she would not be able to look away! If you died of the medicine in advance, how would you face the aunt?" Yvette hugged Chuck Don't let go!

Never let Chuck do this!

Chuck pain!

If you don't do this, Yvette will leave him, Betty, they will be the same!

How can Chuck let Yvette leave them again? ?

Chuck can't do it!

"Master, don't you, President Li didn't do that before his death. If the medicine was injected, it wouldn't be a human. That would be a machine. President Li knew that she would be sad," Betty persuaded.

This kind of thing, the dead are fighting!

Not afraid of death!

Chuck still has a good future. How can he turn himself into a painless machine? ?

"I don't want you to leave too." Chuck is in pain!

If you want to see someone you know leave, Chuck prefers it!

"Husband, I will not leave you, never will." Yvette wept!

Between her and Chuck, it was because of Karen li before!

Now Karen li is dead!

Yvette will not leave Chuck anymore!

"Master, rest assured, we will be fine!" Betty shook her head.

She moved Chuck to miss her too.

"Well, Sister Li, take me to the technology company! I want to prepare the kind of potable medicine! If it will be used that day, then I will use it!" Chuck said. "Wife, Sister Li, you have to prepare!"

Logan and Betty look at each other!

If it's just preparation, that's okay!

Chuck has been here for a long time.

Yvette, Betty accompanied Chuck!

Betty also asked people to come over and look for the bodies of Logan and Black Rose!

However, it was not found!

Chuck is even more painful!

The mother's body could not be found, and Logan's and Black Rose's could not be found.

Chuck is sorry for them!

Yvette stared blankly at the dried blood on the ground, Logan died, and the black rose died.

The next one will be yourself!

She gazed at Chuck reluctantly, "I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of leaving you..."

Betty, take Chuck and Yvette to the technology company!

Everyone prepared the same potion!

Just inject into the body when it is dangerous!

People have no pain!

Then the strength will increase!

Chuck stayed in the technology company for a long time, and also added the weight of the body weight again, Chuck wants to break through the limit again and again!

"Master! Someone is looking for you! It's Logan's..." Betty called Chuck.

During the crazy training, Chuck went out to meet a person. When he was in China, Chuck met this person and was a person trusted by Logan.

"This is what Mr. Tang asked me to hand over to you. This is all of Mr. Tang's company, all real estate, funds, cars, land..." He said a lot.

Chuck's eyes were red again.

Logan gave everything to himself.

She knew she was going to die, so she explained everything in advance!

Chuck felt sad and wanted to cry.

"There are these, Mr. Tang's most precious things, all put in this safe," he brought a safe.

This is what he found in Logan's office.

Put the most important things of Logan.

"Thank you!" Chuck muttered to himself.

"Yes, please have time to take over everything from President Tang."

Chuck murmured and nodded, "I know!"

Logan's people left!

Sitting at the door, Chuck opened the safe. what is inside?

It’s not a diamond, it’s not gold or silver jewelry, it’s not a real estate certificate, but something very ordinary...

Suddenly, Chuck was dull.

He took something out of the safe, a mask, a cat mask...

Chuck returned to that night instantly.

Chuck took the woman with the cat mask out of the bar. Chuck thought that it was Yvette, so she kissed her.

Chuck still remembers the feeling of this kiss.

As sweet as the first kiss!

Chuck thought about it and was reminded that the person with the cat mask was Logan.

Chuck does not believe it!

He also entered Logan's room to find it, and found nothing.

It turned out that the person I kissed that night was really Logan...

She did not resist, but left after kissing her.

It's shy, tangled.

It turned out that I had already kissed Logan.

Chuck thought back to this picture, unconsciously, already burst into tears...

Chapter: 865

Chuck received this cat mask, and also collected everything that Logan left behind.

He pondered for a long time!

In order to avenge my mother, Logan and Black Rose!

Never be impulsive! !

Must be careful!

Because Chuck didn't want to die without revenge, it was unfilial to the mother!

Chuck knows that it is unlikely that he will surpass Youjia by his own efforts alone!

Chuck did not have time to wait for this day!

Because, after thousands of years of traveling, her strength is amazing!

Youjia is a big mountain!

It is too difficult to surpass by strength alone! !

Mother's hatred, Logan, Black Rose's hatred is not reported for one day!

Chuck can't sleep, can't eat!

Therefore, Chuck now has two ways to go!

The first one, that is what Dad mentioned before, abandon Yvette and marry Wan Ziwen!

Use Wan Ziwen's Wanjia forces to fight against You Shiwen's Youjia!

This road has the highest chance of success!

Because Wan Ziwen's Wanjia is the first family!

The first family, against the second family, this success, needless to say!

Most likely!

At that time, You Shiwen will die!

However, Chuck does not want to go this way!

My own loved ones are missing, and I still abandon Yvette and let Wan Ziwen deal with You

Shiwen for a soft meal? ?

Chuck can't do this kind of thing!

Then the second way is to contact Zhang Family, the third hidden family! !

Work with Zhangjia!

This is the fastest method!

Chuck thought about this road for a long time this day.

"Master, do you really want to cooperate with the Zhang family?" Betty asked. She was worried.

She always felt that Chuck did this with the tiger!

You will be eaten if you are careless!

"Yes, it's me now, a way to fight against You Shiwen! Take the downstream family, I don't want anything, as long as You Shiwen, will the Zhangs disagree?"

"That's what it says, but Master, you have to be careful! This matter is not that simple!"

Betty shook her head. "President Li seemed very unhappy with the Zhang family before his death. He wanted to distance himself. Obviously this Zhang family is not very cooperative,"

"I know, but, without this method, you let me grow in three years and ten years? I am willing to do this, but You Shiwen will give me time to grow? She will not give it! She never assassinates me old When Mom started, she had no plans to give me time, Sister Li, do you know!"

Suddenly, Betty distressed Chuck.

All the pressure was on Chuck.

Chuck is hard! !

"I know, Master, what decision do you make, I will support you!" Betty said.

"Well, is there a way to find out the Zhang family? I want to talk to them. If you can't talk, then don't stop me, Li sister, I will inject the potion! Kill the master!" Chuck's eyes shone! !

Zhang family does not cooperate, then Chuck can only use that extreme method!

"Master, I..." Betty finally sighed.

Chuck's pressure is too great.

His idea is not the same as before, this is for everyone!

"Sister Li, help me find the Zhang family!"

"Yes, Master, wait a moment, I will try my best to find the Zhang family!" Betty did it immediately.

Chuck is waiting!

Suddenly, Yvette appeared and Chuck embraced her, "Wife, I will protect you!"

Yvette posted it on Chuck's chest and didn't answer a word.

Logan is dead. The kind of people with the same strength as Karen li come to kill themselves. It is impossible for him to resist.

Logan chose to leave to die in order not to tire Chuck.

Then. . You can do it yourself!

Yvette's eyes softened. "Her husband, I will never regret meeting you in my life."

"me too."

Chuck looked straight ahead, You Shiwen, you are waiting! !



"Miss, count the time, at the speed of Long Yi, Logan should be dead," Wan Ziwen bodyguard said leisurely.

"Of course, I have always believed in Long Yi that Karen li is dead in her hands. A Logan is nothing worth mentioning!" Wan Ziwen was lazy.

"So, after Long Yi killed Zhang Qingyang, Yvette..."

"Oh, she? Also want to kill!"

"Okay, but I received the news yesterday," her bodyguard said cautiously.

"What news? Say!"

"You Shiwen's family is watching us closely."

"Yo, this thing? I'm not surprised, You Shiwen, I was fancy with her, Chuck can come up with it, the person who assassinated Karen li may be me, You Shiwen did not do it, then she ruled out by herself I am myself, then it is not who I will be?" Wan Ziwen lazily looked at the book.

She has long known about You Shiwen's move.

"I'm afraid I'm afraid of you, Chuck, pointing the spear at You Shiwen, not at the Zhang family, then it's not so interesting. Chuck pointing the spear at the Zhang family is the most interesting..."

When Wan Ziwen muttered to himself, a person came in, Long Yi! !

"Miss!" Long Yi didn't smile.

Wan Ziwen lazy asked, "What's wrong with you? Would you not tell me, did you fail?"

"When I killed Logan, a person suddenly appeared!!" Long Yi said coldly, her face was cold!

Chapter: 866

Dragon! Listen online with novels

"People? What kind of people?"

Wan Ziwen's lazy color faded, and it was a little dignified! !

Her bodyguard was stunned. What about someone?

Haven't you let Long Yi suffer? !

"I don't see clearly. This man suddenly appeared when I was about to kill Logan... I used a stone and smashed it!

! When I broke the stone with a punch, Loganren was gone! "Long Yi said.

Her beautiful eyes are cold!

When she killed Logan and Black Rose, someone suddenly appeared!

Otherwise, Logan's state at that time was absolutely mortal! !

"You didn't see clearly?" Wan Ziwen was indifferent!

"Well, didn't see clearly! It can also be said that when this stone hits, it will be soon!" Long Yi said.


Suddenly smashed!

When Long Yi broke the stone, there was only one shadow!

Take Logan, the shadow of the black rose leaving.

She chases!

I can't catch it!

This to Long Yi has never happened!

Wan Ziwen icy cold!

"Logan, didn't die after two times?!"

Wan Ziwen's beautiful eyes were cold, her eyes turned, her face sullen, "Long Yi, this seems to be the first time you missed, and it was the first time that disappointed me!"

"Miss, sorry!" Long Yi bowed his head!

This is her confident, bowing her head in front of Wan Ziwen for the first time.

"I first heard you say these two words to me, remember, I don't want to hear these two words!!!"

Wan Ziwen said coldly.

Her voice, like the ice cube, was inserted into Long Yi's heart!

Long Yi nodded! !

"Yes, miss!"

"Who was Logan taking away? Who can do this in your hands and under your eyelids? Is there anything else in the world?" Wan Ziwen said coldly.

Wanjia as the first family!

So Wanjia's bodyguard is also the strongest person in the world! !

This is absolutely absolute! however!

At this moment, some people took away people under the strongest bodyguard of Wanjia! what is this?

Beyond the strength of Longyi? ?

"This?" Long Yi is also strange!

She didn't even see her back!

I just saw it, Logan, the black rose was escorted away!

"The only person in this world who can compete with you is Karen li. She is dead... At this moment, there is still a second Karen li appearing?" Wan Ziwen said coldly.

"Possibly, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!" Long Yi replied.

Snapped! !

Wan Ziwen broke a cup!

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? What dragon, what tiger, can lie in front of my first hidden family? Hidden??"

Yes, to say Tibet, who can hide the hidden family?

For thousands of years, there are too few, too few people who know the secret family. Such a big family is hidden in the world.

This is true hiding!

As the first family of Wanjia, one third of the earth belongs to her family. Why don’t Wanjia know? ?

What is not clear?

There are dragons and tigers. Will her family know? ?

"Yes! It's my care!" Long Yi admitted wrong?

"Absolutely you carelessly, Long Yi, find this person and kill! I don't want a second Karen li to appear, this will make me very unhappy!!" Wan Ziwen was indifferent!

"Yes, Miss, rest assured! I am also very interested, and I will meet such a person again!"

Long Yi smiled again, "Yes, Logan has only one last breath, and even if he comes back, it won't wake up in a few months or even a year!"

"This barely made me a little bit happy! Long Yi, go!" Wan Ziwen regained his laziness.

"Oh, who do you doubt?"

Wan Ziwen asked.

Long Yi was silent for three seconds, "It should be said that there are no more, but it appears again, it's strange!"

"OK, deal with it! Solve this person, solve Logan, solve Zhang Qingyang!!! Then, grab me


"Yes, don't worry!"

Long Yi smiled slightly.

Wan Ziwen suddenly thought of something, "Wait a minute!!"

"Miss, do you have any other orders?"

"Are you sure, Karen li is dead?" Wan Ziwen asked word by word!

Long Yi smiled slightly, "OK!"

"Then who should rescue Logan, how should I explain?"


"Are you so sure?"

"Yes! Karen li died in less than ten days, even if she didn't die, do you think she can take Logan away with her seriously injured?" Long Yi kept smiling!

Wan Ziwen was indifferent for three seconds, "Yes, maybe I thought more about it, Karen li must have died... it was me thinking more."

"Well, then I'm going!"

"Long Yi, don't let me down. The position of Wanjia's head, I'm inheriting soon, don't make me unhappy!" Wan Ziwen pointed out!

"rest assured!"

Long Yi left! !

"You said, will it be Karen li?" Wan Ziwen asked again.

"Miss, you thought about it, how could it be her? Long Yi also said just now that Karen li was seriously injured, it is impossible to take someone away under her eyes." Wan Ziwen bodyguard shook his head firmly.

He denied Wan Ziwen's crankiness!

"Well, Karen li is dead. This time there is the second Karen li. I hope Long Yi will not let me down!"

Wan Ziwen lazily closed her eyes, just like she had good news after she fell asleep.

Chapter: 867

"Master, there is already news from the Zhang family!!"

Betty ran to find Chuck!

She used everything she was looking for for several days in a row, and finally used clues to discover some of Zhang's industries.

"Then, go now!"

Chuck can't wait!

Logan's death has completely put Chuck on the brink of madness!

After several days of suffering, Chuck dreamed of Logan every night.

Logan's hatred, his mother's hatred, Black Rose's hatred, Chuck must report! !

"Yes! I have arranged the car!" Betty knew that Chuck was anxious and everything was ready.

"Well, you wait for me in the car, I will call Yvette!" Chuck said.

Betty went to the car to wait for Chuck.

"Wife, wife." Chuck ran to Yvette.

"My husband, I won't go," Yvette decided!

The person who assassinated Logan, that is, You Shiwen, she will find a way to find someone, assassinate Logan, and assassinate herself!

Yvette knows!

Therefore, she decided to, like Logan, leave silently!

Don't bother Chuck!

"What do you want to do?" Chuck understands!

"I don't want to do anything, but also have my own business." Yvette shook his head, unable to look directly at Chuck.

Chuck's eyes, through her mind.

Without saying a word, Chuck kissed her.

Yvette was shocked! for a long time!

Chucksong said, "Are you going to leave?"

"I..." Yvette complained, Chuck did this, she was caught off guard!

"Besides, I kiss again, until I know you have trouble breathing, do you want it?"



Chuck took Yvette out.

Yvette sighed. boarding!

Betty drives!

This process is fast!

"Master, this hotel should be the Zhang family! You can go in and contact!" Betty said.

Chuck pulled Yvette tightly, "Don't run!"

"I won't run," Yvette sighed sweetly.

Three people enter the hotel...


Shortly after!


"Go home, Chuck begs to see!" Someone came over and said respectfully.

"Chuck? Oh, interesting, what is he going to do with me?"

In the darkness, Zhang Family head, his turbid eyes, revealed a joke! !

"He didn't say it, but he said, you will never regret it when you see him!"

"It's quite self-confident, absolutely no regrets! As everyone knows, you're just my replacement pawn, you're replacing your mother Karen li!" Zhang family head, puffed and smiled. fling in teeth!

"So, what do you mean?"

"Qingyang! I asked Qingyang to find Chuck and let Chuck develop according to what I mean!

Chuck is still squinting now? What is Qingyang doing?"

"Not quite sure, the young master is missing!"

"Fuck! How many times have I told him, Karen li is just a chess piece, don't care about a chess piece, or a dead chess piece, he didn't even listen?" Zhang family head, coughing with anger! !

From the moment Zhang Qing raised the Zhang family, he was the default heir of the Zhang family!

However, after twenty years, Lingyun, who just went out, has a deep mind!

Not only hasn't it grown so far, it has become what it is now!

Give up for a dead woman? ?

The Zhang family owner is very disappointed!

"Master's character, you should know that he..."

"Of course I know. He doesn't know how much I expect of him. How long can I live? The Zhang family will belong to him sooner or later, and he still has no disappointment to this day!!"

"Then I will contact the young master?"

"No, I will decide something for him, otherwise he will never grow up! Go, let Chuck come to see me! Only let him come alone!" Zhang Family Master ordered!

"Yes! The owner waits!"

"Chuck, Chuck, you were not eligible to enter my Zhang family's door, because what? Because you shouldn't have been born, your mother Karen li is one of my chess pieces, you? The chess pieces are not counted! It’s different now. Karen li, which I value most, is dead. If you take the initiative, I won’t let you down!"

"You as Qingyang's son, use you to wake up Qingyang, I think you should not mind it!!"

In the darkness, a pair of teeth appeared, and he smiled coldly!

All wrinkled faces, with horror!

"Homeowner, Chuck has been brought over by me!"

"Let him in! Only one person!"

"Yes, Betty with Chuck, Yvette Fei is going to come up, I didn't let it, what qualifications do the two of them come up with?"

"Good job! Let him in!"


"Fire Dragon!" said the Zhang family owner.

Behind him, a man appeared, in his thirties, with a cold face!

He is the first master of Zhang family, Fire Dragon! !

"What did the owner tell you?"

Fire Dragon asked.

"Wait a moment, Chuck comes in, you give me a try! I want to know where he is, how far away from her mother!"

"Yes! The owner is at ease! However, I don't know if I should say something!"

"Let's say, your Huojia has been following my Zhang family. For all these years, the contribution has been worthy!"

"Chuck is the son of the young master. If we treat Chuck like this, will the young master know?"

"I know it, even if I kill Chuck in front of Qing Yang, what will Qing Yang do to me?" Zhang

Family sneered! !

Chapter: 868

"That's it, Master is a member of the Zhang family, and you raised it by your own hands! How does the Master treat you?" Huolong smiled slightly.

He thought it was ridiculous to ask himself this question.

"Just know it!"

Zhang Family's master sneered, "Yes, I don't want to hurt Chuck for the time being, because I still need him, you just try it!"

"Homeowners rest assured!" Fire Dragon said confidently. at this time!

The door opened and Chuck squinted in!

This room is very big

Chuck is confused!

He let Betty and Yvette wait in the hotel!

Chuck and the Zhang family, come by plane!

Undoubtedly, the Zhang family is also like the Youjia, "hermit" in the mountains! !

Ordinary people can't climb the mountain, so naturally they can't find the existence of the Zhang family!

Chuck has been to Youjia!

At this moment, I feel that the Zhang family is more secret!

The moment I came in, here, there was a conspiracy, a deep taste of the city!

Chuck is not comfortable!

It may be out of tune!

It just feels uncomfortable!

Feeling unspeakable!

"Master Zhang?"

In the dark, Chuck already saw a pair of cloudy eyes!

Terribly cold!

"Yes, it's me! You said that I met you and won't let me down? I don't hide it from you, I'm very disappointed now!" Zhang Family said.

"Oh, is it why I came here empty-handed?" Chuck asked.

"No, I only saw Karen li's shadow on you. Do you know why the shadow is the shadow?"

"Yes, because there is the Lord!"

"You still know! Now you, to be honest, are really not qualified to talk to me, your mother Karen li is still a bit qualified, you? It is just a shadow of Karen li! It is the kind of shadow that is going to be stepped on. "The owner of the Zhang family said coldly.

"I am a piece of meat that fell from my mother. I was originally her shadow. Her new life, I don't think there is anything."

Chuck disagrees with this statement.

"Humph! Stop talking nonsense, let me see you. With your mother, how successful are you! Fire


"It's the owner!"

Fire Dragon step forward!

He approached Chuck step by step!

Chuck didn't move, eyes fixed.


The fire dragon threw a thing as big as a fist, clattered, hit the ground, and the floor burst!

"I don't want to beat you, I don't have to test you in any other way. This thing weighs two hundred kilograms. Let me take a look! One hand!"

This is a way not to hurt Chuck!

Chuck looked down, this special metal similar to the mother technology company, small, but very heavy!

Chuck squatted down to catch!

Just grab it, it's a bit hard with one hand!

Fire Dragon disdain, "If you can't catch it, let it go!"

"It's not that you can't catch it, but..." Chuck still has 250 kilograms in his body!

Each hand is 75 kg!

Originally it was two hundred and fifty kilograms, carry it with you!

Chuck never took it off.

If you take it off, grab this two hundred kilograms, it's easy!

"Leave it down! No excuses! You? Only your mother Karen li is less than a third of the strength!" Huolong made a decision!

Chuck, no way! !

Chuck laid down without saying much.

"Homeowner, this Chuck can't do it!" Fire Dragon returned to the Zhangjia homeowner!

Master Zhang is disappointed, just a replacement piece, there is a reason!

He can't, this is the biggest reason! !

"Chuck, you let me down even more, do you know?"

"Maybe! I'm here today, it's peace talks and cooperation!" Chuck didn't care about Huolong's evaluation!

Chuck just wanted to go back and add another 50 kg!

In this way, Chuck is exercising all the time!

Strengthen muscles! power! !

Only by forcing yourself like this can you improve your strength in the fastest time!

"Cooperation? Are you qualified to talk about cooperation with me?" Zhang Jiazhu smiled, a pair of teeth, in the dark, very obvious!

This is mocking!

"Yes, don't say anything else. Go and inherit everything from my mother. I have the strength to cooperate with you!"

"Tell me first, what do you want to cooperate with?"

Chuck's idea!

"I cooperate with you to deal with You Shiwen!!"

"She? There is no conflict between her and me. Why should I cooperate with you? Break the peace between me and your family?"

The Zhangjia family wanted to laugh. He took the Zhang family and kept hiding behind him.

In order not to move a soldier or a soldier, let Karen li deal with Youjia and Wanjia!

His Zhang family finally came out to clean up the mess! !

He is a chess player, controlling chess pieces!

Why are you playing hard?

"People don't tell secret words, peace, I don't think so! You can listen to me!!!! Work with me to deal with You Shiwen. I only want people who You Shiwen, and everything else, to you!" Chuck


"Haha! Give it to me? Chuck, you let me down!" Zhang Family head laughed!

"You can leave! You did not satisfy me!"

"What if I know your Zhang family's handle?" Chuck said suddenly! handle? ?

Zhang Jia's eyes are venomous, "What do you know? Say!!!"

Chapter: 869

"So, haven't your Zhang family been silent for a while?" Chuck said strangely.

"Homeowner, does he actually set you up?!" Fire Dragon is angry!

Zhang Jia's eyes are venomous, "I will let you die here!!!"

"Then you have lost a good opportunity to rise!" Chuck shrugged!

"Working with you can make my Zhang family rise? You are too worthy of yourself!"

"I know myself, but you don't seem to have it!" Chuck smiled slightly.

Zhang Family's eyes were extremely poisonous, "What are you talking about?"

At this moment, he wanted to kill Chuck who should not have been born!

"I know that after accepting my mother's industry, there is still a big gap with the secret family, because your secret family has passed on for thousands of years, and my mother has only been twenty years old, this is what I know! But you don’t I don’t know how dangerous your Zhang family is!"

"Danger? Are you joking?" Zhang Family sneered sneered.

"Yes, you Zhang family has been hiding behind, did nothing, but Wan Ziwen's character, you should know that she will take over Wan Jia, you know?" Chuck asked.

"I know!" Zhang Family owner knows!

His third secret family, wouldn't he know this kind of thing?

The hidden family can hide everything!

But in the matter of homeowners, the three secret families are open to each other! even!

You can also invite two of them to participate in the inheritance ceremony!

"You just know, Wan Ziwen's strong desire to control, what kind of gift will she prepare for her on this day? I think, to deal with your Zhang family, it should be her. Before inheriting Wanjia, you should inspire Wanjia, also Give her one of the best gifts!" Chuck said with a shrug.

Fire Dragon's eyes narrowed!

The Zhangjia family sneered, "Wan Ziwen, I know her character, but she won't do it to me at this time!"

"Oh, you mean, you already know, she will still do it for you?" Chuck smiled slightly!

Zhangjiajia stuck in his throat, his face was ugly!

Chuck has this kind of adaptability, he still underestimates Chuck!

Quick response, in this regard, it is still inherited Karen li a few percent!

"What do you know? What do you don't know? This is not your reason to persuade me!"

"I think you've made a mistake. I came here to cooperate with you. It was prepared! Do you think I came here in a vacuum?"

Chuck smiled slightly!

Smile lightly!

This smile is really annoying!

Zhang family head hates, a hairy kid, in front of himself, laughing so much? ?

"Say, what did you bring?"

"My wedding invitation!"

"You? Huh, you got married and persuaded me?" Zhang family owner said coldly!

"Yes, you don't want to know, who am I marrying?" Chuck still smiled.

Zhangjia family snorted coldly, "If you come here to say this kind of unmarginal words. Then you can get away!!!"

"Oh, I married Wan Ziwen, understand?" Chuck said.

Zhang family headed him stagnant!

Fire Dragon is also stagnant!

"What are you talking about? Are you married to Wan Ziwen?" Zhang Family head asked.

"Yes! As the owner of the Zhang family, the information is not very well informed. I don't know if Wan Ziwen went out once and met me? Then was it interesting to me?" Chuck said.

Zhang Family's face was cold, "Fire Dragon, what happened?"

"I'll ask," Fire Dragon went out to ask.

Chuck waits quietly!

In a minute, Huolong came back again and bowed his head and said, "There is this matter. When

You Tianle got married, Chuck brought by Wan Ziwen went to the home... There is also, when

Chuck's squint casino opened, Wan Ziwen A lot of gold was sent, and the gold on the floor of his casino was also sent by Wan Ziwen..."

The owner of the Zhang family is incredible.

"This kid?"

"I'm also wondering why Wan Ziwen likes him? But the facts show that Chuck didn't lie!?"

Huolong said.

The owner of the Zhang family began to look at Chuck again.

"You marry Wan Ziwen, you really will embarrass your mother, you entered the Wan family, you will not call this name!"

"It doesn't matter! I want to know, what should I do first thing after I married Wan Ziwen?"

Chuck kept smiling.

Zhangjia's face is cold! !

"I hate people rejecting me the most, so I have this strength, for example, after hooking up with

Wan Ziwen, I will let Wan Ziwen immediately deal with this person who rejected me. I think it should be very interesting... "Chuck grinned!"

Snapped! !

Zhangjiajiazhu is patting the table!

Fire Dragon is cold and ready to shoot!

"You little bastard, threaten me?" Zhang Family head is angry!

After so many years, someone dare to talk to himself like this? !

This is a situation that has not been encountered in many years! unbearable!

He wanted to kill Chuck!

That's it! !

"If you want to talk about threats, just threaten it. Anyway, the first family, against your third family, is not easy, it seems not too difficult, Zhang family head, do you say it?" Chuck smiled slightly.

Chapter: 870

This is Chuck's confidence.

Intimidate and lure!

How big is Wan Ziwen's ambition? How much control?

Zhang Jia’s situation is very clear to him!

Chuck felt that Wan Ziwen would start the Zhang family on the day he inherited the Wan family!

In this way, Chuck felt that Wan Ziwen was the ancient emperor!

Want to control everything! !

The second hidden family?

The third hidden family?

Wan Ziwen doesn't need it, one by one will be eradicated, she needs to be the only one! !

After Chuck said, he was content with himself!

"Homeowner, Chuck said, maybe! The woman Wan Ziwen, you don't know, maybe, your deployment, she already knows it!" Huolong reminded in a low voice.

The Zhangjia family's turbid eyes are cold, "Huh! What does she know? I'm still afraid that she won't?"

He is not afraid, everyone is a secret family!

The only difference is in strength!

He admits that the overall strength of the Zhang family is not as good as 10,000!

Because one is first and one is third, this gap is obvious!

"But Wan Ziwen... You have seen Wan Ziwen, and I have also seen this woman. It feels terrifying to me... No one can do anything in front of her..." Huolong worried.

He had the pleasure of seeing Wan Ziwen before!

Wan Ziwen's calm, lazy, control of everything, so horrible!

"I know! But let me cooperate with Chuck, and he is also worthy?? He is just me instead of a chess piece!!!" Zhang Family Master sneered!

"Cooperation is cooperation, but the identity of the replacement piece will not change, just put it another way,"

The Zhang family owner was reminded.

He was mad by Chuck, because no one had ever threatened him like this!

"How is it, Zhang Family Head?" Chuck shrugged.

"How do you want to cooperate?" Zhang Jia's cold eyes stared hotly at Chuck!

It seems that Chuck has decided!

"I have just said, I will deal with Youjia with you. I only have to You Shiwen, and everything else for you. You have eaten Youjia, and you have no ability to fight Wanzi Wen? I am also for you. !"

"Good for me? Why do you say this kind of deceptive words in front of me? Maotou! Let's say, what are you going to do? When it comes to cooperation, do you always have an idea? You can't kill Youjia directly? If so Simple, I still have to wait so long?"

This is the truth!

Each of the three hidden families has passed on for thousands of years!

It has always been safe, but yes. This peace of mind is superficial!

How many years have you been fighting openly?

If it's that simple, his Zhang family doesn't need to lay out for so many years!

It's hard!

Not to mention, what?

What's more, after You Shiwen took over Youjia, the progress was obvious!

He was worried in his heart. Is it possible to give You Shiwen enough time to be on par with


By then, isn't the Zhang family more isolated? ?

"Or are you just a stunned young man, you don't have any ideas, just come over and talk to me about cooperation?" Zhang Family head smiled and sneered when he grinned.

Chuck naturally had an idea!

"The most common way is to turn your face with Youjia, but I don’t think you will do that either, then there is only a more direct way, you! Find a way to invite You Shiwen out! Please go out!

At that time, she gave it to me! I will solve her! She died as the head of the family, and the dragons have no heads, is that you can easily invade Youjia?" Chuck said with a shrug.

The most direct way is this!

You Shiwen is out of the house!

Chuckhui arranged the best way, grabbed her, then killed her, and avenged her mother, Logan, and Black Rose! !

Chuck doesn't want Wan Ziwen to help, only Zhang family has the ability to invite Shiwen!

What's more, if the Zhangs follow this method, it also shows that they will flip their faces with

Youjia and will work hard to lay out!

Because, after turning around, you still don't try to die you? ?

Then, with the help of the hidden family Zhang family, Chuck is more likely to catch You

Shiwen! !

Zhang Jia’s opaque eyes have bright light, "This method is feasible?"

He whispered the opinion of Huolong, the first master of his family.

"Feasible! It is indeed the most direct way to draw Youjia You Shiwen, but ah, You Shiwen is so easy to be led out? What is the reason!" Huolong couldn't explain the reason.

At least he couldn't find a reason.

What do people do to control their homes, their strength, their minds?

Is it top-notch? ?

Will it be easily cited?

The Zhang family owner agreed with Chuck's most direct method!

"Okay, this method is okay, but ah, what method is used to lead her out! How confident are you that you can catch her?"

"You ask me, isn't it good? You and I are a cooperative relationship. Do you want to watch me perform? You watch a drama? What kind of cooperative relationship? If you think that this is a cooperative relationship, then OK, I will put Chair, see you perform well," Chuck said politely.

Zhangjia family is angry!


It was totally ironic by this kid!

It's so sharp! !

"You also have to contribute, you agree or disagree! Say!" Chuck said coldly.

The owner of the Zhang family is mad!

This kid is also a grandson of his grandson!

Just talk like that!

"Okay, I agree with your cooperation!"

"Okay, you start to prepare, and three days later, I will contact you!" Chuck walked away without saying anything!

"Slow down, what method are you going to use to lead You Shiwen out!" Zhang Family's head didn't understand what Chuck thought!

But, in Chuck's body, he saw a shadow of Karen li!


Passive, unconsciously became active!

Chuck is already out!

Zhangjia's owner was extremely angry, "I really want to mince him!!"

"Don’t be angry, Chuck, this person is not capable of fighting. Just 200 kilograms of things can’t be picked up. If the IQ is not high, it’s really useless! I think Chuck already has an idea in mind.

That's it!" Fire Dragon said.

"Ideas? This kid has a fucking personality. This is the character I hate the most! However, Karen li is dead, you should also be arguing, it is good for me... OK, you start the layout! The design is good, How to let You Shiwen stay!" said Zhang Family.

"Yes! Homeowner! Suddenly, I have a word I don't know if I should say it!" Fire Dragon came up with an idea.


"Actually, Chuck is also the biological son of the young master. Otherwise, give Chuck a name and let Chuck into the family tree of Zhang's family? What do you think of the owner?"

"Introduction to the genealogy? Just him? Qualified? His mother is just one of my chess pieces, he will never be possible!!!"