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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 211-220 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 211

Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang looked at each other, and saw speechlessness in each other's eyes.

Mu Nuannuan hadn't seen Shen Chuhan for a long time, but when he saw her, he said that, and he was sick.

"What's the matter?" Shen Liang quietly squeezed Xia Mu Nuannuan's arm and asked in a low voice.

Mu Nuannuan shook her head at her: "Where did I know, let's go."

She did like Shen Chuhan once, and she felt like a deer bumping into him when she saw him.

Only later... the deer in her heart was hit and killed, and she didn't like Shen Chuhan for a long time.

However, Shen Chuhan didn't intend to stop like this, he ran to Mu Nuannuan and blocked her way.

"Nuan Nuan, we have known each other for so many years, you should know what kind of person I am." Shen Chuhan paused when he said that, as if he was considering the following words.

Mu Nuannuan came out today to be relieved, and Shen Chuhan's behavior that is almost like Hu Zeng made her feel irritated.

She took a deep breath, grabbed her long hair irritably, and said in a cold tone: "I don't know what kind of person you are. What I know is that if you have anything you want to say, go to Mu Wanqi. It's your girlfriend."

"She's not, we have broken up." Shen Chuhan denied it with a straightforward affirmation.

Mu Nuannuan licked her lips and stabbed him mercilessly: "Oh, then you came to me when you broke up with her? I picked up the tatters?"

"Nuan Nuan!" Shen Chuhan's complexion changed, and his handsome brows frowned. It was tight, as if it was hard to believe that Mu Nuannuan would say such a thing.

"I'm sorry, I'm in a bad mood, but I don't think I'm wrong." Mu Nuan looked at him with a smile, "Do you have anything else to say?"

"Nuan Nuan, we There was a misunderstanding before, but I know that you and Mu Tingxiao are not married, as long as you are willing to leave him, come to me, I..."

Before he could say his words, he was punched in the face by a man who jumped out from the side of the road.

He was unprepared for a while, just fell straight down like that, making a "bang" sound.

This sudden change made Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang shocked.

"Shen Chuhan?" Mu Nuannuan reflexively called out Shen Chuhan's name before raising her eyes to look at the person who beat him.

Who is that tall figure, not Mu Tingxiao?

Mu Tingxiao stood two steps away from Mu Nuannuan with a stern face, his eyebrows were cold, and his body exuded an icy breath that no one should be near.

Mu Nuannuan paused before walking to him: "Why are you here?"

Shen Liang was not in front of Mu Tingxiao, more daunted than Mu Nuannuan, especially Mu Tingxiao's appearance as a stranger. She rubbed her arms so cold that she took two steps back quietly.


this moment , Shen Chuhan, who had just been knocked to the ground with a punch by Mu Tingxiao, had already got up from the ground, frowning and staring at Mu Tingxiao, "Mu Tingxiao?" The place where they were at this time happened to be a corner of the night market. , The lights are dim and there are few people passing by, so no one notices the situation here.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at Shen Chuhan coldly: "Shut up."

Shen Chuhan was swept upright by Mu Tingxiao's eye, and he subconsciously shut up and stopped talking.

But when he changed his mind, he thought that Mu Nuannuan was also there. If he was bluffed by Mu Tingxiao, wouldn't it be very shameless.

Shen Chuhan raised his head and stalked his neck and said, "What are you proud of? Nuannuan has nothing to do with you now, why do you care about her?"

Mu Nuannuan put some wax on Shen Chuhan's heart.

Although she would occasionally challenge Mu Tingxiao with the courage and fatness, she would never choose to challenge Mu Tingxiao when he was already on the verge of rage.

Shen Chuhan asked for more blessings.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows and sneered, his tone arrogant and disdainful: "What qualifications do you have to talk to me?"

"Hello, are you Mu Nuannuan?"

Suddenly, a tentative voice came from behind him.

Other people's attention was also attracted by this sound.

Mu Nuannuan turned around and found that it was a girl who looked like a high school student.

The girl tilted her head and glanced at Mu Nuannuan's face, and threw the unfinished cup of milk tea directly on her body: "Bitch, when you become a mistress, you will be punished by pushing her original partner so hard. That..."

Mu Nuannuan was completely stunned when she spoke.

It was Mu Tingxiao who reacted first and pulled Mu Nuannuan into his arms, avoiding the cup of milk tea.

The girl's voice caught the attention of others.

Seeing other people coming over here, Shen Liang is the star who is more sensitive to these things. Chao Mu Nuannuan said, "Go."

Mu Nuannuan glanced at Shen Liang, thinking that Shen Liang is now rising. There are many fans in the period. If people see themselves and Shen Liang together, it will definitely affect Shen Liang's image.

So she said to Shen Liang: "Let's go away separately."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her when he heard the words, and took her hand and walked towards the side road.

The small road was a wide road, where Mu Tingxiao's car stopped.

He opened the car door and directly stuffed Mu Nuannuan in, while he pulled open the cab door from the other side and got into the car and drove.

Before Mu Nuan Nuan had time to fasten his seat belt, the car rushed out as if it was out of control.


Mu Nuannuan screamed, holding her head dangerously, turning her head and yelling at Mu Tingxiao: "Go slower!"

But her words obviously didn't work. On the contrary, it seemed to be more exciting to Mu Ting Xiao. Not only did the car speed not slow down, but faster.

Mu Nuannuan was dizzy due to the bumps, and she spoke intermittently.

"Mu...Mu Tingxiao...I want to...vomit..."

She had just eaten enough, and she was so shaken now that she really wanted to vomit.

This time, Mu Tingxiao finally slowed down and stopped.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand to drive the door and was about to go down. Mu Tingxiao thought she was going to run, so she pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

He kissed fiercely and anxiously, his lips and teeth were tightly intertwined, and the corners of her lips were tingling after sucking...

But she really wanted to vomit now!

Mu Nuan Nuan hammered him a few times, but he was holding her too hard and couldn't push her at all. The space in the car was limited and her hands and feet could not be stretched out.

Mu Tingxiao held her motionlessly and kissed her, prying her lips apart and kissing deeper and deeper.

Mu Nuannuan accidentally touched a sensitive part of him, and pushed him away while he was stiff.

But where would Mu Tingxiao be willing to let her go, he still held her tightly, his eyes dangerous.


Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but vomit.

I felt the arms around her waist stiff.

But Mu Tingxiao did not push her away as she expected. Instead, the palms on her waist moved up and patted her back to help her smoothly.

Chapter: 212

Mu Nuannuan ate a little bit at night, and vomited badly at the moment, so the taste was not good.

She couldn't smell it herself, but Mu Tingxiao felt it obvious.

He just frowned slightly, and when she was done vomiting, he took a tissue and wiped her, and then digged out a bottle of water in the car and handed it to her.

"Get off the car." Mu Tingxiao's voice has calmed down.

He opened the door and got out of the car, took off the coat and sweater with Mu Nuan Nuan's vomit on his body, leaving only a thin shirt.

But Nuan Nuan didn't get anything on her body.

When she got out of the car, when the cold wind blew over, she was refreshed a lot.

Turning her head and looking at Mu Tingxiao who was wearing only a thin shirt, she couldn't help but ask: "Is it cold?" When

she looked at Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao also turned to look at her.

She just vomited once, her eyes were wet, her eyes were slightly flushed, her pale face was pursing her lips to look at him, it was extremely pitiful.

So when the phrase "what do you think" came to the lips, it became: "It's not cold."

Mu Nuannuan was ready to accept Mu Tingxiao's poisonous tongue, and then replied "Deserve it", but he said not cold.

Young Master Mu is indeed not an ordinary person, and the temperature is almost below zero, and he is not cold in his thin shirt.

Mu Tingxiao's "not cold" was not just talking, Mu Nuannuan was shivering in the cold wind, and Mu Tingxiao didn't even react at all.

... The

car was dirty, and Mu Nuannuan took a taxi back with Mu Tingxiao.

As for Mu Tingxiao's car, hand it to the bodyguard to drive it back.

Back home, Mu Tingxiao went to the study to take a bath, and Mu Nuannuan went back to the bedroom to take a bath.

When Mu Nuannuan came out of the bathroom, she found that Mu Tingxiao was already wearing a nightgown sitting on the single sofa in front of the window.

The headlights in the room were not turned on. There was a dimly yellow floor lamp beside him, and the halo enveloped him, making him look gentle.

But no one knew better than Mu Nuannuan.

In Mu Tingxiao, all tenderness is an illusion.

Mu Nuannuan walked towards him, preparing to sit down beside him.

But she didn't want to, she just walked over and was pulled into her arms by Mu Tingxiao's backhand.

He took a sip of the red wine in his hand to Mu Nuannuan's lips: "Drink."

Mu Nuannuan frowned and pushed away: "I don't want to drink it." After washing, he didn't want to eat or drink.

Mu Tingxiao didn't force her either, he took a sip for himself, and pressed it to her lips.

He hooked her lips and put the red wine in her mouth into her mouth.

Mu Nuannuan was caught off guard by taking a sip of wine and almost choked.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and stroked her long hair, moving softly with a comforting touch.

After Mu Nuannuan came over, she hammered Mu Tingxiao's chest neither light nor heavy.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand to wrap her small fist, slightly drooped his eyelids to cover the emotions under his eyes, and said indifferently, "He is the reason why you dumped the bodyguard?"

Mu Nuan Nuan was puzzled for a moment when he didn't know what to say. , I realized what he was talking about.

"What do you mean?" He meant that she ditched her bodyguard just to meet Shen Chuhan?

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes and looked at her deeply, "You want to leave me."

"What are you talking about!" Mu Nuannuan frowned, "I don't understand what you are talking about."

"You don't want to take wedding photos, and you don't want to marry me." When Mu Tingxiao spoke, the expression on his face still remained unchanged, but Mu Nuannuan was very keen to hear a tense emotion.

"I explained to you before. I"

Mu Tingxiao didn't want to listen to her explanation at all. He knew exactly what Mu Nuannuan was thinking.

He hooked Mu Nuannuan's waist with one hand, and the wine glass in the other hand fell to the ground, and the floor was covered with a blanket. The wine glass did not break, and the unfinished wine dipped into the carpet.

Mu Tingxiao sat on him with Mu Nuannuan, hooked her waist and legs, stood up and hugged her to the side of the bed, and the two rolled onto the bed together.

Mu Nuannuan was a little uncomfortable.

The moment he was about to enter, Mu Nuannuan stopped him suddenly, panting and asking, "You and Mu Wanqi divorced?"

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao's forehead was covered with fine sweat beads, and he breathed heavily . With a bang, he must rush inside.

Who knows, Mu Nuannuan stopped him again: "You didn't wear...Ah!"

The words behind her were scattered by his brutality.

She lifted her slender white neck and opened her lips slightly and moaned.

Mu Tingxiao leaned over, leaving a string of wet pink marks on her snow-white neck, lewd and cute.

Her waist was thin and soft, which always gave Mu Tingxiao the illusion that she would be broken by a pinch. The tyrannical factor in her heart was always tossing at this time, making him want to just pinch off her waist and make her Crying and begging for mercy...

Mu Nuannuan still remembered that Mu Tingxiao didn't wear a condom.

Mu Tingxiao hit deeply, and Mu Nuannuan said intermittently in a brief sentence: "You... don't be in... the first two...ah..." At

this time, he didn't want to hear her still talking about it.

He deliberately found her sensitive-feeling point and slowly tortured her, and when she couldn't help it, he found the right place and slammed hard...

Vaguely, Mu Nuannuan remembered that Mu Tingxiao had been inside the last few times.

They are not suitable for having children now.

She thought about this faintly, and finally fell asleep deeply.

Mu Tingxiao turned over and got out of bed, took a warm wet towel and wiped Mu Nuan's body.

He lowered his eyes, his movements were gentle and slow, focused as if the artist was treating precious and rare works of art.

After wiping Mu Nuannuan's body, he pushed aside the sweaty bangs on her forehead, and gently branded a kiss on her forehead, his voice was so soft that

he could hardly hear him: "I only have you." Mu Nuannuan seemed hazy. After hearing someone talking in the ear, she raised her heavy eyelids, and the outline of the person in front of her was blurred, but she also knew it was Mu Tingxiao.

She was so sleepy that she raised her hand laboriously, and the next moment she felt her hand held by a more generous and warm hand, her heart was at ease, and she closed her eyes and fell asleep again.

Mu Tingxiao sat on the edge of the bed, stared at her for a long time, and put her hand back into the quilt.


next day.

When Mu Nuannuan woke up, the place beside her was empty.

She reached out and probed, there was no temperature, which proved that Mu Tingxiao had been up for a while.

She sat up with her sore body, leaning on the bed and closing her eyes to calculate her safety period.

The calculations seem to be inaccurate, so you can only take medicine.

She hasn't thought about the child.

In addition to the unstable relationship between her and Mu Tingxiao, she still has many things to do.

She is only twenty-two years old and her life has just begun. She does not have a good mother, and she may also be an unqualified daughter herself.

Even if she had a baby now, she didn't know how to take care of him.

Chapter: 213

Mu Nuannuan remembered that she had bought a spare contraceptive.

She changed her clothes and squatted down in front of the drawer. As soon as she found the medicine, she heard a "creak" behind her.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head, holding the medicine bottle in her hand, and saw Mu Tingxiao push the door and walk in.

She reacted quickly and silently hid the medicine bottle in her hand behind her: "Are you at home?"

She thought Mu Tingxiao had already gone out, but she didn't expect him to be still at home.

"What are you looking for?" Mu Tingxiao walked towards her in a hurry.

Mu Nuannuan hid the medicine bottle tightly behind her, and slowly stood up: "I have an uncomfortable throat, I want to find some medicine."

Mu Tingxiao's eyes were insightful, his tone indifferent and normal. "The medicine box is not here."

Mu Nuannuan was flustered by the look in his eyes: "Yes."

But Mu Tingxiao walked directly past her to the other side: "I'll take it to you."

Mu Nuan warmed her heart. Although a little surprised, he was relieved.

At this moment, Mu Tingxiao, who had already walked forward, suddenly turned around and stretched out his hand to snatch the medicine bottle that Mu Nuannuan had hidden behind him.

Mu Tingxiao's speed was too fast, and she snatched the medicine bottle in her hand without giving Mu Nuannuan a chance to react.

"You..." Mu Nuan Nuan looked anxious, opened her mouth, and fell silent as she watched Mu Tingxiao's increasingly gloomy face.

Mu Tingxiao pinched the medicine bottle and looked at her condescendingly: "What is this?"

He stared at Mu Nuannuan straightly, like a tight bow, which could explode at any time.

Mu Nuannuan swallowed, turned to look aside, and whispered: "Contraceptive pills."

"Speak louder." Mu Tingxiao's voice was a little hoarse.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and shouted at him, "I said contraceptive pills, can't you hear me!"

Mu Tingxiao's hand holding the medicine bottle couldn't help tightening, and the joints were raised, as if to crush the bottle. Similar.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand at him: "Give it to me."

Mu Tingxiao pressed his lips tightly and slammed the medicine bottle in his hand.

Because of the emotional ups and downs, his breathing was a little heavy, and his voice was suppressed: "Mu Nuannuan, you don't want to have a baby like this?"

"No, just don't want to have a baby now." Mu Nuannuan bit her lip and stepped back. It took a long time.

"Don't try on the wedding dress, don't get married, don't have children, then, you just don't want to be with me anymore, don't you?" Mu Tingxiao's voice was as cold as a layer of ice slag, and it was so cold.

Mu Nuannuan retorted: "No."

"It's not that what kind of medicine do you take?" Mu Tingxiao looked at her with an iron face, the veins on his forehead violently, as if tolerating to the limit.

"It's not that I don't want your baby. I don't think it is right now."

"Sooner or later , I have to give birth. What is the difference between the present and the future?"

"If I am pregnant now, I may not be able to devote myself in the next year or two. At work."

"You're only twenty-two years old, and it's the same after giving birth to work."

"..." Mu Nuannuan realized that if she continued to say this, she might not be able to say Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and grabbed her hair, and said annoyedly, "Can't you respect my ideas? You make decisions about everything. I also have my own ideas, and I have my own life plan. , This is all..." It is negotiable.

Mu Tingxiao interrupted her: "Your life plan does not include giving birth to one of our children."

"I just told you..."

"I understand." Mu Tingxiao sneered and turned around. Get out.

Just before going out, he didn't forget to pick up the medicine bottle he had smashed on the ground and take it away.

Is he afraid of her taking birth control pills?

Mu Nuannuan thought it was funny and annoying.

Mu Tingxiao had just clearly become so angry that he was about to explode, so he even picked up the medicine bottle.


Mu Tingxiao took the medicine, Mu Nuannuan had to go downstairs to eat, and wait until the meal was over before going out to buy the medicine.

After breakfast, Mu Nuannuan planned to go out.

When she reached the door, she was stopped by a bodyguard: "Madam, where are you going?"

Mu Nuannuan said without thinking, "I'm going to buy something. You don't need to follow, I just go by myself."

After she finished speaking, the bodyguard who stopped her didn't let go.

Mu Nuannuan frowned, her face darkened: "What do you mean?" The

bodyguard said blankly: "Master has to explain, if the young lady wants to go out, she has to wait for him to go out together."

"Mu Tingxiao confessed?" Mu Nuan Nuan suspected that he had heard it wrong.

The bodyguard nodded respectfully: "Yes."

Mu Tingxiao is restricting her freedom and not letting her go out?

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, took out her mobile phone and called Mu Tingxiao: "Why are you going crazy Mu Tingxiao? What do you mean by not letting me go out?"

Compared to Mu Nuannuan's cold and sharp voice , Mu Tingxiao's voice seemed extremely calm: "I need to go out and wait for me to come back and accompany you."

"Who wants you to accompany, I don't know how to walk!"


"Listen!" The relationship between the two has not been harmonious for a while, Mu Tingxiao kept her face cold all day long, and Mu Nuannuan was not in a good mood, so she couldn't help but burst into words.

Mu Tingxiao now restricts her personal freedom, treat her as a pet or what?

"I'll be back soon." Mu Tingxiao's tone sounded extremely calm, and there was no sign of anger at all.

Mu Nuan had to hang up the phone directly.

The bodyguards naturally knew that Mu Nuannuan had called Mu Tingxiao. They had just heard Mu Nuannuan's words, and they all lowered their heads like a chill and pretended not to hear them.

Only the young lady dared to talk to the young master like this.

Mu Tingxiao came back quickly.

It was already very cold, and Mu Tingxiao walked in from outside wearing a formal suit, still carrying a chill.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao's return, Aunt Hu hurriedly greeted him: "Master."

Mu Tingxiao waved his hand and motioned Aunt Hu to go down.

Aunt Hu also knows that the relationship between these two people is not good recently. When she left, she looked back at them with some worry.

Mu Tingxiao sat down next to Mu Nuannuan until news of Aunt Hu's figure.

He stretched out his hand to hold Mu Nuannuan and said, "Where I want to go, I'll accompany you."

Mu Nuannuan pulled her hand back, and asked him mockingly, "When are you going to let me go out?"

Mu Ting Xiao's face was slightly drunk, but it soon eased: "It's better for you not to go out recently."

"Are you afraid that I will go out to buy contraceptives?" Mu Nuannuan is not stupid. Mu Tingxiao took her medicine in the morning, and she would When I got down, I was stopped by the bodyguard.

She had to admit that Mu Tingxiao was really decisive and ruthless sometimes.

Mu Tingxiao's eyes flashed slightly: "Since you know, then behave."

"What if I don't?" Mu Nuannuan squinted at him slightly, speaking provocatively.

"Then I have to use my own method to make you obedient." Mu Tingxiao said casually, there was nothing unusual in his tone.

But this sounded to Mu Nuan's ears, but it made her scalp tight.

Mu Tingxiao has made up his mind and must make her pregnant!

Chapter: 214

Mu Nuannuan began to live without leaving home.

Mu Tingxiao went to Mu's family every morning, and took the documents home in the afternoon, saying that she was afraid that she would be bored with her at home.

In fact, Mu Nuannuan didn't look good when he saw him. The two of them were either speechless or quarreling.

But even if the quarrel was just Mu Nuannuan provoked him coldly, Mu Tingxiao didn't hurt at all.

"Aunt Hu said you didn't eat at noon?"

Mu Tingxiao walked in from the door, walked straight to Mu Nuan and sat down next to him.

Mu Nuannuan held the computer, stroking her slender fingers on the keyboard, as if she hadn't heard Mu Tingxiao's words, staring at the computer screen intently.

This is not the first time this has happened.

Mu Tingxiao sullen her face and covered her laptop in one fell swoop.

There was a hint of warning in her voice: "Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Nuannuan tried a few times, but couldn't move his hand away. She turned her head a little frustrated and looked at him: "Hold your hand away, I haven't written yet. It's over."

Mu Tingxiao's big hand still pressed-on her laptop, her expression indifferent: "I didn't hear what I said?"

"I don't have any appetite and don't want to eat." Mu Nuannuan simply got up and walked around Mu Tingxiao and walked to Li. He sat down on the furthest sofa.

Mu Tingxiao pursed her thin lips, and her eyes narrowed tightly, as if she was patient, but also as if she was about to explode at any time.

Both of them have not been very well recently. Mu Nuannuan didn't look good to him, and he didn't let Mu Nuannuan go out. Neither of them had benefited, and neither was the family.

After a while, Mu Tingxiao still compromised: "I'll take you out for a walk."

Mu Nuannuan refused directly: "No."

Mu Tingxiao's complexion froze, and he took a deep breath and exhaled heavily: " You have to go if you don’t!"

His tone was a bit heavy, and Mu Nuannuan was still a little afraid of him in her bones, and she shook subconsciously by his tone.

Upon seeing this, Mu Tingxiao's expression became even more ugly, and he got up and walked outside.


Aunt Hu just came over with a tray in which was a bowl of porridge with a few delicate dishes.

Seeing that Mu Tingxiao's complexion was not good, she asked, "Fighting again?"

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and squeezed his eyebrows. There was a bit of gritted teeth in her voice: "She just wants to piss me off!"

Aunt Hu rarely saw it. When Mu Tingxiao was so emotional, he was slightly stunned, and then he wanted to laugh again.

When she was young, she joined Mu's house as a servant and waited on Mu Tingxiao's mother, and she could be regarded as watching Mu Tingxiao grow up.

Later, there was a kidnapping case and Mu Tingxiao was sent abroad again, so she quit her job and left the Mu family.

However, she has been thinking of Mu Tingxiao.

When he was a child, Mu Tingxiao had a gentle personality, he was polite and good-looking when he saw people, and he liked it when he saw him.

Some time ago, when Mu Tingxiao found her, she could hardly believe that the person in front of her with an indifferent and gloomy look was the young master of the Mu family.

Aunt Hu shook his head and sighed to persuade him: "Madam Young is a self-considered child with a bit stubborn personality. How could she be happy if you keep her from going out like this

and hold her back?" When Aunt Hu spoke, she paid attention to Mu Tingxiao. Reaction, but it is impossible to tell from his expression whether he is listening to her.

This child is thinking too deeply.

Just when she thought that Mu Tingxiao hadn't heard her at all, Mu Tingxiao suddenly said, "Aunt Hu, if I don't do this, she will leave."

"What's the matter? Where are you going?" Aunt Hu Hearing confused.

Although the two of them have a little conflict, she can feel it to everyone else, and care about each other.

Mu Tingxiao didn't say more.

Mu Nuannuan is a stubborn person, emotionally, there is no room for sand in his eyes.

Regarding Si Chengyu's matter, he was indeed too indifferent to Si Chengyu, that in the end Mu Nuannuan was also implicated so much.

And Mu Nuannuan felt that he used her and let her be trapped in the whirlpool of scandals and rumors.

But the fact...

Mu Tingxiao couldn't deny it.

Si Chengyu's series of actions were very abnormal, and he combined with what Mu Zhengxiu had said before.

If the mother's case was also related to his aunt Mu Lian, then as Mu Lian's son, could Si Chengyu's abnormal behavior be related to the events of the year?

He expected that the development of this matter would have an impact on Mu Nuannuan.

But if you block it immediately, you may miss important information.

In the end, the desire to find out the mother's case prevailed.

Sometimes, he hoped that Mu Nuannuan could be a little stupid, so that she would be inseparable from him.

Even if he did something wrong, he could correct it before she found out.

During this period of time, her series of reactions and behaviors have all proved that she has the idea to leave at any time.

It's just an idea, he doesn't allow it.

As long as he thinks that he might not see Mu Nuannuan when he returns home one day, he feels like an ice cellar, and the whole body is cold.

He thought for a long time, but he didn't think of a feasible way.

And there are men outside making Mu Nuannuan's idea.

He has nothing to do.

Like the desperate death of a traveler who has reached the end of the road, Mu Nuannuan will never leave him as long as she is pregnant with his child.

Mu Nuannuan herself hadn't received much care from her relatives since she was a child. If it were her own child, she would not be willing to let him have no father.

Therefore, as long as she has a child, she will never leave him.

Every time he looked at Mu Nuannuan's increasingly cold eyes, his heart would shake.

However, thinking of these, his ideas will become firm again.

"Mu Tingxiao."

Mu Nuannuan's voice came from behind, and Mu Tingxiao froze for a moment, thinking that he might be hearing voices.

During this time, Mu Nuannuan hardly took the initiative to speak to him.

Without turning his head, he heard the voice behind him rang again: "Didn't you just say that you would take me out for a walk in the afternoon? That doesn't count?"

Mu Tingxiao looked back and saw Mu Nuannuan standing by the door watching him .

His gaze lingered on her, and then he nodded and replied: "Yeah."

"Wait for me, I'll change my clothes." Mu Nuannuan said without expression.

Turning back to the room, Mu Nuannuan showed a triumphant smile as soon as the door closed.

She took out her mobile phone and called Shen Liang, "I just told Mu Tingxiao, where shall we meet in the afternoon?"

Shen Liang groaned for a moment and said, "Go to the supermarket, go to the mall, go to the cinema, and just pretend to meet by chance."

"Okay." Mu Nuannuan was panicking at home recently, so she didn't let her go out. Shen Liang wanted to come to see her, but Mu Tingxiao did not let anyone in.

She didn't know whether she should admire Mu Tingxiao's cautious applause or should she pity herself.

The only benefit is probably that Mu Tingxiao is responsive to her.

Chapter: 215

Mu Nuannuan didn't doubt at all. If she said that she wanted the stars in the sky, Mu Tingxiao would find a way to pick them up for her.

With Mu Tingxiao's abilities, she might actually be able to pick the stars for her.

Thinking of this, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but laughed at herself.

After changing clothes, I saw Aunt Hu.

When Aunt Hu saw her, she opened her eyes and smiled: "Let's eat before you go. Even if you want to go out to eat, you haven't eaten at all in the morning. Just eat something to cushion your stomach."

Mu Tingxiao called again the food she brought up. She took it back to the kitchen.

Mu Nuannuan's appetite hasn't been very good these days. When Aunt Hu saw her, she persuaded her to eat.

She herself was a little confused. Aunt Hu's craftsmanship is good, and everything is delicious, which suits her appetite.

"Okay." Looking at Aunt Hu's concerned eyes, Mu Nuannuan nodded without wanting to brush her kindness.

Mu Nuannuan went to the restaurant, while Mu Tingxiao was waiting for her in the hall.

Aunt Hu brought the food to the table, the color was bright and smelled.

Mu Nuannuan had a rare appetite, and couldn't help but move her index finger and began to eat.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan finally had an appetite to eat, Aunt Hu couldn't help but smile.

She sat down opposite Mu Nuannuan, watching Mu Nuannuan eating with a gentle expression, and said with some emotion: "Master, this person has a good temper when he was a child, and a polite person liked it when he saw him. He has a good nature, and sometimes he gets confused and does something bad. Don’t hold it in your heart. Even if you say it, you can make trouble with him..."

"The kid, look cold It's cold-hearted, in fact, it's soft-hearted." Aunt Hu seemed to think of something in the past, with a touch of emotion in her tone.

Mu Nuannuan paused, her eyes were slightly hot.

Almost no one said these things to her.

Although Shen Liang also cared about her, Shen Liang was very afraid of Mu Tingxiao, and besides helping her scold Mu Tingxiao, he also came up with any ideas.

Aunt Hu met Mu Tingxiao when she was a child, and she naturally felt sorry for him. When she looked at him, she was like looking at her own child.

She said this to Mu Nuannuan's heart.

When others see her and Mu Tingxiao, they will always have another layer of "Young Master Mu" halo on Mu Tingxiao. In this way, no matter what Mu Tingxiao has done, treat her a little better, perhaps do a little too much. People think that Mu Nuannuan should reconcile with him.

But only Aunt Hu said this, treating them as two ordinary young people in love, and comforting her with earnest words.

Mu Nuannuan nodded: "I know, Aunt Hu."

She knows that Mu Tingxiao's nature is not bad, and she knows how good he is to the people he cares about, and she understands the softness of his heart.

However, what he did this time could not allow Mu Nuannuan to compromise easily.

Human nature is sometimes very weak, compromise once will compromise a second time.

Moreover, the matter this time is a matter of principle.

Although Mu Tingxiao had undergone major changes, he was raised as the only heir to the Mu family, and he was also loved by thousands of people, and naturally developed a self-respecting character.

Strong and domineering, you must do what you identify, whether right or wrong.

Mu Nuannuan would not be so used to him.

This time, she will fight to the end.

However, her former Mu Ting owl, is really curious: "Hu Auntie, you tell me a little owl Mu Ting childhood thing."

"Master childhood ah, can likable, and every time the party, Father They will always bring him, especially with a long face. Those little girls love to go around the young master, and the little boys are the same..."

Hearing what Aunt Hu said about Mu Tingxiao’s childhood, it was difficult for Mu Nuannuan to say hello to the little boy who smiled and said hello to the little sister who would help her little sister to peel sugar. Ting Xiao linked together.

Time is really a thief.

Always steal people’s happiness and youth.

Aunt Hu couldn't stop talking about Mu Tingxiao's childhood, and Mu Nuannuan also heard it interestingly.

Obviously, I just said that I just filled my stomach and went out, but I ate for an hour.

When she came out of the dining room, she found Mu Tingxiao sitting on the sofa with her eyes nap.

One of his elbows rests on the armrest of the sofa, the palm of his hand rests on his chin, and there is a new light green stubble on the chin, a thin layer, not very obvious.

However, his face was really haggard.

Mu Nuannuan hadn't seen Mu Tingxiao in the face recently, and now he looked carefully, only to realize that Mu Tingxiao's whole person was reduced a little, and his whole person looked even colder and fiercer.

It may be that her gaze was too focused, and the man who was still nap with his eyes suddenly opened his eyes.

There was a brief confusion in Mu Tingxiao's eyes, and he quickly sat up straight and recovered his clarity: "Have you eaten?"

Mu Nuannuan nodded.

When they set off, Mu Nuannuan realized that Mu Tingxiao did not intend to bring bodyguards.

While starting the car, Mu Tingxiao asked her, "Where do you want to go?"

Mu Nuannuan thought about it for a moment, and said, "Go and stroll around."

Mu Tingxiao's expression remained unchanged: "Yes."

Then, Mu. Ting Xiao took her directly to Jinding.

The car stopped at the gate of Jinding, Mu Nuannuan weakly pulled the corner of her lips, and sent Shen Liang an address: "Jinding."

Shen Liang replied a series of ellipsis, apparently feeling a little speechless.

Mu Nuannuan replies to Shen Liang's message with her mobile phone, and suddenly felt a shadow falling next to her. She turned her head a little frightened, and saw Mu Ting leaning over to help her untie her seat belt.

He looked at the seat belt without squinting, and unfastened it for her intently. Without looking at her mobile phone, he pulled away and left.

Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief and got out of the car with her mobile phone.

The parking lot is opposite Jinding, and the two of them have to cross the road to go to Jinding.

Mu Nuannuan looked left and right, and found that there was no car coming, so she walked ahead and was about to cross the road.

She has always walked a bit fast, and Mu Tingxiao stepped on her long legs and was about to catch up with her. Looking to the side as if feeling, she saw a black car rushing towards Mu Nuannuan like a runaway.

Mu Tingxiao's complexion changed suddenly, but he had no time to think, his body reacted faster than his brain.

When he reacted, he had already stepped two or three steps behind Mu Nuan's body, pulled her into his arms, and both fell to the ground in panic.

The car sprinted over the two men's heads and hit the guardrail beside the parking lot.

"There was a car accident!"

"Call the police!"

The security guard outside Jinding Gate had already seen this scene.

Mu Tingxiao hugged Mu Nuannuan, feeling that his heart suddenly stopped beating, and the whole world became silent for an instant.

Mu Nuannuan listened to the noisy sound in her ears and realized what had just happened.

Chapter: 216

She looked up and saw Mu Tingxiao's expression a little dull, and asked him, "What's the matter with you?"

Mu Tingxiao opened her mouth, trying to speak, but found that she couldn't make a sound for a while.

Mu Nuannuan noticed Mu Tingxiao's abnormality, and her tone could not hide his worry: "It's okay?"

After two seconds, Mu Tingxiao found her own voice: "It's okay."

He tried to move stiffly. Her body helped Mu Nuannuan up.

Someone had gathered nearby, and Mu Tingxiao pulled Mu Nuannuan back into the car.

Through the car window, Mu Tingxiao looked at the car that had hit him before.

Just now, that car clearly ran into it deliberately. At that speed, the accelerator was definitely stepped on to the bottom, just to kill Mu Nuan.

There was a flash of gloomy bird in his eyes, and he took out his cell phone and called Shi Ye: "Come to Jinding."

Then, he made two more calls.

Mu Nuannuan vaguely heard him say: "Don't call the police, keep it private, take care of people." After

he hung up, Mu Nuannuan had the opportunity to ask him: "Just..."

"Go to the hospital first." Mu Tingxiao called Broke her words.

She noticed that Mu Tingxiao's face had been pale since just now, thinking that he was uncomfortable, but there was no blood on his body, and he walked normally, and should not be serious, so she didn't ask more.

As a result, as soon as she arrived at the hospital, Mu Nuannuan was pushed directly into the examination room by her.

"Be a full body check."

Mu Nuannuan looked back at him in a daze: "I don't feel uncomfortable, I'm fine..."

Mu Tingxiao said to her at this time, "If you don't want it." Children, we can not give birth now."


This time, he ignored Mu Nuannuan's doubts and urged the doctor to examine Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan helped her forehead and discussed with the doctor: "Doctor, forget it, I'm fine, I will go out later and pretend to have finished the examination." The

doctor pushed his glasses: "So?"

"Yeah. "Mu Nuannuan nodded where to pound garlic.

She is in good health, and she didn't even touch it just now. It was too troublesome to check wherever she needed to be.

The doctor constricted his eyebrows, as if thinking about the feasibility of Mu Nuannuan's words.

Finally, under Mu Nuannuan's expectant eyes, the doctor shook his head expressionlessly: "Don't dare."

Mu Nuannuan: "..." I really can't see that the current doctors are so ethical.

At this time, the doctor faintly added: "This is a private hospital under the Mu's family. If I dare to do this, I will be fired."

Mu Nuannuan knew that there were countless industries under the Mu's family, but there were no hospitals.

In this way, doesn't the doctor also know Mu Tingxiao and the news some time ago?

However, the doctor spoke upright.


Although there are many items in the examination, Mu Nuannuan is the young woman of Mu's family. In the Mu's hospital, she is naturally attentive and attentive.

Ordinary people do a full-body examination, and better hospitals should make an appointment in advance for exclusion. It will take a lot of time to complete the whole set.

It didn't take long for Mu Nuannuan to finish it.

Mu Tingxiao accompanied him all the way, but fortunately, he hadn't called a doctor to help her cheat before.

Mu Nuannuan finished the inspection, and there is no result yet.

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Mu Tingxiao: "Do you want to check it too?"

"No." Mu Tingxiao refused directly.

I don't know what he thought of, but his tone eased a little: "I have regular physical examinations every year, it's okay."

"Oh." Think about it, right now, don't most people have regular check-ups.

Mu Nuannuan remembered what Mu Tingxiao had said before she went to check, and asked him aloud, "What do you mean by what you said before?"

Mu Tingxiao's complexion did not change much, but his voice was obviously a little tight: " It's what you understand."

During this period of time, he wanted to make her pregnant, and he didn't even let her out of the door. Now suddenly he doesn't force her?

This capricious character is more difficult to understand than a woman.

The two were silent for a while.

At this moment, the doctor came out with the test sheet, with a hesitant expression.

Mu Tingxiao's face was cold, and his voice was cold: "If you have something to say." The

doctor pushed down his glasses, swallowed and said carefully, "Madam's body is very healthy, just..."

Mu Tingxiao was cold and cold. He glanced at him: "Can't talk

about it all at once?" "It's like I'm pregnant, but I need a corresponding examination to be sure." The doctor bit his scalp and finished the following words. Sound.

This was the first time he saw the young master and the young lady, the young master was as cold and scary as the legend...the

room fell silent for a while.

Mu Nuannuan was confused.

She is pregnant? After Mu Tingxiao said that he could not give birth if he didn't want to give birth.

"Really? The doctor is sure you read it right?" Although she had been ordered by Mu Tingxiao not to go out recently, Mu Tingxiao did not do anything with her during this time.

Is it the few times that no measures were taken before?

But, how could it be so easy to get caught?

The doctor respectfully said: "So we need to do a detailed examination for Mrs. Young to get a definite result."

"Go." Mu Tingxiao's voice sounded much softer, revealing a trace of unconsciousness. Delightful.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, so she had to go for another checkup.

When the results came out, Mu Nuannuan was still a little confused.

"Congratulations, Young Master, Madam Young is indeed pregnant."

Mu Tingxiao took the test sheet, his expression on his face did not change much. After reading it, he nodded: "Yeah."

Mu Nuannuan didn't care much. What is his expression.

She was led out of the hospital by Mu Tingxiao in a daze, and when she returned to the car, she was still a little confused.

Although she didn't want to get pregnant so early, she would definitely give birth if the child came.

However, this feeling is too subtle.

In the end, Mu Tingxiao succeeded, even though he had said before that he could not give birth.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and looked out the window, but her hands were unconsciously covering her lower abdomen.

Mu Tingxiao's low voice came from beside him: "Unhappy?"

"What about you? Are you happy?" Mu Nuannuan turned her head and looked at him coldly.

Mu Tingxiao's face tightened suddenly when he heard the words, and did not speak.

At this time, her cell phone rang.

Shen Liang called.

"Where have you been? I'm in Jinding!"

"I'm pregnant."

Mu Nuannuan's faint sentence directly provokes Shenliang and swears: "Fuck! What did you say? You say it again! I don't believe it. !"

The tone of this speech was exactly the same as Gu Zhiyan.

Mu Nuannuan had to repeat it again: "I'm pregnant."

Hearing Mu Nuannuan's voice didn't seem like a joke, Shen Liang believed it.

"Then... Are you going to give birth?"

"Otherwise?" Mu Nuan curled her lips, revealing a smile.

She didn't notice, Mu Ting Xiao's clenched hands.

Chapter: 217

It wasn't until Mu Nuannuan finished answering the phone that Mu Tingxiao asked her aloud: "Go to Jinding."

He stretched out a face that looked like an expressionless joy and anger. Somewhat unhappy.

Isn't she pregnant as he intended? What do you do with this face?

"Go." Mu Nuannuan tilted her head and leaned on the back of the chair, looking lazy.

She had agreed with Shen Liang early in the morning that she would meet at Jinding, and she had come out, of course she still wanted to meet.

...At the

gate of Jinding.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car and saw the cool car.

She took out her mobile phone and called Shen Liang, "Get out of the car, I saw you." The

next moment, Shen Liang opened the car door and walked down, wearing sunglasses and a mask, with a tightly armed look.

Mu Nuannuan followed Mu Tingxiao into the Jinding Ding.

As soon as Shen Liang entered Jinding, he took off the mask and sunglasses, and when he looked back and saw Mu Nuannuan, his eyes lit up and he ran towards her.

"Nuan Nuan, you..." She only noticed Mu Tingxiao walking behind Mu Nuan.

She stopped talking and yelled angrily: "Big Boss."

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao replied indifferently, his expression unchanged.

He turned his head to look at Mu Nuannuan: "You go to the box first."

Before Mu Nuannuan could answer, he turned and left.

As soon as he left, Shen Liang breathed a sigh of relief and asked Mu Nuannuan, "What's the matter? Didn't the big boss insist on making you pregnant? Why are you pregnant now, he doesn't seem to be very happy?"

"I don't know, one A man who is harder to guess than a woman's mind." Mu Nuannuan spread her hands: "I know what he is thinking from somewhere."

Shen Liang was stunned when she heard the words. She turned her head and looked carefully at Mu Nuannuan's expression. Seeing her indifferent expression, she asked tentatively: "You haven't reconciled with the big boss?"

Mu Nuannuan asked her back: " Do we have any problems?"

There is indeed a problem between her and Mu Tingxiao. Originally, it was only related to Si Chengyu. That is not a big problem that cannot be solved. It seems to be more complicated now.

Shen Liang shook his head and said, "I can't tell you, it feels like you are all weird."

Mu Nuannuan curled her lips, lowering her eyes to hide her emotions.

... After

Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan separated, they walked straight to the room he left in Jinding.

There was a bodyguard guarding the door of the room, brought over all night.

As soon as the bodyguard saw Mu Tingxiao, he bent down and said respectfully in unison, "Master."

The bodyguard standing by the door opened the door for him.

Mu Tingxiao raised his foot and walked in.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao coming in that night, he quickly nodded respectfully.

"What about people?" Mu Tingxiao looked around for a while, but didn't see anyone else.

Shi Ye took two steps to the corner of the wall and pulled out the woman who had been shrinking under the table and threw it in front of Mu Tingxiao.

He had given orders before that they would smuggle the perpetrators and wait for him to come back to deal with them.

The car didn't hit Mu Nuan Nuan and Mu Tingxiao, and finally hit the guardrail of the parking lot. The front of the car was deformed and the people in the car were naturally unclear.

The woman's face was covered with blood, and there was a lot of blood on her hair. At this time, it was dry and solidified on the hair. The hair was stuck together, one by one like hemp rope.

Even so, Mu Tingxiao recognized the woman in front of him at a glance.

Mu Tingxiao took a step forward, his eyes fell on her with gloomy eyes, and his voice was as gloomy as the Yama king crawling out of hell: "Mu Wanqi, long time no see."

Mu Wanqi was shaking like sifting chaff, and she couldn't say a word: "Yes... right... I... you... Mu..."

she said, shaking her body and looking up at Mu Ting. Xiao, her eyes were full of fear, desperately trying to ask for mercy, but because she was too scared, she couldn't say a word.

It is rare for Mu Tingxiao to show such patience on someone other than Mu Nuannuan. He didn't speak, but looked at Mu Wanqisei tremblingly speaking out of tune.

Looks cold and indifferent.

After two minutes, Mu Tingxiao seemed to feel meaningless, and waved his hand to the bodyguard: "

Bring the knife." When Mu Wanqi heard his words, her whole body trembled even more, but it was miraculous. Speak clearly.

"I'm sorry... there won't be another next time... I will never

fight Mu Nuannuan again... You let me go, I beg you let me go..." Mu Wanqi lost too much blood and just paid it back Dizzy, completely awake now.

"Don't be so scared." Mu Tingxiao squatted down, Rumo's eyes were dark, and his voice was slightly lower: "You want to kill Mu Nuannuan, but I'm not as cruel as you. I won't kill you."

"No!!" Mu Wanqi screamed out of fright.

Mu Tingxiao would not kill her, but what he did to her was more painful than killing her.

"It's not the first time. You have to get used to it." Mu Tingxiao stood up slowly, and some bodyguards took a chair and placed it behind him.

Mu Tingxiao sat down.

Mu Wanqi's stockings and skirts were the same as she always wore. The bodyguard took a knife and slashed her stockings with a light stroke.

Mu Wanqi's eyes widened, and her whole body twitched: "No! Don't do this to me!!! Ah!!!" The

bodyguard took the knife and began to shave the meat layer by layer along Mu Wanqi's calf.

Mu Wanqi has been domineering since she was a child, and she has been dominated by Mu's family. She can't stand a bit of suffering. How can she stand this torture.

The last time she would lie to the media to clarify the marriage certificate, Mu Tingxiao used this method to force her to commit the crime.

Mu Wanqi is too easy to deal with a woman who has no mind.

Mu Wanqi kept yelling, and Mu Tingxiao faintly said: "It's a big quarrel."

After that, Mu Wanqi's mouth was blocked and she could only make a vague whimper.

Shi Ye stood aside, seeing the muscles on his face twitching, and finally pressed his lips and looked away.

Just when Mu Wanqi was about to pass out of pain, the door of the room was suddenly opened.

Shi Ye's eyebrows jumped, who is so untrue, dare to push the door in at this time?

"Mu Tingxiao!"

Shi Ye cried secretly when he heard this voice.

Besides Mu Nuannuan, who else would call Mu Tingxiao's name like this.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan rushed in, she ran in the direction of Mu Tingxiao.

Directly in front of Mu Tingxiao was Mu Wanqi who was on the verge of fainting, and Mu Nuannuan naturally saw what Mu Wanqi looked like at this time.

Mu Wanqi had just had a small car accident, and then she was scared to death by Mu Tingxiao. At this time, she was completely tortured to be impersonal.

Mu Nuannuan was also frightened by Mu Wanqi's appearance, and it took a few seconds to react, and asked the bodyguard next to her: "She, is she still...alive?" The

bodyguard nodded mechanically, "Alive." The

bodyguard said After that, he raised his head and took a careful look at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao didn't say a word after Mu Nuannuan came in.

Chapter: 218

Mu Nuannuan directly ordered: "

Send to the hospital." The bodyguard did not act immediately upon hearing this, but gave Mu Tingxiao another look.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at the bodyguard: "Didn't you hear what the young lady said? Take the person to the hospital!"

Mu Nuannuan heard his voice and turned to look at him.

Mu Tingxiao lowered his eyes slightly and sat motionless on the chair, his expressionless expression was a little awkward, and it made people unable to guess what he was thinking.

Mu Nuannuan looked at him, wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say.

In the previous car accident, Mu Nuannuan had already thought that the perpetrator might be Mu Wanqi.

After all, the person who wanted her most to die was Mu Wanqi.

This is not the first time Mu Wanqi wants to kill her.

She could guess that Mu Tingxiao must already know that Mu Wanqi was the perpetrator, and she might not let Mu Wanqi go.

However, when she really saw Mu Tingxiao's way of torturing Mu Wanqi, she still felt a chill in her back.

Not to mention Mu Wanqi, anyone who is awake and shaved off his body with a single knife will not be able to bear it.

"Yes." The

bodyguard received Mu Tingxiao's order and immediately helped Mu Wanqi from the ground to walk out, and took him to the hospital.

Shi Ye was very perceptive and followed out, leaving the room for Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan.

The light in the room was bright and there was a smell of blood.

Mu Nuannuan turned his head and saw a few pieces of meat on the ground that had been shaved from Mu Wanqi by bodyguards...

" Oh ..."

A feeling of nausea rushed , her stomach churning, Mu Nuannuan covered her lips and bent over. It was just a blast of retching.

Mu Tingxiao stood up from the chair suddenly, walked over to support Mu Nuannuan, patted her on the back with her eyebrows, and said in a deep voice, "Let’s go out first."

Mu Nuannuan was very uncomfortable . Followed Mu Tingxiao and walked out.

Mu Tingxiao embraced Mu Nuannuan to open the door and went out, and saw Si Chengyu at the door who didn't know how long he had been standing.

Si Chengyu wore a black suit with a black stiff black suit and a white shirt inside. He looked gentle and elegant, with a consistent gentle smile on his face.

In the past, Mu Nuannuan not only watched his movies, but also liked his people because of Si Chengyu's gentle and harmless appearance.

Looking at Si Chengyu's appearance now, Mu Nuannuan felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

Si Chengyu swept his gaze back and forth over the two of them, and said with a smile: "Ting Xiao, I am very grateful for you to let Wanqi go." His

words were as gentle as ever, as if nothing happened.

Mu Nuannuan frowned, and Si Chengyu's words were clearly intended to stimulate Mu Tingxiao.

She held Mu Tingxiao's hand with her backhand and looked at Si Chengyu coldly: "Mu Wanqi will be punished by her, and it has nothing to do with us."

" Nuan Nuan is right to say that. Yes." Si Chengyu's smile deepened, and it was a bit strange.

His speech suddenly changed and asked her: "This is the first time you have seen Ting Xiao's method of handling things. Although the method is a bit cruel, he is also for you. Don't be afraid of him because of this. "

Si Chengyu's smiling eyes are clearly full of malice.

Mu Nuannuan was just an ordinary girl before she married Mu Tingxiao.

The little girl living in a peaceful and prosperous world usually cuts vegetables at most and hurts her fingers. If she has ever seen Mu Tingxiao's cruel methods, she will naturally be afraid.

Si Chengyu has been in contact with Mu Nuannuan so many times and thinks he knows Mu Nuannuan very well.

He believed that after this incident, Mu Nuannuan would definitely be afraid of Mu Tingxiao.

But he didn't know that Mu Tingxiao was a cruel and deep-hearted man in Mu Nuan's heart from the beginning.

Therefore, no matter what Mu Tingxiao would do, although Mu Nuannuan would be surprised, but she would not be as afraid of Mu Tingxiao as Si Chengyu thought.

Perhaps she was a little afraid of Mu Tingxiao in her bones, but she would not fear Mu Tingxiao as Si Chengyu thought.

Mu Nuannuan chuckled lightly, with a sincere tone in her tone: "Since you have said so, Mu Tingxiao will do this for me, how can I be afraid of him because of this? It is too late for me to love him. "

Si Chengyu never expected that Mu Nuannuan would answer him like this.

His complexion changed slightly, and he uttered two words with a cold face: "Really?"

"Of course." Mu Nuannuan raised an eyebrow and looked at Si Chengyu defiantly.

Si Chengyu twitched the corners of his mouth: "Then I will wait and see." After

leaving such a sentence, he turned and left.

As soon as he left, Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief, and raised his foot to continue walking forward.

However, she could not go because the man beside her kept holding her hand.

She turned her head and found that Mu Tingxiao was staring at her with burning eyes.

His eyes were hot-as if two small flames were lit inside.

Mu Nuannuan frowned: "What's the matter with you?"

Mu Tingxiao squeezed her hand, her voice was rare and gentle: "Say it again."

Say it again?

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while, and had to say it again: "What's wrong with you?"

"Previous sentence." Mu Tingxiao showed great patience, and the expression on his face was even expectant.

"I have said so much before, how do I know which sentence you told me to say?" When Mu Nuannuan just thought of what to say when Si Chengyu was talking, she really didn't know which sentence he wanted to listen to.

The corners of Mu Tingxiao's lips pressed, looking a little disappointed.

However, in the next moment, Mu Tingxiao held Mu Nuannuan's face and kissed it.

Mu Nuannuan's first reaction was that it seemed to be in the corridor at the door of the room.

She wanted a face, and of course she didn't want to show it to others in public.

Moreover, she and Mu Tingxiao are still in conflict.

However, Mu Tingxiao completely ignored her rejection, kissed softly and domineeringly, sucking her lips bit by bit and poking in, gradually increasing the offensive until the kiss made Mu Nuan warm legs soft. He just let go of her.

He was still feeling a little bit, his long finger tapped on Mu Nuannuan's lips, and he couldn't help but peck.

Mu Nuannuan panted, and when she raised her head, she saw Mu Tingxiao's eyes gleaming as dark as ink for the first time, and they were dazzlingly bright as if they were covered with stars.

Mu Nuannuan wondered a little confused, what did she just say that made Mu Tingxiao so happy?

It seems to be...-

How could I be afraid of him because of this?

Not for this sentence, not for it.

She had seen Mu Tingxiao deal with the two kidnappers before, and she didn't act as if she was afraid of him, and Mu Tingxiao's reaction was nothing special. It was definitely not the reason.

Later, she seemed to say something...

Mu Nuannuan realized what she had said before, and felt that she was going to burn.

She is a short-term person in her bones. No matter what conflicts between her and Mu Tingxiao, she can complain that he can ignore him, but others can't say that he is bad.

Chapter: 219

Mu Tingxiao asked her to say it again before, which should be the same sentence.

——It’s too late to love him.

How could she say such things!

How could you say such a thing in front of Mu Tingxiao!

Mu Nuannuan became angry, and walked forward after throwing away Mu Tingxiao's hand.

Mu Tingxiao followed with a smile at the corner of her eyes, and took her hand: "Walk slowly."

"I like to walk faster." Mu Nuannuan wanted to shake his hand away, but she had no choice but to be let by him. Led by.

The two met Shen Liang at the corner of the corridor.

As soon as Shen Liang saw Mu Nuannuan, he stopped screaming, "Mu Nuannuan! You are not alone now, so you can't let me save snacks? Just go to the bathroom and not come back for a long time. Phone, you make people like this..."

Afterwards, when I saw Mu Tingxiao again, he swallowed them all.

Shen Liang frowned, coughed slightly, pinching his throat, and instantly turned into a soft girl: "Cough cough... don't do this next time."

Mu Nuannuan shook the goose bumps that didn't exist on her body: "I'm not a person now, or a ghost?"

Shen Liangpi smiled and said, "You are two people now."

She was also exhausted, but she was about to eat a meal with Mu Nuannuan, and as a result, accidents happened one after another. It was really... …Ugh.

The group returned to the box and finally had their meal.

During the dinner, Shen Liang asked Mu Nuannuan: "What did you do, why did you leave suddenly when you went to the bathroom?"

"I just met Mu Tingxiao. Several of the Mu family's elders were eating here, so I followed him to meet him. For a moment." Mu Nuannuan lowered her eyes, lying and not drafting.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her and said nothing.

"Oh, it turned out to be like this." Shen Liang believed easily.

It wasn't until a meal was over that Shen Liang remembered that Mu Tingxiao was the only heir to the Mu family. Besides his father and his grandfather, who else would he bring Mu Nuannuan to see?

Oh, maybe the elder Mu Nuannuan is talking about is Elder Mu.

On the way back, both of them were silent.

When approaching the door of the house, Mu Nuannuan suddenly said: "I went to the bathroom and met Si Chengyu. He said that he could not contact Mu Wanqi for a day, and said that Mu Wanqi would do stupid things with impulsive personality. , It is very likely that you caught her."

No need to elaborate on the following things, smart people can naturally think of it.

Before Mu Nuannuan thought that the perpetrator was most likely Mu Wanqi, but with Mu Tingxiao's acting style, Mu Wanqi's fall into his hands would definitely make her worse than death.

The fact is also true, if she didn't rush over, Mu Wanqi might still be tortured at the moment.

After listening to her, Mu Tingxiao just asked, "Si Chengyu is looking for you?"

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan turned to look at him in confusion.

The car was driving on the winding mountain road, and the trees outside the window retreated extremely quickly, making it dark.

But Mu Nuannuan could still vaguely see a trace of coldness in Mu Tingxiao's fuzzy facial contours.

Mu Nuannuan was afraid that Mu Tingxiao would directly kill Mu Wanqi, but she didn't think so much.

At this moment, she repeated Mu Tingxiao's sentence "Si Chengyu is looking for you" in her heart, and she felt that her back was chilling.

At that time, Mu Wanqi suddenly speeded over to hit her. When that happened, there were no people around. At that time, Mu Tingxiao called and took her to the hospital.

Mu Tingxiao was well-rounded, and the phone call must have caused those people to arrest Mu Wanqi first.

Moreover, Mu Wanqi also suffered serious injuries at the time, and the people under Mu Tingxiao's behavior styles were also vigorous and resolute, so he arrested Mu Wanqi for a day without disturbing the Mu family.

Instead, Si Chengyu came to Mu Nuannuan first.

In this way, things are clear.

Si Chengyu instigated Mu Wanqi to hit Mu Nuannuan, and then took the time to find Mu Nuannuan so that Mu Nuannuan could see Mu Tingxiao's cruel methods.

It's not a seamless plan, but if Mu Nuannuan were more timid, she would indeed feel scared.

Thus, the contradiction between her and Mu Tingxiao was enlarged.

It's just that if the conflict between her and Mu Tingxiao expands, what good is it for Si Chengyu?

Or should Si Chengyu just not see Mu Tingxiao? Just simply trying to make Mu Tingxiao unhappy?

But she knew Mu Tingxiao and Mu Wanqi was not such an innocent person.

She didn't agree with Mu Tingxiao's approach, but she could understand him.

Suddenly, Mu Nuannuan thought of something and turned to look at Mu Tingxiao: "Last time, you used this method to make Mu Wanqi willingly clarify the marriage certificate in front of the media?"

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao admitted. Very simply.

Mu Nuannuan sighed slightly.

Say he was wrong, his starting point is good.

Say he was right, being able to be violent is not the right way to solve the problem.

She thought for a while and said, "I know that there are some things and some people can't be solved with reason, but violence to violence is not the only feasible way."

Mu Tingxiao said without looking back, "I. Only use the fastest method."

Mu Nuan warmly smiled: "So when you want me to be pregnant, you just lock me in the villa and not come out?"

Because of her words, the atmosphere in the car is a little bit The child dropped to freezing point.


car made an emergency brake, and Mu Nuan Nuan leaned forward with inertia.

Mu Tingxiao on the side suddenly leaned in panic to hug her and help her stabilize her figure.

His voice was still a little unstable: "It's okay?"

Mu Nuannuan pushed him away, opened the door and got out of the car.

The place where the car stops is only more than ten meters away from the villa.

When Mu Nuannuan got out of the car, she saw several cars parked in front of the villa.

Someone is here?

She didn't mind paying attention to Mu Tingxiao any more, and walked directly towards the villa.

As soon as you entered the gate, the lined up bodyguards bend down neatly: "Young master, young lady."

Aunt Hu trot out from the inside in a hurry: "Young master, young lady, you can come back. The old man has been there since the afternoon. I'm here, and I've been here waiting for you to come back. "

Why is Elder Mu here again?

Mu Nuannuan turned her head to look at Mu Tingxiao with a puzzled face.

Mu Tingxiao had a clear look, and reminded her aloud: "The hospital I went to check up today belongs to Mu's family."

Mu Nuannuan quickly reacted. Elder Mu deliberately came to the door after receiving news of her pregnancy. coming.

After thinking about it carefully, I took it for granted.

Hearing the movement outside, Mr. Mu had walked to the entrance of the hall and said in a loud voice, "Come in as soon as you come back. What are you still standing in the yard? It's cold!"

Mu Nuannuan looked at Mu Tingxiao. At a glance, he ran towards the entrance of the hall first.


Tingxiao curled his eyebrows and followed behind him: "Mu Nuannuan , slow down!" As soon as Mu Anlin saw Mu Nuannuan, he dragged her to walk inside: "How cold outside is, come in and sit, the house is warm "

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said, "Grandpa, I'm not cold." As

soon as he entered the hall, a row of maids all bent over to say hello: "Mrs. Young."

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback, a group of maids?

Chapter: 220

Before Mu Nuannuan could speak, Elder Mu had already said: "You are different now. Your body is important. There are no servants here in Tingxiao. I have selected a group of maids to take care of you.”

Mu Nuannuan glanced at it and roughly counted it. There were about a dozen maids.

She and Mu Tingxiao lived in this villa, so how could they use so many servants?

There are too many people to be uncomfortable.

But Mu Nuannuan couldn't refuse Mr. Mu's kindness.

"My grandpa is bothering me. The doctors say that I am in good health now..."

"No matter how good I am, I need to take good care of it. When Grandma Tingxiao was born with the wind, the medical conditions were not as good as they are now, and I suffered a lot... …"

Elder Mu paused when he said that, and seemed to sigh: "Don’t tell me, don’t tell me, anyway, what do you need, what you want to eat, just tell Ting Xiao, if that stinky boy doesn’t let you get it. , You just call me, do you have my phone? Otherwise, you can add a WeChat..."

He said, he took out his phone and opened WeChat.

Mu Nuannuan wanted to laugh a little, thinking that Mr. Mu like this was very cute.

She smiled and took out her mobile phone, and said with a smile: "I'll sweep you."

"Come here, right?" Elder Mu leaned over and opened his QR code.

When Mu Tingxiao came in, he saw two people getting together to add WeChat friends.

He glanced, and sat down on the sofa beside.

When Mr. Mu saw Mu Tingxiao, he had no good expressions: "Take good care of Nuannuan in the future."

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyelids and said, "I want you to tell?"

"Humph." Do you think I wanted to see you?"

Mu Tingxiao folded his legs together and lazily said, "

I'm not leaving after reading it?" Elder Mu pointed to his nose and cursed: "You just want to piss me off!"

But there was nothing in his eyes. How much anger.

Elder Mu didn't stay too much, just said a few words with Mu Nuannuan, and then left to face the night.

Elder Mu left, but a group of servants were left behind.

Mu Nuannuan sat on the sofa in the lobby, looking at the servants back and forth, and found that they looked good.

Wealthy people look for maids, they are all of good value.

Several of them are still carefully peeking at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan had a headache. She stretched out her hand and rubbed her eyebrows, and looked at Mu Tingxiao: "Take care of it, I'm going to sleep."

Mu Tingxiao watched Mu Nuannuan disappear before she said indifferently, "Listen to everything. Aunt Hu’s arrangement is that you can’t go to the second floor privately if you have nothing to do. Otherwise, go back and forth from wherever you are. Do you understand?”

His voice was low and pleasant, but it was so cold that there was no trace of emotion. The maids who still peeked at him bowed their heads and dared not replay him.

The maid responded together, "Understood!" When

Mu Tingxiao returned to the room, Mu Nuannuan had already lay down and fell asleep.

There are a lot of things happening today, and she gets tired easily now, so she falls asleep easily.

When Mu Tingxiao leaned over to kiss her, he could still smell the warm fragrance from her, which was fascinating.

He lay on the bed from the other side, gently pulling Mu Nuannuan into his arms.

Mu Nuannuan didn't sleep deep enough, and he woke up as soon as he did this.

She opened her eyes, her cat eyes were filled with confusion, staring at Mu Tingxiao in a daze.

Mu Tingxiao kissed her eyebrows again, and patted her thin back with his palms, acting softly as if he was coaxing a child.

In the deep voice, there was a gentleness that couldn't be

turned away : "It's okay, go to sleep." Mu Nuannuan closed her eyes again, and then moved her arms to hook Mu Tingxiao's neck.

She was awkwardly asleep at the moment, which was completely a habitual reaction.

Mu Tingxiao brushed her long hair onto the pillow, tucked the quilt, and fell asleep together.


Mu Tingxiao sued Mu Wanqi and Fu Tingxi took over.

Fu Tingxi is a Gold Medal Lawyer in Shanghai and Yangtze City. Although he is good at commercial cases, he is not a big deal in such small cases.

After the Mu family knew about Mu Wanqi, Xiao Chuhe came forward to find Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan didn't want to care about her at first, but Xiao Chuhe called her every day, and if this continues, why Xiao Chu would definitely come to her door.

Therefore, when Xiao Chuhe called again, Mu Nuannuan answered.

"Nuan Nuan, you finally answered your mother's call." Xiao Chuhe's voice was a little excited: "You listened to your mother, your sister's business..."

Mu Nuannuan directly interrupted her next words: "Mu Tingxiao has appealed. Now, the court will open in a few days."

"No, Nuan Nuan, Wanqi is your sister anyway, I know she is wrong this time, but she is still so young, you really want to Do you want her to go to jail?"

Xiao Chuhe's voice was already crying, and she should be very worried about Mu Wanqi during this period of time.

For Xiao Chuhe, Mu Nuannuan's heart was already cold.

She sneered and said, "Then what about me? If she hit me at that time, she would kill two people!"

Xiao Chuhe on the other end of the phone fell silent.

After a few seconds, she whispered: "Aren't you all right now, your sister..."

"This is not the first time, you don't need to call me again, and don't come to me again, it's useless." Mu Nuannuan said coldly, and hung up the phone.

Xiao Chuhe would come to her to intercede for Mu Wanqi, which was expected.

She couldn't imagine that if Mu Wanqi hit her that day... she

also stretched out her hand to touch her lower abdomen, it was flat, but there was a small life slowly growing.

She doesn't think this is the best time to get pregnant, but the baby has come and she will be born.

On the other side, Xiao Chuhe hung up the phone, turned to look at Mu Liyan, and said embarrassedly: "

Nuannuanshe ..." "What did she say?" Mu Liyan hadn't slept for several days because of Mu Wanqi's affairs. I feel better, my face is haggard, and my voice is hoarse.

"She... she told me not to look for her anymore, she won't help us." After

Xiao Chuhe finished speaking, she felt Mu Liyan's face change suddenly.

Immediately afterwards, he raised his hand and slapped her face severely.

He was a man. At this time, he was angry again. This slap used his full strength, and Xiao Chuhe was directly staggered by the slap and fell to the ground.

There is a sweet smell in the mouth.

She touched the corners of her lips, reached out to her eyes, and saw the blood on it.

Half of his face was so painful that he was numb, and there was a buzzing in his ears.

Mu Liyan glared at her with a grim expression: "What's the use of you? Such a small matter can't help? These are all your good daughters! We will send our family Wanqi to prison in the end!"