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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 401-410 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 401

Mu Tingxiao hugged Mu Mu, using the kind of princess who had just embraced Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Mu was a small group, obviously uncomfortable to be hugged by the princess, as if she was lying down.

She kicked her short legs to get up, and Mu Tingxiao hugged her upright.

He supported Mu Mu with one hand, turned around and pushed open the study door with the free hand.

He walked in, looked at the mess in the room, stared in thought for a moment, then put Mu Mu aside, squatted down and started picking up things.

Mu Mu probably thought the room was too messy, she walked on tiptoe to the edge of the sofa, twisted and crawled onto the sofa neatly, rubbing the little tiger puppet in her arms, and looking at Mu Tingxiao slowly.

The child was very active. After only a few seconds, she asked Mu Tingxiao curiously: "Dad, what are you doing?"

Mu Tingxiao said without looking up, "The thing fell on the ground, pick it up. "

Oh, I'll help you pick it up." Mu Muxing slid off the sofa aggressively, ran to Mu Tingxiao's side, and started to help him pick up the materials scattered on the ground with a sharp glance.

However, she didn't pick it up neatly like Mu Tingxiao did. She just crammed it all in her arms, wrinkled into a ball, and finally sent it to Mu Tingxiao, with a proud look on her face: "I picked it up. That's right!"

Mu Tingxiao took it and touched her head: "You should go play."

Mu Mu curled his lips: "Okay."

She also felt that picking up things was not fun.

At her age, she just likes colorful and cute little toys, and has no interest in these white papers with black letters.

When Mu Tingxiao picked up the documents again and put them back, there was a knock on the door outside.

Mu Tingxiao's voice was slightly cold: "Who?"

Mu Nuannuan outside the door paused, and then said, "It's me, is Mu Mu still here? I warmed her a glass of milk, and she should take a bath and go to bed."

Mu Tingxiao noticed now, and it was almost It's ten o'clock.

He turned his head to look at Mu Mu and found that Mu Mu was listening to Mu Nuannuan with his ears upright.

She sat on the sofa obediently, tilted her head slightly, her eyes turned around, obviously attracted by the sound of Mu Nuannuan outside the door.

Mu Tingxiao chuckled and asked her, "Have you heard? Who is calling you?"

She held out a finger to her mouth, with a surprised expression: "Mom is calling me, there is milk."

Mu Tingxiao A hint of surprise appeared in his eyes: "Isn't it auntie?"

"You said mom." Mu Mu spoke a little faster, and skipped the "yes" in the middle.

"You said mother" became "you said mother".

After she finished speaking, she jumped off the sofa and said, "I'm going to open the door!"

Mu Tingxiao watched her rush to the door, tiptoed and struggling to open the door, and ignored her.

He picked up the information bag in front of him, walked behind the desk, and locked the information bag in the bottom drawer.

When I looked up again, I saw that Mu Mu had opened the study door and called "Mom" sweetly.

Mu Nuannuan was holding a cup of hot milk, and when she heard Mu Mu's words, she was completely stunned.

After a while, she woke up like a dream, and asked Mu Mu in disbelief: "What do you call me?"

"Mom." Mu Mu probably felt Mu Nuannuan's mood changes, and her face straightened up. .

This surprise came too suddenly, and Mu Nuannuan was so surprised that it was a little difficult to follow.

"I... I warmed the milk for you..." Mu Nuannuan was a little stuck in her words, only squatted down and passed the milk to Mu Mu.

Mu Mu's eyes lit up, she reached out to take the milk from Mu Nuan Nuan, and drank the cup.

Mu Nuannuan was worried that she could not hold the cup, so she raised her hand to help her hold the cup.

Mu Mu obediently drank a cup of milk "gumbling".

She held an empty cup to show Mu Nuannuan: "I'm finished drinking!"

Mu Nuannuan's heart was so soft: "Mu Mu is really good! Will I give you hot milk tomorrow night?"


Mu Mu Huanxi Holding the cup back to find Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan's gaze also followed Mu Mu, and she found that Mu Tingxiao had walked to the door without knowing when.

At this moment, he was leaning on the door frame, looking at Mu Mu with his arms around him indifferently.

Having just received praise from Mu Nuannuan, Mu Mu looked at Mu

Tingxiao expectantly : "Look, Dad! I drank it all!" Mu Mu had just drunk milk, and there was a circle of white milk on her lips. Moustache.

Mu Tingxiao curled her lips and reached out to erase the milk beard from her lips. There was a slight smile in her low voice: "Did you say thank you?"

Mu Mu turned around and said to Mu Nuannuan, "Thank you." Mother!"

Mu Mu called her mother before, and Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised.

It is impossible for Mu Mu to call her mother on a sudden whim, it must be Mu Tingxiao who said something.

She felt more and more that Mu Tingxiao was too complicated to understand.

He is arrogant and arrogant, but occasionally he can be a little naive, even a little... intimate.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Tingxiao in a complicated mood.


Mu Nuannuan showered Mu Mu and coaxed her out to sleep, and she saw Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao had already taken a shower, and wearing a soft-soft home clothes, the sharp aura on his body was reduced a lot.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath: "Thank you."

Mu Mu will change her mouth, it must have been taught by Mu Tingxiao.

Although I don't know why Mu Tingxiao did this, Mu Nuannuan is still very grateful to him.

Mu Mu seemed to like her very much, but compared to Mu Tingxiao who had been guarding Mu Mu, Mu Mu still liked Mu Tingxiao better.

This is beyond doubt.

Therefore, Mu Mu actually liked listening to Mu Tingxiao's words.

Mu Mu's bedroom door hadn't been closed tightly yet, Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and pushed the door down, looked inside, and saw that Mu Mu was sleeping soundly while holding a puppet, and then he retracted his gaze.

Mu Tingxiao glanced at Mu Nuannuan, and said quietly: "Childish talents only verbally thank you." The

voice fell, and regardless of Mu Nuannuan's expression, he turned and left.

Mu Nuannuan was stunned.

Did Mu Tingxiao say he was naive before he hated her?

Mu Nuannuan felt that her cognition had been refreshed.

Don’t they all say “adults don’t count the lives of villains”?

Why would a big person like Mu Tingxiao hold every word she said that didn't go to his heart?

Not only that, but he would also take the opportunity to throw her words at her and step on her by the way.

Mu Nuannuan returned to the room, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt incredible.

So, she dialed Shen Liang's phone.

Shen Liang's voice is still full of vitality: "Nuan Nuan!"

"Xiao Liang, I have something to ask you."

"What's the matter, you say." The sound of pouring water sounded from Shen Liang's end.

Mu Nuannuan thought about it, and used a more conservative question: "Mu Tingxiao, what kind of person is he?"

"Puff...cough cough..."

Chapter: 402

At the next moment, Shen Liang's coughing sound rang on the other side of the phone: "I was choking while drinking water, wait for me..."

Shen Liang originally poured water and prepared to drink, but he heard After Mu Nuannuan's problem, a flash god was choked by water.

Although she knew very well that Mu Nuannuan had amnesia now, in her usual memory, Mu Nuannuan was the person next to Mu Tingxiao's pillow, and it was Mu Nuannuan who knew Mu Tingxiao best.

When Mu Nuannuan asked this question coldly, Shen Liang was still shocked.

Shen Liang An An Ansheng drank a glass of water before picking up the phone and talking to Mu Nuannuan.

"Nuan Nuan, what did you just say?"

"I just asked you...what kind of person is Mu Tingxiao." Mu Nuannuan probably also guessed Shen Liang's thoughts, and felt that this question sounds a little strange. .

"Um... I think about it..." Shen Liang paused, then summed up a few words to her: "Wealthy, handsome, cold, terrible."

This was the contact between Shen Liang and Mu Tingxiao. Mu Tingxiao's impression on her.

Rich and handsome, it is true that only people with long eyes can see characteristics from Mu Tingxiao.

High cold can be considered a bit.

As for the horror...

it's kind of.

Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised: "That's it, is there any more?"

"Nothing." Shen Liang sighed, "Speaking of which, you should be the one who knows the big boss best."

"Why do you call him the big boss? "Mu Nuannuan hasn't read the information yet, so she doesn't know that Mu Tingxiao is the boss behind Shengding Media.

Shen Liang said, "The boss behind Shengding Media."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Because it was too late, Mu Nuannuan didn't plan to chat with Shen Liang more.

When she hung up the phone, Shen Liang asked curiously: "Why did you suddenly ask me about this today? Did something happen between you and the big boss?"

Mu Tingxiao still doesn't contact Gu Zhiyan very much now, Gu Zhiyan is not so good. Know the current situation of Mu Tingxiao.

Gu Zhiyan would think of telling Shen Liang first when he encountered anything. Shen Liang naturally didn't know what he didn't know.

On the other hand, today’s event happened a little bit suddenly, even if Mu Nuannuan could remember to tell Shen Liang, there was no chance.

"I'm now..." Mu Nuannuan paused and found a more appropriate statement: "Living under the same roof with Mu Tingxiao."

Shen Liang's volume suddenly rose several degrees: "You have restored your memory. Or does the big boss recover his memory?"

Mu Nuannuan could imagine Shen Liang's astonished expression at the moment.

Mu Nuannuan laughed: "No."

She also wanted to restore her memory, but the fact was that there was no progress.

She and Mu Tingxiao were really a couple in distress. They were bombed on the island together and lost their memories together.

In this way, she and Mu Tingxiao seemed to be kind and loving.

"If you are not busy, we can find a time to meet." She just happened to have something to ask Shen Liang.

Shen Liang agreed: "Okay."

... the

next day.

Mu Nuannuan was awakened by the sound of "dongdong" footsteps outside the door.

The footsteps are not very heavy and the frequency is very fast, so you can easily hear who the footsteps are.

Sure enough, Mu Nuannuan sat up with her body propped up, and heard Mu Mu's energetic voice outside the door: "Mom, get up!" After

Mu Mu shouted, she reached out and knocked on the door.

Three times very regularly.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help laughing: "Okay, get up right away."

"Yeah." Mu Mucui replied, and ran away again.

Mu Nuannuan turned his ears, and got up and got out of bed with a smile as she listened to the "dada" footsteps outside.

Mu Mu called Mu Nuannuan, and ran to Mu Tingxiao's room door and knocked: "Mu Qingjiao, it's time to get up."

Within two seconds, Mu Tingxiao opened the door from the inside.

At the same time, Mu Nuannuan just opened the door.

She glanced around and found Mu Mu at Mu Tingxiao's door.

Thinking that she was still wearing pajamas, Mu Nuannuan closed the door and turned to enter.

At this time, she heard Mu Tingxiao's cold voice sounding: "Mu Mu, give you a chance to speak again." At

this time before, Mu Mu had already called "Dad" cleverly.

However, Mu Mu became very playful at this moment, and ran towards Mu Nuannuan.

Xiao Rou Tuan suddenly ran into Mu Nuannuan's arms, and took her arm to her room: "Mom, come in, Mu Qing Jiao is here..."

Mu Nuannuan raised her head and glanced at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao squinted to look at her, there was no special emotion on his face, but Mu Nuannuan could still see from his face the meaning of "If you dare to cover her, you will die."

Mu Nuannuan only hesitated for a second, then pulled Mu Mu into the room and closed the door with his backhand.

The sound of the door closing sounded in Mu Tingxiao's ears, unusually arrogant.

He stared at the open door for a long time, sneered, turned and went downstairs.

...In the


After Mu Nuannuan closed the door, she stuck to the door and listened to the movement outside.

Mu Mu followed her in every way, putting her ears on the door panel.

Mu Nuannuan didn't hear anything, she recovered, seeing Mu Mu also felt her, she couldn't help laughing.

She squatted down in front of Mu Mu and said, "Aren't you afraid that Mu Qingjiao will fix you?"

Mu Mu stared at her blankly for two seconds, as if suddenly understood her meaning, shrugged her shoulders and widened.

She closed her eyes and said in a low voice, " I'm afraid." Mu Nuannuan smiled and hugged her into her arms: "Don't be afraid, you just turn around and behave with him and kiss him."

Mu Mu seemed to understand. nod.

Mu Nuannuan touched her messy hair: "I'll bring you a toothbrush and brush your teeth with me, okay?"

"I'll get it myself." Mu Mu said, opened the door and ran away.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at Mu Tingxiao's door and was a little surprised to find that he was not there.

However, she felt that with Mu Tingxiao's vengeful temperament, she would definitely not give up.

Mu Mu soon took his toothbrush over.

She not only took a toothbrush, but also a towel and hairpin.

Mu Mu ran in with a smile, piled everything in her arms to Mu Nuannuan, and showed them to Mu Nuannuan as serious as they were: "Look at my strawberry hairpin, rabbit, red... "

Mu warm while patiently watching her introduce his little card, one side said:"?? that we are not going to go wash up and then we'll come out combing their hair, wearing a pretty good card issuers "

I did not expect very Mu Mu In response,

Mu Nuannuan touched her head and carried her into the bathroom.

Mu Nuan handed the toothbrush packed with toothpaste to Mu Mu: "Will Mumu brush our teeth?"

"Yes!" Mu Mu took the toothbrush, pounded it in the cup filled with water, and opened her mouth. Clench your teeth and start brushing.

Mu Mu looked very skillful and flexible in brushing her teeth.

Chapter: 403

Mu Nuannuan watched Mu Mu while squeezing toothpaste and brushing her teeth.

Mu Mu brushed his teeth for a while, then brushed with some water, and then spit it out.

A small person standing on the stool, brushing his teeth in the mirror decently, seeing Mu Nuannuan's heart softened into a pool of water.

So good.

Looking at it from another angle, Mu Mu's good behavior is basically due to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but get distracted.

For Mu Mu, Mu Tingxiao did give more than her.

If Mu Tingxiao were a little more domineering and arrogant, he wouldn't be able to let her live in because Mu Mu liked her.

He could completely ignore her and not give her this opportunity.

"Mom, you have to throw it up, like this..."

Mu Mu's voice pulled her thoughts back.

She lowered her head and saw Mu Mu took a sip of water in her mouth, swished it and vomited it out again.

Then, Mu Mu opened a pair of big eyes and asked her seriously: "Just throw up like this, do you know how?"

Mu Nuannuan nodded in cooperation: " Yes ."

"Then you throw up." Mu Mu seemed like I still didn't believe her, and kept staring at her.

Mu Nuannuan had to cooperate with her, gargle her mouth just the way she did.

Then Mu Mu patted her arm: "Awesome."

"..." Mu Nuannuan was taken aback, and then made a happy expression: "Really? Mu Mu is better than me!"

Mu Mu She was embarrassed by her boasting, laughed twice, jumped off the stool and went out to fiddle with her little hairpin.

Mu Nuannuan quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face, and went out to tie Mu Mu's hair.

Mu Mu is very demanding about tying her hair.

Mu Nuannuan asked her: "What kind of hair do you want to tie?"

"The braid...the princess's head...this is so long, it's like this here..."

Mu Mu said as she stretched out her chubby hand on her own. Get it on the hair.

In the end, Mu Nuannuan didn't figure out what kind of hair she was going to get.

At the end, Mu Mu asked her in a sophisticated tone: "Do you know what hair I want?"

Mu Nuannuan solemnly said, "I know."

Mu Mu's hair was black and smooth, with bangs in front. The back is just shoulder length.

Mu Nuannuan braided two small braids on the top of her head and hung down, leaving half of her hair behind.

After tying her hair, she asked Mu Mu to choose two small hairpins and put them at the roots of the braids.

Don’t issue the pin, Mu Nuannuan smoothed her hair and said, “Okay!”

Mu Mu, who had been obediently unmoved, couldn’t help but reach out and touch her head when she heard her say this. Do you?"

"Watch it for yourself." Mu Nuannuan said, she hugged Mu Mu to the mirror.

Mu Mu looked in the mirror, touched the little braid on her head, touched the hairpin again, and exaggeratedly exclaimed: "It looks good!"

Mu Nuan helped her tidy up again: "We Mumu are the best."

Mu Mu looked at her shyly, and whispered: "Mom looks good."

Although Mu Mu had always called her "Pretty Sister", this time, Mu Nuannuan was the happiest and most moved.

What followed was a bit of sorrow.

She couldn't live here for Mu Tingxiao all the time. If she were to fight for Mu Tingxiao's custody right then, she would definitely not be able to fight for Mu Tingxiao.

It is absolutely impossible for Mu Tingxiao to give Mu Mu to her.

Mu Nuannuan restrained her emotions and led Mu Mu out: "Let's go down for breakfast."

... In the

dining room, Mu Tingxiao was already sitting at the table.

The servants standing by were all silent, and the atmosphere in the restaurant was also very cold.

Mu Mu was very sensitive, and she looked scared as soon as she entered, and leaned toward Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Tingxiao sat at the dining table, as if someone owed him money.

Mu Nuannuan whispered to Mu Mu: "I used to call Dad, and then climbed on him to kiss him, saying that you love him."

Mu Mu heard this and shook his head into a rattle.

Mu Nuannuan remembered last night, Shen Liang said on the phone that Mu Tingxiao was terrible.

It seems that Mu Mu is still very afraid of him.

Mu Nuannuan cheered her up: "Don't be afraid, if he dares to be aggressive with you, mother will help you teach him."

Mu Mu vaguely understood the meaning of "teaching", and moved two steps to Mu Tingxiao without believing him. Looking back at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan gave her an encouraging smile.

The smile on Mu Mu's face widened, she walked to Mu Tingxiao in small steps, turned her head to look at Mu Tingxiao's face, and tentatively called out, "Dad."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her. The gaze flicked over the braid on top of her head, and a gentle "um" was a response.

Then, he started to eat breakfast.

Mu Nuannuan noticed that Mu Tingxiao hadn't started breakfast.

Could it be that Mu Tingxiao was waiting for her and Mu Mu to come down?

With this suspicion in her heart, Mu Nuannuan sat down at the dining table.

Mu Mu is a good boy, remember Mu Nuannuan's instructions.

Seeing that Mu Tingxiao didn't pay much attention to her, she crawled on Mu Tingxiao with both hands and feet.

She climbed onto Mu Tingxiao’s lap and sat, grabbed his clothes and kissed him on the cheek: “Dad, I love you.”

After that, she stared at Mu Ting curiously. Xiao Xiao looked as if he was waiting for Mu Ting Xiao's reaction.

Mu Nuannuan watched in awe.

Although she didn't know how she got along with Mu Tingxiao in the past, for now, in her limited knowledge, only Mu Mu dared to be so presumptuous in front of Mu Tingxiao.

When Mu Tingxiao had climbed on him, he put down the knife and fork because he was worried that she would fall off, and bent his arms around Mu Mu's small body.

When he heard Mu Mu's "Dad, I love you" again, he didn't have any special reaction.

He stretched out his hand and slipped Mu Muti onto the chair next to him, pointed at her pink pink dinner plate, and said calmly, "Eat it all."

Mu Mu didn't know if what he had just done would be effective for his father. , But Dad doesn't seem so angry anymore.

She nodded very happily: "Yeah!"

Mu Nuannuan watched from the side to make it clear that Mu Tingxiao actually didn't react much to Mu Mu's "confession".

But it is not difficult to see that Mu Tingxiao still loves Mu Mu very much.

At this moment, Mu Tingxiao suddenly raised his eyes to look at Mu Nuannuan, his gaze fell from the plate in front of her to her face, his voice low and no emotions could be heard: "Eat all yours too."

"Me? "Mu Nuannuan pointed her finger at herself, her expression unbelievable.

Just after Mu Tingxiao finished talking about Mu Mu, he turned around and said about her again?

Mu Mu is a three-year-old baby, she is already twenty-six years old...

Mu Tingxiao gave a faint "Um", then turned his head to roll up his sleeves for Mu Mu, and said: "The fork is not easy to handle, you can directly Take it with your hand."

When Mu Mu heard this, he quickly grabbed a small fruit with his hand and put it in his mouth, then as if thinking of something, Chong Mu Nuannuan nodded and said, "Mom wants to eat it up, and Mu Mu also eats it up."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Chapter: 404

Mu Nuannuan was very supportive of this breakfast.

She didn't care much about Mu Tingxiao's words, but after Mu Mu ate it all, she pushed the dinner plate to her to show her...

Mu Nuannuan had to eat it all.

Her appetite has been calculated recently, but she still eats less than a normal woman.

After breakfast, Mu Tingxiao went to the company.

Mu Nuannuan played toys with Mu Mu.

In the past, when Mu Mu was in the old house, there were servants to play with her, but the servants would have some scruples and would not play with Mu Mu as openly as Mu Nuannuan.

What a child needs most is companionship. Playing with the child makes it easy to get closer to her.

What's more, Mu Mu always liked Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Tingxiao didn't come back for dinner at noon. When Mu Mu took a nap in the afternoon, he clamored for Mu Nuannuan to accompany her.

Mu Nuannuan had to take a nap with Mu Mu.

Someone in Mu Mu took a nap together, and could sleep for a long time.

Mu Mu slept soundly and deeply, which directly caused Mu Nuannuan to sleep with him for a long time.

Until she heard the sound of opening the door in a daze, she suddenly opened her eyes and woke up.

She first glanced at Mu Mu who was lying next to her.

Mu Mu was sleeping deeply with Mu Nuannuan's arm, and Mu Nuannuan raised his eyes to the door.

At this time, the sky had dimmed slightly, and the light in the room was a little dim.

She frowned slightly, and after adjusting to the light in the room, she realized that the person standing at the door of the half-open room was Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao wore the suit he had left home in the morning. The suit was crisp and elegant, which made him extraordinarily tall and slender.

Mu Nuannuan stared blankly, then gently turned over and got out of the bed, and took away the mobile phone on the bedside.

Make sure that she didn't wake Mu Mu, she walked towards the door with confidence.

Seeing her coming out, Mu Tingxiao turned and walked out.

Closing the door, Mu Nuannuan followed Mu Tingxiao, looked at the time, and found that it was past five o'clock, no wonder Mu Tingxiao had already returned.

When she was sleeping, the phone was turned on silent, and she found a missed call and text message.

Missed calls and text messages are dull.

Maybe Shen Liang called her and found no one answered, so he sent her a text message.

The text message was simple: "Are you free tomorrow afternoon? Make an appointment."

Mu Nuannuan hurriedly replied with a message: "Okay."

When she looked up at Mu Tingxiao, she found that he was standing not far away. , Stopped and stared at her.

Mu Nuannuan was a little uncomfortable by him, and asked him, "What do you want to eat tonight?"

Mu Tingxiao said quietly, "Guess." It

seemed like a joke, but he used a very serious tone. Said it.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, stopped talking, and went straight downstairs to the kitchen.

Fortunately, she asked a servant about Mu Tingxiao's taste during the day.

This man is really, digging holes and waiting for her all the time.


dinner is very rich.

Mu Nuannuan cooked seven or eight dishes, most of which were made according to Mu Tingxiao's taste.

Several other dishes are made very lightly and cooked with two soups. Mu Mu's baby meal is a set of rice that is made separately, with meat and vegetables, and the plate is cute.

Mu Mu held the spoon and couldn't wait: "So cute! So delicious."

Mu Nuannuan laughed: "You haven't eaten yet."

She filled a bowl of soup, stirred for a while, and it felt almost warm, and put it next to Mu Mu: "Drink some soup."

Mu Mu took a spoon and took a spoon . Soup, hold a bowl and drink directly later.

Mu Nuannuan smiled and served her a small bowl again.

Before the soup in her hand had warmed up, she felt that the opposite Mu Tingxiao seemed to be looking at her.

She raised her head and followed Mu Tingxiao's gaze to look back, and found that Mu Tingxiao was looking at the soup she had prepared for Mu Mu.

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment, and asked aloud: "Do you...want to have soup?"

She thought that with Mu Tingxiao's character, she might just give her a look for her to experience.

Unexpectedly, Mu Tingxiao said "um", put down his chopsticks, and sat there waiting for her to serve him soup.

Mu Nuannuan opened her lips, a little surprised, but didn't say anything.

She filled Mu Tingxiao with soup, and after passing it to him, she went to pay for Xian Mu Mu's soup.

Mu Nuannuan tasted it, feeling there was still some soup, so she blew it.

I don't know if it was her illusion, she always felt that Mu Tingxiao was still looking at her.

She looked up and saw Mu Tingxiao still watching her.

She has served him soup, what else does he want?

Do you want her to help him compensate for the temperature of the soup like she did to Mu Mu, and help him blow cold if it is hot?

Mu Nuannuan was shocked by this thought.

Although Mu Tingxiao's behavior seemed naive, he was not a real baby.

It should be... she thinks too much.

Towards the end of dinner, Mu Nuannuan received Shen Liang's text message.

Shen Liang sent Mu Nuannuan the time and place of the meeting, and asked her if she could bring Mu Mu with him.

Mu Nuannuan felt that since she and Mu Tingxiao lived under the same roof, it was still necessary to tell him about this kind of thing.

She thought for a moment, looked up and said to Xiao Mu Ting: "I want to go out tomorrow afternoon trip."

Mu Xiao Ting took the maid, handing me a towel, side towels, she asked her: "? Where"

"This Need to report the matter?" Mu Nuannuan felt that she did not need to tell him in detail.

Mu Tingxiao put down the towel, raised his eyes to look at her, and slowly said, "I'm in the company, you have to take Mumu with you. Of course I need to know where you plan to go."

"I can take Mumu with you." ?" Mu Nuannuan did not expect that Mu Tingxiao would allow her to take Mu Mu out.

Mu Tingxiao frowned, with a hint of reproach in his tone: "You didn't plan to take her out, do you want her to be at home alone?"

"No..." Mu Nuannuan shook her head quickly: "You know you too, I'll go out. See Shen Liang."

"When you go out tomorrow, someone will see you off." Mu Tingxiao dropped these words and got up and left the restaurant.

Mu Mu was full of food and was sitting paralyzed in a chair, looking like she was wandering away.

Mu Nuannuan called her out: "Mu Mu?"

Mu Mu didn't move a moment: "Yes."

Mu Nuannuan walked to her and sat down, and said slowly: "Your father said you tomorrow You can hang out with me!"

"Go out to play?" Mu Mu seemed to come alive all of a sudden, and her eyes lit up: "I want to go out to play!" When

Mu Mu was in the old house, Mu Tingxiao usually She also wants to go to work, Mu Mu's scope of activities is only in the old house, she also wants to go out to play.

Therefore, the last time Su Mian was able to fool her out so easily.

Mu Nuannuan touched her head: "I will take you out tomorrow!"


The next afternoon, when it was time for departure, Mu Nuannuan saw Shi Ye standing in front of the car waiting for a long time when she left the house.

Chapter: 405

Mu Tingxiao said last night that someone would come to see them off when they went out.

Mu Nuannuan only thought it would be the bodyguard of the driver. She did not expect that Mu Tingxiao would send Shiye to send them off.

When Shi Ye saw her holding Mu Mu out, she smiled and shouted: "Miss Mu."

Then she turned to look at Mu Mu and shouted with a smile: "Mu Mu."

Mu Mu still remembers Shi Ye, sweet. She called out: "Uncle Shiye."

Mu Nuannuan didn't expect it would be Shiye, so she asked directly: "Shiye Special Assistant, how could it be you?"

"Maybe it's because the young master trusts me more." Shiye revealed a very extreme. A shallow smile looks very calm.

Mu Nuannuan thought about it, after all, she was going to take Mu Mu out together, of course Mu Tingxiao would send them a relieved person.

Thinking about it this way, I think it makes sense.

Mu Nuannuan nodded slightly: "Then I will trouble you."

Shi Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled and opened the door respectfully.

Mu Nuannuan hugged Mu Mu and got into the car.


The place where Shen Liang and Yue Mu Nuannuan met was still in Jinding.

Under consideration, it is safer to meet at Jinding.

Shi Ye sent them to Jinding and left, and returned to Mu Clan to find Mu Tingxiao to return to life.

Because Mu Tingxiao had clarified Mu Mu's life, Mu Jinyun had come to look for Mu Tingxiao in the past few days.

When I pushed open the door of the president's office, I heard Mu Jinyun's sharp voice: "What's wrong with me signing this contract? Don't think that only you have the decision-making power, and half of Mu's family is mine!"

Then, At that night, I heard Mu Tingxiao's voice talking to the secretary on the inside line: "Come in and invite Vice President Mu out."

"Tingxiao, don't go too far!"

Mu Jinyun was so angry that she threw the file in her hand to the ground. Before Mu Tingxiao's secretary came in to drive people, she went out angrily.

Shi Ye retreated to the door, lowered his head slightly, and let Mu Jinyun go out first.

Mu Jinyun noticed the night when she was standing by the door, and sneered,

then snorted: "The running dog!" Then she hurried away.

At that night, he closed the door without changing his face, and strode to Mu Tingxiao's desk: "Young Master."

Mu Tingxiao was not affected by Mu Jinyun, and still focused on the documents in front of him.

Hearing Shi Ye's voice, he didn't look up either, but asked aloud: "Send them there?"

"Yes." Shi Ye said with his head slightly lowered.

At this time, Mu Tingxiao raised his head and asked him, "Is there any news from the brain expert who asked you to contact before?"

Shi Ye heard this, and his face was stunned: "If there is news, he will have it tonight. The time has already been arranged, and you can go there directly at that time."


Mu Tingxiao responded and stopped talking.

But Shi Ye hasn't gone out yet.

At this time in the past, I had finished talking all night and went out consciously long ago.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes to look at him: "Is there anything else?"

Shi Ye hesitated for a moment, but still asked the doubts in his heart: "Master, have you...recovered your memory?"

He didn't doubt it like this.

Mainly because Mu Tingxiao asked him to pick up Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu's behavior, which was too abnormal.

It was so abnormal that he had to make such a guess.

Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes slightly, a gloomy expression appeared in his eyes, and soon disappeared: "I remember some, but it's very fragmentary."

Fragmentary and incomplete memories are difficult to piece together.

An expression of surprise appeared on Shi Ye's face.

On the contrary, Mu Tingxiao's expression became more gloomy.

He stood up, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, and then slowly said: "Mu Nuannuan is a physiological amnesia. She slept for three years. Although her body is healed, her amnesia can be reasonably explained. After a detailed examination by the doctor, I was not injured that serious that year." The

subtext is that he has lost his memory and human factors cannot be ruled out.

Shi Ye naturally heard the deep meaning of Mu Tingxiao's words.

Before the showdown between Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jinyun, Mu Tingxiao had made Shi Ye Jiang Mu Nuannuan's three years of investigations clear, so Mu Tingxiao was also very clear about Mu Nuannuan's condition.

Mu Tingxiao was cautious. He checked everyone connected with the incident before finding Mu Jinyun for a showdown.

However, Mu Nuannuan needs to be more careful to check.

... As

soon as Mu Nuannuan took Mu Mu into the Jinding, Gu Zhiyan walked towards them both.


Although Gu Zhiyan was calling Mu Nuannuan's name, his gaze couldn't help looking at Mu Mu.

Mu Nuannuan noticed his eyes and pulled Mu Mu behind her: "Mr. Gu."

"Hey." Gu Zhiyan saw her small movements and smiled embarrassingly: "Shen Xiaoliang is waiting for you in the box. . "

With that he went to see Mu Mu migraine, revealing a self that is very gentle smile:"! this is Mu Mu, and I was Gushu Shu "

Mu Mu Mu open eyes stuck his head out from behind the warm, He whispered: "Yeah."

Gu Zhiyan smiled like a flower. He didn't know where he took out a rainbow lollipop and handed it to Mu Mu. His voice became softer: "Can you eat?"

If it weren't for Mu Nuannuan and knew that Gu Zhiyan was not short of money, she would have thought that Gu Zhiyan was a bad uncle who abducted children.

When Mu Mu saw the rainbow lollipop, her big eyes went straight.

There is no baby who doesn't like sugar.

Mu Mu's small hand lifted up, then retracted again.

She raised her head to look at Mu Nuannuan, and yelled softly, "Mom."

Mu Mu was using her way to seek Mu Nuannuan's advice.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and hugged her up: "Mu Mu can take the candy that Uncle Gu gave, but I have to say thank you."

Mu Mu glanced at Gu Zhiyan and stretched out a small hand to quickly take the candy over. He said, "Thank you Uncle

Gu ." Gu Zhiyan's emotions were all written on his face.

"Mu Mu, uncle here not only has sugar, there are also so many delicious fries, all kinds of candies..."

Gu Zhiyan said a lot later, but Mu Mu only remembers fries and sugar.

She lowered her head and glanced at the rainbow lollipop in her hand, and leaned contentedly in Mu Nuannuan's arms, obviously lacking interest in what Gu Zhiyan said.

Gu Zhiyan looked a little injured.

Mu Nuannuan said in time: "Let's find Xiao Liang first, Mu Mu is still young, and there are so many things to eat."

Gu Zhiyan nodded and took them directly to the box where Shen Liang was.

As soon as Shen Liang saw Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu coming in, his eyes gleamed and ran over: "Mu Mu hugs Auntie."

Mu Mu hesitated for a while, and stretched out his hand towards Shen Liang.

Shen Liang hugged Mu Mu with surprise on his face: "Mu Mu asked me to hold him and didn't recognize the baby? So cute..."

Shen Liang couldn't help but kissed her several times.

Seeing this, Gu Zhiyan on the side took a deep breath and turned his head silently.

Chapter: 406

Mu Nuannuan vaguely understands that Mu Mu is actually a face-conscious kid.

Children are always closer to women.

She is in the entertainment circle, she looks naturally good, and Mu Mu is easy to have a good impression of her.

Shen Liang sat down with Mu Mu in his arms, turned his head to look at Gu Zhiyan, and said with a smile: "Mr Gu, you are very free?"

Gu Zhiyan pretended not to understand the deep meaning of Shen Liang's words: "It is very busy, but today Xiao Mumu is here. , I had no choice but to get some free time. "

Want to drive him away? nonexistent.

Mu Nuannuan looked at Shen Liang and then at Gu Zhiyan, smiled and said nothing.

She turned her head and saw Mu Muzheng looking at her nervously.

Mu Nuannuan yelled: "Mu Mu?"

The expression on Mu Mu's face became more tense, she twisted on Shen Liang's body, seeming to think about it.

Wasn't it okay just now?

Shen Liang also noticed that Mu Mu wanted to go down, so he let go and put her on the ground.

As soon as Mu Mu landed on her feet, she ran up to Mu Nuannuan and plunged into her arms.

Mu Nuannuan felt a little funny.

She hugged Mu Mu, pressed her smile, and asked Mu Mu in a low voice: "What's wrong?"

Mu Mu looked at Shen Liang very cautiously, then quickly turned around and hugged Mu Nuannuan's neck, and whispered: "Auntie blame . " "

who? "Mu warm Somewhat taken aback, asked her:"? just hold your aunt that you "

Mu Mu wringing his fingers, his face tense nod.

Mu Nuannuan opened her mouth, not knowing why.

Shen Liang held his face and looked at Mu Mu excitedly, and asked Mu Nuannuan, "What did she say?"

Mu Nuannuan blinked and shook his head with a smile.

Immediately, she lowered her head and asked Mu Mu in a low voice: "Why do you think Aunt Shen is a strange aunt? Don't you think she is very beautiful?"

Mu Mu glanced at Shen Liang and met Shen Liang's smiling eyes.

She leaned in Mu Nuannuan's arms again, and the little milk said softly, "Pretty."

"Then why is she blamed aunt? She likes you very much, do you know?" Mu Nuannuan touched it. Her hair is alluring.

"Dad said... blame Auntie." The words in the middle of Mu Mu were too quiet, Mu Nuannuan could not hear clearly, but it did not prevent her from understanding the meaning of Mu Mu's whole sentence.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't laugh or cry after hearing this.

She raised her head and asked Shen Liang, "Have you met Mu Tingxiao before?"

"Yes, last time he took Xiao Mumu to dinner in Jinding, I happened to see him." Shen Liang said, towards Mumu. Blinking her eyes: "Little Mumu is here, and she still greets me."

After listening to Shen Liang's words, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help reaching out and supporting her head.

This owl is really ...... Mu Ting

Mu bow warm, warm sound Mu Mu said: "Auntie Shen aunt she is not to blame, she and her mother know, my mother's friend, a good aunt, she liked you."

Mu Mu wide open Staring at Mu Nuannuan with big eyes, she seemed to understand.

Mu Nuan held her little hand and asked her, "Aunt Shen likes you so much, do you want to praise her?"

Mu Mu blinked, turned to look at Shen Liang, and said, "You It's beautiful."

" Ah— "

Shen Liang exclaimed, and asked Mu

Nuannuan : "You taught her to say it?" Mu Nuannuan shook his head and said that she was not teaching Mu Mu to say it.

Shen Liang smiled mysteriously at Mu Mu: "Mu Mu is so good, my aunt prepared a gift for you."

Hearing the word "gift", Mu Mu's eyes lit up suddenly.

Shen Liang stretched out his hand towards Mu Mu: "Come here first, and the aunt will only show you."

Mu Mu looked expectantly at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan put her on the ground: "Go."

Mu Mu happily ran towards Shen Liang, Shen Liang pretending to be mysterious and pulled Mu Mu secretly and gave her a present.

"Mu Mu, you block here, don't let mom see it."


Mu Mu was very cooperative with Shen Liang, looked back at the place where Mu Nuannuan was, and stretched out his small hand, intending to block Mu Nuannuan's sight.

However, Mu Nuannuan still saw the gift Shen Liang bought to Mu Mu.

It is a doll that most young girls will like, and a beautiful wishing bottle with gorgeous colors.

It's not a very special gift, but Mu Mu smiled so that his eyes were bent, and he obviously liked it very much.

"This one will change color when you turn it around, like this..."

"So pretty!"

Mu Tingxiao was so busy, he probably didn't have time to play with Mu Mu.

She vaguely understood the reason why Mu Tingxiao would let her live with them.

Mu Mu took the wishing bottle over with joy and showed it to Mu Nuannuan: "Mom, look!"

"So beautiful? Do we want to thank Aunt Shen?" Mu Nuannuan nodded in cooperation.

"Thank you." Mu Mu ran to Shen Liang, thanked her sweetly, and leaned in to kiss her again.

Shen Liang slumped on the chair, pretending to be weak, and said, "Suddenly my head hurts, so I need Mu Mu to kiss him."

Mu Mu looked ignorant, and he leaned in to kiss him again.

Gu Zhiyan on the side looked very jealous.

He cleared his throat and said, "Order something."

As he said, he handed the menu to Mu Mu: "Mu Mu can order whatever he eats."

Mu Mu glanced at him and pushed the menu to Mu Nuannuan.

With a smile, Mu Nuannuan helped her order a cup of juice and French fries, and ordered herself a cup of coffee, and then pushed the menu to Shen Liang.

Maybe because Gu Zhiyan was also in the box, the things they ordered came up quickly, almost without waiting.

Mu Mu sat in the children's dining room, eating fries intently.

Mu Nuannuan briefly talked about recent events with Shen Liang.

After hearing this, Gu Zhiyan asked Mu Nuannuan gossipingly: "Ting Xiao and his sister really fell out?"

"Forget it, I don't know very well." It seemed that Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jinyun were the two of them. It was a fallout, but after all, it was a sibling, and it is difficult to say whether it will reconcile afterwards.

When Gu Zhiyan heard her words, his eyebrows were beaming: "Wait, if Ting Xiao recovers his memory, Mu Jinyun will feel better."

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a while and asked: "How to say?"

Shen Liang kicked Gu Zhiyan under the dining table: "You should go now, you are so busy..."

Although Gu Zhiyan was reluctant, he got up and went out.

As soon as he went out, Shen Liang moved next to her, and asked her: "What is the big boss doing to you now?"

"Not very good." Mu Nuannuan thought for a while: "It's already pretty good to be able to live in peace. . the "

Shen cool nodded his head and asked:" Do you hate him "? "

can not tell, it is not the way people feel. "

Mu warm sip Min Chun, his face flashed a hint of curiosity, she looked Mu Mu At a glance, he asked Shen Liang in a low voice, "How was my relationship with Mu Tingxiao before?"

"Of course your relationship is very good and affectionate, otherwise how could there be such a cute little Mumu." Shen Liang said, he couldn't help but hold his chin and look at Mu Mu and exclaimed: "It's so cute."

Chapter: 407

Mu Nuannuan halted when she heard this.

Shen Liang noticed Mu Nuannuan's expression and guessed that she might not believe it, so she asked, "How do you feel about the big boss now?"

"Nothing." Apart from being bored and naive, she felt that Mu Tingxiao was nothing special. .

Shen Liang "tsk tsk" and said twice: "Then what are you going to do? You can't stay with them all the time." At

this point, Shen Liang paused and continued to analyze with her: "I can tell you for sure. In the past, you and the big boss had a very good relationship. I think you can choose between two hands. The first one is that you and him restore your memory and continue to love each other. Second, you two have been unable to restore your memory and stop continuing. If you fall in love, sooner or later you have to consider your own future..." For

this, Mu Nuannuan understood it in her heart, and Shen Liang didn't have to say too much.

"I've thought about this too."

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and glanced at Mu Mu, and found that she was dozing off, so she reached out and took her out.

She hugged Mu Mu in her arms, Mu Mu just lifted her eyelids and glanced at her, rubbing trustfully in her arms, and fell asleep.

Shen Liang leaned over and lowered his voice: "Asleep?"

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan replied, "She sleeps and eats are particularly reassuring, not at all troublesome."

Shen Liang couldn't help but touch it. the touch Mu Mu's face: "good boy."

Mu changed only warm arm, let Mu Mu sleep more comfortable, before the rise of cool Shen said:. "students like to own a"

"not before the age of thirty I've considered getting married." The smile on Shen Liang's face faded: "Don't talk about me, talk about you."

"I also considered what you just said, and I also thought about the custody of Mu Mu. "Mu Nuannuan looked straight and said, "If I want to fight for custody with Mu Tingxiao, it is impossible. Step by step, I have to find a job now."

If she wants to fight for Mu Mu's custody, the first thing is that she must be financially independent.

The bad thing now is that her own life is still a mess.

Hearing what Mu Nuannuan said, Shen Liang remembered the script that Mu Nuannuan sold to Qin Shuishan at that time.

"You wrote a script before, called "Lost City". "Lost City" was broadcast two years ago and it sold very well. Many fans are urging the second one under your Weibo."

Shen Liang said. I took out my cell phone, turned to Mu Nuannuan's Weibo, and showed her the comments of those fans.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the ID above and muttered: "Mu Mu?"

Although she didn't remember the mood of taking this pseudonym, she knew that this pseudonym might also have something to do with Mu Mu.

Shen Liang turned over the fans' comments and showed them to Mu Nuannuan.

"It's been two years now, the screenwriter, are you not going to publish the second part?"

"There are so many holes in "The Lost City" are not filled, the screenwriter you come out and let's talk about it!"

"Kneel to the screenwriter to write "The Lost City" The second part."

"The last big Weibo was three years ago. I feel that I will not come out to write the second part of "The Lost City"..." The

latest fan comment was one day ago.

Mu Nuannuan turned to the front and found that the latest Weibo was indeed posted three years ago.

"You see, these are all fans of your "Lost City" circle. If you come back and write a second one, and you will surely catch fire, there will definitely be many producers and directors looking for you. I won a lot of awards in the industry, and investors have made a lot of money..."

Shen Liang thought and felt a little pain: "I don't know how much money you sold at the time. I always feel that you are losing."

Mu Nuannuan suddenly burned. The villa ran away and temporarily sold the script. Shen Liang didn't know how much she sold.

Mu Nuannuan was not as complicated as Shen Liang.

She took out her mobile phone and searched for "The Lost City" online.

Seeing the content of "The Lost City", she has a vague sense of familiarity. Seeing the protagonist's name in the play, she automatically has some plot directions and character settings in her mind.

This surprised her a bit.

She went back to ponder it, maybe she could really write a second part.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while and wanted to ask: "Do you know who I sold my first film to?"

Shen Liang said, "Qin Shuishan, a cutting-edge producer in the entertainment industry, her value has risen quite fast in recent years. Are you ready to write the second part? Can you tell me why Wei Jincheng was arrested in the end?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at Shen Liang embarrassedly: "I am not very clear, after all, I don't remember the content now. What is it?"

Shen Liang: "..."

... When

Mu Nuannuan was about to leave Jinding, Mu Mu also woke up.

Mu Nuannuan asked her: "Mom, or do you go by yourself?"

"Go by yourself." Mu Mu rubbed his eyes and slid to the ground obediently, pulling Mu Nuannuan's hand.

Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang walked out together.

As soon as I got out of the box door, I saw Gu Zhiyan walking towards this side, followed by a man behind him, carrying something.

When she got closer, Mu Nuannuan realized that the men behind Gu Zhiyan were carrying a safe.

Before Gu Zhiyan could speak, Shen Liang frowned and stopped him: "What are you doing?"

"I'm giving Xiao Mumu a meeting gift." Gu Zhiyan said, turned around to take the safe, and handed it to Mu Nuannuan: "The time is a bit rushed. Not very prepared."

So many people watched, Mu Nuannuan had no choice but to reach out and take it: "Thank you."

However, as soon as Mu Nuannuan reached out to take it, she felt that her hand sank and she could not be lifted by the spot. .

She kind of wanted to ask Gu Zhiyan what was in it.

It is also specially packed in a safe. It should be a very valuable thing, right?

It's not like gold bars and cash, right?

Although she didn't want to believe it in her heart, Mu Nuannuan felt that this possibility was very high.

It's not that she has any misunderstandings about straight men

raised by wealthy people, but that's how Gu Zhiyan feels like this... Gu Zhiyan said, "It's a bit heavy, I'll let someone take it back for you."

Mu Nuannuan was about to speak. When Yu Guang saw the person appearing behind Gu Zhiyan, his tone of voice changed: "The person carrying the thing is here."

Gu Zhiyan followed her gaze and saw Mu Tingxiao walking towards this side in great strides.

Shi Ye followed Mu Tingxiao.

Gu Zhiyan "hehe" smiled: "Tingxiao."

Mu Tingxiao just glanced at him, but without keeping his eyes on his face, he turned to look at Mu Nuannuan.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao coming, Mu Mu exclaimed with great joy: "Dad!"

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao responded, and his eyes returned to Mu Nuan Nuan.

He caught a glimpse of the safe in her hand, frowned and asked, "What?" When

he spoke, he took the safe from Mu Nuannuan's hand.

The movement couldn't be more natural.

Chapter: 408

"Mr. Gu's meeting for Mu Mu." Mu Nuannuan said, turning around and smiling at Gu Zhiyan.

Gu Zhiyan smiled triumphantly.

Mu Tingxiao checked the safe in his hand, turned his eyes to Gu Zhiyan, and said faintly, "Mu Mu has no idea about money at all."

Gu Zhiyan was startled: "You haven't read it, how can you know? What's in it is money?"

"Otherwise, what's in it?" Mu Tingxiao's indifferent tone revealed an unobvious dislike.

But anyone who knows him can hear it.

Gu Zhiyan's face

turned straight: "You..." Mu Tingxiao ignored his meaning at all, and turned to look at Mu Nuannuan: " Come with me to a place."

"Where to go?"

She hasn't figured out what happened to Mu Tingxiao. She was here suddenly, and was asked by Mu Tingxiao to accompany him to a place...

Mu Tingxiao directly handed the safe in his hand to Shi Ye, and said, "You send Mu Mu back."

Shi Ye respectfully responded. "Yes."

Immediately, Mu Tingxiao turned his head and said to Mu Mu: "Follow Uncle Shi Ye back. We have other things to go home later. You wait for us at home."

Mu Mu seemed to understand. Nod.

Mu Tingxiao was 1.88 meters tall. Mu Mu was only three years old. Standing in front of him was just a small group. The height difference between the two was a little over one meter.

Although it is not a warm picture, from the perspective of others, the picture of the little daughter ignorantly nodding to her father is particularly loving.

But Mu Tingxiao was obviously not interested in continuing this picture of love. After he finished speaking, he took Mu Nuannuan and left.

Mu Nuannuan had something to tell Mu Mu, but it was too late to say.

She had no choice but to turn her head back and say to Mu Mu: "Go home with Uncle Shiye, Dad and I will be back soon, bye?"

The word "bye bye" at the back gave a soft hint.

Mu Mu was still ignorant, but still obediently waved to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan was taken out of Jinding by Mu Tingxiao.

As soon as she got out of the Jinding tripod, Mu Nuannuan shook off Mu Tingxiao's hand: "I can walk by myself, don't move my hands."

Suddenly she ran over and asked her to go somewhere with him . When she first saw Mu Mu, I haven't seen it for a day, and I didn't even hug Mu Mu.

Mu Tingxiao glanced down at his hand, opened the car door without saying a word and sat in the driving position.

Mu Nuannuan opened the co-pilot's door with no expression.

"Where are you going?" She asked him while wearing her seat belt.

Mu Tingxiao answered her question directly this time: "The hospital."

"What do you do in the hospital? Where are you uncomfortable?" After Mu Nuannuan asked, she felt that her question was not quite right. Mu Tingxiao's body was not correct. Comfortable, won't you let her accompany him to the hospital?

Anyway, I don't understand it, so I just stopped asking.


two reached the hospital silently.

When she got out of the car, Mu Nuannuan put her hands in her clothes pockets and walked behind Mu Tingxiao, keeping a step away from him.

Before entering the hospital, Mu Tingxiao turned his head and looked at her blankly: "Mu Nuannuan, are your feet stuck to the ground?"

Mu Nuannuan said irritably, "You can take care of me. It’s fine if I don’t do it separately, and I’m such a big person and I won’t lose it.” I

really don’t know how Mu Tingxiao took care of her today and even took care of her walking.

Mu Tingxiao looked at her calmly, standing still on the spot.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath and walked to the front with a wide leg.

She deliberately walked very fast, and the footsteps behind her walked very fast in line with her frequency.

She walked slowly, and the pace behind her also slowed down.

In short, Mu Tingxiao followed her footsteps and followed behind her.

She could feel Mu Tingxiao not only maintaining the same speed as her, but also staring at her.

His gaze was too deep, and if there was any substance, it made her feel uncomfortable.

Mu Nuannuan simply took a step back and walked beside him.

The corners of Mu Tingxiao's lips raised slightly, revealing an inconspicuous smile, which is hard to detect without looking carefully.

The two entered the elevator together.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and pressed the floor. When he retracted his arm, he just brushed it from her ear, and she could feel the bitter breath on his body.

The elevator never stopped at any of the floors in the middle, and the elevator door opened until the floor touched by Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the elevator, only to find that the hospital was basically empty.

As if guessing her thoughts, Mu Tingxiao's voice sounded at this moment: "It is convenient for fewer people." This

means that he did go through the back door and booked a hospital?

Young Master Mu can really burn money.

When the two of them got out of the elevator and didn't go far, some of their subordinates came to answer: "Master."

Mu Tingxiao asked in a low voice, "All arrangements are made?" The

subordinate respectfully said: "Everything is ready."

Mu Nuannuan was puzzled. Look at Mu Tingxiao.

But soon, the doubt in her eyes dissipated.

She remembered how Mu Tingxiao was in agony in the study that day. Did Mu Tingxiao come for a checkup today?

This thought came out, and I heard Mu Tingxiao say aloud: "Take her."


Mu Nuannuan looked up and found a group of medical staff in white coats standing opposite, half of whom were female doctors and female nurses.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao spoke, a female doctor approached her.

"Miss Mu, please come with us."

Didn't you give Mu Tingxiao an inspection?

It may be that the expression on Mu Nuannuan's face was too obvious. Mu Tingxiao said, "It's just a full-body examination." After

he finished speaking, he raised his hand to signal the doctor to take Mu Nuannuan for the examination.

The doctor received Mu Tingxiao's order, and regardless of whether Mu Nuannuan was willing or not, he took her away directly.

"My body is so good, I don't need to be checked!" Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao was too inexplicable.

Even if he is really well-intentioned, can't he tell her in advance?

Tell her in advance, what will happen to him?

But for this matter, Mu Nuannuan could only ask those female doctors to check her.

When Mu Nuannuan finished the inspection, the sky was already dark.

When she came out, she saw Mu Tingxiao sitting quietly on the sofa, turning a stack of paper in his hand.

Upon closer inspection, she realized that what Mu Tingxiao was holding was the result of her various inspections.

Mu Nuannuan walked to him and sat down, turning her head and asked, "Why are you going to be checked for me suddenly?"

"Prevent you from having any infectious diseases that will be passed on to Mu Mu." Mu Tingxiao did not lift his head . The deep voice was faintly cool, and there was no emotion at all.

Mu Nuan curled her lips, and said without a smile: "Mr. Mu is really different. You can say so seriously for such a bad reason."

Mu Tingxiao just finished reading the last check result.

He raised his eyes to look at Mu Nuannuan with a serious expression: "Miss Mu is also very different. She is so angry, but she can still laugh."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Chapter: 409

There is a suppressed silence in the air.

Mu Nuannuan held her finger and looked at Mu Tingxiao at each other for a while, but still defeated in Mu Tingxiao's deep gaze.

She took the lead to stop the beginning, pursing the corners of her lips, and said, "Whatever you say."

Mu Tingxiao said nothing, because the doctor had already come in.

The doctor first called him respectfully: "Mr.

Mu ." Then, he handed a summary report to Mu Tingxiao.

"Ms. Mu's body is recovering well, all body functions are becoming normal, but we still need to pay attention to recuperating..." After the doctor said, he paused and asked: "Ms. Mu really has no other physical discomforts. Is it?" The

doctor's voice fell, and the atmosphere in the room was not right.

She raised her eyes and found that Mu Tingxiao was looking at her calmly, his eyes a little dark.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mu, I have no ill intentions, usually like Miss Mu's situation, after waking up, there may be some sequelae..." When the

female doctor spoke, she looked at Mu Nuannuan unconsciously.

Mu Nuannuan's situation is not very common, as a doctor will naturally be very curious.

Although she knew that Mu Tingxiao was not easy to provoke, she couldn't help asking this question.

Mu Nuannuan felt that she could understand that the doctor asked such questions, and she did have sequelae.

Amnesia, isn't that her sequelae?

But obviously, Mu Tingxiao didn't think so.

Mu Tingxiao sneered, his eyes gloomy: "Is there any sequelae, can I not see if I have eyes?" The

female doctor wanted to say something, but was pulled out by another doctor, fearing that she would offend Mu Tingxiao by speaking.

Although they couldn't tell whether Mu Nuannuan had any sequelae, they could see Mu Tingxiao's unhappiness at the moment.

Mu Nuannuan naturally felt more clearly.

She didn't understand how Mu Tingxiao was suddenly upset, but she did not dare to ask.

The female doctors talked to Mu Tingxiao about Mu Nuannuan's situation in detail before leaving.

At this time, some of his men walked to Mu Tingxiao's side and whispered something in his ear.

After listening to Mu Tingxiao, he said, "Bring him here."

Anyone else is coming?

When Mu Nuannuan saw that subordinate went out, she craned her neck and looked at the door.

It didn't take long for the subordinate to walk in with a male doctor wearing a white coat.

The male doctor looked a little tired but still gave people a very calm feeling. He was about fifty years old and looked kind.

He walked up to Mu Tingxiao, with a straight look: "Are you Mr.

Mu ?" This man is a brain expert who helped Mu Tingxiao make a appointment.

Mu Tingxiao stood up slowly: "I am Mu Tingxiao."

"Sorry, I just got off the operating table, and there is still an operation to be done tomorrow morning. Let's just talk about business." He went directly to the other side and sat down.

His expression is determined and confident, he should be an authoritative expert.

He looked up at Mu Nuannuan: "Miss Mu seems to be recovering well."

Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised that the expert actually knew her.

But after another thought, I felt that it was nothing, after all, it was the person Mu Tingxiao had arranged in advance.

"Fortunately." Mu Nuannuan smiled at him slightly.

"After Mr. Shi contacted me before, I analyzed Ms. Mu's medical conditions in various periods in detail. Before, I wanted to find time to see Ms. Mu, but I didn't expect you to find me first."

The doctor looked at Mu Nuannuan eagerly.

There are not many examples of rehabilitation such as Mu Nuannuan, and people in the medical field will naturally pay attention.

After the doctor finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Mu Tingxiao, and said directly: "The causes of memory loss can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category is severe physical trauma to the brain, and the second category is psychological trauma. The third category may be caused by some medications. Miss Mu’s words, the first category is the first category."

He said that after a slight pause, he took a look at Mu Nuannuan before continuing: "I have seen Mu. Miss’s brain CT examinations at different stages of treatment. It is normal that a moderately severe injury will cause memory loss. At this stage, your body is healed. As for when the missing memory will recover, this is a probability event... …"

Mu Nuannuan's face changed slightly when she heard this.

Although the doctor didn't say it directly, Mu Nuannuan could already understand what he meant.

In other words, whether she can recover her memory may depend on luck.

If it is easy to restore the memory, the doctor will not say such ambiguous words.

Although she was mentally prepared early, Mu Nuannuan still felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

She fell silent, but later only heard the doctor say that she can prescribe some medicine to assist her in the treatment.

Later, Mu Tingxiao said something to the doctor, but she did not pay attention.

It wasn't until she got out of the room that she realized that she was the only one.

She turned her head, and Mu Tingxiao's men followed behind her, but they did not see Mu Tingxiao's person.

Mu Nuannuan asked, "

Where is Mu Tingxiao?" The men behind her just said respectfully: "Master has something to do."

Mu Nuannuan didn't bother to care about Mu Tingxiao, but just followed Mu Tingxiao. He left the hospital and waited for Mu Tingxiao to get down in the car.


After Mu Nuannuan left, only Mu Tingxiao and the doctor were left in the room.

Mu Tingxiao took out another information bag that he had put next to him in the morning, and handed it to the doctor: "Look at this." The

doctor took the information bag suspiciously and opened it, and he couldn't help but look up at Mu Tingxiao: "This is Mu Tingxiao's medical history?"

"Yeah." Mu Tingxiao replied lightly, leaned back on the sofa, and motioned him to look first.

The doctor wasn't sure what Mu Tingxiao meant, but he had to read it first.

After reading this, he saw that Mu Tingxiao still had the same look just now, he frowned and said, "It seems that Mr. Mu's injury was much lighter than that of Miss Mu just now. Judging from the medical records, Mr. Mu did not have Life is in danger, and Miss Mu is a life of nine deaths, and it’s not easy to survive. She is now recovering so well, and it’s fortunate.”

Mu Tingxiao’s expression became severe after hearing his words, and his eyes were cold, making people feel so cold. I was frightened when I saw it.

The doctor pursed his lips, looking a little disturbed.

He is one of the best brain experts in China and has been in contact with countless celebrities, but the man in front of him has more aura than anyone he has ever contacted before.

He remembers that before he came here, someone reminded him that this Mu Tingxiao was very uncomfortable... After

a long while, Mu Tingxiao’s low voice rang in the room: “From the point of view of my illness, I was also injured because of the brain. Does it cause amnesia?"

"Are you also amnesia?" The doctor was stunned: "This possibility is not ruled out, but other reasons are not ruled out."

Chapter: 410

Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes and asked, "For example?"

"In addition to the three reasons mentioned earlier, there is another possibility, hypnosis." The last two This word, the doctor's tone unconsciously increased, showing a sense of awe.

"Hypnosis?" Mu Tingxiao's face was slightly cold, and a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

These two words are not very common in life.

"There are some psychologists who have certain hypnosis techniques, but they all help patients with psychotherapy..." The doctor said, his expression changed slightly: "But it is not limited to this. It can not only solve psychological problems, but also change the hypnotized person.

His behavior and habits, even her memory..." After he finished speaking, he suddenly stood up and said, "Sorry, I don’t know much about this aspect. Most of them are hearsay. You can ask relevant practitioners. Now, I have to go home first." After the

doctor said, he got up and hurried out.

But when he reached the door, he was stopped by the bodyguard.

Some subordinates walked up to Mu Tingxiao and asked for instructions: "Master?"

Mu Tingxiao raised his hand slightly: "Let him go."


Mu Nuannuan was so hungry waiting in the car that Mu Tingxiao took a group of people. Coming out of the hospital, he also carried a white plastic bag.

Mu Tingxiao let the bodyguards board other cars, but he walked straight to the front of the car, opened the door and threw the plastic bag in his hand to the back seat, and then sat in the driver's seat.

Mu Nuannuan leaned on the back of the chair and looked at him sideways.

I found that his expression was the same as before, and he couldn't see the emotional change at all, and he couldn't guess what he just did inside.

She simply turned her head and looked out the window.

She just wants to go back quickly now.

I don't know what Mu Mu is doing alone at home.

The car moved slowly, and the cabin was so quiet that only each other's breathing could be heard.

"What do you want to eat?"

Mu Tingxiao's low voice suddenly rang in the carriage, looking a little abrupt.

"Isn't I supposed to ask you this?" Mu Nuannuan looked down at the time and found that it was already seven.

It was a bit late to go back to cook at this time.

So she added another sentence: "Are you going to eat out?"

Mu Tingxiao did not speak, and stopped the car at the entrance of a restaurant, telling her with practical actions that he was indeed planning to eat out.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car behind him and reminded him: "Mu Mu is still at home alone."

Mu Tingxiao glanced back at her, and the words "I don't need you to tell me" were clearly written in his eyes.

Forget it, no matter what Mu Tingxiao wanted to do, she had to go back first.

Although there are so many servants in the family, she is still a little worried.

Feeling that the people behind him did not follow up, Mu Tingxiao turned his head, saw her thoughts at a glance, and said aloud: "Now it's stuck in traffic. It takes at least an hour to go back. Are you hungry?"

"I don't..."

Mu Nuan Before Nuan had finished speaking, her stomach groaned twice.

It was a bit embarrassing to slap her face so bluntly and quickly.

Mu Tingxiao stood there looking at her with a smile but a smile, and motioned for her to pass quickly.

Mu Nuannuan had to lift his heels over.

The two sat facing each other, and Mu Tingxiao handed the menu to her.

Mu Nuannuan looked at him in surprise, when Mu Tingxiao was a gentleman?

Mu Nuannuan didn't answer: "You order."

Mu Tingxiao didn't say much, but he took it back and started ordering.

Mu Nuan sighed, did Mu Tingxiao just behave?

If it were Li Jiuheng, he would definitely put the menu directly in front of her.

Thinking of Li Jiuheng, Mu Nuannuan's thoughts could not help but fly away.

He is so busy at work, and now he should be eating out every day, maybe he will live in his counseling room directly.

Although Mu Tingxiao was scrolling through the menu, he subconsciously multi-tasked a bit of energy to pay attention to Mu Nuannuan.

Like a subconscious habit, he actually didn't deliberately pay attention to her.

When he reacted, he found himself staring at Mu Nuannuan.

Fortunately, Mu Nuannuan was wandering and did not find him looking at her.

Recently, he has indeed recovered some memories, but they are all fragmentary. Some of them are related to his mother, but most of the time it is related to Mu Nuannuan.

Although it was just a few very small details, Mu Tingxiao could also feel that he cared about her very much before.

Although Shi Ye didn't say it directly, Mu Tingxiao could also feel from his words that the woman in front of him called Mu Nuannuan was very important to him.

It's just that the lack of memory between him and Mu Nuannuan caused their mode of getting along only to be maintained by Mu Mu.

In Mu Tingxiao's bones, he was a somewhat paranoid person. Even if he had not recovered his complete memory yet, he had realized the difference between Mu Nuannuan, and naturally he couldn't let it go.

What's more, she is the mother of his child.

Feeling Mu Tingxiao's gaze, Mu Nuannuan raised her eyes to look at him.

But Mu Tingxiao lowered her eyes when she looked at him.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, just now she really felt that Mu Tingxiao was looking at her.

Is it an illusion?

While waiting for the food to be served, neither of them spoke.

Mu Nuannuan mainly didn't know what to say.

But Mu Tingxiao was talking less at first.

The scene was too awkward, and Mu Nuannuan took out the phone.

However, when she took out the phone, Mu Tingxiao, who had not been looking at her, suddenly turned his eyes to look at her.

There was silence in his eyes, but his momentum was compelling without a word.

Mu Nuannuan had to put down her mobile phone.

Fortunately, it didn't take long before the food was on the table.

Somewhat surprisingly, they are all light-tasting dishes.

Mu Nuannuan asked tentatively, "Don't you like spicy food?" Would you like

to change your taste today?

However, the next moment, when the waiter took a chili and dipped it in water, the idea was self-defeating.

After Mu Nuannuan realized with hindsight, Mu Tingxiao might be meeting her taste.

This discovery made her restless.

I always felt that Mu Tingxiao was suddenly so good, he must have been uneasy.

At this moment, Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes to look at her with deep eyes: "Yeah."

A simple one-syllable character, inexplicably aroused.

Mu Tingxiao was really accommodating her taste...

Mu Nuannuan was eating a meal like pins and needles, always feeling that nothing was right.

On the other hand, Mu Tingxiao, his face was calm, much more comfortable than Mu Nuan.

There was no traffic jam on the way back, the road was unimpeded, and it didn't take long to get home.

When Mu Nuannuan arrived home, Mu Mu was sitting in the lobby with the little tiger puppet watching TV, staring straight at the TV screen with both eyes.

"Mu Mu."

Mu Nuannuan called her, and she just said "um", without turning her head back, she almost got into the TV.