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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 51-60 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 51

As soon as Mu Nuannuan entered the villa door, she asked the bodyguard: "Is Mu Jiachen there?"


Mu Nuannuan went upstairs with afternoon tea in a good mood. Find "Mu Jiachen".

Where is his room from?

She thought about it, she came out of his room yesterday morning...

She found "Mu Jiachen"'s room, she looked around, and the location of this room looked like the master bedroom.

Mu Tingxiao has a good relationship with him, even let him live in the master bedroom?

Mu Nuannuan reached out and knocked on the door, and the voice of "Mu Jiachen" soon came from inside: "What's the matter?" The

voice was low and cold, and was colder than usual when talking to her.

Mu Nuannuan said, "It's me, I brought you afternoon tea." In the

room, Mu Tingxiao was undressing and looking at his gunshot wound.

After asking Mu Nuannuan to fetch the bullet for him, he went back and went to a private hospital for an examination. His life was bought by his mother with his life, so he actually regretted his life.

Asking Mu Nuannuan to help him fetch the bullets was also a stopgap measure.

The wound healed well, but still left scars.

He put on his clothes, opened the door and saw Mu Nuannuan standing at the door carrying the packing box.

Mu Nuannuan also looked up at him, her face was pure and fair, and she handed the packed afternoon tea to him: "Hey, I brought it for you."

Looking at the packing bag, he knew it was brought back in Jinding.

He took it and asked, "Is things going well?"

"It's going well, thank you." Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but smiled, and her bright and beautiful eyes, like a cat, were slightly bent, looking particularly moving.

Mu Tingxiao's throat slid slightly, and he responded indifferently, "Yes."

Then he closed the door with a "bang".

Mu Nuannuan: "..." How do you feel that he was afraid of her just now?

She turned around and went back to the room, and she received a text message from "Mu Jiachen" with the name of a dish.

Immediately afterwards, I received several short messages in succession.

A dish name in a text message.

What kind of food you want to eat? Just say no at one time. You have to have a text message with a name of the dish. The rich is Hao.

When she was poor, her mobile phone could not be used for half a year, let alone such extravagant texting...

But when she went downstairs, she realized that there was more extravagance.


Mu Nuannuan originally planned to go downstairs to see what's in the refrigerator.

When she went to the kitchen, she saw two bodyguards taking the dishes out of the refrigerator.

She approached and asked suspiciously: "Why are you taking out the dishes?"

"This is the dish that was delivered at noon yesterday, and we need to replace it with new ones today."

"Why new ones, these dishes can still be eaten if they are not broken! "

Mu Nuannuan looked down, and the dishes were still very fresh.

The bodyguard looked at each other: "It's always been like this...I change new dishes every day."

Mu Nuannuan: "...Okay."

Every time she cooks, the refrigerator is full. She thought that someone would fill it every day. The dishes, but she didn't expect to be replaced every day... When

cooking at night, Mu Nuannuan made the largest portion of each dish.

Because she knows that if these dishes are not finished, they will be replaced.

Although she also feels that it is too extravagant to change dishes every day, the rich young masters have their own ways.

Halfway through the cooking, she heard loud noises coming from outside.

She just cooked another dish, brought it to the table, and took a look at it.

Apart from "Mu Jiachen", there are two men in the living room.

Gu Zhiyan and Fu Tingxi.

"Mu Jiachen" knows Fu Tingxi, and Gu Zhiyan also knows him. Naturally, it is not surprising.

Gu Zhiyan saw Mu Nuannuan with sharp eyes.

Probably because of Mu Tingxiao's illness, he had already exposed his nature, so he didn't wear glasses to pretend to be gentle and waved at her with a familiar smile.

He looked less graceful and more wicked, like the most naughty male classmate in school when he was in school.

The most eye-catching, the worst, but also the most attractive.

Mu Nuannuan thought he was childish.

"Mrs. Mu...too." After seeing Mu Nuannuan's face clearly, Gu Zhiyan stammered.

He turned his head to look at Fu Tingxi, and Fu Tingxi spread his hands towards him, smiling innocently.

Gu Zhiyan felt that Fu Tingxi smiled hypocritically.

In the afternoon, he and Fu Tingxi were arguing about Mu Nuannuan's appearance in the company, and then he decided to come to Mu Tingxiao's house to see Mu Nuannuan directly with Fu Tingxi.

As a result, it turns out that it was not that they were blind, but that Mu Nuannuan had changed her face!

Gu Zhiyan asked nonchalantly: "Why do you look different from before?"

"Maybe it's because the bangs were too thick before and the makeup was not pretty." Mu Nuannuan finished jokingly and half earnestly, and then talked to Fu Tingxi. Say hello and go back to the kitchen.

Gu Zhiyan looked suspicious, but this is too much difference! It's a heaven and an underground.

He was in a daze, until Mu Nuannuan entered the kitchen, he was still watching.

Mu Tingxiao walked over, kicked his leg directly, and stared at him coldly: "If you have seen enough, go."

Gu Zhiyan hugged his leg and shouted, "Mu Tingxiao, you are inhuman!" "The

ending sound was confiscated, and Mu Tingxiao glanced at him coldly. He suddenly realized what he had said, and quickly covered his mouth.

Fortunately, the kitchen was far away from the hall, and Mu Nuannuan was cooking again, so I didn't hear any sound from here.

Gu Zhiyan looked at Mu Tingxiao with a look of horror: "Your wife didn't hear it!"

"You can go." After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he walked into the dining room.

Gu Zhiyan smelled the scent of the dishes long ago, and followed Mu Tingxiao to the restaurant.

Mu Tingxiao turned his head and looked at him blankly: "Do you want to go to Africa?" When the

voice fell, he found that Fu Tingxi had followed him.

Feeling Mu Tingxiao's gaze, Fu Tingxi nonchalantly lowered his head and adjusted his cuffs and looked at his toes, pretending that he didn't feel Mu Tingxiao's gaze.

Three hundred and sixty-five days a day, three hundred and sixty-six days are eaten in the restaurant outside. Now there are ready-made home-cooked dishes to eat, why did he leave?

He already smelled the spicy fish!

Mu Nuannuan's last dish, spicy fish, was prepared and brought out, and she saw the three big men blocking the entrance of the restaurant and not coming in.

She didn't even know that these men had been naively stalemate at the restaurant door for a while, and thought it was "Mu Jiachen" who wanted to keep them for dinner.

If you want to keep them for dinner, why not come in?

Mu Nuannuan looked at "Mu Jiachen" and asked uncertainly: "Are you going to eat out with friends or at home? The dishes I cook are quite simple..."

Gu Zhiyan's identity is there, and Fu Tingxi looks good. They may not be as picky as "Mu Jiachen", and may be more willing to eat in high-end restaurants.

Gu Zhiyan squeezed into the restaurant from the side of Mu Tingxiao and said with a smile, "I like simple dishes."

Chapter: 52

Fu Tingxi also walked in, politely smiled at Mu Nuannuan, and said, "Me too." After

he finished speaking, he naturally sat down at the table. Gu Zhiyan quickly sat down beside him.

Only Mu Tingxiao stood at the door of the restaurant and did not enter.

Mu Nuannuan: "..."

Why does she feel that the atmosphere is not right?

Mu Tingxiao walked in with a cold face and sat down at the dining table.

Seeing this, Mu Nuannuan wanted to go to the kitchen to add two more bowls.

Mu Tingxiao recklessly kicked the two opposing people under the table, "I don't know if I'm going to get the bowl for dinner?"

His own wife can just call it by himself, and he still has to serve them?

Gu Zhiyan and Fu Tingxi immediately went to the kitchen to get bowls.

Mu Nuannuan watched the two men obediently go to the kitchen to get bowls, she couldn't tell that "Mu Jiachen" was idle and could make these two men with extraordinary status...surrender.

Yes, they gave Mu Nuannuan the feeling, like surrendering to "Mu Jiachen".

Mu Nuannuan herself also sat down at the table.

She picked herself up a dish, and was about to eat it, when she heard the crisp sound of chopsticks hitting the plate.

As soon as she looked up, she saw that these three people were robbing food, "Mu Jiachen" was especially excessive, robbing them for every dish.

Mu Nuannuan took a bite of rice silently, feeling that she was not facing three tall men, but three kindergarten children.

It was Fu Tingxi who felt Mu Nuannuan's gaze first, and said apologetically: "Ms. Mu laughed. I haven't been home for three years, and I haven't eaten home-cooked food."

Gu Zhiyan followed: "The company is too much ." I'm busy, I eat takeaway every day."

Mu Tingxiao: "Don't listen to them nonsense."

Gu Zhiyan and Fu Tingxi bowed their heads to pick up the rice together, silent.

In the eyes of Mu Nuan Nuan, it was like "Mu Jiachen" bullied them.

She gently with his elbow hit the "Mu Jiachen" look, to see him turned to look at her, and said to him:. "Since you left them down to eat, they do not do this, and a good meal of it,"

he When did they stay for dinner?

Mu Tingxiao sneered and looked at the two opposite people, with a gloomy tone: "You guys eat more."

Mu Nuan shook her hand warmly . How did she think these men might fight at any time?


Mu Nuannuan felt the atmosphere was weird and went to the living room after eating.

She doesn't understand these men.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan left, the dining room became harmonious again.

Gu Zhiyan finally found the opportunity to ask her doubts: "Mu Nuannuan...what the hell is going on?"

Mu Tingxiao glanced at him coldly.

Gu Zhiyan made a zipper movement, and immediately fell silent.

Fu Tingxi was originally a prudent temperament, and after staying with Gu Zhiyan for a long time, he occasionally took a break, but when talking about business, he was still very serious.

He not only stayed here today, but also had other things to say.

Fu Tingxi said with a serious face: "Mu Liyan's share transfer contract to Mu Nuannuan is indeed a bit tricky, it is a very low-level contract loophole."

Mu Tingxiao sneered: "Mu Liyan's wishful thinking is good, and Mu Nuannuan is not so good. Fooling, she went to the Mu family, and she will definitely disturb the Mu family. Sooner or later, they will take Mr. Mu back to preside over the overall situation.”

Not long after he and his mother were kidnapped and rescued, the Mu family suddenly made an appointment with the Mu family. After the marriage contract, Mr. Mu also retired from the chairmanship of the Mu family and went abroad to provide for the elderly.

In terms of family background, even if Mu Tingxiao was really disfigured and inhumane, he would not have the turn to pick his fiancée at Mu's house.

It was precisely because the marriage contract was too coincidental and things were too abnormal. He suspected that something was related to the kidnapping of his mother and his mother more than ten years ago, so when Mu Qingfeng asked him to get married, he did not resist and agreed.

According to his original plan, he would find an entry point on his fiancé Mu Wanqi and investigate the Mu family.

However, it was Mu Nuannuan who got married, a little smart and a little silly woman who hid secrets.

Mu Tingxiao leaned back, a trace of helplessness appeared in his eyes.

Mu Nuannuan’s cooking is the same as his mother’s, so he can’t help but approach and get closer...

Gu Zhiyan knocked on the dining table a few times and said, “I think you can just invite Mr. Mu back.

” No, that would be too horrifying." Mu Tingxiao's expression was determined: "Old man Mu had to go abroad for retirement care very suddenly. There must be something tricky about it. It has been fifteen years. I don’t care if I wait for a few more days. Find out all the people involved in the matter."

Find out all the people ? and then?

Although Mu Tingxiao did not speak any more, Gu Zhiyan knew that Mu Tingxiao would never let them go easily.

He suspected that in the kidnapping, the Mu family and the kidnappers should cooperate with each other. After the kidnapping case passed, he repeatedly speculated and then came to a conclusion along the clues of the year.



Mu Nuannuan is going to Mu's reporting.

She didn't care what position Mu Liyan would arrange for her. Anyway, she had shares in her hands and was afraid of it.

Now that she no longer pretends, she doesn't need to wear those clothes again.

There are no girls who love beauty.

She also has beautiful clothes, bought by herself, and Shen Liang bought a lot for her.

Shen Liang was from a good family. In high school, he was a school bully. There were many people who followed her, and many people hated her, most of them were girls.

Girls deal with the girls they hate, and the means they use are naturally low-level but completely malicious.

They took advantage of the coldness and took the place, caught her in the abandoned teaching building to beat her, let her learn how to bark, and take pictures of her clothes...

Mu Nuannuan went to feed the stray cats, heard the movement, and picked up a handful of rusty cement The knife passed, and she frightened them: "A fool will not be shut down if he kills." The

girls ran away pale with fright.

Then, Shen Liang had been good friends with her for many years.

Mu Nuannuan chose a red coat, a black sweater inside, and a pair of small black leather shoes on her feet, which looked energetic and capable.

She went downstairs with her bag and just saw "Mu Jiachen" reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, he raised his head and saw Mu Nuannuan at a glance. Her red coat made her skin whiter, her bright eyes and red lips, and her long hair like a waterfall.

The length of the coat was just one inch above the knee, revealing half of a slender straight leg.

Slender and slender, lively and fragrant.

Mu Tingxiao looked at her for a few seconds, his eyes narrowed, and his tone was not good: "You want to go out to hook up a wild man while your cousin is away." What

he said was not a question, but a statement.

When Mu Nuannuan looked in the mirror before, she thought she was pretty good-looking, so she was in a good mood.

She walked up to Mu Tingxiao, condescending and looked at him contemptuously: "Even if I want to hook up, I will only hook up Mu Tingxiao. Don't always think of others as nasty."

Mu Tingxiao heard the words, hand With a shake, coffee overflowed from the cup and spilled on his suit.

Chapter: 53

Upon seeing Mu Nuannuan, she raised her eyes and pierced him again: "Even the cup of coffee is not stable, and the kidney is not good?"

Mu Tingxiao would press his lips and put the coffee cup on the coffee table. Go up, don't wipe the coffee stains on your body, so I can say in time: "You will know if you try?"

Mu Nuannuan lifted her hair, looked at him, turned and walked towards the door, with a little arrogant voice. He heard: "You want to be beautiful!"

Mu Tingxiao : "..." Is

this woman eating the guts of the bear?

Mu Nuannuan left the villa, patted her chest, and let out a long sigh of relief.

The enemy is like a spring, if you are weak, he is strong!

She spoke a few words of "Mu Jiachen" confidently, and she felt like she was invincible in the world.

"Mu Jiachen" is not that scary either!

If she is threatened by him again in the future, she will be a dog!


Mu Nuannuan went to Mu Family by car.

When she was very young, she followed Mu Wanqi to the Mu clan once. When she grew up, she just stood outside and looked at each time she passed by.

In the past, her biggest wish was that Xiao Chuhe could look at her more and pay more attention to her. She had never thought about entering the Mu family or taking shares.

Unexpectedly, she would be invited back to work by Mu Liyan on such a day.

She took a deep breath, raised her chin slightly, and walked in.

Mu Nuannuan came on the first day without a work permit. As soon as she entered, she was stopped by the lady at the front desk: "Miss, who are you looking for?

" Mu Nuannuan, come to work."

Last name Mu? The lady at the front desk stared at each other.

"Who is this?" Mu Wanqi's voice sounded behind her.

Then, the sound of high-heeled shoes, "ta ta ta" getting closer.

Mu Wanqi walked up to her. When she saw her face clearly, her eyes widened in shock, and her voice changed: "Who are you!"

"Sister, I am Nuan Nuan , you I don't know me anymore." Mu Nuannuan's voice is extremely soft, but it can be heard in Mu Wanqi's ears, but there is an inexplicable gloomy feeling.

Mu Wanqi subconsciously took two steps back: "Why did you become like this?"

"I've always been like this. Sister should take a good look at me. I'm your sister. If you don't even know me, in the future Will others be a joke?”

Mu Nuannuan approached Mu Wanqi as she spoke.

Mu Wanqi was still immersed in the shock of Mu Nuannuan's changes in appearance. Mu Nuannuan took a step forward, and she took a step back passively.

At the Zijin Club that day, those people didn't succeed, and Mu Wanqi naturally knew it.

But she didn't believe it. She had clearly arranged it perfectly. How could Mu Nuannuan escape?

So she asked Xiao Chuhe to invite Mu Nuannuan out to eat, and she wanted to see if Mu Nuannuan was really fine.

The front desks on the side were the people eating melons, and the melons in their hands were shocked to drop.

Isn’t it rumored that the Mu’s third lady is ugly and stupid? Is this a facelift after going abroad?

The second lady who is usually domineering in the company seems to be a little afraid of the third lady?

Mu Wanqi came back to her senses, resisting unwillingness and anger, gritted her teeth and said: "You are my sister, I love you so much, and even my fiance can let it to you, how could I not know you."

Oh, before . The hot search on the Internet said that Mu Nuannuan had robbed her fiance, and now it is said to be given to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan replied with a kind-hearted smile: "Thank my sister for being so generous and letting me marry such a good person."

"You!" Mu Wanqi has always stepped Mu Nuannuan under her feet. Seeing Mu Nuannuan so proud of her nose and face, she couldn't wait to peel Mu Nuannuan's skin.

Mu Mu Wanqi warm hand hanging on the arm, a pair of sisters affectionate look, same smile face:. "Sister, let's go on, do not let my father and so on for a long time,"

here is in the company, and from all There are employees, if two people quarrel, it will not look good.

Mu Wanqi didn't say much, turned around and walked towards the elevator.

However, before the two of them had gone far, she heard several front desk ladies at the back discussing who they looked good.

"I think the third lady is pretty good-looking, wouldn't it be plastic surgery?"

"It looks natural!"

"If it's not

cleaned, it will look much better than the second lady!" Mu Wanqi was angry when she heard this. He threw away Mu Nuannuan's arm directly, her eyes looked disgusting as if looking at something dirty: "Don't touch me with your hand!"

Mu Nuannuan reached out and patted her arm, as if there was dust and dirt on it. It seemed: "Oh."

She felt that Mu Wanqi was quite disgusting. Even if she played around outside, she was still promiscuous.

Mu Wanqi was angry when she saw her movements, but when she thought of Mu Liyan's confession, she couldn't bear it.

Out of the elevator, the two went to Mu Liyan's office together.

Although Mu Liyan didn't like Mu

Nuannuan, she still greeted Mu Liyan with a smile: " Nuan Nuan is here." Mu Liyan was so gentle with Mu Nuannuan, Mu Wanqi was naturally unhappy. She helped Mu Liyan make a cup of tea, heavy. Put it in front of him to express his dissatisfaction.

Mu Nuannuan saw everything in her eyes, feeling a little funny, Mu Wanqi really couldn't hold her breath.

"What position is Dad planning to arrange for me?" Mu Nuannuan sat down opposite him, with a gentle expression that was easy to talk.

Mu Liyan ranging speech, Mu Wan Qi grab in front of him, said:. "I know that the lack of a market researcher marketing department, I think is a very warm is also willing to accept the challenge of people, you do this right,"

Mu warm Nuan glanced at her and said faintly: "But I am not very happy to accept the challenge, I want to work more easily."

She studied in film school, as for marketing, she certainly doesn't.

But she also knows very well that doing market research must be very hard work.

"Nuan Nuan is young and really wants to exercise. You should try it first. If it is not suitable, then you can tell me." Mu Liyan's remarks are nice on the surface, but in fact they are determined to ask her to do market research.

Both he and Mu Wanqi were too used to the obedient and obedient Mu Nuannuan, so they wanted to sharpen Mu Nuannuan's spirit.

Mu Nuannuan understood this simple trick at a glance.

Mu Nuannuan looked grateful: "If that's the case, thank you father for your love to me."

"Wanqi, take Nuannuan to the marketing department." After Mu Liyan finished speaking, he looked down at the file.

Thinking of the suffering that Mu Wanqi was about to suffer, Mu Wanqi endured her pride and pretended to be calm and said: "Come with me."

Mu Nuannuan wondered how much she was in Mu's house before. Swallowing her anger, so that they still feel that they can manipulate her whatever they want?

Let her go to the marketing department to be the most basic market researcher? She just thanked Mu Liyan for her "great love", did she say that she would do it well?

Chapter: 54

to the marketing department, and Mu Wanqi directly took Mu Nuannuan to the manager's office.

The marketing manager is a middle-aged bald man. When he saw Mu Wanqi, he narrowed his eyes with a smile and looked very greasy.

"Second Miss, what's the matter with you over here?

Mu Wanqi embraced her arms and clicked in the direction of Mu Nuannuan with her chin: "This is a new market researcher from the marketing department. Take her and take care of her. a bit. "

She was talking about taking care, but Mu Wanqi was very alienated from Mu Nuannuan. The

marketing manager felt that she had grasped the key point: "I will take good care of her. "

You do things, I don't worry. "Mu Wan Qi and then he glanced at Mu warm one, turned to leave.

Mu Wan Qi, then let managers more certain, Mu Wan Qi said," care "is his insight into the kind of care.

" Second lady Go slowly! The manager sent Mu Wanqi away with a smile, then turned around and looked at Mu Nuannuan with a serious face: "What's your name?" "

" Mu warm. "The

manager returned to his desk and sat down, and then began to look at Mu Nuannuan. With

this look, he almost fell his eyes off her, and she kept moving his eyes: "Your name is Mu?" Are you related to the chairman's family? "

Mu Nuannuan was disgusted by him, and said coldly, "It's a bit related. "

At first glance, this manager is a sloppy slapstick. It's no wonder that the Mu family hasn't been up for so many years. It's

a bit related, that is to say, the relationship is not deep.

The manager who thinks he has figured out the situation smiles wretchedly. : "Well, then do it well, I won't treat you badly. "

He deliberately increased the word "do", Mu Nuannuan heard it out of appetite.

But she didn't say much, so she was taken to the small cubicle for work.

After a brief introduction, as soon as Mu Nuannuan sat down, she felt that her colleagues were still watching her.

Such a beautiful new colleague was brought by the second lady, and they were naturally curious.

Mu Nuannuan didn't care about this, she had nothing to clean up, so she sat down and took a picture and sent it to Shen Liang.

Mu Nuannuan: I started to work at Mu's.

Shen Liang: What position? Vice President?

Mu Nuannuan: Market researcher.

Shen Liang: [Black question mark.jpg], why don't you come to me as an assistant? I'll give you an annual salary of 500,000.


Mu Nuannuan almost laughed out loud, nowhere is Shen Liang asking his assistant like this.

A colleague called her: "Mu Nuannuan, the manager asked you to go to his office, he has something to tell you."

Mu Nuannuan said with a smile: "Okay, I see, thank you."

The colleague stopped talking. She gave her a self-seeking look.

Mu Nuannuan was not afraid at all, and the manager looked like an incapable and good-looking flatterer.

Besides, she was well prepared.


Mu Nuannuan knocked on the door and entered the manager's office.

"Nuan Nuan, come and take a look. This is the information I just compiled. You will take it and take a look later."

Does this start calling so cordially?

"Thank you, manager." Mu Nuannuan reached out to get the file.

The manager suddenly touched her hand: "Don't rush away, let's talk about work."

Mu Nuan warmly wanted to withdraw her hand, but the manager grabbed her hand: "Sit next to us. Come, we can talk a little closer."

Mu Nuannuan's face was slightly cold: "Manager, please let go of my hand."

The manager thought he had given enough hints to Mu Nuannuan, but he didn't expect Mu Nuannuan to be so insane.

His complexion darkened, and he yanked Mu Nuannuan forcefully towards him, with the other arm around her waist, and anxiously said: "You heard what the second lady said before. If you are obedient, I am happy. I won't embarrass you either."

"Oh?" Mu Nuannuan looked at him with a smile, and put a hand into his coat pocket.

The manager thought there was a play, so he leaned over and wanted to kiss her, but before he could get closer, he felt numb all over and his eyes widened. He pointed at her and said the word "you" before falling to the ground with a bang.

Mu Nuannuan put away the anti-wolf electric baton, took the information, stepped on the manager's body, and went out swaggeringly.

She has a long memory of the Zijin Club.

When the colleagues outside saw her coming out so soon, they all looked surprised.

Mu Nuannuan just smiled back at their surprised look.

As soon as she sat down, the phone rang.

The number is a bit familiar and a bit strange.

She didn't want to pick it up, but when she thought of meeting this person every day without looking up and lowering her head, she still connected to the phone: "Is there something?"

Mu Tingxiao felt the indifference in her tone, and suddenly regretted the whim at the time and said about herself. Is the name of the cousin.

However, if she knew that he was Mu Tingxiao from the beginning, the following interesting things might not happen.

Mu Tingxiao's tone was the same as usual: "How was the first day at work?"

Mu Nuannuan paused while looking through the information. He called specifically to care about her work on the first day at work?

Mu Nuannuan closed the information and asked him, "You call to talk about this?"

"Don't forget that you still owe me a meal. It's better to hit the sun if you choose another day. Tonight, I will pick you up when you get off work." After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he hung up the phone without giving her a chance to refuse.

Mu Nuannuan thought with some suspicion, she smashed "Mu Jiachen" in the morning. Logically speaking, he should be angry, and then find a way to fix her.

As a result, his tone was calm as if nothing had happened.

This made her a little flustered.

"Come on, the manager passed out." The

manager's office was not far from Mu Nuannuan's cubicle. Mu Nuannuan looked up and just saw a woman standing at the door calling someone.

Mu Nuannuan lowered his head to reduce his sense of existence.

Finally, the manager was taken to the hospital.

Mu Nuannuan touched the anti-wolf electric shock stick in his pocket. It was really great. He directly electrocuted the bald head into the hospital.

The manager did not come back in the afternoon after entering the hospital, Mu Nuannuan had a peaceful day.

When she got off work, Mu Nuannuan met Mu Wanqi at the elevator entrance.

After reading the information for a day, Mu Nuannuan was a little tired and didn't have the energy to fight Mu Wanqi anymore, so she stepped aside and let the others go first.

Mu Wanqi didn't get into the elevator either. As soon as the others left, only the two of them were left.

Neither of them took the initiative to speak.

After entering the elevator, Mu Wanqi turned her head and glanced at her, and asked casually, "Is there a driver from Mu's family to pick you up? If not, I will come to pick me up for dinner later in the cold, but I can take you. Cheng."

Mu Nuannuan gave Mu Wanqi a surprised look upon hearing this.

Shen Chuhan and Mu Nuannuan were reconciled?

Feeling Mu Nuannuan looking at herself, Mu Wanqi raised her chin very proudly.

"No." After Mu Nuannuan said it, she remembered, "Mu Jiachen" said that she would come to pick her up.

Chapter: 55

Before Mu Wanqi and Xiao Chuhe had always mistakenly thought she had a relationship with "Mu Jiachen", now if she sees "Mu Jiachen" coming to pick her up, wouldn't it be...

Mu Nuannuan Feel a headache.

After getting out of the elevator, Mu Wanqi went out first, and Mu Nuannuan dangled in the back and called "Mu Jiachen".

He answered the phone quickly. Before Mu Nuannuan could speak, he asked aloud: "You didn't want to invite me to dinner, so you sneaked away with a black card?"

Mu Nuannuan: "..." Out of ivory!


"Where are you now?" Mu Nuannuan seriously suspected that he had already come to the Mu family, otherwise how could he say she was "sneaking"!

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes and looked at the Mu's door: "At the Mu's door, hurry up if you don't sneak away. There is no place to go late."

He finished speaking concisely and hung up the phone.

Mu Nuannuan called him again, and he hung up directly.

She had to linger for a while before leaving, hoping that Mu Wanqi and Shen Chuhan had already left.

If Mu Wanqi sees "Mu Jiachen" picking her up, she might have to spread her cousin who doesn't obey her husband's way.

Although Mu Tingxiao’s attitude towards her has recently eased, his relationship with his cousin "Mu Jiachen" is better. If she and "Mu Jiachen" gossip, there is no doubt that Mu Tingxiao will not Stand on her side.

It's a pity that the sky is not as expected. When she went out, Shen Chuhan and Mu Wanqi did not leave.

Shen Chuhan and the car stopped at the door, Mu Wanqi lowered the window and sat in the car and told her: "Nuan Nuan, we will take you in the car."

Mu Wanqi couldn't see it, Mu Wanqi wanted to show off again. She and Shen Chuhan reconciled.

Mu Nuan said with a smile without a smile: "No, you can go first, we won't go along."

However, Shen Chuhan opened the door and got out of the car at this moment, and looked in Mu Nuannuan's direction: "Nuan Nuan, don't..." When

he saw Mu Nuannuan's appearance clearly, he gave a sharp tone, and his eyes There was a flash of surprise and beauty, and Mu Wanqi yelled "Chou Han" in dissatisfaction. He recovered and completed the following words: "Don't be polite, I'll send you back."

He said before . Take her for a ride, now are you going to take her back?

Mu Nuannuan curled her lips mockingly, and when she was about to speak, she heard the sound of closing the car door with a "bang".

When she followed the sound, she saw the slender figure of "Mu Jiachen" walking towards her.

Only then did Shen Chuhan and Mu Wanqi realize that a black Bentley had been parked next to them.

Most men love cars, and Bentley models are smooth and beautiful. Shen Chuhan couldn't help but take a few more glances. In this view, he released the Bentley Yazhi 728, which had been restricted for sale and discontinued several years ago, as a customized model.

As for the price, it starts at 10 million. It is tailored according to the owner's requirements. The price of each car is different. From his professional eyes, the price of this car is at least 20 million.

Most of the children of the wealthy family in Shanghai and Shanghai, Shen Chuhan knew him, but he didn't know the man who walked over to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Tingxiao walked to Mu Nuan Nuan's side, looked down at her, then turned to look at Shen Chuhan, his tone indifferent but very imposing: "This gentleman thinks we have no one in Mu's family? So we need another man to send it. Grandma Mu's home?"

Shen Chuhan was shocked, this man turned out to be from the Mu's family?

But didn't Mu Tingxiao say that he was already a useless person? Who is the handsome man in front of him?

Mu Wanqi reminded him: "This is Mu Tingxiao's cousin, Mu Jiachen." When

Shen Chuhan heard this, he sneered: "How do you know him?"

When Mu Wanqi and him bleed for the first time, he thought it was the first time. Later, after the incident of the indecent video broke out, he knew that she was patching the film, and all pure true love was fake. of!

But for some reasons, he had to be tied up with Mu Wanqi.

Shen Chuhan suppressed the disgust of Mu Wanqi from the bottom of his heart, turned his head and smiled and said, "Mr. Mu has misunderstood. I am a friend of Nuan Nuan. I just want to take her on the way."

"Really?" Mu Tingxiao turned his head. Look to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan naturally wanted to help "Mu Jiachen": "It's not so easy."

Mu Tingxiao was very satisfied with her cooperation, the expression on her face did not change much, but a smile appeared in her eyes: "Since If it doesn't go the way, then we'll go first."

Shen Chuhan didn't look back until Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan got into the car.

Why did Mu Nuannuan suddenly become so beautiful?

Even if she did go for plastic surgery, it hadn't been many days since he saw her last time, and she couldn't recover so quickly.

This can only show that she is already beautiful.

I can ask why she...

Mu Wanqi originally just wanted to show off in front of Mu Nuannuan that she and Shen Chuhan had reconciled again, but she forgot that Mu Nuannuan suddenly became beautiful today, which would attract Shen Chuhan's attention.

Mu Wanqi was very angry and mocked Shen Chuleng: "What to look at, she is also the Mu's grandmother!"

Shen Chuhan was stimulated by her words and looked at her disgustedly: "Shut up!" the

carriage. It was quiet.

Mu Nuannuan took the phone and sent Shen Liang to WeChat.

She told Shen Liang about the reconciliation between Shen Chuhan and Mu Wanqi.

Shen Liang made a shocked expression: I couldn't imagine that among the Shen clan there would be such a god-man with a grassland on his head!

She recently filmed a costume drama, with a little line tone as soon as she spoke.

Mu Nuannuan felt that it was possible that Mu Wanqi was holding Shen Chuhan's handle, so Shen Chuhan was forced to get along with her.

After all, how could a person who loves face like Shen Chuhan willingly wear a green hat with her?

She told Shen Liang what she was thinking, and before Shen Liang could reply, she felt that the car had stopped.

Mu Nuannuan unlocked the seat belt and got out of the car. As soon as she looked up, she saw Mu Wanqi and Shen Chuhan coming out of the car nearby.

"..." What's the saying? Yuanjia Road is narrow!

Shen Chuhan happened to see Mu Nuannuan and seemed to start talking, but was pulled away by Mu Wanqi.

Mu Nuannuan really couldn't think of the reason, so that Shen Chuhan, who loves face so much, could still get together with Mu Wanqi.

A gloomy voice of "Mu Jiachen" sounded in her ears: "People are

already walking far, so I can't bear to go in and watch." When Mu Nuannuan turned her head, " Mu Jiachen" had already turned and walked towards Jinding.

The other person has long legs and long steps. Mu Nuannuan ran to catch up with him: "What are you talking about! Who can't bear it?"

"Shen Chuhan." Mu Tingxiao stopped and gave her a faint glance. .

Mu Nuannuan was shivered by him.

"Do you know him?" Mu Nuannuan reacted and followed, with a flash of inspiration in his mind, and grabbed his arm: "You checked me!"

Chapter: 56

Mu Tingxiao lowered his head, glanced at the slender and white fingers she clasped on his arm, did not break free, just said in a deep voice, "Isn't it normal to check you? Do you really think we admire Can the family tolerate your Mu family fooling around at will?"

His expression was unusually serious and cold, and Mu Nuannuan wanted to shiver again.

On the first day Mu Nuannuan entered Mu's house, Mu Tingxiao had sent someone to check her up, and naturally knew that she liked Shen Chuhan.

As for her pretending to be silly and ugly, it was because it took too long to verify.

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment, and couldn't help becoming serious: "Mu Tingxiao asked you to check it?"

"Or else?" Mu Tingxiao turned around and stood face to face with her, looking down at her.

Seeing her look frightened, he didn't say much, and went straight into Jinding.

Mu Tingxiao originally wanted to sit in the box, but Mu Nuannuan felt that he had bad intentions, so she asked to sit in the lobby.

So, the two of them finally found a card table by the window in the hall and sat down.

After ordering the food, Mu Nuannuan asked "Mu Jiachen": "When will your cousin come back?"

"I don't know." After

Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, seeing Mu Nuannuan's expression of disbelief, she put her arms around her chest. -Before, she looked at her blankly and said, "Even if I know when he will be back, I need to tell you his schedule?" It

seems to make sense...

Mu Nuannuan lowered her head and fiddled with the mobile phone in her hand.

Mu Tingxiao would give her a mobile phone, which may be just a handy move. His whereabouts became a mystery, so naturally he did not want others to know his itinerary.

Mu Nuannuan sighed and thought, Mu Tingxiao was actually living quite hard.

Mu Tingxiao, who was living a very hard life, glanced at Mu Nuannuan who was opposite, and saw her frowning and "sad", thinking that she was saying too much, and after thinking about it, she reported a bunch of numbers.

Mu Nuannuan looked confused: "What?"

Mu Tingxiao curled his eyebrows slightly, seemingly impatient: "Cousin's phone call."

Mu Nuannuan suddenly came to mind, and quickly opened the phone's address book to prepare to store the number. Work: "You say it again."

Seeing that she was so happy, Mu Tingxiao said it again patiently.

"Thank you!" Mu Nuan Nuan saved the number, and asked him with a smile: "Do you want to order more dishes."

Mu Tingxiao said with a cold face: "No."

He was clearly in front of her, but it happened. There was no way to directly say that he was Mu Tingxiao.

The sudden heart congestion made him a gloomy face during the whole meal.

However, Mu Nuannuan didn't care about his expression, she was thinking about calling or texting Mu Tingxiao later.

It’s better to send a text message. Calling him would be embarrassing, right?

She felt that it was more likely that he would block her by hanging up directly.

... After the

two had eaten, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao stood up and left one after another. The exit was at the counter, and she went to pay the bill by the way.

When paying the bill, I met Mu Wanqi and Shen Chuhan.

Shen Chuhan smiled softly at Mu Nuannuan: "Nuan Nuan."

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan nodded, not thinking about her.

Mu Wanqi looked at the two of them, gritted her teeth with hatred, but she insisted on making a smile: "In the first cold, by the way, please pay for Nunnuan."

"No, I have already bought it."

Mu Nuannuan said . When it fell, the cashier lady just handed the black card back to

Mu Nuannuan respectfully: "Miss, please take care of your card." The cashier lady's voice caught the attention of Mu Wanqi and Shen Chuhan.

Mu Nuannuan took the card: "Thank you."

But the other two were shocked when they saw the black card in her hand.

As a top giant, Mu Family has countless industries, including banks, exclusively issued global limited black cards, and even Mu Family has important talents.

Although Mu Nuannuan took a secondary card, it was enough to show that the Mu family took her seriously.

Mu Nuannuan looked down at their expressions and glanced down at the black card in her hand.

This black card... seems to be awesome.


Nuannuan said calmly to them: "Let’s go first." As soon as he got back in the car, Mu Nuannuan asked "Mu Jiachen", "What is your card?"

Mu Tingxiao answered simply

Rude : "For shopping." Mu Nuannuan intuitively felt that " Mu Jiachen" was bluffing her. She felt that the black card was like a hot potato in her hand. She immediately gave Kasai to "Mu Jiachen": "Now I have invited you to eat too, and Ka will return it to you."

Mu Tingxiao glanced at her coldly and threw Ka back again.

"What are you doing?" Mu Nuannuan gave her again.

Mu Tingxiao directly picked it up and threw it out the window, with a calm and indifferent tone as if he was commenting on whether today's food was delicious: "Don't just throw it away."

Mu Nuannuan opened the car door and went down and picked up the card.

She didn't dare to give "Mu Jiachen" anymore, she didn't dare to provoke this young master.

When Mu Tingxiao came back, she gave him the black card.


next day.

Mu Nuannuan took the bus to Mu's, mainly because the taxi was too expensive.

As soon as she got off the bus, she saw someone she didn't want to see.

Shen Chuhan walked over to her: "Nuan Nuan."

Mu Nuannuan took two steps back: "What's wrong?"

Shen Chuhan didn't seem to notice her indifference, and a touch of loss flashed in his eyes, and he added a gentle and melancholic aura: "I saw you and said a few words to you alone."

Compared with him, Mu Nuannuan's attitude I'm more indifferent: "You have said a few words now, I have to go to work, I will leave first."

She used to like Shen Chuhan, but that was because of the scumbag-human eyes, she automatically added Shen Chuhan With the filter, I think he’s good everywhere.

Now that the filter is removed, Shen Chuhan has only one identity for her, that is, Mu Wanqi's boyfriend.

Shen Chuhan laughed at himself and said in a low tone: "He is good to you, so I can rest assured."

Mu Nuannuan: "..." Xiao Chuhe wouldn't say such things to her. Where did Shen Chuhan have the courage to tell her Such words?

"If you are so free, go to the hospital and have a look." But don't break your brain.

When Shen Chuhan watched Mu Nuannuan's departure, the loss on his face gradually eased, revealing a look that he was bound to win.

The reason why Mu Nuannuan is so indifferent must be to avoid suspicion. She has liked him for so many years, and it is impossible to say that she does not like him or not.

Mu Ting Xiao could even give Mu Nuan warmth to the limited number of black cards in the family, which must be very good to her.

The Shen family has been going downhill in the past few years. As long as he coaxes Mu Nuannuan well, let Mu Nuannuan blow some pillow breeze at that time, so that Mu Tingxiao can give Shen Jia some benefits, and it will also make the Shen family’s situation better. Get better.


Mu Nuan warmed to the grid, and just sat down, Mu Wanqi came over.

Her eyes could not hide the gloat: "Dad asked you to go to her office."

"Did he say anything?" Mu Nuannuan picked up the phone and got up to look at her.

Mu Wanqi obviously wouldn't say much: "I'll know if I go." When she

arrived at Mu Liyan's office, Mu Nuannuan saw the marketing manager who was stunned by her anti-wolf electric shock device yesterday.

Chapter: 57

Mu Nuannuan raised her foot and walked in, keeping her eyes closed without closing the door, smiling innocently: "Manager Sun is discharged now? I am going to visit you in the hospital today. "The

marketing manager, whose name is Sun Zhenghua, is married and has a daughter. His wife is very aggressive. Because Sun Zhenghua had an ambiguity with a female colleague in the company, he rushed to the company to clean him up.

Since then, everyone in the company knew that Sun Zhenghua was afraid of his wife.

Yesterday, she offended the department manager on the first day at work. Naturally, she had to do some preparations.

When Sun Zhenghua saw Mu Nuannuan, the muscles on her face twitched twice. This woman looked delicate, but she was not afraid of things.

He has been in the company for more than ten years, but he can't just be bullied by a little girl!

A shadowy bird appeared in Sun Zhenghua's eyes, do not start coldly, ignoring Mu Nuannuan.

Of course Mu Nuannuan didn't care, she walked directly to Mu Liyan, "Dad, what can I do if I came here?"

Although she knew in her heart, Mu Liyan and his daughter were only dissatisfied with her, so they had to make use of it. , But she has to pretend not to know.

Mu Liyan said with a cold face, with a stern tone: "Nuan Nuan, if you are not satisfied with the job I arranged for you, you can come to me and tell me, what is it that you put your anger on Manager Sun? When it spread out, others thought that my Mu Liyan’s daughter was too domineering in the company! It would affect the corporate image!”

Mu Nuannuan did not interrupt him in the middle and tried to defend herself, but listened carefully, pretending to be Surprised and said: "It sounds like the consequences are quite serious."

Mu Wanqi snorted coldly: "Knowing that the consequences are serious, you still don't apologize to Manager Sun!"

Mu Nuannuan ignored Mu Wanqi at all and turned her head. Looking at Xiang Mu Liyan, he said very seriously: "Dad, talking about the impact on the corporate image, have your sister's affairs been handled? I heard someone say on the Internet a few days ago that they saw my sister go to the Zijin Club for a banquet."

When Mu Wanqi heard the words, she turned pale, and she was about to excuse herself: "Dad, I..."

Mu Nuannuan interrupted her and said with a smile: "Of course I know my sister is not that kind of person, why would my sister go? What about the Zijin Club? I think it must be a competitor in the industry, deliberately spreading rumors to frame my sister. As the saying goes, if you don't raise your father, they will think that your father didn't educate your sister well, and they think that Mu's is a less positive company."

Mu Nuannuan was so serious that she almost believed it herself.

Mu Wanqi's indecent videos and photos were suppressed by Mu Liyan the day she was topped.

But then he was made to hang out for one day and one night. Mu Liyan exhausted his relationship and couldn't suppress it. Only after Mu Wanqi's hot search became popular, he bought the platform again and asked them to share Mu Wanqi's video. And photos are deleted.

The heat has finally gone down these days, and Mu Liyan did not expect that Mu Wanqi would go to the Zijin Club again!

Mu Nuannuan's words successfully diverted Mu Liyan's attention. Although he also wanted to suppress Mu Nuannuan, Mu Wanqi's matters were more important to him.

Mu Liyan said with a cold face: "You go out first!"

Mu Nuannuan took the lead to go out. Although Sun Zhenghua was a little unwilling, he knew that the chairman was going to handle housework, so he had to go out immediately.

As soon as he went out, he saw Mu Nuannuan standing outside the door with her arms around her arms.

Mu Nuan curled her lips, her smile didn't reach the bottom of her eyes, and her fair face showed a sense of coldness: "Manager Sun, the chairman said that I sprinkled fire on you. You said this yourself?"

Sun Zhenghuayi Seeing Mu Nuannuan's cold and glamorous look, he felt like a hook was hooking him, which made his heart itch.

He is not tall. Standing in front of Mu Nuan, he has no height advantage. He can only raise his chin to support his aura: "When the chairman finishes handling the housework, you can just wait. If you ask me now, I might pay it back. I can beg for you and let the chairman let you go."

The smile on Mu Nuannuan's face deepened, and Sun Zhenghua thought she was afraid of trying to please herself, and he was proud.

At this moment, he saw Mu Nuannuan raising his feet fiercely. He had a bad feeling in his heart. The next moment, he clutched his crotch and screamed, "

Ah-- " Mu Nuannuan let out a cold snort. , Took out a paper towel and wiped his shoes, and said: "You said, I sprinkled the anger on you. Now you have got what you wanted."

Sun Zhenghua turned pale with pain, and pointed at her. It is not clear: "You...I..."

Mu Nuannuan used to live in a slum for more than half a year. Sometimes when she went back at night, she would encounter some little gangsters. Although she was ugly at the time, she was a Women, naturally, are harassed.

Therefore, she has never been afraid of being harassed.

This kind of workplace harassment, most people will choose to swallow their anger, the same reason, Sun Zhenghua was taught by her, it is impossible to talk everywhere, can only suffer a boredom.

However, she was sure that Sun Zhenghua would not just leave it alone.


On the other side, the chairman's office.

After Mu Nuannuan and Sun Zhenghua left, Mu Liyan said angrily to Mu Wanqi: "What did I say before? Let you be a bit safer recently, you still go to the Zijin Club! Have you put my dad in In my eyes!"

"Dad!" Mu Wanqi didn't expect that Mu Nuannuan would fight her back. She said anxiously, "Those are my friends. They are all powerful and powerful at home. They might be against us. Does it help? If I don’t go to the banquet, they may not take me to play with me, so I will miss a big opportunity..."

"Huh! Friends? A group of rich second generations who only know how to eat and die. What kind of friend? You still think that your reputation is not bad enough, and I don’t lose too much of my face? The most important thing for you now is to hold Shen Chuhan well!"

Mu Liyan has been in the shopping malls for so many years and has experience. The matter of Zijin Club couldn't be more clear, and she could see farther than Mu Wanqi.

Mu Wanqi was scolded by Mu Liyan and felt uncomfortable, but she knew that Mu Liyan loved her, so she put the debt on Mu Nuannuan's head.

Although she felt that she was right, in order to let Mu Liyan calm down, she confessed her mistake immediately: "Dad, I know I was wrong, and I will hold Shen Chuhan well."

Mu Liyan sighed, "Oh, let's go. "


Mu Nuannuan returned to the grid and wandered about the information.

She had Mu Tingxiao's phone number, but she hesitated when she went back last night and finally did not dare to call Mu Tingxiao.

It is nine o'clock, and it should be eight o'clock in the evening in the United States. He should not be asleep yet.

Send a text message?

[This is Mu Nuannuan, how are you in America? ] Is

this appropriate? Is it too abrupt?

Mu Nuannuan deleted, deleted, changed, and the last message sent out was: [I am Mu Nuannuan, thank you for sending my mobile phone, I like it very much. ]

Chapter: 58

Mu Nuannuan sent the text message, she waited uneasy for Mu Tingxiao's reply.

When she texted Shen Chuhan before, she was never nervous.

A colleague's whispering voice came from nearby.

"I heard that Sun Zhenghua took time off and went home to rest."

"What happened to him in the past two days? He used to want to pretend to be dedicated in the company every day!"


Mu Nuannuan was so funny that she had one more colleague. Join the discussion.

The voices of their words also became quieter.

However, Mu Nuannuan still heard a few words: "...Nuan...Done...Yesterday..."

Mu Nuannuan sneezed suddenly. Are they talking about her?


Shengding Media.

The meeting room was quiet, Mu Tingxiao sat in the first place, lowered his eyes, and turned his hand expressionlessly to report the evaluation.

The high-level managers underneath were all sitting in jeopardy, and the atmosphere didn't dare to make a sound. After all, the big boss behind the scenes was much worse than General Gu.

The outside world only thinks that Gu Zhiyan is the big boss of their Shengding Media. In fact, only the senior staff of the company know that this is the big boss of the company. His whereabouts and identity are very secret. Whenever there is a major decision in the company, this Will come out to chair the meeting

Mu Tingxiao hadn't come to the company for a while, and all the big and small things in the company fell on Gu Zhiyan. It was indeed hard work to manage the company and attend various activities.

Mu Nuannuan went to the Mu family, and he happened to come to the company to handle things.

There are indeed several directors in the company who want to turn things around with some senior management, but that is not a big problem.

Finally, after reading the documents, Mu Tingxiao put some of them neatly aside, and the others were thrown directly into the middle of the conference table with a "pop".

Everyone was shocked.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes and slowly swept his gaze over the people present, with a stern voice: "Everyone is the veteran of the company, and we have worked together for so long. I will give you one last chance to pick up your things by yourself, and behave well. Bring it to me again.”

After speaking, he got up and left the conference room. Gu Zhiyan followed behind him and took away the neatly folded documents.

Back at the office, Mu Tingxiao loosened his tie, sat on the chair behind the desk, and rubbed his temples.

Gu Zhiyan followed in, put down the papers in his hand, frowned and said, "Those old things, can you be so obedient, and deliver the things obediently?"

The expression on Mu Tingxiao's face became cold: "Be Sheng Which company in the industry would dare to accept the person Ding dismissed?"

His words sound arrogant, but Gu Zhiyan knows that he has arrogant capital.

Although Gu Zhiyan also felt that Mu Tingxiao had a bad temper and was arrogant and arrogant, he was actually a kind person. Those old things were too much this time.

"If there's nothing wrong with you, go ahead." Mu Tingxiao said as he opened a drawer under the desk and took out a mobile phone from it.

After pressing the power button, the screen lights up with an unread text message displayed on it.

As expected, it was a text message from Mu Nuannuan: [I am Mu Nuannuan, thank you for sending my mobile phone, I like it very much. ]

His gaze paused slightly above the three words "I like it very much," and then he grinned.

Gu Zhiyan hadn’t gone out yet, seeing Mu Tingxiao smiling at his phone, he couldn’t help being curious: “What do you do when you smile so happily at the phone? I’m very scared of you.”

Mu Tingxiao was in a good mood and said smoothly: Not going?"

Gu Zhiyan walked around to see what he was looking at, but Mu Tingxiao seemed to have eyes on the top of his head. He flipped his palm and covered the phone on his desk.

Gu Zhiyan: "..."

Well, Mu Tingxiao is ruthless!

After Gu Zhiyan went out, Mu Tingxiao returned the text message to Mu Nuannuan.

[You like it. ]

After all, "Mu Ting Xiao" didn't want to see Mu Nuannuan, it didn't seem to fit the style of "Mu Ting Xiao"?

[Bought it all night. ]

Too deliberate.

In the end, Mu Tingxiao only sent one word: [Hmm. ]

Put down the phone, he leans back, eyes black as ink in a rare flash of irritability.

Gu Zhiyan left and returned, and opened the door to walk in front of him: "Ting Xiao, this is a big IP invested by the company recently. I will put the information here for you, and you will look at it later."


Gu Zhiyan put down Things were about to go out, and he was stopped by Mu Tingxiao nonchalantly. He turned his head back in a daze, "What else?"

Mu Tingxiao coughed in a covert manner. He reached out and knocked on the table a few times, expressionless. "Do you think I should tell Mu Nuannuan that I am Mu Tingxiao?"

After saying that, he coldly added: "If you dare to laugh, I will let your little star not receive the script. Acting."

Although he knew that Mu Tingxiao was only threatening him, Gu Zhiyan still suppressed the smile that had already reached his lips.

Gu Zhiyan suffocated a smile and flushed, and said seriously, "Yes, you'd better tell her immediately."

Of course Mu Tingxiao understood that Gu Zhiyan was cheating him.

He picked up the file at hand and threw it at Gu Zhiyan: "You get out of here."

"Well, well, I rolled hahahahaha..." Gu Zhiyan didn't hold back a smile, smiling very arbitrary.

Gu Zhiyan felt that he hadn't lived in vain in his life, and in his lifetime he had even seen Mu Tingxiao bewildered by women!

He is going to share this interesting news with Fu Tingxi.

Mu Tingxiao pressed his lips tightly, picking up the pen holder blankly, and quickly hitting Gu Zhiyan who had already walked to the door.


Gu Zhiyan's scream made Mu Tingxiao feel a little relieved.

Immediately, he raised his eyebrows, and now directly told Mu Nuannuan that he was Mu Tingxiao, obviously the timing was wrong.

He needs an opportunity.


Mu Nuannuan waited for a long time, and finally waited until Mu Tingxiao gave her a text message back.

Although it is only one word, it is already very good for Mu Nuannuan.

When I went to dinner at noon, a few female colleagues came to see her.

"Nuan Nuan, let's go to dinner together."

The gossip fire in the eyes of the female colleague did not escape Mu Nuan's eyes.

Mu Nuannuan felt that it might be that she was fixing Sun Zhenghua, and they knew about it.

She didn't know how long she would stay in the Mu family, so she smiled and nodded: "Okay."

Although she was all a woman, Mu Nuannuan smiled and looked forward to the brilliance, she still let several female colleagues watch. Got to stay.

There are not many restaurants near the company. Even though the group just found a restaurant to eat, they met Mu Wanqi and his daughter by coincidence.

They were all bosses, and the female colleagues went over to say hello: "Chairman, Manager Mu."

Mu Wanqi is the project manager. Of course, she doesn't have the ability. Those who do practical things are all under her hands.

Mu Nuannuan didn't behave too strangely, and followed the past to say hello.

"Dad, sister."

Chapter: 59

There are other people in Mu Liyan, who cares about the face, and casually said to Mu Nuannuan: "Let's eat together."

"Okay." After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, he saw Mu Liyan. Her complexion changed slightly, and she went on to say, "But not today. I want to eat with my colleague and eat with my dad another day."

Mu Liyan and Mu Nuan Nuan are not close and don't like her, so naturally she doesn't want to be with her. have a meal together.

Hearing Mu Nuannuan's refusal, his face relaxed, and the whole person looked a lot milder: "Okay, you go first."

At this moment, Mu Wanqi suddenly turned her head and smiled and gave Mu Liyan food: "Dad, If you taste this, I think their dishes are done well today."

Mu Liyan smiled and said, "You eat yourself, and you have lost weight recently."

What a harmony between father and daughter!

Mu Wanqi smiled contemptuously at Mu Nuannuan, her eyes seemed to say: You are a poor worm whose parents don't hurt.

I have to say that Mu Wanqi did poke Mu Nuannuan's weakness.

She thought that she had already cultivated a heart of steel in the Mu family's use and abandonment of her time and time again, but she was still easily stabbed by the scene of their father and daughter harmony.

When she sat down with her colleagues, Mu Nuannuan's complexion was still a bit bad.

Some time ago, the matter between her and Mu Wanqi was raging on the Internet. These female colleagues are young girls, so naturally they will also go online and know about them.

They also saw what happened just now, and they could feel it somewhat, Mu Liyan didn't seem to like Mu Nuannuan very much.

One of them pushed the menu in front of her: "Look at what you want to eat."

Mu Nuannuan smiled and pushed the menu back: "I'm not picky, you order first, and I have never been here, nor I know what food is delicious."

Hearing that, other colleagues were not polite and started ordering.

They thought that Mu Nuannuan was quite easy to get along with, so someone asked her: "Do you know why Sun Zhenghua took a leave of absence today? What happened in the chairman's office before?"

"I don't know, did he do a lot before ? Bad thing? Maybe it's the reincarnation of Heaven who wants to clean up him." Mu Nuannuan was serious nonsense.

The others didn't mind, and laughed, and then began to expose Sun Zhenghua's old bottom.

Mu Nuannuan interjected a word from time to time, and the atmosphere was also harmonious.

Until, a word breaks harmony.

"Nuan Nuan, since you are already Mu's young grandmother, why would you still come to work at Mu's?"

The person who asked the question was not malicious, but this question is really difficult to answer.

Mu Nuannuan paused, her voice a little hesitant: "This..."

Someone took the initiative to relieve Mu Nuannuan: "Oh, hurry up, time is running out, I can rest a while after eating."

That asked The person who spoke did not ask any more questions.

In fact, everyone in the company felt that Mu Nuannuan was not welcome at Mu's house.

Although the disfigured and inhumane Young Master Mu was the first heir to the Mu family, his physical condition was not suitable for taking over the Mu family. Many people speculated that the heir might be replaced, but there was no definite news.

Fading-Departing from the aura of Mu's heir, Young Master Mu is just a waste person, and Mu Nuannuan has to go out to work when he is unwelcome.

Even if I get out of work, I still have to work hard as a market researcher. This looks really pitiful.

Mu Nuannuan looked at her female colleagues in a dazed manner, who kept picking up vegetables for her. The look in her eyes seemed to be sympathy?

After thinking about it, she understood what was going on.

From the perspective of an onlooker, it seems to be quite pitiful......


Mu Tingxiao stayed in the company for a day.

When he got off work, Gu Zhiyan rushed over to look for him: "Let's go for a drink!"

Mu Tingxiao came to the company, his job became much easier, and when he was in a good mood he wanted to go out.

"No." Mu Tingxiao refused without raising his head.

Gu Zhiyan rolled his eyes and said, "Why are you going back so early? Just stay at home when nothing is wrong, go home after work, and don't participate in any activities. You are totally an elderly person."

Mu Tingxiao said lightly and stunned Gu Zhiyan. Went back.

"Everyone with a wife is like this."

Gu Zhiyan twitched the corner of his mouth: "Haha."

At this moment, Fu Tingxi also came in.

He didn't know that Gu Zhiyan had just encountered Mu Tingxiao's crit, and asked, "Can I go?"

"Go." Gu Zhiyan said and walked outside.

Fu Tingxi glanced at Mu Tingxiao: "Are you not going?"

Gu Zhiyan replied for Mu Tingxiao with an indifferent

expression : "People with a wife don't live overnight." As Gu Zhiyan expected, Fu Tingxi showed a horrified expression of shock.

"Let's go, the two of us are just going to have a drink, who will let us have no wives?" Gu Zhiyan put his hand on Fu Tingxi's shoulder and pulled him out.

Fu Tingxi frowned, pulled off Gu Zhiyan's hand, turned his head, and said in a sympathetic tone: "What about a wife? It's not just about watching."

Mu Tingxiao sneered, "Don't want to go to our house for dinner."

Fu Tingxi's expression turned his face. When he froze, the conversation turned, and he said, "Envy you who have a wife."

Gu Zhiyan couldn't help kicking Fu Tingxi!

Why can't I be more promising? Why do they only lose in front of Mu Tingxiao every time?

Fu Tingxi didn't seem to feel the pain and didn't bend his legs.

Gu Zhiyan took him and walked out: "Don't be embarrassed here."

After speaking, he turned around and said to Mu Tingxiao: "Let's go first."

Mu Tingxiao was in a good mood, and he could hear a few words in his low voice Sub-joyed: "Go ahead, count me." It's

just that when Mu Tingxiao drove home and looked at the empty villa, his good mood suddenly disappeared.

He took out his cell phone and called Mu Nuannuan, but the phone was not answered until he was hung up automatically.

He played twice in a row, but no one answered.

Didn't pick up on purpose, or something happened?

Mu Tingxiao stood in the empty hall for a while, until the bodyguard beside him couldn't help but ask him: "Master, what happened?" The

master looked serious, presumably something extraordinary happened.

Mu Tingxiao didn't say a word, picked up his coat and walked out. When he reached the door, he seemed to think of something. He turned around and ordered: "If the young lady comes back, call me."

"..." Could it be that the young lady has not come back?


And at this time, Mu Nuannuan was being dragged to the mall.

When she is off work, she wants to go straight back.

However, the few colleagues who had dinner with her at noon probably thought it was too pitiful for her to go home alone facing the empty villa, and they had to drag her out to go shopping.

In fact, she felt that she was really not pitiful, even if she went home to face the empty villa, it was a luxury villa, a thousand times better than the small rental house she used to live in.

However, the hospitality of the colleagues was difficult, so she had to go out shopping with them.

Chapter: 60

Mu Nuannuan has been thinking about cooking for " Mu Jiachen", after all, that is what she promised him.

But from the moment they entered the mall, Mu Nuannuan was dragged by them to watch this one try that one.

When it was getting dark outside, Mu Nuannuan made an excuse and said, "I'm tired, find a place to rest."

Then they found a place to drink.

Mu Nuannuan took out her mobile phone, only to see two missed calls belonging to "Mu Jiachen".

She feels that "Mu Jiachen" should have poor patience. She didn't expect to call her two times. She can even imagine that after he finished the second call to her, his face was angry and angry. She couldn't bear it.

Mu Nuannuan stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I have to go back first. Thank you today, and I will invite you to dinner another day."

Out of the mall, she walked towards the bus stop and called "Mu Jiachen".

After a few rings, the phone was answered.

"Where is it?"

"Mu Jiachen"'s voice was originally very low, but if his mood is not right, his voice will naturally become a little gloomy in others' ears.

Mu Nuannuan felt that her neck was a little cold.

Her hand touched his neck, said: "still out, I'll be back, and if you are hungry, you first find yourself something to eat."

He repeated:. "I asked where are you"

tone The impatience and anger inside have not concealed.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and glanced, and then told "Mu Jiachen" the name of the mall.

Since the last time "Mu Jiachen" threw that awesome-looking black card in front of her, she never dared to mess with this young master casually.

Mu Nuannuan turned around and walked to the door of the mall again, waiting for "Mu Jiachen" to come over.

She waited at the entrance of the mall and saw the car of "Mu Jiachen" not long after.

As she was about to go there, she heard someone calling her behind her: "Nuan Nuan, you haven't left yet?"

Mu Nuannuan turned her head stiffly and saw that the few colleagues who were shopping with her were standing behind her.

"Yeah, I still..."

Mu Nuannuan was only halfway through when she was interrupted by "Mu Jiachen".

"Mu Nuannuan, get in the car." Mu Tingxiao drove the car to her side and stopped, lowered the window, looking at her blankly.

The few colleagues invariably showed a shocked expression: (⊙o⊙)...

Mu Nuannuan felt that it was going to be finished.

Mu Nuannuan turned to look at "Mu Jiachen", and said without a smile: "Although I am younger than you, I am also your cousin anyway."

Mu Tingxiao tilted his head slightly and took a look. The colleague behind Mu Nuannuan raised her eyebrows and said in an impatient tone: "Get in the car."

Mu Nuannuan felt that he was starting to be impatient again, and she was afraid that he would make trouble again. "My husband's cousin, he picked me up on the way, so I'll leave first."

She didn't dare to wait any longer, and got into the car after pulling the door.

When "Mu Jiachen" started the engine, Mu Nuannuan looked in the rearview mirror, and she could still see the female colleagues gathered around and violently saying something...

Mu Nuannuan sighed and turned to look at "Mu Jia Chen": "Why are you here so fast, do you work around here?"

"Mu Jiachen" ignored her.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and looked out the window, she didn't want to talk to her yet.


Back home, Mu Nuannuan went to the kitchen to cook.

In the past few days, she has been familiar with the taste of "Mujiachen", he is a person who is not spicy and unhappy.

After dinner, the two went back to their rooms.

Mu Nuannuan took a shower, lay on the bed and played a video with Shen Liang.

Shen Liang wore an ancient costume with antique buildings behind him.

Mu Nuannuan asked her: "Are you still in the movie studio right now?"

"Yes, shooting night scenes." Shen Liang ran to a corner with few people, and whispered to her: "You know who I am playing against today. ? it '

"? Who is" what comes to mind warm suddenly the Mu said: "the total is impossible Secretary Chengyu he is not studying abroad yet??"

"that's him," Shen cool voice was excited: "! like director I knew the emperor Si Ying, so I asked him to come here for a while. I happened to have a scene with him. What should I do if I’m so nervous that I’m shaking all over?”

Mu Nuan Nuan pursed her lips and said quietly, “I don’t know, I’m also nervous. "

Si Chengyu is the youngest Grand Slam actor among all previous actor, Mu Nuan Nuan has been a fan of him for eight years.

There was a voice on the other end of the phone: "Xiao Liang, come over and play!"

"Come now." Shen Liang responded and said to Mu Nuannuan, "I'll go there first. I will help you find Si Chengyu for an autographed photo. , Nude-photos may not be available, but I will try my best."

After speaking, she closed the video.

Mu Nuannuan: "..." She is not as wretched as Shen Liang!


next day.

When Mu Nuannuan arrived at the company, she felt that the female colleagues looked at her with weird eyes yesterday.

She had expected this kind of scene early in the morning and didn't care much.

Sun Zhenghua was probably terrified by Mu Nuannuan's lesson. The next few days were as quiet as a chicken and did not trouble Mu Nuannuan.

It wasn't until Friday that he brought someone to find Mu Nuannuan: "Today you two went out to do market research. Today is already Friday, and you will give me the report next Monday."

He brought a man Gaoma The big man looks very simple and honest.

Mu Nuannuan glanced at the man, very strangely.

There are so many people in the marketing department. Not everyone knows Mu Nuannuan a few days after coming, so I didn't think much about it.

When the two left the company, they took a taxi.

Mu Nuannuan asked, "Is the company reimbursed?"

"Reimbursed." The man gave her a weird look.

Mu Nuan Nuan was vigilant and turned to look out of the car window and found that she was driving towards the suburbs.

When they came out, she had read the information. The product released this time was a household daily necessities, and the place they were going to should be a residential area.

Just passing by a drugstore at this time, Mu Nuannuan lowered her eyes, bit her lip fiercely, and twisted her eyebrows to make a painful look: "Can you stop the car, I'll go buy something." The

man asked her, "You What do you want to buy?"

"Pain killer." Mu Nuannuan turned to look at him: "Menstrual period, stomach pain." The

man realized after thinking about it, and said: "I'll go with you."

"Okay." Mu Nuannuan Knowing that even if she refused his request, he would think of other ways to prevent her from getting out of the car.

She can now be sure that Sun Zhenghua asked for revenge on this man.

The two got out of the car and went into the pharmacy. The man followed her closely. Mu Nuannuan bought the medicine and walked out slowly.

At this moment, a man wearing a mask and a peaked cap walked in from the outside, coughing slightly with his hand against his lips. When Mu Nuannuan passed by him, she suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm with a look of surprise: "Cousin, Why are you here?”

The man with the mask seemed to be taken aback for a moment, and he reached out and lifted the peaked cap, revealing a pair of familiar warm eyes.