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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 151-160) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 151

Lu Chen stared at Zhang Daoren, a little puzzled as to why Zhang Daoren dared to challenge him, could it rely on the trash around him?

  "Wu Zhan or Wen Zhan? How is Wu Zhan and how is Wen Zhan?" Lu Chen squinted.

  "What's the point of literary warfare, as a man, of course we must fight by force." Zhang Daoren said proudly.

  "Are you sure, you want to challenge me?" Lu Chen pointed to Zhang Daoren and then to himself. He couldn't understand what gave Zhang Daoren the courage to challenge him with force.

  "No, of course it wasn't me who took the shot. It was our Zhang family who took the shot. Do you dare to take it?" Zhang Daoren said.

  Lu Chen contemptuously, he knew Zhang Daoren would definitely say that.

  "Not interested." Lu Chen said directly.

  "I'm afraid you won't be able to help you at that time." Zhang Daoren sneered.

  "Are you threatening me?" Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhang Daoren guardingly. Zhang Daoren must have relied on if he dared to say this.

  So even if Lu Chen wanted to use his feet, Zhang Daoren could threaten him nothing more than his wife and daughter.

  Dare to use his family to threaten him?

  A murderous intent flashed in Lu Chen's eyes.

  "I advise you to agree to me, otherwise you will really regret it." Zhang Daoren sneered.

  Lu Chen fell silent, and suddenly thought of Han Tian. He remembered that after Han Tian was knocked off the stage by a punch, he saw murderous intent in his eyes. Could it be that the guy designed to take revenge?

  "Okay, I'll take your challenge. Time and place, let's talk about it." Lu Chen nodded after thinking that it was Han Tianlai's revenge.

  He must take this challenge unless he can accompany his family to protect them at all times.

  "Three days later, at seven o'clock in the afternoon, the small island in the center of the lake, which is the Green Island Villa." Zhang Daoren couldn't help but said with excitement when he saw Lu Chen agree.

  Last time Han Tian was injured by a punch by Lu Chen, of course Han Tian couldn't swallow this breath. He went back these days and told his big brother to come out and help him get revenge.

  Han Tian's big brother is a real martial arts master, much better than Han Tian.

  Zhang Daoren believes that Lu Chen will definitely be abandoned this time. Since Mr. Chen's 70th birthday, his IQ has been rubbed against the floor by Lu Chen, and he has long been very upset with Lu Chen.

  This time he could see Lu Chen suffer with his own eyes, and he could no longer restrain his inner excitement.

  "Okay." Lu Chen nodded and looked at Chen Churan, "I'll go back first."

  He has no interest at all in this kind of gathering, his purpose has been achieved, and of course he will not stay.

  "Mr. Lu..." Chen Churan wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say.

  "No need to say anything, if you ask them to compensate me for my car, that matter is forgotten." Lu Chen said as he walked out of the hall.

  Chen Churan and others hurriedly followed.

  Lu Chen only smiled bitterly when he saw that his Audi was completely hit.

  This kid Wu Kai still kind of kind, don't want nearly two million cars, just to crash his Audi, he has a little style.

  "Regret it, I told you everything. If you can't stop your broken car here, you will still believe it. Wu Kai is a real rich second generation. Where can you provoke a petty bourgeoisie? You see millions of people. You don’t need any of your cars, just to knock down your broken car, that’s the courage of a truly rich man.” Seeing a wry smile on Lu Chen’s face, the security guard walked over and said.

  What he said was somewhat of an afterthought, of course, it was more of a mockery.

  Lu Chen shrugged and said, "Yes, there are hundreds of thousands of them. It really hurts."

  The security guard's eyes became even more contemptuous. This is the gap. Wu Kai's two million cars don't care, but this kid is still distressed by the hundreds of thousands of cars.

  "Why didn't you listen to persuasion? You deserved it and asked for it yourself." The security guard said sarcastically.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded. It seemed that the car could not be driven. He was about to walk back.

  Seeing Lu Chen's somewhat fallen back, the security guard felt even more contemptuous: "Why didn't you know what was good or bad at the time? If you listened to my advice, would you end up like this?"

  Just then, an ambulance drove in and stopped in the middle of the road.

  The security guard wondered, could there be fights in the club? Some people are still sick.

  Soon he found that a group of people came out carrying Wu Kai. Wu Kai's legs were bent a bit exaggerated, and it looked like a broken leg.

  "Let me go, who is so bold that even a rich second-generation like Wu Kai dares to fight?" The security guard was taken aback and couldn't believe his eyes.

  This is going against the rhythm!

  "What about the Audi A6?" Chen Churan looked at the surprised security guard.

  The security guard was taken aback, seeing that it was Miss Chen, and hurriedly said, "In the parking lot over there, I will show you."

  "Yeah." After the ambulance took Wu Kai away, Chen Churan and Lan Ling walked to the parking lot.

  No matter what Lu Chen's car was crashed into or not, Chen Churan wanted to compensate Lu Chen for a car in order to make up for his mistake tonight.

  Not only did Lu Chen have a great relationship with her Chen family, but Xie Shujie would even call him a brother and sister. Even if Lu Chen didn't like her anymore, she couldn't make her relationship with Lu Chen stiff.

  "Miss, that kid really doesn't know good or bad. I advised him before. This is a private club. A broken car like him can't be parked here. He just doesn't listen. He has to carry it with Wu Kaiwu. No, as soon as he entered, Wu Shao directly crashed his broken car." The security guard said beside Chen Churan.

  Chen Churan said nothing, but Lan Ling looked at the security guard jokingly. The security guard didn't know that Wu Kai was about to break his legs because he was interrupted by someone he looked down on.

  "Miss, this is that kid's broken Audi. Look, Wu Kai drove his big g directly into it. It's really bold." When he came to the parking lot, the security guard pointed to the Audi A6 and said jokingly.

  "You are just a security guard. Even people who drive Audi look down on it. What car do you drive? Which car is related to you?" Seeing the security guard has been thinking about it, and she still has to respect it. Chen Churan couldn't help but laughed at the security guard.

  With her character, if it were in normal times, of course, it would be impossible to care about with a security guard, but today, when Lu Chen is involved, she definitely can't bear it anymore.

  The security guard was startled, not understanding why Chen Churan said that to him.

  "Is it true that in the eyes of you people, the only people who drive luxury cars are big people?" Chen Churan glanced at the security guard ironically, then turned and walked towards the clubhouse.

  The security guard was shocked and understood something instantly.

  "That guy, is he really a big man?" The more the security guard thinks about it, the more he thinks it is possible, or Miss Chen will come to check his car in person?

  Also, Wu Kai's legs were probably broken by him!

  When the security guard here realized it, Lan Ling also realized it.

  "Churan, you said that the big person you want to introduce to me is the invincible guy."

  Lan Ling followed Chen Churan's footsteps and asked.

Chapter: 152

"Yes, it's a pity that it made him unhappy today. It may be difficult to make an appointment next time." Chen Churan nodded, and said somewhat unpleasantly.

  "Who is he?" Lan Ling thought for a while and asked.

  There are four elder brothers in Yuzhou. She already knows them from the newspapers or from Chen Churan's mouth, but she has no impression of Lu Chen at all.

  "To tell you, I don't know exactly what his identity is. I can only tell you that my father called him brothers and Xie Shujie also called him brothers, and even toasted his wine personally." Chen Churan said. www.

  Lan Ling was startled, and subconsciously said, "His identity is too bad, isn't it the boss behind the most popular science park in Yuzhou?"

  Chen Churan was startled, when Lan Ling was reminded, she suddenly realized it, but how could this be possible?

  He is so young, how can he start a super-large enterprise like a science and technology park?

  And isn't he the owner of Shengshi Supermarket?

  Although Chen Churan thought that Lu Chen might be the boss of Yiqi Technology, he still couldn't believe it.

  But, can a supermarket owner really make big people like her father and Xie Shujie favor it?

  "I really don’t know if he is the boss of the Science and Technology Park, but I know that he opened a supermarket called Shengshi. By the way, you didn’t want to go to the last Zuojia antique event and let your Central Plains boss Zhou Zunfei eat turtles. People? It happened to be Lu Chen. He was the one who won Zheng Xi and Master Zheng at the stone gambling conference, and Zhou Zunfei lost all the rough channels." Chen Churan said.

  "Oh, that's really a shame, I don't know if I will see him next time." Lan Ling said regretfully.

  She came to Yuzhou this time. On the surface, she was here to play, but in fact, her biggest purpose was to find the person who would win next week's original stone channel.

  She wants to buy Zhou's rough channel.

  Because their Lan family has too much competition with the Zhou family, it can even be said that they hate the family. The Zhou family’s lifeline is the original stone channel. They must be stuck in the Zhou family’s lifeline. In the competition with the Zhou family, their Lan family In order to be invincible, or counterattack Zhou's family.

  "Well, there is a thank-you dinner the day after tomorrow, which is organized by the city, he should go." Chen Churan said.

  "Okay, we will go to the appreciation dinner the day after tomorrow," Lan Ling said.

  Lu Chen took a taxi back home, saw Lin Yijun also sleeping in the same room with Qiqi, smiled bitterly in his heart, took a shower and went to sleep.

  The next day, he had to take a taxi to send Qiqi to school.

  Sending Qiqi into the kindergarten, Lu Chen took a taxi to the supermarket. Now there are two experienced and capable officers in the Science Park, Wang Wei and Xu Shuting, and he is not worried at all.

  Instead, it was the supermarket side, he was not too relieved of Wu Lei.

  Although he let Wu Lei do a big job, he really wants to take the chain route, and this is also a key pawn for him to build a business empire in the future.

  After yesterday's restoration and sorting, the supermarket was operating normally again today. Lu Chen waited until noon and everything went as usual before coming to eat.

  "Brother Lu, it's you." When Lu Chen passed by the entrance of a cold drink shop, he saw Chen Xiaobing and a woman walking towards him.

  The woman is twenty-two years old. She is not too pretty, but she still looks pretty in fashion.

  Lu Chen glanced at the woman, a little familiar, but couldn't remember who it was for a while.

  The woman's name was Lei Puyin, and Lu Chen could not remember her, but she still remembered Lu Chen.

  Because she was a classmate of Lin Yijia, she had met before, and she knew that Lu Chen was a useless son-in-law in the eyes of the Lin family.

  "Well, what a coincidence." Lu Chen smiled slightly and responded to Chen Xiaobing.

  "Brother Lu, where are you going?" Chen Xiaobing asked again, since the last time Lu Chen shined at her grandfather's birthday banquet, her attitude towards Lu Chen has changed qualitatively.

  "Are you going to have lunch, aren't you going to eat it?" Lu Chen asked casually.

  "You want to eat, Brother Lu, or else, you buy us a cold drink, how about we invite you to lunch?" Chen Xiaobing said with a wink.

  Lu Chen glanced at the cold drink shop next to him. He was also a little thirsty. When he wanted to say yes, he heard Lei Puyin interrupt him directly.

  "Xiaobing, let's go and eat it by ourselves." In Lei Puyin's impression, she knew that Lu Chen was a waste of money and had no affection for Lu Chen.

  No, I look down on Lu Chen at all.

  It is difficult for her to understand why Chen Xiaobing wants to say hello to a wretched person like Lu Chen, and even invite him to dinner. Isn't she afraid of being seen by others and belittle her identity?

  However, she is not good at showing it. Although she and Chen Xiaobing are also friends, their two are only cooperative relations, and their Lei family is almost a subsidiary of the Chen family. If Chen Xiaobing is upset, it may affect the cooperation between the two Relationship.

  Lu Chen looked at Lei Puyin and saw Ruowu's contempt in her eyes, and said to Chen Xiaobing, "Or, I'd better not go."

  "Then you can invite me alone, and I will invite you later." Chen Xiaobing also heard the dislike of Lu Chen in Lei Puyin's words, and immediately became very upset with Lei Puyin.

  Lu Chen was a distinguished guest of their Chen family. Compared with Lu Chen, the ten Lei families were not worth mentioning in her eyes.

  Feeling the change in Chen Xiaobing's attitude, Lei Puyin's heart suddenly trembled.

  She and Chen Xiaobing seemed to be friends. It was for the benefit of her family and company that she deliberately approached Chen Xiaobing, and she was able to gain Chen Xiaobing's trust through repeated care and tolerance.

  This is also her father's intention. When interacting with Chen Xiaobing, Chen Xiaobing must be allowed, because their Lei family's business is completely dependent on the Chen family's supplies, and the Chen family provides them with business, so that their Lei family can have food.

  Therefore, whether it was Chen Xiaobing or someone else in the Chen family, Lei Puyin had no choice but to curry favor.

  "Let's be together then." Lei Puyin said to Lu Chen hastily.

  Although there were a hundred people who looked down on Lu Chen in her heart, she had to consider Chen Xiaobing's attitude.

  It's just that she also asked the boy she likes today, and when that boy sees her drinking a cold drink with Lu Chen, it will probably be a bit embarrassing.

  Lu Chen looked at Lei Puyin in surprise. Lei Puyin's change in attitude towards him surprised him.

  However, he soon understood that Lei Puyin seemed to be friends with Chen Xiaobing, but how could ordinary people become her friends with a lady like Chen Xiaobing.

  This Lei Puyin must have asked Chen Xiaobing before he took the initiative to please Chen Xiaobing.

  Just now Chen Xiaobing showed dissatisfaction, Lei Puyin must have noticed it.

  But why is she so hostile to me?

  Could it be that I have offended her somewhere?

  Lu Chen thought a little puzzled.

Chapter: 153

"Brother Lu, what have you been up to lately?" Chen Xiaobing asked.

  "I'm not busy, picking up my daughter, and then just buying vegetables and cooking." Lu Chen smiled.

  Hearing what Lu Chen said, the eyes of Lei Puyin who walked behind showed even more contempt.

  I have only heard of women doing housework at home, and never heard of men not going to work and staying at home to be the head of the house.

  Uselessness is wastefulness. I only know that eating my own wife's waste is to lose a man's face.

  "Ah, Brother Lu can still cook, go to your house another day, and you can cook it yourself." Chen Xiaobing said in surprise.

  Lei Puyin was even more surprised. Chen Xiaobing is the second Miss Chen family. Is she thinking about it?

  Lu Chen said that he has a family, and he is so close to him, she wouldn't be too frustrated, would she?

  "Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, shredded potatoes with green peppers, Mapo tofu and other home-cooked dishes, can you eat them?" Lu Chen looked at Chen Xiaobing and smiled.

  He knew that an eldest lady like Chen Xiaobing had lived in a greenhouse since she was a child, and she ate the delicacies of mountains and seas. How could she be able to eat home-cooked dishes of ordinary people.

  In fact, if he hadn't been in Yuzhou for these years, he wouldn't be able to eat ordinary home cooking.

  Lei Puyin really wants to say that those dishes are eaten by ordinary people. How can you eat the things that ordinary people eat?

  "Occasionally, it's good to change the taste." Chen Xiaobing blinked and said.

  Lu Chen smiled and walked into the cold drink shop. The waiter in the cold drink shop was very enthusiastic, but only to Chen Xiaobing behind Lu Chen. Obviously Chen Xiaobing must come here often to consume.

  "Second Miss, are you still as usual?" The manager of the cold drink shop skipped Lu Chen in front and said to Chen Xiaobing behind Lu Chen.

  Chen Xiaobing nodded and turned to Lu Chen: "Brother Lu, what would you like to drink?" www.

  "A glass of ice water is fine." Lu Chen doesn't like drinks too much. He spends more time drinking boiled water or tea. Of course, he still likes ice water a little more in summer.

  The manager sneered in his heart, and there was obviously a flash of contempt in his eyes. When he came to such a high-end place, he only wanted to drink a glass of ice water. This guy is a soil bun.

  But even if she looked down on Lu Chen, she didn't dare to say it. This came with Miss Chen's Second Miss. Moreover, Miss Chen Er only asked him what he drank, but she didn't ask another beauty. Obviously this guy Position in the mind of Miss Chen Er.

  "Could it be that this guy is a big man, he looks pretty ordinary in his clothes?" The manager looked at Lu Chen in confusion.

  "Xiaobing, I'll go out to pick up a friend." Lei Puyin ordered his favorite drink and the phone rang and said to Chen Xiaobing after the call.

  Chen Xiaobing nodded. Since meeting Lu Chen, she had nothing to say to Lei Puyin, and her whole mind was devoted to Lu Chen.

  Lei Puyin walked out of the cold drink shop and saw a luxury car parked in the cold drink shop. She trot quickly to the window of the luxury car and looked at the young man in the car with love in her eyes.

  This is her favorite man, Luo Yunhuai.

  "Luo Yunhuai, get out of the car and sit down," Lei Puyin said.

  "Just tell me if you have anything, I have other things." Luo Yunhuai said impatiently. If Lei Puyin kept sending him WeChat, he wouldn't want to come out in such a hot weather.

  He was a bit interesting to Lei Puyin before, because he just wanted to play, but when he found that Lei Puyin was serious, he didn't want to get close to Lei Puyin.

  Although the Lei family is not bad, but also the Chen family as a backer.

  But he was so young that he didn't want to get married at all.

  Moreover, he himself wants to have a family background and a good appearance, of course he can't be caught by Lei Puyin at a young age.

  Hearing Luo Yunhuai's tone, Lei Puyin felt a little sad, but in order to stay with Luo Yunhuai for a while, she still said: "Let's go, Chen Xiaobing is also there."

  She knew that Luo Yunhuai had always been interested in Chen Xiaobing, and Chen Xiaobing did not give Luo Yunhuai a chance at all, but she was still a little uncomfortable, especially to find that Luo Yunhuai's eyes were shining at this moment, which made her extremely unhappy.

  Of course, her discomfort was only directed at Chen Xiaobing, and she didn't mean to blame Luo Yunhuai at all.

  "Well, I happen to be a little thirsty, so let's go in for a drink." Luo Yunhuai said with bright eyes.

  "By the way, there is also a wimp in it, which was called by Chen Xiaobing. I don't know what she was thinking. She actually asked a wimp to drink a drink together, and I will invite the wimp to have a meal later." Lei Puyin is afraid that Luo Yunhuai will misunderstand. , Vaccinate him in advance.

  "Wasteful? What wasteful?" Luo Yunhuai was shocked, thinking that he might not be Chen Xiaobing's new boyfriend?

  "It's the brother-in-law of my classmate. I can't remember what it is called Lu Shilai. I know that he didn't go to work, he would pick up his children to school all day, and then go home to cook. This kind of man who depends on women to feed him is not a waste of money. "Lei Puyin said.

  "Yes, such a man is just a waste."

  Hearing Lei Puyin's explanation, Luo Yunhuai was relieved, as long as he is not Chen Xiaobing's new boyfriend, he still has a chance.

  Although he doesn't want to get married yet, it is only for people and women like Lei Puyin.

  If you can marry the second lady of the Chen family, he will let him get married tomorrow.

  Lei Puyin thought, that the useless ability to drink a drink with the man she likes is also the blessing of his eight lifetimes.

  "By the way, Luo Yunhuai, I feel that the uselessness is probably because the toad wants to eat swan meat, and has been relying on Chen Xiaobing's side not to go. It's very disgusting." Lei Puyin thought that she had just been offended because she didn't want to drink a drink with Lu Chen. About Chen Xiaobing, I felt quite upset with Lu Chen.

  It just happened that Luo Yunhuai was here, so I borrowed Luo Yunhuai to take care of Lu Chen.

  Well, this trick is a good calculation.

  She had already noticed that Chen Xiaobing's attitude towards Lu Chen was extraordinary, and she couldn't shake it anyway.

  Didn't Luo Yunhuai always like Chen Xiaobing? As long as he humiliated Lu Chen, Chen Xiaobing would definitely blame Luo Yunhuai and even break up with Luo Yunhuai.

  At that time, without Chen Xiaobing getting in the way, she was more certain that Luo Yunhuai would like her.

  "Hmph, just because of his uselessness, he dared to make Xiaobing's idea? He can't help himself." Luo Yunhuai snorted coldly.

  "But some people just don't know it." Lei Puyin provoked.

  "No self-knowledge? See how I teach him to recognize himself." Luo Yunhuai said coldly, and strode into the cold drink shop.

  Seeing that Luo Yunhuai's emotions were provoked by him again, Lei Puyin sneered in his heart, and waited for a good show behind Luo Yunhuai.

  However, when she followed Luo Yunhuai into the cold drink shop, she was dumbfounded.

  I couldn't believe my eyes.

Chapter: 154

"Lu, Mr. Lu." Luo Yunhuai, who had a sullen expression, suddenly saw Lu Chen sitting next to Chen Xiaobing, and he was a little dumbfounded.

  Last time at the Zuo family banquet, he saw with his own eyes that Xie Shujie and other big guys were toasting Lu Chenjiu in person. This is the big guy he has been yearning for for a long time.

  "Are you?" Lu Chen looked back at Luo Yunhuai, remembering that there was no such person.

  "My name is Luo Yunhuai, and I happened to sit next to Mr. Lu at the Zuo family banquet last time." Luo Yunhuai explained.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, seemingly impressed.

  Lei Puyin's eyes widened. Is this still the one she knew?

  Chen Xiaobing was optimistic about him and didn't say anything, why did Luo Yunhuai respect him so much?

  Didn't he just clamor to teach this wimp to recognize himself?

  Lei Puyin really couldn't understand that Lu Chen was obviously a useless person. This was what she saw personally, and Lin Yijia's family was very bad for Lu Chen, which would explain everything. www.

  But why did Chen Xiaobing and Luo Yunhuai both flatter him?

  "Xiaobing, you are here too." Luo Yunhuai ignored Lei Puyin's astonishment and smiled slightly at Chen Xiaobing.

  "Lei Puyin is waiting for you," Chen Xiaobing said.

  "Well, I didn't expect you to be with Mr. Lu. By the way, Xiaobing, Mr. Lu, you have not eaten yet, how about I invite you to eat?" Luo Yunhuai looked expectantly at Lu Chen, he had long wanted to find The opportunity to make friends with Lu Chen.

  Anyway, he also knew that Chen Xiaobing would not like him, so he didn't think about it anymore.

  Chen Xiaobing looked at Lu Chen, Lu Chen shrugged, he didn't care, he just came out for lunch anyway.

  "Well, let's go to dinner." Lu Chen didn't care, and Chen Xiaobing was ready to help Luo Yunhuai.

  She was originally a smart person. From Luo Yunhuai's eyes to Lu Chen, she knew that Luo Yunhuai wanted to befriend Lu Chen.

  After all, she and Luo Yunhuai are also high school classmates, and now Lu Chen is a mysterious person who is more famous than the four princes, who doesn't want to make friends with him.

  After leaving the cold drink shop, Luo Yunhuai took a few people to a high-end restaurant.

  Most people can't book private rooms in this western restaurant, but with Luo Yunhuai's ability, it is fine to book a private room.

  I heard that Miss Chen Daer was also here, and the owner of the restaurant also came to toast a glass of wine in person, and finally called the lobby manager over and arranged it outside the private room.

  Luo Yunhuai didn't expect Lu Chen to talk so easily, especially after the exchange of cups, he felt a good chat.

  This is mainly because Luo Yunhuai is very good at talking. Although he knows that Lu Chen's identity is special, he didn't mention a word about Lu Chen's identity. When they happened to talk about a ball game that Lu Chen also liked, the two chatted more happily.

  Fortunately, Chen Xiaobing is also a fan and can chat with the two of them.

  Lei Puyin tried to cut in a few words, but no one took the initiative to return to her, which made her feel even more unhappy.

  She attributed all this to Lu Chen.

  In her opinion, if it were not for Lu Chen's appearance, Chen Xiaobing would not just ignore his own feelings.

  If it hadn't been for Lu Chen's appearance, Luo Yunhuai would have never forgotten himself because of his fondness.

  Lei Puyin took an order and walked out of the private room awkwardly.

  She felt that she was a superfluous person in the private room.

  She really hated Lu Chen to the extreme in her heart.

  After going to the bathroom and returning, Lei Puyin saw a drunken and sweaty swaying man. She had a sudden plan in her heart and walked over to the big man.

  She deliberately rubbed against the man, then raised her hand and slapped the man on the face.

  "Why are you touching me? Smelly hooligan!" Lei Puyin pretended to panic and shouted angrily.

  The big man slapped the face for no reason, and he was a little sober.

  He raised his head swayingly, seeing Lei Puyin's gorgeously dressed up, and even more sexy, his eyes suddenly lit up: "Beauty, how much money is a night, my brother makes you happy."

  Lei Puyin's face became more alarmed when he heard this: "You are talking nonsense, am I that kind of person? You just touched me and you must apologize to me, otherwise I will let my boyfriend come to trouble you."

  "Should I touch you?" The big man smiled jokingly, "Okay, you call it, I'll wait."

  Although he is a little drunk, he is still conscious. It is obviously that this daughter deliberately ran into him and wanted to blackmail him?

  At this moment, Lu Chen came out to go to the bathroom and saw that something had happened between Du Fei's generals Hu Biao and Lei Puyin, he stepped forward and asked, "What's the matter?"

  "Fuck, who wants you to control, Luo Yunhuai will come to rescue me." Lei Puyin shouted in a deep voice.

  She was quite unhappy with Lu Chen at first, but at this time Lu Chen wanted to show her good deeds, how could he have a good face to Lu Chen.

  Her original intention was to deliberately create a heroic show for Luo Yunhuai to save the United States, and then she could have something with Luo Yunhuai, and of course she could not let Lu Chen destroy it.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly when he heard the words, and walked directly to the bathroom.

  Hu Biao also recognized Lu Chen. He wanted to say hello to Lu Chen, but seeing Lu Chen waved his hand secretly, he immediately understood what Lu Chen meant.

  This little girl even dared to scold Lu Shao, isn't this looking for death?

  Luo Yunhuai also walked out after receiving a call from Lei Puyin.

  "Luo Yunhuai, here." Lei Puyin waved to Luo Yunhuai.

  "What's the matter?" Luo Yunhuai saw Hu Biao and recognized the other party's identity. Du Fei is now the largest underground force in Yuzhou. Even his father must call Fei when he sees Du Fei. Of course he Did not dare to offend Du Fei's men.

  "I came out of the bathroom, he deliberately touched me, ate my tofu, Ahuai, you must ask him to apologize and avenge me." Lei Puyin pointed at Hu Biao, took Luo Yunhuai's arm, and cried aggrieved. When I came out, it was as if I was really wronged by the sky.

  "Is this your boyfriend?" Hu Biao smiled playfully when he saw Luo Yunhuai.

  Those who are in the underground, and they also have some status. Of course, they are no strangers to the big brothers in Yuzhou.

  This Luo Yunhuai and his father went to ask them Fei Ge to do something two days ago. Of course, he would not take care of Luo Yunhuai's face.

  In fact, it stands to reason that he wanted to save Luo Yun's face, but this was just a trivial matter.

  But just now Lei Puyin dared to scold Lu Shao, he couldn't let her off easily.

  "Brother Hu, you are misunderstood, I am not her boyfriend at all, and today's affairs have nothing to do with me." Luo Yunhuai hurriedly threw away Lei Puyin's hand and separated from her.

  His family still asks others to do things, of course it is impossible to help Lei Puyin for a small matter.

  Hearing Luo Yunhuai's words, Lei Puyin was dumbfounded.

Chapter: 155

This is not the script she wants.

  She just wanted to give Luo Yunhuai an opportunity for a hero to save the beauty. Why didn't he take it?

  Is it really that bad?

  "Luo Yunhuai, I really like you, and I have also liked you for so long. Are you so ruthless and unjust?" Lei Puyin was really crying now. She felt wronged in her heart, really wronged.

  "Lei Puyin, ask for your blessings. Brother Hu is one of Fei's most powerful assistants. If you think your family can work against Fei, then you can solve it by yourself. If you can't solve it, you'd better give it to you as soon as possible. Dad calls, otherwise you may not be able to leave today." Luo Yunhuai sneered.

  "Brother Fei? Which Brother Fei?" Lei Puyin asked puzzlingly.

  "Du Fei, Phoenix Yu Fei's flying, the boss of Sakura Club." Luo Yunhuai said.


  Lei Puyin was really shocked now.

  She didn't expect that the big man in front of her was Du Fei's subordinates. How could she be so unlucky, just looking for someone to carry the pot, how could she find Du Fei's subordinates?

  "Big brother, I was wrong, I shouldn't touch you on purpose, sorry, please let me go this time." Lei Puyin is really panicked now, Luo Yunhuai can't provoke Du Fei, she even Can't afford it, and neither can her father.

  "What? You, you actually touched a porcelain house?" Luo Yunhuai's eyes widened, and he couldn't think of the significance of Lei Puyin's doing this for a while.

  The most important thing is, does she ignore her own fame at all?

  "I..." Lei Puyin's face was a little hot, and he was a little bit ashamed. www.

  "It turns out that you deliberately touched me and made a hero to save the beauty, so that Lord Luo Yunhuailuo can come to rescue you? You are so short of men, I can accompany you tonight." Hu Biao saw Lei Pu After Silver's plan, he laughed playfully.

  Ashamed, Lei Puyin just wanted to find a piece of land to drill down, regretting it to the extreme in his heart.

  Luo Yunhuai was quite speechless. He didn't expect Lei Puyin to have such a big scheming. He thought that fortunately he hadn't put her on it before, or it would be a little troublesome to want to dump her in the future.

  "Big, big brother, I'm really sorry, please let me go." Lei Puyin's legs were a little weak, and she regretted it very much. How could this happen? She just wanted to show her delicate side in front of Luo Yunhuai on purpose. , How come you get into someone who shouldn't be offended.

  "It's okay to let you go, but it's not for me to let it go. Let's go and see our boss." If Lei Puyin hadn't yelled at Lu Chen, Hu Biao might have regard to Luo Yunhuai's sake and let her say Just apologize and it's over.

  But she just dared to yell at Lu Chen, Hu Biao couldn't spare her easily, at least this matter had to be decided by Du Fei.

  "Big brother..." Lei Puyin's face was pale, she didn't expect to go to see Du Fei, her heart was almost frightened.

  When Lu Chen came out of the bathroom, Lei Puyin's eyes lit up, thinking that Lu Chen and Chen Xiaobing had a good relationship, and he should be able to say something nice to her.

  So he shouted at Lu Chen, "Lu, Lu Chen, please help me. You are so familiar with Miss Chen, you can definitely let the Chen family speak nice things for me."

  Lu Chen glanced at Lei Puyin faintly, and said without emotion, "Didn't you let me go, I can't help you."

  He is generally not a stingy person, but when he gets stingy, his six relatives don't recognize him.

  This Lei Puyin had always held a hatred of him. Although he didn't know where he had offended her, it was impossible for him to help Lei Puyin.

  "Lu Chen, as long as you help me, I can give you a lot of money." Lei Puyin grabbed Lu Chen's arm and said.

  "Sorry, I really can't help you." Lu Chen shook off Lei Puyin's hand and walked towards the private room.

  Hu Biao sneered and offended Lu Chen. Do you think it can be solved with a little money?

  Do you think Lu Shao looks like someone who lacks money?

  If Lu Chen had a mind-reading skill, he would definitely refute Hu Biao. How does your kid know that I am not short of money?

  Lei Puyin looked desperate and immediately knelt down to Hu Biao: "Big brother, please, I really didn't mean it, please let me go, I can give you money!"

  "Do you think that our Sakura Club will put your Lei family property in the eyes? Let's go, don't let me lose patience." Hu Biao snorted coldly and walked to another private room.

  Seeing that there was no one to help him, Lei Puyin gritted his teeth and followed.

  At this time, Du Fei, the three brothers of the Water Margin Sanjie and Liu Zixiu were drinking in the private room when they suddenly saw Hu Biao bringing a woman in and frowned.

  "Who is she?" Du Fei asked unhappy.

  In Du Fei's ear, Hu Biao told Du Fei what had happened outside before. Du Fei was a little surprised. This woman couldn't tell, she was so scheming.

  But this has nothing to do with him.

  What has to do with him is that this woman dared to criticize his brother in public. This is what he cannot forgive.

  "Do you know what opportunity you missed before?" Du Fei put down the wine glass and looked at Lei Puyin with a joking expression.

  Before Lu Chen wanted to help her, she turned out to be Lu Chengun. How stupid someone could do this kind of thing.

  In the entire Yuzhou, it can be said that there are not many people who dare to call Lu Chengun in the entire Dahuaxia. Those who dare to say this can probably be counted with one hand.

  And this woman dared to call Lu Chengun, she was a bit tough.

  "I, I'm sorry, Du boss, I was really wrong, please spare me. By the way, I can toast you wine." Lei Puyin said timidly, obviously she hadn't heard Du. What Fei just said was an implication.

  "Do you think anyone is qualified to serve Du Fei's wine? Because of my younger age, ask your father to lead someone." Du Fei said lightly.

  Lei Puyin had no other way, so she had to take out her cell phone and call her father.

  Soon her father Lei Yanjun rushed over. Seeing that his daughter had offended Du Fei and other big men, he almost fainted.

  "You are a wicked obstacle, but you are here to toast and apologize to Boss Du!" Lei Yanjun shouted at Lei Puyin.

  Lei Puyin walked over and held up a glass to respect Du Fei, but Du Fei pressed it down.

  Du Fei looked at Lei Yanjun and said, "Big brothers, don't bully the little girl, but since she is your daughter, you don't usually educate her well. If you make a mistake, you have to take some responsibility for her."

  Liu Zixiu nodded, Du Fei's way of dealing with things also convinced him.

  Working with Du Fei these days, he discovered that Du Fei is different.

  "Du, Boss Du, you said how to deal with this matter."

  Lei Yanjun had nothing to say about Du Fei's words, but he also wanted to know how Du Fei would handle this matter.

Chapter: 156

Du Fei didn't say much, just winked at Song Hai. Song Hai understood, he went to ask the waiter to bring a sea bowl, and then he filled the liquor himself.

  "You have a dry mouth, drink it first before talking." Du Fei looked at Lei Yanjun and said.

  Lei Yanjun glanced at the sea bowl filled with a bottle of white wine, his heart couldn't help beating, and he was in trouble if he drank the pound of white wine in one gulp.

  He is not drinking well, and he is a dry mouth, maybe he will vomit blood.

  But his daughter offended Mr. Du, can he not drink, dare not drink it?

  Lei Yanjun only hesitated for a few seconds, then took the sea bowl and poured it down.

  When the white wine entered his throat, Lei Yanjun felt a flame burning down his throat and into his stomach, causing his blood to gush out, and he almost vomited out.

  Lei Yanjun covered his stomach for half a minute before he was relieved.

  "Boss Du, the little girl is not sensible, but also ask you a large number of adults, don't care about her, what you want to make up for, I will try to satisfy you." Slowly, Lei Yanjun said.

  Du Fei looked up at Lei Yanjun and sneered: "Lei Yanjun, you mean I blackmailed you?"

  "No, no, no, boss Du misunderstood me." Lei Yanjun explained hurriedly. www.

  "Really? Then drink this bowl again." Du Fei personally opened a bottle of white wine and poured it into the sea bowl.

  Lei Yanjun's face changed, he was almost dying at this time, and he would have to go to the hospital with another bowl.

  When Lei Puyin saw that Du Fei was about to pour his father's white wine again, his face became pale, and he hated Lu Chen to the extreme.

  She thought that Lu Chen could help her, but Lu Chen refused to help, which made her dad suffer this crime.

  "Okay, let me drink!" Lei Yanjun took a deep breath and took a sip from the sea bowl.

  Only this time he couldn't help it anymore. After drinking half of it, he couldn't help but vomit, but after he vomited, he also drank the remaining half of the bowl.

  Lei Puyin stepped forward to support Lei Yanjun distressedly, and Lei Yanjun threw her hand away angrily.

  "Boss Du, I really can't drink anymore..." Lei Yanjun looked at Du Fei, not feeling angry, but he could only hold back.

  "Your daughter, with a lot of small tricks, seems to be very clever, but in fact she is looking for death on her own. Take it back and educate it. If you don't offend people who shouldn't offend in the future, you won't be as easy to talk as I am." See Lei Yan The army was almost drinking, Du Fei was about to let him go.

  This time it was mainly to teach Lei Puyin a lesson. If he doesn't grow eyes next time, he doesn't care about destroying her.

  "Thank you, Boss Du, I must teach her a good lesson." Lei Yanjun said and took Lei Puyin out of the private room, but just walked out of the private room, he hurried to the bathroom again.

  He had a bad drinking capacity, and it was a miracle that he could drink two bottles of liquor at once and still stand without lying down.

  Looking at her dad's embarrassment, Lei Puyin not only did not repent, he hated Lu Chen even more.

  In her opinion, it was completely because of Lu Chen that caused this ending.

  If it hadn't been for Lu Chen's appearance, it would have been impossible to develop to this point, and she would not play schemingly, and eventually offended Du Fei's people.

  "Where is Lei Puyin, haven't you seen it?" Chen Xiaobing asked curiously when Lei Puyin hadn't come back for a long time in another outsourcing house.

  "She offended Du Fei's people, and she will peel off if she doesn't die." Luo Yunhuai said.

  "Ah? Did she just call you to help her?" Chen Xiaobing asked in surprise.

  "Well, it's a pity that she touched Porcelain Du Fei's people to calculate me. Of course I can't save her. Even if I can save her, I don't want to save her. I really don't like women with deep thoughts." Luo Yunhuai said, shaking his head.

  Chen Xiaobing nodded and didn't say anything. Lei Puyin kept looking for opportunities to stay with her, and even willing to wait on her for a long time. She had already seen that Lei Puyin was a scheming bitch.

  It's just that Lei Puyin can often make her find a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and he likes to bring her by her side.

  In the past two days, the major news media are reporting on Yuzhou’s donation to the Sichuan capital disaster area.

  Because Xie Shujie invited the four major families to donate on the same day, everyone who did not find Yiqi Technology thought that Yiqi Technology did not donate.

  Zhang Shengqiao asked his son Zhang Xingquan, and after confirming that he hadn't seen anyone from Yiqi Technology donate, he found the old man Liu and Zuo, and the three planned to force the boss of Yiqi Technology out.

  They have already designed this plan before, but they have never found a good opportunity. This donation activity is an opportunity for them to build momentum.

  Yiqi Technology claims to have invested 50 billion to build a science and technology park. Such a big piece of cake, but it does not share it with their four major families, how can they swallow such a breath?

  The three old men are also quite ruthless. With the help of major media to build momentum, Yiqi Technology has not donated as the starting point, and exaggerated the damage to Yiqi Technology.

  When seeing the reports of major media, Wang Wei and other leaders of Yiqi Technology were a little angry.

  Because they donated 200 million yuan, this is because someone deliberately spread rumors.

  Seeing that the employees in the company had some unnatural expressions on their faces when they saw the news reports, Wang Wei talked with Lu Chen on the phone immediately.

  Wang Wei's suggestion was to let the official inform the amount of their donation in advance, but Lu Chen knew that there would be a thank-you banquet these two days, and he would inform him at that time and let Wang Wei leave it alone.

  "The four big families donated money in this earthquake donation. Don't you Yiqi Technology claim to surpass the existence of the four big families? Why don't you even donate a penny?"

  When Yiqi Technology's employees gather with old friends, they are all criticized by friends from other industries.

  I think that Yiqi Technology simply bombed the headlines of major media every day, which made countless people who could not enter Yiqi Technology envy.

  Now Yiqi Technology has once again bombarded the headlines of major media, but it is a one-sided condemnation of Yiqi Technology, which is completely moral kidnapping.

  Even after returning home, many employees have to face questions from family members.

  "Why is your boss so stingy? Why is he not ethical at all? Will he deduct your salary?"

  It's okay to ask one or two like this. There are too many people who questioned it, which made the employees of Yiqi Technology a little unconfident.

  But what makes them even more embarrassed is that before they went out, they felt that they were higher than the employees of other companies. In fact, the employees of other companies also envied them.

  But in the past two days, they went out and they had a better relationship. They just asked them with questions, and then randomly counted their bosses.

  The relationship is so-so, it is directly ridiculed.

  Many people kept asking for leave, which made Wang Wei a little bit dumbfounded.

  But he was not in a hurry, because the thank-you banquet in the city was tonight, and he had already received a call from Secretary Xie Shujie and invited him to attend the thank-you banquet tonight.

  "Can this turmoil finally stop? Those who are doing things with you, wait to be beaten in the face."

  Thinking that Lu Chen had to wait until tonight to let Shicheng directly announce the donation, Wang Wei finally understood Lu Chen's thoughts.

  This is to directly hit those people in the face.

Chapter: 157

In the afternoon, Lu Chen picked up Qiqi back and waited for Lin Yijun at home, because he knew that Lin Yijun would go to the banquet on behalf of Dongjia Electronics.

  This thank-you banquet was undoubtedly the best word-of-mouth advertisement for the major donating companies, and it was officially organized, so he asked Xia Jun to donate 20 million.

  But Xia Jun gave this opportunity to Lin Yijun. He knew that Lu Chen was going to hand over Dongjia Electronics to Lin Yijun. He was going to be transferred to Yiqi Technology to work, so there was no need to get out of the limelight. .

  "Send Qiqi to her grandfather's house first." Lu Chen said after Lin Yijun came back.

  "If you go, I won't go." Lin Yijun said.

  "I do not represent Dongjia Electronics." Lu Chen said.

  "Isn't Yiqi Technology not donating money? What did that generation go to do and be laughed at by others?" Lin Yijun said in a bad mood.

  In the past few days, she has also seen news about various major media's crusade against Yiqi Technology, Yiqi Technology has not come out to explain, she also believes that Yiqi Technology should really not donate money.

  "I represent Shengshi Supermarket. By the way, I own Shengshi Supermarket. I originally wanted to..." Lu Chen smiled, feeling that there is no need to say the rest.

  When he bought Hu's Supermarket, he really wanted to give Lin Yijun an explanation. He didn't expect Lin Yijun to know his identity so quickly, it would make no sense to say more.

  "Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded lukewarmly. During this time, she was still in a cold war with Lu Chen. If Lu Chen didn't take the initiative to admit that he went to the Moonlight Baths to fool around, she didn't plan to forgive Lu Chen.

  In fact, if it were not for Qiqi, she might really be divorcing Lu Chen.

  She is a woman who pursues perfection, especially in marriage and family, she can't get a grain of sand in her eyes. When Lu Chen was destitute, she did not give up Lu Chen, nor did she do anything to sorry Lu Chen.

  Now that Lu Chen is well developed, she also doesn't allow Lu Chen to do something sorry for her.

  But in the past few days, she thought about it for a long time and thought about a lot of things. In the end, she was ready to make concessions for Qiqi.

  As long as Lu Chen took the initiative to confess to her, she would choose to forgive Lu Chen.

  It's just that after so many days, Lu Chen still didn't mention it, which made her feel more and more depressed.

  "Go by yourself, I'll send Qiqi to my mother first." Lin Yijun said and took Qiqi out.

  Lu Chen originally wanted to take Lin Yijun's car to the Yuzhou Hotel, but Lin Yijun was so cold, he had to take a taxi to go.

  The reason why he didn’t buy a car in the past two days was to wait for Wu Kai to pay for his car, but two days passed and nothing happened. If he met Chen Churan at the venue tonight, he would definitely give her to Wu. Kaishi pressed it down, and it was not good, he had to go to the Wu family to ask for an explanation.

  He is a principled person. When he said that Wu Kai should pay for his car, he must pay for his car.

  When Lu Chen took a taxi to Yuzhou Hotel, he saw that there were many luxury cars parked outside the hotel.

  At today's thank you banquet, the official only invited businessmen who donated more than one million yuan. Seeing the densely packed luxury cars, Lu Chen knew that this donation activity, led by Xie Weihao, was quite successful.

  I am afraid that once the total donation of Yuzhou comes out, it will definitely overshadow the limelight of other provinces and cities, and it will be hotly searched.

  This is actually a good thing for the big donation businessmen. This is the most effective advertising invisibly, and it has earned a good reputation.

  A company, an enterprise, the most important thing is reputation.

  Reputation is word-of-mouth. This event will definitely drive Yuzhou's economy to take off again.

  Thinking of this, Lu Chen had to admire Xie Weihao's ability.

  Not long after he came to Yuzhou, he would be able to drive Yuzhou's economy to take off once. It can be said that in the next few years, his political achievements will surely increase so rapidly.

  "Brother, are you here by taxi?"

  At this moment, four young men and women got on and off a Porsche 718. They were all surprised to see Lu Chen get off the taxi.

  "Yes, what's the matter?" Lu Chen looked at the four of them and asked.

  "Do you know who the thank you dinner is for today?" A young man looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  "Isn't it arranged for those who donated? I also donated, can't I come?" Lu Chen asked pretendingly in surprise.

  There was a look of contempt in the eyes of the four of them, and one of the beautiful women with big wavy hair sarcastically said: "Go, what to say to him, this is a dick who is here to eat and drink."

  "Yes, yes, I guess he donated dozens of dollars at most, and then mixed in by the way to make friends with the powerful." Another beauty with shoulder-length short hair also mocked. www.

  "You really only donated a few dozen yuan?" The young man raised his eyebrows and asked Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen smiled without saying a word, and walked directly to the hotel door.

  "Poor dick, stop for me, my brother Tao asks you something." The beauty of the big wave suddenly felt unhappy when she saw that Lu Chen ignored them.

  Lu Chen looked back at the big wave, his eyes narrowed, and the superior attitude of the four made him very upset.

  "Who are you, do I know you?" Lu Chen said playfully.

  "It's very arrogant, isn't it, do you believe this girl prevents you from entering the hotel?" Big Wave didn't expect that Lu Chen would dare to talk back, and suddenly threatened.

  She is also a famous beauty in Yuzhou, and their Jiang family is also a well-known figure in Yuzhou. When was she ignored by a poor dick.

  The other three also looked at Lu Chen jokingly. They wanted to tease Lu Chen when they saw Lu Chen take a taxi to attend the banquet. They didn't expect Lu Chen to give them face.

  "I don't believe it." Lu Chen sneered.

  "Hmph, you wait for me." The beauty of the big wave snorted coldly and waved to the two security guards on one side.

  The two guards at the door saw that the other party was driving in a Porsche, and did not dare to neglect, and hurried over.

  "You know that tonight's thank you dinner is for the rich who donated more than one million yuan?" Big Wave asked the security guard.

  "Well, yes." The two nodded, wondering what the rich girl wanted to do.

  "Well, this poor dick has only donated dozens of dollars, not even dozens of dollars, so I want to get in. You think of him well. Don't let him get in. Then if he provokes him Xie Shujie investigates the matter, and you can't escape it." Big Wave pointed to Lu Fa and said.

  The two of them were startled, neither of them received a notice saying that they would not wait for people with little donations to enter.

  But they did see that Lu Chen had come by taxi. Looking at Lu Chen's appearance, he didn't look like a rich man. It was indeed like someone who got in and cheated.

  Today's thank you banquet, Xie Shujie and other city leaders personally hosted, of course, there can be no mistakes, they can't afford it before the time.

  "Sir, I'm sorry, you can't go in."

  Seeing Lu Chen walking directly inside, the two security guards stopped Lu Chen without hesitation.

Chapter: 158

Da Wave and the other four also stepped forward to look at Lu Chen jokingly.

  "You're just a poor dick, what qualifications do you have to fight this girl." Big Wave said disdainfully.

  "That's right, didn't you just say that you didn't believe my sister Ting made you unable to enter the hotel? Now you go in and show us?" The short-haired beauty also said jokingly.

  "Let's go, what do you do with such a small person? It's a waste of time." The young man who had not spoken gave Lu Chen a contemptuous look, then turned and walked into the hotel.

  In his opinion, they are really rich people, how can they spend unnecessary time on these poor dicks.

  "Boy, increase your memory next time. When you see us who are really rich, we have to learn to be a man with our tails clipped, because people like us are not something you guys can afford." The first young man stepped forward. One step, he looked at Lu Chen disdainfully and said.

  Seeing that Lu Chen didn't speak, the big wave looked down even more. He gave Lu Chen a disdainful glance and was ready to go in.

  If it hadn't been for Lu Chen to ignore them before, which made her feel uncomfortable, she would not bother to care about little people like Lu Chen.

  Just when Lu Chen was about to say something to the security guards, a luxury car stopped beside them.

  Those who know cars can know what luxury car this is: 760Li Steinway Limited Edition.

  This luxury car is one of the more expensive BMW cars. It usually takes about half a year to produce a batch, and few of them are sent to China.

  Engine 6.0T, 544 horsepower, 8-speed manual integration, the maximum speed can reach 250 kilometers per hour, the appearance design is noble and magnificent, beautiful and dazzling, the body is also very large, very popular with many rich people.

  Although the price is only over three million, it usually takes half a year to buy one, and sometimes it may not be possible to buy one after half a year.

  When Big Wave saw the BMW Steinway limited edition luxury car, they all stayed with curiosity to see who was driving the car.

  More than three million cars, first of all, are much more noble than their Porsches, and people who can afford this kind of cars will not have bad status.

  After the luxury car stopped, a middle-aged man came down.

  The middle-aged man looked around, and when he was about to take out his cell phone to make a call, he suddenly arrived at Lu Chen.

  "Mr. Lu, you are here too, I'm about to call you." The middle-aged hurried over to Lu Chen and said.

  Lu Chen nodded. This middle-aged man was a little impressed. He seemed to belong to the Chen family. He had seen it at Old Man Chen's birthday banquet before.

  "My lady said that you will be here today, so I drove the car directly. My lady said that the car was transferred from Beijing, so it was delayed for two days. Please forgive me, Mr. Lu." The middle-aged man apologized. Said.

  "Is this car for me?" Lu Chen looked at Steinway and said in surprise.

  His Audi is no more than 500,000 yuan. Chen Churan has lost money, but why should she pay for Wu Kai? Is the Wu family important to their Chen family?

  Lu Chen had guessed wrong at this point.

  The Wu family relied on the Chen family to survive, and the Chen family would not look at the face of the Wu family.

  The reason why Chen Churan wanted to compensate Lu Chen's car in person was because she felt that she invited Lu Chen to go there the night before, and Wu Kai and others made Lu Chen very upset. She felt that the main responsibility was on her because she did not receive Lu Chen in time. , So that Wu Kai and others offended Lu Chen.

  Sending Lu Chen's luxury car, first, I want to calm Lu Chen's emotions, and second, I want to get closer to Lu Chen.

  Although Lu Chen has a family, Lu Chen's excellence has already touched Miss Chen's heart.

  "Yeah, my lady said, this is the car that paid you, and you must accept it." The middle-aged man handed the key to Lu Chen as he said.

  "What, this car is to pay him?" Big Wave's four people were shocked, all of them looked pretty ugly. They didn't expect that the dios they looked down on would drive much better cars than them.

  Their Porsche 718 is only more than 700,000, and their Steinway is at least 3.5 million, when they have five.

  "By the way, all auto insurance contracts are on the car." Lu Chen said after receiving the key.

  "Yeah." Lu Chen nodded, took the key in his hand, and looked at the big wave.

  Seeing the joking in Lu Chen's eyes, the four of them all bowed their heads in shame.

  But Big Wave was still unconvinced and snorted: "What is the foreign style, it is just someone gave you, do you think you can afford such an expensive car?"

  Lu Chen watched the big wave like an idiot, too lazy to care about her, turned to the two security guards and asked, "Now, do you still think I am not qualified to go in?"

  The two security guards blushed and said weakly: "Sir, I'm sorry, we have no eyes, please don't care about us."

  The two of them both bowed their heads to admit their mistakes to Lu Chen.

  They are not stupid, they can hear the words of the middle-aged people just now.

  This is not to send Lu Chen, but to compensate Lu Chen.

  It explained that Lu Chen had a luxury car before, but it was only damaged by this middle-aged lady that he bought another one to compensate him.

  How could such a big boss not be eligible to attend the thank-you dinner?

  Maybe they donated far more than one million.

  "Next time you have a long mind. Don't let others dominate your judgment." Lu Chen said and turned into the car. The two security guards were just used by the big waves. Of course, he would not be like them. Care about.

  After stopping the Steinway, Lu Chen noticed that Big Wave had entered the hotel, smiled, and walked into the hotel.

  "Sir, please come inside." The two security guards nodded and saluted Lu Chen together, grateful to Lu Chen for his generosity.

  It is not easy for them to be security guards. Last time one of their colleagues accidentally offended a rich man. Not only was he broken a leg by the rich man, he was also directly fired from the hotel, and he was not even paid.

  Thinking that they had stopped Lu Chen from letting in before, I felt a little flustered.

  Fortunately, Lu Chen didn't care about them, otherwise they wouldn't know how it would end today.

  Lu Chen nodded and walked into the hotel.

  The banquet was held in the largest conference hall on the 15th floor of the hotel. When Lu Chen came up, he found that it was already full of people. There were no fewer than a hundred people, all of whom were young talents from Yuzhou and celebrities from all walks of life.

  He probably looked around, and found that this should not be the main venue, the main venue should be in a hall inside.

  He walked towards the main hall, and saw a waiter stopped him.

  "Sir, if you are a donor or a company you represent, you can enter the inner hall. If you are just a relative of the donor, you can only stay in the outer hall." The waiter respectfully said, this is the arrangement above, and he also Can only do so.

  Lu Chen just nodded and said that he was a direct donor, when he saw Luo Yunhuai walking towards him.

  "Brother Lu, you are here too, go sit at our table." Luo Yunhuai invited.

  Lu Chen felt good about Luo Yunhuai, so he planned to chat with Luo Yunhuai before going in.

  So he walked to his table with Luo Yunhuai.

  When he walked over, he found that Luo Yunhuai was behind the table with the big wave four, and he immediately laughed.

Chapter: 159

The big wave and the four were a little unnatural when they saw that Lu Chen had come to their table, but they were relieved when they saw that Lu Chen had come to their table instead of directly entering the inner hall.

  Because Lu Chen can't go to the inner hall, it shows that he is not a direct donor, nor a representative of any company.

  "Did he really come in?" The beauty of Big Wave guessed in her heart.

  "Brother Lu, let me introduce to you, this is Jiang Tao, this is Jiang Hai, this is Jiang Ting, and this is Jiang Yu. They are both from the Jiang family and are my friends." Luo Yunhuai introduced to Lu Chen Big wave four people.

  Jiang Tao was the first youth below who wanted to play with Lu Chen, Jiang Hai was a youth who didn't say a few words, Jiang Ting was a big wave, and Jiang Yu was a beauty with short hair.

  "His name is Lu Chen, and Brother Lu is also my friend." Luo Yunhuai introduced Lu Chen again.

  "This world is really small." Lu Chen looked at the four brothers and sisters of the Xiajiang family and laughed playfully.

  The Jiang family's four brothers and sisters were obviously embarrassed.

  "Brother Lu, do you know your feelings too?" Luo Yunhuai asked curiously.

  "Yes, Luo Yunhuai, who is your brother Lu, why haven't you seen it before?" Big wave Jiang Ting blinked and asked Luo Yunhuai.

  Since Lu Chen didn't go to the inner hall, it means that he is actually not very good.

  Even at this moment, Jiang Ting even guessed that the previous Steinway might have been given to Lu Chen by a rich woman. The reason she said that was definitely to give him face.

  She looked at Lu Chen carefully, and found that Lu Chen was actually quite handsome, and his body was fairly strong. It was the material for the little white face.

  If Lu Chen was really a little white face raised by a rich woman, then he would make sense for this occasion.

  After all, the little white faces are a little humble in their hearts. If they make friends or climb a few big people in this kind of field, they will just satisfy their humble psychology.

  If Lu Chen knew that in the eyes of Big Wave at this time, he was already a standard little white face, he would probably vomit blood in depression.

  "I, it's just a little bitch." Before Luo Yunhuai could answer, Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  Jiang Ting ignored Lu Chen, but stared at Luo Yunhuai's eyes.

  "Actually, Brother Lu..." Luo Yunhuai was a little embarrassed. To be honest, he didn't know the identity of Lu Chen himself. He only knew that even Xie Shujie would personally serve Lu Chen's wine.

  And he invited Lu Chen over, just to get a touch of Lu Chen's light.

  He felt that if Lu Chen was sitting in the outer hall today, Xie Shujie and the others might still want him to go for a drink, and when people see that they are at the same table, they will also envy him.

  At that time, even if he and Lu Chen have no substantial friendship, people will recognize them as real friends.

  As for Lu Chen's true identity, he did not ask, nor did he dare to ask.

  Because he was afraid that this would make Lu Chen unhappy.

  "Brother Xing, come, sit here."

  Just when Luo Yunhuai didn't know how to answer Jiang Ting, Wang Xing came in with a coquettish woman. His eyes lit up and he hurried up to meet him.

  "Shao Wang."

  "Shao Wang."

  Seeing Wang Xing, the four brothers and sisters of the Jiang family hurriedly got up to greet him. Obviously they also knew Wang Xing.

  Seeing Wang Xing's arrival, everyone was full of uproar.

  The Wang family is second only to the existence of the four major families, and the second generation ancestor like Wang Xing is not even more famous than the four major princes.

  Of course, the four princes are all positive news, and the second generation ancestors are all scary legends.

  Wang Xing nodded to Luo Yunhuai, and walked over with the beauty.

  Those young talents did not dare to look at him at the few tables he passed, for fear that they would offend him accidentally.

  "What are you doing while sitting, don't you hurry up to greet Shao Wang?" Big Wave glared at Lu Chen and whispered.

  No matter what Lu Chen's status was, when Wang Xing appeared, the Jiang family's four brothers and sisters didn't take him seriously.

  Only the four princes can overshadow the light of Wang Xing, and Lu Chen could not be the four princes, so he could only look up at Wang Xing's breath.

  Lu Chen looked at Wang Xing who was walking with her arms around the beauty, and said lightly: "Ask him, does he dare to let me get up to meet him?"

  "Cut, who do you think you are? It's just a rich woman who gave you a luxury car. What's so good about you? In front of Shao Wang, you are also a little bitch." Jiang Ting said contemptuously.

  "Yeah, I'm just a little dick, but Wang Xing just doesn't dare let me get up to meet him." Lu Chen said with a constant smile on his face.

  "Hmph, wait and see if you dare to be arrogant." Jiang Ting sneered and dared to yell in front of Shao Wang. Lu Chen's rhythm is death.

  Seeing that Jiang Ting and Lu Chen seemed to be wrong, Luo Yunhuai was a little embarrassed. He knew both sides, so he didn't know how to persuade him.

  "Young Master Wang, this kid doesn't know what's good or bad. He won't get up to greet you, let alone say that you are not qualified to be greeted by him. It is really annoying."

  As soon as Wang Xing came over, Jiang Ting began to complain.

  The four brothers and sisters of the Jiang family looked at Lu Chen jokingly. Lu Chen kept talking back to Jiang Ting, which made them very upset. At this time, it happened to use Wang Xing's power to teach Lu Chen a lesson.

  "Boy, dare to speak ill of Wang Shao behind your back, you are dead today." Jiang Tao said gleefully.

  "Huh?" Wang Xing looked at Lu Chen as soon as he heard it. The moment he recognized Lu Chen, his expression suddenly changed, with a hint of resentment in his eyes.

  The first time he was slapped twice in the face of Zuo's antique event.

  The second time was at the birthday banquet of the old man of the Chen family.

  Although he couldn't pay back the hundreds of millions that he owed Lu Chen later, every time he saw Lu Chen, he couldn't control his desire to kill Lu Chen.

  "Wang Shao, it's him, he just said so many bad things about you." Jiang Yu said with added jealousy.

  "Young Master Wang, this kid is too rampant, as long as you say a word, I will teach him a lesson for you." Jiang Tao also said to Wang Xing.

  Before being beaten in the face by Lu Chen below, they felt a little uncomfortable in their hearts. It was just at this time that they could take advantage of Wang Xing's power to teach Lu Chen a good lesson.

  The four brothers and sisters of the Jiang family didn't know the grudge between Wang Xing and Lu Chen. They thought that as soon as Wang Xing appeared, Lu Chen would have to be a human being with his tail clipped.

  "Okay, whoever you want to teach, teach yourself, what's up to me?" Wang Xing looked at the four brothers and sisters of the Jiang family coldly. He hates Lu Chen, but he is not stupid.

  Lu Chen was a strong man who defeated Han Tian and other masters with one punch. Even if he hated Lu Chen again, he would not dare to face Lu Chen.

  These people want to use his power to teach Lu Chen, do they think he is a fool?

  Hearing Wang Xing's words, the four siblings of the Jiang family were all taken aback, not knowing what Wang Xing meant.

  But what made them even more shocked was the first words Lu Chen said to Wang Xing.

Chapter: 160

"Oh, isn't this Wang Xing, the second generation of Wang Xing? You just came here. Please pay me back. If you don't pay back, I will go to your house and ask for your dad." Lu Chen didn't give Wang Xing any face. Before Wang Xing sat down, he directly asked Wang Xing for money.

  Last time in the Chen family, Wang Xing lost him 600 million and gave him 250 million. Finally, Wang Xing's father came forward and wrote an IOU of 350 million.

  Lu Chen knew that the Wang family would definitely not take the initiative to repay the 350 million yuan, and he had no plans to go to the Wang family to ask for the money so soon.

  When he was about to collect the money, he would go to the Wang family to make a fatal blow.

  Of course, since I met Wang Xing, and the resentment in Wang Xing's eyes, Lu Chen would of course disgust him.

  Hearing Lu Chen's words, not only the four brothers and sisters of the Jiang family's eyes widened, even Luo Yunhuai ate.

  This is Wang Xing, the second generation ancestor of the Wang family, will he owe Lu Chen money?

  And even if he owes Lu Chen money, does Lu Chen dare to ask him for money in public?

  Is he really not afraid of death in this way?

  "Hmph, no money, you don't want to find me." Wang Xing's face changed, and he took a deep breath, pressing down the murderous spirit in his heart.

  "Wang Shao, you are really kidding, Nuo Da is a Wang family, and you can't get the three hundred and fifty million yuan, are you funny with me?" Lu Chen said jokingly.

  What, Shao Wang owes him 350 million?

  I'm going, really or not, is this guy so rich?

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen, his eyes were full of incredible.

  Especially the four brothers and sisters of the Jiang family, they have the feeling of being a dog.

  They also wanted to use Wang Xing's power to teach Lu Chen a lesson, but they didn't expect Lu Chen to be so awesome.

  As soon as Wang Xing came, he asked him to pay back the money, and Lu Chen probably was the first one.

  And looking at Wang Xing's expression, it seemed that he really owed Lu Chen 350 million yuan.

  "Hmph, you can ask my dad if you have it." Wang Xing snorted coldly, and then left the table with the beauty.

  Lu Chen made him lose face, no matter where he was at the same table as Lu Chen.

  When everyone saw that Wang Xing didn't even dare to join Lu Chen, they were upset again.

  The second generation ancestor of the dignified king, there are people who are afraid?

  The most important thing is, who is this guy, why haven't you heard of his name?

  At this moment, everyone's emotions were brought to a climax by Wang Xing's retreat, and the eyes that looked at Lu Chen were all filled with strange light.

  The youth who can make Wang Xing back down, as far as they know, the entire Yuzhou can be counted with one hand, this guy is unknown, is it the son from above?

  What they are referring to is, of course, the capital city. Generally speaking, the princes who come from the capital, the rich second generations of Yuzhou, and even the four great princes, have to take the initiative to curry favor with others.

  After all, the two are not at the same level.

  In addition, Lu Chen was originally a Beijing accent, which would inevitably make everyone guess that.

  Wang Xing was gone, not because he scorned the table with Lu Chen, but didn't dare to table with Lu Chen.

  The Jiang family's four brothers and sisters were even more embarrassed.

  He didn't even dare to look at Lu Chen.

  No face to look at.

  This was the second time that Lu Chen had been slapped in the face. They just felt hot on their faces.

  At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing glasses walked out of the inner hall, and everyone saw the middle-aged man, their eyes lit up.

  "Isn't this Secretary Zhang next to Xie Shujie? Why did he come out? He seems to be looking for someone."

  "Yes, I don't know who Secretary Zhang is looking for. Could it be that someone in the inner office recommended to Xie Shujie and asked Secretary Zhang to look for it?"

  Everyone recognized Secretary Zhang, and they all started talking.

  Especially thinking that Secretary Zhang might have been arranged by Xie Shujie, all of them felt a little expectant.

  Especially those young talents with better family backgrounds feel that it is possible to come to them.

  "Our Jiang family donated a 10,000 yuan, which should be second only to the four big families. I think it was the uncle who got Xie Shujie's appreciation, and then mentioned the four of us to Xie Shujie before Secretary Zhang came to us." The big wave beauty Jiang Ting said suddenly.

  When Jiang Yu and the others heard the words, their eyes lit up, and they looked forward to it.

  Like this kind of donation activities, they feel that it is very rare to donate a few million. Their Jiang family donated 10 million directly. Even if it can’t compare with the big four families, it’s definitely more than other companies. Up.

  Moreover, it is rumored that Yiqi Technology has not donated money, so there should not be too many companies that can really donate millions.

  With this analysis, the four brothers of the Jiang family felt that Secretary Zhang should have come to them.

  "Ah, congratulations to the four of you, this is going to be at the same table with Xie Shujie." Luo Yunhuai also felt that Zhang Bishu was probably coming to the Jiang family's four brothers and sisters.

  Their Luo family just donated one million, and the Jiang family directly donated 10 million. He felt that the amount of donation from the Jiang family was at least in the top ten.

  So Xie Shujie gave some face to the Jiang family, and that made sense.

  "The Jiang family is about to post it. Xie Shujie praised the Jiang family in front of the major media this time. He simply advertised the Jiang family company personally. I heard that it was broadcast live. Jiang Jiashuang sent it."

  "Yeah, how come my dad doesn't have this awareness. It's definitely worth buying Xie Shujie's compliment for 10 million."

  "That's right, I also persuaded my dad at the time. I said it would be better to donate more, at least to be in the top ten, to attract the attention of Xie Shujie and other bigwigs, and not to lose money. It is a pity that my dad didn't listen to me at all, and said me Understand the fart, now he might regret his death."

  Everyone thought that Secretary Zhang really came to look for the Jiang family brothers and sisters, one by one was either envious, or jealous, or even more like the dear man just now, saying a word would make everyone laugh. www.

  Seeing everyone think so, Jiang Ting and the others were even more excited, and their eyes were filled with excitement that could not be hidden.

  At this time, they looked at Lu Chen's gaze, there was no longer the awe and shame they had before, and they replaced it with the superior arrogance.

  "Lu Chen, right? Have you ever had a drink with you?" Jiang Tao couldn't help it anymore. When Secretary Zhang came over, he was ready to satirize Lu Chen.

  "Brother Tao, you see you and him too much, just like him, drinking with Xie Shujie? He might not even have a chance to talk to Xie Shujie." Jiang Yu laughed playfully.

  "You all praised him too much. I'm afraid he hasn't even seen what kind of person Xie Shujie is. Where is the opportunity to talk and drink." Jiang Ting looked at Lu Chen triumphantly, her eyes full of disdain.

  Seeing the performance of the four brothers and sisters of the Xie family, Lu Chen shook his head, amused.

  "Secretary Zhang, come see our four brothers and sisters. My name is Jiang Tao. The three of them are my brother and my two sisters."

  At this moment, Secretary Zhang finally saw Lu Chen and walked over quickly.

  Seeing Secretary Zhang coming over, Jiang Tao and the four hurriedly got up to greet them, with a look of excitement.

  But Secretary Zhang looked at the four of them, but frowned, but soon his brows were stretched.

  "Oh, Mr. Lu, you are here. Xie Shujie just said why he didn't see you, thinking you haven't come yet."

  Secretary Zhang directly ignored the Jiang family's four brothers and sisters, and stepped forward and grasped Lu Chen's hand.

  Today, Lu Chen is the protagonist whom Xie Shujie wants to thank, how could he not show up in the inner hall.