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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 121-130 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 121

After eating, Mu Nuannuan took Mu Jiachen to his room.

After entering the room, Mu Nuannuan closed the door mysteriously.

Mu Jiachen looked confused: "What are you doing? Just now, when you pulled me up, my cousin's eyes were about to kill me. You are still closed, and he might just throw me out later."

"No. "Although Mu Tingxiao is very cruel to Mu Jiachen on the surface, he is willing to let Mu Jiachen stay with him, which shows that he still likes Mu Jiachen.

"When he throws me out, you have to help me." Mu Jiachen shrugged, jumped onto the desk and sat down: "Let's talk about it, what is so mysterious, do you think you want to divorce him?

" No matter how you open your mouth and shut your mouth, it's a divorce!" Mu Nuannuan reached out and banged on his head.

Mu Jiachen touched his head and exaggeratedly shouted: "Eh, it hurts!"

Mu Nuannuan joked with him without thinking, "Is your cousin's personality always like this?"

Mu Tingxiao still said. "Mu Jiachen", although he could feel that he had a bad temper, he was not as gloomy as he is now.

After he restored Mu Tingxiao's identity, he became more and more unpredictable, as well as a very powerful desire to control.

He knew all the things she had done, but he hadn't been stunned. Now after he returned to Mu Tingxiao, he seemed to have no scruples anymore and became even more unscrupulous.

"He has always been like this, but it's sinister." Mu Jiachen shrank her neck as if thinking of something terrible, and said, "Really, I advise you to divorce him. What do you think of my brother? "

Mu Nuannuan couldn't laugh or cry: "Didn't you let me be your girlfriend before?"

"I think you might not like me. My brother's gentle talent is more suitable for you. He must be better to you than Mu Tingxiao, he is too It's fierce!"

Mu Jiachen said and deliberately made a face.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but teased him: "Do you know how many women in the country want to marry your brother? Even if your brother is willing to marry me, then I am a second-married woman and I don't deserve him."

"You are so good ." , Where is it not worthy of him?" Mu Jiachen said casually, but his tone was sincere.

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback, how good is she?

Seeing Mu Nuannuan stopped talking, Mu Jiachen also felt embarrassed. He scratched his head and explained: "Didn't I ran away to live in your house before? The day you went, I thought you would have someone beat me up." , I didn’t expect you to make food for me..."


Mu Nuannuan decided to break his fantasy: "Because you said your name is Mu Jiachen, so I asked someone to beat you."

"Even if I am not Mu. Jiachen, you won’t let people beat me."

"How do you know?"

"How do you know about me." Mu Jiachen pushed her out of the door: "Go out, I'm going to do my homework, you guys Women have so many troubles."


The door was closed behind him.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and couldn't help smiling.

What a kid who knows nothing!

Back in the room, Mu Tingxiao was looking at the documents on the bedside, and did not raise his head when he heard her push the door in.

Is he going to bed so early tonight?

Mu Nuannuan did not speak to him either, and went directly to the bathroom.

When he came out, Mu Tingxiao had no files in his hand. He leaned on the head of the bed and fixed his eyes on Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan glanced down at the pajamas that covered her tightly, and walked slowly to the bed, pulled off the quilt and lay down.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she felt the harsh breath on Mu Tingxiao's body suddenly approaching.

Opening his eyes sharply, he saw Mu Tingxiao leaned over and didn't know when he was about to kiss her.

When Mu Nuannuan was sluggish, Mu Tingxiao's lips were already pressed down, and then the whole body was covered.

The unique biting aura on his body tightly wrapped Mu Nuannuan, making Mu Nuannuan a little bit impenetrable, and his brain was blank.

Mu Tingxiao kissed her on her neck, and then grabbed her hand and pressed it on an indescribable part of his body. His dull voice said, "I learned so seriously in Jinding that day. Come to review it today."

Mu Nuannuan remembered what happened in Jinding that day, and her blood rushed to her face, her face suddenly flushed, struggling to pull her hand out, but it didn't help.

She was anxious, and directly screamed: "Revisit your fart!"

"You can't say bad words in bed." Mu Tingxiao panted and pecked her lips: "But you can scream louder later. "

Mu Nuannuan knew that sooner or later there would be such a day.

However, she was still very resistant in her heart.

After hearing him say this, she was stiff as a stone.

Mu Tingxiao felt her reaction, his breath sinking slightly, as if he was about to get angry.

But he just said softly: "It's okay if you don't do it, you have to help me get it out." The

man is a knife, and I am a fish.

Mu Tingxiao had already backed down by saying this, and Mu Nuannuan didn't dare to say anything more.

She endured the feeling of shame in her heart, was pressed by his hand, and helped him under his guidance

... I

don’t know how long it took, Mu Nuannuan felt that her hand was so sore that she didn’t feel like her, and then she felt it. The thing seemed to jump, and the familiar feeling of warm liquid on her hands came again...

Mu Tingxiao pulled a tissue to help her wipe her hands.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head to the side in shame, not looking at the obscene thing...

Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao 's voice rang in the quiet room.

"Don't you think my time is short?"

"..." Mu Nuannuan flushed, throwing away his hand, jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

Mu Tingxiao looked at her back hurriedly running away, and smiled deeply.


next day.

When Mu Nuannuan went downstairs, only Mu Jiachen was dozing off on the sofa in the hall, but he did not see Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan walked over and patted Mu Jiachen on the shoulder: "You didn't sleep last night?" "You didn't go

to bed until three o'clock. I took too much work." Mu Jiachen opened his eyelids and said, closing his eyes again. Simply lay down on the sofa and fell asleep.

"Where is your cousin?"

"I don't know, let's go..."

Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this.

It was good if Mu Tingxiao was not there.

After eating, she went to Mu's.

As soon as I arrived at the company, I was told to go to a meeting.

It was originally a high-level meeting of the company, but Mu Liyan asked her to go too, so she had to follow it.

As Mu Nuannuan guessed, Mu's products have been suppressed by consumers, sales have plummeted, and partners have already wanted to divest.

Suddenly, someone proposed to make his debut: "Modern people love to follow suit. If we ask celebrities to endorse products, we can definitely save this situation."

"Who are we looking for?"

"For example, Si Chengyu, he is the youngest grand slam in the film and television industry. The actor has a huge number of fans. If he can endorse our products, we will definitely break the current situation!"

Mu Nuan Nuan violently raised her head to look at the proposer, and then curled her lips mockingly.

Asking Si Chengyu to endorse Mu's products is simply a dream!

Chapter: 122

At the end of the meeting, Mu Liyan turned to Mu Nuannuan and said gently: "Nuan Nuan, you come to my office."


Mu Liyan probably knew Mu Liyan in his heart . What to do with her.

When the meeting was just held, the senior executive suggested that Si Chengyu should endorse Mu's products, and Mu Liyan's eyes were bright.

Obviously, Mu Liyan was very excited about this proposal.

Mu Nuannuan walked outside the meeting room and was blocked by Mu Wanqi, who had been waiting at the door.

"Sister, something?" The perfume smell on Mu Wanqi's body was too strong, and Mu Nuannuan took a half step back because she was not used to it.

Although her expression did not change much, Mu Wanqi still felt Mu Nuannuan's dislike for her very delicately.

Her complexion suddenly sank, and she sternly said: "Mu Nuannuan, don't think you moved Mu Tingxiao to help Mu Clan through the difficulties. If you are taken seriously by your father, you can be proud of it. Don't forget all this. Who gave it to you!"

Recently, her sense of presence in the company has been reduced to almost nothing.

Those employees all ran to please Mu Nuannuan, and Mu Liyan also deliberately took her off the ground, making her, the project manager, a completely idle person.

This gave her a strong sense of crisis.

"You gave it?"

Mu Nuannuan smiled slightly and said slowly: "The marriage contract with the Mu family back then was made by grandfather, and my parents gave me my life. I have to be able to have today. I have to thank them. So, I will never forget who gave me all this."

"Mu Nuannuan!" Mu Wanqi's expression was distorted by her words.

Since childhood, Mu Nuannuan has only been a foil for her.

At the beginning, she asked Xiao Chuhe to marry Mu Nuannuan to Mu's family, thinking that Mu Nuannuan would be killed by the monster Mu Tingxiao.

She never thought that one day Mu Nuannuan could ride on her head.

This made her extremely unbalanced.

An ugly and earthy woman, now actually crawling on her head to show off the limelight.

She couldn't bear this tone, Mu Nuannuan damn it!

"My sister has been very angry recently. Go back and ask mom to cook some nourishing and fire-fighting soup for you to dispel the fire." After Mu Nuannuan said, she gently pushed her aside: "Dad is still waiting for me in the office, I Let's go first."

Mu Wanqi hatedly looked at Mu Nuannuan's leaving back, clenched her hands tightly, her lips were bitten and blood was spilled without noticing it.


Mu Liyan's office.

"Dad, what's the matter with me?" Although Mu Nuannuan had guessed Mu Liyan's thoughts in her heart, she pretended to know nothing.

Mu Liyan groaned for a moment, and then slowly said, "Nuan Nuan, this time the company can tide over the difficulties, thanks to your help, Dad is very grateful to you."

"Didn’t Dad tell me? My surname is Mu, and I’m a family member. , This was originally what I should do, what thanks?" Mu Nuannuan lowered her eyelids slightly, covering the coldness in her eyes.

Mu Liyan was not a fool either, he himself knew that he was not good to Mu Nuannuan before, and he was a little worried that Mu Nuannuan would hold a grudge, and he was scrupulous in his heart.

But a person's temperament was developed since childhood. Although he seldom cares about Mu Nuannuan, she can also tell from her attitude towards Xiao Chuhe that he and she are very easy-hearted people.

But he forgot that human hearts are all made of flesh, and even a soft-hearted person can harden her heart and disregard feelings even when she is forced to retreat.

Mu Nuannuan said this sincerely, and Mu Liyan was pleased to hear it: "Nuan Nuan is really sensible after marrying. What do you think of their proposal at the previous meeting?" Is it

finally the subject?

"I think this proposal is good, but the degree of feasibility is too low. Si Chengyu is a top star in the entertainment industry. His schedule must be very full. Let alone our kind of company, those international big-name endorsements and advertisements. He may be too busy to take it."

Moreover, it is impossible for ordinary actor stars to accept the endorsement of a corporate product that has a negative impact. This will arouse the audience's disgust.

Let alone Si Chengyu.

On this point, Mu Liyan was also very clear in his heart.

However, in his opinion, although the Mu family is not qualified to let Si Chengyu reduce his status to endorse their products, the Mu family can.

If Mu Nuannuan went to the Mu family to ask the Mu family to put pressure on Si Chengyu, can Si Chengyu, a person who relies on acting for food, can resist the Mu family?

His wishful thinking was crackling, and his face showed a look of certainty.

Mu Liyan walked to Mu Nuan Nuan and patted her shoulder: "Because this task is difficult for ordinary people to do, I will entrust this task to you. I believe in your ability!"

"This... "Mu Nuannuan's face was embarrassed: "I may not be able to complete this task, after all..."

"Eh, don't say such frustrating words, even if you can't do it yourself, isn't there still Mu Tingxiao..." , Mu Liyan didn't say more.

Mu Nuannuan looked up at him, with a clear expression in her eyes: "I will try my best..." It is as

strange as possible!

Mu Liyan discovered the value available in her, and spared no effort to squeeze her.

He didn't even think about it. She "begged" Mu Tingxiao to help Mu Tingxiao overcome the difficulties, and now she went to ask Mu Tingxiao for help. Will it cause Mu Tingxiao's impatient and let her and Mu Tingxiao's feelings were at odds.

In his eyes, only his own interests.

Coming out of Mu Liyan's office, Mu Nuannuan saw Mu Wanqi.

Mu Wanqi snorted, squeezed her away and walked in.

Before Mu Nuannuan left, I heard Mu Wanqi's dissatisfied voice: "I can do this too, isn't it just to let Si Chengyu speak for the Mu family? Just find someone to catch him..."

Mu Nuannuan I think Mu Wanqi is really stupid.

Even if Si Chengyu is not Mu Tingxiao's cousin, with his identity in the entertainment industry, how could anyone catch him casually?

Si Chengyu's worth alone is almost worth the entire Mu's enterprise.


Shen Liang didn't receive a new announcement recently and was resting at home.

After Mu Nuannuan got off work, as soon as he left the Mu family, he saw the cold car.

The eye-catching bright red, like Shen Liang's character, is as hot as fire.

Mu Nuannuan looked around and made sure that there was no one suspected of being a paparazzi, and then walked towards the cool car.

She pulled the car door and sat in the co-pilot: "Why don't you call me? What should I do if I got photographed by the paparazzi at the company door?"

Thanks to Mu's family, Mu Nuannuan is now half a celebrity, black, black, red and red. Yes, the image is not too positive. If she is photographed with Mu Wanqi, she must be made up by the media.

Shen Liang's career in the entertainment industry is on the rise, which has a bad influence on her.

Shen Liang took off the sunglasses, and Mu Nuannuan was startled by a pair of red eyes.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"Our company sold me to Shengding!" Shen Liang gritted his teeth: "Give me some money and kneel down and call Dad's Spicy Chicken Company!"

Chapter: 123

Shen Liang signed the brokerage company because the brokerage company and Shengding Media are deadly opposed.

However, she didn't expect that their company would be so shameless, and they had no spine to collect money from Shengding Media and sold her directly to Shengding Media!

Mu Nuannuan was also a little surprised: "Is there any such thing?"

"I'll go to kill Gu Zhiyan now, you help me get the knife." Shen Liang said with a fierce expression on his face as he started the car.

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

She likes to talk nonsense when she is so cold. Of course, Mu Nuannuan is just listening.

However, she found that the direction she wanted the car to drive was actually Shengding Media.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head to look at her and found that she was still looking undying: "Are you really going to Shengding Media?"

"Really going!" Shen Liang curled her lips, smiling like a female villain in a movie.

"Can't you just have a good chat if you have anything?"

"I'm just going to talk to him!"

Shen Liang's posture, where is it like going to Gu Zhiyan to have a good chat, obviously he is going to fight.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't stop Shen Liang in the end.

Shen Liang parked the car, got out of the car, slammed the door, and ran towards Shengding Media.

However, before she entered, she was stopped by the security guard: "This lady, who are you looking for?"

" Who do you care about me?" Shen Liang was angry, pushing the security guard away and was about to run inside.

At this time, the security guard on the side suddenly came over, looked at Shen Liang, and then at his mobile phone: "Sorry, this lady, you can't go in."

Shen Liang raised his eyebrows: "Don't let me in?"

Mu Nuannuan had a bad feeling. Before, Shen Liang was the school bully, and she was a good player in fighting. She really wanted to fight.

She hurried up to pull Shen Liang: "This is in the company, don't mess around."

Shen Liang is obviously already confused, rolling up his sleeves and doesn't care about his image at all: "Anyway, I am now a contracted artist of Shengding Media. Even if I fight here, Shengding will not only be able to give it to me by the time!"

Mu Nuannuan felt that this was the reason.

Moreover, Gu Zhiyan's approach is indeed wrong.

So she stopped holding Shen Liang.

Shen Liang's skill is very good, and soon put down the several bodyguards who came around.

But Mu Nuannuan, who was standing by, could understand that these security guards were letting Shen Liang as if he was afraid of hurting her.

Shen Liang clapped his hands, with a rogue expression: "Will you let me see Gu Zhiyan now?"

"They won't let you see Gu Zhiyan today." Mu Nuannuan picked up the phone from the ground and handed it to Shen. cool.

What is displayed on the phone screen is the interface of a chat group in WeChat.

There is a cold photo on it with a sentence: "Said above, this woman will come to Mr. Gu today, but in any case she can't let her go up, nor can she hurt her."

There is no doubt that this order is certain It was ordered by Gu Zhiyan.

Gu Zhiyan bought Shen Liang from her former brokerage company, and he must have guessed that Shen Liang would come to him, so he had the foresight to give this order.

Mu Nuannuan knew that as a good friend, she should help Shen Liang to scold Gu Zhiyan at the moment.

However, she just wanted to laugh inexplicably.

Shen Liang cursed bitterly: "Grandson!"

Then he took Mu Nuannuan and left.

In the carriage, Mu Nuannuan said, "Gu Zhiyan knows you very well."

Shen Liang said in a loud voice: "When I was a child, he gave me urine, can you not understand me?"

"...That's a good understanding of you." Mu Nuannuan said with a smile.

Fortunately, Shen Liang was so unobstructed only when talking to her.

"When we were young, we lived in a compound, and the relationship between the two families was very good, but something happened later..." The calm expression fell into a gloomy expression and stopped talking.

Mu Nuannuan didn't ask much, she didn't have a hobby of inquiring into other people's privacy.

Shen Liang looked carefree and didn't like to hide things in her heart, but she had never told Mu Nuannuan about Gu Zhiyan, presumably because it was too heavy to speak.


Shen Liang drove Mu Nuannuan to a bar.

This bar is also opened by people in the entertainment circle, and most of the customers who come to consume are mostly celebrities, and the confidentiality is also excellent.

Shen Liang opened a box, and Mu Nuannuan scolded Gu Zhiyan while drinking.

Mu Nuannuan's drink volume was the result of practicing with Shen Liang, and the two of them drank equally.

But she knew that Shen Liang was in a bad mood and would definitely let it go. She drank very little herself, and she would send Shen Liang back after staying sober.

Halfway through the drink, the box door was suddenly opened.

A well-dressed woman stood at the door of the box, her eyes fell on Shen Liang, and she raised her eyebrows and smiled: "It's really Shen Liang. I heard people say that I saw you before. I still don't believe it. I didn't expect it to be you. "

While talking, the woman walked over to Mu Nuannuan and the others.

As she approached, Mu Nuannuan felt that this woman seemed a little familiar.

She thought that Shen Liang knew each other, so she pushed Shen Liang's shoulders.

Shen Liang was already half drunk at this time, squinted at the woman, and vomited three words for a while: "Who are you?"

The woman seemed to have never thought that Shen Liang would not recognize her, her face turned black, and she said, "I am Luo Ying."

Luo Ying?

Mu Nuannuan remembered that a name that she would often see on hot searches, and entertainment news feeds on the browser, and Luo Ying could often be seen.

A star with a lot of exposure recently.

However, there is a big gap between this person and the photo.

Shen Liang thought for a while, as if finally remembering that there was such a person, he nodded: "Oh, sorry, your makeup is too heavy today, I didn't recognize you..."

Luo Ying looked a little better.

At the next moment, Shen Liang said: "You are not the same as I saw last time. Did you cut your jaw?"

Luo Ying touched his face in shock, his eyes fierce. As if wanting to take a cold bite.

Mu Nuannuan saw that Luo Ying had come to be unkind, she stepped forward and stood in front of Shen Liang: "I'm sorry, she drank too much."

Luo Ying squinted slightly to see her: "Who are you?"

Mu Nuan Nuan was about to speak when a group of people suddenly came in at the door.

"Sister Ying, you are here, we are looking for you everywhere!"

Luo Ying turned his head and smiled happily: "Guess who I met?" The

group of people walked in, and a man headed by one said strangely, "Yo , Isn't this Shen Liang?"

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly, this Luo Ying clearly came to trouble Shen Liang.

"Everyone is a friend. Sit down and have a drink, are you okay, Shen Liang?" Luo Ying looked at Shen Liang with a smile, and didn't hide his vengeance.

Shen Liang once snatched her role.

The role she had worked so hard to win from the upper position was just like that was snatched away by Shen Liang!

Chapter: 124

Shen Liang has been in the entertainment industry for several years and is not a vegetarian.

However, Shen Liang was already half drunk at this time.

The alcohol fermented, paralyzed her nerves, and lost all reason.

Shen Liang stood up with Mu Nuannuan's hand, raised one foot and stepped on the table, looking like an elder sister: "You are all friends in the four seas... today... who are not drunk and don't want to leave... …"

Mu Nuan Nuan pursed her lips and Shen Liang had already let her go. She might not even know what the situation is now.

Luo Ying sneered when she saw Shen Liang's appearance.

Shen Liang don't think about going out from here safely today.

Although Shen Liang is only a small supporting role in the second and third lines, her good looks and acting skills are obvious to the audience, so she also has a fixed number of fans.

Because of this, even if she doesn't accompany the wine, laugh, and bed, she can still have a good script to find her.

You know, in a good script, even the supporting role is very brilliant, it is easy to be remembered by the audience, and it will be an instant hit if it is specified.

The desolate play road is open and spacious.

This is also one of the reasons why Luo Ying hates being cold.

It can be said that she and Shen Liang made their debut at the same time, but Shen Liang has been frank and innocent all the way, but she has to please the producers and directors to get the role.

Luo Ying turned her head slightly to look behind her, winking at those people: "Okay, Shen Liang has spoken, what are you doing in a daze?"

Her voice fell, and the group of people walked in.

There are seven or eight men and women together.

Mu Nuannuan hesitated, took out his mobile phone and sent Mu Jiachen a WeChat: "Did your cousin go home?"

Mu Jiachen responded quickly: "No."

Luo Ying made it clear that she was coming to trouble Shen Liang, and something was going to happen later.

Mu Nuannuan walked aside and dialed Mu Tingxiao's phone directly.

While waiting for the call to be connected, Mu Nuannuan wondered a little, what are she and Mu Tingxiao now?

When she thought that Mu Tingxiao was a "waste man", she could frankly accept that she was his wife.

But now after Mu Tingxiao "becomes a normal person," Mu Nuannuan felt a little disgusted with the identity of "Mu Tingxiao's wife".

It was because of Mu Tingxiao's deception and unfathomable depth.

There are too many secrets hidden in him, and the strong and dark is so fearful, and the instinct to avoid harm can make Mu Nuannuan want to distance him from the bottom of his heart.

However, at this time, the first person she could think of was Mu Tingxiao.

The phone rang two or three times and was picked up.

"Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Tingxiao's voice was always low, which sounded reassuring.

Mu Nuannuan was about to talk, but suddenly, her mobile phone was taken away.

She turned her head and found that it was Luo Ying who had taken her phone away.

"Return the phone to me." Mu Nuannuan frowned, disgusted by other people doing her things casually.

"It's all out to play anyway. Don't play with your mobile phone. Let's be disappointed." Luo Ying smiled and turned off her mobile phone, raised her head, and threw the mobile phone to a man beside her, then said: "This This young lady is Shen Liang's friend,

stay with her, don't be left in the cold." Another woman who is as self-righteous as Mu Wanqi.

Mu Nuannuan said with a cold face, "Return the phone to me."

Of course Luo Ying knew that she would call for help, and it was impossible to return the phone to her.

Luo Ying thought he hadn’t heard, turning his head and saying to the man behind him: "Did you not hear what I said?"

"I heard it." The man behind Luo Ying stepped forward immediately, reaching out to pull Mu Nuan’s arm. "Beauty, come and play together."

Mu Nuannuan turned sideways, avoiding the man's arm, knowing that they would not return the phone to her, not to say much, and went straight to Shen Liang.

Shen Liang sat a woman on the left and a man on the right.

The man has the appearance of a small custard, looks white and clean, but his eyes are too muddy to look at it.

One of his hands was still on the back of the sofa behind Shen Liang, eager to hug Shen Liang.

Mu Nuannuan sneered. Although she felt that Gu Zhiyan was not a good person, at least he told them not to hurt her when he asked the security guards to stop Shen Liang.

Much better than the previous butter niche.

The cream boy felt Mu Nuannuan looking at him, raised his head to show a smile that he thought was very charming, and raised the wine glass in his hand.

With a cold face, Mu Nuannuan walked over to him and pushed him aside: "Sit farther."

The custard boy was unprepared for a while, and was pushed to the side by her and fell directly to the ground.

Mu Nuannuan said without any sincerity: "I'm sorry, you look good in figure, I didn't expect you to be so weak."

The cream boy gritted his teeth, snorted, stood up from the ground, and took the wine glass in his hand. He slammed to the ground and pointed at Mu Nuannuan and cursed: "What are you, don't be shameless!"

Mu Nuannuan is not currently in the entertainment industry, and no one knows her, just thinking she is an ordinary circle. Outsiders only.

"What are you!" Shen Liang jumped up from the sofa.

Jumping too fast and almost falling, Mu Nuannuan quickly reached out to support her.

At this moment, the cream young man picked up a glass of wine and made a gesture to splash Shen Liang on his body.

Shen Liang crouched on the sofa and didn't mean to avoid it at all, Mu Nuannuan turned and stood in front of Shen Liang.

Fortunately, the clothes I wore in winter were thick, and the cold drink was dripping on my back, and I didn't dip into my clothes all at once.

Luo Ying saw this scene in his eyes, and casually patted his palms: "It's really a sisterly relationship."

Shen Liang Zai Mu Nuan Nuan stood in front of him, and his mind became clearer.

She stood up from the sofa and looked at Luo Ying: "Do you really think that I robbed you of the previous role? To tell you the truth, the director didn't want to give you that role at all. My agent had been with you a long time ago. They're done talking."

"You 're talking nonsense!"

Luo Ying only used Shen Liang as an excuse. He walked over and waved his hand to fan Shen Liang's face.

But Mu Nuannuan intercepted his arm in the middle.

"Go away! This is my business and Shen Liang's!"

"This is the box I booked, so you got out of me!" Shen Liang raised his hand and slapped Luo Ying's face.

Mu Nuannuan had a headache.

Luo Ying covered her face, screaming and rushing towards Shen Liang: "Shen Liang!"

Seeing that the situation was not good, Mu Nuannuan wanted to go up to help Shen Liang, but was caught.

The man's hand slid on her arm: "Sister Ying and Shen Liang's grudge, don't worry about it, and play with your brother."

Mu Nuan curled her lips and laughed.

Her eyes are beautiful, and when she smiles, she looks like a glorious fascination. The man looked at her in a daze.

Mu Nuannuan took the opportunity to break free, picked up an empty wine bottle on the table, and threw it directly on the man's head.

The wine bottle was suddenly broken in half.

The man's head was smashed, and blood flowed down his forehead.

Mu Nuan didn't care about him, and walked directly over, pulling Luo Ying's hair away from Shen Liang's body, pointing the half-broken wine bottle to her face: "If you don't want to be disfigured, get out!"

Chapter: 125

Luo Ying just didn't see Mu Nuannuan knocking the man's head with the wine bottle, and looked at Mu Nuannuan provocatively: "Come on, poke my face!"

Mu Nuan curled her lips, holding the wine bottle hand forward, she was about to poke Luo Ying's face, her eyes widened sharply, her hand covered her face, her mouth still pointed. call.


Her screams echoed in the box, but the wine bottle in Mu Nuan's hand did not poke her.

Mu Nuannuan gave a chuckle, and there was a sarcasm in her modest voice: "It's just that!"

Luo Ying consciously lost face, and her expression became ugly. She didn't stand up immediately, but went directly to Mu Nuannuan. The man behind him winked.

When Mu Nuannuan reacted, she was hugged from behind.

After such a crop, most of the cold wine has sobered up.

She got up and sat down on Luo Ying and pulled her hair directly: "Fuck you, uncle! You and me are directly directed at me, what is my friend! You used to stumble me secretly, I'm a dog I didn't care about you. You hit yourself today. I won't call Shen Liang if I don't hit the dog..."

The people brought by Luo Ying stopped Mu Nuannuan, and a few went to help Luo Ying.

But they couldn't get away with Ben.

Mu Nuannuan is not a vegetarian, and naturally she will not be beaten and not fight back.

The box became a ball at a time, and a few people didn't want to cause trouble, so they shrank to one side and hid, but they took their mobile phones to make videos.

People who can mix in the entertainment industry are basically full of mind.

Although Luo Ying has a lot of black material on her body, she is also considered small and famous. Shen Liang's reputation is a little bigger than Luo Ying, and her reputation is also good. The two people get together to fight, and it is also considered a big surprise to be exposed.

Suddenly, with a "bang", the box door was opened from outside.

"Stop it all!"

It was a male voice.

Mu Nuannuan raised her head and glanced. She had a little impression of this man, as if she was the lobby manager of a bar.

The manager's roar made the people in the box quiet for a while.

Shen Liangzheng and Luo Ying pulled each other's hair and fought on the floor. Luo Ying obviously knew the lobby manager. She wailed and said, "Come here and pull this woman away for me." The

lobby manager did not move, but instead Turning his head to look at the person behind him, respectfully nodded and said, "I don't know who the person Gu is looking for?"

Mu Nuannuan looked back and just saw Gu Zhiyan coming over here from the door.

At this time, Mu Nuan Nuan held an unopened bottle of wine in her hand. Her hair was pulled by a man, and her other free hand was pulling another woman’s clothes... It

can be said to be extremely Embarrassed.

Gu Zhiyan seemed to be shocked, and then coughed dryly: "Let go!"

He only knew that Mu Nuannuan's cooking was delicious, but he never thought that she could make trouble like this.

Those people naturally knew Gu Zhiyan and let go of Mu Nuannuan one after another.

Mu Nuannuan turned around and kicked the man who was pulling her hair fiercely: "I wonder if a woman's hair can't move casually?"

The man jumped with pain, but he only dared to stare at Mu Nuannuan fiercely. , Dare not say a word.

At this time, Luo Ying, who was fighting with Shen Liang, suddenly called out delicately: "Mr. Gu..."

Because Mu Nuannuan was standing, Gu Zhiyan first saw Mu Nuannuan when he came in.

With Luo Ying's "President Gu", he noticed that Shen Liang was riding on Luo Ying...

He frowned fiercely, and as soon as he stretched his arm, he lifted Shen Liang up.

As soon as Shen Liang stood up, he slammed his hand away.

Luo Ying is a contracted artist of Shengding. She also knows that Shen Liang's agency and Shengding are rivals, so she naturally feels that Gu Zhiyan must be here to help her.

She sat up and covered her face and wept bitterly: "Mr. Gu, I just want to have a drink with Teacher Shen Liang. I didn't expect that Teacher Shen Liang would even hit someone if he drank too much..."

She cried with sincerity and said. The same as real.

Gu Zhiyan first glanced at Shen Liang, and Shen Liang's condition was not so good. His hair was messed up, the makeup on his face was already spent, and there were clear red marks on his neck and face that were marked by nails.

His face sank suddenly.

Since getting to know Gu Zhiyan, Mu Nuannuan has seen him wearing glasses and pretending to be mature and unreliable, and he has also seen his doglegs in front of Mu Tingxiao. This is the first time he has seen him show a gloomy expression similar to Mu Tingxiao .

He lowered his eyes to Luo Ying, his voice was a little cold: "Luo Ying, do you know who Shen Liang is?"

"Who is she, who is..." Luo Ying also felt that something was wrong at this time, and looked up. Gu Zhiyan.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan realize that one of her faces was swollen, and there were a lot of blood stains on it. Shen Liang should have caught it with his nails, which was much worse than Shen Liang.

Gu Zhiyan curled his lips, but did not smile: "She is my little ancestor."

His voice was very soft, but when he heard Luo Ying's ears, his eardrums hummed.

After speaking, he looked up at the other people in the box, and his eyes fell on the two women hiding nearby.

The expressions of the two women looked nervous and excited. Gu Zhiyan raised his eyebrows: "Hand over the phone." The

two women's complexion changed. Knowing Gu Zhiyan's identity, they didn't dare to say anything, and handed over the phone directly. .

"The rest, call the police, our Shengding people have something to do in your bar, you always have to give me an explanation." Gu Zhiyan turned to look at the lobby manager.

The manager nodded: "Yes, I must let our boss give you a satisfactory confession."

Gu Zhiyan turned to look at Shen Liang, his voice softened: "Let's go."

Shen Liang snorted and stared. He glanced, raised his foot and walked outside.

Mu Nuannuan hurriedly followed.

She and Shen Liang went to the bathroom to wash their faces and tidy up their clothes.

After Shen Liang washed his face, there were only a few red marks on his face, not even bleeding, and he looked like an okay person.

On the contrary, Mu Nuannuan's forehead was swollen and looked a little scary.

"It's okay? Why is it such a big bag?" Shen Liang tapped his finger lightly, but didn't dare to force: "Which grandson did it, I'll beat you back."

"Okay, you are safer than anything else ." Strong." Mu Nuannuan shook her head helplessly.

Shen Liang touched his nose, and it was indeed because of her today.

When the two went out of the bathroom, they saw Gu Zhiyan waiting outside.

Gu Zhiyan walked up and was about to touch Shen Liang's face: "Let me see the injury on your face."

"What injury, no injury." Shen Liang waved away his hand directly, looking impatient.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and smiled, raising her feet to take a few steps forward, not to disturb them being alone.

At this time, a steady sound of footsteps came.

She raised her head subconsciously and saw Mu Tingxiao's tall and straight figure appearing around the corner.

However, his face...a bit scary.

Chapter: 126

Out of survival instinct, Mu Nuan Nuan turned around and wanted to go back.


Mu Tingxiao's familiar low voice sounded behind her, and Mu Nuannuan's expression froze.

She looked back at Mu Tingxiao stiffly, and calmly said: "I just want to go to the bathroom."

Mu Tingxiao has long legs and has a long stride. He has already reached her and looked down. When she touched the big bag on her forehead, she obviously narrowed her eyes.

But he raised his eyebrows and said, "Go, I'll wait for you."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

She had to bite the bullet and went to the bathroom.

Mu Nuannuan returned to the bathroom, and irritably reached out and knocked on her forehead, but accidentally knocked on the big bag on her forehead.

"Hi..." The pain died.

Finally, Mu Nuannuan lingered for a while before going out.

Shen Liang and Gu Zhiyan didn't know where they were, only Mu Tingxiao was standing there waiting for her.

The suit on his body is meticulously dressed as usual, and his figure is slender and tall, even if he is standing in front of the bathroom waiting for someone, it is pleasing to the eye.

"Twenty minutes." Mu Tingxiao suddenly raised his wrist and took a look.

When Mu Nuannuan looked puzzled, he said aloud: "Are you constipated?"

Mu Nuannuan was stunned for a moment, and then choked with her saliva: "Ahem..."

Mu Tingxiao groaned slightly, and then used it. A very serious tone said: "Let Shi Ye help you go to the hospital to register."

"Hehe." Mu Nuannuan felt that what else could she say besides laughing at this time?

... The

two went out of the bar together.

Gu Zhiyan's car stopped at the door. He sat in the driver's seat, and Shen Liang sat in the passenger seat next to him.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan coming out, Gu Zhiyan poked his head out of the car window: "Tingxiao, I will take Shen Xiaoliang to the hospital, can you go?"

Mu Tingxiao pointed to his car on the other side.

Gu Zhiyan understood, made an "OK" gesture to him, and drove away.

"I'm okay, not going to the hospital." Mu Nuannuan pulled La Mu Tingxiao's arm.

She was beaten out with a big bag on her head. She didn't see any blood. Why did she go to the hospital?

She has to register to be a waste of time, she just feels very hungry and wants to eat.

It was already nightfall, even if there were lights shining on, Mu Tingxiao's deep eyes became more and more gloomy. He said in a low voice, "It's okay?"

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan nodded.

However, the next moment, she couldn't help but screamed: "Ah!"

Because Mu Tingxiao reached out to the big bag on her forehead and pressed it hard.

Although the swelling of the big bag will gradually disappear in a few days, it still hurts to be pressed so hard.

Mu Tingxiao retracted his hand and looked at her blankly: "What's your name?"

"I..." He doesn't press her forehead, she will be fine !

...In the


Mu Tingxiao insisted on pulling Mu Nuannuan for the doctor to do a full-body examination on her.

Shen Liang was no better than her, and she was dragged by Gu Zhiyan for a full body examination.

Two people who have completed the examination sit side by side on the chairs on the edge of the corridor. You look at me and I look at you.

Finally, Shen Liang said first: "I think Mu Tingxiao is still very nervous about you."

"Haha." Mu Nuannuan involuntarily reached out and touched the big bag on her forehead. She still feels that there is a finger poking there.

Then Mu Nuannuan said indifferently, "I think Gu Zhiyan is nervous about you. What did he say?"

Mu Nuannuan paused, cleared his throat, and said in Gu Zhiyan's tone: "She is My ancestor."

"Mu Nuannuan!" She was

always carefree and cold, and her complexion was rarely unnatural.

At this time, Gu Zhiyan and Mu Tingxiao came out of the doctor's office.

Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang sat up in a straightforward manner without saying a word.


Because Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang didn't eat much, the group went to Shengding together.

On the way, Mu Nuannuan thought of Mu Jiachen, and asked Mu Tingxiao aloud, "Where is Xiaochen?"

Mu Tingxiao turned to look at her. There was no expression on the handsome face: "You might as well care about yourself. "

At Shengding, they ordered a large table of dishes for the two women who had finished fighting.

Although Mu Nuannuan felt a little flustered, she was actually hungry.

When she was full, Mu Tingxiao began to find Mu Nuannuan to settle accounts.

"I didn't even know that my wife could fight like this. Who taught you?"

Mu Tingxiao looked at her with dark eyes, as if her answer made him unsatisfied, and he was going to fix her.

As for how to repair it, Mu Nuannuan didn't know.

She only knew that as long as she was in front of Mu Tingxiao, she would change involuntarily.

Mu Nuannuan pointed at Shen Liang who was sitting next to her with no sense of loyalty.

Shen Liang was also afraid of Mu Tingxiao.

She shrank her neck, swallowed and pointed at Gu Zhiyan who was sitting next to her: "I was fighting, he taught me."


Gu Zhiyan just drank a sip of red wine, and was choked. .

"No, I said Shen Xiaoliang, when I left, someone helped me take care of you, but you didn't let you follow me in fighting and become a school boss..." Before

he could finish his words, he was sunk. A cold eye was silenced.


Mu Tingxiao did not speak, sneered, and stood up and walked outside.

Mu Nuannuan keenly understood the big words "Go home and clean you up" from his words.

She doesn't want to go home anymore.

However, she dared not return.


Mu Tingxiao drove the car, galloping all the way.

When he arrived at the door of the villa, Mu Nuannuan helped the car door to get out of the car, squatting on the side of the road and threw up dimly.

Mu Jiachen heard the sound of the car running out, and when he saw Mu Nuannuan, he let out a relieved expression: "Sister Nuannuan, you are finally back. You don’t know. My cousin came back and saw you. At home, it was gloomy and scared to death..."

Mu Nuannuan stood up slowly, and said weakly, "If it is not gloomy, he can scare people to death." The

voice fell, and she saw Mu Jia standing there as soon as she looked up. Mu Tingxiao behind Chen.

Sure enough, you can't speak ill of others secretly.

Mu Nuannuan felt that extending the head is a knife, and shrinking the head is also a knife, it is better to let this knife be cut off earlier.

So she followed Mu Tingxiao back to the bedroom.

In fact, she was a little puzzled in her heart. Why was Mu Tingxiao so angry when she was fighting outside?

Is it because Mu Tingxiao feels she has embarrassed him?

Mu Tingxiao entered the bedroom, took off his coat, turned around and saw that Mu Nuannuan was still hesitating at the door, and called her calmly: "Come here."

Mu Nuannuan Qi Aiai walked over, Mu Tingxiao said. She stretched out her hand and sat down on the bed, and then his hand stretched out.

Mu Nuannuan wanted to hide subconsciously, but was stopped by Mu Tingxiao in a low voice, "Grinding medicine, what to hide!"

Chapter: 127

Mu Nuannuan only noticed that Mu Tingxiao held a bottle of ointment in her other empty hand.

It turned out to be putting medicine on her.

Mu Nuannuan sat up upright, still squeezed back slightly, and said, "I'll do it myself."

Mu Tingxiaozhi went to her forehead and pressed that fiercely, but she was not merciful at all. I'm afraid that he didn't make a move.

"Sit down!"

Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Nuannuan coldly, as if he hadn't heard her. She stopped talking.

He put a plaster on his fingers, and gently rubbed it against the swollen bag on her forehead, rubbing very gently, a little painful, but not unbearable.

Despite this, Mu Nuannuan was still a little uneasy, her eyes kept blinking, her long eyelashes trembled and looked a little pitiful.

Mu Tingxiao's expression also eased a bit, but his voice was heavy but not cold.

"You are not allowed to go to bars with Shen Liang in the future."

Mu Tingxiao didn't know the people who made trouble today, but he knew how deep the water in the entertainment circle was. No one can tell what to do.

Fortunately, this stupid woman still knows to call him.

Mu Tingxiao knew that Gu Zhiyan bought Shen Liang's contract. He heard Luo Ying's words before Mu Nuannuan's phone was hung up.

At that time, his thoughts turned and he guessed that Mu Nuannuan might be with Shen Liang, and Gu Zhiyan knew Shen Liang best, so he called Gu Zhiyan directly.

Therefore, Gu Zhiyan would go to the bar first.

Mu Nuannuan frowned. She didn't like Mu Tingxiao's tone very much: "What happened today is an accident."

Mu Tingxiao had already rubbed the ointment away, he slowly retracted his hand, and while wiping his hands with a tissue, he casually said, "Car accident, robbery, such an accident, which one is not an accident?"

"..." This kind of thing can be reconciled. Robbery and car accident are on par?

Mu Nuannuan was speechless for a while.

Mu Tingxiao didn't mean to wait for her to speak. He smelled the wine on her body and said coldly, "Go take a bath."

... the

next day.

Mu Nuannuan got up and looked in the mirror to look at the big bag on her forehead. The medicine Mu Tingxiao rubbed on her had an effect, and it had disappeared quite a bit, but it was still blue and purple and looked a bit hideous.

It seems that makeup is unnecessary today.

When I went downstairs to the restaurant, I found that the breakfast was ready and placed on the table.

Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jiachen sat at the dining table and waited for her.

Mu Jiachen eagerly opened the chair beside him: "Sister

Nuannuan , morning." The longer he gets along with Mu Jiachen, Mu Nuannuan thinks he is a very good child, but occasionally becomes a little skinny.

She was about to walk towards Mu Jiachen when she heard a slight noise coming from Mu Tingxiao.

Turning his head, he found that Mu Tingxiao had also opened the chair beside him.

Mu Tingxiao's meaning couldn't be more obvious, he wanted Mu Nuannuan to sit next to him.

Mu Nuan Nuan twitched the corner of his mouth. Mu Tingxiao was screaming with a kid this morning. Did he take the wrong medicine?

Looking at Mu Jiachen's grinning face, and then at Mu Tingxiao's expressionless face, Mu Nuannuan sat next to Mu Jiachen without hesitation.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan sat down, it was obvious that the atmosphere on the dining table had become depressed.

She and Mu Jiachen looked at each other at the same time, and then immersed in their breakfast.

Mu Tingxiao's temper was really...too weird.

... After

eating breakfast, Mu Tingxiao left by car, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Jiachen were delivered by another driver.

At the Mu's door, Mu Nuannuan got out of the car, and the driver drove the car away. She turned around and was about to walk into the Mu's building, when she heard a strange woman's voice behind her: "Miss Mu."

Mu Nuannuan turned around. Head, I saw a woman in an elite dress in a lady's suit standing behind her.

"Hello, you are..." Mu Nuannuan was sure that she didn't know the person in front of her.

The woman's hair was meticulously combed, making her look a little serious: "I'm Si Chengyu's agent, Xu Jun."

Although Mu Nuannuan had never seen her, she knew the word "Xu Jun".

She is a fan of Si Chengyu, and occasionally clicks in to see posts and news about Si Chengyu on the Internet.

Xu Jun is a gold medal agent in the entertainment industry. Si Chengyu was brought out by her. She is shrewd and capable. The public has a high opinion of her.

When Xu Jun saw a trace of her expression, he guessed that Mu Nuannuan might know her, so she stopped turning around and said directly: "Cheng Yu has something to do with you."

"Si Chengyu?"

Xu Jun Nodded: "Well, you come with me."

Xu Jun took Mu Nuannuan to a nanny car.

When the car door opened, she saw Si Chengyu.

He always smiled gently on his face: "I have something to ask you, but it won't take you too much time."

"Oh, what do you say."

Si Chengyu was so famous that he opened the door and spoke here. It's not very convenient, so Mu Nuannuan got on the car.

When she sat down, Si Chengyu asked her aloud: "Mu Wanqi is your sister?"

"Yes." Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised: "What's wrong with her?"

Secretary Cheng Yu did not directly answer her question, but asked: "Your family's company there is some question, so I'm looking for your product endorsements?"

Mu warm frown: "? How do you know,"

he The tone was very gentle, and he was very good at speaking: "Just tell me, isn't it like this?"

"...Yes." Mu Nuannuan vaguely guessed that Mu Wanqi might have done something stupid again, Si Chengyu Know this.

She pursed her lips and explained: "This is just a proposal from someone in the company. I know you won't..."

Si Chengyu, who has been listening to her, interrupted her at this moment: "If If you want me to endorse Mu's products, I can give it a try. "

Try it?"

Shock was written on Mu Nuannuan's face. What does Si Chengyu mean?

What does it mean if she wants him to endorse Mu's products, he can try it?

It means that if she asked him to help Mu's family, he would be willing to help?

Soon, Mu Nuannuan wanted to understand, Si Chengyu would say this, most likely because of her relationship with Mu Tingxiao.

"You don't need to be like this. The Mu family will have the situation it is today. It was originally self-sufficient, and it will also have a positive impact on your reputation." She was grateful for Si Chengyu's kindness, but could not pull him into the water.

Si Chengyu laughed suddenly, with a gentle appearance that could easily make people lower their guard.

He fixedly looked at Mu Nuannuan: "It's not because of Ting Xiao, I am here for you today. If you need it, I can help you. Fame is not that important to me."

A smile in his eyes. The mind was not cleared, but his eyes were very focused, as if he was looking at Mu Nuannuan, or at other people through Mu Nuannuan.

No matter who he is looking at, just his words are enough to make people think.

Chapter: 128

Mu Nuan had a heartbeat and quickly refused: "I am very grateful for the kindness of my eldest brother, but I really don't need it. I am going to work now, otherwise I will be late."

She finished, and then again. After saying goodbye to Xu Jun, he opened the door and hurriedly got out of the car and left.

Si Chengyu looked at Mu Nuannuan's hurried departure through the car window, and the smile in his eyes gradually faded.

He knew that Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao had been in conflict recently because of Mu Tingxiao's deception.

However, just to distance him from him, she also followed Mu Tingxiao to call him "Big Brother".


Mu Nuannuan entered the Mu family, still a little confused.

How could Si Chengyu say such strange things to her?

The way he looked at her before, it was like looking at another person through her.

Mu Nuannuan was in a daze, but didn't notice Mu Wanqi who was walking towards her.

It wasn't until she spoke out that Mu Nuannuan's attention was caught.


Nuannuan , how are you doing the task that dad assigned you?" Mu Wanqi always looked like a tall posture in front of her, with her chin raised high, she didn't want to press Mu Nuannuan all the time. One end.

Mu thought before the warm words of Secretary Chengyu said, slightly amused eye flashed a hint of inquiry:. "Not very good, if you are willing, you plead with Dad, this task to you to do it."

It would have been It was an impossible task that was forced to Mu Nuannuan by Mu Liyan.

Rarely, Mu Wanqi didn't lose her temper. Instead, she fluffed her hair with confidence in her tone: "I will go if I go. Don't think that you can't do things that others can't."

Mu Nuannuan felt It was quite appropriate to put this to Mu Wanqi.

"Oh, good luck then." Mu Nuannuan's indifferent tone immediately angered Mu Wanqi.

However, Mu Nuannuan didn't give Mu Wanqi a chance to get angry, so she lifted her foot and left.

... After

Mu Wanqi took over the task of persuading Si Chengyu to endorse Mu's products, she barely showed up in the company.

Mu Nuannuan didn't care much either.

Although she still had doubts about what Si Chengyu said to her that day, she did not take it seriously.

She is very self-aware, and she does not think that Si Chengyu will have any ambiguous feelings for her in such a few short contacts.

There are countless beautiful female stars in the entertainment circle who love Si Chengyu.

Mu Nuannuan felt that compared with them, she was simply too ordinary.

That day, as soon as Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company, she was called to the office by Mu Liyan.

Mu Liyan smiled with joy: "Nuan Nuan, come here, I have something to tell you."

"What's the matter, dad?" Mu Liyan couldn't guess for a moment what would make Mu Liyan so happy.

"As for Si Chengyu's endorsement of our company's products, your sister has already negotiated. Your sister has been exhausted recently, so I decided to leave the follow-up matters to you."

Mu Liyan looked on. , I can’t conceal the joy: “You do things, I’m relieved!”

Mu Nuannuan frowned, thinking that this is simply impossible: “Si Chengyu promised to take over our company’s product endorsements?”

Except Si Chengyu asked her to take the initiative There is no need to help this. With Si Chengyu's position, even if he really wants to endorse the Mu family, his agent and company will not agree.

What's more, his contracted company is Shengding Media.

Gu Zhiyan is the boss of Shengding Media. It is impossible for him to let the people below help Si Chengyu take on this kind of endorsement that destroys the image.

"Yes, this is all the credit of your sister. You must negotiate with the people at Si Chengyu."

"I see." Mu Nuannuan nodded, and said nothing.


Back home, Mu Nuannuan went directly to the study to find Mu Tingxiao.

He must know something about Si Chengyu.

Mu Tingxiao had just returned, and when Mu Nuannuan opened the door to enter, he just finished answering a call.

Turning to see Mu Nuannuan, he said aloud: "

I'm back." "I have something to ask you." Mu Nuannuan walked directly to him.

Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao nodded slightly invisibly and motioned for Mu Nuannuan to ask directly.

"Did you know that Si Chengyu has taken over Mu's product endorsement?" Mu Nuannuan asked straightforwardly without circumstance.

Mu Tingxiao was taken aback for a moment, and there was not much surprise on his face: "I don't know."

"What's going on? How could Gu Zhiyan let Si Chengyu take over Mu's endorsement? If he really took this Endorsements will have an impact on his acting career and his style reviews!"

Mu Nuannuan felt sorry and worthless for Si Chengyu, and her tone became a little anxious.

Mu Tingxiao looked at her fixedly for a few seconds, then narrowed his eyes to look at her: "You are a loyal fan of him and care about his affairs so much."

Mu Nuannuan didn't bother to pay attention to the yin and yang in his tone, and said: " I am his fan, yes, but he is also your cousin, do you care about this?"

"You also said that he is an older brother, what can I do as a younger brother?" Mu Tingxiao finished. Turned around and sat down in front of the desk, as if not paying attention to her again.

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao was really a weird person.

He looks like Si Chengyu is very close, but Si Chengyu doesn't care about this kind of thing.

Mu Tingxiao treats her with good and bad times.

Forget it, Young Master Mu's mind, she didn't bother to guess, even if she wanted to guess, she couldn't guess.


Mu Nuannuan was responsible for the follow-up work of Si Chengyu's endorsement, and Mu Liyan gave her privileges so that she could ignore the company's affairs and just follow up until the endorsement matter was finalized.

In the morning, Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company, got the contact information of Si Chengyu's agent, and went out.

Mu Nuannuan met Xu Jun once and felt that Xu Jun was a serious person.

She tried to dial Xu Jun's phone and was picked up after a few rings.

"Hello, I'm Si Chengyu's agent, Xu Jun."

Mu Nuannuan said slowly: "I am Mu Nuannuan."

"It's Miss Mu." Xu Jun obviously still has an impression of her.

Mu Nuannuan directly explained his intention: "I heard that you have accepted Mu's product endorsement?"

"About this matter, Miss Mu can directly tell Cheng Yu that I am outside now, and I will send his home address to You, go straight over."

Xu Jun didn't give Mu Nuannuan a chance to speak at all. After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

In less than a minute, she sent the address of Si Chengyu to Mu Nuannuan.

The address she sent to Mu Nuannuan was a well-known wealthy real estate area in Shanghai City, where many celebrities and upper-class elites lived.

After the address, Xu Jun also left Si Chengyu's phone number and asked her to call Si Chengyu directly.

After all, ordinary people can't get into that kind of high-end community.

Chapter: 129

Mu Nuannuan took a taxi to the community where Si Chengyu was located.

At the gate of the community, she called Si Chengyu.

Si Chengyu answered the phone very quickly, probably just after exercising, and his voice was a little panting: "Wait for five minutes."

Si Chengyu really came out in five minutes.

He was wearing a black sportswear, his hair was slightly damp, and his smile was gentle like a big brother next door.

When he put his gaze on Mu Nuannuan, the smile on his face became deeper.

He waved to Mu Nuannuan: "Nuan Nuan, come with me."

After saying that, he seemed to realize that he was wrong, and asked her a little apologetically: "You follow Ting Xiao and call me big brother, I can Would you like to call you Nuannuan?"

Mu Nuannuan choked at his words, and nodded in embarrassment: "...Yes."

Si Chengyu took Mu Nuannuan to his house and went in and took a pair from the shoe cabinet. Sex slippers for her.

"It's a bit messy. The aunt who cleaned this week has something to do at home, so I didn't come here. I was too busy to clean." Si Chengyu explained to her while walking inside.

In fact, the room is quite tidy, but the things are arranged out of order.

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said nothing.

Si Chengyu took her to the sofa and let her sit down, and then helped her pour a glass of water: "I was abroad for a while, and there was nothing at home. There is only water. You will be the same."

"Nothing, thank you. "

Speaking of Mu Nuannuan Si Chengyu is not very familiar, she is still a little uncomfortable sitting in his house like this.

She took a sip of water and directly explained the purpose of coming here today: "Have you picked up Mu's product endorsement?"

"Well, I took it, but the contract has not been signed yet." Si Chengyu sat down opposite her with a gentle smile: "The Mu family sent you to talk to me about the contract?"

"Yes." Mu Nuannuan He laughed and put down the water cup in his hand: "Are you really sure you want to endorse the Mu family?"

"I'm not sure, that's why they sent you to talk to me." Si Chengyu looked carelessly, with Mu Tingxiao Somewhat alike.

Mu Nuannuan was stunned for a moment. Can cousins ​​look like this?

"However, you don't seem to agree very much with the endorsement of the Mu family." Si Chengyu's smiling eyes were shrewd and wise.

When Mu Nuannuan saw him speak so directly, she did not twitch: "It is not that I disagree. Although I am from the Mu family, I must also admit that if you take the Mu's endorsement, it will affect your acting career. Cause a bad influence."

Si Chengyu leaned back lightly, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked a bit like Mu Tingxiao.

However, his tone was not as gloomy as Mu Tingxiao, and he was still very gentle: "Are you so honest with everyone?"

"..." Mu Nuannuan couldn't answer the word.

Suddenly, he retracted the smile on his face, and said with a straight face: "Don't be too kind, you will be bullied by Ting Xiao."

Mu Nuannuan felt that Si Chengyu said a lot today.

Hearing Mu Tingxiao from Si Chengyu's mouth, Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a while before reacting.

"Xiao Chen is also very afraid of him, does he like to bully people?" Mu Nuannuan was really curious.

Si Chengyu paused: "No, at least before he was eleven, he was a very well-behaved and obedient child."

Very well-behaved and obedient.

These words are used to describe Mu Tingxiao, which is very against the peace.


It wasn't until Mu Nuannuan left that she remembered that the purpose of her coming to fight Si Chengyu today was to talk about endorsements. As a result, the two people talked all over the world and left the endorsements behind.

Mu Nuannuan was a little helpless, but did not show it.

She always felt that it was not that simple for Si Chengyu to take over Mu's endorsement.

Take one step at a time, let's talk about it then.

In the afternoon, Mu Nuannuan did not return to the Mu clan, and there was nothing serious to do when he returned.

She called Shen Liang to come out for coffee.

She told Shen Liang that Si Chengyu had accepted Mu's endorsement, and Shen Liang was as shocked as her.

Shen Liang's first reaction was not to believe it: "How is it possible? Fake?"

"I went to Si Chengyu today, and he didn't deny it." Mu Nuannuan added sugar to the coffee in front of him and paused. Said: "But the contract has not been signed yet."

Shen Liang was reading Weibo. Hearing her words, he raised his head and looked down at the phone screen. Suddenly, a popular Weibo message broke into his eyes.

As she read it, she read aloud: "A certain black-hearted company was so obliterated that it used extraordinary means to threaten a certain great movie star to endorse its products..."

Mu Nuannuan became more and more aware of the black-hearted company mentioned in this Weibo. , Very much like Mu's.

She stretched out her hand and took the cold cell phone over: "Show me."

Mu Nuannuan looked more and more, frowning deeper, and then read the comment. The first content of the hot comment was mentioning Si Chengyu and Mu. S.

"Do you still remember the tumultuous Mu's factory a while ago? I suspect that this Weibo is about Mu's."

There are many comments below.

"But, who is the actor who was threatened?"

"That daily necessities company can suppress the news on the Internet in such a short period of time, it shows that he has a very strong backstage. If the backstage is strong, if he wants to threaten the actor to endorse their products, he must find the most current fans. The most influential actor! Tell me loudly that this actor is..."

"Si Chengyu!"

"Upstairs +1"

"It must be Si Chengyu!"


Because of the conscious guidance of the previous hot comment , And the comments that followed were basically scolding Mu's.

Mu Nuannuan returned the phone to Shen Liang, took out his phone, opened Weibo, and went directly to Mu's official Weibo to read comments.

When she clicked in, she saw Mu's official Weibo posted a Weibo one minute ago: [Looking forward to the cooperation of Emperor Si Ying. ]

Because of the last incident, Mu's official Weibo was turned off by netizens for many times, so I closed the comments.

As soon as his Weibo was posted, it was reposted over a hundred in less than two minutes, and the number of reposts continued to rise.

Those who reposted this Weibo basically scolded Mu's.

"Oh, our actor will accept the endorsement of this kind of rubbish company? A joke."

"Last time even the endorsement of the international big-name XX, Si Chengyu pushed it. Why do you accept the endorsement of your bad company? What did Yu have done, didn't he count it?"

"Let's close down soon!"


Shen Liang also came over and saw the Weibo sent by the Mu family.

She asked Mu Nuannuan: "Do you believe there is such a coincidence?"

"I don't believe it." Mu Nuannuan shook her head solemnly.

Si Chengyu would say to accept Mu's endorsement, which may have been a game from the beginning.

Mu Nuannuan probably understood what was going on.

This is because he wants to use the celebrity effect to push the Mu Family to the edge of the abyss.

——Isn’t there still Old Man Mu?

What Mu Tingxiao had said suddenly broke into Mu Nuannuan's mind.

Chapter: 130

Mu Tingxiao's purpose is to push the Mu family to the edge of the abyss, until Mu Liyan can't support it and let Elder Mu return home.

It has been eleven years since Mr. Mu hurriedly went abroad for retirement.

Eleven years ago, Mr. Mu basically never returned to China.

Even if the family were to be reunited, Mu Liyan took the family abroad to find Mr. Mu, but Mu Nuannuan had never been taken abroad by him.

Mu Nuannuan also suspected that the matter of Si Chengyu might be related to Mu Tingxiao.

After all, Sheng Ding couldn't really let Si Chengyu take over Mu's endorsement, and Gu Zhiyan had a close relationship with Mu Tingxiao.

But if it has something to do with Mu Tingxiao, then why does he deliberately force Elder Mu to return home?

Mu Nuannuan raised her head to look at Shen Liang: "If the marriage contract between Mu Wanqi and Mu Tingxiao is related to the kidnapping case at that time, can you assume that the reason why Mu Tingxiao has always wanted to force my grandfather back to China? , Because my grandfather is also related to the kidnapping case that year!"

Shen Liang shook his head: "But if your grandfather was related to the kidnapping case of Mu Tingxiao and his mother at that time, why would the Mu family release him to go abroad for retirement, and let the two Marriage?"

Mu Nuannuan felt that Shen Liang's words made sense.

The series of things that the Mu family did give people a feeling of pleasing the Mu family...

Mu Nuan Nuan flashed in her mind, frowning and saying, "My grandpa is in good health. He didn't need to be in good health more than ten years ago. He went abroad for retirement. There must be some reason for him to go abroad, and the marriage contract between Mu Wanqi and Mu Tingxiao was weird. These two things came together..." After a pause, Mu Nuannuan

continued:" I don’t believe there is such a coincidence in the world. I suspect that my grandfather must have known the secret secrets of the Mu family and reached a marriage agreement with the Mu family. But the Mu family is cautious and asked my grandfather to go abroad. , And forbid him to come back." After

she finished speaking, she saw Shen Liang looking at her dumbfounded.

Mu Nuannuan also felt that her brain was too wide open: "Do you think I guessed wrong?"

Shen Liang shook his head, "No, I think you made a lot of sense. Moreover, my dad had come into contact with that. The case, your grandfather does have a little connection with that case, but it has no effect on the case..."



Mu Nuannuan unscrewed the faucet while holding his mobile phone to watch the online Weibo discussion about Si Chengyu being threatened.


Nuannuan !" Mu Jiachen's voice came from outside.

His voice was from far to near: "Sister

Nuannuan , are you cooking!" Mu Nuannuan put down his phone and looked out of the kitchen, just to see Mu Jiachen running over here.

As soon as Mu Jiachen ran in, he was about to uncover the lid: "What are you doing, it tastes delicious!"

"Broiled pork." Mu Nuannuan patted his hand: "It's not ready yet, go out and wait. Now."

"Okay." Mu Jiachen retracted his hand with a smile, and ran out in a swift smoke.

When eating, Mu Tingxiao did not come back.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the place where Mu Tingxiao usually sits, slightly lost.

Mu Jiachen took a piece of braised pork and stuffed it into his mouth. He ate his mouth full of oil, and said vaguely, "If you want my cousin, call him."

"Who missed him." Mu Nuannuan again Caught him a piece of meat: "Eat yours."

"Oh." Mu Jiachen obviously didn't believe her.

After the two of them ate dinner, Mu Tingxiao still did not come back.

Mu Nuannuan went back to the room to take a shower, sat on the bed and looked at the empty room, always feeling that nothing was right.

Is it because Mu Tingxiao is not there?


Suddenly, her mobile phone on the bedside table vibrated.

Mu Nuannuan took it over and saw that it turned out to be a call from Mu Tingxiao.

She hesitated for three seconds, then reached out and picked it up.

"Hello?" The

other end of the phone rang but it was not Mu Tingxiao's voice: "Nuan Nuan, I am Gu Zhiyan, something has happened to Ting Xiao, you come to Jinding now, I have asked Shi Ye to pick you up. "

Gu Ge Dayan's tone was particularly anxious, which made Mu Nuan Nuan feel a sense of anxiety.

She remembered the gunshot wound on Mu Tingxiao's body last time...

she felt a little panic in her heart. She changed her clothes and ran upstairs quickly.

Just when the night had arrived, he saw Mu Nuannuan panicking, and his eyes flashed slightly: "Madam, I will pick you up to Jinding."


drove the car so fast that night, and arrived at Jinding soon.

When she got out of the car, Mu Nuannuan remembered and asked him: "What happened to Mu Tingxiao?"

"Madam Young will see if you go to see." Shi Ye lowered her head, looking very respectful.

Mu Nuan's heart was suspicious, and she didn't seem too nervous all night.

As soon as she entered Jinding, she saw Gu Zhiyan.

As soon as Gu Zhiyan saw her, he walked up directly: "Nuan Nuan, you are here."

" Where is Mu Tingxiao?" Mu Nuannuan asked him aloud.

Gu Zhiyan coughed lightly: "I'll take you to find her." The

two entered the elevator, and Gu Zhiyan was still explaining to her: "Ting Xiao had some accident. He didn't kiss anyone else, except for you. I know who I'm looking for."

"Oh." As if she and Mu Tingxiao were very close.

At the door of the room, Gu Zhiyan opened the door: "Ting Xiao is inside, you can go in."

The room was dark and the lights were not turned on.

Mu Nuannuan felt something was wrong: "What's wrong with Mu Tingxiao?"

Gu Zhiyan sighed, "You'll know if you go in and see."

Mu Nuannuan looked at Gu Zhiyan for a few seconds, then raised her foot and walked in.

As soon as she entered with her front foot, the door was closed with a "bang".

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and pressed the light switch, glanced at the door of the room, and continued to walk inside while calling Mu Tingxiao's name.

"Mu Tingxiao?"

She yelled several times without getting a response.

Mu Tingxiao lived in a suite, and Mu Nuannuan walked towards the bedroom without seeing him in the hall.

Mu Nuannuan turned on the bedroom light and found that there was no Mu Tingxiao in the bedroom. Just when she was about to go out, she heard the patter of water coming from the bathroom.

She walked to the bathroom door and knocked on the door: "Mu Tingxiao? Are you inside?"

There was no light in the bathroom, and Mu Nuannuan did not hear any response from inside, so she was not sure whether there was anyone inside.

Just as she was about to turn around and go out, a depressed and gloomy voice came from the bathroom: "Get out!" It

was Mu Tingxiao's voice!

His voice didn't sound right.

"Mu Tingxiao, what's wrong with you?" Mu Nuannuan patted the door: "I am Mu Nuannuan." The

next moment, the bathroom door was suddenly opened.

Mu Tingxiao appeared pale in her sight. His whole body was dripping with water, only wrapped in a bath towel, Mu Nuannuan stood a step away from him, feeling the coolness radiating from him.

Mu Nuannuan reached out and touched his arm, and found that it was frighteningly cold!

Mu Tingxiao quickly opened her hand: "Who asked you to come? Go back!"