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Who are you My Husband (Chapter 421-430) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 421

Lu Chen nodded, Chen Churan's analysis was not unreasonable, as she said, everything was quite reasonable.

Since his Yiqi Technology launched the sixth-generation fighter and hypersonic electromagnetic missile last year, the M Empire has lost its position as the world's hegemon for dozens of hundreds of years. It is facing China’s Mi-100 sixth-generation fighter and mounted on it. They have sent twenty or thirty F22 fighters to the hypersonic electromagnetic missiles of the United States, and it is difficult to destroy a M-100-6th-generation fighter.

And the hypersonic electromagnetic missiles are incapable of intercepting any of their defense systems. Once a war starts, these two big killers can make them lose the entire sky.

The M Empire people are definitely unwilling to lose their dominance, so it is normal to develop biological and chemical weapons to control China.

And it is very possible.

Lu Chen didn't make a decision right away. He sat down on the sofa and called Xie Weihao to ask if the news was true.

Xie Weihao is a big brother from Beijing after all. He has a high status and knows more.

"This matter is very serious. I just talked to Jingcheng. Listening to their opinions, we will be all overseas Chinese in Dongying the day after tomorrow. Of course, everyone hopes that things are not as serious as they thought."

This was what Xie Weihao told Lu Chen.

After hanging up Xie Weihao's phone, Lu Chen's face looked very ugly. It seemed that this matter was really serious.

"Book tomorrow's air ticket and go home tomorrow. The market here will give up first." Lu Chen nodded and made a decision.

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Dongying's market is very impressive, but he is not bad at this market, and he can focus on East Asia and Europe.

It just so happened that Dongying and M Empire wanted to sanction his Yiqi Technology, let them sanction it.

After returning home the next day, Lu Chen no longer paid attention to Dongying's situation.

Anyway, he has given up this piece of cake, so there is no need to focus on Dongying.

However, he occasionally learned about the explosion of a biological company, and it seemed that it was not as serious as he had imagined.

However, Jingcheng was determined to scatter everyone back to China, and warned the Chinese not to go to Dongying during this time.

Like China, there are many other countries that have also scattered overseas Chinese.

However, seeing that there are no overseas Chinese in the M Empire, some countries also feel that it should not be as bad as they thought, and there is no such overseas Chinese.

This made Lu Chen lose sight of the situation.

Then he didn't manage it anymore.

Soon the end of the year came. This year, except for some problems with Dongying, Yiqi Technology's entire plan was completed smoothly. Of course, the year-end summary and plans for the coming year are still required.

For this annual meeting, Yiqi Technology invited all the members of the entire Chamber of Commerce, and the entire chamber of commerce is developing around Yiqi Technology, and they can be regarded as one of the members of Yiqi Technology.

Although they didn't say so from the face, all the members naturally regarded themselves as members of Yiqi Technology.

Including the two big families of Chen family and Li family, they also claim that their family is one of the members of Yiqi Technology.

The content of the year-end meeting can be guessed by everyone in the past, but everyone is very looking forward to how Yiqi Technology will develop in the next year or the next few years, and what new products will be launched.

Since the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, the wealth of almost all members of the Chamber of Commerce has exploded by more than twice. Some of the members of the Chamber of Commerce have not had much strength. In less than a year, their wealth has exploded four times. This is a terrible increase Increase the number.

This is the good thing about joining the Chamber of Commerce.

This is the terror effect of Yiqi Technology.

At the summary meeting, Wang Wei personally reported all the performance and completion of Yiqi Technology in the past year. Hearing the series of terrifying numbers, almost everyone felt excited, even when Wang Wei paused. There was a warm applause.

After summing up, Wang Wei finally talked about the link that everyone was looking forward to more.

Plans for the next year and plans for the next five years.

"Next year we also plan to launch three top technologies. The first technology is the extended application of controllable nuclear fusion technology, and the protagonist is used in energy saving. The second technology is 6g technology, although the world has just launched or even We haven’t used 5g technology on a large scale, but we, Yiqi Technology, have developed a complete 6g technology. The third technology is aerospace technology. We plan to formally develop a Mars rover from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of next year to strive for the next year. The Mars probe will be launched in the third quarter. Although our Yiqi Technology aims to make profit, we are a science and technology park after all. With this strength, we must bear the burden of future human technological development..."

Before Wang Wei finished speaking, there was a burst of warm applause in the venue.

The three top technologies that Yiqi Technology will launch next year, except for the Mars Rover, have nothing to do with the majority of people sitting, but the first two technologies, no matter which one, can make the members of the sitting full of money. Full.

First of all, because of the vigorous development of human technology in the past few decades, many non-renewable resources have been over-exploited, and energy has become a major hidden danger to human development.

Looking at the several major wars initiated by Baiyao led by the M Empire in the past few years, they were all about energy.

Therefore, the emergence of controllable nuclear fusion technology is the key to completely solving the energy problem.

First, if controllable nuclear fusion is used for power generation, the electricity bill will continue to decrease. This continuous decrease means that the nuclear fusion technology becomes more and more mature, and the cost of power generation becomes lower and lower, and the price of electricity is also lower and lower.

Second, if a nuclear fusion engine is built, the power of this engine will be terrible, and its carrying capacity will be hundreds of times greater than that of the Saturn V used for landing on the moon. It can easily transport tens of thousands of tons of payload to and from the moon, Mars, Jupiter and other planets in the solar system.

Yiqi Technology's Mars rover to be developed in the third quarter next year will be driven by the latest nuclear fusion engine.

With NASA’s fastest space technology currently, it takes about seven months for the probe to reach Mars.

The nuclear fusion engine in Yiqi Technology's plan allows the Mars rover to fly to Mars in about a month.

In other words, the first nuclear fusion engine to be developed by Yiqi Technology will enable its spaceflight speed to reach seven times that of the current world. For the current spaceflight speed, this is a number that I am afraid.

Most importantly, the nuclear fusion engine will be the key to the future development of the entire solar system.

It is foreseeable that if Yiqi Technology really develops a nuclear fusion engine next year, then mankind will have the opportunity to build a spaceship like the one in science fiction movies.

Because the nuclear fusion engine can push the Norwegian spacecraft directly from the ground into space.

Chapter: 422

Then after the nuclear fusion power station is built, cheap electricity can be used to artificially synthesize organic matter on a large scale.

Such as synthetic fuel oil, such as various chemical materials. It is estimated that the desert countries will be more sad. Of course, oil is still useful, but it is mainly used as a chemical principle instead of being burned by cars and so on.

Of course, the most powerful is the agricultural reform.

The perfection of nuclear fusion technology can build large-scale intelligent plant factories. There are dozens of floors of plant cultivation buildings everywhere in the factory. Various food and vegetables are planted on every floor of each building. The ceiling is equipped with sun lights. (The electricity bill is cheap anyway). It is estimated that more than half of the 1.8 billion mu of agricultural land can be planted with trees. Of course, a small part of the agricultural land may still need to be reserved just in case. Without the 1.8 billion mu limit, should house prices fall by then?

In short, once nuclear fusion technology is promoted, people's lives will be greatly changed and become better and better.

For the merchants here, this opportunity is several times more profitable than the profits brought by the universal engines and intelligent robots they participated in this year.

As members of the Chamber of Commerce who depend on Yiqi's technology to eat, they have all strengthened their scientific and technological knowledge in private, and of course they understand the importance of controlled nuclear fusion.

All of them are excited too.

There is also the 6g communication technology launched in the second quarter.

Everyone here doesn't know what 6g technology will look like, but they can see a lot from 5g technology.

Now 5g has not yet become popular, but everyone knows that the biggest feature of 5g technology compared to 4g is the word'fast'.

As soon as 5g communication technology comes out, everyone knows that in the future, many new technologies that can only be seen in science fiction movies may appear.

After the popularization of 4g, short video platforms such as Chopsticks and Douyin have emerged one after another.

So 6g technology is stronger than 5g, what business opportunities will this bring?

Everyone is constantly thinking about how to use Yiqi Technology's layout next year to bring huge benefits to themselves.

Because they follow the pace of Yiqi Technology, everyone believes that whether it is controlled nuclear fusion or the popularization of 6g technology, they will completely rise up.

Counting to the rise, in just one year, the wealth of the Chen family far surpassed the sum of Zuo, Liu, and Zhang.

We must know that a year ago, the wealth of the Chen family was similar to that of any of these three families, and the Li family had already achieved the surpassing of the three families.

Among them, the wealth of several chambers of commerce members has almost caught up with the three major families to become billionaires.

This is the huge wealth that Yiqi Technology brought to them after they joined the Chamber of Commerce.

If nothing happens, in the next few years, all members of the chamber of commerce will surely become tens of billions.

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I have to say that top-notch technology is indeed the strongest means to amass wealth.

"For the next five years, our preliminary plan is like this. In the last quarter of the following year, after the Mars Rover successfully arrives on Mars for missions, we will make every effort to build a small manned spacecraft, personally go to Mars to investigate and evaluate Mars energy mining. Possibility. In the third year of the five-year plan, the Mars base construction project was launched. In the fifth year, a large number of workers officially landed on Mars and established the first human space base on Mars outside the Earth. I have finished my words, thank you ."

After Wang Wei saluted everyone, the audience suddenly applauded.

I have been following the pace of Yiqi Technology for a year, and everyone in the audience has already heard of Yiqi Technology's development goals. The main policy is to make money, and at the same time, it is also vigorously and selflessly to promote the development of human civilization.

If all goes well, everyone believes that in the next few decades, Yiqi Technology must be the first company to go out of the earth and develop and utilize several planetary resources in the solar system.

This must be a historical breakthrough and a great milestone in the history of human civilization.

Those members who follow the pace of Yiqi Technology will also be included in the history of human development.

At this moment, everyone felt a little emotional.

Technology changes fate.

Technology changes the future.

Technology is the core of the evolution of human civilization.

Only top-notch technology can lead mankind to the stars of the universe, to the sea of ​​stars, and to the peak.

Next, Wu Lei took the stage to report on the development of the supermarket chain and plans for the next five years.

The supermarket that Wu Lei is responsible for has established branches in the entire nine major urban areas of Yuzhou, and has realized the operation of an unmanned supermarket for the first time, that is, all salespersons have been replaced by intelligent robots.

In Wu Lei's plan for the next five years, he will open at least hundreds of branches in the three southwestern provinces, all without supermarkets.

The continuous establishment of unmanned supermarkets has also greatly promoted the research and development of intelligent robots. This is the future trend. Many industries have tried to buy intelligent robots developed by Yiqi Technology to replace labor.

After Wu Lei stepped down, Xu Shuting took the stage to summarize the report on behalf of Rare Earth Group.

After more than half a year of construction, China Overseas Rare Earth Group has officially operated, and the steady stream of rare earth ore has been transported to the rare earth group factory for processing and refining. In the future, China Rare Earth Group will no longer import rare materials from abroad, and the rare earth group will be able to supply it nationwide.

Rare Earth Group has just received dozens of large orders just after it officially started operations, and there are still many orders that have been scheduled to the second quarter of next year.

Of course, Lu Chen still has a plan, that is, to store rare materials by himself, so many rare materials in the early stage can only be sold by Yiqi Technology.

After Xu Shuting concluded, Kaitian Yuanshi Group also came to the stage to summarize. Because of the monopoly of channels, the performance of Yuanshi Group is also very good. This year, the entire profit has exceeded 10 billion. This is profit, not turnover. Jewelry has a strong market in Yuzhou and throughout the southwest region.

After Guogan Xiao Zhan and Gas Chen Jing came to power, Lu Chen finally let the entire Chamber of Commerce know his powerful power layout for the first time.

The extraction of rough ore mines in the entire country of Myanmar, the development rights of all energy and minerals in the entire country of Gass, and two powerful private armies all made the members feel the terror of Lu Chen in the true sense for the first time. Horror.

The annual meeting concluded that although Lu Chen exposed many of his forces, he also gave more people a booster.

The future development of Yiqi Technology requires strong cohesion, and exposing his power to the spotlight will also help him to develop markets in many backward and small countries.

Chapter: 423

When it was time to celebrate the New Year again, Lu Chen called his father again, but to his surprise, this time, he actually got through.

After the call was connected, Lu Chen felt like he couldn't speak.

"are you OK……"

Lu Chen hasn't talked formally for more than ten years, and Lu Chen is a little nervous.

"I'm fine, so you have a good life now." Lu Tianxing's stern voice came from the phone. Although it surprised Lu Chen, it was the same voice that he was familiar with ten years ago.

"I asked you to keep a low profile in Yuzhou. Do you think I just let you avoid Xiao Biqing? Now you are famous, but do you know that you have also attracted the attention of the Lu family." Lu Tianxing said grimly, his tone There is blame, but it is not harsh.

"Can I say that I didn't take the Lu family seriously?" Lu Chen said lightly.

Although he understood that his dad blamed him for caring about him, he hadn’t seen him for ten years, and he hadn’t spoken in ten years. During the first call, Lu Tianxing didn’t miss him at all, didn’t show any concern, so he still let him Very uncomfortable.

"You underestimate the Lu family. Our Lu family has passed on for thousands of years. There are thousands of martial arts experts. There are hundreds of people who are not afraid of guns. There are five people who are more powerful than the clouds. You think you Can rely on the current army to destroy the Lan family's five hundred warriors, it is very invincible? I tell you, your grandfathers can come and go freely among your thousands of troops, and even take the heads of your commanding generals. Level. My Lu family is the number one martial arts family in the hidden world, how can it be comparable to ordinary hidden families?"

Lu Tianxing hummed coldly on the phone.

Lu Chen's face changed slightly. He didn't expect the Lu Family's strength to be so powerful, and he completely exceeded his imagination.

Since the last time he personally extinguished the Lan Family’s 500 Martial Artists, he has indeed swelled a bit, and the Hidden Family is indeed not very good in the future. In addition, after killing Xiao Anyi, the Xiao Family has not said anything, and he has not kept the Hidden World. This is serious.

In his opinion, the hidden family is just like that, he can easily deal with it.

Unexpectedly, hearing his dad's remarks, it turned out that the Lu Family in the hidden world was so powerful.

There are as many as five masters in the Lu Family who are stronger than Lao Yun. He is confident to defeat Lao Yun, but what about the five peerless experts in the Lu Family?

Besides, even if he can beat one of them, what about the other four?

Whether his subordinates are Xu Jing or Du Fei, there is a certain gap with him, in front of that kind of peerless master, it is not useful at all.

"I can develop a sixth-generation fighter, and I have an entire set of modern warfare information systems. Isn't it possible to break the wrist with the Lu family?" Lu Chen said unconvinced.

"Naive. Can you own six generations of fighters in the country? Can you develop an army? Don't tell me that you develop Gas and Gokangsam. You don't want to think about it. You have to develop a complete set of information in these two places. How many billions will it need to invest in a military base? How many years will it take to develop the layout? How long will it take to cultivate the corresponding talents? But do you understand your crisis at the moment?" Lu Tianxing said mercilessly.

Lu Chen couldn't refute for a long time.


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The reason why he didn't take the Hidden Family Family seriously before was because of his Temple of Killing, which was his support.

But now it seems that this depends on the Lu family, which is basically pediatrics.

Because as long as the Lu Family dispatched those five peerless powerhouses, they would be able to take the first rank among the armies.

"Forget it, you are not young anymore. It is time to face these things alone. I have already discussed with your grandfather. After the Chinese New Year, come to Pless Island to recognize the lord and return to the clan. Can you impress your grandfather, It's up to you to become the heir of the next Patriarch," Lu Tianxing said.

"I don't need it, nor is it rare to be the head of the Lu family." Lu Chen hung up the phone directly.

Is the Lu family strong?

The Lu family is very strong.

But Lu Chen still has his own means.

It's okay to ask him to go back to be the head of the Patriarch, but instead of asking him to ask his father to tell his grandfather, what he wants is to sit in the position of Patriarch in the strongest posture.

"He can tell me this. It seems that the ugly ambitions of Lu Zhixing and others must have been shattered by him, so is he now the head of the Lu Family?"

"Forget it, as long as there is nothing wrong with him, why care so much."

Lu Chen shook his head. There is still a week before the Chinese New Year. He is going to Dali to do an important thing.

He has often learned various top technologies for more than a year, and he has deciphered several technical data of that magical bead himself.

Ding Dacheng deciphered technology like 6g and controlled nuclear fusion technology under his reminder.

Of course, in addition to these, Lu Chen also deciphered a genetic evolution technology.

Because this technology is a bit advanced, many people may not be able to accept it, so Lu Chen is not planning to promote it in recent years. He plans to use it first.

According to the data, this gene evolution technology can make the human body undergo various aspects of evolution by rationally adjusting the sequence of genes, greatly promoting the functions of various muscles, and even extending life.

And Lu Chen wanted to use this genetic evolution technology to make him stronger.

As long as he succeeds, he believes that above martial arts, he is capable of defeating any one of the five powerhouses of the Lu Family, or even a combination of several people.

When that happens, he will not believe that the Lu family can still underestimate him!

Yes, during the call with his father just now, he felt the little look from his father and the disdain from the Lu family.

After Lu Chen made the decision, he took Lin Tong and Xu Jing directly to Dali by private jet.

When traveling with Lin Yijun to Dali at the beginning of the year, because the married family offended him, Lu Chen occupied 70% of the equity in the married family, which is equivalent to his own entire married family.

Chengjia mainly produces medicines, and Lu Chen has also brought several top-notch drug technologies, which has made great changes in Chengjia during this year.

With new technologies and better drugs developed, it has become one of the top drug groups in China within a year of starting a family.

And when Lu Chen came this time, he was preparing to experiment with genetic evolution technology.

The gene evolution technology is mainly activated with corresponding drugs, giving people the same feeling as those monks in the fairy-xia novels.

Of course, this can't be alchemy, it just uses complex technology to extract the essence of medicine to activate the evolution of human genes.

Chapter: 424

"Mr. Lu."

Hearing that Lu Chen had arrived, Chenghu, the owner of the married family, immediately put down his business and came to greet him.

This year, with their in-depth understanding of Yiqi Technology and their participation in the Yiqi Technology Annual Meeting a few days ago, the strength of Yiqi Technology shocked Chenghu's heart.

"Well, take me to the R&D department." Lu Chen nodded and said.

There is a complete medicine refining workshop here, as well as the medicinal materials needed, of course you have to come here to get it.

Chengjia's pharmaceutical company is now one of the top pharmaceutical groups in the country. If there are no available medicinal materials in Chengjia, it may be difficult to find.


Cheng Hu hurriedly nodded, walked ahead to lead the way, and asked cautiously: "Is Mr. Lu here to check?"

Lu Chen glanced at Chenghu and said with a smile: "What are you nervous about? You know what I can't check with your brain. I'm here to test a new type of drug."

Cheng Hu looked embarrassed. In this year, Lu Chen had never come to ask about the company. He suddenly came over today and he did think that Lu Chen was conducting a surprise inspection.

But after hearing Lu Chen's second sentence, Chenghu's eyes lit up: "Are there any new drugs to push?"

This year they have relied on several major prescriptions provided by Yiqi Technology. They have launched three new drugs with very good results, and they have also made a lot of money.

He can be sure that within one or two years, Chengjia Pharmaceutical Group will surely be the No. 1 pharmaceutical group in the country.

Lu Chen shook his head. The medicinal materials of this medicine are too few and too expensive, and it will definitely not be promoted in a short time, at least for a few years.

After arriving in the R&D department, Lu Chen took out a list of medicinal materials to the researchers and asked them to dispense the medicines. During this time, he wrote down the latest methods for extracting medicines.

"President Lu, this kind of bodhi seeds are too scarce. Only this section is found in the warehouse. There are many other medicines. Therefore, we can only test two or three times. If all of them fail, there is no way. "

Half an hour later, several scientific researchers came over and said with the medicine.

Lu Chen looked at Bodhi, he had never seen this medicine either.

"Master of the family, look at Bodhi seeds. After the year, you will definitely find this medicinal material and all the medicinal materials of my formula. You will buy back as many as the Bodhi seeds. Even if the price is sky-high, you can't miss it." Lu Chen looked at Chenghu and said.

"Yes." Cheng Hu took a look at Bodhi, then nodded heavily.

"Then experiment. As long as you follow this method carefully and carefully, you should be able to succeed the first time." Lu Chen looked at the researchers, and then gave several researchers the method of activating the gene evolution drug.

The scientific researchers gathered together to watch, the procedure is very complicated, but for them, medical experts, it is not difficult for them. They only spent about an hour to master this method.

It was mainly written by Lu Chen in enough detail, or they might have to study and test for a few days.

With the personal participation and supervision of Lu Chen, three days later, the researchers finally developed a drug that activates genetic evolution.

Made into a pill the size of a soybean.

But what made Lu Chen a little distressed was that the first test failed, which directly caused one-third of the material loss.

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Fortunately, the last two succeeded, a total of ten pills were extracted.

"President Lu, after all tests, this pill is not harmful to the human body, but it can stimulate certain nervous systems that we humans have not yet mastered. For example, there may be reactions in unknown areas of the brain, but the specific reaction is still I don't know." The scientific researcher came to Lu Chen with the inspection report and said.

"Although this pill has no harmful ingredients, it is too unknown. We don't recommend taking it, at least after many clinical trials." The scientific researcher said.


Lu Chen nodded and said, "I know that this drug is a stimulant drug that stimulates the gene system to make it more perfect. The pill itself is no problem. The key is whether it will make people become monsters after genetic evolution. I am not quite sure about this either."

"It's really a drug for genetic evolution. We guessed it before, but thought it was a bit outrageous, so we didn't go further into that aspect." The researchers were surprised. So far, they don't know what drugs. Can change the genetic structure, so I didn't guess in this regard.

"Well, yes, but I don't think the change should be big." Lu Chen nodded. He remembered that when he deciphered this message from the bead, the above-mentioned power-type gene evolution pill only brought infinity to the human body. The power of humans has little effect on other aspects. The only major thing is that even the power-type genetic evolution pills can greatly increase the lifespan of human beings.

As for how much power changes can be brought about, and how many years of life can be increased, these are not known.

It should be like this when you think about it. Genetic evolution, although only the power is evolved, but the overall physical fitness can be improved in various ways, and it is normal to increase lifespan over there.

"Then, the best way is to find someone for clinical verification." The scientific researcher said.

"I'll do it myself." Lu Chen shook his head. There are too few genetic evolution pills, and he doesn't want to waste it.

The most important thing is that he believes that nothing will happen. This is one of the means of human evolution in the future. He also believes that there must be many kinds of drugs about human evolution in the beads, but he has not deciphered it yet.

"I come."

"I come."

Lin Tong and Xu Jing hurriedly spoke. They knew that this medicine was very expensive, but it was also full of unknowns, so they couldn't let Lu Chen try the medicine himself.

Lu Chen is now the backbone of countless people. Countless people are eating with him. No one originally intended to see Lu Chen's accident.

Including several scientific researchers, they also denied Lu Chen the first time.

At the insistence of several people, Lu Chen shrugged and had to let Lin Tong try the medicine first.

"Let's check his physical fitness first to see how the final effect of the drug will be." Lu Chen said to the scientific researcher.

The scientific researchers nodded and took Lin Tong to the test.

After half an hour, Lin Tong's physical fitness was tested, and then Lu Chen gave Lin Tong a genetic evolution pill.

After Lin Tong swallowed it, everyone stared at his reaction.

Chapter: 425

After taking the pill, Lin Tong started to panic all over, then trembling, as if he was experiencing hell.

Lin Tong's physical fitness far exceeds 99% of ordinary human beings, but after taking the genetic evolution pill, he just persisted for 30 seconds before he fainted.

Lin Tong, who was in a coma, was still trembling constantly, and several scientific researchers hurriedly performed various checks on him.

However, everyone was relieved that there was no problem with his physical muscles. It may be that the brain was severely stimulated, which kept him unconscious.

"The changes in various muscle abilities in his body are accelerating. It is still unclear which direction this change is going to. The duration should be about 24 hours." The scientific researcher said to Lu Chen.

"In other words, he will wake up in 24 hours, right?" Lu Chen asked.

"Theoretically yes, but we have not had any clinical trials for this genetic evolution pill, so..." The scientific researcher nodded. In short, the current situation is good, but will it happen in case? It's hard to say.

"Well, pay attention to his situation at any time." Lu Chen said as he walked out of the room.

Two researchers stayed to observe Lin Tong's situation, while the other two researchers left the room with Lu Chen.

"Gene Evolution Pill only has one attack effect, right?" Lu Chen asked the researcher.

He remembered they talked about this issue before.

"Yes, President Lu, theoretically, this drug can only activate a certain muscle energy. As long as that muscle energy is activated, it will be useless to eat more, because it will not have any effect on other strands. As for you Speaking of increasing lifespan, it is just that it activates the gene of strength, and then the whole physical fitness is derived." The scientific researcher nodded.

"Well, you have worked hard these days." Lu Chen nodded.

"Yes, we are more interested in researching new drugs than in vacations." The scientific researcher laughed.

Originally they were going to have their annual vacation the day before yesterday, but Lu Chen suddenly came to test the Gene Evolution Pill, and they had to stay.

"Let's go to dinner first, and you will come back later to change the two of them." Lu Chen nodded and said.

The two researchers nodded, and then Chenghu said, "Mr. Lu, I have arranged lunch."

In the past few days, he has accompanied Lu Chen's trio every day, and all the fire food these days have been arranged by him.

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At the dinner table, Lu Chen said to Cheng Hu: "The salary cards for the four of them were transferred 5 million each in the afternoon, which is regarded as their overtime pay these days."

Hearing what Lu Chen said, the two researchers were a little excited.

They gave up their great prospects and worked with Lu Chen. They were optimistic about Yiqi Technology's salary and prospects. Of course, they would not refuse Lu Chen's kindness.

Just transfer five million overtime pay in one go, which is too high. Although they are all top scientific and technical personnel, their normal annual salary is only one million. The rest depends on the value of their achievements. The higher the achievement value, the higher the bonus.

For several top scientific and technological personnel such as Ding Dacheng, Lu Chen not only gives them hundreds of millions of bonuses every year, but also gives them various degrees of dividends on the stocks. This is also where Yiqi Technology has attracted countless scientific and technological personnel to abandon their lofty ideals.

Many graduates of science and technology universities, or high-achieving students who have returned from overseas, have applied for jobs at Yiqi Technology.

Although many people do not have much strength, Lu Chen still recruits two to three graduates from science and technology universities every day to train.

Yiqi Technology is based on scientific research, and scientific and technological talents are the cornerstone of the company's continuous development. Lu Chen can see this clearly.

So far, in all companies under Yiqi Technology, the number of scientific and technological talents has exceeded the threshold of 3,000 personnel, and there will only be more and more talents in the future.

China has no shortage of talents, but it lacks technical talents.

"Okay." Cheng Hu nodded. He also knew about Lu Chen's generosity. He was not surprised by this.

"However, this Gene Evolution Pill is still in a confidential stage. I don't want you to disclose this matter." Lu Chen turned to the two scientific researchers and said.

"President Lu, don't worry, we will definitely not reveal the company's secrets." The two nodded hurriedly and solemnly.

Lu Chen nodded, but he had nothing to worry about.

One is that it’s okay even if it is leaked out. Second, if all the company’s scientific research personnel have signed a confidentiality agreement, if they are willing to disclose the company’s secrets, he has the right to kill them first and then report them to the public security department.

Of course, even if he killed the traitor and didn't report it, with his current status, there would be nothing wrong at all. Someone would take the initiative to wipe his ass.

After eating, Lu Chen called Lin Yijun and told her about staying in Dali these days, and then he thought about how to distribute the ten genetic evolution pills.

He must have one for himself, and then Water Margin Sanjie, Lin Tong, Du Fei, Xiao Zhan, and the thief Liu Zixiu must also give each of them one, because these people are the backbone of Lu Chen's trust. , Is also the representative of his side of force.

Well, this takes up 8 of them, so what about the remaining two?

Yun Lao.

Yes, I will give one to Yun Lao, and I will leave one as a spare. When I get the Bodhi seed, I will refine it to many genetic evolution pills, and then gradually evolve the backbone of the company.

Because of the scarcity of Bodhi seeds, it is destined that the genetic evolution pills will be promoted countlessly at this stage.

"Do you think this Bodhi can be grown by yourself?" Lu Chen called Du Fei and the others, and asked them to come to Dali before turning to ask a researcher.

"President Lu, although we are biologists, our main focus is on pharmacology. We usually have too little contact with cultivating medicines and don’t know much about it. However, this Bodhi seed is also a herbaceous plant and we should be able to cultivate it by ourselves. It takes a botanist.” The scientific researcher explained.

"Mr. Lu, I remember that we hired several botanists. One named Nie Xuehai was a high-achieving student who had returned from studying in Europe. I remember that their main focus was botany, so let them try." Chenghu Said suddenly.

"Okay, I'll leave this to you. Money is not a problem, but it doesn't have to be successful." Lu Chen nodded and said.

Although Lin Tong hasn't woken up yet, and the specific effect of Gene Evolution Pill has not been verified by science and technology, Lu Chen believes that Gene Evolution Pill can definitely play an evolutionary role.

He also believes that this must be a milestone in future human evolution, so he must solve the method of planting Bodhi seeds.

Chapter: 426

Yiqi Technology is equipped with a special plane line. Liu Zixiu, Song Hai and Yun Lao arrived in Dali from Yuzhou on the Yiqi Technology plane on the same day. Later, Xiao Zhan and Shi Jin also came to Dali from Guogan.

However, Du Fei, who was far away in Gas, rushed back the next day.

When they knew Lu Chen's purpose for letting them come to Dali, they were quite surprised.

Especially Yun Lao, here is where he and Lu Chen are the strongest. After decades of training, he has this strength. Then Lu Chen told him that after taking the genetic evolution pill, his strength might double. , So he couldn't sit still.

Du Fei and others are also looking forward to Lin Tong's wake up.

Twenty hours later, Lin Tong finally woke up, and the changes in his body stopped.

It may be that his physical fitness is good. Lin Tong is four hours ahead of the 24 hours that the researchers expected.

In this regard, several researchers are a little surprised.

They tested Lin Tong's various functions again for the first time, and when the results came out, everyone's eyes widened.

Lin Tong’s various functions have tripled.

On the surface, there is still no change in him.

The only thing that has changed is that he looks more mighty overall, and his eyes look more energetic.

Every muscle exposed outside gives a feeling of being full of explosive power.

What reassures everyone the most is that after passing the rigorous examination, Lin Tong has no physical discomfort, and there is no hidden danger.

It shows that Gene Evolution Pill should not have any side effects.

"Lin Tong, come and punch me and shoot with all my strength." Lu Chen said to Lin Tong.

The others also looked at Lin Tong. Lu Chen said that this was mainly due to evolutionary power. Their purpose this time was to take the genetic evolution pills, so they were all curious about how strong Lin Tong was at this time.

"Okay, young man, then I will take action." Lin Tong smiled, raised his right hand to make a fist, and saw that his fist seemed to have a powerful force running.

Then he stepped forward and hit Lu Chen's chest with a punch.

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, and Lin Tong's punch made him feel a strong sense of danger.

This was the first time he felt this way.

He also fought with peerless powerhouses like Xiao Bieqing, and he didn't feel this dangerous feeling in Xiao Bieqing's body.

It seems that Lin Tong's strength at this time must be better than Xiao Biqing.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen didn't dare to be careless, he immediately turned the eight-point inner strength to his right fist, and then blasted out the same punch.


The fists banged together, and the two of them separated their bodies. Lin Tong took two steps back, but Lu Chen took three steps back to stabilize his figure.

Everyone was shocked!

They knew about Lu Chen's strength, it was currently the strongest among them, and the strength was outrageous.

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Especially Yun Lao, Lu Chen's cultivation technique was taught by him, but now, he feels that he is no longer Lu Chen's opponent, but he is also a top-notch existence in the hidden world.

As for Lin Tong's previous strength, they all knew that among their group of martial arts powerhouses, they were a relatively weak group, even Xu Jing was much stronger than him.

Of course, among the nine of them, Lu Chen and Yun are always at the same level, Xu Jing, Du Fei, and Xiao Zhan are at the same level, and Water Margin Sanjie and Liu Zixiu are at the third level.

Unexpectedly, after taking the Gene Evolution Pill, the third-level Lin Tong suddenly evolved to the first grade. It can be seen that the effect of the Gene Evolution Pill is too powerful.

Lu Chen was also quite shocked. He didn't expect the Gene Evolution Pill to have such a powerful effect. This was too unexpected.

After the remaining eight of them had eaten the genetic evolution pills, Lu Chen really wanted to go to Pres Island to meet the martial arts experts in their Lu family.

"It's not bad, let's eat together for the eight of us. After the Chinese New Year, I will take you to a major event." Lu Chen said that he would give Du Fei and the others a genetic evolution pill and let everyone lie down before taking the medicine.

Because he knew that he would pass out after taking the genetic evolution pills, but Du Fei and others didn't know.

Seeing Lu Chen lay down on the bed first, Du Fei and the others followed suit. Seeing Lu Chen fell into a coma after taking the pills, everyone was a little surprised, but none of them were timid.

After everyone lay down, they swallowed all the pills.

"We must pay attention to President Lu's situation, and don't let President Lu have any accidents." Cheng Hu emphasized to several scientific researchers.

"Song Zong rest assured, now we have basically determined the function of the genetic evolution pill. It is amazing. It can bring powerful blessings to the user, and it is permanent. Then this evolution can change many functions of the human body. The most important thing is that there are no side effects." The scientific researcher nodded and said.

"By the way, based on the analysis of the physical muscle energy data of the Lin brothers just now, the lifespan of the organs in the Lintong brothers has been extended by at least ten years. In other words, the gene evolution pill will extend the lifespan by about ten years. Of course, according to the data from the body, wait two days and then look at Mr. Lu and the others for more details.” Another scientific researcher also said.

Lin Tong, who was next to him, listened to the analysis of the two researchers, and felt a little excited. He didn't expect that this genetic evolution pill would not only greatly enhance his combat power, but also prolong his life span by ten years. This is also amazing.

Chenghu's eyes lit up, this is the elixir!

Life-prolonging drugs, at this time, are definitely the real elixir.

Nie Xuehai and other botanists must speed up, and no matter what the price is, they must cultivate Bodhi seeds for him as soon as possible.

This Gene Evolution Pill is a one-time drug, and Chenghu knows that he will definitely have a family in the next batch.

At that time, he can just give his father one, and extend his life for ten years.

Anyway, now that he started a family, he followed Yiqi Technology with all his heart, and with Lu Chen, he believed that Lu Chen would definitely take care of his family.

In the next two days, in addition to the four scientific researchers, Cheng Hu and Lin Tong stayed in the room. Lin Tong was dictated by nature, and Cheng Hu wanted to let Lu Chen understand his loyalty, so there was nothing. go away.

Even the meals are delivered by people.

After 15 hours, Lu Chen and others woke up one after another, and then they all went to check their physical conditions. Among them, Yun Lao unexpectedly woke up 25 hours later. Even the four scientific researchers did not know the specific reason for this.

The result of the inspection was very successful, exceeding Lu Chen's expectation. The only regret was that Bodhi seeds were too scarce.

However, Lu Chen believes that with the current reserve of scientific and technological talents of Yiqi Technology, he will definitely be able to develop a method to quickly cultivate Bodhi.

On the same day, after Lu Chen arranged for a special plane to fly the four production and research personnel back to the New Year, he also returned to Yuzhou with everyone.

Tomorrow will be New Year's Day, and after the New Year's Day, Lu Chen is going to take everyone to Pres Island.

Chapter: 427

For Huaxia people, the Spring Festival is the annual family reunion day, where the family is happy and enjoys the beauty of the Spring Festival.

But for Dongying people, this Spring Festival in China is simply their nightmare.

In the past few months, all major hospitals on Jiuzhou Island and the surrounding cities of Jiuzhou Island are full of patients.

These patients have four common symptoms:

The first stage is the same as the common cold, and it seems that the problem is not big.

In the second stage, there were many white blood cells, pale face, vomiting up and down, and weak.

In the third stage, the skin ulcerated, some were severe, and the nose and ears all fell off.

In the fourth stage, the whole body ulcerated to a certain extent, and death began to appear.

The most important thing is that, so far, the entire Eastern Medical community has not found a serum to control this virus.

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This virus, a bit like the T virus in biochemical movies, speeds up the patient's metabolism.

But unlike the T virus, as long as the patients have reached the fourth stage, all patients are dead.

At the beginning, Dongying was still preparing to block information, but as the number of patients increased, countless people in Dongying’s M Empire and others who had not yet been separated from Dongying left Dongying, and Dongying could no longer hide it.

Then I had to ask for international help.

At this point, Dong Yingfang finally revealed the secrets between them and the M Empire, and admitted that it was their previous graduated chemical weapons that caused the leakage of biochemical viruses.

And this biochemical virus is similar to the T virus, and Dongying experts named it D virus.

As for the characteristics of this D virus, it is currently under study.

Although only Dongying people have been infected with D virus at present, tens of thousands of people have been infected with D virus within a few months. The whole world has had such a moment of confusion and panic, and they all expressed their willingness to support Dongying to travel together. Overcome this difficulty.

Lu Chen, who was enjoying the New Year's Day, had to notify Ding Dacheng after receiving a call from Beijing to arrange for a group of scientists in the field of biological virus pharmacology to go to Dongying to help decipher the D virus situation.

Lu Chen was also very grateful that he had just given up on the Dongying market after listening to Chen Churan.

Although he believed that scientists would definitely be able to decipher the D virus, save Dongying, and save all mankind, but Dongying became like this, he was still a little worried.

It stands to reason that all this is the responsibility of Dongying and M Empire, but the injured are always innocent people.


Since Dongyingfang disclosed this shocking secret, Dongying and the M Empire have been condemned by the world.

In particular, the Dongying government is facing the people's defection. Countless Dongying people block up the Dongying Prime Minister's office every day and ask Dongying to change the prime minister.

The position of Prime Minister of An Compensation has received an unprecedented impact.

Of course, the international community does not care about the stability of the safety compensation position. Everyone only cares whether the D virus will spread through the air.

In response to this, all countries have closely held secret F-level special conferences.

After the New Year’s holiday, Lu Chen also held a senior management meeting in the company. This management meeting was mainly composed of people in the scientific research department. The topic was to discuss whether D virus would spread through the air. How to prevent airborne transmission.

Although this is a national level thing, as the No. 1 technology group in China, Lu Chen certainly has to do something.

The meeting lasted for a few hours, but because I still don’t know the specific data of the D virus, and there is no one, so I can only take precautions first, and wait for the research team to send back the research data to discuss it.

Because of Lu Chen's eagerness to hold an emergency meeting, Lin Jin cancelled his plan to go to Pres Island. Unexpectedly, Lu Zhong gave Lu Tianxing's order to bring Lu Chen back to his ancestors.

In this regard, Lu Chen readily agreed.

Lu Chen never refused to recognize his ancestors.

What he refused was that the Lu family looked down on him.

Yes, he had never grown up in the Lu Family Courtyard since he was a child, and even if he hadn't been so good behind him, it is estimated that no one in the Lu Family knew of his existence.

A few months ago, his so-called third uncle wanted to use his idea of ​​Yiqi Technology. How could he have a sense of belonging to the Lu family?

His father said nothing about it before, which made him a little bit rejected.

But now he has enough confidence to let the Lu family shut up in front of him.

"Aren't you always complaining that I didn't take you to see my family? Get ready and leave tomorrow." After returning home, Lu Chen smiled to Lin Yijun.

"When have I complained? What does it matter to me if I don't go back to your house?" Lin Yijun rolled her eyes when she knew Lu Chen was joking.

I have been complaining about that, but Lin Yijun did complain about Lu Chen before. At the beginning, Lu Chen couldn't explain to her, but after the two talked about it, there was nothing to explain.

Everyone is very busy anyway, Lin Yijun also knows that Lu Chen has difficulties or something, anyway, Lu Chen is not in a hurry, she certainly won't be in a hurry.

Lu Chen smiled and said, "But my family may not welcome us very much. You have to prepare yourself."

Lin Yijun raised her eyebrows and said, "Anyway, we are just going to have a look and make a confession. We are no longer living in your house. What's to be afraid of."

Lu Chennuo's family business is in Yuzhou, she doesn't believe that Lu Chen will stay in his old home.

"By the way, your hometown is in Beijing, right?" Lin Yijun remembered that when Lu Chen went to Beijing the year before, he seemed to say that his hometown was Beijing.

"Before in the capital, now in Pres Island." Lu Chen said, leaning on the sofa, adjusting a posture he likes.

Seeing Lin Yijun's face in doubt, Lu Chen explained: "My father also ran away from home in the past, and then established the Lu family in the capital. At that time, I thought my father was the only one in my family. Later I learned that my grandfather was the only one. They are both Purus Island."

"Oh, where is Naples Island? Why haven't you heard of it?" Lin Yijun poured a cup of tea for Lu Chen and asked curiously, she had never heard of this small country.

"It's a small island country in Europe. It's not very well-known. Not many people know it." Lu Chen took the tea and took a sip, got up and put the cup on the table.

"Where is Qiqi? Is it with her grandma?" Lu Chen put down his teacup and asked.

"I went out to play with her auntie." Lin Yijun sat on the sofa opposite Lu Chen, picked up a magazine and flipped through it.

"By the way, how many days are we going to? I'll arrange things in the company." Lin Yijun raised her head to look at Lu Chen.

"A day or two, I don't have time to spend there." Lu Chen said.

Lin Yijun nodded, then called to arrange.

Chapter: 428

Plaus Island is an island country located at the junction of Europe and Asia, in the eastern Mediterranean, with an area of ​​9251 square kilometers.

Pleasant Island was once a colony of the British Isles. For decades, the Lu family moved to Pleasant Island to help the Pleasants re-establish the country, and then used the Lu family’s strong financial resources and connections to bring Pleasant The island has developed into a very developed country.

The Lu family did not become kings, but they kept the entire army firmly in their hands.

Therefore, the Lu family is the ruler of the entire Pres Island. During the Spring Festival, the king will personally go to the Lu family compound to pay a New Year greeting to the old man.

Of course, the rise of the Lu family is not only because they control the army. They overturned the economy of the extremely backward Prussian island nation and allowed everyone on the island to live a prosperous life, and the people stood firm. On the side of the Lu family.

This has always been the case since ancient times. Those who win the hearts of the people win the world, and whoever allows the common people to live a good life is the real son.

The position of the Patriarch of the Lu Family is much greater than the power of the king. Every time the Lu Family competes for the position of Patriarch, it can attract the attention of the entire Pres Island.

Because of the newly appointed Lu Family Patriarch, he can largely determine the future direction of the Purus Island nation.

Even the king is very concerned.

Now the former Patriarch of the Lu family is seriously ill and has retired from the position of Patriarch. It is Lu Tianxing, the eldest son of the old Patriarch, who is in charge of the Lu family.

In the past two years of the global economic downturn, Pleasant Island has also been affected. Everyone is looking at Lu Tianxing, hoping that he can lead the Lu family and Pleasant Island out of this low period.

On the afternoon of the Lantern Festival, Lu Chen took Lin Yijun and Qiqi to the Pres Island Airport, accompanied by Du Fei, Xiao Zhan, Xu Jing, and Shui Hu Sanjie who had evolved through genetic evolution pills.

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When the Lu family heard that Lu Chen was here, they all came to watch.

Because after Yiqi Technology shocked the world, the Lu family knew that Lu Chen was the son of Lu Tianxing, who was born when Lu Tianxing left the family.

Although Lu Tianxing became the head of the family, because he had not been in the family for a long time, many people in the family did not have much affection for him.

It can be said that although he has become the head of the family, many people are acting against him.

This is why Lu Zhixing took his son and nephew to Yuzhou a year ago, preparing to let Lu Chen treat Yiqi Technology as a family business.

"Is that the Patriarch's son?"

"With so many bodyguards, what does he mean, are you afraid that our Lu family will deal with him?"

"Yes, our Lu family has to deal with him. Even if he brings a hundred bodyguards, it is useless."

"But his wife is very beautiful."

"Normal, this kid is quite rich, it's not difficult to find a beautiful wife."

When everyone saw Lu Chen and his party coming out of the airport, they all pointed and pointed.

Lu Chen and others came to a few Rolls-Ross under the recommendation of Lu Zhong, then got in the car and left the airport.

Lujia Manor is a huge villa area, and is the most luxurious residential area on Plaus Island.

When everyone arrived at Lujia Manor, the onlookers looked more like monkeys, making Lin Yijun quite uncomfortable.

He was taken by Lu Zhong to stay in Lu Tianxing's villa. After twelve years, Lu Chen met his father again.

The father and son looked at each other and didn't speak, but at this time they all felt like stormy waves in their hearts.

Not seen in twelve years, Lu Chen grew up and became the focus of the world.

Lu Tianxing already had white hair in his temples, and he looked a bit old.

"Dad." Qiqi pulled Lu Chen's sleeves, but looked at Lu Tianxing.

"Qiqi, my grandfather." Lu Chen returned to his senses, touching Qiqi's shoulder and said.

"Grandpa." Qiqi cried out to Lu Tianxing obediently. She was five and a half years old at this time, and she was more sensible than two years ago.

"Good granddaughter." Lu Tianxing lowered his head and touched Qiqi's head with a kind face.

Then he took out an exquisite box from his arms and opened it. Inside was a small exquisite bracelet, which he personally polished with jasper gemstones, which has the effect of nourishing vitality and blood.

"Come on, Qiqi, grandpa will put it on for you." Lu Tianxing held Qiqi's little hand, and then put the jasper bracelet on Qiqi.

Kiki nodded obediently, and looked at the delicate bracelet in her hand with a look of liking.

The family entered Lu Tianxing's villa and didn't relive the past, because they all knew how the other party was doing.

"At the evening banquet, I will hold a ceremony for you to recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestors. They may make things difficult for you. I will not intervene. It is up to you to solve these difficulties." After entering the house, Lu Tianxing said to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen nodded and didn't say a word. This was completely in his expectation, and there was nothing to be surprised.

"They make things difficult, mainly because they want to hit you on Yiqi Technology's idea. I have two solutions. Would you like to listen?" Lu Tianxing said again.

"No, I have my own solution." Lu Chen shook his head. If he knew that there were so many strong people in the Lu family before deciphering the genetic evolution pill, he really didn't know how to solve it.

But now, he is fully confident that the Lu family will shut up.

Lu Tianxing nodded, and didn't say anything.

"Lu Zhong, take the young master and them around first." Lu Tianxing said to Lu Zhong.

Lu Zhong has always been Lu Tianxing's right-hand man, and he even studied business with Lu Tianxing, and he is loyal to Lu Tianxing.

"Master, grandma, young lady, should I take you around first?" Lu Zhong looked at Lu Chen's family of three.

"Alright." Lu Chen nodded, and then everyone, led by Lu Zhong, visited the Lu Family Manor.

And at this time in another villa of the Lu family.

"Uncle San, what do the grandfathers say? Lu Chen has already arrived. It's impossible to just recognize his ancestor and return to the clan." Lu Ming asked.

Originally, Lu Ming wanted to take his father's class as the head of the Patriarch. Of course, Lu Zhixing also wanted to take the position of Patriarch.

But unexpectedly, when Lu Tianxing came back suddenly, several elders of the Lu family immediately rejected all opinions, and they were a little unwilling to make Lu Tianxing the head of the family.

"Don't worry, your fourth grandfather and fifth grandfather have agreed, and for the evening banquet, let Lu Chen family his Yiqi technology, and then we can all get a part of the equity." Lu Zhixing said confidently .

"That's good, as long as Yiqi Technology becomes a family, Lu Chen won't have any part of him in the future." Lu Ming nodded, and he was relieved.

"By the way, after he recognizes his ancestor and returns to the clan in the evening, the elders are preparing to be candidates for the next Patriarch at the same time. Lu Tianxing is so anxious to let his son come back to recognize the ancestor and return to the ancestor. He probably wants him to be the heir of the next Patriarch. "Lu Zhixing's son Lu Hao said.

Chapter: 429

"How old is he, so he is worthy of interfering with the family heir? I heard that they have gone to the golf course now. Let's go, Xiaohao, let's meet the wild species first." Lu Ming said with a disdain.

The Lu family has always inherited by martial arts, and the family's children are all those with high martial arts, and the higher the status.

As for the position of Patriarch, not only must martial arts be high, but also versatile talents must be qualified.

The Lu family has been handed down for thousands of years. It has a big family and countless children. He has to learn martial arts since he was a child, so as long as he is not an idiot, he will not be too bad after his twenties.

Especially the progress in martial arts is more prominent.

So Lu Chen never grew up in Lu's family since he was a child, and Lu Ming didn't believe that Lu Chen had any force value.

"Okay, let's go meet that wild species first." Lu Hao smiled.

"Don't do too much, after all, his father is now the head of the family." Before the two went out, Lu Zhixing warned.

They also want Lu Chen's Yiqi Technology, and they can't do too much.

Although Lu Tianxing said that he would not be partial to his son, but they could not do it. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive if it angered Lu Tianxing.

"I know." Lu Hao nodded, and then went out with Lu Ming.


After wandering around in Lujia Manor, Lu Chen felt bored, so he asked Lu Zhong to take them out to play.

Lu Zhong asked Lu Chen if he wanted to play golf. Lu Chen nodded and let Lu Zhong lead the way.

Anyway, just to pass a little time, you can play whatever you want.

Zi Yun Club mainly operates golf courses. In addition to the competition venue, there is also a practice field. Most of the big guys come to play, almost by inviting a group of friends to practice on the driving range. After playing tired, they go to the private room to drink. Singing entertainment.

Ziyun Club is also an industry under the Lu family, and is operated by a subsidiary of the Lu family.

At this time, the sunset is still hanging on the horizon, and it is a good time for the rich to practice golf.

After Lu Chen and the others arrived, many practice fields were already occupied.

However, Lu Zhong reserved a venue before coming. After entering, the staff drove your club’s work car to take them to the venue they reserved.

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There is a pool in the middle of this practice field. There is a net on the pool. Only when you hit the ball across the pool is the pass.

After the staff sent hundreds of golf balls and more than a dozen clubs, everyone started to play happily. Some people even started betting to see who played the farthest.

People like Du Fei, Water Margin Sanjie, and Xu Jing have never played golf. They were quite interested in playing golf for the first time.

In China, golf is not very popular, so even Lu Chen is playing for the first time.

Lin Yijun also taught Qiqi how to play golf, and the mother and daughter were unhappy.

At this moment, a few young people came over, it was the descendants of the Lu family.

"Oh, isn't this the son of the Patriarch? I heard that this is the first time you have come to recognize the ancestor and return to the clan, or come to participate in the next election of Patriarch's successor?" Lu Hai looked at Lu Chen with disdain.

The Lu family knew that Lu Chen was rich and the boss of Yiqi Technology, but no one could afford him.

Even these side branches looked down on Lu Chen.

Just because they both felt that Lu Chen's martial arts was not good.

The Lu family settled down with martial arts, and martial arts ranked first, which is one of the reasons why they broke into a world on Pres Island decades ago.

"Are you?" Lu Chen looked at Lu Hai and frowned. He didn't expect that the Lu family would come to trouble him so happy.

It's just that this method is too inferior.

"My name is Lu Hai, and this Ziyun Club is run by my family. Although it is as richer than Yiqi Technology, which is not yours, in the eyes of the family, martial arts is the top priority, and business is just a trivial matter. "Lu Hai said with a sense of accomplishment.

"Oh." Lu Chen said, then turned to Lu Zhong and asked, "Did you not pay?"

"Master, the main line does not need to pay for consumption in any place in the family. This is the main line's privilege." Lu Zhong said respectfully.

Lu Chen nodded, then looked at Lu Hai: "So, do you think I am not in the main line?"

Lu Hai's complexion changed very ugly, Lu Chen's words were completely Chi Guoguo hitting him in the face.

Although he has the capital to look down on Lu Chen, it is a fact that Lu Chen is in the main line.

The faces of the young people around Lu Hai were a bit ugly, and they didn't expect Lu Chen to be so difficult.

Of course, the reason why they dared to talk about Lu Chen was mainly because they stood behind Lu Hao and Lu Ming, the two Lu Patriarchs, who are Tianjiao. If they didn't give them a few guts, they would not dare to offend Lu Chen.

"I think you are thinking too much. I just see how you play golf. By the way, do you want to compare and see who played the farthest?" Lu Hai's expression quickly returned to normal. Look at Lu Chen provocatively.

Seeing Lu Chen's slightly thin figure, he didn't believe how powerful Lu Chen was anyway.

"What qualifications do you have to compare with me?" Lu Chen took a look at Lu Hai, then took the ball away with one stroke.

The ball flew out with a swish, extremely fast, drawing a beautiful arc in the air, and then quickly flew to the other side of the mountain, without knowing where it had fallen.

"This..." Lu Hai's eyes widened, and the others looked at Lu Chen with shock. How much effort is needed.

Isn't it that this wild species left his father since he was a child, and that no one has taught him martial arts? With such great strength, this is a person who has never practiced martial arts?


At this moment, someone nearby suddenly applauded, and when everyone looked back, they saw two young men and women in their 30s coming over.

The man is tall and handsome, and the woman is handsome and glamorous. The two look very good.

"This brother has good skills and amazing strength. This shot broke the record of our club. I will cover your expenses today." The beauty looked at Lu Chen and smiled slightly.

This beauty is called Lu Leilei, Lu Hai’s sister, and the young man next to her is Lu Leilei’s husband, and the son of a prince of the Prince of Prussian Island, named Asgon. Very powerful person.

Neither of them knew Lu Chen.

"Oh, no, it's not my money anyway." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

Chapter: 430

Lu Hai and others were speechless for a while.

"Sister, brother-in-law, come and play too." Lu Hai's attitude is very respectful. His sister is the most promising family. She also married the Prince Island royal family, which gives their family a little bit of status in front of the main line.

Of course, Lu Hai has always been out of business, and he is most afraid of his sister and brother-in-law.

"It's Xiaohai, if you don't practice well, come to play again." Lin Dongyang said old-fashioned.

"This is not the Spring Festival, just relax." Lu Hai said weakly.

Seeing that Lu Hai was very respectful to the youth, some people quickly guessed the identity of Asgon, and they all stepped forward to greet him.

Asgon nodded, enjoying the feeling of being respected.

Seeing Lu Chen glance at him, Lin Dongyang couldn't help frowning. Lu Leilei gave them a waiver just now. Not only did he not appreciate him, but now he didn't come to say hello, he immediately made his face sink. .

Seeing that Asgon’s face was not good, Lu Hai suddenly had a plan in his heart, and said with a smile: "Brother-in-law, we are the Lu family, but we grew up in China since we were young, and we are not familiar with us, and my personality is a bit lonely. I came back to recognize my ancestor and return to my ancestor."

"Lu Chen, bring your family here. I will introduce you to my brother-in-law. He is a prince." Lu Hai shouted to Lu Chen.

In his opinion, Lu Chen has never been in the Lu family since he was a child, and he must have no idea about the situation of the Lu family. His brother-in-law is the little prince of Plaus Island. If most people don’t know the strength of the Lu family, they will not know the Lu family. The relationship with the royal family of Plaus Island, I must have thought that the little prince of Asgon must be more critical than the head of the Lu family.

Lu Chen glanced back, too lazy to respond.

Noble? prince?

Lu Chen was amused. Why did he take the entire Lu family seriously, and how could he see the royal family controlled by the Lu family in his eyes?

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If he is willing, he has absolute confidence to win the status of the heir to the Lu family paternal head, and then even the king of Plaus Island will come to him to greet him, let alone just a little prince.

Lu Chen didn’t take it seriously, Lu Hai’s expression changed, and he became extremely gloomy. He is now working for Lu Ming. Lu Ming is the strongest competitor to the next Patriarch’s heir tonight. If he doesn’t do it well, it won’t hurt him. Future?

He still wanted to rely on Lu Ming to take the lead. Lu Ming asked him to disgust and allow Lu Chen to do it. If he couldn't handle it, Lu Ming would definitely not give him a chance.

As soon as he was about to go out and teach Lu Chen a lesson, he saw his brother-in-law Asgon walking towards Lu Chen.

Lu Hai's eyes lit up, expecting his brother-in-law to teach Lu Chen a lesson.

"Which one of the Lu family's illegitimate children are you? When you come to the Lu family, you are so defiant? Are you looking down on me, the little prince?" Asgon asked with a sullen face.

"Boom out." Lu Chen glanced at Asgon and said lightly.

A little prince, he really looked down on him.


This wild species is going to blast out the little prince of the Kingdom of Prussia?

Didn't he just come back, how can he not see the Prince of Prince in his eyes?

Even if he is Lu Tianxing's son, but Lu Tianxing has just taken office, there are not many people on his side in the family. Of course, the royal family cannot easily sell his account.

This wild species is so arrogant, who gives him the courage.

As soon as Lu Chen's voice fell, Lin Tong walked towards Asgon.

"What are you talking about? You want to blast me out? Do you know where this is?" Asgon was startled, then stared at Lu Chen furiously.

"Which school are you from?" Lu Leilei also looked at Lu Chen with an unhappy expression.

Before, she saw that Lu Chen had a very standard shot, thinking it was a big shot, so she wanted to give Lu Chen and the others a little bit of benefit, and then made friends with them.

But after Lu Hai said that Lu Chen was only a wild plant for recognizing his ancestors, Lu Leilei didn't put Lu Chen in his eyes.

"It doesn't matter which department I belong to, the important thing is not to disturb me now." Lu Chen said lightly.

At this moment, Lin Tong finally came to Asgon's side, and without saying a word, he took Asgon's collar to seal him.

"Let me go, are you going to die!" Asgon yelled.

However, in the next instant, Lin Tongmeng flicked it, and everyone saw Asgon's body directly fly out.

Everyone's eyes widened, and they couldn't believe this scene at all.

Most of them are martial artists, and their knowledge of power is much stronger than the average person.

It was the first time they saw someone like Lin Tong who directly threw a large seaman of one hundred fifty sixty catties out ten meters away.

How powerful is this hand?

How deep is this inner strength?

Asgon let out a scream over there, only feeling that his entire body was falling apart.

Fortunately, it was the grass, or even if he didn't break a few bones, he would be stunned.

Seeing that Lu Chen's bodyguard was so powerful, Asgon wanted to retaliate, but he didn't dare, but a strong murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

Lu Leilei ran to support Asgon and saw that there was nothing serious about Asgon, before coming to Lu Chen, looking at Lu Chen with a frosty expression.

"Please get out of here right away, my club does not welcome you!" Lu Leilei's family is operating here, unless it is in the main line, or Lu Leilei has the right to discriminate against each other.

Lu Chen did not speak, but smiled, with a hint of joking in his smile.

"Presumptuous! Who gave you the courage to call back and forth to the young masters of the main line?" Lu Zhong stepped forward and shouted at Lu Leilei.

Although he is only a subordinate of the Lu family, the Lu family has strict rules and a collateral line is not as good as a good subordinate in the main line.

Now his master is the Lu Family Patriarch, and he is the chief steward of the entire Lu Family, of course, he doesn't take Lu Leilei and the others in his eyes.

"The main line?" Lu Leilei was shocked, seeing Lu Chen's gaze a little surprised, but more panic.

"Yes, the young master is the only descendant of the Patriarch. This time I came to participate in the next competition of the Patriarch's heirs. What qualifications do you have to yell at the Young Master? Who is your father?" Lu Zhong gave nothing. The face scolded.

The expressions of Lu Leilei and others changed drastically. Lu Hai wanted to say something, but found that under Lu Zhong's powerful aura, he dared not say a word.

Asgon, who had just come over to say something ruthless, opened his mouth and couldn't believe it.

He originally thought that Lu Chen was really just a small person who came back to recognize his ancestors, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to be Lu Tianxing's son.

Lu Tianxing is now the Patriarch of the Lu Family. Whether or not Lu Chen can become the next Patriarch's heir, his status and status are not comparable to that of his little prince.

Do not say that he is only a collateral prince of the Prince Royal family, even if he is an orthodox prince, he would not dare to challenge Lu Chen.

At this moment, the faces of Lu Leilei and others were extremely ugly.

But when they didn't know how to end, Lu Ming and Lu Hao finally came over.