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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 421-430 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 421

Shen Liang had to catch a very important announcement temporarily, so Gu Zhiyan was allowed to come over.

Gu Zhiyan took them to the desolate house.

"There is fruit yogurt in the refrigerator, vegetables and meat, and snacks here."

Gu Zhiyan was like at his own home, taking Mu Nuannuan to look at the refrigerator and lockers, and opened the room to tell her that the bathroom is located. Where, which bedroom to live in.

"If you have anything, you can call me. Shen Xiaoliang will come back later at night." After

Gu Zhiyan finished speaking, he saw Mu Nuannuan smile deeply.

Gu Zhiyan scratched his head embarrassedly: "Anyway, just let me know if you need it."

Mu Nuannuan said with a straight face, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, you are Shen Xiaoliang's friend, and Ting Xiao again. My wife should be her.”

Mu Nuannuan didn't remember who had heard it before. Gu Zhiyan's family was already on a mixed road. Later, when Gu Zhiyan was older, his father started to wash and walk the white road.

Perhaps due to the influence of family circumstances, Gu Zhiyan is a very loyal person.

Mu Nuannuan was no longer polite, and replied: "Yeah."

"Don't worry about Tingxiao's matter, there will always be a way." Although Gu Zhiyan was comforting her, his brows were slightly frowned, obviously. There are also some concerns.

After Gu Zhiyan left, Mu Nuannuan took some dishes and meat in the refrigerator, and cooked pork noodles with vegetables.

Mu Mu was already hungry, and ate a little fast.

Mu Nuannuan watched Mu Mu, beware of choking her eating too fast, while thinking about Mu Tingxiao.

I told her before the night that Mu Tingxiao was taken by Mu Jinyun and blocked his memory by hypnosis, which gave people the illusion of "amnesia".

Interlaced is like a mountain. Although she has also heard of hypnosis, when she saw Mu Tingxiao's situation, Mu Nuannuan found that this was beyond her cognition.

Mu Nuannuan searched the Internet for the definition of hypnosis.

If hypnosis is a deep psychological suggestion, is it similar to psychology?

Isn't Li Jiuheng a PhD in psychology?

He must understand what hypnosis is all about.

Thinking of this, Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone and called Li Jiuheng.

When the call was connected, she first heard Li Jiuheng say in a low voice: "Excuse me, I want to answer the call first."

He might have said it while clutching his mobile phone, and his voice sounded very low.

Another person's voice sounded on the other end: "It's okay."

Then came the sound of the chair sliding. The next moment, Li Jiuheng's voice came from the phone clearly: "Nuan Nuan."

"Do you have a patient? Bother you. Now," Mu Nuan said apologetically.

There was a hint of ridicule in Li Jiuheng's voice: "It's okay, the patient doesn't mind if I answer an important phone call first." It

sounds like a very intimate thing, but he said it, neither light nor ambiguous.

Mu Nuannuan asked him directly: "Do you know hypnosis?"

"Hypnosis? Know a little, what's the matter?" Li Jiuheng was very sensitive, knowing that she would not ask this for no reason, and there was a hint of concern in his tone.

"I just want to ask you if hypnosis can..."

"Mom, I'm full."

Mu Nuannuan looked up and saw Mu Mu holding her empty bowl and showing it to her.

Li Jiuheng on the other end of the phone also heard Mu Mu's voice, and said intimately: "I will be free later, if you are convenient, you can come to me directly."

Mu Nuannuan also felt that it might not be clear in a few words, so she replied, "Okay."

Mu Mu has the habit of taking a nap.

After Mu Nuannuan came out after washing the dishes, she saw Mu Mu asleep on the sofa.

Mu Nuannuan took her back to the room, and heard the sound of opening the door outside.

Could it be that Shen Liang is back?

Sure enough, after the door opened, those who came in were Shen Liang.

"Xiao Liang." Mu Nuannuan called her, and asked: "Gu Zhiyan said you will be back very late."

"I have finished shooting my part, so I will come back quickly." Shen Liang said while changing his shoes.

She changed her shoes and walked over directly: "What's the matter?"

At that time, Mu Nuannuan only said that she wanted to come and stay for a few days, and Shen Liang didn't ask much.

"It's Mu Tingxiao, something happened to him."

Mu Nuannuan told Shen Liang about Mu Tingxiao's affairs simply.

Shen Liang was startled, and said in a daze, "There is still such a thing, if this is true, then the person who hypnotized the big boss must be very good!"

"What?" Mu Nuannuan's current understanding of hypnosis , Still staying on hypnosis is a deep self-suggestion.

"A person sent me a script before, which is related to hypnosis. It is said that if it is a very defensive and firm heart, it is difficult to be hypnotized. Such a person is hypnotized. Once there is a suitable opportunity, there may recover ...... "

Shen cold comes in, Ningmei then said:." What I have to forget, because it was the script of the story is not very good, no broker gave me a "

Mu Nuan Nuan thought, Mu Tingxiao should also be considered a determined person, right?

He should be hard to be shaken by something, and should be more confident.

But why is Mu Tingxiao experiencing this kind of memory confusion now?

Mu Nuannuan said solemnly, "I have to go."

She must first find out about Li Jiuheng, and do everything possible to make Mu Tingxiao better.

Mu Tingxiao's memory now stays seven or eight years ago. In his memory, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu are real strangers to him.

"Where to go? Where's Mu Mu?" Shen Liang asked, searching for Mu Mu's figure in the room.

"I'm going to find Li Jiuheng, he is a psychologist, and he should know a little about hypnosis." Mu Nuannuan glanced towards the bedroom and said, "Mu Mu is taking a nap. You can watch for me. She is very good. Yes, wake up and call me."

Shen Liang nodded: "

Okay ." After discussing with Shen Liang, Mu Nuannuan took the bag and went out and took a taxi to Li Jiuheng's psychological clinic.

Li Heng nine may be greeted into a warm Mu, the receptionist just smiled and told her: "Miss Mu, Li came to the doctor do?"

Mu warm nodded: "Yes, he has a moment patients do?"

Foreground The young lady said with a smile: "No, his last patient just left."

"Thank you, I'll go find him in first." Mu Nuannuan said, she raised her foot and walked inside to find Li Jiuheng.

This is Mu Nuannuan's second visit to Li Jiuheng's psychological clinic.

His office is the same as his home, decorated in very warm colors, not like a psychologist's office at all.

Mu Nuannuan knocked on the door and went in. Li Jiuheng looked up and saw her. He was slightly surprised and said: "You are here so soon?"

"Your time is precious. You said that if you have time, I will naturally come here as soon as possible." Mu Nuannuan smiled and walked away. Went in.

Chapter: 422

Li Jiuheng asked her: "Sit down, something to drink?"

"Nothing is needed, let's just talk about things." After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she realized that her tone was too urgent and added

Said : "Mu Mu is still taking a nap at home, I have to go back soon." "Yeah." Li Jiuheng nodded in understanding.

He sat on the sofa opposite Mu Nuannuan with a serious expression: "How come you suddenly asked about hypnosis, what happened?"

Mu Nuannuan hesitated.

Li Jiuheng saw her hesitation in his eyes, he gently curled his lips and said, "Well, just ask what you want to ask."

"Can hypnosis block people's memory?"

"Hypnosis itself is also a kind of For patients with psychological disorders, the way of psychological counseling will be to hypnotize the patients according to the needs of the patients, which is a kind of psychological hint."

Li Jiuheng said here, and paused slightly.

Seeing that Mu Nuannuan listened carefully, he continued and said: "I don't know exactly what the psychological hints are, but people's psychology is very complicated and difficult to control, so it does not rule out what you said, blocking people. The possibility of memory."

Li Jiuheng's words affirmed the power of hypnotism.

Mu Nuannuan asked with a serious face: "If people's memories are blocked, can people restore their memories? Or, cause people's memories to be misaligned and confused?"

Li Jiuheng suddenly laughed, his eyes fixed on her. On her face, staring at her: "Anything is possible, it's like you woke up miraculously after three years of sleep."

Mu Nuannuan said, "You mean that there is the possibility of recovering your memory. "

Let's tell you this." Li Jiuheng thought for a while and said: "Hypnosis is actually not as godlike as others say, after all, it is just a kind of psychological suggestion. If the hypnotized person goes to overthrow his psychological suggestion to himself, Then hypnosis may start to fail."

"Just like the blockade of memories you mentioned earlier, this kind of hypnotized person is to repeatedly accept the psychological hints given by the hypnotist and tell him that he should forget those things, but if someone around him repeatedly mentions the things he forgot , Or there are people and things that can touch him, it will be sooner or later

to restore the memory ." "Then, besides restoring the memory, is there anything else?" She understood what Li Jiuheng said, but Mu Tingxiao is not right now. Restore memory, but another situation.

"Deviation and confusion in memory are possible." Li Jiuheng leaned back slightly and changed to a more comfortable position: "Just like when you wake up but lose your memory, everything has uncertainties. However, if the memory of the hypnotized person has deviations, it may also be because the hypnosis level is too deep and the memory is eager to recover, so it is too late, which leads to memory confusion." What

Li Jiuheng said is very consistent with Mu Tingxiao’s situation. .

Thinking of this, she frowned and asked, "Then what should I do if the memory is confused?"

"I am not a hypnotist. I can't answer this question. Maybe you should find the doctor who hypnotized him. The solution."

Li Jiuheng's words clearly meant something.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan realize that she was anxious to ask about hypnosis, but Li Jiuheng had guessed something.

With Li Jiuheng's clear eyes, she didn't know what to say.

Li Jiuheng asked calmly, "Is it Mu Tingxiao?"

Li Jiuheng explained so much to her so earnestly, she naturally had no reason to hide it: "Yeah."

After speaking, she seemed to think of something suddenly. , Said to Li Jiuheng: "You have to keep this matter secret and you can't tell others."

"Don't you believe me?" Li Jiuheng tilted his head, pretending to be disappointed.

Mu warm heart of a loose, half serious, said: "over the life of friendship, of course, most believe you, yes, you have expert knowledge of hypnosis is that it can help people to hypnotic amnesia?."

"Also Is it really Mu Tingxiao?" A touch of surprise flashed across Li Jiuheng's face: "You and Mu Tingxiao's life is really wonderful."

Mu Nuannuan said helplessly: "Are you talking coldly?"

"Of course not." Li Jiuheng A straight look: "I will help you pay attention to the hypnosis expert. Although hypnosis and psychology are the same, they are not the same field after all. Let me say it all at once, but I can't tell."

"Thank you." Mu Nuannuan felt a little forgiving.

She always seems to be bothering others.

Li Jiuheng smiled: "It's an effort."

Mu Nuannuan didn't speak any more, but smiled back.

No amount of gratitude will be as useful as a real return.


Mu Nuannuan left Li Jiuheng's clinic and took a taxi back to Shen Liang.

Not long after she got in the car, she received a call from Shen Liang.

Shen Liang asked her, "Have you come back? Mumu woke up and asked what kind of cake she wanted to eat. She told you."

Mu Nuannuan laughed and said, "On the way back, you give Mu Mu the phone."

"Mom." Not long after Mu Mu woke up, her voice was milky, soft and glutinous like a newly baked sweet cake.

"Mu Mu wants to eat the cake that my dad bought you last time? I'll be back in a while and I will help you buy a cake."

Mu Tingxiao bought Mu Mu a small cake before, which was delicate and beautiful, especially sweet. Suitable for the taste of children.

Mu Mu usually likes to eat sweets, and Mu Nuannuan seldom feeds it to her because she is afraid of her tooth decay.

After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan asked the driver to divert to a nearby shopping mall.

The mall is not very big, it looks like it is newly built, and there are not many people.

Mu Nuannuan found the bread shop on the second floor and found the little cake that Mu Mu liked to eat.

She was pleased and said with a smile to the salesperson: "Thank you for helping me wrap this cake."

However, the salesperson didn't seem to be very enthusiastic, so he forced a smile at her, absent-mindedly helping Mu Nuannuan pack the cake, and delivered it directly. To her.

While taking the money, Mu Nuannuan asked, "How much?" The

salesperson didn't seem to hear her, and looked back at her: "Huh?"

She noticed the cake on Mu Nuannuan's hand and said, "No money. , I'll give you away, let's go. "

No money?

Mu Nuannuan felt that the salesperson was full of weirdness, and he did not even look like a salesperson.

Mu Nuannuan twisted his eyebrows slightly, took a one hundred yuan of money and handed it to the counter: "

Thank you for finding the money. " The salesperson looked a little anxious, but he leaned over to the drawer to find money for Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan took it and counted it and found that the salesperson had given her sixty yuan.

She took out a ten-yuan piece and handed it to the salesperson: "The cake is forty-five, you can just ask me for five."

Chapter: 423

The salesperson had to take the money from Mu Nuan Nuan.

She found five yuan and handed it to Mu Nuannuan's hands, her expression a little stiff: "Please go slowly, and welcome to visit next time."

Mu Nuannuan took the money, and in a blink of an eye, she saw the salesperson's hand touching her ear. For a moment.

The salesperson is a young girl with short hair. Just now when she reached out to touch her ears, Mu Nuannuan saw that there was something in her ears.

Reminiscent of the fact that when I first entered the mall, there were very few people in the mall...

Mu Nuannuan's heart suddenly felt uneasy.

She glanced at the salesperson again, turned and hurried out.

When she first entered the mall, she just felt that there were very few people in the mall.

At this moment, she came out of the bakery and found that there were only twos and threes in the mall, who was deserted and a little abnormal.

Mu Nuannuan walked to the top of the stairs, planning to take the escalator downstairs.

As soon as she stood on the escalator, she heard a light "ding" sound behind her.

The entrance of the stairs in the shopping mall, which corresponds to the escalator, is an elevator.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head reflexively and saw a man dressed in black coming out of the elevator and walking up the escalator.

The man in black also saw Mu Nuannuan.

He was wearing a peaked cap, Mu Nuannuan couldn't see his expression a bit, but could feel him looking at her.

A strong sense of discomfort rose in Mu Nuannuan's heart.

She looked around and found that it was quiet.

The lights in the mall are bright, and the shops around are also brightly lit, but there is no one.

She remembered the girl who didn't look like a salesperson in the bakery just now. She seemed to be urging her to leave.

And the girl was cautious, she looked a bit like—a policeman!

The mall is so quiet, it's obviously cleared.

When she just came in, she should have been clearing the field.

She writes suspense scripts and is no stranger to this situation.

Such crowded shopping malls are suddenly cleared, usually for safety maintenance.

Either a celebrity is coming, or someone is going to do something illegal and criminal here.

These thoughts flashed through Mu Nuannuan's heart quickly, but they didn't show up.

She was holding the cake in one hand and on the escalator in the other. The man in black behind her also took the escalator downstairs in the same posture as her.

The man in black behind him is either a policeman or the one who wants to commit a crime here.

The escalator goes down to the first floor.

When Mu Nuannuan went down the escalator, she pretended to inadvertently glanced back at the man.

The black-clothed man was still riding the escalator slowly, not in a hurry, Mu Nuannuan was about to turn her head, and suddenly found that the black-clothed man had removed the cap he was wearing and grinned at her. .

The smile was dark and crazy.

Mu Nuannuan sighed in her heart, hurriedly walked a few steps forward, and ran towards the door of the mall.

The first floor of the mall is very spacious, but the escalator is far away from the entrance of the mall. It seems that no matter how fast she runs, there is always such a long distance from the entrance of the mall.

At this time, a voice rang out through a loudspeaker in the mall: "Xu Liqing, you are now surrounded, as long as you stop now, we will treat you leniently!"

Mu Nuannuan raised her head and found that she didn't know what was around. A group of policemen had already appeared by then.

The black man behind him said: "Who wants you to be lenient? I will die with you!"

Mu Nuannuan felt that the sound seemed to be in her ears. When she turned her head, she saw the man in black who did not know when he had taken off his coat and tied up with explosives.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan turned his head, the man in black said cruelly: "What if you have evacuated the crowd? It's not a loss to drag a beautiful woman to bury me,"

he said, and stretched out his hand to stop. A certain thread on her body...

the voice of the police came from the loudspeaker again: "Get down! Get down!"

Mu Nuannuan's eyes widened, and she threw the cake in her hand towards the man in black. Turning his head and rushing forward.

There was a huge "bang" in my ears.

Mu Nuannuan felt that her ears were numb, and the whole world was buzzing.

"...For six years, Qing Ning is very lonely, we should go find her."



"It's useless, I planted explosives under the golf course, let's go together Look for Qingning..."

"Take care of Mu Mu and leave me alone ."


Memory suddenly flooded.

The moment before Mu Nuannuan passed out, what flashed in his mind was the scene of the explosion on the island three years ago.

"Are people still alive?"

"Where are the paramedics?"

"..." The

world returned to quiet after a brief period of noisy.


——Too ugly.

--who are you?

——You don’t know who you married?

——Of course I know that the person I married is Mu Tingxiao!

——It turned out to be my cousin. I am Mu Tingxiao’s cousin Mu Jiachen. On the wedding night, I guess you don’t want to guard a dead person.

The man has eyes that are as deep as ink, sharp and deep, with a bitter breath...

"Mu Tingxiao!"

Mu Nuan opened her eyes fiercely, and she saw a white ceiling.

Where is she?

Where is Mu Tingxiao?

She turned over and sat up suddenly, shocking the nurse who opened the door.

The nurse came over: "Are you awake? I'll call the doctor right away." As soon as the

nurse left the house, Shen Liang and his party rushed over.

"Nurse, is the patient named Mu Nuannuan in this ward?"

"Yes, she just woke up, and I'm going to call the doctor to show her."

"Thank you." Shen Liang hurriedly thanked her. , I opened the door and went in to see Mu Nuannuan.

Shen Liang walked to the bed and looked down on Mu Nuannuan's shoulders, and asked with concern: "Nuan Nuan, are you okay?"

Mu Nuan moved his hands and feet, and muttered, "It seems to be okay. "It's

fine." Shen Liang was obviously relieved: "But I still have to ask a doctor to check it."

Mu Nuannuan didn't hear Shen Liang's words, she was silent for a few seconds, and suddenly raised her head to ask Shen Liang: "Where is Mu Tingxiao?"

"Huh?" Shen Liang has become accustomed to Mu Nuannuan's amnesia recently. Mu Nuannuan, who has amnesia, has a weak feeling for Mu Tingxiao, and would normally not ask her in this tone.

Shen Liang asked uncertainly: "What are you looking for Mu Tingxiao for?"

"Is he okay?" Mu Nuannuan reached out and held his forehead: "There is still a bit of confusion in my mind. We are not going to the island to find Si Chengyu. Bring Mu Mu back? It seems that there has been an explosion..."

Shen Liang first covered his mouth and looked at Mu Nuannuan in disbelief.

Her tone was particularly light, and she asked tentatively: "Nuan Nuan, do you remember it?"

Mu Nuannuan frowned: "I..."

She looked down at herself, with a good hand and foot in her head. After being empty for a while, he continued: "Li Jiuheng saved me..."

Chapter: 424

Mu Nuannuan paused slightly when she said that, too many pictures burst out of her mind, and she received it intermittently.

"Why did Li Jiuheng save me?"

"Mu Mu... Mu Tingxiao..."

Shen Liang didn't disturb her, but looked at her nervously.

At this time, the nurse called the doctor.

The doctor hurried over: "Wake up? How do you feel?"

Mu Nuan was obviously not here and didn't return to the doctor.

Shen Liang asked aloud: "I just

woke up, what happened to my friend?" She hurried over after receiving a call . She didn't know what happened. The phone just said that Mu Nuannuan was in the hospital and she was on the way. Drove over with trepidation.

The doctor replied: "I was in a coma when I was sent here, but it's not a big problem, just a slight concussion."

"Is there any problem with a concussion?" Shen Liang's face was not depressed, and his tone was a little cold.

The doctor pushed his glasses, and paused for a while and said, "This kind of mild concussion is very common. You can leave the hospital if you are in hospital for a few days if nothing happens."

Hearing what the doctor said, Shen Liang smiled embarrassedly: " That's it, thank you, but she has hurt her brain before, is there any problem this time?"

"That's why I need to be hospitalized for observation for a few days." After the doctor finished speaking, he turned his eyes to Mu Nuannuan and called her name warmly: "Mu Nuannuan?"

"Huh?" Mu Nuannuan recovered.

The doctor asked her: "How are you feeling now? Is there anything uncomfortable?"

Mu Nuannuan shook her head, as if

she didn't belong to her thoughts: "No." Her gaze fell on Shen Liang, and she stared at Mu Nuannuan. After a few seconds, he asked, "Where is Mu Mu?"

Shen Liang was asked so by her, only then did she remember that Mu Mu was still sleeping at home.

She received the call and hurried over when she heard that Mu Nuannuan was in the hospital.

Not two months after Mu Nuannuan was discharged from the hospital, Shen Liang felt hypersensitivity when she heard that she was in the hospital. She usually lived alone, so she naturally forgot that there was a baby sleeping in the house.

"Sleep... at home." Shen Liang said whisperedly.

When Mu Nuannuan heard the words, she lifted the quilt to get off the bed, and said anxiously: "Then let's go back now."

"Wait a minute, the doctor said you will be hospitalized for observation for a few days." Shen Liang stopped her quickly.

Mu Nuannuan pushed Shen Liang away: "I'm fine."

Her own body, she could feel it, it was so good, there was no problem at all.

At this moment, two plainclothes police officers came in outside.

The two police officers walked over, and one of them looked at Mu Nuannuan: "Mu Nuannuan is awake?"

Mu Nuannuan raised her eyes and looked over. The policeman took out her police card and said, "The explosion happened in the mall before. , I need your cooperation to make some transcripts."

Mu Nuannuan nodded in cooperation: "Okay." The

policeman turned to look at the doctor: "How is her condition?" The

doctor truthfully told the police about Mu Nuannuan's condition.

Shen Liang reacted half-slowly and asked in shock, "What is the explosion?"

"The prisoner called the police himself and said he was going to bomb the mall. When we evacuated the crowd, Miss Mu entered the mall. This was my negligence, but Fortunately, the prisoner’s explosives are rough and not very harmful..."

Shen Liang's face paled: "...There are all kinds of abnormalities."

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and smiled at Shen Liang, "I'm fine. . "

she said, turned to the police, said:." Mr. police, trouble a little faster, my child home alone, I'm not at ease "

The police seemed a little surprised: "Married?" After

he asked, he seemed to notice that the question was abrupt. A trace of embarrassment flashed under his eyes, but he quickly got into the subject.

The policeman left after taking notes.

Mu Nuannuan worried that Mu Mu would not stay in the hospital if he was alone at home.

The doctor still told her to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days, so Mu Nuannuan had to leave the hospital under the pretext of "coming for a checkup in a few days".

On the way back, Shen Liang finally had the opportunity to ask Mu Nuannuan: “Nuan Nuan, you mentioned that you went to the small island to find Si Chengyu before, did you remember everything?”

This question was also asked before Shen Liang Once again, but Mu Nuannuan thought deeply about what she didn't belong to, and didn't care to reply to her.

Mu Nuannuan nodded first, and before Shen Liang spoke, she shook her head again.

"He nodded and shook his head again. Have you ever recovered your memory? I almost didn't mention it." Shen Liang sighed.

"I remember everything from the past..." Mu Nuannuan asked with a slight frown, "I'm a little unsure if the next thing happened. I really fell asleep for three years? Mu Tingxiao... also lost his memory. ? a " ."

really, are really "cool Shen said excitedly:" Do you really remember it all just wonderful!! "

Shen cool happy later, but not too warm Mu asked to determine: "I ask you, how did we meet? How did you marry Mu Tingxiao?"

"When you were bullied in your third year of high school, I scared those people away."

Mu Nuannuan finished speaking and saw Shen Shen Liang nodded, and then continued: "As for Mu Tingxiao, I married him for Mu Wanqi."

Speaking of Mu Wanqi, Mu Nuannuan's complexion darkened slightly.

Shen Liang asked her: "What's the matter?"

Mu Nuannuan remembered the last time she had a car accident with Li Jiuheng, and her expression was awkward: "She counted Si Chengyu's death on the heads of Mu Tingxiao and me. She thought Let us die."

Shen Liang's expression also changed slightly when she said this.

"Mu Wanqi has been crazy for a long time. In the past few years, she has made some messy movies and TV series. There are countless black materials, but there are also many fans. Her style is a bit weird. I suspect that she was driven crazy by Si Chengyu's death. It doesn't matter what you will do. It's better to be careful."

Mu Nuannuan nodded, "Yes."

Even if Shen Liang didn't say anything, Mu Nuannuan knew to be careful.

After all, Mu Wanqi had already made a move, and when she made her move, she was determined to kill her.

She didn't have an accident in the last car accident, it was her luck.

Mu Wanqi would never give up like this, but there is no guarantee that she will have such good luck next time.

What is also strange is that Mu Wanqi had already had the conclusive evidence at the time, and was fished out...

This incident was even worse than she wanted to kill Mu Nuannuan back then .

It was very easy for Si Chengyu to save Mu Wanqi back then.

But this time, there is still someone who can save Mu Wanqi out. Who will it be?

Who can have such a great ability, and there is a reason to save Mu Wanqi?

Mu Nuannuan fell asleep for three years, woke up and lost her memory, and now she suddenly regained her memory, as if time had made a joke with her, and it slipped for three years.

All the things are coming, making her a little overwhelmed and unable to recover for a while.

Chapter: 425

When Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang hurried back, they opened the door and found that the TV in the hall was watching.

Mu Nuan yelled, "Mu Mu?"

Mu Mu stood up from the sofa, with potato chip crumbs on his chin and face, messy hair, and a remote control in his hand.

She saw Mu Nuannuan's eyes brighten, and she called out in surprise: "Mom."

Mu Mu was a small person. She was just sitting on the sofa and was blocked by the back of the sofa. Mu Nuannuan could not see her.

She ran down from the sofa and ran towards Mu Nuannuan barefoot, still holding the remote control tightly in her hand.

Mu Nuannuan matched her height, knelt down and wiped the crumbs from her face, and picked her up: "What are you doing?"

"TV." Mu Mu waved the remote control on her hand and pointed behind her. TV.

Shen Liang walked to the sofa and took a look. He saw snacks full of the sofa, with potato chips and candy sprinkled on it, and a bottle of yogurt next to it.

Shen Liang couldn't stop laughing when he saw it, "Hahaha! My God, how did Mumu find my snacks and tear them apart by herself! This is too powerful."

Mu Nuan held Mu Mu and walked away. Coming over, seeing the mess on the sofa, I was a little dumbfounded.

"Did you take these by yourself?" Mu Nuannuan put Mu Mu on the sofa and stood up so that her eyes were level with her.

Mu Nuan's expression looked a little serious. Mu Mu probably also felt that her mother's expression was not right, rubbing the back of her little hand behind her, blinking her eyes, and whispered, "Yes."

Shen Liang pushed Mu Nuannuan. Click: "You scared her."

"Look, is it dirtying Aunt Shen's sofa?" Mu Nuannuan asked her, pointing at the snack crumbs on the sofa.

Mu Mu followed Mu Nuannuan's hand and looked over and nodded blankly.

Mu Nuannuan's tone couldn't help but soften a little: "Next time you can't make the sofa all over, dirty, do you want to help Aunt Shen clean it up together?"

Mu Mu replied very cleverly, "Yes . "

Mu Nuannuan looked at Mu Mu's well-behaved appearance, and her nose suddenly became sore.

She turned her back abruptly, tears pouring from her eyes.

Mu Nuannuan calmed her mind and made her voice sound the same as usual: "Mu Mu helped Aunt Shen clean the sofa together, and my mother went to the bathroom." After

she finished speaking, she hurried to the bathroom.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan entered the bathroom, she closed the bathroom door abruptly, leaned on the door panel, and slowly slid to the ground, reaching out to cover her face to suppress the cry of crying.

Outside the door, when Mu Mu saw Mu Nuannuan suddenly turned around and went to the bathroom and closed the door, he pointed at the bathroom door in a daze and looked at Shen Liang: "Mom?"

Shen Liang just naturally heard Mu Nuannuan's voice. Crying.

She smiled and said to Mu Mu: "Mom is washing her hands, come out right away, Mu Mu will help Auntie clean the sofa together."

Shen Liang brought a towel and cleaned the sofa with Mu Mu, Mu Mu also looked at the bathroom from time to time. .

The look of eyesight looks particularly painful.

Shen Liang walked to the bathroom door and knocked on the door: "Nuannuan, are you okay?"

Mu Nuannuan's voice soon came from inside: "It's okay, I will come out immediately."

Mu Nuannuan stood up and walked to the sink. Before, he washed his face and silently looked at himself with red eyes in the mirror.

Just seeing Mu Mu's good-looking appearance, Mu Nuannuan suddenly felt very sad.

Being her daughter is not happy at all.

Since Mu Mu was born, she has not been able to take a good look at Mu Mu, nor can she protect her.

Once they were born, Mu Mu was replaced by others, and when they finally had the opportunity to accept Mu Mu, another accident happened.

Three years.

She had never participated in the three years when she was supposed to be accompanied by her mother.

When Mu Mu just called her mother, she even felt guilty.

Mu Nuannuan raised her head and closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were already clear and firm.


Mu Nuannuan opened the bathroom door and came out and saw Shen Liang cleaning the sofa with Mu Mu.

"So, slowly, wipe it off little by little."

"It's wiped off!"


One big and one small squatted on the sofa to wipe things, the picture looked harmonious and warm.

Mu Nuannuan noticed that Mu Mu was still barefoot, raised her feet to the room, took a pair of socks, and brought out fluffy slippers.

As soon as Mu Mu saw Mu Nuannuan, she raised the towel in her hand and said, "Mom, I wiped it."

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan smiled at her: "Put the socks on first."

"Okay." Mu Mu still remembered Mu Nuannuan's serious appearance before, thinking that she did something wrong to make her angry, so she was very behaved.

Mu Nuan helped her put on her socks, and Mu Mu smiled at her, looking a little silly.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and touched her head: "Mom is not angry, but you make things all over the sofa. It's not right, you can't do this in the future."

Mu Mu nodded.

A few people cleaned up the sofa and returned the snacks that Mu Mu hadn't eaten. It was already night.

Mu Nuannuan cooks dinner for Mu Mu and Shen Liang.

Shen Liang has a cheerful personality and loves to play, he doesn't need to learn at all to tease children.

Most of the children like people who are beautiful. If this beautiful person accompanies her to play, they will like it even more.

The relationship between Mu Mu and Shen Liang is completely advancing by leaps and bounds.

Mu Nuannuan brought out the food and shouted to them: "Xiao Liang, Mu Mu, have dinner."

"Here." Shen Liang led Mu Mu to the table.

Mu Mu ran along, saying, "Hehe...we are here!" The

two sat down at the dining table.

Mu Nuannuan brought the last soup up, looking at Shen Liang, teasing her tone: "Shen Liang, have you and Mu Mu washing your hands?"

Shen Liang: "...nothing." While

eating, Mu Nuan teased her . Nuan puts vegetables into a bowl of bibimbap for Mu Mu.

When Shen Liang saw this, as if suddenly remembering something, he raised his head and said to Mu Nuannuan, "Once, I saw Mu Tingxiao and Xiao Mumu eating together in Jinding, and he..." He

heard "Mu Tingxiao" With three words, Mu Mu's raised his head and opened his eyes wide: "Mu Qingjiao, my father."

"Huh?" Shen Liang was a little dazed.

"She called Mu Tingxiao Mu Qingjiao." Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but want to laugh when she talked about this.

Mu Tingxiao's arrogant and arrogant temperament will one day be confessed by someone other than her.

Moreover, it is still a little dumpling who is only over three years old.

Hearing this, Shen Liang laughed "puchi": "A person like the big boss, can you let Mu Mu call him Mu

Qing Jiao and not beat her?" Mu Mu just heard Shen Liang mention Mu Tingxiao. Just listen carefully.

She didn't understand Shen Liang's words, but she also nodded her head in an unbelievable way: "Beat it."

Chapter: 426

Shen cool heard, a look of surprise and asked: "? Do you beat your dad he'll beat you, ah?"

She just saying that, in fact, talking about it.

Although she also felt that Mu Tingxiao was terrible, she didn't think that Mu Tingxiao would beat up his three-year-old daughter.

With such a small ball, he has to touch his fingers softly, so he can still beat his hands?

Mu Mu lowered his head, picked up a piece of ribs, grabbed it with the other hand, and responded vaguely: "Yeah."

"How did Dad beat you?" Mu Nuan naturally didn't believe that Mu Tingxiao would treat Mu Mu. Hands on.

For the days when he lived with Mu Tingxiao, when Mu Mu made him angry, he was at best showing his face.

"He's like this..."

Mu Mu raised his hand to touch his face, and found that he was holding the ribs in his hand, so he put down the chopsticks in the other hand and stretched out his hand to pinch his face.

"He... hit me like this." In the next two words, she emphasized her tone like an adult.

After finishing speaking, I didn't forget to continue to eat her ribs.

The little girl has good teeth and always likes to chew on bones.

At this moment, even Mu Nuannuan couldn't hold back, and laughed together.

"Then mother will help you beat him next time I see Dad!" Mu Nuannuan said to her with a smile.

Mu Mu nodded: "Go home."

Mu Nuannuan's complexion faded slightly.

She reacted with hindsight, Mu Mu wanted to Mu Tingxiao.

Although Mu Tingxiao lost his temper at home at noon, but Mu Mu was a child, and the child always forgot.

Mu Nuannuan did not answer Mu Mu's words.

Mu Mu seemed to just say it casually, and then continued eating obediently.

"I haven't finished what I just said."

Shen Liang continued the topic just now: "At Jinding that time, I just watched the big boss give Mumu bibimbap and poured soup in two bowls. Let her cool off, I really thought the big boss looked super gentle at the time."

But afterwards, Mu Tingxiao spoke and hit back to the original.

Young Master Mu may be a good man, but more often, he is still the fearful Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan imagined the scene in her mind.

When she lived with Mu Tingxiao and the others, she was taking care of Mu Mu, and she had never seen how Mu Tingxiao took care of Mu Mu for dinner.

But, thinking of Mu Tingxiao's current situation, Mu Nuannuan's heart couldn't help but raise it again.

After dinner, she had to call Shi Ye to ask about Mu Tingxiao's situation.

If it wasn't for the fear that Mu Tingxiao would affect Mu Mu, Mu Nuannuan would like to find Mu Tingxiao now.

Before Mu Nuannuan called Shi Ye, Shi Ye called her.

Seeing Shiye's call, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but tighten.

Mu Nuannuan put down his chopsticks and walked aside to answer the phone.

"Shi special help, what's the matter?"

Shi Ye's tone was a little uncomfortable: "Master, he is losing his temper. When he just ate, he said that the food tastes wrong..."

Because the food tastes wrong , he loses his temper?

Mu Tingxiao's memory now stops at about twenty years old, right?

Unexpectedly, at that time, he had such a big young master temper.

"Are you falling again now?" Mu Nuannuan asked.

"Nothing fell..." Shiye glanced at the servants standing in the hall and said, "You may be falling soon."

Mu Nuannuan was silent for a moment, and said: "I'll come here now."

She hung up the phone and walked over, Shen Liang asked her in a low voice, "A call that night?"

"Well, I might have to go there." Mu Nuan After Nuan finished speaking, his eyes fell on Mu Mu's body.

Mu Mu always finishes eating first, and has already ran to the side to play.

Shen Liang flicked the cup in his hand: "Go, I'll help you watch Mu Mu. She likes to play with me now."

"She slept for a long time in the afternoon and may have to play for a long time at night. Do you have a job tomorrow? "Mu Nuannuan is not afraid of trouble, she is afraid of delaying her work.

"No, what about work? I just want to eat, drink and have fun now." Shen Liang leaned on the chair, looking very lazy.

Mu Nuannuan was a little helpless: "I'm serious."

Shen Liang smiled, sat upright, and asked her: "I really don't have a job. Go ahead, do you want to drive my car?"

" Yes ." Come back. It must be a bit late, it is very convenient to drive there.

... When

Mu Nuannuan drove to Mu Tingxiao's villa, Mu Tingxiao was tossing the servants at home.

He asked the servants to cook in the kitchen one by one.

And not all of the servants hired at home cook, so the cooking skills are also uneven.

When Mu Nuannuan entered, Mu Tingxiao was commenting on the servant's dishes, and he did not leave any affection.

"How did you make this kind of thing?"

"Who does your cooking skills want to poison?"

Except for Mu Tingxiao's voice, there was no other voice in the hall, so quiet that even a needle fell on the ground. Can hear.

Therefore, when Mu Nuannuan walked in, the footsteps were particularly noticeable.

When the servants saw Mu Nuannuan, they cast a glance at her for help.

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips, also a little helpless.

If it was before, maybe she could really save them, but now she is also unable to protect herself.

Mu Tingxiao sat on the chair, tilted his head slightly, raised his brow slightly, and said in a loose tone: "It's you."

The cold dishes on the table were not moved.

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly: "What do you want to eat, I'll make it for you?"

Mu Tingxiao looked at her with a smile but a smile : "Come here to cook for me? Love me so much?"

Mu Nuannuan was too lazy to talk to Mu Ting. Xiao: "I'll just do it without telling you." After

she finished speaking, she went straight to the kitchen.

It's getting late, so I can only cook noodles.

She would call her every night, and it is probably "dead horse as a living horse doctor."

Mu Nuannuan was not sure whether Mu Tingxiao still likes to eat her cooking, but she can only give it a try.

She quickly made a bowl of spicy beef noodles and brought it out.

The scent of oily chili wafted out, causing Mu Tingxiao to look sideways.

Mu Nuannuan put the noodles in front of Mu Tingxiao: "Let's eat."

"Just a bowl of noodles?" Mu Tingxiao raised her eyelids and motioned her to look at other dishes on the table.

The dishes of other dishes look exquisite and beautiful, and the ingredients are also very high-quality.

"A bowl of noodles is not enough?" Mu Nuannuan pretended not to understand what he meant, and said, "When you finish eating, I will cook another bowl for you."

Mu Tingxiao squinted slightly, and the woman deliberately misinterpreted what he said. Meaning, not afraid of him at all.

He sneered, and pointed his finger at a servant: "You, come and eat it." The

servant gave Mu Nuannuan apologetically, but he could only obediently ate the bowl of noodles.

However, Mu Nuannuan was good at cooking, and the servant finally drank all the soup.

Mu Tingxiao looked at Mu Nuannuan provocatively.

Mu Nuannuan twitched the corners of her mouth: "I will make you another bowl."

Chapter: 427

Mu Nuannuan returned to the kitchen, resting her hands on the countertop, taking a deep breath, and then firing to boil the water.

She used to cook for Mu Tingxiao, how could he give it to others?

Mu Nuannuan calmed down and continued to cook the noodles.

However, this time Mu Nuannuan made Mu Tingxiao noodles.

When she took it out, Mu Tingxiao was no longer in the hall.

She asked Shi Ye: "Where is Mu Ting Xiaoren?"

"Master went to the study." Shi Ye pointed to the upper floor.

Mu Nuannuan glanced upstairs and said, "Then I 'll serve him up."

Shi Ye looked surprised: "Miss Mu, you..."

He didn't expect Mu Nuannuan to be so patient.

"The special assistant Shi did not call me Miss Mu before." Mu Nuannuan turned to look at him and said with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

Shi Ye called out uncertainly: "Madam Young?"

"I'll go up first." Mu Nuannuan nodded, admitting that she had recovered her memory.

She was happy every night, but when she thought about Mu Tingxiao's situation, she couldn't help but feel a little worried.

Mu Tingxiao looked better before, but now it has become like this again, but Mu Nuannuan suddenly regained his memory.

Just treat it as a good thing.


Mu Nuannuan reached out and knocked on Mu Tingxiao's study door.

The people inside were silent.

Mu Nuannuan pushed the door directly in.

Only when she opened the door, something flew over, and Mu Nuannuan turned slightly to avoid the thing that Mu Tingxiao had hit.

After the thing fell to the ground, Mu Nuannuan took a look, only to find that the thing was a coffee cup, and it was not broken even when it fell to the ground.

The next moment, Mu Tingxiao's roar followed: "Get out!"

Mu Nuannuan was stunned by his roar, before closing the door and walking towards him.


The tray was placed on the desk, making a slight crash.

When Mu Tingxiao walked over, his eyes fell on Mu Nuannuan involuntarily.

Mu Nuannuan took out the noodles from the tray and put them in front of Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao curled his lips, but there was no smile: "Only cook noodles?"

Mu Nuannuan answered seriously, "No, I will cook many other dishes. You can try it first."

Mu Tingxiao heard Yan, this time I really laughed, but the smile did not reach the bottom of my eyes: "Where is the confidence, I must eat what you make?"

"I don't think that." Mu Nuannuan lowered his eyes slightly and looked. He looks good-tempered.

Mu Tingxiao reached out and picked up the chopsticks to stir in the dinner plate twice, then dropped the chopsticks: "The noodles are too rotten, make another bowl."

Mu Nuannuan felt that his deliberately making things difficult was naive.

Mu Tingxiao was so good to her before, but now she is a bit uncomfortable.

However, Mu Nuannuan knew very well in her heart that Mu Tingxiao was just feeling insecure in her heart now.

Everything in reality before his eyes does not match his inherent memory.

He will not adapt, will become irritable and irritable.

What's more, Mu Tingxiao was already a little uncertain.

Mu Nuannuan was not angry because he had thought about Mu Tingxiao's place.

She lowered her eyes, leaned over, reached out and picked up the chopsticks that Mu Tingxiao had fallen onto the desk, and put the noodles on the dinner plate.

Seeing this, Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes to look at Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuan curled her lips and smiled at him, a pair of cat eyes looking shining.

Mu Tingxiao shook his head, frowning deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, Mu Nuannuan reached out and pinched Mu Tingxiao's chin, and put the noodles in his hand into his mouth.

Mu Tingxiao was completely stunned by Mu Nuannuan's movements, his eyes were rarely opened wide, and he was a little startled.

When Mu Nuannuan pulled out the chopsticks, he subconsciously began to chew.

Mu Nuannuan held back her laugh, didn't she just eat it obediently?

When Mu Tingxiao reacted, when Mu Nuannuan had done something to him, his complexion suddenly turned black.

He stood up with a "brush", gritted his teeth and said, "You get out! Get out of me immediately!"

This woman was extremely arrogant.

No woman had ever dared to treat him this way.

"Good hands and feet, why should I get out." Mu Nuannuan didn't get angry, and took care of her clothes, Shi Shiran walked out.

It's just that she walked within two steps, then suddenly turned around and walked in front of Mu Tingxiao.

Just before Mu Tingxiao broke out, she stretched out her hand to press on his shoulder, stood on her toes, and gently kissed the corner of his lips.

Just touch it.

Mu Nuannuan's movements are smooth and natural.

After she finished kissing, she took two steps back quickly, with a successful smile on

her face, and pointed to the noodles on the desk: "Remember to finish the noodles." After she finished speaking, she walked out lightly.

Mu Tingxiao had a dark face and watched her disappear outside the door. He lifted his foot and kicked the chair directly, making a loud noise.

Outside, Mu Nuannuan was about to close the door. Hearing the movement in the room, she pushed the door open a bit to reveal a crack in the door.

Through the crack in the door, she saw Mu Tingxiao, with tight eyes and dark eyes in the room, and the chair that was kicked out by him a long way.

Mu Nuannuan closed the study door with a pale face.

If she came out a little later, would Mu Tingxiao kick her not the chair, but her?

With Mu Tingxiao's irritable character, this is not impossible.

When she knew Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao was already able to hide her emotions, and most of the time she was angry and didn't get angry.

But now Mu Tingxiao is really easy to get angry and lose his temper easily.

In contrast, Mu Tingxiao, who was in his twenties, seemed very unstable.

Mu Nuannuan met Shi Ye on the stairs.

He panted and asked Mu Nuannuan, "Madam, what happened?"

Mu Tingxiao's disturbance was a bit loud just now, and he was worried about what Mu Tingxiao would do to harm Mu Nuannuan.

In his twenties, he was young and vigorous, and the current Mu Ting Xiao would not pity Mu Nuannuan.

"It's okay, I'm having a temper with him." Mu Nuannuan said, she couldn't help laughing.

Shi Ye twitched his mouth. Now when he faced Mu Tingxiao, he had to deal with it carefully, but Mu Nuannuan could still laugh.

From another aspect, this also confirmed his thoughts, no matter what Mu Tingxiao became, Mu Nuannuan was always special to him.

At that night, I saw Mu Nuannuan walking downstairs and asked her, "Madam Young is leaving now?"

"Well, Mu Mu is still with Xiaoliang, I have to go, Mu Tingxiao will have to work hard for you here. I'll call." Mu Mu and Mu Tingxiao both looked after her.

Mu Tingxiao was like a walking bomb with no time. It might explode sometime, so Mu Mu couldn't live at home.

Shi Ye followed her behind: "Then I will send someone to take you back."

Mu Nuannuan refused: "No, I came by car."

Chapter: 428

After Mu Nuannuan left, she went to Mu Tingxiao's study every night.

Shi Ye looked around the room, silently lifted the chair from the ground and pushed it behind Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao sat down, his face pale.

His tone was a bit cold: "That woman Mu Nuannuan, you called?"

Shi Ye's heart murmured, and his face changed slightly: "Yes."

Mu Tingxiao looked up at him, his eyes sharp: "I don't care about me and her before. What happened in between, in the future, without my permission, you are not allowed to call that woman to my house."

Shi Ye opened his mouth, and when he wanted to say something, he replied obediently: "Yes , I understand.”

Although Mu Nuannuan did not know what Mu Tingxiao had done to Mu Tingxiao before, but seeing how angry Mu Tingxiao looked, Shiye knew that he had to follow Mu Tingxiao’s words at this time.

He couldn't understand Mu Tingxiao's temper.

When Mu Tingxiao heard the words, he said blankly: "Go out."

Shi Ye turned and went out. When the door was closed, he saw Mu Tingxiao picking up his chopsticks and eating noodles.

The action of closing the door at night paused slightly.

Didn't you just say that without his permission, don't you let Mu Nuannuan come home in the future?

Speaking so firmly, but now eating Mu Nuannuan's noodles?

So, should he ask Mu Nuannuan to come to Mu Tingxiao's house again?

... When

Mu Nuannuan drove back to Shen Liang's house, Shen Liang and Mu Mu were still watching cartoons enthusiastically.

It was already past eleven o'clock, and the two of them laughed and looked very energetic.

Shen Liang heard the door opening and turned to look in the direction where Mu Nuannuan was: "Nuan Nuan, you are back."

"Still watching TV." Mu Nuannuan walked over and sat down beside Mu Mu.

Mu Mu turned his head and glanced at her, and yelled very perfunctorily: "Mom."

Then he turned to watch the cartoon.

Mu Nuannuan couldn't laugh or cry, she really didn't have the charm of cartoons.

Shen Liang walked around behind Mu Mu, sat down next to Mu Nuannuan, and whispered, "Mu Mu is very good."

"Thanks," Mu Nuannuan whispered.

Shen Liang asked by the way: "How about the big boss?"

"Even if he loses his memory, he is also Young Master Mu. He has a terrible temper." Mu Nuannuan thought of the things Mu Tingxiao had done before, feeling helpless.

Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang said briefly, and then they took Mu Mu to sleep.

It was late, and Mu Mu actually only seemed energetic. She was sleepy early, and just insisted on watching cartoons.

Mu Mu slept fast.

Put Mu Mu to sleep, and Mu Nuannuan went to the bathroom to wash.

When she came out, she half leaned on the head of the bed and stared at Mu Mu for a while.

Mu Mu and Mu Tingxiao look alike, because of the eyes.

Thinking of Mu Tingxiao, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but sigh slightly.

With so many things happening today, Mu Nuannuan was forced to accept his current situation and Mu Tingxiao's current situation without giving Mu Nuannuan time to react.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao's appearance made her feel uncomfortable, but it was not the time to feel uncomfortable now.

Mu Mu needs her, and Mu Tingxiao also needs her.

Before, Mu Tingxiao was arranging everything. This time, let her help him.

Mu Nuannuan looked down, took her mobile phone, found Mu Tingxiao's number in her contact, and sent him a text message: "Good night."

After the text message was sent, she stared at the phone in a daze.

After a few minutes, her phone vibrated suddenly.

Mu Nuannuan's heart jumped, and she looked at her mobile phone nervously and found that it was just a text message sent by the operator.

Still, take your time.


next day.

Mu Nuannuan contacted Shi Ye and said something about the hypnosis she had inquired about from Li Jiuheng.

Shi Ye also told Mu Nuannuan about taking Mu Tingxiao to hypnotize.

After hearing this, Mu Nuannuan was silent for a few seconds, and said: "She really tried her best."

Does Mu Jinyun hate her so much?

First he wanted her to die, and then he took Mu Tingxiao to receive hypnosis and block the memory.

Although Mu Jinyun did not directly attack Mu Nuannuan, everything that Mu Jinyun did was a trick to kill people without seeing blood.

On the bright side, Mu Wanqi wanted to kill Mu Nuannuan directly, but Mu Jinyun's method was a little more intelligent, and he was hitting Mu Nuannuan's seven inches.

However, Mu Jinyun still miscalculated.

Mu Nuannuan won't let her succeed, she will definitely make Mu Tingxiao better.

"Is Mu Jinyun sure that she didn't lie? She really hasn't seen the face of Doctor Li, or is it just an excuse for her?"

Mu Jinyun is a shrewd woman and she is also very cautious in her actions.

She went to the hypnotist to block Mu Tingxiao's memory. This matter must be kept secret.

Since she didn't want to be known, how could she agree to let him hypnotize Mu Tingxiao without even seeing the hypnotist?

Since Mu Jinyun was afraid that things would be exposed, she naturally said that she would think of a perfect solution, and she would definitely pinch the handle of the hypnotist in his hand in advance to prevent the hypnotist from turning back.

There was a pause at night, and only one sentence was said: "...There should be no lying."

Mu Jinyun had already threatened his life at the time, so how could he still lie.

But at that time, Mu Tingxiao was about to strangle Mu Jinyun to death. This matter was weighed in my heart every night, but he still didn't say it.

"Yeah." Although Mu Nuan Nuan said so, she had already made up her mind to find Mu Jinyun.

After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan turned around and saw that Mu Mu and Shen Liang didn't know when they had gotten up, they were sitting on the sofa staring at her eagerly.

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment, and said with a smile: "Good morning."

"Good morning." Mu Mu just woke up with a quiet voice, and the voice of the little milk was cute.

"Breakfast is ready, you can eat after washing." Mu Nuannuan said, walking over and carrying Mu Mu into the bathroom.

After Mu Mu washed her face, she ran to the restaurant.

After Mu Nuannuan washed her hands,

she said to Shen Liang, "I'm going out later to find Mu Jinyun." "Why are you looking for her?" Shen Liang sneered, "Ms. Mu, she has a desire for control. Super strong sister, go find her, can she give you a good face?"

Mu Nuannuan smiled, and a coldness flashed in her eyes: "It sounds like I will give her a good face."

"Tsk tsk , Your tone doesn't look like Mu Nuannuan I know." Shen Liang turned his head to look at her, with a bit of teasing in his tone.

"We have known each other for so many years. Of course there will be changes. I am Mu Mu's mother and Mu Tingxiao's wife..." Mu Nuannuan frowned, "I almost forgot. Mu Jinyun has helped me and Mu Tingxiao. Tingxiao is divorced."

Shen Liang said "Hey", and touched his arm exaggeratedly: "Nuan Nuan, your tone is more and more similar to Mu Mu's dad, and it sounds weird."

Chapter: 429

Mu warm smile, sincere smile: "? You are so exaggerated acting, the audience buy it"

"Life Well, is to use a little exaggerated way to express inner feelings."

She After finishing speaking, he blinked his eyes suddenly and said, "Would you like to think about it and arrange a role for me in the next script? The one tailored for me makes me an instant hit."

Shen Liang still contained in his mouth. Foam, when he said the words "Red by a shot", he held his toothbrush and made two gestures in the air.

He looked happy, like a child.

Mu Nuannuan was slightly lost.

Three years, nothing seems to have changed.

"Okay, I will tailor a script for you, but it is not guaranteed to be an instant hit, but it must be suitable for you." Mu Nuannuan's tone was serious.

It's not easy for an actor to meet a suitable role.

Shen Liang smiled and said, "Then it's settled."


Shen Liang is really on vacation.

Mu Nuannuan wanted to find Mu Jinyun, so naturally she couldn't bring Mu Mu with him.

Therefore, Mu Mu could only stay at home and play with Shen Liang.

Fortunately, Mu Mu and Shen Liang have become more familiar with each other. Taking her to watch TV together can also help Mu Nuannuan watch for a while.

Mu Nuan Nuan and Shen Liang instructed Mu Mu to feed Mu Mu water and not let her eat more snacks, so she went out.

Today is a working day, Mu Nuannuan went directly to Mu's family to find Mu Jinyun.

However, when she asked at the front desk, the lady at the front desk told her: "The vice president is on a long vacation."

"A long vacation? How could she suddenly take a long vacation?" Mu Jinyun actually took a long vacation at this time. All felt a little unusual.

The lady at the front desk said apologetically: "I'm sorry, but we are not very clear."

"Thank you." Mu Nuannuan thanked him, and walked out while calling Shi Ye.

Although Shiye and Mu Tingxiao were in this building at the moment, Mu Clan could not enter casually, let alone go to the president's office on the top floor to find someone.

She just took the phone to call, and didn't notice the people outside.

When the phone was connected, she also hit a wall of people.

With a "bang", Mu Nuannuan felt that her nose didn't hurt like her own.

She held her nose and looked up tearfully, and she saw Mu Tingxiao's expressionless cold face.

Mu warm stunned for a moment, slowly put down the phone called out: "Mu Ting owl?"

"Oh," Mu Ting Xiao sneer: "! It seems still look down on you, they even catch up with the company to"

Mu Nuannuan: "..." She really wasn't here to stop him.

Forget it, even if she said she didn't come to Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao would probably not believe her.

Mu Nuannuan went straight to Shiye, and asked him in a low voice, "Mu Jinyun didn't work at the company?"

Shiye felt a coldness coming from him. He didn't dare to look up at Mu Tingxiao, but just bite the bullet. Mu Nuannuan said: "She is on a long vacation."

Mu Nuannuan asked again: "She is at home? Is she living in an old house?" She

was uncomfortable by the gaze, but she could only answer Mu Nuannuan. Question: "It should be."

Mu Shi Nuan felt that Shi Ye was uncomfortable.

She turned to look at Mu Tingxiao, and saw that he took his gaze away from Shi Ye and walked straight to the elevator entrance.

"Madam, if I'm fine, I'll go up first?" When Shi Ye spoke, his eyes kept looking in the direction where Mu Tingxiao had left, and he looked a little uneasy.

Mu Nuannuan nodded: "I'll go to the old house to find her, you go first." In the

next second, Mu Nuannuan saw a gust of wind running towards Mu Tingxiao at night.

Mu Nuannuan touched her nose with a strange expression.

Shi Ye has been with Mu Tingxiao for so many years, and how old is Mu Tingxiao, she knows Mu Tingxiao very well, and I never thought he would still be so afraid of him.

Shi Ye hurriedly followed Mu Tingxiao, pressed the elevator, and stood respectfully behind Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao didn't say a word, but he exuded a strong aura.

It seemed to be a little unpleasant...


elevator door opened, waiting for Mu Tingxiao to enter before following in.

In a closed space, I feel that the air pressure is lower every night.

He was the first to break down and took the initiative to say, "Madam Young, she came to see the vice president. She didn't know that the vice president had taken a long vacation, so she just asked me." After

he finished speaking, he carefully paid attention to Mu Tingxiao. Reaction.

The elevator opened, and Mu Tingxiao walked out of the elevator, and glanced at him coldly: "Madam Young?"

"It's...Miss Mu." Shi Ye quickly changed his words.

She didn’t know that Mu Tingxiao was dissatisfied with Shi Ye’s statement. He just snorted and asked, “What did she do with Mu Jinyun?”

Shi Ye pulled out a smile and said very sincerely: “Of course it is. It's because of you, Master."

Who knows, Mu Tingxiao was silent for a moment, and said leisurely: "In order to remarry me, I really do everything."

Shi Ye heard this, almost choked by her own saliva. To.

If this was the old Mu Tingxiao, how could he say such a thing? Knowing that Mu Nuannuan cared about him so much, he would have been so happy.


Mu Nuannuan took a taxi to the Mu's old house.

After waking up, she visited the old house once.

In three years, this luxurious and low-key old house has not been stained with the traces of time, but it has become more and more calm and quiet.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car and walked to the door, when a bodyguard stopped her: "Who are you?"

"My name is Mu Nuannuan, I'm looking for you Miss Mu." Mu Nuannuan's complexion remained unchanged and said calmly. .

The bodyguard heard the words and looked at Mu Nuannuan carefully.

Mu Nuannuan's figure is still a little thin, but she has a good natural foundation and outstanding appearance. She has been with Mu Tingxiao for so long and her temperament is not bad.

The bodyguard thought that Mu Nuannuan might also be a wealthy daughter or Mu Jinyun's friend.

It's better to ask first.

The bodyguard said: "Wait a minute."

He whispered something to the other bodyguard, and the bodyguard entered.

Not long after, Mu Jinyun came out.

She was wearing a plain black dress, and she looked a little haggard, as if she was seriously ill.

Mu Jinyun raised his hand and motioned the bodyguards to step back.

When only she and Mu Nuannuan were left at the door, she sneered and said, "Mu Nuannuan, what are you coming to do with me? Do you want to see me jokes? It's a pity to disappoint you, even if I have nothing, I

She is also the eldest of the Mu family, and she is still beautiful." Mu Nuannuan didn't say anything yet, Mu Jinyun said so much mess.

Mu Nuannuan narrowed his eyes, and said in a cold tone: "You are not beautiful, I am not interested in knowing, I just ask you, who hypnotized Mu Tingxiao?"

Mu Nuannuan didn't know where his words stimulated Mu Jin. Yun, her complexion changed drastically, and she said sharply: "You go out!"

Chapter: 430

Mu Jinyun suddenly lost control of his emotions, and his expression became a little ugly: "Get out now! Get out!"

In Mu Nuannuan's memory, Mu Jinyun is very particular and will not be in front of others. A woman who gaffes at will.

But at this time, where Mu Jinyun was still domineering, the whole person seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly, and asked her aloud: "Mu Jinyun, what's wrong with you?"

Mu Jinyun looked at Mu Nuannuan quickly, his eyes gradually returning to a hint of clarity.

Immediately, she asked Mu Nuannuan aloud: "You came to me for Mu Tingxiao?"

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Jinyun looked a little weird, but she didn't care about Mu Jinyun, so she only asked her: "Who did you let Mu Tingxiao hypnotize? Where is that person? What does it look like?"

"I don't know." Mu Jinyun recovered her calm and said palely, "I'll give you a piece of advice. Stay with Mu Tingxiao. , You will regret it, he is definitely not a man who can give people happiness."

Mu Jinyun said this somewhat inexplicably, and Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Jinyun was provoking her and Mu Tingxiao.

When Mu Nuannuan heard the words, a bit of chill flashed across her bright eyes: "Mu Tingxiao's happiness does not seem to have anything to do with you, but you, for the sake of your own benefit, you have done everything to sorry Mu Tingxiao, you I have never cared about him, so what right do I have to say about him?"

Mu Jinyun looked at Mu Nuannuan, always feeling that there seemed to be similarities between Mu Nuannuan's expression and Mu Tingxiao.

She was almost strangled to death by Mu Tingxiao last time, which made Mu Nuannuan even more resentful.

She snorted coldly: "If I'm not mistaken, you are here to beg me now? This is your begging tone?"

"You are wrong, I am not begging you." Mu Nuannuan did not flinch. Ting Xiao will become what he is now, thanks to you. Since you want him to maintain the wealth of the Mu family, you have to pray for him to be healthy and healthy, otherwise you will be in the position of Miss Mu. Can't keep it."

"Mu Nuannuan, you don't look at your identity, and you dare to talk to me in this tone? Don't you know that people who are too self-righteous will not end well?"

Mu Jinyun seemed to suddenly think of something happy. Yes, the smile on his face keeps deepening.

"Mu Tingxiao hasn't remembered what happened before, right? He hasn't remembered what happened before, so naturally he can't remember his feelings for you. You are eager to remarry him and be the young wife of the Mu family. Me."

Seeing Mu Nuannuan didn't speak, Mu Jinyun felt that her guess was correct.

The smile on her face couldn't help but become proud: "But, don't you want to remarry with him to become Mu's young grandmother, but I found the world's top hypnosis expert to hypnotize Mu Tingxiao, you think this kind of Cui Is the Mian expert just a false name? Hahahaha!"

Mu Jinyun suddenly raised her head and laughed, her expression a little crazy: "He won't remember the past in his life, and his feelings for you will never come back. He is a cruel and ruthless monster!"

Mu Nuannuan clenched her hands unconsciously, her white face was tight, she bit her lips, and said coldly: "No, I feel like you, to my mother

Mu Nuannuan paused and squeezed out a few words from her lips , knowing who the murderer of her mother was, but for the sake of prosperity and wealth..." Monster! Cold-blooded monster!"

"Shut up!" Mu Jinyun's face was shocked: "What do you know?"

Mu Nuannuan raised his chin slightly, and said softly: "You are afraid of what I know, I know everything. . "

she said, satisfied glance Mu Jin Yun sudden change of face, straight and turned to leave.

After Mu Nuannuan knew about Mu Tingxiao's mother's case back then, she suspected that Mu Jinyun was not ignorant of it.

Mu Jinyun is definitely not a silly white sweet daughter raised by an ordinary rich family, she has both brains and ideas.

Girls of the same age always mature earlier than boys. Eleven is the age to remember, and they have some common sense.

Even if Mu Jinyun didn't see anything with his own eyes at the time of the case, he must have noticed something.

When I was a child, I lived abroad and alienated Mu Tingxiao. He never believed that Mu Tingxiao said that there was another culprit who killed his mother. Taken together, all of this seemed to be deliberate.

Mu Tingxiao looked like a cold person, but he was actually very attentive to the people he cared about.

And Mu Jinyun, she doesn't care about others at all, she only cares about herself.

Mu Jinyun is like another Mu Qingfeng.

It's just that all this is just Mu Nuannuan's guess.

Looking at Mu Jinyun's reaction just now, Mu Nuannuan knew that she had guessed something by accident.

For example, when Mu Jinyun was kidnapped by her mother, she probably heard and saw something, but she remained silent.

Maybe someone threatened her. She realized that she would lose her daughter's life if she said it, so she chose to remain silent.

This silence made her grow up and become more selfish.

In the end, she wanted to control Mu Tingxiao in the palm of her hand, and wanted Mu Tingxiao to help her maintain the wealth of the Mu family, so that she would have the capital to continue to be Miss Mu.

"Mu Nuannuan, stop for me and speak clearly!"

Mu Jinyun 's scream sounded behind her.

Mu Nuannuan didn't bother to pay attention to Mu Jinyun, and went straight forward.

Mu Jinyun has always looked down upon Mu Nuannuan. She feels that Mu Nuannuan, like other women who are close to Mu Tingxiao, is the property of Mu's family. Naturally, she would not think that Mu Tingxiao would tell Mu Nuan such secret things. warm.

However, what Mu Nuannuan said just now clearly understood the Mu family's affairs.

Mulian was crazy, Si Chengyu died in the explosion, and the remaining Mu Qingfeng was also paralyzed.

Participants in the kidnapping case back then, as well as the most shady secrets of the Mu family, should be buried deep underground.

Is Mu Tingxiao crazy?

He even told Mu Nuannuan about these things about the Mu family!

Mu Jinyun's complexion turned blue, her hands clasped tightly, staring in the direction Mu Nuan Nuan was going away, her eyes gloomy.


the way back, Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet, the world’s top hypnosis expert.

She didn't expect to find anything useful, just wanted to know more.

The result of the search is that most of the well-known hypnotists are foreign.

The domestic field of hypnosis is not very proficient, and the top hypnosis experts can naturally only be found abroad.

These, they should also know that.

Mu Jinyun has lived abroad since she was a child, so finding a hypnosis expert is naturally not difficult.

And Mu Tingxiao is powerful, it shouldn't be difficult to find the hypnosis expert who helped Mu Jinyun?