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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 561-570 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 561

Mu Wanqi was of course not reconciled.

Xiao Chuhe and Mu Nuannuan are just servants at her command. This concept has taken root in her heart since she was a child. Even now, she still has this idea in her heart.

In her opinion, Mu Nuannuan was about to crawl under her feet and be a servant without complaint.

However, this Mu Nuannuan, who was supposed to be a servant at her feet without complaint, killed her Cheng Yu!

She finally stayed with Si Chengyu, but he was killed by Mu Nuannuan, a bitch woman, and Mu Tingxiao!

Mu Wanqi bit her lip, stood up and walked to Mu Nuannuan, raising her hand and slapped her face severely: "Mu Nuannuan, these two days have been my happiest days in the past three years. , Do you know why?”

Mu Wanqi slapped her with a lot of strength. Mu Nuannuan was numb by her slap. She took a breath and moved her jaw. After a few minutes Then the face became conscious.

She turned to look at Mu Wanqi's hideous face, and sneered: "No matter how happy you are, Si Chengyu will never come back to life."

Mu Nuannuan said these words on purpose to excite her.

And Mu Wanqi was easily irritated by Mu Nuannuan's words.

She reached out and grabbed Mu Nuannuan's clothes: "Mu Nuannuan, don't think that after a few days of comfort, you really think that you can be heart-free and worry-free. You don't need to pretend to be calm, because you won't be able to calm down soon. "


Nuannuan raised her eyebrows, her face was inconspicuous : "Really?" She didn't completely ignore Mu Wanqi's words, but because she wanted to know how Mu Wanqi's gourds were sold. What kind of medicine? So I want to use the radical method to let Mu Wanqi speak out.

However, Mu Wanqi was exceptionally tolerant this time. From yesterday to today, Mu Nuannuan angered Mu Wanqi when she caught the opportunity, but Mu Wanqi did not disclose a word.

This made Mu Nuannuan feel incredible, but at the same time a little uneasy.

She suspected that Mu Wanqi might have really hidden some powerful afterthoughts this time.

Mu Wanqi sneered, got up and went back to the dining table, and threw a piece of bread to Mu Nuannuan, in a high charity tone: "Are you hungry? Eat it."

Mu Nuannuan was a little hungry, but she didn't. Hungry enough to lose consciousness and pick up something to eat on the ground.

"Very stiff!" Mu Wanqi's eyes became extremely gloomy.

What she hates most is Mu Nuannuan's appearance as if she can't be defeated anyway, it is very eye-catching to look at.

But soon, she was able to break Mu Nuannuan everything inside and out, so that she could no longer maintain this calmness.

Mu Nuannuan sat on the ground without talking, and Mu Wanqi didn't bother to care about her, and started eating on her own.

Although Mu Nuannuan sat on the ground very embarrassed, she was paying attention to Mu Wanqi.

Compared to the Mu Wanqi I saw last time, Mu Wanqi is now thinner, she has a small appetite, eats a small piece of bread very slowly, and only drank half a cup of milk.

Even with heavy makeup, it is not difficult to see that Mu Wanqi's complexion at this time is extremely bad.

When I saw Mu Wanqi last time, Mu Nuannuan found that Mu Wanqi seemed to have some mental problems, and she easily became very irritable and still taking medicine.

Mu Nuannuan looked at Mu Wanqi calmly, until Mu Wanqi left after eating.

Mu Wanqi took people away, but did not take Mu Nuannuan away, only two bodyguards were left beside her.

The two bodyguards didn't put Mu Nuannuan in their eyes either, they stood together chatting, not worried that Mu Nuannuan would run away.

Mu Nuannuan felt that there was a problem in Mu Wanqi's heart. The things that Mu Wanqi did to her in the past two days, in terms of Mu Wanqi's personality, weren't really tortured.

Mu Wanqi was restraining herself and didn't hit her cruelly.

The bodyguards had been chatting nearby, and Mu Nuannuan sat on the floor pretending to be a little tired, so she moved to the next chair and leaned against the chair.

It's still tiring to pretend to be a weak person.

I don't know how long it took, and there was a loud noise outside.

"You can't go in."

"--Ah! Who are you?"

"You can't go in!"


Amidst the screaming and noisy voices, a very recognizable man's voice sounded.

"Get out of the way!" The

man's voice was low and deep, with a shuddering gloom.

This sound...

Mu Nuan looked towards the entrance of the restaurant fiercely, only then did she remember that she could see nothing in the restaurant.

The two bodyguards also heard movement outside, one said: "! I'm here watching you go out and see what happened '

?" Why should I go out to see, you do not watch out. " "

You How are people..."

"How come there is so much nonsense, if you let you go, go quickly..."


One of the bodyguards burst into foul language and walked outside.

However, he walked to the entrance of the restaurant and backed back.

It wasn't until he retreated to the dining room that Mu Nuannuan saw that someone was pointing a gun at his forehead and told him to retreat.

Behind the person holding the gun, there was a figure familiar to Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the figure and murmured, "Mu Tingxiao."

She was blocked by chairs and tables. Most people came in from the restaurant door and couldn't see her at a glance.

She spoke in a very small voice, but Mu Tingxiao walked towards her position accurately as if he had heard her voice.

Mu Tingxiao brought a lot of people over, and Shi Ye and a group of bodyguards followed him, all of them looked cold, and they didn't seem to be ordinary people.

The two bodyguards who were guarding Mu Nuannuan originally were here. One of them was pointed at the head by Mu Tingxiao's gun. The other saw it and said bluffingly: "Who are you, you are a private house, holding... …With a gun..."

Mu Tingxiao only glanced back at him, the corner of his lips hooked, and then he raised his foot and kicked the man out.

Then, he walked to Mu Nuannuan.

He stared at Mu Nuannuan for a few seconds, stretched his hand halfway, paused, and then retracted.

At this time, he spoke slowly, his voice was slightly lower, and a little hoarse: "Can you stand up by yourself?"

Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand to support the chair, and stood up.

Before she could stand firm, the man in front of her fished into her arms.

Since she was arrested by Mu Wanqi yesterday and now, for nearly twenty-four hours, she has neither washed nor changed clothes. At this time, the whole person looked very embarrassed.

Mu Mu Ting warm quiet and let the owl hold her for a moment before pushing him, in a very relaxed tone, said:. "You let me go first, from yesterday to now I have not washed face"

Mu Tingxiao didn't let go of her, and hugged her for a moment of silence, and then said without emotion: "You used to be as ugly as a ghost, and I didn't dislike you."

"..." Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips. , Squeezed his fist and beat him anger: "You are as ugly as a ghost!"

Chapter: 562

Mu Tingxiao Quandang did not hear her, holding her and not letting go.

Until Shi Ye came over, she yelled: "Young Master, Young Lady."

Mu Nuannuan quickly reached out and patted Mu Tingxiao, motioning him to let go.

Only then did Mu Tingxiao let go of her, but he did not let go, he still held her hand tightly, and looked at her carefully with his eyes down.

When he first came in, he saw Mu Nuannuan sitting on the ground leaning on a chair, and his heart was pulled up.

Like Mu Nuannuan, Mu Tingxiao knew how much Mu Wanqi hated her, so when she knew that Mu Wanqi took Mu Nuannuan away, her heart sank to the bottom of the sea.

The moment he saw Mu Nuannuan, apart from being happy, the rest was panic.

He was afraid that Mu Wanqi had done something unforgivable to Mu Nuannuan.

Fortunately, Mu Nuannuan could still stand up.

Mu Tingxiao stretched out his hand and touched Mu Nuannuan's blood clot wound very slightly, twisting his eyebrows into a knot.

Mu Nuannuan herself reached out and touched the blood-coagulated wound on her forehead, and explained to Mu Tingxiao: "It doesn't hurt, it hurts a little."

Mu Tingxiao heard this, and the knot on the eyebrow didn't relax. Some are still tight.

Mu Nuannuan patted his hand: "Let's go."

Mu Tingxiao looked around for a while and said, "You go out with Shiye and wait for me in the car."

"You..." Mu Nuannuan was about to ask him. Whatever he did, he guessed that he might be looking for Mu Wanqi, so he didn't say more, and obediently followed Shi Ye out of the villa.

There were several cars parked in front of the villa, and they were all driven by Mu Tingxiao and his men.

As soon as I got into the car, I found the medicine kit all night and said to Mu Nuannuan, "Madam, I'll get you some medicine."

Although Mu Nuannuan's wound only injured the skin layer, it can still heal faster if treated.

She closed her eyes and asked Shi Ye to help her treat the wound, and asked, "You prepared the medicine box?"

"No, on the way here, Master asked me to buy it at the drugstore on the roadside." Shi Ye said to the back, There was a smile in his voice.

He has followed Mu Tingxiao for many years. Most of the time, Mu Tingxiao has a cold appearance that is not close to anyone, but when he gets to Mu Nuannuan, he becomes extra careful.

As long as it was related to Mu Nuannuan, Mu Tingxiao could arrange everything in every detail.

Shi Ye thought of the words Mu Tingxiao had said to him before leaving, and his expression faded.

Mu Nuannuan could feel that she was very skillful in treating her wounds every night, and she could see that she used to help people treat wounds often.

She suddenly remembered that when she first married Mu Tingxiao, she rented a house in a slum, and that day, Mu Tingxiao was hit by a gunshot wound.

That time, Mu Tingxiao threatened her to fetch him a bullet, and without anesthesia, he carried it off abruptly.

This happened for too long. When Mu Nuannuan recalled this time, she felt like it happened in her previous life, but it actually happened.

Mu Nuannuan asked Shiye, "Did Mu Tingxiao get hurt often before?"

She had seen Mu Tingxiao's body, but she hadn't looked at his body carefully. There were scars on his body, but not many.

"It's not often, there are always accidents occasionally." Shi Ye said a sentence, obviously not wanting to say more.

At this time, Shi Ye had already helped Mu Nuannuan wash the wound, put the medicine on the gauze.

Mu Nuannuan opened her eyes and said, "I met Mu Tingxiao suffering a gunshot wound. It was when I first married him in the slum where I rented an apartment. You should also know about this."

Shi Yezheng The hand that received the medicine box paused and nodded slightly: "I know."

"What happened that time?" Mu Nuannuan didn't know the cause of Mu Tingxiao's injury, and she never asked again.

Thinking about it now, it is impossible for Mu Tingxiao to be injured by ordinary people, and it is even more unlikely for him to be injured by gunshots.

"I don't know very well. The young master didn't hand it over to me to deal with the matter. He took care of it himself." Shi Ye put the used up medicine into the medicine box one by one, and said slowly.

Mu Nuannuan frowned, "Didn't the Mu family do it?"

At that time, Mu Tingxiao focused on investigating his mother's kidnapping case. Who else could he offend besides the Mu family?

And what he offends is someone who can get a gun, who is no ordinary person.

Even a person with status like Si Chengyu might not be able to get a gun.

Shi Ye seemed to realize that she had missed her mouth, and her expression was a bit complicated.

Mu Nuannuan wanted to say something more when she heard the sound of a car engine outside.

She turned her head and looked over, and she saw Mu Wanqi stepping off the car, and Mu Tingxiao's men had already surrounded the car.

Mu Nuannuan also opened the car door and walked down.

Mu Wanqi's gaze passed through the crowd and fell straight on Mu Nuannuan's body, then curled her lips to reveal a very strange smile.

Mu Nuannuan thought of what Mu Wanqi had said before, frowned slightly, and did not walk over.

The bodyguards surrounded Mu Wanqi in the middle, and Mu Wanqi leaned on the body, not angry or smiling, calmly.

Her appearance made Mu Nuannuan more suspicious.

Mu Tingxiao walked out of the villa. He saw Mu Nuannuan outside. He strode towards her, pressed her shoulder directly, and stuffed her into the car: "Go to the car and wait for me."

"Why should I go to wait for you in the car? I'll wait for you outside." Mu Nuannuan looked at his expression, always feeling that his expression was a bit wrong.

Mu Nuannuan suddenly remembered what Mu Wanqi had said before.

She looked at Mu Tingxiao, her mind suddenly flashed, and there was a trembling in her voice that she hadn't noticed: "Where is Mumu?"

Her hands tightly held Mu Tingxiao's arms, beautiful pairs In the cat's eyes, a trace of fear gradually oozes.

Mu Tingxiao pursed her lips slightly, and said, "She is at home, we will go back to see her after we settle the matter here."

"Really?" Mu Nuannuan asked unsurely, uneasy in her heart.

Mu Tingxiao gave her a very affirmative answer: "Really." When

he finished speaking, he winked at Shi Ye, and Shi Ye immediately understood and quickly closed the door.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan got into the car and the door was closed, Mu Tingxiao walked towards Mu Wanqi.

Although Mu Nuannuan still felt uneasy in her heart, she believed Mu Tingxiao's words.

Mu Tingxiao would not lie to her.

She watched Mu Tingxiao walk towards Mu Wanqi, then retracted her gaze, turned to look at Shi Ye: "Shi special help, let me use my mobile phone."

"Who is the young lady going to call?" Shi Ye side Asked while holding the phone.

"Call home, I want to say a few words to Mu Mu." She would feel relieved only to hear Mu Mu's voice.

Although Mu Wanqi always looked high in front of her, but this time Mu Wanqi was too confident, Mu Nuannuan felt that it was not that simple.

Chapter: 563

When I heard that Mu Nuannuan was going to call back to China, his expression changed slightly and said, "My phone does not seem to have an international call."

Mu Nuannuan heard this. , Was stunned for a moment: "Is that so?"

When Shi Ye saw her letter, he nodded and said: "Wait, the young master comes, how about you make a call with the young master's cell phone?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at Shi Ye. Seeing that his expression was the same as usual, he replied: "Yeah."

Outside the car window.

Mu Tingxiao walked in front of Mu Wanqi. The bodyguards who had surrounded Mu Wanqi withdrew very consciously, but Mu Wanqi had not as many people as Mu Tingxiao, who had already hid behind. went.

Mu Wanqi was awakened in her memory. She still remembers the cruel methods Mu Tingxiao dealt with her back then.

Therefore, when she saw Mu Tingxiao, she couldn't help but shivered, and she was backing away.

However, there was a car behind her, so she didn't have to leave.

She fixedly looked at Mu Tingxiao, her facial muscles twitching constantly because of tension.

"I underestimated you." Mu Tingxiao stood in front of her, his eyes gloomy and a gloomy voice in his voice: "It seems that you, like Si Chengyu, want to die in a foreign country."

Si Cheng Yu's name was like a calming needle, which calmed Mu Wanqi a bit, no longer panicking like she was just now.

Her red eyes look to the Mu Ting owl, even though she was scared, but she was afraid and trembling questioning Mu Xiao Ting: "? You admit you killed Chengyu"

"He deserved death"!

Mu Ting Xiao's current memory has not been restored yet, but from Shi Ye's narrative, the scene at that time has been restored in his mind. In his opinion, Si Chengyu's death 10,000 times is not enough.

If it weren't for Si Chengyu, Mu Nuannuan would not have been lying in a hospital bed for three years.

Before marrying Mu Nuannuan, he forbeared for many years, no matter how the outside world misunderstood him, he didn't care what reputation he was carrying.

Mu Nuannuan is the person he puts on the tip of his heart. In this world, he doesn't care much, but he is just a Mu Nuannuan, and he can't protect it.

If Si Chengyu is still alive, even if it is a thousand cuts, it will be difficult to understand his hatred.

Mu Tingxiao’s tone was dark and cold, and Mu Wanqi seemed to be returning to the night a few years ago. In that dimly lit room, Mu Tingxiao sat coldly in the shadows, looking coldly at his hands. The knife cut her body piece by piece...

After a few years, the fear could still seep from the bottom of my heart.

"You should be fortunate that Si Chengyu died in that explosion. If he didn't die..." Mu Tingxiao curled his lips, showing a weird smile, and said nothing more.

Even if he didn't finish speaking, he already had enough deterrence.

Mu Wanqi's face was white, her eyes full of hatred, she shuddered and said, "Mu Tingxiao...Do you think I'm still Mu Wanqi three years ago? You and Mu Nuannuan can't escape It dropped."

Although Mu Wanqi was very afraid of Mu Tingxiao, she still insisted on letting go.

If she weren't Mu Wanqi, Mu Tingxiao might look at her differently.

"Heh." Mu Tingxiao sneered, and only gave a look at the man next to him. The man consciously stepped forward to tie Mu Wanqi, and quickly taped her lips with tape.

"" Mu Wanqi was still struggling to say something, but Mu Tingxiao did not give her this opportunity.

He turned straight onto the car where Mu Nuannuan was sitting, and Mu Wanqi was also taken by his men and got into another car.

Mu Tingxiao got into the car, and Mu Nuannuan asked, "What are you going to do with Mu Wanqi?"

When Mu Tingxiao was outside the car just now, he was talking with Mu Nuannuan and Mu Wanqi with his back to Mu Nuannuan. Mu Nuannuan could not see the faces of the two of them, and naturally it was impossible to hear what they said.

Mu Tingxiao's gaze paused for a few seconds on the place where the gauze was on her forehead, and then he said three words indifferently: "Complete her."

Since Mu Wanqi died by himself, then he would complete her.

Mu Nuannuan listened to his words and was silent for a moment before looking up at him: "Call Mu Mu, I want to hear her voice."

Mu Tingxiao heard this, and did not go to get his mobile phone, but said: "It's early morning in China."

Mu Nuannuan was taken aback. She had just forgotten the time difference between China and Country M, and just wanted to hear Mu Mu's voice.

"Then you make a video call to the servant, I want to see her." When Mu Nuannuan spoke, she could not help but tightened Mu Tingxiao's sleeves.

This time, Mu Tingxiao answered very simply: "Okay."

He took out his cell phone, dialed the phone and called back to China: "I want to see Mu Mu." He

didn't know what he said, so Mu Tingxiao hung up. I called and started the video.

As soon as the video was connected, Mu Nuannuan saw Mu Mu lying in bed sleeping on the screen.

Mu Nuannuan stared at the phone screen for a long time, and after she was sure that it was Mu Mu, her heart fell back to where she was.

Her nerves were too tight, and when she relaxed now, her whole body was a little weak.

She approached Mu Tingxiao's arms and said with lingering fear: "Mu Wanqi caught me, but didn't embarrass me..." Mu Tingxiao

interrupted her in a cold voice, "Isn't embarrassing you?"

Mu Nuannuan knew him. Referencing the injury on her forehead, Mu Nuannuan shook her head: "This is nothing. She hates me so much. If you count it, this little injury of mine is not embarrassing me at all, but she looks confident, as if already Holding my handle, I only thought of Mu Mu after deliberation..."

Speaking of this, Mu Nuannuan let out a long sigh of relief, and her tone became more relaxed: "Fortunately, Mumu is okay."

However, because Mumu is okay, she was even more puzzled.

Mu Nuannuan asked him, "You said, what exactly is Mu Wanqi's idea? What kind of medicine does she sell in the gourd?" Mu Tingxiao embraced Mu Nuannuan

's waist with one hand, and gently pressed the other hand. Pressing her head and letting her lean in his arms, her tone was rare and gentle: "Take a rest."

Mu Nuannuan was indeed very tired. Leaning against Mu Tingxiao's arms, she was surrounded by a familiar breath, and she felt calm. , I stopped thinking about it, and fell asleep after a while.

Feeling that the breathing of the person in his arms has stabilized, the pitiful gentleness on Mu Ting Xiao's face also disappeared, and a ruthlessness appeared in his eyes.

Shi Ye saw Mu Tingxiao's expression in the rearview mirror, and his expression tightened: "Master, Xiao..."

"Shut up." Although Mu Tingxiao's words were addressed to him, his eyes were straight. Looking ahead, I don't know what I am looking at or thinking.

Shiye glanced at Mu Nuannuan who was sleeping peacefully in his arms, moved her lips, but said nothing.

Chapter: 564

When Mu Nuannuan woke up, she was lying in bed.

There were soft-soft sheets under her body, and the room was extremely quiet, as if she was the only one.

At this time, Mu Tingxiao's voice sounded by the bed: "Awake?"

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw Mu Tingxiao sitting by the bed.

It turned out that he was also in the room, but he didn't speak.

"What time is it?" Mu Nuan warmed her hands on the bed and sat up.

Mu Tingxiao stepped forward to help her up, his voice was so flat that he could not hear a trace of ups and downs: "Eight o'clock." After

he finished speaking, he asked Mu Nuannuan: "Hungry? Go downstairs to eat."

Mu Tingxiao moved from behind. A handbag mentioned her, and Mu Nuannuan glanced at it and knew that it contained clothes prepared for her.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan didn't speak, Mu Tingxiao reached out and touched her head: "Can I wear it by myself? Or should I help you?"

His tone was serious, as if she was a disabled person with limbs.

Mu Nuannuan pushed him dumbfoundedly: "I'll wear it myself, you go out."

"I'll wait for you outside." After

Mu Tingxiao finished speaking, he stared at her uneasy for a moment before turning around and leaving.

After the room door was closed, Mu Nuannuan took out the clothes in the handbag.

The clothes inside are brand new, and there is a clear fragrance on them, which is obviously dried after being washed.

Mu Tingxiao was so caring, it was really unexpected.

After Mu Nuannuan changed clothes and went out, she saw Mu Tingxiao standing against the wall, her head hanging slightly, not knowing what she was thinking.

Hearing the sound of her opening the door, Mu Tingxiao raised his head suddenly.

His face was calm, his eyes looked around Mu Nuannuan's body, and then he slightly curled his lips and said, "It fits well."

"You bought it?" Mu Nuannuan lowered her head and pulled her clothes. , Asked.

Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes slightly, raised his eyebrows and asked, "Otherwise? Who do you want to buy?"

Mu Nuannuan didn't doubt at all. If she didn't give Mu Tingxiao a satisfactory answer at this time, he was sure. Be angry.

"I hope..." Mu Nuannuan was halfway through, and suddenly smiled and ran downstairs.

Mu Tingxiao followed, and said angrily, "Mu Nuannuan! You stop and walk slowly."

Mu Nuannuan can't actually run very fast. After all, she hasn't eaten much in the past two days and ran away. It slowed down within two steps.

She took a look at this room. It was a small villa. The layout was very simple, similar to Mu Tingxiao's villa in Shanghai.

Mu Tingxiao probably has a house in any country in the world.

Shi Yezheng was talking to the two bodyguards in the lobby. Seeing Mu Nuan warmed down, he stopped talking to the two bodyguards and turned to look at Shi Ye: "Young lady."

"Shi special help, have you eaten yet? "Mu Nuannuan asked him with a smile.

Shi Ye nodded slightly: "Not yet, I will eat later." As

soon as his voice fell, Mu Tingxiao had already walked downstairs.

Mu warm soles walked beside him, grabs her hands and took her to a restaurant to go, with a shallow tone of reproach: "run so fast, do not look at you now what looks like a ghost!"

She In the past two days, Mu Wanqi was given medicines that could not be used very hard, and she did not give water or food, her face was very bad, and she looked very haggard.

But, it's not like the "ghost look" he said!

"You are a ghost!" Mu Nuannuan glared at him, trying to shake his hand away, but he clenched so tightly that Mu Nuannuan could not shake it off.

The two went to the restaurant together.

The table was full of vegetables, porridge and soup, all suitable for Mu Nuannuan.

She drank some soup first, and after slowing down, she thought of Mu Wanqi again.

Mu Nuannuan put down her spoon and asked Mu Tingxiao, "Where did you let Mu Wanqi go? Did you ask what kind of abacus she did?" Mu Tingxiao

's hand was invisible. There was a pause.

He lowered his eyes and gave Mu Nuannuan a chopstick dish: "Take care of yourself first, I will deal with these things."

"I'll just ask." Mu Nuannuan found that Mu Tingxiao seemed to particularly not want her. Question about Mu Wanqi.

At that time, when Mu Tingxiao picked her up, Mu Wanqi also came here in the car. From this point of view, Mu Wanqi should also be in this villa.

The villa is so small, she can find the house where Mu Wanqi is.

She thought simple, but Mu Tingxiao did not give her a chance.

After eating, Mu Tingxiao forced her upstairs and let her sleep.

Mu Nuannuan had slept before, and now she has enough food and drink, where she can still sleep.

She lay on the bed with her eyes closed. After a long time, she didn't fall asleep, but she didn't open her eyes either. Mu Tingxiao thought she was asleep, so he tucked her quilt and went out lightly.

As soon as he went out, Mu Nuannuan opened his eyes, got off the bed, put on his coat and followed out.

When she followed out, Mu Tingxiao's figure just disappeared at the top of the stairs.

She waited at the door of the room for a while, feeling that Mu Tingxiao had already gone downstairs before following.

Mu Nuannuan lightly walked to the top of the stairs, and saw Shi Ye walking to Mu Tingxiao and saying something to him, Mu Tingxiao's complexion became ugly.

Then Shi Ye went out with Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Nuannuan followed closely behind them and found them entering from a small house next to the villa.

She stood outside and checked the size of the small room, guessing that it might be a basement inside.

It seems that Mu Wanqi is there.

Mu Nuannuan hesitated on the spot for a while, but still did not follow.

Mu Tingxiao has his own way of handling things, what is she going to eavesdrop on?

If she wants to know, she can just ask Mu Tingxiao directly?

Mu Nuan Nuan returned to the original road and returned to the bedroom.

Not long after, Mu Tingxiao returned.

He seemed to be afraid of waking her up, his movements were still very light.

Mu Nuannuan opened her eyes, pretending to be awakened by him, and turned over on the bed.

Mu Tingxiao was taking off his coat. He heard the movement and looked back at her: "Wake you up?"

"Not much asleep." Mu Nuannuan pulled the quilt and looked straight at him with his eyes. Reflection.

Mu Tingxiao unbuttoned his shirt, walked over, bent over and kissed Mu Nuannuan.

The kiss came very suddenly, Mu Nuannuan just paused, and put her arms around his neck in response.

Mu Tingxiao was moved by the kiss and put his hand into the quilt.

In the coolness, he scraped his fingers on the soft skin with rough fingers, causing Mu Mingnuan to shiver fiercely.

She opened her eyes suddenly, held down Mu Tingxiao's hand, panted slightly and asked him: "Where did you go?"

"Do business." Mu Tingxiao was obviously a little impatient, and he wanted to get away from her again. Hands, continue to kiss her.

But Mu Nuannuan looked like he was on the bar, still holding him firmly with his hands, and asked, "What is the business?"

Chapter: 565

"Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Tingxiao called out her name in an aggravated tone, obviously expressing dissatisfaction with her investigation at this time.

Mu Nuannuan held down his hand and didn't let him move, so he didn't bother to take care of that hand. He directly lowered his head and kissed her lips, and said vaguely, "What's going on now is also business."

Mu Nuannuan He immediately released him, pushed him aside, pulled the quilt over his head, and isolated him.

Mu Tingxiao was also temporarily interested, but Mu Nuannuan didn't want to do it, and he didn't force it.

He undressed, lay on the bed, and hugged Mu Nuannuan into his arms through the quilt.

Although the heating is on in the room, it is still cold.

Of course Mu Nuannuan was not willing to let him catch the cold, so she opened the quilt and covered him.

Mu Tingxiao was not polite at all, and he reached out and fished Mu Nuannuan into his arms.

The room fell into silence, but Mu Nuannuan felt a little insomnia.

She wanted to turn over, but found that Mu Tingxiao was holding her waist, she couldn't move at all.

"Can't sleep?" Mu Tingxiao's low voice sounded from his ears.

Mu Nuannuan didn't speak, but stretched out her hand to cover the back of Mu Tingxiao's hand.

"Since I can't fall asleep, let's settle the account."

"What account?"

"The days in country M are too easy, you forget how you came out?" Mu Tingxiao's tone was the same as usual, but his tone But there is a chill that seems like nothing in it.

When he said that, Mu Nuannuan couldn't remember how she came out.

Before, she quietly bought a ticket when Mu Tingxiao was not at home, and when she was about to board the plane, she told Mu Tingxiao that she was going to country M.

After thinking about it, Mu Nuannuan was very guilty.

Mu Nuannuan shook Mu Tingxiao's hand, fearing that he was so angry, he started with her.

However, the next moment, Mu Tingxiao went on to say: "The wedding is also delayed, Mu

Nuannuan, how do you want to pay me?" Mu Nuannuan felt embarrassed at first, so when Mu Tingxiao said this, The more I feel that I have done a little too much.

Mu Nuannuan asked him simply, "What do you want?"

Mu Tingxiao was silent for a moment, and said, "Play with me for a while in Country M."

Mu Nuannuan was slightly surprised when she heard this, she didn't expect Mu Ting. The owl would make such a simple request.

Seeing Mu Nuannuan's delay in answering, Mu Tingxiao put her arms around her waist and tightened a bit, with a hint of threat in her tone: "Why? Disagree?"

"Agree." Although she wanted to admire Mu, But for now, he has to coax Mu Tingxiao well.

... After

Mu Nuannuan agreed to play with Mu Tingxiao in country M for a period of time, Mu Tingxiao gave her two days of cultivation time, and then took her to play around.

During this period, she went out with Mu Tingxiao in the morning almost every day, and did not return until the evening.

When they went out to play, not only did they not bring bodyguards, they did not bring them even all the time.

Shiye seems to be very busy too. Often they go back after eating out at night, but Shiye hasn't yet.

After a long time, Mu Nuannuan became suspicious.

On this day, when she and Mu Tingxiao were having breakfast together, she seemed to ask unintentionally: "What are you busy with? I raised a woman outside.” The next

half sentence was purely joking, but unexpectedly Shi Ye happened to come in from outside and just heard her.

Shi Ye said embarrassingly: "My wife asked me to buy cosmetics for her. I am not very familiar with women's cosmetics, so I went to the counters to help her buy them these days..."

This explanation is quite credible.

Before Shen Liang went abroad to participate in activities, he helped Shi Ye's wife with several skin care products.

Shi Ye is such a rigid and rigorous person running around the counter to help his wife buy cosmetics. This picture is unimaginable.

"You can ask me to help your wife take a look. Anyway, I'm also playing outside with Mu Tingxiao these days." Mu Nuannuan said this very sincerely, but dare you ask her to help you watch it all night?

Shi Ye shook his head and refused: "I will help her buy it myself, and I will appear more sincere." In the

next few days, Mu Nuannuan and Mu Tingxiao still went out early and returned late.

Seeing that a week has passed, Mu Tingxiao still has no plans to return to China. Mu Nuannuan found an opportunity to tentatively said, "Should we return to China?"

Mu Tingxiao showed no attention to this: "

Play for a few more days." In the past few days, she and Mu Tingxiao went out to play, just going shopping, climbing mountains, and shopping.

She didn't think it was fun, and she didn't think that Mu Tingxiao was too happy.

She even had a faint feeling that Mu Tingxiao did not simply want to play with her in Country M for a few more days, but as if she was dragging time and didn't want to take her back to China.

Once this idea came out in my heart, it grew wildly in my heart.

Mu Nuannuan started paying attention to Mu Tingxiao's words and deeds, paying attention to the time when Shi Ye came back, and how often the two talked together.

She found that she would buy a set of big-name cosmetics every day when she came back every day. It looked like she was really out to buy cosmetics for his wife all day long.

Shi Ye, as Mu Tingxiao's right-hand man, was absolutely incomparable to ordinary people.

Although he didn't understand women's cosmetics, even if he bought them according to her wife's request, and checked the counter address online, after so many days, if he bought eyeshadows and lipsticks, he should buy them all.

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

Shi Ye was probably doing something to help Mu Tingxiao under the pretense of buying cosmetics for his wife, and Mu Tingxiao took her out to play every day, probably because she did not want her to know what Shi Ye was doing.

These two people had something to hide from her, and it was a major event.

Mu Tingxiao wanted to hide from her, which meant that it must not be a good thing.

If Mu Tingxiao didn't say anything, she couldn't ask directly. If she asked directly, it would make Mu Tingxiao vigilant and make up any reason to fool her.

Mu Nuannuan's little cleverness is not enough to see in front of Mu Tingxiao.

She suddenly remembered that that day, she followed Mu Tingxiao downstairs, and after hearing Shi Ye's words, Mu Tingxiao went to the basement to see Mu Wanqi with an ugly expression.

These days, she did not ask about Mu Wanqi, because Mu Tingxiao had said he would handle it.

She was planted in Mu Wanqi's hands this time, and Mu Tingxiao had the right to stop her from asking about Mu Wanqi again when she came to save her.

But now it seems that this matter may have something to do with Mu Wanqi.

Mu Nuannuan got these things out of her mind, and waited for the opportunity with peace of mind.

... the

next morning.

Same as the previous few days, Mu Tingxiao planned to take Mu Nuannuan out to play early in the morning.

When she got out of the villa and got into the car, Mu Nuannuan flipped through her bag, frowning and said, "I seem to have forgotten to bring my lipstick."

She turned her bag upside down and talked to Mu Tingxiao. Said: "Wait for me, I will go back to get the lipstick."

Mu Tingxiao didn't doubt that he was there: "Go."

Mu Nuan smiled, "I will be back soon."

Chapter: 566

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car and entered the villa.

As she walked into the villa, she looked back out of the gate.

Until she couldn't see Mu Tingxiao's car outside the villa, she squatted on the ground and quickly walked to the small house that entered the basement.

After she entered, she closed the door and walked down the basement entrance.

The lights in the basement are bright, with bodyguards guarding them.

When the bodyguard saw Mu Nuannuan, his tone was a little confused: "Madam Young?" It

was the first time they saw Mu Nuannuan come down to find Mu Wanqi in so many days.

Mu Nuannuan stopped and looked inside, only vaguely saw an outline, raised her head and asked the bodyguard, "Is she still reluctant to speak?"

She didn't know what Mu Tingxiao had asked Mu Wanqi, but this ambiguous question , Enough to make the bodyguard believe what Mu Tingxiao knew, she also knew.

Mu Tingxiao's attitude towards Mu Nuannuan was all seen in his eyes. Hearing Mu Nuannuan's question, he naturally thought that Mu Tingxiao had told her everything.

One of the bodyguards said, "She still didn't say it, her mouth was very hard."

Mu Nuannuan couldn't ask more, because she was afraid of being exposed.

"I'm going to see her."

Mu Nuannuan walked inside and saw Mu Wanqi sitting on a chair with an ankle chain tied.

Mu Wanqi was locked in the dark basement for more than a week. Her face was pale and haggard. Although her clothes were dirty, she didn't seem to have suffered any skin injuries.

Mu Wanqi heard the footsteps, and raised her head lazily. When she saw that the person in front of her was Mu Nuannuan, a vicious glance crossed her eyes: "Is it you?"

Mu Nuannuan was actually a little surprised, Mu Ting Would Xiao Xiao be so kind to Mu Wanqi?

She thought that Mu Tingxiao would try his best to torture Mu Wanqi.

He didn't even torture Mu Wanqi.

"Why? I'm surprised to see me standing here so intact?" Mu Wanqi looked at her carefully, with a brief doubt in her eyes.

But soon, the doubt in Mu Wanqi's eyes became clear.

"Don't you know?" Mu Wanqi chuckled her lips and smiled so that her entire face was strangely distorted.

Mu Nuannuan sneered: "What should I know?"

"Haha!" Mu Wanqi raised her head and laughed, until tears fell out of her smile, before she continued: "Mu Nuannuan, how could there be a mother like you in the world? My daughter has been taken away. It’s sad that you can still be so indifferent!”

Mu Nuannuan’s face changed, and her voice contained a subtle tremor: “What did you say?”

“So you didn’t know?” Mu Wanqi shook her head and said in a weird voice: "Don't Mu Tingxiao love you very much? He didn't even tell you that your daughter was taken away, hahahaha..."

Mu Nuan Nuan thought before that the people on Mu Wanqi's side might attack Mu Mu.

However, Mu Tingxiao told her that Mu Mu was staying at home well, and she had been making video calls with Mu Mu during this time, which showed that Mu Mu was still at home well.

"Mu Wanqi, I had a video call with Mu Mu yesterday. Are you telling me that she was taken away?" Mu Nuan made an unabashed ridicule on her face.

Mu Wan Qi Wen Yan, looking slightly changed a bit, soon returned just look askew proud: "If your daughter still at home, why is not you so long to return?"

This sentence, all of a sudden Just pinched Mu Nuannuan's lifeline.

The speculation in her mind also had a reasonable explanation.

Mu Mu was taken away, so Mu Tingxiao did not take her back to China, fearing that she would find that Mu Mu was not at home, and that she might be looking for Mu Mu when she went out early and returned late during this period of time.

Everything makes sense.

Mu Nuannuan only felt a chill, which soaked her limbs and skeletons in an instant.

She staggered two steps, and after reacting, she turned around and wanted to find Mu Tingxiao.

However, when she turned around, she found that Mu Tingxiao didn't know when she had arrived in the basement.

He stood gloomily at the entrance of the basement, and the two looked at each other.

Mu Nuannuan looked at him and didn't even dare to ask him aloud whether what Mu Wanqi said was true.

Mu Tingxiao didn't speak, and walked over.

After he approached, Mu Nuannuan could see his cold expression.

Mu Tingxiao walked past her, walked to Mu Wanqi with a gloomy breath, and kicked the chair she was sitting on with one foot.

Mu Wanqi was just sitting on a chair, not tied to the chair. The chair was kicked by Mu Tingxiao to the wall and fell to pieces. Mu Wanqi also fell to the ground.


Ah--" Mu Tingxiao's expression was so gloomy as Yan Luo came to kill her. Mu Wanqi was so scared that she hugged her head and screamed, shivering and shrank into a ball.

However, Mu Tingxiao did not do anything to her.

Because of his mother, he almost never targeted women, even the vicious-minded Mu Wanqi.

Back then, Mu Wanqi nearly killed Mu Nuannuan. He was so anxious at the time. He was just asking the bodyguards to cut her flesh and wanted to torture her to death, but he didn't do it himself.

The same is true now.

Mu Nuannuan stood by, watching Mu Tingxiao's series of actions coldly.

Many things, without saying too clearly, she already understood.

Mu Tingxiao had deceived her from the very beginning, and Mu Mu was taken away, and it has been several days since she was taken away.

And Mu Tingxiao tried to hide it from her, not letting her know.

Mu Nuannuan bit her lip, walked up to Mu Wanqi, stretched out her hand to pinch Mu Wanqi's chin tightly, her voice was cold and hoarse: "I ask you, who took my daughter?"

Mu Tingxiao While she was still here, Mu Wanqi was very afraid of him. Even though she hated Mu Nuannuan, she replied: "I don't know."

"I don't know?" Mu Nuannuan pinched her chin and moved her fingers down and pinched her. Slowly tighten his neck.

At first, Mu Wanqi didn't take it seriously, but Mu Nuannuan's hands tightened and her breathing became more and more difficult before she realized that Mu Nuannuan was really killing her.

"Let...Let go...I...I really don't know..." Mu Wanqi's face turned blue and purple: "He...he will...take the initiative to"

Mu Nuannuan Still didn't let go,

she continued to ask: "Take the initiative to find me?" At this moment , a pulling force suddenly came from behind her, holding her arm with one hand, pulling her up.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and saw Mu Tingxiao's tight face, her lips pressed tightly, and anger was brewing in her eyes.

"Mu..." Before Mu Nuannuan could call out his name, he was dragged out of the basement.

Mu Tingxiao's movements were very rude, holding Mu Nuannuan's wrist hurt.

Out of the basement, Mu Tingxiao shook her hand away and looked at her with a cold face: "Don't interfere in this matter!"

"Why didn't I intervene! They took Mu Mu!" Mu Nuan became hot. Eyes, but did not shed a tear.

Mime private 567

Chapter: 567

Mu Tingxiao's complexion was slightly stagnant, but it didn't ease much.

He stared at Mu Nuannuan closely, his eyes sharp as if he wanted to see her through: "What were you thinking when you were in the basement? Are you trying to choke Mu Wanqi to death?"

Mu Nuannuan raised her head sharply. , Widened his eyes and looked at Mu Tingxiao.

The palm of her hand hanging beside her involuntarily clenched, she just really wanted to choke Mu Wanqi to death...

She hated Mu Wanqi and hated Mu Wanqi for taking action against Mu Wan in conjunction with others.

Since childhood, Mu Wanqi had done so many things to her, she just wanted to return the things that Mu Wanqi did to Mu Wanqi, not much hatred.

After all, she had never expected Mu Wanqi, her half-sister.

Without expectation, naturally there will be no hate.

However, Mu Wanqi really united others to act on Mu Mu.

Because of Mu Mu's childhood, Mu Nuannuan felt owed to her in her heart, and now she was arrested because of the grievances between their adults, which made Mu Nuannuan unable to accept.

Mu Nuannuan did not speak, and Mu Tingxiao did not say anything, just waiting for her to speak.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath, eased her emotions, and asked Mu Tingxiao in a calm voice as much as possible: "When was

Mu Ting taken away?" Mu Tingxiao frowned and was silent for a moment before speaking. "The day I arrived in country M."

Mu Nuannuan laughed mockingly while biting her lip.

"It turns out that Mu Mu was taken away so early?" Mu Nuannuan shook her head, staring at Mu Tingxiao's eyes with a bit of coldness: "As soon as your front foot is gone, their back foot took Mu Mu away?"

Mu The words behind Nuan Nuan were in Zhu Mu Tingxiao's heart.

Although she didn't say it clearly, her tone was accusing Mu Tingxiao, accusing him of failing to protect Mu Mu.

Mu Tingxiao saw through her mind, but couldn't say a word.

In this matter, he has nothing to say.

"Mu Mu didn't tell me if he was taken away, she kept me in the dark!" Seeing him not speaking, Mu Nuan became more angry.

"Mu Tingxiao! Mu Mu is your biological daughter! If you let someone protect her when you leave, can those people be taken away so easily!"

Mu Nuannuan thought of a child as young as Mu Mu , Was taken away by a group of people who didn't know what kind of people it was.

She raised the volume, her tone was very cold, and the aura on Mu Tingxiao's body was also very gloomy. The bodyguard beside her did not dare to come and say anything, so she called Shi Ye.

It didn't take long for Shi Ye to leave and came back quickly.

When he returned, Mu Nuannuan had already returned to the hall with Mu Tingxiao.

"Young master, young lady." Shi Ye walked to the two of them, bending slightly.

As soon as Mu Nuannuan saw him, she stood up and asked anxiously: "

Shi Ye Special Assistant, is there any news?" The bodyguard who called Shi Ye had already told Shi Ye, Shi Ye on the phone. Ye heard Mu Nuannuan's question, and she was not surprised.

He glanced at Mu Tingxiao, and then said to Mu Nuannuan, “The people who took Mumu away are very cunning. We have been following them these days, but they have been one step faster than us.”

Mu Nuannuan sat with cold hands and feet. Back on the sofa, the hall fell silent.

After a while, Mu Nuannuan stood up and walked out. Mu Tingxiao

got up and quickly

grabbed her, "Where are you going?" "I'm going to find Mu Wanqi." Mu Nuannuan threw away his hand after speaking.

She remembered that Mu Wanqi had just said that those people would take the initiative to find her.

Mu Wanqi must not just talk about it, she knew those who had taken Mu Mu, and she would surely get the news out of her mouth.

However, before she took a few steps, she was stopped by Mu Tingxiao again: "You are not allowed to go!"

Mu Nuannuan stared at Mu Tingxiao in disbelief and said, "Mu Tingxiao, you don't care about Mu Mu, I will take care of it. Get away!"

Mu Tingxiao did not speak, and reached out to hold her wrist: "Mu Nuannuan, I will take care of this."

Mu Nuannuan almost gritted his teeth and said word by word: "Myself My daughter, I will find it myself."

She shook Mu Tingxiao's hand away and walked outside.

Mu Tingxiao yelled from behind, "Shi Ye!"

Shi Ye immediately stopped in front of Mu Nuan Nuan, and said embarrassedly: "Young Madam..."

Mu Nuan Nuan stopped, and his mind turned quickly.

Mu Tingxiao did not tell her that Mu Mu had been arrested, nor did she let her find Mu Wanqi. Why?

Mu Nuannuan raised her eyes to look at Shi Ye, and asked in a cold voice, "Shi Ye, tell me, is there news about Mu Mu?"

Shi Ye's complexion changed slightly, and she pressed her lips and said nothing.

If there is no denial, there is news.

Mu Nuannuan sneered and looked back at Mu Tingxiao: "You tell me yourself, or should I ask Mu Wanqi?" Mu Tingxiao

looked at her for a while and suddenly called her name.

"Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Nuannuan thought that Mu Tingxiao had figured it out clearly and wanted to tell her the news of Mu Mu, but she didn't want to. Her staying energy hurt and her whole person lost consciousness.

Before she lost consciousness, she saw Mu Tingxiao's cold and unfeeling eyes.


When she woke up again, Mu Nuannuan smelled the fragrance of the food.

Mu Tingxiao stood in front of the bed against the light, casting a shadow, and said indifferently, "Get up and eat when you wake up."

Mu Nuannuan looked around, sat up abruptly from the bed, and saw the food on the table at a glance.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed, as if to verify something, and walked quickly towards the door.

Mu Tingxiao did not stop her uncharacteristically, but just watched her walk to the door.

Mu Nuannuan opened the door and saw the bodyguard guarding outside the door.

The bodyguard first glanced at Mu Tingxiao to see what his attitude was, and then asked Mu Nuannuan aloud: "What's your order, Madam Young?"

"Sure enough." Mu Nuannuan laughed self-deprecatingly, and closed it with a "bang". Closed the door.

She turned her head and looked at Mu Tingxiao with cold eyes: "In your eyes, I am a kitten or a puppy. Lock me up if you want to shut it down?"

"Let's eat." Mu Tingxiao seemed to have not heard what she said. Yes, he turned around and sat down at the table with his eyes on her, motioning her to come over to eat.

Mu Nuannuan shouted at him with a little collapse: "I'm not going to eat, I'm looking for Mumu!"

Mu Tingxiao looked very calm: "Mumu, I'll look for it."

"Then you go look for it! What did you lock me up for?" Mu Nuannuan closed her eyes, and reached out her hand to cover her face to calm her emotions.

She didn't know what Mu Tingxiao wanted to do.

Why did you find Mu Mu to lock her up?

Why did she hide the matter about Mu Mu? Although she loved Mu Mu, she was not so vulnerable to know that Mu Mu would collapse if she was taken away.

What happened to her was that Mu Tingxiao locked her up and didn't let her do anything.

Chapter: 568

Let Mu Nuannuan face Mu Tingxiao hysterically, and Mu Tingxiao also looked like Taishan collapsed in front of him.

After Mu Nuannuan calmed down completely, Mu Tingxiao got up and walked over, and straightly led her to the table, and said without emotion, "Eat."

Mu Nuannuan looked at him coldly, without saying a word.

"Don't eat?" Mu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes, his tone of anger was obvious.

Mu Tingxiao sneered: "You don't need to eat, then you don't even want to see Mu Mu."

Mu Nuan raised her head fiercely, gave Mu Tingxiao a fixed look, pressed her lips tightly, picked up chopsticks and started eating .

She had no appetite, but Mu Tingxiao was so determined to stare at her for dinner, she could only force herself to eat some.

After dinner, a servant came up to clean up the tableware.

Mu Nuannuan had calmed down now.

She glanced outside the door and asked Mu Tingxiao, "I can't even step out of the door of this room now?"

"You burned my villa before." Mu Tingxiao laughed unclearly.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion was slightly stagnant, and the reason why she would burn Mu Tingxiao's villa at the time was because he locked her in the villa and prevented him from going out.

Mu Nuan said mockingly, "That really makes you bother."

Mu Tingxiao did not speak, got up and went out.

As soon as he left, Mu Nuannuan kicked the chair in front of him uncontrollably.

She couldn't figure out why Mu Tingxiao would not let her out, nor let her help find Mu Mu together.

I can't figure out why I want to break my head.

Suddenly, Mu Nuannuan felt like she was thinking of something. She touched her pocket and found that it was empty. She walked to the bed to look for it, and finally found her mobile phone on the bedside table.

Mu Tingxiao even left her mobile phone?

There was a flash of joy in Mu Nuannuan's eyes, and she picked up her mobile phone and found that there was no calling card in the mobile phone!

She was given her mobile phone, but she didn’t have a calling card...

She is now in country M, in this foreign country, except for Li Jiuheng, whose whereabouts are unknown, she doesn’t know anyone else, even if she calls Shen Liang, it’s Yuanshui. Can't save near fire.

So, when Mu Tingxiao gave him his cell phone, not to prevent her from calling other people, but to prevent other people from calling her?

Mu Nuannuan remembered the words Mu Wanqi had said before.

Mu Wanqi said that those who took Mu Mu would take the initiative to find her.

In other words, the reason why Mu Tingxiao didn't give her a calling card was to prevent those people from contacting her?

Why should we prevent those people from contacting her? Could it be that the ultimate goal of their arrest of Mu Mu was actually her?

Mu Nuannuan murmured: "How could it..." The

more she thought about it , the more she felt this possibility was very high.

Those people arrested Mu Mu for the purpose of her, and Mu Tingxiao was a resolute person. In order to prevent Mu Nuannuan from throwing herself into the trap, he simply locked her up?

Mu Tingxiao was never a good person. Most of the time, he did nothing by any means. He didn't want Mu Nuannuan to participate in this matter, so he simply locked her up. Although it seemed very unreasonable, it was the simplest and most direct method.

Mu Tingxiao knew very well that if the purpose of those people was Mu Nuannuan, Mu Nuannuan would definitely rescue Mu Mu without hesitation.

When Mu Nuannuan thought of the situation that Mu Mu might encounter at this time, her heart tightened.

If this is the case, she must not sit still.


At night, when Mu Tingxiao returned to the room, Mu Nuannuan was taking a shower.

The room was well heated, and after a while, Mu Nuannuan came out wrapped in a bath towel.

She had just taken a shower, and the skin exposed outside the bath towel was pink, and she looked water-tender-tender, especially delicious.

Mu Tingxiao squinted his eyes slightly, his eyes locked tightly on her body.

Mu Nuannuan trembled slightly when he watched him like this, making her whole person a little nervous.

But on her face, she pretended to be nonchalant, walked to Mu Tingxiao and asked, "Is there any news?"

" Yes ." Mu Tingxiao responded, and his eyes moved involuntarily over her.

Mu Nuannuan seemed to have not noticed the aggression in Mu Tingxiao's eyes, nor did she notice how seductive-deceptive she was at this time, so she continued to ask without emotion, "What then? When will I see it? Mu Mu?"

Mu Tingxiao did not speak immediately, Mu Nuannuan was about to raise his eyes to look at him, when he was violently pulled into his arms.

Mu Nuannuan's conditioned reflex stiffened for a moment, subconsciously clenched his clothes, frowned and said, "What are you doing?"

"You came out like this, what do you want me to do to you?" Mu Ting Owl lowered her head slightly, and when she spoke softly, the heat smoked on her face, making her face a little hot.

"I forgot to take the clothes. Should I come out naked without wearing a bath towel?" Mu Nuannuan raised his head slightly unwillingly, and looked at him.

The expression in Mu Tingxiao's eyes suddenly changed, and his originally unmotivated eyes deepened.

The next moment, he lowered his head and kissed Mu Nuannuan's lips fiercely.

Mu Nuannuan struggled, and Mu Tingxiao put her arms around her and tightened her hands. During the struggle, the bath towel on her body fell off.

Mu Tingxiao's breathing became heavier, turned around and threw her onto the bed, where she was attached.

The two hadn't done it together for a long time, not to mention that Mu Nuannuan deliberately seduce this time. Mu Tingxiao's love is hard to control, and she couldn't stop at the beginning.

It wasn't until late at night that Mu Tingxiao let her go.

Mu Tingxiao held her in his arms and kissed her from time to time. Gradually, she stopped kissing.

Mu Nuannuan felt that his breathing became more and more stable, so she called out, "Mu Tingxiao?"

The man hugging her did not respond to her.

After a while, Mu Nuannuan said again: "Mu Tingxiao, I want to drink water."

Her voice is very soft, but if Mu Tingxiao is not asleep, she can still hear her.

Mu Nuannuan waited for a while, trying to remove Mu Ting Xiao's hand around her.

Only, she took Mu Tingxiao's hand away, and he stretched it out again.

Mu Nuannuan quickly put her hand into Mu Tingxiao's hand, and Mu Tingxiao was quiet again.

Mu Nuannuan was afraid that he would wake up suddenly, so she didn't dare to move. After a while, she stretched out her hand under the pillow and took out the long cloth strip prepared in the morning.

She was very afraid that Mu Tingxiao would wake up midway, so she moved very carefully.

But Mu Tingxiao was still with her, and when he was about to tie his hands, he woke up.

"Mu Nuannuan, what are you doing?" His voice was originally low, but it sounded very gloomy in the dark.

Mu Nuannuan shuddered, and quickly let go and leaned over to kiss him.

Mu Tingxiao couldn't stand her initiative the most. Even if she knew what Mu Nuannuan was doing, she still couldn't control her to stand up.

Taking advantage of his confusion, Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand and chopped a knife on his neck...

Chapter: 569

Mu Nuannuan was too nervous, and the strength in her hands was particularly strong.

She felt the man lying above her stiff, and she yelled tightly, "Mu Tingxiao?"

"Mu... Nuan Nuan..." Mu Tingxiao's voice became a little sluggish, and she just yelled. Her name hung down heavily.

Mu Nuannuan hurriedly turned her head aside, and Mu Tingxiao's head fell softly on her shoulder.

There was a strange silence in the room, Mu Nuannuan could only hear her own breathing and Mu Tingxiao's breathing.

After her heartbeat stabilized, she pushed Mu Tingxiao and called out, "Mu Tingxiao?"

Without hearing Mu Tingxiao's response, Mu Nuannuan pushed Mu Tingxiao off her.

Mu Nuannuan sat up and turned on the light in the room.

As soon as the lights came on, the situation in the room became clear.

Mu Tingxiao had been knocked out by her, sleeping quietly on the bed with his eyes closed.

When Mu Tingxiao fell asleep, his eyebrows were slightly frowned, as if there were a lot of troubles.

Mu Nuannuan stretched out his hand and stroked his eyebrows until his slightly frowning eyebrows eased, then he hooked his lips, covered him with the quilt, and leaned over to kiss his lips.

Mu Nuannuan straightened up, looked at his aggressive face, and sighed slightly.

She got up and walked towards the door, gently unscrewing the doorknob, and found that there was no bodyguard outside the door.

During the day when Mu Tingxiao was away, he would send bodyguards to guard outside the bedroom door, and at night, when Mu Tingxiao was at home, there would be no bodyguards guarding outside the bedroom door.

Mu Nuannuan closed the door lightly, carrying her shoes, and walking downstairs barefoot.

She walked very carefully without making a sound.

There were lights in the hall, and there were bodyguards on duty in the yard. It was midnight and the bodyguards were also very tired. If she was careful, she should be able to avoid the eyes of the bodyguards.

After thinking about it, Mu Nuannuan raised her foot and prepared to go out. Suddenly, Shi Ye's voice came from behind her: "Madam Young."

Mu Nuannuan turned her head back in a spirited voice , and looked at Shi Ye with a little laxity: "Shi special help."

She planned how to escape during the day and night, just thinking about how to avoid the bodyguards, but completely forgot that there was still a hour and night in the villa.

Shi Ye's complexion was extremely calm, and it seemed that she was not surprised that Mu Nuannuan would be here at this time.

He looked at Mu Nuannuan and said calmly: "Madam, what can happen even if you go out alone? How are you going to find Mumu?"

Mu Nuannuan thought she would be sent back directly at night. Room, but when Shi Ye told her this, he obviously intended to reason with her.

As long as there is a chance to make sense, Mu Nuannuan is naturally not afraid of anything.

Mu Nuannuan folded her arms and said with a serious expression: "Mu Wanqi said that they will take the initiative to find me. Haven't you never heard from Mu Mu? As long as you let me out, they will definitely find me. At that time, you can also follow the vines to find where Mu Mu is."

After listening to Mu Nuannuan's words, her complexion changed.

When Mu Nuannuan saw this, she was even more affirmed of her thoughts.

She stared at Shiye and said, "Did you find out early in the morning that the people who took Mu Mu were actually coming for me? That's why Mu Tingxiao didn't tell me that Mu Mu was taken away. Only after knowing that Mu Mu was arrested, Mu Tingxiao would lock me up and not let me go out. He was afraid that I would use myself to change Mu Mu?"

Mu Nuannuan said that for this reason, there is no need for the night. It was necessary to lie again, he nodded: "Yes."

Shi Ye's "Yes" was undoubtedly making Mu Nuannuan completely certain of her thoughts.

Mu Nuannuan bit her lips, stretched out her hand to support her forehead, grabbed her hair a little irritably, and then asked Shiye aloud: "How can you let Mu Tingxiao come here? If those people's purpose is true. It's me, take me to change Mumu, at least I am an adult! How old is Mumu, she is only three years old...she..."

Mu Nuannuan was choked up when she said that, she raised her head and took a deep breath Take a breath, calm down.

"Madam, I understand what you say."

Shi Ye stared at Mu Nuannuan with complicated eyes for a few seconds, and then said in a low voice, "But you are the most important and unique in Young Master's heart. If you must Choosing between you and Mu Mu, the young master will definitely choose you, only you.”

Mu Nuannuan looked at Shiye incredulously after hearing this, “What do you mean?”

She found that she didn’t quite understand. The words of the night.

"Master once said a word to me."

Shi Ye paused before continuing: "Master said, if there was no Mu Mu, Si Chengyu would not have the opportunity to force you to go to the island."

Shi Ye and Mu Nuannuan has a lot of time to deal with. He knows that Mu Nuannuan is a smart person, and he can get through at one point.

Mu Nuannuan's mind was dumbfounded, and after a while, she found her voice: "He really said that?"

Shi Ye nodded silently.

Mu Nuannuan reached out his hand to support the door, dropped his eyes slightly, and fell into silence.

Mu Tingxiao still bears the heart of what happened on the island that year.

He not only blamed himself, but even complained about Mu Mu...

It turned out that it was this reason that he was not as close to Mu Mu as before.

"But, Mu Mu is his biological daughter." Mu Nuannuan still didn't quite believe that Mu Tingxiao would say such a thing.

"Mu Mu is indeed the young master's biological daughter. He loves Mu Mu and you more." Shi Ye's words brought the problem back to the original point.

It's not that he doesn't adore Mu, but he doesn't adore Mu as he did when he lost all his memories about Mu Nuannuan. After his feelings for Mu Nuannuan awakened, his favorite was Mu Nuannuan.

He admires Mu, and loves Mu Nuannuan even more.

Mu Tingxiao is a decisive person. If only one of the two can be chosen, he will choose Mu Nuannuan without hesitation.

He also knew Mu Nuannuan's temperament. After knowing that those people had taken Mu Mu out of Mu Mu, he knew that Mu Nuannuan would definitely ask to change Mu Mu, so he simply locked her up.

But the most important thing now is to find Mu Mu first.

Mu looked warm night when asked: "Those who know what to do I find it?"

When the night shaking his head: "I do not know."

Mu turned around and looked at the warm night outside and felt discouraged, said: "When special help, please You, let me go."

There was a rare plea in her tone.

Mu Nuannuan naturally knew his difficulties without speaking at all.

"Special help, you also have children. You should be able to understand my feelings. I feel guilty for Mu Mu. I am a dereliction of duty. She has been taken away for so many days. There is no news at all. Stay here peacefully and can't do anything. I feel painful every minute and every second..."

Chapter: 570

What Mu Nuannuan said was her true feelings, and she was almost overwhelmed by self-blame.

Mu Mu small, warm Mu did not protect her, then finally get it back, but she did not lie down for three years to take care of Mu Mu in the hospital, and now she was letting captured ......

Mu No one would have expected Mu to be taken away, but she must be responsible for being a mother.

Shi Ye heard Mu Nuannuan's words, her face seemed a little moved, but she still said, "Master won't let you do this."

"It is precisely because he will not let me do this, so I will ask you. Let me go, Mu Mu is only three years old. If you are your own child, if you are me, you will definitely make the same decision as me."

Mu Nuannuan's tone became a little anxious.

Shi Ye turned her head and looked upstairs. Mu Nuannuan followed his gaze and said, "Mu Tingxiao was stunned by me. She won't wake up for a while."

Shi Ye was silent. After a while, he finally compromised: "Let's go."

Mu Tingxiao was paranoid towards her in his bones, and he valued her more than anything else. She and Mu Tingxiao could not make any sense, and Mu Tingxiao could not hear him. Go in these words she said.

Fortunately, Shi Ye can hear it.

"Thank you." Mu Nuannuan turned to go out, suddenly remembering something, and then asked him, "Where is Mu Wanqi?"

Shi Ye said, "She's still in the basement."

Mu Nuannuan pursed her lips and said: "I want to see her."

Shi Ye took her to the basement.

However, before entering the basement, she reminded her every night: "Young lady, be careful of the steps." After

he finished speaking, he opened the door for Mu Nuannuan in front, stood sideways, and respectfully waited for Mu Nuannuan. Go in.

Mu Nuannuan paused slightly, and understood the meaning of the night talk when she came over.

She raised her foot and walked in.

The basement is actually very tidy. There are not many things. There is a temporary wooden bed on which Mu Wanqi slept.

After Mu Nuannuan approached, Mu Wanqi, who had closed her eyes, suddenly opened her eyes.

After Mu Wanqi's eyes were focused on Mu Nuannuan, she

gritted her teeth and called her name: " Mu Nuannuan !" After Mu Wanqi finished speaking, she twisted her body to get up, but she took a lot of effort. , Also failed to get up.

Mu Nuannuan squinted her eyes, and immediately understood whether Mu Wanqi was given the medicine by Mu Tingxiao, or she was taken away by Mu Wanqi before, and Mu Wanqi gave her the weak medicine.

"You haven't changed for so many years." There was no warmth in Mu Nuannuan's voice.

Mu Wanqi hasn't changed for so many years. When she was a child, she was domineering, unreasonable, and selfish. When she grew up, she used all means for her own benefit and did not hesitate to unite with others to deal with a child.

No matter how many things Mu Wanqi has experienced, her nature is hard to change.

"The same is true for you, since childhood..." Mu Wanqi sneered, her tone particularly cruel: "It's all so cheap!" Mu Nuannuan

already knew what kind of person she was, and she would no longer be affected by Mu Wan. Qi's words caused any emotional reaction.

Before she married Mu Tingxiao, she had really regarded Mu Wanqi as a relative in those years at the Mu family.

However, in Mu Wanqi's heart, she couldn't remember anyone's goodness at all.

Mu Nuannuan laughed, her tone a little loose: "I know, when I leave, you can stay here and enjoy it slowly. I believe Mu Tingxiao will have many ways to torture you."

Mu Tingxiao tortured Mu Wanqi had experienced human means, and her face changed when she heard Mu Nuannuan's words.

"what are you going to do?"

"Of course I'm going to save my daughter, and when I'm leaving, I don't know what Mu Tingxiao will do to you." Mu Nuannuan said, seeming to find it very funny, and gave a low smile.

Subsequently, Mu Nuannuan turned and walked out.

Mu Wanqi's horrified voice came from behind: "Mu Nuannuan, you come back to me!" Mu Nuannuan

went out without looking back.

Shiye sent her to the door of the villa and gave her a car key.

Looking at the car key in her hand, Mu Nuannuan was a little stunned.

Shi Ye saw her doubts and said: "Paper can't contain fire. After the young lady knows these things, she will definitely not do nothing."

Shi Ye can always be Mu Tingxiao's special assistant. Ordinary people.

He was also older than Mu Tingxiao, and he was able to understand Mu Tingxiao's temperament, and naturally also Mu Nuannuan's temperament.

At this time, Shi Ye added another sentence: "I will send someone to follow you secretly."

"Okay." Mu Nuannuan didn't say much, and drove away directly.

After watching Mu Nuannuan's car disappear into the night, he turned and walked into the villa.

The night bodyguard was alarmed by the sound of the car and had already walked towards the villa door.

When they saw that it was Shiye, they asked: "Shiye Special Assistant, it's so late, did the young master go out?"

"It's nothing to do with you, you can go back." Shiye didn't make a stay, and passed by them.

Shi Ye went directly upstairs and stood at the door of Mu Tingxiao's bedroom for a while before returning to the room.


Mu Tingxiao woke up, he felt a pain in his neck.

After a short period of emptying his head, what happened before suddenly came to his mind, and he suddenly turned over and got out of bed.

At this time, the sky was already bright, it was already early morning.

Before Mu Tingxiao had time to change his clothes, he walked quickly to the door and shouted as he opened the door, "Mu Nuan Nuan!" As

soon as the door opened, Shi Ye stood outside the door.

When he saw Mu Tingxiao, he bowed respectfully and called out, "Master."

Mu Tingxiao's hand was still on the door frame, and when he saw Shi Ye standing at the door, he had already guessed what he held the door frame. He tightened involuntarily, and his voice was hoarse after waking up: "Where is Mu Nuannuan?"

"Madam Shao left last night." Shi Ye told the truth.

Mu Tingxiao didn't speak, and stared at Shiye, his eyes sharp, as if to see him through.

Although Shi Ye felt that there was nothing wrong with letting Mu Nuannuan go, but Mu Tingxiao couldn't think like that.

He lowered his head with some guilty conscience, and did not dare to look at Mu Tingxiao.

After a long while, Mu Tingxiao lifted his foot and kicked him: "Fuck!"

This kick was a bit fierce, and he groaned with pain all night, enduring the pain without saying a word, and did not defend himself.

At this time, those excuses were just nonsense to Mu Tingxiao.

Mu Tingxiao didn't take another look at Shi Ye, and went back to the room to change clothes and came out. Shi Ye was still at the door.

He walked to Shi Ye and asked with a gloomy face: "Where is she now?"

What a smart person he is, and he naturally knows Shi Ye's habit of doing things.

When he was so cautious at night, he let Mu Nuan Nuan go, and led those people to take the initiative to find Mu Nu Nu Nuan, naturally it is impossible not to make arrangements.