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Novel: Who are you My Husband (Chapter 131-140) (Chinese Translated)

Chapter: 131

"Director Lin, oh, no, Vice President Lin, congratulations!" Fan Ming returned to the sales department, and couldn't wait to come to Lin Yijun's desk and give Lin Yijun a surprise first.

  He knew that Lu Chen hadn't told Lin Yijun about Lu Chen's true identity, so Lin Yijun definitely didn't know that Hao had been promoted to vice president.

  "Ah, Director Lin is mentioned as vice president?"

  To everyone's surprise, Lin Yijun's career path is almost open. After being promoted to supervisor, she was directly promoted to director in a few days. Now it has only been more than a month before she has been promoted to vice president.

  This kind of workplace life, except to explain it by opening up, everyone no longer knows how to describe it.

  "Director Fan, this kind of joke is unnecessary." Lin Yiyun was taken aback, then frowned.

  She herself couldn't believe this kind of thing, and she knew how many catties she had.

  Let alone the vice president, she didn't even do a good job as the sales director.

  Although no one said anything to her, she still knew that she did not do as well as Fan Ming when she was the director.

  At least the overall performance is not as high as it was then.

  Besides, when she was promoted to director, Lu Chen asked Wang Wei to help and directly gave her the big project in Jinglong Lake Villa District.

  She has been following up on the project recently. She has no new business, and the department's overall business volume has not increased. How could the new shareholder be promoted to vice president?

  "Sister Lin, congratulations!" Liu Yanqi was the first to step forward to congratulate Lin Yijun.

  If Lin Yijun was promoted to vice president, it would be easier for her to be promoted to supervisor.

  She knew that Lin Yijun had recommended her to President Xia a few days ago, but it has been several days, and President Xia has not responded.

  But now that Lin Yijun is promoted to vice president, he naturally has the right to promote the supervisor.

  Therefore, Liu Yanqi is happy for Lin Yijun from the heart.

  "Director Fan is joking, this is simply impossible." Lin Yijun shook her head, she still knows herself.

  Liu Yanqi was taken aback, and felt that Lin Yijun's promotion to directorship was already at the limit. It is indeed impossible to be promoted to vice president. Then she smiled and said, "It's okay, I believe Sister Lin will definitely be able to go up one level someday. Yes, congratulations to Sister Lin in advance are the same."

  Seeing that neither of them believed, Fan Ming smiled and said, "Vice President Lin, not only did you propose to be Vice President, I was also promoted to Director again, and Koyanagi, you performed so well during this period. I always called your name personally and transferred you to the head office."

  "Ah? Director Fan, don't be joking. People from other departments will come over and it won't be ridiculed by others." Liu Yanqi was startled at first, and then he felt that Fan Ming was really joking.

  He is not even the supervisor at Dongjia Electronics. Why does the head office Mr. Lu ask her to promote her as a salesperson?

  "What did I lie to you for? The beauty that we accompany to check just now knows? That is Chairman Xu, one of the acting chairman of the head office. She was ordered by Mr. Lu to transfer people. You go quickly Xia's office, Xu Dong has something to tell you." Fan Ming said with a smile.

  "Really, really?" Liu Yanqi still couldn't believe it. She doesn't know Mr. Lu from the head office. Why does Mr. Lu want to promote her to a salesman?

  "Can I lie to you? Go up quickly, to give Xu Dong a good impression. You are the only one transferred from our sales department to the head office. You have to give us the face of the sales director." Fan Ming said.

  Lin Yiyun was taken aback. Seeing Fan Ming didn't seem to be talking about it, she also said to Liu Yanqi: "Yan Qi, go up and take a look."

  Liu Yanqi nodded, suppressing the excitement in her heart. She also felt that Fan Ming was not talking about it. They did see a beautiful woman who had been in the sales department with Xia Jun and Fan Ming before.

  After Liu Yanqi went up, but did not come down, Lin Yijun knew that what Fan Ming said must be true.

  It's just that she is really promoted to vice president?

  Lin Yijun shook her head, feeling that this is simply impossible, and it must be Fan Ming who said it was fun.

  It's just that Liu Yanqi transferred to the head office, but she didn't transfer it, which made her feel somewhat disappointed.

  Water flows to low places, and people go to high places.

  Who doesn't want to develop on a better platform?

  Half an hour later, Liu Yanqi finally returned to the sales department, and everyone looked at her.

  "Sister Liu, is it true?" a salesman asked.

  "Well, I will go to work tomorrow, and I will ask everyone to sing tonight." Liu Yanqi said excitedly. She didn't expect that she was actually transferred to the head office, and Mr. Lu personally called for it.

  "Ah, really, congratulations." Lin Yijun also smiled and congratulated.

  "Sister Lin, you are really promoted to vice president. Really, I just asked Mr. Xia. Mr. Xia said that he would specifically talk about this during a meeting." Liu Yanqi also smiled.

  "This, I..." Lin Yijun couldn't believe it, she found that she was not qualified to be vice president at all.

  "Vice President Lin, I just said I didn't lie to you." Fan Ming also smiled.

  At this moment, the phone on Lin Yijun's desk rang, and she answered it. Secretary Xia called.

  "Director Lin, there will be a management meeting in half an hour. Could you please inform the managers of your department." The secretary hung up the phone as she said. Although she knew that Lin Yijun had been promoted to vice president, she had not issued any documents yet, nor did she Let's call the vice president first. www.

  The next management meeting mainly announced the appointment of several positions and asked various departments to recommend several managers. Seeing Lin Yijun's promotion to vice president, almost all the managers' eyes widened.

  More than a month ago, Lin Yijun was just a salesman, but she did not expect that more than a month later, she would have been promoted to vice president.

  This makes many people think a lot.

  Lin Yijun herself thought a lot, and she couldn't believe that she was promoted to vice president.

  Moreover, she always felt that this matter was a bit weird, it was impossible for Lu Chen to ask Wang Wei and Wang Dong for help, right?

  But if it wasn't for Lu Chen to ask Wang Wei for help, how could she be promoted to vice president?

  "President Xia, I have always wanted to ask you something. Please tell me the truth, please." After the meeting, Lin Yijun came to Xia Jun's office alone.

  "Mr. Lin, sit, sit, sit, just ask if you have anything." Xia Jun saw that it was Lin Yijun, and didn't dare to neglect at all. This is Lu Chen's wife, the young lady.

  Lin Yijun sat down in front of Xia Jun and asked directly: "Mr. Xia, I can be promoted to vice president. It's all Mr. Lu who asked you to do this. However, I have no ability, and I have no qualifications. Besides, I don’t know him yet, why does he help me again and again? President Xia, don’t tell me, you don’t know why?"

Chapter: 132

What happened recently, one by one, completely dazzled her, she couldn't understand the reason Lin Yijun had doubted.

  The first is that the new shareholder does not show up, which is mysterious, and the second is that her promotion speed is so strange and completely abnormal.

  If she is really superb, then she can still figure it out.

  The key is that her strength is just average, she has absolute confidence to be a supervisor, and to be a supervisor, she will be able to catch a duck on the shelves.

  As for being a vice president?

  She never thought that she could be qualified for such an important position.

  But the company mentioned her to the position of vice president inexplicably.

  Thinking about Lu Chen's various weird behaviors, something completely beyond her imagination, if she simply believed that Lu Chen just won the big prize, then she would be too stupid.

  "Vice President Lin, please forgive me for nothing I can do about this matter, but you will definitely know the reason." Xia Jun smiled bitterly. Lu Chen greeted him, how could he tell Lin Yijun the truth.

  "Mr. Xia, don't let it go. Actually, I guessed it was him, Lu Tu? Yiqi Technology? Such an obvious reminder, and only a stupid woman like me has never known the truth. Right, the next step , Are you going to transfer you away and then let me be the general manager?" Lin Yijun laughed at herself.

  She is also a somewhat self-respecting person, and she also wants to rely on her own ability to climb step by step, but this feeling of being arranged by others makes her very unhappy.

  "Um, I, I don't know what Lu Shao thinks." Xia Jun said with a dry smile.

  "Forget it, I won't be embarrassed by you, I will talk to him myself." Lin Yijun said and left Xia Jun's office.

  At this moment, the moment when she thoroughly knew Lu Chen's identity, she had no surprise or joy in her heart.

  Yes, it's just a feeling of being deceived.

  After leaving the company, Lin Yijun parked her car on the side of the road, took out her mobile phone, and found out Lu Chen's number. She hesitated, but finally did not call Lu Chen.

  Originally, she wanted to question why Lu Chen kept cheating on her, but after thinking about it, she gave up.

  Lu Chen had already deceived her, what's the point of asking again?

  Before Lin Yijun got home, she received a call from Liu Yanqi, who asked her to go out to drink and sing to celebrate.


  Yesterday, I saw that Du Fei hadn't settled the original stone company, and Lu Chen directly transferred Xia Jun over today.

  However, he knew that Lin Yijun could not control Dongjia Electronics alone, so he still wanted Xia Jun to pay attention to the situation there at any time, and let Xia Jun gradually release his rights, so that Lin Yijun was familiar with the process of becoming president step by step.

  He did not transfer Lin Yijun to Yiqi Technology because of his own considerations.

  He still had his aunt's big knife hanging above his head, and he still couldn't fight against it. Of course, he couldn't let more people know his identity, even his wife.

  Because he felt that there was no impermeable wall, and sooner or later it would leak out, which would only bring disaster to them.

  His aunt's ability to force his father to give up the capital of Nuo Da's family business shows how strong her energy is.

  If someday let her know that he is in Yuzhou, she will definitely not be soft on him. www.

  "A Fei, we will try our best to cooperate with Mr. Xia in the future and let the rough import company build it as soon as possible." Lu Chen said to Du Fei.

  Du Fei nodded, in the business sector, he can't let him take the lead, but let him play a supporting role, there is definitely no problem.

  "Mr. Xia, although you only come to help temporarily, this matter can't be delayed. Money is not a problem. You can get it done as quickly as possible." Lu Chen said to Xia Jun again.

  "Don't worry, Shao Lu, I must have done this properly." Xia Jun nodded. Lu Chen had already told him that the second phase of the Science Park would reuse him and give him some shares, although Not much, but definitely better than his own business.

  So I don't need to stress Lu Chen, he will do his best to help Lu Chen make this rough import company well.

  After Lu Chen arranged these and checked the time, Qiqi was almost out of school, so he went to pick up Qiqi directly.

  As soon as he received Qiqi, Lin Yijun called him and said that he could not come back for dinner.

  Lu Chen thought she had just been promoted to vice president today, and she might have gone out to celebrate with the employees, and without much thought, he took Qiqi to the restaurant for dinner.

  Lin Yijun didn't come back for dinner, he didn't want to do it today, so he was going to have a meal outside.

  After dinner, Lu Chen took Qiqi for a walk in the park. He also likes to take a walk and move around just after dinner.

  "Old girl, I have to pay my salary two days later. I will trouble you to take good care of your mother these days. Don't worry, I will call you as soon as the salary is paid."

  At this moment, Lu Chen brought Qiqi to a big tree, and saw a young worker looking like a worker squatting under the tree making a phone call.

  Then he put his phone away and cried again: "Mom, I'm sorry, I can't give you money this month, you must hold on. My colleague is sick and hospitalized, and is eager to ask for money as a surgeon. I borrowed all his salary from him."

  The young man cried very quietly, but he could hear his voice very painful. On the one hand, his mother was asking for money, and on the other hand, his friend was asking for money for surgery. In the end he chose to help his friend first, but he was ashamed of his mother.

  "Dad, the uncle was so sad that he was crying just now. Did someone bully him?" Kiki said Lu Chen's hand after walking away.

  "Well, it should have been bullied." Lu Chen nodded, feeling a little moved by the young man's behavior.

  Yes, he was bullied, but he was not bullied, but bullied by reality.

  He remembered the situation when he hadn't inherited the family property before. During that time, in order to treat his daughter, he was so helpless and hesitated.

  Money is not all powerful.

  But you have to admit that living in the real world is absolutely impossible without money.

  "That uncle may be hungry. Let's buy a box lunch for him, and he won't cry." Lu Chen said and walked towards the park entrance.

  There happened to be a Shaxian snack at the entrance of the park.

  "Okay, okay, the teacher taught us that when others are in trouble, we should do our part to help. If we ask that uncle for dinner, it can be regarded as helping him." Qiqi said.

  "Well, yes, yes, if we are able, we must try to help those in difficulty." Lu Chen touched Qiqi's head and bought a lunch box from the Shaxian snack bar.

  Then he took out the five thousand dollars in his wallet and put it in the lunch box, and took Kiki into the park.

  Seeing that the young man was still sitting under the big tree, Lu Chen gave the lunch box to Qiqi and said, "Qiki, take the lunch box to Uncle."

  Kiki didn't notice if there was really rice in the lunch box, so she took the lunch box and walked over to the young man happily.

Chapter: 133

Qiqi took the lunch box and came under the big tree. Seeing that the young man was still in a daze, she passed the lunch box in her hand: "Uncle, you haven't eaten yet, this is what my father asked you to eat."

  As she spoke, she pointed to Lu Chen not far away.

  Seeing that the young man was a cute little girl, she froze for a moment, and then followed Qiqi's direction to see him. A young man was also looking at him, nodding and smiling at him, not knowing what it was like.

  "Uncle, hurry up and eat. My father and I just bought it for you outside." Qiqi said and stuffed the lunch box into the young man's hand, then turned and ran towards Lu Chen.

  The young man subconsciously took the lunch box and wanted to say something, but found that he couldn't say a word.

  He ate a few buns this morning and was really hungry. He silently said thank you to Qiqi's back and Lu Chen before opening the lunch box.

  But when the lunch box was opened, he was dumbfounded.

  He looked at the thousands of cash in shock, and then hurriedly raised his head to look at Lu Chen.

  But at this time Lu Chen was holding Qiqi's hand and walking outside the park.

  "Wish you good people a safe life!"

  The youth trembled and bowed to the backs of Lu Chen and Qiqi, his eyes moist.

  At this time, he understood in his heart that when he called home just now, a pair of father and daughter passed by him, he didn't care at the time, and his conversation must have been heard by the father and daughter.

  He firmly remembered Lu Chen's help. It even remembered the appearance of the two deeply in his mind.

  This money is really important to him. He lent the money to his friend for surgery, but he received a call from his sister. His mother was also ill and was hospitalized, and he was about to send money back to his mother. see a doctor.

  But his friend didn't have his money yet, and he didn't expect to meet a good person.


  When Lin Yijun came back in the evening, she was so drunk that it was Liu Yanqi who sent her back.

  Lu Chen frowned. He didn't mind Lin Yijun and friends going out for a drink, but he didn't like Lin Yijun getting drunk. www.

  However, thinking that Lin Yijun was promoted to vice president today, he should be too excited, so he only drank so presumptuously, he didn't say much.

  "Brother Lu, Sister Yijun will leave it to you, I'm going back." Liu Yanqi said after giving Lin Yijun to Lu Chen.

  "Well, be careful on the way." Lu Chen nodded.

  "By the way, Brother Lu, thank you for the crow's mouth. I was really transferred by Yiqi Technology. Today, Xu Dong from Yiqi Technology came to test me, and I passed the test." Liu Yanqi thought of Lu at the time. Chen vowed to say that she would be transferred to Yiqi Technology to manage the matter. Although she knew that this matter had nothing to do with Lu Chen, she still felt that Lu Chen was quite accurate.

  "Hehe, congratulations, I will go to Yiqi Technology in the future, and work hard. It is gold, which can shine everywhere. As long as you work hard, you will definitely pay off." Lu Chen smiled.

  "Well, I have learned a lot from Sister Yijun during this period of time. You really have to be sincere. Forget it, you should help Sister Yijun to rest, and I will go back to rest." Liu Yanqi said and left Lu. Chenjiamen.

  "Liar, let me go, I don't care about you." Just as Lu Chen wanted to help Lin Yijun go to lie on the sofa and make her a cup of sober tea, Lin Yijun pushed him away.

  But because of too much force, Lin Yijun collapsed on the sofa.

  Lu Chen was taken aback by Lin Yijun's actions, wondering if she had discovered something?

  There was some doubt in his heart, but he still went to make Lin Yijun a cup of tea.

  "Wake up to the bar with a cup of tea first." Lu Chen handed the tea cup to Lin Yijun.

  "I don't want you to worry about it." Lin Yijun flipped the tea cup in Lu Chen's hand to the ground, then got up and staggered towards the bedroom.

  Lu Chen was startled. Based on what she knew about Lin Yijun, he felt that Lin Yijun should have discovered something.

  Seeing Lin Yijun walk into the bedroom and shut the bedroom door with a slam, he could only smile.

  Do you want to tell her her true identity now?

  Lu Chen felt a little struggling.

  But thinking that Lin Yijun is not a tight-lipped person, he decided not to explain the truth to her for the time being.

  Maybe she will tell Wang Xue someday, and Wang Xue will not be tight-lipped. As long as his affairs in Yuzhou reach the capital, he believes that with the energy of his aunt, he will be able to find Yu soon. State.

  If he is alone now, he can still let go of it.

  But now he is a person with a family, he has to consider their safety.

  After Lu Chen made up his mind, he stopped thinking about it, cleaned the floor, and leaned on the sofa to watch TV.


  The protection level of the Xiao Family Villa in the capital is no less than that of the Xiangshan Shuyi where the country tycoons live.

  The Xiao family's villa was built on the top of Yanshan Mountain, far away from the city, but it seemed mysterious.

  Because this mountain has already been bought by Xiao Biqing, it is even more private, and even the Yanshan tourist area has been bought by her, and it is not open to the public.

  When Xiao Bieqing came to the capital ten years ago, he rose strongly in the capital.

  It also established the Xiao family branch.

  In the capital, the Xiao family branch has become a powerful new force, so that the few big and old families in the capital cannot pay attention to its existence.

  At this time, Xiao Biqing, the owner of the villa, was leaning lazily on the sofa, and a middle-aged man was gently pinching her shoulders.

  The middle-aged man's dexterity and strength were just right, which made Bianxiao Biqing enjoy this feeling very much. He closed his eyes and looked lazy.

  "Madam, someone reported to me that they had discovered that the Mo family who had been forced to a dead end had come back to life." The middle-aged man said softly.

  "Oh, it should be Lu Tianxing who gave them a fortune before leaving." Xiao Bieqing said disapprovingly.

  "It should not be. It is said that the Mo family was able to come back to life because it suddenly got a mysterious investment. It seems to be two billion. The Mo family has not disclosed who the investor is, but our people still found some clues. Billion is invested by a mysterious rich man from Yuzhou," said the middle-aged man.

  "Well, you can check and see which mysterious person it is. I guess he invested in the Mo family. He probably wants to use the Mo family to enter the Beijing business district." Xiao Bieling nodded. She came to Beijing without much ambition. , The only ambition is to retaliate against Lu Tianxing.

  Lu Tianxing's wife died. I heard that Lu Chen died, too. Lu Tianxing was forced out of the capital by her again. To Mo's house, she looked like an ant in her eyes, and she was not interested in moving them.

  "Well, by the way, we also found that Lu Tianxing’s hundreds of billions of assets were mysteriously missing, and all of them were transferred to a mysterious account, and this account is not owned by Lu Tianxing. I wonder if that cheap species has not died yet, that The seeder is in the hands of Lu Chen, the cheap seed." The middle-aged man said again.

  "What? You said that Lu Chen is not dead yet?" Xiao Bie stood up straight with emotion, eyes flashing with gloomy light.

Chapter: 134

Lin Yijun woke up early the next day and didn't say a word to Lu Chen during the whole process. It was obvious that she was still quite angry in her heart.

  No, not only is it angry, it is also very sad.

  Four years of marriage, four years of being deceived, changing to any woman, is more than just getting angry.

  Lin Yijun got up and Lu Chen woke up. He silently looked at Lin Yijun who was sad not talking to him, and his heart was a little shaken, even he almost wanted to take the initiative to mention it.

  After Lin Yijun went out, Lu Chen also got up. After washing up, he went into the kitchen to make breakfast for Qiqi.

  After sending Qiqi to kindergarten, he planned to go to a supermarket.

  Although Zuo Qingcheng would not be able to send someone to his supermarket to make trouble, he knew that Zhang Daoren would definitely send someone, and it should only be the matter of the past few days.

  At this time, he was still a little worried about Wu Lei, he was a little worried that Wu Lei's self-confidence would be hit.

  Fortunately, Wu Lei did not let him down, and his own marketing activities were also very successful.

  Lu Chen came to the supermarket early in the morning, and the supermarket had about half an hour to open. There were already hundreds of people in line outside.

  They all hold vouchers distributed by marketing activities, and most of them are middle-aged and elderly people.

  There must be no problem with the things in Shengshi Supermarket. In addition to the fact that the police have come out to help combat malicious attacks on people who make trouble all day long, everyone has gradually believed in Shengshi Supermarket.

  Everyone is also clear, it is not that the supermarket's stuff is faulty, but that the owner of the supermarket has offended people and was attacked by evil people.

  Seeing that half of the elderly people were queuing, Lu Chen called Wu Lei and asked him to urge the staff to come early and open the door early, so that the elderly should not queue for too long.

  Then he called Song Hai again and directly called Song Hai, who was sleeping with his lover in his arms, and asked him to bring some people over to act as a temporary security guard, so as to avoid making troubles and hurting these queues to buy. The elderly of things.

  Lu Chen did not go far, nor did he say hello to Wu Lei and others, and kept observing the supermarket.

  After the supermarket opened, even though it was the morning, there were even more people who came to sell things than during the peak period.

  It can be seen that the marketing campaign planned by Wu Lei was successful.

  It was not until after twelve o'clock that everything was going on as planned, and no one came to make trouble. Lu Chen walked out of the supermarket and was going to have lunch.

  Lu Chen had just gone out to eat, before he reached the restaurant he wanted to go to, he saw in an alley, a few big men forcibly pulled Wang Xue and Lin Yijia into a van, and then drove away in the van.

  Lu Chen frowned, then drove the car to follow.

  Wang Xue and Lin Yijia’s mother and daughter were forcibly pulled into the car, and they were a little flustered, especially Lin Yijia, who was even more pale with fear.

  "What are you doing? Why are you pulling us up?" Wang Xue asked calmly.

  "Our boss wants to see you." A big man said lightly, but his eyes scanned Lin Yijia unscrupulously.

  Except for the driver, the three big guys in the back scanned Lin Yijia's body, unabashedly revealing lewd and evil gazes.

  While this made Lin Yijia very uncomfortable, she was also very afraid of these people in her heart.

  These people are not good people at first sight, www.

  "Who is your boss, we don't know him." Wang Xue said.

  "Our boss is Brother Leopard, are you sure you don't really know?" A big man looked at Wang Xue jokingly.

  Wang Xue trembled. Brother Leopard is another force in the underground force, specializing in loan sharking. A few days ago, she lost all her savings. Under the introduction of a friend, she borrowed one million loan from Brother Leopard. Chengji paid it back the next day, but she had already lost all the one million, and she couldn't afford to pay off Brother Leopard.

  It has been five days now. In order not to be found by Leopard's people, she has asked for leave and has not gone to work these days, but she was still found today.

  "You have admitted the wrong person, we don't know any Leopard Brother Hu, if you don't let us go, we will call the police." Wang Xue understands some Leopard brothers, their methods are cruel, and they are even more vicious. In her hands, she herself didn't know what would end up, but she knew that her daughter would definitely have a nightmare.

  Especially seeing the unkind eyes of these big guys looking at their daughter made her even more frightened.

  "Call the police?" The big man sneered and snatched the phone in Wang Xue's hand.

  Another big man also forced Lin Yijia to take out the phone.

  "I warn you, everyone is an adult, I rob you don't be guilty, otherwise don't blame us for being impolite." The big man looked at Wang Xue and said coldly.

  "Either you pay back the money today, or..." The big man looked at Lin Yijia evilly, "Either let your daughter pay Brother Leopard."

  Wang Xue trembled, and she even paid back the money.

  Lin Yijia was extremely scared in her heart, turned her head to look at Wang Xue, and at the same time she was quite angry: "Mom, you actually took a loan shark, are you crazy?"

  "Isn't this to make money back?" Wang Xue said unconvinced.

  "Come back? Which gambling ghost do you see who can get back? Are you trying to piss our family to death?" Lin Yijia was even more angry when thinking of what happened to her for a while.

  Last time at Chen's house, her mother went crazy for a while and insisted on betting on a few of them. At that time, she and Chen Dahai thought that the bet was small and it wouldn’t matter if they played. Who knew that Wang Xue won a few small ones and floated. He dared to bet tens of millions of rounds with others, and lost all the 40 million that Lu Chen had earned for Lin Dahai.

  Unexpectedly, Wang Xue, who couldn't think about it these days, took the last savings of the family to gamble, not only that, but also borrowed money from usurers, Lin Yi wanted to hit the wall with great enthusiasm.

  Wang Xue knew that she was wrong, and she lowered her head and stopped talking.

  Soon the van came to the door of a bathing place, and several big men escorted them into the bathing place.

  The two Wang Xue couldn't run away, wanted to call, and saw that besides the security guard, no one came to the bath to consume at this time, so they had to bite the bullet and walked into the bath.

  Several people took Wang Xue’s mother and daughter to a wide hall. At this time, there were four big men playing cards in the hall. One of them was wearing a vest, showing strong arm muscles. They also have leopard tattoos.

  He is the Leopard brother, Wang Bao, the leader of the underground forces in Nanping District, the loan shark.

  "Brother Leopard, the people have already been brought." One of the big guys walked over and said.

  Upon hearing this, the four Leopards put down the cards in their hands, and they all saw Mother Wang Xue, especially when they saw Lin Yijia, the eyes of all four of them shone with spirit.

  Seeing Brother Leopard, Wang Xue was even more frightened, and she did not dare to look at him with dodge.

Chapter: 135

"Sister Wang, come, sit down." Wang Bao was not as difficult as he thought, but looked very gentle and enthusiastic.

  Wang Xue was a little relieved, she was afraid that Brother Leopard would unreasonably force her to pay back the money.

  "Thank you, Brother Leopard, Brother Leopard, well, my hands are a little tight these days, can you give me a few more days?" Wang Xue asked cautiously while feeling relieved.

  "Yes, this beautiful lady is your daughter, she is really beautiful." Wang Bao smiled slightly, his eyes barely leaving Lin Yijia's body.

  Lin Yijia is also a beautiful girl at school level. A beauty like Lin Yijia, to be honest, Wang Bao has lived in her thirties and has countless female readers. She has never seen her.

  He was willing to lend one million to Wang Xue, because the person who introduced Wang Xuelai showed the photo of Lin Yijia to Wang Leopard and Wang Leopard was relieved to lend the money to Wang Xue.

  Generally, there are not many loan sharks that can be repaid on schedule, not to mention this kind of profitable loan sharks.

  If you saw Lin Yijia herself today, she was even more beautiful than the picture, Wang Bao was immediately tempted.

  "Yes, yes, she is my daughter Lin Yijia, Yijia, come and see Brother Leopard." Wang Xue smiled cautiously. Wang Leopard was able to forgive her, so she was a little surprised, and she did not go anywhere else. miss you.

  "Brother Leopard is good." Lin Yijia greeted Wang Bao with some fear.

  "Lin Meimei, you are welcome, come and sit down, Fifth, go and pour tea." Wang Bao nodded and shouted to a big man again.

  The big man nodded, and went to make tea himself.

  "Brother Leopard, you don't need to drink tea. We have to go to work. I will definitely pay your money back in the next few days. Thank you, Brother Leopard, for your tolerance." Wang Xue suddenly realized that something was not going well, so she thought. It is better to leave first.

  And she knew exactly what occasion it was here. If she let those friends know that she and her daughter were staying here for a long time, they would definitely be made irresponsible remarks.

  She doesn't care at all, but she has to think about her daughter, but she is planning to marry a rich family in the future.

  Wang Bao suddenly became a little displeased. Seeing the boss frowned, a big man knew, he immediately yelled: "Brother Leopard asked you to stay and drink tea. That is to give you face. Since you don't know what is good or bad, then immediately put the money. Got it."

  "By the way, plus the interest these days, the total is 1.2 million yuan." Dahan added.

  "Brother Leopard, it was said that it was a 6-rate interest. Why did it take so much interest in just a few days?" Wang Xue retorted.

  Even if it is a loan shark, it can't be so cheating.

  Lin Yijia's heart was shocked, she knew that loan sharks were all pits, especially seeing Wang Bao trying to force them to stay, she was even more afraid.

  Wang Bao did not speak, and the big man sneered: "Six rate? Do you think we opened a bank? Could you please make it clear that we are loan sharks. We agreed with you at the beginning, and you agreed with us before lending money. . Also, I advise you to repay the money as soon as possible, or every day is tens of thousands of interest, I am afraid you will not be able to pay back as you get later."

  "Brother Leopard, you didn't say that at the beginning." Wang Xue looked at Wang Bao beggingly, hoping that Wang Bao could sympathize with her.

  It's a pity that Wang Bao disappointed her. He only listened to him with a sneer and said: "The third child, you go and show the contract to Sister Wang."

  "Okay." The big man nodded, then left the hall, and returned with an IOU-like paper a few minutes later.

  "Keep your eyes open and take a look, but you signed the handprint." The big man gave Wang Xue the loan. Wang Xue only glanced at the content on it, and his entire face suddenly turned pale.

  She only wanted to borrow money as soon as possible to reverse the loan, and she did not notice the additional terms written on the IOU.

  The interest of 40,000 a day is calculated from the day of the loan. Today is just the fifth day, and it also happens to be the interest of 200,000.

  "Sister Wang, I, Wang Bao, do business with integrity. If you don't sign, I can lend you money?" Wang Bao sneered.

  "Well, I'm all there, but you have to give me at least three days, otherwise I won't be able to pay." Wang Xue gritted his teeth and said.

  "Yes, but I can't trust you, so let's stay with me for these three days. When will you pay back the money, and when will you take her away?" Wang Bao said reasonably.

  Both Wang Xue and Lin Yijia's expressions changed again, and without thinking, they also knew what Wang Bao wanted to do.

  Wang Xue would definitely not be able to pay back the money, and if Lin Yijia stayed, she would probably be destroyed by Lin Leopard all her life.

  "Brother Leopard, please believe us, we will definitely borrow the money to pay you back." Lin Yijia begged to look at Wang Leopard, her eyes red and she was scared to cry.

  She knew in her heart what it would be like to stay, she didn't even dare to imagine how she dared to stay.

  "I only believe you will stay." Wang Bao looked at Lin Yijia jokingly, and turned to several big guys, "Take her down, when will Sister Wang pay back the money, and when will she come to lead someone."

  Wang Bao said that he was about to take Lin Yijia away. He couldn't wait to press her onto the bed for a superb beauty like Lin Yijia.

  "Mom, save me!" Seeing the two big men pulling her to forcefully walk inside, Lin Yijia's legs softened in shock and shouted.

  "Brother Leopard, please let my daughter go, I am willing to stay." Wang Xue hurried up to pull Wang Leopard, but was stopped by another big man.

  "Mom, go out and ask brother-in-law to rescue me, only brother-in-law can save me!" Lin Yijia cried out loudly. She wanted to break free from the hands of the two big guys, but the force of milking had no effect. .

  "Yes, Brother Leopard, please wait, my son-in-law has money, he is really rich, I will tell him to pay you back!" Wang Xue was also anxious and hurriedly shouted.

  "Your son-in-law? Who is your son-in-law?" Wang Bao finally turned around and looked at Wang Xue.

  "My son-in-law's name is Lu Chen. Some time ago, he was the one who won the first prize. He won 100 million. I immediately called him and asked him to come over and pay the money." Wang Xue said hurriedly.

  "Have one hundred million?" Wang Leopard was startled. He had indeed heard that someone in Yuzhou had hit one hundred million news some time ago, and he wondered if Wang Xue was lying to him.

  "Brother Leopard, it's true. The one who won 500 million is my son-in-law. If you don't believe me, wait, you'll know if I call him over immediately." Wang Xue begged.

  Wang Bao was hesitant in his heart. He felt that it was not such a coincidence. If Wang Xue's son-in-law really won 100 million, she would come to loan usury. It shouldn't be a problem for his son-in-law to give her a few million.

  At this moment, Wang Xue had already dialed Lu Chen's number, and immediately everyone heard a cell phone ringing at the hall door.

  Everyone turned around and looked at them, only to see a young man standing at the gate looking at them indifferently.

  And the cell phone ringtone is uploaded from him.

Chapter: 136

"Lu Chen, my dear son-in-law, come and save your little sister." Wang Xue said with a surprised expression looking at the youth.

  That's right, this young man was Lu Chen who followed.

  He has actually been here for a while, but everyone's attention is not on him, so no one has noticed him at all.

  Seeing Wang Xue actually came to borrow usury, Lu Chen knew that she must have borrowed to gamble.

  He was a little angry, but he didn't expect Wang Xue to be so crazy, in order to make a profit, he would come to loan usury.

  This is crazy!

  Lu Chen wanted to teach Wang Xue a profound lesson. He wanted to turn around and leave what he didn't want to care about.

  But seeing that the other party wanted to keep Lin Yijiaqiang behind, he thought for a while and had to walk over indifferently.

  "Brother-in-law, save me, I'm afraid, I don't want to stay!" Lin Yijia cried desperately when she saw Lu Chen as if she had caught a straw for life.

  "My dear son-in-law, save Yi Jia, mom knows that she was wrong, and she will never gamble again." To save her daughter, Wang Xue finally bowed her head to Lu Chen and admitted her mistake for the first time.

  "Let her go, I'll pay back how much you owe." Lu Chenli didn't bother to take care of Wang Xue's confession. Wang Xue even borrowed a loan shark in order to pay for it. He didn't believe Wang Xue's nonsense.

  Only a person who has lost his heart will become a gambler. If a gambler, how many words are worth believing?

  He once saw someone cut Mingzhi with his little finger in order to quit gambling.

  But it didn't take long for that person to step into the casino as well, and the panties that had also lost were gone.

  "One hundred and two hundred thousand, exactly one hundred and two hundred thousand." Wang Xue said hurriedly.

  Lu Chen looked at Wang Bao, Wang Bao and others were also looking at Lu Chen, and then Wang Bao nodded and said, "Yes, even with a profit, it is exactly 1.2 million. If you can pay back the money, I will immediately Just let her go."

  "Give me the card number." Lu Chen said.

  Wang Bao was startled, then smiled, and directly reported the card number to Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen wrote down the card number and took out his mobile phone to transfer the money on the spot.

  A few minutes later, Wang Bao received the transfer information. He looked at it and found that it was the receipt of 1.2 million.

  He squinted his eyes and looked at Lu Chen for a while, then waved his hand and motioned for the two big men to let go.

  "Brother-in-law, thank you!" Lin Yijia, who had regained her freedom, walked quickly to Lu Chen and said gratefully.

  Lu Chen looked at Lin Yijia and sighed inwardly. This sister-in-law is good at everything, but likes to follow Wang Xue everywhere. I hope she can be independent in the future.

  Perhaps it is also her sorrow for Lin Yijia to stand such a mother.

  Lu Chen had a hunch that his sister-in-law would sooner or later be pitted into the abyss by her mother.

  "Brother-in-law, let's go." Seeing Lu Chen didn't speak, Lin Yijia pulled his sleeves.

  She didn't want to stay here for a moment.

  At that moment, she almost didn't collapse.

  It can be said that if it hadn't been for suddenly seeing Lu Chen, the moment she was forcibly taken away, she almost fainted.

  "Wait a minute." Lu Chen shook his head and looked at Wang Bao. "Brother Leopard, right? I have already transferred the money to you. Are you going to give me the IOU."

  "IOU? What kind of IOU? You didn't make your mother write the IOU at all." Brother Leopard smiled and said with a joking expression.

  Lu Chen turned to Wuxue.

  Wang Xue said: "I wrote it, he just showed it to me."

  Lu Chen turned to Wang Bao again.

  "I said that if you don't have it, you won't. You want to stay and take a bath. I'll let you arrange it. If you don't want to take a bath, please leave, so as not to affect our business." Wang Bao directly issued an eviction order.

  He was already convinced that Lu Chen really was the one who won the 100 million prize. How could he let Wang Xue off easily? He still wanted to slowly swindle out that 100 million Lu Chen.

  As Wang Leopard's words sounded, several other big men gathered around, standing in front of Lu Chen with their hands in their arms, each of them looked very unkind.

  "Brother-in-law, let's go quickly, we don't need the IOU." Lin Yijia saw the other side's frame and hurriedly pulled Lu Chen's hand, she was really scared.

  "Don't return the loan note, they will need to pay you back next time?" Lu Chen said lightly.

  Wang Xue originally wanted to leave as soon as possible, but after hearing Lu Chen's words, he thought about it.

  If they don't want to return the IOU, they will definitely find themselves.

  "Boy, can't you go?" Wang Bao's expression changed, threatening.

  Seeing a few big men clenched their fists and knuckles rang out, Wang Xue and Lin Yijia both hid behind Lu Chen subconsciously.

  "You two go back first, I'll ask them for an IOU." Lu Chen had to say when he saw this.

  "Okay, okay, then you must be careful." Wang Xue nodded hurriedly, pulling Lin Yijia away.

  She just wanted to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible. As for Lu Chen, it would be better to get the IOU for her. If she didn’t, it didn’t matter. Now she just wanted to leave safely, and she never thought that Lu Chen would stay there. What is the ending.

  "Brother-in-law, no more, let's go." Although Lin Yijia was scared in her heart, she was still worried about the result Lu Chen would face if she stayed, and wanted to take Lu Chen to go with her.

  But before she reached Lu Chen's hand, she was dragged by Wang Xue and walked out to the door.

  "Mom, what are you doing, how can we leave my brother-in-law?" Lin Yijia said angrily. Anyway, if Lu Chen just showed up in time and paid her mother back, how could she leave.

  "He wants to make an IOU when he stays, not an IOU. Do you think your mother will be collected by others? What if they will force you to stay?" Wang Xue said in a deep voice.

  Lin Yijia was stunned, thinking about it, if she doesn't get the IOU today, she feels that she and her mother will not be at peace unless they leave Yuzhou today and never come back.

  Thinking this way, although Lin Yijia was a little worried about Lu Chen, she walked out of the bathing center with Wang Xue.

  "Boy, don't you put my Wang Leopard in your eyes?" Seeing Wang Xue and the two leave, Wang Leopard looked at Lu Chen gloomily.

  The eyes of the other big guys are also very bad.

  "Boy, you really don't get out!" a big man shouted fiercely.

  "What if I don't leave?" Lu Chen looked at each other playfully.

  A few gangsters and even wanted to play sideways for him. He has to see how Wang Bao and others want to deal with him today.

  It just so happened that he was not in a good mood, and he wanted to beat a few people to vent his anger.

  "Boy, you want to die, I will accept you." Wang Bao was also angry, and he drew towards Lu Chen with a slap in the face.

  Wang Bao is a Lianjiazi, he is angry and shot, if he is an ordinary person, he will definitely be knocked out.

  Facing Wang Bao's fierce punch, Lu Chen sneered at the corner of his mouth, stretched out his hand, grabbed Wang Bao's wrist, pulled and pushed, and heard the sound of dislocation of the wrist.

  "Kill him to me!" Wang Leopard snorted and yelled, covering his wrists. He didn't expect Lu Chen to be a practicer, and he couldn't spare Lu Chen today.

Chapter: 137

Seeing that Lu Chen actually abolished their boss's wrist, several big men yelled at Lu Chen.

  Lu Chen sneered, punched them one by one, and beat them to the ground with a few strokes.

  Wang Bao's face changed drastically, and he didn't expect Lu Chen to be so rigid.

  Although he was mixed with underground forces, his power was supported by big figures, or it would have been destroyed by other forces.

  Seeing that Lu Chen is so hard, how dare he hit Lu Chen's 100 million idea.

  "The third child, get her IOU!" Wang Bao was a little scared, and hurriedly shouted to the man who had just stood up.

  The big man named the third was also startled by Lu Chen's fierceness, nodded, and hurriedly took out the IOU from him.

  Lu Chen looked at the IOU, took out the lighter, slapped it on fire, and burned the IOU.

  Wang Bao breathed a sigh of relief, but Lu Chen pulled a stool and sat down.

  "Big brother, what else do you want to do?" Chen Tie suddenly asked weakly.

  "My mom owes you back the money. Now let's calculate my mom's mental loss during this period. By the way, my sister-in-law's." Lu Chen said with a joking smile.

  He originally wanted to pay back the money, took the IOU, and left.

  Unexpectedly, Wang Bao wanted to play tricks on his head, so he would have fun with Wang Bao.

  "Big brother, what's the matter with you? She should count her mental loss from us." Wang Bao cried and laughed.

  "Why? She's my mother. As my son-in-law, it's okay to find someone to calculate the mental damage expenses?" Lu Chen stared.

  Your mother?

  Laozi didn't see her treating you as a son-in-law, how could it be possible to leave you alone and run away.

  Wang Bao's face changed quite ugly, but he still said, "Big brother, don't be kidding. You just saw it. Your mother and your sister-in-law are in very good spirits."

  "Oh, that's what I said, I think the two of them are indeed in good spirits." Lu Chen nodded, agreeing with Wang Bao's opinion.

  Wang Bao was greatly relieved, but in the next moment, I heard Lu Chen say: "They are in good spirits, and it is estimated that the court does not believe that they have mental problems. Then you guys just talked about me, and my legs were scared. I feel weak, and my spirit is severely traumatized. You see, it’s okay for me to find you for my mental loss."

  Qunou you?

  Frightened your legs to weaken, and made you suffer a serious mental injury?

  Wang Bao's face instantly changed to the color of pig liver.

  You fucking beat me seven or eight, and even dislocated Lao Tzu's hands. Could you fucking stop being so black and white, right and wrong?

  The other big guys also stared angrily.

  They have never seen such a shameless person.

  Who is the one who came out with this?

  Wang Bao wanted to kill Lu Chen in his heart, but he didn't dare to control his anger. "Big brother, please give me the card number. I don't want the money. I'll pay you back!"

  He was also considered smart, and immediately understood that the other party not only wanted him to spit out the 1.2 million, but even blackmailed him back.

  Where can he dare to be wordy, can't beat and beat, can't talk, if he really makes trouble in the court, then he won't die and knock?

  They are illegal in this matter.

  He dared to play this way because he had a big backing to support him.

  But if it really made trouble to the court, he felt that the big backer would help him without seeing it.

  After all, this kind of thing, the higher the status, the less dare to touch.

  Because that would only bring them a stinky body.

  "No, that's your money back, which should belong to you. Now let's count the harm you just caused me.

  First of all, if a group of you surrounded Europe and me, if I suffered serious internal injuries, I would pay 4 million for medical expenses.

  Secondly, you collectively intimidated me and caused even more serious damage to my spirit. Maybe I would be schizophrenic. The loss of this matter is not high. "Lu Chen said playfully, and when he opened his mouth, the lion opened his mouth.

  Wang Bao's face was pale, he thought that the other party would have to pay for mental damage, it would definitely be a lot, maybe one to two million.

  But he didn't expect to kill him. The other party would say so loudly, asking for ten million, and he would not be able to get it out after killing him.

  "Brother, you are a bit too much like this. We didn't hit you at all. Instead, you hurt us all. We should ask you for the mental damage fee?" Wang Bao was also agitated, but he still He tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart and said.

  "I said that if you hit me, you hit me. I said that I suffered a serious loss in spirit, what's wrong?" Lu Chen gave Wang Bao a faint look, and followed Wang Bao's words. It was returned to Wang Bao intact.


  The people in the hall are a little speechless, which is just extortion.

  But they couldn't say that Lu Chen was extortion. If Lu Chen was angered, he would really go to court. They wouldn't have to pay so much money, but they would be finished.

  They themselves are doing something illegal.

  Seeing Lu Chen's serious nonsense, Wang Leopard almost vomited blood.

  He has always been the only one who blackmailed others, and no one has ever dared to blackmail him so openly.

  "Brother, you are a bit unreasonable."

  Of course Wang Bao can’t recognize it. Just kidding, that’s 10 million, and his entire net worth is only two to three million.

  Besides, is it easy for them to lend usury? You have to risk going to jail and walk around the edge of the law. Snake skin moves very sadly, okay?

  Ten million for mental damage?

  It's so hard to get him out if you kill him.

  "Unreasonable making trouble? I am not hurt, don't I know?" Lu Chen's face sank, and his voice increased a little.

  "Big brother, please don't question our professionalism, okay?" Wang Bao sank in his heart.

  "Professionalism? So, you are still a genius doctor. You can tell if I have suffered internal injuries after a few glances?"

  Lu Chen yelled and said, "Now call your boss for me, otherwise I will let someone seal your bathing place today."

  Wang Bao and others were all taken aback by Lu Chen. Damn, why is this kid so difficult?

  "Well, since you want to see our boss so much, then I'll call him. However, when our boss arrives, you should not regret it."

  When Lu Chen reminded him, Wang Bao's eyes lit up instead.

  Their boss is a real big man. Although this kid can fight, he is no more than a martial artist. In front of his boss, even if he wins a prize of 100 million yuan, he is no more than an ant.

  Wang Bao looked at Lu Chen jokingly, then took out the phone and called.

  The other big guys didn't lie on the ground anymore. Lu Chen didn't use much energy just now. At this time, all of them got up and looked at Lu Chen jokingly.

  They were going to see how Lu Chen would end up later.

Chapter: 138

"Fuck, someone dared to blackmail Lao Tzu, don't you want to be confused."

  Half an hour later, Wang Bao called the big man finally arrived. As soon as he walked in, he heard the big man's arrogant voice.

  "Shao Zhang."

  "Shao Zhang."

  Wang Bao and the others hurriedly greeted him. Lu Chen leaned on the chair and turned to look around, but was blocked by the backs of Wang Bao and the others.

  "Fuck, who dared to threaten to seal up our baths and stand up for Lao Tzu." The little brother beside the big man shouted arrogantly.

  "Zhang Shao, Brother Zhi, this is forcing us to blackmail us and threatening to seal up our bath." Wang Bao and others finally breathed a sigh of relief. He pointed at Lu Chen, and his arrogance was restored.

  At this time Lu Chen finally saw the person coming, and then he smiled.

  It turned out to be the old friend Zhang Daoren, and there was a Chu Qiaozhi next to Zhang Daoren, who were all old acquaintances.

  "It's so special, I don't know how to live or die, let me go..." Chu Qiaozhi suddenly recognized Lu Chen, and the following words could not be said as if his throat was suddenly stuck.

  He didn't expect it to be Lu Chen. Although he still didn't know the specific identity of Lu Chen, this guy was a sacred person who would personally toast several patrons, Xie Weihao, Xie Shujie and other city leaders.

  He was just the eldest son of a small family, and he didn't dare to face him face to face.

  "Boy, we Zhang Shao is here, didn't you just clamor to see us Zhang Shao, you are arrogant? By the way, we Zhang Shao is the heir of the Zhang family of the four major families." Wang Leopard looked at Lu Chen with a smile and laughed. .

  He was beaten in the face by Lu Chen before, and Zhang Daoren was there at this time, and he immediately returned to his arrogant and domineering appearance.

  Lu Chen didn't even look at him, but just looked at Zhang Daoren lightly.

  "It turned out to be you." Zhang Daoren didn't expect it to be Lu Chen, and his eyes suddenly became gloomy.

  His relationship with Lu Chen has risen to the point of being a real enemy. He hasn't gone to trouble with Lu Chen yet. He didn't expect that Lu Chen would come to trouble him first.

  This bathing center was opened by him in private, and Lu Chen even threatened to call someone to seal it up. Wasn't this going to slap him in the face?

  "Yeah, it's me. I didn't expect this bathing center to be opened by you. I didn't expect your future heir to the Zhang Family to do such illegal activities." Lu Chen mocked.

  This bath center is not as simple as taking a bath, and it also provides erotic services.

  It is also the place where Zhang Daoren usually maintains relations. It can be said that many big men here have beauties and private rooms specially trained for them. These beauties will not be allowed to accompany them as long as they are attracted by a big man. other customers.

  This is where the big guys buy Zhang Daoren's account.

  Dedicated service, specific star service.

  "Are you threatening me?" Zhang Daoren's face became more gloomy.

  "Do you think that my weight is not strong enough to close your bath?" Lu Chen looked at Zhang Daoren playfully.

  Zhang Daoren had a gloomy face, but when he heard Lu Chen's words, his heart jumped.

  This involves the privacy of a lot of bigwigs. If Lu Chen is really stabbed to Xie Shujie, not only will his relationship suffer, but also the Zhang family will be extremely passive.

  Zhang Daoren scolded Lu Chen fiercely in his heart before putting on a smiling face.

  "Oh, what is the wind blowing like a big guy like Brother Lu, it's so brilliant. Hurry, hurry up, give Brother Lu tea, good tea."

  Zhang Daoren is not stupid, he can't offend Lu Chen at all, so he has to laugh with him first, and wait for the guy to stabilize and they are ready before they can slowly settle into Lu Chen.

  A group of younger brothers were dumbfounded.

  Shao Zhang, did you take the wrong medicine today?

  Especially Wang Bao, couldn't believe his eyes.

  This is Zhang Family Young Master, he, he actually seems a little afraid of this kid.

  What's the origin of this kid?

  Only Chu Qiaozhi seemed to understand what Zhang Daoren meant.

  Lu Chen and Xie Shujie and other big guys were all called brothers and sisters. Before he had a thorough understanding of Lu Chen, he knew that Zhang Daoren still didn't want to be an enemy of Lu Chen.

  "What are you doing in a daze? Pour tea for Brother Lu!" Zhang Daoren whispered, seeing Wang Leopard motionless.

  "Oh, okay, okay." After Wang Bao was startled, he ran to pour the tea himself with deep doubts and incomprehension.

  He was the boss here before, but now Zhang Daoren is here, and he is just a runner.

  "You also want to invite me to drink tea, that's just right, come here, sit here, let's have a good chat." Lu Chen smiled sarcastically, not paying attention to the jokes in his eyes, thinking they were. An old friend whom I haven't seen in years.

  "It should be." Zhang Daoren smiled slightly. Lu Chen actually had an anti-visiting attitude, but at this time he just wanted to send away the plague god quickly, and only walked to the sofa next to Lu Chen and sat down.

  "Is this little bastard yours?" Lu Chen pointed at Wang Bao and asked.

  Wang Baoqi vomited blood.

  Little bastard?

  Damn, I'm older than you, OK?

  "Yes, yes, I don't know how this little bastard offended Brother Lu." Zhang Daoren was startled and nodded in embarrassment.

  "Then does he have to get your consent to do things?" Lu Chen asked again.

  "I don't care about general trivial matters." Zhang Daoren was telling the truth. These people followed him, but they didn't want to ask him about eating, drinking, and playing with women.

  "Is it a small thing to lend usury?" Lu Chen looked at Zhang Daoren with a smile.

  "This, this..." Zhang Daoren was a little uncertain what Lu Chen wanted to do.

  It is of course illegal to lend high loans, but he is even more worried that Lu Chen stabbed his bathing center to Xie Shujie.

  "Believe it or not, I will close your bath in minutes?" Lu Chen still had a smile on his face.

  Zhang Daoren was shocked, and he believed Lu Chen's words.

  Only Lu Chen and Xie Shujie called brothers and sisters, he wanted to close his bath, it really took minutes.

  Because his bath center originally provided pornographic services.

  Even at this moment, he thought of two possibilities.

  One is to go through official channels and directly block them. One is to let reporters report it and make it public.

  "Well, Brother Lu, the gap is fate. I have heard about your previous events. You want ten million in mental damage. I will give you a lot. No, I can give you five more. Millions, how about making friends." Don't mess with Zhang Daoren.

  Thinking of what Wang Bao said before that Lu Chen had been beaten and would cost him mentally, Zhang Daoren deeply despised Lu Chen in his heart.

  Lu Chen could beat a master like Han Tian with one punch, and Wang Bao was not enough to stuff his teeth.

Chapter: 139

Shao Zhang, who is this kid? How come you can't afford to stand up?

  Seeing Zhang Daoren actually subdued, Wang Bao and others muttered in their hearts, becoming more and more curious about Lu Chen's identity.

  Zhang Daoren is the youngest of the Zhang family, and the Zhang family is one of the four oldest families in Yuzhou.

  On the contrary, it was Chu Qiaozhi who became more confused. Didn't he say that he was just a supermarket owner? Zhang Daoren is still going to his supermarket to do something to disgust him?

  "Be friends with me, do you think you are qualified?" Lu Chen looked at Zhang Daoren jokingly, and then his eyes lit up, "But if you are so rich, I have to give you some face, right? Let's do that, I Now I need 50 million mental damage expenses. You can transfer it to me, and I will pay for your friend."

  "Brother Lu, you really can make a joke, ha ha." Zhang Daoren laughed dryly, but he scolded in his heart, 50 million mental damage expenses? I can buy your dog's head for just ten million fucking.

  "Why, it's more than 50 million? You should know that, just because Xie Shujie and other big guys personally asked me to toast that night, I was worth at least 500 million. Now you want to make friends with me and you have to pay. My mental loss fee is not high at 50 million, it is really not high." Lu Chen said solemnly.

  Xie Shujie must toast him personally?

  Damn it, really?

  Is this kid so awesome?

  When Wang Bao and others heard it, their hearts shrank sharply. If what this kid said was true, they had stabbed a hornet's nest today.

  "Brother Lu, it's not a question of money, and a person like you doesn't lack that little money, right?" Zhang Daoren endured his aggrieved mood and laughed.

  "No, no, no, you still don’t know me too much. I am a vulgar person. I don’t love beauty but only money. So, for your sincerity, I will give you less. Give it to 49.99 million. We are all decent people, so we can't bargain anymore." Lu Chen shook his hand, as if he loved money like life.

  In fact, he just wanted to blackmail Zhang Daoren.

  Didn't Zhang Daoren want to go to his supermarket to do things that night, and after this incident, he felt that Zhang Daoren probably couldn't help going to his supermarket to do things.

  That being the case, I will blackmail him a lot first, and when he does make trouble, I will blackmail him a lot, or give him some trouble in the Zhang family, and see if he dare to go to the supermarket to make trouble in the future.

  As soon as Lu Chen spoke, Zhang Daoren and others were dumbfounded.

  Just one dollar less?


  This is Chi Guoguo's insult!

  Zhang Daoren was very aggrieved, and those who were aggrieved almost vomited blood.

  But he still didn't dare to be positive.

  Fifty million is not a small number. Although he is the heir of the Zhang family, he is one of them. The Zhang family is prosperous. None of his brothers are fuel-efficient lamps. Although he also controls a part of the family business, His one-time overdraft limit does not exceed 20 million.

  It is no problem for him to take ten million, he can still take it out through gritted teeth.

  Fifty million?

  Unless his father nodded, he would have to find someone to borrow it.

  The most important thing is that something happened to him here, his brothers are happy to see, who will lend him money?

  "Brother Lu, you are a bit deceiving." Although Zhang Daoren felt the deep insult, he still tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart.

  "Well, since you don't want to be friends with me, then I won't force you." Lu Chen smiled unchanged.

  Zhang Daoren breathed a sigh of relief. Just as he wanted to be polite, he saw Lu Chen took out his cell phone and started making a call.

  "Old Xu, what are you up to?" Of course, Lu Chen called Director Xu Zuojun Xu.

  "Ah, it's Mr. Lu, I just came down to eat. Have you eaten? If you haven't eaten, I will invite you to the cafeteria in the bureau." Xu Zuojun smiled.

  "Okay, I will see you personally another day, but Xu Ju, I have something to discuss with you. Can you spare a few minutes to listen to it?" Lu Chen also smiled.

  "Of course there is no problem, you say." Xu Zuojun replied.

  "That's it. I found that our Da Yuzhou police comrades are not well equipped. Give me your account in your bureau, and I will donate 50 million to you to help our hard-working police comrades in Da Yuzhou replace their police officers. Equipment, lest some black sheep affect our city appearance in Da Yuzhou. By the way, I also found that the moonlight baths were full of smoke and smog, and they were doing pornographic services. I asked them to take time to clean up." Lu Chen said.

  Moonlight Bath is exactly this bathing place of Zhang Daoren.

  Xu Zuojun over there heard Lu Chen's words, and his heart suddenly thumped.

  Of course he knows the situation in Moonlight Baths. There are many bigwigs involved, even he himself has been here a few times.

  Xu Zuojun's hand was shaking a little while holding the phone. He recalled what Lu Chen meant. He didn't know if Lu Chen wanted to make the matter bigger or just want to trouble the Zhang Family.

  If Lu Chen wanted to make this matter bigger, he absolutely believed that Lu Chen would definitely stab Xie Shujie, then a lot of people below would definitely fall.

  If Lu Chen just wanted to engage the Zhang Family, then he could protect the big men involved and himself.

  Zhang Daoren and the others trembled all over when they heard that Lu Chen actually stabbed their bath into the game.

  Brother, you are my brother!

  Can you still play like this?

  Can you do whatever you want with money?

  Don't you care about money so much? Why use fifty million to get my company?

  You are killing eight hundred enemies and self-defeating one thousand!

  Brother, have you read the Art of War? Did you fight like this?

  A group of little brothers were dumbfounded, and today they finally saw what is called inhumanity.

  Zhang Daoren's face was more embarrassing than crying.

  He never expected that Lu Chen was such a routine after he killed him.

  Donate 50 million directly to the police station. Then he wants to get it with his ass. The black sheep in Lu Chen's mouth refer to his little brothers.

  But what's more, this kid even pointed out the name of his bath in person.

  This is the rhythm of direct censorship.

  As far as the police station is concerned, it is the people like Lu Chen who donate 50 million at every turn is important, or they are the black sheep that are important, and they want to use their ass.

  The most important thing is that since Lu Chen made this call, even if Xu Zuojun wanted to help him, the Zhang family would not dare to help.

  That night, everyone saw it with their own eyes. Xie Shujie not only toasted him personally, but also called him a brother. It would take a relationship that is so iron and hard that a big guy like Xie Shujie would call him a brother?

  Chu Qiaozhi's eyes widened, and he stretched out his hand to cover his mouth exaggeratedly. Before Lu Chen wanted Zhang Daoren to pay for the mental loss of 50 million, he felt incredible.

  Now, in order to cross Zhang Daoren's bath, he directly donated 50 million yuan to the police station, so that the police station can make a move.

  This is not only a trench, but also crazy.

  He found himself a little bit square.

  What the hell is this kid sacred, why haven't I heard of this awesome figure in Da Yuzhou before!

  When everyone here was dumbfounded, Xu Zuojun finally made a decision there.

  He really had to follow Lu Chen's intentions on this matter, otherwise he would offend Lu Chen, and he would go directly to Xie Shujie, and there was really no way to save it.

  "Mr. Lu, please rest assured, we will definitely attack this kind of thing. We will be on duty immediately and donate money. If you really want to donate, I will ask the financial side to give you the account later." Xu Zuojun thought about the consequences. Said.

  Because the whole hall was silent, Xu Zuojun's words made Zhang Daoren, who was closest to Lu Chen, also heard clearly.

  Hearing Xu Zuojun's statement, Zhang Daoren almost didn't faint.

Chapter: 140

"Brother Lu, Brother Lu, please go to Gaotai. How about I pay 20 million? I really can only pay 20 million. If it is more, I can only find my dad!" Zhang Daoren was about to cry! , What else can he do when he meets a lunatic like Lu Chen?

  I think he is dignified, one of the future heirs of the Zhang family, was actually forced to this point by an unknown boy. His name as the four eldest sons, I am afraid that he will really be removed.

  "Do you think I care about tens of millions of people?" Lu Chen looked at Zhang Daoren with a smile.

  If you fucking care about tens of millions, do you still need to donate 50 million to the police station?

  Everyone agreed with Lu Chen's words.

  After all, this is a lunatic, a lunatic who donates 50 million to the police station if he doesn't agree.

  "Lu Chen, you're too deceiving like this!" Zhang Daoren couldn't help mad anymore.

  After repeatedly being played by Lu Chen as a monkey, he couldn't calm down, as if he wanted to live with Lu Chen endlessly.

  "Zhang Shao, you are running out of time. When Xu Ju sends me the account, you won't be able to save the situation." Seeing Zhang Daoren's fury, Lu Chen kindly reminded him.

  Zhang Daoren, who just wanted to work hard with Lu Chen, suddenly withered. When the police arrived, they really had no chance at all.

  Zhang Daoren snorted coldly and walked aside to call his dad.

  This matter is completely beyond his control, and his father must come out in person.

  "Dad, something happened to the Moonlight Bath." Zhang Daoren went directly to the subject as soon as he dialed his father's phone.

  "What's the matter?" Zhang Xingquan asked.

  "Do you remember the guy named Lu Chen at the Zuo family banquet the night before, that guy Xie Shujie personally toasted him." Zhang Daoren said.

  "You continue talking." Zhang Xingquan said.

  "The people under me put the high-profits to the kid's mother-in-law. He came to pay his mother-in-law today. It may be that the interest is too high, so he relied on asking us to compensate him for his mental losses." Zhang Daoren was cautious. Said, in front of his father, he didn't dare to lie at all.

  "Since you know that he and Xie Shujie know each other, don't you have to pay him? This little thing is not equal, and you disappoint me too much." Zhang Xingquan said angrily.

  "No, he wants 50 million. It's all blackmail. His mother-in-law only lent one million, and she paid back 1.2 million in total." Zhang Daoren explained.

  "What? Fifty million? This kid is so vicious, can he eat my Zhang family's money?" Zhang Xingquan was also angry, this is Chi Guoguo hitting his Zhang family in the face.

  "Yeah, I feel the same way, but thinking about him and Xie Shujie's acquaintance, I agreed to pay him 20 million, but the kid didn't even do it. The most important thing is that he just hit Xu Zuojun directly in person. Call, I want to donate 50 million to the police station just to seal up our baths." Zhang Daoren said with a sad face.

  "My grass!" Zhang Xingquan was violent, and after a full two minutes of silence, he took a deep breath and said, "Give him 50 million and let him cancel the donation to the police station, let alone let him let him The police are out."

  Although giving Lu Chen 50 million slapped his Zhang family in the face, it was better than an accident in the bath.

  After all, the privacy of a lot of bigwigs was involved in that bath, maybe, all the relationships that his Zhang family has worked so hard to manage over the years are about to collapse.

  "Okay, I see, I'll send you his account later." Zhang Daoren said, hung up the phone, and walked to Lu Chen.

  "Brother Lu, I'm out of fifty million. Give me the number." Zhang Daoren resisted the urge to kill.

  "That's right." Lu Chen smiled and patted Zhang Daoren on the shoulder, and then reported his card number to him.

  Does Zhang Daoren think this is over?

  Haha, the exciting is yet to come.

  The expression on Zhang Daoren's face was wonderful, he almost gritted his teeth and sent Lu Chen's card number to his father.

  "Brother Lu, my dad will transfer the money to you right away, are you..." Zhang Daoren asked Lu Chen to prevent the police from leaving the police.

  "No hurry, I'll talk after I receive the money." Lu Chen smiled faintly.

  Zhang Daoren didn't say anything any more, and he was looking forward to his father's strength. Don't delay the time. When that happens, he will really lose his wife.

  I have to say that Zhang Daoren's father is still very powerful, and it took about 20 minutes to transfer the money to Lu Chen.

  "Okay, it's done, let's go." Lu Chen read the text message, then got up from the chair.

  "Brother Lu, that matter..." Zhang Daoren couldn't let Lu Chen go. If Lu Chen left like this, he would cry if his bath was closed.

  "Um, I'm really sorry, you see, when you called your dad, I already transferred 50 million to the police station's account."

  As Lu Chen said, he turned out his previous transfer records and showed Zhang Daoren.

  Zhang Daoren leaned forward to see Lu Chen's transfer record, his face was smashed and he lost his blood, and his heart sank to the bottom.

  "I'm really sorry, it would be nice if you agreed to my request earlier." Lu Chen spread his hands with regret, and then walked out of the bath in a big way.

  Zhang Daoren was so angry, he opened his mouth wide, and it was not until Lu Chen entered the elevator that he finally yelled at him.

  "Lu Chen, I'm your ancestor! I'm not over with you!"

  I really lost my wife and broke down.

  Fifty million was given to Lu Chen for nothing, and his bathing place was still facing the crisis of being sealed up.

  He is angry!

  What a terrible person is simply not human!

  How can you be so cruel to be a man, and you won't leave any room for maneuver!

  The younger brothers were also completely dumbfounded.

  What a special thing, this is no room left for them!

  "Zhang, Shao Zhang..." Wang Leopard yelled cautiously. The one he regrets now. He knew that Lu Chen was so awesome. He knew that Lu Chen was such a cruel lunatic. How could he dare to offend Lu Chen.

  He also knew in his heart that the main reason was that he had too much heart at the time and wanted to pit Lu Chen's 100 million yuan, so he didn't want to give Lu Chen an loan, which completely angered Lu Chen.

  Moreover, he also wanted to understand now that when Zhang Shao didn't show up before, he only needed 10 million. As soon as Zhang Shao appeared, the kid would directly increase to 50 million.

  He is having hatred with Zhang Shaoben.

  However, he felt that he might have to recite this pot.

  "Let me compare with your mother, I beat you to death!" It's okay for Wang Bao to not speak. Zhang Daoren couldn't help it when he did. He jumped in and beat Wang Bao.

  Wang Bao held his head and squatted on the ground and kept begging for mercy. The other little brothers were all forbidden, and they dared not come out.

  Chu Qiaozhi was also very scared at this time. You must know that he mocked the lunatic a lot the night before. What if he asks himself to settle the account some day?

  Even Zhang Daoren was turned around like a monkey, how could he be his opponent!

  Although Wang Bao was beaten violently, Zhang Daoren's heart was still bleeding.

  "Fuck, what are you doing for Lao Tzu? Don't hurry up and clear out all the technicians for Lao Tzu!" Zhang Daoren glared at everyone.

  He felt that the possibility of the police coming to make a surprise inspection today was too great. In any case, the beauty technicians here must be cleared first, and the evidence left before must be destroyed.

  Otherwise, he will really finish playing this Moonlight Bath.

  The most important thing about Jian is that the privacy of those big guys was exposed, and all the networks of their Zhang family had to collapse overnight.

  Without the relationship between the parties, how could his Zhang family still gain a foothold among the four families? He must be squeezed down by other families soon.

  But Wang Bao and the others hadn't reacted before they saw a group of police rushing up.

  Zhang Daoren shook his heart, his legs softened, and his desire to die was gone.