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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 371-380 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 371

Mu Tingxiao's heart felt an ancient feeling, like...unbearable?

He thought the thought in his heart was a little ridiculous.

There was nothing special about this woman, why he couldn't bear it just watching her get in the rain.

When he reacted, he found that he had gotten out of the car with an umbrella.

He took three steps and made two steps and caught up with Mu Nuannuan.

"Miss Mu." He just called Mu Nuannuan, and he couldn't help but curled his lips while mocking himself, and there was no smile in his eyes.

Mu Nuannuan covered her head with her bag and ran into the community. He heard footsteps behind him, but he didn't expect Mu Tingxiao to chase him.


Mu , why are you here?" As soon as Mu Nuannuan's voice fell, she heard a familiar male voice behind her.


Nuan Nuan ." Mu Nuannuan only had time to glance at Mu Tingxiao, then turned to look to the other side, and saw Li Jiuheng.

"Li Jiuheng? Why did you come out?"

Li Jiuheng walked towards her calmly, wearing a soft-soft home furnishing clothes, holding a well-made lattice umbrella.

Mu Tingxiao's low and cold voice sounded behind him: "Your friend?"

"It's... fiance." Mu Nuannuan didn't know why she hesitated.

When the voice fell, Mu Nuannuan felt that the surrounding air pressure had become lower.

She turned her head in doubt to look at Mu Tingxiao.

However, there was no expression on Mu Ting Xiao's face, nothing unusual, and he could not guess his emotions at the moment.

At that moment, maybe she felt wrong.

At this time, Li Jiuheng had already reached the two of them.

His gaze swept back and forth over Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao, his eyes kept secret.

Immediately, he turned his hand toward Mu Nuannuan: "Nuan Nuan, come here." After

Mu Nuannuan heard this, he raised his foot and walked under Li Jiuheng's umbrella.

But she just took a step forward, and she felt her wrist had been caught.

She turned her head and saw that there was a man's hand on her wrist.

The man's hands were broad and powerful, and he held her wrists with great strength. His hands were a little hot, and the heat was astonishing, as if it was going to seep into her bones and blood through her skin.

"Mr. Mu, what's the matter with you?" Mu Nuannuan struggled, but did not shake Mu Tingxiao's hand away.

He didn't seem to use much force, but it was difficult to break free.

This Mr. Mu looks so difficult to touch, now he is holding her and holding her?

Mu Tingxiao looked down at her, the woman's complexion was different from ordinary people's paleness, and she looked a little sick compared to ordinary people, but her cat-like eyes were inexplicably seductive.

Mu Tingxiao felt that he was really crazy.

I felt inexplicably angry when I heard this woman say that she has a fiance.

What was even more ridiculous was that at the moment Mu Nuannuan was about to leave, he subconsciously reached out and grabbed her.

Even he himself didn't know why.

Li Jiuheng's gaze fell on Mu Tingxiao's hand holding Mu Nuannuan, then moved away in a flash, and looked at Mu Tingxiao's face: "This gentleman, please let her go."

Mu Tingxiao frowned slightly, but still Let go of Mu Nuannuan.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan was released, she immediately walked under Li Jiuheng's umbrella.

Li Jiuheng moved the umbrella in her hand, Mu Nuannuan smiled at him, raised her head and said to Mu Tingxiao, "Mr. Mu, this is my fiance, Li Jiuheng."

Later, she said to Li Jiuheng: "Today I went shopping with Xiaoliang, and I met Mr. Mu's daughter in the mall..."

She very simplified and explained the ins and outs of the matter to Li Jiuheng.

After listening, Li Jiuheng gave her a soothing smile, turned his head to look at Mu Tingxiao and said, "Thank you, Mr.

Mu , to send my fiancee back." Mu Tingxiao had no expression on his face. He didn't say a word, just his eyes. After a heavy glance at Mu Nuannuan, he turned and left.

He was holding a pure black umbrella, his tall and tall figure hidden in the rain curtain, looking a little lonely and lonely.

Mu Nuannuan murmured: "What a weird person."

Suddenly a gust of wind blew over, and Mu Nuannuan's clothes had been soaked, and she shivered with the cold.

Li Jiuheng noticed her reaction, stretched out his hand to embrace her shoulders, and whispered: "Go back."

"Yeah." Mu Nuan Nuan replied and glanced at his hand on his shoulder without moving. Moved to the side sensually.

She is still not used to having physical contact with Li Jiuheng.

I don't know if Li Jiuheng felt her resistance, and let go of his hand in the next second.

... When

Mu Tingxiao returned to the car, Mu Mu just woke up.

She was holding an empty milk carton and staring up at the top of the car ignorantly.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao coming in, she turned her eyes to look at him, and shouted, "Dad."

Mu Tingxiao closed the car door and looked back at Mu Mu.

Mu Mu also looked at him with black grape-like eyes.

The two father and daughter are in the carriage, you look at me, I look at you for a while.

Suddenly, Mu Tingxiao frowned.

The woman named Mu just now must have a problem.

Always let him have some inexplicable ideas, forget it, now he actually feels that Mu Mu is a bit like that woman.

Mu Tingxiao drove home with a dark face.

Mu Mu was babbling and talking along the way.

When they arrived at the door of Mu's old house, a servant came over with an umbrella to help them open the door.

Mu Tingxiao held Mu Mu and walked directly into the door.

In the hall, Mu Jinyun was sitting on the sofa, looking like she was asking her guilt.

When Mu Tingxiao saw Mu Ting Xiao coming in holding Mu Mu, he snorted coldly, and said with an ugly face: "You still know how to come back!"

Mu Jinyun's tone was cold and her voice was a little loud.

After all, Mu Mu was just a child, clinging to Mu Tingxiao's neck in fright, leaning her head against his shoulder, don't open her eyes to look at Mu Jinyun.

Although she is usually a bit naughty, she is still afraid when she sees adults really angry.

Mu Tingxiao noticed her subtle reaction and stretched out his hand to pat her back comfortably, and put her on the ground: "Allow you to eat half a box of ice cream, go." When

he heard the ice cream, Mu Mu's eyes lit up instantly. Up.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at the servant guarding behind him, and the maid walked forward and led Mu Mu to the kitchen: "Miss, let's go eat ice cream."

Mu Jinyun realized that she had just, Mu Mu was scared.

She looked a little uncomfortable, but she squeezed her neck and said, "How can you be so headstrong? How important is the meeting today? You know in your heart, how can you just push and push..."

Mu Tingxiao sneered, his eyes sharp. Looking at Mu Jinyun, "Mu Mu almost lost it today, do you know?"

Mu Jinyun was taken aback when he heard the words, "What's the matter? I heard from the servant that it was Su Mian..."

Mu Tingxiao's face was frosty, and his tone was shockingly cold: "Su Mian took Mu Mu out and almost lost it. Should I settle the account with you or Su Mian?"

Chapter: 372

Mu Jinyun's face changed slightly, she didn't know about it.

According to her and Su Mian's plan, Mu Tingxiao now doesn't remember the past anymore, so he just kept on cheating, making him think that Mu Mu's biological mother was Su Mian.

With her helping Su Mian, Su Mian didn't have to attack Mu Mu at all.

"Su Mian should only be careless for a while... Besides, isn't Mu Mu also brought back by you now? I think she is well..."

This matter is Su Mian's failure, although Mu Jinyun subconsciously thinks Speaking for Su Mian, but before she finished speaking, she looked at Mu Tingxiao's icy expression and she had no choice but to silence.

At this moment, Mu Jinyun's phone rang suddenly.

"Jin Yun, did Mu Mu go home? I took her out today. She was naughty and ran away by herself. I haven't found her yet..." Before Su Mian had finished speaking, she cried out of breath. gas.

Mu Jinyun looked up at Mu Tingxiao, and said, "I've come back."

Su Mian's tone was an undisguised surprise: "Really? I'll be here right away!"

Mu Jinyun hung up the phone. After thinking about it, he said to Mu Tingxiao: "Is there something to talk about in person, Su Mian is here right away. After all, she is Mu Mu's biological mother, and she must not feel good about it..."

Mu Tingxiao He just glanced at her blankly and didn't speak.

Su Mian came quickly.

She looked very embarrassed, her hair and clothes were soaked in rain, the makeup on her face was also spent, and her pale face made Mu Jinyun feel sorry for her.

She is, after all, and Sumian longtime friend and saw Sumian like this, quickly ordered the servants:. "Go and make a cup of hot tea, blankets to take over"

. "No

She stretched out her hand to touch Mu Tingxiao's hand, but Mu Tingxiao stepped back and avoided it.

"Tingxiao, has Mu Mu really found it? It's all my fault...I was too careless..." Su Mian said, eyes red again.

There were tears in her eyes, but she was very stubborn and didn't let the tears flow out, and she looked so sad that she looked deeply affectionate.

Mu Tingxiao looked at her coldly, his eyes sharp.

Being stared at by his jet black eyes, Su Mian felt like he was being seen through.

She blinked, and tears rolled out like broken beads: "Tingxiao, where is Mu Mu? I want to see her." The

coldness in Mu Tingxiao's eyes became even worse, and he let out three cold voices. One word: "Are you

worth it?" Su Mian's expression changed: "Tingxiao, you...will not forgive me?"

Mu Tingxiao suddenly raised his hand and waved to the bodyguard behind him.

The next moment, the bodyguard handed over a check and pen.

Mu Tingxiao took the pen and wrote a long series of numbers on the cheque, and then threw it directly to Su Mian: "Mu Mu has nothing to do with you in the future, and please stop Mu's family." The

cheque slammed on Su Mian lightly. He then fell to the ground again.

Su Mian looked at the cheque that fell to the ground in disbelief, she didn't expect Mu Tingxiao to be so ruthless.

No, more than ruthless.

This is clearly an insult to her.

She tried her best to marry Mu Tingxiao, is it money?

She is not short of money!

Mu Jinyun was also very angry at Mu Tingxiao's actions, and she shook her finger and said, "Tingxiao! Are you acting like this to Su Mian! You apologize to her!"

Mu Tingxiao was never at the mercy of anyone. people.

In the past, he and Mr. Mu could work against each other, let alone Mu Jinyun.

As if he hadn't heard of Mu Jinyun's words, he turned around and went to the restaurant.

The servant couldn't control Mu Mu, always indulging Mu Mu to eat ice cream.

When Mu Tingxiao went to the restaurant, he saw a bunch of servants around Mu Mu, trying to take the ice cream in her hand, just to coax them.

Mu Tingxiao walked over, and only yelled, "Mu Mu." Mu Mu

was eating ice cream with relish. Hearing this sound, his little hand shook, and he quickly ate the bottomless ice cream in his hand. The box was hidden behind him, his head up and his face was flattering, and he yelled sweetly, "Dad."

Mu Tingxiao hugged his arms, standing tall in front of her, looking down at her.

Mu Mu pursed her small lips, widened her eyes and looked innocent, but soon defeated under Mu Tingxiao's gaze.

She consciously took the ice cream box to her and handed it to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao didn't reach out to take it, and said in a faint tone, "How much did I want you to eat?"

Mu Mu said in a low voice, "Half a box..."

Mu Tingxiao asked her, "How much did you eat?

" I ate... so much." Mu Mu stood on tiptoe and raised the ice cream box in his hand, looking a little scared.

"You are not allowed to eat in the next week." Mu Tingxiao reached out and took the ice cream box in her hand and set it aside. He reached out and ran her up: "It's time to go to bed." The

old house of Mu's family is very large and the design is also very good. clever.

The restaurant and the hall are not connected, so Mu Tingxiao can avoid Su Mian and send Mu Mu back to the room.

After comforting Mu Mu to fall asleep, Mu Tingxiao withdrew from the room and went to the hall.

Mu Jinyun is still in the hall, Su Mian is no longer there.

"I have asked Su Mian to go back." Seeing him come down, Mu Jinyun stood up.

Mu Tingxiao ignored her, only turned his head and told the servant: "Boil a bowl of noodles and send it to the study."

After that, he was about to go upstairs.

Mu Jinyun was so ignorant of him, so she had to suppress her temper and shouted, "Tingxiao, I hope you can have a good chat with Su Mian when you have time."

Mu Tingxiao turned to look at her, and answered the question: " Have you had dinner? ? "

Mu Jin Yun did not know why he suddenly asked this:" eaten. "

Mu Ting Xiao heard, mocking lips hook the hook:" I have not eaten. " "

you just are not going to make cooking a servant Is it?" Mu Jinyun's voice fell unconsciously.

"You and I are the sisters of a female compatriot. We are close relatives by blood. So when I woke up three years ago, I chose to believe in you. You said Su Mian is my ex-girlfriend. I believe in you. You said I and Shengding Gu Zhiyan doesn't have much friendship, and I believe you."

Mu Tingxiao's tone was very plain, without a trace of blame or discomfort, but every time he said a word, Mu Jinyun's expression was ugly.

After a short pause, Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Jinyun with a smile but a smile: "My trusted sister doesn't care whether I have dinner or not, but cares more about the feelings of others. You are really selfless.

" Tingxiao, you..." Mu Jinyun's complexion changed suddenly, and she tried her best to calm herself down: "Su Mian and I have been good friends for many years, you know, I just..."

Chapter: 373

Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Jinyun's pale and feeble defense like an outsider.

In his indifferent gaze, Mu Jinyun's excuse that he wanted to say later was cut off.

"Are you finished?" Mu Tingxiao said mockingly.

Mu Jinyun moved her lips, unable to speak.

Mu Tingxiao sneered, then turned upstairs and went to the study.

He closed the study door and paced to the French window.

Outside the window is a cold rainy night, the street lights in the courtyard are dim, the trees overlap each other, and the shadows are heavy.

The rain is still falling and the wind is blowing.

Mu Tingxiao stared out of the window for a while, and suddenly there was a scene of Mu Nuannuan and Li Jiuheng standing together.

That picture is exceptionally...dazzling.

... After

Mu Nuannuan and Li Jiuheng got home, they took a hot bath and changed clothes.

When she came out, Li Jiuheng had already cooked her a bowl of ginger soup.

Li Jiuheng brought the ginger soup to her and said, "It might be a bit spicy."

Mu Nuannuan picked up the spoon, and something flashed through her mind.

It seems...someone had cooked ginger soup for her before...the

head was a bit dull, and the spoon in her hand fell back into the bowl with a "ding", she closed her eyes and covered her forehead with her hands.

"What's the matter?" Li Jiuheng saw her reaction in his eyes, and leaned forward to look at her quickly, with concern in his tone.

Mu Nuannuan's voice was a bit weak: "It's a bit of a headache..."

Li Jiuheng's eyes flickered when he heard the words, "Is he thinking of something?


The dull pain came and went quickly. She shook her head blankly and turned to ask Li Jiuheng: "Have you ever made ginger soup for me before?"

Li Jiuheng said with great interest: "You Guess?"

Mu Nuannuan laughed, Li Jiuheng has always been cautious and thoughtful, rarely joking with her like this.

She smiled and said, "You know I don't remember anything."

"Those are not important." After Li Jiuheng finished speaking, she urged her: "Hurry up."

Mu Nuannuan finished drinking the ginger soup, because it was too late. So he hurriedly cooked two bowls of noodles as dinner for two.

During the meal, Mu Nuannuan thought of Mu Tingxiao and Mu Mu, and said casually: "That Mr. Mu looks inaccessible, but it's kind to her daughter."

Li Jiuheng took the chopsticks in his hand. , Asked calmly: "What do you think of other people?"

"As a father, I can see that he loves his daughter, but his temper is a bit weird." Mu Nuannuan said as she nodded her head to agree with her. .

"Really." Li Jiuheng replied, not talking.

Mu Nuannuan raised her eyes and saw Li Jiuheng's contemplative look.

"What's wrong with you?" Mu Nuannuan rarely saw Li Jiuheng showing this appearance, and asked: "What's wrong with you? Is work not going well?"

"No." Li Jiuheng smiled and shook his head: "Let's eat."

Mu Nuannuan buried his head. As he continued to eat noodles, the contemplation in Li Jiuheng's eyes became heavier.

Judging from today's situation, the two did not recognize each other.


next day.

As usual, Mu Tingxiao took the car to go to work.

However, when the car was halfway through, Mu Tingxiao told the driver: "Go to Shengding Media."

Because of yesterday's incident, the driver didn't dare to ask more, and only replied, "Yes."

It didn't take long for the car to stop across the road at the entrance of Shengding Media.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at the door of Shengding Media and told the driver aloud: "Come on, and when you see Gu Zhiyan, say I'm looking for him." The

driver got out of the car and left.

It didn't take long before he walked over with Gu Zhiyan.

There was a man behind Gu Zhiyan.

The man had a stern face and seemed to be a cautious and steady person.

When he saw Mu Tingxiao himself, Gu Zhiyan was still a little bit disbelieved: "Tingxiao, are you looking for me?"

Every time he looked for Mu Tingxiao before, which time was he not driven away by Mu Tingxiao, but he didn't expect that one day. Ting Xiao would take the initiative to find him.

People really will be constantly challenged by reality and constantly lower their requirements.

He used to think that Mu Tingxiao was ruthless if he didn't ask him for dinner, but now it’s not easy to see the other side...

Mu Tingxiao retracted his gaze and replied: "Yeah."

Gu Zhiyan pulled the car door and sat in and turned to look. Shi Ye gave a glance, took a pause, and said to Mu Tingxiao: "Let Shi Ye come in too? You may not remember him. He was your former special assistant and had been with you for many years." After

Mu Tingxiao had an accident. , Mu Jinyun dismissed Shi Ye.

Shi Ye was fired and went to Shengding Media to work under Gu Zhiyan.

Mu Tingxiao returned his gaze to the man with a rigid expression, and nodded invisibly.

Gu Zhiyan, who had been turned away by Mu Tingxiao, felt a little flattered. He couldn't believe it and said, "Are you...recovering your memory?"

Mu Tingxiao said coldly, "No."

"Then you look for me ." What's the matter?" Gu Zhiyan's tone was cautious, he felt like a concubine summoned by the emperor in the cold palace at the moment.

Mu Tingxiao asked him directly: "We used to have a deep friendship?"

"Yes." Gu Zhiyan sighed, "As for your bad temper, besides I can stand you, who else would like to be friends with you? ......"

Halfway through, he felt that the air pressure and temperature in the compartment seemed to have dropped.

Although Mu Tingxiao had amnesia, his temper had not changed at all.

He smiled chastely: "Let’s tell you this. Except for me, Shiye is the one who has the deepest friendship with you. After all, he has been doing things under your hands for many years."

He finished, and tweeted. Shiye sitting aside: "Shiye, don't you think so."

Since he was fired by Mu Jinyun, this was the first time I saw Mu Tingxiao in the news in the past three years.

After all, the status disparity is too great, there is no chance to meet at all, and there is no chance encounter.

Thinking of these things, Shiye nodded with mixed feelings: "Yes."

Mu Tingxiao's gaze swept back and forth over the two of them, then took out a business card and handed it to Shiye: "I am missing a special feature now. Help, think it over and call me."

Gu Zhiyan widened his eyes blankly, didn't Mu Tingxiao specifically come to him today?

How did it become Shiye’s business card now?

Shi Ye took over the business card in a fright.

Mu Tingxiao retracted his hand and said faintly, "I'm going to the company now."

This was an order to dismiss Gu Zhiyan and Shi Ye.

Gu Zhiyan and Shi Ye stared at each other. Although they didn't understand what Mu Tingxiao meant, their obedience to Mu Tingxiao obediently caused them to get out of the car obediently.

Mu Tingxiao looked at the back of the two of them through the car window, thinking flashes in his eyes.

He woke up three years ago and there was only one Mu Jinyun beside him. He lost all his memories. Of course he chose to believe in Mu Jinyun who was blood related to him.

But recent events made him feel that Mu Jinyun is not so credible.

Chapter: 374

When Mu Tingxiao returned to Mu's family, he saw Mu Jinyun in the president's office.

When he entered, Mu Jinyun was sitting on the sofa with a sullen expression on his face. It was obvious that he was waiting for a long time.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao entered the door, she asked aloud, "Where did you go?"

"Where did I go and need to report to you?" Mu Tingxiao glanced at her and walked straight to the boss chair behind the desk. Sit up.

Mu Jinyun was completely ignored.

Mu Jinyun was so angry that she got up and stepped on high heels and walked to him angrily: "Ting Xiao, we are brothers and sisters. We are a relationship between blood and water. We should trust and support each other."

"Trust each other? "Mu Tingxiao seemed to hear something funny, and asked her tauntingly: "Have you lied to me?"

Mu Tingxiao stared at her sharply, a panic flashed in his eyes, barely maintaining his face.

She smiled and asked tentatively: "Who did you say to you?" Mu Tingxiao did not answer, just stared at her.

Mu Jinyun was stared at him uncomfortably, and the fear that the lie might be exposed made her not even know how to let it go.

Why should she feel guilty and afraid?

Everything she did back then was for Mu Tingxiao, for this Mu family!

Thinking of this, the look on Mu Jinyun's face returned to normal: "No matter what others say to you, don't believe them. Our Mu family can go to this day. How many eyes are staring at us, wishing us The two brothers and sisters started fighting, so they can take advantage of the fisherman's profit!" It's

not the first time that Mu Tingxiao heard this from her, and said without emotion, "Really?"

Mu Jinyun was very sure. Said: "Of course!"

Mu Tingxiao stopped looking at her, lowered his head and turned on the computer: "I want to work, you can go out.

Mu Jinyun was not sure if Mu Tingxiao believed her, but she had to turn around and go out.

After leaving the president's office, Mu Jinyun's face was stained with doubt.

Mu Tingxiao had been doing well for the past three years. He didn't think of anything before, and didn't have much contact with Gu Zhiyan's group. Although he didn't get close to her much, he still listened to her.

But recently, she found that Mu Tingxiao was getting more and more difficult to control.

Where is the problem?

While thinking about it, Mu Jinyun went back to her office, and then dialed an overseas phone.

The phone rang several times before being connected.

As soon as the phone was connected, Mu Jinyun said angrily: "Doctor Li, my brother has recently been out of my control. He doesn't listen to what I say, I suspect that your hypnotism is a problem! "The

phone is very quiet.

After a while, a slightly hoarse male voice sounded: "Hypnosis is not soul-satisfaction. Even if he is hypnotized, he still has his own thoughts and ideas. If you want him to follow your words and control him, it depends on Your own skill."

Dr. Li couldn't hear any strange emotions in his tone, but Mu Jinyun felt that he was mocking herself.

Mu Jinyun clenched her fists and said with an ugly

expression : "Are you laughing at me for not having the ability?" Dr. Li said unhurriedly: "In three years, the only person who can gain his trust is you, but you But playing a good hand so badly is a kind of skill."


Mu Jinyun has always been proud, and seldom puts anyone in his eyes. Hearing such words, it is natural. I want to lose my temper.

But when he thought that Mu Tingxiao had to rely on this Doctor Li for his affairs, he abruptly suppressed his anger.

She closed her eyes and calmed down her emotions before asking again: "Doctor Li, is it possible for my brother to remember what happened before?"

"You have no absolute answer to this question."

"What do you mean? Yes, he might think of the past?" Mu Jinyun's complexion changed drastically: "Didn't you say that good will be foolproof?"

"That's just what you think is foolproof. I still have a job. Goodbye, Miss Mu."

Li After the doctor finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

"Doctor Li? Hello? Hello?" Mu Jinyun couldn't believe that this broken doctor would also dare to call her.

She was so angry that she dropped the phone and walked anxiously around the office.

No, you can't sit and wait like this, and you can't remind Mu Tingxiao of the past.

As long as he is not allowed to contact the people before, he will definitely not remember the past.

Hasn't it been this way for the past three years?

The more Mu Jinyun thought about it, the more he felt that his ideas were correct.

Thinking about this, Mu Jinyun called an inside line and called Mu Tingxiao's driver over.

Mu Jinyun asked, "Where did Ting Xiao go in these two days?" The

driver lowered his head and said hesitantly, "I didn't go anywhere."

Mu Jinyun sneered after hearing the words, "He went Shengding Media looked for that Lu?" The

driver quickly said, "...Yes."

Mu Jinyun glanced at him with a warning: "Look closely."


Because Mu Mu was taken out by Su Mian and almost lost. Mu Tingxiao didn't work overtime because of the accident, and left the company to go home when it was off work.

He walked out of the Mu's building, and Mu Jinyun followed her back.

"Ting Xiao."

She quickly followed and called Mu Tingxiao's name.

Mu Tingxiao turned his head and stared at her

with a calm

expression : "Something is going on." Mu Jinyun stepped forward and took Mu Tingxiao's arm, with an affectionate look: "Go home together." Mu Tingxiao looked at her. He gave her a weird look, pulled out his arm, and strode towards his car.

When Mu Jinyun saw this, her complexion was not very good, but she was not easy to suffer, so she had to follow.

The driver opened the car door for Mu Tingxiao. Just as Mu Tingxiao got in, Mu Jinyun followed him into the car.

Mu Tingxiao frowned slightly, but didn't say much.

He bowed his head and took out a document to look at.

Mu Jinyun on the side was a little embarrassed.

Only then did she realize that she and Mu Tingxiao couldn't find a topic to talk to, except for their disagreeable quarrel.

This recognition aggravated the anxiety in her heart.

She thought for a while, and said, "Tingxiao..."

"I want to read the information, don't disturb me." Mu Tingxiao didn't look up, his tone indifferent as if talking to a stranger.

His words are all for this, and Mu Jinyun will not continue to talk to him without asking himself.

The car stopped at the door of Mu's old house.

When Mu Tingxiao got out of the car, he noticed a white car parked in the parking lot in front of the door.

That is Su Mian's car.

Su Mian often came to Mu's house, because of Mu Mu, he used to close one eye.

He had a good memory in the first place, and after seeing a lot, he naturally remembered Su Mian's car.

He said yesterday that Su Mian should not come to Mu's house in the future.

Did she completely ignore his words?

Chapter: 375

Mu Tingxiao sneered and stepped into the door.

Mu Jinyun got out of the car behind and saw Su Mian's car.


Mu Tingxiao loved Mu Mu, which could be seen by anyone with eyes.

Su Mian was better. He almost lost him when he took Mu Mu out yesterday. Today he came to Mu's house again.

Didn't this hit Mu Tingxiao's muzzle specifically?

As soon as Mu Tingxiao entered, a servant took the initiative to take his coat.

Without him speaking, some servants proactively said, "Little Miss and Miss Su are in the kitchen together."

The servants at home knew that the first thing Mu Tingxiao did when he came back from work every day was to visit Mu Mu.

Mu Tingxiao went directly to the kitchen.

When he passed by, Su Mian was cutting fruit on the flow table.

While cutting, she was talking to Mu Mu.

"Eat more fruit will make you beautiful..."

Mu Mu was sitting on the liu desk, with two short legs dangling, not knowing if she was listening to her, she reached out and touched a piece of watermelon. Stuffed in the mouth.

As soon as she put the watermelon in her mouth, she turned her head and saw Mu Tingxiao.

"Mu Qingjiao!" Mu Mu still had the unfinished watermelon in his mouth, and his voice was a little vague. He stretched out his hands at Mu Tingxiao to beg for a hug.

Xiao Mu Ting approached, reached out to hold her up, wipe her dislike of hand in the mouth of watermelon juice, rare tone of some frustration:. "Dad called"

Mu Mu very loud cry: "! Dad"

every When he came back, Mu Mu had to come with him like this.

With regard to challenging the authority of the president's father, Mu Mu can say that he never tires.

"Ting Xiao."

Mu Tingxiao raised his head and looked at Su Mian.

Su Mian put down the menu in his hand and looked at him with a gentle smile.

Mu Tingxiao gave an unexplained smile and went out holding Mu Mu.

He was not as angry as Su Mian expected, a flash of joy flashed in Su Mian's eyes.

Sure enough, she was right to use Mu Mu as a breakthrough.

When Mu Mu was a child, he was fine. He couldn't talk or walk. He looked like an ordinary child, but now he looked more and more like the woman Mu Nuannuan.

Because of this, Su Mian looked at Mu Mu more and more disgusted.

Therefore, the idea of ​​throwing Mu Mu was born in her heart.

What happened yesterday, she just tested how important Mu Mu is to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Mu is so important to Mu Tingxiao, she can first please Mu Tingxiao, and then let Mu Tingxiao accept her.

When she married into Mu's family, she was pregnant with Mu Tingxiao's child...

As for that Mu Mu, she would be able to get rid of the child by thinking of a random solution.

Su Mian felt that his plan was perfect and impeccable.


Mu Tingxiao carried Mu Mu to the study.

He put Mu Mu on the desk, and Mu Mu twisted his body to get the pen holder.

"Don't move!" Mu Tingxiao said in a low voice, causing Mu Mu to withdraw his hand and look up at him eagerly.

Mu Tingxiao pulled a chair over.

When he sat down, his gaze was exactly at the same level as Mu Mu's, his expression was serious and serious, and he was no different when negotiating a contract.

"Do you like mom?"

Mu Mu now vaguely knew what "like" meant.

She blinked and stared at Mu Tingxiao for a few seconds, and then nodded solemnly with a sullen face.

Her reaction was unexpected to Mu Tingxiao.

He leaned back with his arms around him, and asked in a different way: "Mum and beautiful sister, who to choose?"

Mu Mu's eyes lit up suddenly, she shrugged her shoulders, and looked very shy. , There was an excitement that couldn't be concealed in

her voice: "Pretty sister!" Her answer made Mu Tingxiao a little surprised.

Although Su Mian didn't spend too much time with Mu Mu, she often visited her anyway, and she didn't expect that she would choose Mu Mu.

Xiao Mu Ting micro-reaching and detailed dialed before dialing Mu Mu amount of mess bangs, casually asked: "beautiful sister and father, finding out?"

Almost no hesitation, Mu Mu directly and loudly: "! Dad"

Mu Hearing this, Ting Xiao lowered his eyes and saw Mu Mu looked up at him with a sweet smile.

Mu Tingxiao's heart softened suddenly, and he suddenly thought of a scene where he encountered a subordinate shopping with a child on the road not long ago.

He remembered that the subordinate was calling the child.

It seems to be... little sweetheart?

That's also called sweetheart?

Mu Mu is the sweetheart.

Mu Tingxiao's arm pressed hard, and he reached out and hugged Mu Mu into his arms, and said in a negotiating tone: "Then how about we go to be neighbors with my beautiful sister?"

Mu Mu nodded hurriedly, "Yeah! "

Mu Ting owl chuckled:" you do not know what that means neighbors. "

subsequently, Xiao Ting Mu Mu Mu took to her room to help her pack.

Halfway through packing his luggage, Mu Tingxiao stopped suddenly.

Why is he so proficient in this kind of thing, as if he had done this kind of thing before.

When he took Mu Mu downstairs with his luggage, Mu Jinyun was about to let Su Mian go upstairs and ask them to come down for dinner.

Su Mian looked at the suitcase that Mu Tingxiao was carrying, and his expression was stagnant: "What are you going to do to pack your luggage? Where are you going?"

Mu Tingxiao was about to speak, and looked down at Mu Mu as if thinking of something.

Afterwards, he just glanced at Su Mian coldly, without saying anything, holding Mu Mu with one hand, carrying the suitcase and walking out.

Su Mian's complexion changed, and she turned around and went to the restaurant to find Mu Jinyun.

When Mu Jinyun chased him out, Mu Tingxiao had already taken Mu Mu and got into the car.

Mu Jinyun ran over and patted the car window vigorously: "Tingxiao, where are you going!"

Mu Tingxiao lowered the car window: "Go to a quieter place."

After speaking, he opened the car window. Ascended, drove away, leaving Mu Jinyun behind screaming like a madman.

"Ting Xiao! Mu Ting Xiao! You come back to me!"

Mu Jinyun was so angry that she turned to enter the door and ordered her bodyguard: "Go and chase me back!"

She couldn't let Mu Ting Xiao out of her sight.

Once Mu Tingxiao was out of her sight, it was impossible to guarantee that something uncontrollable would happen.

He may remember the past, he may believe the words of Gu Zhiyan's group...

Su Mian did not expect that Mu Tingxiao would be so indifferent. She comforted Mu Jinyun: "Jin Yun, don't be too anxious, Ting Xiao she..."

"Shut up!" Mu Jinyun whispered with an ugly face: "It's all a good thing you did! Yesterday you almost lost Mu Mu. Ting Xiao was already in anger. You just want it today. Come to Mu's house!"

Su Mian's family background is not bad, since she was young, she was surrounded by people who flattered her, and it can be said that she grew up smoothly.

Except for having eaten in Mu Tingxiao's place, she hasn't been spoken in this tone yet.

She suppressed her anger and said, "I don't want Ting Xiao to accept me sooner? I have been waiting for three years! How many women can wait for three years? I'm thirty years old!"

Chapter: 376

Mu Jinyun and Su Mian met when they were studying abroad. They have never quarreled for so many years, so they can be regarded as true feelings.

Both of them are now on the verge of an outbreak, and their speech is naturally not good.


Jinyun smiled back: "Are you to blame me now?" Su Mian pursed her lips, her tone was a little cold: "I didn't." The

atmosphere was so stiff, the scene was a bit out of control, and the servants did not dare to approach. .

Mu Jinyun felt angry at Mu Tingxiao, and felt that Su Mian was also showing her face.

She looked at Su Mian with a gloomy expression: "Su Mian, how many opportunities have I created for you in the past three years? I don’t hesitate to lie to Tingxiao. It’s useless for you! How long does it take Jia Mu Nuannuan to marry him? I was so fascinated by him, and after you spent three years, he still didn't feel at all for you, I advise you to give up!"

Su Mian Da was so good at all, he fell into a big somersault here at Mu Tingxiao Now she is still being compared by Mu Jinyun to someone who had been buried in the sea three years ago with no ashes. She could not swallow this breath.

"Mu Jinyun, have you held these words in your heart for a long time?" Su Mian sneered: "Don't you worry, will I tell him all the things Mu Tingxiao had done before?"

Mu Jinyun heard the words, pupils He shrank fiercely and then sneered: "You won't, don't forget, you are also lying to him, anyway I am his sister, even if he remembers those things before, you say he is Should I trouble me first, or you first?"

"You... " "Be

steady, don't be too temperamental. We have been friends for so many years, we know each other, and now we are grasshoppers falling on the same rope. We can't have infighting, do you think?" For

a long time, Su Mian replied , "Yes."


Mu Tingxiao took Mu Mu to Jinding.

In the past three years, Mu Jinyun did not allow him to interact with Gu Zhiyan, and naturally would not allow him to come to Gu Zhiyan's Jinding for consumption.

It wasn't because of how much he listened to Mu Jinyun, he just found it troublesome.

Now he feels that Mu Jinyun is getting more and more annoying, and he doesn't want to live in Mu's house anymore.

I have to find a place to stay for one night tonight.

As soon as he entered Jinding, he found that the decoration style of Jinding was good and more particular.

Mu Tingxiao opened a suite, and after putting things in the room, he took Mu Mu to the restaurant for dinner.

After tossing all night, it was already more than eight o'clock when I was eating.

Not to mention Mu Mu as a child, even he was a little hungry.

As soon as the dishes were served, Mu Mu stood up on the children's dining chair impatiently, holding his chopsticks to start.

Mu Tingxiao uttered a low voice: "Sit down."

Mu Mu had to sit back with a squishy mouth, and said grievously: "I'm so hungry..."

Mu Tingxiao filled up the meal without saying a word, and clamped it again. After the vegetables were put in her rice bowl and mixed well, he took a napkin and placed it under her neck before bringing the rice bowl to her.

This series of movements is skillful and smooth.

Several women at the table next to each other were already discussing Mu Tingxiao in a low voice.

Mu Tingxiao had appeared in the news a lot in recent years. Someone had already recognized him, but no one dared to come over and talk.

When Mu Mu was still drinking milk a few months old, she showed an extraordinary appetite, and she held all leaves and peels into her mouth.

She is very worry-free when it comes to eating.

Looking at Mu Mu's "fierce" eating, Mu Tingxiao frowned, "Eat slowly."

Mu Mu kept picking up rice in his mouth with chopsticks no matter what he said.

At this time, the soup hadn't come up yet, so Mu Tingxiao had to pass the cup to her and feed her some water.

When Shen Liang followed the crew in, he saw this scene.

The tall and tall man sits in front of the dining table, holding a water glass in one hand and a tissue in the other. Although there is no expression on his face, his black eyes pay close attention to the little girl who is eating.

The people beside Shen Liang also noticed Mu Tingxiao.

"Isn't that Mu's president?"

"He is also eating here, who is that little girl? Is his illegitimate daughter?"

"It should be, it looks a bit like..."

"Mu's genes are really Okay, Mu Tingxiao is so handsome, and his daughter is so cute..."

Their argument has deviated from the center of the topic . When they turned back to see that Shen Liang hadn't left, she couldn't help but remind her out loud, "Shen Liang, what are you looking at? Right."

Shen Liang returned to his senses, and said in a hurry: "You go first, I have something to do."

"That's OK, let's go there first, you come quickly."

After they left, Shen Liang looked around. , Walked in the direction of Mu Tingxiao.

In the past few years, both Jinding and Shengding have been operating by Gu Zhiyan. Perhaps because of this, Shen Liang is not worried about being photographed by paparazzi here.

Gu Zhiyan will help her solve it anyway.

Shen Liang walked straight to Mu Tingxiao's dining table.

"Eat slowly, no one will grab you." Mu Tingxiao was talking to Mu Mu in a low voice.

Shen Liang coughed lightly, cleared his throat, and called out: "Big Boss." After

she finished speaking, she couldn't help but glance at Mu Mu.

That is Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao's daughter, Mu Mu?

Ok... so cute!

The nose is cute, the eyes are cute, and the way he eats is so cute!

When Mu Tingxiao heard this, he turned his head and looked at Shen Liang.

I'm a bit impressed, but I can't name it. After all, there are too many women who want to talk to him.

However, this woman seemed to be different from the other women who leaned toward him, because her eyes kept gazing at Mu Mu.

Mu Tingxiao put down the water cup in his hand, and asked indifferently, "What do you call me?"

Shen Liang looked away from Mu Mu's with difficulty. Although he hadn't spoken to Mu Tingxiao in three years, Mu Tingxiao said. Ting Xiao's remaining prestige still existed, and she straightened her back subconsciously, standing like a schoolboy.

Shen Liang honestly called out again: "Big Boss!" There was a

flash of thought in Mu Tingxiao's eyes, and then he said: "Are you an artist under the banner of Shengding?"

"Yeah." Shen Liang responded, really. Can't help but turn his gaze to Mu Mu again: "Your daughter is so cute."

"I haven't announced that I have a daughter. You don't seem to be surprised at all." It may be that Shen Liang did not show him like other women. With that disgusting face, he was willing to say a few more words to her.

The expression on Shen Liang's face stagnated, thinking of Mu Nuannuan, she sighed slightly: "Because we knew each other before."

Mu Tingxiao's eyes became sharp in an instant.

Shen Liang swallowed: "What I said is true."

Even after three years, the big boss's eyes are still the same scary!

"Dad, more!"

Mu Mu's voice broke the atmosphere.

Mu Tingxiao turned his head and continued to give Mu Mu bibimbap without saying a word.

Mu Mu tilted his head to look at Shen Liang, who was also looking at her.

Then, Mu Mu squinted his head and shouted, "Pretty Sister."

Shen Liang felt that he was going to be blown up.

Chapter: 377

Shen Liang smiled so much that he couldn't close his mouth, and even wanted to reach out and cup his face.

But she held back.

Because there is still Mu Tingxiao in front of him.

"Well, you are so cute too." Shen Liang may have been affected by Mu Mu. When speaking, he unconsciously suppressed his voice, and the ending was upturned, with a hint of humor.

Mu Mu smiled shyly: "Hehe."

Then he stretched out his hand to block his face, even when he was blocking his face, he was not willing to drop the chopsticks in his hand.

What a snack food.

When Mu Tingxiao's mixed rice was delivered to Mu Mu, he noticed that Mu Muzheng and Shen Liang were "talking with each other."

Mu Tingxiao didn't doubt at all, if he left for a few seconds, the woman would directly take Mu Mu away.

He squinted his eyes slightly, and his tone was colder than before: "Is there anything else?"

"...Huh?" Didn't they just say something they knew before?

And now Mu Tingxiao's tone is to drive her away?

Sure enough, she heard Mu Tingxiao say in the next second: "If it's okay, you can go."

"Big boss, I..." Shen Liang finally saw Mu Tingxiao once, of course he didn't want to just leave like this.

Before that, when she knew that Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao had lost their memories, all she was thinking about was not telling Mu Nuannuan about her and Mu Tingxiao.

However, she saw Mu Mu.

Mu Mu is Mu Nuannuan's biological daughter, a piece of meat from her body.

Even if Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao are destined to miss this life, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu must recognize each other.

Mu Nuannuan has the right to know that she has a daughter.

Mu Mu also has the right to know who her biological mother is.

Such a lovely child, she deserves everything she deserves, including maternal love.

Seeing that Shen Liang hadn't left, Mu Tingxiao threatened: "You are a public figure, don't you care about your own image?"

Before Shen Liang could react, Mu Tingxiao picked up his mobile phone. Prepare to call the security guard.

Shen Liang gritted his teeth, slapped his slap on the dining table, and said in a serious tone: "I just say a word and leave."

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes to look at her.

Shen Liang swallowed and said, "Mu Mu's biological mother is not Su Mian, your sister is lying to you."

Seeing Mu Tingxiao's complexion getting colder and colder, she could only say so much for the time being.

Because of Mu Nuannuan, Mu Tingxiao was kind to her before.

But now, Shen Liang couldn't guarantee that she would stay here again and what he would do after angering Mu Tingxiao.

After Shen Liang finished speaking, he turned and left quickly.

After Mu Mu realized that she raised her head, she looked at the place where she had just stood, and raised a chubby finger and said, "Pretty sister?"

The corners of her mouth were still covered with rice and vegetable soup.

Mu Tingxiao reached out his hand expressionlessly to help her wipe her face, but Mu Mu didn't get the answer he wanted, and was a little uneasy, turned his head and wanted to find Shen Liang.

When Mu Tingxiao stretched out his big hand, she covered her small head and forced Mu Mu to look at him.

Mu Mu opened her mouth slightly and blinked at him, "Where did the pretty sister go?"

Mu Tingxiao corrected her: "That's not the pretty sister."

Mu Mu frowned: "She is."

Mu Tingxiao's eyebrows were also Wei Wei frowned: "She is auntie blame."

Originally, he didn't dislike Shen Liang, but Shen Liang kept staring at Mu Mu.

The current woman is really strange, either at him or at his daughter.

"She is drift..."

Mu Mu was still going to refute, but she was interrupted by Mu Tingxiao: "Tell me, she is, blame-a-aunt."

Mu Mu's desire to learn is still very strong and obedient. Then he read: "Auntie blame." A

flash of satisfaction flashed through Mu Tingxiao's eyes: "In the future, I will see this kind of auntie, stay away from her and not talk to her."

Mu Mu nodded seemingly.

After the meal, the fruit came up, and Mu Tingxiao fed Mu Mu a few dollars. Mu Mu's eyes began to fight, and he stretched out his hands to hum and hug Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Mu is usually very good, and only makes trouble when she wants to sleep.

Mu Tingxiao took her out and put her in a sleeping position to let her lie in her arms to sleep.

He has time to eat now.

The food was already cold, Mu Tingxiao ate a bit casually, and took Mu Mu back to the room.

Mu Mu slept very deeply, Mu Tingxiao wiped her face, changed her pajamas and let her sleep by herself.

He was about to go to the bathroom to take a bath when his private cell phone rang.

It's a strange number.

It was the special assistant named Shiye who called him.

Mu Tingxiao turned off the sound of the phone, and looked back at Mu Mu on the bed. Seeing that she was still asleep obediently, she didn't even move, so she walked out gently.

He only answered the phone when he walked outside the door.

As soon as the phone was connected, Shi Ye habitually yelled: "Young Master."

Mu Tingxiao also noticed his address, and asked calmly, "I figured it out so soon?"

Shi Ye was silent. After a while, he said: "As long as the young master needs me, I will go through fire and water. I have already dealt with all the work at hand, and I can report to Mu Shi tomorrow."

He did not immediately agree to Mu Tingxiao because he needed time to deal with the work at hand.

Gu Zhiyan is naturally willing to let him go, but he has his own responsibilities.

Mu Tingxiao groaned for a moment. He didn't expect Shi Ye to be so capable of doing things and he was also very cautious and thorough.

After a few seconds, he said: "Tomorrow morning, come to Jinding directly."

Shi Ye responded: "Yes."

... The

next morning, when Mu Tingxiao took Mu Mu for breakfast, he arrived at Jinding at night.

When Shi Ye saw Mu Mu, a touch of surprise clearly flashed across his face.

Mu Mu felt that someone was watching her, so he turned to look at Shi Ye.

Maybe people who have children have one thing in common. When they see a cute child outside, they will look at them unconsciously and can't help but smile at him.

What's more, Mu Mu is still Mu Tingxiao's daughter.

Watching Mu Tingxiao grow from a gloomy young man to the calm man who is strategizing today, I have mixed feelings.

Most children are keen, and she can feel the kindness and malice from others.

Shiye smiled at her, and she also smiled at Shiye.

Mu Tingxiao asked without raising his head, "Have

you eaten?" After returning to mind, he quickly said, "I have eaten."

Mu Tingxiao tried the temperature of the milk for Mu Mu, and said casually: " Help me find someone."

Shi Ye heard this and asked respectfully: "Who does the young master want me to check?"

Mu Tingxiao turned his head to look at him: "Mu Nuannuan."

Shi Ye suddenly raised his head. There is a shock that cannot be concealed.

Mu Tingxiao naturally noticed his abnormality: "What? There is a problem?"

For a moment, Shi Ye thought that Mu Tingxiao had recovered his memory.

But Mu Tingxiao's eyes looked at him still as strange as before.

Shiye paused before saying: ""

Chapter: 378

When Shi Ye was leaving, she couldn't help but glanced back at Mu Tingxiao.

It happened to see Mu Tingxiao peeling eggs for Mu Mu.

Before meeting Mu Nuannuan, the words "thinking" and "taking care of others" had nothing to do with Mu Tingxiao at all.

But now, when Mu Tingxiao took care of Mu Mu, he looked very handy and natural.

In addition to the grandeur of a wealthy son and the aura of a business emperor, he also has a calmness that can only be obtained as a father.

Although Mu Tingxiao was successful and good enough compared to most people, he was still changing.

However, the fairness of destiny has always only been reflected in unfairness.

Shiye didn't stay too much, just watched for a few seconds and left.

He heard Gu Zhiyan talk about Mu Nuannuan.

He left Jinding, and while driving, he called Gu Zhiyan and asked Mu Nuannuan's address.

At night, I drove to the community where Mu Nuannuan lived.

He stopped the car on the side of the road opposite the gate of the community.

He didn't get out of the car immediately. After sitting in the car for a while, he saw Mu Nuannuan walking out of the community.

She wore a white sweater and jeans today. Although she was thin, she looked good.

After the explosion on the island that year, Shi Ye and Gu Zhiyan thought that Mu Nuan Nuan was long gone.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan standing there alive now, she felt a little uncomfortable in her throat all night.

He stabilized his mind, opened the car door and went straight to Mu Nuannuan.

"Hello?" Chao Mu Nuannuan asked tentatively.

Mu Nuannuan looked back at him: "Hello, what's the matter?"

Shi Ye's gaze stayed for a few seconds on Mu Nuannuan's face, and then quickly moved away, with the polite tone of the first meeting: "That's it, I want to ask, is there a house for sale in this community recently? "

I don't know this very well. You can contact the property, and I will give you the property's phone number."

Mu Nuannuan felt that the person in front of him was very kind, took out his mobile phone and found the property's phone number and reported it to Shiye.

Saved the phone every night, and said very sincerely, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Mu Nuannuan turned around and left after speaking.

Shi Ye stood on the spot, watching Mu Nuannuan's back disappear into the crowd, and then looked away.

Mrs. Shao really doesn't know him...

Except for her thin body, she doesn't look much different from before, but her personality seems to be much gentler.

The previous Mu Nuannuan looked very gentle, but she always carried a sharp feeling from her bones, as if she could hurt her with bruises at any time.

It might be because of the lack of those heavy memories that made her a lot easier.

Shi Ye shook his head and withdrew his thoughts.

Mu Tingxiao asked him to check Mu Nuannuan, either because he knew something, or he had already seen Mu Nuannuan.

He thinks that the second possibility is more likely.

In the past three years, Mu Tingxiao's closest person is Mu Jinyun.

How could Mu Jinyun and Mu Tingxiao mention Mu Nuan Nuan.

If Mu Tingxiao recovers his memory, knowing that Mu Jinyun was unable to save Mu Nuannuan back then, he still doesn't know how to clean up Mu Jinyun.

... When

Mu Nuannuan married Mu Tingxiao and went to Mu Tingxiao's villa halfway up the mountain for the first time, she had already checked her all night.

After three or four years, he did not expect him to do this again.

And the person who sent him to do this was still Mu Tingxiao.

This gave him a sense of trance, and the gear of fate seemed to have turned back when Mu Nuannuan first married Mu Tingxiao.

Although I knew Mu Nuannuan every night, it was necessary to check it again after three years.

Shi Ye was shocked by the results.

Before the accident three years ago, Mu Nuannuan was already well-known on the Internet, but now he can't even find any clues.

There was nothing about her and Mu Tingxiao, or going abroad to give birth to children.

Except that she is the daughter of the Mu family, she graduated from the film school and had an accident three years ago. Other than these simple information, nothing else can be found.

If Shi Ye was not an informed person, I am afraid he would have believed this information.

But in the current situation, all he could do was to give this simple information to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan's information was tampered with, even if he told Mu Tingxiao that Mu Nuannuan was his wife and the woman he loved deeply, Mu Tingxiao would not necessarily believe it.

Mu Tingxiao's inner firmness was different from ordinary people, and it was not easy for him to believe someone's words without a tone.

It has to be done step by step.

In the afternoon, Shi Ye brought the information from the investigation to Mu Shi.

When I entered, I was stopped by the front desk.

"Sir, who are you looking for?" In

three years, Mu's front desk has also changed a few people. They don't know Shiye anymore.

Shi Ye solemnly said: "I am the new assistant of the president." The

front desk still didn't let him go: "What about the work card?"

Finally, Shi Ye had to call Mu Tingxiao and let him in.

When he reached the elevator entrance, he found that the elevator was still more than a dozen floors, and he had to wait a while.

When the elevator finally came down, the person who came out of the elevator turned out to be Mu Jinyun.

Shi Ye lowered his head slightly and called out, "Mr. Mu."

Mu Jinyun glanced at Shi Ye and felt a little familiar, but he didn't remember who he was, so he didn't say anything.

Shi Ye went to Mu Tingxiao's office smoothly.

Mu Tingxiao also brought Mu Mu to the company today.

When I entered Shiye, I saw Mu Tingxiao and Mu Mu, both of them "working" at their desks.

Mu Tingxiao sat on the boss chair with a thick pile of documents in front of him.

And Mu Mu was sitting on his desk, holding a paintbrush in one hand, and pressing a piece of drawing paper in the other, drawing something on it indiscriminately.

The picture looks a bit funny, but it is also very harmonious.

Shi Ye knocked on the door and walked straight to Mu Tingxiao: "Master, what you want." After

he put down Mu Nuannuan's information, Mu Tingxiao put down his work and began to watch Mu Nuannuan's work. data.

Mu Tingxiao quickly turned over the two thin pages.

Immediately, he raised his head to look at Shi Ye: "

Where is her fiance's information?" Shi Ye heard this and handed Li Jiuheng's information over: "Here."

Li Jiuheng's information is less than Mu Nuannuan's, an A4. Paper only accounts for half.

A touch of satisfaction flashed in Mu Tingxiao Rumo's eyes. He just asked Shi Ye to check Mu Nuannuan, but he didn't expect Shi Ye to check Li Jiuheng's information together.

In this way, Shi Ye had really been his special assistant before.

Mu Tingxiao put down the information in his hand, tilted his head slightly, and casually ordered: "There is one more thing for you to do. I will live next door to them tonight."

Shi Ye was a little surprised.

Although he didn't know what Mu Tingxiao was thinking, he still nodded slightly: "Understood."

Chapter: 379

Shi Ye did not go out immediately.

Mu Tingxiao asked him, "Is there anything else?"

Shi Ye said with a serious face, "Master, the information of these two people is incomplete, so it is Li Jiuheng, his identity is definitely not simple."

Before they set off to the island, Li Jiuheng He Mu Nuannuan was photographed by a paparazzi, and Mu Tingxiao sent him to investigate this man named Li Jiuheng.

At that time, the information he found was also very simple.

The man Li Jiuheng appeared out of thin air, his identity was simple and clean, but he was suspicious everywhere.

But he was not sure of his purpose.

"Really?" Mu Tingxiao glanced at him, then picked up Mu Nuannuan's information again: "How do I feel that Mu Nuannuan's identity is even more difficult."

Shi Ye was familiar with Mu Tingxiao and naturally did not miss Mu. That touch of interest in Ting Xiao's eyes.

"Yes, Miss Mu's identity is indeed not simple." Mu Nuannuan is his child's biological mother and his wife. Could it be simple?

But it was also obvious that Mu Tingxiao was very interested in Mu Nuannuan.

Could this be the legendary... fate.

Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows: "There is something in the words?"

Shi Ye bowed his head respectfully and stopped talking.

Mu Tingxiao seemed to not want to say more to him: "Go out." After

Shi Ye went out, Mu Tingxiao was slightly lost.

He didn't return to his senses until Mu Mu grabbed a piece of information from him and scribbled.

She flattened out the piece of information she had taken, and said, "I draw a green pepper."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at it and found that it was Mu Nuannuan's personal information. She stretched out her hand and took it over and refused to give it to her. painting.

Although Mu Mu is usually behaved, she will be angry when she is disturbed while playing.

She narrowed her mouth and looked at Mu Tingxiao: "Huh! Give it to me!"

Mu Tingxiao casually put Li Jiuheng's data sheet in front of Mu Mu: "Using this picture, this one is half blank."

Mu Muyang He raised his chin, and said in a generous tone: "Forgive you."

After speaking, he lowered his head and continued to paint.

Mu Tingxiao laughed angrily at her. With such a small ball, there was nowhere to fix it. In the end, he just reached out and rubbed her head.

He was therefore suspected by Mu Mu.

"Oh, don't touch me!" Mu Mu frowned, looking angry.

Mu Tingxiao changed the subject: "Didn't you say you were painting me? Let me see." Mu Mu

immediately happily took the paper to him: "Look, this is you."

Mu Tingxiao looked at the ball above. With the red, green and green lines, he calmly took out the tablet: "Do you watch cartoons?"

Mu Mu nodded like a chicken pecking at rice: "Look!"

Mu Mu held the tablet and went to the sofa to watch cartoons, Mu Tingxiao continue working.

……When I

got off work, I came back every night.

He holds the real estate certificate in his hand.

"Master, what you want."

He handed Mu Tingxiao the real estate certificate and key.

Mu Tingxiao looked at the real estate certificate and key in front of him, and looked at Shiye with an unpredictable expression: "Where did the money come from?"

Shiye hesitated: "It's your money."

Before, Mu Tingxiao trusted him very much. Mu Tingxiao gave him a card.

Mu Jinyun still didn't understand Mu Tingxiao, so she didn't know that Shi Ye still had such a card in her hand.

Later, Mu Tingxiao had an accident, and Mu Jinyun fired him. The card was still in his hand and finally came in handy.

The place where Mu Nuannuan lives is also a high-end community.

Those who live are also rich.

However, no matter how rich he is, he cannot compare to Mu's family.

The last thing Mu Tingxiao lacks is money.

What's more, Mu Tingxiao has always been willing to spend money on matters related to Mu Nuannuan.

Shi Ye had already understood this about Mu Tingxiao, and knew that Mu Tingxiao was going to live next door to Mu Nuannuan, and he didn't save any money at all, so he just got things done.

After hearing Shi Ye's words, Mu Tingxiao didn't say much, just got up and walked towards the sofa.

Mu Mu fell asleep watching the cartoon before, and was lying on the sofa sleeping under Mu Tingxiao's coat.

Mu Tingxiao wrapped her jacket around Mu Mu and picked her up from the sofa.

Although his movements were already very light, Mu Mu woke up.

She half-opened her eyes and yelled softly, "Dad."

"Well, I'm going to eat." Mu Tingxiao reached out and touched her head.

When she first woke up, Mu Mu was a little bit coquettish, and Nuo Nuo said, "I want to eat French fries..."

At that night, a big man followed behind him, listening to Mu Mu's voice, feeling his heart melted.

But Mu Tingxiao was unmoved, and very coldly refused Mu Mu's request: "No."

Mu Mu became sober again, aggressively: "I want to eat."

Mu Tingxiao's voice was still cold: "No."

Mu Mu narrowed his mouth with a look of disgust: "Mu Qingjiao, a big monster."

Mu Tingxiao snorted, "You are a little monster."

Mu Mu's eyes blinked and tears fell. "Wow... I am not a monster, the monster is so ugly, I am Mu Mu..."

Mu Tingxiao glanced down at Mu Mu and calmly walked into the elevator.

A man with a child is soft-hearted and can't stand it all night, and wants to help him coax the child.

As a result, at this moment, he saw Mu Mu's cry ceased, and he reached out his hand to wipe the tears on his face, his nose twitched, and turned his head away from Mu Tingxiao.

It seems... Master still doesn't coax children.

However, Mu Mu's self-regulation ability is also quite strong.


Mu Tingxiao did not go back first, but found a restaurant.

Later, they will be sent to them in childhood and night, so they will eat together.

Probably the reason for seeing Shiye all day, Mu Mu is very friendly to him, and will give Shiye dishes when he eats.

When Mu Tingxiao saw this, he stopped aloud: "Mu Mu, eat it yourself."

Mu Mu retorted, "Uncle

wants to eat too." Mu Tingxiao picked her up an onion, "Uncle can pick up vegetables himself."

Shi Ye Said: "It's okay."

Mu Mu didn't eat the onion, and took out the onion with his hands in disgust.

Mu Tingxiao put it back directly for her again: "Don't be picky eaters."

Shi Ye couldn't help but smile, "Master, Mu Mu is up to you, don't you also eat onions?"

Mu Tingxiao was slightly startled.

Mu Mu took this opportunity to pick out the onion and threw it into Mu Tingxiao's bowl, blinking his eyes, smiling sweetly: "Dad, you eat."

Mu Tingxiao: "..."

Finally, Mu Tingxiao Still didn't eat that onion.

There is no need to force yourself for things you can't eat.

Perhaps because Shiye spared Mu Mu from eating onions, when she left the restaurant, Mu Mu had already called "Uncle Shiye" on the left and "Uncle Shiye" on the right.

At night, they drove them to the community where Mu Nuan Nuan lived. The group had just walked to the door of the room, and the door opposite was also opened at this time.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the two big and one young man standing opposite, and was stunned for a few seconds before reacting: "Mr.

Mu ? You guys..." Mu Mu had already rushed towards Mu Nuannuan, "Pretty sister!"

Chapter: 380

Mu Mu threw away Mu Tingxiao's hand and ran towards Mu Nuannuan.

She ran over and hugged Mu Nuannuan's legs and looked up at her: "You are here too."

"Yes, I live on the opposite side." Mu Nuannuan said, squatting down to hold Mu Mu. He hugged him up and pointed to the door behind him.

It didn't take long for her to make the meal, waiting for Li Jiuheng to come back to eat together, but Li Jiuheng never came back, she planned to go to the convenience store to buy something first.

As a result, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Mu Tingxiao and his party.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Nuan's back.

When she came out, the door of the room had not had time to close. Through the crack of the half-open door, the warm decoration and the aroma of the food could be seen in the room.

Mu Tingxiao's expression sank unconsciously, his gaze fell on Mu Mu's body, and he called out with implicit warning: "Mu Mu."

Mu Ting glanced at Mu Tingxiao cautiously, reluctantly Slipped off Mu Nuannuan's body, and slowly walked to Mu Tingxiao.

She walked over and grabbed Mu Tingxiao's hand with a hint of flattery---pointing.

Mu Tingxiao's hands were too big, and she could only grasp one of his fingers.

She was closest to Mu Tingxiao, and she felt that Mu Tingxiao was angry.

Although she didn't understand why her father was angry, she was right at this time.

Dad never did it, but it would be very scary to be angry...

Seeing Mu Mu's appearance, Mu Nuannuan felt a little bit painful, and felt that Mu Tingxiao was a bit too aggressive towards Mu Mu.

The child is too young to always be like this. It should be guided carefully.

But she was not familiar with Mu Tingxiao, so she had to swallow any thoughts.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Nuannuan expressionlessly, turned Mu Mu around, and said to Shi Ye: "Open the door."

After opening the door at night, let Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan go in first. He nodded to Mu Nuannuan at the very end.

Mu Nuannuan remembered that he was the man who had spoken to her during the day, and could not help but said loudly: "It's you, you are the house that helped Mr. Mu ask?"

"Yes." Shi Ye lowered his eyes and handed out one respectfully. Business card: "Hello, I am Shiye."

Mu Nuannuan took the business card and looked at it politely for a second or two before putting it away: "Hello, I am Mu Nuannuan."

Shiye's eyes flickered: "From now on Miss Mu and my young master are neighbors, and I would like to ask Miss Mu to take care of her."

Mu Nuannuan was stunned: "Mr. Shi is polite."

When Shiye went in, Mu Nuannuan turned around and closed the door with a look of confusion. , Walked towards the elevator entrance.

Mu Tingxiao took his daughter and suddenly moved to this community?

Although the environment of this community is good and high-end, shouldn't rich people like Mu Tingxiao live in a spacious villa with a crowd of servants?

Why did you suddenly move here?

With this doubt, Mu Nuannuan remembered that she did not bring the keys or mobile phone when she came back from the supermarket after shopping.

Li Jiuheng didn't know when he would be back, so she had to wait at the door.

At this time, the opposite door opened.

Shi Ye arranged arrangements for Mu Tingxiao's father and daughter, and they were about to leave now.

Mu Nuannuan politely greeted: "Mr. Shi."

Before waiting for the night to answer, a small head

appeared behind the door : "Pretty sister?" Mu Mu slapped at the door, wide open. His eyes looked at Mu Nuannuan with excitement.

Mu Nuannuan smiled at her: "Mu Mu."

Mu Mu asked her curiously: "Why are you sitting at the door?"

"Sister forgot to bring the key and can't get in."

"Huh?" Mu Mu seemed a little unresponsive, and looked up at Shiye.

Shi Ye touched her head: "You can't open the door without the key, you can't enter the room."

"Oh." Mu Mu nodded, opened the door and ran towards Mu Nuannuan, holding her hand to Pulling in the direction of her own door: "Pretty sister, go to my house."

"...No, someone will open the door for me?"

Mu Mu was very persistent: "Go."

Mu Nuan was dragged to her house by Mu Mu.

As soon as Mu Mu entered the door, she shouted loudly as if offering a treasure: "Mu Qingjiao, beautiful sister is here!" After

she finished speaking, she still found Mu Mu slippers in the shoe cabinet next to her.

Only her and Mu Tingxiao's slippers were in the shoe cabinet. After comparing them, she gave Mu Tingxiao's slippers to Mu Nuannuan: "This is for you."

After that, she seemed to feel that they were not properly placed. They aligned themselves again, and then looked up at Mu Nuannuan with an expression of expectation.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but smiled and touched her face: "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Mu Mu ran away a little shyly.

Mu Nuannuan stood in the hallway and looked around the room.

The layout of the house is the same as that of Li Jiuheng, both of which are duplex. The decoration style of the Mediterranean is also very warm. It can be seen that the furniture is new.

She hesitated to change shoes to go in.

Although Mu Mu invited her in, Mu Tingxiao seemed to hate her a bit.

She lowered her head and looked at the slippers Mu Mu gave her.

She opened her legs and stepped on the slippers next to them. The men's slippers were a bit longer than her feet.

It's impolite to wear a man's slippers casually.

So Mu Nuannuan put the slippers back and walked in barefoot.

Mu Mu didn't know where to pour a

glass of water, and walked towards her happily: "Pretty sister, give you water." She walked a little fast, she walked, and the water in the glass poured out.

Mu Nuannuan quickly walked over and caught the water.

A large glass of water left only two mouthfuls left.

Under Mu Mu's expectant gaze, she drank up the water.

Mu Mu was obviously very happy: "Is it delicious?"

Although the water tastes a bit strange, Mu Nuannuan nodded: "It's delicious."

"I'll pour a cup of Mu green pepper." Mu Mu took the water glass as he said. Quickly ran into... the bathroom.

Mu Nuannuan tilted her head and saw Mu Mu was stepping on a chair, using a cup to catch water under the faucet.

No wonder... the smell is weird...

"Mu Mu, what did you just say?"

Mu Tingxiao's voice came from behind, his tone of indifference unique to this man.

Mu Nuan Nuan turned her head fiercely and saw Mu Tingxiao walking downstairs wearing a bathrobe.

When she looked at him, he also saw her.

Mu Tingxiao paused slightly, his expressionless face changed slightly when he saw Mu Nuannuan.

His eyes were facing each other, his gaze was too sharp, Mu Nuannuan took the lead to look away, and whispered: "Mr.

Mu ." Mu Tingxiao quickly walked to her, his voice still cold, "Where is Mumu?"

She thought he would ask why she was here.

"Mu Mu, she's going..." Before Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she heard Mu Mu's voice: "Mu Qingjiao, I'll pour you water."

When the two turned their heads, they saw Mu Muyu running toward this side with slippers "patter", and handed the water to Mu Tingxiao like a treasure: "Here."