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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 271-280 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 271

the next morning.

When Mu Nuannuan woke up, she did not find Mu Tingxiao's figure beside her.

She got up and got out of bed, took her coat and put it on, and walked to the door to find that the door was not closed tightly.

Mu Tingxiao booked a suite, and outside the bedroom was the living room.

Through the crack of the unclosed door, Mu Nuannuan saw Mu Tingxiao sitting on the sofa making a phone call.

Mu Tingxiao deliberately lowered the volume, Mu Nuannuan only saw Mu Tingxiao's lips move, but did not hear what he was saying clearly.

Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao seemed to feel something, and looked up at Mu Nuannuan.

Was discovered.

Mu Nuannuan simply opened the door and walked out.

Mu Tingxiao did not hang up the phone, only reached out to take the kettle on the table and poured a cup of hot water for Mu Nuan Nuan and handed it to her.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out to take it, and he retracted his hand to continue talking on the phone.

At this time, there was a knock on the door outside.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Tingxiao, and Mu Tingxiao said, "I ordered breakfast."

Mu Nuannuan went to open the door without any expression.

The waiter walked in with the dining car, put the breakfast on the table, and respectfully said: "Hello, this is the breakfast Mr.

Mu ordered . I wish you a happy meal." "Thank you." Mu Nuannuan thanked him, Follow along and lock the door.

When he arrived at the door, the waiter suddenly turned his head and called out: "Miss Mu."

Mu Nuannuan was shocked, and suddenly looked up at the waiter.

The waiter reached out and stuffed a note in her hand and left quickly.

Mu Nuannuan quickly reacted and put the note into his pocket.

When she turned around, she glanced warily in Mu Tingxiao's direction.

Mu Tingxiao just hung up the phone and turned to look at her: "What's wrong?"

"It's okay." Mu Nuannuan closed the door with her backhand, and walked to the table and sat down as usual.

Mu Nuannuan didn't know what the waiter had written on her note, but she didn't dare to read it in a hurry. She was absent from eating. She was afraid that Mu Tingxiao would see her abnormality, so she could only keep eating.

After finally eating, Mu Nuannuan got up and went to the bathroom.

Locking the door, she took out the note, only glanced at it, and her eyes widened.

The content on the note is just three simple words: "Want to escape?"

Below is a mixture of letters and numbers, which looks like a license plate number.

Moreover, this license plate number looks familiar.

Mu Nuannuan only read it twice, and then wrote down the license plate number, then threw the note into the toilet and flushed it away with water.

When he opened the bathroom door and went out, Mu Nuannuan looked up and saw Mu Tingxiao's expressionless face.

Mu Tingxiao had a bad tone: "I locked the bathroom door, and I was studying how to escape?"

"Yes." Mu Nuannuan raised his chin slightly and said semi-seriously, "After studying, I found that I couldn't escape from the bathroom."

Mu Tingxiao's expression turned cold, and he almost squeezed a sentence from between his teeth: "It's no good for you to anger me."

Mu Nuannuan said, "If I don't anger you, wouldn't it be good for me?"

Besides, Seeing Mu Tingxiao's angry look, she actually felt a little happy in her heart.

... After

eating breakfast, Mu Tingxiao took Mu Nuannuan and left the room, preparing to return to Shanghai and Yangtze.

After leaving the hotel entrance, she talked to Mu Tingxiao every night, and Mu Nuannuan was watching the cars parked in the parking lot at the entrance.

At a glance, she did not see the license plate number on the note.

what's the problem?

The license plate number was clearly familiar to her, which means that the owner of the license plate knew her and knew her current situation.

It was clear that I wanted to help her.

And the only chance she could escape from Mu Tingxiao was now.

Once in Mu Tingxiao's car, she could only follow Mu Tingxiao back to Shanghai.

At this time, she noticed a black car appeared on the corner not far away.

The car went back two meters and advanced two meters on the spot.

This weird behavior attracted Mu Nuannuan's attention.

She walked two steps forward and saw the license plate of that car.

The license plate of that car is exactly the one written on the note.

Mu Nuannuan was a little excited and nervous.

She turned to look at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao stood two meters away from her. Seeing her looking over, he waved to her and motioned her to pass.

Mu Nuannuan's heartbeat was like radium, abnormally nervous.

Now that there is an opportunity before her eyes to let her escape from Mu Tingxiao's control, how could she let it go.

She walked towards Mu Tingxiao, and Yu Guang saw that the black car was also coming here, getting closer and closer...

Mu Nuannuan took a look. The distance from her to the car, she will wait If you run over, it will take at most half a minute.

It only takes half a minute...While

her thoughts were flowing, she had already reached Mu Tingxiao's.

Mu Tingxiao held her hand with a smile in his eyes: "I will return to Shanghai and Yangtze markets later."

This smile was very dazzling in Mu Nuan's eyes.

Although Mu Nuannuan's heart was already boiling, she still maintained a calm look on the surface: "Where shall we live when we go back?"

Mu Tingxiao's tone was indulgent: "You can live wherever you want."

"Really. Is it

true ?" "Of course."

Mu Nuannuan glanced at the car again, and then raised her head and kissed Mu Tingxiao's lips.

Mu Tingxiao's sudden kiss made Mu Tingxiao stunned, and he passively let Mu Nuan kiss her for a few seconds, and then stretched out his hand to support Mu Nuannuan's waist as if reacting.

Shi Ye and the bodyguards standing beside them turned their backs consciously.

After Mu Nuannuan became pregnant, the two did not do it again, and Mu Tingxiao could only rely on hugging and chatting to comfort him.

What's more, Mu Nuannuan took the initiative to kiss him, and he couldn't refuse.

When he kissed passionately, Mu Nuannuan suddenly pulled away.

Mu Tingxiao didn't let her go, but he had already relaxed his guard.

Mu Nuannuan took advantage of this opportunity and violently pushed Mu Tingxiao back.

Mu Tingxiao, who was unprepared, was pushed by Mu Nuannuan and fell directly to the ground.

The moment he fell, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao looked at each other, and when he saw an incredible flash of his dark eyes, she curled her lips.

Mu Nuannuan got free and ran to the car quickly.

The car had already opened the door for her when she started running.

Mu Tingxiao's furious voice came from behind: "Mu Nuannuan!"

Mu Nuannuan subconsciously protected her abdomen, but the steps under her feet moved faster.

My bodyguard also reacted to Mu Tingxiao's roar and started chasing Mu Nuannuan.

Just before the bodyguard caught up with Mu Nuannuan, she ran to the car, bent over and sat in.

She slammed the door shut, panting and turned to look at the people behind.

The bodyguard ran for a few steps, then went back and drove to chase, while Mu Tingxiao was standing at the back, she couldn't see his expression clearly.

Chapter: 272

As soon as Mu Nuannuan got into the car, the driver stepped on the accelerator and drove the car fast.

But while he drove fast, he was also unusually stable, which did not make Mu Nuannuan feel uncomfortable.

She looked at the driver and found that it was a strange face.

Mu Nuannuan asked him aloud: "Who asked you to pick me up?"

"My young master." The driver focused on driving, but when answering her questions, his tone was very respectful.

Mu Nuannuan frowned: "Who is your young master?" The

driver still didn't directly say who his young master is, but only said: "My young master said, Miss Mu knows who he is."

She knows?

She is indeed familiar with this license plate number.

But she really couldn't remember whose license plate number it was.

After thinking about it, Mu Nuannuan went through all the people she knew, and finally got a flash of light in her mind, finally remembering who the owner of this license plate number was.

After knowing who was helping her, Mu Nuannuan felt mixed.

At this time, the driver suddenly said: "I will stop the car at the intersection ahead. After Miss Mu gets down, she can get into the white car directly."

Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes and saw the side of the road. The parked white car.

Her mood is a bit complicated.

The person who helped her was someone she didn't want to be involved.

And the one who chased him behind was Mu Tingxiao. If he chased him, she would really not be able to escape.

Fleeing from Mu Tingxiao, owed favor to a person who didn't want to be involved anymore, it was obvious that the former was even more seductive and confusing.

Therefore, when the driver stopped the car, Mu Nuannuan got into the white car without hesitation.

The white car and the car she was sitting in were driving in two opposite directions. When she turned her head, she saw Mu Tingxiao and their car chasing in the direction of the car she had been in.

Mu Nuannuan was stunned for a moment, and then asked the driver aloud, "Did we get rid of Mu Tingxiao and the others?"

"It stands to reason , so." The driver who answered her was still a strange face.

Mu Nuannuan already knew who the "young master" was in the driver's mouth, and was a little surprised by the meticulous thoughts of their "young master", and couldn't help but ask aloud

: "Where is your master?" The driver said, "Master is waiting for you at the airport."

Airport ?

Mu Nuannuan didn't ask any more.

Several cars were changed in the middle.

Every car she has ridden in will drive in two completely opposite directions.

In this way, even if Mu Tingxiao noticed that there was no Mu Nuannuan in the car they were chasing, it would be too late to turn around and chase.

She changed so many cars halfway, and even drove all of them to completely different places. Mu Tingxiao couldn't find it at all.

Mu Nuannuan was a little dazed, with no sense of reality in her heart.

Can she really get rid of Mu Tingxiao like this?

Mu Nuannuan didn't recover until the car arrived at the airport.

She was about to open the door and get out of the car, but the door was opened from the outside.

Mu Nuannuan looked up and saw the man's smiling face.

He cried out affectionately: "Nuan Nuan."

Although Mu Nuannuan had already remembered who the owner of the license plate number was, she was still surprised when he appeared in front of her.

"Shen Chuhan, it's really you."

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car and looked at Shen Chuhan steadily, as if she had met Shen Chuhan for the first time.

Shen Chuhan's smile deepened after hearing her words: "I knew it, you still remember my license plate number."

She knew Shen Chuhan very early, and she liked Shen Chuhan very much at that time.

When he was a teenager, like a person, he would involuntarily remember everything about him, and his license plate number was also written down when Mu Nuannuan liked him.

Later, she no longer liked Shen Chuhan, and gradually forgot everything about Shen Chuhan.

However, Shen Chuhan in front of her was different from the Shen Chuhan she knew.

Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes and asked vigilantly: "How did you know that

Mu Tingxiao and I were staying at the hotel? Why did you help me?" Shen Chuhan was entangled with Mu Wanqi before, and she could Never forgotten.

Shen early cold smile face Lianqu tone became serious:. "Mu Ting owl villa burned down, the same caliber media say you killed in that fire them, I do not believe you sent along with Mu Ting owl"

follow Mu Tingxiao naturally hit Mu Nuannuan.

The look in Shen Chuhan's eyes made Mu Nuannuan a little surprised.

She said with a cold face: "What is your business if I die or not?"

Shen Chuhan stepped forward, curled up his lips, smiled deeply, "Of course it does."

He paused and added: "I will. Heartache." The

tone is half-true and half-false, and it is difficult to distinguish true recognition.

It was really difficult for Mu Nuannuan to connect the thoughtful man in front of him with the cowardly and incompetent Shen Chuhan before.

Mu Nuannuan had to take a step back: "It's not funny."

"I know you won't believe me, but time will prove everything." After Shen Chuhan finished speaking, he took out two tickets and said, "We should board the plane."

"Where to go?"

The driver who brought her over said before, and Shen Chuhan was waiting for her at the airport.

Shen Chuhan said: "Go abroad."

Mu Nuan suddenly stopped.

"Why, I can't bear it?" Shen Chuhan smiled and looked at her: "Have you forgotten how Mu Tingxiao controlled his freedom during this period, and how he was wronged by Mu's family?"

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly when she heard this.

It seems that Shen Chuhan really cares about his affairs.

Mu Tingxiao saw her hesitation and hesitation, with a bewilderment in her tone: "The water of the Mu family is too deep, this muddy water of the Mu family, if you fall into the muddy water, even your bones will be eaten up by the people of the Mu family. Clean, if you leave now and go abroad for a year or two, Mu Tingxiao will naturally forget about you and you can live your own life..."

Mu Nuannuan interrupted him: "Do you know something? What?"

Shen Chuhan raised his eyebrows, with a look a little unpredictable: "Everyone has his own secret."

Mu Nuannuan didn't plan to entangle Shen Chuhan on this issue, and just asked: "You go abroad with me?"

"Of course." Shen Chuhan laughed again.

Mu Nuannuan was naturally guarded against Shen Chuhan, whose temperament was completely different from before.

From Shen Chuhan's words, she felt that Shen Chuhan seemed interested in her.

If everything Shen Chuhan did before was disguised by him, then his scheming would definitely not be much worse than that of Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan will never go abroad with him.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan not speaking, Shen Chuhan stretched out his hand to wrap her shoulders: "Time is coming, let's go."

Mu Nuannuan turned around, avoiding his hands.

Shen Chuhan's complexion changed slightly, but he didn't say much.


Probably not to be noticeable, Shen Chuhan booked economy class.

The two went through the security check and went to the waiting room.

The flight booked by Shen Chuhan has already started boarding.

Mu Nuannuan bit her lip and suddenly squatted on the ground: "My stomach hurts... I want to go to the toilet..."

Chapter: 273

After hearing Mu Nuannuan's words, he obviously didn't believe her: "How come my stomach hurts?"

Shen Chuhan now is much smarter than the previous Shen Chuhan, and he is not easy to deceive at all.

"I don't know, maybe it's a bit uncomfortable." Mu Nuannuan looked up at him, with a look of "weakness."

Too many things happened this morning. Mu Nuannuan escaped from under Mu Tingxiao's eyelids. Still frightened, his complexion was slightly pale, and it did not look very good.

Shen Chuhan glanced at the boarding gate: "I'll accompany you."

"Thank you." Mu Nuannuan stood up and let Shen Chuhan help her to walk toward the bathroom.

She is "weak" after all, and she can only let Shen Chuhan support her.

At the door of the bathroom, Shen Chuhan stayed at the door and waited for her.

Mu Nuannuan entered the bathroom, her expression on her face became tense, she leaned on the door panel and waited quietly for the time to pass.

She will go out until the last moment of boarding.

But now she has to think of a way to prevent Shen Chuhan from getting on the plane.

She had a hunch that Shen Chuhan now would definitely not be any better than Mu Tingxiao.

It wasn't until the radio began to urge her to take the flight that Mu Nuannuan tidied up and went out of the bathroom.

Shen Chuhan was obviously impatient to wait.

But when he talked to Mu Nuannuan, there was still a trace of concern in his tone: "How did you come out? Is it uncomfortable?"

"It's okay." Mu Nuannuan shook his head and walked slowly.

The radio reminded Mu Nuannuan that they would stop boarding on this flight.

Shen Chuhan was obviously a little anxious, because his pace began to accelerate.

At this time, a middle-aged woman walked past Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuan made a plan, Yu Guang glanced at Shen Chuhan, violently stretched out his hand to grab the boarding pass from him, and touched the middle-aged woman's ass.

After feeling it, the middle-aged woman turned her head.

Mu Nuannuan raised her hand and slapped Shen Chuhan's face: "Why are you so nasty!"

Shen Chuhan didn't react at all: "What?"

"I saw it all, you just touched this sister's..." Mu Nuan Nuan turned his head to look at the middle-aged woman, making a look that hesitated to talk.

This middle-aged woman is not an easy mess either.

After hearing Mu Nuannuan's words, she naturally thought that it was Shen Chuhan who just touched her ass.

After all, Shen Chuhan is also a rich young master, and his temperament is much better than ordinary people, but after all he is a man, middle-aged women naturally prefer Mu Nuannuan.

The middle-aged woman stretched out her hand and pushed Shen Chuhan: "Why are you so shameless as a young man?"

Shen Chuhan's face became cold: "I didn't touch you." At

this time, he still didn't understand. Mu Nuannuan's purpose.

Mu Nuannuan wanted him to be unable to board the plane.

He sneered, and was about to continue talking when he found several tall men approaching.

One of the most burly men asked Shen Chuhan aloud in a dialect: "You take advantage of our sister-in-law?"

Mu Nuannuan was stunned, dare to believe that the middle-aged woman she just touched was the wife of some "big brother"?

Shen Chuhan didn't bring bodyguards, so he must suffer.

But at this time, Mu Nuannuan couldn't take care of that much.

Shen Chuhan will be beaten at best.

Taking advantage of Shen Chuhan's surroundings, Mu Nuannuan silently said to him: I'm sorry.

Then, she walked quickly to the gate, checked the ticket and boarded the plane.

Not long after she got on the plane, the door was closed.

Her location was not far from the door, and she had been paying attention, but she did not see Shen Chuhan coming up.

It wasn't until the plane took off that Mu Nuannuan's tight nerves completely relaxed.

She turned her head and looked out the window. The plane passed through the clouds and moved further and further away from the ground.

There is still some unreal feeling in my heart.

Last night, she was ready to follow Mu Tingxiao back, but she did not expect that she was already sitting on the plane flying to the other side of the ocean.

After a long while, Mu Nuan warmed her lips and smiled.

Goodbye, Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao might have never dreamed of it, she could really escape from his hand.

He must be so angry now that he wants to turn the whole city over.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand to cover her lower abdomen, and the smile at the corner of her mouth became much softer.

In the future, you will depend on your baby.

... the

airport entrance.

Mu Tingxiao walked in with a group of people through the VIP channel, and when he found Shen Chuhan, Shen Chuhan was already beaten up.

Mu Tingxiao grabbed Shen

Chuhan's clothes , and his voice was hoarse and gloomy: " Where is Mu Nuannuan ?" Shen Chuhan had just been beaten, and after panting twice, he could see that the person in front of him was Mu Tingxiao.

He squinted and laughed: "You said Nuannuan? She's gone. To make it easy to escape, I also gave her a fake identity. You can't find her."

Wang Chuan Mu Nuannuan was burned to death. At that time, he was planning this matter.

Although he was also angry that Mu Nuan had left him to board the plane alone, but seeing Mu Tingxiao like a person like the wind and rain, he was going crazy by Mu Nuan heating, and he was a little balanced.

Mu Tingxiao twisted his eyebrows and directly threw Shen Chuhan out.

When he was dealing with the rage at this time, he started very hard. After Shen Chuhan was thrown out, he still slid out for a long time.

Shen Chuhan curled up in pain, unable to say a word.

Mu Tingxiao walked over and squatted in front of Shen Chuhan, with a harsh voice: "I didn't expect that there are people like you in your Shen family."

He was too lighthearted.

He had never put Shen Chuhan in his eyes, and he did not expect that it was Shen Chuhan who hadn't put in his eyes in the end and broke his affairs.

Shen Chuhan was in pain all over and couldn't say a word, but he forced a distorted smile on his face.

Mu Tingxiao was so angry that he kicked him again.

At this time, the airport security came over.

Mu Tingxiao ignored Shen Chuhan and said in a deep voice, "Check it out, and find the woman Mu Nuannuan after digging three feet!"

He bit every word very hard, almost between his teeth. Here to squeeze out this sentence.

Hearing this at night, immediately took the bodyguard to check the flight.

However, the results found were not satisfactory.

As Shen Chuhan said, he gave Mu Nuannuan a fake identity in order to make it easy for her to escape. They checked it around and found nothing at all.

Finally, he had to return to find Shen Chuhan.

As a result, Shen Chuhan had already taken the car back to Shanghai.

Mu Tingxiao chased back to the Shanghai market with terrible anger, but from Shen Chuhan's mouth he forced him out of his fake identity for Mu Nuannuan.

It's just that Mu Nuannuan's fake identity is a very popular name. As for the ID number, Shen Chuhan can't remember it either.

Shen Chuhan looked at Mu Tingxiao's madness, and was very proud: "Nuan Nuan is abroad, she has a fake identity, and she is so smart, do you think you can still find her?"

Mu Tingxiao was extremely angry. Laughing: "Do you think you Shen can survive tomorrow?"

Chapter: 274

plane arrived at the destination after ten hours of flight.

On the radio, the sweet voice of the stewardess reminded passengers that the plane was about to land.

Mu Nuannuan turned to look out the window, a blue ocean.

This is the only country in the world that covers an entire continent, surrounded by the sea, and has many unique flora and fauna and natural landscapes.

Coincidentally, this is also the country that Mu Nuannuan once yearned for.

On this point, she once mentioned it to Shen Chuhan.

However, that was a long time ago.

She guessed that Shen Chuhan would book a ticket to this country, but it was just a coincidence.

As soon as she stepped off the plane, Mu Nuannuan felt a heat wave rushing towards her face.

The country is surrounded by sea, and January happens to be the warmest season here.

Mu Nuannuan walked out with the crowd.

She was alone, without any luggage, a beautiful face of an Oriental, conspicuous and lonely in the crowd.

People passing by cast a curious glance at her.

Fortunately, Mu Nuannuan was more serious when she went to school. Although her English is not very good, she has no problems with basic communication.

She took a taxi to the nearest hotel and checked in. After not resting much, she went out and bought a computer.

When she sent Qin Shuishan the script before, only the first half was sent. Qin Shuishan must have known it now, and she doesn't know what her anger has become.

Mu Nuannuan logged into her mailbox, and there were several unread emails in her computer.

The first one was sent by Shen Chuhan, three hours ago, when she just got off the plane.

The second letter is Qin Shuishan, and the bottom few consecutive letters are from Shen Liang.

She used this email address when she was in school. Not many people knew it. Most of the time, it was used to organize work, but she had few friends and did not apply for a private email address.

Mu Nuannuan moved the mouse to the bottom of the unread emails, and opened the email that Shen Liang had sent first.

The bottom email was sent to her by Shen Liang a few days ago when she set the villa on fire.

After she set the villa on fire, she never used her mobile phone. The only way Shen Liang could contact her was to send her an email.

She clicked on the email.

Just reading the first sentence, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help laughing.

"Mu Nuannuan, where did you-mum go? The villa was burnt clean and the people were gone. That's what you said is reasonable. Contact me when you see the email, or I'll go to Xiaohuang who asked me to post you online Photo of..."

Shen Liang is actually a little childish, and when anxious, he likes to threaten her with nonsense.

Immediately afterwards, Mu Nuannuan opened the second envelope.

"I know you must still be alive!! Squeak while you are alive!! I will post your photo tomorrow..."

The third one followed: "Knock Lima, make a sound."

Mu Nuannuan laughed and gave Shen Liang replied a very brief email: "Everything is well, don't read it."

Then, she opened the email sent to her by Qin Shuishan .

"Mu Nuannuan, you set me down? What's the matter with you giving me half of the script? You..."

Sitting on the other side of the ocean, across the screen, Mu Nuannuan could feel Qin Shuishan's skyrocketing when he sent this email. Anger.

Mu Nuannuan replied to her: "Send the contract to me, and send you the rest of the plot."

Finally, it was Shen Chuhan's email.

She met Shen Chuhan as a teenager. Before the relationship broke down, she occasionally needed learning materials when she was in school, and she would also ask Shen Chuhan for help.

Therefore, Shen Chuhan will know her mailbox.

Shen Chuhan's email was like a text message, with only two words: "

Here ?" Mu Nuannuan did not reply to him.

She managed to escape from Mu Tingxiao this time because she owed Shen Chuhan the favor.

Always pay back what you owe.

But she can't afford it now, just ignore him.

Turn off the email, and there will be a new email reminder, which was sent by Shen Liang.

The content of the e-mail is a series of questions: "Where are you? Is it money to spend? Is it safe?"

Mu Nuannuan was touched. At this time, she would still be remembered, and she was only cold.

Replied the email to Shen Liang, Mu Nuannuan packed his things and left the hotel without returning the room.

Mu Tingxiao was too smart. If he wanted to find it, he would find it again sooner or later. In front of him, Mu Nuannuan never got lucky.

Mu Nuannuan checked a homestay on the Internet. The owners are two old couples. Their children are working in other cities. The homestay is just because they like the excitement.

Mu Nuannuan received their warm hospitality.


Shanghai and Yangtze.

Shengding Media, President's Office.

When Shen Liang entered the door and saw Mu Tingxiao's face, he wanted to step back.

But the bodyguards guarding the door blocked the cool way.

She had to bite the bullet and walked in.

Mu Tingxiao stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows with his back to her, his tall and tall figure seemed to have a deep sense of loneliness.

But Shen Liang didn't sympathize with him at all.

She pretended not to know the purpose of Mu Tingxiao calling her, and asked with a smile: "Big boss, are you looking for me? Is there anything wrong?"

Mu Tingxiao turned around, his eyes were dark, and the inside seemed to be soaked with thick ink that couldn't be transformed, making it impossible to see what he was thinking.

Shen Liang swallowed subconsciously and bowed his head as he watched.

After a while, she heard Mu Tingxiao's slightly muffled voice: "She contacted you?"

"No." Although Shen Liang was a little scared, she denied it.


Mu Tingxiao smiled without anger, picked up a document on the table and threw it to her.

Shen Liang reached out and took it, and found that the content of the file was exactly the printed email content between her and Mu Nuannuan.

She squeezed the file and tightened it suddenly, and said in a relentless tone: "Yes, she contacted me, what do you want?"

Mu Tingxiao found someone to hack her computer, and found her and Mu Nuan. Warm email content, but so what?

Mu Tingxiao said with a cold face and expressionlessly: "Ask her where she is and say you are going to find her."

Shen Liang didn't hesitate at all, but refused directly: "Impossible." The

voice just fell. She felt a strong sense of oppression from Mu Tingxiao's body.

She was held up by her family since she was a child and grew up. Although she had a quarrel with Gu Zhiyan, but Gu Zhiyan never really touched her.

Shen Liang took two steps back and tried to reason with him: "Why did Nuan Nuan run away? Don't you understand the reason? You chased her like this and let her live a life of hiding in Tibet. What else can be done besides hard work?"

Mu Tingxiao obviously did not agree with her.

He squinted his eyes slightly, and his tone was very dangerous: "Let her come back to me."

Shen Liang said with a mockery: "What about going back to you? Is it a person who is already'dead'? She has her own thoughts," She is a living person, no matter how many times you find her back, she will still run away!"

Chapter: 275

After Shen Liang finished speaking, he realized what he had just said.

Shen Liang also had a little temper, and Gu Zhiyan wouldn't really do anything to her when he was angry, but Mu Tingxiao was not necessarily so.

Mu Tingxiao would not have any pity for her.

Shen Liang gritted his teeth, regretting his mouth quickly.

Sure enough, the next moment, she heard Mu Tingxiao's gloomy and frightening voice: "You say it again."

Where Shen Liang dare to say it again.

She was really worried that after she said it again, she would be thrown directly from here by Hui Mu Tingxiao.

At this moment, the door of Mu Tingxiao's office was slammed open from the outside.

Shen Liang looked back and found that it was Gu Zhiyan who was sweating profusely.

He seemed to have come in a hurry, his hair was messy and he was out of breath.

When he saw Shen Liang, he strode over, and directly pulled Shen Liang behind him to cover him, with a somewhat aggressive tone: "Ting Xiao, I know you are anxious when Nunnuan is gone, but you have something to say to Shen. What is Xiao Liang doing?"

He knew Mu Tingxiao's temper too well.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan left, Mu Tingxiao was now in a state where he would explode at any time, and he wouldn't let anyone offend him.

Shen Liang had a good relationship with Mu Nuannuan, so naturally she helped Mu Nuannuan speak from Mu Nuannuan's point of view. She spoke straightforwardly, and she would definitely provoke Mu Tingxiao.

If he had not heard that Mu Tingxiao had found Shen Liang, he would not know what would happen today.

Mu Tingxiao looked at Gu Zhiyan with an unclear expression for a while, until Gu Zhiyan's scalp was numb, he lowered his eyes slightly, covering the emotions under his eyes, and said indifferently: "Look to her to ask about Mu Nuannuan."

Gu Zhiyan saw that Mu Tingxiao didn't look very angry, so he became more confident: "Nuan Nuan is your wife and not Shen Xiaoliang's. You have to ask others about your own wife?"

Gu Zhiyan said. It has to make sense, and it doesn't make sense.

But it made Mu Tingxiao's heart a shock.

He seems... he really doesn't know much about Mu Nuannuan.

Except for Mu Nuannuan's information that he asked people to check in the first place, he knew her family situation, and knew she wanted to be a screenwriter... it seemed that he didn't know anything else.

After a while, Mu Tingxiao said in a low voice, "You go out."

His voice was not loud, and there was no obvious emotion in his voice, but he didn't dare to disagree with him for no reason.

Gu Zhiyan quickly dragged Shen Liang away.

Shen Liang struggled, Gu Zhiyan not only did not let go, but tightened instead.

He stuck to Shen Liang's ear and whispered, "Do you want to be thrown from here by Ting Xiao?"

Shen Liang glared at him and kicked his calf with his foot.

Gu Zhiyan grinned in pain, but couldn't take her.

After leaving the office, the two of them leaned against the door and let out a long sigh of relief.

After a long while, Gu Zhiyan turned her head and asked her: "Do you know where Nuan Nuan is?"

"I don't know." Shen Liang snorted: "I don't know or tell you, men don't have a good thing."

She used to think Mu Tingxiao was pretty good. Okay, I didn't expect it to be like this in the end.

How could Mu Nuannuan admire the old man, she is not a fool.

Shen Liang spread the grievances on Gu Zhiyan: "I said why you men are so self-righteous, if the big boss forced us to be so warm, would she run away?"

"What makes us men so self-righteous?" Gu Zhiyan turned his head and looked at her with arms around her: "Where is Ting Xiao warming up? The Mu family's affairs are too complicated, and they can't be explained clearly in a while. Even if she doesn't run away, Tingxiao won't let her have an accident."

Shen Liangpi smiled and answered without a smile: "Oh, so Nuan Nuan deserves to block everything about herself on Mu Tingxiao? Because one doesn't. Certainly "I won't let her have an accident?"

Gu Zhiyan had nothing to say.

Shen Liang sneered, turned around and left.

Gu Zhiyan stood there, pulling his hair down anxiously.

Before I knew that Mu Tingxiao had called Shen Liang over, he was so nervous that he was afraid that something would happen to Shen Liang.

It turned out that Shen Liang was okay, and now it was him.

He just wanted to say a few words with Shen Liang, which became a luxury.

...In the

president's office.

After Gu Zhiyan and Shen Liang went out, the room was completely quiet.

Mu Tingxiao walked slowly to the sofa and sat down, leaning back on the sofa, his eyes were a little empty, and the whole person looked extremely tired.

Mu Nuannuan is a stubborn and persistent person.

She can endure Mu's family for so many years, and can also use the same perseverance and patience to play hide and seek with him.

If he keeps looking, she will keep hiding.

She may already be thinking about a new escape route now.

Thinking of this, Mu Tingxiao couldn't help curling his lips mockingly.

In this regard, he and Mu Nuannuan are really a bit like.

Two stubborn and persistent people.

Since this time, the two have been in a stalemate.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan unhappy, he didn't feel well.

It's just that the matter of Mr. Mu is too deeply involved, even he dare not act rashly, fearing that if Mu Nuannuan knows more, he will end up like Mr. Mu.

Once people have weaknesses, they become fearful.

After Mr. Mu's accident, he became very passive, and could no longer take the initiative to investigate his mother's affairs, nor could he directly return Mu Nuannuan's innocence.

Perhaps Mu Nuannuan's departure this time was also a good thing.

Let him stop looking forward and backward like that, and do his own thing. Knocking


there was a knock on the door.

Mu Tingxiao sat up straight, and the expression on his face returned to his usual indifference: "Come in."

"Master." The person who came in was Shi Ye.

He walked to Mu Tingxiao, nodded slightly, and said respectfully: "I found the young lady."

Shi Ye thought that when Mu Tingxiao heard that they found Mu Nuannuan, he would directly order to bring Mu Nuannuan back.

As a result, Mu Tingxiao did not respond for a long time.

He tilted his head, carefully observing Mu Ting Xiao's reaction, and found that Mu Ting Xiao had no special emotions on his face, as if he was just in a daze.

After a long while, Mu Tingxiao asked quietly: "Where?"

"Sydney." After Shi Ye said, she added: "But she should be transferred to another place again soon. If we send someone over now... …" Before

he finished speaking, Mu Tingxiao interrupted him: "Don't disturb her."

"What?" Shi Ye suspected that he had heard him wrong.

According to his interpretation of Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao should wish to fly to Sydney now to bring Mu Nuannuan back.

However, he heard Mu Tingxiao say "Don't disturb her."

Shi Ye confirmed and asked again: "Master, do you mean you don't need to send someone to bring the young lady back?"

Mu Tingxiao said decisively: "No need."

Chapter: 276

Shiye couldn't believe her ears at all.

Even though Mu Tingxiao had repeated it twice, Shi Ye still had the illusion of hearing hallucinations.


He began to ask Mu Tingxiao to confirm again, but Mu Tingxiao raised his hand slightly and motioned him not to speak any more.

Shi Ye was stunned for a moment, turned around and retreated.

Gu Zhiyan had separated from Shen Liang before, and now he went back, just to see Shi Ye coming out of Mu Tingxiao's office.

He quickened his pace towards night time came over here: "? How to find warm up?"

When night frown nodded:. "I found"

Gu Zhiwei Yan see when frowning night, a worried look, know why He asked: "Hey, I found Nuan Nuan. Ting Xiao wouldn't let you bring her back? Or did he want to bring her back by himself?"

Shi Ye shook his head: "Neither, Master..." After a

pause, Shi Ye Thought of a word to describe Mu Tingxiao.

"I think Young Master is a little abnormal."

"Abnormal?" Gu Zhiyan twitched his mouth.

"Master, he didn't let us pick up the young husband back, nor did he plan to pick her up by himself. He only said let us not disturb her."

Gu Zhiyan heard this and his reaction was not much better than Shiye.

He froze for a while, and asked, "What's wrong with him?"

Shi Ye shook his head blankly.

Having been with Mu Tingxiao for so many years, most of the time he could still guess what Mu Tingxiao thought.

Only this time, Shi Ye had no clue at all, and felt that he couldn't guess his mind at all.

Gu Zhiyan thought the same as him.


Although Mu Nuannuan moved out from the hotel, she still did not take it lightly.

She stayed at that homestay at night. After dressing up during the day, she quietly ran to a cafe opposite the hotel, chose a position by the window, and ordered a glass of juice to sit all afternoon.

Her purpose for doing this is simple, to see when Mu Tingxiao's people will find her hotel.

She thought that with Mu Tingxiao's ability, she would find the hotel she had booked the next day.

However, she squatted in the coffee shop for two or three days, until the hotel room she reserved automatically expired, and she never saw Mu Tingxiao's person appear.

Could it be that Mu Tingxiao's people didn't find here?

But as soon as this deviation emerged, she herself denied it.

Impossible, Mu Tingxiao has been able to hide his powers for so many years, and he wouldn't even lack this ability.

She shook the juice in front of her, feeling a little uneasy.

Mu Tingxiao didn't find it, she should be happy, but she didn't feel happy in her heart.

On the contrary, a little lost.

Is it really like what Shen Chuhan said?

But, it hasn't been a year or two before Mu Tingxiao is too lazy to find her?

Mu Nuan Nuan pursed her lips, took off the wig and hat she used to disguise, and walked out swaggeringly.

She deliberately walked around the door of the hotel before returning to the hotel.

After having dinner with the host, Mu Nuannuan returned to the room.

Turning on the computer and logging in to the mailbox, she received the electronic contract document from Qin Shuishan.

She took a cursory look and found that there was no problem, so she sent Qin Shuishan back an email.

Mu Nuannuan herself was not sure if Mu Tingxiao was really too lazy to find her, so early the next morning, she bought a plane ticket to another city and left Sydney.

After leaving Sydney, she called back to ask the old couple, and asked them side by side whether any people from country Z had visited her.

But the old couple answered no.

Is Mu Tingxiao really not planning to look for her again?


More than a month passed quickly.

The paper contracts she and Qin Shuishan signed were all sent back and forth by international express mail, and no one from Mu Tingxiao came to her.

Children who are not loved are always extra precocious, so that she can stay calm and sober most of the time.

At this time, Mu Nuannuan knew very clearly that Mu Tingxiao didn't plan to look for her anymore.

Since Mu Tingxiao stopped looking for her, she didn't need to hide anymore.

After she got the new number, she contacted Shen Liang again.

Then, she returned to Sydney again, rented a house by the sea and lived there.

She thought about going back to Shanghai and Yangtze.

But then I thought about it, since all the hard work came out, I couldn't just go back.

Besides, even if she returned to Shanghai and Yangtze markets, was there anything she could miss there?

And she always had an inexplicable premonition in her heart, she felt that Mu Tingxiao would not just let it go.

He might not be looking for her now, but that doesn't mean that when the child lands, Mu Tingxiao won't come to have a child...If you

judge from left to right, staying in Sydney is better.


Qin Shuishan likes Mu Nuannuan's script very much, and often discusses the script with Mu Nuannuan Video.

After all, scripts are written by people's imagination. There are always some illogical and realistic aspects. To make a network drama and put it in front of the public, it has to pass the radio and television review and common sense.

When the script was revised and revised, it was already April when it was finally finalized.

The expected delivery date for Mu Nuannuan is in July.

"This is the last chapter. If you have a look, if there is no problem, it's finalized. Then I'm going to have a baby with peace of mind."

Mu Nuannuan said, pressing the send button, and the content of the last chapter Sent to Qin Shuishan.

Then, she stretched her neck and habitually touched her belly, which was bulging like a big ball.

Qin Shuishan saw Mu Nuannuan's belly in the video, hesitated for a moment, and asked aloud: "Are you planning to have a baby abroad?"

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan nodded.

In the past few months, she and Qin Shuishan discussed the script together, and they often quarreled directly when they encountered inconsistent concepts, and let no one.

However, the relationship between the two has become closer.

Qin Shuishan asked her, "Did Mu Tingxiao come to see you?"

Mu Nuannuan said in a daze, "No."


"Well, let's do this today, I'm a little tired, and I will contact you when I have something to do. "Mu Nuannuan turned off the video without waiting for her to finish speaking.

After turning off the video, Mu Nuannuan spent a while at her desk, then opened the browser and lost the words "Mu Tingxiao".

Click the search button, and the page jumped, Mu Nuannuan's gaze fell on the inconspicuous small print at the top of the page: about 14,700,000 relevant results were found for you.

Below is the profile of "Mu Tingxiao".

Below, is Mu Tingxiao's "latest related news".

Every search result is related to Mu Tingxiao.

Some discuss him, and some discuss Mu's family.

Mu Tingxiao took over Mu Shi, and because he had a hot topic, every little thing was reported by the major media.

It would be too easy for her to know his current situation.

Chapter: 277

Mu Nuannuan moved the mouse and slowly turned the page down.

Many news nowadays use some curious headlines and names to attract people's attention, and the content is mostly similar.

Most of the news related to Mu Tingxiao was business-related.

Occasionally there will be a bit of pink lace news, but most of them are catchy things.

Mu Tingxiao looks handsome, has excellent methods, and is behind the powerful Mu family, which will naturally attract the attention of many people.

When he did not appear in the public eye before, when people mentioned him, they always mentioned the words "ugly and inhumane."

Now, just a search on the Internet, the adjectives added to him have completely changed.

A billion-dollar business upstart... the

only heir to the Mu family with thundering skills...

Pick one of these labels randomly, which is something ordinary people can only look up to.

And Mu Nuannuan is also one of these ordinary people.

When I lived with Mu Tingxiao in the past, this feeling was not obvious. The longer they were separated, the more obvious this feeling became.

Mu Nuannuan occasionally thought of the days when she was with Mu Tingxiao, and they all felt like a dream.

Suddenly, she felt the baby in her belly kick her.

Mu warm bow, hand on his lower abdomen conciliatory touched and whispered to appease: "Baby, this is your father, he was handsome, but his temper is not very good ......"

talking, Mu Suddenly Nuannuan couldn't continue.

She pursed her lips, got up and turned off the computer, ready to go to the kitchen to make something to eat.

When I opened the refrigerator, I found that there was nothing left in the refrigerator.

As her body is getting heavier and heavier, she also wants to finish the script and Qin Shuishan quickly, but she hasn't gone out much recently.

It seems that I can only eat out today.

Mu Nuannuan went back to the room and changed her clothes, then went out with her wallet.

The temperature in Sydney in April is good, neither cold nor hot.

When Mu Nuannuan went out, she found that the door of the house next door was open, and there were some cars parked at the door.

She lived here for a few months and never saw the person next door.

As she passed by, she couldn't help but look inside with curiosity.

At this moment, a few 16 or 17-year-old boys, some with black skin and some with white skin, walked out from inside, talking and laughing.

Seeing this, Mu Nuannuan was taken aback, turned and left.

The teenagers also saw her.

Oriental faces are not uncommon, but single women with big bellies and very beautiful looks are rare.

A few teenagers whistling sound came from behind.

There are also some words spoken in English, which are roughly "beautiful" and "beauties".

Their tone sounds unfriendly to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan ignored them, speeded up her steps, and quickly walked to the restaurant where she often eats.

Mu Nuannuan doesn't usually have a large range of activities. She usually buys and eats nearby. In addition, she is so beautiful that the waiters in the restaurant know her.

As soon as she entered, the waiter greeted her in English: "Miss Mu, you are here."

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said, "I want a six-inch pizza and a glass of juice."

"Okay, please. Wait." The waiter smiled and ordered her order, then turned to the counter.

Mu Nuannuan was sitting not far from the counter, and the waiter's low voice could be heard: "That beautiful pregnant woman is here for dinner again..."

This statement sounds a bit strange, but Mu Nuannuan knew she was not malicious.

After eating, Mu Nuannuan went to the supermarket to buy some ingredients before going back.

When passing by the door of the house next door, Mu Nuannuan quickened his pace.

Fortunately, those teenagers are not at home, it seems that something is going out.


Shanghai and Yangtze.

It was late at night when Mu Tingxiao came out of the Mu's building.

Seeing him coming out at night, he took the initiative to open the car door for him: "Master."

Mu Tingxiao did not get in the car first, but raised his eyes to look at him.

Shi Ye knows, stretches out his other hand, holding a mobile phone impressively.

Mu Tingxiao picked it up, didn't rush into the car, and turned on the phone while standing at the door.

The screen lights up, and it shows a picture of a woman.

The woman in the photo is wearing a thin gray windbreaker with a white loose dress inside, sitting in the restaurant with a big belly and eating.

The person who took the photo probably took the photo from a distance through the shop window, so the woman's face is not very clear.

When she lowered her head to eat, her hair was still hanging down to cover half of her face, but Mu Tingxiao's eyes seemed to be glued to the photo, and she looked a little confused.

After a while, Mu Tingxiao said, "She has been eating these outside recently?"

His voice was a little hoarse, and it sounded a bit lonely in the night breeze.

Shi Ye replied: "Mrs. Young usually cooks by herself, but she hasn't gone out much recently. Maybe she was busy with work and came out to eat when there was no food at home."

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao replied faintly before he bent over and got into the car.

Seeing him like this at night, after closing the car door for him, he couldn't help but sigh slightly.

Before, Mu Tingxiao said not to disturb Mu Nuannuan, but Shi Ye thought he was just talking.

Because based on his understanding of Mu Tingxiao, it is impossible for Mu Tingxiao to find Mu Nuannuan without picking her back.

Because of the kidnapping case he encountered when he was a teenager, Mu Tingxiao had a somewhat flawed personality, paranoid and suspicious, and it was difficult to hear other people's thoughts.

Therefore, after listening to Mu Tingxiao's words, he didn't take it seriously.

He thought that Mu Tingxiao would change his mind in a few days to catch Mu Nuannuan back.

But unexpectedly, he guessed completely wrong.

Not only did Mu Tingxiao not send someone to bring Mu Nuannuan back, he also sent someone to Sydney to follow Mu Nuannuan quietly, and ordered his subordinates to take photos and send them every day without being discovered by Mu Nuannuan.

If Mu Nuannuan does not go out one day, even if it is to take pictures of Mu Nuannuan's door, he will have to take a picture of him.

Gu Zhiyan told Shi Ye more than once that Mu Tingxiao was crazy.

Shi Ye felt the same way.

Shi Ye shook his head, went around to the other side, got in the car, and drove towards Mu Tingxiao's apartment.

Mu Nuannuan set fire to Mu Tingxiao's villa, and Mu Tingxiao moved to an apartment not far from Mu's family, and occasionally stayed at the company.

While driving at night, he was paying attention to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao was looking at Mu Nuannuan's photos with his mobile phone in his hand.

There are a lot of photos sent today, and Mu Tingxiao has to look at each one for a long time.

Suddenly, his fingers paused slightly.

In the photo, the background behind Mu Nuan is a group of teenagers with different skin tones.

Mu Tingxiao, who often sees Mu Nuannuan's life photos, can naturally see that the background is near the house where Mu Nuannuan lives.

Mu Tingxiao's voice was low, "Who are these people?"

Chapter: 278

At this time, just past the traffic lights, I looked around every night and found that Mu Tingxiao was referring to a group of people standing behind Mu Nuan Nuan in the photo.

At first glance, Shi Ye didn't feel anything unusual.

When the night is also very careful to say the sentence: "This is the passers-ah."

Mu Ting owl lifted looked up, serious tone:. "These people have not seen before"

the night when a look of inexplicable: "? Ah"

these For months, Mu Tingxiao had never been to Sydney. The Mu Nuannuan he saw was only Mu Nuannuan in the photo.

Did he remember all the people who appeared in the background of Mu Nuannuan's photos when he looked at Mu Nuannuan's photos?

Shi Ye was still a little surprised, and she heard Mu Tingxiao's calm voice saying, "Let me check who these people are, and let them watch them carefully."

"Yes," Shi Ye replied.

At night, the car drove to the apartment building and stopped.

He watched Mu Tingxiao enter before leaving.

Mu Tingxiao opened the door, and the room was completely dark.

He reached out and turned on the light in the room, and went straight into the bedroom.

The bedroom is covered with pictures of Mu Nuannuan.

These photos are all photos taken by his men sent to Sydney in the past few months, some are clear and some are blurry.

Even if it was a picture that was blurred and only the outline was visible, Mu Tingxiao was not willing to delete it, but printed it out himself.

Mu Tingxiao took off his jacket, slowly rolled his shirt sleeves to his forearms, took the cable to the printer, connected the phone to the printer, and started printing today's new photos.


Mu Nuannuan was awakened by the deafening music when she slept until midnight.

She opened her eyes in the dark and lay on the bed for a few minutes before she could tell that the sound of music came from the next door.

She knows that young people are energetic, but if they are energetic, they can wake others up in the middle of the night without quality.

Mu Nuannuan got up and got out of bed, walked to the window, and raised a corner of the curtain to look out.

The house where she lives and the house next door are separated by a fence. From her room, one can just see the burning campfire in the yard next door and the people sitting around.

The fire of the bonfire was very bright and the distance was not very far. Mu Nuannuan recognized a few of them. It was when she was out for dinner during the day, she saw it at the door next door.

She remembered their figure and the clothes they wore during the day.

This area is far away from the city. Most of the people living here are retired old people, and those young people are too conspicuous, so it is not difficult to remember.

There are some of them that Mu Nuannuan hasn't seen during the day, some are not, both men and women, and you can see that they are not doing good things...

They make such a big noise, Mu Nuannuan was not the only one who made the noise, but no one came out to stop them.

This group of people didn't seem to be easy to provoke, and Mu Nuannuan was alone and pregnant with a child, so naturally she did not dare to say anything.

She returned to the bed, pulled the quilt over her head, covered herself tightly, and still couldn't stop the loud noise.

It wasn't until the day was almost dawn that it gradually became quiet.

Mu Nuannuan didn't sleep well all night, so she didn't have much energy in the morning. She bake two loaves of bread for herself, ready to boil another egg and just eat breakfast.

While she was waiting to boil the eggs, there was a knock on the door outside.

Mu Nuannuan looked back in the direction of the door, frowned slightly, and walked to the door.

Taking a look in the crack of the door, Mu Nuannuan opened the door when she found it was a girl.

The girl greeted her first: "Hi!"

"Hello, what's the matter?" Mu Nuannuan half-opened the door and blocked the door, with no intention of letting the girl into the room.

The girl was wearing a pink hooded sweater, and her lower body was short-length hot pants that couldn't hold her fart, and she didn't look very old.

When Mu Nuannuan was looking at the girl, the girl was also looking at her.

The girl’s gaze fell on Mu Nuannuan’s belly, then moved to Mu Nuannuan’s face again, and said to her in English, “Can you borrow your bathroom? My friend’s family has too many people, I want to go. I have to wait in line for a toilet, I am very anxious."

Mu Nuannuan hesitated for two seconds and said, "Sorry, my husband is in the bathroom. He has constipation. If you don't mind waiting for an hour..."

"My God..." The girl made an exaggerated expression of surprise: "I really sympathize with you."

Then the girl turned and left.

Mu Nuannuan followed and closed the door.

However, after closing the door, she did not go back to the kitchen directly, but looked out through the crack of the door.

From the crack in the door, she saw the girl walking out and met a boy.

Not knowing what the girl said to the boy, the boy looked at Mu Nuannuan's door.

Although Mu Nuannuan knew that they couldn't see her, she was still a little frightened.

This group of teenagers is definitely not a good crop.

The girl just didn't come to borrow the bathroom, most likely to test if she lives alone.

Teens like to seek excitement, and everything can be done.

Mu Nuannuan has never taken the initiative to speculate on others with malicious intent, but the behavior of this group of teenagers is indeed suspicious.

Back in the kitchen, Mu Nuannuan didn't even have the thought of eating breakfast.

How many days do you move out first?

The more Mu Nuannuan thought about it, the more disturbed she felt.

The group of people next door played crazy all night last night. They should be sleeping now. If she goes out now, she shouldn't meet them again.

Thinking about this, Mu Nuannuan simply packed a set of clothes, carried her bag and went out.

She had no choice but to hide.

Mu Nuan Nuan locked the door, looked around for a while, and made sure that there was no one, and then walked forward slightly relieved.

However, when she walked out of the yard, she found a person standing against the wall.

He is a blond and blue-eyed local, wearing a red shirt. His face looks immature but he is tall. He can see that he is in the developmental stage, so he looks very thin and uncoordinated.

He held the courtyard wall with one hand, curled his lips and smiled evilly: "Hi, beautiful woman."

Mu Nuannuan subconsciously took two steps back, nodded slightly to say hello, and turned to go to the other side.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan was about to leave, the boy followed directly.

While following Mu Nuannuan, he said in English: "Don't rush away, didn't we just met yesterday? Don't you remember me?"

Mu Nuannuan pretended not to hear, and accelerated his pace.

However, the boy was taller than her and his legs were longer. He caught up in three or two steps, and he held her tightly and began to say reluctantly: "I'm talking to you, didn't you hear me? You can't listen Know English? Where do you come from?"

Chapter: 279

The boy used brute force, and Mu Nuannuan couldn't escape.

She raised her eyes to look at him, and said coldly: "Let go of me!"

Mu Nuannuan had a pair of beautiful cat eyes. When she laughed , she looked very fascinated by the brilliance of people, but when she came to see people in the cold, the chill can be It seeps into the bones of people.

The boy holding her was still young, and when Mu Nuannuan glanced so coldly, the force on his hand could not help but loosen.

Mu Nuannuan took the opportunity to withdraw her hand, took two steps back quickly, and looked at him with guard.

The boy was probably irritated by his reaction just now, and he cursed: "Bitch!" As he

said, he stretched out his hand to catch Mu Nuannuan.

A panic flashed across Mu Nuannuan's face. At this moment, a strong man suddenly jumped out from where he didn't know, and walked directly in front of her and the boy to separate the two.

With a fist, the man knocked the boy directly to the ground.

"Bang!" The

boy fell to the ground fiercely, holding his stomach painfully.

Mu Nuannuan was a little stunned by the dramatic scene in front of her, and the man who had just stood in front of her turned around and asked her with concern: "Madam, are you okay?" The

man said in Chinese.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan realize that the man who had just helped her was a citizen of Z country, he was average-looking, but he had a strong body and was a trainer.

The force value is very strong, she has just seen it.

Mu Nuannuan looked grateful: "I'm fine, thank you, my name is Mu Nuannuan, what's your name?" The

man seemed to hesitate for a while before saying: "It's just passing by, you don't have to worry about it." The

man said After that, he turned around and left.

Mu Nuannuan looked at his back for a few seconds, feeling that he was a little weird, but thinking about what was just now, she didn't dare to stay any longer and left in a hurry.

Maybe in this world, there are indeed people who have done good things and don't want to be named.


Mu Nuannuan went to the city center to find a five-star hotel to stay.

She booked a room for three days and decided to stay first and then think about the next thing.

She probably won't live in the place where she lived before, but she still has to go back to get things.

And her due date is approaching, and she can't find a house that is not remote. If something like that happens again, she won't necessarily have such good luck again.

Mu Nuannuan quickly found an apartment on the Internet that was close to the hospital. It happened that the owner was a national Z, and because of work reasons he had to go to another place, he decided to rent out the house, and only to national Z. .

The house has a good location, convenient transportation, complete furnishings, and both long-term and short-term rentals.

Mu Nuannuan tried to call the host.

After the call was connected, Mu Nuannuan tentatively said in Chinese: "Hello, I saw the news you posted on the Internet..." The

host may be a quick-witted person, and interrupted her before she finished speaking. The words: "Yes, my house is going to be rented out, and my plane is going to another place at night. If you see the house, come over now."

Except for the video with Qin Shuishan and the phone call with Shen Liang, Mu Nuannuan has not I have spoken Chinese face to face with people in reality.

"Okay, I'll be here right away."

Mu Nuannuan hung up, confirmed the address, and took a taxi.

The location of the apartment was in a prosperous area, and the two met at the door. In the large courtyard, Mu Nuannuan had nothing to worry about.

The host is a middle-aged woman, and unlike on the phone, she is very gentle.

As soon as the middle-aged woman saw her, she said directly: "Let’s take a look at the house first. It is a bachelor apartment. It has everything to do. It depends on how long you want to live." After the

host said, she walked ahead and led the way.

Mu Nuannuan followed her and said, "I may not live for long."

"That's okay. Anyway, I just want to rent to the people of Country Z for the convenience of my compatriots."

"You are so kind." The

host laughed. Laughed and stopped talking.

The two reached the room soon.

The layout and furnishings in the room are similar to the photos that Mu Nuannuan saw on the Internet, there is no difference, and it is a little bigger than the photos.

And the rent of the room is not expensive.

Mu Nuannuan looked around in the room, and then heard the host ask her: "Is it okay?"

"I think it's good." Mu Nuannuan smiled.

"Then you want to rent? I can give it to you now..."

Before the owner had finished speaking, Mu Nuannuan shook her head apologetically and said, "Thank you for your kindness. This house is very good, but not Suitable for me." After

Mu Nuan finished speaking, she hurried out.

The host said with surprise: "Hey, what are you..."

Mu Nuannuan's expression faded after leaving the apartment.

When she called the host before, she didn't mention that she was a pregnant woman.

When the homeowner saw her with a big belly, not only did he not ask, he didn't even have a surprised expression.

What does this show?

This shows that the owner has the ability to make up for the prophet, knowing that her tenant is a pregnant woman with a big belly?

No, it only means that the owner knew that a pregnant woman would want to rent a house like this.

Someone instructed the owner to rent the house to Mu Nuannuan.

And this instructor happened to know that Mu Nuannuan was about to rent a house right now.

It's just that she didn't tell anyone she knew what happened in the past two days.

Moreover, the area where she is looking for a house is also near the hotel where she lives, close to the hospital.

There are many people who know that she is pregnant and have children, but how many people know that she lives in the hotel?

Unless the person behind this arrangement has been sending people to pay attention to her.

The results obtained from such an analysis shocked Mu Nuan.

Who else besides Mu Tingxiao?

This middle-aged woman who wants to rent her house is not a coincidence. What about the man who helped her before? Is it a coincidence?

Mu Nuannuan's mind was confused.

Over the past few months, Mu Tingxiao has always been a person who was automatically blocked by her. Except for occasionally searching the Internet for news related to Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao has almost completely lost his life with her. relationship.

However, at this moment, Mu Nuannuan realized that she was still thinking too simple.

Mu Tingxiao...

what is he going to do?

Did he always send someone to watch her every move in secret, or did he act because her due date was approaching and he wanted a child?

Mu Nuannuan thinks the latter is very likely.

Mu Tingxiao is domineering and strong. If she really wants to get her back, she will not tolerate her staying outside for so long.

And he accidentally shot at this time, what else can he do for him besides the child?

A smart person like Mu Tingxiao would not do anything without purpose.

Mu Nuannuan pressed her lips tightly, and made up her mind that she couldn't let Mu Tingxiao bring this child back to Mu's house.

Chapter: 280

In order to confirm whether Mu Tingxiao had been secretly arranging everything, Mu Nuannuan walked back to her previous place of residence.

When she approached the gate, she saw the police car and the cordon pulled outside the courtyard door next door.

One of the policemen saw her and frowned and said, "What do you do?"

Mu Nuannuan walked over and pointed to the door of the house she rented: "I live here." When the

police heard that she lived here Yes, she turned her head and whispered something to the person beside her, then raised her head and said, "Madam, we have something to find out about you."

"Okay." Mu Nuannuan was also a little curious about what happened, so Very cooperative.

The police routinely questioned Mu Nuannuan, and Mu Nuannuan answered them one by one.

And Mu Nuannuan finally figured out what happened.

The teenagers who lived next to her had indeed committed crimes.

Drag racing to kill people, steal, even abuse-humiliate young girls... The

police didn't actually put it so bluntly, Mu Nuannuan understood it.

Mu Nuannuan thought of the girl who came to her to borrow the bathroom before.

If she hadn't paid any extra attention and let the girl into the room, is she still alive now?

This made Mu Nuannuan's back chills, and she felt afraid for a while.

Adults are good at weighing, even if they do bad things, they will consider the consequences, while teenagers are different, they don’t think so much, they are more likely to be impulsive and reckless.

Seeing that Mu Nuannuan's complexion was not good, the police glanced at her inquisitively: "Your husband is not at home?"

Mu Nuannuan paused and said, "He is busy at work." The

police nodded, "I wish you Everything is fine, it is safe here now."

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said, "Thank you, you have worked hard."

Although the police said it was safe, Mu Nuannuan had no plans to continue living here.

I would choose to live in this place before, just for the peace of mind.

And she is about to give birth now.

Another reason is naturally Mu Tingxiao.

Although Mu Nuannuan has lived here for more than four months, she doesn't have many things, and one suitcase can hold everything.

When she came out with the suitcase, the police were still there and no one noticed her.

After she left, a few sturdy men came out from the other side.

One of the men said in a deep voice, "Call Shi's special assistant."


Jin Ding.

In the box, Gu Zhiyan sat crookedly on a chair, staring in the direction of the door, almost staring at the door.

At this moment, the box door was opened from outside, and Mu Tingxiao walked in.

When he saw Mu Tingxiao, Gu Zhiyan stood up quickly, and very diligently helped him pull the chair beside him: "Now I want to have a meal with you, but I have to queue up for an appointment..."

Mu Tingxiao said nothing. He sat down and didn't read the menu. He glanced at Gu Zhiyan faintly: "I have something to do with me?"

Gu Zhiyan rolled his eyes and said, "It's okay to ask you to have a meal? The last time I saw you was last year? "

Mu Ting owl thought for a moment, to give a precise answer:." a month ago " "

I say you ...... "Gu Yan know the words to the half, the phone rang.

He took the phone and said, "Wait for me to answer the call first."

He took out the phone and found that it was a call from Shiye.

Gu Zhiyan glanced at Mu Tingxiao and answered the phone: "Why call me here?"

Shi Ye just asked him, "Are you with the young master now?"

"Yeah, we are in Jinding. Are you looking for something to do with him?" As Gu Zhiyan said, he glanced at Mu Tingxiao again.

Mu Tingxiao felt Gu Zhiyan's gaze and frowned, "Shi Ye?" Shi Ye on the

other side of the phone had already heard Mu Tingxiao's voice.

Shiye wiped the cold sweat that came out of his forehead. He just received news that Mu Nuannuan not only did not rent the house they arranged, but also returned the original house.

This means that Mu Nuannuan may have discovered Mu Tingxiao's arrangement.

If Mu Tingxiao knew that the person he sent was discovered by Mu Nuannuan, wouldn't he go crazy?

Shi Ye didn't dare to directly report the incident to Mu Tingxiao, so he wanted Gu Zhiyan to help...

As a result, he didn't expect that Gu Zhiyan would be with Mu Tingxiao...

Gu Zhiyan knew nothing about Shi Ye's mental journey. Asked: "Are you looking for something to tell Tingxiao? Do you want to tell him?"

Shiye's desire to survive-hope is very strong, and his tone is as rigorous and serious as usual: "You don't need to ask the young master to answer the phone, just tell me. Young master, just say that the person we sent here was discovered by the young lady."

Before the end of the last word fell, Shi Ye hurriedly hung up the phone.

Gu Zhiyan put his phone aside, and asked Mu Tingxiao suspiciously: "He asked me to tell you what the young lady found out about the person you sent."

After speaking, Gu Zhiyan felt that this was wrong.

"What young lady?" Gu Zhiyan asked and replied: "Mu Nuannuan?"

The "Mrs. Young" that Shiye said was Mu Nuannuan?

In the nearly half a year, Gu Zhiyan could count the number of times he saw Mu Tingxiao with one hand.

Because Mu Tingxiao has been very busy.

Busy to participate in various business activities, busy with meetings, busy with business trips...

He was so busy that Gu Zhiyan had to make an appointment in advance if he wanted to meet him, so Gu Zhiyan had no chance to ask him about Mu Nuannuan.

He was still wondering why Mu Tingxiao suddenly stopped looking for Mu Nuannuan, but he didn't expect that Mu Tingxiao had his own trick.

"A bunch of rubbish!"

Mu Tingxiao's voice rang suddenly, with suppressed anger in his cold voice.

Gu Zhiyan's mind turned quickly, and he simply stroked it in his heart to figure out what was going on.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao's gloomy face, he deliberately asked: "Nuan Nuan is almost about to give birth now, right?"

Mu Tingxiao didn't even look at him, and stood up while speaking, "The due date is early July. "

You are leaving? We haven't eaten yet?" Seeing him leaving, Gu Zhiyan also stood up.

Mu Tingxiao ignored him.

Gu Zhiyan persuaded him: "The person you sent was discovered by Nuan Nuan. It's not a big problem, right? It's a big deal, you send some people whom she knows well..."

"No." Mu Tingxiao said blankly. "She is very vigilant. I was discovered by her this time. It is very difficult to send someone to follow her."

Gu Zhiyan scratched his head, frowned, and said, "Since it's not dark , I'll come out. You just go and bring her back, anyway, she is about to give birth."

Mu Tingxiao paused.

Bring Mu Nuannuan back?

Do you think he doesn't want to?

He wanted to bring Mu Nuannuan back every day.

Then, lock her by her side all the time.