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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 111-120) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 111

The two police officers next to him also looked back at Lu Chen to see if this uninvited guest was really afraid of death, or was he talking about fun.

  Lu Chen looked at the police officers, smiled and said, "Xu Ju, it's not that I want to save your face. To be honest, you are not my opponents in line."

  It's not that he pretends to be forceful, he is still very confident in his own force value without everyone using a gun.

  After all, after learning the art of keeping in good health with Mr. Yun for more than ten years, even a worldly expert like Mr. Yun had to admire his talent, decades of painstaking practice were not in vain.

  Even Lu Chen was confident to fight seven or eight special forces.

  Xu Zuojun smiled bitterly. He didn't know if Lu Chen was really bragging, and he was a little embarrassed for a while.

  But Lu Chen's words immediately angered several police officers nearby.

  "Brother, your name, after today's matter is resolved, shall we practice?" A male police officer who also had confidence in his own strength value looked at Lu Chen and said disdainfully.

  "I don't need to practice. I was only interested in martial arts for a while, not to fight for the power." Lu Chen smiled and refused the police officer's provocation.

  He chose to follow Mr. Yun to practice martial arts, the most important thing was indeed his interest, and the second was his father's influence.

  Although he hadn't seen his father take any action, according to Mr. Yun, his father's force value was not below Mr. Yun at all.

  This was also one of the reasons why he was willing to learn from Yun Lao when he was young.

  "Cut." A female police officer looked at Lu Chen disdainfully, and then turned her eyes to the bank gate. It was obvious that Lu Chen had already been labeled as bragging in her eyes.

  The male police officer smiled and didn't say anything more. It might be because Lu Chen and Xu Zuojun knew each other. He just shook his head contemptuously, and then turned his head.

  "Xu Ju, if you want all the hostages to come out safely, I suggest you don't hesitate. Besides, who am I, if I am not sure, would I use my life to make jokes?" Lu Chen persuaded.

  Xu Zuojun hesitated, feeling that what Lu Chen said made sense. This was not a joke. If Lu Chen was not sure, he would definitely not make fun of his life.

  It should be said that as long as you are an individual, you will not easily make fun of your life.

  "Are you really sure to rescue all hostages?" Xu Zuojun asked.

  "It's not 100% sure, but at least it's a bit more sure than yours." Lu Chen smiled slightly.

  His words Shunzhang offended other police officers. When each officer looked at him, all but contempt in his eyes was mocking.

  If it hadn't been for thinking that this guy met Xu Ju, they would have been stubborn long ago.

  However, the female policeman couldn't help but sarcastically said: "A person who dare not even accept Jiangcheng's challenge, what right does he have to speak up here?"

  "Forget it, don't care what he is doing, now it is important to find a way to rescue the hostages." The police officer who was going to challenge Lu Chen shook his head and said.

  "Well, don't disturb Xu Ju and Command Liu, the robbers can start killing the hostages after the consumption." The female police officer nodded and reminded Xu Zuojun to come up with an idea. Time is running out.

  Xu Ju looked at the time, there were still seven minutes, if they still did not meet the requirements of the robbers, the robbers would start killing the hostages.

  As a person who has dealt with robbers for many years, Xu Zuojun doesn't doubt the robbers at all. They say that killing one person every fifteen minutes can definitely do it.

  "Okay, Mr. Lu, then I will believe you once. It is about the lives of dozens of hostages. Please be careful." Xu Zuojun nodded and said.

  "Xu Ju, do you really want him to die?" Commander Liu and several police officers next to him looked at Xu Zuojun in surprise, a little bit unbelievable that Xu Zuojun had made such a crazy decision.

  Xu Zuojun raised his eyebrows and suddenly said to the female police officer, "Chen Jing, you go with him."

  He still didn't believe in Lu Chen. Chen Jing was one of the most effective police officers in the bureau. He believed in Chen Jing.

  At a critical time, Chen Jing could also protect Lu Chen.

  Female police officer Chen Jing understood what Xu Zuojun meant. She probably wanted her to protect Lu Chen at a critical time. She looked at Lu Chen contemptuously, and then nodded and walked over.

  "Xu Ju, I'll go too." Jiang Cheng also stepped forward and said.

  "No, two people are already the limit. If there are too many people going, the other party immediately suspected it." Commander Liu refused without thinking. www.

  "I think the two of you will be suspicious of each other. It is better for me to go alone." Lu Chen said.

  "You go alone? Do you think you can really complete the task? I'm just protecting you. I'm afraid that you will be shot down before you enter the bank gate." Chen Jing snorted coldly.

  To be honest, she wouldn't go with Lu Chen if it weren't for Xu Ju's face.

  "Mr. Lu, just go with the two of you, so you might have a response," Xu Zuojun said.

  Lu Chen nodded and said nothing. He picked up the fast food bag they had prepared before and walked towards the bank gate.

  Seeing Lu Chen walking towards the bank gate first, the policemen behind him looked a little bit sideways.

  Really dare to go?

  It seems that this guy is still a bit courageous.

  Does he just think he has enough courage?

  Everyone shook their heads, feeling quite dissatisfied with Xu Zuojun's arrangement.

  If this angers the robbers, then their rescue mission today will really fail.

  Chen Jing also put down his gun and walked over.

  Seeing the dust, the pace was steady, it was not like negotiating with the robbers at all, but like actually delivering a meal, Chen Jing was still a little surprised.

  It stands to reason that even the police officers should be cautious when encountering such a thing, and they still feel a little guilty in their hearts.

  After all, no one knows if the robbers will suddenly shoot.

  But Lu Chen's calm and relaxed appearance made her also have to admire Lu Chen's courage.

  This may be the legendary man with a big heart.

  Chen Jing thought to herself, and the two came to the door of the bank.

  "Brothers, I have brought you food. Do you want to come out and get it by yourself, or do we send it in?"

  At the door of the bank, Lu Chen stopped and shouted.

  After a few seconds, a deep shout suddenly came from inside: "Come in."

  Obviously, they are not stupid either. At this time, they must not be exposed to the guns of the police officers outside.

  When the bank shutter opened, Lu Chen stepped forward, pushed open the glass door and walked in. Chen Jing followed closely.

  At the request of the robbers, Lu Chen stood there, raised his hand and turned around, Chen Jing was the same.

  When the robbers confirmed that neither of them had weapons, Lu Chen looked at the situation in the bank.

  A large group of men and women were gathered in one corner of the hall. Two robbers guarded them. They were holding a revolver in one hand and a rifle in the other. Lu Chen was not sure if it was an AK.

  But the other two looked at Lu Chen nervously.

  Although they also had guns in their hands, they aimed at Lu Chen and Chen Jing.

  But Lu Chen still saw a slight nervousness in their eyes.

Chapter: 112

"Put things down and get out!"

  After confirming that Lu Chen had no guns, a robber took the food bag from Lu Chen and shouted softly.

  "Wait a minute, since the two of them are members of the police, they must have come in to spy on our situation. They will also be arrested. With them two, the police are even more afraid. We also have more capital to negotiate with them. "Lu Chen heard another robber say before he said anything.

  "It makes sense." The robber holding his pocket smiled grimly, and pointed his gun at Lu Chen.

  "Since you are here, don't go, go over." He said, pointing to the crowd squatting on the other side.

  Chen Jing looked at Lu Chen with a little surprise, thinking that Lu Chen was right.

  When he was outside before, Lu Chen said that the people they came in would definitely not get out.

  Now she and Lu Chen are about to be forcibly detained by the other party.

  She wanted to resist, thinking about subduing the four, but seeing that the four were not together, she gave up this plan.

  If the four robbers cannot be subdued in one fell swoop, not only will her life be in danger, the hostages may also suffer.

  Lu Chen noticed Chen Jing's change, and was a little afraid that she would make an impulse, so he gave her a quiet look.

  "Man, don't you want a car to leave safely? I can help you persuade the police." Lu Chen gave Chen Jing a look, then turned to the robber closest to him and said.

  "Huh?" The four robbers instantly looked at Lu Chen upon hearing the words, with a gloomy expression on their faces.

  Chen Jing was startled and stared at Lu Chen. She didn't know what Lu Chen wanted to do, and she felt a little uneasy.

  "Why are you so confident?" One of the bald heads looked at Lu Chen up and down, and asked in a deep voice.

  "You don't want us to let us take the hostages? With such poor negotiation skills, I really don't know how the police would let you in. With your IQ, you dare to be an expert in negotiation?" Another robber smiled jokingly. Tao.

  The other two robbers also laughed.

  They had met many negotiators, and it was the first time they saw someone with such low skills as Lu Chen.

  "Yes, I want you to release the hostages first." Lu Chen said solemnly.

  "Hahaha, are you fucking here to be funny? Or do you think we are not robbers?"

  The four robbers burst out laughing when they heard it.

  They think Lu Chen is a little cute.

  Chen Jing rolled her eyes. Although she didn't say anything, she looked at Lu Chen's eyes like she was looking at an idiot.

  "No, you must be robbers, 100% robbers, there is no doubt about this." Lu Chen also smiled.

  "Then you fucking tease me?" Bald head snapped a gun to Lu Chen's chest, and shouted in a deep voice.

  Lu Chen remained unmoved, spread his hands and said, "Dude, you haven't understood what I mean. I mean, these twenty-odd hostages are actually not as important as the two of us. As long as you let them go, Detaining the two of us is more effective than detaining them. www.

  Let me tell you the truth, Xu Ju cares about the safety of these hostages, but he cares more about taking the four of you. Therefore, if you remain in a stalemate, they will definitely resort to aggressive means to wipe out the four of you in one fell swoop.

  Think about it, at that time, how many hostages could you four kill under their strong attack? And there are already many sniper rifles aimed at the exits of the bank, as long as you show up, they will definitely become their targets.

  Moreover, you are all heroes, so you don't care about your life at all? In my opinion, your own life is the most precious. No matter how many hostages you kill, you still have to die in the end. Is it worthwhile?

  Not worthwhile at all, right?

  People, only if you regard your own life as more precious than others, can you live more wonderfully, right? "

  Seeing Lu Chen talking freely, the four of them were obviously a little tempted.

  Yes, they only need to live. If they can't live, it will be useless for them to kill more hostages.

  They are Jiang Yang thieves, and their lives are more exciting than these ordinary people. How can these ordinary people's lives be exchanged for their lives?

  "How do we trust you? Also, can you be sure that the car they gave us will not be a problem?" The bald head said in silence.

  "Well, I'm not afraid to tell you my true identity. You should have heard it. I am from Beijing, and my father is a big boss in Beijing. They cannot see me having an accident in Yuzhou, otherwise the city Nobody can tell my father." Lu Chen said.

  What he said is true or false. He is indeed from Beijing, and he can tell by his Beijing accent. His father used to be one of the big bosses in Beijing, but it was in the business world, and Lu Chen was a robber. The misunderstanding became that his father was also a bigwig in the system.

  In fact, at this moment, even Chen Jing had misunderstood that Lu Chen's father was really a bigwig in the capital system.

  Otherwise, he couldn't be so familiar with Xu Ju, and Xu Ju wouldn't be able to make his decision in a few words.

  "Is this guy from the military, and his father is from the military?" Chen Jing quietly looked at Lu Chen, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Lu Chen's father was a military boss, and Lu Chen should also be a leader in the military. Otherwise, it is impossible for him to remain so calm when facing robbers.

  It even talked with the robbers. It seemed that the robbers were a little tempted by what he said.

  The four bald heads looked at Lu Chen and analyzed the credibility of Lu Chen's words.

  But they could only hear that Lu Chen spoke a standard Beijing accent from beginning to end.

  "Well, I believe you for the time being, if something happens in the middle, I will be the first to collapse you." The bald head thought for a while, staring at Lu Chen solemnly.

  "Okay, then you go out and talk to them first." Lu Chen said.

  "I'll give you ten minutes. If the talk fails after ten minutes, I will collapse this little girl." The bald head threatened Lu Chen with a revolver at Chen Jing's head.

  Lu Chen looked back at Chen Jing and saw that there was no fear in Chen Jing's eyes. He nodded secretly and said, "Yes, I believe that Xu Ju is a man of reason and will not disappoint us."

  Lu Chen turned around and walked out.

  "Third brother, do you think that kid didn't want to be a hostage and deliberately said these escaped?" a robber said while looking at Lu Chen's back.

  Everyone was stunned, it is completely possible, who wants to be a hostage?

  Being a hostage is life-threatening.

  Thinking of this, the bald head suddenly felt that he had been fooled.

  "Damn, that doggie is quite cunning, but it's okay. We still have this chick in our hands. She is also a note and our negotiation capital." The bald head looked at Chen Jing and laughed playfully.

  Chen Jing was a little angry, she was mainly here to protect Lu Chen.

  Unexpectedly, in the end, Lu Chen would sell her.

  "Wang Ba Dan, it is best not to fall into this girl's hands in the future, otherwise you will definitely want you to look good!"

  Chen Jing thought angrily, squatting into the crowd with her bald head.

Chapter: 113

Seeing Lu Chen coming back alone, Xu Zuojun was obviously relieved. He was most afraid that Lu Chen would also have an accident.

  "Where is Chen Jing, why didn't he come back with you?" Jiang Cheng looked at Lu Chen questioningly.

  The other police officers also looked at Lu Chen. Chen Jing is a flower in their police station. There are many people who have a crush on her. She and Lu Chen entered the bank together, but in the end only Lu Chen came out. Why were they not worried.

  Lu Chen glanced at Jiang Cheng, did not ask him, but walked towards Xu Zuojun.

  When everyone saw Lu Chen not speaking, some anger spread in their eyes.

  Especially Jiang Cheng did not conceal his anger.

  "Are you deaf? I asked you why Chen Jing didn't come out with you?" Jiang Cheng asked in a deep voice.

  "Are you an idiot? Of course she stayed inside as a hostage." Lu Chen said silently.

  "You? Why don't they want you to be a hostage?" Jiang Cheng questioned angrily.

  "Quiet, what's the noise?" Commander Liu frowned, walked over and glared at Jiang Cheng before Jiang Cheng closed his mouth unconvinced.

  "Boy, if Chen Jing has some shortcomings, I will not let you go!" Jiang Cheng did not forget to blame Lu Chen at last.

  Commander Liu frowned before asking Lu Chen, "Mr. Lu, what's the situation inside, have you recorded their approximate location?"

  When Lu Chen came out alone, he knew that Chen Jing must have stayed inside as a hostage, but what he cared about was the situation in the bank lobby. If they attacked, how sure would they be to quickly wipe out the robbers.

  "The situation inside is quite complicated. The four of them often change positions. If they attack, it's not impossible, but it certainly cannot ensure the safety of all hostages." Lu Chen said.

  Commander Liu nodded, and fell into thought for a while.

  Lu Chen didn't bother him, but looked at Xu Zuojun.

  "Xu Ju, I have a way of doing both, but Officer Chen may be in danger." Lu Chen said.

  "Oh, is there any better way for Mr. Lu?" Xu Zuojun asked hurriedly.

  "Well, I was going to change the twenty-odd hostages with Officer Chen, and then give them a car and let them take the two of us away. After leaving, I have a certainty to escape from them. Even half of them are sure to subdue them, but it cannot guarantee the safety of Officer Chen, and it is even impossible for her to lose her life." Lu Chen said the plan in his heart.

  His plan is a bit risky, maybe he might be killed by the opponent.

  But he knew that if the stalemate continued, the robbers would definitely lose patience, and they might really want to kill the hostages when they were frantic.

  He believed that in order to survive, even if there was only a 10% chance, those robbers might kill about half of the hostages to force Xu Zuojun to commit crimes.

  "No, this is too dangerous. Let's think of another way." Xu Zuojun was the first to shake his head.

  Just kidding, Lu Chen's status is so special. He had already taken a great risk when he let Lu Chen in just now, and he must not let Lu Chen in danger again.

  It's okay if Lu Chen doesn't have an accident. If there is something wrong with Lu Chen, then he won't have to mess around in Yuzhou officialdom.

  "Did your plan pass with the robbers?" Jiang Cheng asked Lu Chen suddenly.

  If Lu Chen had already passed the ditch with the robbers, he felt that this method was feasible, at least allowing the more than twenty hostages to come out first.

  But he and replacing Lu Chen become another hostage, so that he can protect Chen Jing's safety at a critical moment.

  He believes in his own strength.

  "It's definitely passed. If it doesn't pass, you think they will let Mr. Lu out." Commander Liu said.

  "Then I will be a hostage. I am sure to protect Officer Chen's safety at a critical time." Jiang Cheng immediately stood up.

  "Can you do it?" Lu Chen looked at Jiang Cheng and smiled.

  "I can't do it, do I need you? Also, since you doubt my ability so much, do you want to try and see who is more suitable for this task!" Jiang Cheng snorted, looking at Lu Chen very uncomfortably. He was the best player in the game, and he was repeatedly provoked by Lu Chen. He had endured it for a long time.

  Seeing Jiang Cheng rubbing his fists and palms, Lu Chen smiled faintly and said, "Okay, then I will try your strength."

  As Lu Chen said, he punched Jiang Cheng over.

  It's not that he wants to be nosy, but he doesn't want the more than twenty hostages to be implicated by the innocent.

  Besides, he was about to ask Xu Zuojun to help him. He just helped Xu Zuojun today. He believes that Xu Zuojun must be very concerned about his supermarket.

  As long as the police intervene strongly, Zuo Qingcheng's small tricks will not be self-defeating.

  At the same time, he will return the truth about his supermarket in public, as well as the truth about the shoppers who have been confused.

  Only in this way can the reputation of his supermarket be preserved.

  The above two reasons are his purpose of helping Xu Zuojun today.

  Seeing that they didn't agree, they moved their hands, Command Liu and Xu Zuojun were both stunned.

  Especially Xu Zuojun, he knows Jiang Cheng's skill. This guy is a good fighter in the game. He used to subdue a lot of fierce bandits by relying on him. If he hurt Lu Chen, he would suffer.

  He was about to tell Jiang Cheng to stop when he saw the two fists banging together.


  In the shocking eyes of everyone, Jiang Cheng was hit by Lu Chen's punches and retreated steadily, hitting a police car directly before stopping.

  But Lu Chen didn't move, standing still, looking at Jiang Cheng and smiling.

  "Jiang Cheng was defeated!"

  It took a long time for everyone to come back to their senses, looking at the pale Jiang Cheng, they couldn't believe it.

  Especially seeing that Lu Chen's figure was a little thin, but he was able to blast Jiang Cheng back with a punch, and he was a little bit shocked from ear to ear.

  "This guy turned out to be a real cultivator, and he was much better than Jiang Cheng. No wonder he dared to be a hostage." Someone sighed.

  At this time, they believed that Lu Chen was not bragging or teasing them.

  Lu Chen is really capable of taking on this task.

  When Commander Liu saw the landing method, he was also surprised that he didn't know what to say.

  Jiang Cheng, the Special Forces made a mistake, and was sent to their unit, but he was blasted back by Lu Chen with a punch, indicating that Lu Chen's troops were even stronger.

  Xu Zuojun had some surprises in his eyes.

  But he was still a little worried about Lu Chen's safety.

  "Mr. Lu, or let Jiangcheng go." Xu Zuojun said.

  "Xu Ju, I think Mr. Lu is the best way to go."

  Commander Liu analyzed: "First of all, this plan was negotiated between Mr. Lu and the robbers, and Mr. Lu must have promised them something that impressed the robbers, indicating that the robbers believed in Mr. Lu, and it would be hard to say if he changed to someone else. Secondly, Mr. Lu’s strength is obviously much stronger than Jiang Cheng. He has a greater chance of success if he becomes a hostage."

  The words of Command Liu made Jiang Cheng look a little bit frustrated, but Lu Chen was indeed much stronger than him, and he had to be convinced at this point.

  "Well, then, Mr. Lu, everything is up to you. It is a trivial matter whether you can catch the robbers or not. You and Officer Chen must come back safely. I will send someone to follow you two all the time." Xu Zuojun thought for a while. Still decided to let Lu Chen take another risk.

Chapter: 114

"The beautiful police officer, there are three minutes left. If your friend doesn't come back, he will kill one hostage. If the outsiders don't agree to our request, they will continue to kill another hostage in ten minutes until all the hostages are killed."

  Lu Chen didn't show up seven or eight minutes after leaving. He looked at Chen Jing with a bald head and said.

  "I also said that our robbers have no humanity. I think your friend has no humanity. In order to survive, I just leave you as a beautiful woman." Another robber laughed.

  "I said beauties, if I can escape and ascend to heaven today, I will go with Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu will take you to a delicious drink and enjoy the happiness of the world." The third robber laughed jokingly.

  Chen Jing was silent, but she actually despised Lu Chen in her heart.

  Originally, Xu Ju meant to let her protect Lu Chen.

  Unexpectedly, at a critical moment, Lu Chen would sell her.

  The betrayal was quite thorough.

  Men are people who are greedy for life, fear of death, and have no credit.

  Chen Jing thought contemptuously.

  "Hey, listen, it seems that a car is coming." At this moment, the robber who ambushed behind the door suddenly said.

  Although he heard the sound of cars outside, he still didn't dare to stretch out his head to look.

  Because he knew there was a sniper rifle outside waiting for him to reach out.

  "Could it be that the guy told Xu Zuojun and brought us the car?" a robber said in surprise.

  Before, they all suspected that Lu Chen should be afraid of becoming a hostage, and they made up a story to deceive them. They didn't expect Lu Chen to be serious.

  Chen Jing was also a little surprised. I don't know why, there is always some expectation in her heart that Lu Chen is really back.

  She still admired Lu Chen's performance before. She didn't want Lu Chen to be the kind of timid villain.

  "Don't move, wait and see, maybe the notes are ready to attack." The bald head said carefully, the gun in his hand kept aiming at the gate.

  "Well, it's possible." The other three nodded, one paid attention to the hostages, and the other two were also nervously aiming at the gate.

  "Four brothers, I have persuaded us Xu Ju, he agreed to this exchange, if you have no problems, I will come in."

  At this moment, Lu Chen's voice rang outside the gate.


  Hearing what Lu Chen said, everyone was relieved, and even the hostages were relieved.

  They also understood what Lu Chen and Bald had said before. Lu Chen was going to exchange the twenty-odd people of them with Chen Jing. They were still very moved. At this time, seeing Lu Chen really convinced Director Xu to explain them. You can be saved immediately.

  Chen Jing also took a sigh of relief, feeling inexplicably relieved.

  She couldn't say why, but she was inexplicably comfortable at this moment.

  "Okay, you come in first." Bald head breathed a sigh of relief and shouted at the door.

  After dozens of seconds, Lu Chen finally walked into the bank.

  The eyes of everyone looking at him were a little hot.

  To tell the truth, people like Lu Chen rarely meet them.

  This is equivalent to exchanging one's own life for someone else's life. There are very few people with this kind of character.

  "You are very courageous." The bald head couldn't help boasting.

  Over the years, he has gone south and has killed many people. He hasn't encountered Lu Chen's self-confidence, calmness, and a person who spares his life for others.

  So he still admires Lu Chen a little bit.

  Even if it wasn't for his special status and the environment didn't allow him, he had the urge to drink a few cups with Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen smiled faintly, and said, "I have already negotiated with Director Xu, and the car is coming. This is the key." Lu Chen threw a Changan car key to the bald head.

  The bald head took the key, squeezed it in his hand, and smiled jokingly: "Aren't you afraid that I will keep you or let the hostages leave?"

  Everyone was startled, and there was a cool feeling in their hearts.

  Chen Jing was also a little panicked. If she and Lu Chen were detained again, these robbers would be more confident to negotiate with the police.

  Lu Chen was taken aback, and then smiled: "The ancients said that every dog ​​slaughter in Zhang Yi, most of them are scholars. This sentence also reflects a fact, that is, the more vulgar people are, the more loyal they are. They are scholars who often do things that go against their conscience. So although you are robbers and people who everyone hates, in my eyes, you are also the most loyal."

  The bald head was startled, and then sighed: "It's a pity that you are an official and we are a bandit, or I will make you a friend."

  Lu Chen smiled and said, "So we have to be enemies."

  The bald head also smiled, and said: "So, brother, I have to wrong you and this beautiful police officer first."

  As he said, the other two robbers tied Lu Chen's hands back together with ropes.

  But the other robber took the more than twenty hostages and let them go out one by one.

  "Two police officers, thank you, and wish you both a safe life!"

  When everyone passed by Lu Chen, some of them thanked them, but some were eager to run away from this'magic cave', without even looking at them.

  "It seems that not everyone knows about the Entupai. I am grateful to Dade. You can see that the two of you saved their lives, but at least half of them are not too lazy to look at you, let alone. Say thank you." Seeing the performance of the hostages, bald-headed laughed jokingly.

  Chen Jing nodded subconsciously, although she didn't really want everyone to thank them, but seeing the selfish behavior of most people, she was still a little unhappy.

  Although she is a police officer, saving the hostages is something they should do, but this kind of thing taken for granted by others still makes her feel a little unhappy.

  At this moment, she agrees with the bald head. Many times, ordinary people are not as human as robbers.

  "Everyone is grateful to others in different ways. They may be nervous today, or they may be afraid. They have been thinking about escaping from your clutches as soon as possible. It is normal for them to have no time to think about gratitude. Maybe they will wait for them when they return. Once you calm down, you will think of our two lifesavers." Lu Chen still smiled faintly.

  The bald head heard the words and looked at Lu Chen, and then he smiled, not saying anything.

  Chen Jing also looked at Lu Chen seriously when she heard the words. Seeing that Lu Chen was not so serious, she suddenly felt that she was thinking too much.

  She knew that Lu Chen was not a police officer, but only volunteered to help them.

  Volunteers like Lu Chen have such a mental consciousness.

  As a police officer, she had the same idea when she rescued the hostages, and she suddenly felt ashamed.

  This man is really hard to guess.

  "Let's go, I hope we can cooperate happily."

  After the hostages left, the bald head personally escorted Lu Chen to walk outside the gate.

  In order to be careful of a sudden attack by a sniper outside, the four even blocked Lu Chen in front and slowly opened the way.

Chapter: 115

Walking out of the bank gate, looking at the van in front, the four bald-headed waiting robbers looked nervous and expectant.

  What's nervous is that I don't know if there will be an ambush in the car, and I don't know if the sniper will ignore Lu Chen's safety and attack them suddenly.

  But they obviously think too much.

  With Lu Chen's identity alone, Xu Zuojun couldn't make any mistakes. He just sent two cars to trail behind, ready to meet Lu Chen at any time.

  After the robber got in the car, he drove all the way to the suburbs.

  Before leaving the suburbs, the van was still under police surveillance, but after leaving the suburbs, the location of the van was soon lost due to the lack of surveillance video.

  Even the two cars followed by Jiang Cheng and others were thrown away by the van.

  He drove the van with his bald head and turned left and right on the mountain road. I don't know how long it took to turn before stopping in front of a villa.

  "I admire your courage and your calmness. I could have let you go, but it is clear that your police will not let us go. Therefore, for the time being, I have to wrong you two first." Chen said, he admired Lu Chen from the heart.

  But they still want to do a big deal before leaving Yuzhou, and along the way today, he has discovered that the police really care about both Lu Chen and Chen Jing.

  So this gives them a chance to take advantage.

  Lu Chen shrugged and said nothing.

  Chen Jing was a little uneasy. Although she knew that the robbers would not let her and Lu Chen go easily, when the other party really didn't plan to release them, she was still a little worried and scared.

  After all, this is a gangster's den. She is a woman, and she is still a beautiful woman. She falls into the hands of the gangster, and she doesn't know what will happen.

  At this time, the robber who happened to be holding her touched her body a few times intentionally or unintentionally.

  She knew that the other party must be deliberate.

  This made her feel even more disturbed.

  "Liu Zixiu, don't think that I dare not kill you. If you dare to walk out of this door, I will let you blood splash five steps!"

  At this moment, a man's gloomy voice sounded in the villa.

  "Hong Bing, if you dare to shoot at me, then your Yuzhou trip this time will become meaningless." Another man's voice sounded, and then he saw a middle-aged man of about 1.7 meters from the villa. Came out.


  At this moment, a gunshot sounded, and the man who had just walked out of the villa groaned and fell down. www.

  The eyes of the four bald-headed people were completely attracted by the fallen man. Lu Chen saw that no one noticed him. With a violent force, he broke the rope that bound his hands with a click.

  The robber who was holding him reacted and pointed his gun at Lu Chen abruptly.

  Lu Chen's eyes were quick, and he clasped the robber's wrist and broke it with force to snatch the pistol from the robber's hand.

  The robber blasted Lu Chen's door with his other hand. Lu Chen's head tilted and hit the robber's door with an elbow.

  With a click, the bridge of the robber's nose was directly broken by him.

  Jie instantly lost his combat power, and squatted down, clutching his nose.

  This scene took place between the electric light and flint. When the bald three people reacted, the robber had lost his combat power.

  Bang bang bang!

  The three shot Lu Chen without hesitation.

  Lu Chen reacted extremely quickly. Just when the three of them reacted, he had already jumped up sideways, still in the air, and shot them three times in a row.

  The bald head reacted quickly, lying sideways and avoiding the bullet, but the other two robbers were not so lucky. They were hit by Lu Chen in the chest and fell into a pool of blood.

  Upon seeing this, Chen Jing hurriedly hid behind the van and quickly cut the rope on her hand with the help of the van.

  Fortunately, the robbers didn't tie her hands behind her before, or it was even more troublesome.

  At this moment, Lu Chen's body also fell behind the van. He helped Chen Jing untie the rope and then stood up from the other end to look for his bald head.

  At this time, the bald head was rushing towards the gate of the villa, Lu Chen saw it, and did not hesitate to snap the board.


  The bald head fell down at the sound. Although Lu Chen hit his back with this shot, he avoided the vital parts. Although the bald head was injured, he rushed into the gate.

  "What's the situation outside?"

  As soon as the bald head rushed into the door, four or five big men were staring at him nervously.

  They had heard gunshots outside before, and did not dare to come out without knowing the situation.

  "Damn, I missed it. It was originally two hostages. I didn't expect that guy hid too deeply and I was deceived by him." said the bald head.

  "You missed your hand and brought back the sliver as a hostage?" asked one of the burly guys with a frown.

  "At the time, we had to bring them back as hostages, otherwise we would all die." The bald head briefly talked about the previous bank affairs.

  Several people nodded when they heard this. In that case, they really had no choice, unless they killed all the hostages and fought the police.

  "How many of them?" asked the burly man.

  "Two, one man and one woman, the woman doesn't know what his skills are, the man is very strong," said the bald head.

  "Well, kill the two of them first, I guess we have been exposed here." The burly guy said, and gave a wink to a big guy. The big guy nodded and fired a shot outside before flashing quickly. Go to the other side of the gate and take the opportunity to look at the situation outside.

  But there was no movement outside at all. He turned his head and nodded to the burly men, who sneaked to the door with guns in their hands.

  "I can't see people, I guess they should be behind that van." The man who came first whispered.

  "Ahu, you go out and lead them out, the three of us opened fire." The burly man said to a yellow-haired youth next to him.

  The young man with yellow hair nodded and fired a quick shot at the door. After seeing no response, he rushed out.

  The moment he leaped out, he fired twice at the van.

  The three burly men took the opportunity to rush out of the door and fired several shots at the van.

  But in the next moment, Lu Chen and Chen Jing stuck their heads from behind the wall next to the gate, and fired several shots at the four people.

  The four burly men did not expect that the two of Lu Chen would hide under the low wall next to the gate. When they reacted, all four of them were shot.

  "Your marksmanship is very accurate." Chen Jing looked at Lu Chen and said.

  "Yours is not bad either." Lu Chen smiled faintly, then walked over and searched out his and Chen Jing's mobile phones.

  Then he threw Chen Jing's mobile phone to her and motioned her to call someone to come over.

  Although these robbers were all shot, Lu Chen did not hit them critically, so they just lost their combat power, but did not die.

Chapter: 116

"Mr. Lu, thanks to you this time, or we don't know when we can take down these robbers. I respect you for this cup."

  In the private room of the police canteen, Xu Zuojun and Command Liu were hosting Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen helped them so much, Xu Zuojun would definitely want Lu Chen to eat.

  It's just that there will be a lot of things today. He has to entertain Lu Chen in the cafeteria first.

  "Zuo Ju has made a serious statement. Eliminating harm for the people is the business that every citizen should do. I am only doing what I should do." Lu Chen and Xu Zuojun clinked a cup and smiled modestly.

  Commander Liu was also respecting Lu Chen's wine, and he had nothing to say to Lu Chen except for admiration.

  Just when the three of them came out after a good meal, they saw Chen Jing waiting outside with a tablet.

  "Xu Ju, it has been found out that this group of thieves are the big robbers who came from Xiangjiang last week. This man named Hong Bing is the boss of this group of robbers. They committed crimes in Xiangjiang some time ago and should have been taken by Xiangjiang. The police over there were anxious and fled to the mainland." Chen Jing pulled out pictures of the bald head and others on the tablet and introduced them to Xu Zuojun one by one.

  "By the way, isn't this Liu Zixiu in their gang?" Lu Chen asked the man who had been shot by Hong Bing when he saw the man who had come out of the villa door before.

  "It's not a group. Liu Zixiu used to be a big thief. There was also a thief named Liu. Ten years ago, he stole a high-priced diamond photographed by a Xiangjiang jeweler from Europe and was hunted down by the Xiangjiang police. He fled to Yuzhou, and then lived incognito in Lianhua Village, Yuzhou. By the way, he married a wife in Lianhua Village in the past ten years, but his wife died of cancer three years ago, leaving a six-year-old. Little girl." Chen Jing explained.

  Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, his eyes lit up, and suddenly there was an idea in his heart.

  "Then why would he be with Hong Bing and others?" Xu Zuojun asked.

  "According to him, he was betrayed by Hong Bing and others. When Hong Bing and others found his place and threatened him with his daughter, he had to go to see Hong Bing. Hong Bing wanted him to come out again and fight with them. It was a major event, but he refused, and was shot and wounded by Hong Bing," Chen Jing said.

  "Well, take good care of them, and when they are healed, they will be sent back to custody, and then inform Xiangjiang to come and lead people." Xu Zuojun nodded and said.

  "Yes." Chen Jing nodded, glanced at Lu Chen, and left.

  "Xu Ju, I want to meet this Liu Zixiu, is it okay?" Lu Chen said suddenly.

  "No problem, no problem, I'll accompany you." Xu Zuojun didn't think about it, so he smiled and agreed.

  Then the two drove to the Southwest Hospital.

  "Xu Ju." Upon arriving at the hospital, a police officer greeted Xu Zuojun.

  Xu Zuojun nodded and asked, "Which ward Liu Zixiu is in, take us over to see."

  "213, you come with me." The police officer said, leading Xu Zuojun and Lu Chen to ward 213.

  "Xu Ju, I want to chat with him alone." When he arrived outside Ward 213, Lu Chen said to Xu Zuojun.

  "Okay, then I'll wait for you outside." Xu Zuojun nodded. The police officer wanted to say something, but seeing that Xu Zuojun agreed, he gave up.

  Anyway, if something happens, Xu will be responsible, so he doesn't need to think too much.

  Lu Chen walked into the ward, and Liu Zixiu was lying sideways on the bed.

  He had been shot in the back before, but he didn't hurt his lungs, and he was almost ready for a week or so.

  Seeing Lu Chen coming in, Liu Zixiu didn't say anything. He just saw that Lu Chen was also looking at him, and said, "Man, is there a cigarette? Give me one."

  Lu Chen took out the cigarette and handed it to him, and threw the lighter to him.

  After Liu Zixiu took a sip, Lu Chen said, "You are really a thief Liu Zixiu, nicknamed thief?"

  Liu Zixiu looked at Lu Chen, a little speechless, "Didn't you just find out about me?"

  Lu Chen can come to see him alone, which shows that his status in the police station is also very high. What he is a bit speechless is that Lu Chen does not even know his identity.

  "Well, there seems to be nothing wrong. By the way, do you know that you are finished?" Lu Chen said with a faint smile.

  Liu Zixiu looked at Lu Chen, feeling a little wary.

  Of course he knew that he was over. He was a criminal in Xiangjiang. He knew that for two days at most, someone from Xiangjiang would definitely come and bring him back to Xiangjiang for trial, waiting for him at least ten years in prison.

  "I heard that you still have a daughter who is only five or six years old. I think that should be a very cute little girl." Lu Chen said.

  "What do you want to do?" Liu Zixiu's face changed, and murderous intent flashed in Lu Chen's eyes.

  His daughter is his Nilin, no one can touch his Nilin.

  "You misunderstood, I also have a daughter who is more than three years old. I mean, what will your daughter do after your accident? Have you thought about it?" Lu Chen said.

  Liu Zixiu's face darkened, this was his most worried thing.

  It would be impossible for him to come out without ten or eight years.

  But his daughter is only five and a half years old, how will she live afterwards?

  Liu Zixiu's wife is a widow. The widow heard that she was also an orphan before, so none of his daughters have grandparents to take care of.

  "Just say what you want to say." Liu Zixiu said in silence.

  "I can keep you out and let you and your daughter live a normal life. Your case can also be sold out for you, but you have to do something for me." Lu Chen said directly, not circling around.

  "What do you do?" Liu Zixiu narrowed his eyes, and he knew that Lu Chen had come to see him alone, and he would definitely want him to do things for him.

  "By the way, I'm just a thief, only stealing things, forgive me for nothing else." Liu Zixiu added.

  "I just want you to help me steal something. After success, I will help you wash it off. At the same time, I will let your father and daughter live a life that ordinary people can't match." Lu Chen said.

  "I just want my daughter to live an ordinary life." Liu Zixiu said.

  "There is no problem at all. If you serve me for more than one year, I can give you a commission of 10 to 50 million, and you can go to other places to live in seclusion." Lu Chen said.

  "Why should I believe you?" Liu Zixiu stared at Lu Chen's eyes.

  "Just because I'm not a member of the police station, I can protect you from the crime. Think about it. I'll give you three days to consider it." Lu Chen left the ward as he said, he believed Liu Zixiu would definitely not Will refuse his terms.

  After mentioning this with Xu Zuojun, Xu Zuojun must have hesitated.

  But after Lu Chen promised not to let Liu Zixiu commit the incident again, Xu Zuojun agreed to help Lu Chen run Liu Zixiu's affairs.

  After leaving the hospital, Lu Chen went back.

  While refueling at the gas station halfway, he unexpectedly ran into Zuo Qingcheng.

  Zuo Qingcheng was also cheering. When he saw Lu Chen, there was a playful smile in his eyes.

Chapter: 117

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows when he saw Zuo Qingcheng was smiling at him, and walked over.

  "Zuo Shao, you are a bit unkind, bully me, an honest person." Lu Chen said when he came to Zuo Qingcheng's luxury car and put his hand on his car window.

  He looked relaxed, he didn't look like he was really bullied, more like a joke between two good friends.

  Zuo Qingcheng was startled. He was one of the four elder brothers of Yuzhou. Although his name was not as loud as Chen Zhilong, he was not comparable to Zhang Daoren's and his like.

  He has bullied many people, but on the surface, everyone pretends that nothing has happened.

  As the saying goes, people are floating in the rivers and lakes, isn't it just that you stabbed me in secret, and I stabbed you again?

  If you are bullied, you will be bullied. Either you will find a way to get it back. If you can't get it back, you will forget it.

  Zuo Qingcheng was a little bewildered when speaking upright and openly like Lu Chen.

  It made him feel embarrassed to deny it.

  "You're so smart, I guessed that I was plotting against you." Zuo Qingcheng shrugged. Now that Lu Chen had seen through his case against Lu Chen supermarket, he also said to admit it generously.

  This is the confidence of the Big Four.

  "Young Master Zuo, you are really unreasonable. Look, the two of us seem to have never had any grievances, and I have never hired you to provoke you. How can you rely on the great cause of the Zuo family? , Bullying us little people. Well, you bully us little people, that is your freedom, but can you tell me in advance, at least let me have a psychological preparation, right?" Lu Chen said solemnly .

  Zuo Qingcheng thought for a while, nodded and said, "Well, your proposal is really good. I have adopted it. When I want to bully someone in the future, I will first let someone inform the other person, tell him what went wrong, and let him prepare. Wait for me to come and bully."

  As he said, he changed his style, and said with arrogance in his eyes: "I am one of the four princes of Yuzhou, so you can't let others look down on me."

  "That is, the four great princes of Yuzhou are the representatives of the younger generation of Yuzhou. No matter who they are, they are talents who stand alone. How can they do stupid things to damage their reputation." Lu Chen said with deep conviction. .

  Zuo Qingcheng narrowed his eyes, then smiled: "Lu Chen, do you know that your sentence has offended four people all at once? Don't you know that Chen Zhilong and Zhang Daoren have always been very upset with you? Right, There is also Liu Huoshan, but that guy came out by any means. Are you not afraid to anger them and make you unable to mix in Yuzhou? There are countless bigwigs standing behind these four people, that is to say, you Offending the four of them also offended the entire Yuzhou."

  Lu Chen was taken aback, and said, "Young Master Zuo, I read few books, don't scare me. I didn't offend them at all. On the contrary, I want to protect their reputation."

  "Oh, are you defending their reputation?" Zuo Qingcheng became a little curious.

  "Look, the four great princes of Yuzhou are famous young talents. In the end, you smashed their signs behind their backs and discredited their reputations. When others saw them, they thought you were all the same. how to think?"

  Lu Chen complained to the other three people, "I have a saying, don’t be afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs... Well, don’t be angry, I’m just a metaphor. That's it. You discredit the three of them like this, really, I think it is you, not me, that offends the three of them."

  Zuo Qingcheng's eyes narrowed into a line. Lu Chen hadn't talked to him much before. He thought that Lu Chen was nothing more than that. After talking with Lu Chen for a while, he realized that Lu Chen's mouth is really poisonous, no In his sensuality, he scolded him several times, and even threatened him with the other three young masters.

  "You really have some truth in what you said. It seems that I shouldn't do some stupid things anymore. Some things should be cut off and can't be consumed stupidly, right? After you said that, I decided to cut the mess quickly. If the knife is fast enough, the numbness won't be messy." Zuo Qingcheng stared at Lu Chen and said jokingly.

  "Well, it makes sense. Some things should be cut quickly and neatly. By the way, Zuo Shao, do you think we talked for so long today, do you have a feeling of having a good conversation?" Lu Chen suddenly smiled. .

  The change of his topic was a bit too abrupt, Zuo Qingcheng's brain speed couldn't keep up with his rhythm at all, and he was suddenly forced.

  "I mean, I gave you some suggestions today, and you adopted them. I don't think we should be enemies, but friends, don't you think?" Lu Chen explained. www.

  Zuo Qingcheng nodded subconsciously, and then listened to Lu Chen said: "Why else? I'll slap you twice, and then we will be friends again?"

  "Slap me in the face?" Zuo Qingcheng stared at Lu Chen warily. He knew that Lu Chen was good at fighting.

  "Yeah, you see, Young Master Zuo, you keep looking for people to go to my supermarket to make trouble these days. My supermarket business has plummeted and it is about to close. Even if I want to be friends with you, I am very unwilling. So I thought There is a way to get the best of both worlds, that is, I will slap you first and let the depression out of my heart before I can relax my mind to be friends with you." Lu Chen said.

  "What if I don't?" Zuo Qingcheng was startled first, and then smiled. The two signature dimples on both sides of his mouth looked a little charming.

  He didn't expect Lu Chen to go around such a big circle, only to slap him twice, with a smile on his face, but he was very depressed and very angry.

  He is one of the four princes of Yuzhou and the heir of the Zuo family. In Yuzhou, he will only be admired by thousands of people. Who dares to threaten to slap him?

  "You don't cherish this friend of mine?" Lu Chen asked rhetorically, startled.


  Are you worthy of being your friend?

  Are you qualified to be my friend?

  You are afraid that you have misunderstood the meaning of this word.

  Zuo Qingcheng sneered inwardly. Although Lu Chen seemed to have some strength, he had a close relationship with the Chen family.

  But so what?

  He is not the Chen family after all, so he is not qualified to be compared with Zuo Qingcheng.

  "Sorry, I don't think all cats and dogs can be friends with me. To be my friend, you must have a matching identity. May I ask Lu Chen, do you think you are qualified to be my friend?" Zuo Qingcheng is true Lu Chen was angry, and Lu Chen walked around for a long time, unexpectedly trying to slap him, and he could say it so brazenly, that didn't put Zuo Qingcheng in his eyes.

  "Well, I don't think you deserve to be my friend. Then, since you are not a friend, then be an enemy."

  Lu Chen nodded solemnly, and then suddenly grabbed Zuo Qingcheng's hair and slammed Zuo Qingcheng's head against his steering wheel.

Chapter: 118

Lu Chen didn't use much force, but the human face was originally fragile, especially the bridge of the nose, hitting the hard steering wheel, blood flowed out of Zuo Qingcheng's nostrils, and the whole brown steering wheel was soon stained. Became red.

  "Lu Chen, you..."

  Lu Chen was quick to act, and was caught off guard. Zuo Qingcheng had no time to react. Lu Chen grabbed his hair and smashed it on the steering wheel.

  Regardless of the blood flow, Zuo Qingcheng was about to say a few ruthless words, only to find that Lu Chen pressed his head down fiercely.


  It was another close contact between the face and the steering wheel.

  This time Zuo Qingcheng was defensive. He struggled to resist, only to find that Lu Chen's hand was pressing against Mount Tai. He couldn't resist at all, he couldn't use any strength.

  This time Lu Chen increased his strength a little bit, and Zuo Qingcheng was a little confused.

  He shook his head, just regaining consciousness.


  Suddenly, a sharp slap on his face, and suddenly a few clear fingerprints appeared.

  "Lu Chen!"


  What answered him was another clear slap in the face, which hit him without temper.

  At this time, Zuo Qingcheng not only bleeds from his nostrils, but also has bloodshots from the corners of his mouth.

  The whole person looked a bit hideous, and the blood was even more shocking.

  Lu Chen felt relieved a lot now.

  He looked at Zuo Qingcheng and smiled: "Look at you, if you just agreed to my proposal, you will only get two slaps, and the nose will not be slapped and the blood flow will not stop, right? And if you agree My suggestion, maybe we can all find a restaurant now, ask for two bottles of wine, two dishes of side dishes, and enjoy the wine, maybe you will have a lot of cooperation in the future."

  "But you rejected my suggestion, that is, you don't want to be friends with me. Since you are not friends, then you can only deal with it in an enemy's way, right?"

  As he said, Lu Chen leaned down, looked at Zuo Qingcheng with the flames of hatred in his eyes, and said coldly: "Since it is an enemy, then this matter is not over yet!"

  As he spoke, he drove away towards his car.

  Originally, he didn't put Zuo Qingcheng in his eyes, and if Zuo Qingcheng didn't engage in these conspiracy tricks behind his back, if he had clearly chosen to fight him, he would not have been so angry.

  If Zuo Qingcheng is clear about it, it means that Zuo Qingcheng is still a little capable and can barely be used as an opponent.

  But Zuo Qingcheng's small methods are not worthy of his opponent.

  Then, to deal with people like Zuo Qingcheng, the most direct and clear means can be used to relieve the anger.

  In fact, the reason why Zuo Qingcheng secretly made Lu Chen's supermarket a little stumbling block was because he did not know Lu Chen's strength.

  Taking one billion out to bet on stone, it even won the top three master Zheng Xihe in stone gambling in one fell swoop.

  He had a close relationship with the Chen family, and was appreciated by Mr. Chen.

  Such a character, he still can't investigate his details.

  So of course he could not confront Lu Chen openly.

  In doing so, he actually only wanted to test Lu Chen's depth in person.

  Unexpectedly, Lu Chen would not play his cards according to common sense, and just like a gangster, he would fight him.

  Seeing Lu Chen cheering and leaving, Zuo Qingcheng, who had just stopped the bleeding with a tissue, immediately took out the phone and went out.

  The phone was connected quickly, and a man's vigorous voice came from inside: "Young Master Zuo, what can I do with Xu?"

  Zuo Qingcheng was about to say something, but within a single thought, he actually calmed down his anger completely.

  "Xu Ju, it’s okay. Yesterday, my father bought two night pearls from Zhonghai, which cost a total of more than 110 million. We are going to exhibit in Yunfei Jewelry Hall in three days. We invite you to go there too. Enjoy it." Zuo Qingcheng said calmly.

  "Is it really Ye Mingzhu?" Xu Ju asked in surprise.

  "It's a real Ye Mingzhu, and after expert appraisal, the two Ye Mingzhu are antiquities left over from the Qin Dynasty." Zuo Qingcheng said.

  "Well, I will be there on time by then." The other side said excitedly.

  Zuo Qingcheng hung up the phone and threw the phone in front of the car window with a snap, and the raging anger in his eyes appeared again.

  "Lu Chen, you will pay a painful price for your stupid behavior today!"

  Zuo Qingcheng said madly.

  After filling up the gas, he drove the car back.

  He held the steering wheel very hard.

  It was as if he was holding Lu Chen's head.

  When he returned to the Zuo family villa, Zuo Qingcheng obviously hadn't calmed down yet. His wife greeted him and changed his clothes, but he didn't respond.

  He leaned on the sofa and immediately took out Zhai Fu's phone and made a call.

  But after making two calls in a row, the other party's mobile phone was turned off.

  "The bastard thing turned off at a critical moment. I think you don't want to be in the company!" Zuo Qingcheng angrily smashed his phone on the sofa.

  He originally wanted Zhai Fu to step up his efforts and directly destroy Lu Chen's supermarket.

  Unexpectedly, Zhai Fu turned off the computer, so why not make him angry.

  "What's the matter?" Zhu Xiaoqing asked, holding a cup of tea.

  Zhu Xiaoqing is Zuo Qingcheng's wife and Miss Zhu's family.

  Although Zhu's family is only a small family, it is also somewhat powerful in Yuzhou.

  "I was bitten by a mad dog today, I want to pull out his teeth!" Zuo Qingcheng said coldly.

  "It seems that this mad dog is very strong. Is it Chen Zhilong? Liu Shanshan? Or Zhang Daoren?" Zhu Xiaoqing knew that in Yuzhou, only these three people could make her husband jealous.

  But she didn't understand. The four of them were called the four big brothers of Yuzhou. Although they were fighting in secret, they maintained a peaceful atmosphere on the bright side. Why did they just turn their faces today?

  "It would be fine if they were three of them. At least the three of them won't do it directly, and this mad dog almost interrupted the bridge of my nose!" Zuo Qingcheng said angrily.

  "Ah? Not the three of them, who would dare to oppose you?" Zhu Xiaoqing asked in surprise.

  "Lu Chen, Lu Crazy Dog!" Zuo Qingcheng said.

  "Lu Chen? Is that the antique master who won Zheng Xihe at the antique event some time ago?" Zhu Xiaoqing was familiar with the name, because she had heard Zuo Qingcheng said at the time.

  "Yes, that's the mad dog. He opened a supermarket called Shengshi Supermarket. Zhai Fu's phone call can't get through. Call your brother and ask him to arrange for me. No matter how much money you spend, you must take that Shengshi The supermarket can't do business for me!"

  Zuo Qingcheng said angrily.

  Lu Chen even let him see Hong today. If he doesn't give Lu Chen a bit of color, then he is called Zuo Qingcheng.

  Not worthy of the title of the four princes.

Chapter: 119

In the past two days, the Zuo family has become active again.

  The reason is that Zuo's family photographed two night pearls from the Qin Dynasty, preparing to exhibit at Yunfei Group in three days.

  It is very rare for Ye Mingzhu alone to recall the scriptures, and the Ye Mingzhu in the Qin Dynasty is even more valuable.

  For those who love antiques, this is undoubtedly another grand event.

  Originally, I spent three years preparing for Zuo's last time at the antique event, and it was to make Yunfei Group go up to a new height.

  However, Lu Chen won the original stone channel, making the entire antique event a joke, and the Zuo family's reputation was once affected.

  In particular, Yunfei Jewelry Group was hit even harder, and the business once created its worst month in ten years.

  And this time the Ye Mingzhu exhibition event once again brought Yunfei Group's chorus to its peak.

  As long as this Ye Mingzhu exhibition event is successfully held, Yunfei Group will once again stand at the pinnacle of Yuzhou jewelry industry.

  The Zuo family invited all jewelers from the antique industry to participate in this exhibition, and other big families with real realities were also invited by the Zuo family.

  Including the other three of the four major families, as well as the major relationship leaders of the Zuo family in the city, all invited over.

  To create such a big trend is to want Yunfei Group to rise again.

  The Zuo family did not invite Lu Chen, but Huang Jujun, one of the three great masters in the antique world, invited Lu Chen.

  After the last antique event at Shangri-La Hotel, Huang Youjun completely changed his views on Lu Chen. It can be said that in the antique world, he admires Lu Chen from his heart.

  At the beginning, he bet with Zheng Xihe and lost in a mess, but Zheng Xihe was defeated by Lu Chen.

  It can be seen that Lu Chen is much stronger than him.

  Such a person, even if a little crazy, is worthy of his friendship.

  "Xiao Lu, here."

  In the reception hall of the Yunfei Group, Huang Youjun beckoned to Lu Chen in the crowd.

  Lu Chen saw Huang Youjun and walked towards him.

  There were two masters, Lei Mingchao and Yu Zhengtao, beside Huang Youjun. The two looked at Lu Chen, but did not say hello or express anything.

  "Master Yu and Master Lei are here too." Lu Chen smiled and greeted the two.

  The two hummed, and did not say another word.

  Obviously, Lu Chen still didn't win their favor in their minds.

  "Xiao Lu, the Zuo family claimed that the two night pearls were from the Qin Dynasty, what do you think?" Huang Youjun asked.

  "It should be true, or the Zuo family couldn't make such a big announcement." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  "Yes, this time the Zuo family has invited all the big people who can be invited. If you finally find that Ye Mingzhu is a fake, wouldn't it embarrass yourself?" Huang Youjun nodded and said.

  "Why isn't Lin Dahai coming yet? Can he resist coming to such a big event?" Yu Zhengtao was a little uncomfortable. Lu Chen and Huang Youjun kept talking, turning off the topic.

  "Maybe something else was delayed, or it might be a traffic jam on the road. Otherwise, his love for antiques would definitely have come." Huang Youjun said.

  "He might not be here." Lu Chen smiled.

  Only after Wang Xue lost a full forty million, Lin Dahai was already calm without jumping into the sea, so there was no thought to join in the fun.

  "Then leave him alone, come, let's have a drink first." Lei Mingchao picked up his glass and touched Huang Youjun Yu Zhengtao, ignoring Lu Chen.

  Upon seeing this, Huang Youjun had to move the cup to Lu Chen: "Xiao Lu, come, drink."

  "Okay." Lu Chen smiled, picked up the wine glass and touched Huang Youjun, and took a sip from his mouth. www.

  "Mr. Lu, you are here too."

  At this moment, two beautiful girls came over and greeted Lu Chen enthusiastically.

  Lu Chen looked up and looked at the two sisters Chen Churan and Chen Xiaobing.

  "Mr. Lu, go to our table, our table is full of young people." Chen Xiaobing glanced at the three of Huang Youjun, feeling a little strange, how could Lu Chen like staying with three old guys.

  "No, I'll do it here." Lu Chen shook his head. He is not very familiar with the Chen sisters, and even less familiar with their friends, although Yu Zhengtao and Lei Mingchao seem to be a little unhappy with him. But he felt it seemed a little easier to sit here.

  "Then let's sit here too." Chen Churan said directly, and no matter what Lu Chen thought, he sat down beside Lu Chen.

  This is a public gathering. There is no distinction between primary and secondary, and no one must sit at which table.

  Although the three of Yu Zhengtao were a little uncomfortable, they didn't say anything. They just frowned slightly, and looked a little bit uncomfortable.

  Lu Chen didn't have much to say. The Chen family sisters came to invite him over. He didn't go there. They stayed with him. He really had nothing to say.

  However, he still hopes that the two of them will not stay.

  Because he saw two more people coming.

  And these two people must have come for the two sisters of the Chen family.

  "Churan, you guys sit at this table." Zhang Daoren looked at Chen Churan with a flattering expression, and took the young man in tuxedo next to him to sit down.

  It's just that Yu Zhengtao's heart is getting worse.

  The two of them looked at Lu Chen with unkind eyes.

  If it were not for Lu Chen not to go with the two women, he would not have brought in the other two people.

  "Zhang Daoren, Chu Qiaozhi, what are you two doing with you?" Chen Xiaobing looked at the two young men with an unhappy expression.

  The young man named Chu Qiaozhi was a little embarrassed, but Zhang Daoren suddenly saw the three of Huang Youjun, his eyes lit up, and he said, "Ah, it turns out to be the three masters of Huang, Yu, and Lei. I am lucky to meet him."

  The three antique masters are still very popular in the upper class of Yuzhou. As the son of the Zhang family, Zhang Daoren of course also knows the three masters.

  "Are you?" Lei Ming looked at Zhang Daoren, not knowing him.

  "Oh, my name is Zhang Daoren, and my grandfather's name is Zhang Shengqiao." Zhang Daoren smiled slightly.

  "It turned out to be Young Master Zhang. I am lucky enough to meet." Lei Mingchao's eyes lit up. The Zhang family is one of the four major families in Yuzhou, and they dare not make any trouble with the elder son of Zhang family.

  "Come on, three masters, I will toast you a glass." Zhang Daoren filled himself up with a glass of wine, and raised the glass to respect the three of them.

  After hearing Zhang Daoren's report, Yu Zhengtao and Huang Youjun didn't dare to neglect, they picked up their wine glasses and met Zhang Daoren.

  Chu Qiaozhi in the tuxedo also greeted the three respectfully.

  However, his identity is obviously not comparable to Zhang Daoren, so Huang Youjun and the three really don't know him.

  Zhang Daoren has been chatting with the three for a long time. After drinking for thirty years, he looks at Lu Chen in surprise and asks: "Three masters, this brother can be with you, he is obviously your friend, right? , Would you like to invite the three masters to introduce to me?"

  He has been checking Lu Chen's identity these days, and it can be said that he has made no progress at all, and he has no idea of ​​Lu Chen's details.

  Last time at Father Chen's 70th birthday banquet, he lost his face in front of Lu Chen, and even the daughter-in-law who was fisted by Lu Chen sent him flying.

  He hated Lu Chen so much, he would definitely not let Lu Chen go easily.

Chapter: 120

Zhang Daoren looked at Lu Chen with a smile on his face, and he couldn't tell at all that he wanted to kill Lu Chen.

  None of the four great princes is wasteful, even Zhang Daoren, who has the worst reputation, is as gloomy as water and scheming like the sea.

  "It turned out to be Grand Master Zhang of the Zhang family. My name is Lu Chen, the land of the land, the dust of the dust. I am very happy to have Qing Lai of the three masters, and I have the honor to be at the same table with the three masters."

  Lu Chen may not be very strong in other places, but he still has the ability to observe appearances.

  Seeing Zhang Daoren's concealed eyes, he knew Zhang Daoren was investigating him.

  If he hadn't experienced the last time Mr. Chen Shou'an happened, he wouldn't feel anything.

  The last time Mr. Chen's birthday banquet, he embarrassed the Zhang family, and even let the Zhang family lose all the land in Green Island. It is strange that Zhang Daoren can be friendly to him.

  Since it would not be friendly to him, it must be against him.

  How could Lu Chen let him find out his own details easily.

  "The last name is Lu? I think of the richest man in Lu. Could it be that Brother Lu and the richest man in Lu are in the same family?" Zhang Daoren pretended to be surprised, with an exaggerated expression.

  The eyes of Chen Xiaobing and Chen Churan also lit up.

  After Zhang Daoren's reminder, they also reacted.

  If Lu Chen was really just powerful, he shouldn't let their grandfather and even the Patriarch respect so much.

  In that case, he might be related to the richest man Lu.

  Could it be.

  Is he the son of the richest man in Lu? !

  The two of them were thinking about it, both of them felt that their guesses should be inseparable.

  "It should have been a family five hundred years ago." Lu Chen smiled bitterly. When the Junyue Group ruled Yuzhou's business community for nearly ten years, Lu Zhong became the richest man in Yuzhou in one fell swoop. The Junyue Group has been dissolved for so long. When I hear of a rich person named Lu, he will more or less immediately think of Lu Zhong.

  In this regard, he was also somewhat helpless.

  Because there are no more than one or two people who think he and Lu Zhong are a family, even he believes that many people suspect that he is Lu Zhong's son.

  But how would they know.

  The richest man, Lu Zhong, was just the housekeeper of the Lu family, and he wanted to call Lu Chen the young master.

  "Brother Lu is really good at joking." Zhang Daoren obviously didn't believe it.

  "I can testify at this point. Lu Chen really has nothing to do with the richest man Lu." Huang Youjun said with a smile.

  "Huh?" Zhang Daoren was a little surprised. He remembered that Lu Chen was very popular with the Chen family and his sons at the time. How could it have nothing to do with him.

  Except for Lu Zhong, he couldn't think of any other Lu family in Yuzhou who could get on the table.

  "Lu Chen is just the son-in-law of an old friend of ours. If he is the family of the richest man in Lu, our old friend's house will not be unknown, right." Huang Youjun smiled.

  "That's true too." Zhang Daoren nodded, convinced of Huang Youjun's words.

  However, Huang Youjun's words brightened his eyes. Since Lu Chen could not be found out, he could start with his father-in-law.

  But of course he couldn't publicly ask Huang Youjun and Lu Chen's family details about this kind of thing, so he had to come down and ask questions slowly.

  "Lu, Mr. Lu, are you married?" Chen Xiaobing was inexplicably sad, and looked at Lu Chen in disbelief.

  Chen Churan stared at Lu Chen, feeling also inexplicably sad. She hoped that Lu Chen would not give the true answer.

  "Yes, my daughter is over three years old." Lu Chen said with a smile.

  The two sisters have some extraordinary enthusiasm for him. Although they don't know what they think, Lu Chen is also a family.

  He believes that he will not cheat, even if he thinks too much, he does not want to give the Chen family sisters any chance.

  Life is short, only enough to love one person in life.

  Chen Xiaobing was only a little disappointed when he heard Lu Chen's affirmative answer.

  Chen Churan's face was a little sad, and the whole person looked a little desperate.

  Although she left Lu Chen's contact information, she never chatted with Lu Chen alone.

  But last time at her grandfather's 70th birthday banquet, Lu Chen's shocking punch, that punch changed the picture of major events in her life, which has been deeply buried in her mind these days.

  She also understood that it was not love.

  But at this moment, my heart was inexplicably sad.

  It's just like what precious things you have suddenly flew out of your hands.

  "Chu Ran, what's wrong with you, are you feeling sick?" Zhang Daoren asked concerned.

  "No, I'm fine." Chen Churan said lightly.

  "That's good, come on, have a drink." Zhang Daoren nodded and touched Chen Churan with his wine glass.

  Chen Churan didn't drink much before, but at this moment she also took a sip from her glass.

  "The Zuo family's face is so great. Not only did they invite the other three of the four major families, but also the city elders Xie Weihao and Xie Shujie. If we can have a table with them someday, then we can be considered a mess. It's okay." Chu Qiaozhi in the tuxedo looked at the table that was not far away, and couldn't help feeling.

  Lu Chen and the others also looked over after hearing this, and found that the table was really full of bosses.

  City elder Xie Weihao, the head of the four major families, and several important figures in the city are all big figures who can really cover the sky in Yuzhou.

  If ordinary people can really sit at the same table with them, it will really take off.

  Lu Chen saw Chen Guangxing also looked at him, smiled at Chen Guangxing, and turned his head.

  Today he is here to do something and doesn't want to get too close to them.

  If it is normal, he can go over to toast.

  After all, whether it is Chen Guangxing or Xie Shujie and other big guys in the city, they all know him, and his Yiqi Technology also needs the support of these big guys.

  "My dad is also here, I can go over and toast them a glass of wine." Zhang Daoren said proudly.

  As the son of the Zhang family, the Zhang family advocated the right to revitalize, and no one would doubt Zhang Daoren's words.

  Even the people around him looked at Zhang Daoren with some envy.

  Even the eldest son of a big family, not everyone has the opportunity to drink at the same table with Xie Weihao, Xie Shujie and others.

  "Churan, three masters, you talk first. I used to offer Xie Shujie and others a cup and then come to drink with you." Zhang Daoren enjoyed the envy of everyone's eyes, and said something proudly, and walked over with the glass.

  The three of Huang Youjun nodded, feeling a little envious.

  Even if they are getting older, they are looking forward to being appreciated by Xie Shujie one day.

  Everyone looked at Zhang Daoren with envy, but before Zhang Daoren approached the table, he was shook his head by his father. Zhang Daoren knew what his father meant, so he retreated somewhat disappointed.


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