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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 351-360 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 351

The person who was robbed of the phone took the phone back and pushed Si Chengyu accordingly: "Why are you robbing someone's phone!"

But Si Chengyu seemed to have nothing He murmured something as if he heard it, and ran outside as if crying and laughing.

"This person is sick!"

"If it weren't for that, there are too many neuroses in this society now."


Si Chengyu ran to the side of the road and got into the car to drive to the old house.

But he was stopped by his hand: "Mr. Si, if you go back to Mu's house now, Mu Tingxiao will not let you go."

"Get out of the way." Si Chengyu pushed his hand away and opened. Drive to Mu's house after driving.

These days, he has a chance to escape the country.

However, his goal has not been achieved, and it is impossible for him to go abroad.

The same blood was flowing on him and Mu Tingxiao.

For what reason he can only be seen for a lifetime, but Mu Tingxiao can live normally and healthy.

Why should Mu Tingxiao live better and happier than him?

The more he compared with Mu Tingxiao, the more he felt that he was in pain, and the more unwilling and resentful he felt in his heart.

Ruined Mu Tingxiao's life, ruined everything about Mu Tingxiao.

When he thought that Mu Tingxiao's final ending would become the same as him, he felt mad with joy.

However, Mu Tingxiao unexpectedly found Qing Ning.

Qing Ning belongs to him!

Si Chengyu almost flew all the way to the Mu's old house.

The old house is now full of Mu Tingxiao’s people, and as soon as Si Chengyu arrives at the door of the old house, there will be bodyguards to pass the message to Mu Tingxiao.

Si Chengyu ran into the old house after getting off the car.

But when he was at the door, he was stopped by his bodyguard: "Mr. Si."

The excitement in Si Chengyu's eyes almost overflowed, but after being stopped, he became extremely angry again: "I want to see Mu Tingxiao , If he still wants his daughter, just let me in, otherwise I can disappear from this world with just one phone call!"

At this time, Shi Ye came over.

He looked at Si Chengyu calmly and said, "Let him in." The

bodyguard let go , and Si Chengyu walked in quickly, grabbing Shi Ye's lapels, "Where is Qingning, I want to see her!"

Shi Ye was dragged by Si Chengyu like this, without blinking his eyes, he said calmly in an official tone: "Mr. Si wants to see Miss Su, I can understand, but how can you see Miss Su? , I must be very clear in your heart."

Si Chengyu snorted when he heard the words, and turned away Shi Ye.

Shiye staggered for two steps before standing still, his expression remained unchanged.

He took care of his clothes and said with a serious expression: "Master gives you a three-day deadline."

"It doesn't take three days." Si Chengyu hooked his lips and smiled with an inexplicable smile: "Give me a pen and paper. "

Shi Ye hesitated for a while, and then someone took paper and pen to Si Chengyu.

Secretary Chengyu wrote a paper address: "Three days later, meet here, he took rather light, I will take his daughter waiting for him, do not play tricks, when no one else to even think about it back alive!"

He After speaking, he stuffed the note with the address in Shi Ye's hand, glanced at the window on the second floor, turned and left.

Shi Ye took out the note in his hand and found it was a long string of English.

He raised his head and looked at the window on the second floor.

The window was opened, Mu Tingxiao's figure appeared, and he solemnly ordered: "Come up."

Just now, he and Mu Nuannuan had been standing by the window looking at Si Chengyu.

Mu Nuannuan's heart was raised when Si Chengyu appeared.

She was afraid that Si Chengyu would not eat this set.

Finally, the moment Si Chengyu wrote the address, her heart returned to her stomach.

Shi Ye walked to the door, raised his hand and tapped twice on the door before opening the door, and respectfully handing the paper with the address to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan turned his head to take a look, then turned on the computer and searched the address online.

"I found it. It's a small island near Greece. There are many private islands for sale..."

Mu Tingxiao looked down, just to meet Mu Nuannuan's shiny eyes.

There was excitement, expectation, and worry in her eyes. All the emotions mixed together made her whole person look more energetic.

He hadn't seen Mu Nuannuan like this for a long time.

Mu Tingxiao leaned over and kissed her forehead, and reached out to touch her head: "Go together, get Mumu back."

Mu Nuannuan's eyes brightened, tears flickering in her eyes , she kept on moving. Nodded.

Mu Tingxiao also showed a very shallow smile, with a hint of command in his tone: "The premise is that you have to take a good rest these days."

Mu Nuannuan nodded: "Yes."


Mu Tingxiao came from the room. When I came out, Shiye followed after he had been at the door.

"Send someone to stare at Si Chengyu, keep an eye on it, and tell me whenever he has any changes." Mu Tingxiao walked out and ordered him.

"Yes, young master, Mrs. Si's medical condition appraisal report has come out, please take a look at you."

Mu Tingxiao took the medical condition appraisal result handed over by Shi Ye and looked at it.

After he finished reading, Shi Ye asked indifferently: "Really crazy?"

"Yes." Shi Ye lowered his head, not daring to look at Mu Tingxiao.

He found that the current Mu Tingxiao seemed a little different from before, as if, more indifferent.

Mu Tingxiao handed the result of

the medical condition to Shi Ye: "Then send her where she should go." Shi Ye thought of Mu Jiachen, and he hesitated: "Young Master..."

Mu Jiachen is Mu Lianhe Si Minghuan's son, and Mu Jiachen and Mu Tingxiao have a good relationship, so he wanted to remind Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao turned his head and interrupted him coldly, with a cold voice: "Don't understand? Then I'll be straightforward and send her to the mental hospital."

Since Mu Tingxiao had said so, Shi Ye had to nod his head. "Yes, I see."

Mu Tingxiao and Shi Ye went downstairs and saw Mu Jinyun sitting in the hall.

Mu Jinyun went on a business trip a few days ago and just came back today.

She obviously saw the news. As soon as she saw Mu Tingxiao, she said in an inquisitive tone: "What's all the news? Also, there are so many bodyguards here and there. What do you want to do? Dad. He was really kidnapped like in the news? What happened to the woman you brought back?"

She didn't get a response from Mu Tingxiao's series of questions.

She was about to get angry when she heard the phone ring in the hall.

Mu Jinyun turned his gaze to Shi Ye: "Go and answer the phone."

Shi Ye didn't move. He was from Mu Tingxiao, and naturally he would not listen to Mu Jinyun.

"You...very good!" Mu Jinyun was so angry that she had to answer the phone by herself.

Mu Jinyun answered the phone: "This is Mu's house, who are you looking for?"

Mu Qingfeng's voice came over the phone: "Jin Yun, it's me, it's my father, help me..."

Chapter: 352

Mu Jinyun's expression changed, and

she cried out in shock, "Dad? Is it really you?" After she finished speaking, she looked up at Mu Tingxiao: "Tingxiao, yes Dad called."

"Oh." Mu Tingxiao walked over and sat down on the sofa opposite her.

Mu Jinyun thought that Mu Tingxiao wanted to hear Mu Qingfeng speak, so she turned on the speakerphone.

Mu Qing wind's voice came from the phone, very flustered: "Jin Yun, I was kidnapped, they want three million in just three one hundred million ...... you will be able to put my father to help raise money ......"

Mu Before Qingfeng’s words were finished, the phone was snatched by someone. The voice of the speaker was weird and hoarse. It was obvious that the kidnapper had used a voice changer: "Within twenty-four hours, I can’t see 300 million, just wait. Let's collect the body for him! Remember, you are not allowed to call the police."

Mu Jinyun said quickly: "Good, three hundred million, I know, I will definitely raise three hundred million, don't... beep!"

she said. The phone was hung up before finishing talking.

"Dad was really kidnapped? If it weren't for me to come back and I happened to receive a call from the kidnapper, would you not tell me? You don't plan to save Dad, right?"

Mu Jinyun's tone was very excited: "Mu Ting Xiao, why are you so cold-blooded, no matter how many grudges you have with him, he is our biological father!"

Mu Tingxiao's expression did not change in response to Mu Jinyun's accusation.

He looked at Mu Jinyun, but he said to Shi Ye: "Have you heard? She wants three hundred million to save her father. She doesn't have to make arrangements."

"Yes." Shi Ye answered, just out.

"Tingxiao, you...I was just too worried about my dad just now." Mu Jinyun didn't expect that Mu Tingxiao had agreed to give her 300 million so simply.

Mu Tingxiao just curled his lips for unknown reasons, and did not speak.

At this time, Mu Jiachen walked in from outside carrying his schoolbag.

Mu Jiachen attended a boarding school this semester. The school was militarized. It was a very strict school. He had to turn in his mobile phone at school. He didn't see the news until today's holiday.

"Cousin, cousin!"

As soon as Mu Jiachen entered the door, he saw Mu Jinyun and Mu Tingxiao: "I saw the news that my uncle was kidnapped? You also found sister Qingning!"

Mu Jinyun listened to Mu. Jia Chen mentioned "Qing Ning", and turned to ask Mu

Tingxiao, " Who is Qing Ning?" Mu Tingxiao stood up, and looked at Mu Jiachen with a slightly serious expression: "You come with me, there is something to do with you. Said."

"Cousin, what happened?" Mu Nuannuan used to be in the news before, so in Mu Jiachen's subconscious, he felt that most of the news in the news were fake.

Mu Tingxiao handed Mu Lian's medical condition identification to Mu Jiachen: "Look at this first."

Mu Jiachen took it and saw the name " Mulian " written on it. He was taken aback for a while before looking down.

Seeing the back, he fell silent completely.

Mu Tingxiao did not say anything to comfort him, but told him in a very calm tone: "My aunt loves my uncle very much, and her mental state is not very good lately. We didn't until a servant found out that she wanted to hit the wall to commit suicide. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, she sent someone to the hospital."

Mu Jiachen raised his head, eyes red: "Where is she now?"

Mu Tingxiao noticed Mu Jiachen's clenched fist.

His eyebrows are still calm and deserted: "She is emotionally unstable. I was sent to the hospital. There are professional doctors. I believe it will be helpful to her condition. You can visit her if you have time."

Mu Ting It is rare for Xiao to have the patience to say so much to people other than Mu Nuannuan.

To him, Mu Jiachen was always different from other Mu family members.

As Mr. Mu said, Mu Jiachen was a sincere child, and Mu Tingxiao guarded him when he grew up, after all, he couldn't bear to tell him the truth.

Those things about Mulian and Mu Qingfeng.

The death of Si Minghuan.

These cruel truths make it a secret.

Mu Jiachen wiped away his tears: "Cousin, thank you, uncle's matter..."

Mu Tingxiao interrupted him: "That is our adult's business."

Mu Tingxiao sent someone to send Mu Jiachen to see Mu. Even, he sent him directly back to school.

There are a lot of things in Mu's family these days, and it's better for Mu Jiachen to stay in school.

Having arranged these things, Mu Tingxiao sat in the study for a while before going out.

Looking down from the second floor, Mu Jinyun was still on the phone in the lobby on the first floor.

Mu Tingxiao turned around and went back to the room. As expected, he saw Mu Nuannuan leaning on the bedside in a daze.

Hearing the door opening, Mu Nuannuan looked up at him: "I'm back." In

just a week, Mu Nuannuan has lost a lot of weight, her chin is sharper, and her complexion paler.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and pinched her sharp chin with his fingers. He didn't dare to use any force, and his face sank like water and said, "If you lose weight like this, I won't take you there."

"Mu Tingxiao..." Mu Nuannuan's complexion changed slightly, and he pulled his hand.

Instead, Mu Tingxiao talked about another thing: "Xiaochen is back."

Mu Nuannuan said with a grimace: "You..." As

if knowing what Mu Nuannuan would ask, Mu Tingxiao said: " I didn't say anything."

Mu Nuannuan nodded.

She thought that Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu were destined to be different people.

After knowing his life experience, Si Chengyu only thought about how to drag others to hell and suffering together, but Mu Tingxiao couldn't bear to let Mu Jiachen know the truth.

He was not born of the same kind, so no matter what method Si Chengyu used, he couldn't turn Mu Tingxiao into a person like him.


At that time, he helped Mu Jinyun raise 300 million.

Halfway through, the kidnapper called again and said he wanted some cash and some gold bars...

Mu Tingxiao said nothing, and ordered Shi Ye to do it.

The kidnappers called again, and Mu Jinyun was forced by them to have no patience: "This time, right? We have everything ready for you."

But the kidnappers seemed to have fun: "This way Well, add another 50 million in cash, and I will let the old man!"

Mu Jinyun didn't expect the other party to increase the price temporarily, trying to deal with them: "We didn't say that..."

But the kidnapper didn't give her any room: "Before dark, if I can't see the money, I will ask someone to send him a hand." As

soon as the kidnapper hung up, Mu Jinyun ran to Mu Tingxiao and said, "Tingxiao, what should I do now?"

Mu Tingxiao said indifferently: "Their appetite will only grow stronger and they won't be content, so call the police."

Mu Jinyun also felt that what Mu Tingxiao said was reasonable. The kidnappers were sure that they would not dare to call the police. Big opening.

However, they called the police with their front feet, and before it was dark, they received an arm from Mu Qingfeng.

Mu Jinyun fainted in fright.

The kidnapper's phone number called at this time.

Mu Qingfeng's horrified voice rang from the other end of the phone: "Tingxiao, they only need 50 million cash. You save me, I don't want to die!"

Chapter: 353

Mu Tingxiao said, "Yes, they just want 50 million in cash. They wanted 100 million in the

past ." Mu Qingfeng was too much. Fear, I am already a little confused: "Yes, yes, yes... they just want 50 million in cash, so you can give them..."

Mu Tingxiao is now his only life-saving straw, and he can only hold tight. Grab Mu Tingxiao.

"Then why didn't you give out that one hundred million?" Mu Tingxiao's voice looked like a devil crawling out of hell.

"Ting Xiao...Ting Xiao, I am your father, save me..." Mu Qingfeng's only thought at this time was to ask Mu Ting Xiao.

"Back then, if you cared about a little bit of love between husband and wife, my mother would not end like that! Mu Qingfeng, this is your retribution!"

Every word of Mu Tingxiao was squeezed out of his teeth, he said After that, I hung up the phone with a "bang".

It was already dusk.

The servants were all driven out, the hall was not turned on, and it looked a little dim.

In the huge living room, except for Mu Tingxiao and Shi Ye quietly standing behind him, there was only one Mu Jinyun who had passed out.

Mu Tingxiao maintained a posture, sitting there motionless, as if to blend in with the coming night.

For a long time, Shiye cried out with some worry: "Young Master."

Mu Nuannuan didn't know when she had come downstairs.

She walked over with light steps, and hurriedly covered the broken arm sent by the kidnapper every night: "Mrs. Young."

Mu Nuannuan said: "Help Miss Mu back to the room, here is me."

Shi Ye Take Mu Jinyun and the broken arm away.

Mu Nuannuan sat down beside Mu Tingxiao.

The sky was getting darker, and in the room where the lights were not turned on, she could not see Mu Tingxiao's face.

Mu Nuannuan reached out and held his face, turned his face around, and faced him face to face: "Mu Tingxiao."

Mu Tingxiao turned his head, and forcefully hugged Mu Nuannuan into his arms, but But he still didn't forget to avoid the unhealed injury on Mu Nuannuan's shoulder.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and patted Mu Tingxiao's back gently. At this time, no more words of comfort were unnecessary.

She could feel Mu Tingxiao's depressed breathing, spraying heavily on her neck.

"My mother is a very gentle and beautiful woman, she is better than anyone." Mu Tingxiao's voice was hoarse and painful.

Mu Nuannuan's eyes were slightly wet: "I know."

She knew what a wonderful woman Mu Tingxiao's mother was . She was a lady from a scholarly family. She thought she was married to the right Ruyi Lang. The way died tragically.

This is unfair.

The most innocent people have to endure the most pain and misery.

"How can they do it?"

Mu Nuannuan couldn't see Mu Tingxiao's face, but could feel the helplessness and pain in his words.

After many years, his mother Jing Shu is a thorn in his heart, planted in his heart, it hurts when she moves.

Even if Mu Tingxiao's mother really died in a kidnapping case back then, Mu Tingxiao would not be so painful.

Mu Nuannuan could not answer Mu Tingxiao's question.

He has no solution to this problem.

She is not Mu Qingfeng, nor Mulian, so she can't guess what kind of psychology they were like when they did this.

Even an outsider like her found it difficult to accept, she couldn't imagine how painful Mu Tingxiao was now.

She hugged Mu Tingxiao tightly, and her tone was serious and firm: "You still have me, and Mu Mu. Our family will be reunited soon. If my mother knows you are happy in the sky, she should be happy too. Yes, she loves you very much."

As soon as her voice fell, she felt a warm liquid falling into her neck.

Mu Nuannuan did not dare to move anymore, and could not speak.


next day.

Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao set off to the island that Si Chengyu said.

The island is surrounded by the sea and has beautiful scenery. It takes one day and one night to fly from Shanghai to Shanghai.

Before leaving, Mu Nuannuan saw the new headlines.

"The kidnapped Mu Qingfeng was found and taken to the hospital early this morning, and was out of danger."

Mu Nuannuan glanced at the news roughly, turned off the webpage, put the phone away, and looked up. Look at Mu Tingxiao sitting opposite.

She and Mu Tingxiao sat in the hall for a long time last night, and then she fell asleep by herself, and when she woke up, she was already on the plane.

Mu Tingxiao was still as usual, wearing a tall suit, holding a pile of materials in his hand, and his drooping eyebrows were cold and sparse, and there was no depression.

This man's self-regulation ability is amazing.

"It seems that I am more attractive than breakfast." Mu Tingxiao put down the information in his hand and looked up at her: "You stared at me for two minutes and didn't eat breakfast."

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment, and lowered his head to take it. Qi Baozi took a bite, and then said, "I didn't know you had a private jet before."

This time, they took Mu Tingxiao's private jet.

Mu Tingxiao lowered his head and continued to read the information in his hand: "If you like it, I will buy one for you after I go back."

Mu Nuannuan didn't move after eating two steamed buns. She sat next to him and read the information with him.

What Mu Tingxiao looked at was some information on Xiaodao, and the various movements of Si Chengyu in the past six months.

When Si Chengyu wrote him the address, besides sending someone to stare at Si Chengyu, he also sent someone to the island first.

But except for the house and a few servants guarding the house, Mu Mu was not found on the island.

Mu Nuannuan took the corner of her mouth, and said worriedly: "Si Chengyu is too cunning, I always think it won't go so smoothly."

"Trust me?" Mu Tingxiao put down the information in his hand and reached out to pull her. Into the arms.

Mu Nuannuan raised her head and said word by word: "No matter when, I believe you."

Mu Tingxiao brushed her hair around her ear: "Then don't think about it."

Mu Nuannuan nodded. , Turning his head and looking out the window, the anxiety in my heart has not diminished.

She took a deep breath and stood up: "I'm going to see Miss Su."

Mu Tingxiao seemed to see her upset, and didn't say anything, just nodded and let her go.

When Mu Nuannuan passed by, she saw Su Qingning sitting by the window, looking quiet and beautiful.

Mu Nuannuan yelled: "Miss Su."

Su Qingning looked back at her: "Mrs. Young."

"Sorry, I don't know what your original name was." Mu Nuannuan can't actually imagine a woman willing to undergo plastic surgery to become another. What a woman looks like is what she has experienced.

Su Qingning looked indifferent: "It doesn't matter what I originally called. The important thing is that the young master helped me, and my existence can help you find the little lady."

Chapter: 354

When she first learned that Mu Tingxiao had found a woman to have a facelift to become Su Qingning, Mu Nuannuan was shocked and questioned.

Later, knowing that Su Qingning was voluntary, her thoughts were a little complicated.

It feels like using another person to exchange for his own daughter.

Life is not high or low, but people are selfish.

Seeing that Mu Nuannuan hadn’t spoken for a long time, Su Qingning smiled and comforted her: "Madam Young, you don’t need to think you owe me anything. This is what I want. It makes me feel that my existence is valuable, if not Master, I am dead a long time ago.”

Although Mu Nuannuan had a difficult time since she was a child, compared with Mu Tingxiao, she felt that her experience was nothing but a terrible one.

She bowed her head and pondered for a moment: "Thank you." After thinking

about it, she reminded Su Qingning again: "The person Si Chengyu is very cunning, and you will be careful when the time comes."

... When the

plane reached the island It was the early morning three days after the appointment with Si Chengyu.

When Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao arrived, Si Chengyu hadn't arrived yet.

Mu Tingxiao's people searched everything on the island inside and out, and there was nothing except a few servants who looked at the house.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the blue sea, and asked Mu Tingxiao uneasyly: "Will he change his mind temporarily and won't come?"

Mu Tingxiao's eyes flashed slightly: "No, I know him."

Two people After being able to make friends for many years, there are always similarities.

The similarity between him and Si Chengyu lies in the persistence of certain people and things.

Su Qingning is an absolutely special existence for Si Chengyu.

Si Chengyu felt that Mu Wanqi looked like Su Qingning, so he was with Mu Wanqi and indulged Mu Wanqi's various things.

He could bear even Mu Wanqi, let alone a perfect replica that Mu Tingxiao prepared for him.

Si Chengyu will definitely come.

Mu Nuannuan followed Mu Tingxiao, anxiously waiting for Si Chengyu to come.

They waited from sunrise to sunset, and Si Chengyu finally came with the night.

Si Chengyu came here by boat and brought many people.

The two sides confronted each other in the villa lobby.

The island was bought by Si Chengyu and built apron and luxurious villas.

Si Chengyu's hands lined up on both sides, leaving a way in between.

Si Chengyu walked out slowly, his gaze fell on Mu Tingxiao's body, and the temperature was as before: "The boat is a bit slow, making you wait for a long time, Tingxiao."

Mu Tingxiao's face was slightly condensed: "Child What?"

Si Chengyu clapped his hands and saw a middle-aged woman walking over with a baby.

Mu Nuannuan stood behind Mu Tingxiao, and saw the middle-aged woman approaching with the baby, she couldn't help walking forward, and muttered, "Mu Mu..."

Mu Tingxiao held her silently. , His eyes still fell on Si Chengyu: "How can I be sure that she is my daughter?"

"Heh!" Si Chengyu laughed: "You are still so smart." After

Si Chengyu finished speaking, there was another one. The middle-aged woman came out with a baby.

Mu Nuannuan's face was startled, and the next moment, I heard Si Chengyu's careless voice: "Guess, which one is your daughter?" As

soon as the voice fell, she stood behind Si Chengyu and handed it to him. A pistol.

Si Chengyu blew the muzzle, pointed a pistol at the two babies, with a gentle smile on his face: "I heard that parents and children will be telepathic before. I believe you will be able to guess right."

Mu Nuannuan bit her lip: "Si Chengyu, they are just children, they are still babies who can't talk and can't walk!"

Although Si Chengyu didn't explain, his meaning is already obvious. If Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan and they chose one of them, and the other one would be killed by him... it was

simply frantic.

"Nuan Nuan, you can't discriminate against others, treat them equally and respect the rules of the game, otherwise..." Si Chengyu paused slightly at this point, and his expression gradually turned gloomy: "Don't want any of you! "

Cheng Yu."

Suddenly, a female voice rang from behind everyone.

Mu Nuannuan followed them back and saw Su Qingning walking downstairs.

Su Qingning wears a white dress with waist-length hair, gentle and beautiful.

Her gaze fixed on Si Chengyu's body: "You haven't seen you for many years, you have changed a lot." As

she spoke, she walked towards Si Chengyu.

Mu Nuannuan noticed that Si Chengyu's expression suddenly changed the moment he saw Su Qingning.

Shock, astonishment, excitement, excitement... Many emotions crossed his face.

"Qing...Qing Ning?" With a "bang", the gun in his hand fell to the ground.

Su Qingning passed through the crowd and walked in front of Si Chengyu: "It's me."

Si Chengyu looked at Su Qingning's face, which was exactly the same face as Su Qingning in his memory, and he couldn't bear to blink his eyes. a bit.

Su Qingning reached out to hold Si Chengyu's hand, and said softly, "Chengyu, how did you and Tingxiao become like this? I don't know what misunderstanding you have, but the child is innocent, you Return the children to them, okay?"

Mu Nuannuan grabbed her hand nervously, pinched her nails fiercely, and she didn't feel any pain.

Si Chengyu seemed to be bewitched to the general level by Su Qingning, and nodded invisibly.

A surprise flashed in Mu Nuan Nuan’s eyes, but before that surprise came out of her thoughts, she heard Si Chengyu say, “Qing Ning, let’s play a game with me. It’s a fun game. , When the game is over, I will take you home."

Si Chengyu finished speaking and looked up at Mu Tingxiao: "Tingxiao, I am very tired on the road today, we will continue tomorrow."

After that, he took someone with him. out.

Several villas were not built on this island, and Si Chengyu took people to live in other villas.

As soon as Si Chengyu left, Su Qingning fell straight to the ground.

Seeing this, Mu Nuannuan quickly walked over to help her up.

Su Qingning grabbed Mu Nuannuan's arm and said with lingering fear: "I think he saw that I was a fake."

Mu Nuannuan was shocked when she heard this, before she could even ask Mu Tingxiao aloud. I heard Mu Tingxiao’s voice: "He knew you were a fake."

Mu Nuannuan looked at him incredulously: "What did you say? Si Chengyu knew she was a fake Su Qingning, then he Why would you exchange it for a real Mumu?"

She knew it was not that easy.

Mu Tingxiao only reminded her: "Mu Wanqi." Mu Nuannuan

suddenly raised her head when she heard the words, "You mean..."

"Yes." Before she could finish, Mu Tingxiao called After breaking her words, she took a deep look at her: "Everyone has obsessions in their hearts."

Mu Nuannuan remembered that Si Chengyu's connivance and love for Mu Wanqi was entirely because Mu Wanqi was so harmonious. Su Qingning is a bit similar.

Chapter: 355

It can also be seen that Si Chengyu's obsession with Su Qingning is really deep.

Si Chengyu was extremely cunning, how could he not know that Su Qingning was fake.

Even if he knew that Su Qingning was a fake, Si Chengyu would still treat her like Su Qingning.

After thinking about this, Mu Nuannuan felt relieved.

But still one night without closing his eyes.


next day.

Si Chengyu sent someone over and said that he wanted to invite Mu Tingxiao to play golf.

The island’s facilities are very complete, with a golf course.

When Mu Nuannuan and the others passed by, Si Chengyu was wearing a baseball bat and standing alone under the hot sun to play golf.

Hearing the movement behind him, he waved to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan also wanted to go with Mu Tingxiao, but was stopped by Mu Tingxiao: "You are waiting for me here." After

he finished speaking, he glanced at Shi Ye.

Shi Ye nodded towards Mu Tingxiao.

He has followed Mu Tingxiao for many years, and he still has this tacit understanding.

Mu Nuannuan watched Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu playing golf quietly from a distance, as if there was no communication at all.

Seeing the two fighting farther and farther, Mu Nuannuan walked around the place anxiously.

Shi Ye suddenly said: "Young lady, you don't have to worry too much, Young Master has plans."

Mu Nuannuan's face was slightly stagnant: "What plan?"

Shi Ye cautiously glanced in the direction of Si Chengyu, then lowered his head. Glancing at the watch on his wrist, he quietly left with Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan asked Shiye as he walked, "What plans does Mu Tingxiao have?"

Shi Ye said quietly and quickly: "Si Chengyu came by boat. Last night we sent someone to figure out the situation on the boat. The closest distance to the boat is here. You can board it directly later."

"What do you mean? Mu Ting Xiao Xiao sent someone to steal the child from Si Chengyu's villa?" After Mu Nuannuan said, she looked around cautiously.

Before I waited to explain to her, Mu Nuannuan had already seen two familiar bodyguards walking from here with their two children.

The posture of the big man holding the child is not standard, one of the children is crying, the other is looking here and there curiously with his watery eyes, without saying a word.

Mu Nuannuan walked over and stretched out her hands tremblingly, feeling sad and happy. She didn't know which child to pick up for a while, and her tears kept falling like a broken string.

Mu Mu was taken away by them when she was born, and Mu Nuan's posture for holding the child was not very skilled, but it was much better than two bodyguards.

She took the child who was not crying, and her tears became more turbulent.

The child of nearly three months has grown very beautiful, with dark hair, snow-white, black grape-like eyes and round eyes. Seeing Mu Nuannuan crying all the time, she babbled and laughed. , Unconsciously reached out to touch her face.

Mu Nuan could not cry: "I know... you are my Mu Mu."

Shi Ye said, "Madam, this is not a place to stay for a long time. Let's go to the boat first."

Mu Nuan glanced towards the golf course behind him. , Holding the child and followed Shi Ye and left.

She didn't know how Mu Tingxiao's people snatched both children back, but the people on the boat were all Mu Tingxiao's men.

The sailor was threatened by Mu Tingxiao's men.

Only then could Mu Nuannuan have the opportunity to take a closer look at the two children.

She was surprised to find that the other child was a boy.

The kid she just hugged is Mu Mu!

"Mu Mu." Mu Nuannuan embraced her and kissed her again, reluctant to let go.

Mu Nuannuan touched her hands, touched her little feet... Touching here and there, feeling so happy that she didn't know what to do.

Mu Mu didn't cry, but looked at Mu Nuannuan happily, babbling happily.

After a while, Mu Mu narrowed his mouth and began to cry.

Mu Nuannuan hugged her and coaxed softly, and asked her in a low voice: "Baby is hungry?"

When she came, she and Mu Tingxiao prepared a lot of things, including powdered milk, diapers and clothes...

She went to make milk powder for Mu Mu, too. Not willing to put her down.

After preparing the milk powder, Mu Mu fell asleep drinking the milk obediently.

At this time, Mu Nuannuan asked Shiye: "Mu Tingxiao has n't come yet?" Shiye

also frowned slightly: "Not yet."

Mu Nuannuan looked down at the child in her arms, pursed her lips and said, " I'll check it out."

She said, and handed the child to Shiye.

Shi Ye had a son with his ex-wife, and he was able to hold the child at his fingertips.

He took the child, and said uneasy: "Young lady, let me go."

Mu Nuannuan asked him, "You can bring the two children over, and Si Chengyu's people must have been solved by you, right? ? it "

when night nodded, Mu warm continued:" now the island is only Mu Ting Yu Cheng Division owl and two people, very safe. "

when the night was right feel warm Mu, Mu know warm Worry, there is no further blocking.


Mu Nuannuan returned to the golf course and found that Mu Tingxiao and Si Chengyu were still playing intently.

Si Chengyu didn't seem to worry that Mu Tingxiao would take this opportunity to let Shi Ye go to find the child.

This made Mu Nuannuan feel a little suspicious.

How could a cunning person like Si Chengyu be so careless?

Mu Nuannuan did not show up, but stood far away and looked at them.

At this time, there was a sound of fast running behind him.

Anyone else?

Mu Nuan Nuan turned her head in surprise, and saw Su Qingning hurriedly running towards this side with a complexion.

Mu Nuannuan glanced in Mu Tingxiao's direction again, and then quickly walked towards Su Qingning's direction: "Qing Ning? Why are you still on the island? I thought you had already boarded with them.

" Madam Shao, I think there are weird things on the island, so it's better to leave as soon as possible." Su Qingning's forehead was leaking fine beads of sweat, and it was obvious that she ran over quickly.

Mu Nuannuan's face condensed: "What is weird?"

Su Qingning's face changed slightly, and a hint of fear flashed in his eyes: "I was worried that the young master still needs me, so I didn't go with them just now. I went downstairs. At the time, I found...explosives in the basement."

Su Qingning obviously had a vibrato in the last three words.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion changed suddenly, and she turned and ran in the direction of Mu Tingxiao.

Su Qingning called her from behind: "Young lady!"

Mu Nuannuan's mind was blank at this time, and she couldn't hear other people's voices at all.

She knew it would not go so smoothly.

She knew that the lunatic Si Chengyu would not let them get their wish so easily.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao scored a shot, he looked back behind him with feeling.

"Mu Nuannuan?"

Shouldn't she be on the boat now? What are you doing back again!

Mu Nuannuan had already ran up to Mu Tingxiao, looking at Si Chengyu with a vigilant expression.

Si Chengyu tilted his head to look at her, with a brisk voice: "Warm is coming."

Chapter: 356

Si Chengyu smiled like Mu Chunfeng on his face, and his tone of voice was no different from when Mu Nuannuan first saw him.

But Mu Nuannuan knew best in her heart that under Si Chengyu's calm face was a ferocious beast with fangs.

He is ready to destroy everything.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep look at Si Chengyu, turned her head to look at Mu Tingxiao, and asked in a low voice, "Is it all right?"

"What's the matter?" Mu Tingxiao looked down at her and held her hand. She felt that her hands were cold as if they were fished out of the water, and there was still wet sweat in her palms.

Mu Tingxiao frowned slightly, and took another look in the direction of Mu Nuan Nuan, but did not see anyone else.

This shows that Shi Ye has successfully taken the child on the boat, so what is it that makes Mu Nuannuan so nervous and scared?

Si Chengyu stretched out his hand and pushed the brim of the baseball cap on his head, and asked in a gentle tone: "Since the child has been picked up, it is time to return Qingning to me."

Su Qingning just had a chance to leave. , But she didn't leave, and followed Mu Nuan Nuan, but she was behind Mu Nuan Nuan.

Su Qingning walked straight to Si Chengyu and shouted with a smile: "Chengyu."

"Come here." Si Chengyu also smiled on his face, and the whole person looked gentle and elegant, without a trace of haze.

Mu Nuannuan took advantage of Si Chengyu's attention on Su Qingning, grabbed Mu Tingxiao's palm, and silently said to Mu Tingxiao with his back to Si Chengyu: Dynamite.

Mu Tingxiao understood her lips, and there was no obvious change in the expression on her face, only slightly narrowed eyes widened, showing his thoughts at this time.

Obviously, Mu Nuannuan's words did not surprise Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Si Chengyu and saw that he was looking at Su Qingning affectionately.

He held Su Qingning's hand and said nothing, but Neng Mu Nuannuan felt very moved.

Perhaps in Si Chengyu's crazy heart, only the woman named Su Qingning could calm him down.

"Tingxiao, bother, she is exactly the same as Qingning." Si Chengyu suddenly turned his head to look at Mu Tingxiao, with a deeper smile on his face: "Six years, Qingning is alone, we should Go find her."

Si Chengyu didn't know what he thought, his eyes became strange and contented.

At this moment, Mu Tingxiao suddenly yelled: "Go!"

Before the voice fell, Mu Nuannuan felt that she was being pulled by Mu Tingxiao and ran to the beach.

Behind him was Si Chengyu's crazy laughter: "It's useless, I have buried explosives under the entire golf course, let's go to Qingning together..."

The words behind were drowned by the loud explosion of the explosion.

Mu Nuannuan's last memory of Si Chengyu stayed in the dust of the explosion, his face calm and smiling, standing on the grass.

How far the golf course is from the sea, at this moment, it seems that it will never run to the end.

Soil and turf hit the two of them. Mu Nuannuan said as he ran, "Take care of Mumu and leave me alone."

Mu Nuannuan's physical strength is not as strong as Mu Tingxiao. In this line of life and death, he races against time with his life. At the time, she could only drag down Mu Tingxiao.

The roar was behind him.

Mu Tingxiao still looked calm.

Mu Nuannuan noticed that Mu Tingxiao was about to reach out and hug her, so she used all her strength and slammed him away.

Mu Nuannuan used all his strength, and Mu Tingxiao's body fell straight back. There was already the sea behind him, and it was very likely that he would survive the fall.

Mu Tingxiao's eyes widened in disbelief, panic and fear flashed across those dark eyes that had never been emotional.

Mu Nuannuan wanted to smile at him, but it was too late...


Waiting for a while on the boat that night, seeing that Mu Nuannuan hadn't returned yet, she planned to disembark and find someone.

However, when he was about to go down, he heard a deafening explosion.

Behind him, a subordinate said in shock, "There was an explosion over there!"

"Master!" Shi Ye murmured, and was about to rush off the ship.

However, the ship started to move at this time.

Shi Ye quickly walked to the driver's cab: "What are you doing?" The

captain looked horrified: "There was an explosion, of course you must leave here immediately!"

"Tie up." Shi Ye gave an order and someone went to tie him. Up.

Shi Ye quickly rushed off the ship.

The main place of the explosion was the golf course.

When they ran over, nearly half of the island was turned into a mess in this report, and the sky was full of smoke and dust that didn't know where to find people.

The search and rescue team was contacted at night.

Fortunately, people from the search and rescue team quickly rushed over and began a large-scale search and rescue.

At the same time, Mu Jinyun came with him.

As soon as Mu Jinyun arrived at the scene, she lost her temper at Shiye: "How could something like this happen? You have been following Tingxiao, why is something wrong with him, but you are fine!"

Shiye lowered her head, expressionless: "The most important thing now is to find the young master and young lady first."

"Which young lady? Mu Nuannuan?" Mu Jinyun's expression worsened when she heard Mu Nuannuan's name: "I knew it, Yi Ting Xiao's ability, it is impossible for such a thing to happen, it must be caused by others..."

Shi Ye has always been self-sufficient. After listening to Mu Jinyun's words, she couldn't help but said coldly: "Miss Mu has no idea about the causes and consequences of things. It's best not to define it casually."

"You..." Mu Jinyun didn't. Thinking of Shiye, he dared to confront her.

When Shi Ye finished speaking, she ignored her at all, looking for someone with the search and rescue team.

Because of the terrain, the difficulty of search and rescue is increased.

They found Si Chengyu and Su Qingning on the afternoon of the second day of the explosion.

Both of them have no signs of life.

Shi Ye feels a little bit in my heart, Master and Madam will not have trouble, right?

That night, they finally found Mu Tingxiao.

But Mu Tingxiao's breathing was already very weak.

The accompanying paramedics immediately rescued him, and Shi Ye immediately asked: "Master, can you hear me?"

Mu Tingxiao moved his lips, as if saying something.

When Shi Ye approached to listen, he heard him unconsciously say: "Mu..."

The words behind it were unclear.

But Shi Ye knew what Mu Tingxiao's words meant.

Shi Ye said in a serious tone: "I know, I will definitely find Mrs. Young." After

sending Mu Tingxiao aboard, Shi Ye will continue to look for Mu Nuannuan with someone.

When she turned around, she heard Mu Jinyun saying to the search and rescue team: "The person we are looking for has been found. I have worked hard for you."

Shi Ye strode over: "Miss Mu! There is still no lady found. "

Mu Jinyun sneered: "What young lady? Where did Tingxiao's young lady come from?" After

she finished speaking, she ordered her subordinates: "Shi's special assistant is also working hard. You can take Shi's special assistant and go back to rest on the boat. "

Chapter: 357

Mu Tingxiao was seriously injured and unconscious, and other things naturally were in charge of Mu Jinyun.

At Mu Jinyun's order, the bodyguards naturally stepped forward to stop Shiye.

Shi Ye couldn't believe that Mu Jinyun would be so cruel: "Miss Mu, you can't do this! Even if Mu Nuannuan is not Mrs. Young, it is a life!"

Mu Jinyun hated Mu Nuannuan a long time ago. After hearing Shi Ye’s words, her expression on her face became colder and colder: “You’re right, people have their lives, and Mu Nuan Nuan has her own life!”

Shi Ye was looking at Mu Nuan Nuan and admiration. Ting Xiao walked all the way, seeing that a family of three was about to be reunited, but something like this happened.

The scope of the explosion is in this area, and you will definitely find Mu Nuannuan if you continue to search.

But if Mu Jinyun is not looking for Mu Nuannuan now, Mu Nuannuan will have no hope of surviving.

Shi Ye is also a man with a wife and a son. He is always rigorous and rigorous at all times. At this time, he can’t help but red eyes: "Miss Mu, if you do this, the young master will hate you! It will only make the relationship between your sister and brother worse. Go further."

Mu Jinyun paled: "It's our business, it's not your turn to interrupt!"

Because of the woman Mu Nuannuan, the relationship between her and Mu Tingxiao became more and more tense. .

That woman Mu Nuannuan is gone!

Shi Ye was finally forced on board by Mu Jinyun's people.

He found an opportunity on the boat, got his cell phone, and called Gu Zhiyan.

Gu Zhiyan also knew about the island, and he had already gone abroad.

When Mu Jinyun and his party went ashore, they met Gu Zhiyan.

Gu Zhiyan walked straight to Mu Jinyun and asked her, "How is Ting Xiao?"

"What's up with you? My own brother, I will take care of it." Mu Jinyun also treated Gu Zhiyan because of the last time he was in Jinding. No good face.

Gu Zhiyan squinted her eyes with a cold expression: "You'd better pray that Ting Xiao forgets that there is Mu Nuannuan in the world, otherwise, when he wakes up, it will be your end of the world."

Mu Jinyun's face was slightly stagnant, she knew Mu. Tingxiao cares about Mu Nuannuan, but she doesn't think that Mu Tingxiao can really care about the sibling relationship between them.

"I am Tingxiao's sister, and family affection is irreplaceable." Mu Jinyun raised his chin slightly, her expression arrogant.

Gu Zhiyan didn't talk nonsense with her: "Hand over the time and night."

Although Mu Jinyun and Gu Zhiyan also have a relationship, the Shanghai market is so big, and it's not easy to make it too ugly.

So, she let the time go.

After Mu Jinyun released the night, she took Mu Tingxiao to the local hospital for treatment.

Shi Ye did not close his eyes for these two days, and the whole person looked very embarrassed: "Mr. Gu."

Gu Zhiyan asked him solemnly, "What was the situation at that time?"

"It's a long story. I am worried about the young lady, young master. Being picked up by Ms. Mu will definitely give him the best treatment, but the young lady may be more violent..."

After hearing Shi Ye's words, Gu Zhiyan frowned and tightened: "Get

on the boat first." They got on the boat. , Gu Zhiyan seemed to think of something, and asked, "Where is Xiao Mumu?"

"I was taken away by Miss Mu. After all, she is the young master's relative..." Even Gu Zhiyan couldn't help it.

It was only natural that Mu Mu was taken away by Mu Jinyun.

Gu Zhiyan took a deep breath: "Let's do it."

No matter what, everyone is fine.

Gu Zhiyan and their boat just started to leave, and they saw two boats approaching from the front.

Gu Zhiyan asked Shiye: "What kind of boat is that?"

Shi Ye looked at the sign and said, "That's the ship of the search and rescue team, and it just evacuated with it."

... When

disembarking the ship, Gu Zhiyan looked at the devastated island, and his heart followed.

Gu Zhiyan gritted his teeth and said, "Turn me over here, and find Mu Nuannuan for me!"


Going down to find someone, Gu Zhiyan and Shi Ye were not idle.

They searched the island for a week, constantly increasing their manpower, and really turned the island upside down, not to mention Mu Nuannuan, even a small living mouse was not found.

Both of them are people with perseverance, so they can't find Mu Nuannuan who is alive, and they will find the dead.

To see people in life, to see corpses in death.

But the strange thing is that they searched for a week, a month, three months... In the

end they did not find Mu Nuannuan's figure or body.


Mu Ting Xiao was seriously injured, and after being treated in the local hospital for a period of time, he was sent to Country M.

Before going to Country M, Gu Zhiyan went to see Mu Tingxiao once.

Mu Tingxiao's body was full of pipes, except that his face was slightly pale, it was no different from falling asleep.

Gu Zhiyan sat on the edge of the hospital bed: "I have tried my best. Shi Ye and I rummaged through the entire island, but we didn't find Mu Nuannuan... You should wake up sooner too. You are used to being squeezed by you, and now it's a little bit I'm not used to it..."

Gu Zhiyan said nothing to Mu Tingxiao, and Mu Tingxiao did not wake up either.

When she came out, she saw Mu Jinyun who was about to push the door, with a few bodyguards behind her.

When she saw Gu Zhiyan come out, her eyes drenched, obviously not welcoming his arrival.

The most annoying thing for Gu Zhiyan is Mu Jinyun, a wealthy and elegant lady who loves to put her accent.

But in this situation, he couldn't pull his face down with Mu Jinyun, so he could only say very angry: "Take good care of Ting Xiao and Xiao Mumu."

Mu Jinyun embraced his arms and said in a mocking tone: "I still use you to say it. "

Gu Zhiyan looked annoying at her more, and walked around her sideways and left.

Mu Jinyun turned around and took a look at Gu Zhiyan, and ordered the bodyguard beside him: "I will leave for Country M tonight, and go down to make arrangements."

"Yes." The bodyguard led the way away.

Mu Jinyun pushed the door in, and stood on the edge of the hospital bed and looked at Mu Tingxiao for a while, as if made up his mind, she took out her mobile phone and made an overseas call.

"Hello, Miss Mu."

"The hypnotherapist I asked you to contact is sure to do it?"

"Miss Mu, please don't worry, that hypnotherapist is a world-renowned expert, and most people can't get it. His, absolutely professional!"

"That's good."

Mu Jinyun hung up the phone, held the phone in a trance for a moment, then turned his gaze to Mu Tingxiao.

"Ting Xiao, I am also doing this for you. What is good about that woman in Mu Nuannuan? When you wake up, you will be a brand-new and complete person. You are the pride of our Mu family. Together, we must make Mu family become More prosperous..."

Mu Jinyun is an ambitious woman.

She prides herself on her outstanding ability, but in business, Mu Tingxiao is better than her.

What she couldn't do, let Mu Tingxiao do it.

All she did was just to keep the Mu family glorious.

As the person in charge of the Mu family, Mu Tingxiao should have everything that matches his identity.

Chapter: 358


A slight knock on the door interrupted Mu Jinyun's thoughts.

Mu Jinyun restrained the expression on her face: "Come in." The

bodyguard opened the door and said respectfully: "Miss Mu, it's all ready."

"Don't wait until the evening, just set off now."

Mu Jinyun gave the order. , Soon medical staff came in to transfer Mu Tingxiao.

When the medical staff sent Mu Tingxiao onto the plane, they were surprised to find that Mu Tingxiao seemed to be waking up.

"Miss Mu, Young Master Mu should be awake soon." The doctor told Mu Jinyun about the incident with a look of joy, but he didn't see a trace of joy on Mu Jinyun's face.

She just said faintly: "I see."

Mu Jinyun drove the other medical staff out, leaving only one of them, and said: "His recent sober signs are getting more and more frequent. The dose can be increased a bit. Before going to the United States, he cannot be sobered up."

In fact, Mu Tingxiao's injury was not as serious as it seemed.

A week ago, Mu Tingxiao had been able to wake up, and it was Mu Jinyun who had been instructing people to give Mu Tingxiao medicine so that he could not wake up.

What Gu Zhiyan said before took root in Mu Jinyun's heart.

Although she and Mu Tingxiao's relationship was weak, she knew in her heart that if Mu Tingxiao woke up and knew that she had not sent someone to save Mu Nuannuan, she would definitely turn her head against her.

She would never let this happen.

However, fortunately, she has already contacted the world's most authoritative Cui Mian therapist.

Thinking of this, Mu Jinyun curled her lips, her eyes flashed with a certain light.


The plane stopped at a private airport in country M, and the hypnotherapist who Mu Jinyun contacted had already sent someone to take it.

The cold-faced man walked to Mu Jinyun, "Excuse me, is it Miss Mu?"

"It's me." After

confirming their identities, they left with Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jinyun.

Mu Jinyun still didn't trust the expert hypnotherapist in her heart: "Are you under that expert?" The

driving man said blankly, "Miss Mu doesn't believe our boss? But you too I can only believe him. When it's there, Miss Mu, please get out of the car."

Mu Jinyun gritted her teeth and got out of the car together.

In front of me was a dark black circular villa with a weird style.

There was a retreat in Mu Jinyun's heart. This villa and the two men sent by this expert were too weird.

The people behind her urged her: "Miss Mu, please." When

Mu Jinyun came over, she didn't bring her men, mainly because there were as few people who knew about it, the better.

No matter what, try it.

Mu Jinyun raised her foot and walked in.

They took her all the way inside.

Through the promenade, into an empty room.

With the lights on in the room, there is a huge bookshelf that occupies a whole wall. In front of the bookshelf is a dark wooden desk, and a tall man sits in front of the desk.

The man wears glasses and a mask, and a plain black suit. He looks very deep.

The subordinate respectfully walked to the man: "MR.Li, the man is here." The

man nodded invisibly, got up and walked to Mu Jinyun, and politely reached out to her: "Miss Mu, Hello."

He speaks Chinese.

Mu Jinyun stretched out her hand and tentatively said: "Mr. Li?"

A smile in the man's voice: "You can start."

"Mr. Li, do you always wear a mask?" Mu Jinyun is wary The heart is a bit serious, the expert looks too young.

"Take Miss Mu out for tea." The man gave an order, and his subordinates forced Mu Jinyun out.

The door closed, and the man's eyes fell on Mu Tingxiao's body.

He took off his glasses, with a hint of interest in his eyes, and said in a general tone: "It's interesting."


"Recently, a paparazzi took pictures of Mu Tingxiao, the CEO of Mu Family. In the photo, he and a little girl were very close. Intimacy, suspected illegitimate daughter..." In the

VIP ward, entertainment news is broadcast on TV.

The nurse who was changing the dressing of the patient on the bed heard the news and started a quiet discussion.

"Really? Mu Tingxiao actually has an illegitimate daughter?"

"Didn't he just reveal that he had a fiancée some time ago? Will the child be born to him and his fiancée?"

One of the nurses pointed to the female patient on the bed. Reminded: "...Be careful, don't pierce too deeply..."

Another nurse looked disapproving: "If you pierce deeper, she can't feel it. A vegetative who has slept for three years may not be able to wake up. . " "

do not say ...... I come. "

the nurse just put the needle into the patient's wrist back, felt bird acupuncture treatment for many years has become green violet purple wrist seems to be moving a bit.

"I was dazzled just now?"

Another nurse asked her, "What?"

At this moment , a female voice that was so weak that people could not hear sounded from the bed: "You...are..."

The two nurses lowered their heads to look at the female patient on the bed: "Are you awake?!"

Mu Nuannuan blinked. Since she slept for three years, she had difficulty speaking.

Before she could speak again, the two nurses ran out.

"I'll call and notify Mr. Li !"

"I'll notify the doctor!"


soon as Li Jiuheng got out of the elevator, a nurse happily ran over to him and told him: "Mr. Li, your fiancee woke up, she just woke up!"

Three years ago, a female patient came to the hospital. She hadn't awakened for three years. However, this man named Li Jiuheng came to see the female patient every day, rain or shine, and did not give up on her.

Although Li Jiuheng never said that he was related to the female patient, the female nurses and doctors all thought that the female patient was Li Jiuheng's fiancée.

When Li Jiuheng heard the words, a smile flashed in his eyes, but his tone was not surprised at all: "Really?"

Seeing Li Jiuheng like this, the nurse couldn't help but wonder, shouldn't he be ecstatic?

"I'll go see her first." Li Jiuheng ignored the nurse's doubts and walked directly to the ward.

There are already several doctors in the ward checking Mu Nuannuan's condition.

Li Jiuheng walked over, looked at the thin and blank Mu Nuannuan who was lying on the bed, and said: "Mu Nuannuan, you finally woke up."

The female patient on the bed raised her eyes to Li Jiuheng, her original beautiful bright cat eyes were nothing. Looking at Li Jiuheng with a look, his voice was so hoarse that he could hardly hear him: "You call me?"

Li Jiuheng's expression finally changed slightly after hearing her words.

His eyes flashed slightly, and he pointed his finger at himself: "Do you know me? Who am I?"

Mu Nuannuan shook his head: "Who are you?"

Li Jiuheng narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Your fiance."

Mu Nuannuan stared at him for a few seconds, her eyes filled with doubts: "Really?"

Chapter: 359

Li Jiuheng would say that he was Mu Nuannuan's fiancé, and he was just a test, but he didn't expect that Mu Nuannuan would ask him if it was true.

As an adult with basic common sense, he suspects that Mu Nuannuan may be-amnesia!

The relaxed expression on Li Jiuheng's face was not there, and his expression had become very solemn: "Doctor, please help her to perform a comprehensive examination."

The doctor in the ward just saw Mu Nuannuan's reaction, and his expression became serious.

The doctor quickly checked Mu Nuannuan's body, and then called Li Jiuheng to the office.

"Mr. Li, your fiancée, Miss Mu, now has no other problems except for her weakness, but due to the severe brain damage in that accident, it caused amnesia..."

Li Jiuheng listened to the doctor's words in silence and thanked him. Then returned to the ward.

Mu Nuannuan was sitting on the bedside and holding the remote control to change the TV. The nurse next to her who changed her dressing was whispering that she was envious of her having a fiance who would never leave her.

The nurse changed the medicine for Mu Nuannuan, and when she turned her head, she saw Li Jiuheng standing by the door, blushing and yelled, "Mr. Li."

This Mr. Li is not only handsome and good-tempered, but also so affectionate. Everyone was moved by his "feelings" for Mu Nuannuan. Some nurses could not help but chase him.

After the nurse went out, Li Jiuheng walked to the bed and sat down, quietly watching Mu Nuannuan.

After lying on the hospital bed for three years, Mu Nuannuan was so thin that only skin and bones were left, and his face was sickly and white without a trace of blood.

Mu Nuannuan's reaction was a little slow, she felt Li Jiuheng looking at her, she slowly turned her head to look at Li Jiuheng.

She looked at Li Jiuheng's gaze, which was very strange.

Mu Nuannuan asked him cautiously, "They said your name is Li Jiuheng?"

The nurse just told her that she had been lying in the hospital bed for three years, and the man named Li Jiuheng in front of her had been guarding her and would never leave her.

And Li Jiuheng said that he is her fiance.

But she has no memory at all.

Don't say she can't remember if she has a fiance named Li Jiuheng, she doesn't even remember her name.

She lost all her memories and past.

There was a blank in her mind, the blank frightened her.

"Yeah." Li Jiuheng replied silently, and stared at her with a careful look, not knowing what he was thinking.

Mu Nuannuan's fingers on her side disturbed the sheets unconsciously: "They also said that you are my...fiance..."

Li Jiuheng nodded, "Yes."

After a few seconds, Mu Nuannuan was somewhat He shook his head in confusion, and subconsciously retorted: "No."

If Li Jiuheng is really her fiancé, why does she not feel any kind of him in her heart?

Feelings may be lost together due to amnesia, but how can there be no intimacy at all?

After all, such a close person.

A hint of interest flashed in Li Jiuheng's eyes: "You think I'm lying to you."

"You..." Mu Nuannuan remembered what the nurse said, and shook her head quickly, hesitatingly said in a low voice: "I don't have it, we may... the relationship before It's very deep...otherwise, I..."

Since Li Jiuheng was able to guard her for three years when she became a vegetative, he was a loving and righteous person anyway, and she believed he did not lie to her.

She didn't have any kind feelings towards him, probably because the relationship between the two was not particularly good.

"Yes, we didn't have a good relationship before, but that has passed. We can meet again and start again." Li Jiuheng stretched out his hand towards her with a smile: "Hello, this is Li Jiuheng."

His smile was too sincere and contagious. Mu Nuannuan completely believed him at this moment: "Hello, I am..."

Li Jiuheng reminded her aloud: "Mu Nuannuan."

"Hello, me ." It's Mu Nuannuan." Mu Nuannuan completed the following words, her smiling eyes seemed to be filled with bright stars.

Li Jiuheng held her skinny hand and lost consciousness for a moment.

Obviously a woman who is too weak and thin to be "beautiful", even a horribly thin woman, at this moment, is particularly pleasing to the eye.


Mu Nuannuan stayed in the hospital for half a month and was able to start eating some food before being taken out of the hospital by Li Jiuheng.

It's September.

The weather in early autumn has become much cooler.

Mu Nuannuan wore a gray sweater with a white shirt inside, and her long hair was draped softly on her shoulders. She looked soft and gentle.

She was sitting in the position of the co-pilot, and there was wind blowing in from the open window. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

The familiar breath in the air made Mu Nuannuan very happy.

She turned her head to Li Jiuheng with a smile on her face and said, "Li Jiuheng, I must have grown up in this city. I think the air here is very familiar."

"Really?" Li Jiuheng turned his head, his eyes rested on her face twice. Seconds, then moved away.

At this time, the car happened to pass through an intersection.

Li Jiuheng braked and waited for the traffic lights.

Mu Nuannuan continued to turn his head and look out the window.

Next to them was a black car that looked very high-end, and the rear window was lowered at this time.

The little girl's milky voice came: "Mu...Fuck! I want to break your relationship with you! Humph..."

Perhaps because of her young age, she could not hear clearly what she said when she spoke quickly.

Mu Nuannuan looked up and saw a three or four-year-old girl lying on the side of the car window with a balloon in her hand, sturdy and upright trying to climb out of the car window.

The little girl's dark hair looks very supple, the bangs on her forehead are subdued, her eyes are also black and big, and her pouting looks very cute, very pitiful.

Seeing that she was about to crawl out, Mu Nuannuan's heart also lifted.

At this moment, a pair of well-defined big hands stretched out from behind the little girl, clasped her belly, and easily hugged her.

The little girl suddenly stretched out her hand white like tender tofu and pointed to Mu Nuannuan: "Pretty sister..."

The man holding her raised his eyes and glanced in Mu Nuannuan's direction: "Mu Mu, your aesthetic vision It makes me wonder if you are my biological daughter."

That is an extremely handsome man with perfect facial contours, especially those dark and piercing eyes, which are deep and sharp. Just a glance makes people shudder. a feeling of.

Mu Nuannuan shuddered unconsciously, and suddenly retracted her gaze.

However, her heart shrank sharply at this moment.

She reached out her hand to cover her chest, her face pale.

When the green light came on, Li Jiuheng started the car and noticed Mu Nuannuan's peculiarities: "What's wrong?"

Mu Nuannuan shook his head, "It's okay."

Chapter: 360

But the uncomfortable feeling comes and goes quickly.

When Mu Nuannuan turned to look out the window, the black car next to her was already far away.

The license plate number of that car is a bit special, and the owner of that car is either rich or expensive.

She thought of the man she had just glimpsed, and she couldn't help but remember what the man said.

——Your aesthetic vision makes me wonder if you are my biological daughter.

Does she look ugly now?

And, where does a father talk to his own daughter like that?

A man who looks very deep and cold, his mouth is so poisonous, and he doesn't know what kind of woman can stand him.

Thinking of this, Mu Nuannuan turned to look at Li Jiuheng who was focusing on driving.

In this comparison, Li Jiuheng is really a good man.

Feeling and righteous, good temper.

"Look at what I am doing?" Yu Guangming of Li Jiuheng saw Mu Nuannuan looking at him.

Mu Nuannuan smiled and said, "I think you are good."

Li Jiuheng seemed to have never expected that she would say such things, and his eyes flashed: "Really?"

... The

car drove into a beautiful residential area.

"You get out of the car and wait for me first, I'll park the car and come over." Li Jiuheng said as he leaned over to help Mu Nuannuan unlock the belt.

Mu Nuannuan subconsciously stretched out his arm to separate him, and made a defensive posture: "I'll do it myself."

Li Jiuheng's outstretched arm froze in midair like that.

After a while, he nodded: "Okay."

Mu Nuannuan felt extremely uncomfortable, and quickly unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.

She stood on the side of the road, watching Li Jiuheng go to the car, her delicate eyebrows frowned slightly.

Before, she just thought that the relationship between herself and Li Jiuheng might not be deep, but when Li Jiuheng just came to help her untie the seat belt, she felt a little repulsive in her heart.

Subconsciously made a defensive move.

Sometimes, the human body does react faster and more honest than the brain.

"What do you want?"

Li Jiuheng's voice pulled back Mu Nuannuan's thoughts.

She raised her head sharply, only to find that Li Jiuheng had parked the car and walked over.

"I didn't think about anything, I felt a little sunburned." Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand to block her forehead.

The weather is not too hot, but it is not much cooler.

Li Jiuheng didn't suspect him, and led her towards the unit building.

The greenery in the community is excellent, and the floor of the unit building is not very high, probably only seven or eight floors. The buildings are sparsely built, and the community is quiet and spacious.

Li Jiuheng opened the door in front, and stood sideways: "Come in." The

room is a duplex building, bright and spacious, and decorated in warm colors, but apart from the necessary furniture, there are no extra decorations and it looks very deserted.

Mu Nuannuan walked in and found that the things inside were very new and the breath of life was very weak.

Li Jiuheng followed her footsteps, keeping one step away from her: "How do you feel?" The

one step away does not appear unfamiliar or too close.

Mu Nuannuan nodded and asked: "You don't live here?"

"Yeah." Li Jiuheng walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the lush green plants outside, his tone became a little brisk: "The environment here is very good. Very suitable for you to recuperate."

Mu Nuannuan's heart moved slightly: "Thank you."

Li Jiuheng smiled without saying a word, walked to the TV, picked up the remote control, and pointed to the TV: "Do you know what this is?"

Mu Nuan Nuan's face was slightly choked: "...TV."

Although she He has forgotten the past, but not even the common sense of life...

The smile on Li Jiuheng's face was deeper: "Just kidding, don't be angry."

He turned on the TV and changed channels.

I just arrived at the financial news channel.

"This morning, Mu Tingxiao, President of Mu Family..."

Li Jiuheng paused slightly as he was about to change channels.

He turned to look at Mu Nuannuan and saw that she was looking at the TV screen with surprise.

What appeared on the TV screen at this time was exactly the scene of Mu Tingxiao participating in commercial activities. He was dressed in a straight black suit with a calm and confident look between his eyebrows. He exuded a kind of natural king aura.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan looking seriously, Li Jiuheng seemed to be afraid of disturbing her. He moved the remote control to the combination cabinet very lightly, and said naturally: "What's the matter?"

"I saw him in the car that just returned. , Waiting for the red light at the intersection, he is in the car next to us." Mu Nuannuan remembered the look in his eyes at the time, but she still had lingering fears.

But I couldn't help but look up at the TV screen.

I want to look at him more inexplicably.

He himself looks better than on TV.

"That's it." Li Jiuheng's voice seemed casual.

The lens in the news has been changed for others.

"He also has a daughter who is very cute!" Mu Nuannuan thought of the little girl who pointed to her and called "Pretty Sister", she felt soft in her heart and couldn't help laughing.

The man named Mu Tingxiao seemed to call her "mumu", but he didn't know what the word was, could it be "Mu Mu"?

How to be a father, this name is too random!

"Recently, there has indeed been media exposure that Mu Tingxiao has a three-year-old daughter, but it has not been confirmed." Li Jiuheng said while paying attention to Mu Nuannuan's reaction.

However, on Mu Nuannuan's face, apart from doubts and curiosity, there was no other emotion.

Did you really forget so thoroughly that you don’t remember at all?

"Why does he get so much attention from the media? What does their family do?" In the brief news just now, there was nothing famous.

Li Jiuheng looked slightly restrained, and said: "The Mu family is a top-notch wealthy family, rich as an enemy country."

Mu Nuannuan widened her eyes in surprise: "So rich?"

"Yes." Li Jiuheng seemed to have discovered something interesting and continued. Talk to Mu Nuannuan about Mu family and Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan listened carefully.

From beginning to end, apart from surprise and curiosity, there were no other emotions on his face.

He had only heard of someone hurting their brains in an accident and losing their memories. He didn't expect this to happen.

"You said he has a fiancé? He's not married yet, but he has a daughter? I heard him admit it!" Mu Nuannuan shook her head, her tone a bit disgusted: "It seems that his love life is quite rich."

Li Jiuheng stretched out his hand. He touched his lips, cleared his throat to hold back his smile, and then pretended to be serious and said: "He has a daughter, you can't just say it casually..."

"I know, Mu Tingxiao is a person who is in the money. , I don't want others to spy on his private life, I definitely won't talk about it everywhere, besides, who else can I talk to except you..." At

this point, Mu Nuannuan was a little confused.

Except for Li Jiuheng, she didn't seem to know anyone anymore.