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My Billionaire Mom Chapters 881-890

Chapter: 881

Youjia horrified up and down for three seconds!

Then boil!

"Housekeeper, do you want to take this opportunity to destroy the Zhang family?"

"Will there be any risk!"

"I think the risk is great!"

"There is no risk in what to do?? I think the owner is right. My home visitor is the second family.

Why was he threatened by Zhang Family and why was Zhang Family holding his nose?"

The boiling of the upper and lower homes slowly returns to calm!

They all stared at the owner who said this, You Shiwen! !


"Do you think the Zhang family is really for the alliance this time? It's not that simple! Now the situation is very big, and it's changing all the time! If you don't pay attention, you will be swallowed! The old fox of the Zhang family reminded me that he would pull me to travel home

When I go into the water, I will not let him do this! I ate Zhang Family! Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia, do you think that I still need to be afraid of Wanjia?”

You Shiwen considered for a long time and decided to do so!

This is an opportunity!

Opportunity to thoroughly equalize with Wanjia!

"Yes, the owner is right, we just fell into a dead end, only thought of the alliance, but did not expect to eat the Zhang family!"

"Haha, this is also an alliance, and cooperation! It's just that the Zhangs changed their ways and became a part of my tour home, which is also cooperation! Haha!"

Youjia boils up and down!

You Shiwen boldly proposed this method!

Boiling them! !

Eat Zhang family, eat Zhang family!

This is an opportunity!

"Homeowner, what are we going to do? The old fox of the Zhang family will not make us succeed so easily!"

"Of course, never underestimate anyone! You arrange and prepare, and I will tell you how to do it!"

"Yes, the owner!!!"

Up and down the house, it is exciting!

"Wait!! How is Wan Ziwen monitoring?"

"Go home, under close monitoring!"

"Ten days later, I absolutely don't allow any mistakes! Absolutely!" You Shiwen knows what mistakes mean and perish! !

"Yes, the owner!"

"Gather information for me! Collect all information in Wan Ziwen!"


You Shiwen Meimu stared at the tablet and was lost in thought!

Ten days, ten days...

"Wan Ziwen, Wan Ziwen!"


"Master, are you going back?" Betty suddenly heard Chuck's words.

That's what Chuck said when he returned from the Zhang family.

She didn't expect Chuck to be like this!

She couldn't see through Chuck!

In the past few days, Chuck's growth has been too big!

Chuck wants to go back to Wumen!

Just in case, too much preparation for ten articles in case of a tour?

This time it should be the only chance, there can be no difference!

So Chuck thought of Wumen! !

Mom is in Wumen, there is a request!

It is to let Wumen go up and down, all shot once!

Karen li passed away.

This request Chuck, as Karen li's son, should be able to use this request!

Chuck didn't know, but within ten days, he took five days to go one by one.

Chuck decided to spend this time!

That is, go back to China again!

If not, Chuck will come back immediately!

Hope it works!

Not to mention, this time Chuck, holding a mortal heart!

Also want to say goodbye to the people over there!

"Yes, you help me prepare!" Chuck said.

"Well, Master, wait a minute, I will prepare immediately!" Betty went to prepare.

"Wife, go back to China with me!"

Chuck means that if you take Yvette back to China, she will not let her come!

Because Chuck doesn't know, can he survive after facing You Shiwen this time!

Moreover, Chuck has other things to tell Yvette!

"I, I don't want to go back." Yvette didn't want to.

These two days, she always felt weird.

"Go back, you must go back! Go and pack things, go!" Chuck was so harsh for the first time!

"Husband, are you fierce to me?" Yvette was stunned.

Chuck shrugged, "Yes! Go quickly! Disobedient, see me not hitting you!"

Chuck made a beating gesture!

How could he be willing to hit Yvette!

"Okay, I'm going to pack up. Don't hit me, husband," Yvette obediently went to the room.

She laughed suddenly.

Laugh and bitterly.

How long has it been?

If Chuck is still studying and he is still Chuck's teacher, how good should it be? ?

Unfortunately, I can't go back.

"Huh, where are you going?"

Long Yiliu frowned.

She has been monitoring Yvette for a few days and has not yet found a good time to start!

Can't let Wan Ziwen be disappointed again this time!

"No matter where you go, I will catch you!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

Be confident.

Yes, the world's first master, do you have any confidence? ?


Chuck seized ten days of time and made all preparations!

Betty plane is ready!

Chuck, Yvette got on the plane!

Betty flew in person!

Cross the sea, cross the mountains!

Arrived at Huaxia!

Chuck was silent.

Last time I returned to China, it was the first time for Chuck to leave the country, and today is the second time!

However, there are three fewer people around! !

However, Mom, Logan, Black Rose, you are waiting, I will definitely avenge you after ten days of Chuck!

Chuck swears in his heart!

Chapter: 882


Coach Qiushui is exercising alone! !

Chuck broke the record and left Wumen. Until today, it was all after-teaching talks of Wumen students!

They admire Chuck!

Envy Chuck!

Chuck is also a new goal!

Because, Chuck set a new record! !

This record may be unbreakable!

This will be a new history of Wumen!

Created by Chuck! !

Coach Qiushui sometimes thinks, when can I receive the new student with such a high talent?

Maybe, there won't be any more!

It was a sudden that she wanted Chuck to be such a great student!

"Qiu Shui coach, Qiu Shui coach..."

Sweet nearly came down and ran in!

"Tiantian, what are you doing in such a hurry? I said, you must first improve your abilities before you talk about this matter!"

Coach Qiushui was helpless.

This sweet, since Chuck left Wumen, she came here every day!

Begging to let Coach Qiu Shui also accept her as a student.

However, the sweet talent is much worse than Chuck!

Coach Qiushui didn't want to accept it.

Sweet still come every day!

She can't say anything!

Because everyone is a woman.

"No, no, Coach Qiu Shui, I tell you bad news," Tian Tian's breath gasped.

She ran up the hill far away.

"What bad news?"

"Karen li is dead." This is sweet, said a friend on the squinting side.

She just knew.

When I knew it, I ran to find Qiushui coach.

"What are you talking about?" Coach Qiushui was shocked!

Karen li is her idol!

"My squinting friend said that Karen li died unexpectedly." Tian Tian said.


Coach Qiushui was even more shocked! !

How could there be an accident?

"Yes, I heard that when driving, I encountered a road collapse, and Karen li even led the car into the river and died."

Qiushui coach Meimu fell silent, "Karen li is dead? So is Chuck?"

"Yes, Chuck has no mother." Tiantian said.

Coach Qiushui was already at a loss, she suddenly sighed with emotion, and felt sorry for her!

Such a powerful person as Karen li died of an accident!

Maybe Karen li didn't even think about it! !

What a shame that such a master of combat, such a death? !


Coach Qiushui sighed, "Are you sure?"

"Not sure if I dare to come and tell you!!"

Tian Tian repeatedly determined.

"This is a loss, and I don't know what happened to Chuck, he must be very sad!!"

Chuck is her student. What happened to her student.

She didn't know it until now.

No way, Coach Qiushui did not pay attention to the news on the other side of the country.

"Sure, Chuck must be very sad! I really want to go to Sui Guo to find him!" Tiantian expects this.

Chuck lost his loved ones, so sad!

"Zhang, Chuck?!" Suddenly, sweet and stunned!

Because three people came in!

One man and two women!

The man is Chuck!

The two women are all beautiful women!

Especially who is next to Chuck, Tian Tian feels that she has never seen such a beautiful woman!

Yvette. .

This is Chuck's girlfriend!

Suddenly, Tiantian lost his gaze.

Coach Qiushui also had a surprised expression. She didn't expect Chuck to come back, what is she doing?

Her beautiful eyes also saw Yvette.

Also surprised by Yvette's perfect beauty!

"Coach Qiushui, I came here this time to ask one thing," Chuck said.

Coach Qiushui stayed for three seconds, "Well, what do you want to ask?"

"I... my mother passed away. My mother still didn't mention that request before. I wonder if I can use it now?"

This is the purpose of Chuck.

Coach Qiushui took a breath and really passed away?

She was sorry.

"I want to ask the talent line in Wumen!" Coach Qiushui replied like this!

"Well, then I will wait for your reply. I will stay in China for about three days," Chuck shrugged.

"Okay... that Chuck, mourning and sorrow!" Coach Qiushui said sincerely.

She sometimes thought that one day she saw her idol Karen li!

However, there is no chance!

"Thank you."

Chuck, Yvette, Betty are leaving.

For three days, deal with the last thing in China!

"Wait, Chuck." Tian Tian chased outside.

"What? Something?" Chuck shrugged.

"I also have to say that the mourning goes smoothly."

Tian Tian didn't feel much confidence.

Yvette beside Chuck is so beautiful, she dare not say much.

"Thank you, if it's okay, that's it." Chuck has another matter to deal with.

"Wait, Chuck, is this yours?"

"Wife, my wife Yvette."

"Your wife?" Tian Tian feels sore nose, Chuck saves herself, there is no other idea?

Yes, Chuck's wife is beautiful, what can you think?

"Yes, my wife, if it's okay, that's it,"

"It's alright," Tiantian wanted to cry.

Chuck, Yvette, Betty went down the mountain.

"Her husband, how does she look wrong in your eyes?" Yvette is a teacher and has strong observation power.

I found a sweet and sad expression.

"How do I know," Chuck shrugged.

"You don't know? Did the little sister just like you? You are in Wumen...Hum!" Yvette pretended to be angry.

Chuck smiled slightly and kissed Yvette.

"Nothing, don't get me wrong!"

"I didn't get it wrong, I don't care about you," Yvette shook his head, closer to Chuck, "I'm telling the truth, I want to control you, as a child, and now, too."

Chuck smiled slightly!


After so many days and so many things, I was only relaxed when I was with Yvette.

After so many years, she grew up with Yvette, she still knows herself best!

"Master, are you going to find Yolanda now?"

Betty asked.

"Well, I have to explain something,"

Chuck shrugged.

"Okay, then I will fly the plane now and take the young master, so you will save a lot of time,"


Chuck, Yvette, get on the plane.


Cross the mountains!

"Husband, look, school, that's the school where I am still a teacher!" Yvette saw.

She recalled her own memory.

Chuck also saw that, yes, the turning point in his life started at the university!

"At that time you were so strict,"

"I... I hate myself at that time," Yvette shook his head, it was really annoying.

Too much for Chuck, forgot, Chuck was her husband at that time.

"I like you at that time, now you, because, I see that you are changing, the only thing that hasn't changed is to me." Chuck smiled slightly, feeling in his heart, he was happy and had a good wife.

Chapter: 883

Recall the past.

Chuck only knew that Yvette had been with him for so long! !

This is a true sweetheart!

Yvette couldn't stand it, embracing Chuck, "Husband, if we are still the same, I am still a teacher, and you are still my student, how good should it be?"

Yes, this idea has always been in Yvette's mind!

Back to the past!

At least not going through so many painful things! !

It's also very good that Chuck passed by.

Probably, Yvette will complain.

But Yvette has never accepted any man can be seen.

No matter what she does, the person she finally gives will still be the unsuccessful Chuck.

She will not regret it either.

She will try to hand over Chuck.

It is also good to take him to work, to start a business together, to raise children together, to be poor together, to be rich together, and to be bland together.

"Yeah, if I go back in the past, my mother will not die, neither will Aunt Logan, nor Black


Chuck was sad.

Rather than want everything now, Chuck also wants the three of them to survive!

The two embraced!

Falling into memories and fantasy together! !

Betty flew the plane, and has arrived at Chuck's first career, above the city square!


Can fall to the top of the square! !

"Master, here!" Betty said.

Chuck, Yvette got off the plane!

Chuck called Yolanda ahead of time, however, he couldn't get through! what happened!

"Sister Li, I let you send someone to protect Yolanda. What about those people?"

Chuck asked.

Feeling bad!

Betty has not paid attention to China since Karen li died.

Chuck suddenly mentioned, she thought.

She couldn't get in touch, "No, is it possible for Yolanda?"

Dudu Dudu! !

Chuck's mobile phone rings!

This number Chuck knows, it is Ouyang Fei! !

"Hello, Chuck, haven't you returned to China yet? Your mother died when you died. Come back to China soon. I'll wait for you..." Ouyang Fei said insidiously

"Chuck, don't come, don't!".

This is Yolanda's voice.

Chuck's face is ugly!

This woman Ouyang Fei is really looking for death! !

He took advantage of himself to look back at the country and grabbed Yolanda!

Yolanda is Chuck's most important person in the commercial empire!

This is the counter-scale that Ouyang Fei is pulling Chuck! !

"wait for me!"

Chuck hangs up the phone!

"Sister Li, immediately check where Yolanda was caught!" Chuck asked.

Ouyang Fei's so perverted person, grasping Yolanda, what will happen, Chuck wants to use his toes! !

"Okay, Master, wait a moment!" Betty positioned through WeChat!

Come find the specific location of Yolanda!

"Husband, we will save Yolanda." Yvette said.

What it means for Yolanda to be arrested, Yvette knows!


Ouyang Fei thought he was still squinting, so there was still plenty of time!

Betty is full of experience and will have an immediate result.

"Chuck, are you really?"

Suddenly, someone came up, skinny jeans, this is Zelda!

She happened to be in a shop on the city side of the city and heard the sound of a helicopter, so she couldn't wait to go to the top floor!

Meet the person she wants to see most!

However, for a moment of surprise, her eyes stopped.

Because, beside Chuck, there is still a perfect beauty, Chuck's wife, Yvette! !

Zelda clearly remembered that Yvette slapped her and slapped her in her own home.

Therefore, Zelda, who does not fight a little, is instinctively afraid of Yvette.

She didn't dare to step forward and dare to get close, even because of the slap, she dared not stare at Yvette.

Yvette knew why, she took the initiative.

At that time, because she had just escaped from that kind of place, her character was tyrannical and she hit Zelda.

Yvette sometimes thinks about this, and she also feels guilty!

Zelda took a step back!

"Last matter, I'm sorry, I shouldn't do it with you," Yvette apologized.

Zelda was very surprised, Yvette apologized to himself?

"I, but I really did something that I'm sorry for you." Zelda couldn't believe it, Yvette did so at the moment, and recovered, when I saw her for the first time.

No murderous, just like ordinary people, just beautiful.

"I also know that I can feel him, he is interesting to you,"

"No, Chuck and I haven't reached that point yet, don't get me wrong. Me.?" Zelda was busy explaining.

"I know, I know!"

Yvette experienced too much, and his mentality changed.

Zelda remained silent for three seconds, "I'm sorry. I..."

"No need to."

The two women fell silent.

In this situation, Chuck did not dare to approach.

Because Zelda was Chuck's enlightenment.

For Zelda, Chuck has a very unique memory, deeply remembered until now. Never forget a penny! !

"Master, the location has been found, in an abandoned construction site fifty kilometers away."

Betty said.

"Okay, go right away! Wife..."

"Husband, do I want to go where I was before?" Yvette really wanted to do this.

Back to the original home, back to the teaching school.

Remember yourself.

Because Yvette felt it, she might be dying.

"No, you have to join me!" Chuck shook his head firmly. however!

Yvette stepped forward!

Give Chuck a kiss!

Chuck couldn't refuse, and he couldn't insist on Yvette's tough attitude.

"Husband, is that okay?"

Chuck was helpless.

Yvette gave Chuck another kiss, "So? Is it okay? I will walk alone."

"Okay, but you must be careful!" Chuck worries about Yvette's accident.

That policy will be crazy.

"Got it, I will listen to my husband. Obedient, is that okay?" Yvette was actually reluctant.


"Husband, if we are both alive, how about I have two babies for you? A man and a woman are best. I'll be their teacher." Yvette fantasized.

"Well, well!"

Chuck also fell into fantasy.

However, can you live this time?

Chuck doesn't know! !


Chuck and Betty left by plane to save Yolanda!

Yvette was assured of Chuck, because Chuck's strength had already been promoted to a great extent!

Deal with people like Ouyang Fei!

No problem.

"Zelda, if you can, you can also give Chucksheng one." Yvette said.

Zelda was stunned, she was shaking with excitement, "Yvette, what are you saying? Can I talk to


"Yes, you can! Because I may not be able to help him leave offspring..." Yvette was sad, sorry.

Until now, she has not been with Chuck.

In the past, there was Karen li's reason. Now because of Karen li's death, Chuck has no thoughts.

She regrets that she did not give Chuck earlier!

Chapter: 884

"Jian Yinan, what do you mean? Why do you say that? You and Chuck are good, why can't you leave her offspring?"

Zelda felt that when she saw Yvette again, her words and deeds were too strange today.

"Nothing, by the way, can you say, what happened between you and him?" Yvette said.

"This..." Zelda was embarrassed.

However, Yvette asked and she said so.

Yvette was surprised, and was speechless, "It turns out..."

"Well, I... I'm sorry, I..." Zelda said embarrassedly.

The matter between her and Chuck is, to a large extent, just beyond control! !

"It's okay, I was too strict with Chuck then." Yvette also felt guilty.

At that time, Chuck could only find comfort in Zelda!

This is what she should not be a wife.

When Zelda was embarrassed, Yvette patted her shoulder and went down.

Zelda is sluggish, giving birth to Chuck?

This is what Zelda thinks about? ?

Zelda suddenly wanted to cry.

She went downstairs by herself, and suddenly found that Murong Qing, who had come to eat, was also dull.

She was busy and asked, "Murong Qing, what's wrong with you?"

"I saw wife Chuck just now, she, she said to me, said..."

Murong Qing was also embarrassed.

Yvette met her and asked about the matter between Chuck and her attitude was too sincere.

Murong Qing couldn't help saying.

She is mentally prepared to let Yvette slap her! however! not at all!

Yvette's expression was so dumb.

Yes, Yvette heard what Murong Qing said and Chuck, her only thought was to be speechless! !

Chuck, the little villain, did a lot of things!

Yvette didn't know yet.

"How did Yvette change this time!"

Murong Qing asked.

"I also think, maybe, what happened to her." Zelda worried.

Anyway, Yvette is also Chuck's wife! !

They did not hope that Yvette had an accident.

"Ah, what's the matter?"

The two women couldn't understand!


"Here, I was brought over and lived with Chuck. I remember that I was five years old that year, and I slept with him on the first night."

Unconsciously, Yvette came to a dilapidated old house.

Since Grandpa Chuck died.

No one has lived in this old house.

However, looking now, Yvette came back here, and many memories of his childhood popped up!

Yvette smiled.

"He cuddles me to sleep, and feels very strange. A two or three-year-old man, cuddles me to do what to do?"

"Next, get used to it. From that day on, sleep with him every day, read together, get out of school, eat together, stay together all day, slowly look at each other and grow up, now look, it is beautiful."

Yvette fell into memory.

And Chuck's growing memories.

Unconsciously, she smiled and smiled sincerely.

Many interesting things spring up.

"In the middle, I was confused, bad, bad for him, fortunately, he didn't give up on me, and pulled me back,"

"I regret that I didn't have a baby for him, however, there may be no time... Husband, the last thing I have regretted in my life is meeting you, without you, I don't know what it will become, yet Nice to have you, but we are going to separate!"

Yvette sighed, and suddenly, she was indifferent, "Come out!!"


A short-haired beauty came out.

Long Yi!


From Chuck, Betty, and Yvette back from the squint country, Long Yi has been following!

However, she was too cautious, no one found!

However, at this moment, Yvette was discovered.

"How do you know me?" Long Yi asked with a smile.

"Feel," Yes, this is Yvette's feeling.

Her eyes were cold, "Did you kill Karen li? Kill my husband's mother??"

At this moment, she was cold!

"Yes, it's me!" Long Yi smiled slightly!

"Don't you have a conflict with Karen li? You should thank me for helping you kill someone you can't kill in a lifetime!"

"I won't thank you, because you let my husband lose my mother, and make my husband sad!"

"Huh, pretend?? Karen li killed your dad, don't you always want to kill her? You have to thank me!" Long Yi said coldly!

Yvette was silent for three seconds, "I wanted to kill her, but I never thought of using that kind of assassination, that is shameless, so that she has no bones until now!!"

Until now, Karen li's body has not been found!

There is no hope!

Too long!

Yvette was suddenly sad! !

Karen li has always been tolerant to her, and still has time to teach her!

Encourage her!

However, he was assassinated...

"Too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Be smart and follow me back!" Long Yi stepped closer!

"Don't you kill me?"

"Kill you, when my lady sees you, she will kill you! Rest assured!"

"Miss? You are not the one to You Shiwen?" Yvette was stunned!

You Shiwen is the owner.

How could the people be called Miss You Shiwen? ? unreasonable.

"Hey, what do you say?" Long Yi smiled slightly!

Yvette was suddenly angry, "You, you are Wan Ziwen's person? She let you assassinate Karen li, assassinate Logan, Black Rose!!!"

"Yes, you only know now, it's a little late!" Long Yi kept smiling!

"Wan Ziwen. Why did she do this? Why!!!" Yvette couldn't control it!

Having said that, Wan Wan did it for the first time because of Logan? ?

Logan knew that Wan Ziwen was too strong, so she went out in silence.

"Why? Karen li is too annoying and must die! Well Logan, don't you know she is the spare tire cultivated by Karen li? Oh, you don't know, an embryo, of course, the young lady will kill her!

As for that black rose , It was purely coincidental, she killed herself!" Long Yi smiled slightly.

Yvette was in horror!

Chuck, Chuck thought that You Shiwen was the murderer who killed Karen li!

"Don't struggle, because it's useless!"

Long Yi stepped forward!

Yvette pulled out his gun!

Peng, Peng, Peng!

No bullet hit Long Yi!

"Your marksmanship is so bad!" Long Yi kicked!

Yvette had no time to shoot!

Already kicked!


Yvette spit out blood, still standing!

"Everyone said, don't resist, you just don't believe it, you see!"

"I'm going to kill you!!"

Yvette broke out!

She rushed out!

It took what she learned during this time!

Show all!

Most people will be surprised, but Long Yi smiled slightly and directly governed Yvette!

"Don't obey, you will be punished! Get a good night's sleep. When you wake up, you will be able to see my lady. You will be very happy, because most people are not qualified to see my lady..."

Long Yi smiled slightly and pressed his fingers hard!

Yvette couldn't resist, fell into a coma, and finally murmured, "Her..."

Chapter: 885

Inside a ruin! !

Yolanda and Liu Na are tied up!

Yolanda's hair is messy, so is Liu Na. The two of them suffered, Ouyang Fei's torture!

How abnormal is Ouyang Fei!

Yolanda realized it!

Liu Na was already crying!

However stubborn, appeared on the face full of slap marks!

This is Yolanda's stubbornness!

Even if you suffer from inhumane torture!

Yolanda is still the same!

This is Yolanda!

Yolanda, who is also trusted by Chuck! !

"Fifi, when will Chuck come over? I can't wait!"

You Tianle revealed excitement, this day, he waited too long for too long!

His eyes glanced at Yolanda, Liu Na!

To be honest, Yolanda attracted him more than Ouyang Fei.

He doesn't want to waste such a great gem!

"Chuck should be in the squinting country. Even if he rushes over, it will be tomorrow's business. What are you in a hurry?"

Her sniper rifle is already in place.

"No hurry, no hurry, anyway Chuck will arrive tomorrow, or the two of us..." You Tianle smiled slightly.

Ouyang Fei Liu raised her eyebrows and understood the meaning of You Tianle, "Go!"

You Tianle laughed.

For so many days, he is used to Ouyang Fei's temper!

"Chuck is not as simple as you think! Even tomorrow, he may appear today. Be careful and let people live longer!"

This is Ouyang Fei's biggest experience since he became a killer!

You Tianle shrugged!

Anyway, it wasn't him, Ouyang Fei did it!

Ouyang Fei used a sniper rifle to watch everything in the circle!

To ensure foolproof!

"By the way, after killing Chuck this time, I will win the killer organization! I will be the boss of the killer organization!!"

Ouyang Fei's eyes shine! !

"This is very difficult!" You Tianle felt that the killer organization is the world's largest killer organization.

There are thousands of killers!

What's more, the boss behind the scene does not often show up, how can it be done?

"It's very difficult? Let you see my stuff. Do you know the boss behind the killer organization?"

Ouyang Fei took out his mobile phone and asked.

"of course."

You Tianle smiled slightly.

He is still interested in this behind-the-scenes boss.

However, he had forgotten because something was delayed before.

"Then, do you know who this picture is?" Ouyang Fei showed You Tianle to her mobile phone.

You Tianle looked at it, her eyes widened like a light bulb, "Who took this?"

"Me, she was drunk that day, I took it. You said I have this kind of picture, I am afraid I can't kill her? I'm afraid I can't be the boss of the killer organization?"

Ouyang Fei smiled, this smile is very abnormal!

"Haha, Feifei, you are amazing! Haha!"

You Tianle laughed!

I found a big backer myself.

With the killer organization, he can also be quiet. Slowly improve your strength!

One day, he vowed to return home!

Return to the position of the home owner! !

That position belongs to him Yu Tianle! !


"Don't cry!"

Yolanda said.

Liu Na swallowed, she saw Ouyang Fei's abnormal smile, she was afraid.

Has been tortured.

"Will Chuck come to save us?! Yolanda? I'm scared." Liu Na was really scared.

She couldn't be as calm as Yolanda.

"Yes, Chuckhui!"

In the heart of Yolanda, Chuck has already positioned himself as a powerful man! however!

She didn't want Chuck to come.

"When will he come? I'm so scared."

"Don't cry! Chuck will come, but when he comes, it will be very dangerous!"

Yolanda shook his head.

Liu Na closed her eyes in despair, what should she do? ?

"It's okay, the big deal is death, it's okay." Yolanda looked away.

"Yolanda, I'm going to die. I want to speak out of my heart, so do you!" Liu Na despaired.

"Okay, you said,"

"Actually, following Chuck's work, I really want to follow him. I think he is very attractive.

Yolanda, do you think?" charm!

Yolanda froze suddenly.

Chuck's charm?

"If Chuck chases me, I will agree," Liu Na said.

Almost dying, she didn't want to hold back the thoughts in her heart.

Yolanda was stunned, "Liu Na?"

"I'm not afraid of you jokes, I just like Chuck's wealth and ability, who doesn't like it?"

Liu Na's instinctive thoughts.

Yolanda was speechless, "Other people are rich!"

"There is absolutely no money for Chuck! What about you? What do you have in mind? Could you have followed Chuck for so long and you don't like his money?"

"I... I like my money, but I didn't work because of money and Chuck. He gave me the opportunity to give me trust. What I need is the future!!"

Yolanda said.

"You. Didn't like him at all? Recently, you are a little bit despised, do you miss him?"

Liu Na is from here, she understands!

This is miss!

Not missing the boss, but the person Chuck!

This may be the case for a long time.

"Miss him? Maybe!" Yolanda didn't understand.

"Do you like him?"

"I don't know. I haven't thought about such a thing. It's too busy, but... when I think of him, I feel a lot more comfortable in my heart. I want to see him. Is this something I like?"

Yolanda asked.

Chapter: 886

"Yes! This is like."

Liu Na had been in love before, and it felt like that.

I really want to see someone, to what extent!

Especially want to see you! !

When I don’t see, I feel panic.

It is exactly the same as Yolanda described.

"is it??"

Yolanda doesn't think this is a friend's worry, right?

Do you like Chuck?

Never before did Yolanda think so.

This kind of vision is a feeling between the boss and the employee.

There is no love in it.

"Yes, absolutely! Are you sometimes lost? For Chuck!" Liu Na asked.

"It seems to have."

"Right, don't deny it anymore, this is like it." Liu Na definitely said.

Yolanda was at a loss.

This is like?

When did this feeling start?

Yolanda didn't know.

It seems that it started when Chuck left China and went to squint country.

Um, it started at that time.

"Okay, this is like, but if I can live, this kind of like, I will not tell Chuck."

Yolanda is such a character.

"will not?"

"Well, no, just bury it in my heart. I have always regarded him as my boss. I am his employee.

This identity cannot be confused."

"Then if I can survive, I don't have to tell Chuck, just now," Liu Na said.

Knowing by Chuck, how embarrassing is this?

Once this relationship is broken, how can Chuck let himself work! !

Liu Na's mentality in this respect is still very positive! ?

"Well, what we said just now, we are all buried in the heart, on the premise of living." Yolanda agreed.


Liu Na was not desperate anymore, she said what she had in her heart, and was much more comfortable.

Next, let it be destiny!

If you really want to die, then there is no way.

Obey the fate! !

"That perversion came, I'm afraid!" Liu Na was afraid.

Ouyang Fei smiled coldly, with a pervert!

When she was arrested, she had been slapped for more than ten years.

If you fight again, it will be disfigured.

Snapped? !

Ouyang Fei slapped Liu Na on the face.

Liu Na cried, "Don't hit me!"


This slap hit Yolanda's face.

Yolanda is not stubborn to bow his head! !


Another slap!

Yolanda still does not bow his head, "If you have a species, you will kill me!"

Ouyang Fei smiled slightly, "Why am I willing to kill you? You should be a little important to

Chuck, otherwise, how can he let you manage all the business? I ask you, are you Chuck's junior! You are also true Enough to work hard!"

"No! I am Chuck's employee!" Yolanda said stubbornly.

"Huh, employees?!"

Yolanda thought of the sad past.

At that time, Chuck was not interested in her!

Yolanda misunderstood Chuck likes himself, however, no, Chuck is not interested in her!

This incident hurt her heart.

Chuck didn't like her at that time, maybe she didn't like Yolanda at this time!

Ouyang Fei is more angry!

Continuously slapped Yolanda to vent his anger!

Yolanda still does not bow his head!

Ouyang Fei continues to fight!

Until Yolanda's lips bleed and his cheeks swell!


The last slap hit, Yolanda spit out blood!

"Some kind of killed me!!!" Yolanda said coldly.

"Stubborn enough. If you have such a personality, if you have the opportunity to contact fighting, you will definitely be a master of fighting. However, you do not have this opportunity this time. Because..."

Click! ! suddenly!

Ouyang Feiliu frowned, her voice stopped! !

"Fifi, what did you do?" You Tianle smiled slightly!

"Listen, there is movement! Your person may be dead!"

You Tianle still has a lot of hands outside!

"Dead one? Impossible. My people are all masters of fighting! I didn't hear the sound!"

You Tianle did not hear the sound!

No way, he will fight, but not fine! !

"Yes! Chuck may be coming!"

Although Ouyang Fei's killer career was short, her senses told her that Chuck was here! !

"Impossible, isn't Chuck squinting?" You Tianle smiled slightly!

"Stupid things, can't Chuck be in China?"

Ouyang Fei took the sniper rifle instantly! !

You Tianle is angry, is that Chuck's guy coming?

"Chuck, Chuck is here to save us." Liu Na wept with joy!

This is the dawn of despair, hope!

"Well, he's here!"

Feel it, Yolanda is stable!

It is this feeling, Chuck's peace of mind around him.

This feeling, only Chuck can give Yolanda!


Another cry! !

You Tianle still did not find it!

However, Ouyang Fei was angry, "Come out, come out!!!" boom! boom! boom!

Pull the trigger! !

"Chuck, since you are here, hide what, come out!"


Another cry!

The interval is only ten seconds!

Too fast!

You Tianle finally heard the news!

"Come here, Chuck is here, where is he!!"

"Shut up! Be quiet!"

Ouyang Fei needs to use his senses to judge Chuck's position!

Click with one click!

Sometimes it sounds here, sometimes it sounds in another place, the interval is only more than ten seconds, the longest one, the interval is one minute!

What speed is this? ?

Ouyang Fei was shocked! suddenly!

A corpse fell to the ground!

The figure appeared, yes, it was Chuck! !

He really came!

Chapter: 887

Chuck is like a sculpture!

Appeared! !

Yolanda was shocked!

Liu Na was shocked!

He really came!

In an instant, Liu Na wanted to show up, and Yolanda also had a sour nose.

You know, there are many people on this abandoned construction site!

They are all under Youtianle!

All elites in fighting! !

However, Chuck appeared at this moment!

What it means is self-evident! !

These are all under Youtianle!

All solved by Chuck!

"Chuck, Chuck my people!"

You Tianle was extremely angry!

He came out of the house and brought all the people away now? ?

From today, who will protect him?


Chuck opened lightly!

A pair of eyes glanced, Yolanda, Liu Na looked embarrassed!

In an instant, the eyes of these eyes became cold!

Cold as ice! !

"Dead?? You killed me, I will let you die today!"

You Tianle is angry!

"Yolanda, Liu Na, I'm sorry to make you suffer." Chuck said.

Obviously, Ouyang Fei abnormally tortured them!

Chuck wanted!

However, Yolanda was red and swollen, and Chuckyou immediately took Yolanda away to the hospital.

Yolanda has always been a clean look for urban white-collar workers!

But at this moment, what has become!

Face was swollen!

There is blood in the corner of the mouth!

The clothes are torn!

Such perverted torture, Chuck thought about what happened to Yolanda.

"It's okay, be careful! She has a gun!" Yolanda said.

Chuck is empty-handed!

What if someone has a gun? ?

No matter how powerful Chuck is, he is not a fairy. If the gun is definitely shot, Chuck will be killed!

"I know, wait, I will take you away!"

Chuck's eyes stared at Ouyang Fei!

This pervert has reached the extreme woman!

Chuck was suddenly indignant, but unfortunately the Black Rose was dead and could not personally take revenge!

At this moment, only Chuck is here! !

I also hope that the black rose, knowing under the fountain, can rest in peace!

"Okay, we are waiting for you." Yolanda was moved.

This sentence, into her heart, warm, calm her heart.

Chuck alone can give her this feeling.

Liu Na cried.

After dying and being able to live at this moment, she cried.

"Huh, Chuck, are you too optimistic?"

At the moment Chuck appeared, the sniper rifle in Ouyang Fei's hand had already turned the cold muzzle against Chuck!

The finger is already on the trigger! !

Just need to pull it, Chuck is dead!

Headshot to death! !

"No! Ouyang Fei, you are going to die today!" Chuck came step by step! dull!

Like a king!

Not afraid of facing the cold muzzle!

"Fifi, shoot, shoot!"

You Tianle can't wait!

When he caught Alice before, he didn't see Chuck die, how disappointed was You Tianle? !

"Chuck, do you regret it? I ask you!"

Ouyang Fei asked coldly.

"What regret?"

"Sorry you should like me back then!"

"No, I don't like you from beginning to end, not at all!" Chuck came slowly.

The muzzle is very close to him!

"This is where you should regret it, you know? If you liked me back then, I refused you again and dumped you. You are still your young master, and I am still the school flower of today! will happen!"

Ouyang Fei growled!

Since she became a killer!

Only Chuck angered her!

At this moment she realized that Chuck forced her to a desperate way!

She was originally a good school flower, and was destroyed by Chuck! !

"Have you never thought about your own problem?"

"It's all your fault! You like me, I am handsome again, things are so simple, but you are complicated, you remember, when I went to you, when you refused me and said you don't like me, Is that disgusting face? I remember it all my life!"

Ouyang Fei's abnormal smile appeared!

Chuck rejected her!

She was horrified and in pain!

However, today, you can get it back! !

How long did she wait on this day? a long long time!

Ouyang Fei feels that in less than a year, it seems that ten or twenty years have passed!

Her hatred for Chuck went deep into the bone marrow!

Only Chuck's death can be washed!

"You shouldn't expect that you will have today! Haha! This is you, the consequence of not liking me! This is you!!!" Ouyang Fei suddenly lost control!

"I do not like you!"

"Do you know? What did I meet when I arrived in Sui Kingdom, that boss, let the you know?"

Ouyang Fei is out of control!

She blushed and was furious!

In her unwillingness, her precious things are gone!

"This is what you deserve!" Chuck still came slowly!

"I deserve it? I deserve it?! Chuck, you die!!" boom! !

Ouyang Fei pulled the trigger! !

She was out of control and thought of that kind of torture! Ouyang Fei is out of control!

There was a loud noise, sparks from the cold muzzle, and a bullet!


Yolanda exclaimed! !

"Haha, Chuck. I can finally see you dead, haha..." You Tianle laughed out loud!

Chapter: 888

The moment Ouyang Fei pulled the trigger!

Bullets shot out!

Chuck has evaded! boom!

The hot bullet hit the wall!

Ouyang Fei smiled coldly, "Hide? Huh, I shot, you can't hide!"

Pull the trigger again!

This speed is amazing!

However, this time, Chuck just took a cold look!

Ouyang Fei is cold and grim! !

"Hide, hide!!"

What did You Tianle think of, he suddenly panicked!

Ouyang Fei doesn't understand anything yet!

A sudden loud noise!

In front of her, a small bead shot over! not sure what it is! however!

It fell crisply on the ground! !

Explode! !

Crazy explosive energy rages!

Ouyang Fei was in horror! boom!

Ouyang Fei was rushed out of energy, pop!

Hit the wall, the sniper rifle in the hand landed!

Ouyang Fei vomited blood!

You Tianle screamed!

Already covered with blood, "Ah, ah!!!"

It's so easy!

Yolanda, Liu Na was already shocked. Was it the bomb?

How come such a small bomb has such great power?

Chuck came slowly!

"Ah, ah!"

You Tianle is in fear!

He was injured by a bomb!

Severe pain!

"This is your strength? A shock! A bomb can kill both of you, however, I don't want to know why? Because, I want you to remember, what is fear!!!"

Chuck came slowly! !

Ouyang Fei used her strength to get up, she had to pick up the gun!

She is going to kill Chuck with a gun! however!

Chuck rushed over! boom!

This is a punch!

Ouyang Fei flew out like garbage!

"A gun is a killer? Your strength is too bad!" Chuck said!

Chuck is still coming slowly!

Ouyang Fei was already embarrassed, "Chuck, Chuck!"

Without this bomb, she could definitely shoot Chuck and then torture him again! !

"You use a gun, I use a bomb, it's fair! But that bomb is wasted! You are not worth it at all! Now, feel the fear!"

Chuck burst out with a punch!

This is a punch and roar, this is the amazing power of a punch! Unstoppable!

Ouyang Fei roared and raised his hand to resist!

However, click!

Ouyang Fei is a woman, her fist was originally much smaller than Chuck, even if you practice any more, the bones of men and women can't be changed!

Fist contact!

Blood spattered, arms split!

Under the prestige of Chuck, Ouyang Fei's hand was destroyed! !

Chuck has fifty kilograms of special metal on one hand!

One punch weighs seven or eight hundred pounds!

Ouyang Fei can't resist!

It is impossible to resist! !

"Ah, my hand, my hand!"

Ouyang Fei is incredible!

She shook her hand frantically, but in addition to the severe pain, she couldn't control her hand anymore!

Can't catch it!

Can't pinch!

Like the frosted eggplant, she is sick!

"It's just the beginning, you know!"

Chuck's voice is cold!

Lift your fist and punch! boom!

Ouyang Fei has no way!

She can't hide, can't retreat, and can only pick up!

However, one of her hands has been abandoned, and there is another hand!

She lifted up to resist! however!

Not a second! !

Ouyang Fei's body flew out like garbage! !

Unbearable hit the extreme!


Ouyang Fei spit out blood with internal organs!

"Impossible! How can your strength improve so quickly?!"

Ouyang Fei can't believe it!

She is also trained!

There is also contact fighting!

It's not as fast as Chuck's promotion!

"I told you, you don't understand!" Chuck came slowly!

"I was ruined by you in my life, ruined by you!" Ouyang Fei growled!

"You destroy yourself!"

Chuck said coldly!

"I'm not willing! Not willing! Kill me!"

Ouyang Fei is unwilling!

She is the number one killer comparable to Black Rose!

However, at this moment, both hands are completely discarded! !

I was killed by Chuck!

Yes, Ouyang Fei's ability, Chuck after Wumen's further study!

You can already kill her! !

"Kill you? You think too simple, what you do! I will torture you!"

Suddenly, Chuck's eyes were cold!

This look, with horror! !

In an instant!

Ouyang Fei, there is no fear! !

Chuck came slowly step by step!

"Don't! Let me go, Chuck, don't do this to me!"

Ouyang Fei began to beg for mercy.

She thinks she is the number one killer!

However, Chuck spiked her and pulled her back to reality!

I am so vulnerable! !

"Let you go? Are you kidding! I won't let you go, I said, I want you to feel fear!"

Chuck slowly shook his head!

Ouyang Feimei suddenly shot cold light! !

A sharp dagger she carried with her came out!

She is a killer!

Anything on the body can kill!

Can all turn things around!

Sudden attack, you can definitely kill Chuck!

"Chuck, you are going to die!"

Ouyang Fei was originally beautiful, but now the roaring roar!

Like a shrew, like a grudge! ! however!


A huge slap hit hard!

Ouyang Fei's eardrums are sore!


Ouyang Fei suddenly felt that he could not hear on one ear!

There is also blood ejected! !

This slap actually made her eardrum burst! !


Ouyang Fei screamed! !

"Don't you like to hit someone? Don't you like to hit someone's face?"

Chuck slapped and slapped Ouyang Fei's face!

Chuck's hands are the same as steel!

Normally, the load of two hundred kilograms has already made Chuck's steel body! !

"Ah, no! My face!"


The last slap, Ouyang Fei has become a pig's head! ! boom!

Chuck waved his fist, which weighed 800 kg! !

No pity Xiangxixiyu!

So smashed on Ouyang Fei's chest! Click! !

The ribs were broken, Ouyang Fei flew backwards, and a scarlet blood spewed out!

Ouyang Fei hit the ground!

Her woman's body curled up, seven holes bleed, her face full of fear, this is the fear of death!

"No, Chuck, you let me go, let me go? I will never dare!!!"

Ouyang Fei is begging!

Fear is eating her!

Chuck came slowly!

Lift your feet!


Ouyang Fei's arm broke!

Lift your feet!


Ouyang Fei's thigh is broken!

Every foot of Chuck weighs a thousand pounds!



With a dying breath, the final consciousness was still sober, "Kill me, kill me..."

"Slowly feel the fear of death!"

Chuck said.

Ouyang Fei is changing, she is full of tears, this is horror!

Only then did she know what she had done, and she regretted it. At that time, she should leave, and she should not fight against Chuck, but she regrets taking medicine? no!

She was twitching, shaking, begging, "Kill me..."

However, Chuck no longer ignored her, she was already drowned in fear!

Because, Chuck's eyes are shifting, locking You Tianle who wants to escape! !

"Run? Still stay! Feel the taste of fear!" Chuck came slowly!

You Tianle, Chuck already wanted to kill him, so today is it! !

Chapter: 889

Chuck's voice was heard!

You Tianle's legs escaped as if they were lead! !

Can't move!

So powerful Ouyang Fei, but was killed in seconds!

He has no confidence and can face someone like Chuck!

"Run, run!!"

You Tianle Roar!

He roared himself, he could run away! however!


Something smashed!

You Tianle turned his head and looked, his face changed!

This is a brick!

"Boom! Ah..."

The brick hit him!

You Tianle screamed in her head!

Blood DC! !

Chuck came slowly!

"You Tianle, what are you running? Ouyang Fei has felt the fear, now it's you!"

Chuck said.

You Tianle sat paralyzed on the ground, just the bomb that blew him all over, and he was disfigured!

"No, Chuck, will you spare me a life? Okay, please, I will start now. Be a dog of yours, will you just listen to you? I just need to live. You can let me do anything! !"

You Tianle began to kowtow!

Fear, as Chuck stepped closer, he drowned!

"Dog, you dog like this, I don't want it!" Chuck shook his head!

Slowly approach!

"You've been hurt all over? It's fine, but I think your hands are okay, how can this be? It doesn't match your upper body, let me help you look again! Come on, good!"

Chuck reaches out! !




But Chuckrao was interested in grabbing You Tianle's hand and playing!

He broke a finger and was broken by Chuck! !

You Tianle twisted her face, he resisted, useless!

He struggled! Useless!

Because of Chuck's strength! Far greater than him!

"Chuck, don't, don't, I don't dare anymore! Let me go, let go..."

You Tianle pleaded.

Chuck's cold eyes made him feel fear!

Cold sweat!

"No! Your fingers are fun!"

Chuck shrugged!


There was another crunch, and another one broke! !

You Tianle wants to faint!

The so-called ten fingers together!

This kind of pain, ordinary people can't stand it!

"I'm going to faint so soon? You really can't do it! But, it can't be like this. Come on, I will help you sober and sober!"

Chuck said! !


The third root is broken!

"You say you, the good young master does not do it, what are you doing to make me do it? Is it fun? Well, I think it's fun!"

Chuck said, exerting force again, with a sound, the fourth root broke.

You Tianle screamed, she was already fainting!


Chuck slapped him!

You Tianle awakened!

"Ah! My hands!" You Tianle feared!

"Don't be afraid, the other hand is fine! I will help you,"



It just broke so easily!

You Tianle's syncope again and again, and then awakened by a slap, then syncope again, and then awakened by a slap!

Fear, drowned him completely!

"No, you can't kill me, I'm still a wanderer!"

The last breath!

You Tianle doesn't forget to beg for mercy!

"Kill you? What is killing you?? I'm going to kill Shiwen, your main traveler!" Chuck's eyes chilled!

"What?" You Tianle fell into horror!

"You...ah!" boom!

Chuck punches!

This punch broke his ribs and his chest collapsed like a depression!

You Tianle's eyes are bigger than eggs, "forgive me, forgive me..."

"Oh, listen to you, spare your life!" Chuck shrugged!

You Tianle's face was scared, and slowly, his face didn't move...

You Tianle is dead!

Maybe he only realized at the last minute what he did wrong.


Yolanda and Liu Na were shocked!

Chuck, did they solve them?

The two can no longer express their mood!

"Sorry, let you suffer!" Chuck came over and loosened!

Yolanda and Liu Na got up.

Chuck also loved them both!

This was tortured by Ouyang Fei!

"I will take you to the hospital!"

The wounds on them were all beaten by the perverted Ouyang Fei.

"No, don't go to the hospital."

Yolanda felt unnecessary.

The same is true for Liu Na!

"Then, if I let you go back, can you still go?" Chuck asked.


"I can too!!"

"Well, yes, you go out and wait for me first." Chuck thought of something.


The two go out!

Chuck came to Ouyang Fei's body, she was already dead.

All limbs were trampled by Chuck, how can I not die?

What Chuck thought of was Ouyang Fei's mobile phone!

He opened it and looked at it, suddenly dumbfounded, "This is, a picture of the boss behind the scenes?? How could it be?"

"We were saved, all Chuck saved us alone. Without him, we must be dead!" Liu Na said moved.

The appearance of Chuck is like a hero, just like Prince Charming!

Give Liu Na the biggest shock! !

"Well," Yolanda also feels safe!

"I do not regret working with him, I am willing to work with him for a lifetime, because, he can protect me!" Liu Na fantasized.

"Me too, I will work hard for him for a lifetime." Yolanda said, beautiful eyes with firmness! !

Some words in your heart are still buried in your heart!

Poke, it's not good!

Chuck wants to give this phone to the boss behind the scenes, she will definitely be shocked!

"Okay, I will take you back!"

Chuck took them back and fed them because they were hungry.

After eating!

"Yolanda, Liu Na, I will still look back at my country tomorrow!" Chuck said.

I came back this time to explain!

The two women remain silent!

Chuck went back, they were reluctant, what about!

This is Chuck's freedom as a boss!

"You just keep working, don't worry about me." Chuck didn't directly say that he might die!

Because they will panic!

With the ability of Yolanda and Liu Na, Chuck believes that they can build Chuck's business empire!


"You can rest assured!"

The two women have beautiful eyes, and they swear in their hearts that Chuck will return to

Chuck a business empire next time they come back!

Chuck explained a lot. Including Chuck’s idea of a business empire!

Say it all!

This is a sleepless night!

The three discussed the daybreak!

Chuck left!

"Alas, Chuck is gone," Liu Na was bored.

"Well, work hard!" Yolanda was injured and continued to work.

What can be done? ?

Boring will miss him, it is better to help him!

"Me too, I have to work too!" Liu Na too!

"Yolanda, I just wanted to say what I had in my heart, I really wanted to." Liu Na said.

"En!" Yolanda did the same.

However, let's not talk about it!

Some things look at fate... Follow the fate, Yolanda doesn't force it.

Chuck went to Wumen!

The answer is no!

Chuck was silent for three seconds, there was no mother anymore, so this request, Chuck forced to do it!

Chuck left silently!

Qiu Shui coach shone beautifully. It was not that she did not agree, but that she had a text message on her mobile phone with a strange number yesterday...


"Sister Li, Wumen is not willing to shoot, then forget it," Chuck looked away.

Betty sighed!

"Then the master is now ready to go back to the country?"

"Well, three days after coming to China, there are still five or six days to prepare after returning!!" Chuck knows!

This battle means life and death!

This is Chuck's plan!

Youjia, Zhangjia, according to this situation, may start according to Chuck's plan!

"Well, then the young master called Yvette, let her come, and I will fly back!"

Betty said.

Chuck called, however, shut down!

Hit again, or shut down!

Chuck is not good!

"Unable to get through?" Betty asked.

"Yvette, Yvette!" Chuck went to Yvette!

Betty followed!

Three hours have passed!

Chuck found blood in the forest of his hometown!

Found the gun!

There are traces of fighting here!

Chuck blood red eyes, tears come out!

Yvette? Like Logan and Black Rose, are you dead? ?

At this moment, Chuck's emotions broke out, and he seemed to be an angry lion, "You Shiwen,

You Shiwen, you dare to kill Yvette, you actually!!"

Chapter: 890



You Shiwen sneezes, and her face is cold.

"Homeowner, do you have a cold?" Someone asked about it.


You Shiwen didn't catch a cold.

"Then who is cursing the housekeeper?"

"I don't know! How are you going to meet the Zhang family?" You Shiwen asked coldly.

"It's almost ready, it only takes time!"

"Well, what happened over Wan Ziwen?" You Shiwen asked.

"Wanjia is quiet! Nothing happened."

"This matter must not let Wan Ziwen know!"

"Yes, it's about the safety of my home. I will definitely monitor it. What's more, the Zhang family will also do the same security measures, and won't let the people on Wan Ziwen know about it!"


You Shiwen asked indifferently, "Where is Chuck...?"

"He? Should be still squinting!"

"Should? You should not monitor him??" You Shiwen was exasperated.

"After Chuck returned from Huaxia, he seemed to be a different person! I later found out that he had studied for 15 days in the Wumen of Huaxia. The key is that when he came out, he broke

Wumen's record. ..."

"There is such a thing?" You Shiwen was a bit surprised in the cold.

"Yes, coming out of Wumen, his strength has soared and his mind has matured a lot. The key is to hide, so..."

"I know,"

"The owner doesn't have to worry, when we eat the Zhang family, we will eat him next! I will grow my home! It will not be too difficult to deal with Wanjia!"

You Shiwen beautiful eyes shimmering.

"Oh, homeowner..." This talking wanderer was very careful.


"The month you said is more than half a month away. Are you ready?"

Youjia's tradition cannot be delayed!

Next year you must have a baby! It means that you are passed on from generation to generation!

"I..." You Shiwen was silent for three seconds. "When the time is up, I will!"

"Then we can rest assured! The owner has a good rest, and tomorrow is the day to meet the

Zhang family!"

"Um... wait a minute!" You Shiwen suddenly stopped.

"What else do you want?"

"It's okay, it's okay." You Shiwen shook his head, feeling agitated.

Why is that?

"The owner has a good rest," these people went out.

"Wait!!!" You Shiwen really didn't know what happened.

Shouldn’t we be happy tomorrow? ?

The people of Youjia looked back at each other, "Homeowner, what's wrong with you!"

"You said... Will there be misunderstandings between people?" You Shiwen asked.

"Of course."

"If there is a problem in communication between people, there will of course be misunderstandings! What misunderstanding did you say!!"

"I... don't know what to say, me."

You Shiwen's mood was suddenly chaotic. This is because things are too big tomorrow, so he feels uneasy? ?

"You said! Are we all listening?"

"Yes, you say!"

They all find a place to sit down quietly, because You Shiwen is the owner, but he is also a family! !

"Me and Chuck haven't known each other for a long time. However, I think I know him and he knows me... when I came to find Grandpa that day, I got a shot. I escaped from here and then saw Chuck Holding a sniper rifle, the one that shot me was the bullet from the sniper rifle in his hand..."

You Shiwen said something cold in her heart that made her painful!

Youjia looked up and down!

"So, what do you mean?" someone asked.

"It's meaningless, no..." You Shiwen shook his head. "I just want to say what's in my mind..."

An old man sighed, "I understand the meaning of the owner, does the owner think that Chuck is the one who shot?"

"How could it not be him? Not him. When he came out, how could he see him holding a gun??

I'm sure he just shot and shot the owner! I didn't expect that the owner didn't die. He happened to be seen by the owner. "" Someone immediately rejected it.

"In case..." The old man hesitated.

"What if?" You Shiwen asked.

"Ah, we don’t want the house owner to be upset every day, so I still expressed my doubts. The house owner said it yourself. When you escaped, you saw Chuck holding a gun in your hand. ,

Did Chuck shoot????" the old man asked.

You Shiwen was shocked!

"Sir, what do you mean? How could the owner see it at such a long distance?"

"I also think it's impossible to see! I also understand the meaning of the youngest. You mean, the gun might not be Chuckkai, right?"

"Yes, there is such a possibility!" The old man nodded in agreement. "Is it possible that the gun was shot by someone else. This person lost the gun and happened to be picked up by Chuck, and then. It happened to be seen by the owner. A scene?"

You Shiwen is even more stunned!

"Youngest, this possibility is very low?" Some people expressed doubts!

"It's also possible! Didn't see Chuck shoot, then who can be sure, it must be him? Because in our part, there are fewer people with ulterior motives?? Chuck has any reason to hit the housekeeper?" The old man Affirm your thoughts.


Youjia turned around and looked at You Shiwen.

"What do you think?" the old man asked.

"I, I don't know." You Shiwen shook his head, feeling disturbed.

"The owner, what did Chuck do after we went to our house? Have you met before?" The old man asked.

"Yes, he knows I'm coming to meet grandpa." You Shiwen said.

"Then, is it possible that Chuck is worried about you, the owner of the house. So he went to our home to visit the mountain?" said the old man.

You Shiwen was stunned.

"The third boy, the more outrageous you are! This is possible? Chuck will worry about the owner? This is impossible!" Some people questioned more.

"Homeowner, you feel better, some words, I can only say here!" The old man sighed.

"Yeah," You Shiwen tranced, "He will go to Houshan to save me? But why is the gun in his hand? Why?"

"Homeowner, maybe someone with ulterior motives has appeared in advance?" said the old man.

"Don't have ulterior motives!" You Shiwen's beautiful eyes shone.

"Maybe, I am not optimistic about Chuck, and I even want him to die very much. However, some things still need to be clarified, or else it may become a chess piece that others play, do you think?" said the old man.

"Playing chess pieces?" You Shiwen was indifferent and painful. She recalled the picture,

Chuckshou's way of holding a sniper rifle. . .