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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 511-520 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 511

Mu Tingxiao's eyes, which were already dark as ink, were dyed with a deeper black color, and Li Jiuheng looked at it, "My own person, I don't own it. Anyone else?"

Li Jiuheng was stunned for a moment, and then smiled: "Mr.

Mu makes sense. If there is nothing else, I will go out first. There are still people outside waiting for me." Mu Tingxiao knew he did this on purpose. By the way, when he said "someone is waiting", doesn't it mean that Mu Nuannuan is waiting for him.

Mu Tingxiao was never a good person, and Li Jiuheng's words were for this purpose. If Mu Tingxiao was polite to him, he would not be Mu Tingxiao.

"Then let her wait." Mu Tingxiao sneered, stood up, and walked straight out.

Li Jiuheng hadn't understood the meaning of Mu Tingxiao's words.

But the next moment, after a few bodyguards came in outside, Li Jiuheng understood what Mu Tingxiao meant.

The meaning is clear, Mu Tingxiao intends to let the bodyguard look at him and not let him go out.

Li Jiuheng felt that he still thought of the man Mu Tingxiao too well.

The smile on his face could hardly be sustained anymore.

"Mu Tingxiao, are you so unreasonable to Nuan Nuan?" Where did someone just lock up people casually?

Mu Tingxiao ignored his words directly, and ordered the bodyguard: "After the dinner is over, send Mr. Li back."

Then, Mu Tingxiao copied his hands into the pockets of his suit pants and walked out slowly.

After the door was closed, the bodyguard said to Li Jiuheng blankly: "Mr. Li, please hand over the phone."

Li Jiuheng: "..."

Mu Tingxiao thought thoughtfully.

Li Jiuheng took a deep breath and handed the phone to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard followed Mu Tingxiao's previous instructions and found Mu Nuannuan's phone number, edited a text message and sent it out.

Seeing this, Li Jiuheng frowned slightly: "What did you send?" The

bodyguard glanced at him, did not speak, and did not return the phone to him.

Li Jiuheng clenched his fist, then released it again.


Mu Nuannuan felt the phone in her handbag vibrate.

He took out his mobile phone and found that Li Jiuheng had sent her a text message.

"I have something, let's go first."

It's very simple six words, and there is no special place.

Mu Nuannuan stared at these words for a moment, then looked up at the entrance of the banquet hall.

He happened to see Mu Tingxiao walking into the banquet hall, and there was indeed no Li Jiuheng behind him.

Shen Liang also saw Mu Tingxiao, and asked Mu Nuannuan aloud, "Where's Doctor Li?"

"He said he had gone back beforehand." Mu Nuannuan said without looking back.

Shen Liang said lazily: "What is so urgent, don't say hello before leaving."

Mu Tingxiao didn't even look here, but walked directly to Mu Qingfeng and sat next to him.

Mu Nuannuan lowered her head, found Li Jiuheng's phone number in her mobile phone, and called him.

But the call was hooked up.

Later, she received a text message: "Driving."

Mu Nuannuan stared at Mu Tingxiao for a while, then cast her eyes down in thought.

If Mu Tingxiao really wanted to do something to Li Jiuheng, he would not take Li Jiuheng away in front of her.

Li Jiuheng might have something to do.

Perhaps because of Su Mian's presence, almost no women approached Mu Tingxiao.

Most of the people present today are business celebrities, but Su Mian's family background is better than these business celebrities, naturally no one will actively offend her.

"It's late, let's go." Mu Nuannuan put the phone back in her bag and stood up.

"Is this going away?" Shen Liang didn't really want to go, but wanted to watch the excitement for a while.

Mu Nuannuan quickly glanced in Mu Tingxiao's direction, and then retracted his gaze: "I'm afraid Gu Zhiyan won't be able to control Mu Mu." As

soon as the voice fell, Mu Nuannuan heard someone next to him say, "Whose kid?"

"The little girl is so cute."

Mu Nuannuan was about to turn her head to look, when she heard a familiar little milk sound.


Mu Mu's voice.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw Mu Mu who was looking around in the crowd at a glance.

"Mu Mu!" Mu Nuannuan murmured, and walked towards her before he could think about it.

However, someone walked to Mu Mu faster than her, and took the lead to hug Mu Mu.

Su Mu Mu picked cotton, gently touched her head, gently asked: "Mu Mu also how come?"

Looked at Sumian Mu Mu Leng Leng, called out:. "Mom"

and then Started to look around, looking for Mu Nuannuan's figure.

Upon seeing this, Shen Liang cursed involuntarily: "Su Mian is so shameless!"

Her voice was not too small, and it attracted the attention of others around her.

But Shen Liang still cared about this now, and gritted his teeth with a black face and cried out "Gu Zhiyan"!

See how she cleans up Gu Zhiyan when she goes back.

Su Mian comforted Mu Mu in a low voice, shielding Mu Mu's sight, preventing her from seeing Mu Nuannuan, while coaxing her, hugged Mu Mu and walked toward Mu Tingxiao quickly.

Throughout the banquet, among the crowd of strange faces, Mu Mu, who did not find Mu Nuannuan, still had some impression of Su Mian, and unconsciously trusted Su Mian.

Mu Nuannuan stood in place with her hands clenched, her complexion deep.

Shen Liang scolded Gu Zhiyan for being unreliable, and said tentatively, "I'll get it back for you?" When

Mu Tingxiao saw Mu Mu, he had already got up and strode towards Su Mian.

At this time, he happened to take over Mu Mu from Su Mian.

Mu Tingxiao's complexion was as heavy as Mu Nuannuan's complexion. He hugged Mu Mu and gently pressed her head to make her bury her face in his chest.

The eyes of those present were about to fall off.

"What's the matter?"

"The kid was calling Mama Su Mian just now?"

"The news that broke before turned out to be true! They really even have children..." The

people discussed Mu Mu in whispers. Others showed sympathetic eyes towards Mu Nuannuan.

Everyone felt that Mu Nuannuan had always wanted to find Mu Tingxiao to get back together, and she did nothing to get back with Mu Tingxiao.

Now, Mu Tingxiao not only "admitted" Su Mian, he even "had a child" with Su Mian.

And Mu Nuannuan, an ex-wife who wanted to get back together, looked pitiful.

Some people even deliberately walked to Mu Nuannuan to see her.

Mu Nuannuan curled her lips and sneered, "Let's go." After

she finished speaking, she took Shen Liang and went out.

Shen Liang yelled, "Just

leave like this? I want to beat Su Mian now ." She now feels that Su Mian is even more disgusting than Mu Wanqi.

Mu Nuan Nuan said without looking back, "Don't worry."

"??" Shen Liang said in shock: "I can understand that you agree to go and beat Su Mian with me?" A

coldness flashed in Mu Nuan's eyes: "Most people who don't know how to measure, finally Will do it all."

Chapter: 512

Mu Nuannuan's tone was not too cold, but Shen Liang shuddered involuntarily after hearing her words.

Shen Liang took Mu Nuannuan's arm and leaned on her without bones: "Nuan Nuan, you have been living with the big boss for a long time, and you are almost as crippled as him when you talk."

Mu Nuannuan She was amused: "You are the same as those marketing accounts said, more and more beautiful."

Shen Liang patted her.

When the two of them left the banquet hall, they saw Gu Zhiyan panting.

He saw Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang, so he stopped, too tired to catch his breath and said, " come out... come out... Mu..."

Mu Nuannuan intercepted the words behind him. Said: "Mu Mu is inside."

"Huh?" Gu Zhiyan looked in the direction of the banquet hall in surprise.

In the next second, Shen Liang took the bag and knocked on his head: "Let you look at the child, even a child can't look at it. Don't you call Nuan Nuan if you have something to do! If you can't hold your child, you don't know to call Ah!"

"Ouch!" The

scenery outside is endless. All the female stars want to tie up with President Gu, but at this time they can only hold their heads and be beaten by a woman.

Not only that, but also cannot fight back.

Mu Nuannuan looked aside for a while, and saw someone coming out of the banquet hall, she pulled it to cool down, "Okay, don't fight." The

lady's handbag was not big, so she just plugged a mobile phone and put a small mirror. Just put on two lipsticks, it doesn't hurt to hit the body.

Gu Zhiyan didn't fight back, because he wanted to let Shen Liang calm down.

Shen Liang did calm down a bit, but he felt a little guilty about Mu Nuannuan.

"Sorry, if it wasn't for my idea, otherwise Mu Mu wouldn't..."

Mu warm interrupted her: "Do not say, Mu Mu already naughty, big idea, how can you blame it."

She soothed Shen cool, then turned around to ask Gu Zhiwei Yan: "how is it?"

Behind People came out of the banquet hall one after another, and Mu Nuannuan motioned for them to talk while walking.

"Mu Mu said she was hungry, so I wanted to order a meal in the room, but she insisted on eating steamed buns, so I planned to take her out... and..."

Even if she couldn't stand a child, Gu Zhiyan felt ashamed: "There are a lot of people in the elevator, and I ran out with them when I opened the door..."

Mu Mu is usually a very good child, and usually doesn't run around.

Mu Nuannuan was silent for a moment, and asked, "She wants to come out and find me, right?"

Gu Zhiyan nodded.

"Let's go first." Mu Nuannuan said, and walked forward first.

"Where is Mumu? Su Mian is still holding her as a guise now!" Shen Liang felt angry when he spoke, and he couldn't deserve it, let alone Mu Nuannuan.

"There is Mu Tingxiao here, it's okay." When Mu Nuannuan just noticed that Mu Tingxiao was hugging Mu Mu, she was very careful to cover Mu Mu's sight.

Although she and Mu Tingxiao had not talked about whether to disclose Mu Mu's identity, they both protected Mu Mu very tacitly and did not want her to appear in front of the public.

After all, she and Mu Tingxiao's current relationship is not good for Mu Mu to be disclosed.

Mu Nuannuan had also thought about this issue before, she thought it might be because she and Mu Tingxiao were very scarce in family relationship, they wanted to give Mu Mu the best, and could not tolerate Mu Mu being slandered by the outside world.

The child is innocent and pure, but she and Mu Tingxiao are too aware of the sinister hearts of the world.

From the outside world, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao had divorced three years ago. So many things happened in the middle. She lived with Li Jiuyiheng for a period of time. Mu Mu is now over three years old. It's not easy to explain things together, just take out one and you can make a fuss.

It is hard to guarantee that someone will take Mumu to trouble.

The most important thing now is to protect Mu Mu.

So, she did nothing in the banquet hall just now.

When Mu Nuannuan spoke, her face was full of trust in Mu Tingxiao, and Shen Liang followed her to relieve herself.

Three people took the elevator directly out of the hotel.

When he arrived at the parking lot, Mu Nuannuan took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Mu Tingxiao.

She thought about it, and still called Shi Ye.

"Mrs. Young." Shiye answered the phone very quickly.

Mu Nuannuan asked directly: "Where are you now?"

Shi Ye turned to look at Mu Tingxiao. Mu Tingxiao looked like he had guessed that Mu Nuannuan was calling this call, and was also staring. Watching at night.

When the night is Mu Ting owl looked so very consciously opened hands-free, back to Mu warm words:. "We are now ready to take the elevator to leave,"

"with Mu Ting owl say something, I was at home waiting for him."

Mu Ting Xiao could hear Mu Nuannuan's voice, and said blankly: "Tell Mu Nuannuan I'm not going." After

turning on the hands-free at night, Mu Nuannuan naturally heard Mu Tingxiao's words.

He held Mu Mu in his arms and fell asleep.

Mu Nuannuan snorted coldly: "You tell Mu Tingxiao that if he doesn't come tonight, he won't come anymore."

Mu Tingxiao: "Tell Mu Nuannuan, I will definitely not go tonight!"

Mu Tingxiao Nuan: "Tell Mu Tingxiao, don't come if he has the ability!"

Shiye: "..."

Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao had a phone call one hour and night between them, and they quarreled.

Holding the phone at night, there was no chance to speak at all, so I could only stand in the middle, listening to the quarrel between Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan.

Although it was a quarrel, it was only a few words.

"Are you really not coming?"



Shi Ye silently handed the phone to Mu Tingxiao, but Mu Tingxiao did not answer the phone.

"Don't give me the phone, I don't want to talk to her." The

next second, there was a "beep" sound from the phone being hung up.

Shi Ye's hand holding the phone stiffened, and turned his head to look at Mu Tingxiao's face.

Mu Tingxiao stared at the phone with a dark face, "Hang up on me?"

Shiye nodded.

"Heh." Mu Tingxiao sneered. The elevator just came down, and he freed one hand to press the elevator and walked in.

Mu Mu in her arms was not sleeping very peacefully.

She originally slept on Mu Tingxiao's shoulders, suddenly raised her head to look at Mu Tingxiao, and said, "Mom?"

She just fell asleep in a daze, as if she heard Mu Nuannuan's voice.

Mu Mu shook his head and looked around, but did not see Mu Nuannuan's figure, so he looked back at Mu Tingxiao with a puzzled look.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his big palm expressionlessly and pressed-on Mu Mu's small head, with a slight effort, he continued to press her small head-to sleep on his shoulder.

Then he said coldly: "She's not there, you go to sleep."

Mu Mu was very wronged, and he said that he would come to her?

She squatted her lips on Mu Tingxiao's shoulders, tears swirling in her eyes, and she tried not to flow out.

Dad is too fierce and misses mom.

Chapter: 513

After Mu Nuannuan hung up, she was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone out.

She squeezed her mobile phone and snorted coldly, "Don't come back tonight!"

"What's wrong..." Shen Liang witnessed the whole process of her answering the phone, but didn't know that the person on the other end had said something to her. what.

"I asked him to go there tonight. He said he couldn't go, and he said that he didn't want to talk to me." Mu Nuannuan thought of Mu Tingxiao's tone on the phone just now, and couldn't help but sneer.

Shen Liang: "..." It's all fake, she doesn't believe that the big boss doesn't want to talk to Mu Nuannuan.

Shen Liang saw that Mu Nuannuan was in anger at this time, he hesitated, and said, "It's just madness, I think the big boss will still go to you at night."

Mu Nuan smiled and curled her lips: "It's better not to come."

... When

Mu Nuannuan returned home, it was almost 12 o'clock in the evening.

She came out after washing and looked at the phone.

There are no missed calls and no text messages.

She walked back and forth in the room with her mobile phone.

Suddenly, she suddenly raised her head and looked in the direction of the door. After thinking for a moment, she walked to the door and stretched out her hand to open it.

The tall and upright man stood at the door, his body still wearing a custom suit that had remained unchanged for thousands of years, flat and a little thin, but his momentum remained undiminished.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and Mu Tingxiao was about to lift his foot in.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand to block his way: "Isn't it

impossible to tell?" Mu Tingxiao's complexion stiffened slightly, and his tone was so indifferent that no abnormality could be heard: "Come and get Mumu's things."

Mu Nuannuan still remained. Without letting him in, he said blankly: "Young Master Mu can't even afford to buy things for his daughter, so he came here to get it? Is Mu's going bankrupt?"

Mu Tingxiao's eyes were wide and narrow, and his eyes darkened a little, with a look of forbearance on his face.

After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she had to close the door.

But Mu Tingxiao did not give her this opportunity.

He blocked the door with one hand, the other arm wrapped around her waist, and one hand hugged her waist. With the strength of his arm, he lifted her up and walked into the room.

What followed was the sound of a "bang" closing the door.

The world is quiet.

The two stood at the entrance, Mu Tingxiao's arms were still around her waist, and the two were close to each other, so close that even the sound of breathing could be heard clearly.

Mu Nuannuan struggled for a while, but couldn't get away from Mu Tingxiao's arm.

She lifted her foot and kicked his calf: "You let me go!"

Mu Tingxiao didn't move at all, and there was even a pleasant light in his eyes: "Go on?"

"Mu Tingxiao!"

Mu Nuannuan raised his hand to ask. Hit him, but he caught her wrist quickly by his eyesight.

She was not as strong as Mu Tingxiao, and she could not move when she was tied in her arms and could only be slaughtered by him.

Mu Tingxiao lowered his eyes and saw Mu Nuannuan's neckline opened slightly because she had just broken free from him, and the smell of fresh shower gel on her body told him that she had just taken a shower.

"I took a shower specially and waited for me to come. I finally feel a little conscious of being Mrs. Mu." Mu Tingxiao smiled narrowly on his face, and opened his eyebrows. Now, not only his eyes are happy, but also his voice and tone. It was all mixed with a smile.

"Why didn't I find you so narcissistic before." Mu Nuannuan retorted, "Also, leave me alone as Mrs. Mu. We are not a husband and wife now. Your fiancee is called Su Mian."

Hearing her mention Su Mian, Mu The smile on Ting Xiao's face gradually faded.

There was a haze on the bottom of his eyes, and the joy just disappeared in a flash, as if it had never appeared.

He put his arms around Mu Nuannuan's arms and tightened suddenly, and said in a cold voice, "You say it again?"

Mu Tingxiao was angry.

When he really got angry, Mu Nuannuan was also afraid of him.

But if it was in anger, Mu Nuannuan would not be so scrupulous.

For example, at this moment.

"I said, Su Mian is your fiancée! you..."

Mu Nuannuan's lips were blocked by Mu Tingxiao before she could finish her words.

This is a kiss mixed with anger, without the slightest tenderness or affection at all.

When Mu Tingxiao released her, Mu Nuannuan felt her lips numb.

Mu Tingxiao panted slightly, pressed to her ear, and his voice was soft and almost weird: "Are you

talking ?" Mu Nuan pushed him abruptly, staggered back two steps, and pointed to the door loudly: "Get out!"

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand, pressed the corner of his lower lips with the pad of the index finger, and smiled suddenly, making the hero's face a little more evil.

"Let me come if you are happy, let me go if you are not happy, who do you think Mu Tingxiao is?" After Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, regardless of Mu Nuan's angry face, he turned and walked inside.

He has lived here in Mu Nuannuan during this period, and is very familiar with the arrangement of items in the room.

He walked over to the sofa, sat down happily, picked up the kettle on the coffee table and poured himself a glass of water, just like in his own home.

In his heart, he indeed regarded Mu Nuannuan's place as his home.

When Mu Tingxiao got muddy, the oil and salt couldn't get in, and Mu Nuannuan couldn't help him.

She compromised and walked to the opposite side of Mu Tingxiao, sat down, leaned on the sofa, and looked at him with her arms around her. She looked lazy, with a trace of fatigue.

"You waited until Mu Mu was asleep?"

Mu Tingxiao also answered her question seriously: "Hmm."

"Why don't you bring Mu Mu here?" She asked Mu Tingxiao to come over to her at night, just to let him bring Mu Mu over. She didn't believe in Mu. Tingxiao didn't understand what she meant.

Even if Mu Tingxiao really didn't understand the meaning of her words, he pretended not to understand.

Mu Tingxiao didn't quibble for herself, and replied lightly: "She is asleep."

"..." Mu Nuannuan felt that she could not chat with Mu Tingxiao anymore.

She stood up and planned to go back to the room to sleep, but Mu Tingxiao stopped her at this moment: "Have you eaten?"

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a moment before she understood what he meant and asked, "You are hungry. ? " "

ah. "Xiao Mu Ting sincere nod, where there are just all kinds of evil against her overbearing gas field.

Mu Nuannuan didn't want to care about him.

But she knew very well in her heart that even if she didn't care about him, he would try to let her take care of him.

Mu Nuannuan gave him an angry look: "Wait!"

Mu Tingxiao straightened up immediately and straightened his back, revealing a "behaved" appearance similar to Mu Mu waiting for a meal.

When Mu Mu was here before, Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Mu and Mu Tingxiao looked alike.

Now when Mu Tingxiao was there, she felt that Mu Tingxiao and Mu Mu looked alike.

The main reason was that the eyes of the two father and daughter looked too alike, and she couldn't really care about him cruelly.

Watching Mu Nuannuan enter the kitchen, Mu Tingxiao followed with her lips curled.

Chapter: 514

Mu Tingxiao did not deliberately put his footsteps, so as soon as he reached the kitchen door, Mu Nuannuan noticed the footsteps behind him.

"Go out and wait." Mu Nuan Nuan said without looking back.

After a while, Mu Nuannuan turned her head, and there was no Mu Tingxiao's figure behind her. After two steps back, she saw Mu Tingxiao sitting in front of his desk and didn't know what she was doing.

Mu Nuannuan looked back, and the water in the pot was already boiling.

After she put the noodles in and cooked, she was about to reach out to get the salt, her eyes were careful when she touched the white sugar in the seasoning box.

Mu Tingxiao really thought she could handle it casually?

The smile on Mu Nuannuan's face continued to deepen, and he happily poured half a can of white sugar into the pot.

Although Mu Mu and Mu Tingxiao's father and daughter looked alike, their tastes were completely different.

Little girl Mu Mu likes sweets the most, while Mu Tingxiao hates sweets the most.

Mu Nuannuan stirred in the pot with a spoon, and made sure that half of the can of sugar had melted, so she filled some soup and tasted it.

She took a sip, covered her mouth and walked to the side and vomited.

It was so sweet that Mu Mu couldn't eat it.

After the noodles were served, Mu Nuannuan hesitated again, would it be too much?

She thought of Mu Tingxiao allowing Su Mian to sit next to him at the banquet, and the hesitation in her heart disappeared.

She walked to Mu Tingxiao's desk with her face in her hand, put her face in front of him with a "bang", and said solemnly: "Eat."

Mu Tingxiao looked up at her, did not speak, and picked it up. Chopsticks began to eat noodles.

However, as soon as the noodles were put into his mouth, he maintained the posture of eating noodles and stopped there.

Mu Nuannuan pulled the chair next to him and sat down, supporting his arm and supporting his chin, with a gentle smile on his face, "Is it delicious?"

Mu Tingxiao ate the noodles expressionlessly, and said as usual: "It's delicious. "

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback: "Really?"

"Yeah." As if to prove what he said, Mu Tingxiao took another big mouthful, with no reluctance on his face.

If Mu Nuannuan hadn't tasted it before, she would doubt that Mu Tingxiao's bowl of noodles was normal.

She watched Mu Tingxiao's face unchanged, and ate all the greasy bowl of noodles, completely embarrassed.

Mu Tingxiao didn't even have any soup left.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the empty bowl and asked, "Do you want more?"

Mu Tingxiao put down his chopsticks, shook his head and refused: "I'm full."

Mu Nuannuan stood up and took the bowl and chopsticks to the kitchen. go with.

She reached out and dipped a little soup in the bowl.

It's too sweet, yes...

Mu Nuannuan walked to the kitchen door and looked into the living room, and found that there was no one in the hall.

She went out and vaguely heard the sound of water in the bathroom.

She followed the sound and knocked on the bathroom door: "Mu Tingxiao? Are you inside?"

The sound of water inside became louder.

After a while, Mu Tingxiao opened the door, his face was stained with water and his complexion was as usual.

"What are you doing with the water in it all the time?" Mu Nuannuan looked behind him as she spoke.

Mu Tingxiao walked out and opened and closed the bathroom door: "Go to the toilet."

She didn't believe that Mu Tingxiao was going to the toilet inside.

Who keeps the tap on the toilet?

Could it be that Mu Tingxiao had developed a special hobby when she didn't know it.

Mu Tingxiao didn't wait for Mu Nuannuan to speak, and walked past her into the living room.

After watching him walk a few steps forward, Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand to cover her lips.

Mu Nuannuan realized something, walked to the side and poured a glass of water, and then sent it to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes to look at her, without reaching out to touch the glass of water.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and Mu Tingxiao slowly said, "Are you still angry?"

Mu Nuannuan didn't directly answer his words, but pushed the water glass toward him again: "Drink water."

Mu Ting Xiao took a sip from the water glass.

"Do you think I can relieve my anger if you eat a bowl of noodles?" Mu Nuannuan's tone was filled with sullenness.

Mu Tingxiao has always hated sweets. After he had eaten such a big bowl of greasy noodles before, he ran to the bathroom and boiled the water so loudly, it was nothing but fear that she would hear him vomiting.

Fortunately, he could still eat without changing his face, Mu Nuannuan couldn't eat a bite.

"Then I can eat another bowl." Mu Tingxiao's lips raised slightly: "Or, you can let me eat as much as you want, as long as you can relieve your breath."

Mu Nuan was there in a daze.

It turned out that Mu Tingxiao knew it in his heart.

He knew that Mu Nuannuan was angry, so he ate the bowl of noodles as Mu Nuannuan wanted, just to let her relieve her anger.

People are strange creatures sometimes.

When she answered the phone call with Mu Tingxiao, she wanted to never see Mu Tingxiao again.

But now, when he lowered his position a little bit to show her weakness, she couldn't help but forgive him softly.

Mu Nuannuan thought for a while and asked him, "I have something to ask you."

"What's the matter?" Mu Tingxiao made a respectful look, looking like Mu Nuannuan would answer whatever he asked.

Mu Nuannuan looked into his eyes and asked, "What are you looking for Li Jiuheng for? It's just that he has been targeting him because of his unknown origins?"

Mu Tingxiao laughed, his tone a little gloomy: "Don't say it was him who came to be unclear. This matter, just by mentioning him with your mouth and mouth, I have the idea to deal with him!"

"So, you are targeting Li Jiuheng, more reasons, or from your prejudice against him?" Mu Nuannuan asked. he.

Mu Tingxiao stood up, leaned in front of Mu Nuannuan, and said word by word, "That's not prejudice."

"Don't mention him." Mu Nuannuan knew that she and Mu had a good relationship with Li Jiuheng. Ting Xiao couldn't make sense.

"I have said what I should say, and I have eaten the food, let's go." Mu Nuannuan issued an order to evict the guests.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and pulled his tie. He really didn't like this kind of life with Mu Nuannuan that couldn't be upright.

He lowered his eyes slightly, groaned for a moment, suddenly looked up at Mu Nuannuan, and called her name very solemnly.

"Mu Nuannuan."


"Marry me."


Mu Nuannuan blinked and asked him: "You say it again."

"I said..." Mu Tingxiao walked to her. He held her shoulders with both hands, and said solemnly: "Marry me, be my Mu Tingxiao's wife, and be together upright."

He always felt that there was still something he hadn't done before, and it turned out to be this.

On more than one occasion, Li Jiuheng used this incident to refute him.

He didn't really care about that marriage certificate, a wedding.

However, when these people mentioned him time and time again in front of him, he and Mu Nuannuan are now not legal couples.

This made him very upset.

He was going to plug the mouths of those people, and hold Mu Nuan warm.

Chapter: 515

Mu Nuannuan's mind flashed the answer quickly.

However, when the answer came to her lips, she turned around, and she suddenly couldn't say anything.

It's not the best time.

There are still too many things that have not been resolved, and the expert who hypnotized Mu Tingxiao did not find out. The current Mu Tingxiao only knows those things before, but he does not feel the same for those things that happened later.

Although he also had feelings for her, it was not as profound as the feelings of Mu Tingxiao for her later.

"Have you found the person who hypnotized you?" Mu Nuannuan changed the subject: "That person came to Mu Jinyun on the initiative. He must not just want to hypnotize you, but may also have other purposes. ..."

She can change the subject, and Mu Tingxiao can naturally ignore her words.

Mu Tingxiao reached out and lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him: "Answer me."

" I'll talk about this later." Mu Nuannuan brushed away his hand and took a step back.

Mu Tingxiao looked at his flicked hand in disbelief. After a moment of silence, he said, "Why do you want to talk about it later?"

Mu Nuannuan softened his tone and persuaded Mu Tingxiao: "There is still too much. I haven't figured out the matter, we can save our matter for later."

But Mu Tingxiao couldn't listen to her at all.

Mu Tingxiao grabbed her hand and fixedly looked at Mu Nuannuan, with a deep voice, "What can be more important than our being together?"

" Yes ." Mu Nuannuan looked up at him: "You Your memory is very important, and you are a complete person if you find it back."

Although Mu Tingxiao is now normal and no different from before, the memory must be retrieved .

Mu Tingxiao smiled with anger, "Mu Nuannuan, are you saying I am not a human now?"

In his opinion, the so-called reasons Mu Nuannuan said were not reasons, but the reasons she did not want to marry him.

Mu Nuannuan was a little helpless about this: "Mu Tingxiao, you can't be calm, can you listen to me rationally?"

Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes and said softly, "If I am not calm and sensible now, you think you are at this moment. Can you still stand here?"

He was obviously angry again, and he was very angry.

Because Mu Nuannuan could see the hostility looming between his eyebrows, he seldom showed such a look in front of her.

Mu Nuannuan shuddered, and her back felt a little cold.

Mu Tingxiao took a step forward and looked at him condescendingly: "Since you want to check the hypnosis expert so much, well, let me tell you a clue. When I went to find Li Jiuheng with you before, you were hypnotized by him. "

He mentioned this incident suddenly, and Mu Nuannuan was taken aback for a while before he reacted and said, "It was when you came out of the mountain, the time you saw him for a doctor?"

Jing Mu Tingxiao said, Mu Nuannuan thought. Woke up.

Mu Tingxiao said that he wanted Li Jiuheng to treat him, but his willpower was too firm, and Li Jiuheng did not succeed in hypnosis.

However, she was in a daze at the time, if it wasn't for Mu Tingxiao to grab her hand...

Mu Nuannuan was shocked: "I was hypnotized by him?"

"Stupid woman!" Mu Tingxiao stretched out her hand. She squeezed her face.

After being scolded by Mu Tingxiao, Mu Nuannuan was in no mood to care about him.

Mu Nuannuan's mind turned quickly, and she quickly realized the deep meaning of Mu Tingxiao's words: "Are you suspecting that Li Jiuheng was the hypnosis expert at the time?"

Mu Tingxiao seemed to have found something interesting and continued to pinch her. face.

Mu Nuannuan brushed his hand away, his complexion sank, Mu Nuannuan had no choice but to let him squeeze.

"How is this possible?" Mu Nuannuan still didn't believe that Li Jiuheng would be that hypnosis expert.

"If Li Jiuheng is the hypnosis expert, then why would he help Mu Jinyun hypnotize you? He is not short of money..."

Mu Nuannuan thought about it and said, "No, even if Li Jiuheng really wanted money, Then he does not need to help Mu Jinyun at all. Isn't he more promising to help you? You are the president of Mu's family, and you are the most powerful person."

She analyzed for a while and said: " So I don't think your idea holds true."

"He is not short of money, but some things are more important than money." Mu Tingxiao obviously had something in his words, and his eyes fixed on Mu Nuannuan's body.

"What do you look at?" Mu Nuannuan asked incredulously: "You don't mean to say that Li Jiuheng was hypnotized three years ago because he fell in love with me?"


Mu Tingxiao sneered, "Do not rule out this possibility."

"In your eyes, do you think I am a god? No matter who I am?" She and Li Jiuheng have been together for so long, but she really didn't feel Li Jiuheng. I like her and have love for her.

Therefore, this assumption does not hold.

"You know how to lift yourself up, look at yourself, you are stupid and stupid, where is she like a god?" Mu Tingxiao glanced critically at her, and his expression was full of disgust.

Mu Nuannuan was about to get angry, and Mu Tingxiao suddenly added leisurely: "If someone has the same deformed aesthetic as mine, do you like your stupid and stupid one?"

He also deliberately increased the last four words. .

Mu Nuan heating wanted to bite him, but Mu Tingxiao took a step back as if he had expected it long ago: "Although you are not a god, I always feel that everyone wants to grab him."

Although Mu Tingxiao is arrogant. , But it is extremely restrained emotionally.

He seldom expressed his feelings, he was using actions to prove to her.

It is also rare to say such words like love words.

Mu Nuannuan didn't react for a while, staring at him without blinking, staring at a pair of moist eyes.

Mu Tingxiao's heart moved, and he held her face and kissed it.

Compared with the previous kiss, this kiss is gentle and lingering.

At Mu Nuannuan's age, it is no longer the age to listen to love with his ears, but when he heard Mu Tingxiao say such things, he still felt heartbeat.

Not the kind of explicit love words, but extremely moving.

In a daze, she felt Mu Tingxiao's hand reaching into her clothes.

Her pajamas were loose, and he leaned in easily.


Mu Nuannuan reached out to stop him, and Mu Tingxiao's low-pitched voice sounded in her ears, with a hint of bewilderment: "Just touch it."

Mu Nuannuan's hand movement became a little slow. On the contrary, it is more like to refuse or welcome.

The two kissed and fell into a ball on the sofa.

Mu Tingxiao kissed her while stripping her clothes.

Mu Nuannuan originally only had one pajama on her body. Even if Mu Nuannuan backed away and was forced into the corner of the sofa, she still couldn't keep the clothes on her body.

Chapter: 516

Both of them breathed heavily.

The indoor heating was not turned on very high, and Mu Nuannuan, who was stripped of his clothes, felt very hot.

Mu Tingxiao kissed her all the way down her neck, leaving behind one after another ambiguous red marks.

Mu Nuannuan shuddered and curled up under him, and he spread it out one by one.

Mu Tingxiao raised her head, breathing hot and pecked her lips: "Relax."

Mu Nuan hummed helplessly, and was swallowed back by Mu Tingxiao with her lips in her mouth.

Mu Tingxiao calmed down, his eyes seemed to be filled with thick ink, and he fixedly looked at her: "Mu Nuannuan."

"Hmm..." Mu Nuannuan was pressed by him with one hand-under him, The euphoria in her body made her have nowhere to vent.

The only free hand squeezed the sofa fabric under him into a ball.

Mu Tingxiao's big palms were placed on her clenched hands, gently gathered, and easily held her hands in her hands, his tone was incredibly soft, "Will you marry me?"

"Well..." Mu Nuannuan's reason was only half left at this time, and it was completely a subconscious response.

The next moment, the dense rain of kisses hit her face and body.

After Mu Tingxiao's heavy breath sounded in his ears, he didn't stop...

... the

morning sun shone in from the window, and the soft light penetrated through the slits of the never-tightened curtains.

The two servants lying on the bed in the room were sleeping peacefully.

At this time, the phone on the bedside suddenly vibrated, and then the soul-stimulating ringtone of the phone broke the quiet of this morning.

Mu Nuannuan buried her entire head in the quilt, and vaguely heard the phone ringing, she didn't pull the quilt away, but habitually stretched out her white arms to find the phone on the bedside.

Unlike usual, she didn't touch her cell phone this time and the cell phone ringing stopped.

Mu Nuannuan half-opened her eyes blindly and pulled the quilt down. Before she got up, she heard a hoarse male voice in her ears: "It's still early, I'll go to bed later."

The man said while helping her. It was horned.

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly, and looked over at the sound, it was Mu Tingxiao's heroic face.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan squinting at him, Mu Tingxiao looked sleepy and lazy, his eyes softened again.

He kissed Mu Nuannuan's forehead lightly, and hugged her into his arms again: "Go to sleep."

Mu Nuannuan was indeed a little tired last night, but now she was coaxed by Mu Tingxiao's so nice and gentle voice. , I actually closed my eyes again and fell asleep.

When she woke up again, as soon as Mu Nuannuan opened her eyes, she heard Mu Tingxiao answer the phone in a low voice.

She raised her upper body and saw that Mu Tingxiao was wearing a bath towel around her body. She was walking outside while holding the phone in her hand, while lowering her voice to talk to the person on the other end of the phone.

His voice was low, and he was going outside again, Mu Nuannuan couldn't hear what he said too clearly.

Only vaguely heard individual words and words.

"Rice bucket...this...thing can't be isn't..."

Mu Nuannuan listened to a few words intermittently, and couldn't spell out what he said.

Mu Tingxiao had already walked to the door at this time. He walked outside. He could have closed the door with his backhand and went out directly, so he wouldn't see Mu Nuannuan wake up.

But he just touched the doorknob with his backhand, then turned his head and glanced at the bed, as if he was trying to determine if Mu Nuannuan was still asleep.

In this way, the two eyes collided in the air.

Mu Tingxiao stopped closing the door, hung up the phone, turned around and walked to the bed: "Why do you wake up, sleep for a while."

Only then did Mu Nuannuan realize that she was still naked...

She retracted the quilt. Here, what happened last night suddenly came into my mind... It was

obvious that she and Mu Tingxiao were quarreling, talking about Li Jiuheng, how did they get together in the end?

"Sleep for a while." Mu Tingxiao touched her head, then tucked her quilt.

Mu Nuannuan pulled the quilt over her head and stopped looking at Mu Tingxiao.

After Mu Tingxiao went out, Mu Nuannuan sat up holding the quilt and turned to get the phone on the bedside table.

There are several missed calls on the phone, some from Shen Liang and sometimes at night.

Calling her at night was nothing but to find Mu Tingxiao.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but flushed.

Shi Ye would call her to find Mu Tingxiao, it must be because he didn't see Mu Tingxiao at Mu Tingxiao's home and didn't answer the call, so he called her.

Shi Ye probably guessed that Mu Tingxiao had spent the night here.

Mu Nuannuan frowned, took a deep breath, and got out of bed to look for clothes to wear.

After she got dressed, Mu Tingxiao walked in.

He saw Mu Nuannuan sitting on the bed neatly looking at the phone, and he paused for a while before he walked over: "Not going to sleep?"

He sat down by the bed and reached out naturally to get Mu Nuannuan's phone. Put it aside and put it away.

Mu Nuannuan leaned over and avoided his hand, then turned the screen of the phone to him again, motioning him to read the content on the phone.

When Mu Tingxiao saw the content on the phone, his expression didn't change at all, indicating that he had seen these things early in the morning.

The content on the phone is nothing but the scandal about him and Su Mian.

At the dinner yesterday, reporters were mixed in, and many pictures of Mu Tingxiao and Su Mian standing or sitting together were taken.

Although the two did not have close contact, because of the tricky shooting angle, Mu Tingxiao and Su Mian were photographed with a warm feeling.

The warmest picture among them should be the one that Mu Tingxiao took over Mu Mu from Su Mian.

Fortunately, Mu Tingxiao was cautious. When he carried Mu Mu from Su Mian's hand, he did not show her face.

Even a professional reporter could not take a photo of Mu Mu's front face, which is enough to show how cautious Mu Tingxiao was.

Despite this, reporters took these photos and compiled them into stories and posted them on the Internet, and they were reprinted by major media. Now they are all over the Internet.

Mu Tingxiao took the phone and buckled it on the bed, staring at Mu Nuannuan very intently, and said in a serious tone: "Mu Nuannuan, you don't have to look at these useless things, they are all fake. I will let people deal with them as soon as possible. No, you are ready to be a bride."

"What bride?" She understood all the previous words of Mu Tingxiao, and she didn't quite understand the last sentence.

She did not remember that she had promised Mu Tingxiao to marry him.

"Did you forget about your own answer last night?" Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes, threatening.

Mu Nuannuan asked tentatively: "When did I promise you?"

If she really promised Mu Tingxiao, would she have no impression?

Baozhun Mu Tingxiao dug a hole to make her jump again.

Chapter: 517

Mu Tingxiao smiled inexplicably after hearing Mu Nuannuan's words, and then took out his mobile phone.

In front of Mu Nuannuan, he searched for a while on the phone, and then played a recording.

"Will you marry me?"

"Um..." The

man's voice was incredibly soft, but Mu Nuannuan could hear that it was indeed Mu Tingxiao's voice.

And the following soft response... A

touch of uncomfortable flashes across Mu Nuannuan's face, glanced at Mu Tingxiao who happened to be looking at her for a while, then looked at his mobile phone, clenched his fingers, and took advantage of Mu Tingxiao. When not paying attention, he directly reached out to grab the mobile phone in Mu Tingxiao's hand.

However, with Mu Tingxiao's observation power, how could she not see that Mu Nuannuan wanted to grab the phone.

He easily avoided Mu Nuannuan's hand and put the phone in his pocket.

Then she asked her in a leisurely tone: "I heard it?"

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips,

and said, "It doesn't count!" Mu Tingxiao didn't say much, just asked her: "You said this yourself. Is it true?"

"..." Mu Nuannuan fell silent, the voice was indeed hers, and she was also speaking.

But in the situation last night, she didn't hear Mu Tingxiao's question clearly, nor was she answering his question.

Mu Nuannuan bit her lip and yelled, "Despicable!"

"You can scold it, but you agreed to it." Mu Tingxiao was not only upset by her scolding, but she even dared to kiss her face shyly. she was.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head, slapped Mu Tingxiao's forehead, and pushed his head back.

"I don't want to see you now!"

Mu Tingxiao chuckled, "It's okay, anyway, I will see you every day."

Mu Nuannuan was about to laugh at Mu Tingxiao. Does this man know how to write the word "to face"?

At this time, the doorbell rang.

"I'll open the door." Mu Tingxiao stood up and took the initiative to open the door.

When Mu Nuannuan went out, she saw Mu Tingxiao putting breakfast on the table. The logo on the package was Jinding.

Probably Mu Tingxiao called and asked Jin Ding to bring breakfast over.

Mu Tingxiao heard the footsteps and looked back at her: "Eat breakfast."

Mu Nuannuan walked over and sat down silently.

During the whole breakfast, Mu Nuannuan barely spoke.

It was Mu Tingxiao, who had a lot of rare words, and said something to her from time to time.

Although Mu Nuannuan pretended to ignore him, she actually listened to her.

"I have arranged to prepare night and night, and I will make arrangements in the last few days. Then I will pick a wedding dress."

"If you want Miss Shen to accompany you..."

Mu Nuannuan always behaved coldly. But Mu Tingxiao still told her nothing in detail.

After eating breakfast, Mu Tingxiao left directly.

Only then did Mu Nuannuan have time to call Shen Liang.

"Nuan Nuan, are you okay? Why don't you answer the phone all the time?" Shen Liang's background sound sounded particularly empty, apparently answering her phone in an empty space.

Mu Nuannuan asked her: "Where are you?"

"I was rushing to announce it outside. I saw the news on the Internet in the morning, and I didn't answer the phone when I called you."

At this moment, a message came from Shen Liang . Unfamiliar voice: "Sister Shen, it's about to start."

This voice sounded a little far away.

Afraid of delaying her work, Mu Nuannuan said quickly: "I'm fine, you can go to work first."

"No, Nuannuan, this is not what I want to say." Shen Liang's tone became serious, and then he became silent again. moment.

Mu Nuannuan guessed that she was watching if there was anyone around to prevent anyone from hearing her next words.

"I looked at it before. The news first came out in the early hours of the morning. Gu Zhiyan told me that he and Shi Ye had already dealt with this matter, but he hasn't pressed it down yet. This shows that there are people behind the media who are supporting you. , But it is still unclear who it is, and no one has ever dared to fight against Mu's!"

There was also a hint of curiosity in the calm tone.

Just now Mu Nuannuan just glanced at the news roughly, but didn't know that these things were going to happen.

"It's okay, you can work first." Mu Nuannuan said to calm Shen Liang, "Those people just didn't dare to oppose Mu's family before, it doesn't mean they don't want to. Now even if someone is supporting him, you think Mu Tingxiao can't handle it. Is it?"

"That's true." Shen Liang looked like there was nothing Mu Tingxiao couldn't solve.

After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan went to the Internet to read the news again.

Even on Weibo, it was ranked No. 1 in the hot search, and there were two or three topics behind, discussing her and Mu Tingxiao, as well as Su Mian and Mu Mu.

However, the focus is still on the relationship between her, Mu Tingxiao and Su Mian.

The feelings of the three of them are entangled, which accounts for three topics, and there is one topic, mainly because they discuss Mu Mu.

She didn't care about the first three topics at all, and only clicked into the topic of "Mu Tingxiao's daughter".

"Does Mu Tingxiao really have a daughter?"

"I really envy his daughter. I also want to have such a rich father. Seeing Mu Tingxiao hug her, she feels so spoiled. This is the real princess in the legend! Thousands of pets and wealth!"

"From the posture that Mu Tingxiao hugged her, it can be seen that he was deliberately blocking his daughter's face. Is this because he was afraid that others would see it? It stands to reason that Mu Tingxiao's people would definitely check the banquet like last night to prevent reporters from being confused. Go in. He blocked his daughter's face so tightly at the time without knowing that a reporter was there. Why was he afraid that others would see his daughter? It was because the daughter was not good-looking and afraid..."

Mu Nuannuan Before reading Weibo, I clicked into the blogger's Weibo account to read it.

Almost all of this blogger’s Weibo is the kind of Weibo that ignites the heat of celebrity events and steers the whole thing to the wrong place.

It's a marketing account with a rhythm.

And under the Weibo that he said Mu Mu is not good-looking, there have been nearly 10,000 comments.

Mu Nuannuan clicked into the comment.

Unexpectedly, the first hot comment is to scold the blogger.

"The blogger has died of XX's mental retardation."

"An adult judges that a child is ugly on the Internet, don't you feel bad about it?"

"Even if Mu Tingxiao 's daughter is the most ugly in the world, people have admiration. A father like Ting Xiao is the most successful.”

“The blogger’s jealous disease is in the late stage and the identification is complete.”

“…I think the blogger has a good haircut. If it’s a healthy child, why not bring it to the dinner party? Show it to others? Isn't it because her daughter is so ugly that others are afraid of seeing it?"

Mu Nuannuan sneered when she saw this follow-up comment, and then retired from Weibo.

She thought of what Shen Liang had said before. This time, the news and topics on the Internet could not be suppressed. There must be no doubt that someone was secretly against Mu Tingxiao.

But who has such a great ability to compete with Mu Tingxiao?

Chapter: 518

Mu Nuannuan couldn't imagine anyone daring to fight Mu's family.

At this time, the doorbell suddenly rang outside the door.

Before Mu Nuannuan went to open the door, she looked through the cat's eyes and found that it was Shiye before opening the door.

"Shi's special help, why are you here?" After

opening the door, Mu Nuannuan realized that Shi Ye had brought a few bodyguards with him.

"Master asked me to come." Shi Ye said, nodding slightly.

Mu Nuannuan

turned her body to one side and said, "Come in and talk." In her cognition, Shiye is a trustworthy person.

"I won't go in, young lady, young master asked me to pick you up to see the wedding dress. If it is convenient for you, we can set off now."

After hearing Shiye's words, Mu Nuannuan was stunned.

She still remembered what Mu Tingxiao said before, but she didn't expect him to arrange it so quickly.

It seemed that he couldn't wait to get married.

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly and asked him, " Where

is Mu Tingxiao?" Shi Ye was still respectful: "Master is dealing with other things."

Mu Nuannuan asked again, "Where is Mu Mu, where is she?

" She is at Young Master's house." Speaking of Mu Mu, Shi Ye couldn't help but smile.

"What if I say I don't want to go to see the wedding dress?"

"Then I will send them to the house, what do you think of the young lady?" Shiye’s tone and expression were very serious, as if he had really thought about it. Serious answer given.

"Special help from time!" Mu Nuannuan increased his tone: "You also know that it is not time to talk about my marriage with him. There are still too many things that have not been handled properly. Why don't you persuade him?"

When Shi Ye was suddenly arranged by Mu Tingxiao to deal with their marriage, she was also a little surprised.

It was too sudden after all.

And he is a person who was married and remarried after divorce.

The result is a very important matter and should be treated with caution.

Sometimes, you don’t get married when you fall in love.

He and his wife got married as soon as they graduated from college, and they got married too early, so when there was a problem with their marriage, both of them were too tired to let go.

As Mu Tingxiao and Mu Nuannuan have gone through so much, he feels tired as a bystander and hopes that they can be happy.

But Mu Tingxiao was too strong, and sometimes the way he handled things was a bit extreme.

In Mu Tingxiao's world, what he wanted to do would surely be done.

"Madam young, you can't persuade him, how can I persuade him?"

Shi Ye's words left Mu Nuannuan speechless.

Mu Tingxiao was such an arrogant person, seldom heard other people's words.

"The young master’s personality is a bit different from ordinary people, but no one can stop him from doing what he has to do. I know that marriage is just a formality for you and the young master. You are not satisfied with him. Attitude."

Shi Ye said this into Mu Nuannuan's heart.

Mu Nuannuan was silent for a while.

Shi Ye also noticed this, and continued: "The young master has a personality defect, and you know this too well, but because of his hypnotized memory loss, it seems that his personality is worse than before, but he loves you. Your heart has not changed. You should know this very well in your own heart."

Mu Nuannuan understood what Shiye said.

There are only two meanings in his words.

One is that Mu Tingxiao is alone, but he always loves her.

The second is that this marriage must be tied or not, and no one has ever held up Mu Tingxiao.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan still had no response, Shi Ye said straightforwardly: "Think about it from another angle. After you get married, it's up to you how you want to talk to him."

Mu Nuannuan was originally because of Shi Ye's previous sentence. With frowning eyebrows, when he heard these words, only shock was left on his face.

Mu Nuannuan was stunned: "Shi's special help, it's a pity that you don't become an emotional expert."

Shi Ye coughed a little embarrassingly.

It's really difficult for him to be an assistant. In addition to finishing the work assigned by his boss, he also needs to help him deal with emotional problems.

How many can be an assistant who can do his job?

A look of help flashed across Shi Ye’s face and asked Mu Nuannuan, “Does the young man have time to see the wedding dress now?”

“Look, why don’t you look at it.” Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath, “Mu Tingxiao is now I rushed to marry me and wanted me to share the property with him. Why not do it."


Mu Nuan went to the bridal shop together at night.

Shi Ye's words also played a role in her heart.

What Mu Tingxiao wanted to do was to achieve his goal by unscrupulous means.

As a man, he is smart when he sounds good, and weird when he sounds bad.

Mu Nuannuan's little cleverness is not enough in front of him.

But she couldn't do anything to him, she simply said as Shi Ye did, marry him, and then pit him well.

Mu Nuannuan sat in the car, turned her head and looked at the building that kept receding outside the car window. His eyes flashed and he saw a venture capital company.

Suddenly, she had an idea and thought of something.

Mu Nuannuan suddenly said: "Stop."

Shiye turned back to look at Mu Nuannuan: "Young lady?"

The smile on Mu Nuannuan's face was deep: "Go to Mu Tingxiao, I'm going to find Mu Tingxiao."

Shi Ye didn't ask her what to do with Mu Tingxiao, so she drove to Mu Tingxiao directly.

She and Mu Mu had also visited Mu Tingxiao before, but they both went directly to Mu Tingxiao's office from the exclusive elevator in the underground parking lot.

When the car drove to Mu's door, Mu Nuannuan said, "Stop at the door, I'm going to go through Mu's door."

Shi Ye looked at Mu Nuannuan in the rearview mirror in surprise, but there was not much. What to say, stopped the car at the gate.

Mu Nuannuan didn't wait for the bodyguard to come over and open the door for her and went out.

Seeing that she got out of the car so soon, she said anxiously: "Young lady wait for me, I'll go to the car first."

Mu Nuannuan has not entered Mu Shi through the gate, and the front desk will definitely not let people go easily.

Mu Nuannuan only said: "You go first."

She raised her head and glanced at the Mu's building, then stepped in high heels.

The lady at the front desk recognized her as soon as she entered.

Their faces were filled with unconcealed surprise.

"Excuse me, this lady, do you have an appointment?"

Mu Nuannuan chuckled lightly, and said, "Since you don't know me, how do you know that I'm here to find someone?" There

was a flash on the face of the small receptionist who just spoke. awkward.

With good professionalism, the lady at the front desk kept a smile on her face and asked, "Excuse me, this lady, are you looking for someone?"

"Yes, I'm looking for your president, Mu Tingxiao." Mu Nuannuan finished. , I added a sentence: "Is he there?"

"He is...but if you want to see him, please make an appointment." The

receptionist probably read the news and believed the news, so she was in Mu Nuan. When Nuan said looking for Mu Tingxiao, their eyes showed a trace of disdain at the same time.

Chapter: 519

Mu Nuannuan suddenly realized: "Do you want to make an appointment?"

"Yes." The lady at the front desk still kept smiling, but there was still disdain in her eyes.

Mu Nuannuan can understand them, after all, in their hearts, Mu Nuannuan is an ex-wife who has always wanted to get back with Mu Tingxiao.

Moreover, now Mu Tingxiao already has "fiancee" Su Mian and "daughter of fiancee", Mu Nuannuan is still so stalking.

In the eyes of outsiders, Mu Nuannuan is now in such an embarrassing and completely unreasonable situation.

Mu Nuan Nuan pretended not to see their boredom, and continued to ask: "If you make an appointment, how long will it take to see him?" The

lady at the front desk made no secret of gloating in his tone: "The president's schedule has been scheduled for the next year, if you If you make an appointment now, you should be able to see him in

half a year ." After half a year, you will be able to see him.

This tone sounds like half a day.

"It will take so long..." Mu Nuannuan said with emotion. She always knew that Mu Tingxiao was very busy, but she didn't expect him to be so busy.

The lady at the front desk added another sentence: "Yes, but after half a year, you may not be able to make an appointment."

"It's really hard to see him." Mu Nuannuan said with a frustrated face.

When I parked my car and came in from outside, I just heard Mu Nuannuan's words.

His eyelids twitched, and he intuitively felt that the aunt's grandmother was going to make trouble.

As soon as he was about to step forward, Mu Nuannuan looked back at him as if feeling, and gave him a "don't care" look.

Shi Ye had to pretend not to see Mu Nuannuan, and then retreated.

The lady at the front desk didn't notice that the night came in and went out.

"After all, our president is not an ordinary person." The lady at the front desk and Mu Nuannuan were a little impatient after they had said so for a while: "Miss Mu, do you want to make an appointment?"

Mu Nuannuan said in surprise, "So you Do you really know me?"

"You don't know Miss Mu in Shanghai and Yangtze now. It's really rare." The front desk lady didn't even bother to pretend.

"Really?" Mu Nuannuan smiled: "Are you busy, I won't bother you."

"Miss Mu , don't you want to make an appointment?"

"No, I'll just call him." After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she smiled at the lady at the front desk, turned around and sat down on the sofa to call Mu Tingxiao.

The front desk didn't pay attention to Mu Nuannuan's words at all, and when Mu Nuannuan turned and left, they were still talking about her in a low voice.

"I have never seen such a shameless woman!"

"It's all on the news. She dared to come to our president, and I don't know where she came from!"

"Yes, our president even has a daughter. She still doesn't give up!"

"Destroying other people's feelings..."

Mu Nuannuan tilted her ears slightly and listened.

It turns out that these people are all evaluating her now.

Mu Nuannuan laughed, not caring at all.

She found a place to sit down and called Mu Tingxiao.

The phone rang twice and was connected.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao answered the phone, he asked, "What's wrong?"

It seemed that every time he answered her phone, he would ask questions like "What's wrong" and "What happened?"

"I'm downstairs in Mu's family. It's really hard to see you, Young Master Mu. The schedule is already in half a year. I can't make an appointment even if I want to make an appointment. What can I do?"

Mu Tingxiao heard the mockery in Mu Nuannuan's tone.

He didn't even change his tone, and asked her, "Where

is Shiye ? Where did he go?" "I'm here to find you, what do you ask him to do?"

Mu Tingxiao was sure now, Mu Nuannuan was Ask him to go down and pick her up.

Although she didn't know what Mu Nuannuan wanted to do, she wanted to come to him, and if she wanted him to pick her up in person, he went down in person.

"Wait for a few minutes."

Mu Tingxiao's voice fell, and Mu Nuannuan heard the sound of the chair being pulled away from him.

Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Tingxiao was here to pick her up.

I agreed so easily, but it was really meaningless.

Mu Nuannuan hung up the phone and looked around boredly.

Mu Tingxiao said to wait a few minutes, but Mu Nuannuan really only waited a few minutes, and she saw Mu Tingxiao coming out of the elevator.

Mu Nuannuan had been paying attention to the elevator entrance, so she could see him as soon as Mu Tingxiao came out.

Mu Tingxiao also saw her at a glance.

After he saw her, he took his long legs and strode towards her.

Mu Nuannuan hugged her arms and looked at him without expression.

There was no expression on Mu Tingxiao's face. He looked at her up and down, and reached out to lead her: "I came here alone?"

Mu Nuannuan subconsciously hid, but was still held by Mu Tingxiao.

He pulled Mu Nuannuan up and led her to the elevator.

The front desks on the side were so shocked that their eyes were about to fall out.

Mu Nuannuan thought that they were not stimulated enough, turned around and waved to them: "I'll go up first, work hard."

Several front desks showed a stiff smile at the same time, since the front desk that hosted Mu Nuannuan just now smiled as if they were about to cry.

After entering the elevator, Mu Tingxiao asked her, "Did they embarrass you?"

Mu Nuannuan knew that the "they" he was referring to were those front desks.

"No." Their reaction was also the reaction of normal people, and it was not really embarrassing her.

Mu Nuannuan said no, and Mu Tingxiao stopped asking more questions.

When the elevator door opened, Mu Tingxiao asked her again: "Did you go to see the wedding dress?"

"No." Mu Nuannuan raised her head slightly, looking indifferent.

Mu Tingxiao took her hand and squeezed it tightly, Mu Nuannuan felt it, but said something.

"Tomorrow I will accompany you to see."


Mu Nuannuan still showed little enthusiasm.

The two of them just walked to the door of Mu Tingxiao's office.

He opened the door to let Mu Nuannuan walk in first, and then closed the door behind.

"What to drink?" Mu Tingxiao asked her.

"Boiled water."

Mu Tingxiao stood up and poured a glass of plain water to her.

Mu Nuannuan took the water and saw Mu Tingxiao sitting down in front of

her, and said, " Aren't you busy?" Before Mu Tingxiao could answer, she continued: "Listen to them, your schedule is pretty good. It's been half a year."

"Even if the schedule is in the second half of your life, work is not as important as you." Mu Tingxiao's tone was serious, and it didn't seem like he had deliberately coaxed her to say that.

Mu Nuannuan paused when she was about to drink water.

She glanced at Mu Tingxiao, held the cup to her lips, took a sip of water, and then said, "Really? I am so important?"

"Of course." Mu Tingxiao looked at her fixedly, with serious and focused eyes: "At least, it's much more important than you think."

Mu Nuannuan nodded, and said leisurely: "Say nothing. Yes."

Chapter: 520

Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes slightly, and the expression in his eyes also changed slightly.

The two looked at each other in silence and did not speak for a long time.

For a long time, Mu Tingxiao was the first to speak.

"Then what if I give you Mu's?"

Mu Nuannuan was stiff, and a flash of shock flashed in her eyes.

She didn't expect that Mu Tingxiao would take the initiative to say this.

In fact, what she just wanted to talk about was the same thing.

Mu Tingxiao seemed to lack anything, as if he was invulnerable.

She does not deny his ability, but until now, most of his aura came from Mu Shi.

She couldn't help but want to test Mu Tingxiao.

If you want to test, test the big one.

She temporarily changed her mind and asked Shi Ye to send her to Mu Shi, just to talk about it.

But she didn't expect that Mu Tingxiao would say this first.

It could also be... he saw her thoughts.

But Mu Tingxiao was too deep, and he could completely hide himself when he didn't want people to see through his thoughts.

Mu Nuannuan looked into his eyes and couldn't tell what he was thinking.

Since Mu Tingxiao had said so, Mu Nuannuan had to accept the move.

She stayed straight, trying to make her tone sound a little calmer: "So generous?"

"Even me is yours, what about Mu Shi for you?" Mu Tingxiao held her hand and passed it to I kissed my lips.

Such words that are close to sweet words, when they come out of his mouth, there is no feeling that sweet words should have, but rather like taking an oath.

Solemn and solemn.

Mu Nuannuan felt that the scary thing about Mu Tingxiao was not only because of his uncertain personality, but also because he seemed to be able to insight into everything at any time.

He is too smart. He knows how to make a person suffer the most, and he also knows how to move a person the most.

It's just that they are too possessive and sometimes paranoid.

Mu Nuannuan was so surprised that she forgot to take her hand back.

Mu Tingxiao pulled her along the way, leaned over and kissed her lips, then whispered in her ear: "I will come to the company again at this time tomorrow."


until Mu Shi, Mu Nuan Nuan was still fainted.

Mu Tingxiao asked her to come to Mu clan to look for her again at this time tomorrow, is he really going to give Mu clan to her?

She... She was just talking, she didn't really want Mu Shi.

Mu Nuannuan was a little anxious.

It seems to be playing off a bit.


phone vibrated a few times.

It is a reminder of new WeChat messages.

Mu Nuannuan opened WeChat and found that Shen Liangxin had sent her a message.

Shen Liang sent a voice message.

Mu Nuannuan started listening.

"My work is over, do you have time to come out for dinner?"

"Okay." After Mu Nuannuan replied, she was about to take a taxi to Mu Nuannuan.

Shi Ye didn't know where it came from, and drove the car and stopped in front of her.

He got out of the car and opened the back door: "Where is the young lady, I will see you."

"Mu Tingxiao asked you to come?" Mu Nuannuan did not get in the car.

"Master knows you didn't drive out, so let me see you off."

"Mu Tingxiao's schedule is up to next year. You are his special assistant. You should be very busy. I can just take a taxi and go."

"Madam, please get in the car." Mu Tingxiao nodded slightly, and did not To listen to her meaning.

Mu Nuannuan had to get in the car.

She has been thinking about the previous things all the way, and she is now eager to find someone to talk to.

But she and Shi Ye were the only ones in the car at this time. Shi Ye was Mu Tingxiao's person, and she definitely couldn't chat with Shi Ye.

She had only heard Shi Ye's words before, and was so dizzy that she ran to Mu Shi to talk to Mu Tingxiao.

Shi Ye noticed that Mu Nuannuan looked at him in the rearview mirror a little badly, she shrank her neck and quickly turned her face away.

At the place agreed by Mu Nuannuan and Shen Liang, Mu Nuannuan got out of the car and went straight into the restaurant.

Shen Liang booked a box.

When Mu Nuannuan entered, she was looking at the menu.

"Look at Nuan Nuan, this restaurant has produced several interesting new dishes." Shen Liang spent money like water, cosmetics, bags, clothes, and delicacy were not left behind.

Mu Nuannuan walked over and sat down beside her.

"A handful of snow? What is the name of this dish?" Mu Nuannuan couldn't tell what this dish was.

"The name is interesting? Let's order one to try."

Mu Nuannuan glanced at the nearly four-digit price below, and shook her head: "Prodigal."

"No prodigal, but my own money." Shen Liang again Turning back: "You have to order food too! Hurry up, I have been stared at by my agent recently, and they didn't give me any good food, it must be said that I am fat."

Mu Nuannuan looked at the coldness. , Said honestly: "I seem to be a little fatter."

"Believe it or not, I'll hit you?" Shen Liang hugged the menu, making the appearance of hitting her.

Mu Nuannuan smiled: "It's okay, you can eat, anyway, even if you are fat by then, you will be chased by your agent to lose weight."

Shen Liang picked up the chopsticks and knocked her : "Nothing sounds nice. "

Yes ." Mu Nuannuan put her bag aside: "Hurry up, I have something to say when I click it."

Shen Liang's eyes lit up, and she likes to join in the fun.

She called the waiter to order.

Then she asked Mu Nuannuan curiously: "What is the business?"

Mu Nuannuan first said a less exciting news: "Mu Tingxiao proposed to me."

"Oh." Shen Liang nodded. The expression is very plain.

It can be seen from her reaction that Mu Tingxiao's proposal to marry her is indeed not very exciting news.

Shen Liang tilted her head and raised her hands to look left and right.

Then, she squeezed Mu Nuannuan's finger and asked her: "What about it?"


"Of course it's a ring!" Shen Liang blinked his eyes and asked in disbelief, "Isn't it about a marriage proposal?" Didn't you propose a ring for marriage? For such a big Mu's, the big boss didn't even buy a proposal ring. What are you going to marry? Don't marry! "

Mu Nuannuan doesn't mind the ring.

She pursed her lips and said the second thing.

"I went to find Mu Tingxiao before, and just came from him."

Shen Liang whitened her eyes and said, "He didn't buy you any proposal ring, and you agreed to his proposal? Are you still catching up with him now? "

No, I intend to negotiate terms with him."

"What conditions?" The excitement in Shen Liang's tone has long since disappeared.

She had no hope for the "negotiation of terms" that Mu Nuannuan said.

"About Mu clan, but I did not say that, he poured himself take the initiative to say."

Shen cool snorted and said: "? I tell you a little brain, you want to share ah Mu's how he said?"

"Not , I..."

Shen Liang already felt that Mu Tingxiao's attitude was not correct because of the previous ring. Before Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she interrupted her: "He won't give the shares? Don't get married. Up!"