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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 171-180 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 171

Mu Nuannuan is a bit embarrassed, but still feels more cautious and safer.

She slammed the car door and got into the car first.

Because it was Si Chengyu driving, sitting in the back seat would feel like Si Chengyu as a driver. It was not polite, so Mu Nuannuan took the seat of the co-pilot.

The car moved forward steadily, and Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone and called Shen Liang back.

After the call was made, but no one answered, it automatically hung up.

Mu Nuannuan felt a little uneasy in her heart, could it be that something happened to Shen Liang?

Thinking like this, Shen Liang called her.

Mu Nuannuan quickly answered the phone: "Xiao Liang."

"Nuan Nuan, where are you? How did the phone turn off before?" The calm tone was a little serious.

Did something happen again?

Mu Nuannuan felt a little nervous: "On the plane before, what happened?"

"You didn't see the news..." Shen Liang stopped here suddenly, as if he didn't know how to speak.

"What news?" Mu Nuannuan had a bad feeling in her heart.

"It's Luo Ying..." Shen Liang didn't know how to talk about it, and said annoyedly: "I'll send you the picture, you can go and see it yourself." The

phone was hung up, and Nuannuan soon Received a WeChat message reminder.

I clicked into WeChat and found that Shen Liang had sent her a few pictures, and they were all long pictures. It was vaguely visible that they were screenshots of some news and Weibo.

After Mu Nuannuan clicked on the picture and enlarged it, she finally saw the content clearly.

"Private meeting between a certain second-line actress and a certain family young master mansion..."

The content of the news is all speculation, and there is no substantive content, but in the picture below, Mu Nuanyan recognizes the figure of the woman and the villa behind her.

She had met Luo Ying several times, and she was a little bit deeply impressed with Luo Ying. At a glance, she recognized that the woman wearing sunglasses was Luo Ying.

And the villa behind Luo Ying is exactly Mu Tingxiao's villa!

Mu Nuan Nuan suddenly remembered that when Luo Ying went to the Mu family to find her, he not only apologized to her uncharacteristically, but also bought such a big-name item as a gift.

She also felt that Luo Ying had another purpose at the time, but she didn't think about Mu Tingxiao's body. She felt that she had just rejected Luo Ying. She didn't expect Luo Ying to find Mu Tingxiao's villa.

It was exactly the same as she thought, even in the eyes of outsiders, Mu Tingxiao was an "ugly and inhumane" waste person, just a Mu family elder's identity, enough for a woman to take the initiative to send it to the door.

Mu Nuannuan felt a little complicated for a while.

Mu Tingxiao said before that he would not come to pick her up temporarily. Is this what he was talking about?

In the following screenshots of Weibo, the content is to analyze Luo Ying's identity and the owner of the villa.

The analysis of the entire long Weibo is well-organized and well-founded. If it weren’t for Mu Tingxiao’s arrogant temperament, Mu Nuannuan would have to believe in the Weibo “Although it’s not good, but good-sexuality , No one refuses to come".

When Mu Tingxiao was in bed, he was indeed like a wolf.

As for those who do not refuse?

What kind of woman does Mu Tingxiao want?

Mu Nuannuan retorted the blogger's words one by one in her heart, and Shen Liang was not idle, and kept sending her messages.

"I thought that Mu Wanqi and Luo Ying would not be good when they hook up together. That woman is really ambitious!"

"I knew, I should have killed her directly before and let her get out of the entertainment circle!"

"Nuan Nuan? Have you seen the news about me? I think, even if the big boss really intends to cheat, he won't be looking for Luo Ying. At least he will find a national flower, young, beautiful and famous.

Right ." Mu Nuannuan couldn't laugh or cry. Is there such a comfort to her?

On the side Si Chengyu saw Mu Nuannuan's complexion constantly changing, and asked concerned: "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Mu Nuannuan looked up at Si Chengyu, and his subordinates were not idle, so he edited a message. Give Shenliang.

The message she sent out was: "These news and Weibo have been withdrawn, right?

Shen Liang second replied: "Withdrawn early. "

That's good.

"I'm still on my way home, and I will go home and ask about Mu Tingxiao's situation first. "Mu Nuannuan returned this message to Shen Liang, and put down the phone.

"How about Xiaochen?" "I haven't seen Mu Jiachen these days, so I really miss him.

"I asked an aunt to cook for him. I played games or watched movies at home all day long. I told me that I wanted to go back to Tingxiao. When Si Chengyu said this, he smiled helplessly: "I think my brother is quite incompetent. "

Although Mu Jiachen had been telling him that Mu Tingxiao was fierce and cold, and he didn't give him pocket money, but within a few days of going to his house, he clamored to go back to Mu Tingxiao's house. After

a while, he said that he wanted to eat Mu Nuannuan. I forgot to bring some textbooks to me when I was cooking for a while...

Speaking of which, Mu Jiachen still prefers to live with

Mu Tingxiao. Mu Nuannuan did not ask Si Chengyu to take her home, in the city center. I got out of the car, and then took a taxi back to the villa.

"Good lady young! When

she got out of the car, the bodyguard who guarded the door greeted her immediately, and then came forward to pick up her luggage.

Mu Nuannuan asked aloud as she walked inside, "Where is your master?" "

The bodyguard said honestly: "Master went out early in the morning."

When she arrived at the entrance of the hall, Aunt Hu greeted me: "I heard them calling you inside, right? You came back by the morning flight, right? I probably didn't eat either. I cooked the porridge in the morning and Master didn't eat much. I'll heat a bowl for you."

"Thank you Aunt Hu."

Mu Nuannuan thanked him and went upstairs to change clothes.

As soon as she changed her clothes and opened the door, she was caught in a warm and generous embrace.

The familiar breath burst into her nose, and Mu Nuannuan reached out and hugged it back.

Mu Tingxiao lowered his head and kissed the top of her hair lightly: "Why did you come back? That night, he said he didn't pick you up at the airport."

Mu Nuannuan didn't hide it: "I met my big brother at the airport. Once I got to the city center, I took a taxi and came back."

She clearly felt that Mu Tingxiao's breath had changed a little, as if she was a little dissatisfied.

"What happened at the banquet last time, the eldest brother didn't mean it. He happened to meet him at the airport. He said he was going to take me for a ride, so I couldn't refuse."

Mu Nuannuan patiently explained to him, but she couldn't What I deny is that there was also a sense of blocking the air.

Mu Tingxiao had made it clear that she was going to pick her up at the airport. She thought she would be able to see Mu Tingxiao when she got off the plane, but he just couldn't tell.

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao replied in an unclear mood, then lowered his head to kiss Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan hurriedly pushed him away: "Aunt Hu is still waiting for me to go down to eat. I didn't have time to eat breakfast and I was very hungry."

Mu Tingxiao heard this, although he was still a little unwilling, but he didn't do anything else.

Chapter: 172

in the restaurant.

Mu Nuannuan sat and ate, Mu Tingxiao wrapped her arms like that, sitting opposite her and staring at her.

His face had a habit of indifferent expression, but his eyes were extremely focused, as if he hadn't seen her in years.

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao was too slimy like this, and she was a villa for him.

So she asked Mu Tingxiao aloud: "Luo Ying...what's the matter with

her ?" She naturally believed in Mu Tingxiao, but she still had to figure out what was going on.

How did Luo Ying find Mu Tingxiao's villa? What about the news.

Mu Tingxiao asked instead, "Have you read the news?"

"Yeah, I have read it." Mu Nuannuan put a spoonful of porridge in her mouth again, and narrowed her eyes slightly with satisfaction.

Aunt Hu's craftsmanship is really good.

Although she can cook, it is far worse than Aunt Hu's craftsmanship.

Mu Tingxiao carefully observed her expression and found that apart from a satisfied face, there was no trace of anger at all.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Aren't you angry?"

"It's not true anyway. What makes you angry?" It's just a bit of a response.

Mu Tingxiao's name was linked with other women, and she was not very happy.

Thinking about this, she took the spoon and poked it twice in the bowl, and she was really angry now.

Mu Tingxiao stared at her tightly, without letting go of any of her eyes and movements: "Believe me so?"

"Why don't you believe you? Luo Ying kind of people stick to you, you might as well go to Mu Wan Qi."

Mu Nuanming was purely a metaphor, but Mu Tingxiao's expression suddenly sank.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at him carefully, and found that his complexion was ugly, and she was a little puzzled. What words did she provoke him?

"Mu Nuannuan, you can tell me clearly."

"Huh?" Is this cursing her?

"Don't say let me find another woman anymore."

"Ah?" Mu Nuannuan was already thinking in her heart. If Mu Tingxiao wanted to scold her, how would she go back, but Mu Tingxiao said Got this.

She was a little helpless, she felt that this man was sometimes more stubborn than her.

"I'm just making an analogy."

"It's not possible to make an analogy."

"...Okay." Mu Nuannuan's arrogance suddenly weakened.

Only then did Mu Tingxiao correct his expression, and talked to Mu Nuannuan about business.

He twisted his eyebrows slightly and said, "Luo Ying may already be suspicious of my identity."

Mu Nuannuan had already eaten almost at this time . Hearing this, she put down her spoon and looked at him: "What should I do?"

Mu Tingxiao groaned. For a moment, he said: "Let it take its course."

"How to let it go?" Mu Nuannuan couldn't keep up with Mu Tingxiao's thinking.

Let nature take its course means that Mu Tingxiao will begin to appear in the public's sight?

Then, the rumors of Young Master Mu's disfigurement disappeared.

And the one who followed it might be... countless women would want to get in front of Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan felt a little subtle in her heart.

It's as if she hid a baby, and only she herself can see it all the time. Only she herself knows how good this baby is. But one day, this baby appeared in the public eye and was coveted by more people.

This feeling...not very pleasant.

"I am full?"

Mu Tingxiao asked coldly, Mu Nuannuan nodded, "Yes."

Then, Mu Nuannuan was pulled back to the bedroom by Mu Tingxiao, and when he entered the door, it was an overwhelming kiss.

The subtle emotions in Mu Nuannuan's heart were also washed away by this intimate kiss.

In the past, I heard people say that one day is like every three autumns, Mu Nuannuan always feels too exaggerated.

But after the past few days, Mu Nuannuan also felt this way.

Mu Nuannuan's obedience and cooperation made Mu Tingxiao even more excited.

When the love was strong, Mu Tingxiao lifted her leg and squeezed it in, coaxing her with a dumb voice: "Call her husband."

"My husband...ah!"

Mu Tingxiao increased his strength, Mu Nuannuan Uncontrollably screamed.

Mu Nuannuan was on the morning flight, and after returning home, she only drank a bowl of porridge, and was locked into the room for a few times. Finally, she fell asleep directly, and Mu Tingxiao let her go.

When I woke up, it was already night.

The headlights in the room were not turned on, only a faint light on one side was on.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw Mu Tingxiao sitting on the sofa not far from the bed, reading documents, the floor lamp beside her was emitting a dim yellow light.

Mu Tingxiao had already taken a shower, and his hair was lying on his forehead, and his body was covered with soft-soft home clothes. The aura of his body was diminished by the warm yellow light, and the whole person looked unexpectedly. Very gentle.

Mu Nuannuan stared at him for a while, couldn't help but grinned, and turned over very lightly.

This small movement caught Mu Tingxiao's attention.

He raised his eyes and looked over here, and there was a bit of genuine tenderness in his eyes that had always been indistinguishable from the emotions of thick ink.

The voice is still low: "Are you hungry?"

"Hungry." Mu Nuannuan opened her mouth to realize that her voice was abnormally hoarse, and then nodded.

Mu Tingxiao put down the file in his hand, got up and walked over, sat down by the bed, leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

When she was about to leave, she found Mu Nuannuan staring straight at him with her beautiful cat eyes open.

He likes her eyes the most. They are too beautiful. When he looks at him, he always feels that they are seducing him.

He couldn't help but leaned over and kissed again.

Mu Nuannuan was out of breath. After struggling twice, she stretched out her hand and pushed him away: "I'm very hungry!"

Mu Tingxiao breathed slightly, "

Go downstairs to eat or serve?" "Go downstairs to eat!" Come up to eat, doesn't Aunt Hu know what she and Mu Tingxiao did in the room this afternoon!

Mu Tingxiao saw her thoughts and grinned deeply with her lips curled. The laughter was pleasant and somewhat proud.

Mu Nuannuan felt that he was a little bit awkward like this, and reached out and punched him twice in the chest.


next day.

Mu Nuannuan was woken up by the phone.

She reached out to find the phone, but Mu Tingxiao on the side found her phone one step ahead of her, and helped her hang up the phone.

As soon as he closed his long arms, he put her back in his arms: "It's still early, go

to bed for a while." She stared at her as she was about to go back to sleep, and the phone remembered again.

Mu Nuannuan had already been woken up, and when she came back, she woke up completely. Seeing that she had been woken up, Mu Tingxiao looked bad and turned off the phone as soon as she took it.

"Don't turn off the phone, give me the phone." Mu Nuannuan took the phone from Mu Tingxiao to connect.

A cold voice came from the other end of the phone, looking excited and angry: "Are you still sleeping? Get up quickly, let's go to the hotel to catch the rape!"

"Ah? Who to catch?" Mu Nuannuan looked confused, who was catching him early in the morning?

Shen Liang's tone became even more anxious: "Of course it's your husband Mu Tingxiao!"

Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Tingxiao who was about to kiss herself: "..."

Chapter: 173

Early in the morning, Shen Liang called to the hotel to catch the rape. Mu Tingxiao's rape was caught.

And Mu Tingxiao himself was next to her, and when he came back at noon yesterday, the two had never gone out.

This is a bit weird in every way.

"What's the matter?" Mu Nuannuan turned over and sat up, leaning on the bedside: "Mu Tingxiao is right next to me now."

"Ah?" Shen Liang was obviously also very surprised.

When Mu Tingxiao heard Mu Nuannuan mentioned him, he raised his eyes and glanced at her, stretched out his hand to take his mobile phone, flicked his finger on the screen for a while, and finally handed it to Mu Nuannuan.

The above is a newly released headline, with a striking headline and full of gimmicks.

"The heir of the Mu family who hasn't been seen for more than ten years really reveals the secrets...with several women..."

These keywords were added together and hit Mu Nuannuan's eye mask, and her mind suddenly became sober.

She murmured: "Xiao Liang, Mu Tingxiao is next to me now, and I'll talk later." After

hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan took Mu Tingxiao's phone and clicked on the news. Up.

There are not only pictures of Mu Tingxiao himself, but also pictures of his other women entering and leaving the hotel together.

The latest news even said that Mu Tingxiao had found a few women to spend the night in the hotel last night.

Mu Tingxiao has never been seen in front of everyone. This news not only exposed Mu Tingxiao's identity, but also his appearance. It is normal for Shen Liang to believe that it is true.

Mu Tingxiao suddenly reached out and took the phone from her hand, with a low voice: "Don't look at it, it's a composite photo."

Mu Nuannuan let him take the phone away, and asked him aloud, "What's the matter? ?"

"My identity will be announced sooner or later, and Luo Ying has already known it anyway, so I might as well announce it." Mu Tingxiao's tone was light, obviously he planned it early.

Mu Nuannuan thought of what he said yesterday, "Let's go with the flow", which was what he meant.

"But why did it happen like this?" Mu Nuannuan's eyes fell on the photos in the news on the phone.

The photo shows Mu Tingxiao and other women getting in and out of the hotel as a couple.

Although Mu Tingxiao said it was synthetic, it was always dazzling.

"Originally, I was going to use Luo Ying to disclose my identity, so I could only follow the trend." After

Mu Tingxiao explained, seeing Mu Nuannuan still holding a blank face, he leaned over to kiss her with her lips.

He just wanted to kiss her.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head to the side: "I didn't brush

my teeth." "I don't despise you." Mu Tingxiao tilted his head again and chased him.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand to cover his lips: "I despise you."

After speaking, she lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Mu Tingxiao maintained a posture of holding one arm sideways to kiss her, and watched her enter the bathroom.

Mu Nuannuan closed the bathroom door and stood in front of the mirror.

The nightgown on her body was worn by Mu Tingxiao who pestered her for a long time last night, and finally made her whole body greasy. Then he took her to the bath and helped her to change it.

From the neck to the neckline, a series of hickeys extended to the inside of the clothes, all evidence of Mu Tingxiao's domineering and presumptuous.

She knew in her heart that Mu Tingxiao would announce his identity in this way, which was the most convenient and natural way at the moment, but she was still a little uncomfortable looking at the photos on the news.

Mu Nuannuan washed out slowly, and found that Mu Tingxiao had changed his clothes, and he was meticulously dressed in a straight suit, creating a sense of distance.

He held the tie in his hand and saw Mu Nuannuan come out, he raised his eyes to look at her, and said in a low voice: "Come here."

Mu Nuannuan walked over, and he put the tie directly on her hand: "Wait for me to come out. Help me tie my tie."

Then he turned and went into the bathroom.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the tie in her hand, somewhat dumbfounded.

This man is really...


Mu Nuannuan came back from a business trip with Mu Zhengxiu. Today is just another Friday, so she was specially approved to take an extra day off.

After Mu Tingxiao went out, Mu Nuannuan planned to hold the computer to write a manuscript.

Although the director Shen Liang introduced to her last time messed up, she still had to write down her script. She didn't believe that her script could not be sold!

She was about to walk upstairs when her phone rang.

After taking a look at it, she found that Mu Wanqi was calling.

Mu Nuannuan knew why Mu Wanqi would call her and hung up directly.

Mu Tingxiao's identity was announced to the public, and of course Mu Wanqi was the most surprised.

Mu Wanqi had looked at Mu Tingxiao who was still "Mu Jiachen" before, not to mention that she now knew that "Mu Jiachen" was Mu Tingxiao, and she would definitely not stop like that.

Mu Wanqi made several calls, but Mu Nuannuan did not shut down, but patiently hung up one by one.

She could imagine Mu Wanqi's expression on her nose crooked with anger.

Mu Wanqi played a dozen consecutively with great perseverance, and finally stopped.

Not long after, Xiao Chuhe also called, and then Mu Liyan...

but Mu Nuannuan didn't answer a single one.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't understand their virtues.

She wouldn't think that they were calling to care about her.

When I returned to the room and took out the computer, the phone rang again. This time it was from Mu Jiachen.


Nuannuan, Sister Xiaoliang and I are shopping outside. Would you like to come out and play together." Mu Jiachen and Shen Liang?

When did this kid make an appointment with Shen Liang to play together?

Mu Nuannuan didn't have the intention to write a manuscript, so she agreed.

She drove to the address sent to her by Mu Jiachen, only to realize that it turned out to be a playground.

Shen Liang and Mu Jiachen, both wrapped tightly, holding ice cream and cotton candy in their hands.

Shen Liang is naturally fully armed, and most people simply cannot recognize her.

"You are finally here!" Shen Liang handed Mu Nuannuan the marshmallow that he hadn't touched before.

Mu Nuannuan took it, and said quietly: "You seem to be very free recently."

Artists like Shen Liang who are on the rise should have many announcements, and most of their schedules should be full.

"I'm still worried about you." Shen Liang rolled his eyes: "Let's play together first." The

three of them played wildly in the playground for an afternoon, during which Mu Tingxiao called Mu Nuannuan, but she did not answer. To.

Several people found a restaurant for dinner, and Mu Tingxiao called again.

As soon as the call was answered, Mu Tingxiao's anger was implied: "Where? Why don't you answer the phone all the time?"

"Playing outside, I didn't hear it." Mu Nuannuan answered the phone while looking at the menu, but didn't notice. The anger in Mu Tingxiao's tone.

Suddenly, there was a sharp female voice in the restaurant.

"Mu Nuannuan!"

Mu Nuannuan raised her head when she heard the sound, and saw Mu Wanqi approaching her aggressively from the door of the restaurant.

Mu Wanqi's eyes looked fierce as if she was watching her father's enemy.

Chapter: 174

Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Wanqi would not let go, she didn't answer Mu Wanqi's phone call all day, and Mu Wanqi's current anger level might have reached the peak.

"There is something, I won't tell you for now."

Mu Tingxiao also heard Mu Wanqi's voice, and asked her in a deep voice, "Where are you?"

Mu Nuannuan didn't say much, and hung up the phone.

Mu Wanqi originally came to her because of Mu Tingxiao, she didn't want Mu Tingxiao to come over and be taken advantage of by Mu Wanqi.

Well, even if Mu Wanqi looked at Mu Tingxiao more, she felt that Mu Wanqi took advantage of him.

Mu Wanqi looked at Mu Nuannuan, her eyes seemed to burst into flames: "Mu Nuannuan! You've been looking for you all day, you're fine, and you still want to hide here to eat!"

It's really interesting, she uses it. Hide and eat?

"Why didn't I have the heart to eat? And I didn't hide, I just didn't want to pay attention to you." Mu Nuannuan gave Mu Wanqi a glance, her expression calm, she didn't put her in her eyes at all.

If not in public, Mu Wanqi really wanted to jump up and tear Mu Nuannuan's face.

Mu Wan Qi teeth, said: "?!! You already know a 'Mu Jiachen' Ting Xiao Mu is right but you are not saying anything, put us all in the dark you really insidious"

the beginning of changing nothing The person who forced her to marry into Mu's family now turns to say she is sinister!


Without waiting for Mu Nuannuan to speak, Shen Liang stretched out his hand and patted on the dining table and stood up: "Mu Wanqi, you are endless. At the beginning, you forced Nuannuan to help you dislike Mu Tingxiao, so let Nuannuan help. You married into Mu's house, and now you know that Mu Tingxiao is a normal person and handsome, he ran over to look for trouble with

Nuan Nuan if he regretted it.

When she bullied Mu Nuannuan before, she had encountered Shen Liang and knew that Mu Nuannuan had a good relationship with her.

Shen Liang was also held up at home and grew up, with a kind of arrogant aura of a wealthy daughter. She looked at Mu Wanqi coldly at this time, coupled with the loud sound of the table just now, made Mu Wanqi a little bit annoyed. .

Mu Wanqi raised the volume to make her momentum appear full: "This is my business and Mu Nuannuan, it has nothing to do with you!"

Shen Liang raised her eyebrows with a rogue expression on her face: "I scold me, follow you What does it matter?"

"You..." Mu Wanqi didn't know what to say for a while.

Mu Nuannuan has already called the restaurant manager to come over: "Thank you to take this woman out. She is here to affect my dining mood." The

manager quickly called two waiters over and pointed to Mu Wanqi." Please invite this young lady out."

Mu Wanqi turned green with anger: "What are you doing, I'm here to eat!"

Shen Liang always spends money, and dinner must be a high-end restaurant. Even the manager has been specially trained abroad. Catering and hotel management training.

The movement made by Mu Wanqi just now has already aroused dissatisfaction among other guests. No matter what she said, the manager directly gave the two waiters a hand sign to tell them to get Mu Wanqi out quickly.

As soon as Mu Wanqi left, the dining room became quiet again.

Shen Liang leaned back on the sofa and said, "This restaurant also charges a service fee, but efficiency is also acceptable."

Mu Jiachen sat aside and watched the whole farce silently like an invisible man. He said slowly, "Excuse me, what does the auntie just say,'Mu Jiachen is Mu Tingxiao'?" Only then did Mu Nuannuan remember that Mu

Jiachen was also there.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan raising his head to look at him, Mu Tingxiao continued to ask: "Sister Nuannuan was forced to marry my cousin?" The

child's question was really direct.

Before Mu Nuannuan thought about what to say, she found that Shen Liang raised her chin and pointed behind her.

When she turned her head, she saw Mu Tingxiao walking towards this side.

He is tall, tall and tall, and has an outstanding temperament. As soon as he enters the restaurant, he attracts the attention of others.

Especially female guests.

Mu Nuannuan squinted at Mu Jiachen.

Mu Jiachen must have told Mu Tingxiao the address.

Mu Jiachen touched his nose and turned to look to the side to pretend to be innocent.

Shen Liang smiled like a sun flower, and got up to give up her position beside Mu Nuannuan: "Big boss, sit here!"

Mu Nuannuan had already explained the news about Shen Liang before, so now In Shen Liang's mind, Ting Xiao was again that powerful boss, a reliable man.

"Thank you." Mu Tingxiao nodded slightly and sat down beside Mu Nuannuan.

Shen Liang and Mu Jiachen, who were opposite the two, got together to look at the menu in a tacit understanding, but they didn't look at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Tingxiao squeezed her hand and asked her softly, "Mu Wanqi came to you?"

"Already gone." Mu Nuannuan nodded. Mu Jiachen should have heard the voice on the phone before. There is nothing to hide.

"You can ignore it if you don't want to, or leave it to me." Mu Tingxiao's voice is always low and cold, but there is a seemingly indifference and spoiling.

The points were not very real, but it made Mu Nuannuan's heart warm, slightly rising, as if something was about to overflow from the bottom of his heart.

But when she thought that Mu Wanqi had already coveted Mu Tingxiao, she gritted her teeth and said, "I'll take care of this by myself. Don't interfere, and you are not allowed to see Mu Wanqi!"

The sourness in her tone, Mu Tingxiao heard Out.

He made a fist with his empty hand, coughed slightly between his lips to hide his smile, and then replied very solemnly: "Yeah."

Mu Nuannuan raised his eyes and saw that he was looking at herself with burning eyes, knowing that her little thoughts could not escape his eyes, and she was a little embarrassed, so she pursed her lips and pinched him with the hand he was holding. Palm.

His palms are dry and warm, and they won't hurt even when pinched.

But Mu Tingxiao deliberately teased her and leaned forward, acting as if to kiss her.

Recently, Mu Tingxiao had to kiss her when he caught her from time to time, and he didn't know what was wrong.

Mu Nuannuan quickly backed away, but Mu Tingxiao held her shoulders and said in a deep voice, "The hair is knotted here, what are you hiding?"

"..." Ha ha.

Mu Jiachen secretly raised his eyes to see Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao, Shen Liang quickly pressed his head down, and whispered: "Adults are in love, children, don't peek."

Mu Jiachen pouted: "There are also people in our class who are in love."

"Do you have a partner?"


Shen Liang mocked him: "

Heh , a single dog." Mu Jiachen: "..." After

eating, they will be separated. Go home.

When Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao returned home, they saw Aunt Hu greet them with a sad face.

"Young master, young lady, you are back."

"Aunt Hu." Mu Nuannuan noticed that Aunt Hu's expression was different.

Aunt Hu smiled, but she said to Mu Tingxiao: "Just now I called from the old house and told you to go back tomorrow."

Chapter: 175

Old House?

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Mu Tingxiao, and found that his expression had become very gloomy.

Mu Nuannuan found that as long as it was related to the Mu family, Mu Tingxiao could change his face.

He seems to dislike Mu's family in particular.

She stretched out her hand to hold Mu Tingxiao's hand, almost immediately, Mu Tingxiao held her hand back.

Immediately, Mu Tingxiao said indifferently: "I know."

Mu Nuannuan saw that Mu Tingxiao didn't want to return to Mu's old house.

She didn’t know much about the Mu family, only that the Mu family was a big family. She had also heard from Mu Jiachen before that the Mu family had a large population, and there were many cousins ​​and cousins ​​of the same generation, and only Mu Jiachen The relationship between the two brothers and Mu Tingxiao is better.

Mu Tingxiao's identity was announced, and it was normal for Mu Tingxiao's people to let Mu Tingxiao go back after such a big incident.

The two returned to the room, and Mu Nuannuan asked him, "Should you go back tomorrow?"

Mu Tingxiao looked up and saw the cautious expression on Mu Nuannuan's face. He curled his lips and smiled not very clearly, but the whole The person is obviously softened.

He took Mu Nuannuan into his arms, with a rare hint of amusement in his tone: "Of course I have to go back, and show him the old man's grandson and daughter-in-law."

Mu Nuannuan looked up at him: "Who?"

Mu Tingxiao looked at her with a smile from the corner of his eyes: "Grandpa."

The successive generations of the Mu family are all legends, not to mention the Mu's father who has maintained the family's prosperity for decades.

Mu Nuannuan faintly worried.


next day.

Mu Nuannuan woke up early, walking around in the cloakroom picking clothes.

The color is too plain, the style is not dignified...

Picking around is not good, Mu Nuannuan is a little discouraged.

Suddenly, she noticed the slight movement behind her and turned her head coldly, and saw that Mu Tingxiao had walked in without knowing when she was leaning against the wall, looking at her with a little smile in her eyes.

Such smiling eyes are simply fascinating-a foul!

She found that Mu Tingxiao liked to laugh a lot these days, and watched her laugh at every turn, as if she was caught in an evil spirit.

Mu Nuannuan threw the clothes in her hand, curled her lips, and said, "You help me pick the clothes."

If the Mu family picks her thorns, the clothes are not dignified, and the shoes don't look good, she can still do it. Pushing off to Mu Tingxiao's body.


Mu Tingxiao said, and walked over, without any hesitation.

He directly took a down jacket and handed it to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

She didn't want to take over the down jacket at all, and even wanted to drive Mu Tingxiao out.

Sure enough, he couldn't expect anything from a "Mu Tingxiao who thought she was very cold".

It was the first time that Mu Tingxiao went back to see her parents. She wanted to dress better!

Mu Nuannuan looked at him disgustingly: "Sheng Ding has so many beautiful female stars, can't you establish a minimum aesthetic in wearing them?"

"Pretty female stars?" Mu Tingxiao repeated, turning around. The down jacket that Mu Nuannuan disliked was hung back, and she said casually, "It's worse than you."

Mu Nuannuan was slightly stunned.

Is he complimenting her for her beauty?

Mu Tingxiao found a thick dark gray furry coat and handed it to her: "This one?"

He raised his eyes and saw Mu Nuannuan staring at him with those beautiful cat eyes. His eyes were a little excited, and a little bit of joy.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows, and uttered a monosyllable sound from his throat: "Huh?"

Mu Nuannuan regained her senses, and did not see what clothes he was holding, and nodded her head quickly: "It looks good."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her unpredictably, and reached out to touch her forehead.

The temperature is normal and

she is not sick... Mu Tingxiao did not directly praise her for being beautiful. That sentence is implicit and euphemistic, but Mu Nuannuan has automatically transformed the sentence "a little worse than you" into "Those female stars do not have you." Pretty".

Although it's a bit exaggerated, who doesn't like being praised for being beautiful!

It wasn't until Mu Tingxiao watched Mu Nuannuan go out holding his clothes that he had an afterthought. Mu Nuannuan's expression just now was because of what he said...

Is he so happy?

What he said is the truth.


two had breakfast, and came over to take them to the old house at night.

The old house of the Mu family is really old. The one-hundred-year old house handed down from the ancestors of the Qing Dynasty was estimated by experts at nearly 10 billion.

However, in order to make it more convenient to live, it has undergone several repairs, but it still maintains the charm of the ancient house.

The Mu's old house is famous, and there are often tourists from far away, even those who are far away want to take a look at the Mu's old house.

"Young master, young lady, here."

Shi Ye's voice came, and Mu Nuannuan's uneasy mood along the way miraculously calmed down at this time.

She turned her head and looked out of the car window, and saw outside the door of the retro Mu's old house, lined up bodyguards and servants standing neatly on both sides of the door to greet them.

Mu Nuannuan has never seen this kind of ostentation, just like filming.

She stretched out her hand to go to the car door, when Mu Tingxiao suddenly held her hand: "Don't move."

She turned her head and looked at Mu Tingxiao in confusion.

But Mu Tingxiao didn't speak. Shi Ye had already got out of the car and walked over to open the door for Mu Tingxiao.

After Mu Tingxiao got out of the car, he still stood on the side holding the car door all night. Mu Tingxiao leaned slightly and pressed one hand on the top of the car door to prevent her from meeting her head. The other hand reached Mu Nuannuan and smiled at him: Get out of the car."

Fengshen's handsome man laughed more and more fascinated, not to mention the posture of such a gentleman asking her to get out of the car.

Mu Nuannuan thought

she was not a particularly romantic person, and she did not eat this set, but looking at Mu Tingxiao's face, she felt that her cheeks were hot... She blushed and put her hands on Mu Ting. In Xiao's hand, Mu Ting Xiao saw this, with a deeper smile in his eyes, and got out of the car with Mu Nuannuan and walked towards the gate with her hand.

The servant bodyguards at the door bent over and respectfully said: "Welcome young master, young lady back home!"

Although Mu Nuannuan has been married to Mu Tingxiao for a while, they have always lived in a villa on the mountainside. Mu Tingxiao didn't show up in front of her. He ate everything she did. He was not picky about what restaurant she chose.

Therefore, she knew that she was married to a top rich, but she didn't have any special feelings.

Only at this moment, when she stood at the door of the old house of Mu's family and was greeted by a group of servants and bodyguards, did she really have a sense of reality of marrying herself into a top rich family.

Mu Tingxiao felt that Mu Nuannuan's hands were slightly stiff, so he squeezed her palm, looked at her

sideways, and soothed: "Don't be nervous, just follow me." Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and nodded. Nodding: "Yeah." There

is not much difference between the layout of the Mu's old house and the modern villa, but the garden design is more subtle and has a lot of heritage.

Chapter: 176

Walking along the way, wherever he went, there were servants and bodyguards, and they would stop to say hello to Mu Nuan Nuan and Mu Tingxiao.

Even the arc of bending is the same, neatly arranged in a row, clearly well-trained.

Mu Nuannuan was secretly frightened, and her expression became a little serious.

The Mu's old house is very large, and the two passed through the front yard, walked through the hall to the backyard.

When Mr. Mu was old and Xijing, he moved to live in a quiet backyard.

Father to the door of Mu, Mu Ting owl asked out loud at the door of the maid: "Grandpa in there?"

"Yes" servant saw Mu Ting owl face with a trace of joy, gently push the door. , Said carefully: "Old sir, the young master is back." The

door gap opened very small, just enough to accommodate the servant standing there, Mu Nuan Nuan could not see inside, only heard a slightly older voice: "Come on Let them in." The

servant turned his head and nodded slightly at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao held Mu Nuannuan's hand tightly: "Let's go in."

Mu Tingxiao was taken into the room by Mu Tingxiao.

The heating in the room is sufficient, there is a smell of ink and tea, and the furnishings in the room are simple, with a row of bookshelves, a desk, and some tea sets.

Mr. Mu is dressed in a Chinese tunic suit, holding the fault in his hand, and standing in front of the desk writing calligraphy. Although he is over seventy, he is vigorous and standing upright. He has a calm and calm breath.

Mu Tingxiao shouted, "Grandpa." Grandpa

Mu raised his head and met Mu Nuannuan's gaze, who had been staring at him. He didn't say a word, but he was not angry.

Mu Nuannuan lowered his eyes slightly, and Mu Ting Xiao silently pulled Mu Nuannuan behind him.

Mu Tingxiao's protective gesture fell in the eyes of Old

Man Mu , causing him to snorted, "Who is this little girl?" Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows: "The person you want to see."

He could say in this tone. It was a bit aggressive, and it made Old Man Mu blow his beard and stare, and threw the brush in his hand: "Who are you?"

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Isn't this Old Man Mu suffering from Alzheimer's?

This thought just came out of her heart, and the old man over there looked at her nonchalantly, and said: "Who scolds for dementia?"

Mu Nuannuan was startled by his words.

This surname Mu has the ability to interpret people's hearts.

However, the appearance of Old Man Mu staring at her was not so intimidating, but rather inexplicably intimacy.

Mu Nuannuan smiled: "No, I just think Grandpa is very energetic." These

words are very useful to Mr. Mu. He squinted at Mu Nuannuan for a few seconds: "Come here."

Mu Nuannuan turned his head and said. Mu Tingxiao glanced at each other, and Mu Tingxiao gave a relieved look, and gave her a light push on her back, motioning her to pass.

Although the conversation between Mu Tingxiao and Elder Mu just now was a bit inexplicable, she could also feel that the relationship between Mu Tingxiao and Elder Mu was good, and it could even be said to be close.

Mu Nuannuan walked over obediently, corrected her expression, and said seriously: "Grandpa, I am Mu Tingxiao's wife, Mu Nuannuan."

Father Mu did not speak immediately, but looked at her calmly, Mu Nuan. Nuan was a little nervous when he looked at it.

Elder Mu seemed to be aware of her anxiety, with a smile on his face similar to the success of a child's mischief, and said with a smile, "Well, I look pretty handsome, sit down."

Mu Nuan was taken aback, and then wanted to turn around. He went to look at Mu Tingxiao, but he was glared at by Elder Mu: "Look at what that stinky kid is doing, let you sit down!"

"..." Well, she sits down.

However, when someone called Mu Tingxiao "Smelly Boy", she actually felt very happy.

Mu Nuannuan sat down beside Mr. Mu.

When Mu Tingxiao saw this, he also came over and was about to sit down next to Mu Nuannuan, but he was kicked on Mu Tingxiao’s leg by Mr. Mu, “Who told you to sit!” Mr.

Mu kicked him. It is fast and steady, and the strength is obviously not light.

Mu Nuannuan felt pain when she looked at it, but Mu Tingxiao's eyebrows frowned slightly, obviously because of the pain.

"Grandpa..." Mu Tingxiao's tone was a little helpless: "The first time I took your grandson-in-law home, can't you give me some face?"

"I give you face, who will give me face?" Father Mu is obviously better than him. Still angry: "You do the calculations yourself, do you remember the last time you went back to the old house to see me?"

Mu Tingxiao fell silent after hearing this.

There was a suffocating silence in the room.

Mu Nuannuan vaguely understood what the dialogue between Mu Tingxiao and Old Man Mu just now meant.

Mu Tingxiao suspected that Mu's family was involved in the case of his mother back then, so he rejected Mu's family and returned to Mu's family.

Today is the first time that Mu Tingxiao has been brought back to her old house. She shouldn't be talking about these two grandparents.

At this moment, the door was pushed open again.

The person who came in was Mu Tingxiao's father, Mu Qingfeng.

Mu Qingfeng first called Mr. Mu: "Dad."

Then, he turned his head to look at Mu Tingxiao: "Someone called me before and said that Tingxiao is back. I still don't believe it. Why didn't I follow him before he came back? Let me say, eat at home today, and stay at home at night. Your room is always cleaned by a servant, so you can live in directly."

Elder Mu immediately snorted, "Keep him here! Let him go!"

...In the

end, Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan stayed.

When eating, several people were sitting at the huge dining table with a row of servants guarding them, which made Mu Nuannuan very uncomfortable.

After dinner, Mu Qingfeng left beforehand, and Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao accompanied Mr. Mu back to the room.

The servant boiled water and handed tea to the side. Father Mu took out a red packet and handed it to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan did not take it over immediately.

Elder Mu stared at her: "What? Do you dare not accept the meeting gift given by my father?"

Mu Nuannuan knew where Mu Tingxiao's arrogant temper was inherited.

"Thank you, grandpa." After Mu Nuannuan took it over, she felt that the red envelope was very thin. She guessed it might be something like a check.

No matter what was inside, Mu Nuannuan felt a little surprised.

Before coming, she always thought that she would be embarrassed by the old man, but she didn't expect that old man Mu would accept her so easily.

After drinking tea with Mr. Mu for a while, Mu Nuannuan was sent back to the room to rest.

The room was used by Mu Tingxiao when he was a teenager. After the events of that year, he went abroad. After returning, he didn't return to the old house to live in, but directly lived in the villa halfway up the mountain.

The furnishings in the room still have traces of the life of a teenager, posters of basketball stars, robots, books, game consoles...

Chapter: 177

Mu Nuannuan looked here and there in his room, looking very curious.

In the corner of the desk, she saw a picture of a woman and a child.

The photo was taken in the summer. The little boy in the photo is very beautiful, wearing a school uniform with short-sleeved shorts, looking at the camera with a grin, and smiling very brightly.

And the woman next to him, in a white dress that fits snugly, smiles gently, and there is a bit of dust in her calmness.

"My mother."

Mu Tingxiao's slightly hoarse voice came from behind.

Immediately afterwards, his arms were wrapped around her waist, and his solid and warm chest was pressed against her back, and her whole body was wrapped in the unique cold breath of Mu Tingxiao's body.

With the free hand, he reached out to touch the woman in the photo, and slowly explained the source of the photo to her.

"On Children's Day that year, she went to my school to participate in parent-child activities, and took this photo after it was over."

Mu Nuannuan glanced back at him, then turned her gaze to the little boy in the photo.

The little boy in the photo smiled brightly, without a trace of haze under his eyes. It is hard to imagine that Mu Ting Xiao would be like this in ten years' time.

He is handsome and extraordinary, but there is always a haze that ordinary people can't understand, and his temper is uncertain. Whenever he encounters something related to his mother, he becomes vicious and determined.

If possible, everyone wants to have a happier life.

However, Mu Tingxiao was also forced to become like this.

How bad can the human heart be?

Mu Nuannuan couldn't imagine how Mu Tingxiao, who was only eleven years old at the time, looked at how her biological mother was being abused and humiliated in front of her eyes to save herself.

It is even harder to imagine how long it took him to come out later.

Although Mu Tingxiao's temperament is unpredictable and he is not a kind person, Mu Nuannuan knew that he would never become the same as those who abused and insulted his mother.

If his mother's case was really related to some people in the Mu family...

Mu Nuannuan could not help but shudder.

Mu Tingxiao felt the subtle reaction of the person in his arms, and asked her aloud: "The heating is too low? It's cold?"

"No." Mu Nuannuan shook her head, because of Mu Tingxiao's matter, her mood became a little depressed. "How many people are there in your Mu family?"

Although she and Mu Tingxiao came in today, and only saw servants and bodyguards along the way, and then Elder Mu and Mu Qingfeng, this house is so big that there should be other people living there. .

Mu Tingxiao shook his head: "I don't know, there are countless people living in old houses, resettled elsewhere, at home, abroad...too many."

Mu Tingxiao lowered his eyes, making her face solemn.

She looked in all eyes and changed the subject calmly: "The red envelope that the old man gave you, don't you open it?" Sure enough, Mu Nuannuan was immediately distracted by him. She took out the red envelope and said with a smile: " I think it might be a check."

Mu Tingxiao also smiled: "The old man is a generous person."

He meant, isn't it generous to give a check?

Mu Nuannuan really couldn't understand the rich world.

Don’t all the rich people in TV shows like to sign checks?

"Take it apart and take a look." Mu Tingxiao pulled her to the bed and sat down, staring at her with heavy eyes.

Mu Nuannuan opened the red envelope and pulled out a thin card from it.

After just one glance, Mu Nuannuan's eyes widened in shock.

She knew this card, the black card that once shocked Mu Wanqi and Shen Chuhan!

Without waiting for her to speak, Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows and said, "It's still a bit sincere, the old man."

"It is said that this is your Mu's global limited edition black card?" Mu Nuannuan was cheated of the black card by Mu Wanqi and the others last time.

"Well, only people from the Mu family have it, but not everyone has it." Mu Tingxiao took the black card and took a look, and found it was a newly made card, and couldn't help but laugh.

It seems that Grandpa had prepared the meeting ceremony early in the morning, and he already knew something about Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan asked again: "Then how much money is there?"

Mu Tingxiao replied lightly, "I don't know."

"I don't know what it means?"

"I have swiped this card since I was a child to buy a car and a villa. , I started a company, but I haven't spent all the time."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."


Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao stayed in Mu's old house for one night.

When Mu Nuannuan woke up early the next morning, Mu Tingxiao was no longer nearby.

Mu Nuannuan guessed that he might have gone to see Mr. Mu.

Mu Tingxiao's house was very close to where Elder Mu lived. After Mu Nuannuan finished washing, she went downstairs to look for him.

Halfway there, he collided with a woman who was walking towards him.

Mu Nuannuan saw a woman walking towards her from a distance, and she let the woman pass by, but the woman seemed to have no eyes, as if she hadn’t seen Mu Nuannuan, and she meant to move away. Nothing, but directly hit Mu Nuannuan's shoulder.

The woman looked up, her delicate face was icy, and she glanced at Mu Nuannuan with disgust: "Are you a new servant? Do you know Mu's rules?"

The woman in front of her was exquisite and well-dressed. I knew which eldest from Mu's family was.

Mu Nuannuan retorted with a cold face: "I don't know what the Mu family rules, I only know that you hit me first."

There is no such servant in the Mu family who dared to confront the master.

After hearing Mu Nuannuan's words, the woman raised her head and looked at Mu Nuannuan.

When she saw Mu Nuannuan, there was a flash of surprise in her eyes. She was just walking and she didn't realize that Mu Nuannuan was so beautiful.

But Mu Nuannuan looked at the woman in front of her at this time and found that she was a little familiar.

After searching her mind, she remembered that the woman in front of her was Mu Enya, the host of a popular variety show recently.

Mu Enya came out suddenly. There was no news before. Some people on the Internet have always speculated about her background, and others have speculated that she is from the Mu family, but it has not been confirmed.

"It's not a servant in the house, so don't run around. The guest should have the self-consciousness that a guest should have. Don't think that when you are brought back to Mu's house, you can climb on a branch and become a phoenix." Mu Enya's eyes flashed with disdain. , Turned around and left.

There were many men in Mu's family, and occasionally they would bring two women back to stay overnight. Mu Enya was not surprised, and directly regarded Mu Nuannuan as that kind of woman.

Mu Nuannuan naturally heard her voice.

She rolled her eyes and found that not all the people in the Mu family were as smart and thoughtful as Mu Tingxiao, but mostly self-righteous people who couldn't figure out the facts.

Mu Tingxiao came out of the backyard and was about to ask Mu Nuannuan to have a meal, but she didn't expect she had already found her.

Seeing that her expression wasn't too right, he couldn't help asking: "What's wrong?"

"It's okay." Mu Nuannuan shrugged.

Mu Tingxiao raised his head and glanced at the other end. Just now Mu Enya came to see the old man, and she was very likely to meet Mu Nuannuan when she came out.

Chapter: 178

Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao had breakfast with the old man, and planned to leave.

Before leaving, Elder Mu stopped Mu Nuannuan: "You stay, I have something to say." After

getting along this day, Mu Nuannuan felt that Elder Mu was actually a nice person. It might be a bit weird, but it's not a problem.

Therefore, when she heard that Elder Mu had something to tell her, she didn't hesitate to follow him.

Unexpectedly, within two steps, he was held back by Mu Tingxiao.

Seeing that Mr. Mu's complexion changed, Mu Nuannuan quickly winked at Mu Tingxiao, and said to him with her lips: "Let go." Mr.

Mu hated iron and sighed: "I am Say a few words to her, can I still eat her?"

"Oh." Mu Tingxiao answered with an affair, and let go of Mu Nuannuan.

Elder Mu glared at him, as if wishing to run over and beat him up.

Mu Nuannuan hurriedly walked over and helped Elder Mu into the room inside.

After entering, the old man Mu changed his irritable appearance before, and his face became calm.

"I know, you weren't willing to marry Ting Xiao at the beginning." When he spoke, Mu Nuannuan was extremely frightened.

She didn't answer immediately, waiting for Elder Mu to continue.

"You're smart kids, naturally see out Ting owl you got the idea, since married feed her, and wife Ann few copies of copies made Mu home, we Mu family not ill-treat their own side."

Mu Although Father It was expressing its position, but at the same time it was threatening Mu Nuannuan.

If she had a double heart for Mu Tingxiao, he would not let her go without waiting for Mu Tingxiao to act.

It can be seen that Mr. Mu really loves Mu Tingxiao.

It's no wonder that Mu Tingxiao was so disgusted with Mu's family, he was willing to come back when he knew that Elder Mu called him back to Mu's house.

Mu Nuannuan was not disgusted with the threats made by Mr. Mu. Instead, she smiled and said, “Grandpa, people are mutual. Between me and Mu Tingxiao, and you and Mu Tingxiao are the same.”

Elder Mu was kind to Mu Tingxiao, and Mu Tingxiao naturally listened to him.

Mu Tingxiao treats her well, and she naturally has no other thoughts.

When Mr. Mu heard the words, he was stunned for a moment, and then burst into laughter: "The little girl is pretty good at bluffing people, all right, go, don't let that stinky boy wait for a long time, or you will have to worry about me when you turn around."

"Then I will go first, and sometimes I will see you again."

Mu Nuannuan went out without seeing Mu Tingxiao's figure.

When I got outside, I saw Mu Tingxiao and Mu Enya standing together talking.

I have to say that Mu's genes are really good, Mu Enya looks exquisite, and Mu Tingxiao is the best among men. Standing together, the two are very pleasing to the eye.

Mu Nuannuan was planning to go over after the two of them had spoken, but Mu Tingxiao turned his head suddenly and looked in her direction as if eyes were growing from the back of his head.

Mu Nuannuan had to walk over.

Mu Enya followed Mu Tingxiao's gaze and looked over. When she saw Mu Nuannuan, she frowned slightly, and a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes: "She..."

Mu Tingxiao did not want to introduce Mu to Mu Enya.

Nuan Nuan meant that she would take her shoulders and walk out: "Let's go." Mu Enya subconsciously called out to stop him: "Brother."

Among the younger generation of Mu family, Si Chengyu is the oldest. Yes, followed by Mu Tingxiao's twin sister. According to the ranking, Mu Tingxiao ranked third.

The family was younger than Mu Tingxiao, and they called him the third brother.

Mu Tingxiao left without looking back, but Mu Nuannuan looked back at Mu Enya with a smile.

Mu Enya suddenly blushed when she remembered what she had said to Mu Nuannuan before.

She had a good time with Mu Tingxiao when she was a child. Later, when Mu Tingxiao’s mother had an accident, he left the old house and the two became strangers. Later, she heard that Mu Tingxiao was disfigured and had problems with her body. Mu Tingxiao has not been contacted.

Even when she went to a TV station as a host, she didn't reveal that she was a member of the Mu family. She felt ashamed to ask her about Mu Tingxiao after others knew about it.

After Mu Tingxiao's true face was exposed a few days ago, her mind became active, thinking about finding time to meet Mu Tingxiao.

After all, Mu Tingxiao was the only orthodox heir to the Mu clan, and he was in charge of the Mu family in the future, and their brothers and sisters who were out of the branch would have his light.

Before she had time to act, she heard that Mu Tingxiao took his newlyweds back to the old house, and she came back to meet him specially.

But she didn't expect that the woman she thought was brought back by her cousin for the night, turned out to be Mu Tingxiao's new wife!

I don’t know if that woman would

chew her tongue in front of Mu Tingxiao ... Mu Enya felt that she still had to find a chance to find Mu Tingxiao again, and try to get in touch with Mu Tingxiao

... In the

carriage, Mu Nuannuan sat paralyzed in the back row, leaning on the back of the chair, staring at the top of the car with his eyes open.

Mu Tingxiao reached out and touched her head: "Tired?"

"A little bit."

Actually, it wasn't just a little bit, she felt quite tired .

Although Mu Tingxiao asked her not to have a psychological burden and just let her be herself, how could she not have a psychological burden.

No matter how much Mu Tingxiao resents the Mu family, it is impossible for him to break away from the Mu family. Although she is living with Mu Tingxiao, she still wants to behave better at the Mu family and not cause him trouble.

Be cautious, for fear of making mistakes, she also has to be careful to deal with Father Mu's question.

Mu Tingxiao fished her into his arms, and a low voice rang above her head: "I wo

n't go back to the old house if there is nothing to do ." "You won't go back to see Grandpa? I think he wants you to see him back." Mu Nuannuan leaned on her chest, her voice muffled.

Mu Tingxiao's voice suddenly added a hint of coldness: "Even if I don't go back to see him, he will still eat and sleep."

Mu Nuannuan straightened up and found that Mu Tingxiao's complexion had indeed changed.

"What's wrong?" Isn't it okay before?

Mu Tingxiao didn't speak, but just turned his head to kiss her.

Mu Nuannuan pushed him, still driving at night!

But Mu Tingxiao didn't care, held her head, and kissed her.

Sit upright at night without squinting.

Who can understand the mood of a divorced young man at this moment?

When the kiss ended, both of them panted a little.

Mu Tingxiao hugged her and did not speak, but he was a little lost.

In the morning, he went to see his grandfather in advance, just to ask some details of the mother's case.

What did Grandpa say at the time?

"This matter has passed. People have to look forward. If your mother is alive in the sky, I hope you can live your own life and look forward."

Old man Mu meant to let him stop. Check what happened to my mother.

Why not let him check?

Are you afraid that he will find out something terrible?

However, he wants to check.

Chapter: 179

Mu Tingxiao's incident was exposed, and it had an impact on Mu Nuannuan.

She used to be in the Mu family, and those colleagues could find a sense of balance more or less because Mu Tingxiao was a "waste person", so she would also talk to Mu Nuannuan.

But now that Mu Tingxiao's incident was exposed, the eyes of those colleagues looking at Mu Nuannuan also changed, both flattering and contemptuous.

Maybe they think Mu Nuannuan deceived them.

Mu Nuannuan could guess a little bit of their thoughts in her heart, so she didn't care too much.

"That Mu Nuan Nuan Ping was so pitiful in fashion, but we were so kind to her. As a result, Mu Tingxiao was a normal and healthy person at all. Maybe she laughed at us secretly..."

"Don't say that. Maybe she knows it herself..."

"Come on, can she not know?"

"Forget it...hey, look at this hot search, the film emperor..."

Several women walked out as they spoke, their voices were very fast Disappeared.

Mu Nuannuan was standing in the bathroom cubicle, hearing the voice of a group of people drifting away, and then opened the door and walked out.

There are always some people in the world who will speculate on others with full malice.

However, she did conceal Mu Tingxiao's situation.

Everyone is not an honest person, and the relationship is average, just let them say.

Mu Nuannuan turned on the faucet, washed her hands, and was wiping her hands with a tissue, when she heard the sound of a string of impatient high heels hitting the ground.

The sound was closer, and the sound was louder than the other, coming towards the bathroom.

Mu Nuannuan threw the tissues into the trash can, walked outside the bathroom door, walked to the door, and she saw the aggressive Mu Wanqi.

With a sullen face, Mu Wanqi stretched out her hand to push Mu Nuannuan back into the bathroom, and then closed the bathroom door with her backhand.

"Mu Nuannuan, I really underestimated you before. You are so brave, you have been hiding

Mu Tingxiao 's situation, and you have hooked up with Si Chengyu!" With these words, Mu Wanqi almost came from the gap between her teeth. Words were squeezed out, and his eyes were so sharp that he could burst out fire in the next second.

Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised when she heard the words "Si Chengyu".

Mu Wanqi looked very angry, so it's not all right to look for trouble.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan not speaking, Mu Wanqi felt that Mu Nuannuan not only acquiesced to her, but also despised her.

She raised her hand and was about to slap Mu Nuannuan's face.

And Mu Nuannuan had been fighting Mu Wanqi for so long, she had already figured out Mu Wanqi's temper.

When Mu Wanqi raised her hand, Mu Nuannuan expected Mu Wanqi's movements, and she immediately caught Mu Wanqi's hand.

Her skill is not cool, but it is more than enough to deal with a Mu Wanqi.

Mu Nuannuan curled her lips, her cat-like eyes were cold, and her words were sharp and mocking: "What else can you do except slap people at every turn? Find someone to play group P? It's not reasonable?"

"You close Mouth! What qualifications do you have to say about me!" Mu Wanqi struggled, and she became even more anxious and frustrated when she failed to pull her hand out of Mu Nuannuan's.

"What qualifications do you have to tell me to shut up? Are you my mother?" Mu Nuannuan sneered: "Even if my mother comes, do you think I will listen to her?"

Mu Nuannuan remembered the women who went out before At the time, she heard them mention Si Chengyu’s hot search.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the mobile phone in Mu Wanqi's other hand. As soon as Mu Nuan warmed her hand, she pulled her mobile phone over.

The screen hasn't turned off yet, and the page just stays on a hot search page on Weibo.

The hot search titles are very eye-catching and eye-catching.


Mu Nuannuan felt her scalp tightened when she saw this hot search.

Scrolling down further, I saw the photo from PO below, which was taken when she came back from a business trip that day and met Si Chengyu at the airport.

The quality of the photo is not very high, and the face cannot be seen clearly, but those who are familiar with two people can still recognize her at a glance.

In the photo, Si Chengyu walked in front with his suitcase, and Mu Nuannuan walked behind with his head down.

Another one was taken in the parking lot.

Although the two people in the photo did not act ambiguously, they still had an inexplicable sense of harmony and CP.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion changed slightly, she stuffed her mobile phone to Mu Wanqi, pushed her away and walked out.

"Mu Nuannuan, stop for me and explain it clearly to me!" Mu Wanqi was startled by Mu Nuannuan's series of capable and neat movements for a moment, and then reacted and chased after her.

Mu Nuannuan sent a WeChat message to Si Chengyu while walking.

Si Chengyu may be busy, so he did not return to her.

For this matter, Si Chengyu must come forward and solve it better.

Not long after, Si Chengyu returned a message to her and sent her an address saying: "Come and meet me."

At this time, Mu Wanqi chased me: "What are you running, you tell me clearly!"

Mu Nuannuan Where else could she care about Mu Wanqi, she took her bag and went out.

After leaving the Mu family, Mu Nuannuan took a taxi to the address mentioned by Si Chengyu, and found that it was a very high-end tea house.

Before she got out of the car, she just took the money and handed it to the driver. While waiting for the driver to find the change, she saw Si Chengyu walking out of it.

It's just that Si Chengyu's expression looked a bit wrong, his face pale, and he even looked a little depressed.

"Miss, collect the change." The

driver's voice brought back Mu Nuannuan's thoughts.

"Thank you, Master." When Mu Nuannuan received the change and pulled the door to get out of the car, Si Chengyu was gone.

Mu Nuannuan searched around, but did not see Si Chengyu.

She sent a WeChat message to Si Chengyu: "I'm here, where are you?"

She did not reply.

Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone to call Si Chengyu again, but no one answered.

Thinking of Si Chengyu's complexion just now, Mu Nuannuan called Mu Tingxiao.

The phone connected and rang twice, and the familiar low voice came from the other end: "Are you in the company?"

Mu Tingxiao's voice sounded more magnetic on the phone, and it sounded very reassuring.

Mu Nuannuan first asked him: "Have you seen the hot searches on the Internet?"

"What hot searches?" Mu Tingxiao just finished a meeting, and Si Chengyu's hot searches have only come out. He is not yet. Know this.

Just at this moment, Gu Zhiyan opened the door and walked in: "Ting Xiao, something has happened! Our family actor and your wife are on hot search!"


Gu Zhiyan's voice was loud, Mu Nuannuan on the other end of the phone Also heard.

Originally, she and Si Chengyu were innocent, but when these words came out of Gu Zhiyan's mouth, why did they change their taste?

Mu Tingxiao was silent for a moment, and then said quietly: "Now I know."

Mu Nuannuan was inexplicably guilty and explained: "It was at the airport that day. He and I might have been secretly photographed."

Chapter: 180

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao's voice was casual: "You just called me to talk about this?"

"Not all..."

"Then what else do you want to do with me? Say?"

Mu Tingxiao's voice was still inattentive, but Mu Nuannuan heard something unusual from it.

"Nothing..." She suddenly didn't dare to mention Si Chengyu.

"Where, I'll look for you." Mu Tingxiao spoke, picking up the car key and going out.

"Where are you going?" Gu Zhiyan saw Mu Tingxiao walking out with the car key, and said with a look of shock: "You are not going to fight with the King Si Ying, he is not in the company..."

Mu Tingxiao Ignored his nonsense and went out directly.

Mu Tingxiao said that she was coming to see her, so Mu Nuannuan had to find a restaurant near the tea house and wait for Mu Tingxiao.

She chose a position by the window, and looked out the window from time to time, so that she could see him when Mu Tingxiao came over.

Mu Tingxiao came quickly, Mu Nuannuan called him, and he stopped the car and walked towards the restaurant.

Mu Nuannuan smiled flatteringly: "What do you want to drink? I ordered you a cup of lemon tea."

Lemon tea?

Woman drinking something.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows, but didn't say much.

As soon as he sat down, he said directly: "You should be in the company right now." In

other words, Mu Nuannuan will appear here, it must be because of something or someone asked her.

Mu Nuannuan knew that she had exposed her stuff, and Mu Tingxiao's brain was too smart to hide anything from him.

She had no choice but to tell Mu Tingxiao the whole story.

Mu Tingxiao did not speak immediately after hearing it, but stared at her calmly for a while.

It wasn't until Mu Nuannuan was stared at him that his back was hairy, he said slowly: "So, after knowing that she and Si Chengyu have been on the hot search, the first person you find is Si Chengyu."

Mu Nuannuan I heard the smell of gunpowder from this sentence.

As long as she said something wrong, she could ignite the gunpowder on Mu Tingxiao's body.

She pondered, thinking about something nice to calm down the smell of gunpowder on Mu Tingxiao's body. After a glance, she actually saw Mu Qingfeng and Mu Anlin.

Mu Anlin is the name of Elder Mu.

The two of them were coming out of the tea house, and they were walking in tandem.

The distance was a little far apart, so Mu Nuannuan couldn't see the expressions of the two of them clearly, but could feel that the atmosphere between them seemed not so good.

Mu Nuannuan pointed to the place where the two of them were and said to Mu Tingxiao, "Why are your father and grandpa there?"

Mu Tingxiao looked back and saw Mu Qingfeng and Mu Anlin.

He stared slightly, not knowing what he thought of, and said lightly: "This tea house is owned by the Mu family. People from the Mu family often drink tea here and talk about things."

Mu Nuannuan nodded: "Meet. ......"

She couldn't help sighing in her heart, that there are so many industries under the Mu Family.

"With the black card that the old man gave you, all the hotel, restaurant, brand shops and entertainment venues operated by the

Mu Family can be unimpeded." Mu Tingxiao said to Mu Nuannuan, but his gaze was still on. Outside the window.

At this moment, Mu Anlin had walked to the front of the car, and the bodyguard on the side opened the door for him, and he got into the car shortly.

Before the car drove away, he beckoned Mu Qingfeng to the window again. He didn't know what to say before the car drove.

Mu Qingfeng watched Mu Anlin's car go away before turning back to his car.

It's just that the two father and son have tea together. There is nothing special about it. It's just...

"You said, when Big Brother walked out from there before, the whole person was lost in despair?" Mu Tingxiao retracted his gaze and looked towards Mu Nuannuan.

What Mu Nuannuan said before she shocked Mu Tingxiao.

She felt that Mu Enya didn't wrong her at all when she said that she climbed up to be a phoenix.

This gift from Mr. Mu is really heavy.

"Yes, then I sent him a WeChat call, but he ignored me." Mu Nuannuan's expression became serious when he said about the cheese Chengyu.

"I feel like a big brother like gentle people, just hot search thing, certainly will not let him become that way, it may be something else happened, it may be for him ......"

Mu warm Dayton After a pause, he added: "The blow is huge." It

will show such a desperate look, isn't it just a huge blow?

"Besides, when he asked me to come over, it was quite normal. It must have happened to him in the one I came over, but what can happen to him in such a short time?"

Mu Nuan Nuan's analysis is excellent, but he can't think of a reason.

She looked up sharply and saw Mu Tingxiao's eyes locked tightly on her body.

"What's the matter? Am I wrong?" Mu Nuannuan asked him with some doubts while holding the water glass in front of him.

"He has his phone number and his WeChat. You have a good relationship." Mu Tingxiao looked at her with a smile but a soft voice, sounding a little gloomy.

Mu Nuannuan: "..." After

she said so much, Mu Tingxiao's focus turned out to be this!

She was about to explain something, and Mu Tingxiao said quietly: "You didn't add my WeChat." These

words sounded a bit weird.

Mu Nuannuan quickly took out her mobile phone: "I add you, I will add you WeChat now."

Mainly because Mu Tingxiao likes to text her or something, she even thinks that Mu Tingxiao, the young master, might not use it. WeChat.

"No." Mu Tingxiao finished speaking indifferently, then turned his head to the side.

But his phone is still on the dining table.

Duplicate man!

Mu Nuannuan quickly took his mobile phone and added a WeChat friend to herself.

Then he kindly sent his phone back to his phone: "I have already added it."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her, and took the phone two seconds later in a very high manner.

When he saw the remarks above, his eyebrows frowned: "What is this remark?"

Mu Nuannuan said, "Your name."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her, and moved her long finger twice on the phone screen. The phone was thrown in front of her, and then fixedly staring at her.

Mu Nuannuan leaned over and took a look, and found that the remark he had given her had changed to "wife".

Obviously, he meant to ask her to change him in the list of her friends to the corresponding note.

She pretended not to understand, but Mu Tingxiao kept staring at her, and she had to change it reluctantly.

She felt that Mu Tingxiao was more serious, as stubborn as a child.

"Now, it's changed now!" After the change, she handed the phone to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao showed a satisfied look in his eyes, and stood up: "Shall I go back to the company? I will send you off."


Mu Nuannuan stood up and was about to reach for her bag, but Mu Tingxiao took a step ahead of her and took her handbag.