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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 191-200 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 191


Mu Tingxiao replied, "You see you are so fierce, I dare not say anything about you, who is the best of us?"

Mu Nuannuan kicked in the quilt After he clicked twice, she didn't want to continue discussing this "powerful" topic with him.

Mu Tingxiao gave a sullen laugh and continued to sleep.

Mu Nuannuan went to look at the topic list, and the topic ranked first was: General Gu is mighty.

The second topic was: Shen Liang Luo Ying shouted in the air.

Ranked third is: I have money.

Even though Mu Nuannuan hadn't clicked in to read the contents, she still vaguely felt that these three topics seemed to be related.

She clicked in and looked around, and finally found a summary Weibo posted by a netizen.

"Here, let’s talk about the beginning and end of the three consecutive topics of popular science with the new melon-eating crowd. The reason is that Luo Ying said on Weibo that the founder of Shengding Media, XN, was fabricated out of thin air, and then said innuendo. A newly signed female artist with the surname S of Shengding Media had an ambiguous relationship with a certain high-level artist. Afterwards, the female artist with the surname S called Luo Ying in the air, and finally Shengding Media's "a high-level" also said: [I have money, think Who signed who signed?..."

Finally, the blogger said: "Everyone knows. The female artist surnamed S is about acting like the second new actor Shen Liang, "a certain high-level" It is Mr. Gu of Shengding Media, I have to say that this rare tearing forced me to fan out the female artist surnamed S [笑哭][笑哭][笑哭]."

Finally. Three expressions of [laughing and crying] were placed on the face.

After reading this summary Weibo, Mu Nuannuan ran to Luo Ying's Weibo to read it.

"Since everyone wants to know who the female artist surnamed S is, then I will disclose her surname is Shen, who has played the second female role for many years and has just been signed by Shengding Media at a high price."

Shen Liang was dug over by Shengding Media at a high price. This is not a secret in the circle, but because Shen Liang didn't want to make a hype, he didn't find the media to report on this matter, but there are still many people who know about it.

At least Shen Liang's true love fans, most of them know this.

As soon as Luo Ying's Weibo came out, it stirred up waves.

Like her people, Shen Liang's fans have a trouble-loving character. They are fine and do not cause trouble. When someone comes to ask for trouble, they are all people who are extremely powerful.

Luo Ying's Weibo was captured by Shen Liang fans, and Luo Ying pretended to be dead without saying a word.

In the end Luo Ying's fans and Shen Liang's fans fought together, and of course it was Shen Liang's fan Lei.

At this time, Gu Zhiyan also posted a Weibo: "Why don’t you tell me why you were terminated by Shengding Media? Oh, I have money, and I can sign whoever wants to sign. In business, as long as you talk to the company In terms of commercial value, I can still sign you back at a high price!"

Mu Nuannuan already felt the deep hypocrisy revealed by this Weibo through the screen of the mobile phone.

In business?

She believed Gu Zhiyan's words to have a ghost. Gu Zhiyan digs the Shen Liang over at a high price, most of the reason must be selfishness.

Otherwise, when Mu Tingxiao called Gu Zhiyan last night, he would not say anything to let Gu Zhiyan end by himself.


Mu Nuannuan watched Weibo for a while, and got up when she lost her sleepiness.

Then, under the bed, she found her mobile phone whose battery was too low to automatically shut down.

She sighed and recharged silently.

Shen Liang sent her many WeChat messages yesterday, but she hadn't had time to read them.

After opening WeChat and reading the message Shen Liang sent to her, she found that she was asking about XN, which was sent to her before Luo Ying found the fault.

After reading it, she called Shen Liang.

The phone rang for a long time before I was picked up: "Hello?" The

cold voice was dumb and it was obvious that he had not yet woken up.

"It's me, Nuannuan." Mu Nuannuan guessed that she answered the phone with her eyes closed.

There was a rustling sound on the other end, and the cold voice became a little louder: "I went to bed early in the morning yesterday, and I was sleepy. By the way, what happened to that XN?"

Mu Nuan said warmly. Concern: "XN is Mu Tingxiao, are you okay?"

"Alright!" Shen Liang knew that Mu Nuannuan was asking about Luo Ying, and sighed with regret: "I will tell you, If it weren’t for my agent to temporarily change my Weibo password, I would end up tearing Luo Ying’s stinky woman to death!” When

Mu Nuannuan watched Shen Liang’s Weibo before, she felt that in the two Weibo posts she posted yesterday, The second Weibo is not very similar to her style.

So that's it...

Mu Nuannuan summed up: "Your agent is very good."

Shen Liang breathed in his throat: "I think you want to be blacked out."

"Please eat."

"Today count first . Now, it will be blacked another day."


Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang made an appointment at Jinding for dinner.

After the affair with Luo Ying last night, Shen Liang picked up another wave of fans, and the popularity soared.

Wherever they go, they may be secretly photographed. For the sake of safety, the two chose to stay in Jinding.

After Shen Liang saw Mu Nuannuan, he remembered to ask her, "I don't have to go to work today?"



"I just quit the day before yesterday. It happened suddenly, so I haven't had time to tell you." Mu Nuannuan While talking, he pushed the menu to Shen Liang.

Shen Liang didn't look at the menu, his expression still looked surprised: "So fast? You can leave as soon as you quit?"

"Mu Tingxiao helped me resign." Thinking of Mu Tingxiao, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help laughing.

Shen Liang shook his head: "Look at your wavy heart..."

"Well, your single dog won't understand." Mu Nuannuan was in a good mood, smiling and joking with her.

Shen Liang rolled his eyes: "I think your tone of voice is already close to the big boss." The

black card used by Mu Nuannuan when checking out.

Shen Liang came over and asked her: "The boss gave it to you?"

"No, his grandfather gave it to me."

"Fuck! The big boss took you to see your parents?" Shen Liang felt wrong after speaking, "You are already married. I got the certificate, and I can’t seem to say that..."

"Then you are a rich little woman now!" Shen Liang said as he stretched out his hand index: "Mother Mu, the president of Shengding Media... every identity is gorgeous. Ah!"

Mu Nuannuan said without a smile.

These gorgeous identities that were added to her were all because of Mu Tingxiao.

But she knew in her heart that she was just her.

After removing these gorgeous identities, she is Mu Nuannuan, a Mu Nuannuan with the dream of a screenwriter.

"No matter how gorgeous it is, it can't be eaten. I think the most important thing now is to find a job more realistic." Mu Nuannuan's voice fell, and the phone rang.

It was from Mu Tingxiao.

"Where? Do you come to the company sometimes?"

"What's the matter?" Why do you suddenly ask her to go to the company?

Mu Tingxiao groaned for a moment and said, "A document has fallen at home. You can send it here for me."

Chapter: 192

Mu Nuannuan hung up, turned to Shen Liang and said, "Mu Tingxiao asked me to send him a document to the company."

"I'm fine anyway, I will send you home to get things. Then go to Shengding together." Shen Liang said, shaking the car key in his hand.

So Mu Nuannuan went home with Shen Liang to get the documents, and then went to Shengding Media together.

After Shen Liang drove the car into the parking lot, Mu Nuannuan took the exclusive elevator and went directly to Mu Tingxiao's office on the top floor.

... When

she arrived at Mu Tingxiao's office, Mu Tingxiao was standing in front of the French window with his back to her, not knowing what he was thinking.

"Something is here for you." Mu Nuannuan walked in and put the file on his desk.

Mu Tingxiao turned around when he heard the words, and said, "I haven't taken you to see Shengding."

"Huh?" What did you suddenly mention this for?

Mu Tingxiao said again, "How about let me show you a look?" How about

taking her around Shengding?

"I'll let Zhiyan take you." After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he denied himself: "Forget it, I'll look for Shen Liang."

Mu Nuannuan was not very interested in visiting Shengding or something, and pointed to the one on the table. The file asked Mu Tingxiao, "Don't you read the file first?"

"Not very important. " Without raising his head, Mu Tingxiao took out his cell phone and called Gu Zhiyan.

Mu Nuannuan: "..." It's

not very important, why did you call her to send it over?

Gu Zhiyan came over soon.

Gu Zhiyan appeared with two heavy dark circles under his eyes: "What are you doing?"

"Take Mu Nuannuan to see in Shengding." Mu Tingxiao turned his head to look at Gu Zhiyan, and ordered.

Gu Zhiyan was obviously also a little surprised.

But when he thought of Mu Tingxiao’s hard work recently, he nodded: "Walk around, I will take you to visit your husband's company."

Mu Nuannuan was ridiculed by him, and his face was a little uncomfortable. .

Mu Tingxiao's cool voice came from behind: "Tell Shen Liang to take her to see."

Gu Zhiyan waved his hand directly: "How long has Shen Xiaoliang been here? She is not familiar with Shengding herself."

Outside the door, Mu Nuan Nuancai asked Gu Zhiyan, "Why did Mu Tingxiao suddenly ask me to visit Shengding?"

She understood. Mu Tingxiao asked her to send information or something, just a pretense, but she didn't know what medicine he sold in the gourd.

Gu Zhiyan thought for a moment and asked her, "Did you resign?"

Mu Nuannuan nodded.

"He..." Gu Zhiyan said uncertainly: "Maybe I want you to work in Shengding, but it's not easy to speak directly, so I want you to look at Shengding, and then lure you to work here?"

In the end, Gu Zhiyan seemed to think that this idea was a bit too abnormal.

"Ah?" Mu Nuannuan didn't think that Gu Zhiyan's idea was right: "He can speak straight."

Gu Zhiyan said quickly, "He opened the back door for you before, didn't you refuse? You still said that you are not happy to come to Sheng Ding."

"How did you know he opened the back door for me before, and I said I wouldn't be happy to come?" Mu Nuannuan looked at him suspiciously.

Gu Zhiyan: "...Ah, that...I'll take you down first..."

Can he say that because he overheard the conversation between Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao on the phone long ago?


Finally, Shen Liang took Mu Nuannuan to visit Shengding.

Because Gu Zhiyan is half the boss after all, he took Mu Nuannuan to visit Shengding, which was obviously too ostentatious.

Shen Liang took her around, others thought she was just bringing friends to play, and they wouldn't think too much.

Along the way, Mu Nuannuan saw many first-line celebrities and celebrities, as well as gold medal editors and famous directors.

When Shen Liang met them, he had to greet them politely, calling out "teacher" or "senior."

Shengding Media is very large. After walking around, the two went to the top floor.

Shen Liang yelled on the roof railing: "Sooner or later, I will let others see me calling me Teacher Shen Liang, Senior Shen Liang!"

"There will be one day!" Mu Nuannuan stood at her. Behind him, I felt it.

Shen Liang seemed to think of something suddenly, and turned to look at her: "Didn't you quit your job? Are you coming to work in Shengding? Then we will be colleagues."

"This..." Mu Nuannuan said before thinking of Gu Zhiyan. Even though she felt a little unreliable, based on her understanding of Mu Tingxiao, he might have really made that idea.

Mu Tingxiao is such a shrewd person who would actually do this kind of thing...

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but laughed, "Maybe..."

"What does'maybe' mean?" As long as you say something, the big boss is sure Everything will be brought to you, celebrity directors, first-class stars, let the gold medal screenwriters take you...I envy you when you think about it."

Shen Liang said with a look of excitement.

Mu Nuannuan poured her cold water: "Gu Zhiyan is definitely willing to hold you."

Shen Liang glared at her: "I will break with you for one day."

"Well, goodbye then." Mu Nuannuan just received Mu Tingxiao's request. After texting, go downstairs.

Shen Liang hurried to catch up: "

Miss Sister, I was wrong..." Mu Nuannuan explained with a smile: "Mu Tingxiao texted me, I'll go first."

Shen Liang: "..."


Mu Tingxiao was the only one in his office.

He was sitting in front of the coffee table making tea, with drooping eyes, looking noble and alienated.

Mu Nuannuan walked across to him and sat down: "You can still make tea?"

Mu Tingxiao poured a cup of tea and put it in front of her: "What do you think of Shengding after learning from the old man?"

"Very good, entertaining. The leader of the industry, a professional star-making factory." Mu Nuannuan commented very pertinently.

Over the years, most of the first-line celebrities and celebrities on the screen are artists from Shengding Media.

After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she went to see Mu Tingxiao's expression.

Mu Tingxiao still kept his eyes down, poured himself a cup of tea, and said casually: "Then you are coming to Shengding for work?"

Mu Nuannuan held the teacup, just took a sip of tea, and sprayed it all at once. Came out.


Gu Zhiyan really said it?

Although she and Mu Tingxiao sat face to face with a tea table in between, she still sprayed some tea on Mu Tingxiao's face.

Mu Tingxiao closed his eyes and let out a long sigh of relief. He seemed a little angry, but he felt helpless.

Mu Nuannuan quickly took a towel and wiped his face: "I'm sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it."

She didn't expect that her previous guess with Gu Zhiyan turned out to be true.

Where is Mu Tingxiao who would do such a thing? With his temperament, shouldn't he just come up and give orders?

This time it was so tactful!

Mu Tingxiao closed his eyes and let Mu Nuannuan wipe his face.

After wiping, Mu Nuannuan kissed him with a strong sense of life-saving: "Okay."

Mu Tingxiao opened his eyes, sighed, and then changed into an official look: "With your professionalism and qualifications. , You can’t find a better company than Shengding.”

She felt that Mu Tingxiao's euphemism might just be an illusion.

Chapter: 193

Mu Nuannuan curled her lips: "If you want me to work at Shengding Media, just tell me, you are not tired after such a big bend."

Mu Tingxiao was rarely caught by Mu. When Nuannuan choked, she clenched her hand into a fist and coughed slightly on her lips: "I'm just asking for your opinion."

Mu Nuannuan said directly, "Okay."

"..." Mu Tingxiao saw her. The answer was so simple, I didn't know what to say for a while.

Mu Nuannuan asked tentatively: "You are because I refused to come over before, so you..."

"I will report tomorrow for the employment." Where would Mu Tingxiao give her a chance to ask more? So I called Gu Zhiyan.

Mu Nuannuan twitched the corners of her mouth, look, it's true.

When the two went home together, Mu Nuannuan suddenly asked him, "Are you opening the back door for me?"

"Opening the back door?" Mu Tingxiao raised an eyebrow and said, "No."

Mu Nuannuan thought it was already opening the back door. Now, if Mu Tingxiao hadn't spoken, Mu Nuannuan would have to go through five hurdles and kill six generals if he wanted to enter Shengding Media.

After a while, Mu Tingxiao's voice came to mind in the carriage: "Find a team for you, write the script, and operate it. Within half a year, you can become a big name in the entertainment industry and become a gold medal screenwriter. This is called opening the back door. "

Mu Nuannuan asked curiously: "So you thought about opening this kind of back door for me from the beginning?"

"As long as you want, you can do it any time." Mu Tingxiao turned to look at her, his eyes couldn't be more serious.

Sheng Ding is a big man in the entertainment industry, and Mu Tingxiao is the big boss behind Sheng Ding. He knows everything in the entertainment circle very well.

Those so-called one-night hits are all team operations.

The little Huadans in the company that have become popular in recent years are all run by the team.

Only Si Chengyu followed Sheng Ding step by step and climbed up step by step.

Mu Nuannuan had already seen Mu Tingxiao's public relations skills yesterday, and there is no doubt that Mu Tingxiao could make her a gold medal screenwriter in the industry within six months.

But that was not what she wanted.

Ideals are precious things, they need to be cared for, and they need to be treated with care. She doesn't need an overnight success to add to her aura.

What she wants is to realize the ideal in a real sense.

Life is so long, she is still so young, as long as she works hard, nothing is impossible, she believes in herself.

Mu Nuannuan didn't know that Mu Tingxiao had already thought so much. Although she didn't need it, she was still moved.

Mu Tingxiao is a businessman, and he is used to the ups and downs in the entertainment industry. It is normal to make such plans for her.

Mu Nuannuan asked him, "Do you think I can become a gold medal screenwriter without taking shortcuts?"

Although she believed in herself, she still wanted to get Mu Tingxiao's affirmation.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her: "My Mu Tingxiao's woman has always been the most powerful." When

Mu Nuannuan heard the word "awesome", she felt that the whole paragraph collapsed.

Mu Tingxiao was glared at by her, but he chuckled his lips and laughed.

His woman can't fail, even if Mu Nuannuan really can't climb up, isn't there still him?

He could help her realize her little wish with just a fingertip. How could he fail her?


next day.

Mu Nuannuan is going to Shengding Media to report.

But when she set off in the morning, a little conflict occurred because she didn't want to ride in Mu Tingxiao's car.

Mu Nuannuan's tone is very insistent: "I can go there by myself by bus."

Not many people know Mu Tingxiao as the president of Shengding Media. When he enters and exits Shengding, he is mysterious, and if he brings her, it will be a big risk.

Mu Tingxiao made a cold face and gave in: "Then I will let the driver see you off."

"No." Mu Nuannuan shook her head. She is a trainee screenwriter assistant. How can a driver send her to the company!

Mu Tingxiao’s expression became colder again, and she called her name in a deep voice: "Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Nuannuan has been getting along very harmoniously with Mu Tingxiao recently, and her understanding of Mu Tingxiao has improved. Especially for Mu Ting Xiao who is about to get angry, her response skills are completely advancing by leaps and bounds.

She walked up to Mu Tingxiao in two steps, kissed him on tiptoe, and touched his head: "I am now an assistant intern at the company. People watched my luxury car picking up and going to work. I still don't know how to say me. Well, really, I can

just take the bus myself..." Mu Tingxiao was just like a majestic lion about to get angry. After Mu Nuannuan's series of actions, he succeeded in smoothing his hair, and the whole body's breath is not gentle. less.

"Then I'll take you to the bus stop."


Mu Tingxiao sent Mu Nuannuan to the bus stop, watching her get on the bus, and let Shiye drive to Shengding Media.

Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Mu Tingxiao was finally willing to leave.

However, when the bus passed a traffic light, Mu Nuannuan inadvertently looked back and saw Mu Tingxiao's limited-edition Bentley at the back of the bus.

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

She thinks that Mu Tingxiao sometimes does things really naive.

She retracted her gaze and took out her mobile phone to call Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao answered quickly: "What's wrong?"

"Why are you following the bus all the time!" Mu Nuannuan held the phone in one hand and asked him in a low voice.

Mu Tingxiao paused, and then said in a very serious tone: "Because the bus is in the front, we can only go back."

"You..." Mu Nuan heated up the phone.

Tomorrow she won't take the bus, go to the subway and see how he follows!

……When they

arrived at the company, someone took Mu Nuannuan to go through the entry formalities.

In the past two years, the film and television market has grown rapidly, and there is a great demand for scripts.

But good screenwriters have always been desired by the market. Except for some large film and television companies, which can find top screenwriters to cooperate with, the small companies on one side have some difficulties in this area.

Shengding Media has a large family business, so it has an advantage, but it still lacks talents in this area.

Mu Nuannuan also wrote scripts when she was studying, which is a bit of experience, but she still has to learn from scratch when she joins the company.

Sheng Ding's film and television screenwriters are very short of people, even if Mu Nuannuan came on the first day, many things were arranged.

When Mu Tingxiao invited her to eat at noon, she fell directly onto the sofa as soon as she entered his office.

"So tired?" Mu Tingxiao poured her a glass of water.

Mu Nuannuan took the cup and drank it all at once.

"Your company's film and television screenwriters are too few people to be busy at all." The reason why she is so busy is not that old employees bully newcomers, but really busy!

Mu Tingxiao groaned for a moment before he said, "Because they are too busy and tired, many people can't hold back from resigning."

Mu Nuannuan said, "...Is it necessary to process capital ?"

He glanced at Mu Nuannuan: " In the entire entertainment industry, there is no company with a higher salary than Shengding’s screenwriter."

Chapter: 194

Mu Nuannuan was not surprised when she heard Mu Tingxiao's words.

Shengding Media is notoriously rich and powerful in the industry.

However, she still doesn't know what her salary is.

She curiously asked Mu Tingxiao: "Then how much is my intern salary?"

Mu Tingxiao suddenly narrowed his eyes and approached her when he heard the words, and said meaningfully, "Can't the boss of the company take care of you personally every day? Salary? "

This man is really, and will not give up any opportunity to play with her.

Just as Mu Nuannuan was about to speak, Gu Zhiyan walked in with a few large packages of packed meals.

"It's eating!" Gu Zhiyan glanced at them, then withdrew his gaze.

Alas, I have to eat dog food all day long. I can't live this day.

Mu Nuannuan helped bring out the food, and Gu Zhiyan couldn't help but complain: "It's not bad that Ting Xiao will return to Mu's family in a few days. Otherwise, I don't need to eat all this day, and dog food will kill me. ! "

Mu warm slightly surprised a moment, his eyes fell upon owl Mu Ting:" when are you going back to Mu's "? "

in two days of it. "Mu Ting owl look down, low voice a little, did not get what mood.

Mu Nuannuan almost forgot about it.

Mu Tingxiao had said before that he would return to the Mu clan. After he had handled the company's affairs almost and handed it over to Gu Zhiyan, he would probably return to the Mu clan.

... When I

went to work at the company the next day, Mu Nuannuan took the subway.

As a result, when she got out of the subway, she saw Mu Tingxiao's car.

On the third day, Mu Nuannuan took a taxi directly to Shengding Media. When the taxi arrived at the company downstairs, Mu Tingxiao's car also happened to be downstairs.

Finally, on the fourth day, Mu Tingxiao stopped following her.

Because he is going to Mu Shi to report.

When Mu Nuannuan got up early in the morning, she did not see Mu Tingxiao's figure.

Going downstairs to the hall, Aunt Hu said as soon as she saw her, "Young Master has already left."

Mu Nuannuan nodded, still feeling a little surprised.

Today, the sun came out from the west, so Mu Tingxiao left without her?

But it didn't take long before she received a call from Mu Tingxiao.

"I've been to Mu Family. I don't have to worry about going to work every day and I will follow you. Are you happy?" Mu Tingxiao's voice was extremely calm, and he couldn't hear the emotions.

How could Mu Nuannuan say that he was happy, and said very hopelessly: "You won't work in Shengding Media from now on? It's a pity..." In the

past few days, the two have been secretly competing because of how to go to work. Ting Xiao's heart was naturally not very happy, but he didn't say it.

Mu Tingxiao seemed to chuckle: "I can send you to the company every day, and then go to Mu's."

Mu Nuannuan: "...No, don't delay work..."

Mu Tingxiao no longer held back her smile. , Laugh out loud directly.

He rejected Mu's family, but had to come to Mu's family again to make a phone call to tease Mu Nuannuan, and his mood suddenly became much better.

After laughing, Mu Tingxiao said sternly: "Usually I will follow you, but if it rains, let the driver take you off, or I will pick you up."

" Go, go ..." Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao had become more recently. Very wordy.

After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan also went to the company.

The bus stop where she got off was five minutes away from Shengding Media.

When she got off the bus and was about to walk to the entrance of Shengding Media, she heard a whistle sound from behind.

Mu Nuannuan moved a little to the side of the road, but the car behind him still honked.

Mu Nuannuan frowned and turned back, and saw a familiar face protruding from the window of a black car behind him.

Secretary Chengyu face with a smile she called out: "warm."

Mu warm to see after he was Secretary Chengyu, surprised cried: "? Big Brother"

recent events a bit more, nobody has Can contact her boss Cheng Yu.

Si Chengyu drove to the side of Mu Nuan Nuan to talk to her.

He asked her, "Looking for Tingxiao?"

"No." Mu Nuannuan raised the work permit in Yang's hand: "I am an employee of Shengding Media now."

"Then everyone will be colleagues from now on?" Si Chengyu eyes There was a slight surprise in them, but they didn't show much surprise.

This is working time, there are a lot of people coming and going, this is not a good place to talk.

Mu Nuannuan looked around carefully: "It's incomparable with Big Brother."

Si Chengyu is a careful and steady person. Noting Mu Nuannuan's subtle behavior, he smiled and said: "Then I will go back to eat together. I'm leaving first."

After speaking, he drove the car to the parking lot.

Mu Nuannuan didn't take his words to heart, she just took Si Chengyu's car home at the airport last time, and she caused such troubles and became "Si Chengyu's mysterious girlfriend".

If she is photographed by the media again having dinner with Si Chengyu, I wonder if it will be written by the media as "Si Chengyu has been married for many years..." or something.

The media nowadays can write about everything in order to get people's attention.

At the company, it was another busy day.

Shengding Media has a company canteen. At noon, Mu Nuannuan plans to go directly to the canteen for dinner with his colleagues.

As soon as she walked to the canteen, she received a call from Si Chengyu.

"It was agreed to have dinner together, where did you go?" Although Si Chengyu's words were reproachful, his tone was completely joking.

Mu Nuannuan directly rejected Si Chengyu: "I will eat with my colleague in the cafeteria. After Mu Tingxiao has time, let's eat together."

Si Chengyu paused, "It's okay." I

don't know if it is right. Mu Nuannuan's illusion, she always felt that Si Chengyu's tone was a bit strange.

She didn't take this matter to heart.

However, in her mind, she suddenly remembered the last time Si Chengyu was shocked at the door of the tea house.

What happened?

The turmoil caused by Si Chengyu’s “mysterious girlfriend” was finally calmed down by Mu Tingxiao’s public relations chief Weibo, but the initiator of this incident did not seem to be found out...

Mu Nuannuan thought of this, just Send WeChat to ask Mu Tingxiao about this.

Mu Tingxiao was probably busy on the other side, until Mu Nuannuan finished eating, Mu Tingxiao returned a message to her, just a few simple words: "I haven't found it out."

Mu Nuannuan read this sentence a few times. After all, I felt Mu Tingxiao was lying.

The instigator behind this kind of incitement of public opinion to discredit a company cannot fail to leave any clues. As long as you deliberately investigate it, you can definitely find out.

Not to mention Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao was thoughtful and deep-minded. It was impossible for him to find out about this matter for so long.

Then, it is also possible that he found it, but did not want to say.

To put it another way, he found the perpetrator of the incident, but he didn't believe that person would do it, so he said he didn't find it!

Chapter: 195

The more Mu Nuannuan thought, the more she felt that she was right.

If other people said that they hadn't found it, Mu Nuannuan believed it, but it was impossible for Mu Tingxiao.

The confidence in Mu Tingxiao's body radiated from his bones.

Once this idea came up, it couldn't stop.

Mu Nuannuan thought about this all day long.

After work, she hurried home by car, wanting to tell Mu Tingxiao about it.

However, when she returned home, Mu Tingxiao had not yet returned.

It was seven o'clock when Aunt Hu made dinner, but Mu Tingxiao hadn't returned yet.

Seeing that the time was late, Aunt Hu persuaded Mu Nuannuan to say, "Young lady, let's eat first. Young master doesn't know when he will be back."

"It's okay, I'll wait."

Mu Tingxiao's first day Going to Mushi will definitely be busy, which is normal.

After waiting for a while, Mu Nuannuan was about to call Mu Tingxiao when he saw that Mu Tingxiao had not returned.

Only when her mobile phone was taken out, there were calls coming in.

She narrowed her eyes and saw that it was Mu Tingxiao who had called.

Mu Nuannuan answered the phone and asked him, "When are you coming back?" "Just after

a meeting, you may be back late tonight. You go to bed first, don't wait for me." Mu Tingxiao's voice was slightly lowered. There is a trace of gentleness that is not unusual, but a trace of fatigue.

This meeting was going on for too long, and he didn't even notice that it was so late.

As soon as the meeting ended, he immediately called Mu Nuannuan.

"I see..."

Although she and Mu Tingxiao did not go to work and work together recently, they both went out together in the morning and arrived home together at night.

Now facing the empty room alone, Mu Nuannuan still feels a little uncomfortable.

She ate, went back to the room, holding the computer and writing.

While writing, pay attention to the sound of cars outside.

However, after a day of work, she was too tired, and it didn't take long before she fell asleep on the head of the bed.

When Mu Tingxiao came back, he saw this scene.

The heating in the room was sufficient. Mu Tingxiao walked into the bedroom and saw Mu Nuannuan, who was sitting on the bedside and sleeping with his head tilted.

With one of her hands still resting on the keyboard of the notebook, her bangs rose up, her hair spreading out.

Mu Tingxiao walked over gently and stretched out his hand to pull out the computer under Mu Nuan Nuan's hand.

Although his movements were very light, Mu Nuannuan slept too lightly and was awakened.

Mu Nuannuan opened her dim sleepy eyes, still not awake, looked at the person in front of

her, and said dazedly : "Are you back?" She slept with her dim eyes and tilted her head against the bed for too long. She moved, and when she tilted her body, she was about to fall on the bed.

Mu Tingxiao quickly reached out his hand to support her head, and put her arm around her waist to make her fall asleep. His voice was low, "Well, go to sleep."

Mu Nuannuan was really confused when she heard this. Fell asleep again.

It took only ten seconds from when she lay back on the bed to sleep.

Mu Tingxiao looked at her peaceful sleeping face, was stunned for a moment, couldn't help but stretched out his hand to pinch her nose, and muttered: "The pig has changed?"

He went to the bathroom to wash and came back before lying on the bed, already asleep. Mu Nuannuan, who was conscious, automatically dived into Mu Tingxiao's arms.

Upon seeing this, Mu Tingxiao's eyes were tender, and he held her firmly in his arms, and soon fell asleep.


next day.

When Mu Nuannuan opened her eyes, she subconsciously stretched out her hand and fumbled beside her.

The result was empty beside him.

She rolled over from the bed and sat up.

Mu Tingxiao didn't come back last night?

No, it seems to be back...

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and her eyes fell on the laptop on the sofa.

She remembered that Mu Tingxiao came back last night and helped her receive the computer.

But what about others? Won't you leave again?

Mu Nuannuan turned over and got out of bed, grabbed a coat and put it on, then ran downstairs with his slippers opening the door.

When she ran to the top of the stairs, she saw Mu Tingxiao in formal wear walking outside the door.

She yelled, "Mu Tingxiao?"

Mu Tingxiao turned his head when he heard the words, only glanced at it, and frowned slightly: "Go back and change clothes, I'll go to the company first."

"Oh." Mu Nuannuan subconsciously He responded and saw Mu Tingxiao turn around and walk out.

She opened her mouth and finally said nothing.

It wasn't until Mu Tingxiao's figure disappeared that she tightened her coat tightly and went back to the bedroom to change clothes.


Mu Tingxiao became particularly busy.

She was so busy that she didn't even have time to eat a meal with Mu Nuannuan. It was often when she got up in the morning that he had already left or was about to leave.

When she came back in the evening, Mu Tingxiao was still working overtime at the company. When he came back, Mu Nuannuan was either asleep or awake.

Just like this for a week.

Mu Nuannuan thought that Mu Tingxiao would always take a day off on weekends, but when he got up early in the morning on the weekend, he saw Mu Tingxiao changed into a suit and looked very energetic.

Mu Tingxiao seemed to have inexhaustible energy, so busy for a week, he looked so energetic.

Mu Nuannuan picked up the phone, looked through the phone screen, and saw her tired face on the screen.

She went to work later than Mu Tingxiao, and got off work earlier than Mu Tingxiao, but she seemed to be more tired than Mu Tingxiao.

Had it not been for such a long time with Mu Tingxiao, she would have doubted whether Mu Tingxiao was a human.

"I'm going to the company right away, you can sleep a little longer." Mu Tingxiao heard the movement and turned to look at her, bowing his head to adjust his cufflinks.

Today's cufflinks seem to be against him, and they don't fit well.

Mu Nuannuan opened the quilt and sat up, with a dim and soft voice that had just woke up: "Come here."

Mu Tingxiao walked over, sat down by the bed, stretched his sleeves in front of Mu Nuannuan, and cufflinks. Also handed it to her.

He lowered his eyes and watched Mu Nuannuan's slender white fingers pinch the sleeves of the dark shirt, after helping him put on the cufflinks, he also tidied his suit jacket.

His throat moved slightly, and he lowered his head and kissed Mu Nuannuan's forehead: "It's almost Chinese New Year, and I should be able to relax a bit after a while."

Mu Nuannuan was silent for a while and asked him: "Mu's has so many things. Are you busy?"

"Yes, a lot of things." Mu Tingxiao's voice was rarely touched with exhaustion.

The voice fell, and both of them fell silent.

Mu thought of something warm, said: "Big Brother is back, you know?"

Mu Ting owl face a lag slightly, slightly narrowed eyes: "? When will come back"

"back for several days, he Said she wanted to eat with us." This is indeed what Mu Nuannuan wanted to say to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao groaned: "Tomorrow I will get off work early and ask my eldest brother to have dinner in Jinding."

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan nodded, a flash of joy in his eyes.

Finally I can have a meal with Mu Tingxiao!

Chapter: 196

The next day, Mu Nuannuan left home for Jinding at six o'clock.

Because Mu Tingxiao was talking about eating at Jinding at seven, she was fine at home anyway, so it's better to go there earlier.

When she arrived at Jinding, it was six forty.

She reached the box with her front foot, and Si Chengyu arrived with her back foot.

Si Chengyu entered the box and found that Mu Tingxiao was not there, so he asked her, "Tingxiao hasn't come yet?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at the time and found that it was almost seven o'clock. She sighed and said, "He has since returned. With Mu Family, I was so busy that I couldn't see a person all day."

Mu Nuannuan's tone couldn't hide the loss.

Si Chengyu calmly changed the subject: "Xiaochen originally wanted to come with him today, but after a classmate asked him to play ball, he ran away with him."

Mu Nuannuan also didn't see Mu Jia for a while. Chen, but still thinking of him a little bit in my heart, so I chatted with Si Chengyu.

The two talked while waiting for Mu Tingxiao.

But Mu Tingxiao was gone for a long time.

It was seven o'clock soon.

Mu Tingxiao always said that he was the same, and he was not a person who was not punctual. He hasn't come yet, and it wouldn't be something wrong...

Mu Nuannuan called Mu Tingxiao but was hung up.

She frowned and looked at the phone that was hung up, her expression a little ugly.

Si Chengyu asked her: "What's wrong?"

"No..." Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and smiled a little far-fetched: "Mu Tingxiao hasn't come yet, I'm afraid it's because of the company's affairs. Otherwise, let’s order food first.”

Si Chengyu, like her, came here without dinner. In case Mu Tingxiao was caught in something, it would take a long time to come. Is it necessary to let Si Chengyu and Is she hungry together?

Si Chengyu didn't care, and said: Use it, wait a minute. "

Until eight o'clock, Mu Nuannuan decided not to wait. It was rare that Si Chengyu ordered the food.

So this dinner was originally a three-person dinner, and it became Si Chengyu and Mu Nuannuan.

Yes . After the two of them had eaten, they put on the pot of tea again, and Mu Tingxiao was late. When

Mu Nuannuan saw Mu Tingxiao coming in, she lowered

her head to look at the tea in the cup. She came now when she saw Mu Tingxiao. Angry.

Don’t choose today if you don’t have time. If you’re busy, can’t you just make a phone call?

Si Chengyu poured a cup of tea for Mu Tingxiao and handed it to him, and asked gently, "Very busy? "

Mu Tingxiao sat down next to Mu Nuan Nuan, habitually placing one hand on the back of the chair behind Mu Nuan Nuan, his possessiveness was very obvious.

Si Chengyu's eyes stopped on Mu Tingxiao's arm. Seconds, he moved away, as fast as a glance.

"It's okay. "Mu Tingxiao picked up the tea cup and drank it clean. He glanced at Mu Nuannuan and asked, "Have you eaten it?" "

Si Chengyu said: "Well, you have not come, we just ordered and ate." "

Mu Ting owl did not speak, only turned around and stared at the warm Mu.

Mu warm pretending not to feel him looking at himself, just concentrate on the tea.


" Ah, have been able to catch up a little earlier, but in There was a small car accident on the road and the phone broke. "Mu Tingxiao looked at Si Chengyu and said.

Although Mu Nuannuan on the side pretended to ignore him, she could hear

him clearly when he spoke with her ears upright. His words fell, Mu Nuan Nuan Jiu turned his head quickly and asked, "Are you okay? "

" Nothing. "Mu Tingxiao looked down at her and said with a smile: "It was someone else who had a car accident and caused a traffic jam, so it was too late. "


Both of them had already eaten, and Mu Tingxiao only ordered his own.

He eats very quickly, but his appearance is not only not rude, but rather pleasing to the eye.

Maybe it was because his face was so good-looking... After

eating, Mu Nuannuan went home with Mu Tingxiao.

This is the first time Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao have gone home this week.

It was quiet in the carriage, and Mu Nuannuan suddenly said, "We have not been home for a long time."

"Who has been refusing to go to work with me before?" Mu Tingxiao said in a cool voice, and began to talk to each other. Mu Nuannuan turned over the old account.

Mu Nuannuan pouted her lips: "That situation is different." The

two argued all the way home on this topic.

In the end, this argument ended after Mu Tingxiao threw her on the bed.

Mu Tingxiao was indeed too tired during this time, and because he couldn't stand it at night, he had done several times with Mu Nuannuan. When Mu Nuannuan woke up the next morning, he saw Mu Tingxiao's next to him. A handsome face sleeping.

She stretched out her hand and gently pressed it against his face, depicting his facial contours.

Mu Tingxiao squinted her eyes slightly, grabbed her hand and took a bite to her lips: "Don't move."

Mu Nuannuan smiled and touched his face with the other hand.

One touched his face, the other blocked, and the two of them started to quarrel on the bed again and again.

At this moment, Mu Nuannuan's cell phone rang suddenly, pulling both people's thoughts back.

Mu Nuannuan took her mobile phone from the bedside table and muttered, "Who called me so early in the morning?"

Taking a look, she found it was a strange number.

She said to herself: "Who is this?"

Mu Tingxiao glanced from behind her and said, "Gu Zhiyan."

"Gu Zhiyan, call me?" Mu Nuannuan looked surprised.

"It should be looking for me." As Mu Tingxiao spoke, he already reached out and took Mu Nuannuan's phone.

Yesterday, his cell phone broke. After he entered the Mu Family, he didn't bring other work phones. Gu Zhiyan couldn't find him for a while, so he would call Mu Nuannuan.

Thinking about it this way, it makes sense.

"What's the matter?" Mu Tingxiao answered the phone with a cold voice, too cold.

Mu Nuannuan curiously leaned over to listen, just to hear Gu Zhiyan's crazy tone on the other end: "What happened? Someone took another photo of Si Yingdi and Nuannuan eating together! Now it's already hot again. Searched!"

Gu Zhiyan's tone was irritable, as if he could run over the phone in the next second.

Hearing this, Mu Nuannuan was stunned for a while and then asked with afterthought: "Big brother and I were photographed on hot search again?"

Mu Tingxiao hung up the phone with a solemn face, and directly opened Weibo.

Sure enough, there are hot search topics from Si Chengyu and Mu Nuannuan.


Mu Nuannuan twitched her lips: "I think, after a few hot searches with my eldest brother, I might be able to make my debut..."

Mu Tingxiao gave her a cold glance: "Also How many hot searches do you want to go on?"

The photos in the hot search were obviously taken in Jinding last night, before Mu Tingxiao passed by, while she was having dinner with Si Chengyu.

Si Chengyu in the photo is very clear, but Mu Nuannuan is still very vague.

Mu Nuannuan pursed the corners of her lips, not to be outdone: "It's not the hot search I want to be on. If it wasn't for you hadn't been here yesterday, others would have photographed the three of us eating together!"

Chapter: 197

Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Nuannuan with a heavy face: "Blame me?"

Mu Tingxiao didn't come last night, Mu Nuannuan did blame him a bit.

But after he explained it later, Mu Nuannuan didn't blame him anymore.

But the tone of his speech just now sounds uncomfortable.

"No." Mu Nuannuan didn't want to talk to him more, turned over and got out of bed holding clothes and went into the bathroom.

Mu Tingxiao's previous tone was as if she wanted to go on a hot search with Si Chengyu.

She said that after a few hot searches, she can prepare to debut, but she is just a joke.

Mu Nuannuan was angry, and after washing and changing clothes, she went downstairs without paying attention to Mu Tingxiao.

During the breakfast, the two of them went to the company for work without saying a word.

When Mu Nuannuan came to Shengding Media, she met Shen Liang.

Shen Liang pulled her aside directly: "Did you have dinner with King Si?"

Shen Liang would ask, surely because he saw the hot search again.

Mu Nuannuan nodded without much energy: "Originally, Mu Tingxiao had an appointment with her eldest brother for dinner. Mu Tingxiao was in the company, so I went ahead."

She simply explained what happened last night to Shen Liang. a bit.

Shen Liang scratched his hair regardless of his image: "But, how could Si Yingdi be so careless? I have been photographed recently..."

Yes, Si Chengyu has been in the entertainment industry for ten years. It should be very sensitive.

However, he has been photographed frequently recently, and the photos are still so clear...The

more I think about it , the more weird Mu Nuannuan feels.

While talking with Shen Liang, she walked towards the elevator entrance.

The elevator door opened, and Si Chengyu and his agent Xu Jun came out from inside.

With no outsiders, Si Chengyu smiled and cried out: "Nuan Nuan."

Mu Nuan Nuan glanced at him with complicated eyes, and said "Um" with a sense of distance.

Si Chengyu's eyes flickered, but he didn't say much.

When he turned to leave, Mu Nuannuan suddenly stopped him: "Big Brother, when you were in Jinding yesterday, did you really not notice anyone taking pictures?"

Si Chengyu turned his back to her. He didn't look back, but his body clearly paused slightly.

On the contrary, Xu Jun, who was walking beside him, looked back at Mu Nuannuan with surprise in his eyes.

After two seconds, Si Chengyu turned his head back with apologetic eyes: "Sorry, I was careless, but I will take care of this matter."

His smile and tone were still gentle, but Mu Nuan was listening. He frowned at what he said.

After Si Chengyu was far away, Shen Liang leaned against Mu Nuannuan's ear and said, "The big movie emperor is different, gentle and generous. If you are looking for a boyfriend, you will find this."

Mu Nuannuan retracted his gaze and shook his head. "I don't think so."

"Of course you don't. After all, you have our big boss..."

Shen Liang was chattering in her ears, but Mu Nuannuan had no intention of listening.

From the first meeting, Si Chengyu gave her the feeling that she was gentle and generous, and she felt very good, and she was someone who couldn't help getting close.

However, she saw Si Chengyu again recently, and she always felt that he was strange.

In retrospect, she realized that she had never seen Si Chengyu angry, even when she changed his face.

There is always a smile on his face, it seems that he will not be angry no matter what happens, and he will always be such a calm appearance.

No one knows what makes him angry and out of control.

No, she had seen it once, that time at the entrance of the tea house.

After thinking about it this way, Mu Nuannuan realized that after the teahouse meeting Si Chengyu, when he saw Si Chengyu again, he was different.

Smile when you meet people, and still be gentle when you talk to people.

But she is very sensitive-feeling that something is different.

Is it because she has always been thinking about the tea house, and is she admiring it for psychological reasons?

... In the

morning because of the hot search, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao left unhappy.

The two were busy with their own work all day long, and neither had time to contact anyone.

At night, after Mu Nuannuan fell asleep as usual, Mu Tingxiao returned.

He walked in lightly and saw Mu Nuannuan put one hand outside, and the phone fell beside her hand.

It should have fallen asleep looking at the phone.

Mu Tingxiao put her mobile phone aside, put her hand back, sat on the bed and stared at her for a while before getting up and going into the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of the bathroom door closing, Mu Nuannuan, who was still asleep, suddenly opened his eyes.

Recently, Mu Tingxiao came back late, and he told her not to wait for him, but she still waited for him subconsciously, so she slept very lightly and was not at ease. She woke up at the slightest movement.

She turned over and continued to sleep with her back to the bathroom, but her mind became more clear when she closed her eyes.

Before long, Mu Tingxiao came out of the bathroom.

He had only turned on a small wall lamp when he came in before, and did not turn on the headlights in the room. He was afraid that Mu Nuannuan would wake up when the light was too bright.

The light in the room was dim at the moment, and he also noticed that Mu Nuannuan turned over.

He tucked Mu Nuannuan's quilt, and lay down on the bed from the other side, habitually reaching out and hugging her into his arms.

But he soon felt the body in his arms stiff.

He noticed that Mu Nuannuan was mostly awake, but there was no sound.

After a while, Mu Nuannuan couldn't hold back, pretending to turn over, and got out of his embrace.

Feeling his arms empty, the aura on Mu Tingxiao's body became cold and severe.

This woman is angering him.

He stretched out his hand to hug her again, and it didn't take long for Mu Nuannuan to repeat the same trick.

After going back and forth several times, Mu Tingxiao's patience finally ran out.

In the dark night, his voice was deep and cold: "Mu Nuannuan, what are you making?"

Mu Nuannuan simply stopped pretending to be asleep,

and whispered : "No." The voices of both people were sober, a little bit. It's not like someone preparing to sleep.

Mu Tingxiao was silent for a moment, and continued: "I'm very busy lately, you are behaved."

"Oh? Do you think I'm not good enough?" Mu Nuannuan sneered, "I'm busy too." The

two made a fuss in the morning. That little contradiction is not even a quarrel.

It's just a small matter, if Mu Tingxiao coaxed her, it would pass.

But his tone now sounded like he was blaming her.

Sometimes, after the conflict between two people deepens, it is difficult to distinguish between right and wrong.

Both of them have been very busy recently. Mu Tingxiao came back late, and she basically couldn't sleep well, and she wasn't much better than him.

Isn't she good enough not to be noisy?

I can only make her behave, but he can't coax her?

Anger was fermenting in her heart, Mu Nuannuan lifted the quilt and got out of bed: "I'll go to sleep in another room and calm down."

Chapter: 198

After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she turned on the light and reached for her mobile phone to leave.

Mu Tingxiao said he was tired, but she was not tired.

In this case, it is the best result to calm down.

But Mu Tingxiao refused to let her go like this.

The other person had long legs, got out of bed, and walked in front of her three or two steps to block her way: "Don't make trouble at night."

"You are making trouble now." Mu Nuannuan raised his head to look at him, with the same expression as his. cold.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and squeezed his eyebrows, eyes full of fatigue: "Because of the morning?"

Mu Nuannuan did not speak, the morning incident was just a fuse.

Both of them have been too busy recently. Even if they live under the same roof, they can only meet him when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Yesterday, when I had dinner in Jinding, Mu Nuannuan thought that Mu Tingxiao would be there on time, but he was still late.

But he also explained that there was a small car accident and traffic jam on the road. Mu Nuannuan was not an unreasonable person, so naturally he didn't care.

But early this morning, she and Si Chengyu went on a hot search again, and she was depressed at first, and Mu Tingxiao's tone of accusation made her unbearable.

Emotionally, women care about the attitude of men most of the time.

"It's too late today, I don't want to talk about it again." Mu Nuannuan really didn't want to tell him about it in the middle of the night.

After all, she still has to go to work tomorrow. Mu Tingxiao has been too busy recently. She hopes that the small conflict between the two can be eased and talked about later.

However, during this period of relaxation, sleeping in separate rooms for two people is undoubtedly the best choice.

Otherwise she is really worried that the two will quarrel.

Mu Tingxiao said blankly, "Okay."

Then he lifted her up and hugged her back to the bed, domineeringly circled her in her arms: "Go to sleep."

Mu Nuannuan found that it was impossible to reason with the man Mu Tingxiao.

The next morning, Mu Nuannuan was awakened by Mu Tingxiao.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she faced Mu Tingxiao's deep black eyes.

"Wake up?"

He said and proceeded, a pair of generous hands swimming along the whole curve of her body-walking.

She reached out and held his hand: "What are you doing!" The

morning voice was slightly muffled, sounding a little childish.

Mu Tingxiao's eyebrows moved slightly, he leaned over and kissed her, followed her flushed cheeks to the base of her ears, panting and saying, "I have been too busy these days, I don't have time to exercise."

"Just yesterday...

" It was the night before."

Mu Tingxiao interrupted her, and slid her long fingers across her lower abdomen and lowered it.

Mu Nuannuan panted slightly: "Hurry up, go to work..." At

this time, he was still thinking about going to work. It seems that he has been overworked recently.

Mu Tingxiao's movements this time were much gentler than before.

To be too gentle is...torture.

He was more patient than ever before.

Finally, when Mu Nuannuan couldn't help gasping and screaming, he lowered his body, but he didn't go in immediately. Taking advantage of her confusion, he threatened and lured: "Are you talking about sleeping in separate rooms?"

Mu Nuan Nuan was tortured and trembling slightly. He bit his lip and shook his head: "No..."

"Really good." After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he calmly entered.

The suffocating squeeze made Mu Tingxiao sigh, and the gentle and patient disguise all retreated in an instant, as cruel and anxious as a hungry wolf.

Mu Nuannuan was so helpless by him that he could only be forced to endure it.

In a daze, Mu Nuannuan remembered that she and Mu Tingxiao were still arguing...

why did they get together again.

In the end, she didn't figure out this question because she was so tired that she passed out.

Mu Tingxiao hugged her and took a shower. She woke up in the middle and said dazedly: "Go to work."

Mu Tingxiao applied shower gel to her, with a rare gentle voice: "I'm asking for leave."

"Oh. "Mu Nuannuan replied, and closed her eyes groggyly.

After holding her back to the bed and covering the quilt, Mu Tingxiao sat on the side of the bed and stared at her.

He hadn't been sleeping well all the time, but later with Mu Nuannuan in his arms, he slept peacefully.

As long as his arms are empty at night, he will wake up and then pull her into his arms.

He slept until midnight last night, and he felt Mu Nuannuan break free from his arms and fell asleep to the other side. He woke up and put her in his arms again.

As a result, Mu Nuannuan's first reaction turned out to be to push him.

She wouldn't be like this before.

This made Mu Tingxiao panic.

He has been too busy recently. The two can only meet in bed all day. The day before yesterday, they finally found time to have a meal together, but they encountered a small car accident on the road.

When he arrived at Jinding, seeing Mu Nuannuan's disappointed eyes, his heart was extremely irritable.

However, when he entered the Mu family, he had too many things to deal with, and he had to put the power in his own hands to make it more convenient for him to check his mother's affairs in the future.

The next day he saw Mu Nuannuan and Si Chengyu on the hot search again, his boredom escalated, and he couldn't help but speak.

Mu Nuannuan is thoughtful and delicate, even if he is angry, it is not a quarrel, but terribly calm.

If she makes a big quarrel, he can be a little better.

But she was very calm and sensible, even thinking about working the next day and sleeping in separate rooms.

Sleep in separate rooms?


It's impossible in this life.


Mu Tingxiao's cell phone rang.

Mu Qingfeng came here.

Mu Qingfeng asked, "Why did you ask for leave?" "I'm

not feeling well." Because he had just done "vigorous exercise", Mu Tingxiao's voice was still a little hoarse, and it did sound like he was sick.

When Mu Qingfeng heard the words, he didn't ask much, but only asked him: "Get a good rest." After

hanging up the phone, Mu Tingxiao smiled mockingly.

He felt that he might have been poisoned by Mu Nuannuan, so she could not see her upset.


Mu Nuannuan woke up faintly, and smelled the fragrance of the food.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mu Tingxiao playing with his chopsticks at the small table.

Mu Nuannuan likes to see him drooping in his home clothes, because he doesn't look cold at all, but rather gentle.

It is the gentleness that only she can see.

It's did you get together again! ! !

Mu Tingxiao had noticed that she was awake, raised his eyes and smiled at her: "When you wake up, come and eat."

Mu Nuannuan turned her head, not wanting to look at him.

Unreasonable men, the way to deal with things is to go to bed? ? ?

In the next second, Mu Nuannuan suddenly bounced off the bed: "What time is it?"

She has to go to work!

Mu Tingxiao said faintly, "I have asked for leave."

Only a few days after Mu Nuannuan went to Shengding Media, did she ask for leave because of this kind of thing?

She checked the time, it was too late, it was already ten o'clock.

The two sat face to face at the table for dinner, and the atmosphere was still a bit weird.

Mu Nuannuan hesitated for a moment, then asked the question from the bottom of her heart: "What kind of person do you think Big Brother is?"

Chapter: 199

the words fell, and she clearly felt Mu Tingxiao's actions pause.

Immediately, he asked aloud: "What?"

His tone couldn't be more natural, and he couldn't hear anything unusual.

Mu Nuannuan took a mouthful of food in his mouth and silently stared at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao's expression calmly allowed Mu Nuannuan to stare at him, not just picking food for Mu Nuannuan.

"I've heard that getting on for a long time in the entertainment people, how many will be some paparazzi shots and sensitive - a sense that if someone videotaping, basic will be found, it is generally the paparazzi candid photos are mostly not very clear."

Mu There is something in Nuan Nuan's words, a smart person like Mu Tingxiao can definitely hear it.

He nodded and said, "There is such a saying."


Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes and ate silently.

The mind has drifted away.

Mu Nuannuan's intention was to bring the topic to the issue of Si Chengyu being secretly photographed on the hot search, but Mu Tingxiao completely regarded it as if she hadn't seen it, and refused to answer her.

When Mu Nuannuan thought of her previous guess, her mood became complicated.

The last hot search was very sudden, she asked Mu Tingxiao, and Mu Tingxiao said that he hadn't found it.

She guessed that Mu Tingxiao might have found it, but she didn't say anything.

She suspected that, except for the first time on the hot search, it was an accident, the next two times might have been...Si Chengyu did!

This idea may be a little absurd, but she can only think of Si Chengyu for those who can make Mu Tingxiao have hesitation and hesitation.

Moreover, as soon as the second hot search event came out, no one could contact her boss Chengyu.

In Mu Tingxiao's public relations chief Weibo, a large part of it was talking about Si Chengyu and Shengding Media in recent years.

It now appears that the long Weibo that Mu Tingxiao posted at the time might not only be for PR, but it seemed to be written to Si Chengyu on purpose.

As if giving Si Chengyu a chance.

An opportunity for the two to reconcile, which he actively explained.

Of course, these conjectures can only be established on the premise that Si Chengyu is the initiator of all this.

It may be that Mu Tingxiao hadn’t heard Mu Nuannuan talking for a long time. Mu Tingxiao looked up at her and said, “Don’t think about it so much, I will take care of anything.”

Mu Nuannuan curled his lips and said directly, “No Thinking about everything, you can handle it yourself. If you have anything, you can talk to me. What if I can help you out?" The

two eyes met in the air.

Mu Nuannuan's eyes were bright and clear. After Mu Tingxiao and her looked at each other for a few seconds, she felt as if she was seen through her mind, and took the lead to look away.

Mu Nuannuan sighed, Mu Tingxiao still didn't plan to tell her about Si Chengyu.

He is avoiding.

It seems that her guess is eight-nine.

After all, Si Chengyu is Mu Tingxiao's eldest brother. The two have been brothers for more than 20 years. How long have she and Mu Tingxiao been?

Thinking about it this way, although a bit inexplicably lost, it makes sense.


Although Mu Tingxiao didn't say anything to her, Mu Nuannuan could feel Mu Tingxiao's absent-mindedness.

Even her "outsider" found it difficult for Si Chengyu to do these things, let alone Mu Tingxiao.

Although both of them took time off to rest at home on this day, they did not communicate much.

The hot searches by Mu Nuannuan and Si Chengyu went quickly.

People on the Internet are all speculating about Mu Nuannuan's identity, and they didn't talk about the founder of Shengding Media, "XN", and it had no effect on Mu Nuannuan.

On the contrary, some people say that Si Chengyu has a new movie released, so he is taking the opportunity to speculate.

Of course, as soon as these kinds of words came out, they were quickly stunned by Si Chengyu's other fans.

"Our company actor still needs to hype?"

"Isn't the movie of our company actor having a box office of over 100 million on the first day it was released?"

"Ignorance limits your imagination..."

Mu Nuannuan is not too worried about these things, because Mu Tingxiao said that he would handle it.

However, many changes often occur at the most stable time.


Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company early in the morning and heard colleagues discussing Si Chengyu in a low voice.

"Si Yingdi has been on hot search frequently recently."

"Yes, I don't know what's going on. He doesn't need hype, he doesn't need bloggers' eyeballs, and I don't know who is so insidious... "

Someone said on Weibo yesterday that they knew who was the woman who had dinner with King Si."

"Really? King Si should be single, right? His schedule has always been full..."

"He this year The schedule is not very full..."

Mu Nuannuan heard this and opened Weibo, and soon found the Weibo they were talking about.

That Weibo brought the topic #司承钰 Mystery Girlfriend#, which has been pinned to the top of the topic and became a popular Weibo.

"Don’t guess at random, I know who is the woman who ate with King Si. Let’s see you at 8 o’clock on Friday evening."

The blogger’s ID is a string of English, but he is an artist who has hundreds of thousands of fans. Privacy people.

Relatively speaking, the credibility is relatively high.

His Weibo only had two short sentences, but it left a big suspense.

Tomorrow is Friday, and many people in the reply are eagerly looking forward to Friday.

But Mu Nuannuan didn't take this person to heart. After all, there was Mu Tingxiao behind her, so she was full of confidence.

She pulled down and refreshed, and found that the blogger had posted a new Weibo: "Since everyone is so curious, I will first reveal a few key information: I graduated from the Shadow Academy in China, an insider, not a celebrity, currently in entertainment Work in a large company in the world.”

For others, this is just a very wide-ranging message.

But Mu Nuannuan felt a little flustered after she checked herself in.

She graduated from Shanghai Film Academy, which is indeed the top movie theater in China. Now she is working in Shengding Media. The entertainment industry covers the career of screenwriting. She is not a star.

These all fit her situation.

She got up and walked to the pantry and called Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao's phone was connected, but no one answered.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath and returned to the office area, feeling a little uneasy.

Mu Tingxiao never called her back.

After get off work, Mu Nuannuan met Si Chengyu.

If the next two hot search incidents were really the result of Si Chengyu's self-direction and performance...

Mu Nuannuan would not be angry when he thought of this.

She was dragged into the water innocently, and was talked about every day by Top Hot Search, and in the end Mu Tingxiao had to come to the end.

In this way, Si Chengyu's purpose is very clear.

He completely wanted to deal with Mu Tingxiao.

Use her to deal with Mu Tingxiao.

Si Chengyu walked towards him, with no assistant or agent beside him.

Mu Nuannuan stepped forward, blocking his way: "Brother, have you been busy these days?"

Seeing Mu Nuan Nuan's bad eyes, Si Chengyu said with a smile, "It's okay."

Chapter: 200

Mu Nuannuan looked at Si Chengyu carefully, and found that there was nothing strange in his expression, which was almost normal and impeccable.

Mu Nuan Nuan maintained a smile on her face: "I heard that you went to the mountainous area to do charity work. Everyone couldn't contact you. They were all worried about you."

Si Chengyu's expression remained unchanged: "Well, I worry about you. "

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, feeling a little speechless for a while.

Si Chengyu has no flaws in his face.

Mu Nuannuan also wondered if she was thinking too much, so she was suspicious.

However, people's intuition is generally not groundless.

She believed that it was impossible for Mu Tingxiao to find nothing, and she believed in her own judgment.

If all this is really led by Si Chengyu, then he would be terrible.

Si Chengyu saw that Mu Nuannuan had been looking at herself, and slightly opened his lips and said: "Nuan Nuan, you have a lot of problems today."

Mu Nuannuan's complexion stiffened slightly, and said, "It may be Mu Tingxiao. He has been too busy lately. He didn't even have time to chat with me. When I saw my eldest brother today, he couldn't help but want to say a few more words to you."

Mu Nuannuan's words were half-truth, and they also contained temptations. '

Secretary Cheng Yu nodded his head, the tone of concern: "Mu's big family business into his hands to be a man, he would even busier later."

Mu back to warm smile, think of nothing to say .

Si Chengyu behaved as usual, completely impeccable.

Although Mu Nuan Nuan Xin had doubts, there was no evidence.

... After

leaving Shengding Media, Mu Nuannuan suddenly remembered that Si Chengyu never asked anything about hot search from beginning to end.

She and Si Chengyu both went on hot searches again, and Si Chengyu should also know about this.

It's not that she thinks Si Chengyu must care more about her, but because of Si Chengyu's character, she will definitely ask a few questions with concern.

However, he did not.

Was it because her question made him nervous and he wanted to deal with her, so he was too guilty to mention the hot search?

The more Mu Nuannuan thought about it, the more it felt like this.

At this time, a car stopped in front of her.

The window came down, and Shen Liang, who was still wearing a costume, appeared in her sight.

"Xiao Liang?" Mu Nuannuan was surprised: "You came from the studio?"

"That's not it." Shen Liang looked around for a while, urging her: "Get in the car first, hurry up."

Mu Nuannuan Opened the car door and sat in.

Shen Liang asked while driving, "Someone is picking you up on the Internet, do you know?"

"I saw it." Speaking of this, Mu Nuannuan's expression became serious.

Shen Liang was obviously more anxious than her: "Have you called the big boss?"

" Yes ." But he didn't answer.

Mu Nuannuan didn't say the next few words.

Shen Liang breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good."

At this time, he was waiting for the traffic light at the intersection. Shen Liang took advantage of this moment to open Weibo on his mobile phone.

She found that the Weibo posted by the blogger was still there, so she frowned and turned to ask Mu Nuannuan: "You really called the big boss? This person may really know something. Now the amount of reposts is so large. Do you really have to wait for him to explode your information? This is not a joke. "

Shen Liang is a star, most of the time he lives in the public eye.

But Mu Nuannuan is different. Although she is considered half of the entertainment industry, she is just getting started now, she is not famous, and she is Mu's young grandmother.

At that time, the blogger really exposed Mu Nuannuan's information, and Mu Nuannuan would not have a peaceful life, and his reputation would be ruined.

Mu Nuannuan was also a little helpless: "I hit, he didn't answer."

"Go directly to Mu's to find him."

"Still not going." Mu Nuannuan shook her head, she didn't want to go to the company to disturb his work.

Shen Liang wanted to say something, but seeing Mu Nuannuan frowning, he couldn't say more. After hesitating, he took out his mobile phone and called Gu Zhiyan.

The phone was answered as soon as it was ready.

Gu Zhiyan was always quick and anxious to answer her calls.

"Shen Xiaoliang."

Shen Liang asked directly: "Someone on the Internet said that they wanted to expose Nuan Nuan's identity. Have you dealt with it?"

"It's already being processed."



Gu Zhiyan seems to still plan to Say something, but Shen Liang has directly hung up the phone.

"Gu Zhiyan said it's already being processed." Shen Liang comforted her: "The big boss is reliable."

Mu Nuannuan's eyebrows, which had been locked, also stretched slightly.

Although Mu Tingxiao was busy, he still worried about her.

Just thinking about it, she felt like she was stuffed with candy in her heart, with a little sweetness.

Back home, Mu Nuannuan thought that she hadn't cooked for Mu Tingxiao in a long time, so she went into the kitchen and made dinner by herself.

After nine o'clock, Mu Tingxiao hadn't come back, so Mu Nuannuan had to eat something casually by herself and put the rest of the food in the refrigerator.

Aunt Hu was too old and couldn't stay up too late, so Mu Nuannuan asked her to go to bed first and lay on the sofa while watching TV while waiting for Mu Tingxiao to return.

When the sound of a car engine came from outside the villa, it was almost twelve o'clock.

Mu Nuannuan yawned, got up and went into the kitchen, warmed up the food and brought it to the table.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao entered the door, a bodyguard came over and said to him, "Mrs. Young has been waiting all night, and just heard the sound of the car

, she went to the kitchen to warm dishes." Recently, Mu Tingxiao was busy at work and often stayed up late, Mu Nuannuan The dishes are very light.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao entered the restaurant, he could smell the aroma of hot dishes.

Mu Nuannuan was wearing her pajamas, walking out of the kitchen wearing a dish.

Mu Tingxiao walked over and took the dish in her hand and put it on the dining table, reaching out to hug her, and remembering that he had just come in from outside, and he was still cold.

After he took off his jacket, he put Mu Nuannuan into his arms: "Don't wait for me, just go to bed earlier."

"Occasionally wait." Mu Nuannuan raised her head and smiled at him.

Mu Tingxiao stared at her for two seconds, and asked, "What's so happy?"


Mu Nuannuan shook his head, sat down opposite him, and watched him eat.

Between lovers, being busy does not necessarily cause estrangement and distance between two people, but being so busy that they ignore each other's existence can cause estrangement and distance.

Mu Tingxiao was very busy, but she would still remember her affairs, but Mu Nuannuan felt very satisfied with this.

Mu Tingxiao didn't eat dinner, and the chopsticks in his hand never stopped as soon as he sat down.

After he had finished eating, Mu Nuannuan held his chin and said, "Thank you."

"Huh?" Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.

Mu Nuannuan said, "Something on Weibo."

Mu Tingxiao squinted and asked her, "What about hot search?"

Mu Nuannuan's face changed slightly, and the smile on her face faded little by little. This afternoon, someone on Weibo said that she knew who the woman was eating with Si Chengyu, and said it was announced on Friday."