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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 301-310 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 301

It took a few seconds for Mu Nuannuan to digest the meaning of Shen Chuhan's words.

"You didn't tell me this morning?" She looked back at Shen Chuhan, her expression slightly cold.

Shen Chuhan smiled, with an innocent look: "I just knew it too."

Mu Nuannuan laughed, she believed that what he said was a ghost.

She turned her head and looked in the direction of the entrance of the banquet hall. There was no Mu Tingxiao figure there.

After Mu Tingxiao officially accepted the Mu family, he would attend many events and dinners.

But because the dinners and activities he attended were very high-end, Mu Nuannuan never expected that Mu Tingxiao, which Shen Chuhan attended, would also come.

On the other hand, the Shen family and the Mu family did not have any business contacts, and they rarely got sides.

Therefore, she had never thought about the direction that Mu Tingxiao might come to the dinner party.

She now feels that Shen Chuhan was deliberate.

"You are my female companion now, and your task tonight is to be with me." The smile on Shen Chuhan's face deepened, and he closed his arms and signaled Mu Nuannuan to follow him.

Mu Nuannuan's mood is a bit complicated.

If Mu Tingxiao came and found out that she and Shen Chuhan were attending the dinner together, he would not know what it would be like.

Mu Nuannuan thought about it, it is better to "surrender" first.

After walking two steps forward, Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand to protect her belly: "My stomach hurts a little, I have to go to the bathroom."

Shen Chuhan stopped and looked at her with a smile.

After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she also felt that this was a bit familiar.

At the beginning of the year, she dumped Shen Chuhan at the airport and went abroad alone, using this trick.

Mu Nuannuan was also a little embarrassed, and explained very sincerely: "This time it is really a stomachache..."

Thought, she just made up a reason: "My stomach is not good, these two days to eat a little complicated, a little diarrhea ......"

Shen early Han nodded and said:. "I go,"

This man is really ......

Mu Nuannuan let out a sigh of relief, letting Shen Chuhan accompany her to the bathroom, dumbfounded.

After Mu Nuannuan entered the female hand washing, she hid in the cubicle and called Mu Tingxiao.

The phone rang twice and was picked up.

"Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Tingxiao's voice has always been low and deep. When she calls her name, she is always called her full name. After a long time, Mu Nuannuan feels that his name is also exceptionally intimate.

Mu Nuannuan organized the language and asked: "Are you going to a dinner party tonight?"

"What? Cha Gang?" Mu Tingxiao's voice was filled with a smile: "Don't worry, I don't have a female companion. , I take Shiye."

Mu Nuannuan secretly cried out when hearing this.

After that, she didn't know how to speak anymore.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's delay in speaking, Mu Tingxiao asked, "What's the matter?"

"I..." Mu Nuannuan couldn't say it, or she didn't dare to say that she accompanied Shen Chuhan to the dinner party.

The Mu Tingxiao on the other end patiently waited for her to speak.

Mu warm hesitated for a moment and said: "I did not like the stag."

Mu Ting owl tone smile more clear:. "I'm going to the banquet scene, late'll call you,"

Mu warm it up A cry: "Okay." After

hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan circled in the bathroom cubicle.

Mu Tingxiao really wants to come to this dinner, if she goes out, she will definitely meet Mu Tingxiao.

After thinking for a while, Mu Nuannuan gritted his teeth and sat down directly on the toilet.

She decided not to go out, and stayed here until the banquet was over!

She didn't believe that Shen Chuhan could still run to the women's bathroom to find her!


Shen Chuhan was waiting for Mu Nuannuan outside, waiting for her to come out.

So, he called Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan did not answer the phone for a long time, he thought something had happened to her.

When the call was about to be automatically hung up, Mu Nuannuan answered the phone: "Hey."

Shen Chuhan breathed a sigh of relief and asked her: "Why haven't you come out yet?" There was

silence on the other side for a while before Mu Nuannuan was weak.

Shen Chuhan’s voice: "I can’t get diarrhea. Go back and let me squat for a while." Shen Chuhan: "..."

He knew that Mu Nuannuan didn’t want to accompany him to the banquet, but she didn’t expect that she would even be so bored. You can think of excuses.

Shen Chuhan stretched out his hands on his hips, with a helpless tone: "Nuan Nuan, have you forgotten our previous agreement? You accompany me to the dinner, and I will tell you what I know."

Although Mu Nuannuan wanted to learn from Shen Chuhan She knew something about Mu's family, but when it came to her, she found that the angry Mu Tingxiao was more terrifying than the Mu's matter.

"It's a big deal, you won't tell me, so let's go, goodbye."


A busy tone was heard from the phone that the call was hung up, and Shen Chuhan was taken aback for a while, and stood in place for a while, unpredictable. After thinking about something, he raised his foot and planned to leave.

At this moment, a slender man walked towards him.

Shen Chuhan squinted his eyes slightly, stood still, and when the man approached, he stopped his way aloud: "Master Mu, long time no see."

Mu Tingxiao stopped, raised his eyebrows, and said nonchalantly, "You really want to see me?" After

Shen Chuhan helped Mu Nuannuan escape last time, Mu Tingxiao let go of his harsh words and healed the Shen family, but In the end, he stayed a line and did not bankrupt Shen Jia Nong.

For a man who has been coveting his own woman, Mu Tingxiao has no mercy.

But he knew very well that if he broke the Shen family down, Mu Nuannuan would definitely blame himself.

Shen Chuhan also thought about what Mu Tingxiao had done to the Shen family, his face was drunk, but he laughed again quickly: "No, I just waited here for the warmth to come out. I didn't expect to meet you so coincidentally."

Shen Chuhan finished. , He smiled deeply.

Sure enough, after Mu Tingxiao heard the words "Nuan Nuan" again, his expression changed slightly.

Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes slightly, and said in a deep voice, "Who are you talking about?"

"Your ex-wife, Mu Nuannuan." Shen Chuhan said word by word, and deliberately increased the word "ex-wife".

Shen Ting Xiao Mu see the beginning of the cold already looking gloomy again, fueled continued: "She accompanied me to dinner together, and you are, after all, a husband and wife, or else play out a little later to say hello."

Mu Ting Xiao Xiao sneered with a gloomy expression, but after a glance at Shen Chuhan, he walked straight to the women's bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Shen Chuhan watched Mu Tingxiao walk directly into the women's bathroom, a trace of disbelief flashed in his eyes.

At the moment the banquet has just started, there are really few people in the bathroom.

When Mu Tingxiao thought of the phone call Mu Nuannuan had called him before, the arc of his mouth became even colder.

Mu Nuannuan, you are very capable.

He started from the door of the bathroom, followed the compartment of the first bathroom, knocked all the way past.

Chapter: 302

Mu Nuannuan sat on the toilet in the cubicle, and heard someone knocking on the cubicle door one by one, and she had a bad feeling in her heart.

Isn't it Shen Chuhan?

But she thought about Shen Chuhan's character, and felt that it could not be him.

Although Shen Chuhan has changed a lot, his good face has remained the same.

Therefore, it will definitely not be Shen Chuhan.

Who is that?

At this time, the knocker had knocked on the door of her compartment.


I knocked it two or three times in a row, very rhythmic, with a calm breath.

Mu Nuannuan felt a sigh in her heart.

She thought it might be Mu Tingxiao...

the sixth sense of man was such a strange thing.

There was clearly a door between them, and the two did not speak, nor could they see each other. Mu Nuannuan could be sure that the person outside the door was Mu Tingxiao.

Mu warm your nose, lowered his voice: "?. Who I'm not good,"

the next moment, it sounded outside Mu Ting owl slightly gloomy voice: "? Do you want me to help you"

really Mu Tingxiao!

Mu Nuannuan reached out and patted her forehead.

How could Mu Tingxiao find here?

He would not have installed a GPS positioning system on her body.

Mu Nuannuan decided to fight to death: "This is the women's bathroom. What do you do if you are a man? I will call the police if you don't go out again. I..."

Mu Tingxiao interrupted her: "Come out by yourself, or I will kick Door, choose one."

His tone was extremely cold, and Mu Nuannuan shivered.

Can she choose neither?

However, her body has made choices faster than her brain.

With a "click", the door opened.

Mu Tingxiao's gloomy face appeared in Mu Nuannuan's sight.

He fixedly looked at Mu Nuannuan, raising his eyebrows, so that he could look at her in his spare time.

Mu Nuannuan swallowed, trying to make her tone sound normal: "Why are you here... such a coincidence..."

"Mu Nuannuan." Mu Tingxiao called her name in a calm voice.

Mu Nuannuan's scalp tightened, and he straightened his back and stood up straight, looking like he was waiting.

Mu Tingxiao smiled with anger: "Now that you know that you have a guilty conscience?"

Mu Nuannuan lowered her head and whispered, "I have always had a guilty conscience."

"Then you still accompany that man to the dinner party?" Mu Tingxiao is even Shen Chuhan now. She didn't want to mention her name again in front of Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan had never attended a dinner party with him, and Shen Chuhan even wanted to make it first.


"I have a reason." Mu Nuannuan tried to defend herself.

"Reason? Are you grateful for him to help you escape abroad before?" Mu Tingxiao sneered, "I didn't even level Shen's. I was already magnanimous. He still wants you to pay back the favor?"

Mu Nuan Nuan She pursed her lips: "Don't just flatten other people's companies..."

"You can accompany other men to the dinner party, why can't I flatten Shen's?" Mu Tingxiao raised her eyebrows and looked at her with a bad tone.

Obviously I was angry and still jealous.

Such a jealous Mu Tingxiao is quite rare, Mu Nuannuan felt a little strange and couldn't help but want to laugh.

Mu Tingxiao noticed her expression and stretched out his expressionless hand and rubbed her head indiscriminately.

"The hairstyle is messed up." Mu Nuannuan pushed his hand away dissatisfied.

Just now Mu Tingxiao was only concerned about getting angry, and then he noticed that Mu Nuannuan had made a special hairstyle today.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes again, Mu Nuannuan hurriedly pulled him out: "Let’s go out first, it’s too strange to stay here all the time."

Mu Tingxiao didn’t say much, let her pull him. He went out.

As soon as she left, Mu Nuannuan saw Shen Chuhan still there.

Seeing her come out, Shen Chuhan called out: "Nuan Nuan."

Mu Nuannuan smiled awkwardly.

Mu Tingxiao ignored the existence of Shen Chuhan and looked at Mu Nuannuan: "I'll let you go back."

Mu Nuannuan thought of the conversations between the women he heard when she first entered the banquet hall. Answer Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao refused to let her accompany Shen Chuhan to the dinner party, but he himself came out to provoke the flowers and the peach blossoms.

Besides, she hadn't seen Mu Tingxiao very much in this period of time. After all, she was able to meet once more honestly. How could she just leave like this?

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's delay in answering, Mu Tingxiao knew she didn't want to go back.

Mu Ting owl looked down, touched her face, whispered: "obedient."

Mu warm a little agitated:. "I have come, so go back too lose, as long experience on"

Mu Ting The owl twisted his eyebrows and said nothing.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at him, turned sideways, staggered from his side, and walked towards the banquet hall.

Just now Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan's interaction, Shen Chuhan had a panoramic view, and now he looked at Mu Tingxiao with an unclear expression.

The previous media released news that Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan had divorced.

He knew how angry Mu Tingxiao looked after Mu Nuannuan ran away, so he didn't believe that the two had divorced.

It now appears that his guess is not wrong.

When Shen Chuhan looked at Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao also turned his head to look at him.

Mu Tingxiao stared at him for a few seconds, and said aloud: "I think you are a smart person."

Shen Chuhan's eyes flickered: "Don't be it."

"What should be said, what should not be said, what should be touched, what should not be It's time to touch, Mr. Shen should be very clear in his heart." When

Mu Tingxiao spoke, his eyes did not leave Shen Chuhan, so naturally he did not miss Shen Chuhan's slightly changed face.

He laughed contemptuously, then turned and left.

A woman who wants to rob him of Shen Chuhan?

... When

Mu Nuannuan returned to the banquet hall, she saw Shi Ye.

Shi Ye came with Mu Tingxiao, and when Mu Tingxiao was absent, many people naturally went to cheat Shi Ye.

Shi Ye was Mu Tingxiao's right and left hand.

A woman happened to ask Shiye: "Has Young Master Mu have a new girlfriend recently?"

This woman asked very directly. This question is what other people want to know.

Shi Ye is not an ordinary subordinate, but a person who has been tempered by Mu Tingxiao's side: "This is the young master's private matter, I don't know it very well." After

Shi Ye finished speaking, he inadvertently looked up and saw Mu Nuannuan.

Just as Mu Nuannuan took a glass of champagne from the waiter, she nodded at him when she saw Shiye over.

Shi Ye was stunned for a while, but didn't expect to see Mu Nuannuan here.

No wonder the young master hasn't come back after going to the bathroom for so long, because the young lady is here.

A woman noticed Shi Ye's gaze and naturally saw Mu Nuannuan.

The woman asked the person next to her: "Who is that woman?"

She felt that Mu Nuannuan was familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen it.

"Young Master Mu's ex-wife, Mu Nuannuan." The person next to her said: "But I heard that it was ugly before, I guess I had a plastic surgery."

Chapter: 303

The conversation between these two women naturally did not escape Shi Ye's ears.

"Cough..." Shi Ye pretended to cough, and interrupted the woman.

The woman thought that Shi Ye was the person under Mu Tingxiao, and realized that what she had just said was a bit wrong.

She also wanted Shi Ye to bring her a speech in front of Mu Tingxiao.

Thinking about this, she was about to say something to Shi Ye, when she heard Shi Ye politely say: "I'm sorry, please let me." The

woman had to let it go.

Shi Ye went straight to Mu Nuannuan and said, "...Miss Mu." I

got used to calling "Mrs. Young", and he almost couldn't change his mouth just now.

After a short astonishment, Mu Nuannuan cried out Congshan Ruliu: "Shi's special help."

Shi Ye looked around quietly, and while others were not paying attention, she asked Mu Nuannuan in a low voice: "Lady Madam has seen Young Master.

"Yes ?" "Yeah." After Mu Nuannuan said, she saw Mu Tingxiao coming from behind. She pointed her chin to Shi Ye's back: "He's coming."

When she saw Mu Tingxiao, she revealed herself. A relieved expression.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao came, he went to the bathroom, and God knew how annoying he was being surrounded by those women.

Shi Ye hurriedly walked towards Mu Tingxiao: "Young Master."

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao replied, and glanced in Mu Nuannuan's direction casually.

Mu Nuannuan turned and walked to the other side.

Except for Mu Tingxiao, Shi Ye and Shen Chuhan at the banquet, Mu Nuannuan didn't know anyone else.

Naturally, no one took the initiative to talk to Mu Nuannuan, so she went to a humble corner and sat down.

She chose her location well, sitting on a high chair, she could almost see the entire banquet hall.

Mu Tingxiao is tall and has a cold temperament, and he is particularly conspicuous when walking in the crowd.

Within a few minutes of sitting down, Mu Nuannuan saw women constantly approaching Mu Tingxiao to talk.

Mu Tingxiao dealt with it coldly, but even so, people kept coming up, trying to get Mu Tingxiao's attention.

In the past, Mu Tingxiao did not attend events or banquets. Even if these women had that heart, they had nothing to do. Now Mu Tingxiao often appears in public, and they are still "single". Of course, these women will not let this opportunity pass.

The truth, Mu Nuannuan naturally understands.

But seeing the eyes of those women looking at Mu Tingxiao, as if she couldn't wait to swallow him, Mu Nuannuan was panicked.

"This is just the beginning, you can't stand it?"

Shen Chuhan's voice sounded in his ears.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw Shen Chuhan sitting down beside her with a glass of champagne, looking at her with a smile on her face.

Mu Nuannuan curled her lips, and said without a smile: "You have a lot of control."

"Nuannuan, I'm doing it for you." Shen Chuhan's expression became serious: "Mu Tingxiao is sinister and cunning, The water in the house is too deep, you are really not their opponent."

"Then you are telling me, what is the deep method of Mu's water?" Mu Nuannuan was obviously talking about Shen Chuhan.

Shen Chuhan shook his head: "I mean serious. Even if you are not with Mu Tingxiao, you may not be with me. I just think you can choose a more suitable person."

Mu Nuannuan A cold expression: "I know if it's appropriate."

Shen Chuhan was silent for a moment, and said in a low voice, "Do you think that someone who can't protect even a child is suitable for you?"

Mu Nuannuan heard the words and held it. Champagne's hand tightened suddenly.

About the child, except for her and Mu Tingxiao, as well as people who can trust each other, no one should know.

She put down the champagne in her hand and looked at Shen Chuhan seriously: "How did you know?"

"It seems that my guess is correct." Shen Chuhan smiled and sighed.

Mu Nuannuan did not speak, waiting for his next words.

Shen Chuhan glanced at Mu Tingxiao's direction: "I know you, you will take care of your child when you are born, but you are living alone now and there are no children by your side. If the child is with Mu Tingxiao, you will not do it for the child. I'll be separated from him..." At

this point, Shen Chuhan paused slightly and looked at Mu Nuannuan's expression before continuing: "The child is not by your side or Mu Tingxiao. What does this mean?"

Mu Nuannuan's face was cold, she lowered her eyes slightly, and suppressed the emotions in her eyes: "So, where do you think I and Mu Tingxiao's child are?"

"Me and Mu Tingxiao's child", these words It seems to have stimulated Shen Chuhan.

Shen Chuhan's expression also cooled down: "You and Mu Tingxiao will not be happy together. He looks beautiful, but he is also subject to Mu's family..."

"Enough." Mu Nuannuan interrupted him: "I What will happen to Mu Tingxiao, this is all my business."

Shen Chuhan did not force Mu Nuannuan anymore.

The two sat side by side, and no one spoke again.

"Just the woman in the black dress..."

"That's her? It's not

so good ..." "No, she is lucky to get married into Mu's house."

"Is she a wild girl, not good enough for Master Mu." , Finally divorced."

"She knew that Young Master Mu would come to the banquet today, so she came on purpose?"

"That must be true. She probably wants to save Mu Tingxiao's heart for a man like Mu Tingxiao, which woman doesn't like."

"It's just a dream, where can I get her..." A

woman's information dissemination ability is Not to be underestimated, after someone recognized Mu Nuannuan before, the news of "Young Master Mu's ex-wife also came to the dinner."

Many women are talking about Mu Nuannuan.

To be low-key is to take a long look.

Shamelessly, just like these two women, they ran to Mu Nuannuan and pointed them.

If it's normal, Mu Nuannuan just listened to it.

But she had just listened to Shen Chuhan's words, and her heart was upset right now.

Mu Nuannuan got down from the high chair, and walked to the two women with her arms around her: "Yes, I can still dream. You have no chance."

One of the women stood up and said to her, "You What are you talking about!"

"Don't understand?" Mu Nuannuan sneered, and raised her chin slightly to look at her: "If you don't understand, go back and look up the dictionary."

"You..." the woman pointed at Mu Nuannuan and said: "Do you think you are still the young lady of the Mu family? You are so arrogant to show it to someone."

"No, I am not the young lady of the Mu family now, but I used to be." Mu Nuannuan watched the woman get angry with herself She was speechless and felt a little boring.

She has nothing to do with these fools.

She felt bored, turned around and took the bag and planned to leave.

Not a few steps away, she felt someone following herself behind her.

Looking back, she found that Shen Chuhan was following her.

Chapter: 304

Mu Nuannuan was a little irritable and stretched out her hand to help her forehead: "What are you doing with me?"

Shen Chuhan didn't mind Mu Nuannuan's impatience, but said with a smile: "Did you? , Don't you want to know what secrets I know about the Mu family?"

"Would you like to tell me?" Mu Nuannuan would not believe that Shen Chuhan would be so kind.

Shen Chuhan's expression was slightly constricted: "In your heart, am I so unbearable?"

For Mu Nuannuan, there is no need to think about this question.

But Mu Wanqi thought of something before.

Mu Nuannuan asked him with interest: “After Mu Wanqi’s indecent video came out, why did you stay with her later? What grip did she hold on to you?”

Mu Nuannuan didn’t believe it at all, Shen Chuhan He will tell her the secrets of Mu's family he knows.

It would be better to ask something she had been curious about, although Shen Chuhan would not necessarily say it.

Shen Chuhan was silent for a moment: "Are you curious?"

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan said as she walked towards the elevator entrance: "If you are not curious, I will ask you what to ask."

In Mu Nuannuan , she has already reached the elevator entrance. After that, she heard Shen Chuhan behind her saying: "If you invite me to dinner, I will tell you."

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said nothing.

"You don't believe me?" Shen Chuhan said.

Mu Nuannuan got into the elevator: "Ask me if you know?"

Mu Nuannuan turned around and found that Shen Chuhan was still standing outside the elevator. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "You won't go?"

Shen Chuhan bent her lips, revealing A very reluctant smile: "Let's go."

Mu Nuannuan sensed in her heart, it might be that what she just said hurt him.

But what she said was the truth.

She has nothing to apologize to Shen Chuhan, nor does she need to accommodate Shen Chuhan.

Throughout the night, Shen Chuhan had been saying that she and Mu Tingxiao were unsuitable, and she could bear him enough.

Even Shen Liang didn't say anything about her and Mu Tingxiao, where did Shen Chuhan's face come from?

Is it because he once helped her escape?

But this is not the case.


Mu Nuannuan left the hotel and took a taxi on the roadside, only to remember that she hadn't told Mu Tingxiao that she had left.

She took out her mobile phone and was about to make a call to Mu Tingxiao. Suddenly, a car stopped in front of her.

When she looked up, the back door of the car opened and an arm stretched out of the car, pulling her into the car.

Mu stayed warm for a moment, we must speak out for help, but heard ears heard the familiar deep voice: "Yes I am."

Mu warm heard, alarmed cry: "? Mu Ting Fierce"

"ah "The man holding her replied in a low voice.

Mu Nuannuan breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time she felt a little angry, and threw her hand on his body twice: "Don't do this kind of thing in the future, it's very scary."

Mu Tingxiao replied insincerely: "Oh." When the

two spoke, the car had already begun to move forward.

The car drove to a sparsely populated place, stopped, and got off at night.

Only Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao were left in the car, and Mu Tingxiao's hands became restless.

He directly dragged Mu Nuannuan to his leg to sit, and his hot lips moved up to kiss her neck, and finally landed on her lips.

The air conditioner was still on in the car, but Mu Nuannuan felt a little hot.

Mu Tingxiao clasped one hand on her waist, and lingered on her white and tender legs with the other... The meaning couldn't be more obvious.

"Mu Tingxiao." Mu Nuannuan called him in a low voice and stopped him.

If Mu Tingxiao hadn't heard of it, his other hand had already fumbled and found the zipper of her skirt at the back collar.

He squeezed the small and exquisite zipper and pulled it down, stretched his generous palm in, and gently peeled off her clothes.

Mu Nuannuan was ashamed and angry, holding his messy hand: "Stop..."

Mu Tingxiao's breathing had already become heavy, and he clasped Mu Nuannuan's hand with her backhand and clasped her ten fingers. , Touching her lips, whispered: "No one saw it."

"Shi Ye..."

Mu Tingxiao gasped slightly, but his voice was very clear: "Shi Ye he's gone."

"That doesn't work either. "After all, this is in the car...

Mu Nuannuan didn't want to, and Mu Tingxiao didn't force it. She just hugged her and kissed her for a long time before she dressed her and hugged her quietly.

Mu Nuannuan asked him, "When did you come out?"

She remembered Mu Tingxiao was still talking to others when she left.

When she got to the roadside, Mu Tingxiao and Shi Ye had already come down.

"When you see you go, I will follow."

Mu Tingxiao's voice was covered with a layer of unspeakable tenderness with the tenderness just now, which wrapped Mu Nuannuan layer by layer.

Mu Nuannuan smiled silently while curling her lips, without speaking.

Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao asked her aloud: "Want to know what secret Shen Chuhan has?"

"What?" Mu Nuannuan didn't know how he suddenly said about Shen Chuhan.

"Shen Chuhan is not a child of the Shen family. His father is not healthy, but in order to continue his offspring and save face, he asked his mother to go outside to find someone else to give birth to Shen Chuhan."

Mu Tingxiao's voice was originally low and deep, but at this moment, his intention was low, and it happened to be close to her ear, so that her scalp was numb.

Mu Nuannuan was stunned for a long time before reacting: "It turned out to be like this..."

"It was because Mu Wanqi knew about it at the beginning that she could threaten Shen Chuhan ..." Mu Nuannuan paused and said, "Shen Chuhan is his Did he know this early in the morning? Then he used to..."

Mu Tingxiao chuckled, "It's not his own flesh and blood. His father naturally guarded him. Shen Chuhan knew this too, in order to stay in the Shen family. If he continues to live a stable life, he will have to be stupid."

Mu Nuannuan nodded, and then reacted fiercely: "You overhear me and Shen Chuhan!"

"He." Mu Tingxiao laughed, using his body. He pushed her somewhere, with a hoarse voice: "So energetic, why don't we do something else!"

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

... The

two stayed in the car for a while, and Mu Tingxiao drove away. Mu Nuannuan went back.

However, Mu Tingxiao drove the car over and did not drive away.

"Bought it for you." Mu Tingxiao stuffed the car key into Mu Nuannuan's hand.

He can't pick up Mu Nuannuan anytime now, so he has to buy her a car.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan notice that the car that Mu Tingxiao was driving her back was white.

The model is smooth and beautiful, and it is not too expensive, two or three hundred thousand, which happens to be something Mu Nuannuan can afford.

Mu Tingxiao asked her: "The procedures are all done, drive carefully."

Mu Nuannuan took a step forward, held his face, kissed his lips, and said with a smile: "Thank you. "

Under the dim light, Mu Tingxiao's eyes darkened: "Do you want me to sleep for one night?"

Chapter: 305

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback, and gave him a dumbfounded look: "Don't stay."

Mu Tingxiao said nothing, touched her head, turned and walked into the night. go with.

Until his figure disappeared, Mu Nuannuan took the car key and turned back to the room.


next day.

When Mu Nuannuan woke up, she habitually took out her mobile phone and swiped Weibo.

As a result, I swiped my own hot search on Weibo.

"Mu Shao's ex-wife tried to save it."

What kind of hot search is this?

Mu Nuannuan clicked in.

"At a dinner held in a high-end hotel last night, someone saw Mu Shao and his ex-wife both present, and some speculated that this was Mu Shao's ex-wife trying to save Mu Shao..."

There was a large explanation behind.

Below are a few pictures that are not very clear.

The picture was indeed taken at the banquet site. The blogger also carefully circled the figures of Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao, and developed a rich association with them.

This is probably the strength of the media people.

She just went to a dinner party by accident, but she didn't expect Mu Tingxiao would be there.

Then the photos were taken by the media, and she wanted to save Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan flipped down.

"It's normal, a man like Mu Tingxiao, which woman is willing to let go."

"This means that these two must have been divorced?"

"I feel like my chance is here."

"This ex-wife is also very shameless. It's still entangled-entangled after all."

It's nothing more than these comments, Mu Nuannuan is not surprised.

Mu Nuannuan got up and went to the bathroom to wash, and when she came out, she received a call from Qin Shuishan.

Qin Shuishan ridiculed her as soon as she opened her mouth: "Awesome, your posture of hot search in the past three days, our drama is not popular or difficult."

Mu Nuannuan laughed: "How can the media want to write, how can I stop it? "

Oh, I'm just curious, have you separated from Mu Tingxiao?"

Qin Shuishan mentioned this topic again, and Mu Nuannuan asked, "What do you think?"

"I don't think so." Qin Shuishan's tone was somewhat determined.

Then, she continued: "If you have been divided, why would Mu Tingxiao be willing to bind you to the hot search?"

Qin Shuishan was so sensitive that Mu Nuannuan was a little skeptical. The one who had entered Mu Tingxiao's villa with the servant at the beginning The woman is not her anymore.

Mu Nuannuan said: "He just doesn't care about such small things."

"Really?" Qin Shuishan obviously didn't believe it.

At this time, another call came in.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the caller ID and found that it was Mu Tingxiao who was calling.

"Sorry, I have a call, so I won't talk to you yet."

Mu Nuannuan hung up Qin Shuishan's call and answered Mu Tingxiao's call.

Mu Ting owl began to ask her: "See trending up?"

"See," Mu warm sighed: ".. Did not think last night's banquet, there will be media people into the mix."

"I let People put it up deliberately." Mu Tingxiao groaned for a moment and said, "It just happens to be able to help your new drama create momentum, and I will let people withdraw it later."

Mu Nuannuan laughed: "You don't need to be like this, it's just a web drama. At that time, there will be related activities and plans on the main creative side of the promotion."

When her voice fell, she heard Shi Ye's voice on the other end of the phone.


"You are busy first." After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she hung up the phone.


The most recent filming of "Lost City" was in the studio.

Mu Nuannuan drove over and was filming a scene of a roadside fight when he arrived.

Qin Shuishan was not there either.

Mu Nuannuan hadn't been to the film and television city much before. After watching the roadside for a while, he planned to go shopping.

She didn't go far before she heard a familiar voice.

"Nuan Nuan? Is that you?"

Mu Nuannuan stopped, and the people behind her immediately walked to her.

Xiao Chuhe looked at her with surprise: "I just looked at the back image of you, but I didn't expect it to be you."

Mu Nuannuan looked at her coldly and said nothing.

"Has this half a year been okay?" Xiao Chuhe looked a little embarrassed when she saw Mu Nuannuan's delay in speaking.

"It's okay." Mu Nuannuan looked at Xiao Chuhe, and found that Xiao Chuhe was no different from before, and she looked like a well-maintained lady.

At that time, all the media said that she was dead. It seems that this incident did not have the slightest impact on Xiao Chuhe.

Xiao Chuhe is still the glamorous Madam Mu.

Mu Nuannuan looked down at the watch on his wrist, and said in an impatient tone: "Is there anything wrong with Madam Mu?"

Xiao Chuhe heard Mu Nuannuan's address to her, and his face changed slightly: "Nuan Nuan, you...

" If it's okay, I'll leave first." Mu Nuannuan didn't give a chance to speak more, and turned to leave.

"Nuan Nuan, you wait." Xiao Chuhe quickly reached out and stepped forward to catch her: "In the situation like that back then, you should be able to understand us, we are just..."

"I understand very well." I was afraid of being implicated by her, so I severed her father-daughter relationship with her in the newspaper, which was very decisive and wise.

When Xiao Chuhe heard this, he seemed to believe her statement, and he was relieved: "I'm here to explore Wanqi's class. She is filming here. Would you like to go see it? After you came back, you met with her. Is it?"

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly: "Mu Wanqi is filming here?"

Mu Wanqi wanted to enter the entertainment circle at first, Mu Nuannuan knew about it.

But unexpectedly, Mu Wanqi was already filming now.

"Yeah, the scene I took this time is a big production, and it should be popular." Xiao Chuhe was very happy when she talked about Mu Wanqi's filming. She could see that she was happy for Mu Wanqi.

The smile on Mu Nuannuan's face didn't reach the bottom of her eyes: "Really? Then I congratulate you in advance."

At this moment , her mobile phone rang suddenly.

Qin Shuishan called.

She glanced at Xiao Chuhe and then answered the phone: "Hello? I'll be here soon."

She hung up the phone and glanced at Xiao Chuhe: "Mrs. Mu, I have to leave beforehand."

"Eh, Nuan Nuan..."

Mu Nuannuan left without hearing Xiao Chuhe calling her.

When he arrived on the crew of "Lost City", Mu Nuannuan approached Qin Shuishan and asked about Mu Wanqi.

"Are you talking about your sister Mu Wanqi?" Qin Shuishan sneered: "Like you, she is often on hot searches, but she bought them all by herself. She bought hot search headlines everywhere, and she also filmed several scenes. , But the ratings are not good.”

During the days when Mu Nuannuan left Shanghai, she only logged on domestic websites except for checking Mu Tingxiao. Generally, she did not go to domestic websites, so she didn’t care about Mu Wanqi’s affairs. Not sure.

At first I knew that Mu Wanqi wanted to enter the entertainment circle, but she didn't expect that Mu Wanqi was here for real.

"I forgot to tell you that when "Lost City" was recruited, Mu Wanqi also came to try the mirror. The director didn't look at her, she was still preparing for the unspoken rule to take the lead..."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Chapter: 306

Mu Wanqi will come to try the play of "The Lost City", surely because she didn't know that the screenwriter of "The Lost City" was Mu Nuannuan.

But after the events of these two days came out, Mu Wanqi should already know.


When she returned, Mu Nuannuan had just left the film and television city, and a white nanny car stopped in front of her.

The car door was opened with a "brush" sound, and Mu Wanqi, wearing sunglasses, got out of the car.

In the weather in August, Mu Wanqi put on a leather jacket for her concave shape.

Mu Wanqi embraced her arms and walked to Mu Nuannuan, raising her chin slightly, with a high posture: "I listen to you-Mom, you are also in the studio."

Mu Nuannuan did not speak, but just watched Mu Wanqi.

Mu Wanqi was irritated by Mu Nuannuan's appearance of completely ignoring her, but when she thought of her own purpose, she had to endure it abruptly: "You wrote "The Lost City"?"

"Yes." Mu Nuannuan I want to see what tricks Mu Wanqi wants to play.

Mu Wanqi took off her sunglasses: "You have a good relationship with the producer of "The Lost City"? I saw this script, and I don’t have to be the heroine. I arranged a second female position for me. Our previous affairs, I am with you written off, you can also Mu back home. "

written off?

Mu Nuannuan sneered: "What is it that you write off with me? Have I done anything to you? As for returning to Mu's house, I don't want to go back if you ask me."

Mu Wanqi didn't expect Mu Nuannuan to be so ignorant.

Her face changed greatly with anger: "This is the last chance I will give you. Seeing you alone outside, I will give you a chance to return to Mu's house. You still don't know what

is good or bad !" Know what Mu Wanqi thinks.

What Mu Wanqi said was to give her a chance to return to Mu's house. It was nothing more than to let Mu Nuannuan return to Mu's house, and let her be sent by Mu Wanqi as she used to pretend to be silly and ugly.

Mu Wanqi's wishful thinking is indeed good, but Mu Nuannuan will not be fooled like a fool.

"I just don't know good or bad, you should leave this opportunity to others."


Mu Nuannuan bypassed Mu Wanqi and left.


Mu Nuannuan knew the Mu family, and Mu Wanqi would not give up easily when she knew this.

Sure enough, she received a call from Mu Liyan the next day.

The only advantage of Mu Liyan is probably his bottomless favor with his children.

Of course, except for Mu Nuannuan.

"Since I'm back to Shanghai, I'm not going home?" Mu Liyan seemed to have amnesia, and didn't mention the matter of publishing the newspaper and Mu Nuannuan's breaking the relationship between his father and daughter.

Mu Nuannuan didn't intend to let Mu Liyan go over it like this. She reminded Mu Liyan: "Since Mr. Mu has forgotten, let me remind you that we have dismissed the father-daughter relationship."

Mu Liyan did not stop Mu Liyan at all . Nuan's words were put in his eyes: "If you are willing to return to Mu's house, I am willing to let you go."

Mu Nuannuan wanted to laugh.

"What did I do to sorry you, do you want to blame me?"

Mu Nuannuan felt that she would never understand what was thinking in the Mu family's mind for the rest of her life.

It is clear that she has been being used and abandoned.

But when it came to Mu's family, it turned out that she had done something sorry for them. Now they are generous and want to forgive her and allow her to return to Mu's house.

Mu Liyan's voice became colder: "What have you done, you know in your heart. Anyway, our Mu family also has the kindness of nurturing you. Now is the time for you to repay you."

"Mr. Mu, you If you have time, let's go to the hospital for a brain department. Check it carefully to see if there is a problem with your brain." After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she hung up.

She poured herself a large glass of water, let out a long sigh of relief, and sat down on the sofa.

There is no more food at home, so she decided to go out and buy something.

Mu Nuannuan drove to the nearest supermarket, and when he came back, he found a luxury car parked in front of the apartment building.

Said it was a luxury car, it was incomparable with Mu Tingxiao's, but compared with this community, it seemed a little out of place.

At this time, her mobile phone rang a new text message alert tone.

Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone and found that it was a text message from Shen Chuhan.

"Get in the car, I have something for you." After

reading the text message, Mu Nuannuan raised her head to look at the Hao, strode over, opened the door and looked at the man sitting in the car smoking, isn't it Shen Chuhan?

"What are you doing?" Mu Nuannuan frowned and looked at him.

Shen Chuhan pinched out

the cigarette in her hand : "I have something to do with you." The strong smell of smoke in the car made Mu Nuannuan a little uncomfortable. She stretched out her hand to fan in front of her nose and looked at him suspiciously.

She noticed that something was wrong with Shen Chuhan today.

The ashtray was already full of cigarette butts, and he looked haggard.

Mu Nuannuan asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"Care about me?" Shen Chuhan looked back at her.

Mu Nuannuan immediately turned to leave, and Shen Chuhan called her to stop: "Nuan Nuan, I have something for you."

Mu Nuannuan turned around and Shen Chuhan said, "It's what you want."

She turned around and said, "Find a coffee shop to sit down and say?"

"Just in this car." Shen Chuhan lowered the window.

It was already evening, and the wind was blowing and it was a bit cool.

Mu Nuannuan sat next to Shen Chuhan.

Shen Chuhan didn't know where to drew a file bag to her: "Look at it for yourself."

Mu Nuannuan glanced at him, took the file bag and opened it, and took out the contents.

It is a DNA comparison report.

Without a name, the final result is a parent-child relationship.

Mu Nuannuan's heart tightened: "Who is this and whose DNA comparison report?"

Shen Chuhan was smoking a cigarette, seeming to want to light it: "One of them is Si Chengyu." After

he finished speaking, he reached out and wanted to go. He took the lighter, turned his head and saw Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand to cover his nose, put the lighter back, and only pinched the cigarette in his hand-play.

"Si Chengyu?" Mu Nuannuan's expression changed slightly, and her mind was blank for a moment.

Shen Chuhan slowly explained to her: "This DNA report was made by Si Chengyu himself. It was probably the time when you and the rumored scandal last year."

Mu Nuannuan calculated the time.

She and Si Chengyu rumored a scandal, Si Chengyu deliberately did it.

Especially for the second time, he also brought public opinion to Shengding Media. At that time, he had already faintly expressed the intention of breaking with Mu Tingxiao.

Si Chengyu will suddenly break with Mu Tingxiao with a drastic change in temperament. Is it related to this DNA report?

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and asked him, "So who is the other person in this DNA comparison report?"

Shen Chuhan smiled, "Si Chengyu is very cautious, and there is no two names on it, but this is not the case. It's not hard to guess."

Chapter: 307

Mu Nuannuan felt a sigh after hearing Shen Chuhan's words.

Si Chengyu went for a DNA test, and then began to confront Mu Tingxiao.

If you really want to guess who the other person in this DNA report is, Mu Nuannuan has someone in her heart.

However, she thinks this is unreasonable.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's expression changing back and forth, Shen Chuhan said aloud: "I said it is not difficult to guess, you already have the answer in your heart."

Mu Nuannuan murmured, "How is this possible?"

Shen Chuhan Just looked at her quietly and didn't speak.

Mu Nuannuan thought of something and asked him: "How did you get this DNA test report?"

"There is no impermeable wall in this world. If you want people to know it, you can't do it yourself." When Shen Chuhan said this , Looks slightly cold.

Mu Nuannuan thought that Mu Tingxiao had told her about Shen Chuhan's life experience.

It is impossible for everyone to choose their own birth.

Mu Nuannuan thought of Si Chengyu.

Si Chengyu used to have a good relationship with Mu Tingxiao, but when he knew that he and Mu Tingxiao were not just cousins, but brothers, how should he face Mu Tingxiao?

That's right, what Mu Nuannuan guessed in her heart was that the other person on this DNA test report was Mu Qingfeng.

Anything, as long as there is a result, the causality will become traceable.

When returning to his old house during the Chinese New Year, Mu Qingfeng said that he would let Si Chengyu go to work in the Mu clan, and that he would let Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu take care of each other.

Before that, when negative news about Si Chengyu spread on the Internet, Mu Qingfeng also approached Mu Tingxiao.

At that time, Mu Nuannuan still faintly felt that Mu Qingfeng cared about Si Chengyu more than Mu Tingxiao.

If Si Chengyu was Mu Qingfeng's illegitimate son, then this matter would make sense.

The more Mu Nuannuan thought about it, the more she felt that her guess was correct.

"It's getting dark, don't you invite me to have a meal?" Shen Chuhan's voice interrupted Mu Nuannuan's thoughts.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car while talking: "Okay, let's go out to eat, I'll drive my own car."

Shen Chuhan stopped her: "Can't you go to your house to eat?"

Of course she knew that Shen Chuhan might be interested in her. It is impossible to take him to eat at home.

Mu Nuannuan was silent and refused silently.

Shen Chuhan laughed at

himself and laughed: "It's me, one step is wrong." Mu Nuannuan didn't know why he suddenly said this.


To show her sincerity, Mu Nuannuan still found a very high-end restaurant and invited Shen Chuhan to dinner.

"So generous, I'm a little flattered." Shen Chuhan teased her.

Mu Nuannuan smiled: "You can choose not to eat." When

ordering food, Mu Nuannuan felt that Shen Chuhan had been looking at her.

She ordered the food quickly and uncomfortably, then took out her phone and started playing.

"Mu Tingxiao told you about me, right?"

Shen Chuhan's words caused Mu Nuannuan to turn her head and look at him.

"Yes, my mom and I was just a wild man living outside, I do not know who my biological father is, my existence just a fig leaf, just to cover the fact that my father can not humane."

That thing though I've heard Mu Tingxiao say it, but listening to Shen Chuhan telling it in person, Mu Nuannuan's mood is a little complicated.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and said aloud, "Isn't it eating? How do you say these things?"

Shen Chuhan stared at her: "You let me finish."

Mu Nuannuan didn't speak anymore, if he wanted to, let him speak.

"Because of the inhumane things of the adoptive father, my mother has been out fooling around with other men. They seem to be affectionate, but in fact they often quarrel. I want to know that my own life experience is too easy..."

Shen Chuhan was very young. At that time, I knew that I was not of the Shen family's blood. In the future, the Shen family's property will not have his share, and the Shen family will not love him.

Therefore, he always pretended to be gentle when he was outside, just to make people like him and make people pay attention to him.

At the same time, he was also looking for a wife with a good family background.

Mu Nuannuan liked him, and always liked him, he knew it.

He really enjoys the feeling of being liked by Mu Nuannuan, so he treats Mu Nuannuan well from time to time so that she always likes him.

However, she finally married Mu Tingxiao.

Married into the same "ugly and inhumane" man.

He thought of his mother, and then began to hate Mu Nuannuan.

Among those girls who like him, the Mu family is considered to be from a good family background, and Mu Wanqi is deeply loved by Mu Liyan. In the future, he and Mu Wanqi will marry him, and Mu Liyan will surely marry a generous dowry.

However, he didn't expect Mu Wanqi's private life to be chaotic to the point.

He was very popular with girls when he was in school, but among so many girls who liked him, only Mu Nuannuan was different.

She liked him with all her heart, but she was secretively afraid of him finding out.

He is smarter than anyone and knows what he wants better than anyone, so he knows very well that he would not choose a woman like Mu Nuannuan as his wife.

Life is like this, one step is wrong, and I always regret when I remember the past.

Shen Chuhan held the cup in front of him and said solemnly: "Nuan Nuan, I really like you, but I found out too late."

The less affectionate the person, the easier it is to be moved.

In the past few years, everything he did and everyone he contacted had a utilitarian purpose.

And only Mu Nuannuan, he was detached from her, just wanted her to like him forever.

After the situation changed, when Shen Chuhan said such words again, Mu Nuannuan couldn't make a ripple in her heart.

Mu Nuannuan didn't want to recall his past thoughts with him, she pondered for a moment, and said, "Don't talk about the

past . After this meal, we are still friends." The past is not to be followed.

Everyone has to look forward.

The most appropriate way to deal with the past is to put it in the past.

"Yes, the past things are over." Shen Chuhan said here, and gave a slight pause: "But I want you to know that I not only liked you before, but I will continue to like you in the future."

Mu Nuannuan is about to The action of drinking water became stiff.

"Mu Tingxiao asked me, and he said he could help me get Shen Shi, but he gave me the condition that I won't take the initiative to look for you in the future."

Shen Chuhan said while paying attention to Mu Nuannuan's expression. "But I refused. The conditions he gave are very attractive, but if I accept his conditions, then I can’t sit here so clean and frankly and say I like you now. I realized that there are many things in life, more important than money and rights."

Mu Nuannuan has long discovered that something is wrong with Shen Chuhan today.

Unexpectedly, he had enough energy to confess to her today.

Chapter: 308

Mu Nuannuan didn't feel anything about Shen Chuhan now, but she could also hear Shen Chuhan's words from the heart.

She waited until Shen Chuhan finished speaking, and then said, "Be yourself in the future. As for me, it is enough for me to have Mu Tingxiao."

"Are you really sure that you can go to the end with Mu Tingxiao?" Shen Chuhan kept going. She is not optimistic about her and Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while, and said in a very serious tone: "Anyway, I never thought about living with anyone other than Mu Tingxiao."

This was the simplest thought in her heart.

I can't imagine myself living with other men, so even if it is difficult now, I have to stick to it.

Shen Chuhan laughed mockingly: "I understand."

After that, the two chatted with each other.

Most of them were talking about previous things, and it was basically Shen Chuhan talking, and Mu Nuannuan was in charge of listening.

After listening to the meal, the two got out of the box to leave the restaurant.

At the entrance of the restaurant, I met Si Chengyu and Mu Wanqi by coincidence.

Mu Wanqi was so worried about Mu Nuannuan's rejection of her, and she naturally ridiculed her when she caught the opportunity.

Her gaze swept back and forth between Mu Nuannuan and Shen Chuhan, and then raised the volume and said, "Oh, you can't hook up with Mu Tingxiao, so you and Shen Chuhan will rekindle your old relationship?"

Mu Nuannuan took it from Shen Chuhan. A DNA test report, and now I met Si Chengyu again, her eyes naturally turned to Si Chengyu.

See Mu Mu Wanqi warm staring at the Division Chengyu, stop immediately in front of the Secretary Chengyu: "??? What you looking at thinking about eating a bowl of pot to be shameless"

Secretary Chengyu touches cents I didn't care and greeted Mu Nuannuan: "Nuan Nuan."

Mu Nuannuan yelled strangely: "Mr. Si."

It was Shen Chuhan who looked at Si Chengyu with interest.

Because of their status and circle, Shen Chuhan and Si Chengyu have few opportunities to meet.

He would get the DNA test report purely occasionally, so he was very curious about Si Chengyu.

Mu Qingfeng's illegitimate son.

Is it really that simple as an illegitimate child?

"Chengyu!" When Mu Wanqi saw Si Chengyu actually talking to Mu Nuannuan, she called him in dissatisfaction.

Si Chengyu lowered his head and looked at Mu Wanqi with a gentle look: "Anyway, Nuan Nuan is your sister. Even if Nuan Nuan’s play "The Lost City", you have no chance to cooperate with her. Isn't it a script?"

Si Chengyu's words made Mu Wanqi like a cat that has been shunned, and immediately behaved.

Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes slightly. It is no wonder that Mu Wanqi will audition for the cast of "Lost City" because of Si Chengyu.

Si Chengyu also acted in suspenseful movies before, so he naturally has his own eyes on scripts.

However, Si Chengyu asked Mu Wanqi to audition for "The Lost City", whether it was because he fell in love with the script of "The Lost City", or because he simply wanted Mu Wanqi to find Mu Nuannuan unhappy. It's hard to say.

Mu Nuannuan had seen Si Chengyu's badness.

Mu Nuannuan had no intention of telling them more, and only whispered to Shen Chuhan: "Let's go."

Then, she raised her foot and walked out.


Mu Nuannuan didn't go home, and drove directly to Mu Tingxiao's residence.

She has the key to Mu Tingxiao's apartment.

When the door was opened, the room was dark and Mu Tingxiao had not returned.

Mu Nuannuan turned on the light and went to every room to take a look.

There was a thin layer of dust on the counter in the kitchen, which proved that Mu Tingxiao had never cooked at home.

Mu Tingxiao did not know how to cook.

Apart from a few bottles of water and wine, there is nothing else in the refrigerator.

It's really not like a house where people live.

Mu Nuannuan waited left and right, until eleven o'clock, Mu Tingxiao had not returned.

Mu Nuannuan simply took a shower and turned off the lights, and ran to his bed to sleep.

Mu Tingxiao didn't come back until after one o'clock.

He entered the door, turned on the light, and when he lowered his head, he noticed a pair of ladies' single shoes by the door.

Who else can enter his house besides Mu Nuannuan?

The corners of his lips were raised unconsciously, and the exhaustion on his face was wiped away. He threw away the suit jacket on his arm, untied his tie, and walked to the bedroom.

There was no light in the bedroom, but Mu Tingxiao had long been accustomed to the layout of the room and walked to the bedside lightly, reaching out to turn on the bedside lamp.

Mu Nuannuan slept sideways on his bed wrapped in a quilt, her long black hair spreading out to cover the pillows.

Coming back from get off work, I saw Mu Nuannuan sleeping on his bed.

It's just a scene that only appears in a dream.

Mu Tingxiao's throat moved, he leaned over to Mu Nuannuan, stretched out the hair covering her face, and gently dropped a kiss.

Since returning to Shanghai and Yangtze markets, Mu Nuannuan's sleep has been very light.

Although Mu Tingxiao's movements were extremely light, she was still awakened.

She opened her eyes, turned her head and saw Mu Tingxiao's handsome face.

"You're back." Her voice was dumb and childish.

Mu Tingxiao sat down by the bed, touched her face, and said softly, "Well, have you waited for a long time?"

Mu Nuannuan nodded and reached out to get her watch on the bedside.

Mu Tingxiao saw her intentions, grabbed her slender and soft hands, and said, "It's almost two o'clock."

"Are you working overtime until late?" Mu Nuannuan said while sitting down. stand up.

Mu Tingxiao helped her shoulders: "No." The

denial was so simple, Mu Nuannuan knew he was telling lies.

Mu Nuannuan was not so coaxing, she turned her head to look at him: "You said it doesn't count, I have to ask Shiye."

"It will be fine for a while." Mu Tingxiao laughed and watched her become more and more under the light. With her soft face, she couldn't help but leaned forward and gave a kiss.

A very shallow kiss, one touch: "Go to bed first, I'll take a bath."

"I'll wait for you, I'll tell you something." Mu Nuannuan kept thinking about the DNA test report and wanted to get along with her. Ting Xiao said.

Mu Tingxiao was taken aback for a moment, and then nodded: "Yeah."

Mu Nuannuan brought the DNA test report that Shen Chuhan had given her, and placed it in the drawer of the bedside table.

When Mu Tingxiao came out of the bathroom, she handed him the DNA test report.

"What is it?" Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and took it. After only one glance, his eyebrows were twisted into a knot.

He sat on the edge of the bed and read the DNA test report.

When Mu Nuannuan watched it, she turned to the back to see the result.

But Mu Tingxiao obviously understood something. After watching for a long time, he looked up and asked Mu Nuannuan, "Who gave it to you?"

His tone was very serious, as if he knew who this was and whose DNA comparison test report. of.

Mu Nuannuan told the truth: "Shen Chuhan gave it to me." When

Mu Tingxiao heard the words, his eyes narrowed dangerously, and his tone was low: "You went to see Shen Chuhan again?"

Chapter: 309

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao's focus was not right.

Although she did meet Shen Chuhan, shouldn't it be this DNA comparison test report that should attract his attention now?

Mu Nuannuan was a little impatient: "Hmm."

"Take my words to your ears?" Mu Tingxiao put aside the DNA comparison test report in his hand, and stared at her with a cold face.

"Let's not talk about it yet." Mu Nuannuan now only wants to know whether this DNA comparison test report is from Si Chengyu and Mu Qingfeng.

However, Mu Tingxiao showed an extraordinary persistence: "I won't talk to you about anything else unless I finish this."

"Yes, I did meet Shen Chuhan, but it was also because of business." Mu Nuan Nuan patiently explained to him: "I just talked for a while. After eating a meal, everything..."

Mu Tingxiao's complexion became more and more gloomy: "Have you eaten a meal together?"

Mu Nuannuan found herself like You shouldn't be so honest, say so carefully.

"It's just a meal." Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, carefully watching Mu Tingxiao's reaction.

"Heh." Mu Tingxiao sneered: "Last time I accompanied him to a banquet, this time I have dinner together, next time? What are you doing together?"

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao's words were a bit excessive Up.

She had always wanted to know from Shen Chuhan about the secrets of the Mu family, and Shen Chuhan had told her, it was understandable that she invited him to dinner.

"I didn't do anything with him, we..."

Mu Tingxiao directly interrupted Mu Nuannuan's defense: "We're'us' so soon? Your relationship with him is really getting closer!

" Mu Tingxiao, I will be angry if you do this again!" Mu Nuannuan couldn't stand it most, because Mu Tingxiao would eat this meaningless vinegar at every turn.

Mu Tingxiao said coldly: "I'm already angry."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

She felt that Mu Tingxiao was as naive as a child at this time.

"Okay, let's talk about the DNA test report." Mu Nuannuan reached out and took his hand.

As soon as she caught Mu Tingxiao's hand, she was tightly clasped in the palm of her hand by Mu Tingxiao's backhand.

Feeling the soft lump in the palm of his hand, Mu Tingxiao's complexion only slightly improved.

He looked down at Mu Nuannuan and said in a low tone, "Have you ever thought about why Shen Chuhan knows the relationship between Si Chengyu and me?" The relationship between

Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu has never been publicly announced.

So Shen Chuhan probably didn't know the relationship between Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu.

However, Shen Chuhan actually knew that Si Chengyu was from the Mu family.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while, and said, "Perhaps, he knew it by accident?"

Mu Tingxiao raised her eyebrows: "Everything happened to him alone. Why didn't he buy lottery tickets? Maybe it could be 500 million. "

Mu Tingxiao's mouth can really poison people sometimes.


Nuannuan asked curiously, "Why is that?" Mu Tingxiao's expression was slightly cold: "Someone deliberately instructed Shen Chuhan to give this DNA comparison test report to us."

Mu Nuannuan felt Mu Tingxiao said. The words make sense.

"Then who would this person be?" Mu Nuannuan thought it was Liu Yinhua who got this DNA comparison test report, but he didn't expect things to become more and more complicated.

Mu Tingxiao curled his eyebrows and said nothing.

Mu Nuannuan stared at the DNA comparison test report for a while, and said, "Then this DNA comparison test report is real and effective? One of them is really Si Chengyu?"

Mu Tingxiao also set his sights on the DNA comparative test report, and did not immediately speak out.

During the Chinese New Year, in the old house, Mu Jiachen heard him and Si Chengyu's conversation and told him that Si Chengyu often went in and out of the hospital during that time.

Later, Mu Tingxiao also sent someone to investigate, and it was indeed found that Si Chengyu had done a DNA comparison test, but he did not keep a record.

Si Chengyu was very careful and handled it cleanly, leaving no traces.

Even if he didn't get the report of DNA comparison test, Mu Tingxiao still had some guesses in his heart.

However, something happened to Mu Nuannuan later, and he never had the opportunity to verify this guess.

After a long while, Mu Tingxiao said in a deep voice, "Is it right for Si Chengyu and him to do a DNA comparison?"

From Mu Tingxiao's words, Mu Nuannuan could hear that Mu Tingxiao had this aspect long ago. Of doubt.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while and said, "I'm going to get Si Chengyu's hair. Recently, with the crew, I often go to the film and television city. There are more opportunities to meet Si Chengyu."

Mu Tingxiao hadn't spoken yet, Mu Nuannuan I knew he would reject her offer.

Before he could speak, Mu Nuan Nuan said, "That's it. Don't accept the rebuttal. Okay, go to sleep." After

she said, she lay down, pulled the quilt over her head, and covered herself tightly.

Mu Tingxiao looked at the bulging quilt and stretched out his hand: "Don't

cover it ." Mu Nuannuan pulled the quilt out, revealing half of his forehead.

Mu Tingxiao laughed, stretched out his long arms, pulled the quilt straight away, squeezed from behind her onto the bed, and clasped her tightly in his arms.

Mu Nuannuan had to move to the other side of the bed.

She moved forward, Mu Tingxiao was like a brown candy, and followed her to stick to her side, not letting go.

"Don't get so close, hot."

Although the air conditioner was turned on, it was summer, and the temperature on Mu Tingxiao's body was so high that he pressed against her like a stove.

Mu Tingxiao only said a word, and Mu Nuannuan was as good as a cat and stopped moving.

He said, "I will go to the company at seven o'clock tomorrow morning."

It is already more than two o'clock, and Mu Tingxiao will go to the company at seven and get up early, which means that his sleep time this night is less than five hours.

For the two people now, it is not easy to hug each other and sleep peacefully.

After Mu Mu was stolen, Mu Nuannuan's sleep has been poor.

I always wake up after a short sleep at night, and my sleep time becomes fragmented.

When it was about to dawn, Mu Tingxiao woke up with a move beside him.

"You can sleep for a while, don't worry about me." Mu Tingxiao noticed that Mu Nuannuan had woke up, and kissed her on the cheek sideways.

He was with him, and Mu Nuannuan followed.

When Mu Tingxiao took out his tie from the closet, Mu Nuannuan crawled to the end of the bed and took the tie in his hand.

While helping him to tie his tie, she whispered: "Don't be too tired, pay attention to your body."

Although she only slept for less than five hours last night, there was no tired look on Mu Tingxiao's face, and she was full of vigor. On the contrary, it looks very energetic.

She thought of Mu Tingxiao's gunshot wound again.

Although many times she felt that Mu Tingxiao's body seemed to be iron-struck, but she knew very well in her heart that Mu Tingxiao was just an ordinary person throwing the halo at the beginning.

He is just more capable than ordinary people.

Chapter: 310

The identity and halo given to him by the Mu family needs his contribution to repay.

There is no absolute fairness, and there is no absolute unfairness.

The more you get, the more you will pay.

Mu Tingxiao bent his body slightly to match Mu Nuannuan's height, her black eyes were tightly locked on Mu Nuannuan's face,

and there was a smile in her voice: "Suddenly caring about me?" Mu Nuannuan did not immediately answer Instead, he carefully tied his tie, and after finishing it carefully, he raised his eyes and said straightforwardly: "I have always cared about you, so you have to cherish your body.

" Hmm." Mu Tingxiao nodded.

Afterwards, he stretched his finger to his lips and motioned Mu Nuannuan to give a parting kiss.

Mu Nuannuan shook her head. She didn't brush her teeth and didn't want to kiss him.

Where did Mu Tingxiao care so much, he pinched her lips and kissed her.

When he let go of her, a narrow smile flashed under his eyes: "A smelly kiss."

Mu Nuannuan squeezed her small fist and hit him.

He didn't avoid it, smiled and let her get rid of her breath twice, and then went out to work.

When Mu Nuannuan walked out the window, watched his car leave, and turned around to go to the bathroom to wash, she remembered that Mu Tingxiao had not eaten breakfast.

When they lived in a villa half way up the mountain, Mu Tingxiao had breakfast at home before leaving.

He lives alone now, there is no servant in the apartment, and he does not know whether he has breakfast in the morning when he goes to work.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while and sent a text message to Shi Ye, asking him to buy breakfast for Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao went to work in the company, and she had to clean up and prepare to go to the studio.

Mu Nuannuan finished washing and drove back to his residence.

She simply made breakfast for herself, and she read Si Chengyu's Weibo while eating to see if she could see his schedule from Si Chengyu's Weibo.

She hasn't read Si Chengyu's Weibo for a long time.

In the past, Si Chengyu opened a random Weibo, and most of the comments below were praised by him.

Mu Nuannuan opened a Weibo and found that the bottom half was scolding him.

Since the termination of the contract between Si Chengyu and Shengding Media, the popularity and popularity have not declined, but the reputation is mixed.

Among them, he and Mu Wanqi are the root cause of most fans turning black.

Si Chengyu has too many fans, and Shengding Media has maintained his personal image too well over the years. During that time, there were so many scandals, and he got mixed up with people like Mu Wanqi, without Shengding. The media gave him public relations, and naturally a large number of fans became black fans.

Even Mu Nuannuan, from the point of view of a fan, these are enough for her to die of old age.

The former Si Chengyu was really red, but now he is black and red.

All black, but still red.

Si Chengyu's recent Weibo posts are all advertising endorsements, as well as the promotion of a new drama.

Looking at the picture he posted, it looks like a costume drama.

Mu Nuannuan opened the comment below and found that someone commented below: "I saw King Si in the film and television city today, and I took a secret photo that is not very clear, so happy..."

There are many comments below this comment.

"Is it the movie city of Shanghai City?"

"Yes, I just don't know how long this drama was filmed

. I am a little looking forward to meeting the King Si again next time..." "Envy, I want to see the real King Si too."

"One What's so good about garbage!"

"Pick up other people's broken shoes..."

Mu Nuannuan didn't bother to look at the bunch of comments that scolded Si Chengyu at the back, but saved the photo in the main building.

When she drove to the film and television city, she showed Qin Shuishan the picture: "Can you see where this is?"

The film and television city in Shanghai City is so big that Mu Nuan is not familiar with it, so she had to ask Qin Shuishan.

Qin Shuishan naturally recognized that the person was Si Chengyu, and asked, "Are you going to find Si Chengyu?"

"No, there is something else, I want to go there for a look." Mu Nuannuan did not tell the truth.

"Oh, this place..." Qin Shuishan told Mu Nuannuan an approximate location.

Mu Nuannuan bid farewell to Qin Shuishan and went to the place where Si Chengyu was filming.

When she found a place, Mu Nuannuan realized that it was as difficult as ever to meet Si Chengyu here because there were too many people.

In this way, if you want to see Si Chengyu, you might as well go to Mu Wanqi faster.

Mu Nuannuan guarded outside for a long time, but did not see Si Chengyu.

It seems that this method does not work, and I really have to go to Mu Wanqi to see Si Chengyu.

Mu Nuannuan walked towards each other, thinking about how to find Mu Wanqi.

She remembered that she ran into Mu Wanqi in the restaurant yesterday, how about going there again?

Thinking of this, Mu Nuannuan drove directly to the restaurant yesterday.

She found an empty table not far from the door to sit down, and after ordering the meal, she kept staring at the door.

It was a coincidence that she actually made her wait for Si Chengyu and Mu Wanqi.

Mu Wanqi's dressing style has not changed, she is still a low-cut and sexy dress, her whole body is glued to Si Chengyu's body, Jiao Didi said something to him.

The expression on Si Chengyu's face was still always gentle, allowing Mu Wanqi to stick to him, neither impatient nor disgusted, and smiled from time to time.

He curled his lips and smiled, and Mu Wanqi's soul seemed to be hooked off by him, and her eyes lit up.

In the past, it was difficult for Mu Nuannuan to imagine what Mu Wanqi would be like when she really liked a man.

But now she discovered that no matter how vicious Mu Wanqi was, she was always a woman.

It is the same when a woman falls in love with a man.

The two went directly to the box.

Mu Wanqi walked in the front and advanced to the box. When Si Chengyu was walking behind to enter the box, he suddenly turned and looked in the direction of Mu Nuannuan.

When he looked back, Mu Nuannuan turned his head quickly, propped his face with his arms, pretending to be looking at the phone.

After a while, when Mu Nuannuan looked back, she found that Si Chengyu had entered the box.

Si Chengyu should have seen her just now.

When she saw it, she saw it, anyway, her purpose was to get Si Chengyu's hair.

After Mu Nuannuan's food came up, she deliberately ate slowly.

Finally, Si Chengyu came out of the box and went to the bathroom.

Mu Nuannuan quickly got up and followed.

Afraid of losing Si Chengyu, she deliberately trot to speed up and followed.

However, when she turned a corner, she did not see Si Chengyu.

At this time, someone behind her patted her shoulder.

She turned her head abruptly and saw Si Chengyu with a cigarette in his mouth.

He looked at her with a smile, and said softly: "You are looking for me?"

Mu Nuannuan only froze for a moment, before returning to normal: "No, I'll come over to the bathroom."