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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 331-340) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 331

"Mr. Li, did he refuse?" Seeing Li Qingcheng hung up the phone, the secretary asked curiously. www.

  "He didn't say rejection, but he hasn't yet agreed. What he meant was that people will be evaluated in the next year." Li Qingcheng put away the phone, got up and looked at the crowd flowing downstairs outside the window, and suddenly asked, "Xiaolin, you know Is Yiqi Technology’s boss Lu Chen?"

  The secretary shook his head and said, "I don't know, I just read his picture in the newspaper."

  Li Qingcheng said: "Can you imagine a person who had nothing for half a year, and created a terrorist force like Yiqi Technology in half a year?"

  She said and looked at the secretary: "This person is Lu Chen."

  "After his identity as the owner of Yiqi Technology was exposed, countless people have checked his experience. No one can believe it. Six months ago, he was just a little security guard. His daughter was sick and hospitalized and had no money for treatment. A world-famous man of all sorts."

  "This man is simply the creator of the miracle."

  Speaking of such a strange man, a glimmer of admiration flashed in Li Qingcheng's eyes subconsciously.

  Although she is also a strong person, Li Qingcheng, a strong woman, but she feels that in front of Lu Chen, her achievement is only in pediatrics.

  The secretary looked at her boss and finally understood why she had to try her best to get a cooperative relationship with Yiqi Technology even if she suffered a temporary loss before.

  This is not just a long-term investment, the most important thing is that Mr. Li admires the man very much.

  The secretary thought about it and found it normal.

  Mr. Li is a very good woman, no ordinary man is worthy of him.

  It is difficult for her to fall in love with her, of course, only the strange man like the boss of Yiqi Technology.


  On the 27th of January, there are still two days before the New Year.

  On this day, Lu Chen summoned all the senior executives and the heads of all branches of Yiqi Technology to hold a year-end summary meeting.

  Lu Chen sat in the chief seat, listening to the reports from the people below.

  The left side of the starter is the high-level of Yiqi Technology, and the right side is the person in charge of the major branches.

  "Let me first talk about the achievements of the Science and Technology Park over the past six months." Wang Wei straightened the document and spoke first.

  "Since the establishment of the Science and Technology Park, at least the goal of 2,000 researchers to develop new products has been completed, and the staff of all departments have been basically completed. The biggest scientific research result is the launch of the YQ-01 aero engine and the Mi-100 sixth-generation fighter.

  YQ-01 Aviation is expected to bring at least 5 billion in turnover to the company next year, and at least 50 billion in turnover for Mi-100.

  I have planned with Ding Dacheng, the R&D department, and we plan to launch three new products next year.

  The first is the super Ai chip. The super Ai chip is mainly for unmanned technology and central computers. It is more perfect than the strongest unmanned technology in the country. The calculation speed is five times that of the current domestic quantum computer. Ai chips mainly cooperate with the military.

  The second one is power technology, but instead of researching and developing aero engines, it is launching a universal steam engine. This engine can set gears according to the different carrying capacity of various models, and can be arbitrarily adjusted, avoiding the embarrassing problem of insufficient horsepower when some arrogant cars pass other configurations.

  Because of technological breakthroughs, the price of this engine will be relatively low, and I believe all car manufacturers are happy to buy this engine.

  The third model is intelligent robots. The first batch of models are mainly used in major shopping malls and supermarkets to replace salespersons.

  The second batch of models are mainly used for home assistants. They can act as chefs, serve tea and pour water, or let them wash dishes and wipe the table for hygiene. This model is expected to be released by the end of next year.

  As for the latter, it is only a preliminary plan, so I won't talk about it. "

  After Wang Wei finished speaking, he put away the documents and waited for others to speak.

  When everyone heard Wang Wei's plan, they were shocked to the extreme.

  The YQ-01 aircraft and Mi-100 fighter jets launched by the main company this year have already shocked the world. I did not expect that there will be so many top technologies to come out next year.

  Once the Super Ai chip came out, it was definitely another technology that attracted the attention of the whole world.

  At present, Huaxia's computer technology is already at the top level in the world, especially after Huaxia built the world's first quantum computer two years ago, both computers and quantum computing have been at the forefront of the world.

  Unexpectedly, their Yiqi Technology is even more perverted. At the beginning of tomorrow, they will launch a super Ai chip with computing power 5 times the computing power of quantum computers. This makes other countries far behind in computer technology by China. .

  Although this is not a pioneering invention, it is definitely a continuation of the milestone.

  The second car universal engine is mainly used for commercial use. Although the significance is not as obvious as the super Ai, it is definitely a profitable machine.

  The popularity of the third intelligent robot is also of great significance, which directly changes people's living habits.

  Intelligent robots can also increase productivity if they replace ordinary employees. This is definitely a potential for future social development.

  Not to mention what super technology will be available in the future, just these technologies alone will be enough for Yiqi's production skills to earn more than ten or twenty years.

  Next, the chairman of the airline, Wang Cheng, also issued his summary. Because the airline had only acquired it for two months and did not move, Wang Cheng also said about the assembly of the five M100s, and then planned the work for the next year. Happening.

  Then there is Wu Lei's supermarket.

  Although Wu Lei's supermarket has experienced twists and turns, the worst one was that Zhang Daoren smashed the entire supermarket into a mess, but he not only survived, but also opened a branch, and both stores achieved revenue.

  Then there is Kaitian Yuanshi Group, the current person in charge is Xia Jun.

  Although Xia Jun was transferred to Myanmar by Lu Chen, he was still the chairman of Kaitian Yuanshi Group.

  Because of the steady stream of rough stones from Myanmar, Kaitian rough stones group also achieved revenue this month.

  Then everyone looked at the last person, Xiao Zhan.

  Du Fei was supposed to talk about the courageous thing, but Du Fei gave this opportunity to Xiao Zhan and let him come back to China this time to get a good understanding of what kind of company the group company is.

  Xiao Zhan silently heard the summary of everyone, every time he heard a person in charge talk about plans for the next year, he was shocked.

  Although he knew that Lu Chen was very rich before, after listening to the summary of these leaders today, he also had a certain degree of understanding of the group company and realized how abnormal the group company is.

  Xiao Zhan subconsciously glanced at Lu Chen on the main seat, and awe suddenly rose in his heart.

  It would be a miracle if a large science and technology park group was created by this young man in his twenties.

  "Xiao Zhan, talk about the form of Guogan and your plans for the future." Lu Chen reminded him when he saw Xiao Zhan distracted.

  "Yes, Commander!"

  Upon hearing this, Xiao Zhan hurriedly got up and marched towards Lu Chen.

  When everyone saw this, they all looked dumbfounded.

Chapter: 332


  When did Mr. Lu become commander?

  Everyone looked at Lu Chen in surprise, then at Xiao Zhan.

  They were a little confused when Xiao Zhan was wearing a suit and was about to come in.

  I didn't expect him to be so decent.

  Of course, people like Wang Wei and Xia Jun knew about Lu Chen in Burma, so they were not surprised.

  Especially Xia Jun, he was transferred by Lu Chen to build Guogan for more than a month, and he was relatively familiar with Xiao Zhan.

  "Report to the commander, in this month and a half, according to your instructions, the Killing Army has expanded to 10,000 people and trained 225 pilots. The seven warlords have all come to us for cooperation. All their rough stones It will be transported to our rough stone processing plant for refining. So far, a total of 100,000 tons of jadeite rough has been refined for the seven warlords.

  In addition, under Xia Junxia's plan, the construction of the entire city of Guogan is in full swing, and it will be completed in May next year.

  That's all I want to say, please give instructions from the commander. "

  After Xiao Zhan finished speaking, he saluted Lu Chen again.

  Lu Chen nodded and said, "Sit down."

  As for Xiao Zhan's news and future plans, although a bit rough, Lu Chen believes that it will definitely be completed within the prescribed time.

  The place in Guokang was already poor. Lu Chen gave the local people a lot of preferential policies, helped them build houses, and encouraged them to do business. Of course, they would fully invest in the construction.

  Lu Chen was just about to say that he would be here today. Everyone seemed to be curious about Xiao Zhan and Guogan. He smiled and said, "Well, I leased the right to use Guogan for a hundred years from the Myanmar government a month and a half ago. I also have a 10,000 warlord in Burma, so I dare to belong to the group company because of the consequences."

  He didn't want to pretend.

  But as soon as his voice fell, everyone's eyes showed admiration.

  In this era, it is estimated that only their President Lu can lease a special zone from other countries for a hundred years.

  Of course, everyone knows the situation in Myanmar, and combined with the 10,000-slaying force, everyone knows that President Lu could force the Myanmar government to lease the Kokang area, and he must have been conquered by force.

  There are military protections at home, private territories abroad, and private armies.

  It is estimated that only their magical President Lu can control this huge force.

  When everyone thought about it, they were awed and admired for Lu Chen.

  After the meeting ended, everyone went to the conference hall.

  Today, Yiqi Technology held a gala. In addition to nearly 3,000 employees from the head office, nearly 100 employees from Shengshi Supermarket and Kaitian Yuanshi Group came to the science and technology park.

  For the first time, the gala was held on a fairly large scale. Not only did it invite five-star chefs to specialize in cooking, it also invited a group of first-line stars to perform singing.

  There are even a few first-line stars who are going to participate in the CCTV gala. After the rehearsal, they take the special plane arranged for them by Lu Chen to come to Yuzhou for a guest appearance.

  A total of five first-tier stars and ten second-tier stars were invited to the party, as well as sketches, cross talks, and acrobats.

  Such a large star team makes the employees very excited.

  Among them, most of the employees are the first time to watch their idols perform so close.

  This evening, thousands of employees have posted Moments, which aroused the envy of countless other company employees.

  After the party, Lu Chen came to the stage to sum up the New Year congratulations, and then everyone lined up to receive the red envelopes and it officially entered the holiday time.

  The red envelopes are not big, one thousand yuan each, but they also make employees excited.

  Yiqi Technology originally had a high salary, and it was very user-friendly to have red envelopes for the New Year and New Year holidays.

  When encountering such a boss, everyone loves and respects.

  Because the scientists have signed confidentiality agreements with the company, their families have basically moved into the residential area of ​​the Science Park.

  The residential areas of the Science Park are all villa-shaped buildings, which are given to every scientist for free.

  There is also an employee housing area. The employee housing area is prepared for middle and lower management and ordinary employees. You can purchase it from the company. Of course, it is interest-free. The housing price is less than half of the outside.

  There are also major shopping malls and entertainment venues in the Science Park, but most of them are unmanned.

  There are schools, but currently there are only kindergartens and elementary schools, and there are still schools above junior high school.

  This year, many people who live in the science and technology park have chosen to live in the science and technology park. www.

  So far, Lu Chen has allowed half-price items in major shopping malls in the Science Park, and the casinos are all free.

  On the New Year’s Eve, the whole villa is lit up and the whole family is reunited, which can be described as a happy and complete.

  But Lu Chen still felt that something was missing.

  He knew it was because he still couldn't reach his father.

  After killing Xiao Bieqing, he called his father and contacted Lu Zhong, but Lu Zhong said that he did not know the whereabouts of Lu Tianxing.

  He hasn't seen his father in years.

  It used to be willful, but now I really miss it.

  "Dad, mom told you to set off fireworks." Just as Lu Chen was a little distracted, Qiqi ran over and shouted.

  "Okay, let's set off fireworks." Lu Chen picked up Qiqi and walked outside.

  Lu Chen carried Qiqi out and saw Lin Yijun, Lin Yijia, and Shuihu Sanjie all setting fireworks.

  The Three Heroes of the Water Margin were originally orphans, and Lu Zhong gave them the opportunity to train them.

  Although Lu Chen was a little disappointed in them at the beginning, the three of them were indeed very loyal to him, so Lu Chen completely accepted them.

  This year, Lu Chen called the three of them together. Although the three were not married, they all had girlfriends and brought them all.

  "Master, come, you order the first bucket first." Lin Tong smiled.

  "Okay." Lu Chen smiled and walked over, took out the lighter to lighten Xinzi, and walked away holding Qiqi.

  The main reason is to scare Qiqi.

  Watching bunches of beautiful fireworks rushing into the sky, Qiqi yelled in Lu Chen's arms, without fear at all.

  After the fireworks were set off, the family sat together watching the party and playing mahjong.

  Lu Chen gave out ten million yuan to each of them to play mahjong.

  The Three Heroes of the Water Margin was okay. Anyway, with Lu Chen, they also knew that Lu Chen would not lose them. Ten million was a trivial matter.

  But the three girlfriends were so excited that they almost fainted.

  Wang Xue was also very excited. After Lu Chen transferred all the shares of Dongjia Electronics to Lin Yijun, she asked Lin Yijun to arrange a job for her, and Lin Yijun had to let her go to the company to take care of her.

  The next day, the weather was very good. When the sun was out, the family was planning to go out for a trip, but before he went out, the big guys came one after another.

  So far, Lu Chen had to resign his plan to travel first.

Chapter: 333

Lu Chen originally planned to go out with his family for a few days and have fun, but he didn't expect that a group of big men would come to pay a New Year greeting before going out.

It was Wang Wei who came to the door first. Wang Wei brought his wife and his six-year-old son to buy a few bags of gifts to give Lu Chen a New Year greeting.

"Young Master, Happy New Year." Wang Wei smiled.

"Happy New Year, Happy New Year." Lu Chen took the gift and greeted Wang Wei's family to enter the house.

"Happy New Year, Uncle." Wang Jian, Wang Wei's son, greeted Lu Chen with a good manner.

"Xiaojian New Year is coming, let's go play with Qiqi." Lu Chen touched Wang Jian's forehead. Wang Jian cleverly took the gift box and ran to Qiqi. It turned out that he bought a small gift for Qiqi.

Just as Wang Wei and his wife sat down, someone came again.

It's Xia Jun, but Xia Jun is just a person.

Then Wu Lei.

Lu Chen heard Lin Yijia say that it seemed that this guy had talked with his cousin Wang Qiong, and couldn't help but jokingly said: "You don't go to Qijiang to pay New Year's greetings, why are you here for me?"

"Because I heard from Wang Qiong that their family will come to pay you a New Year greeting today. It would be better for me to be here." Wu Lei knew that Lu Chen had known about him and Wang Qiong, and also joked.

Lu Chen still wanted to chat with him, and someone came to the door again.

This time it was Du Fei and Xiao Zhan who had just arrived by special plane from Kokang. Of course, the two of them did not know how to fly, but of course they had professional pilots.

Hearing that Du Fei and Xiao Zhan were coming, the Three Heroes of the Water Margin also got up one after another to meet.

Last night, they played Mahjong with Lu Chen's family for most of the night, and they all slept on Lu Chen's side, and none of them seemed to wake up.

It didn't take long for Queen Xue's house to all come.

Originally, Wang Xue's family was supposed to pay them New Year's greetings, but for a while, Lu Chen was already eager to say goodbye now. Brothers Wang Kai and Wang Jin both came to visit Lu Chen and others first.

But what surprised everyone was that Li Qingcheng, the beauty boss of the Allure Group, also came to visit Lu Chen.

Seeing Li Qingcheng, Lu Chen smiled bitterly, knowing that this woman's cooperation with the engine is bound to win.

"Shao Lu, take the liberty to pay you an early visit, don't mind." Li Qingcheng smiled with a smile.

"If I said to mind, would you turn around and leave?" Lu Chen joked.

"Of course not." Li Qingcheng smiled.

"That's it, please come in." Lu Chen smiled and greeted Li Qingcheng to enter the house.

"Ah, your house is so lively, isn't this Wang Dong? It's early Wang Dong." Li Qingcheng came into the house and greeted Wang Wei with a smile.

Seeing that it was the beauty boss of the Allure Group, Wang Wei hurriedly got up to pay the courtesy: "I just arrived, but I didn't expect President Li to also come."

Li Qingcheng is also a very ambitious person. The Li family was in a crisis. She was still studying at Harvard University and she dared to return to China, succeeded her father, and officially took charge of the family business.

Three years later, the crisis-ridden family business was survived, and there are signs of the four major families directly.

Old man Li changed the name of the family business to Allure Group.

In order to give his granddaughter a reward.

This is a real strong woman, of course Wang Wei dare not care.

"Yes, it is our honor to be able to come to visit Mr. Lu for the New Year." Li Qingcheng smiled.

In this regard, everyone agreed.

When Li Qingcheng came, everyone's eyes were on her, and Li Qingcheng's charm was visible.

Just when Lin Yijia came over to greet everyone for lunch, Chen Guangxing and his daughter Chen Churan also came.

This really surprised Lu Chen.

In fact, in the earthquake donation last year, after Lu Chen pit Chen Guangxing and the others, Chen Guangxing and Lu Chen had a lot of contacts, and he had his daughter come several times.

For example, the last exhibition.

Unexpectedly, today he would come to visit the New Year as soon as possible.

"Oh, Old Chen, Xi guest." Lu Chen smiled.

Chen Guangxing waved his hand and said, "Forget it, you fellow, put your suit away."

Lu Chen laughed, Chen Guangxing said so, and he could see that his mood at this time should be fairly good.

"Happy New Year." Chen Churan handed a gift box to Lu Chen with a smile on his face.

"Happy together." Lu Chen took the gift and greeted the father and daughter to enter the house.

When Chen Guangxing and his daughter came, everyone's eyes fell on him again.

Even Li Qingcheng got up to say hello in person.

After all, Chen Guangxing was the first Patriarch, and everyone responded one by one.

Then Lu Chen greeted everyone to eat in the dining hall.

Originally there were a few servants in the villa, but during the New Year, the family had to be reunited with their families. After Lu Chen gave them a red envelope, he let them go back for the New Year.

Fortunately, when the Wang Kai family arrived early, they all helped with cooking, and they were very happy when they arrived.

Just when everyone was about to eat, Tang Qingshan and Tang Dalong's family also came.

Tang Qingshan is Lin Yijun's godfather, Tang Dalong is her god brother, and the manager of the personnel department of Yiqi Technology.

The last time he ate the shifting wine, Tang Qingshan was still a little unconvinced that Lu Chen could afford a luxury house.

But after learning that his son was also working in Lu Chen's company, he finally realized the gap between his son and Lu Chen.

This is a height that their family will not be able to reach in a lifetime.

So today, he personally brought his son to pay a New Year greeting.

"Uncle Lin, Aunt Wang, Happy New Year." Because Lu Chen and others were already at the table, Lin Dahai and Wang Xue came out to pick them up.

"Tongle, Tongle, hurry up, we are about to have dinner." Wang Xue smiled and took the gift from Tang Dalong, and greeted the two of them to walk to the cafeteria.

"Oh the sea, your son-in-law is simply too bad, he should have hundreds of billions of wealth." Tang Qingshan smiled.

Lin Dahai chuckled, and couldn't bear to attack Tang Qingshan.

"Dad, what are you talking about? Our group company, Yuzhou's industry alone, has a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, and Mr. Lu also leased the Kokang Special Zone in Myanmar for a 100-year lease. There is also an army of ten thousand people, and there are several jadeite rough mines on the Guokang side. These forces are not measurable by money at all." Tang Dalong didn't want to be ashamed of his dad after he entered for a while, so he had to give him the science of the group company. scale.

Tang Qingshan was shocked, but he didn't expect Lu Chen's company to be so big.

At this moment, I saw a luxury car approaching, and then passing by them, parked in the parking space next to them, and then two men and women in the Qingsuo got off the car.

"These two are?" Tang Qingshan was a little surprised. They couldn't get in their car, but this young man was able to get in. Isn't it a big identity?

"His name is Xu Jing, and he is my granddaughter Qiqi's bodyguard. That woman is his girlfriend. They should be here to pay New Year's greetings." Lin Dahai said.

"By the way, my son-in-law gave Xu Jing directly to the car for more than one million yuan, and gave him a pass, so he can drive directly into the villa." Wang Xue said.

Tang Qingshan opened his mouth and was shocked to the extreme.

A bodyguard, Lu Chen gave him a luxury car worth more than one million yuan. This Lu Chen is really generous.

A thought suddenly occurred in his heart, isn't his son working in Lu Chen's company? No matter what wrongs he may be wronged in the future, he has to stay well.

If one day it gets reused by Lu Chen, it will really be a big hit.

Chapter: 334

After lunch, everyone in the company left. They are not only going to pay Lu Chen New Year greetings today, but they all come to Lu Chen first.

Li Qingcheng also left. There was no mention of cooperation in the whole process.

Chen Guangxing and Lu Chen had a private chat for a while. Chen Guangxing suggested that Lu Chen form a chamber of commerce, so that the scattered business development model of Yuzhou can be twisted into a rope, which will help drive Yuzhou's economic development.

The Chen family has always been committed to the development of Yuzhou, which is one of the reasons why they have been the first family in Yuzhou.

Chen Guangxing has always had a desire to unite all the businessmen in Yuzhou one day, so that there will be less unhealthy competition and speed up the economic development of Yuzhou.

It's just that in the past ten years, the Grand Hyatt Group was pressing on them, and now it is Yiqi Technology.

However, although the Grand Hyatt Group has tried in the past, for example, they have bought shares of many companies, but their strength is still a bit weak.

But at this time, Yiqi Technology does not know whether it will make money or not, but the YQ-01 aircraft and the Mi-100 six-generation aircraft that they just launched are enough to dominate Yuzhou for more than ten years.

Moreover, Yiqi Technology can achieve such great achievements in just six months. Chen Guangxing believes that the future Yiqi Technology will definitely become more and more terrifying.

He also believes that in Yuzhou as a whole, only people with a little brain can definitely see this.

So, at this time, Yiqi Technology will come out to integrate Yuzhou's economy, and it will definitely get the support of most people.

As long as half of the people support and join in, the integration of the chamber of commerce is successful.

Regarding Chen Guangxing's suggestion, Lu Chen said that they would seriously consider it.

To be honest, he didn't have much energy to the Chamber of Commerce at this time, because at this time his eyes were not limited to just a little profit.

He has so many top technology technologies in his hands, and he wants to promote these technologies as soon as possible, and then let the earth civilization step into the first level civilization in advance.

At this time, the terrestrial literature is still only 0.7 level civilization, let alone out of the solar system, even the nearest planet Mars can not go.

Lu Chen also think about it, after the first level of civilization, can human beings get out of the solar system?

But since Chen Guangxing put it forward so solemnly, he would really think about it.

After Chen Guangxing and others had all left, Lu Chen's family continued to go out, and the goal was to go to Dali to play.

After he and Lin Yijun got married, they haven't taken her to travel. It just happened to be this New Year holiday to go out for fun.

Yuzhou is not very far from Dali, so Lu Chen chose to travel on his own.

You can also take a look at the scenery along the way.

Of course, he has equipped himself with a special plane, and he can also drive, but he still chooses to travel by car.

Anyway, this new year he gave himself seven days off, and these seven days just spent time with his wife and daughter.

When I arrived in Dali, it was already night, so I had to book a hotel to rest first.

"What are the fun places in Dali, have you checked it?" Lin Yijun asked Lu Chen in the hotel.

Lu Chen was checking with his mobile phone.

It was also the first time he came to Dali, and he didn't know what was interesting. He often heard people say that he was traveling like this.

"Tomorrow, let's go to Cangshan to see the Erhai Lake. I heard that there is a customs island in the Erhai Lake, which is also very fun." Lu Chen leaned on the bed, Qiqi fell asleep in his arms.

"Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded. It was the first time she came to Dali to play.

The next day, the two of them went out and were about to drive to Cangshan. While waiting for the red light, Lin Yijun suddenly looked at the wedding photos in front of him.

Lu Chen inadvertently saw Lin Yijun's eyes and smiled. After the red light, he drove the car directly under the Baishi Wedding Building.

"What are you doing here?" Lin Yiyun said, startled slightly.

In fact, she had almost guessed Lu Chen's mind.

She married Lu Chen back then. Because her mother had always opposed her staying with Lu Chen, she took the household registration book and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate with Lu Chen, and the two got married.

I haven't had wedding receptions, and I haven't had any wedding photos in recent years.

Sometimes when Lin Yijun passes by the bridal shop, she will inevitably feel a little distracted in her heart.

Wearing a wedding dress and walking in the auditorium is the happy marriage that every woman yearns for, and Lin Yijun is no exception.

"It's better to hit the sun if you choose another day. Let's go take a wedding photo today." Lu Chen stopped the car and laughed.

"Okay." Lin Yijun nodded without thinking.

"Two, do you want to take a wedding dress?" As soon as the two entered the store on the fifth floor, the lady boss stepped forward to greet them.

The proprietress is a woman in her thirties who is well-dressed and charming.

But when he saw Qiqi in Lu Chen's arms, he knew that the two of them had come to make up the wedding photos.

In this case, it is basically inconvenient to hold the wedding banquet at the time of marriage, and may not even be able to hold the banquet. Now, I have a little more money in my hand before I come to make up the wedding dress.

Therefore, at first glance, she felt that Lu Chen couldn't choose a good wedding dress.

Especially when she saw that although Lu Chen was very handsome, but the clothes were not brand-name, her enthusiasm suddenly dropped a lot.

"Yeah." Lin Yijun nodded, her gaze was fascinated by the beautiful wedding dress, especially when she saw the best set in the store, she couldn't bear to move her eyes away.

"Little beauty, you really have a vision. This wedding dress is the treasure of the shop. Are you interested?" The lady boss walked to Lin Yijun's side and asked.

Almost all customers who come to the store will be attracted by the beauty of this wedding dress, but without exception, after hearing its price, they will be scared off.

So the boss lady is not optimistic that Lin Yijun can afford it.

"No wonder it's so beautiful." Lin Yijun sighed.

"Of course, this wedding dress is custom-made by the top domestic masters and personally designed. There is only one set in the whole Yun province. It took a whole year to sew one stitch by stitch, but the price is a bit expensive. If you like this style, I can introduce you to several similar styles."

The proprietress did not deliberately look at Bian Lin Yijun, but she has experienced too many such things, once the price is stated, the customer will automatically give up, so she is too lazy to introduce this wedding dress too much.

This is her experience of seeing people, and she is generally very accurate.

"How much does it cost to rent a film?" Lin Yijun nodded and asked.

"I'm sorry, this wedding dress is only sold but not rented, because the price is too expensive, and I can't afford it if it is damaged." The proprietress shook her head and smiled.

"How much?" Lu Chen asked at this moment.

Chapter: 335

"Four million." The lady boss glanced at Lu Chen and reported the true price of the wedding dress.

"This is too expensive." Lin Yijun said in astonishment.

Although she is also a billionaire and the boss of a large company, she still finds it difficult to accept that she can spend millions to buy a wedding dress.

The most important thing is, the wedding dress, just wear it and take a photo. Who can wear it?

Buying millions of dollars is a waste.

Regarding Lin Yijun's expression, the lady boss smiled, completely as she expected.

After almost everyone heard this price, Lin Yijun looked like this.

The man was even scared back.

But Lu Chen surprised her a bit.

"Just this one." Lu Chen nodded. He also thinks this wedding dress is good. He didn't give Lin Yijun a perfect wedding a few years ago. Now of course he has to add her best wedding photo.

The lady boss looked at Lu Chen in disbelief. She was dressed plainly, but she didn't say anything surprisingly.

Four million wedding dresses, did he even buy it?

Isn't this kid playing with my old lady?

"Are you sure you want to buy?" The lady boss stared at Lu Chen's eyes. She believed that if a person was lying, her eyes were the best proof.

Just as Lu Chen was about to nod his head, Lin Yijun shook his head and said, "No, it's not cost-effective, just wear it once, it's not necessary."

Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's only four million. What's the matter? This is what I owed you a few years ago. Even forty million is worth it."

At the beginning, Lu Chen had nothing. Not only did Lin Yijun resolutely marry him, even if he failed to start a business, he never left him. Of course, Lu Chen remembered Lin Yijun's kindness to him.

Now he has money, even if he spends tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, as long as he can make up for Lin Yijun's regret, he thinks it is worth it.

"Bringing bragging and not drafting, what do you say is a wedding dress of tens of millions, you should first buy this set for your wife."

At this moment, the young men and women who were also watching their wedding dresses were also surprised by Lu Chen's words. They looked at Lu Chen and concluded that Lu Chen must be bragging.

If Lu Chen was really so rich, would he only wear a set of one or two thousand dollars?

Lu Chen wears a set of domestic casual suits of more than two thousand yuan outside. Now in this society, there are too many people who can wear this suit.

In the eyes of the company, Lu Chen is low-key.

But in the eyes of outsiders, Lu Chen felt that Lu Chen was just an ordinary person.

"Little brother, if you really want to buy tens of millions of wedding dresses, I know there is a place to buy them." The lady boss also teased.

She also felt that Lu Chen was bragging and didn't write drafts.

"Oh, I know for sure that there is a diamond wedding dress abroad, which costs 12 million US dollars." Lu Chen said lightly.

Of course he heard what the boss said.

12 million US dollars is nothing to him. If there is one, he will definitely buy it to Lin Yijun.

"No, it's not a foreign country. It's in Dali. There is an auction at ten o'clock this morning. It is said that the third-ranked peacock wedding dress in the world will be auctioned there. I estimate that the wedding dress will be photographed, which is 30 or 40 million less. , It is estimated to be difficult." The boss said jokingly.

30 to 40 million to buy a wedding dress, to be honest, unless it is the kind of top rich, or no one will buy it.

Not to mention the somewhat simple youth in front of him.

"Yes, many people know about this auction. If you really have the ability, you can take a picture of it for your wife."

"I think you guys should also be here to make up the wedding photos. There must be a lot of regret in your heart. Just take this opportunity to make up your wife."

Several people started talking ironically.

Lin Yijun frowned, feeling a little unhappy.

He said to the lady boss: "Do you know where the auction will be?"

She plans to take the wedding photo.

The so-called people fight for a breath, and the Buddha lives a stick of incense.

She didn't think it was necessary to waste millions on a wedding dress.

But now, she couldn't bear to see the lady boss and others making irresponsible remarks to Lu Chen.

Anyway, it's only tens of millions, compared to Lu Chen's hundreds of billions, it's just a drop in the bucket.

"Little beauty, are you serious?" The lady boss looked at Lin Yijun in amazement, feeling that Lin Yijun was crazy.

Although Lin Yijun is 26, her Piff is very good. She looks almost like Twenty-Two. In the eyes of the proprietress, she is indeed just a little beauty.

"Of course it's true. I think your bridal shop has a very high style. The photographers should also be top-notch. I'll take the photos, and I'm going to ask your photographers to take pictures for us." Lin Yijun nodded.

"The auction house is in Yuanzhou Group, and it's straight there when you go out for a taxi." said a beautiful woman choosing a wedding dress.

This beauty is the daughter of a small local boss, named Zheng Qiu. Her boyfriend is also a rich second-generation. Even they are only planning to buy a wedding dress worth hundreds of thousands. Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, who came to renew their wedding photos, dare He threatened to buy tens of millions of peacock wedding dresses, and suddenly became a little upset.

They have always been the only ones who pretended to be in front of others, and she hated Lin Yijun, a person like Lin Yijun who dared to pretend in front of her.

"Okay, thanks." Lin Yijun nodded, turned and walked outside.

At this time, she did have the aura of a strong woman.

Lu Chen smiled, and went out with Qiqi in his arms.

"Do you think they really want to go to the auction house to auction the wedding dress?" a young man asked in doubt.

"You think too much, they just want to find a step so they can leave." The lady boss sneered.

She had already noticed that the couple just now had no money at all, and the man just said that he would buy her four million wedding dress, which was simply pretending.

Then the woman said she was going to auction tens of millions of wedding dresses, she was just looking for her husband to step down.

"Yes, Boss Zhang has a good analysis. They can't afford this wedding dress at all, but the man's big words have already been spoken, and his wife must help him to lie, or he would not be ashamed." Zheng Qiu said .

The lady boss nodded, and she felt that the man kept teasing her.

"What are you talking about, so exciting?"

Just then, a young photographer came up with the equipment and asked curiously.

"Someone just came here to re-apply the wedding photo. They said they were going to buy our town's treasure wedding dress. Then after speaking the big story, they found an excuse and ran away." The proprietress laughed.

"The man is handsome, with a flat head, holding a three or four-year-old girl, and the woman is beautiful, at least the kind I have never seen before, are they?" the photographer asked.

"Yes, it's them, it's really hateful that they ran to the old lady to pretend to be forced." The boss said angrily.

"If it were them, I felt that they might really be able to afford it. When I came up, I just met them and said that the man made fun of his wife and said that you were too expensive for just four million. Now four thousand. Isn't it too expensive for you? Guess what the beauty said?" The photographer looked at the crowd and lifted everyone's taste.

Chapter: 336

"What do you mean? Can they really afford tens of millions of wedding dresses?" Zheng Qiu asked disdainfully.

"The beauty said: You are so good. I only wear a few million wedding dresses to take wedding photos with you. How can I be worthy of you? Since we are a fan of regrets, of course we want the best. This is what you said. Oh." The photographer repeated what Lin Yijun said.

"People deliberately acted in front of you." Zheng Qiu's boyfriend Zhou Hua laughed.

Everyone also nodded, and they all felt that Zhou Hua's words made sense.

The couple pretended to commit a crime.

"Not so, and when they said this, they didn't see me at all." The photographer shook his head.

Are they really capable of buying millions of wedding dresses?

Everyone was a little confused.

"Zhou Hua, if we go take a look, I don't believe they really went to auction the wedding dress." Zheng Qiu suggested.

"Well, it just so happens that I want to take some photos too, so I will go to the auction house first, and I will take the wedding photos tomorrow." Zhou Hua nodded, to be honest, he also wanted to see if the couple was really bragging .

"Two, don't forget to say the result." The lady boss smiled.

"Okay, I will come to share the good news with the boss in the afternoon." Zhou Hua laughed.

The two said that they left the bridal shop.

They just came out of the store and found their car, and they saw a Mercedes-Benz G630 driving past them.

But because the other person's car windows are closed, they cannot see the people in the car.

"This car is so domineering!" Zheng Qiu opened his mouth and said enviously.

"Yes, this car is imported. This model is not produced in China. I have seen it before. This car will cost more than 7 million yuan. If it is matched, it will cost at least 8 million!" Zhou Hua also said enviously.

I think the car they drive is only a Japanese car of more than 200,000 yuan. Why don't you be envious of this kind of car of 7 or 8 million.

"I remember we don't have such a luxury car in Dali, right?" Zheng Qiu asked in confusion.

"No, that car is not our Dali. It is a Yuzhou brand. I have long heard that there are four big families in Yuzhou, as well as the Yiqi Technology. They are all wealthy with a net worth of more than 10 billion. Our development here is much better." Zhou Hua said after getting in the car.

"Well, I heard that Yiqi Technology is very large. If we have the opportunity, we will go to Yuzhou." Zheng Qiu nodded.

"Those are nothing. Some time ago, I read a report. When Yiqi Technology developed the Mi-100 fighter jet, it was reported that Yiqi Technology's total investment reached an astonishing 50 billion, and the boss turned out to be just A young man in his twenties." Zhou Hua drove to the auction house, gossiping with his girlfriend.

"Only in his twenties?" Zheng Qiu opened his mouth wide in shock, unable to believe it.

There are only ten or twenty billionaires in China. Is it the son of which billionaire?

But this is too exaggerated. Who has such courage to invest about half of his net worth in a science and technology park?

If your scientists don’t work hard on the science park, you will always lose money and the risk is too great.

In her opinion, most people should not invest in technology parks.

But the boss of Yiqi Technology not only invested, but also developed two top technologies in the world in just over half a year, which is indeed shocking.

"Well, this is how the report was written anyway. It seemed to be accompanied by a picture at the time, but I don't remember it clearly, but it is indeed a young man." Zhou Hua said.

"I really want to see what kind of young man has such courage to build such a big science and technology park." Zheng Qiu said yearning.

"If you look through the news some time ago, you will definitely be able to turn it out. During that time, the multimedia was reporting." Zhou Hua laughed.

Zheng Qiu really took out his mobile phone and started browsing.


Lu Chen guided the navigation and soon found Yuanzhou Group Company.

Yuanzhou Group Company is a foreign-funded enterprise. It is said that the owner is very rich. He has opened several branches in China, and often introduces high-end goods from abroad to China for auction. The annual turnover of single auctions exceeds 10 billion.

Of course, they often bring some expensive items from China to auction in the West, and the effect is also very good.

Even if they just charge the difference, they make a lot of money.

"Sir, do you have a pass?" The security guard stopped Lu Chen and Lin Yijun's family.

"No, do I need a pass for the auction here?" Lu Chen asked.

"Yes, if you don't have a pass, then you have to verify how much assets you have, because we are a high-level auction, and those with assets less than 100 million are not eligible to enter." The security guard said politely.

The security guards of Yuanzhou Company are strictly trained. Unlike many places, they will not let you in if they see you dressed normally.

Although the security guards will not let ordinary people in, they are very polite to everyone.

Because their manager instilled in them is that everyone is a potential customer of the company, so you can't offend anyone easily.

And the richer people are, they are generally very low-key and can't take the risk to offend any rich person.

Therefore, the security guard saw that Lu Chen was not dressed in noble clothes, nor did he despise it.

"Oh, yes, you can take us to verify it." Lu Chen nodded, having a good impression of the security guard.

"Okay, please wait a moment." The security nodded, then took off the walkie-talkie and shouted, "Manager Hu, there is a customer at the gate who wants to verify assets."

"Okay, let them wait, I'll go in a few minutes."


The security guard put away the walkie-talkie and said to Lu Chen: "You two have a rest here, our manager will come right away."

Lu Chen nodded, then looked at the surrounding scenery.

It has to be said that the construction of Yuanzhou Group Company is quite atmospheric, and the decoration is also very high-grade, which makes people feel a kind of high-end atmosphere.

Soon, a young man in a suit walked out.

The young man is in his thirties, with a height of 1.8 meters and a well-proportioned figure. He is a veteran at first glance.

"Hello, my name is Hu Zhijun. Are you going to verify the assets and go in to participate in the auction?" The young man looked at Lu Chen's second, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes. One was Lu Chen's youth, and the other was Lin Yijun's appearance.

Lu Chen nodded, and Hu Zhijun said, "Then please follow me."

He talked about taking Lu Chen and Lin Yijun to the company.

At this moment, Zheng Qiu and Zhou Hua also arrived at the parking lot.

"Zhou Hua, that local car is parked next to it. We will come out early to see who is driving the car." Zheng Qiu exclaimed.

Zhou Hua smiled and parked the car next to the Mercedes-Benz G630.

The two even took a few photos next to the g630, and then posted them in their circle of friends.

Chapter: 337

"Hey, brother, have you seen a man and a woman bring a little girl here?"

At the gate, Zhou Hua asked the security guard.

The security guard saw that it was Zhou's eldest and came here to take photos of a few things, and said politely: "Yes, our manager just took them to verify the assets."

"I'm going, didn't you tell him that he needs at least 100 million yuan in assets to enter the auction?" Zhou Hua laughed.

"I've said it, but he still has to verify, maybe they are really the second generation of invisible rich." The security guard laughed.

"Fart, look at his betrayal and his stomach is happily? One suppressed the fading? Steep joy? Forgive me! I feel jealous.

The security guard smiled and did not answer.

Zhou Hua said: "Or let's wait here for a while before going in. I bet that guy will be out in a few minutes."

"Okay, I mean it too." Zheng Qiu nodded, and the two waited for Lu Chen at the gate.

At this time, Lu Chen Liangyao, led by Hu Zhijun, came to a hall.

"Manager Liu, these two guests verify the assets." Hu Zhijun said to a middle-aged man.

"Okay, please come with me, both of you." Manager Liu brought Lu Chen and the two to an office place, and then greeted Lu Chen to sit down for a while, and suddenly a beautiful woman brought two cups of hot tea.

"Two, we have five levels of seats here. One hundred to five hundred million people can only sit on the first floor of the lobby. Everyone is in an open position. Five to one billion people sit in ordinary boxes on the second floor, ten to twenty. Billion people sit in exquisite boxes, two to five billion luxury boxes, super ViP boxes with more than 5 billion yuan can enjoy more preferential services..." Manager Liu introduced to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen waved his hand, took out a black gold card and handed it to Manager Liu: "Verify it."

Manager Liu nodded, then took Lu Chen's card and handed it to the beauty assistant, who then took it and scanned it on the machine.

"Sir, there are many priceless items on auction today. One of the bracelets is said to have miraculous effects, and the reserve price is more than 100 million yuan. It is also our finale item today." Manager Liu added.

"What bracelet is so magical?" Lu Chen smiled.

"The name is Bixuelian, which was brought on consignment by a strange man. Our experts have verified that the bracelet does have a magical effect. You can listen to the auctioneer's introduction in a while." Manager Liu said.

Lu Chen was slightly startled. He remembered that Yun Lao's bracelet was also called the Green Blood Chain, which had the effect of nourishing qi and promoting blood circulation.

But soon he shook his head, he thought it was impossible to be so coincidental.

Moreover, with Mr. Yun's skill, few people can overcome him.

"By the way, you have a set of peacock wedding dresses for auction today, right?" Seeing Lu Chen's silence, Lin Yijun asked.

"Yes, this wedding dress is made by the top wedding masters. It not only incorporates thousands of peacock feathers, but also embellishes these feathers with noble diamonds. The reserve price is ten million shots." Manager Liu introduced with a smile.

"Manager Liu, all right."

At this moment, the beauty assistant handed the card over.

"How much?" Manager Liu asked after taking the card.

"Twelve digits!" said the beauty assistant, looking at Lu Chen, her eyes flickering with excitement.

She has verified the assets of countless people, none of them are in eleven figures, let alone twelve figures.

Because of the eleven-figure boss, their company basically has a record, and they will definitely not let anyone verify it.

As for the twelve-digit billionaires, it is even more impossible to verify.

Because there are not many of these rich people, almost everyone in the company knows this kind of boss. If you verify with others, don't you look down on others?

"Ten, twelve digits?" Manager Liu took a deep breath.

Of course he would not doubt the beauty assistant, because it was scanned by a machine unless the machine was broken.

Hundreds of billionaires, these are top ViP customers. They didn't expect them to let a hundred billionaires verify their assets.

"Sir, I am very sorry for our rude behavior today, so far, we can..." Manager Liu is ready to receive this billionaire.

There are twelve digits on one card, what about other cards?

He didn't think that the money of these top rich people would be stored exclusively on a bank card.

The most important thing is that this is cash.

To be honest, he felt that the whole country could count them with one hand.

Many billionaires refer to the sum of all his assets, including the market value of his company. The real deposits in their cards are tens of billions.

It was the first time he saw a card deposit of twelve digits like Lu Chen.

Lu Chen smiled, took the bank card, and said, "No, your company's services are already in place. Take us to the box."

From the security guard to the manager, the company's service attitude satisfied him.

Low-key people like him have seen a lot of influence and utilitarianism, so he thinks the employees of Yuanzhou Group are okay.

Manager Liu was a little embarrassed. He also felt that the company's regulations were redundant and troublesome.

But after today, he suddenly felt how talented the company proposed this system. If they hadn't provided quality services from the beginning of security, then top customers like this would be offended.

You see that people wear one or two thousand clothes, and think he is no more than an ordinary person.

I don’t know that the deposit in a card is twelve digits.

This is a height that 99.99% of people can't reach for a lifetime.

"Sir, ma'am, please come with me." Manager Liu nodded and politely led Lu Chen into the room.

The auction hall was quite large. The hall on the first floor was full of people before it started. At this time, the whole hall was talking about something.

Anyway, it's a bit noisy, a bit mixed.

Manager Liu led the two to the third floor.

There were more than a dozen boxes on the third floor, but at this time Lu Chen visually inspected them, they were all empty and no one had checked in yet.

These boxes are worthy of top-level ViP boxes. First of all, the decoration is very luxurious, and the sound insulation effect is also in place. There are large screens, and the location of the high platform is specially entered into the screen.

"Sir, this is our company's super VIP card. You can enjoy top-level services in any of our branches in the future." Manager Liu took out a card and handed it to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen took it and took a look, then put it away.

Manager Liu was polite again, and then arranged for the waiter to serve drinks before leaving.

Chapter: 338

Zheng Qiu and Zhou Hua waited at the gate for a long time. They didn't see Lu Chen coming out, and they knew that they had already entered.

"I can't tell, the two of them actually have hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. It's really hard to look like." Zhou Hua sighed.

"Fart, maybe after leaving." Zheng Qiu said disdainfully.

The security guard next to him smiled. They can indeed go through the back door here, but the asset inspection here is serious.

Because there is no money, you just go in to increase your popularity.

In the past few days, the Yuanzhou Group has reached its peak. It no longer needs to rely on popularity to carry the atmosphere, because every auction is overcrowded.

"It's also possible. Forget it, go in first, and the auction will start soon." Zhou Hua nodded and said.

Then the two walked towards the gate.

As soon as he walked through the gate, Hu Zhijun, the manager of the security department, came out.

"Manager Hu, how much are the assets of the couple who just checked the assets?" Zheng Qiu asked.

Hu Zhijun saw that it was the second generation of the local rich, smiled and said: "I don't know how much, but it should be hundreds of millions, or it is impossible to enter the auction hall.

When the two heard it, their faces were a little ugly.

I'm sorry, those two guys have so much money, it's really cheating.

No, they should be sitting in District 5. We have to be at least one level higher than them.

Thinking of mocking Lu Chen in a bridal shop, Zheng Qiu wanted to be one level higher than them in terms of position.

"Manager Hu, have you finished sitting in Area 4?" Zheng Qiu asked suddenly.

"It may be the reason for the New Year's Day. There are not many guests today, especially the boxes are a little empty. There are also several boxes in the No. 4 area." Hu Zhijun said.

Zheng Qiu heard this and pulled Zhou Hua's hand, and said, "Or we want a location in the No. 4 area. The big deal is that when we go to take a wedding tomorrow, we can rent it cheaply."

Zhou Hua frowned. The transfer from No. 5 area to No. 4 area required a 1 million adjustment fee, so he was a little bit reluctant.

"Think about it, before we laughed at them for not being able to buy wedding silk, this time we let them see that you are only sitting in the fifth area, isn't that slapped us in the face?" Zheng Qiu said.

Zhou Hua hesitated, and finally nodded.

"Manager Hu, please help us to transfer to the No. 4 area." Zhou Hua said to Hu Zhijun.

"Okay, please come with me." Hu Zhijun nodded and took the two to find Manager Liu.

He is just the manager of the security department, and of course he is not responsible for adjusting positions.

However, their company has this rule. If there are no people in the good boxes above, they can be transferred to a better area with an adjustment fee of one million.

The two paid the money and came to the auction hall. They deliberately searched for a long time in the No. 5 area, but they couldn't find Lu Chen and Lin Yijun.

"Are they also in the No. 4 area? So, are their net worth over 500 million?" Zhou Hua frowned.

"Fortunately, we have also been transferred to the No. 4 area, or we will be laughed at by them." Zheng Qiu said happily.

"Yeah, too." Zhou Hua nodded, and then the two walked to the No. 4 area.

The No. 4 area is full of boxes, but after going up, you can see the people in the boxes.

After the two went up, they found their box number, and after searching for it for a long time, they still didn't see Lu Chen.

A bad feeling arose in the two of them.

Could it be that those two people are in the upper box?

The box above is only qualified to go to the real big guys. If they want to go to the No. 5 area, they will have at least 5 million in adjustment fees.

And under normal circumstances, even if you have money, it is impossible for other companies to adjust it.

Because the better the area, that is the representation and symbol of identity.

If it is too messy, then their division of this area will be meaningless.

"It's best not to let them see that we are here too." Finally Zhou Hua said depressed.

He was a little annoyed, if it weren't for Zheng Qiu to provoke him, how could he have spent one million in the No. 4 area?

Their assets have just exceeded 100 million, and they can only sit in the No. 5 area for free. This million is really a waste of money.

The most important thing is that if someone sees that the two of them are also coming, and the area is not as good as others, isn't it even more embarrassing?

Zheng Qiu also regretted his death at this time, one million.

Even if you are buying a wedding dress, you have to buy a good one.


Zheng Qiu was so distressed.

At the same time, they hated Lu Chen and Lin Yijun even more.

If it weren't for them, how could she and Zhou Hua spend a million dollars just to save face.

She wants to leave now, but she is not reconciled.

To be honest, she and Zhou Hua have been to auctions several times, but there are too few things they can afford.

Basically, they can't take pictures of things that they like.

At this time, everyone looked up and saw the lights in the 5th area lit up, and they were all curious about who could sit in the top ViP box.

A top-level ViP bag must have a minimum net worth of 5 billion to be eligible to sit on it. Such a big man is everywhere.

Zheng Qiu and the two also looked up, but they couldn't see the people in the private room.

The auction started soon, and many items came out with a starting price of several million, but there were still many people chasing them crazy.

Seeing the items falling into the hands of others, neither Lu Chen nor Lin Yijun had any intention of doing it.

They all have goals.

That is the peacock wedding dress.

Of course, Lu Chen also wanted to see the last jade chain.

Said because it has the same name as the old one.

At this moment, a pair of young men and women walked into the auction house.

The man is dressed noble and he is 27 or 18 years old.

The female is dressed in glamorous fashion, she looks only twenty-two years old.

"It's Cheng Shao, Cheng Shao has finally come."

"Yes, I heard that the Jade Blood Chain is a miraculous thing, with many magical effects, and of course I won't let it go."

"Have you noticed that Cheng Shao has changed female partners again, like a college student, he changes female partners, he is more diligent than we change clothes."

"Yes, in Dali, there are countless beauties waiting in line for him to have fun, can you not be diligent?"

When everyone saw the young men and women who came in, they all started talking.

This young man is called Chengquan, the youngest of the first family in Dali.

The Chengjia company is involved in real estate, road construction and bridge construction, logistics and other industries. It is the only one in Dali with a net worth of more than 10 billion yuan and is quite famous.

Cheng Quan didn't even glance at the people in No.5 area, Shi Shiran walked towards No.1 area.

Seeing the only private box in District 1, Lin Yiyun suddenly saw Lin Yiyun's stunning face, Cheng Quan's eyes lit up, and he walked over.

Chapter: 339

"Chengquan, what good stuff do you want to shoot today?" asked the beautiful woman next to Chengquan.

She was called by Cheng Quan to accompany him temporarily. Seeing him at the auction site, she thought Cheng Quan should give her a surprise.

Thinking about it this way, the beauty was still a little excited, and the gaze that didn't pay attention to perfection was no longer on her.

"Today's finale is a magical bracelet. I heard that it has the miraculous effect of nourishing qi and activating blood, and can even continue aging. I came to film it." Cheng Quan said casually.

The beauty was shocked and speechless for a long time. The bracelet had been publicized a week ago. I heard that it is not only magical, but also very beautiful. It is a symbol of nobleness when worn by women.

"That gift is too expensive, do you really want to give it to me?" The beauty looked at completion with some excitement.

"You think too much, don't weigh yourself, do you have a chance to become my wife? I took the picture and prepared to send my wife later." Cheng Quan sneered and looked back at the beauty, his eyes full of disdain .

He changes women more frequently than many people change clothes. Generally, women play at best and throw them away when they get tired. At least until now, he hasn't met a woman who really touches him.

When the beauty heard this, her face instantly stiffened, and she was extremely embarrassed.

Fortunately, there are no people on this floor, or she would have to look up.

But she soon corrected her mentality.

She followed suit, but only for money and fame.

As long as she can satisfy her vanity, at least she has never thought about marrying into a family.

At least it is also a woman who has to be in the right to marry into a family.

Cheng Quan came to Lu Chen's box and walked in without saying a word.

"Beauty, I haven't seen you before. Did you come to our Dali for a tourist?" Cheng Quan stared at Lin Yijun, and then stretched out his right hand.

Thinking of a beauty like Lin Yijun, how can Chengquan let it go.

This is what Wanhua has never encountered before.

As for Lu Chen, he hadn't seen it at all.

Even if I saw it, I wouldn't take it seriously.

Dali is the world where they get married, and as long as he wants, there is no woman he can't get.

"Do I know you?" Lin Yijun gave Chengquan a faint look, showing no interest in talking.

"Don't you know this? My name is Chengquan. I am a married young man. I am not bragging about it. In Dali, when I say one, no one dares to say two. By the way, how can a beautiful woman be called by her?" Quan Chengse Luscious eyes wandered around Lin Yijun, even though Lin Yijun was already married and had children, but her skin was as tender as a girl, and she couldn't tell that she was a married woman with children.

"It's a coincidence that I dare to be a big or young man. My husband is also a big and young man, but he is a hundred times stronger than you. By the way, in order not to dirty my husband's hands, I would kindly remind you. If you don't get out right away, I'm afraid you won't even have the chance to get out." Lin Yijun sneered at the corner of her mouth.

At this time, she is no longer what she was six months ago.

At this time, she had a powerful husband like Lu Chen behind her, and she was in charge of a large company with a market value of more than one billion, and she had already cultivated the temperament of a strong woman.

How could she give him a face to a shameless person like Cheng Quan?

"Oh, Sister Chuan, it's really spicy enough. But I like spicy and tasteful." Cheng Quan laughed and turned to Lu Chen.

"My buddy, I am interested in your wife. Let's make a price. You must know that Dali can be my site. Although you can sit here, your identity should not be simple, but that is in your site, in mine. In the field, even if you are a dragon, you have to be a young man. Otherwise, you will have a bad life this year." Cheng Quan turned to Lu Chen, his eyes were full of joking.

He had long heard of the beautiful women in Sichuan Capital, but he didn't expect to see Lin Yijun today, it was amazing.

Even if they are married, they are all so feminine.

At least Lu Chen, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Such a beautiful woman was ruined by a kid, it is a violent thing.

"If I were you, I would kneel down and apologize now." Lu Chen's face sank and said coldly.

Since killing Xiao Biqing, he hadn't planned to hide his strength.

How can Dali Xiaoxiao get married when he is married?

Even the government of Myanmar dared to break their wrists with them, how could he be afraid of getting married.

"What? You want me to apologize?" Cheng Quan couldn't believe his ears. In Dali, someone dared to ask him to apologize. This was an international joke with him.

He made a gesture of picking earwax and said jokingly: "Dude, you repeat what you just said, I didn't hear clearly."

"If you don't want to hurt your whole family, just kneel down and apologize. I'll give you one minute to choose. Don't blame me for not giving you a chance then." Lu Chen narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

Chengquan’s expression turned gloomy and said: "Boy, you are kind, dare to let me kneel down and apologize. You are the first one. Let’s wait and see. I hope you can return to Sichuan safely. ."

When Cheng Quan heard Lin Yijun's accent, he mistakenly believed that they were from Sichuan.

However, Sichuan and Yuzhou have similar accents, and it is normal for many people to be confused.

When he was about to leave, Lu Chen said gloomily, "Did I let you go?"

Cheng Quan was stunned, but he didn't expect Lu Chen to dare to be so strong.

He slowly turned his head and stared at Lu Chen's eyes, finally ignited with anger in his eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Where did Cheng Quan suffer such anger, Lu Chen's words, in his opinion, were an insult to him.

He originally wanted to wait until the auction was over before slowly taking in Lu Chen, but he didn't expect that Lu Chen was so anxious to find his death, he planned to let people come to Lu Chen now.

The conflict between the two immediately aroused crowds of onlookers, because it was in the top ViP private room area, and even the auctioneer stopped the auction.

Top ViP area, this is a fight between gods.

Almost everyone stood up and looked at Lu Chen's box.

At this time everyone finally saw clearly.

In that box turned out to be two young men and women.

It seems to be a top rich second-generation.

No wonder Dare and Chengquan have a fight.

"Yes, it's them two!"

Zhou Hua finally saw Lu Chen and Lin Yijun, the shock in his eyes was extreme.

He couldn't believe that the two people they looked down upon could actually sit in the top ViP area.

Zheng Qiuzao was already shocked.

The people who can sit in that area are at least billions of dollars in wealth. Would they not be able to sell four million wedding dresses?

She suddenly felt that she was a big idiot.

It is utterly stupid to question such an awesome person, but wasted a million in vain.

Chapter: 340

"It's a little unexpected, but they dare to offend all the adults, and it's probably over." Zhou Hua said.

"Sure, getting married in Dali covers the sky, no matter how rich and powerful they are, they won't be able to get married in Dali." Zheng Qiu also said gleefully.

In Dali, starting a family is equivalent to the emperor of the earth, and offending Chengchi is tantamount to offending Hades.

It is estimated that these two people will peel off if they are immortal.

At this moment, the people from Yuanzhou Company finally rushed over in time, and it was Manager Liu.

"Two of you, you are all people with a face and a face. For Liu's face, please calm down first. What are your grievances? How can you resolve it when the auction is over?" Manager Liu looked at Chengquan and looked at it again. Lu Chen.

One is a billionaire tycoon, and the other is the local family of the emperor. He can't afford it.

"Manager Liu, it’s not that I don’t give you face, but this kid is too arrogant. He asked me to kneel and apologize. He didn’t let me leave. Does he think he is the second master from Beijing? Even the second one from Beijing. Lord, but this is the place where I am perfected, is it to give me some face to perfection?" Cheng Quan said coldly.

Manager Liu was in a dilemma, so he turned to Lu Chen and said in a pleasant tone, "This gentleman, how about giving Liu some face first?"

"Do you have a lot of face? Look at your boss, will I give him face?" Lu Chen looked at Manager Liu playfully.

Cheng Quan dared to molest his wife and dared to ignore his existence, which has already aroused the anger in his heart, how could he give up?

Don't say it's a married man, even if it's ten married, he wouldn't count it like that.

Manager Liu looked embarrassed.

But he really didn't dare to answer Lu Chen's words.

This is a super talent with a single deposit of 12 digits. Isn't it terrifying that people's real assets are?

They were right, even if their boss came, they could only stay aside and be a little brother.

"Boy, what do you want? Do you dare to beat me if you ask me to stay?" At the moment of completion, I don't know what happened, but he was stunned by Lu Chen's aura.

But he was always accustomed to it, and soon recovered his madman qualities.

"Slap! Slap!"

Lu Chen didn't say a word, he stood up and slapped Chengquan with two slaps.

"Remember, not everyone is something you can provoke. As a human being, you have to look farther and don't sit too far to watch the sky." Lu Chen said coldly. .

At this moment, everyone was confused.

This kid dared to make it happen?

Does he really want to live?

This is their native Emperor Yan Wang Ye of Dali!

"That guy is dead, dare to make it happen, in heaven and on earth, it is estimated that no one can save him." Zheng Qiu said gleefully.

"Yeah. That kid is indeed too arrogant. Even Manager Liu doesn't give any face. I guess he won't even think about auctioning at the auction house under Yuanzhou in the future." Zhou Hua also nodded and said.

Cheng Quan didn't expect that Lu Chen would dare to hit him. He was confused for the first time.

After living in his twenties, he was slapped for the first time.

This shocked him very much and he was very uncomfortable.

So that Lu Chen sat back, and he came back to his senses.

"Boy, you are very kind, let's wait and see!"

Cheng Quan gave Lu Chen angrily, then turned and walked out of Lu Chen's box.

Throughout the process, Lin Yijun held Qiqi in her arms, preventing her from seeing unsuitable images for children.

After Cheng Quan left the box, he didn't leave, but sat down in a box that was separated from Lu Chen.

"Sao Quan, do you just forget it?" Cheng Quan asked the beautiful woman next to her.

"Forget it?" Cheng Quan snorted, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

How could he just let it go, he took out the phone and started talking.

It was finally the turn of the peacock wedding dress to be auctioned.

It may have just been shocked, and the auctioneer only briefly introduced it before entering the auction stage.

The starting price is 10 million, which is currently the most expensive wedding dress in China.

Although there are many wealthy people present today, none of them spent 10 million on a wedding photo.

Lu Chen didn't bid the price right away. He didn't increase the price to 20 million until one of them reached 15 million.

Seeing that Lu Chen added five million in one breath, everyone sank.

Originally Chengquan wanted to snatch with Lu Chen, but he thought he would spend tens of millions to buy a wedding dress and go back. It was estimated that his dad would have to pick him up, so after thinking about it, he still held back.

He had a hunch that Lu Chen's goal today should also be the last green blood chain, and that was when he and Lu Chen were fighting the bayonet.

In the end, the auctioneer asked three times, and no one increased the price. Lu Chen took the peacock wedding dress for 20 million.

At this time, seeing Lu Chen's 20 million photographs of the peacock wedding dress, Zheng Qiu and the two had only envy.

If Lu Chen can sit in the top ViP area, they must be absolute bosses, and tens of millions is indeed not a problem for others.

Soon a staff member came to Lu Chen's box carrying a delicate box. After opening the box and allowing Lu Chen to inspect the goods, he asked Lu Chen to swipe his card.

Lu Chen swiped the card, and it didn't take long before the auction ended, and the jade bracelet finally appeared.

Suddenly, many people came to their spirits.

Although they knew that they were not qualified to take this bracelet today, Yuanzhou Group Company was promoting this bracelet as early as a week ago.

Nourishing qi and blood, nourishing energy, being able to beautify and beautify, being opened by top masters, etc. Yuanzhou Group completely deified this bracelet, which immediately aroused the curiosity of countless people.

"I won't introduce the bracelet too much. I believe you have already understood the function of this bracelet a few days ago. Let's not hide it from you, this bracelet is indeed as the introduction said, it is very magical, after you take the hand, you will know us The company is not bragging. Okay, I won’t talk about more. I believe that many people can’t wait. Let’s start now. The reserve price is 100 million yuan, and the minimum increase is 10 million yuan each time. Now we start to shoot.

The auctioneer held the box with the bracelet on the stage, and everyone craned their necks to look.

But they were just curious.

They knew that fulfillment came today, and it was for this bracelet. Those who are qualified to compete with him are probably the mysterious young man who just had a conflict with him.

Thinking about this, everyone looked at the top ViP area.

At this time, when Lu Chen looked at the bracelet in the hands of the auctioneer through the big screen, he was shocked, and there was a touch of worry and murder in his eyes.