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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 871-880

Chapter: 871


A replacement pedigree is eligible to enter the family tree of the hidden family Zhang family? ?

Isn’t this ridiculous?

What a ridiculous thing! !

Even if Chuck knelt down and asked for a genealogy, that would be impossible! !

The Zhangjia family has satirized the extreme!

"Well, okay, host, you didn't say what I said just now." Fire Dragon also mentioned casually.

Does Chuck's entry into the genealogy have anything to do with him? ?

"You don't need to mention this kind of thing."

"Yes, do you want to tell the young master about this?" Fire Dragon asked.

"No! Ching Yang is too lazy to manage him for the time being. It should be enough to use his son! I will use Chuck to teach Qing Yang a lesson. This is how chess pieces are used! If Chuck really has a way to quote You Shiwen Come out, then, the home is my Zhang family!!! Haha! At that time, see her Wan Ziwen still pull! I want to destroy Wanjia!"

The Zhang family owner felt very vengeful.

Thousands of generations have been crushed by Wanjia for thousands of years!

Zhang family is always the third!

He is the third oldest!

He is going to turn over! !

"Yes, if you take the tour home, the Wan family is not worth mentioning! But ah, I still worry that Chuck does not have this strength, take the lower ten articles! Because, his personal fighting strength is too bad..."

Fire Dragon, remember how Chuck just couldn't lift up to two hundred kilograms! ridiculous!

This is the so-called Karen li's son?

It's too garbage!

With this strength, still thinking about assassination of You Shiwen?

A little bit delusional!

"For me, as long as he has a method, or puts forward a method to lead You Shiwen out, then

Chuck is a dead man in my eyes!" Zhang Family's owner smiled slightly!

"Oh, what do you mean??" Fire Dragon understood.

"He is my replacement chess piece, lead You Shiwen out, his role is completed, a chess piece can be abandoned at any time, I don't care about his life or death, then You Shiwen may escape? ?" Zhang Family smiled.

"Oh, get it!"

What does this mean?

Kill them all with a bomb!

Simple! !

"Go and prepare! Three days later, I want to see, what method does he want, lead You Shiwen out! I am curious about this!"

The Zhang family's insidious laughter is strange in this dark room.

Huolong smiled slightly to prepare for this!

"Ching Yang, you have to look at it, how do I use chess pieces, you have to learn to learn! Don't let me down again!" Zhang Family said.

With expectations for Zhang Qingyang!


"Me, I can't wait, I'm going to find Chuck!" Yvette was already terrified!

Chuck has been up for so long!

Haven't you come down, is there any accident?

Caught by the Zhang family? ?

Yvette panicked at the thought!

She was too worried about Chuck!

"Trust Master! I believe him!" Betty said.


Now Chuck is taking the place of Karen li!

When coming here, Chuck's indifference, Betty had the feeling of seeing Karen li!


Karen li has always dealt with things, and it is always the collapse of Mount Tai that will not change!

Chuck has such a precious feeling!

"I believe in him, but..." Yvette couldn't calm down!

"Yvette, you must know that Master's blood is General Lee's blood, General Lee's genes! Master is growing! He will one day be a person like President Li! He is going in this direction. ?Step by step! I saw it!" Betty was relieved!

You know Karen liquan, you should look away! !

"Husband!" Yvette suddenly discovered Chuck.

She threw it up desperately, this is a hug after suffering!

In fact, only one hour has passed, and Yvette's waiting has been like a new year!


"Young Master, what does the Zhang family say?" Betty asked.

"The owner of the Zhang family has agreed to cooperate with me! No, it should be said to use me..." Chuck shrugged.

"Then you master?" Betty was shocked!

Yvette couldn't control, "Husband, Zhang family, let you die!"

"It's not true either. He used me, and I also used him. Everyone used each other," Chuck smiled strangely.

"Master, what do you think? Zhang family, how do you want to use it? He can let you use it?"

Betty worried.

"Yes, husband, I don't know why, I hate this Zhang family!" Yvette said his thoughts!

She is not comfortable near here!

"I also hate it, I don't know why, think, this place, alas!" Chuck couldn't describe it.

"Sister Li, you have to prepare, I will use the most direct method to deal with You Shiwen!!"

"The most direct way?" Yvette, Betty stunned!

What method is this!

Betty thought of a lot of ways, Youjia is really powerful! Now Karen li is gone...

"Yes, the thief captures the king first! Directly, I have no time to spend with You Shiwen, nor the ability to spend it. The only way is to lead her out and make a break!!!" Chuck clenched his fists!

Eyes chilled! !

Chapter: 872

"Husband, what are you going to do?"

"Yes, Master, how do you lead You Shiwen out?"

Yvette and Betty are asking. the reason is simple!

Chuck has completely broken with You Shiwen thoroughly!

Chuck called You Shiwen to make an appointment. It may have been simple before, but now it is impossible! !

"After three days, I will tell you, let's go back and prepare first!" Chuck's eyes shone!

To be truly first, besides fighting, IQ is especially important!

Indispensable! !

This is most obvious in Wan Ziwen, who can't fight!

Even if it is the world's first combat master, it is not a brain, it is just a machine.

The importance of IQ is not worse than fighting!

"Uh huh! Husband, let's go back first!"

Yvette was just too worried. She wanted to put Chuck to sleep.

It’s been a long time since this happened.

Thinking long ago, Yvette was used to sleeping with Chuck.

This feeling is getting farther and farther away.

Yvette wanted to regain this feeling of green plum, because she felt that she might die...

Betty flew the plane, and, Chuck, Yvette went back.

What must this matter?

It must be foolproof!

Because, if you miss, then there should be no second chance!

You Shiwen will be crazy to use the family of thousands of years to deal with Chuck!

Commercially, Chuck can't bear it!

Because, Chuck has not grown up to the point where his mother!

After all, the experience is still too little!

Chuck wants to prepare, kill You Shiwen, and avenge his mother, Logan, and Black Rose! !


What Chuck didn't know was that there was a telescope across the house, far away.

The person holding the telescope, Chuck has seen, is Long Yi!


She never found Zhang Qingyang this time!

When she was collecting news, she decided to grab Yvette first! !

This can at least make her, in front of Wan Ziwen, not so embarrassed...

"You are Yvette? She looks as beautiful as a lady, rare, rare, but you are a little wrong, wrong, you are the man who the lady likes. This is your fault! No wonder I am wrong. You..." Long Yi already stared at Yvette!

Her experience tells her that she knows nothing about it, grabs Yvette, and takes her to see Wan



Alice walked around the house.

Chuck just called her and said she would come over!

I didn't say much on the phone, but she knew that Chuck had something wrong.

Indeed, Chuck came to ask her for something, and was also ready to catch Shiwen! !

"Mom, what are you doing so nervous? Who wants to come over!?" Emily was particularly strange.

My mother, what are you doing walking around at home?

"Nothing, Chuck will come over later," Alice said.

"Really? Chuck came? He, what should I say? His mother died, how should I comfort him!"

Ever since Emily knew.

Chuck rescued her from You Tianle that day!

In her heart, it was all Chuck!

She liked it before!

I like it more now!

"Alas!" Alice sighed, her daughter, too.

She herself...since that accident, she has fallen.

But what should I do?

Alice knew that she and Chuck would not have a result.

However, what should I do with my fallen daughter? ?

Because my daughter is still young!

Less than twenty years old!

She couldn't think of a way. It's easy to fall in love with someone, and it's too hard and hard to forget someone! she was. . During this time, I have a deep experience! !

"Mom, what are you doing with sighs? Me, I'm going to change my clothes," Emily looked forward to the room.

Chuck is coming, the hero in her heart is coming.

She wants to give Chuck her best look.

Alice waited for a while and Chuck was brought in. The two looked at each other, and Alice felt distressed.

She knew Karen li's death immediately.

What she wanted to do, but could not do anything.

What identity to do? ?

She couldn't find her identity!


"Chuck, how are you doing?" Alice asked distressedly.

Chuck, haggard.

His eyes were firm, but he was haggard.

Alice was distressed.

"I'm fine, I want you to help me, go to your arsenal..."

"I will give you whatever you want," Alice was emotional.

What is comfort!

A hug!

Alice embraces Chuck! This hug filled her miss these days.

Want to see, but not see again.

Alice has never felt uncomfortable and painful.

Just because there is one person, this person is Chuck.

Chuck was silent for three seconds, "Alice, me..."

"I know, what are you going to say, I know... I don't need anything from you, just hello." Alice looked away at this age.

Chuck is young, he still has a bright future, himself. . Can't stop it.

However, Chuck does not mean this.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Suddenly, there was a trembling voice outside the door, and Emily saw this scene...

Chapter: 873

Emily is looking forward to seeing Chuck again.

She thought about it in her heart, how should she comfort Chuck!

She also wanted to take Chuck to the bar to drink and drink, so as to relieve Chuck's sadness of losing her mother! but! !

She never expected that she saw her mother and hugged Chuck!

Emily feels that the sky is about to step down!

She likes Chuck!

She knows clearly! how? !

My mother? ?

"Emily!!!" Alice's face was pale for a moment!

She has thought of it countless times since she was with Chuck.

Will it be seen by his daughter? ?

She is scared!

Fear of hurting Emily! however!

Today, a scene she didn't even want to see in her dream was realized at this moment!

Instantly look at each other!

Alice was terrified!

"Mom, it turns out...I disturbed you..." Emily ran out crying.

"Emily!" Alice was distressed!

Why did you embrace Chuck just now! !

"Alice, I will chase,"

Chuck sighed. He came here just to find Alice for something. Unexpectedly, Emily would see this scene.

"Chuck, Emily, you must chase back, please, I have no face to see her." Alice burst into tears.

Once, she was a charming woman!

At this moment, she is a woman who wants to die!

"rest assured!"

No matter how fast Emily runs, she is not Chuck's opponent!

Chuck chased out! !

"Emily, I'm sorry for you." Alice wept silently...


Emily drove out!

The members of the family escort team are so mad!

What happened! !

Chuck also got in his car and chased it out!

After Chuck's strength improved, he was bold and careful.

Driving is also the strength of a professional racing driver!

I remembered that Chuck bought a car for the first time and dared not drive fast for the first time.

Time passed so fast!


Chuckmen stepped on the accelerator and the engine roared!

Soon! boom!

Chuck drifted to Emily's car!

Emily wanted to bump into it, however, she stepped on the brakes!


"Talk," Chuck got out of the car.

"No, I don't want to talk to you." Emily resisted! !

Her beautiful face has already shed a lot of tears!

She couldn't accept it, and the people she liked were at peace. .

Although my mother has been divorced for ten years, this will not work! !

"You don't want to know what happened!" Chuck calmed down.

"No, I know that you have a relationship with my mother. That's enough. I don't want to know about the rest. What's more, if I don't see it today, how long do you want to hide me? How long do you hide me? I like it..." Emily was crying ugly.

"Come out and chat, I'll wait for you over there." Chuck no matter what, sit down next to it?

Clear skies, trees, nobody, grass!

For a long time, there was no such thing.

Chuck recently thought that if his mother didn't call herself that time and didn't call herself 5 million, then Chuck would like her life to be a mess, at least. ?

Mom is still alive, isn't it?

Chuck is in a calm mood!

Emily cried for a while.

She suddenly saw Chuck alone, and suddenly thought of Chuck's mother, but recently died.

She choked off the car.

Sitting next to Chuck.

The two blew the wind, and Chuck handed her a tissue, "Don't cry,"

"I don't want it! When did you say you were with my mother..." Emily was annoyed.

"I can say that it was something I didn't expect. Do you believe it?" Chuck fell into that day's memories.

"Do not believe!"

Emily firmly believes!

"Then do you believe your mother? Don't believe it?"

"I... I believe her, but I don't believe her in this matter." Emily cried again.

"That day, she went to meet the people of the Oak family and drank a glass of wine. What kind of wine do you know? Then I found her by accident. I took her down and sent her to the hospital, but..." Chuck said.

"But what?" Emily was angry! what!

The Oak family dare to do this? ?

"It may be that she can't control it, and I can't help it, and then it just happened when she walked and she didn't think about it," Chuck said.

Emily was stunned, "What's the matter?"

"Yes, that's what happened. Why do you think? I thought I was forced?" Chuck shrugged.

"No, I thought." Emily thought so.

Alice has been single for so long, she doesn't believe that Chuck is obsessed with her.

However, Chuck said this sincerely, and she was suddenly sad.

She didn't even know about it now!

My mother had encountered such a thing at that time!

If Chuck does not appear, how desperate will Alice be? ?

Emily dare not think about it!

"Why didn't she tell me?"

"How do you say this?" Chuck shrugged.

Alice loves Emily, so he said, how to export?

Can't speak!

No one can speak!

"Then you, because of that, really started to like her right?" Emily asked, her palms sweating.

Chapter: 874


"Chuck, don't say it, I don't want to know about it." Emily covered her ears.

Tears came out unconsciously.

"Then do you want me to like it or not?" Chuck asked.

"My perspective as a daughter, I hope you like it! I also urge you to like it! Because she is under a lot of pressure and the family's burden is on her. I always wanted to find a man to help her, but she was unwilling." Ai Millie fell into memory.

Yes, for so many years, she has broken her heart.

At one time, she introduced Alice crazy!

But there is no right eye!

She worked hard for a while and gave up.

Chuck smiled slightly.

"But, as a woman, I don't want to, because, I like you too," Emily said, tears already flowing.

Chuck sighed, "Why do you like me? You have always looked down on me as a Chinese?"

"Yes, it was like this at the beginning. I especially hate Chinese people and I especially hate you, but when you are in the Amazon deep forest, after saving me, I... I start to like you, since then."

Ai Millie said.

Chuck still sighed.

For Emily, Chuck now, don't hate it, nor like it.

Even if there is, it is because of Alice.

There is no point, men and women like it.

"You should thank me for saving you,"

"No, absolutely not, I made it very clear, this is like it! Absolutely!" Emily said anxiously.

Chuck was silent for three seconds, "Forget this feeling."

Emily wept silently. "Don't be so cruel to me. Don't be like this. I never liked someone. You are the first one."

"I can like you too, but it's because of Alice," Chuck said.

"No! I don't like this! I hate it like this!" Emily burst into tears.

She is young and beautiful, with a standard squint perfect woman figure.

From the moment of reading, too many people like her.

However, she doesn't like it!

She also felt that she would find a handsome American man to marry!

However, this is not the case today.

She didn't even think of it herself, she liked the one she hated most, Huaxia.

Chuck remained silent.

Emily cried for a long time, the sun went down.

Until dark!

Emily's eyes cried and swollen. Chuck did not have a word in this process. If there was any comfort, he didn't.


Finally, choked.

Maybe there is no reason for tears, or it may be suddenly figured out.

She looked at the moon in the distance and fell silent.

"Enough crying? I'll take you home," Chuck said.

"Well, no, I will go home by myself," Alice refused.

Just get up and get in the car.

Chuck catches up, "I'll take you home,"

"What identity did you use to send me?" Emily asked.

Chuck was blocked.

Chuck has a wife, that is Yvette!

What is his identity?

He didn't understand it himself.

"What do you think is the identity?" Chuckla Emily got into her car!

Chuck agreed to Alice and wanted to chase her back safely.


Emily calmed down, "Okay, I'm home, you can go back."

"I'm still looking for Alice. Are you driving me away?" Chuck asked.

Emily got out of the car and went in.

Chuck was silent for three seconds. This situation was indescribably embarrassing.

It can only be said, make people fool! !

Chuck entered Alice's house.

Emily embraced Alice!

Alice lost her soul, her tears could not stop.

Waiting in the afternoon, what a pain it is!

"Mom, I'm sorry, I'm not wayward anymore." Emily apologized.

She figured it out.

Alice raises herself with painstaking efforts, she should know the trade-offs!

"Emily, sorry, me..."

"Don't say that, you are worried about hurting me, I know,"

Chuck nodded.

Tell Alice that she has persuaded Emily.

Alice is grateful.

"Mom, you two are talking, I'm in," Emily entered her room.

"Don't see me again," Alice knew, and Emily was sad.

For Chuck, she is emotional!

However, this relationship, she knows, will not have results!


Buried in my heart!

Choosing Emily is the best result.

That thing should be a dream that I can't help myself.

"No, you should meet, I'm in," Emily returned to the room.

Alice is at a loss, what happened to her daughter in the afternoon?

She felt that Emily would make a big noise and would find a place to hide.

However, no!

She, is this grown up? ?

Alice was touched and distressed. Once upon a time, how capricious Emily!

Chuck was stunned and brought to a place like Amazon!

Today, it is not reasonable to be rational!

"Alice, me..."

"Chuck, you and me, that's all for now. I have a memory. This is what you gave me. I will remember it in my life. However, how is it so far?" Alice said.

Chapter: 875

Alice was reluctant to say such a thing. She said it, her heart was like blood.

Since she divorced, she has never been tempted by any man.

How many did Emily introduce to her?

She didn't take a second look.

Years let her know and experienced too much.

She personally thinks that she will grow old alone!

Because the family has too many things for her to deal with!

She has sealed her heart!

Only Chuck, this little friend, was unable to help himself in the car, Chuck grabbed her heart and held it tightly.

This feeling is like first love!

If you leave!


Chuck agreed.

Chuck knew that Alice was definitely suffering.

This kind of thing was seen by his daughter. As a party, no one can accept it!

Broken, maybe the best way.

It can also relax Alice.

The only way to ease her relationship with Emily.

Alice sighed, "No matter what, I hope you are good, your mother's affairs, I know, I hope you don't feel sad, if you need anything, you can always say, I... there are new weapons in the arsenal... "

Chuck moved, "Alice..."

"I know the strength of your mother Karen li. At that time, she broke into my house alone. How could she die because of an accident? Someone must have assassinated her. This person may be..." Alice is smart!

Analyzed such an accident, impossible!

Chuck covered Alice's mouth and shook her head. "Don't say, I don't want to pull you in!"

"I'm not afraid." Alice was not afraid.

Last time it was not Chuck, You Tianle had already destroyed her.

Alice's current family, she knew that she would agree with Chuck.

What's more, she also has cooperation with Chuck.

The money has hit Chuckka every month.

"I'm afraid,"

Chuck was afraid that Alice would be killed by You Shiwen.

So this time, Chuck was very careful.

You Shiwen, you should not know your relationship with Alice! !

Alice was moved, "What do you want?"

"The bomb I had last time, how many do you have now, how much do you give me."

"I made it myself, the smaller one, a hundred, I will give it to you."

Alice took out a small bead, which was smaller than the bomb behind the boss.

This has been improved and should be more powerful.

She is a specialized arms dealer, and doing this weapon is not that difficult.

"No, thirty is enough," Chuck shrugged.

This is also Chuck just in case!

In case you have other moves in Shiwen, then Chuck may choose to die with her! !

Alice went to get it and finally gave Chuck fifty.

Chuck put it down in one pocket.

Easy to carry, no instrument can be checked out.

"Take good care of myself, if I can..." Chuck wanted to say that if he could survive, he would come over to find Alice again.

It’s good to meet and chat.

"Don't say, you will live. Although I broke with you, my things are still yours. I help you become the richest man in the world, okay?"

Alice knew what Chuck meant.

Chuck is working hard.

She also had friends in China. She knew that Chuck had made great moves in China before returning to squint country. This is a development in this direction.

She felt that Chuck also had this ambition.

"Alice, no, I'm going back. You can communicate with Emily." Chuck didn't dare to stay here too long.

Worried that You Shiwen would be frustrated and trouble Alice.

"Chuck, me, I will not forget what happened that day, and I will never forget it in my life." Alice shed tears.

This is uncontrollable!

"Neither will I!" Chuck left.


Alice lost her soul.

Broken, or broken, it is impossible for yourself and Chuck.

Why add trouble to Chuck? ?

"Mom..." Emily heard her words.

Complex to the extreme!

Alice said it all for herself.


Alice hugs her. for a long time!

"Mom, in fact, I have already seen it. Chuck doesn't like me at all. I don't have to pull him. I'm not even tired. You are not happy,"

It was an afternoon when Emily thought of it.

Figured it out!

"I haven't, even without you, Chuck and I are impossible, impossible." Alice knew for herself.

Impossible age!

What's more, Chuck also has a wife.

She can't force Chuck! !

"How is it impossible?"

"He has a wife, you know."

Emily had no choice but to say, "This... Alas, I didn't expect that, neither you, nor me."

She was extremely bitter!

She also knows that even without Alice, she and Chuck are unlikely to be together.

Because, since she hit Chuck with a steel pipe.

She was doomed to be impossible with Chuck.

"Emily, you adjust your mindset, I think."

"I can't adjust it. I'm empty of heart. I won't like anyone except him. If I'm not together, I'm not together. It's fine if he is fine." Emily seemed calm.

"You Emily... well, me too..." Alice sighed.

Hope Chuck is alright!

Chapter: 876

Youjia! !

"Homeowner, homeowner..." Youjia rushed in quickly!

Basically, the core members of Youjia have all come in.

You Shiwen is planning the next direction of your home! !

Youjia's recent achievements are obvious to all!

The goal of You Shiwen is also the first family! !

Wan Ziwen!

The same woman, You Shiwen will certainly find a way to surpass.

This is your goal for You Shiwen!

"What's wrong?" You Shiwen asked coldly.

"There is someone visiting the Zhang family!" said an old man.

It's so weird!

Wanjia and Youjia are close, but this Zhang family has disappeared and has not appeared in recent decades!

Why come suddenly! !

It can be said that this incident has surprised Youjia up and down!

"Zhang family?"

You Shiwen put down something in her hand, and there was an accident, "Who came to visit?"

"Zhang's first bodyguard, Fire Dragon!"

"Fire Dragon? Isn't that sincere too! Let a bodyguard come to put it, what is a bodyguard?"

"It's impossible, let the fire dragon come over and assassinate the owner?"

"The old fox of the Zhang family dares!!"

"No, in addition to the fire dragon, there is also the Zhang family backup, which is also the granddaughter of the old fox of the Zhang family, Zhang Xiang!"

"Oh, that's okay!"

The wandering people discuss.

The three secret families have been fighting openly for so many years, and suddenly visited, this intention is still unknown!

"Homeowner, do you want to meet the Zhang family? I suspect they have bad intentions!"

"That's it, the old fox of the Zhang family, uneasy and kind! He has been silent for almost twenty years, who knows what he wants to do?

Many of the people of the Youjia are against it. You Shiwen meets the people of the Zhang


Because, You Shiwen is now the pillar of Youjia! !

In case something happens!

What should I do? ?

This is what they worry about as people in the home.


You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering!

"I don't have to think about what the Zhang family thinks. The three of our families have the same idea, and they want to annex the other two families. Eventually they will become the only number one! This is everyone's unspoken goal. "You Shiwen said.

"Yes, our three big families all know each other, but they haven't opened their mouths to talk about it. In this case, the owner should be more careful! The old fox of Zhang family is absolutely uneasy and kind!"


The analysis also reminds.

"I want to know what he wants to do, don't forget, the Zhang family owner, close to me, is for him, and I can also pass through the person and speculate about his Zhang family situation! Let them both come in!"

You Shiwen said.

This sentence instantly persuaded the homeless people.

They will arrange it immediately!

"Zhang Family? Zhang Xiang?" You Shiwen's beautiful eyes shone!

"Homeowner, people have already brought in!" Someone came over in return!

You Shiwen nodded and went out with them!

A large room!

There is a thick bulletproof glass!

Fire Dragon is standing, there is a man beside him!

This is a 40-year-old woman, similar to Zhang Qingyang.

You Shiwen watched, this Zhang Xiang, she had never been in touch.

But the rumor says that this woman's private life is chaotic and she is still a shrew.

"It turns out that this is the new owner of Youjia. I'm sorry. My Zhang family has been too busy recently. I only have time to congratulate today. I also hope that you don't mind!" Zhang Xiang smiled slightly.

Full of sincerity!

"You're welcome," You Shiwen shrugged!

Fire Dragon secretly surprised.

I saw You Shiwen for the first time!

This woman's eyes are no worse than those of Wanjia Wanziwen!

Such a gaze, this is a powerful woman!

As the first fighting master of Zhang family, he feels like this! !

"Are you Zhang Family's okay?" You Shiwen asked.

I heard that the Zhang family head seems to be a centenarian.

This life is rare.

"My grandpa, you can eat and drink! Not bad!" Zhang Xiang said.

The homeless people naturally do not believe!

Almost one hundred years old, both feet stepped into the coffin, not bad?

Who believes? ?

"That's good, you Zhang family came over suddenly, what's the matter? You can say it straight!"

You Shiwen went straight.

"Okay! I don't want to delay the precious time of the housekeeper. My grandpa wants to invite the housekeeper to meet alone!" Zhang Xiang said.

"Why should I meet alone? Can't see here? What is the intention?" Youjia people are already welcome!

You Shiwen's beautiful eyes shone brightly, "Meet me alone? I don't have much personal contact with your house owner, there is no need to meet me alone!"

"Ah! Actually, our Zhang family and Youjia's Youjia need to join forces. This is what my grandfather meant."

"Alliance? Huh, this is to find a backer!"

"Yes, your Zhang family is the worst among the hidden family! The name is Alliance, isn't it just to find a backer?"

Youjia laughed up and down.

"Youjia host, are you so hospitable?" Zhang Xiang's face was wrong.

"I have no interest in the alliance!" You Shiwen refused.

"Really? The housekeeper still has to look at this first and talk about it again!" Zhang Xiang came up with something.

Chapter: 877

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Zhang Xiang took out a tablet!

"You can check it out first! Let's talk about the alliance!"

The wandering people immediately let people scan to see if there is anything.

Sure no.

Take it over and show it to You Shiwen!

Ten seconds! Just ten seconds!

You Shiwen's face changed!

The people at the top and bottom of the house changed their face when they saw it! !

"I think the tour owner has seen it clearly. My Zhang family has been silent for many years, but there is really no way, because the strength of the Wan family makes me have to be silent!"

"However, in the silence, my Zhang family did not do anything! Twenty years ago! The Wan family had already laid out! What is the purpose of this layout? I don’t think I need to say more, the owner of the house knows it too!"

"I heard that when Wan Ziwen succeeded, he would do something that convinced Wanjia! What no one knows! But ah, it's not difficult to guess what she is going to do!"

"Yes, this is the strength of the Wanjia! It is more powerful than it seems! The homeowner sees it clearly, I think this alliance will be reconsidered!!"

Zhang Xiang said a lot.

Youjia's face changed from top to bottom.

Speak quietly!

You Shiwen put down her tablet.

"So, this is your Zhang family, has collected the dynamics of Wanjia over the years?"

You Shiwen asked.


"Two-thirds of them, we tourers also know, but the only one does not know!"

This is the reason why You Shiwen has changed!

She does not eat dry food at home!

The strength of Wanjia is horrible. Youjia knows, why not prevent it in advance?

"Oh, which one is it?"

"Everyone is stronger than the surface. Wanjia is the same as your Zhang family! It is the same with my family! Don't exaggerate!"

You Shiwen shrugged!

Zhang Xiangliu frowned! !

"What I did not know about Youjia is that you Zhang Jiaran has collected so much!"

You Shiwen said with a shrug.

"Oh, Youjiazhu, I don't seem to be telling the truth! I don't know anything about Youjiazhu, I'm fine, it's about Wanziwen's heir, Wanjia, right? This is a bit unexpected! Absolutely don't know!"

Zhang Xiang is confident.

You Shiwen glanced at the tablet again, "So?"

"So, my grandfather invited Youjia to talk privately, just for the sake of the alliance! After all.

The strength of Wanjia, if you destroy my Zhang family first, and eat my Zhang family, then your strength, your Youjia can resist ??"

"No alliance, my Zhang family will indeed be the first to be eaten, however, your home is also the second!"

"Huh, you too underestimate me traveling home!!"

An old man said coldly!

"Don't you underestimate Wan Ziwen?"

Zhang Xiang asked directly.

This old man is angry!

You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering!

"The Alliance fights against Wanjia together! If you destroy Wanjia, you travel, my Zhang family, evenly divide the world!"

Zhang Xiang said.

You Shiwen glanced at her, "This is the alliance you said?"

"Yes, the homeowner can consider it! By the way, there is still something in the tablet that the homeowner hasn't read yet! Let's take a look! I'll go back and wait for the homeowner to reply!"

Zhang Xiang left!

Fire Dragon follows!

Leaving everyone in the house looking at each other!

It didn't stop!

You Shiwen did not speak!

"Homeowner, the old fox of the Zhang family, this is to use me to travel home!"

"Isn't the Zhang family's strength just to find a backer? It's shameless!!"

"That Zhang Xiang didn't say it all by herself, and she admitted that her Zhang family will be destroyed by Wan Ziwen. They broke the jar and broke, anyway, they are going to die, and they will drag us to death! You don't cooperate with me , When my Zhang family is eaten, you can't escape your death! It's shameless!"

"Hey, this is their shamelessness. His Zhang family is really eaten by Wan Ziwen, and his strength will definitely increase! When Wan Ziwen eats the Zhang family, my home visit will be in jeopardy!!"

"So, what do you mean, our tourer must cooperate with his Zhang family?"

"She? The old fox of Zhang family, I want to hack him! If you don't work hard, you know to pull others into the water?!"

"Homeowner, how do you think about it?" someone asked.

You Shiwen remained silent for three seconds. "The Zhang family suddenly opened the skylight to speak brightly, which made me think..."

"What do you think?"

"What's wrong! How could the fox of the Zhang family be so active? This is not his character!"

"What character is he? A person like him is ashamed to the extreme! I see, it's not that we don't want to cooperate with the Zhang family, eat the Zhang family directly, digest the Zhang family, and have no strength and Wan Ziwen's Wanjia Fight??"

"Huh, this is a good way!!"

"Good hair! What's the solution? It's not too difficult for me to visit Zhang Family, but Wan

Ziwen will watch us eat Zhang Family? Is this possible? By then the abdomen will be attacked by the enemy and die faster. Maybe Wan Zi Wen wanted to watch a good show. When we were fighting with Zhang Jia, let's take advantage of the fisherman!!"

"What should I do?"

"Cooperation, no, no cooperation!"

Youjia fell silent!

When the words are open, things are coming, and the crisis is coming!

"Homeowner, what do you think?"

Everyone looked at You Shiwen!

You Shiwen is looking at the information on the tablet!

Suddenly, what she saw, the beautiful eyes flickered! !

Chapter: 878



You Shiwen's silence made Youjia's anxiety up and down.

What is You Shiwen thinking about! !

"Homeowner, do you really want to agree to the alliance? The old fox of the Zhang family is intentional!"

Youjia up and down, already angry!

"Let me think about it! You go out first!!"

You Shiwen said so, Youjia can only go out!

She is staring at the tablet! Falling into silence!



"Grandpa, I saw You Shiwen!"

Zhang Xiang said.

She, and Fire Dragon, have already returned.

"What does You Shiwen say?" Zhang family head asked.

Chuck came back yesterday and talked about the method of this alliance.

The Zhang family owner felt that there was no other good way, so he agreed!

Now, You Shiwen is still under consideration.

Zhang Xiang said everything about Youjia!

The Zhangjia family had a pair of vicious eyes, shining coldly, "You said, this ten-word tour is similar to Wan Ziwen?"

"Yes, it feels like this to me. You Shiwen is very calm! It's not much different from Wan Ziwen!

This woman tells the truth, don't destroy her as soon as possible, if she waits for her to bring you home, it will be As dangerous as Wan Ziwen!!!" Zhang Xiang said.

"Really? Fire Dragon, what do you think?" Zhang Family head asked.

Fire Dragon was silent for three seconds, "How to say, this You Shiwen really gave me the feeling of Wan Ziwen. The heir he found this time is very good. It is necessary to destroy her!!

That is..."

"What is it?" Zhang Family head straightened up.

"Is it possible that You Shiwen will agree to this alliance, and also, even if you agree, Chuck, can you destroy her? This is all a matter of no end!" Huolong said.

He felt that You Shiwen had this strength.

Such a woman, it is difficult to control her and kill her.

What's more, although Chuck is Karen li's son, his strength is too much.

Count on him? ?

Hope is slim! !

"Zhang Xiang, what do you think?" Zhang Family head asked.

"Grandpa, I also think that this You Shiwen is much stronger than Chuck. Chuck wants to kill her. We have to put a lot of effort into it, otherwise we won't succeed."

This is Zhang Xiang's idea.

Zhang Jia’s face was ugly, “Look first, if You Shiwen agrees to the alliance, then she will come over and talk to me, and it will be regarded as leading her out. If you don’t agree, what you say now is also in vain!!”


It hasn't been swept away yet!

Say what to do so early!

He listened to Zhang Xiang and Fire Dragon commented on You Shiwen!

He has no bottom in his heart.

"I don't think Chuck's method will work. You Shiwen won't be fooled. Let's find another way!"

Zhang Xiang said annoyed.

The more you think, the more wrong you are.

You Shiwen is not stupid!

Why be fooled? ?

"Wasting time, I still believe this Chuck too, but I didn't expect it to disappoint me!" Zhang

Xiang said.

Zhangjia family's face is ugly!

"Fire Dragon, you now let Chuck come!"

"Yes, the owner!"

Fire Dragon called Chuck.

"Homeowner, Chuck said he was almost here."

Fire Dragon said.

"Huh, he still has a face? Let me run for nothing," Zhang Xiang said coldly.

Although it was Chuck's Chuck, she did not recognize it!

The Zhang family owner is ugly, "Let him speak for himself!"

"Grandpa, you just believe him too much, I think he is just a rubbish of rubbish! There is no trick,"

Zhang Xiang said in disgust.

"Like him, if he is not Qing Yang's son, he is not qualified to enter the Zhang family door!!"

"Don't talk about it, wait until he comes up, and see what he says!" The Zhang family head also thought it wouldn't work.

See if there is any other way for Chuck!

No, then continue to obey Karen li instead of chess pieces! ! ten minutes!

Chuck came up alone!

"Chuck, you said so well yesterday. You Shiwen will definitely agree with the Alliance! I came back just now. Her performance did not mean anything. I let Zhang's family expose!"

Zhang Xiang said angrily.

The more I look at Chuck, the more unhappy! !

Chuck also has the blood of the Zhang family. Why is it so garbage? ?

"You said what I said, and there will be no problems. You Shiwen will agree!"

Chuck shrugged.

Three secret families, this is the situation now!

It is the most direct way to lead You Shiwen through the alliance method.

"Promise a fart, you are not on the scene, seeing You Shiwen's shrewd look! I think she will never agree!!" Zhang Xiang said angrily.

"Chuck, you can't do this!" Zhang Family spoke.

"Why not? She will consider such an important thing! Give her some time, but in the end, she will agree!" Chuck said the same.

"Well, I really don't know where your confidence comes from! Well, even if You Shiwen agrees, how are you going to kill her? Don't be embarrassed because of your strength!"

Zhang Xiang is really angry!

My brother Zhang Qingyang is so good, how can the son born, the garbage is dying! !

Chapter: 879

"How can I kill her without worrying about you! You just need to do your own thing! Do your job! This is cooperation!!!"

Chuck said coldly!

"Well, you guys, you dare to talk to me this way? Fire Dragon, grab me for me!" Zhang Xiang was angry.

A rubbish that can't enter the Zhangjiamen by itself, is there a face to say so? ?

Fire Dragon nodded!

She must listen to Zhang Xiang!

Chuck was unmoved!

"I said, give You Shiwen time to consider!" Chuck repeated.

Fire Dragon looks at the Zhangjia head!

"So how long does she have to think about it? Do you have to wait for her for ten days and a half months?"

The Zhang family owner didn't have so much time to wait!

Wan Ziwen inherited Wanjia soon, she will definitely make big moves!

"You don't need it. You Shiwen's action ability and execution ability are very strong! At most one day, she will reply to you!"

Although You Shiwen is now indifferent and insidious!

However, in terms of execution, she won't be degraded after sitting on the head of the house, and will think about the problem faster than before.

"You say one day and one day? Don't think you know Yu Shiwen, you are great, you think you can eat her, you see through her? What!!!! People are now the owners of the second family What are you doing?" Zhang Xiang said angrily.

However, she did not finish!


The phone is coming!

Zhang Xiang took it out, and Liu Mei stood upright, not ready to pick it up, because it was a stranger's number! !

"I think you should pick it up! Maybe it's You Shiwen?" Chuck shrugged.

"Are you saying that? If this call is from You Shiwen, I will kneel for you today! If not, your mother will kneel for me for a day!" Zhang Xiang was angry!

How could it be You Shiwen's phone!

How long have you been back? ?

She herself feels that You Shiwen is so smart, it is impossible to agree to the alliance!

"OK, then pick it up!"

Zhang Xiang took it. Three seconds later, she was stunned!

Twenty seconds, it has stayed even worse!

Fire dragon color change! !

The owner of the Zhang family moved, "Zhang Xiang, whose phone is this?"

"Dad, You, Youjia!" Zhang Xiang was shocked!

"What do you say?"

The Zhangjia family has stood up!

"They said that You Shiwen agreed to the alliance!" Zhang Xiang couldn't believe it!

Is this call true or false? ?

"Really!" Zhang Jiajia took the initiative!

Fire Dragon is very unexpected! agreed!

How could You Shiwen agree!

"Really, but the people at home said that they would meet alone after ten days!"

"Why do you need ten days? Can't you now?" Zhang Family Master chilled!

Chuck's light flashed, revealing a mysterious look...

"You people say no!" Zhang Xiang didn't understand ten days!

Why ten days?

How much has changed in ten days?

"Fire Dragon, what do you think?" Zhang Family head asked.

"I think it's normal. A woman like You Shiwen will definitely be cautious. It takes 10 days to prepare!" Huolong thought so!

Everyone is careful.

What's more, it's such a big deal?

Zhang Jia's turbid eyes are cold.

This kind of thing, really will consider!

"Chuck, ten days, what do you think?" Zhang Family head asked again.

"It doesn't matter how you look at it, she agrees. I will be ready in ten days, and you are ready on your side!"

Chuck shrugged.

Ten days, Chuck thought?

You Shiwen will mention this!

As for why, Chuck also thought of it.

"I hope that after ten days, you can really get me the lower ten articles!" Zhang Jiajia's eyes shone!

On this day, I waited too long!

The pattern of the hidden family for so many years has finally changed!

"Of course, I will be ready!"

Chuck's eyes are cold!

In ten days, Chuck will prepare everything!

Make sure it's foolproof! !

"Okay, you did a good job this time!" said Zhang Family.

In this matter, he did not even think of this so-called alliance plan!

Chuck thought of it and succeeded.

"What I should do, this is cooperation!" Chuck shrugged.

"Grandpa, I think we have to re-plan on this side. There may still be many changes in ten days."

Zhang Xiang proposed.

"Um, this matter, let you and Fire Dragon do it!"

"Yes! Master!"

"Yes, Grandpa!"

Zhang Xiang was cold, "Chuck, what are you still doing here? Haven't prepared yet? Don't forget, ten days is not too much for you, because You Shiwen's ability exceeds you too much !"


You Shiwen is the owner of the house!

What is Chuck?

Not on a level!

Without preparation in advance, the chance of success will be very low!

"I will prepare, you seem to have forgotten something,"

"What? I haven't forgotten anything! You can leave! Fire Dragon, you and me go out to prepare!"

Zhang Xiang left, but Chuck stepped forward!

Fire Dragon said coldly, "Chuck, what are you going to do?"

Zhang Xiang was angry, this wild seed, dare to stop crying? court death!

"You said, kneel down for me, you forgot about it! Now I remind you, then kneel down for me now!!"

Chuck said!

Chapter: 880

"Let me kneel? Are you upset?"

Zhang Xiang said angrily.

Fire Dragon Eyes Chill!

Zhangjia family's face is also ugly!

"Get up! Kneeling yourself! Don't remember? I remind you again, kneel me!!"

Chuck said!

"Do you know who I am?" Zhang Xiang was extremely angry!

Zhang Qingyang is her brother, who is Chuck?


But she doesn't recognize it personally!

Because of Chuck's mother, Karen li is just a piece of the Zhang family!

The son of a chess piece, still want her to recognize? ?

"Chuck, you go back! There is no need to mention this matter!" Zhang Family said.

What makes Zhang Xiang kneel to Chuck!

Where is the Zhang family's face? ?

"Not to mention? I didn't say that today, she must kneel for me!"

Chuck has no room for negotiation!

Zhang Jia's face is ugly, "Chuck, don't push your nose to face!!!"

Fire Dragon is ready to attack!

Offending the majesty of the Zhang family, he will shoot at any time!

Chuck? ?

A person who can't even take something that weighs two hundred kilograms!

To be honest, he is usually not qualified to let him go!

Just now!

Out of 30%!

You can solve Chuck!

Not much effort!

Just one punch! !

Fire Dragon is so confident!

"I kicked my nose to the face? Did you kick my nose? This is what she said, is that what your

Zhang family said?" Chuck said coldly.

Zhangjia family is angry!

"Kneel! Did you hear me!" Chuck froze!

Zhang Xiang was annoyed, "Let me kneel, you are not qualified yet! You can't stand it either, you have to know that I am you..."

"Zhang Xiang!" Zhang Family's face looks ugly!

Zhang Xiang knew that she was almost leaking, she couldn't be more annoyed!

"I will let you kneel!"

Chuck left!

"Little bastard, you let me kneel? What kind of dog are you? If it weren't because you were

Qingyang's son, our Zhang family would die!" Zhang Xiang was extremely angry!

"Don't prepare yet?" Zhang Family head is also angry.

"Knowing Grandpa! This Chuck, I want to let him die after ten days! Grandpa, do you think it works?"

Zhang Xiang asked.

So many years, from small to big, has she been so angry?

Chuck, she wants Chuck to die!

Still want to kneel yourself?

It's ridiculous to the extreme!

"This is okay! If Chuck can't kill You Shiwen, then by then, I will let them both die!" Zhang family head already had this plan.

For a replacement piece, you have to plan to be abandoned by the master at any time!

"That's good! By the way, all of Karen li's family property has been given to Chuck. By that time, everything of Karen li will be taken over. Although not much, it can barely enrich our

Zhang family!" Zhang Xiang Said.

Kill You Shiwen!

Zhangjia will take over everything in the house!

Chuck inherits everything from Karen li, and he will take over even if Zhang Zhang's big fish and small fish never let go!

Eating Youjia, Zhangjia, strengthen Zhangjia's strength!

Isn't it more certain to deal with Wan Ziwen?

"That's natural. In the next ten days, be prepared! You Shiwen will also be ready! Success or failure is here!" Zhang Zhang's vicious eyes flickered.

Zhang Xiang, Fire Dragon are also looking forward to!

You Shiwen's death means that the pattern will change!

It also means that the first family is his Zhang family! !

"This Chuck thought he really cooperated with us, but as everyone knows, he is still a pawn!"

Zhang Family head smiled slightly!

What Chuck said last time was not enough to convince him!

He promised to cooperate!

It just counts!

Cooperation is bright, and using you is true!

You stupid thing! !

I was sold, but I don’t know yet, I still feel complacent? ? I thought I was convinced?

Sure enough, it is correct not to let you enter Zhang Family Tree!

This kind of idiot will pull down the whole Zhang family! !



"Homeowner, why do you agree? Isn't this the old trap of Zhang's fox?" Alas!"

Everyone at home and abroad felt that it was not good for You Shiwen to do this!

This is to pull yourself into the water!

In the face of doubts from up and down!

You Shiwen is plain, "The old fox of the Zhang family, no matter what he thinks, this time the league is for himself! Is this right?"

"Yeah, that old fox just got this right, and pulled our alliance!"

Youjia sighed up and down.

Use Wan Ziwen as a threat!

What can you do? ?

Sandwiched in the middle, can't move!

On the Zhang family's side, you are forced to die, and you can only agree!

There is no other way to go!

"That's right, the Zhangs are sure that I will cooperate with him! Why don't I follow his intentions?" You Shiwen said suddenly.

"Homeowner, what do you mean?"

Touring up and down, a bit ignorant.

This is forced, but also to follow the meaning?

You have no choice but to go up and down! what's up!

Was led by the Zhang family?

"It means, I disagree, how can I see the old fox of the Zhang family? How can I destroy him without seeing him? I will seize this opportunity to destroy the Zhang family in one fell swoop!

Because, I hate people threatening me the most!" You Shiwen said.