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My Love, Enlighten Me Chapter 571-580 (Sky-high Cinderella) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 571

Mu Nuannuan drove out of Mu Tingxiao's villa overnight and went to the city center.

As soon as Mu Tingxiao wakes up, she will find that she is missing, and she will definitely bring someone to look for her, and the people who have taken Mu Mu must be watching her at any time.

So, what she has to do now is to wait for them to find her.

However, she was not sure whether Mu Tingxiao's people found her first, or those who had taken Mu Mu found her first.

What she hoped in her heart, the people who took Mu Mu would find her first.

When Mu Nuannuan arrived in the city center, the sky was still dark. She found a hotel and rested for two hours. When it was dawn, she went to the most prosperous commercial street in the city center for coffee.

All she has to do is attract attention.

Today is a working day, even in the busiest commercial street, the flow of people is less than usual.

Mu Nuannuan sat down by the window, ordered a cup of coffee, and began to pay attention to the people around him.

Most of them are office workers who take time out for a cup of coffee and eat fast food. These people come and go without a suspicious person.

Mu Nuannuan drank several cups of coffee in a row, turned her head to look out the window bored, and at this moment, someone walked to her and sat down.

Mu Nuan Nuan turned her head fiercely and saw a familiar face.

Mu Nuannuan was stunned, and then said: "Li Jiuheng?"

The man sitting across from her just said, "It's been a long time, Mu Nuannuan."

Mu Nuannuan looked at him for a moment, and then changed her words: "Li Jiuheng, it's you. ? " "

can be recognized me up. "Li nine tinkling of gems habit of wearing a black dress, facial features with a smile, almost, and Li nine Heng exactly the same, Mu warm for so long not seen Li nine Heng, apart from the color of his clothes When I distinguish between these two people, I can't see the difference between them.

Mu Nuannuan looked around for a while, and asked him vigilantly: "Why are you here?"

"You asked me why I am here in the coffee shop? Is this coffee shop owned by you and you are only allowed to come in for coffee, But I can't?" As

soon as Li Jiuyan's voice fell, a waiter came over and asked him what he wanted to drink, and he ordered a cup of coffee.

Subconsciously, Mu Nuannuan didn't believe that Li Jiulai would appear here for no reason. There are not so many coincidences in the world.

If it's not a coincidence, then why did Li Jiulai appear here?

In this situation, the people who would come to Mu Nuannuan, except for Mu Tingxiao's people, were those who took Mu Mu.

Can she think that Li Jiuzhen was in the same group as those who took Mu Mu?

Mu Nuannuan thought so much in her heart, but she was still calm on her face and said quietly, "Of course you can come in." After

she finished speaking, she drank the coffee in front of her and stood up: "I have something else. , I won't be accompanied."

Li Jiuyan did not stop her either.

However, when she turned to walk outside, Li Jiulai suddenly said, "I saw Mu Tingxiao leading a person across the road."

Mu Nuan suddenly stopped, turned his head and looked out the window, and Did not see Mu Tingxiao.

However, when she raised her head to look outside the cafe, she saw Mu Tingxiao walking in with someone into the cafe.

Mu Nuannuan's complexion changed slightly, and she stared at Li Jiulin with complicated eyes for a moment, then walked through the back door of the cafe with her bag.

She can't be found by Mu Tingxiao yet, although Li Jiuzhen's presence here is suspicious, but she is not completely sure that Li Jiuzhen is taking Mu Mu's accomplice.

Mu Nuannuan walked quickly to the back door of the cafe, and as soon as she stepped out, she felt someone grab her arm.

"Go this way." It was Li Jiuyan's voice.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and looked at Li Jiuyan: "What are you doing with me? Where are you taking me?"

Li Jiuyan just smiled mysteriously at her, and the strength to hold her arm only increased.

Although Mu Nuannuan had two sons, she was a woman after all, and she was definitely not stronger than Li Jiuzhen, a tall man, and could only passively follow in Li Jiu's footsteps.

The two took the elevator to the underground parking lot. As soon as they got out of the elevator, someone was already waiting there.

They bowed respectfully and said: "Mr. Li."

Mu Nuannuan stopped abruptly, and finally reacted: "It's you?"

Mu Nuannuan asked without beginning or end, but Li Jiuzhen knew her very well. The meaning of the words.

Li nine tinkling of gems bent lips, the smile seemed very sure: "Now only guess, the idea is not too late, if you do not want to save your daughter, you can take the elevator up, Mu Ting owl on the top."

His The tone sounded very ordinary, just like the tone Li Jiuheng used to chat with her before.

Although Mu Nuannuan had just guessed that Li Jiuzhen might be an accomplice who tied Mu Mu, but now that Li Jiuzhen had admitted it, she couldn't believe it.

She shook her head slightly, but quickly recovered her calm, and said: "Let's go." As soon as

her voice fell, she heard footsteps coming.

In the next moment, someone surrounded them.

Mu Nuannuan saw Shi Ye at a glance, Shi Ye Wei nodded at her invisibly, and the bodyguards surrounding them scattered from the middle to make way.

Mu Tingxiao just appeared in front of Mu Nuannuan.

He looked at Mu Nuannuan with a gloomy look, and his voice was as cold as freezing: "Come here."

Mu Nuannuan's heart trembled fiercely, Mu Tingxiao looked particularly angry now, his face was terrible. .

If in normal times, when Mu Tingxiao was so angry, she would definitely not mind following him, but in this situation, she would never follow him if she wanted to save Mu Mu.

Mu Nuannuan did not speak, and Mu Tingxiao kept staring at her, waiting for her to speak.

The atmosphere fell into a strange stalemate for a while.

"Is it embarrassing?"

Li Jiulai's words broke the deadlock. He took a step forward, stood beside Mu Nuannuan, looked at her slightly, and said in a relaxed tone like a chatter: "Mu Tingxiao Did you tell you that you haven't found information about your daughter?"

Mu Nuannuan didn't know what Li Jiuyan meant by saying this, and turned to look at him with a little doubt.

Seeing that his words caught Mu Nuannuan’s attention, Li Jiuyan smiled and said, “It’s easy to check your daughter’s news with Mu Tingxiao’s ability. He is just hesitating, hesitating whether to use you. It's just his mother." After

he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Mu Tingxiao: "It seems that Mr. Mu is thinking about it now and wants to use Mu Nuannuan for your mother's news."

Mu Nuannuan caught it. The key word in Li Jiuzhen's words: "Mu Tingxiao's mother? What do you mean, make it clear!"

"Yes? Didn't he tell you?" Li Jiuzhen said with surprise.

Chapter: 572

Mu Nuannuan's complexion changed slightly, and she turned to look at Mu Tingxiao: "What does he mean? How many things are you hiding from me?"

Mu Tingxiao fell silent. There was no trace of emotion in those dark eyes.

But Mu Nuannuan at this time really hated his appearance.

Mu Nuannuan said loudly, "Mu Tingxiao, speak!"

When she stood beside Mu Tingxiao, after listening to Li Jiuyan's words, her expression was also a little surprised.

Obviously, Mu Tingxiao not only didn't tell Mu Nuannuan, but also Shi Ye.

Mu Tingxiao's mother, Jing Shu, was a knot in Mu Tingxiao's heart.

Prior to this, Mu Nuannuan had always been confident, thinking that she knew Mu Tingxiao, and felt that she had a very important place in Mu Tingxiao's heart.

However, if you compare Mu Tingxiao's mother with her, this is an incomprehensible answer.

She even began to doubt Mu Tingxiao's intention to keep her in the villa these days.

Was he afraid that she would take the initiative to find the person who tied Mu Mu, or did he lock her up because he didn't think about whether to replace her with his mother, and was afraid of her leaving?

All kinds of conjectures and emotions surged in Mu Nuannuan's heart for a while.

But in the end it was calm again.

Didn't Mu Tingxiao's mother commit suicide in the kidnapping case back then?

Mu Tingxiao ignored Mu Nuannuan, but raised his hand expressionlessly, indicating that his men could do it.

He didn't intend to talk nonsense with Li Jiuyan, and it was impossible for Li Jiuyan to take Mu Nuannuan away.

There were not as many people brought by Li Jiuliao as Mu Tingxiao, and naturally he was not Mu Tingxiao's opponent in the end.

But what puzzled Mu Nuannuan was that at the last moment, Li Jiuyan had a chance to hold her away, but Li Jiuyan didn't hold her, but showed her a soothing look.

Mu Nuannuan felt that Li Jiulai was very weird.

When she was distracted, Mu Tingxiao had already fought with Li Jiuli.

Mu Tingxiao's shot was very heavy, and every time he shot Li Jiuli, Li Jiuli was naturally not his opponent, he was beaten back and forth.

At this time, Mu Nuannuan didn't care about Mu Tingxiao's fight with Li Jiuzhen. Mu Tingxiao would definitely not suffer a loss with so many people. If Li Jiuzhen really kidnapped Mu Mu's accomplice, he deserved to be beaten.

Mu Nuannuan walked straight to Shi Ye and asked, "What's the matter? Just now Li Jiuxi meant that Mu Tingxiao's mother is still alive?"

Shi "Madam, if you ask me about this, I don't know. It’s the first time I heard about it today.” Ye shook his head, he knew no more than Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Tingxiao and Li Jiuli who were fighting over there have already stopped.

Li Jiuxi was thrown to the ground, clutching his chest and panting, Mu Tingxiao didn't even mess with his clothes, his expression was cold.

"Let's go." He took care of his clothes indifferently, and couldn't tell that he had just fought with someone.


Mu Nuannuan returned to the villa, and Li Jiulai was also brought back.

As soon as he entered the villa, Mu Tingxiao grabbed Mu Nuannuan's hand and walked upstairs. Mu Tingxiao walked very fast along the way, and his hands were strong. No matter how much Mu Nuannuan struggled, he couldn't get away.

Mu Tingxiao didn't let go of her hand until she entered the bedroom.

With a loud "bang", the door was slammed over.

Mu Nuannuan was shocked by the sound of the door slamming, but soon calmed down.

"Stun me? Run away in the middle of the night?" Mu Tingxiao sneered at her, her eyes filled with chills that seemed to swallow her: "Mu Nuannuan, you are really challenging my bottom line again and again! "

Mu Tingxiao pressed harder, but Mu Nuannuan did not back down. She even took a step forward, her face was not much better than Mu Tingxiao's: "I'm challenging your bottom line? Are you not? ? " "

Mu warm! "Mu Ting owl almost squeezed her name between his teeth, he had looked very depressed, as if the next second to erupt.

Mu Nuannuan has always been afraid of Mu Tingxiao's anger, but now she has been dazzled by the anger in her heart, where she has so much scruples.

"Don't tell me if Mu Mu is arrested? Don't tell me about your mother? Mu Tingxiao, what do you take me for?"

"Then you went to Country M to find Li Heng by yourself, did you tell me?"

"If I tell you, would you still let me come to country M to find him?"

"Heh." Mu Tingxiao sneered, "You are blaming me?"

"Of course I dare not blame you." Mu Nuannuan pushed directly. Open him and walk towards the door.

She walked to the door, reached out and held the doorknob, but suddenly stopped and said to him, "Mu Tingxiao, you dare not tell me about your mother. It's because of your guilty conscience and your heart is shaking. You Hesitating to use me for your mother." After

Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she laughed at herself and said in a low voice, "I know you better than you think." In the

past, Mu Tingxiao could use her. Test Si Chengyu, now, he will also be shaken by his mother.

Mu Nuannuan used to think that she was a very important person to Mu Tingxiao, because there was no comparison.

If there is enough contrast, then to Mu Tingxiao, she will not be that important.

After Mu Nuannuan finished speaking, she opened the door and went out.

When she went downstairs, she saw Shi Ye standing alone in the yard smoking a cigarette.

She opened the door and walked over. Seeing her coming at night, she squeezed out the cigarette in her hand: "Young lady."

"Where is Li Jiuyan?" Mu Nuannuan asked aloud.

Shi Ye pointed to the villa and said, "In the back room, someone is guarded."

"I'll go see him." Mu Nuannuan was about to turn around, Shi Ye suddenly called her: "Master, he just..."

Mu Nuannuan stopped, took a deep breath, and said, "The time is special, no need to speak for Mu Tingxiao. I understand that you have been with him for nearly ten years, and he and I have experienced so many things, but In his heart, we may not be as important as we thought."

Shi Ye moved his lips, but in the end he just sighed and said nothing.

When Mu Nuannuan went to see Li Jiuyan, Li Jiuyan was leaning against the bed.

After Mu Nuannuan approached, she looked at him back and forth, and asked, "Did they give you medicine?"

"I'm fine, there is no need for medicine." Li Jiuyan glanced back at her and said with a smile .

His tone and appearance were exactly the same as Li Jiuheng.

It may also be because he and Li Jiuheng look so much alike, so Mu Nuannuan couldn't hate him.

Mu Nuannuan did not speak, stretched out his hand through his clothes and pressed hard on his chest.

Li Jiuyan took a breath of pain, his complexion changed.

"Is that what you said is all right?" Mu Nuannuan sneered.

Li Jiulin laughed again: "If I say something is wrong, you will give me medicine?"

Mu Nuannuan withdrew her hand, with a hint of inquiry in her tone: "Do you know? You look exactly like Li Jiuheng."

Chapter: 573

After listening to Mu Nuannuan's words, Li Jiuzhen raised the corner of his lips and looked at her with a smile, with a very light tone: "Really?"

Mu Nuannuan looked at Li Jiuxi, but said nothing. .

She felt that Li Jiuheng was full of weirdness. He and Li Jiuheng looked too much alike. As long as he wanted to pretend to be Li Jiuheng, he could completely disguise the truth.

Mu Nuannuan and Li Jiuheng had been together for a while, and they were relatively familiar with Li Jiuheng. When they first met Li Jiuheng, they didn't see the difference between him and Li Jiuheng.

Mu Ming warm look away, look deserted asked him: "? Since you early in the morning is my purpose, why did let me go grab my daughter blackmail me, it was superfluous."

"For you, it is unnecessary for us to Say it’s not.”

At this time, Li Jiuli obviously didn’t mean to conceal anymore: “If I directly detain you, Mu Tingxiao will come to me directly when I come to country M, but if I let you go, you If something happens, Mu Tingxiao will rush to find you when he comes to country M, and we will have the opportunity to bring your daughter out..."

Mu Nuannuan twisted her eyebrows tightly, and looked at Li Jiulai coldly: "The result is not still Is it the same?"

She felt that Li Jiuzhen and the others took Mu Mu away, completely unnecessary.

"Of course it's different. Mu Mu is in our hands, and you will take the initiative to send it to the door, just like today." Li Jiuzhen held a face exactly like Li Jiuheng's face, and said such things, there is always a kind of very contradictory. feel.

"Why did you cooperate with Mu Wanqi?" Mu Nuannuan knew very well that Li Jiulian didn't know Mu Wanqi.

"Mu Wanqi is also worthy to talk to me about cooperation? It's just to reveal a little bit of your news to her. She hates you so much, and of course she won't let go of this excellent opportunity."

"What are you going to do?" Mu Nuannuan became more and more unable to understand Li Jiu's purpose.

Li Jiulin's expression suddenly

turned straight, and he leaned in her direction: "You let me go, and I'll tell you our purpose." Mu Nuannuan glanced at him, without saying a word, and turned around and went out.

After she went out, she closed the door and thought about it for a moment.

Li Jiulian’s thoughts are very deep, and he is almost the same as Mu Tingxiao. Even if he is captured by Mu Tingxiao, he still looks indifferent. I don’t know if this was expected or true. Not afraid at all.

He even bewitched her just now and told her to let him go!

There are so many secrets in Li Jiu's body, how could she let him go?

Even if she wanted to let him go, Mu Tingxiao couldn't let him go.

Not long after Mu Nuannuan walked, she met Shi Ye again.

When she knew that Mu Nuannuan was only going to see Li

Jiulai, she said with doubts: "Madam Young?" "No matter what I ask, he will bend around with me, saying nothing useful." He took a breath and continued: "But it is undeniable that the people behind him are very powerful and can easily find out the relationship between me and Mu Wanqi, and the holidays between us, and use Mu Wanqi to achieve their goals. . "

when he heard the night, looking also become thickened.

Mu Nuannuan suddenly remembered something: "I forgot to ask him

about something ." "What's the matter?"

"With regard to hypnosis, Mu Tingxiao had suspected that he was hypnotized before. It might have something to do with Li Jiuheng, although Li Jiuheng is very suspicious, but I now think that Li Jiuheng's doubts may be even greater."

Speaking of Li Jiuheng, Mu Nuan held her lips, and then continued: "Li Jiuheng's profession is a psychologist, and Li Jiuheng's chef identity is basically certain. Used to cover people's ears."

Shi Ye pondered for a moment, and said: "If the person who hypnotized the young master in the first place was really Li Jiuyan, then their purpose is really hard to figure out."

... In the

evening, Mu Nuannuan called the doctor to administer medicine to Li Jiuyan.

Shi Ye took people to cross-examine Li Jiuzhen again. Whatever Shi Ye asked, Li Jiuzhen said nothing, but the things he said were of no use.

During the meal, Mu Nuannuan had no appetite, so he ate something casually, then left the restaurant and went to the courtyard.

The weather is getting colder every day, and the outdoor temperature is lower at night.

Mu Nuannuan stood in the yard for a few minutes and felt very cold.

And in her mind, it was all Mu Mu.

In such a cold day, would those people take care of Mu Mu? Will you take care of her deliciously?

Still, Mu Mu was treated harshly in a place she didn't know.

Thinking of this, Mu Nuannuan became particularly anxious and fidgeted.

She couldn't wait to fly to Mu Mu immediately.

At this time, she would complain about Mu Tingxiao a little.

If Mu Tingxiao told her earlier, maybe she and Mu Tingxiao could find a way to rescue Mu Mu earlier.

Mu Nuannuan thought too much, feeling confused, what Li Jiuyan said broke into her mind.

——If you let me go, I will tell you our purpose.

When she heard Li Jiuzhen say this, she refused without even thinking about it.

But at this moment, her heart had already begun to shake.

At this time, she couldn't think so much at all, just wanted to see Mu Mu to make sure that Mu Mu was safe.

Suddenly, Mu Nuannuan felt her body sink slightly, and she turned her head to see Mu Tingxiao was slightly lowering her eyes and draping a piece of clothing on her.

Except when they came back, the two quarreled in the room, and the two of them hardly said anything at the end of the day.

Mu Tingxiao might be thinking about his mother, while Mu Nuannuan was worried about Mu Mu.

Mu Nuannuan pulled the jacket that Mu Tingxiao had put on her, considered it, and said in a very serious tone: "Mu Tingxiao, I can't wait any longer, I want to admire Mu

very much ." Want to Mu Mu, she is willing to exchange Mu Mu with herself.

Mu Tingxiao answered her three words gloomily: "Impossible."

Mu Nuannuan asked him back, "Don't you want to know the news of your mother?"

Mu Tingxiao's expression quickly sank, as if freezing. On the surface of the lake, just standing next to him can feel the deep chill radiating from him.

After a few seconds, he said in a secret voice: "Back then, I saw her commit suicide with my own eyes."

Although Mu Nuannuan knew how his mother died from Mu Tingxiao's narrative, it was the first time she heard Mu Tingxiao. So bluntly about his mother.

Mu Nuannuan stared at her eyes, pondered for a moment, and then continued: "Yes, you did see everything with your own eyes, but you still have expectations in your heart. You hope she is still alive." After

she finished speaking, she decided. Looking at Mu Tingxiao.

Under her gaze, Mu Tingxiao turned his face away from her gaze for an unprecedented time.

Mu Nuannuan knew that she had guessed what Mu Tingxiao was thinking.

Chapter: 574

Li Jiuli said, he knew about Mu Tingxiao's mother.

Not to mention whether Li Jiuliao really knew the news of Mu Tingxiao's mother, this was a great temptation to Mu Tingxiao.

This is Mu Tingxiao's heart knot, it is his seven inches, which can be hit by a pinch.

After a while, Mu Tingxiao said aloud: "Li Jiuzhen has no evidence to prove that she is still alive."

"Li Jiuzhen will not say this for nothing." Although Mu Nuannuan didn't understand Li Jiuzhen, he could feel Li Jiuzheng. People don’t do things that are uncertain.

When her ending came down, Mu Tingxiao immediately said, "This is the end of this matter, you don't have to worry about it anymore."

"What are you going to do? How are you going to find Mumu? Li Jiuzhen doesn't care what you will do to him! And already It's been more than a week!" Mu Nuannuan was too worried about Mu Mu.

Mu Tingxiao made a solemn face, did not speak, turned around and walked in the other direction.

The direction he was walking was the room where Li Jiuzhen was.

Mu Tingxiao went to Li Jiu's room and came out for a while.

Mu Nuannuan sat in the hall waiting for him to come out.

Seeing Mu Tingxiao walk in, Mu Nuannuan asked him, "What did you ask?"

Mu Tingxiao didn't speak, and went straight upstairs.

It wasn't until his figure disappeared that Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath, pursing her lips and fell into contemplation.

She stayed in the hall for a long time and did not go upstairs, and Mu Tingxiao did not come down to look for her. '

If it was normal, Mu Tingxiao would have come down to look for her.

Mu Tingxiao was worried about his mother, and Mu Nuannuan was worried about Mu Mu. The two had their own concerns, and their hearts were agitated, and they had no other thoughts at all.

Mu Nuannuan sat in the hall until midnight before getting up and leaving the hall as if determined.

... With a

"bang", the door was pushed open from the outside.

Li Jiulian was asleep, and was awakened by the sound of the door opening.

Before he got up, the light in the room was turned on.

Li Jiulin stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, and when he took his arm away, he saw Mu Nuannuan walking towards the bed.

A flash of astonishment flashed in his eyes, as if he hadn't expected that Mu Nuannuan would come in to find him at this time.

He sat up and leaned on the bedside, staring at Mu Nuannuan silently, waiting for her to take the initiative to speak.

Mu went to the bed warm, condescending looked at him: "? Said before, it still count it,"

Li nine tinkling of gems eyes quickly flashed a touch of surprise, then slowly ghost of a smile to:. "Count"

Mu warm Nuan said again: "I have another question."

Li Jiuzhen looked at her and motioned for her to continue.

"Mu Mu, how is she?" Mu Nuannuan's words showed a little bit of care not easily detectable.

"In your opinion, I am so despicable to abuse a child?" Li Jiuyan smiled faintly, as if he was complaining about her.

Hearing what he said, Mu Nuannuan relaxed a little.

She believed Li Jiulin's words and believed that he would not embarrass Mu Mu.

Even if he didn't embarrass Mu Mu, but Mu Mu was too young, how scared should she be taken to a completely strange place by a group of strangers?

You can't think deeply about this kind of thing. If you think deeply, Mu Nuannuan will be overwhelmed by self-blame.

Mu Nuannuan took out a dagger from her pocket and handed it to Li Jiuyan: "You can hold me away, Mu Tingxiao shouldn't do you

whatsoever ." Li Jiuyan glanced at her, his eyes a little complicated, he didn't know. Think of something.

He got up and put on his jacket, then held Mu Nuannuan away with a dagger.

The bodyguard who watched the night in the courtyard saw Li Jiuli holding Mu Nuannuan out, so he sent people to notify Mu Tingxiao.

Shiye heard the movement first to come out.

When he saw Li Jiuyan holding Mu Nuannuan under his belt, he was stunned for a moment, then he was a little puzzled.

Mu Tingxiao followed him downstairs, still wearing daytime clothes, even his hair was not messed up.

Mu Nuannuan knew that Mu Tingxiao, like her, did not sleep.

After he got down, he walked straight to Mu Nuannuan and Li Jiuyan, and the bodyguard retreated to both sides to make way for him.

The dim light hit Mu Tingxiao's face brightly, making his already cold complexion even darker.

Mu Nuannuan only glanced at him, and saw a clear look in his eyes, she quickly lowered her eyes to prevent him from noticing the emotions in her eyes.

Mu Tingxiao must have guessed that Li Jiuyan would hold her under her belt, it was entirely her own idea.

Li Jiulin's dagger pressed against Mu Nuannuan's neck tightened again, and his voice calmly said, "Mu Tingxiao, if you want her to live, let me go now."

Almost immediately, Mu Nuannuan felt Mu Ting. The low air pressure and pressure exuding from Xiao Xiao's body.

He seemed to be irritated by Li Jiu's words.

Mu Tingxiao looked at Li Jiuzhen with sarcasm, and said in a sarcasm: "You are capable of this?"

Li Jiuzhen was not angry, but rather seriously defended: "I really don't have much skill, but I just need to be useful to you."

Mu Tingxiao His face became colder again, and the hands hanging beside him couldn't help clenching tightly. He turned his gaze to Mu Nuan Nuan.

Since he came down to the present, Mu Nuannuan has not dared to look at him, and he naturally understood what was going on.

"Mu Nuannuan." Mu Tingxiao called her name.

Mu Nuannuan bit her lip, biting her scalp and raising her head to look at Mu Tingxiao.

As soon as she raised her head, she glanced into Mu Tingxiao's deep eyes.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and the complex emotions in Mu Tingxiao's eyes gradually disappeared, leaving only peace and indifference in the end.

"Aren't you afraid? You haven't asked me for help since I stood here." Mu Tingxiao asked her indifferently, without any emotion.

Mu Nuannuan's heart tightened suddenly.

She faintly felt that Mu Tingxiao seemed to have something to say.

He had already seen through Mu Nuannuan's thoughts, and his words seemed to tell Mu Nuannuan that her actions made him very angry, but he was willing to give her another chance.

Although she was held hostage by Li Jiuzhen, it was still easy for Mu Tingxiao to rescue her from Li Jiuzhen's hands.

Li Jiuli glanced at Mu Tingxiao, then turned his head to Mu Nuannuan, and whispered in her ear: "Your plan seems to have been seen through by Mu Tingxiao. His eyes look disappointed. He thinks you have betrayed. He, what do you think?"

Mu Nuannuan's heart was shaken fiercely, and Li Jiuyan's words woke her up.

Mu Tingxiao felt that she had betrayed him!

She suddenly raised her head to look at Mu Tingxiao, who stood there motionless, slender and tall, but she gave a sense of loneliness.

There was a momentary shaking in Mu Nuannuan's heart.

However, when she changed her mind to Mu Mu, the tremor in her heart disappeared.

Li Jiulin's purpose was unknown, he was confident, and threats and temptations were of no use to him.

Following Li Jiuli, it was the only and fastest way to meet Mu Mu.

Chapter: 575

Li Jiulai's words were for Mu Nuannuan, the voice was very small, and it happened that only he and Mu Nuannuan could hear it.

When talking quietly, the two inevitably got close, and they seemed very close.

Mu Tingxiao kept looking at the two of them, and his expression became even more ugly.

Mu Nuannuan heard Li Jiu's words and moved her lips, but she didn't know what she should say at this time.

At this moment, what she said seemed inappropriate.

She couldn't give up her plan. As for Mu Tingxiao...

Mu Tingxiao laughed suddenly, the laughter sounded with a hint of self-deprecation.

The next moment, his voice returned to its usual coldness, and his deep voice rang out: "Let them go!"

Shi Ye hesitated, as if he wanted to speak, but finally he sighed and said nothing.

"Release people." He waved his hand, motioning for the bodyguards to release people.

The bodyguard immediately stepped aside and gave way to Li Jiu Lai and Mu Nuannuan.

The night in winter was already very cold. When a gust of wind blew over, Mu Nuannuan shivered from the cold, and her hands and feet became cold in an instant.

Mu Nuannuan was held hostage by Li Jiuyan and walked outside the villa, desperately desperate, and did not look back.

The two quickly walked out of the villa.

At the same time, a car drove over and stopped in front of them.

The car door opened, and A Luo, wearing a black woolen coat, got out of the car, wearing leather boots and a ponytail. He looked heroic, completely different from the impression he had given to Mu Nuannuan before.

She looked at Li Jiuyan, with an invisible smile in her eyes, and said respectfully: "Sir."

Li Jiuyan didn't say a word , but just pushed Mu Nuan to her.

"Miss Mu, we met again." After A Luo finished speaking, he took her arm, pushed her into the car, and immediately got into the car.

As soon as A Luo got into the car and closed the door, the driver consciously drove forward.

Mu Nuannuan turned her head in surprise and looked out the car window: "Where is Li Jiuyan?"

A Luo explained to her patiently: "Mr. has other business, he is very busy."

Mu Nuannuan could not help but listen to her. Give her one more look.

The street lights outside the window would shine into the car from time to time, allowing Mu Nuannuan to see her face clearly.

A Luo is still that A Luo, but it is completely different from the little maid A Luo that Mu Nuannuan met before. There is no longer the weakness of the little maid between his eyes, she is full of firmness and confidence.

As if seeing Mu Nuannuan's thoughts, A Luo smiled and said, "What are you looking at me? I just changed my clothes."

Mu Nuannuan couldn't laugh: "Li Jiuyan asked you to come over to meet him. "

Of course." A Luo said of Li Jiuzhen, even his tone of voice became a little excited: "Mr. is very smart, he guessed it early in the morning, you will definitely try it."

"I can't see him like this. Understand me." Although Mu Nuannuan's words sounded plain, her hands hanging beside her were already clenched.

...In the

villa courtyard.

After Li Jiuyan and Mu Nuan Nuan left the villa, Mu Tingxiao, who had been standing still, suddenly said, "Stop them!" The

bodyguard looked at each other. He hadn't understood why Mu Tingxiao regretted it, and naturally did not move.

When he understood Mu Tingxiao, he said, "Let you stop Li Jiuyan and Madam Shao, didn’t you hear me!"

He just wanted to say that he couldn’t really let Madam Shao and Li Jiuyan go like this, but he just saw Mu Tingxiao. With such a firm appearance, he did not dare to speak out.

When a group of bodyguards went out, there happened to be a car speeding away from the door of the villa. Another car was left at the door, as well as Li Jiuzhen, who was sitting in the car and did not leave.

The bodyguard opened the door of the car and took a closer look. He was sure that there was only Li Jiulian inside, and he was about to chase the car that just drove away. Mu Tingxiao came out.

When the bodyguard saw it out, he immediately stepped forward and said, "Master, the young lady is not in the car. It should be that the car has already left."

"The business rumors say that the young master Mu is not the same. It's not all right."

Li Jiuzhen said while walking out of the car. He looked at Mu Tingxiao and smiled, and said slowly: "Only the front foot will let me go, and the back foot will come out to catch me back? I don't know. Young Master Mu is also so indecisive in the business arena."

Li Jiuzhen is a very smart person. He knew in his heart that Mu Tingxiao would suddenly rush out for Mu Nuannuan, but he deliberately didn't mention Mu Nuannuan.

Mu Tingxiao's face was sullen, and his voice was trembling: "Your brother Li Jiuheng is a psychologist. I have a question, can a psychologist

treat himself ?" I don't know where his words touched Li Jiuzhen's. Ni Lin, Li Jiuzhen's complexion suddenly changed, and the original gentle complexion suddenly sank.

Immediately, Li Jiuli sneered, and his eyes fell on Mu Tingxiao's body: "The gunshot wound three years ago should be almost healed. I don't know if your mother was kidnapped and killed himself in front of you more than ten years ago. There is a trauma in my heart. If you need it, I can look at Mu Nuannuan's face and introduce you to a few psychologists."

His words meant something.

After Li Jiuyan finished speaking, he returned to the car.

Shi Ye was about to let people stop Li Jiuzhen, but Mu Tingxiao raised his hand to stop him.

Shi Ye said with a serious face: "Master, three years ago, you got a gunshot wound. Apart from us, only the young lady knew about it. The young lady would never tell him this kind of thing. He would know about it. It has something to do with your gunshot wound three years ago! How can you let him go!"

Three years ago, the moment when Mu Tingxiao married Mu Nuannuan, it happened to be when he closely investigated the kidnapping case of his mother. , But met another group of people who were investigating the kidnapping case at the same time. There was a dispute between the two sides and Mu Tingxiao suffered a gunshot wound.

Mu Tingxiao raised his eyes slightly, and the emotions in his eyes were complicated and difficult to distinguish: "I was only suspicious before, but now I can be sure that the gunshot wounds I received back then were caused by someone with a surname. Moreover, they are also investigating that my mother and I were killed. The kidnapping case."

Mu Tingxiao paused, and continued: "What happened back then, except for Mu's family, outsiders didn't know that his mother committed suicide."

"Master meant... They were also related to the kidnapping case back then? "Shi Ye showed an unbelievable look on his face.

This was originally an old case. When he followed Mu Tingxiao, Mu Tingxiao was investigating this incident. Later, when he found out on Mu's family, he thought the incident was over.

Unexpectedly, in the end, someone else knew the details of the kidnapping case.

"The young lady..." Shi Ye couldn't help but worry about Mu Nuannuan.

He knew that Mu Nuannuan had no special defense against Li Jiuheng because of Li Jiuheng.

"She is willing to be smart, just let her go!" Although Mu Tingxiao said so, his tight complexion still revealed his worry.

Chapter: 576

Since Mu Tingxiao would say that, it is naturally impossible to listen to others' persuasion.

Even though Shi Ye had the intention, he did not speak to him.

There is no right or wrong in this matter.

Mu Tingxiao had his own plan, although he had not rescued Mu Mu, but the premise was that he knew that Mu Mu was safe, so he had the intention to hesitate.

In his heart, although Mu Mu's position was ranked behind Mu Nuan Nuan, it didn't mean that he didn't love Mu Mu. Naturally, it was impossible to really leave her alone and ignore her.

He was only procrastinating on the premise that he was completely sure of Mu Mu's personal safety, and wanted to come up with a perfect solution.

But Mu Nuannuan's thoughts were different from him. Even if Mu Mu hadn't had an accident, he was still in danger, so Mu Nuannuan couldn't think about other things as rationally as Mu Tingxiao.

She just wants to see Mu Mu.

While thinking about things, Shi Ye followed Mu Tingxiao towards the villa.

He could clearly feel the cold breath and low pressure emanating from Mu Tingxiao, and he guessed that Mu Tingxiao was still angry.

As for what I was angry about, Shiye couldn't guess it.

Maybe it was Madam Qishao, or maybe it was himself.

When the two of them walked to the entrance of the hall, Mu Tingxiao suddenly stopped and called out, "Shi Ye."

Mu Tingxiao did not look back, but when he heard the sound, he only saw his back.

Shi Ye looked at him slightly and asked, "What's the matter, Master?"

Mu Tingxiao was silent for a moment, then said in a low voice, "Send someone to follow."

"Who to follow?" Shi Ye didn't react at all.

"Who did you follow?" Mu Tingxiao turned his head and glanced at him coldly.

Shi Ye immediately realized that Mu Tingxiao asked him to send someone to follow Li Jiu's car.

Shi Ye showed a smile on his face, and said clearly: "I have sent someone to follow him."

In matters related to Mu Nuannuan, he never guessed that he missed Mu Tingxiao's thoughts. Angry, no matter how indifferent, it is impossible to really be angry with Mu Nuannuan and ignore her.

Mu Tingxiao stared at him, squinting his eyes, no emotions on his face.

It wasn't until Shi Ye was seen by him that his back was a little hairy, and he said aloud: "You are very self-assertive now."

Mu Tingxiao could not hear any emotions in his voice, but he could hear Shi Ye when he was familiar with him. Out of the anger hidden under this calm.

"Who did you learn from? Mu Nuannuan?" Mu Tingxiao sneered, "Very good!"

After speaking, Mu Tingxiao stepped into the hall.

Until no Mu Ting owl, and the night when sigh of relief to the cold sweat on the forehead rag, murmured: "Every time the little lady to provoke, anger on others ......"

behind catch up When Shi Ye’s bodyguard heard Shi Ye’s words, he agreed with him and said, “That’s not true, Master...”

Shi Ye turned his head and glared at the

bodyguard: “What did you say?” The bodyguard: “...Nothing said.”


The black car was speeding in the night, shuttled on the crisscross road.

Mu Nuannuan looked at the scenery going backwards and flying away from the window, and couldn't tell which street it was.

Sometimes there are high-rise buildings outside the car window, and sometimes there are park trees outside the window.

Mu Nuannuan looked at it and finally understood that they were deliberately detouring.

Is this afraid that she will remember the way she came?

Mu Nuannuan turned her head and asked A Luo: "Where are you taking me?"

A Luo smiled, and his tone sounded very gentle: "Of course I am taking you to meet your daughter."

"But you have been detouring."

"You should know exactly what kind of person Mu Tingxiao is and what his opponent is like. Of course, we have to be more cautious about people like Mu Tingxiao." A Luo spoke frankly and did not shy away at all.

Mu Nuannuan frowned slightly: "Opponent?"

"Yes." A Luo's smile became brighter, and she deliberately slowed down her speech: "You wouldn't think that our purpose is just you, right?"

A Luo said, leaning against Mu Nuannuan: "Our goal is part of you, but more of it is aimed at..."

She paused and looked at Mu Nuannuan's expression. Only after a word of words, he added: "Mu Tingxiao."

A Luo finished speaking, but did not see the panic and panic expected from Mu Nuannuan's face.

"You are so afraid of Mu Tingxiao, it seems that you have done a lot of work on him." Mu Nuannuan laughed low, with a hint of sarcasm in his laughter: "Where is Li Jiuheng? He played again in this. What kind of role is she playing?"

Mu Nuannuan now especially wants to know what kind of role Li Jiuheng plays.

She didn't know what Li Jiuheng's purpose was, but she suspected that Li Jiuheng's rescue of her back then had something to do with what Li Jiuheng was doing now.

If this were the case, she could hardly imagine how deep Li Jiuheng's mind was.

However, before seeing Li Jiuheng, she was just skeptical, and would not directly hold these things in Li Jiuheng's body.

A Luo, who was still calm at first, suddenly stopped speaking and fell silent after hearing her words.

The silence came suddenly and was a little abnormal.

Mu Nuannuan had a bad premonition in her heart, her face changed slightly, and she asked sharply, "Why don't you speak, what happened to Li Jiuheng?"

A Luo ignored Mu Nuan Nuan, and directly rushed to the driver and said, "Okay, you don't need to go around." The

driver got the order from A Luo and speeded up the car and went around the block a few times. Mu Nuannuan was faint, and finally drove to the suburbs.

There were street lights in the first section of the road, but when it was driven to the back, there were no street lights.

Both sides of the road are dark, there is no moonlight in the winter night, and the night is like a huge beast, waiting to swallow everything.

There were waves of chill in Mu Nuannuan's heart, always feeling that Li Jiulai's purpose was more than that simple.

She subconsciously squeezed her hand, and said again: "A Luo!"

"Shut up! You have to know what identity you are now." A Luo's tone is no longer as relaxed as before, and the words are full of indifference: " You are not a guest now, you are just a hostage held by us!"

The obvious difference in attitude before and after A Luo is only because Mu Nuannuan just mentioned Li Jiuheng.

Judging from A Luo's reaction, she must know Li Jiuheng.

Why is A Luo so secretive of Li Jiuheng?

"You told me to shut up and shut up? I didn't." Mu Nuannuan raised her chin slightly, deliberately making a look of reluctance.

"You..." A Luo choked, since she had been in contact with Mu Nuannuan, she knew that Mu Nuannuan was a very reasonable person, but she did not expect that she would be so naive to confront her.

Chapter: 577

A Luo grinned back and said, "Mu Nuannuan, don't think I'm polite to you, you put your nose on your nose!"

Mu Nuannuan reacted extremely quickly, and then directly said to her "You don't have to be polite to me."

"If it wasn't..." A Luo said a few words, then stopped abruptly, as if he realized that he had said something that shouldn't be said.

Mu Nuannuan leaned forward and accurately took A Luo's arm in the dim car: "What if it's not? Continue."

"I didn't say anything." A Luo said coldly, and immediately. To shake off Mu Nuannuan's hand.

However, she shook Mu Nuannuan vigorously several times.

A Luo suppressed his anger and said, "You let go, I don't want to face your opponent."

"When you finish speaking, I will let go." Mu Nuannuan still held her tightly.

"Let go!" A Luo had already reached out and held Mu Nuannuan's wrist. There was a hint of warning in his voice. She warned Mu Nuannuan again that if Mu Nuannuan didn't let go, she would do something to Mu Nuannuan.

When she was in Li Jiulai’s house, Mu Nuannuan guessed that A Luo was a practicing family. Although she had fought with Shen Liang in Secondary Two when she was a teenager, she still had formal training with A Luo. It's a far cry.

As long as A Luo wanted to tear her hand apart, it was completely effortless.

However, Mu Nuannuan still did not let go.

A Luo was already irritated by Mu Nuannuan at this time. Seeing Mu Nuannuan still did not let go, he would pull her away while holding Mu Nuannuan's wrist.

But Mu Nuannuan held it too tightly. With A Luo's strength, if Mu Nuannuan's hand was pulled away with brute force, it would definitely break Mu Nuannuan's hand.

Mu Nuannuan felt that A Luo's hand gripping her wrist had already exerted strength, but suddenly released it later, pressing down his anger and said to Mu Nuannuan, "Whatever you want."

Although A Luo had been pleasant to Mu Nuannuan before, Mu Nuannuan knew that it was just appearance.

A Luo was already so angry that he wanted to do something to her, but suddenly stopped.

Mu Nuannuan's guess was also confirmed. Someone told A Luo not to hurt her, and the person who this person asked A Luo to be the one who just said halfway but did not say it.

It could also be Li Jiuzhen, but if it was Li Jiuzhen, could A Luo just say no?

Fortunately, it was dim in the car, and they couldn't see each other's faces clearly. Mu Nuannuan thought about so many things in her heart, so she didn't have to worry about being seen by A Luo.

Mu Nuannuan retracted her hand and teased: "I can't see that A Luo has such a good temper."

She is sure that A Luo will not do anything to hurt her, so she has no scruples.

A Luo may have a burst of strength, but his mind is extremely shallow. Mu Nuannuan intentionally agitated her, maybe she could still detect some unexpected news.

But A Luo was obviously very angry and didn't want to say a word to Mu Nuannuan.

She can be instructed by Li Jiuzhen to pick up people, which means that she is Li Jiuzhen's capable subordinate, and naturally has some advantages. Among the many subordinates, she is also a very prestigious person.

It's strange that such a prestigious A Luo was willing to care about her after being harassed by Mu Nuannuan for a while.

Mu Nuannuan knew that everything shouldn't be too much, and A Luo ignored her, so she didn't say much anymore.


car drove in the dark for a long time.

At least in Mu Nuannuan's opinion, she has been driving for a long time, and she has not slept well in these two days, and she has been a little drowsy, or it may have not been driving for too long.

Although she was a little sleepy, she did not fall asleep.

Until, a brightly lit building appeared in the front, like a village.

Mu Nuannuan also discovered that there were several brightly lit buildings on the hills next to the village.

When the car drove up the mountain, Mu Nuannuan could see clearly that the big brightly lit buildings were villas.

This is a garden-style bungalow with a simple style, but it covers a large area. Even at night, it is very design.

The owner of this villa is a very particular person.

As soon as the car stopped, A Luo eagerly opened the door and went down, obviously not wanting to stay with Mu Nuannuan for a moment.

Bodyguards and servants came out to greet them.

Mu Nuannuan got out of the car behind A Luo, and saw the servants and bodyguards bend over at A Luo and said, "Miss A Luo."

Their attitude towards A Luo seemed very respectful, which was similar to Mu Nuannuan. As expected, A Luo was a very prestigious person among them.

This is indeed the case.

Mu Nuannuan was about to admire her sharpness.

A Luo nodded at them, with an arrogant expression, sharp eyes, and he looked very imposing.

Looking at A Luo like this, Mu Nuannuan couldn't help but remember the A Luo who was disguised as an innocent little maid in the villa before.

She found that everyone can easily disguise as several faces.

On the contrary, it is a person like Mu Wanqi who puts bad eyes on his lips and puts them on his face. It is better to prevent.

And people like A Luo who are really dissidents are especially good at disguising, but they are also invincible, so you must always be careful.

"Follow me."

Mu Nuannuan stared at A Luo's back in a trance, and A Luo suddenly pulled back her thoughts.

This villa looks very big, except for the bodyguards and servants, I don't know who else lives in it. Even if A Luo didn't say anything, Mu Nuannuan would follow her.

Although Mu Nuannuan didn't say a word, A Luo felt upset when she thought that Mu Nuannuan had deliberately agitated her before, and couldn't help but choke her out: "

I'm learning smart now." "After all, I am . The hostages you took, my daughter is still in your hands, how can I be disobedient." Mu Nuannuan clearly carried a shining knife in her words.

They shouldn't be absolutely right, shouldn't help Mu Mu.

After Mu Tingxiao was angered, although his temperament was violent, he would not do anything to innocent people. They were women and children.

He is not a good person, but he also has his own principles.

And what is the difference between Li Jiulian and Mu Mu when they kidnapped Mu Mu and Si Chengyu back then?

This alone was enough to make Mu Nuannuan hate them.

Thinking of this, Mu Nuannuan's complexion became even colder.

She lowered her eyes slightly to prevent A Luo from seeing the emotions in her eyes.

A Luo is not a cruel woman, she still has a little compassion for the child, and tied a child to threaten goodbye, which is indeed not glamorous.

Therefore, even if she heard the thorns in Mu Nuannuan's words, she didn't say much.

A Luo took Mu Nuannuan into the villa.

The villa is very large, with a large spiral staircase.

"I'll take you to see your daughter first." There was a lot of space in the villa, and when A Luo spoke, he brought a little echo.

"Thank you." Mu Nuannuan's tone didn't contain any emotion, let alone thank you.

A Luo glanced at her, then turned around and continued to lead the way.

Chapter: 578

Mu Nuannuan followed A Luo, and the more he walked up, the quieter.

After going upstairs, the corridor is full of echoes of footsteps.

The villa was surprisingly quiet. Just now at the entrance of the villa, Mu Nuannuan saw so many bodyguards and servants, which indicated that there should be many people living in the villa.

But at this time, Mu Nuannuan felt more and more that there was no popularity in this villa, even though servants passed by them from time to time.

At the corner of the corridor, the field of vision became wider again, and going forward, it was a glass flower room.

The light in the glass flower room was dim, and A Luo led her through the glass flower room to a door.

A Luo stopped, looked back at her, and said with a complicated expression: "Go in by yourself." After

she finished speaking, she opened the door.

Mu Nuannuan stood at the door, looking in the direction of the bed.

The big bed was covered with a quilt and a blanket was added. There was a half-covered doll at the head of the bed. Mu Mu was so small that it must be covered by the doll.

Mu Nuannuan's breathing became lighter.

She lifted her foot and walked in. A Luo watched her walk to the bed, closed the door with her backhand, walked back to the glass flower room with her arms, and sat down on a chair.

In the room, Mu Nuannuan had already walked to the bed.

Almost Mu Mu was buried in the quilt, only half of his head was exposed, breathing evenly, and sleeping deeply.

After adapting to the dim light of the room, Mu Nuannuan could see Mu Mu more clearly.

She sat on the carpet in front of the bed and stretched out her hand to put Mu Mu's quilt under her chin, revealing her whole face.

Mu Mu's complexion looked very good, her long eyelashes spread out like a fan, her little nose closed together, and she didn't know what she was dreaming about.

Mu Nuannuan looked at Mu Mu, reluctant to move her eyes, she was afraid of waking Mu Mu, so she gently reached out and touched her hair.

Mu Tingxiao said, Mu Mu has a temperament like her.

Mu Nuannuan felt that Mu Mu was not like her. Mu Mu was much smarter than her. She was a little spirit. Even in such an unfamiliar environment, she could still eat and sleep well.

Her daughter may be different from what she imagined.

Mu Nuannuan watched Mu Mu by the bed for a while, remembering that A Luo was still outside, pulling the quilt for Mu Mu before getting up and walking outside.

Opening the door, she did not see A Luo's figure, so she moved her eyes to the glass flower room.

She guessed that A Luo should be there.

Mu Nuannuan walked over and saw A Luo sitting among a bunch of flowers with his back straight, as if thinking about something.

Before Mu Nuannuan said anything, A Luo turned around and looked at her.

A Luo said directly to Mu Nuannuan, "You can live here tonight."

"Yeah." Mu Nuannuan nodded in response.

Hearing this, A Luo turned around and left.

Mu Nuannuan was a little surprised. A Luo was here waiting for her, just to say this?

It wasn't until A Luo's figure disappeared outside the flower room that Mu Nuannuan turned around and returned to Mu Mu's room.

A Luo just walked to the corridor, and some of his subordinates came over from the front.

Seeing her, his subordinates respectfully said: "Miss A Luo."

A Luo nodded very slightly, and asked him: "Has the sir returned?"

"Not yet." After

hearing this, A Luo frowned and thought for a moment. With a slight change of face, she ordered, "Send someone to take good care of that woman and her child." As

she said, she hurried out.


Too many things happened this night, Mu Nuan was nervous, and after riding this far in the car, now seeing Mu Mu in peace and peace, I felt much more relaxed.

She went to bed with extremely light movements, and looked at Mu Mu with one hand on her head, before falling asleep after a while.

When she woke up again, she was awakened by the itch on her face.

When she slept in a daze, she felt as if something was crawling on her face, soft, weak, and itchy.

Mu Nuan opened her eyes suddenly, and she met Mu Mu's small face.

Mu Mu was tapping her fingers one by one on Mu Nuannuan's face. Seeing Mu Nuannuan suddenly woke up, she widened her eyes and threw herself into Mu Nuannuan's arms, calling her excitedly: " Mom!"

Mu Nuan felt the enthusiasm from Mumu, and smiled and hugged her: "Does Mumu miss her mother?"

" Yes ." Mu Mu squirmed back and forth in Mu Nuan's arms.

Mu Nuan's complexion was slightly stagnant, and then gently asked her: "Is it fun here?"

"Yeah." Mu Mu nodded first, then shook his head again.

"Is that fun or not?" Mu Nuannuan asked her patiently, trying to guess from Mu Mu's mouth whether she would live well here.

Although it seemed that they treated Mu Mu well, she still wanted to confirm.

Mu Mu tilted her head slightly, her small eyebrows wrinkled into a figure eight again, as if she was thinking, looking very serious.

She thought very seriously for a while before she said, "Uncle Li is playing with me, but I miss you."

"Uncle Li?" Mu Nuannuan knew she was talking about Li Jiuzhen.

Mu Mu smiled and nodded, turned around and hugged the doll that she was sleeping in her arms last night, with an expression of offering treasures: "Uncle Li bought this for me. Give it to you."

Mu Nuannuan took the doll. I took a closer look. It was very cute and furry. I could see that Mu Mu liked it very much, otherwise she wouldn't warm Mu Mu.

Mu Nuannuan asked tentatively: "Uncle Li is so good?"

"Yes, he is so good." Mu Mu followed her words and nodded in agreement.

The smile on Mu Nuannuan's face faded a little, and she was lost in thought.

Mu Mu had seen Li Jiuheng before. She had a good memory. Li Jiuheng and Li Jiuheng were almost exactly the same. Mu Mu had a good memory, so she naturally remembered Li Jiuheng and regarded Li Jiuheng as Li Jiuheng.

In a completely unfamiliar place, children will naturally become dependent on the only person they know.

During this period, when Mu Mu and Li Jiulian got along, they naturally depended on Li Jiulian.

At this time, there was a slight knock on the door outside.

When Mu Mu heard the knock on the door, his eyes lit up: "Eat breakfast."

Seeing her like this, Mu Nuan laughed and said, "They come to ask you to have breakfast every morning?"

However, Mu Mu did not answer her. If you do, slide your hands and feet from the bed to the ground and ran to open the door.

The door handle was a bit high, Mu Mu held the door handle with his toes and turned to open the door.

Outside the maid smiling, said: "Good morning, Mu Mu."

"Good morning," Mu Mu very polite retorted, could not wait to ask:. "Is to eat breakfast yet?"

Servants still She smiled and said gently: "Yes."

Mu Nuannuan followed with Mu Mu's coat, first put the coat on Mu Mu, and then said to the maid: "Thank you, we will go down after we wash. "The

servant nodded slightly, Mu Mu followed Mu Nuannuan's tone and said while closing the door: "Thank you, we will go down soon."

Chapter: 579

Mu Nuannuan laughed, touched Mumu's head, and took her to wash her face and brush her teeth.

When Mu Nuannuan came out with Mu Mu, the two maids were still at the door, obviously waiting for Mu Nuannuan and Mu Mu to come out and take them to the restaurant.

On the surface, it is taking care, but in fact it is not an exaggeration to say that it is surveillance. Regarding this, Mu Nuannuan is very clear.

The two maids respectfully lead the way. Mu Mu has lived in this villa for so long, and it is obvious that he is very familiar with it.

She took Mu Nuannuan's hand, and ran forward and said, "Mom, I know where the restaurant is." When

they arrived at the restaurant, Li Jiulan was already sitting at the table, and A Luo was sitting next to him.

He seemed to be waiting for Mu Nuan and Mu Mu, holding the phone and tapping on the screen from time to time, his expression looked very relaxed.

As soon as Mu Mu saw him, he shouted happily: "Uncle Li."

"Mu Mu is here." Li Jiuyan raised his head when he heard the sound, put the phone aside, and looked at Mu Mu with a smile.

Mu Mu smiled at him, and then looked back at Mu Nuannuan: "Mom..."

She wanted to go to Li Jiuyan's place, which was asking for Mu Nuannuan's consent.

"Go." Mu Nuannuan paused, but let go of her hand, and let Mu Mu go to Li Jiuzhen.

As soon as Mu Mu ran to Li Jiuyan, Li Jiuyan picked her up, and the interaction between the two seemed natural and intimate.

Mu Nuannuan could tell that Mu Mu really liked Li Jiuyan.

She didn't think too much, walked straight to the table and sat down opposite Li Jiuzhen.

When Mu Mu saw Mu Nuan Nuan coming, he slid off Li Jiuyan and ran to Mu Nuan Nuan's side.

Mu Nuannuan took Mu Mu to the chair in front of the dining table and sat down, and heard Li Jiuyan ask her: "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Thanks to Mr. Li's concern, I slept well." Mu Nuannuan looked up at him with a faint expression.

"That's good, eat breakfast." Li Jiuzhen nodded slightly when he heard the words, as if he had just asked casually.

After eating breakfast, Li Jiuzhen went out with A Luo.

As for where to go, Mu Nuannuan naturally has no way of knowing.

There were many servants and bodyguards in the villa, but they did not restrict Mu Nuannuan's freedom. It seemed that they were not afraid that Mu Nuannuan would run away.

If she is the only one, it is not impossible to escape.

But now that Mu Mu was there, it was very difficult for her to escape with Mu Mu, so she simply stopped thinking about it.

Li Jiuzhen might have thought of this too, and she didn't let people take her seriously.

Although she could not escape, this did not prevent Mu Nuannuan from being familiar with the terrain in the villa.

Mu Nuannuan wanted to get familiar with the terrain of the villa, but Mu Mu took her to a toy room.

When she entered, she was shocked.

Where is this a toy room, it is clearly a small children's playground.

At Mu Mu's age, she had no resistance at all, and she pulled Mu Nuannuan to accompany her to play.

But the doubt in Mu Nuannuan's heart is getting deeper and deeper, what exactly Li Jiuyan is going to do!

If she were not Mu Mu's mother, she would have doubted that Li Jiulai was Mu Mu's biological father.


Li Jiulan and A Luo only came back at night.

When Li Jiulai came back, he came to see Mu Mu.

But Mu Mu fell asleep because he was too tired from playing before.

Li Jiulin went in and glanced at Mu Mu who was sleeping, then turned around and came out.

Mu Nuannuan stood behind him and asked him, "When are you going to let us go?"

"Is it okay to live here?" Li Jiuyan closed the door and looked up at her with seriousness in his eyes. He was really asking her.

This kind of Li Jiuheng is too similar to Li Jiuheng.

Mu Nuannuan sneered a little irritably: "Li Jiuyan, you don't have to pretend to be Li Jiuheng in front of me, don't deliberately learn from his tone and temper, no matter how you pretend, you are not him."

Li Jiuyan listened to her. After a pause, he chuckled and said unclearly, "Really?" After

he finished speaking, he turned to leave.

Mu Nuannuan followed: "Li Jiuyan, you haven't answered the question I just asked."

"Is this the tone that a hostage should have?" Li Jiuyan did not stop to look at her, nor did he walk too fast.

Mu Nuan Nuan sneered: "Aren't you not like a kidnapper holding hostages?"

"Listening to your tone, you really hope I can be a real kidnapper?" Li Jiuzhen finally stopped and looked back at her.

I don't know why, in addition to wanting to know Li Jiu's purpose very much in Mu Nuannuan's heart, she is not worried about what he will do to her.

Mu Nuannuan looked at him, with doubts and incomprehensions written on her face.

Li Jiuzhen saw her expression in full view: "I have something to do. I will have dinner together later."

He turned around and left after speaking, looking relaxed and happy from his back.

Mu Nuannuan took a deep breath, turned around and leaned against the wall, analyzing all of Li Jiu's behavior and actions during this period.

Li Jiuzhen understands her and treats Mu Mu very well. He takes her into the villa without restricting her freedom or doing anything to harm her... What is

even more exaggerated is that when she sees Li Jiuzhen now, she will be involuntary. Think of Li Jiuheng.

Mainly because the two people are too alike.

Mu Nuannuan leaned against the wall and pondered for a while before going back to see if Mu Mu was awake.

She pushed open the door and saw Mu Mu lying on the bed holding two dolls playing.

Mu Mu heard the sound of opening the door and turned to look at the door. After seeing Mu Nuannuan, she turned over and sat up, then stood up again, and stretched out her hand towards Mu Nuannuan: "Mom."

Mu Nuannuan walked to the bedside. She hugged her up and reached out to touch Mu Mu's messy bangs: "Your hair is messy."

Mu Mu reached out and touched her hair and said, "It's not messy."

Mu Nuan put her back on the bed and gave her When she put on her clothes, she thought that she was too close to Li Jiuwei, and said softly, "Mu Mu, do you like Uncle Li very much?"

"Like it." Mu Mu answered without hesitation.

"But what if he isn't really Uncle Li?" Mu Nuannuan asked, but she couldn't help feeling a bit funny. How could Mu Mu understand this.

Mu Mu looked up at Mu Nuannuan

, her two small eyebrows frowned, and said in confusion, "Uncle Li is Uncle Li." She didn't understand what was true or false.

After Mu Nuannuan heard her, there was a flash of light in her mind, and she suddenly stopped.

Uncle Li is Uncle Li...

Is there anyone in this world who looks exactly the same?

Assuming that there is no one who looks exactly the same in this world, can it be said that Li Jiuzhen is actually Li Jiuheng!

Mu Nuannuan had been thinking preconceivedly that Li Jiuzhen and Li Jiuheng were two people, always wondering because they looked too alike.

Li Jiuheng and Li Jiuheng are the same person...

Chapter: 580

If Li Jiuzhen and Li Jiuheng are the same person, then this matter can be explained.

People’s sixth sense sometimes becomes extremely accurate.

With this assumption as the premise, all the doubts in Mu Nuannuan's heart were resolved with tolerance.

Although she saw "Li Jiuheng" in Jinding, and Li Jiuheng's assistant told her that Li Jiuheng did not go out to eat that day, it cannot be ruled out that Li Jiuheng's assistant was suspected of lying.

The appearance of Li Jiulai was in itself to attract Mu Nuannuan to Country M.

Suppose that "Li Jiuheng" is a person Li

Jiuheng fabricated to bring her to Country M... Mu Nuannuan stretched out her hand and pursed her lips, and muttered, "'s wrong."

Mu Tingxiao checked the information, Li Jiuheng There is indeed a twin brother.

When Mu Mu saw that Mu Nuannuan ignored her and was still talking to herself, he called her in confusion, "Mom?"

Mu Nuannuan was brought back to her thoughts by her voice, and quickly reduced the emotion on her face. Chong Mu Mu smiled and said, "I was just thinking about what to eat tonight."

Mu Mu said that wind is rain, touched her stomach, frowned and said , "I'm so hungry."

Mu Nuan watched. She frowned and wanted to laugh. She stretched out her hand to hold Mu Mu's two small eyebrows: "Well, don't keep frowning your eyebrows like this, you will become a little old lady."

"What is a little old lady?"

"It's the old lady."

"What is an old lady?"

Mu Nuannuan: "..."


at night.

The restaurant was very quiet, only Mu Mu said out from time to time: "Mom, I want to eat this, and that, noodles..."

Mu Nuannuan quietly gave Mu Mu what she wanted to eat, and both Li Jiuyan and A Luo were very quiet.

After all this day, Mu Nuannuan discovered that A Luo was a very important person in Li Jiuzhen.

Just like Shi Ye under Mu Tingxiao's hand, he was a very powerful right hand.

Suddenly, Li Jiuyan looked up at Mu Nuannuan, and asked, "Doesn't suit your appetite?"

Mu Nuannuan ate absent-mindedly. After being asked by Li Jiuyan, she lowered her eyes slightly to restrain her emotions, and then raised her head again to look at Li Jiulin: "Very good. ."

Li Jiuzhen didn't ask any more.

Mu Mu had eaten and fell asleep not long after.

Mu Nuannuan was still thinking about Li Jiuyan, so she got up and went out.

There are servants passing by from time to time in the corridor. When they see Mu Nuannuan, they will greet her very politely.

"Miss Mu." He was

polite and alienated.

Li Jiulin did not restrict her personal freedom, but this villa was all his people, Mu Nuannuan was sure that the people in this villa would tell Li Jiulin where she went and did anything.

Mu Nuannuan was a little anxious at this kind of life under the control of others.

She wandered around the villa aimlessly, and finally transferred to Li Jiu's study.

There should be a lot of things hidden in a person's study. If she can go in and take a look, maybe she can find some traces of humiliation.

Mu Nuannuan looked up, and found that there was no surveillance at the door of Li Jiulin's study.

Originally, she only had this kind of thought in her mind. Now that she knows that there is no surveillance, she wants to put the thought into action.

At this moment, a servant came over from the other side.

Mu Nuannuan opened the door of a room next to him, and dodged in, pressing the door panel to listen to the movement outside.

A Luo's voice rang at this moment: "What are you doing?"

The servant whispered something, Mu Nuannuan did not hear clearly, she heard A Luo say again: "Take it downstairs, Mr. is not in the study."

"Yes." The

outside was quiet again.

After a while, Mu Nuannuan felt that they had really left before pulling the door open, revealing a crack in the door to observe the situation outside.

After making sure that there was no one outside, Mu Nuannuan walked out on tiptoe, looked around, and flashed into Li Jiu's study.

This is the first time that Mu Nuannuan has come to the study in this villa.

This study room is larger, and the decoration is very dark, which looks very depressing.

There are computers and some books on the table.

Books are very mixed, including business management and medical, and they are all new. It can be seen that these books are usually not favored by their owners.

Mu Nuannuan wandered around the room lightly, and when she returned to the desk, she suddenly found his mobile phone next to the book.

When she looked at this place before, she might have been blocked by the book, so she didn't notice that his mobile phone was here.

Mu Nuannuan picked up the phone and pressed the power button, the phone screen suddenly lit up.

Mu Nuannuan reached out and swiped the lock screen, and she was prompted to enter the password on the screen.

She stared at the number keys, and after hesitating for a while, she entered four numbers from memory.

Li Jiuheng also has the habit of setting a digital password for his mobile phone. Once Mu Nuannuan accidentally saw his password.

At that time, Li Jiuheng also told her his mobile phone password very generously. It was a few meaningless and somewhat meaningful numbers.

Mu Nuannuan clicked on the number one by one, and the strings in his mind crumbled tightly.

The time interval between each number input is a bit long, and when her finger falls above the last number, she hesitates inexplicably.

Her hand froze at the top of the screen.

If this password can really open Li Jiu's phone, does it mean that Li Jiu's really is Li Jiuheng?

At this moment, there was a "click" outside the door, and the door lock was opened.

Immediately afterwards, the study door was opened from the outside.

Mu Nuan raised her head quickly and saw A Luo.

A Luo first glanced at Mu Nuannuan, and then her gaze fell on the phone in Mu Nuannuan's hand.

Of course, A Luo knew Li Jiu's cell phone, she looked awkward, and strode towards Mu Nuannuan: "Mu Nuannuan, what are you doing!"

Li Jiu's study is big, and it takes a dozen seconds for A Luo to walk over.

And Mu Nuannuan quickly made a decision in these ten seconds.

She finally got Li Jiu's mobile phone. If she missed this opportunity again, she would not know when she would have another chance...

She is now controlled by Li Jiu'an, and she can do too little...

Mu Nuan's face There was a dignified flash, and he clicked on the last number of the password.

At this moment, A Luo had already come to her, Mu Nuan Nuanyan quickly pressed the power button, and in the next second, A Luo snatched the phone from her hand.

"I advise you to know how to be a man, don't think that your husband is kind to you now and take yourself too seriously!" A Luo looked at Mu Nuannuan with a cold expression, his tone was very sharp.

When I was in the car on the night I first arrived, Mu Nuannuan irritated A Luo like that, and she had never been so angry.

She just touched Li Jiuyan's phone...

Mu Nuannuan smiled after thinking of something, "Do you like Li Jiuyan?"