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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 411-420 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 411

Mu Nuannuan walked to the back of the sofa and drew a kiss on Mu Mu's cheek.

"Mom." Mu Mu turned to look at her, called her perfunctorily, and then turned to watch TV.

Cartoons are really magical.

Mu Nuannuan walked to Mu Mu and sat down and watched with her.

She watched it for a while and found that the children's cartoons are pretty good now.

Mu Tingxiao knew Mu Mu's temperament. She became especially fascinated when she watched cartoons, so she ignored her.

Until he went back to the room to take a shower, he saw Mu Nuannuan, who was sitting next to Mu Mu watching the cartoon seriously, and the look on his face was rare.

Mu Tingxiao checked the time, strode to the mother and daughter, reached for the remote control and turned off the TV.

Immediately, he said coldly: "Go take a bath and sleep."

Mu Mubian's mouth was flat. Although he was very upset, because the person who turned off her TV was Mu Tingxiao, she dared not say anything and said, "Oh". , Is about to slide off the sofa.

But Mu Nuannuan is different.

She stood up and said a little violently: "Why did you turn off the TV suddenly!"

She just saw a beautiful place, and the person suddenly came over and turned off the TV!

It seems that I suddenly understood the feelings of those children who were suddenly turned off by the adults.

Compared to Mu Nuannuan's emotional exposure, Mu Tingxiao was much calmer.

He asked Mu Nuannuan aloud: "What time is it?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at the time: "Nine thirty."

Mu Tingxiao turned directly upstairs.

Mu Nuannuan understood what he meant.

What he meant was that it was already half past nine and it was time to go upstairs to take a bath and sleep.

She knows the truth, but can he change it to a better way, or make it clearer.

He is also very good to Mu Mu, but sometimes the way he handles things is still too rough.

Feeling that someone was pulling the corner of her clothes, Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw Mu Mu smiled flatteringly: "Mom, I still want to watch cartoons."

"..." How should I tell Mu Mu, she actually paid I want to watch cartoons for a while, but it's time to sleep now.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while, and squatted down to discuss it with her, "Is it OK for us to see tomorrow? It's too late today. Mom is so sleepy. You will sleep with me tonight, and I will watch cartoons with you tomorrow." , Okay?"

Mu Mu nodded her head seemingly, "Okay."

"My baby is the best!"

Although she and Mu Mu have been getting along for several days, Mu Mu's coaxing degree is still a little bit beyond her. Unexpected.


Mu Nuannuan took Mu Mu upstairs and took a shower with her, but Mu Mu just stayed in her room without leaving.

Mu Nuannuan naturally felt soft and let Mu Mu sleep with her.

Not long after Mu Mu got to bed, she fell asleep.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan got up, ready to go downstairs to pour some water.

When passing by Mu Tingxiao's study, he found that there was light in the cracks inside the door.

Mu Tingxiao is still working?

Mu Nuannuan only stopped for a moment, and then planned to lift her foot away.

At this time, the study door was suddenly opened from inside.

Mu Tingxiao's slender figure appeared at the door.

He looked at Mu Nuannuan blankly: "What are you doing here?"

He was wearing house clothes and his complexion looked a little unhealthy and pale.

This made Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but remember the painful look of Mu Tingxiao in the study that day.

"I... go down and pour water." Mu Nuannuan hesitated for a moment, and swallowed the sentence "Are you okay" when it reached the mouth, and only said: "Would you like to drink?" It

was originally just a courtesy question. In a word, Mu Tingxiao was not polite: "I want coffee."

Mu Nuannuan nodded, went downstairs and poured herself a glass of water, and made Mu Tingxiao a cup of coffee by the way.

When she came up with the coffee, she found that the door of the study was half open.

It should be Mu Tingxiao who specially left the door for her.

She walked in with the tray, and saw Mu Tingxiao sitting at the desk, twisting his eyebrows and turning over the documents in his hand intently.

Mu Nuannuan walked over and put coffee next to him, noting that his complexion was still very bad, and she couldn't help but said, "You should rest early."

Mu Tingxiao looked up at her, his complexion was extremely calm. .

As he watched, Mu Nuannuan felt like she was nosy.

She didn't know how to say this easily, as if she cared about him especially.

Mu Nuannuan was a little uncomfortable: "I'm going out first."

She turned to leave, but Mu Tingxiao grabbed her wrist.

Mu Nuannuan was slightly angry in her heart, and her tone was also stained with anger.

"Mu...Me..." Before

she said Mu Tingxiao's name, her lips were blocked.

Mu Tingxiao's lips were warmer than hers, and the touch clearly made her heart tremble.

Both of them kept their eyes open and maintained their lips touching posture, you see me and I see you.

Mu Nuannuan froze for a second, then quickly reacted to push Mu Tingxiao away.

But when she touched him with her hand, she felt her waist tightly held by an arm.

The man's calm and powerful arms hugged her waist tightly, and forcefully buckled her into his arms, while the other hand held her other wrist tightly.

The body of the two of them pressed together tightly, almost at the same time, their breathing accelerated.

In the sound of this clear breathing, Mu Nuannuan's face flushed fiercely, and she turned

her head to avoid Mu Tingxiao's lips, and said angrily: "You let me go now, and I will assume that nothing happened." She The voice trembled slightly, and his face was flushed, a bit pitiful.

Not only did Mu Tingxiao not let go of her, but instead he bowed his head and deliberately kissed the corner of her lips: "But what if I want to happen?"

His tone was unbridled, and he was a little sure.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't move at all, her body stiffened like a stone: "Mu Tingxiao, you have a sense of accomplishment when you bully a woman?"

"I don't know about other women, but if it is you, I will not only have a sense of accomplishment, but also ..." He paused deliberately, and was satisfied to see the anger that appeared in Mu Nuannuan's eyes, and added the next two words: "Excited."

Mu Nuannuan didn't understand the meaning of "excited" at first.

Until she felt the abnormality of Mu Tingxiao's body... the

two were so close, it was difficult for her to feel the reaction of Mu Tingxiao's body.

Mu Nuannuan's body became more stiff, and she became cautious in her breathing.

Mu Tingxiao has a weird temperament and is fickle. Mu Nuannuan could not guess what he was going to do next, nor what he was thinking.

She swallowed, and said in a fateful manner: "What do you want?"

There was a soft tone in her tone.

Mu Tingxiao buckled her strength slightly, and said, "I will only tell you one thing. You are not allowed to go out and hook up until I recover my memory."

Mu Nuannuan frowned, "What do you mean? "

Chapter: 412

Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes, with an incomprehensible smile in his eyes: "I don't understand the literal meaning?"

Mu Nuannuan was particularly disgusted. He had everything under control. The feeling.

She raised her chin slightly, and the softness in her tone had long since disappeared.

She fixedly looked at Mu Tingxiao, her voice slightly cold: "What is going on three and four?"

"For example, Li Jiuheng ." Mu Tingxiao's speech speed slowed down a bit, but it sounded more dangerous.

Mu warm rage against laughter, took a deep breath and said: "? That Sumian Sumian what is it?"

"So you are a recognition of the"?

"What admit?"

"Li Heng nine."

They say around Coming around, around Li Jiuheng's body again.

"Mu Tingxiao, now, apart from the relationship between Mu Tingxiao's parents, we have no relationship recognized by the law," Mu Nuannuan tried to reason with Mu Tingxiao: "Now I live with you, some You don’t need to say anything, I understand it naturally, and you..."

Mu Tingxiao obviously didn’t have the mind to listen to what she said any more, and stopped her words straightforwardly: "I understand."

"Can you let me Finished talking?" Mu Nuannuan struggled a little irritably, and broke free easily.

She looked up at Mu Tingxiao in surprise.

Mu Tingxiao leaned against the edge of the desk with both hands in his trouser pockets, and said in a low voice, "I only listen to useful words. This saves each other's time."

Mu Nuannuan asked, "Your time is time, I Isn't it right?"

"If you think your time is precious, you should go back to sleep now." Mu Tingxiao turned his head to look at her, and his indifferent expression seemed a bit innocent.

Mu Tingxiao really didn't make sense at all.

But Mu Nuannuan couldn't find anything to refute.

Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the coffee she had just put on the desk. She glanced at Mu Tingxiao, reached out to lift the cup of coffee, and drank it with a sigh of relief.

The coffee was a bit bitter, and before she had time to add milk and sugar, her throat was so bitter that she had an astringent taste.

Mu Nuannuan pressed her lips to endure the bitter taste, put the empty coffee cup on the desk with a "pop", and looked at Mu Tingxiao provocatively: "I'm going to bed, good night."

Mu Tingxiao looked on. Watching her go out gloomily, before lowering his eyes to look at the empty coffee cup.

He stretched out his fingers, tapped his fingertips on the handle of the coffee cup twice, and grinned sharply.

Was she angry just now?

However, her way of revenge was really too light. He didn't feel revenge at all, and he still thought it was a bit interesting.

Mu Nuannuan returned to the room angrily.

She closed the door, let out a long sigh of relief, and went to the bed to take a look at Mu Mu.

Seeing that Mu Mu was still asleep, she got up and went into the bathroom.

Standing in front of the sink, she reached out and touched the corners of her lips, where there seemed to be the heat of the kiss remaining.

Can't figure out what Mu Tingxiao was thinking and what he wanted to do.

But his arrogant and arrogant look is annoying enough.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the bathroom, but did not lie down directly on the bed.

She hid on the sofa with her mobile phone, and sent Shen Liang a WeChat message: "Are you sure I really loved Mu Tingxiao before?"

Shen Liang might just be playing with her mobile phone, and she quickly replied, "OK."

Mu Nuan Nuan seemed to have finally found a vent, and began to complain to Shen Liang: "But now I think he is so disgusting. He is as arrogant as an emperor. Talking can kill his popularity..."

Shen Liang watched her make such a long string of words, and replied: "For example."

"He actually told me not to go out and go out and do it until he regained his memory, am I like such a restless person? I can understand his starting point for saying this, but is it too much for him to say that..."

Shen Liang read this passage of Mu Nuannuan over and over again, and said deliberately: "I have a kind of being fed now. It feels like a bowl of dog food."

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

"The big boss obviously has feelings for you, but he hasn't fully recovered his memory... so it's a little complicated, just It seems to be an animal's instinct. It will first swear sovereignty over one's own things and territories..."

Shen Liang finished speaking and asked her, "I said so, can you

understand it?" Is it gentle?"

"Everyone's expression method is different." Shen Liang asked her patiently, "Then what about you to him? Didn't you feel at all?"

Mu Nuannuan fell silent.

After a few seconds, she sent Shen Liang "good night".

Shen Liang quickly replied to her: "You haven't answered my question yet?"

Mu Nuannuan only said: "I'm asleep."

Then, he threw the phone aside.

She lay on the bed lightly, carefully tucked the corner of the quilt for Mu Mu, and couldn't sleep with her eyes open.

Do you have feelings for Mu Tingxiao?

Human feelings are related to memory.

Although there is no memory, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao stayed together day and night, saying that they didn't feel at all, and it was impossible.

Occasionally, there will be a moment of throbbing.

But this throbbing is illusory and insecure.

Without memory as a dependency, the feelings and throbbing that burst out suddenly are like a high-rise building without a foundation, and it collapses in one shot.

Or, both of them regain their memory.

Or, fall in love again.


Early in the morning, when Mu Tingxiao arrived at the door of the company, Gu Zhiyan didn't know where he came out.

Gu Zhiyan was wearing a blue pullover with a white shirt inside, looking like a young man in his early twenties.

He stood in front of Mu Tingxiao and said with a smile, "Tingxiao, it's early."

Mu Tingxiao's eyes closed, "Is something?"

"Of course, if I'm fine, what will I come to you for?" When Gu Zhiyan was speaking, The gaze has been lingering on him, and there is an undisguised inquiry in his eyes.

Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao glanced at him faintly, and uttered two words: "Follow."

Gu Zhiyan was stunned in place, but quickly reacted and followed.

He directly followed Mu Tingxiao to the president's office.

However, when I got out of the elevator, I met Mu Jinyun.

Gu Zhiyan smiled meaningfully: "Miss Mu, it's been a long time since I

saw you ." Mu Jinyun's expression changed when she saw Gu Zhiyan.

She ignored Gu Zhiyan, but turned to look at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao didn't even look at her, but just passed her and walked towards the office.

Gu Zhiyan followed behind Mu Tingxiao, and he turned his head and raised his eyebrows in protest at Mu Jinyun.

Mu Jinyun was trembling with anger, clenching her hands tightly, her face extremely ugly.

At this time, her cell phone rang.

Mu Jinyun answered the phone and said in a very bad tone: "Say." I

don't know what the person opposite said, Mu Jinyun sneered: "I know."

Chapter: 413

Speaking of it, Gu Zhiyan came to Mu Tingxiao's office for the first time.

He looked here and felt there curiously, and then said: "The decoration style here is similar to your prosperous office."

"If you have anything to say," Mu Tingxiao walked to the desk and sat down, with a very voice. light.

Gu Zhiyan just turned around and strode to Mu Tingxiao's desk, put his hands on the desk, staring into his eyes and said, "Tingxiao, have you recovered your memory?"

Mu Tingxiao's expression remained unchanged. Too much change.

The two looked at each other for a while before Mu Tingxiao said aloud, "What do you think?"

"In Jinding that day, you disliked that the meeting gift I gave to Mumu was a box of cash. You used to dislike me like this but kept on. Squeezed me..."

Gu Zhiyan said, and couldn't help complaining.

Mu Tingxiao repeated a word in his words: "Squeeze?"

Gu Zhiyan 's expression changed, and he swallowed and said, "No...not squeezing, it's love..."

Mu Tingxiao snorted coldly . Noncommittal.

"You really recovered your memory." Gu Zhiyan almost cried: "Damn, I blocked you for three years, and you didn't react at all. Now that you have lived with Nuannuan for a long time, you have recovered your memory. You are so casual. Is it true?"

Gu Zhiyan said bitterly, but Mu Tingxiao was completely indifferent: "What is the relationship between you and Miss

Shen ?" " What is the relationship between me and Shen Xiaoliang , you don't know?"

"I didn't think of it for the time being." Mu Tingxiao said. .

Gu Zhiyan was stunned for a moment, and asked, "What's your situation?"

Mu Tingxiao briefly explained, "Some pictures flashed occasionally."

"How could this be?" When he was in Jinding before, he felt that Mu Tingxiao had recovered his memory, but he didn't expect this to be the case.

"I don't know." Mu Tingxiao said truthfully.

"What about Nuannuan? You had an accident together. Did she recover a little memory?"

"She was injured more severely than me, and there is no sign of her memory recovery now. The doctor said that the chance of her recovering her memory is very low." When Mu Tingxiao said to the back, his voice sank slightly.

Speaking of what happened back then, Gu Zhiyan's expression became serious.

"At that time, when you had an accident on the island, Mu Jinyun took someone to rescue you, but in the end only took you away. When I rushed past, I didn't find Nuannuan, and Mu Jinyun didn't let us see you."

Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes suddenly, with an unpredictable expression: "She didn't save Mu Nuannuan?"

"She always wanted to rub you and Su Mian, how could it save Mu Nuannuan, the most poisonous woman's heart." Seeing that Mu Tingxiao's expression was wrong, Gu Zhiyan didn't say what he wanted to say.

During these three years, he and Shen Liang thought that Mu Nuannuan was no longer there.

Mu Tingxiao lost his memory again, completely trusting Mu Jinyun's words, and forgot Mu Nuannuan.

Gu Zhiyan couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed: "We have thought these three years, maybe this should be the case in this life, but Nuan Nuan is still alive, you are slowly recovering your memory, everything is developing in a good direction..."

Mu Ting There was no fluctuation on Xiao's face, and he didn't know if he had listened to Gu Zhiyan.

Instead, he asked Gu Zhiyan about another matter: "Mu Jinyun took me to M country for treatment. Do you know which hospital it is?"

Gu Zhiyan thought for a while and said, "I don't know, she took you temporarily In the United States, we were busy looking for Nuan Nuan at that time, and didn't pay attention to these things at all."

Mu Tingxiao lowered his eyes when he heard the words, motionless, not knowing what he was thinking.

Gu Zhiyan asked him puzzledly: "What's the matter?"

Mu Tingxiao reached out and opened a document: "Sheng Ding should have a lot to do."

Gu Zhiyan touched his nose, Mu Tingxiao was driving him away.

Before leaving, Gu Zhiyan didn't forget to say, "Then I will go back to Shengding first, and I will go to Jinding for a drink together."

Mu Tingxiao said lightly, "No, there are children at home."

Gu Zhiyan teased. At the corner of his mouth, he was shown face without children.

He thought for a while, and said, "Then I will go to your house for a drink?"

Gu Zhiyan and Mu Tingxiao are about the same age, but their personalities are a bit more leaner than him.

At this moment, he was looking at Mu Tingxiao expectantly, looking a little nervous again.

. "Ah," Xiao Mu Ting like the thought of something, then said: "You can call on Miss Shen."

Gu Zhiwei Yan Gaoxing too big - legs and shoved a shot: "!! OK I brought my own wine"


hall in.

Mu Nuan and Mu Mu sat on the sofa, watching cartoons with her.

Yesterday she said that she would watch cartoons with Mu Mu today, so she couldn't break her promise.

She was holding a tablet computer in her hand with the search page of "Lost City" on it.

Just search, there are thousands of information.

This is enough to show how hot-hot it was when "Lost City" was launched.

The discussion and popularity are high.

Mu Nuannuan watched with Mu Muzheng intently, and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of a servant hurriedly walking in from outside.

The maid hurried to Mu Nuannuan's side. Before she could speak, Mu

Nuannuan said: " What's the matter?" The maid said with embarrassment, "Miss Mu is here."

Miss Mu?

Mu Nuannuan only wondered for a moment, and then guessed that she was talking about Mu Jinyun.

She was about to speak when she saw someone coming in from outside.

Mu Jinyun is dressed in a neat white lady's suit, tailored appropriately, and the lines are well outlined, which makes her somewhat proud of her look even more domineering.

She looked around, then turned her gaze to Mu Nuannuan.

A coldness flashed in her eyes, and she walked straight towards Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan stood up slowly and saw the servant next to her turning around to leave. She guessed that the servant was going to call Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan stopped: "You don't need to inform Mu Tingxiao about this small matter."

When Mu Nuannuan was in the old house of Mu's house that day, Mu Nuannuan could see that Mu Jinyun hated her.

Today, Mu Jinyun will come to her door, and it is not surprising.

Mu Jinyun and Mu Tingxiao both work in the Mu family. If Mu Jinyun wants to find Mu Tingxiao, he can directly find it in the company.

Mu Jinyun will come here, naturally looking for her.

After hearing Mu Nuannuan's words, the servant was obviously at a loss.

Seeing her like this, Mu Nuannuan didn't force her to say, "It's up to you." The

servant nodded slightly and turned and left.

Mu Jinyun walked over, her gaze just swept over Mu Nuannuan's body, and then fell on Mu Mu's body: "Mu Mu."

Mu Nuannuan walked over, picked up the remote control and paused, and said warmly: " Mu Mu, my aunt calls you."

Mu Mu looked up at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan pointed to the place where Mu Jinyun was.

Mu Mu looked at Mu Nuannuan's fingers. When she saw Mu Jinyun, she smiled happily: "Auntie."

"Auntie hug." Mu Jinyun squatted on the ground and stretched out her hand towards Mu Mu.

Chapter: 414

Mu Mu jumped off the sofa and ran towards Mu Jinyun.

Mu Nuannuan watched from the sidelines, and there was no special emotion on her face.

She just looked at Mu Jinyun a few times, then turned around and ordered the servant to go to tea.

Even if Mu Jinyun is an uninvited guest, it is also a guest.

Although Mu Nuannuan didn't know why Mu Jinyun hated her, Mu Mu was named Mu.

It can be seen that Mu Jinyun also has some true feelings for Mu Mu, and Mu Jinyun did not treat Mu Mu badly when she hated her.

Therefore, she will not prevent Mu Mu and Mu Jinyun from getting close.

Mu Mu jumped off the sofa and ran towards Mu Jinyun.

Mu Jinyun hugged Mu Mu into her arms and kissed her face: "Mu Mu, do you miss Auntie?"


Yes ." Mu Jinyun smiled and hugged her up and talked to her.

At this time, the servant brought tea and said, "Miss Mu, please have tea."

Mu Jinyun put Mu Mu aside and looked up at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan did not evade, and directly met Mu Jinyun's gaze.

The eyes of the two met in the air, and Mu Nuannuan sneered without the slightest timidity.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and gave the tablet computer in her hand to the servant: "Take Mumu upstairs to play." After

she finished speaking, she said to Mu Mu: "Mom and aunt have something to say, you go upstairs first. After playing for a while, my mother will come up to you later."

"Yeah." Mu Mu nodded and was taken away by the servant.

As soon as Mu Mu left, Mu Jinyun stopped covering her face, her face was unabashedly contemptuous: "Mu Mu follows Tingxiao, is tolerant to people, and all kinds of people can be

seen ." She saw three years ago. Without Mu Nuannuan, after three years, she still doesn't like Mu Nuannuan.

"Really?" Mu Nuannuan twitched her mouth, her expression unchanged: "I don't understand what Miss Mu said, but I know there is a misunderstanding between Miss Mu and Mu Tingxiao, so you can just find him."

Mu Tingxiao's attitude towards Mu Jinyun that day was clear to Mu Nuannuan.

The two siblings are obviously at odds.

Mu Tingxiao could not listen to Mu Jinyun at all now.

Mu Jinyun had to come to her.

People are like this, always like to pinch soft persimmons.

Mu Jinyun thought how much softer she could be than Mu Tingxiao?

Mu Jinyun actually has very little contact with Mu Nuannuan, so she doesn't know much about Mu Nuannuan either.

Mu Jinyun was a little surprised when she heard Mu Nuannuan's words hiding the needle, but she became even more angry.

"There was a misunderstanding between Tingxiao and I. Isn't it because of you?" Mu Jinyun stared at her coldly, adding to her tone: "If you are acquainted, just be more interesting, and leave Tingxiao by yourself."

Mu Nuan nestled in the warmth . On the sofa, the tone was sloppy: "You can tell Mu Tingxiao this."

"Mu Nuannuan!" Mu Jinyun stood up from the sofa with anger, "Don't toast or punish wine."

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath, pretending to be puzzled: "Miss Mu came to the house today, Mu Tingxiao doesn't know, right?"

Although the two brothers and sisters of the Mu family are not in harmony, they have similarities.

For example, they all like to order people.

It seems that others should be controlled by them and listen to them.

Mu Nuannuan was a little irritable in her heart, but she still maintained a calm smile on her face.

Mu Jinyun stared at her with an ugly expression: "Did you let Tingxiao be notified?"

"Who didn't know that Miss Mu, you are his relatives, they naturally want to notify Mu Tingxiao when you come home." Actually, she didn't. Determine if those people have notified Mu Tingxiao.

However, Mu Jinyun obviously believed her.

Mu Jinyun was still a little afraid of Mu Tingxiao in her heart, and she asked Mu Nuannuan unwillingly: "You are by Tingxiao's side, isn't it just for his power and money? How much money do you want to leave him?"

Mu Jinyun I have always looked down on Mu Nuannuan, and feel that Mu Nuannuan is for Mu Tingxiao's money and power.

Mu Nuannuan sneered: "Even if I was trying to use his power and money, how could I leave him because of how much you took? Wouldn't it be better to stay with him and be the mother of his child?"

She finished, and again As if very curious, she asked Mu Jinyun aloud, "However, how much do you plan to spend to let me leave Mu Tingxiao? If the amount is what I like, I can think about it."

Mu Nuannuan teased clearly. Mu Jinyun's playing tone made Mu Jinyun tremble with anger.

"I hope you can always be so arrogant!" Mu Jinyun gritted his teeth and left this sentence, and left.

When Mu Jinyun left, Mu Nuannuan let out a long sigh of relief.

She leaned on the sofa and thought for a while, and was about to go upstairs to find Mu Mu, when she heard movement outside the door.

Looking up at the door, he saw Mu Tingxiao walking towards her with long legs.

Mu Nuannuan's expression was slightly surprised, and the servant actually called Mu Tingxiao and told him to come back.

Mu Tingxiao walked straight to her, and asked, "Where is Mu Jinyun?"

"Where's Mu Jinyun ?" "Go." Mu Nuannuan pouted, "I was mad at me."

After speaking, Mu Nuannuan looked innocent. He looked at Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao just raised his eyebrows, didn't say anything, turned around and walked out again.

Mu Nuannuan stood up and said, "Are you leaving now?"

Mu Tingxiao walked faster without looking back.

Mu Nuannuan's expression turned upright.

She had just deliberately said that Mu Jinyun had gone away with anger, and wanted to test what position Mu Jinyun was in Mu Tingxiao's heart.

Now it seems...

Mu Tingxiao has really turned his face in denial. He doesn't care what happened to her and Mu Jinyun at all.

What does he come back for?


Mu Tingxiao received a call from a servant before, and heard that Mu Jinyun came to Mu Nuannuan, but subconsciously worried that Mu Nuannuan would suffer, so he drove back.

After all, Mu Jinyun could hardly save Mu Nuannuan back then, but now deliberately looking for Mu Nuannuan while he is not at home, naturally it is impossible to shake hands with Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Jinyun came to trouble Mu Nuannuan.

When he came back, Mu Nuannuan seemed to be at a loss.

Mu Tingxiao got into the car, loosened his tie, and drove to Mu Shi.

He entered the Mu family before leaving the elevator, and a secretary came and told him that Mu Jinyun was waiting for him in his office.

Mu Tingxiao smiled unclearly, "How long have you waited?" The

secretary said, "Just here."

"Didn't you say that there was a meeting? Let's have a meeting now." After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he walked straight to the meeting room. go with.

The secretary stood there with a blank face, did the president deliberately make the vice president wait?

As for the whole Mu family, who didn't know that Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jinyun were relatives.

Now this situation is making trouble?

In the past, Mu Tingxiao and Mu Jinyun were also at odds, but only the Mu family knew about it, and outsiders didn't know what was going on.

The secretary only stood there for a while, then went to pack the things needed for the meeting.

Mu Jinyun waited left and right, but did not see Mu Tingxiao coming back, did he really go to Mu Nuannuan?

Even with amnesia, Mu Nuannuan is still so important to him?

Chapter: 415

By the time Mu Tingxiao finally appeared in the office, it was already forty minutes later.

Midway, Mu Jinyun called Mu Tingxiao, but Mu Tingxiao did not answer.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao came in, Mu Jinyun walked up to him angrily and asked, "Where have you been?"

"Meeting." Mu Tingxiao walked around her and went straight behind the desk.

Mu Jinyun turned her eyes and asked tentatively: "You just went to a meeting?"

Mu Tingxiao stared at her, his expression looked a little unpredictable: " If you have anything to say,"

Mu Jinyun didn't doubt it. It seemed that Mu Tingxiao had always looked like this unpredictable, she was used to it.

Her heels walked up to the desk of Mu Ting owl: "I have not seen for several days Mu Mu, a bit like her, you went home today, a trip, there is something for you to listen to the same."

Said , She took out a voice recorder from her bag, and while placing it in front of Mu Tingxiao, she pressed the play button.

There was a murmur in the recording, and then there was a conversation between two women.

"When you follow Mu Tingxiao, don't you just want to use his power and money? How much money do you want to leave him?"

"Even if I want to use his power and money, how can I leave him because of how much money you take? Isn’t it a better way to stay with him and be the mother of his child?"

"However, how much do you plan to spend to get me out of Mu Tingxiao? If the amount is what I like, I can think about it."

These two Mu Jinyun knew who the woman's voice belonged to. Mu Tingxiao could hear it.

She turned off the recording and said sharply: "Ting Xiao, you heard it too, this is what Mu Nuan Nuan said. As long as I pay a little, she can leave you, such a woman, is this what you want? "

In Mu Jinyun's opinion, it is a man who hears a woman say such things and feels disgusted.

What's more, Mu Tingxiao is the president of Mu's family and has the highest decision-making power of Mu's family.

How could such a man be tolerated, his own woman only fancy his own property and power.

Mu Jinyun had a good wishful thinking in her heart, but she had forgotten that Mu Tingxiao had never been with her.

She originally thought that after Mu Tingxiao listened to the recording again, she would definitely dislike Mu Nuan Nuan.

However, Mu Tingxiao just asked, "How much do you plan to pay for Mu Nuannuan to leave me?" It can be

seen that Mu Jinyun didn't know that Mu Nuannuan had lost her memory.

Mu Jinyun's complexion changed slightly: "Tingxiao, what do you mean?"

Mu Tingxiao's face still had no expression, but Mu Jinyun felt inexplicably dangerous.

If she doesn't answer this question well, there may be more cruel things waiting for her.

Mu Tingxiao's lips curled slightly, and there was a bitter chill between his eyebrows and eyes: "I asked you first, you answer my questions first."

"I just lied to her . I didn't expect her to be so uncomfortable." Jin Yun was also smart at this time, and was afraid to answer his questions directly.

Mu Tingxiao’s voice suddenly became lighter: “You don’t like Mu Nuannuan. That’s why the island exploded at the time. You were wrong and asked the search and rescue team to rescue her, right?”

“I was just worried about your injury. You were very badly injured at the time. You are my own brother. I naturally want to take care of you first. Besides, didn’t Gu Zhiyan and the others go to save Mu Nuannuan? Isn’t she okay now?”

Mu Jinyun was still a little guilty. , But when it comes to the back, not only does she not feel guilty, but she feels reasonable.

Mu Tingxiao laughed suddenly, but the smile was as cold as his expression.

"But didn't you say that I don't have any friendship with Gu Zhiyan. Since there is no friendship, why should he save Mu Nuannuan?"

"Mu Nuannuan and Gu Zhiyan have friendship. Isn't the relationship between that star and Mu Nuannuan very good?"

Mu Jinyun was nervous, but luckily wanted to make the final struggle.

"Mu Jinyun, you think I am a fool." Mu Tingxiao's words were declarative.

Mu Jinyun's face turned pale all at once: "Ting Xiao..."

Every excuse and reason she made seemed to be full of loopholes.

Mu Tingxiao showed some impatience in his eyes, he lowered his head to look at the documents in front of him, and said casually: "I gave you a chance, but you don't have a word of truth, go out."

There was no blame in his tone. And anger, as if to a subordinate... No, his tone of voice to Shi Ye was better than that of the moment.

Mu Jinyun wanted to defend herself again, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she felt like something was blocking her throat, and she couldn't say a word.

She turned and went out, and after closing the office door, she reached out and covered her face.

The eyes were sore and tears came out.

She is the proud eldest lady of the Mu family, she is the existence that countless celebrities look up to, she can't the

president's office.

Mu Tingxiao's gaze fell on the recording pen on the desk.

Mu Jinyun walked in a hurry just now, and did not take this recording pen away.

Mu Tingxiao reached out and took it, and listened to the recording again.

After a while, he sneered and put the recording aside.

... The fact that

Mu Jinyun came here didn't affect Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Jinyun hates her so much, but she doesn't know why Mu Jinyun hates her.

At this time, amnesia seems to be a good thing for her.

She went to the kitchen to cook, and Mu Mu drove her toy car to the kitchen.

Mu Mu has become particularly sticky to her recently.

She heard the movement and turned to look at Mu Mu: "Why did you come in?"

Mu Mu was sitting in the toy car, blinking and saying, "I want to help you."

"Okay." After

Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she took it. The small stool was placed in front of the small sink, and she took green vegetables and tomatoes and let her wash there.

While Mu Nuannuan was cooking, Mu Mu was watching.

Seeing what Mu Nuannuan put in the pot, she muttered what to eat, looking very greedy.

It's a snack food.

When serving the dishes, she took out Mu Mu's bowl and asked Mu Mu to take it to the restaurant by herself.

Mu Mule did the same. After placing the bowl on the dining table, she looked at her with a beautifying expression: "I'm ready."

Mu Nuan nipped a chicken wing and gave her: "Reward a chicken wing."

When Mu Tingxiao came back, he saw such a scene.

Mu Mu was holding her small bowl, and chewing on a piece of chicken wings so that her mouth was greasy.

Mu Tingxiao handed the suit jacket in his hand to the servant and walked straight over.

Mu Mu's Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Mu Tingxiao, and called out vaguely: "Dad."


Mu Tingxiao responded and turned to look at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Tingxiao's eyes looked a little weird.

Chapter: 416

When eating, Mu Tingxiao didn't say anything.

But Mu Nuannuan always felt that today's Mu Ting Xiao was weird.

At night, when Mu Nuannuan coaxed Mu Mu to fall asleep and came out, she saw Mu Tingxiao standing at the door.

Mu Nuannuan wasn't prepared for a while, and was taken aback.

She took a deep breath, and looked at Mu Tingxiao angrily, "What are you doing here?" With

a cold face, she kept silent, just guarding the door, not knowing what she wanted to do. .

"Come with me."

Mu Tingxiao dropped these three words and turned and left.

Mu Nuannuan looked blank, but still followed.

When he arrived at the study, Mu Tingxiao took out a recording pen.

Mu Tingxiao pressed the play button in front of her.

This recording pen was the one that Mu Jinyun showed to Mu Tingxiao before.

There was a familiar voice of dialogue.

Mu Nuannuan didn't expect Mu Jinyun to record. Although the methods were a bit low-level, with Mu Tingxiao's uncertain character, the ghost knew what he would think after hearing this kind of recording.

When Mu Tingxiao came back at noon, Mu Nuannuan left Mu Jinyun angrily, but Mu Tingxiao didn't say anything, thinking it was all over.

But he didn't expect Mu Tingxiao to wait for her here.

The content in the recording was finished, and Mu Tingxiao hugged her arms so as to stare at her in time.

He didn't speak, and there was no expression on his face.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't figure out what he was thinking, so she had to stare at her without speaking.

"What amount is in your mind?" Mu Tingxiao asked coldly.

Mu Nuannuan thought of what she had said before, and she was a little speechless.

Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes and took a step forward. The toe of his shoe had already touched the toe of Mu Nuannuan.

The two were too close, and Mu Nuannuan could feel the biting breath on Mu Tingxiao's body.

She wanted to take a step back. Under Mu Tingxiao's gaze, her feet seemed to have taken root, and she did not dare to move.

Mu Tingxiao's dark eyes squinted dangerously, and her voice sounded over her head, "In other words, how much do you think I'm worth?"

Mu Nuannuan said with a sober mind: "No... priceless. "It's

just that her voice stammered because of tension.

Mu Tingxiao raised her eyebrows, as if she was a little surprised that Mu Nuannuan would say this.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao kept silent, Mu Nuannuan felt a little nervous.

Could it be that she was so hypocritical that Mu Tingxiao didn't believe it?

However, Mu Tingxiao's actions in the next moment dispelled her doubts.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and pressed it gently on Mu Nuannuan's lips, rubbing them.

Immediately, Mu Nuannuan heard Mu Tingxiao's voice deliberately lowered: "Speaking so nicely, his mouth must be very sweet."

His voice was originally low, but when it was deliberately lowered, it showed a bit of a mature man's sexuality.

Mu Nuannuan froze, letting Mu Tingxiao's fingers press her lips, with a hint of flirtatious movement, but she didn't feel light-hearted at all when she did it in Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuan Nuan was stunned for more than ten seconds before reacting violently, patted Mu Tingxiao's hand, and took a step back: "Mr. Mu, please pay attention to your identity, don't be like this all the time."

"Oh. Mu Tingxiao's face faintly responded.

Mu Nuannuan didn't know if he listened, and explained to him: "The words in the recording are just to anger your sister. Don't take it seriously."

Mu Tingxiao replied noncommitantly, "Yes."

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath patiently.

Forget it, always can't guess what this person is thinking, just ignore it.

After Mu Nuannuan went out, Mu Tingxiao twisted his fingers lightly, curling his lips and showing a smile.


Mu Jinyun has not had a good time these days.

Since she went to find Mu Tingxiao with the recording that day, Mu Tingxiao has begun to claim power in the company.

In the past few years, Mu Tingxiao has been at the helm of the company's decision-making and wind direction.

As for those shareholders, they all understood that only under the leadership of Mu Tingxiao could they make more money.

In the previous three years, Mu Tingxiao hadn't expressly expressed his intention to monopolize the power, and those shareholders naturally did not express much.

But now that Mu Tingxiao wanted to seize power, those shareholders naturally turned to Mu Tingxiao's side.

In the shopping mall, there are no pure friends and enemies, only common interests.

Suddenly Mu Jinyun's situation in the Mu family became more subtle.

She is still the vice president, but she does not have the right to speak, nor any real power.

What she usually handles is just insignificant contract items.

She was completely emptied of power and became a dispensable person in the Mu family.

Mu Jinyun thought about it, and finally decided to find Mu Tingxiao.

However, when she arrived at the door of the office, she was stopped by Mu Tingxiao’s secretary: "Vice President, there are several high-level executives reporting work inside."

"Are you going to let me wait outside?" Mu Jinyun gave a glance. When the wind swept past, the secretary stopped talking immediately, but did not give way.

At this time, several senior managers who were looking for Mu Tingxiao's report came out.

When they saw Mu Jinyun, they also called out: "Vice President."

Mu Jinyun nodded as usual, then raised his foot and walked in.

As soon as she closed the door, she walked towards Mu Tingxiao's office angrily: "Tingxiao!"

Mu Tingxiao raised his head from the pile of files and looked at Mu Jinyun blankly.

Mu Jinyun, who was originally aggressive, was half of his arrogance when he saw it like this.

"Tingxiao, what do you mean now, do you intend to take me up? Those shareholders are all profiting, are they credible? I am a relative who is blood related to you, and I am the person you trust most! "

Shi Ye sent the papers in, and as soon as I pushed the door, I heard Mu Jinyun's words.

He realized that the timing was wrong and wanted to quit.

But Mu Tingxiao had already seen him and said, "Take it in."

Shi Ye had to send the files to Mu Tingxiao's desk.

There were outsiders, but Mu Jinyun did not continue to say what she said just now.

She was going to wait for Shi Ye to go out before continuing, but when Shi Ye was about to go out, she was stopped by Mu Tingxiao: "Wait a minute."

Mu Tingxiao and Shi Ye were talking, leaving Mu Jinyun in the air. To the side.

Mu Jinyun suppressed his anger, waiting for Mu Tingxiao and Shi Ye to finish speaking.

However, while waiting for Shi Ye to finish talking with Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao said: "Please get out the vice president."

Shi Ye also knew about the actions Mu Tingxiao had done recently in the company.

He walked straight to Mu Jinyun and asked her out gently: "Vice President, Young Master still has work to deal with."

Mu Jinyun didn't even look at Shiye, but walked straight to Mu Tingxiao and brought him in front of him. Picked up the file of the author and threw it aside: "Did you hear what I said?"

Chapter: 417

In an instant, the air pressure in the entire office dropped several degrees.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes, coldly stared at Mu Jinyun, and murmured, "Get out!"

A gloomy hostility appeared in his mo-like eyes.

Mu Jinyun had never seen Mu Tingxiao's appearance before. She was so scared that she took two steps back and forgot to speak.

Mu Tingxiao sneered, and suddenly stood up and walked to Mu Jinyun, and violently stretched out his hand to pinch Mu Jinyun's neck.

Mu Tingxiao's behavior was so sudden that he couldn't hold back an exclamation: "Master!"

The strength he held Mu Jinyun's neck didn't seem to be light, because Mu Jinyun's entire face was already red. It must be a little green.

She grabbed Mu Tingxiao's arm and wanted to slap his arm away, but Mu Tingxiao's hand seemed to be welded to her neck. No matter how she patted or grasped it, he wouldn't move.

She struggled to squeeze two words from her throat: "Let go..."

"When you were young, didn't you think I was a devil? And you dare to lie to me again and again, you know Will the angry devil end?"

Mu Tingxiao stared at Mu Jinyun with a cold face, there was no warmth in his eyes.

Shi Ye had never seen Mu Tingxiao look so fierce, and if he continued like this, Mu Tingxiao would really strangle Mu Jinyun to death.

"Master, let go, you will choke Miss Mu to death!" Shi Ye knew that Mu Tingxiao had a weird temperament, so he didn't dare to touch him at this time, and only dared to persuade him.

Shiye didn't dare to call the security guard up. This kind of thing cannot be spread out and be known by others.

Seeing that Mu Jinyun was already on the verge of fainting, she suddenly remembered something and took out her mobile phone to call Mu Nuannuan.

Fortunately, the call was quickly connected.

Mu Nuannuan's voice rang on the phone: "Hello?"

"Miss Mu, I am Shi Ye, can you please say a few words to the young master."

"What? What happened?"

"You can say anything." After

Shi Ye finished speaking, he handed the phone to Mu Tingxiao. In his ear: "Young Master, Miss Mu's phone." When

Mu Tingxiao ignored him, his eyes had already shot out killing intent.

He really wanted to choke Mu Jinyun to death.

Mu Tingxiao was never a good person, and his hands were not clean.

When she was anxious, she said directly: "It's Mu Nuannuan's call! Her, you are in a hurry, can you answer it?"

It seems that Mu Tingxiao was touched by the words "Mu Nuannuan", and Mu Tingxiao seemed to have finally returned. She turned her head to look at Shi Ye, coldly said: "Mu Nuan Nuan?"

Shi Ye nodded: "Yes, Mu Nuan Nuan."

Shi Ye turned on the speakerphone, Mu Nuan on the other side of the phone Nuan also heard the conversation between him and Mu Tingxiao.

Even through the phone, Mu Nuannuan could feel that something was wrong with Mu Tingxiao.

So she tentatively called out on the phone: "Mu Tingxiao?"

Hearing her voice, Mu Tingxiao was taken aback, stretched out his hand for the phone, and naturally released Mu Jinyun.

Without support, Mu Jinyun fell to the ground all at once.

Shi Ye hurriedly helped Mu Jinyun to lie down on the sofa, and there was no time to take care of Mu Jinyun. He focused all of his attention on Mu Tingxiao's body.

Mu Tingxiao stood there, holding his mobile phone and yelling: "Mu Nuannuan."

His tone sounded the same as usual, but there was a hint of weirdness.

Mu Nuannuan thought of Mu Tingxiao's conversation with Shi Ye and asked, "Mu Tingxiao, what were you doing

just now ?" What were you doing just now?

Mu Tingxiao glanced down at his hand, then raised his head to look at Mu Jinyun who was lying on the sofa in a semi-conscious state. He closed his eyebrows and his expression was clear.

He asked: "I was working on the file just now, what do you want me to do?"

"I..." I called her every night, why could she find Mu Tingxiao for anything.

However, when things came to an end, she had no choice but to make up a reason: "I am asking you, do you want to come back for dinner at noon."

Mu Tingxiao was silent for a moment and asked, "Do you want me to come back for dinner?"

Mu Nuannuan was not positive. To answer his question: "Then you come back?"

"It depends."


"It's okay, I'll hang up."


But Mu Nuannuan waited for a long time and didn't see Mu Tingxiao hanging up.

Mu Nuannuan asked him, "Didn't you say you want to hang up?"

Mu Tingxiao replied coldly: "You hang up first."

Mu Nuannuan had to hang up first, always feeling where Mu Tingxiao is today. They are all weird.

Mu Tingxiao brought the phone to Shiye and made sure that the phone had been hung up before returning the phone to Shiye.

Shiye breathed a sigh of relief. At a critical moment, it was Mu Nuannuan that could shake Mu Tingxiao.

At this time, Mu Tingxiao had the energy to see Mu Jinyun.

Mu Jinyun was lying halfway on the sofa. She had recovered some sanity at this time, but she was still a little uncomfortable.

When she saw Mu Tingxiao walking towards her, she had a look of fear in her eyes. As she stepped back, she murmured: "Don't come...Don't come..."

Mu Tingxiao walked to the sofa, condescendingly. Looking at her: "What's the matter, one-time-explain clearly."

"I said, I said everything..." Mu Jinyun was so scared that the three souls had lost their seven souls, where there was still the arrogant appearance of Miss Mu Jia.

"I lied to you, Su Mian is not Mumu's biological mother..."

"Gu Zhiyan is actually your good friend, Shiye is your most trusted subordinate, Mu Nuannuan is your favorite woman..."

"Yes I sent you to the United States, found a hypnosis expert, and blocked your previous memories... This is all my fault, I know it is wrong, I know it is wrong, Ting Xiao, you forgive me this time, I beg you, I beg you."

Mu Jinyun fell off the sofa and sat on the ground embarrassedly, pulling Mu Tingxiao's pants, begging him.

She has been spoiled since she was a child, and what she eats and wears is the best.

She had always been around her bodyguards and servants, and she was fortunate that she was not taken away by the kidnappers when she was a child.

She had a smooth life, except for this younger brother, she hadn't listened to her, and was at odds with her.

At that time, she only thought that what she did was right, but she ignored Mu Tingxiao's nature.

He is really a devil. When he was taken by the kidnappers and sent back, he was not like a normal child, so she didn't like him since she was a child.

But he is outstanding, and she must rely on him to maintain the beauty of the Mu family.

However, she never thought that Mu Tingxiao actually wanted to kill her.

She almost the hands of Mu Tingxiao.

More than ten years have passed, and the devil in his heart has grown up with him.

Mu Jinyun knew that she would never be able to control Mu Tingxiao.

After Mu Tingxiao heard her words, there was another storm in his eyes and gathered again.

Shi Ye hurriedly asked Mu Jinyun aloud before Mu Tingxiao became angry again, "Which hypnosis expert?"

Chapter: 418

Mu Jinyun didn't have any thoughts at this time, and said everything he knew.

"I met him in Country M at the time. The hypnosis expert was named Li and he was a man who could speak Chinese..." At this point, she found that she knew very little about the hypnosis expert.

Shi Ye then asked: "What is your name, where do you live, and your age?"

"I don't know." Mu Jinyun didn't know this, so she could only shook her head.

"At that time, Dr. Li sent someone to pick us up. I don't know where he lives. He was wearing a mask and couldn't see his face. I didn't know his age..."

Shiye couldn't help but wrinkle after listening to her. He raised his eyebrows: "Miss Mu, you have no need to hide it anymore. People know this very well."

The relationship between Mu Jinyun and Mu Tingxiao has developed to this point. There should be no more concealment from them.

When Mu Jinyun heard this, she was also a little anxious: "What I'm telling is the truth. Now, what reason do I have to lie to you?"

Shi Ye turned to look at Mu Tingxiao: "Master, look at..."

Mu Ting Xiao looked down at Mu Jinyun, a trace of fear flashed in Mu Jinyun's eyes, and she couldn't help shrinking back.

She is really afraid of Mu Tingxiao now.

Mu Tingxiao said blankly, "Go, it's better not to let me see you again."

Mu Jinyun's complexion turned pale, but she knew that it was useless to say more, she stood up from the ground and dangled. 'S left.

As soon as she left, Mu Tingxiao ordered: "Go and check."

"Yes." Shi Ye answered and went out.

The information Mu Jinyun gave was too thin, a hypnosis expert named Li who speaks Chinese.

Such a simple message is easy and easy to say, difficult and difficult to say.

Can be hypnotized enough to block memory, must be the best in the industry.

Such outstanding people must be only a minority in this industry, and Mu Tingxiao is powerful and powerful, and it is not difficult to find out.

But on the other hand, Mu Jinyun is also a cautious person. She must have checked the hypnosis expert afterwards, but from her statement, it can be inferred that she did not find the information about the hypnosis expert.


Mu Nuannuan had to prepare lunch in advance because of the phone call to her all night.

Mu Tingxiao didn't come back for dinner at noon, so she could cook according to her and Mu Mu's taste.

But if Mu Tingxiao was coming back for lunch, Mu Nuannuan had to cook something he loved.

When she was cooking, Mu Tingxiao hadn't come back.

She took a lot of photos of Mu Mu before, and there happened to be a photo printer in the villa, so she printed them out.

Before Mu Tingxiao came back, she took out the photos, put them on the carpet, and watched them with Mu Mu.

Some of these photos are Mu Mu, the other is a group photo of Mu Mu and Mu Nuannuan, as well as Mu Mu's solo photos.

When she and Mu Mu looked at the photo, Mu Tingxiao came back.

Sharp-eyed Mu Mu, Mu Ting saw the owl come in, they like little adults waved at him: "Mu green pepper, look."

Mu Mu Mu Ting owl look askance at, Mu Mu ingratiating smile at her:. "Hey,"

said After that, she got up from the carpet neatly, threw herself into Mu Nuannuan's arms, and then turned to smile at Mu Tingxiao "hehe", the series of movements were very smooth and somewhat arrogant.

The child is sensitive, she can feel that Mu Tingxiao will not be angry with Mu Nuan Nuan, she must be right to hide behind Mu Nuan Nuan after causing trouble.

Sure enough, Mu Tingxiao just glanced at her, then looked away.

"The meal is ready, you should go eat first." Mu Nuannuan only glanced at him when he came in, and was now looking at the photos intently.

Her daughter is really good-looking, and the photos are as good-looking as herself.

Hearing this, Mu Tingxiao did not go to eat, but reached out and grabbed the photo in Mu Nuannuan's hand.

Mu Nuannuan raised her head and said angrily: "There are so many on the ground, you don't know you can take it yourself."

Mu Tingxiao pinched the corner of the photo with a few fingers, and handed it to Mu Nuannuan and asked her, "You took this?"

"Otherwise? Have you taken pictures with Mu Mu?"

Mu Nuannuan originally just asked casually, but as soon as her voice fell, she heard Mu Tingxiao reply: "No."

"You..." Mu Nuannuan thought I wanted to say a few words, but then I realized that he was so busy at work that it was already good to be able to take care of Mu Mu, so he fell silent.

Mu Nuannuan took a lot of photos of Mu Mu and printed out a lot of them, all over the carpet.

Looking at so many photos, Mu Tingxiao flashed through his mind.

It seems that there are many pictures of Mu a room...

but soon the picture flashed and changed to another picture.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand to support his head, he staggered, and fell onto the carpet.

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment, then put Mu Mu aside and walked to Mu Tingxiao's side.

"Mu Tingxiao, what's the matter with you?" After Mu Nuannuan said, she remembered that his current appearance was very similar to the one in the study.

Mu Tingxiao's brows were tightly twisted into a knot, and fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He tightened his jaw, looking very uncomfortable.

With the experience of the last time, Mu Nuannuan knew that she couldn't help him at all, so she didn't do anything. She just leaned over to look at him and asked, "Shall I send you to the hospital?"

Mu Tingxiao did not answer her. Still lying on the carpet.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao's appearance, Mu Mu also got up and ran over. The small group knelt down beside him, and cautiously cried out: "Dad?"

Mu Nuannuan remembered that Mu Mu was still here.

Mu Tingxiao might scare Mu Mu.

Mu Nuan quickly hugged Mu Mu and calmly said: "Dad is sick, so I can send it to the hospital to see a doctor."

"Ill?" Mu Mu covered her stomach with her hand, and she suddenly realized: "Dad's

belly hurts." It may be that Mu Mu had a stomachache before, so he thought Mu Tingxiao was also a stomachache.

Mu Nuannuan coaxed and repeated it again: "Yes, my father has a stomachache."

Then she called a servant, and after taking Mu Mu away, she called her bodyguard over and helped Mu Tingxiao into the car and sent him away. Go to the hospital.

After all living under the same roof, Mu Nuannuan decided to go to the hospital with Mu Tingxiao.

She sat in the back row with Mu Tingxiao. Mu Tingxiao was already in a semi-comatose state at this time, and he couldn't sit still at all.

Mu Nuannuan had to support him and let him lean on her.

After finally getting to the entrance of the hospital, the bodyguard opened the back seat door to help Mu Tingxiao down after the car stopped.

However, when the bodyguard's hand touched Mu Tingxiao, he suddenly opened his eyes.

The bodyguard was taken aback, and shouted: "Master?"

Mu Tingxiao's eyes were a little chaotic at first, but he quickly recovered his clarity.

He sat up straight, and said with a gloomy look: "What are you going to do?"

Chapter: 419

The bodyguard was frightened by Mu Tingxiao's expression: "I'm about to help you get out of the car and go to the hospital." As

he said, he retreated a little so that Mu Tingxiao could see The hospital gate.

"What do you want to do in the hospital? Who asked you to send me to the hospital? Huh?" The last "um" was so gloomy that it was a reminder of the king.

The bodyguard was silent, afraid to speak, and didn't dare to step away, but looked at Mu Nuannuan for help.

Following the bodyguard's sight, Mu Tingxiao realized that Mu Nuannuan was also in the car.

"Are you going to take me to the hospital?" Mu Tingxiao squinted at her, and when he reached out, he clamped her chin, with a cold voice: "What are you sending me to the hospital? Who gave you the courage?"

He said. Xingshi's questioning tone made Mu Nuannuan sluggish for a moment.

Such Mu Tingxiao is very strange.

"You look like you are sick, and you are very uncomfortable. I asked them to send you to the hospital." Mu Nuannuan looked at him carefully while speaking.

His eyes are very deep, the kind of dark as thick as ink. When he is not smiling, he is a little gloomy, not to mention that he is in full anger at this time.

And Mu Nuannuan didn't know where his anger came from.

These days, they lived under the same roof, and she had never seen Mu Tingxiao look like this.

After Mu Tingxiao heard her words, his eyebrows twisted, and the force he pinched her chin became heavier.

Mu Nuannuan took a breath of pain and said, "Mu Tingxiao, can you let go first."

"Do you know me?" Not only did Mu Tingxiao not let go, but his eyes became sharper, with a hint of it. Inquiry: "Who are you?"

"I..." Mu Nuannuan subconsciously wanted to say her name, and only then did she discover Mu Tingxiao's abnormality.

She asked Mu Tingxiao in disbelief, "You don't recognize me?"

Although the two of them lost their memories three years ago, how could it happen that they did not recognize her suddenly when they lived together under the same roof?

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and moved his hand holding her chin away, then leaned to Mu Tingxiao, pointed at herself, and said to him with a serious face: "Look at me, you really don't know me anymore. ??"

Mu Tingxiao pulled the corner of his lips, with a mocking tone: "Heh, you think you look a little more pleasing to the eyes than ordinary women, so I should know you?"

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Who can tell her, what is this? what's going on?

Mu Tingxiao wouldn't be... there was a problem with his brain?

Mu Nuannuan's complexion changed slightly, and he looked normal when he went out in the morning...

During this time, his temper was a little worse, and there was nothing different from ordinary people.

She thought for a while, and discussed with Mu Tingxiao: "I didn't explain clearly to you at the moment, and I don't know what's wrong with you now. Let's go to the hospital for a check first, okay?"

Mu Tingxiao Leng Coldly said: "You should be checked."


Mu Tingxiao raised his head to look at the bodyguard driving in front, and said, "Go back."

"Yes." The bodyguard responded and started the car to go back. .

At this moment, Mu Tingxiao suddenly said, "Wait a minute." The

bodyguard stopped the car quickly.

Mu Tingxiao turned his head, looked at Mu Nuannuan who was peeping at him from time to time, and coldly spit out two words: "

Get down." "You let me get off the car?" Mu Nuannuan suspected that she had heard it wrong.

Mu Tingxiao just glanced at her coldly, "Could there be anyone else?"

Mu Nuannuan was a little dazed, and her reaction naturally slowed down.

For a few moments of stunned moments, Mu Tingxiao had already opened the car door and pushed her down directly.

Mu Tingxiao's movements were very rude, with disgust in her eyes, as if she was invisible trash.

Mu Nuannuan was pushed out of the car and fell to the ground.

She was on the ground for a while, until she heard the whistle of a car not far away, she woke up suddenly, got up and walked to the side of the road to sit down.

Although it was embarrassing to be pushed out of the car by him, he did not feel sad.

It may be because the memory has not been restored and there is no emotional bondage.

Mu Nuannuan touched her pocket, but luckily she brought her mobile phone when she went out before.

Shi Ye called her today, and she dialed Shi Ye's phone directly.

"Miss Mu." Shi Ye's tone was slightly surprised. ·

"Shi's special help, Mu Tingxiao...he has an accident."

Mu Nuannuan said what happened just now and Shi Ye.

Shi Ye finished listening, and said: "Miss Mu, where are you now, I will pick you up first."

Mu Nuan Nuan had no money with him, and Shi Ye offered to pick her up, so she was not polite and gave the address directly. Tell Shiye.

Time and night came very fast, probably by speeding over.

He parked the car in front of Mu Nuannuan: "Miss Mu, get in the car." After

Mu Nuannuan got in the car, she asked, "Has Mu Tingxiao ever had any disease before? Has this happened before? "No.

" Shi Ye's expression was solemn: "We only learned today that the young master lost his memory. He was taken to hypnosis and blocked the memory by his sister. I think the current situation of the young master may be related to hypnosis."

"Hypnosis?" Ci is not rare in life, but it can block people's memory. This is the first time Mu Nuannuan has heard of it.

Shi Ye frowned and said, "If the young master's current situation is really related to hypnosis, you must first find the hypnosis expert."

Mu Nuannuan suddenly thought of Mu Mu, and her face suddenly changed: "He didn't recognize me just now. Now, do you not know Mu Mu anymore?"

Shi Ye heard this without speaking, but speeded up the car.

When Mu Nuan Nuan arrived at the villa at night, the villa had become a mess.

The servants and bodyguards are standing in the courtyard.

Mu Nuannuan walked over and asked one of the servants: "Where is Mu Tingxiao?" The

maid said with lingering fear, "Master is inside, he drove us out."

Mu Nuannuan looked around, but didn't see Mu. Mu's figure asked, "Where is Mumu?" The

maid looked at the location next to her and was shocked: "Little Miss was here just now!"

Mu Nuan Nuan didn't care about so much, so she ran inward with her foot raised.

Mu Mu must have gone in to find Mu Tingxiao.

She just walked to the entrance of the hall and saw the mess inside.

And Mu Tingxiao was sitting on the only intact sofa in the hall.

Mu Nuannuan didn't care about him now, looking around to find Mu Mu.

"Mom..." A

small voice came, and Mu Nuannuan looked over at a large potted plant.

Mu Mu was only as tall as the potted flowerpot, she poked her head out, her eyes filled with tears.

Mu Nuannuan was so distressed that she walked three steps in two steps and hugged Mu Mu.

Mu Mu, who was only in tears and did not cry, when she was picked up by Mu Nuannuan, her mouth collapsed and she cried all of a sudden: "Mom."

Chapter: 420

Mu Nuannuan patted Mu Mu's head and coaxed, "It's okay, it's okay."

The movement on their side attracted Mu Tingxiao's attention.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao looked over here, Shi Ye walked over.

Shi Ye asked with a look of concern: "Master, are you okay?"

Mu Tingxiao looked at Shi Ye with a smile: "Is it like I'm okay?"

Shi Ye was choked by him, and she was a bit speechless. .

But he quickly realized that Mu Tingxiao didn't know Mu Nuannuan, but he didn't show that he didn't know him.

"Master, do you know who I am?" Shi Ye decided to check with Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao looked at him with a look of a fool: "At that night, did you stupid your mind when you got married? I don't have amnesia, why would I not know you." Is

n't it just amnesia?

But the current situation is obviously much more serious than amnesia.

Wait, the master just said he was married?

He got married many years ago.

At that time, he had just graduated and had enough of the down payment for the house, he proposed to his wife.

What happened so many years ago, how could Mu Tingxiao suddenly mention it again?

Shi Ye kicked away the fragment of the previous cup, and said to Mu Tingxiao: "Master, I got married eight or nine years ago."

Mu Tingxiao didn't speak, but stared at him with an ugly expression.

Shi Ye vaguely understood that Mu Tingxiao looked like his memory was in confusion.

He got married eight or nine years ago, but Mu Tingxiao said that he mentioned his marriage suddenly.

Could it be that Mu Tingxiao's memory at this time was only when he was just married?

Shi Ye was surprised by his own bold guess.

Shi Ye asked tentatively again: "Do you still know Mumu?"

"What Mumu?" Mu Tingxiao looked up at him, no emotion in his eyes.

If it wasn't for Mu Tingxiao, he would always suspect that he was pretending to be crazy.

Mu Nuannuan originally wanted to hug Mu Mu out, but after she heard Shi Ye and Mu Tingxiao's conversation, she stopped.

The conversation between Mu Tingxiao and Shi Ye became more incredible as I listened to it later.

Mu Mu also heard Mu Tingxiao's words, and she whispered to Mu Nuannuan, "Daddy called me."

Her eyes were wide open, pure and unsullied, staring at Mu Nuannuan earnestly, wanting to follow Mu Nuannuan. Find approval in his mouth.

Mu Nuannuan sighed, holding Mu Mu and walked to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Mu Ting owl saw warm, there is no good face: "how do you go again?"

Mu warm: "......"

When the night quickly said:. "Master, which is the Mu Mu, is your daughter,"

Mu Ting Xiao's gaze fell on Mu Mu, and he immediately retracted his gaze to look at Shi Ye: "You tell me, this is my daughter and wife?"

Shi Ye nodded.

Mu Tingxiao laughed

extremely angrily : "You all give me out! Give me out now!" Because of his anger, his voice was loud, and Mu Mu was still small, and he shrank from fright.

She stared at Mu Tingxiao with red eyes, and she cried out aggrievedly, "Dad..."

Mu Tingxiao didn't even look at her: "I asked you to go out, didn't you hear?"

Mu Mu cried all of a sudden. When

she came out, tears fell like broken beads: "Mu Qingjiao, it's bad!" After she finished speaking, she lay aggrievedly on Mu Nuannuan's shoulder and cried.

While crying, he said: "Don't, bad...oooooo..."

Mu Nuannuan's throat tightened a little, and Mu Mu cried to her heart.

Mu Tingxiao looked like this, no one could hear anything, and she didn't need to stay here.

She went out holding Mu Mu and comforted for a while.

"Don't cry, have you forgotten? Dad just got sick. He didn't mean it."

Mu Mu sniffed and choked and said, "It hurts." When

she spoke, she unconsciously put her hand on her stomach. Up, the little action is very cute.

"Yes, my father has a stomachache, so he lost his temper. Don't blame him." Mu Nuannuan touched her hair and explained to Mu Mu patiently.


Mu Mu snorted with her hands in her arms, "I blame him."

Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Mu was just talking about her, and her daughter was also a little girl who twisted.

When Mu Muping came back, Shi Ye also came out of it.

Mu Nuannuan handed Mu Mu to the maid, and asked, "How's it going?"

Shiye looked around and walked to the other side where there was no one.

Mu Nuannuan followed.

"I think the young master's memory has been in confusion. His memory has returned to seven or eight years ago. When I was just married, he did not know you and did not have Mu Mu at that time. Even if I told him it is now seven or eight. Years later, he may not be able to accept it for a while."

Shi Ye said that, he paused to see Mu Nuannuan's reaction.

Mu Nuannuan felt a bit weird.

However, what happened recently, which one is not incredible?

Thinking about it this way, she could understand.

She nodded: "During this period, I will take Mu Mu to live elsewhere."

Shi Ye nodded: "Okay, I'll help you and Mu Mu find a good place to live."

Shi Ye is a very thoughtful person, Mu Tingxiao is like this, he naturally has to make proper arrangements for Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu.

"This not down." Mu warm rejected his proposal, said:. "To help may be particularly troublesome to help me do what - identification of these things can be, and these days I can start to live in a small cooler there,"

she I don't want to rely on Mu Tingxiao for everything.

Although it is time to show up now, but in the final analysis, it is still spending Mu Tingxiao's money and admiring the light of Mu Tingxiao.

Shen Liang told her that she used to be a screenwriter, and she must have some savings, but her credentials have not been filled.

Shi Ye did not force Mu Nuannuan, nodded and agreed.

Mu Nuannuan contacted Shen Liang, and sent people to send Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu to Shen Liang's house every night.

When they passed, it was not Shen Liang who was waiting by the roadside, but Gu Zhiyan.

Mu Nuannuan was just surprised, and she naturally called out, "Gu Zhiyan."

After she said that, she said to Mu Mu: "Mu Mu, call someone."

Mu Mu had a good memory, and only met once, but also Remember Gu Zhiyan.

She yelled obediently: "Uncle

Gu ." Gu Zhiyan conjured a little bear lollipop like a conjurer , and handed it to Mu Mu.

"Do you like it?"

"Like it." Mu Mu likes candy very much, and happily took it, and said sweetly: "Thank you Uncle Gu."

Compared with Mu Tingxiao , Gu Zhiyan, who is not married and not a father, has Will coax children even more.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but asked curiously: "How did you and Mu Tingxiao meet?"

Gu Zhiyan said concisely: "Fight."

"You and Mu Tingxiao?"

"No, he watched me being beaten by someone else."

Mu Nuannuan: "..." This is like something Mu Tingxiao would do.